10 Customer Service Quality Statements to Measure Up Against

It might sound quick and simple, to say how well your business does in satisfying it's customers. Hearing such as: –

"We're increasing our turnover by 14 % year to date"

"Our customer complaints are now less than 4% or our transactions"

… Might sound like music to your ears, but that's just the time you need to be very careful.

A regular measurement of where you are as your organisation, not depending on some of the easy-to-fake figures, might just make the difference in how well you are doing now, and into the future.

Try these quality statements and set up a mechanism whereby you review them monthly – yes, that's right, monthly. This needs to be thorough and objective. And maybe even the scores made by a cross- section of your people in all areas of your business – then you get objectivity and a true picture of how you are scoring. It is a great activity to score each of these out of 10, make a tracker month by month and each time you review, ask yourself the question: –

"What would we need to do to move our score up by 3 points"

Do it point by point and then, after you have that 3-point question, work out a monthly action plan, so that step-by-step, you gradually improve. (Note: – If you are too near a score out of 10 to have three points to go – upgrade your statement!).

Then and only then will your improvement be sustainable and you can reset the questions over time to a higher standard. Then you truly will be The Best in class!

The Quality Statements: –

1. We use a variety of staff to monitor customer service on a regular and consistent basis

2. We know and can clearly state our customer groups

3. We listen to customers about our products and proactively seek to redress issues

4. We notice and congratulate our people and teams when they perform well

5. Senior management are fully and visibly engaged in customer activities

6. Our people enjoy the challenge of changes

7. Our organisation and our people have aligned values

8. Our customers find working with us easy and pleasurable

9. We know how our people feel about working here and always respond to make it better

10. We have teams and individuals who can respond quickly to changes circumstances, whatever they are

Keep a track of these – visually represent it somewhere very publicly for your people. Involve many of your them in monitoring, finding solutions and taking accountability for change, where needed and your business, your people and you will thrive.

One final point.

Starting is good, being able to demonstrate your success in 12 months is another thing – as is still doing this review at that time.

Tips for Using Your Fingers to Get a Woman to a Fingering Orgasm That Will Be Body Shaking For Ages

What are some simple tips to finger your woman to orgasm. A fingering orgasm is much more intense than an orgasm from intercourse. The reason for this is you can apply more pressure on the g spot of a woman. At the same time you can also stimulate the clitoris.

Fingering Orgasms Tips

The first thing a man must do is to use a long period of sensual foreplay. So spend a lot to time touching all of your lovers body. Most men focus on the lips and breasts in foreplay. This is a mistake as the whole body of a woman is erotic. Touch and kiss her toes, inner lips, fingers and face before you start on the breasts.

You will find that a slow and light massage stroke is much more sensual. Many guys rush much too fast in an erotic massage. It is also important to begin and end each massage stroke with a light touch. This feels much more pleasurable than to pull off quickly.

She needs to be TURNED ON and wet.

Once you have really turned on your lover she will be desiring some genital touch. Make sure she is wet before you go down to her genitals.

First Finger Orgasm Stroke

Just place your whole hand on her vulva with no stimulation. The heat of your hand will turn her on more. After a minute or so, a light vibration is so nice.

When you feel she is very wet, slowly let the second finger enter the vulva. Curl this finger up and you will find a rough area. This is the magic g spot area of your lover. Just hold this spot for a minute. Many woman can actually orgasm from such a light touch. Remember she was very hot from the long foreplay.

You can now stimulate the g spot with a come here motion of your finger. Keep your had relaxed as you move over her g spot.

Follow her energy. Some men can feel a woman’s orgasm in their bodies. Look into her eyes if she wishes.

Combine G Spot and Clitoris Massage

To really drive her wild, stimulate the clitoris with one finger or thumb as well as fingering her g spot area. This is totally intense for most women. An advanced technique is to have another finger in the anus. One can use latex gloves for health reasons.

Dirty Talking Guide and Vulva Massage Strokes

Adding some dirty talking will help her have a fingering orgasm. This raises the sexual energy big time. Dirty talking allows a man to get into a strong masculine energy and this leads any woman into being more lusty and wild in sex.

Lighting – The Advantages of Solar Power

In the modern world there is hardly a house, a street, a business or a transport facility that does not make use of electric lighting. Although electricity is often seen as a panacea for all environmental ills, a lot depends on how the electricity is generated. Electricity generated by fossil fuels will still create carbon dioxide pollution. This is still a big advantage over petrol and diesel powered vehicles created noxious fumes in town and city centres, but the human race still needs to work towards generating electricity from renewable sources.

Lighting is by no means the heaviest user of electricity on an individual basis. But when you consider the sheer number of street lamps in a heavily populated city, it all adds up. If the power consumed by electric lighting could somehow be generated by a renewable source, the savings in polluting emissions would be considerable. As of now, the technology for street lighting powered by renewable sources is not yet commercially viable. But we are getting there. Already, there are many different types of solar powered light available for domestic gardens.

It has even been rumoured that the British Government had been considering dimming lights on British roads, even on motorways, in an attempt to save on electricity. This has not been implemented due to the reduced vision for drivers and the increased risk of accidents. It will be far better to create a lighting system, which will create the same amount of light, from a renewable source. Wind power would be a possibility on exposed motorways, as the noise factor will be of less importance on roads that are largely a long way from homes or workplaces. Solar energy however, is noise free. So it could be implemented on any roads, if the technology can be developed to produce the panels at a cost effective price.

An interesting example of solar powered lighting on a transport facility can be found on the railway stations of North Wales. The railway line that snakes around the Welsh coast comes out of Shrewsbury and many of the stations are only small village halts serving a very small number of people. These stations are largely unmanned and a source of lighting was needed that would require little maintenance. These stations in North Wales now have lamps that are attached to solar panels. The solar panels generate electricity – even in the cold, dull, cloudy climate of North Wales – and that electricity is then stored in a battery similar to a vehicle battery.

This Welsh experiment hopefully shows the way forward for solar powered lighting to become an ever more important part of the provision of public lighting. Of course, solar panels are used on the roofs of many homes, especially in climates such as California where there is an abundance of sunshine. The one problem with solar energy for lighting is that the power is generated at the time of day the light is not needed. This means that batteries are required to store the power until the nighttime when it is needed. With the advances in fuel cell technology we are seeing emerge in this decade, this should not be a problem. The future looks bright for solar powered lighting.

Stop The Misery From Rosacea Breakouts

Rosacea is a common inflammatory skin disease that affects more than 14 million Americans. Rosacea causes redness and blemishes on facial skin which can be very distressing. Although Rosacea is a harmless skin disorder, it has a high impact on quality of life.

Causes And Risk Factors Of Rosacea

The cause of rosacea is unknown. Studies indicate a genetic component, but a rosacea gene has not been recognized.

New studies indicate that a modified innate immune response and abnormal regulation of the neuro-vascular system are involved in rosacea.

A variety of abnormal activities are observed in rosacea:

— Dilated blood and lymphatic vessels

— Increased blood flow

— Enhanced blood vessel growth (angiogenesis)

— Buildup of specialized immune and inflammatory cells

— Turning on of skin fibroblasts and enhanced tissue fibrosis

— Weakening of keratinocyte-derived proteinases (important enzymes in the desquamation process and orderly regulation of the skin’s barrier function)

— Decrease of antioxidants that made inside the body

— Augmented immune and inflammatory responses

A number of factors can intensify aforementioned abnormal activities. Some of these factors include:

— Spicy foods and beverages

— Alcohol

— Sunlight

— Stress, rage or embarrassment

— Strenuous exercise

— Hot baths, saunas

— Steroids

— Drugs that affects blood vessels, e.g., cardiovascular drugs

Rosacea Symptoms:

— Redness of the face

— Blushing or flushing easily

— Spider-like blood vessels

— Red nose

— Acne-like skin lesions that may ooze or crust

— Burning or stinging feeling in the face

— Irritated, red, watery eyes

Rosacea Treatments:

There are many treatment choices available for rosacea, but there is no established cure for rosacea. The mainstay treatment for rosacea consists oral and topical antibiotics. However continuing use of antibiotics can cause antibiotic resistance. The most validated topical therapies include metronidazole, azelaic acid, and sodium sulfacetamide-sulfur. Other topical therapies, such as calcineurin inhibitors, benzoyl peroxide, clindamycin, retinoids, topical corticosteroids, and permethrin have revealed unpredictable degrees of success.

Many rosacea sufferers find standard treatments insufficient or even exacerbating. Due to the inconsistent results of drug treatments, rosacea sufferers are increasingly interested in alternative therapies using natural products to ease inflammation and alleviate rosacea.

Stop The Suffering From Rosacea With Anti-inflammatory Herbs

Because inflammation sets off, propagates, and exacerbates rosacea symptoms, cooling inflammation can mitigate the agony from rosacea breakouts.

Based on scientific literature, the following natural ingredients have shown therapeutic effects in treating inflammatory skin conditions including rosacea.

Licorice Extract

Licorice plants have been extensively used in alternative medicine for the healing of a variety of inflammatory conditions. The key components of the licorice extract include triterpene saponins, flavonoids, and isoflavonoids.

Studies have shown that Licorice have anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties. It represses oxidative stress (i.e., reduces superoxide anion production and cyclooxygenase activity), reduces inflammation, helps mucous secretion, calms irritation, and supports adrenal gland activity.

Moreover, licorice appears to affect immunomodulatory, antiviral and antimicrobial activity. Topical preparations have been shown to significantly decrease scores of erythema, edema, itching, and improve the quality of life.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is one of the most widely analyzed antioxidants. Green tea extract contains strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anticarcinogenic polyphenols known as catechins. These polyphenols are active in initiating cellular and molecular responses in the top layers of the skin (i.e., epidermis).

Green tea extract possesses antioxidant properties by abolishing reactive oxygen species and inhibiting various enzymes that are involved in oxidative stress (i.e., nitric oxide synthetase, lipoxygenase, cyclooxygenase, and lipid peroxidase). Green tea extract exerts anti-inflammatory activity via inhibition of the infiltration of inflammatory cells and reduction of inflammatory mediators. Finally, green tea extract is anti-carcinogenic by preventing carcinogen-DNA binding and later tumorigenesis.

Besides the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which make green tea extract valuable in the treatment of rosacea, the protection it affords from UV light makes it particularly useful as rosacea is frequently set off by light exposure.

Topical applications of green tea extract have been shown to decrease UV-induced erythema and to reduce DNA damage. Green tea extract may also directly improve the signs of rosacea by reducing the number and appearance of small dilated blood vessels (telangiectasias) and minimize the disruption of the skin barrier.

Scute Extract

Scute has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to heal inflammation, allergies, infections and skin disorders.

Studies have demonstrated that Scute holds anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-viral, anti-allergic, and anti-tumor properties. It is one of the most broadly used in Chinese herbal medicine.

The bioactivity of scute is owing to the radical scavenging activities of the flavone components. More than 60 flavonoids have been isolated in the root of scute. Scute extracts produce potent anti-inflammatory activities through inhibiting a broad panel of inflammatory cytokines.

Aloe Extract

Aloe extract is well-known to have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipruritic, and wound-healing properties. Its active components include salicylic acid (anti-inflammatory via thromboxane and prostaglandin inhibition), magnesium lactate (antipruritic via histidine decarboxylase inhibition), and gel polysaccharides (anti-inflammatory via immunomodulation).

Aloe has been studied with success in the treatment of burning, itching, and scarring associated with inflammatory skin conditions. Studies also showed decreases in vessel dilation and vascular permeability, key features of rosacea.

Aloe has shown assuring outcomes in treating different skin infections such as boils, cysts, ringworm, athlete’s foot, and jock itch. Its renowned healing, moisturizing, and softening properties are widely used to calm the skin and help heal cuts, burns and insect bites.

Chamomile Extract

Chamomile contains active constituents of terpenoids and flavonoids that reduce enzymes (cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase) involved in oxidation process. These components also regulate the immune cell activation and histamine release during allergic reaction. Topical applications have been shown to be helpful in skin inflammation and skin irritation.

Reishi Mushroom Extract

Extracts from mushrooms, such as shiitake and reishi, contain some compounds (i.e., polysaccharides, triterpenes, proteins, lipids, phenols, and cerebrosides) that have noteworthy anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These compounds prevent lipid oxidation, matrix degradation, and production of inflammatory cytokines.

To learn more about inflammatory skin conditions and how to relieve inflammation with natural anti-inflammatory remedies, follow blog series “Nature’s Best Anti-inflammatory Herbs” and “Natural Cures For Chronic Inflammatory Conditions”.

Fireproof File Cabinets Are Business Savers

Do you have important documents that must remain onsite? Are you concerned about them becoming damaged in the event of a fire? Fireproof file cabinets are the answer. Make sure it is fireproof though. These are great for the home, the office, or the home office. It does not matter where or what the location is.

A good fireproof file cabinet will come with a lifetime product warranty and in some cases a free replacement warranty. Some styles include drawers that feature high sides that are good for hanging folders. You will also receive a high quality lock with each drawer in most models as well.

Some of the colors available in fireproof file cabinets include black, platinum and parchment. Some feature special electronic keypad locks or combination dial locks. If you are ordering these special features, your delivery time will likely be delayed, as they are not standard features of a typical fireproof cabinet.

For many people or small businesses, their livelihood could face a serious disruption if anything happened to their important documents. Every business and most homes will have at least one filing cabinet. Therefore, it makes sense to purchase a fireproof file cabinet to protect their most important files instead of a standard old file cabinet.

A fire in your home or business could be one of the most destructive things that could happen. It is not only the fire you need to worry about but the water from the fire hoses as well. Smoke can cause a lot of damage too. Keep in mind that any backup tapes, cds or dvd's should be stored offsite.

When searching for fireproof file cabinets, ask the retailer or dealer about the types of lock systems available.

Some of the more popular names in the business are Schwab and Sentry Group. You can find these cabinets in various sizes. Shapes are either lateral or vertical filing. You can even find them with impact resistance.

Not all fireproof file cabinets are created the same. Make sure you are getting a top quality model and not a discounted knock off. You do not cheap out on this purchase. One other aspect to look at is the warranty and service agreement. If you are having a mechanical problem with the cabinet, you want to make sure someone is onsite as soon as possible to fix the problem.

Product Review – Schwab's Latest Fireproof Cabinet

All offices have files to store data. They are mostly magnetic these days. But very important records are still stored on hard paper. Whenever there are papers, there is always the fear of fire eating them up. The best and only solution to this problem would be to keep them in a fireproof filing cabinet. Here is a review on one of the latest fire resisting cabinets.

Generally, these are very similar to the normal filing cabinets but distinct from them because they have materials stuffed into them that resist fire and its heating effects greatly. They can be compared to a big insulator like a hot pot but keeping things inside cooler than the surrounding temperature if set on fire. They have many draws and it depends on the customer's needs. Each draw or a compartment has insulation to fire on all the sides. Schwab's latest fireproof cabinets come with the following features:

• It has a 31 "deep cabinet and can be bought in two, three or four stacks models.
• Great suspension system on which the draws roll over, giving great relief for the free flow movement of these draws is a great problem in many other cabinets.
• It uses a thin fire fighting film technology called insulate that is much thinner and claims to be superior to the other films in the market.
• It is much theft and fire resistant as it claims to be made using a technology called single piece manufacturing technology.

• There are all possible varieties of locking facilities to these cabinets that the user can ask for what he / she feels is the best for the purpose.
• Most important of all, it has a UL class 350 certification with one hour tolerance period.
So, if you are looking for such a cabinet, have a look at these Schwab cabinets first and see if suits all that you need for your perfect office.

Advantages of Fiber Cement Siding

Siding is a great way to improve both the value and appearance of your home. New siding can greatly improve your home's resale value. There are many options available, but one of the best types of siding available is fiber cement.

Fiber cement is made from a composite of materials including sand, cement, and cellulose fibers. These materials are then blended with a mix of water, waxes and resins and then autoclaved. This is a process in which the mixture is subjected to highly pressurized steam that presses the material into its final form. This autoclave procedure provides increased strength and durability to the final product.

There are many advantages to cladding the exterior of your home with this protective coating. Fiber cement cladding is extremely versatile, meaning it can be formed to mimic a wide range of other materials, such as wood or vinyl. The material is much stronger than its authentic counterparts, yet costs less.

Fiber cement is naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and fungus. Wood cladding can not claim this, and therefore requires constant maintenance in order to prevent these problems. This costs time and money. Others reasons why it is favored over wood siding include termites, and initial cost.

There are also many problems with vinyl cladding. Most vinyl sidings are not very durable, and tend to bend, bow, crack, and fall off over time. One of the main reasons for these problems is the vulnerability vinyl has to humidity and temperature change. As temperatures fluctuate, the vinyl will expand and contract, creating gaps, bending, and bowing. Sometimes this is enough to actually allow it to fall off. This bending and bowing also creates gaps in which insects and moisture can penetrate, leading to further issues.

Fiber cement stands up to temperature fluctuations and humidity much better. This is due to both the materials and the actual structure of the product. It is much thicker and much more durable than its vinyl counterpart.

Vinyl and wood siding are both highly flammable. When exposed to a flame or other heat source, the cladding can catch fire or melt. This most commonly occurs when a barbeque grill is placed too close to the house, ruining the siding, as well as posing a danger to people. Fiber cement is fire and flame resistant. It is non-combustible and approved for fire-rated construction.

Fiber cement siding is available in a wide variety of colors and styles, such as horizontal, vertical, and shingle-style. It can be found with different patterns as well, such as wood grain or stucco, and is offered as a soffit material as well.

Fiber cement siding can also be easily painted, should you feel the need for a change. This can not be accomplished with vinyl, as the paint will peel and crack from sun and weather exposure in a relatively short period of time.

Suspended Ceilings – Aspects That You Need to Consider

There are many different reasons why you may be thinking about getting a suspended ceiling installed into your home, office, school or any kind of building really that already has an existing ceiling which you believe is not up to scratch. A couple of them reasons include, you may want sound and heat insulation added to a room, you may want to cover up horrible looking pipes in the existing ceiling or you may just want to make your ceiling look clean and decent. I would definitely say that going for suspended ceilings for any of these reasons and more is a very good decision.

There are so many different systems that your suspended ceilings could be of and I would have to say that the system that you go for in the end is probably going to be decided on how your building is laid out. You may be installing suspended ceilings into a small house or a massive office, either way there are different options for each.

When installing suspended ceilings you are going to need to think about a lot of things before you can complete the installation process, as there are so many different aspects that you may not of even thought about. Some of the different aspects that you need to think about include: acoustic insulation, heat insulation, materials, flowing design, fire issues and maintenance just to name a few.

If you are installing suspended ceilings into certain buildings like an office or a school for example you are going to need to check up on the health and safety regulations and make sure that the suspended ceilings system that you decide on is acceptable. There are quite a lot of different health and safety regulations to follow when looking for ceilings depending on the location and type of building. For example there are certain health and safety requirements that have to be followed if you are installing suspended ceilings into hospitals, labs and buildings where food is prepared for the food industry. Stringent hygiene and sterile standards must be followed in these types of buildings. So always check if your building falls under any health and safety regulations or if you are unsure always consult your supplier.

Another thing that you will want to think about before you start ordering suspended ceilings is how much sound you want in the room. I mean you are probably in someway or another going to want to block sounds from coming into the room and disturbing you. There are many different tile systems that offer different sorts or sound attenuation and absorption that will suit your needs in any way, just when choosing the suspended ceilings consult your manufacturer for the most appropriate sound system.

Another aspect to suspended ceilings is that you need to know how fire resistant they are and how much they can withstand. AMF ceilings strive to make their tiles fully coordinated with fire regulations and they also control the fire flow if one does break out, reducing the risk of the fire spreading much more.

These are things that you should always check with your manufacturer or supplier before you buy as purchasing suspended ceilings that do not comply with rules and regulations that are set out for you will cause headaches.

Why Interior Concrete Flooring Is a Good Choice for Allergy Sufferers

For those who live with upper respiratory complications, such as asthma or allergies, indoor air quality is a top-priority in their home. And fortunately for them, there are various options for improving and maintaining a healthy indoor air environment. Homeowners have resorted to purchasing and installing humidifiers, hospital-grade air ducts, air purifiers, filters, and more to eliminate airborne contaminants and lingering dust. But what many do not know is that there is an option for allergy-free flooring too! Interior concrete flooring is a great choice for homeowners who have upper respiratory themselves, or children who do. Continue reading to learn why!

Better Than Carpet and Tile Combined

Carpeting is among the most common commodities in a home that retain dust, pollen, mold, dander, and more, all of which irritate and complicate upper respiratory conditions like asthma and allergies. They trap these contaminants in large quantities, and are not entirely eliminated with routine vacuuming. Tile is just as bad as carpet in terms of collecting large amounts of dust, dander, and other indoor contaminants. Dust and more piles on top of tile, and even with regular mopping, it accumulates inside grout and is hard to remove without intensive scrubbing and cleaning.

Stylish and Versatile

Not only is concrete flooring a fantastic alternative to allergy-enhancing flooring like tile and carpet, it is inexpensive and extremely versatile in terms of style! Over the past decade, concrete flooring has become so popular among home and business owners; so much so that today, there are infinite colors, styles, designs, textures, and more to choose from. So you don’t have to worry that your kitchen or basement will look like a standard grey warehouse floor! Interior concrete flooring can be installed to resemble high-grade items like brick, cobblestone, marble, and more, all for a lower price.

Impenetrable, Allergy-Free Flooring

Interior decorative concrete flooring is impenetrable because it is sealed with a clear, protective coating. This makes it impossible for dust, dander, pollen, mold, bacteria, dust mites, and other contaminants to linger inside, causing irritation to allergies and respiratory problems. It is also much easier to clean and maintain, which further reduces the ability of airborne and foot-traffic contaminants to stick around.

Additional Benefits:

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Environmentally-Friendly
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Long Lifespan
  • Stain Resistant
  • Water-Resistant
  • High Thermal Mass
  • Maintains Steady Indoor Temperatures
  • Energy Efficient
  • Reduces Energy Costs
  • And More!

Choose a trusted contractor for decorative concrete planning, installation, and repair. The most important factor to concrete flooring is the installation process.

Tips on Extending the Life of an Ignition Coil

The ignition coil is an important component of a car. It converts power of a few volts from the battery into as much as 25kv which is essential to create a spark to ignite fuel. Optimal functionality of the ignition coil is affected by multiple factors. You can extend the life of the coil up to 80,000 km by following a few tips. Read this article to know more about how you can extend the life of the ignition coil.

Battery should be well charged

Make sure to charge the battery optimally. If it is below optimal level, the workload on the coil is unlikely to create sufficient spark to ignite fuel.

Check for oil leaks

Check if there is any damaged sealant. This condition may lead to the leakage of oil. Often, oil damages the insulation in wires and exposes them. This causes sparks and rules out coil ignition.

Prevent formation of moisture

Look out for any breakages where the ignition coil is located. Make sure you seal such cracks with an adhesive. This prevents moisture from entering into the system.

Avoid engine overheating

In summer, the climate is hot and you may like to sit in your car with the air-conditioner on. Running the air-conditioner puts excess workload on the engine. The engine component gets hotter and hotter. Unless the heat is facilitated to move out from the engine, it might cause excess heat. This heat may reduce the durability of the ignition coil.

Limit vibrations

Occasionally, you may get a knocking noise that is unusual. Such noise is an indication of damage of the part where it comes from. If the noise becomes frequent, it damages the housing. It might also lead to short-circuit in the coil and ultimately failure.

Maintenance of spark plugs

Over time, spark plugs wear because of workload. Get the spark plugs replaced as recommended by the manufacturer. While replacing spark plugs, see that the cylinder head threads and spark plug threads are free from moisture, dust and debris. Make sure to follow maintenance of the coil as recommended by the manufacturer.

Proper maintenance of engine parts

It is important that you take proper care of the engine parts. For this, you need to use engine oil of the right grade and appropriate fuel. You should also replace air filters, fuel injection pump, spark plugs and use right level of coolant (it should be between ‘high’ and ‘low’).

Make sure to replace the belts (in driving the pulleys) in the engine (replace them at 80,000 km), and get the vehicle serviced by expert professionals. Also, for optimal fuel economy, inflate tires to pressure recommended by the manufacturer.

9 Tips How to Read Her Sexual Language

Is she flirting? Smiling? Eye Contact? How to pick up her flirting signals. Interpreting her sexual body language has never been easier.

1: She Starts Preening: This is otherwise known as ensuring that she is looking her best. Standing up straighter, tucking in their tummies, and pushing out their breasts are spontaneous and instantaneous gestures that women are interested. This will be followed by smoothing her skirt or dress, playing with hair and jewellery, and then disappearing to the ladies room for a once over. Adjusting and checking on appearances is a great sign of body language flirting. If you catch her checking out your butt when you are on the way to the bar, or she starts fixing her hair when you turn your back, you know she is interested sexually.

2: Eyes. Her eyes say it all. A flirting woman will usually send 3 sidelong glances your way. You will get a second look to confirm they liked what they saw and a third if they are considering talking to you.

The 4 second scan. We look at uninteresting people for 3 seconds or less. A definite sign of interest is when the girl keeps throwing 4 second gazes your way.

How the flirting woman breaks your gaze. This is even more important than how she has been looking at you. If she looks to the side, or around the room, you have lost her interest. If her eyes drop to the floor before looking back up again to meet yours within 30 to 60 seconds you have a chance. Downcast eyes followed by a preening signal like playing with or tossing her hair indicate that she is liking what she is seeing.

If you are looking at her and your eyes lock, a flirting woman will often raise her upper eyelids slightly and rapidly. This is a very subtle eye opening movement that is saying, “I am looking at you.”

Zero eye communication means zero connection. Time to move on to someone else. A raised eyebrow usually indicates a question of some sort. The more you look someone in the eye, the more attractive, confident and truthful you seem.

3: Feet. Feet can be a great indicator of the flirting woman’s true feelings. Few people notice what they are doing with their feet subconsciously because they are so far away from our faces. This places them a long way up on the credibility scale.

By pointing a foot towards you, the flirting woman is saying you are welcome to join her group.

She is slightly defensive if she has one leg crossed over the other, but while one foot is still pointing at you, it is still looking okay. Once she uncrosses her legs and starts mirroring your foot position this is a better sign that she likes you.

Her foot between your feet is an obvious sexual body language gesture. Better yet, if she should bend her knee and have it touching your knee or leg while you are both standing. These both suggest strong sexual flirting messages.

4: Body Posture: The flirting woman has her shoulders pulled back and her breasts thrust forward. One hand placed on a sexily jutting hip is a flirting signal for you to join her. Placing a hand on the back of a hip can also be a gesture to place emphasis on her tiny waist. Arching her spine into the shape of a ‘C’ displaying both her breasts and bottom is body language flirting, inviting you to check her out.

A strongly sexual body language signal is when she starts to lean forward bringing her arms in closer to her body, pressing her breasts together and deepening her cleavage.

Playing with her necklace is another subconscious flirting gesture. Her fiddling with her neck jewellery invites you to look at her breasts a definite erotic signal to you that she is flirting is when she starts stroking her throat, neck or upper chest. The signal is even stronger if she combines the stroking with a neck arch. By tilting her head to show you more of her neck she is implying that she is starting to trust you. Throats and necks are “lover’s zones”, places where no one else touches us. Stroking her neck or chest also draws your eyes to her breasts.

5: Playing with her hair: Fluffing her hair, running her fingers through her hair, and the strongest sign of body language flirting, tossing her hair, are all designed to show you she is available.

6: Her Legs: While sitting, women often cross their legs to look sexy, ladylike or just to show them off. The higher she crosses her legs over her thighs, the stronger the sexual signal. If she is also smiling at you, showing eye contact and is resting one hand in her lap this is extremely strong sexual body language. Smoothing hands over her thighs is another common preening sign for women when they are in the company of someone they find sexually attractive.

By sitting with her legs swung out to one side she is making an obvious attempt to make her legs look longer and herself good for whoever is watching. The more frequently she crosses and uncrosses her legs while facing you, the better your chances. The more thigh she is exposing the more likely it is that she is hot for you.

If you are in a barefoot situation, she will start to walk on tiptoe if she thinks attractive men are around. By doing this it makes her legs look longer, her body slimmer, and overall, she looks more feminine.

7: Her Wrists and Palms: Women will flash their wrist at someone they are interested in. While she is playing with her hair or fiddling with an earring, check to see if her wrist is turned to face you with her palm facing out. While she is flashing her wrist at you she is saying, “You can approach me”.

8: Does she want to kiss you? If she is doing any of these then the answer is probably YES!

Licking her lips. When faced with something arousing everyone licks his or her lips.

Eating and drinking suggestively, sucking and licking fingers. All ways of advertising their talents.

Keeps touching her mouth. Everyone’s lips become engorged when we get turned on, making us more conscious of them and more likely to play with them.

Putting her head close to yours: This is nearly always an invitation to kiss.

Tilting her head: Getting into position on a subconscious level.

9: Does she want more? Towards the end of the encounter you can check out her intentions with this little test. Step towards her and then quickly step backwards. If she is interested, she will now step forwards to close the gap without even realizing she is doing it.

The other trick to try is to lower your voice to a whisper. If she stays right where she is and shouts at you that she can’t hear you, and then she is not going to be getting any closer.

What the Color of her Clothes Say about Her:

Red: She is happy to be the centre of attention and is not afraid of her feelings.

Black: Stylish, chic and original.

Beige: Uncertain.

White: Look at me.

Navy Blue: Business suit.

Light blue: Composed.

Hot Pink: She wants to stand out from the crowd.

Light Pink: Fragile.

The art of flirting and interpreting sexual body language has never been so easy to understand. Never misread the situation again! Apply these dating tips and go out there now!

Good Luck, Coco Swan.

Different Types of Car Shades

There many types of car shades that can be added to your car in order to minimize that amount of sunlight that the driver is exposed to. In the past accidents on the street have taken place because the car driver got temporarily blinded by sunlight and could not see anything ahead. When this happens it is not the normal human reaction to slow the car down, therefore the speed is kept high and a crash is very likely.

Shades for you car can be purchased to be stuck to the top part of the front window, this allows the driver to see a very reasonable amount of the road ahead whilst at the same time doing a good job of blocking out sunlight. Alternatively sun glasses can be used, but some people have reported that the overall view becomes too dim to be safe to drive. If you are used to sun glasses then this might not be a very bad problem for you and you can drive the car in a safe manner.

Stick on shades can be bought for as low as ten dollar from the shopping mall. These are made specifically to stick on glass windows of cars. The shape of the shade usually dictates where it can be stuck to in order to get the most usefulness out of them. If your vehicle has windows that are irregular then you might need to buy shades from a very particular kind of dealer who specializes in the variety of shapes of the shades.

The Pros and Cons of Using Sliding Closet Doors

You cannot appreciate just how practical sliding closet doors are until you install them to hide your wardrobe in your bedroom. These user-friendly doors slide on tracks, look fabulous and can certainly tidy up the appearance of your room. However, buying the cheap choice is not always a good idea because what may be acceptable for one person may not be practical for you. Although you may find some discounted, make sure that they are still of good quality.


The advantages of these systems far more than outweigh any minor disadvantages. The number one reason people choose to buy these designs is the floor space that they open up for you. As you are probably well aware, the less crammed you feel, the more comfortable you ultimately are. Since you aren’t having to open a conventional door that is held in place with hinges, you no longer have to worry about positioning your bed a little further away so you don’t hit it with the door every time you need something out of your closet.

Not only do wardrobe sliding doors save you an abundance of space, they are much more contemporary looking as well. Big brass doorknobs that you hang everything on are part of the past. Today, the look is clean, streamlined, modern and even mirrored. Not to mention, these types of closet doors allow you to access every inch of your closet. Now you don’t have that dead corner where you store certain items and then end up forgetting about them because they are out of sight. The fact that you can slide the doors on the track either way allows you to make the most of your wardrobe space.


The disadvantages associated with these doors are mild and also easy overcome. A traditional sliding door does not allow you access to your whole closet at one time. Even when the doors are open fully, one part of the space is blocked unless you slide the doors to the other side.

This is actually easily remedied one of two ways. You can create a pocket inside an adjacent wall where the doors can simply slide into and disappear or you can opt for the accordion style. These designs fold in half on the track to slide open away from each other. These are probably one of the most popular types of sliding closet doors available today but be cautious when making your purchasing decision because a lot of them can be really poor quality. You’ll find that these systems come in a variety of materials, colors and mirrored or even louvered patterns.

Types of Pavement Reflectors

Reflectors are materials that are used to reflect light. These are pavement markers that are normally rectangular or dome-shaped, depending on the make. These devices are fixed to the road or pavement surfaces to supplement other road marking such as road lines. But pavement reflectors are used primarily in the streets for the same purpose – to reflect light. However, these markers reflect light coming from the headlights of the passing vehicles. This is the reason why most of these are used for traffic control and safety.

These pavement reflectors are normally not obscured whether the area is dark or under weather conditions that may affect the visibility of the road such as rains or snowfalls. Reflecting light in the streets can guide the road users in driving, especially during the night. It makes the street and its traffic lanes more visible. But aside from that, such reflectors also have different purposes. They also serve as traffic delineators that serve as effective guides for the drivers as well as the pedestrians.

These type of reflectors can also serve as a traffic control solution. When these reflectors, combined with road reflectors, road lines and marking, are placed in dark areas or in accident prone areas, the area can be significantly safer. Reflectors are also used in zones such as the pedestrian crossing zone. Ultimately, these reflectors encourage safe driving conditions.

Different pavement reflectors are available. The different pavement reflector types are used depending on the specific purpose. The different types also have different characteristics to make it suitable for the road users' needs. Such reflectors that are yellow or amber in color are often used to mark the different lanes in the roads with two way traffic. In some areas where fire hydrants are common, blue pavement reflectors indicate the presence of a fire hydrant. Red reflectors indicate the things not to do such as entering a one way street in the wrong direction. White reflectors mark the edge of streets alongside the side streets. All these different reflectors are placed in strategic areas to make the road users be more aware of the hazards that are present in the area, particularly in the streets.

The placement of road reflectors and its suitability are often accompanied with studies and analysis. This is because road reflectors must satisfy the different factors affecting the area. These factors include weather, temperature, etc. Weather and climate factors can have an effect on the visibility of the markers and the accompanying painted road lines. Also, special types of reflector markers are used in areas where snowfalls are common occurrences. The area and its traffic properties where these road reflectors will be installed must also be considered. This can be a big factor in the installation of the reflectors.

For areas with relatively a low to medium amount of traffic and car volume, road reflectors can be placed on the roads by use of a simple adhesive, normally a butyl pad. But for areas with high traffic volume, the reflectors must use a more adhesive substance. The reflectors are thus installed by use of an epoxy. All the different factors of the area to be placed with reflectors are normally combined in the analysis for the pavement reflectors. These markers may be costly and difficult to install. An analysis with all factors considered would ensure that the placement of these markers would be the most cost-effective and at the very least, bring sufficient changes that can help the road users.

California Bridges – Top 3 Bridges to Drive Over

California bridges range from esthetic and historic feats of engineering to functional vehicular thoroughfares for millions of cars and trucks. The majority of earliest existing California bridges were built beginning in the early 1900's. One hundred years later, engineers continue to utilize proven structural designs while pushing the envelope in efforts to create safer bridges that can withstand years of wear and predicted earthquakes.

There are over 24,000 bridges in the state of California. Following are top California bridges to drive over:

1. Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco)

The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate, the opening into the San Francisco Bay from the Pacific Ocean. It connects the city of San Francisco on the northern tip of the San Francisco Peninsula to Marin County as part of US Highway 101 and California State Highway 1. The Golden Gate Bridge was the largest suspension bridge in the world when it was completed in 1937 and has become an internationally recognized symbol of San Francisco and the United States. It is currently the second longest one in the United States after the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in New York City.

2. Bixby Bridge (Big Sur)

The Bixby Bridge has come to symbolize the pristine, majestic beauty of California's Big Sur Coast, home to redwood groves, freshwater springs, creeks, and rare and extensive grasslands that support several threatened animal species. Located just over 13 miles South of Carmel, the Bixby Bridge was one of the largest single-arch concrete bridges in the world when it was completed in 1932. It is 714 feet long and has a main span of 320 feet. The bridge, registered as a Historic Landmark, recently underwent a retrofit for more stringent earthquake standards which have come into effect in the 70 years since it was constructed. This has two lanes which carries US Route 1 through the scenic park.

3. Coronado Bridge (San Diego)

The San Diego-Coronado Bridge, locally referred to as the Coronado Bridge, is a pre-stressed concrete / steel girder bridge, linking San Diego with Coronado as part of California State Highway 75. This is 11,288-feet-long. The span reaches a maximum height of 200 feet, allowing even the tallest US Navy ships to pass underneath it. The five-lane bridge features the longest box girder in the world. This was designed entirely and exclusively for motor-vehicle traffic: there are no pedestrian walkways, bike paths, or breakdown lanes. A toll of $ 1.00 is charged to cross the bridge, however, carpools of two or more people cross free.