How to Install a Garage Heater

Why would you need a garage heater? Is it more efficient?

It is best to use a garage heater in situations where you have a large room like a garage, outdoor patio, or a large workspace.

Most garage heaters are designed to heat a one car garage. Electric garage heaters work best when used in this type of situation because you do not need to worry about venting any propane fumes or worrying about the expense of natural gas. Electric heat is much more efficient, for example electric heating uses 100% of the electricity and turns it into heat. Propane gas uses 80% of the fuel for heat and the other 20% is a byproduct of the fuel. When using propane gas or natural gas you are giving off a byproduct from the fossil fuels, where as electric heat does not give off any byproducts. Electric heaters are also easier to control by making use of all the electricity that is given to the unit to heat. When you turn down the heat you are turning down the amount of electricity you use.

Electric heaters can be mounted in several ways therefore saving you space in your workplace or garage. You are not using a fuel that needs to be replaced and saving that time it takes to refill a tank or fuel line. An electric heater does not need to run with a fossil fuel and therefore never gets build up and give you a longer living heater. Keep in mind how large your garage is and how many BTU's of heat you will need to adequately heat your garage. Too much is not always good, you can over use the unit and end up spending more electricity than you want to. Always try to get the perfect fit. Also, electric garage heaters feature overheat protection if you unit ever gets too warm it will shut off automatically.

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How to Install

A garage heater is usually not too big and they come readily available with mounting kits so that the unit is out of your way, saving you space.

You can mount a garage heater to a ceiling or a wall depending on your situation. This makes keeping your free space a breeze because you can easily mount it and it is out of your way, not to mention keeping you warm and you do not even need to think about it.

Most garage heaters are mounted on the ceiling as seen below. Some models need to be wired into your electrical by an electrician or trained professional.

There are other models that are easy to mount and plug in, and then you are ready to go.

All electrical garage heaters that we carry are thermostatically controlled and can we wired to a thermostat on the wall if desired. We have added a few pictures of garage heaters that are mounted already to show you the functionality of these units.

Do remember when you are mounting the unit there are minimum specifications on how close the units can be mounted to a wall or any objects. The length of the space is mentioned in the manual and should be followed strictly to improve efficiency of the unit.

How to Get Big Biceps – 5 Tips For Explosive Biceps, Fast!

How to get big biceps? The question on every beginner/intermediate weight lifter’s lips and it’s easy to see why!

If you’re a casual lifter, obviously having big biceps looks great in a short sleeve t-shirt! If you’re lifting more seriously, your biceps can really set you apart from the crowd and ALL the great champions of the past had fantastic biceps including Arnold Schwarzenegger!

So clearly, you’re faced with a problem – Your biceps are not growing..or they have grown a bit and then stopped.

Follow these tips below and you’ll be straight back on the train to muscle town and have explosive biceps in no time!

Exercise Selection

There are certain exercise that must be included as pure mass builders and for maximum muscle recruitment that cover the two heads of the biceps.

The most basic bread and butter biceps exercise is the standing barbell curl. Where you are standing with feet around hip/shoulder width apart or in a split stance, keeping your elbows close to your sides you take an underhand grip and curl the barbell up towards your shoulders then slowly lower to the start position.

Focus on keeping your shoulder blades pinned back and the only joint moving should be the elbow joint for maximum bicep recruitment.

As well as barbell curls, you may also include the following exercises for maximum effectiveness in my experience. Preacher curls, incline dumbell curls and hammer curls. These are all variation of the barbell curl. If you’re unsure how they are performed, ask the trainer at your gym who will know.


OK I’m not an advocate of changing your workout every single week to try and “shock” the body but you need to realise that the body is a very adaptive machine and in about 3-4 weeks it will have adapted to your current workout!

I have seen the best results of my life now by cycling my workouts every 4-6 weeks – If you are still progressing, then by all means continue but I would never continue the same program for more than 8 weeks.

What can you vary? The world is your oyster! Rest periods, repetition speed, number of sets, repetition type (21’s, rest/pause, negatives etc), bodypart splits etc.

I wouldn’t deviate much from the exercises in Step 1 as I’ve found them most effective but you can occasionally swap one for something else.

Bottom line? Change things up when your results get stale!

Try training biceps on their own.

Commonly, most people’s split includes training biceps after their back. Now this isn’t necessarily wrong and even I’ve seen great results with this but try training biceps with triceps or chest and biceps.

The problem might be that your biceps aren’t getting enough stimulation after heavy pulling movements for the back that wear your forearms out.

This variation could kick-start your gains.

Training Frequency

here is a fine line between over training or under training. Over train and you tend to plateau, under train and you also tend to regress before progressing back to square 1.

I try to keep and eye on this during my program by measuring my arms. Small changes indicate to me whether I am over training/ under training my arms or not.

If they get smaller before my next bicep workout, I tend to feel like I under trained. If they don’t get even fractionally bigger over the course of my 4-6 week program, I know I probably over trained. (Or the program wasn’t that effective for my arms at least)

Either way, always keeping track of your progress will allow you to make adjustments and keep gaining! You must do it!

Grab yourself a muscle building program

You may think you know enough about muscle building but how about a second opinion from someone who has proven knowledge? You can never learn enough, right?

I’m not talking about a muscle building program where you just follow one program either. I’m talking about a complete program including meal plans, workouts, theory, supplement guide etc.

There are some muscle building programs that are pure garbage but the ones that are good are like gold dust and will show you how to get big biceps and big muscles full-stop!

Mosaic Shower Tiles – It is Affordable & That Easy!

Mosaic Shower Tiles remodeling is a great option for home-makers to easily redecorate any surface at home. One of the reasons that explain the growing popularity of these panels is the fact that they are 100% nature-made. If you want to quickly be able to remodel any internal or external surface – read the following review.

Some background

What makes it so special? Mosaic Shower Tiles redecoration is based on identical naturally polished stones glued onto a 12 "x 12" mesh back. We may find that these panels are made of stones originated from various beaches and rivers from all over the world – mostly from S. East Asia. This is an excellent solution if you plan on redecorating in the following areas: All bath surfaces including showers, kitchens, walls, flooring, backsplashes, patios, fireplaces, and pools.

Main benefits

This special technique as described in this article, enable us with the following:

* Can be used for virtually unlimited applications at home, in the office, in restaurants, hotels, etc.
* It can easily be adjusted to very small / narrow surfaces where other fixed size tiles such as conventional ceramic tiles can not.
* Easy to be cleaned and maintained.

Quick advices & tips!

* If this is the first time you install these tiles, it is recommended to learn from other's experience – there are plenty of forums and demonstrational videos on the internet where you can find useful information about first time installation.
* Make sure the surface you are about to tile is flat, clean, dry and free of contaminants.
* Using grout should be handled carefully so it is recommended to grout a small area at a time.

We could easily find many other pluses provided by this easy diy method simply because once you explore and understand how it works, you quickly find endless redesigning opportunities that could fit any space at home.


This special solution can easily fit to any budget size, especially due to the fact that Mosaic Shower Tiles technique relieves you from hiring a professional installer or using expensive materials / tools. For a successful installation it is advised to keep the above advices once you decide on installing these panels.

Painting Business – 13 Point Checklist of Essential Tools Most Needed to Start a Painting Business

If you are considering starting a commercial or residential painting business you will only need some basic low-cost tools to start with. You can buy other tools as more jobs come along and with your down payments. Here is a list of the most essential painting business tools needed to get you started.

1.) Quality Cage Frame – Also known as a paint roller. Wooster and Purdy both have strong, commercial-use cage frames sold at most professional paint stores.

2.) Extension Pole – Get yourself a good medium-size fiberglass extension pole for rolling out walls and ceilings.

3.) Wall-Sander – I always sand walls and ceilings before I roll them out. It cleans up cobwebs and anything else that needs to be knocked down to make the walls and ceilings smooth.

4.) Roller Bucket – I use Wooster’s roller bucket. It is tall, square and has a lid. It is made out of durable plastic and balances a lot better than a paint tray and washes out easy. It’s a must have.

5.) Cut-in Bucket – I like to put some paint in a small plastic bucket for cutting in. There are small 1-gallon buckets of drywall compound that when empty make a great cut-bucket plus they have a lid. They will last for years.

6.) Step Ladder – A regular wooden 5-foot step ladder works perfect for most homes. If I need a 6-foot ladder I have an aluminum one for that. Most of the time all I need is my 5-footer and I am only 5’6″ so there you go.

7.) 16′ Extension Ladder – Great for stairwells or ranch-style exterior jobs. I use my 16-foot extension ladder more than any other size. I also have 20′ and a 24′ extension ladders, but i couldn’t get by without my little 16-footer.8.) Drop Cloths – I like using the runner type the most. They are inexpensive, light to carry and can be moved around the room easily. I also have 9 x 12’s on hand.

9.) Fluorescent Light – Interior painting without a fluorescent light is nearly impossible, especially on a cloudy day. Fluorescent light is a nice white light that is great for painting and shows up the colors in their true form.

10.) Tool Bucket – An empty 5-gallon bucket makes a great tool bucket. I keep my pliers, a hammer, razor-blade knives, a caulk gun, etc., in my tool bucket.

11.) Small Fan – I bought a $30 blower type fan made by Stanley Tools from Walmart. It dries out walls and ceilings quickly so you can get back to work cutting in and moving around the room without it being wet.

12.) Drywall compound – I hate Spackle. It flashes under paint jobs. I use the Sheetrock brand of 90-minute quick-dry drywall compound found at Lowes or other hardware stores for around $11 a bag. It will last me all year long. It is the powder formula and is easy to mix up right on the job with water and a small cut bucket. This way you don’t have to carry a heavy 5-gallon pale around with you that can also freeze during the wintertime and can get lots of chunks in it over time.

13.) Caulk Gun – I use painters caulk all the time to fill small gaps between woodwork, trim and walls. Most paint stores have it on hand. I use the 35-year interior/exterior type.

So there you have it. If you are considering starting your own painting business and want to know how much it will cost to get started this list will help you. I would guess off hand that everything on the list totals around $300. If you already have a step ladder and even a small extension ladder, this will cut the start up cost down considerably.

Fan Calculations – Measure Airflow with CFM

With one formula, you can find what fan is right for your home. This is the formula for fan CFM: Cubic feet per minute, more commonly known as CFM is calculated by the following formula: air speed (feet per minute) X area (square feet)=CFM. Not everyone is going to take a look at CFM, but for those who do it is a helpful tool. In simpler words than that of the formula, it is the amount of air a fan moves.

The amount of air depends on some other factors as well, such as the diameter and shape of the blades, speed at which the blades turn (revolutions per minute or rpm), horsepower (hp) of the motor, and overall fan design. These combined factors establish the air moving capacity of a fan. Fan capacity is measured in terms of the cubic feet, and again, this is how CFM (cubic feet per minute is determined.)

CFM and RPM are the two most important things to look for in a fan, so that you are guaranteed correct and effective operation. If you only know the RPM, and not the CFM, or vice versa, you should feel confident in your fan purchase. As long as you know one of the calculations, you are ensured of a well-working fan. However, if you are not satisfied with these calculations, this is not the only criteria one can use for evaluating fan performance.

One of the main qualifications, second to rpm and CFM measurement is noise level or decibel rating, followed by the next qualification of vibration. Look for fan noise levels rated in sones or decibels. Check these if the CFM or RPM still leave you unsettled about your fan choice.

A standard measurement of airflow indicates how many cubic feet of air passes by a stationary point in one minute. The higher the number, the more air is being forced through the system. The volumetric flow rate of a liquid or gas in cubic feet per minute equals the CFM, and one CFM equals approximately 2 liters per second.

Fan manufacturers base their measurements on a standard measurement with clean, dry air at a density of 0.075 pounds mass per cubic foot, barometric pressure at sea level of 29.92 inches of mercury, and a temperature of 70°F. These standard measurements are used to determine SCFM: Standard Cubic Feet Per Minute.

With the use of CFM and RPM, you can make a more educated choice when choosing your home ceiling, exhaust, or table fan, and know what you are getting!

A Critical Review of the Four Aces Spade Logo Bar Stool

The Four Aces Spade Logo Bar Stool is comfortable to sit at the poker table or a bar. Let us check out the features of the Four Aces Spade Logo Bar Stool.

There are various types of bar stools that are available in the market. The Four Aces Spade Logo Bar Stool stands apart from the others. A look at the stool reveals the simple but elegant design of the product. A neat ace is drawn on the stool top which makes it ideal for sitting at the bar or a poker table. If you are planning a theme bar, you can buy a range of these bar stools.

The stool will also suit very well in the mini bar in your house. Let us see some of the features that makes this bar stool stand out in its category. The tool has a chrome plated double rung base. The base gives stability to the stool and since it is double rung, you can expect the stool to go on for years. The stool has adjustable levelers which makes it very comfortable. Taking a closer look at the stool gives us the idea, why it has so many takers.

The commercial grade vinyl seat with the well measured spade logo on the seat, gives a stunning look to the stool. On seeing the stool closely, we can figure out that the materials used in the stool are of very high quality. Now, let us check out the price of the stool. The stool is priced at $150 but if you are buying from the right place you can get it for approximately $120.

The stool is 7.5 inches high and the diameter of the seat is 14.75 inches. The large diameter of the seat makes it very comfortable to seat on the stool. The height of the Four Aces Spade Logo Bar Stool is 30″. The height of the stool is so designed to give the right posture to someone sitting on it. The bar tables at most bars are at a standard elevation, so the bar stools are generally of this height.

If you are planning to decorate the bar in your house buying the stool can be a good idea. The Four Aces Spade Logo Bar Stool can also be given as a gift on many occasion. I have spoken with few users of the stool who mentioned that even after 3 years the Four Aces Spade Logo Bar Stool looks as if new. All you have to do is a little bit of maintenance. Clean the stool with a dry cloth once in a week or whenever there is dust settled on it. You can take the stool outside but it is advisable not to expose it to too much of the elements. Doing so may damage the chrome plating and you may have to redo it again.

The Four Aces Spade Logo Bar Stool gets a total score of 8 out of 10 in its category. If you are planning to buy a bar stool, the Four Aces Spade Logo Bar Stool surely deserves a consideration. I am sure that you wont be disappointed after buying the Four Aces Spade Logo Bar Stool.

Hydraulic Excavators And Its Advantages

The first hydraulic excavator was produced way back in 1951 by a great French man called Poclain and therefore they were called by his name. The latest models include Hitachi, Caterpillar, the Komatsu and the most advanced model Leibherr.

They constitute of an Arm, Engine, Swing, Cab, and the Feet. The different models of excavators which are most commonly found in the market are midi or the mini excavator, which is the most compact one, the bucket wheel model, and the loader backhoe.

The construction companies use the heavy hydraulic excavators for their projects as to dig heavy rocks, to smash concrete, to cut steel, to drill holes in very hard rocky areas, etc. This machine is also used in laying roads as they are a great help to set gravel on the roads before the actual work of paving starts. The landscaping industry also makes use of this wonderful machine to mow huge areas of landscape which would take a lot of time and expense when done manually.

However, for small areas people make use of the mini excavators as they are a great benefit for landscaping small areas for example, a patio or a garden at a home. When people want to build small ponds or swimming pools in the premises of their own home they make use of the mini versions.

The size of the mini excavators also has made its popularity increase as they do not take much space in the traffic. They are comparatively cost effective and very flexible because of their various attachments and features. The bucket attached to it helps in both digging purpose as well as for loading things. When a grappler is attached to it, it helps to collect wood. The attachment of a mallet helps to break down objects in to very fine pieces. In conclusion, there are many benefits in using hydraulic excavators and their popularity is increasing day by day.

Adjustable Blanket Lift Bar Support Review – 10 Ways to Make the Right Choice

Blanket lift bar, Bed cradle, Adjustable Blanket Support are all names for a product that keeps the bed coverings off of your feet at night. The Many people that use these products are usually trying to avoid more discomfort to their lower legs and feet and or to manage their pain in regards to an existing medical condition while they sleep.

So if you’re looking to purchase a blanket bar system then what should you be looking for. Remember that your health is very important and that to buy a product based on a staged picture on a website or even the cheapest price is not the correct way to decide if some ones blanket cradle is better than another.

When in fact there are several areas to think about. Hopefully that by the time you finish reading this review you will have a better understanding of what qualities you need to look for when it comes down to picking the right system to aid you in your health care needs.

1. Construction: The product that is right for you should be light weight, fully adjustable and yet have the strength to keep the weight of your bed coverings off your lower legs and feet.

2. Bed size fitting: A blanket bar should also have the ability to fit most standard mattress sizes. Remember that one size does not fit all. So look for a blanket bar system that will fit a twin bed on up to a full size king mattress. This is a handy feature to look for because if you take your blanket bar with you when you travel you may end up in a different size bed than the one you use at home.

3. Adjustability: The best solution would be a system that will adjust in height as well as for the width of your mattress. By having these adjustment options you will also be gaining the benefit of providing air circulation that helps to keep your skin dry. A blanket bar system that has little or no adjustment feature may not be the best chose here. Having no adjustment options is actual not a good idea at all.

4. Easy to set up: Look at features that make a one person set up as easy as possible. The best blanket bar system should not need any special tools to assemble or to make any adjustments.

5. Bed attachment: The overall best blanket bar system should not require that you clamp any unit to your bed. For whatever reason if there was ever a need to remove a blanket bar system in a hurry because of needing medical attention you will have problems if the unit was attached to your bed.

6. One cross bar vs. Two cross bar systems: To ensure that you get the best protection from the weight of bed covers look for a blanket bar lift system that has two lift bars that extend across the end of your bed. As you sleep and move around throughout the night the tension on the covers over a single bar becomes less and the sheets will eventually become undone and fall back down to rest back on your legs and feet.

When using a blanket lift system that has two top support bars that go across the end of your mattress you will get the best solution to managing your pain. Two bars keep the most amounts of covers off your legs and feet when covers become loosened while sleeping. Having a two bar system is the best way to eliminating more discomfort and irritation from fallen sheets and covers as you sleep.

7. Storage of blanket lift system: Then there is the storage of your blanket bar system. Will you leave it mounted on your bed or take it off ever morning when making up your bed? The right chose here would be a unit that has the ability to lower down into a flat position on the top of your mattress each morning. Then at bed time all you simply have to do is raise your blanket bar to the right height and set each adjustment knob and your ready to get a good night’s rest.

Think how nice it would be to have your blanket lift bar system remain stored on your bed instead of having to remove it every morning or worse yet, leaving it in the upright position and your bed being left unmade and messy looking all day for anyone to see.

8. Useasage: How you intend to use the system. This is an area that may play into your choice of product that is right for you. If your needs are only on a limited bases like needing to keep bedding off your feet after a surgery, then you may want to look at a low investment on a less expensive type blanket frame.

However if your needs are more long term then you will be wiser to look at a type of blanket support frame that is engineered to last longer with the greatest amount of air pocket space. More air pocket space is always required because the longer you are in bed, such as in long term care, the more you will move around thus requiring more free space for your legs and feet. This will lessen the likelihood of your skin coming into contact with bedding.

9. Stability: The next area you need to consider is stability. Find a system that is designed to work with most all standard types of mattress and is stable in design and construction. As you sleep at night you need a blanket bar that will stay in place and not become unattached or worse yet fall down on your legs and feet throughout the night from normal movement.

Some types of single bar blanket systems have been known to actually become removed from the foot of the mattress because of the weight of the bedding resulting in everything ending up on top of one’s legs and feet. While some designs may look like they may work in a picture there are many factors that make for a properly designed and stable blanket bar system. So don’t be fooled by cleverly staged pictures. Be sure to gather all the information you can about each product you are looking at. Remember that it your health care you may be placing at risk here so choose wisely.

10. Cost: This is an area that finally will be a deciding factor as well when looking for a blanket bar system that is right for you. We all want the best value that money can buy. That’s just human nature. Although cost does have a part in how we decide what we will or will not purchase it may not be the best way to decide which blanket bar is right for you.

So the best way to look at your purchase of a blanket bar is to compare all of the features that are offered by each unit. The quality of construction, the stability of the system, ease of set up, adjustability, storage and your own personal benefits and safety while using a blanket bar are all things that need be compared while looking for a blanket bar system.

If your health, pain management and well being are important to you then you need the best system that is designed to work. Not something that looks like it might work. So study all the facts about each system and make sure that your personal health care needs will be best meet by the blanket lift system you choose.

Just because you saved a few dollars on the purchase price was it really the best investment into your future health care needs. Remember that your health is far more important than the savings of a few dollars. Your purchase of the right Blanket Lift Bar System is an investment into your future health and well being.

Elevator Dreams – What Do They Mean?

About a week ago, a friend shared about an elevator dream she had. In the dream, she was not sure whether she was trying to get off the elevator or trying to close the elevator door so that she could go up, but a huge head of a black cobra was in the doorway, preventing her from doing anything. What do dreams with elevators in them mean?

Elevators usually move upwards or downwards, suggesting that you are either moving forward (up), or are regressing (down). My friend’s dream suggests that a deep fear within her is keeping her stuck at the moment, and that she has an opportunity to come to terms with the fear (represented by the snake) and to move forward.

My friend’s elevator dream reminded me of my own several years ago. It is also a synchronicity because it happened on the last morning of 2002, right before the New Year of 2003. (It is now almost the end of 2010.) I dreamt I was in an elevator that was spiraling upwards. I had been in a similar “stuck” situation for several months on end, and since March of that year, I had been practicing a special meditation and doing my best to follow through with my inner guidance because I wanted to get myself “unstuck.”

The following is a description of my dream, and an excerpt from a memoir of my reconnecting and awakening process:

“On the last morning of the year (2002), I dreamt that I was going up a skyscraper in an elevator. The elevator did not move in a straight line but went up and around the outside face of the building in a loose spiral that reminded me of the DNA helix. I pressed myself into a corner with my arms flat against the walls since I am seriously afraid of heights. I was with a man whom I did not recognize to be anyone in particular, though he definitely seemed familiar. We got off at the floor with the food court. The multitude of colorful food stands, which reminded me of Quinsey Market Colonnade in Boston, were abundant with assortments of fruits and vegetables, and even Polish kielbasa.

Together we walked into a brightly-lit diner where my companion tried to order a romantic Italian meal with wine and the works despite it being the wrong place for that–on the menu were dishes like gefilte fish soup. To me, it was clear what was or wasn’t on the menu, but my companion, insisting on Italian, began to argue with the waiter.

I felt awkward; I didn’t want to be there. And while my companion is fighting with the waiter, I’m thinking I really ought to get out of there–forget about the pasta–and get back on that elevator and continue spiraling upwards.

I awakened in high spirits and interpreted the dream to mean that I was on the right track, that I just needed to continue to cultivate that inner connection and not pay too much attention to all those things and events in my environment, in other words, to not get myself distracted by secondary life matters such as pasta or gefilte fish, or even men. After all, romance wasn’t even on the menu at the time.”–end of excerpt.

The “waiter” in my dream can be interpreted as God, the “menu” as divine plan, and “going up the elevator in a spiral” as ascending, as spiritual growth. Looking back, this dream was prophetic for me. The last several years I have been working diligently on my higher life purpose, and it wasn’t until later in the process that it became clear to me just how important it was to keep myself from getting distracted from my path.

Before I began my meditation (one that was particularly helpful for connecting me to my higher self) and followed through with my inner guidance, my dreams were not so vivid and clear. I noticed they became clearer and easier to interpret the more connected I became with my inner self.

I have a hunch many people will experience elevator dreams in the near future, as we are entering a time of unprecedented spiritual growth. (Activated by reconnecting and integrating with your higher self.) Having an elevator dream where you are going up in a spiral can be very confirming (and comforting), particularly during this time of difficult challenges.

Steel Vs Aluminum – Which Is Stronger?

The question of steel vs aluminum is one that has been asked for a very long time. The answer has to be only that it really depends on the project.

The question of which is stronger has come about due to a total misconception. This misconception has derived from the partial truths perpetuated that there are aluminum alloys that are as strong as steel and this simply is not the case. It is better to say rather that there are a few aluminum alloys that are stronger than some steel alloys.

6061 with T6 temper is one of the most used aluminum alloys and it is definitely stronger than some steel alloys pound for pound. The truth is that no matter what the strength of the aluminum alloy you can always find a steel alloy that will be stronger.

The fact of the matter is that other factors will determine whether you should rely on a steel or aluminum alloy. It depends mostly on the application. What you are going to use it for, is the deciding factor.

Let’s look at some other comparisons between aluminum and steel. Look at the flexibility issue. There really is not a stiffness advantage here. Strength of a metal refers to the maximum load that it can handle without buckling. Stiffness is in reference to how much it will give before it breaks.

For instance a camera on a boom needs to be stable and steady. You need the metal to be stiff not flexible. And a tower needs to have a certain give to withstand high winds. Stiffness is quantified by the Modulus of elasticity and aluminum it is 10 million-pounds per square inch, whereas in steel it is easily 3x that amount.

As far as weight is concerned because of the thickness that the aluminum will need to be to be comparable in strength to the steel, it will weigh relatively the same.

Metal fatigue is usually not a consideration for a general structure made of steel. However if you are making engines and plates from this material it then becomes of greater importance. Aluminum is subject to fatigue failure. It will reach its endurance limit long before a steel hull, plate or engine. Today these too can be compensated for in the design of the engine, vessel or structure. Unlike steel aluminum has a very low rate of corrosion and this must be considered in the final analysis.

There you have it. The steel vs. aluminum saga will rage on but at least now you are aware of the facts, that it is a matter of suitability over strength.

Family Camping Stoves – Five Features to Look For

The classic two-burner camping stove has not changed a great deal, since ColemanĀ® introduced their model 425 stove in 1948; a version of which is still available from the company today. Gone is the white gas and the sometimes finicky hand-pump, but today's crop of two-burner propane camping stoves are immediately identifiable to anyone who is familiar with the older white gas models. Here are five important features to look for, when shopping for a dual-burner camping stove:

  • Stable cooking surface. A single grate over the top of both burners provides much more flexibility for cooking with different sized pots, pans, griddles and dutch ovens, than smaller grates over each burner.
  • Plenty of distance between burners. A two-burner camping stove is not very useful if you can only fit one pot or frying pan on the stove, at a time. Look for stoves that offer plenty of space between the burners, so that you can scramble eggs and cook a pot of coffee at the same time.
  • Ease of cleaning. Like every piece of camping gear, the family camping stove is going to be used, abused and generally flogged. Smooth, wipe-down surfaces that are easy to access are best. Stainless steel is always a real plus, when it comes to the cooking grate and the drip-tray around the burners.
  • BTU's – the more, the better. The old white-gas model 425 could put out 11,000-plus BTU's on the main burner, and it could maintain that temperature at high altitudes. The newer propane stoves have a bad reputation for their performance dropping-off at altitude but, honestly, we regularly camp at 9,000 feet in the Sierras and have not experienced any problems.
  • Wind screen. An integral wind screen around the cooking surface, like the classic Coleman 425 design, is most important when trying to light the burners, whether the stove has an integral ignition system, or not. However, a wind screen also helps to contain the heat around the burners, greatly aiding the cooking process in windy weather.

The two-burner family camping stove is a rugged and reliable piece of gear that will serve your family for many years to come. The newer propane models are easy to light and provide ample heat for just about any kind of stovetop cooking.

Happy camping!

Cooking Chili in a Crock-Pot – How Chili Should Be Done!

The slow cooker, or crock-pot, is one of the most convenient ways to cook food. And cooking chili in a crock-pot is no different. Seriously, how convenient is it to just throw all the ingredients in one cooking device and let it sit for several hours, or even overnight? Plus, it makes cleanup a breeze. Besides my rice cooker, my crock-pot is one of the easiest to use appliances I own, and pretty much makes perfect food every time I use it.

When I’m planning on having people over, I can use my crock-pot to make a stew, or throw in some meat to cook overnight, and it’s preparation I can do hours in advance. Letting me enjoy my friend and not be tied to the kitchen. Many times I can just prepare what I’m going to make the night before and just let it cook overnight. That way the next day, I can prepare whatever other dishes I’m making and concentrate on getting the house or backyard ready for company.

Chili is one of those classic “All American” dishes that everybody seems to love. You can add many different kinds of meat, like chicken, sausage, ground beef or ground turkey. You can even make it vegetarian style for those health conscious folks. It’s perfect for weekend barbecues and goes great with everything. And did someone mention hot dogs? Oh yeah, great on those too!

I’ve personally never been to a chili cook off, but I understand the competition can be pretty fierce. Recipes are closely guarded secrets usually handed down from the generations. My recipe is pretty simple, but that’s just how I like things. Sometimes simpler is better!

Basic chili (cooked in crock-pot)

3 one pound cans kidney beans, drained
2 one pound cans whole tomatoes, cut up
2 lbs. ground beef
2 medium onions, coarsely chopped
1 cup celery, diced
1 clove garlic, finely minced
6 tablespoons chili powder
1 teaspoon cumin
Salt and pepper to taste


Brown the ground beef in large skillet on medium high heat. Drain and cut the tomatoes into large bite sized pieces. Gather all the ingredients in and put in the Crock-pot in the order listed. Give it a good stir. Cover and cook on low for 10 to 12 hours.

This makes a pretty large batch, so be prepared for left overs. This would be great on hot dogs or just eaten right out of the bowl. You could easily serve 6 to 8 adults with this.

Advantages of Using Aluminium Composite Panels

Unlike the usual metal sheets, the Aluminium composite panels are extremely durable as well lightweight. This enables you to use them to develop stronger structures without wasting too much time on installation. Made from a blend of aluminium and plastic, these composite panels are extremely easy to handle even when you are using the machine. Used in commercial as well as residential constructions, the Aluminium composite panels are an affordable solution to many of the new age construction problems.

Easy to fold

Folded structures are one of the most common uses of Aluminium composite panels. Using the correct equipment, these panels can be completely soared and turned at the angle that you desire. Thanks to this flexibility, these composite panels are gradually emerging as a preferred choice for people across domains. What’s more is that these panels come with a complete finish from the factory itself. This in turn ensures that you don’t have to waste time and money on painting, once you complete the installation. All you need to do is peel off the installation when the site is ready.

Easy to handle

The unique design of the aluminium container panels makes them extremely compact lightweight. Being lightweight ensures that you can conveniently handle these panels on the construction site. Additionally, the compactness makes it easy for you to store these panels on the construction site without blocking too much space.

Hassle free maintenance!

Using aluminium container panels also comes with a hassle-free maintenance routine. You can comfortably wipe off the dust and dirt on the panel on a regular basis with a clean cloth. Also, the hassle free maintenance routine ensures that your panels look like new for a relatively longer duration of time.

More colourful variants

Metal sheets can be boring due to their monotonous shades. Also, there are chances that none of these shades matches the interior decoration of your premises. On the other hand, aluminium composite panels come in various colours. Depending on the existing interiors of the premises or the tentative plan, you can choose a good colour combination that best suits your requirements.

Long lasting

When you install metal sheets, there is a constant risk of corrosion caused due to the moisture present in the external environment. However, the aluminium metal composite panels are a mix of metal and plastic, this automatically increases their ability to resist corrosion. In simple terms, the aluminium container panels come across as a more affordable and long lasting investment.

5 Ab Exercises You Can Do In Your Living Room

The best exercises for working on your abs can be done anywhere without any equipment at all. You can even get a very effective ab workout done while you're watching television right in your living room, there is no need to ever step foot in a gym. As a matter of fact, these ab exercises might even be easier in front of the television as you can pay more attention to your favorite show instead of the burn you will feel from the workout.

These 5 exercises can be done without distracting you from the television. If you're going to sit in front of the tube, might as well work on your abs and core muscles at the same time.

1. Bridge on elbows – lie flat on the floor face down in a starting push up position. Support your body on your elbows and feet. Hold this position keeping your body rigid like a board and flexing your abs tight. Beginners hold for 30 seconds working up to a minute as you become stronger.

2. Bridge on hands – lie flat on the floor face down in a starting push up position. Support your body on your hands and feet. Hold this position keeping your body rigid like a board flexing your abs tight. Beginners hold for 30 seconds working up to a minute as you become stronger.

3. Side Plank – lie in on the floor on your side. Support your body with one hand and on your feet keeping your body rigid like a plank. Do this on both sides for an equal length of time. Beginners hold for 30 seconds working up to a minute as you become stronger.

4. Lying leg raise – lie on your back with your hands underneath the your lower back. With our legs extended raise them a 3-4 inches off the ground, hold this position for a 10 count and repeat 4 times.

5. Seated leg raises – sitting on a couch or chair slide your butt to the edge and support yourself with your hands at your sides, legs straight feet on the ground. Raise them off the ground until they are parallel with the ground. Do 20 reps for 4 sets.

These are simple a very effective ab and core exercises that can be done right in your living room without even distracting you from watching your favorite tv shows. If you know how to move your body effectively there is never any reason to even leave your house to get a great workout. Now that's a pretty good deal.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips – 7 Tips For Safe & Long Term Weight Loss

Tip #1 Avoid Dieting

Stay away from short-term rapid weight loss diets. For the most part, the diet will make you cut your food so much that it wouldn’t even be able to feed a ten-year-old for a day.

Low-calorie diet plan plans to develop a chain of physiological occasions that activates you to lose muscle, water, and fat.

Muscle is your first buddy in the battle for weight control. You do not wish to lose any of it!

Muscle loss eventually triggers your metabolism to slow down, which is the first aspect low-calorie diets stop working to keep the weight off.

Tip #2 Eat A Balanced Diet

Consume a balanced diet strategy is not a “diet plan” however merely an encouraging technique of consuming.

Your meals should be consisted of…

– lean protein

– complex carbs

– veggies

– healthy fats

Consist of some parts of fresh fruit every day and clean all of it down with lots of water.

Many diet plans have you eliminate among the high products. Low carbohydrate diet strategies have you eat mainly protein and fat.

Short-term declines in carbohydrate consumption or carbohydrate cycling can be helpful for fast weight loss. Lots of diet plan strategies notify you to cut carbs to very low levels for extended periods.

Carbohydrates offer energy for your brain, workout, and all other activities.

Carbs play a considerable role in muscle maintenance. Maintaining or consisting of brand-new muscle is required for long-lasting, safe weight loss.

There are real, incredibly few healthy weight decreases diet plans. Keep away. You’ve looked out!

Tip #3 Hit The Weights

Many people think you need to do cardiovascular workout to lose fat then raise weights to “tone” it up.

What occurs is individuals wind up doing excessive aerobic exercise and barely any resistance exercises.

Extreme aerobics results in muscle loss, which causes a slower metabolism.

I’m not stating skip aerobics – it’s simply one part of what you require to do. You need to challenge your muscle through resistance or weightlifting.

Tip #4 Take Lessons

To remain injury complimentary when you exercise you need to know right posture, methods to raise weights correctly, efficiently to breathe, and the finest methods to extend securely.

Get appropriate direction through books, videos, or an exceptional Fitness Professional.

Take some lessons. Do not prevent this important healthy weight loss tip.

Tip #5 Lose Just 2 Pounds A Week

2 lbs aren’t much, but here’s the deal…

Two pounds is the recognized high quantity to lose weekly. Possibilities are you’re losing muscle together with fat if you’re losing much more than 2 lbs a week.

The exception is if-if you’re exceptionally obese. When you first start exercising and modifying your eating regimens, you’ll likely lose more than two pounds a week. You’ll lose great deals of water weight and fat at.

As you get closer to a healthy weight for your height, the pounds lost weekly requires being up to one and a half or more pounds every week.

You’ll lose 2 pounds of fat each week while maintaining or including muscle if you’re consuming well and following a balanced workout program.

Tip #6 Don’t Overdo It

You do not require to work out 2 hours a day to lose weight!

Excessive exercise can result in overtraining.

Overtraining might trigger…

– little or significant injuries

– muscle and joint pains and pains

– sensations of fatigue

– muscle loss

Exercises must remain between 30 and 60 minutes long and hardly anymore.

Do not go for it each time you exercise. Extreme workout each and every single day will trigger overtraining.

Work out 4 to 5 days for a couple of weeks to relieve your body into the brand-new activity if you’re a brand-new to the exerciser.

Think me; you can get your desired outcomes by exercising 5 or 6 days a week for 30 – 60 minutes.

Tip #7 Stay Off The Pills

Those weight loss tablet advertisements are sickening! They usually achieve success at making folks believe that a container of caffeine tablets is the reason for those bogus before and after pictures of individuals who lost weight.

Here’s the deal…

Some research studies have exposed that caffeine might increase metabolism and motivate big release. Utilizing caffeine 30 minutes before an exercise may assist you to burn off more fat. Pre-workout caffeine is most likely most beneficial for individuals who do not currently consume a bunch of coffee every day.

I mention preventing caffeine tablets. If you wish to attempt some anyway, use this list:

– know the components,

– follow all directions,

– examine your tolerance with a little dose,

– don’t take them seven days a week,

– don’t overdose!

Don’t make use of caffeine pills for more than about 3 or 4 weeks. Leave the pills alone for 2 to 4 weeks, so your body’s natural energy systems remind regular.

Finally, do your research and look for examinations before you buy any weightloss supplements.

There you have it – 7 healthy weight reduction tips that can help you minimize weight firmly and keep it off for good!