8 Simple Steps to Becoming an AdWords Millionaire!

In this article, I’m going to tell you exactly what I did, in my first week, in my very first tiny, Google AdWords Ad campaign to make $1,000 in six days.

Most of you are like me. You heard about people making huge sums of money on Google AdWords. Or, you heard about someone building a large website, marketing it, and raking in tens of thousands of dollars in passive income.

Before we get into this, let me assure you that I am just an ordinary person, who believes that if some other Bozo can do this, I can do this. And, to let you know that I’m sincere, you can email me and request my phone number. I’ll talk to you personally and tell you what I did. Once I found the training and tools, the Internet became my oyster!

It’s the dream we all have – the dream of being able to live your life on your own terms. Who doesn’t want to travel, spend more time with the family, and buy whatever they want and need without worrying about it.

I read and purchased nearly everything I could for three full years. During that time I didn’t make a nickel from any kind of online business.

Then I found an Online Money Makers Club. It changed my life!

So, here’s what it taught me right out of the gate. I watched my first video – one of hundreds of video tutorials (all on one site, by the way) and the money started to pour in every day. I would watch my Clickbank account page. My sales were $200 to $300 per day.

Here it is:

Step #1

Open accounts in Google AdWords, Clickbank, an autoresponder, a website builder that also has domains for sale.

Be sure to force yourself to get organized right away. There is nothing worse than not being able to find those user names and passwords when you need them. I have a Rolodex-type system for numbers, passwords, etc. I know some people do an online Rolodex, which is probably even more efficient.

I also begin a filing system for each campaign right away. I just go into My Computer and develop a folder named for the campaign product. Everything I generate gets saved as files that go into that folder. Be obsessive about your record keeping. It will save you so much time later.

Step #2

Go to Clickbank and choose a product. I choose products that are more obscure, but have high “gravity” – an overall indication of how good a product does in affiliate marketing. Products like making money online, or losing weight have too much competition. These products are overworked. Go for things like cures for diseases, or acne solutions, or eBooks about pets. Those kinds of people are also desperate for answers, but affiliates have not flooded those markets.

Because you already have a Clickbank account, you can create a “hoplink” that will allow you to promote your product and get paid. The hoplink has your ID embedded in it. Don’t forget to save your hoplink in a file and put it in the folder. Label it carefully so you know exactly what it is when you’re going back to look for it.

Research your product. Sometimes there is an affiliate page where you can download and save pictures and text for your use.

Step #3

Go back to your website builder and get a domain name. For AdWords ads, I use long, hyphenated names because no one is going to need to remember the URL and reuse it. They are only going to click on your AdWords ad. The nice thing about longer domain names is that they use all of your AdWords “allowed spaces” which makes your ad more visible. As an aside, don’t choose long domain names for your larger information website.

Build a one-page website using the pictures and text you downloaded from the affiliate product you chose. In the text dialogue on the page, place links using your Hoplink code that you saved earlier. This is easier than you think. Say you are writing a paragraph about the product, just highlight relevant words (like Acne products). While they are highlighted, go up to the toolbar and you will see a symbol for linking. It often looks like an actual chain of two links. Click that symbol and you will see a box where you can paste in your Clickbank hoplink. Don’t forget to save your work. Find the “save” button probably on the top toolbar.

Step #4

Go to your auto responder and develop what’s called a “list”. The list is really just an autoresponder campaign name so that you can do your opt-in pages and follow up letters. Follow the instructions and create an opt-in form, and at least two follow up letters.

Find a free product that you can give away to anyone who responds by opting in on your website.

Copy and paste your opt-in form link, given to you after you create the form, and place it somewhere on your one page website. I put mine at the bottom. But at the top of my website page (homepage) I say “scroll down to the bottom to sign up for a free eBook”… something like that. The Club that I belong to has many products for your use to promote for free. You can attach your free product to your second follow-up letter that you created on your autoresponder.

After you have placed your opt-in form on the site, go ahead and launch the site. You should see a place on the upper menu to launch your website.

At this point you are probably thinking this is all too complicated. if you have questions or get confused, there’s an email link on the website.

However, if you’ve gotten this far, you have a website ready to promote your product.

Step #5

In the browser window of Google, type in Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Click on the Keyword tool. When it comes up, type in your main phrase for generating keywords. So, let’s say you are promoting an eBook about curing acne. Put the words “acne cure” in the box (it’s obvious when you see it) and click search. A list of relevant keywords and phrases will com up. Choose words and phrases you want to use by clicking on “add” next to the phrase or word. That will add your keywords to a list. You will see some blue boxes after the keywords. Those boxes indicate the level of competition. Try to “add” keywords that have no blue in them, or that are very low.

You will want to start with 50-100 keywords. Scroll down to the bottom of your list of saved keywords and save your list either just as a document or the preferred Spreadsheet.

Actually, I like to make both. Save both documents. Remember to label them and put them as files into your campaign folder.

Step #6

Go to your AdWords account. Create a campaign and name it the same way you named your folder. You will have several “ad groups” within a single campaign. Each group will represent a list of keywords that are very similar. So, one group might be “Acne answers”. Another group might be named “cures for skin problems”. You are going to highlight words from your keywords group in your ad(s). I like to have about four groups within my campaign. I also like to test two ads at a time within each group.

Now initiate an “ad group” within your first campaign. Create two ads using similar keywords. Your ads will be on hold until they are approved. Make sure that your campaign and ad group are both set at “enable” if you are ready to begin.

Step #7

You will be asked your CPC bid limit and your daily budget. You can learn all about keyword bidding and budgeting in the Help section of AdWords.

Step #8

Go back to the Google AdWords Keyword tool. Erase your first list of chosen keywords. That’s OK because, remember you saved the first list. Put a different keyword (or phrase) into the search box. You might put in “teenage skin problems” and then search. Follow the same steps outlined above. Save those keywords. Go back to Google AdWords and create another “ad group” within your first campaign.

Give yourself about two weeks to learn and watch your first campaign. After that, you can begin another campaign using an entirely different product from Clickbank.

The best autoresponder is Aweber in my opinion. There are many website building sites. I’ve used Hostgator, 1and1, and Godaddy.

So, that’s my story. It’s really just an explanation about how I learned to put together my first AdWords campaign. I’m happy to say, it has been Internet bliss since I found The Club!

Ballet Moves – This is the Best Way to Do it With Easy, Successful Tips and Tricks

Ballet is a very beautiful dance that enables you to express yourself through movement and emotion and also by using some imagery. The first requirement for learning ballet moves is learning the ballet positions. There are several ballet positions and each position is required to start learning complete ballet moves. You should also learn preliminary exercises and keep practicing them so that you do not injure yourself while learning the complete dancing moves.

There are five basic positions in ballet that you have to learn before you can precede the more advanced ballet moves. Once you learn these positions, you can go ahead and try out some of these ballet moves.

The first move is called Tandu. In this move, you point your foot and extend it along the floor to the front, to the side and to the back. The next move is a slight variation of this and is called Bant Mon Tandu. In this move, everything is the same as Tandu, but you lift your leg off the ground. In Bat Mon Glisste, which is just another variation of Tandu you lift your leg as high as you can from the ground while maintaining posture and lower it down again before you kick.

In Rane de Jome, brush your foot forward and move in a circular motion around half of your body and then you should switch feet. In Sotais, you jump in the first position while in Supersos; you jump into a tight fifth position starting from the first or the second position. Some other basic moves are also jumps in the second position, and jumps in the third and fifth positions. There is also the rise in the second, third and the fifth position.

These are some of the basic moves. You might have probably noticed the importance of learning the positions before you start learning the complete dance moves. Ballet is a beautiful dance, but at the same time, its demand on the body is rigorous and therefore you must practice regularly.

What If ISO 9001 is No Longer Providing Value?

This is a loaded question when you consider that I am in the business of selling ISO 9001 consulting services. So why would I even broach this topic and shoot myself in the foot? My main objective is to inform you of ISO 9001 in plain English and in an unbiased manner. That’s the whole point of this blog (soon to be a website…assuming the web developers ever get around to finishing the job…but that’s another story). If I am fortunate enough to earn someone’s business as a result of what I am conveying on this site, wonderful. Obviously I want to make a living based on my expertise and interpretation of ISO 9001. Let’s analyze this loaded question in more detail.

The topic came to my attention today in speaking to someone who works for a very large, global pharmaceutical company. Essentially, this company no longer saw value in maintaining ISO 9001 certification so they dropped it. The company operates in a very heavily regulated industry. They have audits for regulation A one day, audits for regulation B the next and audits for regulation C the next day after that. Senior management felt ISO 9001 audits were getting in the way and actually became counter-productive. They felt confident in maintaining compliance to other industry regulations and I can understand why. [NOTE: I can tell you that ISO 9001 clearly served a purpose for several years and greatly benefitted the company. Unless an organization has poorly implemented ISO 9001, I can guarantee you they will always come out ahead. And remember, if you have a poorly implemented ISO 9001 quality management system, you are not going to pass your annual audit by the 3rd party registrar].

When I think further on this conversation, I have to wonder if senior management might have mismanaged ISO 9001. Did their ISO consultant drop the ball and/or was the Management Representative asleep at the wheel? What of the fact that this company operated in a highly regulated environment? Who is to say that regulation A, B or C aren’t outdated, unnecessary, redundant, poorly designed and ISO 9001 took the bullet?

I also wonder about who is measuring and defining “value”? In the opinion of this company, was the value derived from ISO 9001 a quantitative measure or a gut feel? Personally, I believe it is a best practice and the obligation of any company to quantitatively measure their key performance indicators using balanced scorecards in order to illustrate if the company improved from implementing ISO 9001. But the reality is a brain freeze or lack of understanding or misunderstanding on behalf of senior management is enough to kill ISO 9001 sponsorship and certification (as well as any other voluntary initiative for that matter).

It is important to remember that ISO 9001:2008 registration is optional and you need to pay for the annual audits conducted by the 3rd party registrar. However, there is no cost for being compliant to ISO 9001. That is, you can act or operate your business in a manner that is demonstrative of what ISO 9001:2008 preaches but whether or not you choose to pass the litmus test and get audited so that you can get the certificate and proverbial stamp of approval is up to you. I would not force any of my clients to become ISO 9001:2008 registered. The choice is theirs.

5 Ways to Survive the Holidays

The Festive Season is once again upon us. Often a tense, trying, time full of conflict and upset, the holidays are the number one time when everything and everyone can get on your last nerve.

Perhaps you have a large family who get together for the holidays and continually bicker and argue about nothing; or perhaps you’re a couple trapped in an argumentative loop where you have the one argument over and over and which never gets resolved.

Keep your sense of humour and you can get through anything this Christmas.

On the other hand, if you have a well-behaved family, who rarely argue, and always treat each other with respect, I take my hat off to you.

Congratulations, your family are one of a rare kind. Keep up the great work, champ.

Chances are your family are much like everyone else’s around holiday time, and fall into a routine of bickering, rehashing painful memories from your childhood, or competitive talk about how your children and doing better at school than your cousins’ children. Whatever your situation, here are 5 tips for making it to New Year’s with your sanity intact.

1 Take a mini-vacay instead of spending the holidays with your family and avoid the whole mess. Somewhere that you can switch off your mind and bask in the glorious sunshine. With or without your partner, naturally.

Coming home with a tan will change the topic of conversation around the dinner table come New Year’s.

Part of the cause of so many upsets over the Holidays is due to stress and unresolved past issues. It seems the perfect time to air your grievances around a plate of turkey collared greens and candied yams, but its the worst time to do so.

Families in particular can find that the culmination erupts to breaking point around the time the meal is being served. Even if you’re a close-knit family, one ill-timed comment can disrupt the usually calm status quo. Be quick to apologise if you are the one who causes any upsets. Further, be quick to forgive if you receive an apology, and then move on.

2 Unplug the phone and stay home to binge-watch television instead of venturing out. Line up your viewing choices now to get a head start. As soon as you finish work the day before Christmas Eve, get into your P.J.’s and don’t come out of hiding until at least December 28. The conflict coast will be clear by then, and all thoughts of turkey, tantrums and mistletoe will be a long distant memory.

3 Grin and bear it. Show up at the house on time, with the obligatory gifts. Eat whatever’s put on the plate in front of you without complaining that its cold or greasy or there’s not enough of it.

Be polite, and remember to be extra courteous. When the entourage moves to the couch make an excuse and leave, pronto, to avoid any conflict.

4 Telephone your family very early on Christmas morning with a fake bout of flu, and explain that you’re going to take some Night Nurse and try to sleep it off. This will ensure you don’t end up with everyone dropping in on you will plates of cold leftovers ‘just to see how you’re feeling.’

Plus, stay off Social Media so you won’t be tempted to post updates that show you’re really at the Mall looking fierce in your half-off-must-buy-now-hundred-dollar- shoes.

5 Book a hotel for a last-minute weekend spa treatment. The mani-pedi you’ve been dreaming about, or the warm oil massage is now your new drama-free reality.

Above all, have a wonderful time whether you choose to spend it alone, or with your family.

Silicone Spatula Verses Rubber Spatula

Silicone spatulas have been available in the home market for a short time. They have been available commercially before, but since 2004, silicone spatulas have invaded the home kitchen, in place of the traditional rubber or plastic spatula. The traditional rubber spatula replaced the metal and wooden spatulas some years earlier.

Silicone has a number of advantages over most rubbers, in that it is more heat resistant, and inert, so that it does not stain or retain odors easily. Spatulas are used for mixing ingredients, both wet and dry as well as scraping bowls when emptying them. The flexibility of a silicone spatula allows it to take the shape of a bowl when scraping, like a rubber spatula. Rubber spatulas have been preferred to the metal and wooden ones for this task. Silicone works really well in this application. The heat resistant property of silicone spatula allows it to be used without fear of melting or degrading with any normal kitchen temperature. Food can be mixed directly in pans on the stove or in frying pans. Accidental exposure to heat does not damage the silicone utensils.

Silicone spatulas are not available in as many sizes s the rubber or plastic spatulas are yet – but numbers are increasing. The efficient cook probably does not need a many sizes to cook with.

Silicone spatulas will not damage non-stick surfaces of pot and pans as metal spatulas will. They are soft and will also not deposit any remnants of the tool as rubber will when it is very hot. All in all, silicone will not melt, change shape or fray at normal food preparation temperatures. Silicone will not rust or discolor.

The weakest part of a silicone spatula is probably the handle. Handles are made from many different products, but usually, they are not as heat resistant as the working part.

Silicone spatulas can be washed gently in warm water with a soft cloth or put in the dishwasher for cleaning. Take care not to pierce the spatula either in the cleaning process or in storage.

Silicone kitchen tools, utensils and products are available form most leading kitchen supply outlets as well as online. Be aware that when buying silicone spatulas, that they are made from a quality silicone and read the manufacturers instructions. If they are not suitable for all home cooking temperatures, look for another one.

How to Cook a Roast in a Hurry

It can happen to anyone. You arrive home late and you have a roast to cook. Dinner time is in half an hour, and most roasts take an hour and a half to two hours to cook. Here’s what to do. This method works best with a piece of meat that has no bone in it or with a chicken.

The first thing to do is to put the oven on to a fairly high setting, hotter than you would normally use for a roast.

With a sharp knife slice the meat into portions of around three quarters of an inch thick. If it is a chicken you are roasting then cut it into quarters with kitchen scissors. If it is a piece of boneless pork, and you can remove the skin easily, then do so and cook it separately. Put all the meat slices into your roasting pan and place in the oven on the top level. Leave to cook for 20 to 25 minutes.

Now its time to turn your attention to the vegetables. Put some water on to boil in a saucepan. Wash and peel your potatoes. It you wish, you can leave the skin on. Its more nutritious and also quicker. Cut them into cubes approximately 1 inch. Cook in the boiling water for about 5 minutes. The potato cubes should be quite firm. If you over cook them its not a disaster, just turn them into mashed potato.

Drain the potato cubes and put them in a bowl. Drizzle a little good quality vegetable oil over them and toss around. Place on an oiled or non stick tray and put it in the oven on the top shelf, moving the roast meat pieces down a level after turning the meat slices over. The potatoes will take about 15 minutes to crisp, brown and cook through and should be ready when the meat is done.

At this stage you could add an optional gourmet touch – a herb crust on your meat. Mix a cup of breadcrumbs with dried herbs of your choice, a little grated cheese and water or milk to moisten. Spread thinly over the meat pieces. This could be prepared while the potatoes are boiling. The herb crust will need about 10 to 15 minutes to crisp and brown.

Now you need to prepare the green vegetables. Microwave, steam or boil the vegetables of your choice. This only takes a couple of minutes.

The last step is to prepare the gravy. A packet mix gravy is fine to use in this situation and is the quickest option.

Plate up and enjoy the meal. It should only take around half an hour to have a tasty roast meal ready to serve. Prepare to receive compliments.

Anatomy of a Well Built Storage Shed

So you have decided to purchase a storage shed and finally use the garage to park cars? Choosing a storage shed can get quite confusing. The market seems to have been flooded with barn builders and retail outlets that claim to have the best quality and price around. So who do you believe? We will attempt to give you some tips to look for in your search.

Construction of storage buildings vary from place to place. Any building can be made pretty with a good paint job and cheap options. The actual test of a well made storage building is in the construction and quality of materials used. Here are a few hints to be looking for when you are out shopping.

Floor systems: Since most storage sheds are designed to be in direct contact with the ground, be sure all floor construction is made of treated materials. Do not accept that the runners are treated only, all floor joists and floor decking should also be treated materials. Building codes in most areas require that any wood within 24″ of the ground be treated. Many companies build their sheds without treated joists and decking. Regular plywood or even OSB floors are unacceptable.

Framing: Ask what floor joists are centered on. Any spacing of floor joist over 16″ on center is a problem. Make sure all walls are framed with full 2×4 studs. I have seen barns framed with 2x3s and while it may look fine on the showroom floor ,it will be a problem some day. Does your barn have a ridge beam? A ridge beam is a structural member at the peak of the building that the rafters frame off of. Most big box store and roadside lots offer buildings with a metal truss plate attached to both sides of the rafter, without a structural ridge beam. Also pay attention to the spacing of the rafters. Framing on 2ft centers is acceptable as long as ply clips are installed. This is a code requirement in most areas. Ply clips are small metal inserts that are to be installed at the butt joints of roof decking, between each rafter, They are used to prevent the sagging of the decking between rafters.

Roofing: Make sure your barn has felt over the top of the roof sheeting. Many barns are sold without this protective underlayment. In many cases it is sold as an option or an up charge.

Drip edge is another essential item many storage shed companies offer as an option. We consider this to be a very important feature. .Drip edge is a small metal strip that fits over the edge of the roof decking ,and is made to prevent water from running under the shingles.

Ventilation: Almost all storage sheds come standard with metal gable vents, and they should! But many do not include a ridge vent. The purpose of vents is to allow air flow through the roof system and prevent premature shingle deterioration. Most storage sheds are not built with much if any overhang ,which in your home allows air flow through the attic space. A ridge vent becomes the only way, working with gable vents, to create this positive air flow through a storage sheds roof system.

Siding: The most common siding is wood sheet siding. This is fine ,and offers you the option of painting to your liking. In my opinion the best storage shed siding is Louisiana Pacific’s Smart panel siding. It is a structural rated composite sheet siding that has a 30 yr. manufacturers warranty. Plywood backed sidings are another option ,but this lacks the long term durability of the Smart panel siding. In my area we have seen an influx of the pressure treated T11 siding, and while the thinking is pressure treated siding should last longer ,the product carries virtually no warranties. My experience with the treated T11 is that within 2 years it will turn a very ugly gray color and require painting. This will be difficult to paint. Another reason to avoid these plywood backed sidings is that since storage sheds are built relatively close to the ground, they tend to wick moisture around the bottom edges and prematurely rot.

Doors: The first thing to give you problems on a sheds are the doors. Look for double framed doors. Doors framed inside and outside are much less likely to warp. Also look hard at the hinges. Often times the life of the doors is related to the strength of the hinges.

Storage buildings are very useful and practical solutions and serve a variety of needs, but are also an investment in your home and landscape. Don’t accept low quality products. If you look around and do a little comparison shopping, you will find a quality building. Built with quality materials, and properly maintained, your building will last a lifetime.

Why is Financial Planning Important?

Personal financial planning is important because it provides you with a method of organising your financial tomorrows for yourself and is unreservedly about planning for the unforeseen and empowering you to have the independence to handle unpredicted events in your life. Successful personal financial planning is therefore, extremely important for anyone who wishes to stay ahead of their finances.

Doubtless personal finance is a demanding subject to grasp and comprehend fully and for that reason an individual as a matter of course is inclined to shy away from it, building defenses in an effort to avoid having to comprehend it’s effectiveness. However, with everything in life effort will equal reward in your courageous attempt to rid yourself of financial constraints. For many persons, your objectives in finance are to achieve financial freedoms. Having a well developed financial plan is central to prosperous personal financial future.

The next action of personal finance planning is to determine where you are today such as how much money you have stored up, the value of your investments and what types of investment vehicles they are. This plan will give you a blueprint directing you towards achieving your goals, what products you should be investing in, for what time period you should invest for, whilst considering your constraints such as your attitude towards risk. Blueprints such as these will provide you with some great quick start methods on how you can begin to better manage your finances beginning today.

It is a reality that one of the largest factors of personal debt is the overuse, abuse and ill-treatment of the credit card. Nevertheless, if you come upon such a position, do not despair, considering with a personal finance schedule you can substantially curtail your liability in 3 simple steps. Firstly you can refinance your credit cards by combining your commitments, or you can even renegotiate your interest rates with your existing credit card institution. In getting ready for a further economical constriction, it is crucial that you take a number of personal financial planning steps. There are the bills you must settle each month, and accordingly, is part of your compulsory personal finance planning routine. Keep in mind that you should endeavor to buy everything ‘on sale’ for intelligent planning. Smart personal finance planning means restricting how frequently you consume food in a restaurant, or pay out money on recreation. For that reason, by acquiring conventional approaches with your personal finance planning now, you can even so set aside crisis funds that will assist your family if times are demanding.

Once you have an precise picture of where you are today, your personal finance planning project can proceed to the next level namely deciding where you wish to be, and how to arrive there. The difficulty is that most individuals compare personal finance budgeting with sacrifices. Target your personal finance planning exploits at liberating yourself to retrain for further satisfying and more financially profitable jobs, and you will turn out to be one of the world’s most productive savers in no time. Debt management strategy tip – observe your interest rates when economical uncertainty is on the skyline given interest rates are the first to respond to making debt control crucial.

In summary therefore, and to address the issue around why is financial planning important, if professions are becoming more unstable, then personal finance planning is becoming more significant than ever, and the earlier you start to get your finances in order, the better.

Using TU And VOUS in Quebec French

French verbs are conjugated with two subject pronouns TU and VOUS where English uses only one, YOU. Simply put, TU is singular and used for casual and informal situations. On the other hand, VOUS is used for more formal singular and for all plurals.

The real problem stems from the fact that TU and VOUS can both refer to singular subjects. When do you use one or the other? This is a constant source of problems for English-speakers learning French. Most grammar books cover the distinction quite well. To make matters even more complicated, however, there are regional differences in the usage of these pronouns.

If you are in contact with a lot of spoken Quebec French, you may have noticed that TU is more widespread when compared to European French or the French taught in schools. Linguists say that in Quebec the “tutoiement” is more common than the “vouvoiement”. There is more to this than meets the eye, however.

First of all, this high usage of the TU form probably reflects less rigid attitudes towards social distinctions. People in Quebec tend to quickly switch to TU after an initial phase of VOUS, especially if the speakers are of the same age group. My advice here is to always let the other person take the initiative of switching from VOUS to TU.

Since TU is by far the most common spoken form, many people, particularly teenagers and young adults, are not always accustomed to using the VOUS form and will spontaneously use the TU with everybody. This is often seen in stores with young staff. They might start off with VOUS and quickly switch to TU because the VOUS isn’t as natural. Stores may even have to remind the employees to use VOUS with all customers.

If you feel that the usage of TU is inappropriate-typically from a young salesperson-just stand your ground and keep on using VOUS. The other person should quickly take a hint.

While listening to a lot of informal spoken Quebec French, you will notice a very common TU that has nothing to do with pronouns. This can be very confusing because it sounds exactly like the pronoun. In reality this is simply a tag added to the verb to indicate a question. Here are some examples:

Il vient-tu avec nous? (Is he coming with us?)

Je peux-tu poser une question? (Can I ask a question?)

Je le sais-tu? (How would I know?)

La rue Ste-Catherine, c’est-tu loin? (Is St. Catherine Street far?)

Vous avez-tu fini de faire du bruit? (Have you finished making noise?)

Tu dors-tu? (Are you sleeping?)

On y va-tu? (Shall we get going?)

This form is also used in Quebec slang to add emphasis to the verb, as in:

Ils l’ont-tu l’affaire! (They know how to do it!)

C’est-tu stupide, cet accident! (Isn’t that accident stupid!)

Another interesting usage of TU in Quebec French, and to a lesser extent in France, is to express an abstract or generic subject. Here are some examples.

Les prix augmentent si vite que tu ne peux plus rien acheter. (Prices are going up so quickly that you can’t buy anything anymore.)

Avec la technologie actuelle, tu peux pratiquement tout faire. (With today’s technology, you can do just about anything.)

In these examples, the speaker is not really referring to the opposite person. He or she is actually talking in an abstract sense.

Just a word of caution when using these informal Quebec French usages. They are viewed as non-standard in many circles although they are very popular. Make sure you feel comfortable in the social setting before using forms that may be considered slang. When in doubt, stick with VOUS.

Democracy’s Fall, the Day of Deja Vu

HARDLY does the issue need to be named, yet many in the church today are falling for something that was only eradicated seventy years ago – the rise of a fascist threat on the global stage that promises clandestinely (at this stage) to take no prisoners; the church in its wake, ensconced.

It is appalling that people within its structure cannot see segments of the church go so easily to a potentially despotic regime. Yet, none of us should be surprised. It’s happened before, and it will happen again. These cycles shouldn’t astonish us, for they’re clearly visible in God’s Word, and these events litter humanity’s short history. Not being astonished, however, such a history-repeating-itself should be abhorred.

A day is coming – a day humanity should all fear – and it’s not the Day of the LORD.

The Disgustingly Redolent Day the Church Fell, Almost as One, to a Dictator

Hear this echo in the words of church historian, Justo L. González:

“Hitler felt that Christianity, with its teachings of universal love and turning the other cheek, was antagonistic to his ultimate goals of conquest and domination – but he sought to use the church to support those goals.”

Can anyone alive today possibly recall what that era was like? Only those who lived through it. Experience is the greatest teacher. Despite the history lessons, we’re destined the temptation to disbelieve what we never experienced. (How many people believe the Holocaust is a myth? Six million Jews murdered – systematic genocide – and some people still prefer a conspiracy theory.)

I see church leaders, lobbyists and Christians, some from unlikely sources, falling. You can stink the ignorance from years out. The key test is a political one: if a President sanctions one or two policies that church leaders, lobbyists and Christians believe so ardently in, those church leaders, lobbyists and Christians may throw their entire lot in with him or her, as if our innumerably diverse world could be reduced to an issue or two. Since when did the entire world revolve around one or even a few ethically-loaded issues?

And what is the price for flattery, one to another? Flattery is its own blank cheque sanction. Flattery, propagating a bloated façade, demotes all who partake, swooning them into the enemy’s arena of treason. More on flattery later.

Any discussion about Hitler leads to contemplations on the scourge of Fascism.

Fascism for Novices

FASCISM: (noun) a form of radical authoritarian nationalism. The term has roots from 1924, as a despicable era developed.

British Fascisti emerged out of the shadows of an Italian movement from 1922-1943 giving rise to Mussolini’s power, and features nationalism in the tones of ultra-royalism, social conservatism, and anti-socialism.

I want to show that, for us Westerners, who may erroneously think that we’re above falling for the evil of authoritarianism, that the roots of fundamentalism as a pathology are ever present, even in our culture. Perhaps at some point even a country’s constitution may not stop it. Fascism is not just a concept of Nazism. Enter the narcissist through international power and watch Fascism be fanned ablaze!

Any ultra-or-anti-anything should raise heckles. Such movements are set on control of every institution, carte blanche, through fear and monocracy.

The Merging of Church and State

Among the freedoms being eroded in our bipolar day is that of free speech within religion and without.

Another Justo L. González quote:

“Hitler’s own program included the unification of all Protestant churches in Germany, and then using them in order to preach his message of German radical superiority, and of a divinely given mission.”

Hitler’s regime used unification, by getting them all under possession of the Third Reich, to weaken not only the Jews.

Don’t forget that Germany was at its zenith as a zeitgeist for theological thought. And with all that theological might in their tenure these leaders, one by one, denomination by denomination, were still duped and/or coerced into capitulation. We should not imagine this time was easy to resist for any leader or person of faith. It must have been seemingly impossible to resist.

What should strike us like a Tsar Bell is the amount the state controlled the church. The Third Reich controlled the German church years before war broke out in 1939.

State control over the church doesn’t need to be overt. There are already rumblings that ministers and churches have been required to hand over their sermons to have them vetted by bureaucrats. State control over freedom of speech and religion is at a volcanic change point – even bureaucrats are confused where lines are appropriately drawn. One moment there is an abuse of human rights, only for a response of political correctness (read, overreaction) to ensue. One response is an abomination, the other an assault on good sense.

An element that confuses all of us even a little more is the fact we live in a postmodern world where truth has fluid relativity. In ethical settings, division is the predictable outcome. At a time when we’re most unified globally, technologically speaking, we live in a world never more divided. That is because everyone has a voice, and revolutions occur daily, not least through social media. Such tipping points into chaos are inevitable.

The world is seeking direction more than ever, but more than ever there’s so much noise. And less than ever people are looking to God, when they need Him most.

God’s Prophecy From One Source, One Only

I searched my mind and will for what the LORD would wish to say. He directed me to the Source, His Word. One prophetic utterance from Daniel 11:29-35 (HCSB):

“At the appointed time he will come again to the South, but this time will not be like the first. Ships of Kittim will come against him, and being intimidated, he will withdraw. Then he will rage against the holy covenant and take action. On his return, he will favor those who abandon the holy covenant. His forces will rise up and desecrate the temple fortress. They will abolish the daily sacrifice and set up the abomination of desolation. With flattery he will corrupt those who act wickedly toward the covenant, but the people who know their God will be strong and take action. Those who are wise among the people will give understanding to many, yet they will die by sword and flame, and be captured and plundered for a time. When defeated, they will be helped by some, but many others will join them insincerely. Some of the wise will fall so that they may be refined, purified, and cleansed until the time of the end, for it will still come at the appointed time.”

These are the signs of the times that could be coming; times that call us all to high alert, but times when some in key areas of influence, could be many, will perceive as high attraction. Could it be that some notable church leaders and lobbyists have already abandoned the holy covenant?

Even in a way that appears to be obedience to the holy covenant.

Hard to tell, exactly, but suspicion rises, as it has to in this Day. The church must watch for an autocrat who is not only prepared to punish naysayers, but who flatters supporters. Oppressors do that. With tyranny, they show disdain for a flouting audacity of a resistance that they, themselves, in their audacity, flaunt through provocation. Because they have power, as if power were a thing to appropriately abuse – where such abuses are not considered an abuse, but a right, for the fact that power’s residence gives them, they feel, unequivocal though self-assigned rights.

The Seventy Years

There is something very biblical about the seventy-year timeframe.

I simply wonder if there’s anything in the period 1946-2016, which, from a global viewpoint, we could call the dormant years. 2016 seemed like quite a remarkable year; the end of something, perhaps. Time will tell.

2016 highlighted more than ever a transition in the way our political world works. A latent toxin emerged, one that has always been there, one waiting for its stage to arrive.

The Toxicity of Today’s Political Environment in the Social Media Age

One reason the Despot thrives is he flourishes well in a toxic environment, even exacerbating and enchanting the trolls against him or her – paradoxically, it takes one troll to joust with another, for the way they bludgeon each other with murderous orotundity is bewildering.

Fury has words that should never be publicised, and yet with light-speed regularity Joe Public as well as Well-To-Do Celebrity eat away the middle ground of politics when they spray their venom. Their respective rancour contributes a volley of blows, as the extremities that crouch in the trenches convince the other ninety percent of the world by their behaviour (DON’T GO THERE; YOU WON’T COME OUT ALIVE!) not to bother entering the bloody arena so inanely sordid and scornfully alien to fecund goodwill.

The very unfortunate trend is good people are not entering politics, or do not survive, but the bullies are and do. The bullies are winning and they will rule over a world that buckles to them, because they confound reason.


The signs of trouble are obvious. Take three salient examples, for I’m hardly a politics-watcher: the rampant intolerance with the media, the egotistical use of social media, where the word “me” is so regularly used, and the nationalism of Make-America-Great-Again-and-to-hell-with-everyone-else-not-with-my-agenda, particularly with separatist overtones. Calling some News organisations “fake news” because they are anti should ring warning bells of déjà vu. Can a President of the United States use Twitter like he has?

Let us watch for signs of intolerance, national seeking of and striving for perfectibility, the undermining of minorities, and the type of groupthink that underscores humanity’s resemblance to sheep. The church has folded as one before. It may happen again before the end.

It may take years for this to occur, recalling that Hitler’s fascist rise took place close to a decade before World War II was in full swing.

Where are the Dietrich Bonhoeffers and the Martin Niemollers of our age – those who gave their lives for the truth they, by God, could see? Those Christian leaders who heap a surfeit of flattery on a dictator will not glorify God but will earn for themselves an infamy of ignominy.

One test of the thesis presented is direct sanction and punishment as a result, like prison or conscription, as happened to those who resisted in World War II and at other times. Can we see the signs in others who have resisted? I think we can.

George Santayana (1863-1952), philosopher, essayist, poet and novelist, once said:

“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Whatever happens, we can strap ourselves in for one hell of a ride.

Postscript: I pray that these words make a fool out of me in future years to come; that a certain Presidency is vaunted for its fruit.

The Handyman Can – The Benefits of a Handyman Service

In most homes there is a seemingly endless list of little jobs and repairs that need doing, whether putting up shelves, changing light fittings or doing some work in the garden. However, our lives can be hectic and we might struggle to find the time to complete these tasks – that is where a handyman can help.

Get a Helping Hand

Handymen are there to help people who lack the time, ability or expertise to do certain jobs around the home. Today there are a number of businesses from whom you can book a handyman. London has an abundance and they are springing up all over the UK, so wherever you live there will be a handyman close by.

Why you Should Hire a Handyman

• Time

One of the most valuable things in our lives is time. Not to get too philosophical but it is limited so we want to spend it enjoying ourselves rather than carrying out menial tasks. A lot of people also struggle to find the time to get their list of jobs done but a handyman could come and take care of them whenever you wish.

• Expertise

There are some jobs that need doing at home that we might want to do, but simply have no idea where to start. In this situation a handyman service could be a good call as they should have more than enough experience and expertise to take care of your tasks for you, whether you need plug sockets replacing or a garden shed erecting.

• Affordable

The recent emergence of more and more handyman businesses means that there is now more competition and therefore more competitive prices. A handyman – London, Leeds or Liverpool – is subsequently a very affordable service.

If you have a list of jobs that you just can’t get to the end of because you can’t find the time, or you’re not sure how to go about starting them, perhaps you should consider the services of a handyman. There is an increasing amount of handyman businesses appearing so find one near you and get a helping hand with your little jobs.

Everything You Need to Know About Front Fastening Bras

If you are looking for practical everyday front fastening bras you will find that most lingerie shops and department stores do not sell them, and getting advice on what is appropriate is really difficult.

I probably get more phone calls and emails, relating to front fastening bras than any other subject. Often family members have put themselves forward to try and find the solution for a relative who is struggling to find what they need. We are not talking about front fastening bras, that could be described as fashion bras, but rather front fastening bras that are everyday bras, designed to help people with particular needs.

For some people it can be just as simple as they find back fastening bras difficult, for others it can be as a result of arthritis. A lot of requests for front opening bras are from people who have broken their arm or shoulder, or where they have had some form of surgery that makes wearing a back fastener difficult or difficult to put on.

There are a number of front fastening bras on the market and I have looked at a few of them here to try and give a balanced view of the strengths of each.

The Royce Front Fastening Post Surgery Bra, is designed specifically for people who have had surgery and is usually worn following breast enhancement or reduction surgery, or immediately following a mastectomy. It is also worn by people who have had other procedures, heart surgery for example, where the chest area has been operated on. This bra is soft and comfortable and have X-static fibre, which has anti bacterial properties, making it the ideal following any form of surgery. (For those who have had a mastectomy it is also pocketed so that it can take a prosthesis) If you have difficulty with a back fastening bra, or if you want a bra that puts the focus on comfort then the Comfi Bra from Royce is certainly an option to consider.

Another specialist front fastening bra is the Bestform Posture Correcting Cotton Front Fastening Bra. This bra is a favourite with people who like cotton bras, and who for various reasons do not like or cannot wear bras made with man made fibres. It is also great for people who have back problems where posture is an issue. The Camisole back have elasticated panels built in that help spread the weight and reduce back and neck problems.

Naturana make two front fastening bras, the first having the look of a conventional bra, that fastens at the front and from a value for money point of view this is most definitely the bra to go for. As with most front fastening bras, this is a soft cup bra, i.e. it does not have wires. This bra is available to a DD Cup, which you will find is as big a cup size as you willget in a front fastening bra. The only exception being the Post Sugery Bra that is made upto an F Cup.

So what do you do if you need a front fastening bra and you are bigger than a DD Cup, the answer is to go for a bigger back size and a smaller cup. For example if you are a 38E, then you would need a 40DD (this would be your alternate size). For each cup size you go up, you come down a cup size.

Going back to Naturana the second style is part of their minimising range and does just that, works as a minimiser to make you look that little bit smaller. This bra by the way is the only front fastening bra currently available that is made in black. All the other bras are in white only.

Finally the Royce Comfi Bra, comes in two versions a pocketted bra and a non pocketted bra. This bra is made with very soft cotton, hence the name Comfi Bra and is made in back sizes 34 to 42 with the bras fitting cup sizes A to D. Instead of the conventional hook and eye fastening, it fastens with poppers.

Front fastening bras are difficult to find, but they are available and available to meet a range of needs. Don’t forget that as with all bras the ideal is to be properly fitted, but being realistic, it is not always possible for people to find or get to a Lingerie shop where they have the relevant experience or appropriate stock, so buying online becomes the main option available. So don’t forget that as with all online purchases, you can try on in the comfort of your own home and return goods for refund or exchange, to make sure that what you buy is what you are looking for and fits properly.

6 Things Everyone Moving In a Metro City Will Relate To

Most of the people come to settle in a metro city for more opportunities and a better lifestyle. Students move to cities mainly for pursuing higher studies. Young professionals come when they get placed in some multinational companies with better jobs. Sometimes, entire families move for various other reasons. Many small town dwellers are also found in different cities. It is true that a city offers various essential amenities of life that a small town cannot provide. It is one of the major factors that attract dwellers from different parts of the country.

Here are some of the experiences and problems that are faced when one moves to a metro city. They are as follows –

A bigger hole in the pocket

Everything in a metro is high in price. Right from the groceries you buy to the apartment that you rent are all extremely high priced. Suddenly, you may feel that your lump sum pay package has converted into nothing but a huge hole in your pocket. That means it is very costly to stay and permanently live in a metro city than in a small town.

The traffic

In small town or village, there is no concept of traffic regulations because all the roads are yours. You may drive your vehicles across the roads back in your town. This is because the number of vehicles that run in a small town is comparatively much less than that in a metro city. But when you move to a metro city, you cannot avoid being stuck in a huge traffic jam.

Not so friendly neighbours

In a small town, everybody is known to everybody. In a metro city, even the next door neighbour will be unknown to you. They could play loud music, always fight and yell a lot.

The pace of life

Your impossible office timings, college timings, and hectic schedules are enough to make your life disgusting. The long distance between your workplace/college and home is one of the many instances.

Organic? What does that mean?

Organic means simply organic in your hometown. But in metro cities, organic means expensive fashion.

You either love it, or you hate it

After all these changes, either you will love to live permanently in the city or you will want to escape from the city back to your home town.

I hope these six points will be helpful to you.

Celtic Tattoos – Why Get Them?

Well, why not? Ha-ha! Seriously, why would you want to get a Celtic tattoo? In case you haven’t gotten around to thinking about it much, we’ll discuss a few elements and associations that may not have come to mind yet.

Celtic tattoos obviously have something to do with the Celts, but who were they? The Celts were an Indo-European people now represented chiefly by the Irish, Gaels, Welsh, and Bretons. We’ll call that the British Isles. For such a tiny area, there’s a lot of diversity and history in the British Isles. Just the geography alone includes England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, to say nothing of Scotland’s coastal Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland islands. When you hear people mention Celtic tattoos, they generally are referring to the pre-historic designs used either in the decorative arts or by warriors.

Celtic tattoos based on art give you an incredibly rich treasure trove for resourcing designs. Because these designs are fairly primitive, they tend to have less detail than a modern cartoon drawing or anime cell would have, for example. This means they can look good even in the hands of a less experienced tattooist. The repetitive nature of the designs also means that they look good on small body parts such as the wrist or ankle.

The Celts’ culture has given us the English language, which you are reading right now, along with many of the fairy tales, legends, games, songs, holidays, protestant religion, and literature that are a pervasive part of American culture.

The primitive and archaic feeling as well as the symbolism behind Celtic tattoos makes these designs very attractive. Especially if you live in a large city, surrounded by technology, machines and fiberglass, this connection to our ancient brothers and sisters reminds us that there are other ways to live, and different ways of being than what is considered the modern standard of living.

From a design point of view, a Celtic tattoo gives you a classic, understated look, while sending a subconscious message of association with the “rulers of the known world.” You have probably figured out by now that you really don’t need to be from the UK to warrant wearing a Celtic tattoo. If you’re from the United States, it’s pretty common to have a family member who is English, Irish, Scottish or Welsh, even if you don’t look even faintly white.

Ok, so those are lots of the reasons that folks are getting Celtic tattoos like they are going out of style. Now, what’s your tattoo going to look like? There are a lot to choose from, that’s for sure. First of all, spirals. Some of the oldest Britons were called Picts. They wore bluish tattoos or war-paint into battle. We’re lucky enough to have stone carvings from the period, which show varied symbols including the sacred spirals, the wheel of Taranis (their version of Thor), and the tree of destiny.

Celtic tattoos in knotwork have to rank right up at the top among the currently popular Celtic tattoos. These designs actually come from illuminated manuscripts from the middle ages or even before that. Illuminated manuscripts are books that were written and illustrated completely by hand, before the printing press! When you think of someone, usually a monk, spending a lifetime developing these designs, it seems kind of incredible that someone could create this without Google image search or Photoshop. The knotwork you find in Celtic tattoos usually went around the edge of the page, and it is almost always seen in band tattoo designs. It can be as simple or as intricate as you desire.

Celtic tattoo designs, the two main ideas of which are the spirals and the knotwork, can be transformed into a myriad of beautiful new designs. Some of the things that can be combined with the spiral and knots are the Claddagh, the triangle, animals such as wild boar, bear, griffin or stag, the sun and moon as parts of the ancient spirituality of the Celts, or perhaps certain heraldic devices.

Celtic tattoo designs might fit you perfectly, but whether they do or not, I hope reading this has given you some ideas about their historic meaning. The Celts’ influences are everywhere, so much so that they’re a seamless part of the western world most of the time, making a Celtic tattoo a harmonious and subtle choice for your new ink.

Custom Lighting Fixture

Every home should have a custom lighting fixture for exact room fit. No lighting fixture is perfect for any room. It has to be measured for exact specifications.

It’s like you going to the mall and buying your clothes off the rack. If your body proportions are not perfect, chances are you will look ridiculous in your suit. The best thing to do is go to your favorite tailor and have it measured to fit your body perfectly.

The same goes for every home. When buying your new home or even remodeling old ones, consult an interior designer for some professional advice and suggestions. They have the expertise and taste we normally don’t have.

If budget is the problem, I would personally recommend that you surf the web for highly informative websites like architectural digest.

There you can surely find useful tips and ideas on how to improve the look and feel of your home.

If you are not computer savvy enough and does not know how to browse the web, there’s still hope. Get the room specs like ceiling height, width and length and then match it with your choice of light. You won’t go wrong!

I did it my self about a year and a half when we were constructing our condo unit. To save on design fees, I personally took the measurement of the ceiling height and then bought the pendant light of my choice.

Also took the length and width of the wall and matched it with my desired sconce lighting fixtures.

Just remember, never assume that this kind of light will fit your room, bedroom or kitchen. Only customized lighting will do the trick.