Brown Rice and Brownie Points for Health

When you see a weight-conscious person or a diabetic turning away reluctantly from a ladle of rice, you can’t help but sigh with sympathy. After all, rice has the unfortunate reputation of being on the other side of health.

However, modern lifestyles and improved information about food categories, sourcing, processing, and distribution have enabled us to make smarter and not-so-harder choices.

Take the case of brown rice. When you shop for a reliably-organic and health-oriented brown rice, you make an informed decision about going for something that works better than other rice forms for its variety of factors. It has a lower glycemic index than many others to start with, which makes it a better choice for those concerned with glucose and carbohydrate levels.

Since brown rice is mostly constituted of both the bran and germ along with the endosperm part of the grain, its fibre component and therefore the health advantage goes up a notch. Its nutrition value is better and being a slow carb or a complex carbohydrate allows it to make sure that when you eat it the sugar levels will not spike immediately.

It is also a relatively slowly-digestible form of rice, so it helps with other fitness concerns. The presence of adequate fibre, as well as minerals like magnesium, selenium, manganese assigns many other health points to this category. When it is hand-pounded, like in the case of sonamasuri raw rice, the richness and organic impact rise manifold. Other rice forms come from rice mills and hence their chemical component is higher for obvious reasons.

It is encouraging to see growing adoption of both organic brown and sonamasuri white rice in the culinary communities of India. The ease with which a varied range of preparations can be also be made, makes it stand equally high on taste as it does on the health plank.

Because of its processing specifics, and organic growth, the nutrients are kept intact in a richer and a more absorbable form. The presence of cholesterol and Trans fat is also notably low in this group. Further, the difference in prices when one compares the medium/short grain variety to a basmati variety makes for an extra factor for this choice.

It is very easy to use and often experts recommend soaking this rice for a few hours to ensure good cooking and to get the desired taste. The absence of stickiness and difference in softness as compared to a long grain are also worth noting. The taste and texture of this rice may vary considerably and hence it would be advisable to allow oneself some time before getting used to its consumption.

However, experts recommend shopping in reasonable quantities as brown rice may have a smaller shelf or storage value than its precedents. One can refrain from buying in bulk.

One can also find a number of new recipes that are now possible with brown rice and organic varieties of rice.

Now, even a health-wary person can walk towards a pot of rice without guilt or worry. Rice when grown organically, processed for nutrition maximization and cooked in the right way is as much of a healthy food as the other alternatives out there. Just make sure that the next time you think rice, you have all the information and alternatives before you buy or cook something from what your habit dictates.

Join the organic food revolution and be a part of a new tribe that is spreading health, fitness, and longevity in the world. Welcome to the revolution.

6 Week Body Makeover – Meal Plan For Body Type E

Using the 6 Week Body Makeover to lose weight is about targeting foods that will aid you in burning fat. Food that burns fat for other people might not work for you. It’s all about customizing your meals and ensuring that you’re choosing the right foods that will cause you to shed the fat. Most diets do not work because you end up starving yourself and your metabolism becomes used to not receiving as many calories per day. This means you will feel hungry all the time and won’t lose weight. The Michael Thurmond Makeover has many meal plans that can be prepared using the Infinite Meal Planner. Here is an example of a meal plan for a Body Type E Person.

First off, here are characteristics of a Body Type E person. Body Type E people have trouble building lean muscle tissue. Lean muscle is the building block for fat loss because muscle helps in the aid of burning calories. The more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism will burn fat calories. People with Body Type E have a fast metabolism and if they do not eat regular meals, their bodies will start breaking down muscle tissue for fuel. These people should regularly eat red meats because red meats help in the aid of muscle building. Here is a typical meal for Body Type E females using the Infinite Menu Planner.


2-3 oz. protein A

1 cup carb A

1/2 cup fruit A

Mid Morning Snack

2-3 oz. protein A

1/2 cup of carb A


2-3 oz. protein A

1/2 cup carb A

Mid Afternoon Snack

2 oz. protein A

1/2 cup carb A


2-3 oz. protein A

1/2 cup carb A

1-2 cups veggie A

PM Snack (Optional)

1-2 oz. protein A

1/2 cup fruit A

There are many more choices besides these when using the 6 Week Body Makeover Fast Track Menu Cards or the menu planner. The key is to customize each meal for your food preferences so you won’t feel bored.

What is Counter Trade?

1. Counter trade is a term that covers a whole range of barter like agreements. It is primarily used when the firm is exporting to countries whose currency is not freely convertible, and who may lack the foreign exchange reserves required to purchase the imports.

2. By some estimates, CT accounted for 20% of world trade by volume in 1998

3. There are five distinct types of CT – barter, counter purchase, offset, switch trading, and buy back.

4. Barter is the direct exchange of goods and services, or both, between two parties without a cash transaction. Although in theory barter is the simplest arrangement, in practice it is not that common.

5. Counter purchase is a reciprocal buying agreement. It occurs when a firm agrees to purchase a certain amount of materials back from a country to which a sale is made.

6. Offset is similar to counter purchase because the exporter is required to purchase goods and services with an agreed percentage of the proceeds from the original sale. The difference is that the exporter can fulfill this obligation with any firm in the country to which the sale is being made.

7. The term “switch trading” refers to the use of a specialized third-party trading house in a counter trade arrangement. When a firm enters into a counter purchase or offset agreement with a country it often ends up with what are called “counter purchase credits”. These should be used to purchase goods from that country. Switch trading occurs when a third party trading house buys the firm’s counter purchase credits and sells them to another firm that can make better use of them.

8. A buyback occurs when a firm builds a plant in a country, or supplies technology, equipment, training, or other services to the country, and agrees to take a certain percentage of the plant’s output as partial payment for the contract.

9. The main attraction of counter trade is that it gives a firm a way to finance an export deal when other means are not available. A firm that insists on being paid in hard currency may be at a competitive disadvantage vis-à-vis one that is willing to engage in counter trade.

10. The main disadvantage of counter trade is that it may involve the exchange of unusable or poor quality goods that cannot be disposed of profitably.

11. As an option, counter trade is most attractive to large, diverse, multinational enterprises that can use their worldwide network of contacts to profitably dispose of goods acquired in a counter trade agreement. It is less attractive to small and medium sized exporters who lack a similar network.

Speed Boat Design – You Really Can Build Your Own Speed Boat

There are many types of boats for many types of people. If you prefer to be at one with nature a sailboat may suit you. If you like to relax and cast out a line, a fishing boat may be your fancy. But if you like thrills, chills and exhilaration a speed boat may be your calling. A commercial speed boat can be rather costly but if you can get a hold of the right materials, building your own speed boat can cost a lot less and be very rewarding. Even more rewarding is creating a speed boat design of your own.

Most people never consider the possibility of building their own boat, but it really makes so much more sense than buying one. You’ll save a ton of money by doing the labor yourself. You can then brag to all your friends how you built this awesome boat that totally blows their store bought vessel out of the water. Not to mention, you’ll learn a lot of knowledge about boat building that you can apply to projects in the future.

First thing to consider when building your speed boat is having a plan to follow. You can’t just start building; you’ve got to have an attack plan on how you’re going about the project. When I built my first boat I didn’t know what to do. Luckily I found this amazing 3D CAD software that that helped me design an amazing boat just the way I wanted it. It took me few tries to figure out but once I understood the possibilities this program possessed I was blown away. I could build any type of boat I wanted to! So I spent some time and developed the perfect blue print for my dream boat. Once I had my blue print it was time to get my hands dirty.

Speed boats are going to require length to enable it to travel at fast speeds. With that in mind you need to make sure you have a nice, long open working space. I have always used my garage, but for those bigger boats you might have to park your cars in the driveway for a few months to make room.

Once you have your work area figured out and your materials acquired you can start putting everything together. Just follow your blueprint and double check every measurement before making that final touch. If you work a 9 to 5 job like me making time to work on your baby might be hard. I tend to utilize the weekend for my boat building time. You would be surprised what you can accomplish in the span of 2 days.

When it is finally done I’m sure you won’t be able to stop smiling. You’ll never forget the first time you launch her out into the water. To own your own speed boat is just such an amazing feeling. This isn’t your average boat, this is about speed and lots of it! The best thing about it is you did it yourself.

Hills, Daytek and Austral Retractable Clothes Lines Are Reviewed

Hills have traditionally been the market leader for many years but in more recent times new manufacturers like Austral and Daytek have taken a huge chunk out of their market share and here is why. Most people who buy a clothesline want it to last and do the job that they are supposed to do, and do it for an appointed time according to their cost.

Today, Hills unfortunately make their clothes lines in China which i think puts a few people off as Australian’s want to buy quality home grown products. Austral is an Australian manufacturer and so is Daytek, but only for some products. Daytek make two Retractables, one Australian and the other is Chinese. Follow the data below and this will help you choose the right product for your home and needs.

Models: Austral Retractaway 40 and 50. Hills Quatro 4 and Setrio 6. Daytek Chinese model and Australian model.

Available line space:

  • Austral Retractaway 40 = 40 meters.
  • Austral Retractaway 50 = 50 meters.
  • Hills Quatro 4 = 26 meters.
  • Hills Setrio 6 = 36 meters.
  • Daytek Chinese model = 30 meters.
  • Daytek Australian model = 36 meters.

Maximum/minimum line extension:

  • Austral Retractaway 40 = Max 8 meters. No min.
  • Austral Retractaway 50 = Max 10 meters. No min.
  • Hills Quatro 4 = Max 6.5 meters. Min = 4 meters.
  • Hills Setrio 6 = Max 6.5 meters. Min = 4 meters.
  • Daytek Chinese model = Max 5 meters. No min.
  • Daytek Australian model = Max 7.2 meters. No min.

Number of lines:

  • Austral Retractaway 40 = 5 lines.
  • Austral Retractaway 50 = 5 lines.
  • Hills Quatro 4 = 4 lines.
  • Hills Setrio 6 = 6 lines.
  • Daytek Chinese model = 6 lines.
  • Daytek Australian model = 5 lines.

Tensioning device:

  • Available on all models.

Optional posts available:

  • All models except Daytek Chinese model.


  • Austral = 10 years.
  • Hills = 10 years.
  • Daytek = 2 years, but none for the Chinese model.

Optional ground sockets for removable posts:

  • Austral = Yes
  • Hills = Yes
  • Daytek = No


  • Austral = Beige, Heritage Green. Special order colors available.
  • Hills = Beige, Saltbush.
  • Daytek = Grey for Chinese model and Primrose ( Beige) for Australian model.

Country of Manufacture:

  • Austral = Australia.
  • Hills = China.
  • Daytek = China/Australia.

Pro’s and con’s:

  • Austral = Large line space and extendability.
  • Hills = 4 meter min line extension.
  • Daytek = Plastic cabinets.


  • Austral = Higher.
  • Hills = Medium.
  • Daytek = Lower.

So there you have it, the top three major Australian Retractable clothesline manufactures all laid bare for you to make your grueling judgment. To help you to decide whats for you, its better to write down what it is your looking for in your Retractable clothes line and what you intend it to do. Then try and match up which one best suits your purpose. Happy shopping.

Time Line For Starting a Bakery

So what is a time line for starting a bakery?

Well… To start with, it means collecting all the information from your thoughts. Asking yourself questions? Very personal questions!

Can I do this?

Do I have sufficient experience?

Is my family on board with this venture?

Do I have to do everything alone?

Am I ready to put my dreams and desires up front?

Can I put my business first before everything else?

Do I have sufficient money to carry me through?

There are many, many, more questions that you need to ask yourself, but only you can ask them and once those personal questions are answered it is time to create your business plan. That business plan is again asking more questions and collecting more information from many different sources.

Once collected it needs to be installed into that business plan.

The time line for starting a bakery can be from a few days to several months and even years. But, once started the ending is usually very satisfying and quite rewarding. At least it has been for me. And though i never started out to become a baker in 1955, i certainly have enjoyed the 53 years i have been an employee of the bakeries in my life and owner of The Crusty Cottage Bakery.

Now given those years of experience and the knowledge gained in those years, it is giving me as much pleasure to show others what and how much i enjoyed my trade.

I would perhaps suggest to you to budget your time. This can be your time line for starting a bakery.

Today buy a notebook or writing pad, start writing down your thoughts and ideas.

Tomorrow, look at other bakeries in your area. Look to see what side of the street their market comes from. What other businesses are close that can complement the bakery or the type of bakery business you plan.

Check their quality and the prices. Look at their decoration and color schemes of the business.

Start compiling your business plan. It doesn’t have to be perfect or in proper order at this stage, but it is worthwhile cataloging into different folders for easy access.

Give yourself say six weeks to compile the business plan.

Be looking for a suitable location to put your business during all aspects of your time line.

You want a realistic time line for starting a bakery. So do not think you can start in one day if you are starting from scratch. Neither do you want to leave anything till tomorrow or next week. That is a sure way to fail.

The old saying “Do not put off till tomorrow, that which you can do today” is so true.

If you are buying into an existing bakery your time line for starting your bakery will be one to three months from start to finish.

The paper work should be seen by a lawyer and an accountant. Discuss with them the legal and accounting ramifications of this new business.

Do not pay any money to anyone till you or your lawyer, have done their due diligence, (just a word to explain investigations).

Believe in yourself first then look at all the information and decide your next move.

By looking at all the numbers from the selling bakery and by your own commitment you will decide one way or the other just what the time line for starting a bakery will be.

What Are the Types of Indian Jewellery?

The most beautiful way adopted by Indian woman to adorn herself is Indian Jewellery. It has the dominant place in the life of woman of India. It is not only meant to adorn woman, but also solves the purpose at the time of financial crisis. This jewellery is made up of silver, gold and diamond. It represents the power, status and wealth of the individual. Indian wedding saris are incomplete without them. It adds to the beauty of Indian wedding saris. It also represents our culture. Now we will deal with the types of jewellery worn by women of India.

• Maang tika

A chain, pendant and hook are combined to form maang tika. It is worn on the head of ladies of India by attaching its hook in their hairs. It is especially meant to adorn the forehead of the Indian bride in order to make her look beautiful.

• Nose Ring

It is a jewellery of married women in India which is worn in the nose. A hole is drilled into the nose and then nose ring is inserted into the hole of the nose. The make-up of a woman is not considered to be complete without nose ring.

• Earrings

Earrings are worn in the ears by drilling holes into them. Both married and unmarried women are the bearers of the earrings. They decorate the ears as per the matching dresses. They are the part of each and every type of occasion within our country.

• Necklace

The necklace is tied around the neck of women. If we wear necklace of stones, then it is a belief that we can bind ourselves by the everlasting powers of stones. In ancient times, it was meant to bring the good luck and to provide protection from the evil eye.

• Bangles

Bangles are meant to adorn our hands. They are available in a variety of colours. They are made up of glass, metal, gold and silver. They are termed as shagun of our country’s married women. They are affordable by each and every type of lady whether rich or poor.

• Toe ring

Toe rings are worn on the fingers of legs. They are also the shagun of married ladies of our country. They enable the regularization of the menstruation cycle. The toe ring which is made up of silver is good for the health of ladies as silver absorbs energy from earth and transfer it to her body.

• Ring

The ring is a sign of relation which are inserted around the middle finger of the girls or ladies. It becomes the ornament of a lady at the time of engagement. It is also given as a gift so as to empower the relation. In Christians, it is offered to the bride at the time of marriage.

• Mangal Sutra

Mangal Sutra is a necklace made up of black pearls. It is given by the bridegroom to the bride at the time of marriage. It protects the husband of lady from the evil eye. It is also the shagun of married ladies.

How Daily Affirmations Can Help You Win the Lottery

I came across an illuminating statement that I want to share with you. Think about this for a minute:

“Money is nothing but energy that reflects one’s thoughts.”

It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? We are what we think about. Some clever writers have tied up this principle in books like “The Secret.” And of course Norman Vincent Peale’s “The Power of Positive Thinking” is a classic.

I’ve normally ignored popular thinking on this kind of simplified mind control. It seems a bit too ‘new age’ for my liking. But I have to admit, it really works. You see, what this clever comment on money and energy is really saying is this…

You are your thoughts.

Put another way – you are the sum of your thinking. There’s nothing crazy about it. It’s a fact… consistent, focussed desire will get you whatever you want.

I’ve proved that time and time again, and I’m the most practical, sensible-to-the-point-of-boring kinda person out there. Everything I see around me, home, cars, luxury, and a happy fulfilling life… has been achieved through this kind of focused optimism.

I’ll tell you how it’s done. Every day, as many times as you can, say this simple motivational sentence to yourself out loud:

“I earn $—— a year, easily and consistently.”

(This is to increase your income. I’ll get to the way you can work it for the lottery shortly).

The amount can be anything. You work out what you want, and use that figure. Could be $50k… could be a million.

Just say the affirmation up to 50 times a day, or more.

– Say it 5 times on awaking.

– Say it 10 times before breakfast.

– Recite it on your way to work.

– Mouth it silently as you work.

– Spend a few minutes in your breaks keeping the sentence alive.

– Instead of listening to music on the way home, say your affirmation.

– Repeat it when things go bad.

– Take a break before bed and repeat it again, 10 times.

Now, the universe won’t fall into your lap as if by magic. That’s not how it works. What this affirmation does is make you more sensitive to your goals.

Remember when you bought a car – then kept seeing the same model all over the place – when before it never appeared anywhere? It’s like that… the mind is awakened to fresh possibilities. You don’t have to do anything more than keep your affirmation in front of everything you do.

But winning the lottery is not as predictable!

There’s an element of luck that even the best lottery winning system can’t control.

So how can your affirmation give you more wins – or bigger winnings?

Like this. By unconsciously letting you increase your involvement in your goal. You see, if you keep a goal in the forefront of your conscious mind, it will very quickly affect everything you do. Then – even when you’re not thinking about it – it will work subconsciously to your benefit.

It’s the eureka moment all over again. The answer comes when you least expect it.

Now, when you apply your affirmation to winning lotto, you’ll soon notice these things happening:

– You will play more games. Because when you increase your exposure to winning opportunities, you will start to win more easily and consistently.

– You will increase the number of tickets you take. You increase your winning odds even more by multiplying your opportunities.

It’s a magical suggestion tool, your affirmation. I’ve proved that it works, and here’s the proof:

Remember the popular cliche: “Be careful what you wish for…?”

That’s because for everyone that follows it, the statement ends like this… “…you may receive it!”

How Do Your Surroundings Affect Your Creativity and Idea Generation

Your Surroundings and Your Inventiveness

Do you know what makes you more creative sometimes as opposed to other days? The answer is not easy to figure out. One day you may find you are more creative when working in a cooler place of work and the next day low lighting seems to work best. However, here has been research in his area that can give you some guidelines and a few surprising observations. It was actually shown that your surroundings do have a large impact on your inventiveness levels.

Effect of Noise Levels on Creativity and Inventiveness

Working in silence is not necessarily better for creative thinking. You don’t want your work area to be to silent or extremely loud because creativity will suffer. Instead you need ambient noise levels to help you become more creative and productive. A moderate level of noise can even enhance performance on creative tasks. A study published online by the Journal of Consumer Research showed that 70 decibels may be an optimum noise level. In their noise studies, people were more apt to buy creative products too.

Creativity and Lighting

Studies have also shown that when lighting is dim, creativity is improved. A school of thought believes that stressful feelings can be reduced with lower light as you become free with your thinking. Additional research has shown that people feel free when the lights are dim. Give this a try yourself, Sit in a in a darkened room for five minutes. See if your thoughts and feelings change.

Colors Matter

The ideal colors for improving your creativity are blue and green. One doesn’t need to go to the ocean or daydream looking at the sky, as even a just a picture of the blue sky and green meadows can spur creative thinking. A red surrounding also will help for projects that have a lot of detail needed. Red is a stimulating color that can actually raise the blood pressure of some people and increase adrenaline.

Surprising Thoughts on Creativity and a Cluttered Room.

Some people shine in creativity working in a messy workspace. There are many people who are convinced that a neat organized workspace is best for thinking but are really surprised about the effect of a cluttered area. It is though the clutter in the room draws your attention to new details that you may not have noticed before. In turn this stimulates your creative juices. Another idea stemming from disorganization, is having many photos and collectibles that could spur ideas of memories and even disorganization of these memoirs can cause confusion that can lead to creative thinking. Personalization of your workspace at home may be exactly what you need but an employer may frown on any disorganization.

The Effect of Traveling on Creative Thinking

You may not be surprised to find out that journeying to new places of the world has an amazing effect on brain enhancements. In new nation-states or even parts of your own country, the different experiences of food, music, culture, even geography has a big impact on creativity. Those who study the brain can attest to neural pathways being stimulated by change New tradition is to you, speech patterns, ideas uncommon to you will also get you thinking creatively. More interactions with new cultures and people also add to inventiveness. Immersion of one self into other cultural experiences or activities even can generate new ideas and ingenuity.

If you feel that your idea generation skills are lacking why not try one of the items from above to increase them. You never know what sparks of ideas and ambitions you suddenly become inspired with.

How to Control Earwigs Naturally

They do feed at night and do seek out dark, cool, moist places to hang out during the day. Some common hiding places are under organic matter such as mulch, pine straw, leaf litter, and other debris, loose wood chip mulches, decaying matter, rotten fruit on the ground, wood, boards or tree branches that are on the ground, under dense growth of vines or thick cover and flower pots, any thing moist that will shade and protect them from the sun. As well as hiding in piles of firewood you didn’t use last year and let us not forget hanging out inside that small wooded shed you have out back that you haven’t been gone inside in years. While Earwigs are scavengers, eating dead insects, decomposing plant materials they can also eat live plants and damage your vegetables and feed on the flowers of plants, including marigolds, petunias, hibiscus, and many other plants. Earwigs leave many small holes in plant leaves and flowers.

Seedlings and most flowering plants can be severely damaged or even killed when you have a large earwig population (coffee grinds will protect). Earwigs can produce large populations rather quickly and can become a major problem for the homeowner over night! They are attracted to lights so they will come in at night attracted to any lights that are on; as well as to any lights that you have on during the day which will cause them to hang out there esp if it is a cool area. Earwigs can be found in most homes and can get in through entry points like doors and windows, going up through the broken walls and any cracked openings, broken screens. They do have a beneficial role in the landscape and have been shown to be important predators of aphids, mites, most insect eggs, and most soft bodied insects such as white flies. They do have a very disagreeable odor when crushed.

Some Natural Controls

Hint: earwigs are attracted to moisture

Control water around the outside of the house. Repair any leaks. Convert to drip system to keep water below ground. Regularly control weeds and clean up dead debris. Eliminate high moisture areas around walls, in mulch, under stones, boards, etc. Control damp moist conditions in crawl spaces, faucets, along the foundations. Change landscaping by creating a dry border immediately around the house walls. Gravel or flat stones can make an attractive barrier against earwigs and other pest invaders. Rain gutters should direct water away from the house. Caulk or use weather stripping at all possible entry points such as doors, windows, pipes, repair screens and doors and windows. Where earwigs are a problem, eliminate hiding places that have high moisture levels. Initiate a regular daily trapping program. Removing earwig habitats is very important to the control of all insects, including earwigs. As they are attracted to lights, stop lighting outside at night. Remove the white light and install yellow LED ones instead.

Inside the Home

Indoors earwigs should be vacuumed up daily; be sure to kill them and dispose of them by dumping into a plastic bag and tying and throw into trash, promptly so they will not re-invade. If earwigs are a regular problem in a building, inspect the area to see how they are getting in the house and seal and chaulk up cracks and all entry points. Repair all broken screens.

Natural Sprays

Essential Oil spray

You can make a natural spray that will keep them from coming into the house. Use 1/2 oz per gallon water of any of the following essential oils available

1. citronella oil

2. cinnamon oil

3. pennyroyal oil

4. clove oil

5. lavender oil

6. citrus

7. basil

8. any natural essential oil can be use the above are just a few. Try your own.

Citrus Spray Use OTKO a Natural Citrus Cleaner. Spray straight through a mister. Will kill earwigs and most of insects on contact. Soap Spray Use any natural castile soap like Dr Bronners soaps. They make peppermint, lavender, almond, tea tree and lot of other natural sources. Use 1oz per gallon water. Will kill earwigs when sprayed.

DE SPRAY Gadren Grade DE can be added to water and sprayed. Best way is to put some DE into a panty hose and suspend in gallon water. Allow to sit, pour into a gallon sprayer and spray. when dried the de will act as a barrier and kill and earwigs that crawl over it. You can use just dust the areas with it.

Check List

Vacuum, vacuum ad vacuum…

Vacuum up any earwigs inside your house. Vacuum very thoroughly and as often as needed. Throw away the bags in the trash.

Natural Dust

Garden Grade DE can be used as a dust around the house as well as under the house and the attic. Dust lighly and allow to sit.

Boric Acid can be used as a dust in cracks and other areas between the house walls.

Reducing Populations:

Traps inside the house is one ongoing way of you managing earwigs in the home on a regular long term bases.

Various Traps

Ultimate Flea Trap is by far the best insect trap on the market. This one uses no chemicals and only a small light with a sticky mat that get the insects trapped that are attracted by the light. Place one in every room that has earwigs. It also works on fleas ( thus the name) as well as on spiders, cockroaches and most other insects.

Outside the house

Remove materials outside the perimeter of the building that could provide as a hiding place, such as ivy, plant debris, leaves in gutters, old wood piles, old leaf litter, piles of newspapers, or other organic material. Caulk and repair cracks, crevices, and other openings around the foundation or around the outside of the house. Manage moisture around the building by repairing or replacing leaky faucets, leaky air conditioners, leaky drains, control water going into the foundation after it rains, and provide crawl spaces to allow for entrance. Repair or change the conditions to promote a drier environment. Caulk and weatherstrip around doors. windows. bathrooms water outlets as well electrical outlets.

Go through any areas inside that is dark and they can hide in. Cardboard boxes will make a great host place for them to hang out inside the house. Remove any other debris such as old unused firewood. Always keep moisture away from your home by repairing any defective rain spouts, keeping the grading in an area so water drains away from the home, and by keeping proper ventilation in crawl spaces to allow area to dry out.

Earwigs are attracted to outdoor lights, so replace them with Yellow LED lights, which are less attractive to earwigs. Treatment should be done outside with natural applications of garden grade DE around the building foundation, flower beds, mulch areas and turf within a couple of yards of the building, as well as in the crawl space areas of the home. Treat in a two foot band around the building adjacent to the foundation to limit earwigs from getting inside. Establish dry border right around the base of the houses for great control.

Traps outside the house

Newspaper: A rolled-up wet newspaper held together with a rubber band.

Cardboard Box: Punch pencil-size holes along bottom edge of cardboard box.

Old Garden Hose: 12-24 inch pieces of garden hose

Used cat food can. Add 1/2 inch any type beer or wine.

Tupperware: Use a tupperware like plastic container. Punch holes along the top edge of the tub, add 2 inches any cheap wine and cover with top and sink into ground.

Finch Bird House can be used as a housing unit where you can place a 8 oz plastic cup 1/2 filled with beer or wine. I would try one of each and see which attracts the most.

Trapping is an effective, easy approach to reducing earwig populations.

One of the key element of a natural earwig management program is a daily active trapping system. Just before dark, place the bird finch traps throughout the yard in out of sight places. In the morning, shake them out the traps over a pail of Dr Bronners Soap / water or any natural soap n water. Keep trapping until you do not catch any more earwigs. Traps can be hidden near shrubbery and ground cover plantings, or against the house. For fruit trees, keep weeds, brush, and the suckers (always prune) away from the base of trees throughout the year because they provide refuge for earwigs, snails and other creatures. Monitor populations by counting amounts of earwigs caught in the traps.

Eliminate Their Habitat:

Altering the habitat around your garden will reduce earwig population and damage. Get rid of their hiding places: boards, weeds, wood piles, plant debris, leaf litter, and any other objects that create dark, moist hiding places. Do not plant dense ground covers, such as ivy, mint, herbs,, next to vegetable or flower gardens. Raise vulnerable seedlings indoors until they are able to withstand some munching. Or start them outdoors on a table with legs protected by sticky barriers.

Some folks advise against the use of organic mulch because they say it provides harborage to pests such as earwigs and spiders. I have the opposing view that organic mulch offers earwigs a diverse hunting area that will save your plants as well as provide for the earth’s needs. Mulch can easily be kept clean of earwigs by dusting with garden grade several times per year or by dust just before and after every time you apply a new layer of mulch. Spraying the mulch with any natural soap will also control them too.

Andy Lopez

The Invisible Gardener

U.S. Manufacturers of Gun Safes and a Closer Look at AMSEC Gun Safes and Cannon Gun Safes

When shopping for manufacturers of gun lockers and safes, it’s a good practice to stick with manufacturers who have to answer to higher standards to remain competitive on the market. In the U.S.A., that often means providing quality on a local level. American-made products usually have to adhere to a higher standard in order to remain viable. Here is an alphabetical list of some U.S. manufacturers of gun safes, and what to expect.

American Security Safes Otherwise known as “AMSEC,” the AMSEC gun safes have enjoyed a solid reputation amongst gun owners for decades, the company began in 1948. Being produced in California, arguably the strictest state in the union when it comes to regulatory standards of safe production (e.g.: “CA DOJ Approved” symbol for gun safes), AMSEC knows their trade. They made a name for themselves by becoming the first safe manufacturer to receive the UL’s TL-15 and TL-30 classification for anti-theft devices on their safes. They were also the first to create round door vaults – an innovative design that deters burglary. American Security Safes found the high price of these round doors was enough to send them to the drawing board to create a cost-effective, albeit secure, square and rectangular door design. They are driven to provide quality at a reasonable price.

Cannon Safes Cannon has been in the safe-manufacturing business over 4 decades. Their mission has been to give affordable security options, and have backed their products with one of the best warranties on the market. A Cannon gun safe is backed by their lifetime warranty. Canon offers a lifetime replacement guarantee, and will pay for a safe tech to open your safe after an attempted burglary, fire or other disaster. They will also pay for onsite repair, or for the shipping charges to send the safe to and from their factory in the case of any of these disastrous events. The reason being, Cannon gun safes are a permanent investment in the company’s eyes. As to security rating, their safes are UL RSC certified against break-in, and Intertek-ETL has certified their fire rating from 30 minutes on some models to 90 minutes on their Safari models.

Liberty Liberty is a Utah-based company, a newcomer to the industry by industry standards (1988), but nonetheless they have used the best business practices to make a significant name for themselves. Their safes are rated from the UL, Underwriter’s Lab. They quickly worked their way to a leading position of full-sized home safes in the U.S. with good working ethics and purchasing National Security Safe, Co. in ’97. They also designed door technology with their “HiSecurity Composite” doors, which layered fireboard, hardened plate-steel, and steel for added fire and security quality. Their bolt works is also a patented system, and Liberty introduced an innovative shelf system that was adjustable.

Spotlight: American Security Safes

As stated previously, AMSEC gun safes are some of the best made, with a history to show for it. They developed a composite construction, combining hard-plate along with concrete, which was then and remains a winning design to thwart fire as well as theft. Due to their innovative designs and focus on anti-theft construction, the UL tested and found AMSEC gun safes worthy of the anti-theft ratings TL-15 and TL-30, which remains one of the best ratings on the residential safe market. The rating means that the safes in question can withstand a concerted tool-attack by burglars for 15 or 30 minutes, and the U.S. Department of Justice statistical data shows that most burglary attacks against safes average about 7 minutes. In other words, these safes will buy the necessary time it takes to protect your investments.

American Security Safes has been around since 1948, started by Glenn Hall. In the beginning, Glenn only began with a welding machine and lathe, and wanted to build a secure safe that would withstand burglary attempts. AMSEC gun safes are still designed with this focus in mind, and through the decades they have made significant strides in engineering to keep ahead of the game.

One such design was the round door. These were very effective deterrents against theft, but carried a high production cost. Nonetheless, this feature was a design innovation that kept AMSEC ahead of the competition, and their design was a standard against which others were measured.

As the demand for safes grew, American Security wanted to make their safes more affordable for the common man. The door was redesigned to a square shape to accommodate, while maintaining a high level of security for the consumer. This required other changes to the bolt works in order to keep the standard of security high, this all took place in the 1960’s. During the 90’s, AMSEC was the very first company (in the U.S.) to receive the UL’s burglar rating (see above), which was ahead of the competition. In fact, very few manufacturers bother with this high degree of security, keeping AMSEC’s concern for burglary ahead of most manufacturers to this day, with few exceptions.

American Security Safes is still pushing their production to a self-imposed higher standard. Another example is how they subject their electronic locks the a standard called, “Mil 0202-Method 106,” which is a military-grade standard to check for electronics reliability.

As of date, AMSEC gun safes are produced using the best in welding construction practices, and the company is churning out around 600k safes/year, from Fontana, CA. When you buy AMSEC gun safes, you’ll be treated to affordable quality and scratch-resistant interiors, with gun racks, shelves and plenty of space. They also offer a fantastic “No Cost” warranty – no cost for shipping, repair, replacement in the event of a burglary attempt or fire.

Spotlight: Cannon Gun Safes

Cannon gun safes are produced by Cannon Safes, whose motto is, “Nothing protects like a Cannon.” They have been in business over 4 decades, and have been making innovation their game plan. They specialize in creating design break-throughs, and back all of it up with a strong “for life” guarantee. Like AMSEC, they have a lifetime warranty that covers the shipping, parts and labor or replacement for a safe under theft attempt, flooding or fire damage.

Cannon offers 5 main lines of safes: Traditional, Cannon, Patriot, American Eagle and Safari. They do also offer Home and Office safes, which are more along the line of personal-sized safes as opposed to the larger gun locker-style safes. Cannon is also making a line of wall safes.

Beginning with the Traditional Series, and there are a handful of safes in this line, are beautiful to look at. Elegance may not be what you think of when considering a safe, but there you have it. This class of safe offers rounded edges on the exterior, which reportedly offers greater strength. The interior is top-notch, with oak facing on the shelves, upholstered surfaces, and even interior lighting options and a dehumidifier option as well. Their fire rating is ETL-rated at 1200 F for 90 minutes. The door handle is also beautiful: 5 spokes, protected with a better-than-required Type 1 UL rated electronic lock (industrial grade). For security, the safe has multiple relockers in case of theft attempt, and a bolt-down option as well.

Their Safari Series, which is split between a more economical “Serengeti” and the top-of-the-spectrum “Dangerous Game” series, is the latest design of the Cannon gun safes. The Dangerous Game Cannon gun safe comes in several selections. Boasting gorgeous pin striping and a painted bust of a water buffalo, the Dangerous Game series is essentially the Traditional (the top of the line), but with a Safari design to it. The edges are rounded, like the Traditional, and the interior has velour-lined shelving for an added bit of luxury.

Other features of Cannon gun safes that are nice touches (may not be available on all models): the interior LED lighting, which comes on as the door is opened (like a refrigerator) and shuts off when you close the door, is a great touch! So is the dehumidifier rod that you can opt for, though you can usually purchase them after-market. Of course, you can just use desiccant packs, but the cord-opening is a nice touch to keep mildew down. The Cannon “Tru-Rack” system is one of the only racking options on the market that allows you to rack as many guns as you’re being advertised, so their 36-gun safes can actually hold 36 long guns.

The Serengeti is fire-rated for 60 minutes at 1200 F by the ETL, while the Dangerous Game is rated at 90 minutes. The Serengeti’s door is a composite 1.5″, the Dangerous Game is 2.25″ composite, and both have double steel construction of either 10 or 12 gauge steel with fire protection. Another difference is the capacity, where the Serengeti is smaller, the Dangerous Game goes up to a 36-gun capacity.

No matter what product you are buying from American Security Safes or Cannon Gun Safes, you’ll be sure that your investment will be protected by excellent design, reputations, and warranties that should ensure you you’re making a wise decision.

Pros and Cons of Buying Used Harley-Davidson

Owning a Harley-Davidson entitles you to a great pride. It is like owning a luxury car or owning a private jet. This is why, even if what you are buying is a used Harley, the excitement is still the same. But before closing the deal, here are the pros and cons of buying used Harley-Davidson:


· Used Harley Davidsons are cheaper.

Well, resale value of some Harley models can be as high as its original price. But, there are several models that can buy for less. There are several sites online where you can find cheap but high-quality Harley Davidson models.

· Rare Harleys are Used Harleys

Over a hundred years of motorcycle production has produced hundreds of models, some of them are hard to find while most of them are out of the production line. If you are looking for a particular model of a particular year, you can search for used Harley-Davidson for sale.

· Used Harley-Davidsons are well-maintained

Since owning a Harley-Davidson is like owning a luxury car, outmost care is being practiced by most of its owner. Thus, you rarely see an ill-maintained Harley-Davidson on the road. You also cannot see any ill-maintained Harley-Davidson on an auction site or selling site. This is another reason why some models have prices even if they are old.

· Used Harley-Davidson are customized

If you prefer a unique Harley-Davidson, then a used one can come in handy. There are several used Harley-Davidsons that maintain their original look but most owners prefer to modify some parts according to their personality.


· Used Harley-Davidson are customized

This may be an advantage for some but it does not mean that it is not a disadvantage. Since, most owners would want to infuse a little of their personality to their Harley-Davidson, the next owner will inherit what has been changed on the motorcycle. Unless you want to buy used Harley-Davidson regardless of the modifications that have been made, you may have difficulty to give it some of your personal touch. And sometimes, you are paying for the accessories that you really don’t need.

· Some used Harley-Davidsons motorcycles are expensive

Cheap Harley-Davidson can be hard to find. Unlike used cars, some used Harley-Davidson motorcycles are expensive. In fact, rare models are more expensive than other newer models. But don’t be discouraged; there are several models that are less expensive than others.

Basement Flooding And Insurance: Is Your Basement Waterproofing Covered?

Many people don’t think about something as simple as flooding insurance until after it’s too late and they’ve been afflicted with water-in-basement syndrome. But many do, and a basement waterproofing contractor will get lots of calls from people who want to know if they can work with their insurance company to have their services covered. The answer is, of course, “not always” — but it does happen regularly.

There are a few reasons why your particular basement flooding issue might not be covered by your insurance. The most common is that you don’t actually have flooding insurance. As much as it might seem reasonable, most “multi-peril” homeowner’s insurance policies don’t actually cover flooding — you need special, separate flooding insurance to cover things like basement waterproofing.

Even if you have flooding insurance, you might not be safe yet. If the flooding was caused by rising groundwater rather than an accident like a burst pipe, normal flooding insurance won’t cover it. “Rising groundwater” basically means “it rained so much that the water table came up over the side walls of your house and got in through cracks, etc” — but if the ‘groundwater’ rises above the ground itself and you have literal flooding, the insurance will generally kick back in and cover you.

Beware, however, because while flooding insurance will usually cover the personal belongings you have in your home, things in your basement are usually specifically excluded. Your flooding insurance will cover structural elements and ‘essential’ appliances like your heat pump, but won’t do a thing to ameliorate the costs of your post-flood basement remodeling. Even non-structural architectural elements like internal walls aren’t covered; any basement wall repair you need to have done from a basement waterproofing company will have to come out of your own pocket.

Specifically covered:

-sump pumps

-well-water tanks and pumps

-cisterns and the water inside

-oil tanks and the oil inside

-natural gas tanks and the gas inside

-pumps or tanks used with solar energy furnaces

-water heaters

-air conditioners

-heat pumps

-electrical junction and circuit breaker boxes (and their utility connections)

-foundation elements





-unpainted drywall walls and ceilings (including fiberglass insulation)

washing machines and dryers

-freezers and the food inside them.

“Cleanup expenses” are also covered, so you can count on your insurance to help you get rid of your old stuff, but not to help you replace it.

Everyone should check to find out if their community is covered by FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program; if it is, they have the option to purchase some pretty decent flood insurance at pretty good prices. The best part is that membership in a NFIP-covered community is the only prerequisite. It doesn’t matter if you’re actually in a flood zone, if you’ve already flooded at least once, or even if you live on top of a hill — any member in that community can (and should) get insurance that will cover basic basement waterproofing and flood recovery.

Best Pool Heating Options According to Climate

The climate you live in can dramatically alter your pool-heating options. Thinking about your climate and using the pool heating options available to their best potential can save you time and money. A pool cover can save you a fortune, and your heat pump can help keep your costs down.

Warm climates

Warm, sunny climates can utilize a combination of solar-powered heating and pool covers with minimal power used. The real problems in warmer climates are likely to come from evaporation, and heat transfer, with the resultant heat loss. This places an extra strain on the heating system. It’s wasteful, despite the efficiency of the heat pumps, which produce 5 units of heat for every 1 unit they consume.

Basically, the heat loss just creates an unnecessary situation. The problem is easy to fix, however. If you simply install a pool cover, you minimize heat loss. The pool cover traps heat, prevents evaporation, and of course also operates as a shade and sun screen. This reduces demands on the pool heating system, saves time, and adds a nice feature to the pool.

Note: Any form of excess strain on the heating system also costs money down the track, because it shortens product life, and can create situations requiring more maintenance than would otherwise be the case. A pool cover will add at least a few years to your heating system’s life.

Cool climates

Colder climates will do best with a heat pump (or perhaps two different types) and a pool cover to keep the warmth in. This is a similar situation to that of warm climates, but in this case the heat loss can be more severe, even if the evaporation is less of a problem. Heat transfer is much faster in colder environments, and this creates another situation where the heating system is required to do a lot more work.

The added problem is that the heat loss is continuous in cold climates, as well as faster. This is a significantly tougher problem, but again, the pool cover will do the job very efficiently. The pool cover traps heat, and creates a “micro climate” which loses heat much more slowly in this situation. The heating system is under far less strain, and therefore more cost efficient.

Pool heating economics and power systems

The economics of pool heating are measured by the cost of the power required to do the job. Obviously, if you’re having to continuously heat the pool, that’s not an efficient outcome. It costs money, and you’re not getting the best results. You may also incur additional costs in servicing the overworked heating system.

The best general approach is to use a combination of a power system and a pool cover. Whatever system you’re using for power, whether it’s an electric heat pump, gas, or solar, you can reduce costs to a minimum. The solar combination option makes energy cheaper, and reduces the cost of the other systems.

Heating your pool can be very cheap and very easy. Check out a pool cover and ask about your pool heater options, and you’ll see how easy pool heating can be.

How to Build a Beautiful Body – 3 Exercises You Should Never Do

Okay, so you want to build a beautiful body. No matter how many times I am asked the question “hey, what do you bench?”, my answer is always the same; “I don’t know”. This is because I don’t go to the gym with the intention of finding out how much weight I can bench press.

Bench pressing is the ultimate ego exercise and continues to dominate the egotistical mind as the standard measure of progress. This would be fine if you were a power lifter, but most people who work out regularly at a gym don’t fall into this category. You will find that the most common goal amongst gym rats is to lose body fat, gain lean muscle, and sculpt a beautiful physique. Well guess what? you are therefore a bodybuilder. Get that in your head first. Now you may not desire to have a physique to the same degree as say a professional bodybuilder, or even a natural competitive amateur bodybuilder, but you desire to create a beautiful body by losing body fat and building lean muscle. Yep, you are a bodybuilder. Once you make this mental shift, you will begin to realise that you can achieve your goals much easier because you are clear on what you are.

So back to the “What do you bench question?”. As a bodybuilder you use resistance training to stimulate and tear down muscle. The question of how much weight can you lift becomes irrelevant if you do not satisfy this first rule. Using the right weight with the right technique is paramount to achieving the desired effect. Yes, you can go too heavy as a bodybuilder. What happens in this instance is that other muscle groups compensate to cooperatively lift the weight. This lessens the tension on the primary target muscle group, and as a result, less stress is transferred to that targeted muscle and hence less results ensue. In the case of the bench press for example; using too heavy a weight incorporates more triceps, more rear deltoids, more shoulders, more forearms, even the back comes into play. All of this combined effort alleviates tension from the chest muscle which is where the stress should be focused. In bodybuilding, transferring stress to the right muscle group, while limiting the incorporation of supporting muscle groups, is critical for the overall development of the targeted muscle.

Bodybuilding is about visuality. It is about making your physique appear balanced, and proportioned, and appearing aesthetic from every angle. However it is also about optical illusion. Let me give you some examples.

– A dark tanned person looks more defined than a pale skinned person of the same body fat%.

– A well defined 16″ arm looks bigger than an undefined 18″ arm.

– Well developed calf muscles give more overall balance to the body, than the development of any other body part.

– If you have short hair, as opposed to long hair, your body will look larger.

– A person with overdeveloped biceps appears to lack chest development.

You can see from these examples how much visuality and optical illusion contribute to the overall image of the body. So, taking these things into consideration what are the exercises you should never do, and why not do them? Well the reason is this, they can damage your symmetry. Symmetry is the most critical element of a beautifully developed body.

#1 Do not perform side-bends

No matter how many places I have trained I always see someone incorporating this movement into their routine. The problem with this exercise is that is does not target the obliques. Instead it builds muscle in the area beneath your typical love handles, creating permanent, yes permanent love handles. Even if you were to diet down to single digit body fat% you would still have this muscle mass present making your waist line appear wide, and blocky. I have even seen people do this movement holding heavy dumbbells or a cable. I advise against it. Having a nice V taper from your back and lats, combined with nicely rounded shoulders makes the waistline appear smaller. Doing side bends, or weighted side bends makes the waistline look thicker, and no body wants that.

#2 Don’t train the forearms

If you are trying to look like Popeye go right ahead, but again, building a beautiful body is about symmetry, proportion, and visuality. Here’s the deal. Every movement that requires you to grab hold of something, whether it be pulls up, bench presses, or shoulder raises, to some degree involve the forearms. If you overdevelop this muscle group you will make your biceps look small. Even if you have well developed guns, having overdeveloped forearms will make them appear smaller than they really are. Don’t train them. They get plenty of work doing everything else.

#3 Don’t back squat if you have naturally large glutes

This is the basic squat that requires you to put a barbell across your shoulders and then to perform a regular squat. The problem with this movement is that it engages the gluteus muscles to a large degree, and if you are a person with naturally large glutes you do not want to develop them further. Your butt may be firm and even cut, but in regular clothes you look like you still have some junk in the trunk. Not only that, but from a side view your protruding buttocks make the back look undeveloped, and if you haven’t developed a thick curved back, it will really show up here. Instead, perform front squats, hacks, and walking weighted lunges to develop the quads. These movements place much more stress on the targeted muscle group. The reason why most people don’t do them is because they are so freakin’ difficult. Back squatting is much easier and you can put up a lot more weight. Again feeding the ego and back to the ‘how much weight can you lift’ mentality. When you focus on stimulating and building the muscle through resistance training, the amount of weight you use becomes irrelevant.

This is what it comes down to. People judge you first by what they see. If you are walking along the beach and are heavy and out of shape, people judge you by that. No body cares what you can bench press, even though you might be a power-lifting champion. They are not thinking ‘I wonder how much that guy can bench press’. They don’t care. You are not attractive enough to get a second thought, let alone a second glance.

On the other hand if your body is proportioned, muscular, sculpted and defined, one of the first questions that comes to a persons mind is ‘I wonder how much he benches’. The point is this. It doesn’t matter how much you can bench, it only matters how much you look like you can bench. A body that is well proportioned, muscular, and lean with beautiful symmetry, will always demand respect. No one is going to mess with you because you look like you’re strong. Whether you are or not is irrelevant.

So consider this the next time you train. When you go to the gym, leave your ego at the door. Focus on the finer details of your physique, especially your symmetry. You are there to build a beautiful body, not just to lift weight.