Unique Grand Opening Ideas

One of the business perks of starting a business in Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, Ocala, or some other part of central Florida is that the mild winters allow for large, outdoor advertising and grand opening parties all year long! Your grand opening is a very important part of the life and longevity of your new business. It is also especially important to utilize every promotional opportunity during the holiday shopping season. Obviously, advertising is a very important part of business and an extremely important factor in grand opening parties.

But beyond billboards, giant promotional inflatables, and outdoor advertising, how can you get potential customers in the Sunshine State talking about your up-and-coming business? Because, by far, the best advertisement is word of mouth and a positive recommendation from a friend, and retirees love to share gossip and tips. Outside of taking advantage of all that outdoor advertising space to help attract new customers by letting them know where you are and how you can serve them, how can you encourage tongues to wag? Here are some ideas for spreading word of your business through word-of-mouth.

· Do everything you can to encourage customer loyalty from your very first day of business forward. Have some original or standard plan for creating customer loyalty, beginning with some sort of first “reward” for taking part in your grand opening party.

· What is a (grand opening) party without good entertainment? Hire a professional entertainer to charm and educate your new customers.

· Once you have your first business day picked out, contact your Mayor’s office and other local government to ask if they would be willing and able to attend your grand opening party in their official capacity.

· Also get in touch with a few different types of local media in your particular area of Florida, such as radio stations, newspapers, and tv channels to let them know of the details of your business, how you will be serving the community, and all about the activities and prizes planned for your first-day, outdoor event.

· Depending on what type of business you are opening, if it is appropriate, formally invite local religious leaders and their congregations and members to join your grand opening party. Request the honor of their presence as well as their public blessing of both your business and those who attend your outdoor promotional.

· Take advantage of local, younger talent such as teen bands and school marching bands. Often they appreciate the chance to perform for little or no cost.

· Expand the party by inviting non-profit organizations in the surrounding areas of central Florida to be involved with your big day such as pet rescue centers, homeless shelters, recovery groups, etc.

· Formally invite the local honor guard, young marines, ROTC, volunteer Firefighters, or any other public and civil servants you can think of as a way to honor them and formally present the America Flag.

All these ideas are merely to be a starting point for talking to as many people in central Florida involved in as many different walks of life, types of work, and areas in your community as possible (regardless of the fact that a good majority of that population is retired and a transplant from the northern part of the United States). The more people you contact, the more potential customers will be talking of your new business, and the more free advertising you will have.

Golf – The Lure of the Game

Golf is more than just a sport. It is an obsession, addiction, and a way of life. Why do golfers enjoy golf so much? After all; what could be so exciting about walking around a field, and swinging a stick at a ball? I mean come on! Golf is just a boring non-contact sport that old people play; a "good walk spoiled," as Mark Twain once said. Or is it?

I can tell you one thousand reasons, why I like golf so much. Just within the past couple years, it has become my obsession. The summer is the one time of the year that I look forward to; because I get to spend it at the golf course. Let me try explain to you the lure of golf. I do not think I can justify the beauty of the game in words, but I will attempt it. I am going to try and explain why golfers are so nuts about golf.

The Addiction

The first time I attempted to go out on a golf course, I of course, was not a very good golfer. I did take naturally to the sport though, and my friends were pretty impressed. At first the game was frustrating, because I could not finish a hole. I just had to keep trying though! I would have a relatively nice shot every once in awhile. Each time I had a little taste of success with my hit, I would crave that feeling more and more. Eventually, I pared a hole! I wanted to par every hole; just paring one hole was not good enough for me.

The rest of that summer, I continued to go golfing on a very regular basis. By the end of the summer I was out playing every single day. Each day, my goal was to beat my current personal best score. I became a perfectionist at golf, and would get mad if I messed up on a shot. Basically, I became addicted to the game that summer; and golf has been a part of my life ever since.

The Environment

So golf is a boring sport for old people, huh? NO! I can not think of any sport that is half as entertaining as golf. In baseball, football, and soccer, you are stuck within a 100 yard radius the entire game. In golf, you are never in the same place for more than a few minutes. You are able to spend time in the great outdoors, enjoying the weather, and scenery.

I love golf, because I can either play by myself, or it can be a social sport. Going out on the course, and walking eighteen holes alone provides for some great thinking and reflecting time. At the same time, golf can be played with other people, and is an ideal activity in which to bond with other people.

Not to mention, what other sport can you get drunk while playing … and sometimes even play better drunk than sober! "Party Golf," as I call it, can either loosen you up enough to hit the ball smoothly; or can be disastrous, depending on how many beverages are consumed. Either way; it is fun!
The Social Aspect

By far, my favorite part of golf is the social aspect of the game. I have met some of the most awesome people, and have befriended individuals that I never thought I would ever socialize with.

Golf is an amazing way to create bonds with people. I have gotten to know so many people by just playing golf with them. Something about the game brings people together. Everyone at the club that I work at all has the same goal in mind; to play well! It makes for endless amounts of conversation. Put two strangers in a room together; and if two of them are golfers, they will have an instant conversation.

Not only has the golf club given me unexpected friendships, but it has given me connections. I know lawyers, real estate agents, doctors, and countless other professionals.

Like I said; I do not know that I can put words to how much golf has changed my life. It just has. I will stop trying to explain the lure of golf to you; and let you find out for yourself. Trust me; once you become addicted to golf, you will understand.

Illumination at Niagara's Festival of Lights

Niagara Falls is one of the most visited sites in North America, but once a year, thousands of people flock to Niagara, not to see the thunderous falls, but to see the Winter Festival of Lights, Canada's foremost illumination festival.

The Winter Festival of Lights includes over 125 animated lighting displays and three million tree and ground lights which can be enjoyed around the Niagara Park Winter Wonderland, including displays such as the world famous Enchantment of Disney, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Fort Erie Racing, a Nativity Scene and the World's largest illuminated Canadian-American Flag.

The festival first began in 1983 when it managed to attract 250,000 people. Since then the celebrations have steadily grown and the attendance now stands at over 1.3million visitors and 1060 motor coaches each year. Planning for the festival is a year round job, with staff investigating new and creative events and entertainment all the time.

The local economy benefits enormously from the festival, which comes at a time of year that is traditionally quiet on the tourist front, creating significant winter employment for nearby communities. The festival requires hundreds of staff and takes on around 400 volunteers each year.

One of the best things about the Winter Festival of Lights is the price – there is no admission fee to view the illuminations (although donations are gratefully accepted). But there's more than just the thousands of light displays to see. During the festival, visitors can enjoy 20 nights of spectacular fireworks as they explode high over the mighty falls and there are also a variety of concerts and events during festival; this year, visitors can enjoy Disney's Beauty and the Beast, The Niagara Falls Comedy Fest, a variety of singers from the Niagara Gospel concert series, including The Martins and The Beene Family, The Mantini Sisters, Charley Price, The Golden Age Variety Show, The Misty Kids Show and the Nutcracker Ballet.

Niagara falls are On a become famous soon attraction in hwy own right, but During the winter festival, there is EVEN more to see and do, so its not surprising That the festival Attracts over a million visitors each year, Which MEANS hotels in Niagara do Tend to get booked up quickly and you'll need to reserve in advance to be sure of a bed.

With so much to see and do for both young and old, the Niagara Winter Festival of Lights continues to be one of the biggest events in the North American festival calendars; do not you think it's time you became enlightened?

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures refer to a variety of bulb holders. Lamp fixtures are often accompanied by shades, enclosures or cases that hold the bulb in. A bulb, wiring and circuit are essential for light to emanate in the first place. A fixture’s role is considered minimal as far as the functioning of a bulb or its light rendering capacity is concerned. Lighting fixtures serve purely aesthetic functions.

The market offers lighting fixtures of infinite designs, types, shapes and sizes. Most stand out as creatively designed works of art in metal and glass to house bulbs. With lighting plans aspiring to create a mood and ambience, correct positioning of the bulb is extremely vital. While considering a lighting fixture, it is important to take into account that a particular bulb is right for a certain fixture.

For example, a halogen bulb should always be housed in an enclosed lighting fixture to avoid the dangerous consequences of a burst halogen bulb. The fixture has to be evaluated on various other parameters, like what type of task it is chosen for, what is the kind of light distribution can be expected from it(given its shades, shape, color, etc.), how does it effect the efficiency of the bulb and what kind of color distribution does it render. Hence, choosing a lighting fixture purely on aesthetic criteria is not a judicious decision.

Lighting fixtures also influence the efficiency of bulbs. It is always advisable to go for lighting fixtures with the highest energy efficiency ratings. While shopping for fixtures, one should ask about their efficiency. The efficiency rating of fixtures is published by the manufacturers and is available at the retail shops.

An inefficient fixture may absorb huge amounts of light, consequently reducing the amount of light distributed, or radiate the light to various cavities in the ceiling. The light efficiency of the fixtures can be maximized by regularly cleaning the dirt, and cobwebs from the shades and fixtures.

A lighting fixture should also coordinate and complement the look and style of the space. While choosing a chandelier, for example, the space it is meant for has to be borne in mind. A huge suspended fixture will look out of place in a small room. There are lighting fixtures for all kinds of lighting requirements. Lighting fixtures in resplendent designs and infinite sizes and ranges flood the market. An automatic or manual control facility increases the lifespan of the lamps, apart from enabling the easy layering of light. The age of individuals, the speed and precision demands of a task and the albedo of the surface are some of the other factors that determine people’s choice of a particular lighting fixture.

Top Ten Barriers to Having a High Performance Work Culture

Organizations today must be an unified culture of high performance if they wish to thrive and leave a legacy to the next generation. Achieving a high performance culture can be done provided these top 10 barriers have been removed.

  1. Barrier of Beliefs: Beliefs drive the attitudes that are demonstrated through behaviors. Until the beliefs are identified, behaviors will not change.
  2. Barrier of Thinking: Many people are on auto pilot because they have been conditioned how to perform their jobs. People need to remove the barriers so that they can begin to think proactively and look at their roles and responsibilities differently.
  3. Barrier of Ethics: The lack of unified and shared ethics within any organization creates an incredible barrier. When a company has clearly articulated what having high ethics means within that organization, becoming a high performance company is much easier.
  4. Barrier of People Development: The world is a much faster and more complex place and should the business world be any different. People are expected to do more with less time. This is possible if training matures into development by helping people be better at what they currently are doing.
  5. Barrier of Goal Achievement: Goals are a part of any organization. Yet, most people do not know how to consistently plan, set and achieve personal goals, let along professional or organizational ones.
  6. Barrier of Measurement: What gets measured, gets managed. Measurement requires understanding what needs to be measured and why that needs to be measured. Judgements need to be made and in today’s world, making judgments has become viewed as a negative.
  7. Barrier of Leadership: Without effective leadership, high performance is the impossible dream. You have a better chance of catching a windmill that moving your organization forward into a culture of high performance.
  8. Barrier of Policies & Procedures: Are you easy to do business with both with external and internal customers? How much business are you losing because of your policies and procedures? What impact do these rules and regulations have on the performance of your employees?
  9. Barrier of Working the Strategic Plan Consistently: Plans are designed to be work and not placed on a shelf or in a drawer to be taken out once a year. All efforts must be consistently reviewed to determine alignment with the plan and to adjust for any necessary course corrections.
  10. Barrier of Consistent Communication:
  11. Communication is the linkage between all the barriers. Without consistent communication, you may have people potentially working against each other and draining your bottom line.

Are these the only barriers? No. However, these are the key barriers that are currently keeping your organization or business from getting to where you want to be – a high performance culture where transformational change is always in the air.

Confused About Fire Ratings in Home and Gun Safes? – What You Should Know

Ever wonder how a home or gun safe gets its fire rating? In your search for a safe, you probably have seen a variety of ratings and wondered what they meant. Let's solve that mystery right now.

Most home and guns safes on the market today are layered with a fireboard very similar to dry wall. This fireboard can be 1/4 to 5/8 inch thick. It has a measure of moisture in it that, when heated in a fire, will release this moisture. This process keeps the interior of the safe cooler for a longer period of time. The more layers of fireboard, the longer it will stay cooler.

Other safes have what is called a "composite" material sandwiched between two layers of steel. This composite material is likable to a type of concrete, but is usually a bit lighter in weight (for obvious reasons!). This material acts an an insulator, keeping heat from penetrating into the interior of the safe in case of a fire.

There a few manufacturers using a product called K-wool in a blanket form as another type of insulator installed in safes. While there are manufacturers claiming a 2,300 degree for 1 hour fire rating, no manufacturer has achieved a third-party rating at any level. K-wool blankets are used to insulate pipes because it can be easily formed around a curved surface. Pipes do not normally need to be insulated up to the temperature of a home or gun safe, so buyer beware.

Some manufacturers have their safes tested and certified independently by a certified burn facility. In an optimal fire test, a safe is placed in a furnace with thermal couplings placed strategically inside the safe and connected to an external computer. The temperature of the furnace is ramped up to a minimum of 1,200 degrees F in nor more than 10 minutes, and then maintained for the duration of the test. During the test, the computer monitors the increase of temperature inside the safe. When the internal temperature of the safe begins to go beyond 350 degrees F, the test is considered to be over.

Other manufacturers label their safes "factory certified". A factory certified test is performed solely by the factory with no independent witness present. The rating could be a "guesstimate" based solely on the fire rating of the fireboard used without ever actually being exposed to a fire test, or it could even be based on throwing a safe into a dumpster and setting the trash on fire. There have been instances where the safe was tested in a furnace, but all the couplings were stuck inside a phone book and placed on the floor of the safe. We know that heat rises, so you can imagine how inaccurate the test results are. Sometimes the furnace ramp-up time may take 40 minutes to reach 1,200 degrees, is then only maintained for another 20 minutes, and the safe comes out with a one hour fire rating. Very deceptive. That's not to say that all "factory certified" fire ratings are inaccurate, but again, be aware. Do your homework. Ask questions. It's that important!

Now what does all this mean? As an example, a safe rated for 60 minutes at 1,200 degrees means that if you were to have a 1,200 degree fire for 60 minutes, the inside of the safe stays below 350 degrees for at least a 60 minute period during a normal house fire. If the rating is 90 minutes at 1,680 degrees, then the interior of the safe should remain lower than 350 degrees for at least 90 minutes during a 1,680 degree fire. Thirty minutes at 1,200 degrees means exactly that.

Certain contents of safes are more susceptible to heat than others. Paper begins to discolor at just above 350 degrees F, scorch at approximately 410 degrees, and ignite at 451 degrees (remember Ray Bradbury's book?). Guns will withstand this heat longer, but plastics and other pliable materials have different melting points depending on their thickness. Coin collectors who have their coins wrapped in plastic should be especially cautious with fire ratings. Obviously, the higher the fire rating, the better. There are safes on the market for extended periods of time as well as higher temperatures.

According to several firemen I have questioned over the years, a normal house fire ranges from 800 to 1,200 degrees F and will usually, but not always, be extinguished within 20 minutes. This is not the case of a fire storm, which can rage through an entire neighborhood leveling it within minutes at temperatures higher than 2000 degrees F.

Many factors enter into the equation of fire temperatures. The amount of fuel in your home affects both the temperature and the length of the fire. The more fuel, the longer and hotter the fire. If your home is constructed of wood versus block, you are going to have a hotter fire. On the other hand, brick absorbs heat at an alarming rate (think brick ovens!).

When storing documents and cash, it is obviously a wise idea to get the best fire rating you can afford. The expense of a good fire-rated safe is sometimes an obstacle to overcome. Ask yourself, "What is it worth to protect the value of what I want to put into the safe?" Sometimes the cost of one item you want to protect costs much more than the safe itself.

When considering the purchase of a home or gun safe, there are important questions to ask regarding the fire protection:

  • What is being used as the fire protection? Fireboard or composite material?
  • How many layers, or how thick is the firewall?
  • Are all the susceptible spots protected with this fire protection? Door jambs, internal hinges? Walls, ceiling and floors?
  • How was this safe tested and rated?
  • What is the warranty, if there is one, on the safe in case of fire?

When storing especially fragile items inside a safe, you may want to consider purchasing a smaller "fire box" also. Items can be placed in the fire box, and then the fire box placed inside the safe. This will protect the contents for an extended length of time at a higher temperature.

Protecting your valuables from theft is only part of the equation. Fire is always an eminent threat as well. And one other thought – check with your home owner's insurance company. Sometimes discounts are available on homeowner's insurance when you have a fire-rated safe. Keep your tax records or business papers in a fire-rated safe? Check with your CPA about a possible write-off. These are just two hidden benefits of owning a good fire-rated home or gun safe.

At the risk of being redundant, do your homework! Call a safe consultant at a local safe store and ask all the questions you need to become informed. If they do not know the answer, call someone else. It's that important and it's well worth the time and effort you put into becoming an educated safe buyer. The peace of mind you will have knowing that your stuff is secure and fire protected will reward you time and again.

Desktop Wallpaper

The terms “wallpaper” and “desktop picture” refer to an image used as a background on a computer screen, usually on the desktop of a graphical user interface. ‘Wallpaper’ is the term used in Microsoft Windows, while the Mac OS avoid mixing terms by calling it a ‘desktop picture’. Earlier, the term “desktop pattern” was used to refer to a small pattern, that was repeated to fill a screen.

Images used as computer wallpaper are usually a data file or structure representing a rectangular grid of pixels. They are points of color on a computer monitor, paper, or other display device, with the same size as the display resolution in order to fill the whole background. Users with widescreen monitors have different requirements, although images designed for standard monitors can often be scaled up or cropped to the correct shape without loss of quality.

Wallpapers are available in double-width versions for displaying on multi-monitor computers, where the image appears to fill two monitors. Smaller images can be tiled or repeated to fill large areas and depending on how skilfully the wallpaper is created, the effect can look good. However, if the joint is too obvious, or the image repeats too many times, it would look very repetitive.

Wallpapers are also appearing on color screen mobile phones scaled to a lower resolution. These are often sold at a high price to telephone users. Some phones have a software which allows images to be uploaded from a computer. Mobile telephones with cameras use images from the camera or from an external source, as the wallpaper.

Wallpaper styles are as varied as people. They can be created using photographs, drawings, 3D renders or abstract pattern with complex gradients. It is useful to have plain areas so that icons can be clearly seen atop the wallpaper.Typical categories of wallpapers include cars, models and celebrities, holiday photos, abstract art, movies, pets and scenery. Wallpapers has a positive effect on the spirits of a computer user as he sees it many times a day. Therefore, selection of an image that appeals to an user’s personal tastes is important.

Maid Service Quotes – How Much is Maid Service?

Getting maid service quotes can quickly become a tiresome and frustrating process. However, if you have a solid understanding of what you are being charged for. Every home is unique, which means that every quote is unique as well. It will based on a variety of factors including the amount of time that it will take, services you require, and the square footage of your house.

Getting a Maid Service Quote

When getting a maid service quote, there are some decisions that you need to make. The first is how many rooms you want to be cleaned. This should include your general living spaces, bedrooms, and bathrooms. You also need to decide how many hours you would like the maid service to clean at your place. If there are any additional "special projects", such cleaning out your freezer. Before getting a maid service quote, make sure that you know exactly what you want.

How Much Is Maid Service?

While there are always going to be a wide variety of options to choose from and a large variation in quotes, here is some baseline information. The average 1-time cleaning of a home that is less than 1000 feet, with only five rooms, will range from $ 75 to $ 200. A bi-weekly cleaning of the same house will range from $ 60 to $ 125 (per visit).

Of course, all of this is based on a number of options. To give you an idea of ​​how your quote will be affected, here are some common ways that your quote will get increased. The first way that your quote will be increased, is based upon the day (s) of the week that you need your place cleaned. Oftentimes, the cheapest days are Monday – Wednesday, with a nominal charge on Thursday, and premium prices on Friday – Sunday.

The second factor is the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that you want cleaned. Often, offices and studies will count as bedrooms and ½ bathrooms will count as a full bathroom. By not getting your bedroom and bathrooms clean, you can easily cut down your price. The square footage of your home is also an issue, however there is not anything that you can do to decrease the price. Sometimes, you will get a cheaper rate if you live in an apartment as opposed to a house, and a one story house will be less expensive than a two story house of the same size.

Pets will also increase your rates, as will requiring your maid service to use green-only cleaning solutions. Additionally, by hiring a maid cleaning service for multiple visits per week will decrease the cost per visit, whereas a one-time cleaning will always be more expensive that weekly or even bi-weekly appointments.

Some additional charges that may be applied upon request include: Refrigerator / Freezer cleaning, mini-blinds / shutters cleaning, oven cleanings, and baseboard cleaning. Essentially, there will be an additional charge for anything outside their general cleaning service. Getting The while maid service quotes will vary from service to service, the SAME Factors will be of used to Determine your cost.

What a Gasifier Does and Why Gasifiers Are Suddenly Cool

The first gasifiers were known as gasification retorts and they have been around for well over a century providing our town gas supplies from coal. In basic terms they involve a container in which combustible fuel is heated, driving off flammable hydrocarbon gases. These gases are then scrubbed in filters to remove particulate matter and any corrosive chemicals, before being plumbed into anything from the towns gas supply to a modified carburettor to fuel a standard internal combustion engine.

Gasifiers are available now. They are proven technology. They can and are helping in the war to reduce gas and electricity prices, and the magic thing is that the same principle can be applied to many fuels other than coal.

These systems are capable of producing electricity from any biomass source. They may use any fuel in some, such as coal, petroleum coke, residual oil, oil emulsions, tar sands, and / or other similar fuels. Gasifiers produce a gas which is commonly known as syngas. This gas is used mostly where it is created to power a gas turbine. Gasification uses chemistry and high temperature and pressures to change the way the coal or other form of solid carbonaceous (fossil) fuel produces heat. In other words instead of burning the fuel outright, a gasifier part burns the fuel due to the presence of only a limited amount of oxygen and creates a fuel gas.

One gasifier, for example, is a device that has been developed by TERI (The Tata Energy Research Institute in India) for use in the drying of cardamom. The gasifier uses briquettes that are made from firewood and other types of biomass and turns them into a gas that burns with a clean smokeless flame.

In another example a gasifier is the key component in the Ag Bio-Power Energy System, but it is not the only component. In the patented configuration of the system, solid wastes containing metals and other non-combustible materials are burned separately while a gasifier is used as a scrubber for the polluting emissions because gasification is so good at burning out these substances.

It is reported that Household and Commercial Waste can also be gasified. In this case combustible gases are used within the system for increased efficiency and high temperature combustion than is archived in an incinerator. After gasification the residue of thermal decomposition is cooled and rough particles such as metals and non-combustibles are separated by means of a vibrating sieve and magnetic separator. The separated fine particles are mostly ash and carbon content, and these particles can then be crushed and sent to the final furnace for vitrification, where they are turned into essentially a form of glass, safely binding in any toxic substances, out of harm's way, for ever.

Combustible waste from industrial production processes which is reported to be suitable for gasification includes textile waste, wood scrap / trimmings, plastic scrap, and non-reusable solvents. Textile waste can consist of excess yarn, thread, cloth, carpet, or any other fabric. Combustion temperatures of 1500-1600 ~ F and heat release rates of about 400,000 Btu / cu ft / hr are possible and give heat transfer rates reported to be larger than those of conventional pulverized coal boilers.

Some of these technology providers are claiming cell microturbine combinations are possible which have the potential to achieve up to 60 percent efficiency and near-zero emissions. On top of that they say that fuel flexibility enables the use of low-cost indigenous fuels, renewables and waste materials. Even, for example, experts say briquettes produced from agricultural residues can be used in some gasifier models.

Some gasifier plant is now also being developed which is based on fluidized bed technology with the possibility of the common and low cost availability of practically zero emissions release systems achieving high efficiencies using a host cheap, locally produced, renewable fuel sources.

Now, we think that this is pretty cool, when at present all we can see is rapidly rising gas prices and practically no alternatives for me and you, but to pay them.

Reducing energy demand, especially in the sense of better insulation for heating homes and offices, is of course, more of a potential for saving CO2 emissions, but that's not what what we are discussing in this article.

We have been here before, as well, in that in the mid to late 1970s, when it was believed that there was going to be a shortfall of oil due to the formation of OPEC, fuel prices rose excessively. At that time also there was an expected decline in supplies, and considerable effort went into developing alternatives. But, those efforts came to very little, as in real terms the alternatives were still more expensive than the oil and coal based alternatives. This time around that is no longer the case, so expect to hear about more suddenly "cool" energy solutions, but which are also very "hot" indeed – at the same time!

Benefits of Flush Plasterboard Ceilings

There’s so much to do when you’re setting up a new office or refurbishing a home or workplace.

Not only do you have to make sure that all the electrical wiring, the plumbing, and anything else that needs to be installed has been correctly put in place, you also have to worry about making sure the office looks clean and respectable or your home welcoming and safe. With all the recent construction work, most of the wiring and piping is likely to be clearly visible along the ceiling and needs to be concealed – fast. Installing flush plasterboard suspended ceilings can be one way of very quickly transforming your interior from a shed-like construction site to a stylish and friendly space.

Okay, so now you’re wondering what exactly that is?

Plasterboard is the name given to the product created when sheets of flat, dry plaster are sandwiched between two layers of cardboard to create a light yet robust material. Flush is an abbreviation of ‘flushing’ which is the process that follows the installation of suspended ceilings formed from panels of plasterboard. Flushing involves layering mesh across the joins between the plasterboard panels and applying a base coat to securely bond them. A light topcoat is then added and sanded back to be ‘flush’ with the plasterboard sheets.

There are many different types of ceilings that have enjoyed popularity over the years, but flush plasterboard suspended ceilings have emerged as one of the top choices for modern buildings for a number of reasons. Firstly, adding flush plasterboard ceilings below your main ceiling is an easy and very effective method of concealing air ducts, pipes and light fittings or wires. You can effortlessly achieve a look that is neat, professional and functional in very little time and with minimum expense.

Another one of the best known advantages of this type ceilings is that they provide more energy efficient heating solutions. Since hot air rises, a lower ceiling provides a natural method of thermal insulation by retaining heat within the immediate environment. In addition, a layer of air is trapped between the main ceiling and the suspended ceiling which acts as an effective secondary insulator.

Flush plasterboard suspended ceilings are an attractive and very economical method of transforming and updating the appearance of your office. It’s also far cheaper to install a brand new suspended ceiling below an older main ceiling than it is to renovate the existing ceiling to achieve an equivalent standard of charm and efficiency.

Reasons to Choose Engineered Wood Flooring

There are so many great reasons you may want to choose engineered oak wood flooring over solid wood floors. Today more home owners are choosing engineered wood floors due to them being made with a top layer of solid and natural wood to enjoy the characteristics, while having a number of layers below, which are bonded together to give this flooring option the strength, durability and stability you want in your home when walking on your new floor.

The first reason you may want to choose engineered wood flooring oak is that it looks and is completely natural. The top layer is natural wood, which means you get the grain, all the characteristics you would get with a solid wood floor, of course the benefit is that the engineered options are slightly cheaper than the solid wood floors, which enables you to complete your flooring project within your budget.

Next you will find these floors are exceptionally easy to clean, another reason why they are such a top choice. Simply sweep and then mop the floor to keep it clean and fresh. When you receive your flooring, you will receive care instructions on what you should and shouldn’t do to keep your new floor looking as new for years to come.

If you or anyone in your family suffers with allergies, then the engineered wood flooring oak is a fantastic choice to help keep allergies at bay. Carpets are dust traps and unless you professionally clean your carpets on a semi-regular basis, even a regular amount of vacuuming will not keep them clean. The vacuum can only clean the top layers of the carpet, but the dust and dirt gets deep into the fibres which can set off allergies. This is a problem you don’t need to worry about when choosing wood, when the floor looks a little dusty, simply give it a mop to remove the dust and keep your home free of allergens.

It provides a beautiful visual impact in any room in the home. The benefit to the engineered wood flooring in oak is that you can use it in any room in the home, including the basement. This flooring is resistant to temperature change and is the only flooring which can be installed over concrete to give that warmth and visual impact you are looking to achieve.

Wood has the ability to make any room look warmer and more welcoming. With the engineered wood flooring oak being a layer of natural wood before the sub layers, you are able to create the warmth and welcoming atmosphere you want to achieve with ease and confidence. Choose a wood you know will be versatile, so as you change the design of the room over time, the flooring will still remain a top visual highlight.

Of course when it comes to using wood in the home, taking advantage of the knots and natural grain of the wood, you automatically add character to the space. Even in a modern home, you can add some character to your rooms by using the wood flooring options, creating your own space where you feel comfortable and that you know provides a great impact when guests walk into your home in the future.

Comfort is the final reason why you should consider engineered wood flooring in oak. This wood looks spectacular in modern and traditional homes, it adds character, but it is also very comfortable to walk on, ensuring you enjoy your home each and every day.

Penis Pump: Does It Really Increase Penis Size?

Many men have the false impression that bigger is necessarily better when it comes to penis size – better for their sexual abilities, for their appearance and even for their character. This drives some to all manner of desperate attempts to make the penis larger, from sketchy stretches to concerning contraptions. Another common recourse men take is the penis pump. When deciding whether to opt for such a product, it’s imperative that men gather several pieces of information, including whether there is evidence that it works, what possible consequences to penis health it may have and, perhaps most importantly, whether or not this whole enlargement business is just preying on men’s unfounded insecurities.

Does it work?

The answer to the question of whether a penis pump works depends upon the proposed purpose for which it is used. Penis pumps draw blood into the penis. They are designed with a tube that fits over the penis, a pump powered either by a battery or by hand and a compression ring that is placed around the base of the penis to hold in the blood that the pump brought in. So penis pumps work to bring blood into the penis, which can be a godsend for men with erectile dysfunction.

Another legitimate medical application for penis pumps is for men with Peyronie’s disease, which is characterized by severe curvature of the manhood. A pump may help straighten the penis, therefore adding length in a sense.

If one is asking about the effectiveness of these devices for enlargement purposes for a healthy penis, the answer is likely negative. While pumps do cause a temporary swelling that may appear as a size increase, there is no reason, either evidence-based or theoretical, to believe that the change is permanent.

Are there risks?

So what if there’s no evidence? Some guys might be eager enough to try it out anyway, particularly if there aren’t any serious side effects. While most side effects associated with penis pumps are mild, there are a few concerns that men should take seriously.

Minor side effects include:

– Tiny red dots from bleeding under the skin’s surface

– Pain

– Bruising

– Numbness

– Coldness

More concerning complications include:

– Risk of bleeding if used in conjunction with blood thinners

– Blood clots or bleeding if used by someone with a blood disorder such as sickle cell anemia

– Damage to elastic tissue that causes weak erections (more likely when pump is used frequently and for a prolonged period of time)

So penis pumps are not risk-free devices; if not using for a legitimate medical reason such as erectile dysfunction, it is best to avoid these risks.

Am I really too small?

A 2015 study found that 95% of men (out of a sample of more than 15,500 men) have erections the length of which is at least 3.9 inches, with the overall average being 5.16 inches.

Can a 4-inch erect penis perform sexually? Yes. Can it look good? Yes. Does it say anything about a man’s character? No.

A product that works

If men want to give themselves a boost in the downstairs region, they should focus on health, not size. There is a product designed to enhance the health of the tool: a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). A product with high-end moisturizers like Shea butter and vitamin E can make the skin smooth, soft and resilient; vitamin C can help in the skin firmness department, maintaining a youthful-looking penis. When it comes to the penis, not all skin care products are made equal; one designed for the penis specifically, like Man1 Man Oil, will provide benefits without the irritation one risks when using any old hand or body cream.

Standing Sex Positions That Increase the Erotic Intimacy of Your Sex Life (Not For the Boring)

Many people never try a single standing sex position in their entire lives. Most of the time this is because the position is too tiring. If you want a hot, steamy sex life, you need some standing positions in your arsenal. It is an amazingly erotic way to start sex, especially when the woman is wearing high heels.

Standing sex positions that increase the erotic intimacy of your sex life (Not for the boring)

The best position is a standing rear entry position that the includes the gentle caressing of the woman’s thighs and buttocks. Men love when women have high heels on in these positions. The best way to do this is against a wall, with the woman slightly bending her buttock into the man’s pelvis. The other way is to actually face one another is you are of similar height and have the woman lean against the wall. Remember ladies, men love to look at woman’s legs in stocking and high heels, because they are visual sexual creatures. ‘If you put on a hot pair of garter belts, they will lust after you like a rabid dog.

There are also half-standing positions which are extremely hot as well. The most popular is a rear entry position where the woman will lean over a bed or chair with her legs still fully extended or slightly bent. Again, this gives men the same visual picture that drives them insane with passion. It is in their human nature to be turned on by the site of a woman’s buttock.

The wild positions that hit angles you have never dreamed of

There are some standing methods that take a little skill and balance to pull off, that if done right will provide amazing stimulation to the G-spot and hit rare angles. One of the most famous is known as the standing raised leg. The woman have to be fairly flexible for this one, but if done right, it can massage the G-spot wonderfully. Basically what the woman does is lift one of her legs on her man’s shoulder while standing. It sounds difficult, but most women should have this level of flexibility. This can be achieved by practicing yoga and stretching on regular basis. When the man enter with this position he will have the perfect angle to gently slide himself across the front of the vaginal wall.

If you can’t envision yourself pulling of this acrobatic move, there is a more tame version of it that is very erotic. With this method, you wrap one of your legs gently around one of his thighs while you are both standing. This will create a very sensuous, slow sliding form of penetration that will drive the head of man’s penis insane with pleasure. You can also look right into each others eyes wit this method for an mind-numbingly intimate moment. The woman should lean against a wall for awhile and lower herself slowly, on and off of her man’s pelvis. This is a truly seductive dance of eroticism for both partners.

What to Look For When Buying Patio Umbrellas

There are several things that need to be considered when shopping for your new patio umbrella. This will outline the various aspects.

1. The frame – the most popular options are wood or metal. Wood frames do not rotate, metal ones do. Along with this you should consider if you're getting a free standing one or if it will be bought together with a table. You may even need a stand to hold it in place.

2. Tilt options – there are three common methods including collar tilt, crank tilt and push button. Collar tilt is the most popular and generally considered the fastest method. You will not even need to leave your chair.

3. Size – consider the general area where the umbrella will be setup and whether you're trying to shade on person or a large table. Typically the sizes range from 4 1/2 to 11 feet.

4. Fabric – pick a fabric type and appearance that suits you. Perhaps you prefer bold prints or solid colors. Our best suggestion is that you pick something that matches the general decor of your other patio furniture. Perhaps even get it to match the outside of your house. If you're getting one that will be used more often on the beach you may want to get something bright so it can be easily spotted. There are many choices available so get one that's fun for you!

5. Care and maintenance – Cleaning usually involves a damp rag or perhaps a quick rinse from the hose. Stains should be tackled with a mild soap. Check the fabric care instructions to see what the rules are about bleach or other cleaning materials. The fabric may have a tendency to fade in sunlight so it's not a bad idea to store your umbrella in a shaded area or out of direct lighting to keep it bright for a longer period.

6. Ease of opening and closing – it sounds obvious, but you do not want to fight with it every time you need it. Get one that has a smooth motion and locks into place (whether open or closed) securely.

Good luck with your purchase and enjoy the beautiful summer days until your new patio umbrella!

Accessories For a Twin Stroller

Twin strollers today are equipped with numerous efficient features that help make your day that much easier. Lets take a look on some of them.

Are you the mom on the go who had no place to put our drinks while pushing twin stroller? Then Cup Holder might be solution for you. It is great for walks with your morning coffee or afternoon tea. You can attach Cup Holder to the twin stroller and it accommodates anything from a regular pop can, to a large water bottle.

Still need more storage? Buy Handlebar Console and you will have up to three water-bottle / beverage holders along with storage compartment for keys, cell phones, wallets, and other items.

There are canopy extensions available for parents who want protection from the sun and complete visibility for their infants and toddlers. The twin stroller sunshade attachment is a stroller canopy extension that provides shelter in both sunny and overcast conditions and reduces glare on sensitive young eyes. You can protect your little ones from rain, wind, sun and snow with many different twin stroller weather cover shields. Water-resistant. Breathable, soft and durable most of them will protect from 99% of UV Rays.
Covers panels conveniently fold up when not needed.

Ideal for cold winter months and brisk fall days you can buy comfortable footmuffs. They comes an array of colors. Footmuffs will help to keep your baby's feet warm during the colder seasons of the year. Some of them have removable top some allow parents to easily regulate babys temperatures with a zip-off top.

It is easy to get frustrated by cleaning on car seats, carriers and strollers. The waterproof pads made from vinyl forms a 100% accident-proof barrier, while soft, absorbent layers keep moisture away from baby's skin. They have soft, absorbent terrycloth seat which is gentle to baby. Pads are machine washable and great for parents and baby potty training.