A Fire Proof File Cabinet Can Save Your Business

Do you have files that are of extreme importance to your business? Do you have personal files at home that are very valuable but you do not want a safety deposit box at the bank? A fire proof file cabinet is the answer to your prayers! These units are found in homes and offices around the world.

A fire proof file cabinet can come in a variety of sizes, colors and styles. These devices should last for several years, so it is important to take some time when researching the various models available. Make sure you decide on a size that meets your needs. Will you need more file storing space as time goes by? You may not be able to determine how much space you will need in the future but if you ever need a larger unit, you can always buy a new one later on.

As far as shapes go, you pretty much have just vertical and lateral to choose. Determine what your space requirements are and then use a tape measure to determine what shape will fit in your allotted space.

Protecting your company’s documents is vital to the success of your business. However, do not store valuable CD’s or computer backups in your fire proof file cabinet. These items need to be stored in a secure offsite location.

The width of the fire proof file cabinet is usually determined by the size of the paper used, such as legal size or standard letter size. Many important personal documents are on legal size paper, so keep that in mind when searching for the right cabinet.

How can you tell whether you have a good fire proof file cabinet or not? One important aspect of a good cabinet is that it has full suspension drawers. This style of drawer rolls on ball bearings and the drawers are designed to pull all the way out so that everything in the drawer is accessible. A good quality cabinet will allow you to pull out one drawer at a time for better stability.

A standard metal file cabinet will not protect your important files; many people believe that it will. Unfortunately, they find out the hard way. To properly protect your files, you need a fire proof file cabinet. By installing one of these devices, you could save your business a tremendous amount of time and money in getting your business off the ground after a fire. In addition, it is very important to protect your personal files at home in case of a fire as well. Too many important documents could be lost.

Tim Foust Is The Next Great Country Music Artist

If you have not seen the show, certainly you have at least heard of the smash television hit ‘American Idol’ at some point. Well, Tim foust is definitely the next American Idol, just not in the pop genre. Tim Foust is certain to be the next great country music artist. With his good looks and incredible voice, he can make any woman’s knees wobble. If you are a fan of the likes of Trace Adkins, you are going to love Tim Foust. His voice is quite similar, with that heart stopping baritone voice so sweet, you could listen to him reading the phone book and not grow weary of it.

Tim Foust was born in Lubbock, Texas, and enjoyed singing and writing his own Country Music Song Lyrics even as a child. While in school, he studied and played extensive classical music, but even after two years of study at Lamar University, he could not shake that music bug. He made the choice to leave college and join an a cappella group out of Minnesota, who toured all over the US. During their tours, they released an album that included Tim’s first original song lyrics. Soon after, he left the a cappella group to join a band out of Boston. While he was with the Boston band, he did over 200 shows around the country each year, and was blessed to share the stage with the likes of Kenny Loggins and Gladys Knight.

Tim Foust now lives in Southern California, where he recently released his own debut album that is now available on tunes. Sure, he’s handsome and has an amazing voice, but beyond that, he is likely the only country music artist today that can play the piano with extraordinary flair and with a range of 5 octaves in his voice. Absolutely incredible! Tim’s music is extremely well written with love, emotion and a bit of witticism. In his debut album, lyrics like, “The other day, I checked my bank account, and I could swear it was the wrong amount…” and “Hey, kid, open up your eyes and try to see the outside world…” leave the heart and the mind wondering what message there is to be enjoyed inside each and every song written.

With a lifetime of musical experience, as well as life experience all over the country touring with two different bands, Tim Foust has assuredly had his fair share of ups and downs. With his innate talent and beautiful way with words, he is sure to reach out to every heart, soul and even the odd funny bone all around the world. Tim Foust is certainly one to watch, as his debut album is sure to be only the first of many in a long and illustrious career entertaining country music fans around the globe. This is a rare opportunity, so do not miss out on your chance to get Tim Foust’s first solo album. It is sure to climb in value as his popularity increases and his soft heart and enchanting voice echoes around the world.

Fireproof Floor Safe

It does not do a whole lot of good to keep people from taking your valuables if you can not protect them during a disaster. Should your house ever burn (God forbid), you want your most precious possessions to be safe and sound, and that is why you need a fireproof floor safe. Let's look at some of the best fireproof floor safes that you can find on Amazon.com.

This Sentry DS0200 fireproof floor safe is one of the most common online. It is classified for up to 1 hour of fire protection. It will protect data storage mediums such as CDs, DVDs, and memory sticks up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. This Sentry safe has a 3 number combination lock, and is very durable. In fact, it has been tested to withstand a drop up to 15 feet.

This safe has 4 live locking bolts which you can use to bolt the safe to the floor. Let me tell you something – when you get this puppy bolted down, is not nothing gonna move it if you know what I mean. Inside the floor safe is a key rack, and plenty of room to store your most important papers, folders, and legal documents. The interior is roughly 9 "high, 12" wide, and 11 "deep.

Customers that have purchased this product talk about how easy it is to install. Many of them found it convenient to put it in a closet or small room to keep it out of plain view. The safe is very solid and will prove to be very difficult to move should anyone try it – especially if it is bolted to the floor properly. Some people do say that after a while the lock becomes difficult to open. I guess how long the lock lasts depends on how often you have to open and close it, but just be sure to read all the customers reviews so you can get a good feel if this is the right floor safe for you.

And second fireproof floor safe is this DiamondBack GS5930H gun safe. This product is large enough to hold up to 30 guns, and it has "easy-out" gun racks so you do not have to wrestle to remove the guns. It has proven to be fireproof up to 1,250 degrees Fahrenheit, and it has a 1/4 "thick steel door to match its 1/8" thick steel body.

This particular fireproof gun safe is made to be durable. It comes with a Lifetime Fire and Burglary guarantee, so you know DiamondBack believes that they have made a quality product. The door seal is heat activated to protect the contents during a fire. What I like about this product the most is the adjustable shelving. It allows you customize the interior just the way you need it to store your valuables.

Now I suggest you buy your fireproof floor safe online because you will find the best prices and selection. Traditional stores just can not compete as well in this industry, and you will find excellent discounts online without looking very hard at all.

Switching From Your Old Aviation Solvents to Aero Kleen Brings Several Benefits

Whether you operate an aviation company or own your plane, ensuring that an aircraft remains in flying condition requires the removal of accumulations on aircraft’s working parts, including: grease, fuel oil, hydraulic fluids, carbon and organic resins. Traditionally, aviation companies and private pilots use toxic solvents to keep their aircraft flight ready. But with environmental awareness defining the industrial and domestic solvent industries, more aircraft owners are switching to non-toxic aircraft cleaners for numerous reasons. If you currently use a traditional solvent to maintain your airplane(s) and are considering switching to a non-toxic cleaner that performs as well or better than your current solvent, Aero Kleen is an environmentally preferred aviation solvent that is gaining in popularity among aviation companies and personal aircraft owners alike. Using Aero Kleen instead of a traditional industrial cleaner brings several advantages. Below, we list five of them.

Safe on all Metals

In the past, cleaning the whole of an airplane’s working parts required the purchase of numerous solvents to avoid the corrosion of certain parts by using a single solvent that was too abrasive. But with Aero Kleen, aircraft owners have a solvent that works on all mental airplane parts, including all engine parts. Aircraft maintenance can be expensive, and adding to that expense by purchasing a variety of solvents when using Aero Kleen would suffice is now unnecessary.

No Hazardous Ingredients as Defined by the EPA

Using industrial cleaners that have a high toxicity can result in more than pollution; it can also result in aircraft companies being put in a difficult position when the banning of certain chemicals leads to the discontinuance of a certain cleaner. The best way to avoid this situation is to switch to a non-toxic solvent that offers the same cleaning power as your current solvent before EPA regulations force you to switch. As environmental consciousness continues to define industrial legislation, more toxic chemicals will be banned. Switching to Aero Kleen today allows you to stay ahead of EPA regulations.

Not a Flammable or Combustible Liquid

One of biggest downsides to toxic aviation cleaners is their low flash point, which puts both aircraft and their technicians at risk for being involved in a fire. Although aircraft are cleaned without their engine running, one spark from faulty wiring can turn a routine cleaning operation can result in an aircraft going up in flames and the technician suffering serious burns. Aero Kleen has a TCC Flash point above 200 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a non-flammable and non-combustible liquid. Although switching from your traditional aircraft cleaners to a non-toxic cleaner can feel risky, non-toxic aircraft cleaners are supported by research that displays their efficacy, as Aero Kleen is a perfect example.

Suspended Ceiling Tiles

The only part of a suspended ceiling system that you can see is the tiles. As such, it is desirable that they are attractive in their appearance. As well as aesthetic qualities, there are other considerations you must bear in mind before selecting a suspended ceiling tile; hygiene, acoustic properties, fire resistance among others.

Obviously in a bacteria sensitive environment such as a hospital or medical laboratory, you are going to want a tile which is likely to harbour and produce the least possible number of germs and bacteria.

There are ceiling tiles which can actually break down harmful airborne substances into non-critical parts. These tiles reduce uncomfortable and health threatening emissions from construction materials, cleaning agents, cosmetics, foods and cigarettes.

As part of the manufacturing process of ceiling tiles there will inevitably be some residue or dust present on some of the tiles. Tiles designed for healthcare environments have been specifically designed not to release any of these micro-particles.

Tiles have also been developed, by an anti-microbial treatment to resist against bacteria and fungi.

Certain applications require suspended ceiling tiles to have some sort of acoustic property. Whether that be sound absorption, sound attenuation or sound reflection. Again, ranges of ceiling tiles have been created to fill this need so whether you just want to prevent your noise disturbing your neighbours or you are trying to make presentations in a large auditorium more easily heard by those at the back, there is a tile for your needs.

Fire can devastate a building and there are strict regulations which you must conform to in commercial, business and residential premises so it is important, if you have a suspended ceiling, that it conforms to these standards to avoid fines and more importantly avoid any fire risks .

Again, fire resistant ceiling tiles have been developed to adhere to these standards and minimise the fire risk with tiles having been tested and certified for up to 60 minutes fire resistance under steel beams and timber joists.

Suspended Wooden Flooring – Installation

The suspended wooden flooring is a kind of flooring that is very fashionable. It is a special kind of wooden flooring that has become extremely famous all over the world. Setting up of this kind of floor is very simple as it is suspended and not at all fixed to the sub floor. You do not require any kind of sticking material or nails to set up the suspended wooden floor. Once can simply complete its installation by conventional means. The suspended wooden floor is prepared to go over an already set up floor without extensive work. One can simply set up the suspended floor on the regular flooring but it is better to shred all the things down to sub floor prior to setting it up.

In this way you would be able to see nice looking wooden flooring and it will also save your hard earned wealth. Moreover this kind of flooring survives for longer period as compared to other wood floors. In case you have got few wood work abilities then you can easily set up the floor at your own as well. All you need to do is calculate certain places accurately in order to slash the wood perfectly. You can take the help from an instruction manual to do this job or you may hire experts to perform this task but you have to pay some extra amount of cash for that.

This kind of flooring can be set up over many different surfaces without utilizing any sticking material or nails. The suspended flooring make you feel comfortable when you walk on its surface or stand on it. A more advanced alternative of the suspended wooden floor is known as the click flooring, which is very simple to combine together and also very simple to wash as well.

Filtration, Part 2 – The Difference Between Mechanical, Biological and Chemical Filtration

Most aquarium keepers rely on a combination of three different filtration methods to keep the water quality up in their aquarium: mechanical filtration, biological filtration and chemical filtration. Mechanical filtration will remove larger debris from the water, biological filtration is performed by bacteria that convert dangerous waste products into less harmful compounds, and chemical filtration is typically performed by activated carbon that will bind toxic compounds, traces of medication etc.

Several types of filtration can take place in the same piece of equipment. When you look at the basic corner filter filled with sponge used by many novice aquarium keepers, you might consider it to be just a way of performing mechanical filtration. The truth is however that the sponge is an ideal home for beneficial bacteria that can perform biological filtration. The corner filter is typically combined with a pump that causes a water flow and constantly provides the bacteria with biological waste products that are dissolved in the water. If you place a piece of activated carbon in your corner filter, it will perform chemical filtration of the water that is pumped through. This way, you can have three different types of filtration going on in the same piece of equipment.

Mechanical filtration

Mechanical filtration will remove larger debris form the water. You can get internal mechanical filters as well as external ones. A mechanical filter is typically combined with a pump that forces water through some form of filter media, e.g. sponge, foam or floss. Before you purchase a mechanical filter you should always find out how much water it will circulate and how fine the filter media is. A general rule of thumb states that a mechanical filter should pass roughly twice the amount of water in the tank every hour, but this is not true for all types of aquariums.

The fineness of the filter media in a mechanical is very important. A very fine filter medium will catch even small debris from the water, but is on the other hand prone to clogging and must be cleaned very often. A coarse filter media is less prone to clogging, but will on the other hand allow a lot of debris to pass through. Many aquarium keepers use a combination of several filter media, where a coarse filter traps large particles before the water is forced through a finer medium.

Biological filtration

During biological filtration, harmful nitrogenous compounds produced by the animals in the aquarium will be converted into less harmful nitrogenous compounds by two different types of bacteria. The metabolism of your fish will produce ammonia that is excreted through the gills and present in the fish poop. High levels of ammonia are unhealthy for fish, and really high levels can even be lethal. There is however a certain type of bacteria that feed on ammonia. This type of bacteria will ingest ammonia and excrete nitrite. Unfortunately for your fish, nitrite is even more poisonous than ammonia. For successful biological filtration, a second type of bacteria is therefore necessary. This type of bacteria ingests nitrite and excrete nitrate. Nitrate is less poisonous than ammonia and nitrite, but you must steel keep an eye on the levels of nitrate in the aquarium and remove the nitrate by performing frequent water changes.

You can support the colonies of beneficial bacteria by providing them with suitable materials to colonize, such as sponge and floss filter media, gravel, sand, plant leaves etc. When you start up a new aquarium, you should let it go through a process known a cycling. During this process, large colonies of both types of bacteria will establish themselves in the aquarium. You can jump start the cycling process in a new aquarium by introducing bacteria from an already cycled aquarium, e.g. by taking some gravel or filter media from it. You can also purchase a solution filled with the right type of bacteria from an aquarium shop. If you use materials form an established aquarium, you always risk introducing undesirable organisms together with the beneficial bacteria.

Chemical filtration

The most commonly used material for chemical filtration is activated carbon. Activated carbon will bind a wide range of different compounds to it self and thereby remove them from circulation. It is common for aquarium keepers to use chemical filtration for shorter periods only. When you have completed the treatment of a disease or parasite in the aquarium, you can for instance use chemical filtration to remove any traces of left over medication from the water. The use of activated carbon is quite controversial, and many keepers of planted aquariums refrain from using activated carbon for any longer periods of time since they suspect that it might lead to a depletion of nutrients.

3 Easy Things You Can Do To Get Bigger, Thicker, Stronger, More Powerful Erections On Demand!

There is nothing worse during sex than trying to please a woman with an erection that is not fully hard, puny, and unimpressive looking. One of the marks of an “alpha male” during sex is a big, thick, rock hard, veiny, powerful erection. If you’re not able to get these on demand, there could be numerous reasons. Maybe you’re of advanced age. Maybe you have blood flow issues due to a variety of causes. Maybe it’s psychological and you have performance anxiety.

Whatever the reason, you probably know as well as I do that it would be ideal for you to figure out how to make your erections stronger and more powerful.

Here are 3 easy things you can do to get bigger, thicker, stronger, more powerful erections on demand.

1. Up your cardio, or even better, do interval training. This type of training will give an immediate boost in blood flow all over your body, including your nether regions. Over time, doing cardio or interval training will lower your resting heart rate, make your heart stronger (which is vital since your heart is the muscle that pumps blood into your penis during erection) and open up your blood vessels. An added benefit of cardio training is that your overall endurance and stamina will increase. If you are into intense, acrobatic sex like I am, this is a huge plus. You don’t want to have to call it quits early because you are out of breath from being out of shape! Remember, you want her to be the one to have to catch her breath when it is all said and done, not you!

2. Eat more lean meat and less refined sugars. Lean meat is great because it provides just enough cholesterol to help ensure that your testosterone is being produced in ideal amounts (vital for having a strong sex drive and good erections) but not so much that it will clog your arteries and impede blood flow. Refined sugars are just terrible. Terrible for your heart, terrible for your blood flow, and terrible for your stamina. I try to keep all my carbohydrates from complex sources such as whole grains and whole wheats. I also try to eat about one gram of protein per pound of body weight (for me, that means about 200 grams per day). This not only is good for testosterone production and blood flow, but is good for supporting strong muscle mass as well which is always a plus where the ladies are concerned.

3. Try natural penis enlargement exercises. Even if you are happy with your size, doing penis enlargement exercises like I did to go from a puny size of only 5.5 inches long and just under 5 inches around to very well hung (well above average for a grown man) does more for your penis health than just making you larger. In fact, even before I started seeing discernible size gains that I could measure with a ruler, I started noticing an improvement in erection quality. This actually happened after only two or three workouts using natural enlargement exercises, whereas my first size gains took about two weeks for me to see. Also, unless you’re already over about 8 inches long and 6 inches around, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little size to your member as well! Women’s bodies are very pliable — I doubt you’re going to get so big you’ll hurt her! I know now that I am hung and have out-of-this-world erection quality, my sex life has reached heights I never would have dreamed of before!

Get That Horse Some Factor 50 And A Sunshade Please …

Seriously though – people seem to assume horses will be fine in summer and only worry about winter, but horses overheat easily.

I was walking my dog ​​early this morning to avoid the heat and I noticed a field of lovely horses of all different varieties, shapes and sizes, all clustered under one small tree. It was already getting warmer and on closer inspection (in fact I scoured the whole field) they were doing their best to stay cool because the water supply they had was totally inadequate.

Now taking aside the care of these particular horses (which I can assure you I will be dealing with …) I wondered how many other well meaning owners were assuming their horses were OK in summer? Dogs, cats, and even horses with sparse hair and light colored hair and skin are more susceptible to sun related diseases. Sunburn is painful in animals just as in people, and it is recommended to keep your pet or horse out of the sun especially during the summer from 10 am to 4 pm. Horses can be protected in a barn; even a shade tree can really help. But the point is that they do need some protection from the sun.

There are numerous cancers that can affect the skin of animals and most are related to sun exposure. Sunscreen can be used on animals but may be difficult to use in a haired area. Also, you must be careful your pet does not lick the sunscreen as it could be hazardous. There are even sun suits available for your pet to prevent skin exposure, although the pet may get hot in these or may chew them off. So there really is no substitute for providing them with the proper environmental conditions.

The single most important way to counter the impact of hot weather is to give horses free access to clean, fresh water. Like humans, horses control their temperature through sweating. However, this can lead to dehydration if the water and minerals are not promptly replenished.

The safest solution is to install plenty of troughs and keep them full, as shallow water is sometimes hard to reach for smaller horses or ponies. Choosing self-filling troughs is the easiest, though costliest, option, as long as owners ensure the water is clean and that horses are drinking it.

A number of experts also advocate turning horses out in the evening and keeping them stabled in the day during summer, to minimise exposure to blazing sun and flies. This only works if the stables are cool and well ventilated, otherwise they can quickly become furnace-like. So enclosing them in a really airless wooden stable is not the answer; they will just as easily fry in there – unless of course its brick or concrete which are much cooler. All this calls for is a bit of common sense – if you would get hot closed in there then so will they.

The other thing I wanted to mention is that you may also be unaware that there is another potentially serious condition in horses that can easily be confused with straight forward sunburn, and that's Photosensitization.

Photosensitization is a potentially serious skin condition characterized by sunburned, crusty skin that can die and slough away. It is usually caused by a reaction to something the horse has eaten, but the skin problem does not appear until the horse is exposed to sunlight. Three factors contribute to the development of photosensitization: -Presence of a photoactivating substance in the skin; -Exposure To UV light; and -Lack of skin pigment which enables more light to penetrate the skin. Removal from the sun should provide immediate relief. Exposure to the sun causes a chemical reaction in the skin which can be painful. Affected horses can be turned out at night and housed out of direct sunlight during the day. Recovery can be a prolonged process depending on the extent of skin damage and loss.

Many horses with light skin can get sunburned. If your horse develops severe skin lesions after exposure to the sun, it's always wise to seek advice from your veterinarian to find out the cause the cause.

Humans are constantly reminded by dermatologists about exposure to the sun and the risk of skin damage and cancer. Although you may not have ever considered it before, our pets can also be susceptible to diseases related to excessive sun exposure. So next time you see an animal that is not sufficiently protected, have a care, and even at the risk of some verbal abuse, let the owner know (as diplomatically as possible) that they could do better.

Regular Steel Vs Stainless Steel

Barn door hardware is made of solid steel flat-bar. This is what gives the hardware its strength and longevity. It is available in both regular and stainless steel. Let’s discuss the significance of steel in the construction of barn door hardware.

Steel is everywhere, and we use it everyday in some way, shape, or form. Have you ever ridden in or driven a car? The frame of the vehicle was no doubt made of solid steel. Have you ever used some form of kitchen utensil such as a spoon, fork, knife, wire whisk, spatula, etc.? Then it is a sure bet you’ve used stainless steel. In this article we’ll talk about the differences in regular and stainless steel.

Regular Steel

Steels are alloys (two or more elements that combine to make metals) in which iron is mixed with carbon and other elements, and there are several types. One of the ways strength is given to steel is by adding carbon. Depending on how much carbon is added, and how it is heat treated, the resulting metal can be soft, hard, flexible, or brittle. One of the draw backs to standard steel is that since its essential element is iron, it will rust and pit on its surface. However due to its relatively high carbon content, it is very strong. Just remember, more carbon equals more strength.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel, on the other hand, resists rusting and pitting. This is why it is used in kitchens, bathrooms, and other places where sanitation is a must. Because it resists pitting and rusting, the metal’s surface doesn’t have pores or cracks in it to harbor dirt, dust, and germs.

Stainless steel is created by adding a significant amount of chromium to the alloy. The chromium reacts with the iron in steel and causes it to resist rusting. This is what gives the steel its bright and shiny appearance, although the metal itself is actually dark. The surface of stainless reflects a lot of light.

Because of the fact that it has extra elements added to it, and because of its beneficial properties, stainless is typically more expensive than regular steel.

Tips On How To Carry Out a Kitchen Remodel Project

One of the most important spaces in a house is the kitchen, and one of the best ways to add value to a home is to make sure the kitchen is not only a functional space, but also a beautiful one. Updating a kitchen can be done in many ways, but it usually involves adding attractive flooring, changing out the cabinetry and countertops, updating lighting and replacing old appliances with modern energy efficient models. If renovations must be done, its important to hire qualified professionals with references. Here are a few things that will help your kitchen remodel project go smoothly.

First and foremost, you are going to want to hire professionals. No matter where you live, kitchen projects involve a lot of electrical wiring, natural gas lines and water pipes. If you are re-doing cabinets, there can also be a lot of heavy lifting, cutting, and mounting. These are just a few concerns you may run into which is why hiring competent and reliable professionals is a good idea. Select a contractor who has similar project experience or specializes in the work you need. When searching for a construction company, ask for references and past work. Any good contractor will be happy to share their portfolio.

Second, you need to have a plan! If you aren’t an interior designer and you don’t know where to start, asking other people can help you narrow down choices and make final decisions. Asking friends, neighbors and family for their advice or opinions is a great place to start. Look through magazines or search online for inspirational kitchen remodel images. It also doesn’t hurt to hire a designer for consultation or ask your contractor what they recommend.

After you’ve created a plan and hired professional help, it is important to prepare your home and family for the remodeling process. As I’ve said before, kitchen remodeling can be complicated. Once the project is started, it can take quite a bit of time to complete, leaving you without full use of your kitchen. This can be stressful if you are used to cooking for a family every day. Preparing ahead of time will help ease the burden of being without a kitchen.

Knowing what kind of materials you are going to use is just as important as having a good design. Price can greatly range when shopping for kitchen materials, but choosing the cheapest materials won’t always save you money as they might wear out prematurely. Choosing better quality materials will ensure your kitchen remodel looks great and will last a long time. A great way to determine the best materials for the project is to ask the construction company or the contractor. Professionals often have insider knowledge with regards to materials and resources that people outside of the industry might not have. Visit stores, whether they are big box names like Home Depot or a smaller family owned businesses, they will have a wide range of samples to look at and the employees will be able to answer specific questions you may have.

If you plan your kitchen remodel project in advance, you will find that it goes much more smoothly. Having a plan, the right materials and a quality professional will help you stick to budget and achieve the look you want for your space.

How to Get Bigger Arms As an Ectomorph

If you’re an ectomorph then you probably have skinny arms. These are what show when you’re wearing a t-shirt, so it’s natural that you’d want to work toward bigger arms. That said, I recommend that you follow a full workout plan, but read on if you want to work toward bigger arms.

The arm is made up of two primary muscles – the biceps and the triceps. A lot of people think doing curls is going to make your arms huge. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It will help add mass to your arm, but it’s important to note that the tricep makes up 2/3 of your arm. It is also the easier muscle to build up. You also have the option of building up your forearm, which’ll make the entire mass look bigger – this is even more overlooked than the tricep.

That doesn’t mean you should neglect your biceps! In fact, I recommend you work both and do so consistently.

The standard bicep curl is good, but it can be modified to gain even more mass. I suggest doing incline bicep curls, where you sit in an inclined seat and do curls that way. You can also do hammer curls, which is where you hold the dumbbell perpendicular to the ground. These are fantastic because they also heavily work your forearm, so you’re hitting both at once. Preacher curls are another great part that’ll work the brachialis, which’ll make the bridge between your upper arm and forearm larger.

For your triceps I recommend close grip bench press, if you can get the form down. This is a fantastic exercise. What you do is go into the bench and grab the bar with 4-6 inches of space between your hands. Grip the bar tightly and lower it down to your chest – make sure you don’t bring it to your stomach. Then push it back up. When you lower the bar you can flare your elbows out slightly. Another good tricep workout are the tricep cable pulldowns. Cable exercises are good because there’s always tension on the muscle, which means you’re always getting a work out. I’d also recommend skull crushers.

Your forearms will naturally grow in size, but there are a few exercises that can help. The barbell reverse wrist curl is pretty good. You basically sit down and hold onto a barbell and then use your wrists to lift it up. You can find pictures by Googling the term. Another good way to build up your biceps and your forearms is to do chin ups. These are the same as pull ups except your palms face you.

If you do do these exercises then you’ll have big arms in no time.

How to Prevent Your Rug From Getting Spoiled

1) Vacuum the rug regularly:

It is very important to vacuum the rug regularly but in the direction of the pile of the carpet and not against it. Vacuuming the carpets against the pile of the carpet would only ruin and damage the carpet and will decrease the longevity of your beautiful carpet. Also, experts recommend that daily vacuuming is not mandatory. Ideally one should only vacuum two or three times a week.

2) Prevent from Moths, Beetles:

One of the major enemy’s of handmade oriental rugs is moths and beetles. The same moth’s that destroy clothes and food can hamper your favorite carpets. Moths prefer dark places and if the rug is not used and is kept in dark storage, the carpets are most likely to be infested by moths. When you are examining your carpet for moth damage, make sure to inspect the back of the rug since moths are more prone to damage the back of the carpet as opposed to the front of it.

Therefore, a carpets that is walked on and used frequently is less likely prone to rug damage. However, in case moths or beetle damages your rug, it is best to give it to a rug repair expert and get it professionally rectified.

3) Avoid direct sunlight:

Direct sunlight is also one of the nemeses for a damaged carpet. Sunlight streaming through a direct window is sure to damage your rug in some way or the other. Usually, the colors fade unevenly and wool/ cotton dry out and become brittle. With this being said, it is essential to prudent your expensive item and be careful to expose it to direct sunlight. You can eliminate this problem by keeping your curtains closed or coating your windows with Mylar that has the secondary effect off taking a couple of degrees off heat.

4) Use Rug Pads:

Although no one has ever methodically demonstrated that the use of rug pad can increase the longevity of your masterpiece, it is still recommended by a lot of carpets professionals. Rug pads primarily prevent the carpet from slipping and provide an extra cushion to the rug even though most likely your handmade rug will outlast the rug pad.

To conclude, it would be right to say that although there are a plethora of tips available other than the aforementioned pointers in order to protect your rug, it is advisable to follow these steps to avoid burning a hole in your pocket for rug repairing especially after investing a good amount of money in buying one for your beautiful home.

Wearing an Extreme Bikini

Have you already tried wearing an extreme bikini? Or perhaps, you haven’t seen any of its type. If so, you can get a little idea from a micro bikini. However, unlike micro bikinis, these show off your body a bit more provocative. Below are the differences between these two types of bikini.

You are right if you are thinking that extreme bikinis are bit smaller compared to micro bikinis. In fact, these bikinis are intended to be worn daringly. Unlike micro bikini that doesn’t at least prevent you from walking in beaches openly, an extreme bikini will make you feel awkward.

But of course, you are not prohibited to purchase such bikini. However, you may want to consider additional details about it first. Yes, there are also different types of extreme bikinis.

The bottom of extreme bikinis is ready to be had on large variety of styles as well. The arouser type is one the popular of its designs. You can purchase this bikini with a unique heart gold pendant that is intended to cover up your main front.

You may also opt to choose a c-string style. But you must be bold enough to wear this thing because it allows some flesh to be peeked on. This is designed with three small strips and leave tiny gaps between strips. If you are not comfortable with it, then a dare bottom might be you next option because the black lace of this covers more.

Extreme bikinis are also best fitted with different styles of tops. But of course, these are also extremely daring to wear because they normally expose large parts of your body. These are usually perfect as swim wears in private occasions.

If you will be having a trip to nude beaches, then you can use this as well. The reason why these bikinis are not appropriate for public places is because they only have string on top. So they practically put your top on show.

However, if are looking forward for a more daring suits than a micro bikini, then you’ve gotten the extreme bikinis. This bikini will definitely leave no heads unturned.

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