Cleaning Rice Cookers – Are Rice Cookers Hard to Clean?

When we think of the messiest possible items we cook in our kitchens every day, the likelihood is that rice will not end up anywhere near the top of the list. True, if spilled all over the kitchen it can be something of a nightmare to pick up, but mess-wise in general cooking terms it is rather minimal. It can make a bit of a mess of a pan in the way of gloopy starch and residue, but that’s about it. That is, unless you manage to burn your batch, for which your reward will be chiseling your dinner off the pan or swiftly hiding it before anyone has the chance to subject you to ridicule.

These are two things you can certainly eliminate the chance of if opting to use a rice cooker, as it is impossible to overcook rice when used properly and read the rice cooker instructions. In addition, the stationary nature of unit makes it incredibly difficult to knock over and spill rice all over your kitchen. Of course, you still need to keep your rice cooker clean in order to maintain both good working order and hygiene, but the task can be incredibly simple with just a few easy steps.

All you really need is some standard dish soap, hot water, a sponge and perhaps a little food-safe anti-bacterial spray, though this is entirely optional. As with all such appliances and utensils, cleaning is much easier if done as quickly as possible after cooking. Of course, this does require at least waiting until the cooker has cooled down to avoid burning yourself, but we’d like to think that such is simply common sense! One more opening tip…unplug the electric rice cooker unless you plan on boiling your hands as you recently did with the rice! Again…common sense.

The next step is to remove the inner pot and wash it well in the warm soapy water. This should then be thoroughly rinsed and dried with a clean cloth, ensuring not to use too much abrasive force if the pot has a non-stick coating. Remove the non-stick coating and your next cleaning job will be a thousand times harder, believe me!

If the cooker’s lid can be removed, do so and clean in exactly the same way as the inner pot. On the other hand, if the lid is fixed by a hinge, clean as well as possible with a cloth or sponge soaked in the water, rinse with a clean damp cloth and dry thoroughly. Leave all washed components to air dry for a minimum of 30 minutes or longer to ensure any missed moisture is removed.

Wipe down the exterior of the rice cooker with a damp cloth using a little soap or perhaps an antibacterial cleaner if preferred. Should you opt for the antibacterial approach, carefully check first that it can be used safely on the material in question and if in doubt, don’t use it!! Furthermore, never allow spray cleaners to get inside the cooker trough vents or openings as this could contaminate future cooking.

The final step is to remove any stray grains of rice you may find along the way and reassemble the unit. It really is as simple to clean a rice cooker as it is to use one!

How To Repair Scratches On Sandstone Surfaces

Many homeowners opt to use sandstone for a variety of surfaces around the home, including: floor tiles, kitchen countertops, wall cladding, patios, stair treads, shower stalls, and so on. Because this naturally porous stone is sealed after installation to protect it against moisture (which can cause all sorts of damage, including cracks and discolouration), any scratches that occur to the surface are often contained to the sealant and not passed on to the sandstone beneath. To repair these sorts of artificial scratches, you will need to follow this one easy process:

As you will be working with some chemicals and other solutions that don’t react very well with out skin, you will need to make sure that you are wearing a good pair of rubber gloves before beginning. You can then mix up a solution comprised of 2 litres warm water and a quarter of a cup of oxygen bleach powder. Stir the two together until the bleach has completely dissolved.

Next, you will need to take a plastic scrubbing brush and dip it into the solution prepared above. Use the brush to scrub at the areas of the sandstone that have sustained the scratches, as this will remove any dirt and grime from within the marks. Then, use a cloth that you have dampened with clean water to wipe down the sandstone and remove any remaining solution. Use a second cloth to wipe the sandstone dry.

You will then need to take a wad of #0000 grade steel wool and dampen it with some cold water. Use the steel wool to rub at the scratches on the sandstone surface until you can no longer see them. Do not use a heavier grade of steel wool, as this could pose further damage to the sandstone. If you notice that the scratches are much deeper than was originally thought, you will need to seek advice from a professional.

To finish, you will need to apply a thin layer of sandstone sealant to the surface of the pavers using the applicator provided. Before beginning, you will need to make sure that the area is well ventilated by opening nearby doors and windows. Make sure that you follow the accompanying manufacturer’s instructions and allow the first layer to dry completely before adding a second coat. Once you have applied the final layer, you will need to leave the sandstone to dry for at least 24 hours before attempting to walk on or utilize the area again.

Design of Rain Gutter Systems For Home Construction

After I received the 2008 edition of the State of Michigan building code I eagerly looked through the table of contents for rain gutters only to find no mention of these troubling troughs that hang at the edges of a roof. So I looked to the index only to be disappointed again. There was no mention specifically of rain gutter systems to be found. I am a licensed building contractor here in Michigan and have been repairing, reworking and cleaning gutters for over five years. Gutters are not designed into a house; they are simply tacked on as an afterthought by workers of various skills and abilities.

The long term maintenance problems and damage caused by poorly designed and installed gutters cost millions of dollars. Millions of dollars from injuries and even the death of homeowners trying to clean their gutters must also be taken into account. Start with the grade; how does water naturally flow around the house? The roof and gutters should be oriented so the water flows away from the house and never over walks, drives, decks or patios. A cistern to hold water for irrigation can then be the starting point for the design of your house.

Here are several design details that should be incorporated into the building code:

1. A downspout is required for a run of gutter not to exceed twenty feet. This will allow for slope of 1/20″ per linear foot giving proper drainage. This will decrease molds, mildew and breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Subtract one foot for every inside or outside mitered corner. Example: a run of gutter with two turns should not exceed 18′ without a downspout.

2. Downspouts will be of the “commercial” (3″ X 4″ or 4″ round) size. The larger pipe will not clog with leaves and seeds as easily.

3. Gutters draining upper roofs over lower roofs must be accessible by ladder from the ground.

4.Downspouts will be fixed to the gutter by cutting tabs into the bottom of the trough then bending them down to allow a screw or pop rivet to fix the downspout to the gutter. This eliminates the outlet flange which leaks and causes leaves and seeds to catch.

5. One-piece “offset” elbows will be used instead of two-piece elbows that are commonly assembled on-site now. In my experience I have yet to see these one-piece offsets clog. The upper two-piece elbow is where the vast majority of clogs are found. Many times the entire downspout has to be removed and taken apart to clear the clog.

6. The vertical pipe will have a maximum of three turns; two at the outlet for the gutter and one at bottom extension.

7. Downspout pipes that are not vertical must be avoided!

8. The bottom of the lower elbow will be at least one foot above the grade with a four foot extension.

9. Downspouts or gutters will NEVER be let out onto a roof surface or into a roof valley!

10. A minimum of two pipe bands will be used for every downspout or every ten feet of downspout to fix the vertical pipe to the house.

11. “Internal” or “hidden” hangers with screws will be used instead of gutter nails. These internal hangers are far superior to old-fashioned nails that must be located precisely in the ends of rafters, ceiling joists or trusses to work properly.

12. “Two-by” ( 2 X 6 or 2 X 8) lumber will be used instead of one-inch planks now used to make the fascia. The lumber will be covered with pre-coated aluminum to permanently seal the wood from the elements. This will allow the internal hangers to be placed every twenty-four inches with little need for precision.

13. A gutter hanger will be at least six inches from the center of an outlet.

Too often houses are designed for curb appeal and the roof is not a considered as a functional system to protect the home from the elements but as a fashion statement. The gratuitous use of steep slopes, valleys, ridges, dormers, gables and even turrets will only decrease the long-term value of a house. Reducing water run-off and enhancing the irrigation needs of the landscaping can be a huge benefit to the environment. The cost to replace roofs, clean and maintain gutters and the potential damage from water intrusion must be balanced with the aesthetics of the home: form follows function; beauty is found in the functionality of the design.

The Pros and Cons of Purchasing Stock House Plans

“Stock Plans” are building plans which you can order from a magazine, catalog or website. Some builders offer such pre-designed plans. Though not custom designed for you, homes built from these types of plans can be nice and quite appealing.

However, given the time and expense of building a home (which is a custom process by its nature) many would never consider anything but custom plans designed for uniquely for them or by them. However, stock plans can certainly be enticing and have definite value.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons of purchasing stock house plans:


  • Stock plans can be less expensive. Prices for a set of plans can be a thousand bucks – or less. The plans are listed like a menu and the prices for the plans are clearly posted. Once you’ve decided on a plan it is an easy process of clicking and buying. You choose the form of the drawing and the quantity.
  • Stock plans can save time in selecting a home. Since the designs are done and there for review, if you can select quickly you can save time. Usually the plans are displayed as floor plans and exterior views. Depending on the catalog you may get just a front view, and sometimes even a few views to help you understand the design. It’s a mail-order solution. Mail-order items have been part of our culture for a long time – from mail-order brides, to mail order kit-houses from Sears.
  • These predesigned plans are usually collections from a variety of viewpoints. This can be stimulating as you browse through the plans and views. You’ll find “new” ideas that you likely have not considered before.
  • Stock plans catalogs can to kick-start your imagination. They can get the creative juices flowing. Stock plans can be a valuable launching point to explore new ideas.


  • Stock plans are rarely ready for permitting. If submitted for permits without additional actions they will likely be rejected.
  • Engineer’s or Architect’s professional seal (looks like the old notary seal) is required on the plans in many localities (you should check with your local building department). Getting a professional stamp is not as easy as it sounds. Many professionals will require re-draw or, as a minimum, several revisions and additions to bring the plans up to local Codes and worthy of their seal. The fees for this can range from many hundreds to several thousands of dollars and will take several weeks to do depending on the project and the professional’s time.
  • Some revisions are inevitable. Because the plans are not customized for you it is rare that you will not see things you want to change. This can be expensive because most of the stock plan companies are not set up for individualized attention.
  • Stock-Plans are reused plans which have been built numerous times before. To some, this can be a negative factor.
  • Plans from the internet or catalog are designed for mass-appeal similar to cars and other consumer goods. This is beneficial for factory created items because it keeps the prices down. But since home building is always custom, some consider a home designed for mass-market appeal to be a waste of opportunity. It would be custom building a car and ending up with a Ford Taurus. What’s the point?
  • Stock plans are designed to be built in numerous locations. Areas of the country have basements, snow, hurricanes, cool temperatures, warm temperatures, and many other factors that are unique to each area. Certain types of building systems are common in certain areas – and generic plans can’t cover all the possibilities. Additionally, local tradesmen will spot the Stock Home and will mark them as such – not always positively.

Predesigned plans by a local builder, however, can side step many of these problems. They will generally be ready for permits, will be recognized locally and, if the builder has made provisions for changes, these can be a very good value.

In summary, stock plans are valuable for study and education and are a fertile source of ideas. They, however, will likely turn out not as inexpensive as you first think, or as quick, and certainly will not be something designed exclusively for you.

Having a professional working for and with you to develop a custom design based upon your ideas, your notions, and various ideas you have collected from many sources, as well has his or her experienced creativity will allow you to take full advantage the truly custom nature of building a home.

Remember, home building is the only industry which remains truly custom in nature – the designs should be as well.

New Promising Features Are Introduced to the Android Nougat

Although available currently for the Google Pixel and the Nexus phones, the latest Android Nougat has a number of improvements in its latest version 7.1.1. It allows for a lot to be done with your smartphones and a lot of features that Android developers can use to create modern and innovative mobile apps. Here are some of the features that make Android Nougat better in terms of user experience and productivity:

3D Touch type

This feature was initially only available for the Pixel phones. But the Android 7.1.1 update makes these features now available for all phones running the Android operating system. This feature allows you to tap the app icon and hold it until you see a sub menu that contains certain app specific quick options on a pop up. This gives you quick access to certain features of the app.

Split screen apps

You can now run two applications side by side on a single screen. There is a option to enable the recent apps multitasking option. You can then choose which apps to see simultaneously on the screen. For example, you can browse the web and work on a document at the same time. You also have the ability to drag an image or text from one app and drop it into another.

Double tap to switch apps

You can simply double tap the multitasking button or the recent apps button to switch apps instantly. To return to the current app, you need to simply double tap again.

Data saver

Smartphone apps sometimes continue sending and receiving data even when in the background. If you do not have the right data plan configured from your network carrier, this might turn out to be very expensive. With the latest version of Android Nougat, you can simply turn on Data Savings mode and specify which app can access data in the background.

Notification controls

If you wish to stop notifications from a particular app, you no longer need to sift through individual app-settings. All you need to do is to pull down the notifications bar and choose the app that you do not wish to see notifications from and select your preference for the app: “show notifications silently”, “block all notifications” or “don’t silence or block”.


Emojis are not a part of all conversations. The number of emojis has been increased depicting a range of professions and a lot more expressions. You can also send animated GIF images directly from the on-screen keyboard while you use supported apps such as Google Messenger and Hangouts.

Google has confirmed that currently only 0.4% of the smartphones are running this update currently – globally. This will change significantly and a lot more phones will have this update rolled out. The Android Nougat has a lot of promising new features that can be effectively used by app developers to create apps that are in line with the latest and greatest trends in the mobile domain.

Cairo, EGYPT Attraction

Egypt is considered to be the oldest country and has a lot to see in it. The Cairo city which is the Capital of Egypt endeavors a number of historical places including Mosques, Temples, Churches and palaces pertaining to the ancient Egyptians to visit. Some of these worldwide famous attraction points are as follows;

The first sight important to mention here is Al- Azhar Mosque. Being a Muslim country, Egypt has a number of mosques and religious sites among of which the most famed is Al- Azhar Mosque. It is thought that the name of this mosque was alluded to the Prophet of Islam Muhammad (P.B.U.H)’s daughter Fatima who was known by the title of “Az- Zahra” which means “the shinning or the brightened one”. It was founded in 970 AD as the kernel of newly formed Fatimid City. The mosque is referred as the most primeval religious site and its Sheikh is said to be the most authentic authority for Egyptian Muslims. The building is famous for its architectural style that surely depicts the hard work of its architects, engineers and laborers. The mosque has gone through numerous enlargements and renovations time to time over a span of 1000 years. The tomb chamber situated at the left just inside the entrance of mosque has a beautiful mihrab that indicates the direction of Mecca and because of its glory and elegancy it should not be missed. After a period of renovations, the mosque eventually developed into what it is today that is the second oldest running university with continuity in the whole world. The Al- Azhar Mosque is now transformed into Al- Azhar University. The university has been regarded as the foremost educational organization for the study of Islamic Law. The university was designated officially in 1961. It is the ultimate source of education regarding Shariah and Islam. The Muslims all over the world acknowledged its value and admit it to be the treasure of knowledge. As the mosque was built in the long period of time so its architecture material taken from multiple eras of Egyptian history can be seen clearly at the walls of the building. The architecture of Al- Azhar can be said as the mirror of history of Cairo.

The Egyptian Museum or commonly known as Museum of Cairo is home to a vast collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities. The history of Egypt is very much substantial as it is among the oldest countries in the world. The Egyptian Museum was established in 1902 and has a collection of over 120,000 items. Many of these items are placed on the display while the remaining is reserved in store rooms. Among these 120,000 items, some of the antiquities have a great importance in the history of ancient Egypt. The museum has an honor to have the world’s largest collection of Pharaonic antiquities. The museum has two main floors; one is the ground floor and the other is the first floor. The ground floor has a broad collection of Papyrus and metal coins (silver, gold. Bronze) those were used in the ancient world. Papyrus is referred as the shabbiest plant that is used in the past to make paper. Different small fragments of Papyrus are displayed in the museum due to their decay over the past two millennia. Numerous languages are found written on these pieces including Arabic, Greek, Latin and ancient Egyptian. The ground floor has the material pertaining to the era between 1550 and 1069 BC. These items have different tables, coffins and statues. The museum is a great source of education so if you are in Egypt then make sure to visit this place as it will give a huge increment to your knowledge.

Egypt is not notorious in the whole world only for being affluent in its history but also it has many famous parks and spots of enjoyment. The Gabalaya Park and aquarium is one of the must see place in Cairo as the park has beautified landscaped gardens with aquariums set in rocks. These aquariums although did not have many actual fish. The place is beautiful and is best if you want to escape the crowd and want peace and harmony. Your kids will be much more happy over here than any other place as the aquamarine life they will see in the park is the best experienced they have. Being at the park is also not a problem as the entrance fees are modestly priced that can be afforded by anyone. The place is best for afternoon picnics and has many shops to sell snacks. But most of the families’ prefer to have their own picnic baskets. As I said earlier, the aquarium does not host a good deal of fish species but the tanks are built into rock formation that gives an intriguing and exciting walk through paths of the tanks. Visiting the park at week days is suggested as it becomes very crowded during the weekends.

A major public town square in Downtown Cairo; Martyr Square was the center point for the Egyptian revolution of 2011. The square is commonly known by the title “Tahrir Square”. Earlier the Tahrir Square was initially known by “Ismailia Square” but later on after the revolution took place by the Egyptians it would get famed and called as “Tahrir Square”. The square is the dominant public town square in Downtown Cairo, Egypt. Tahrir Square is surrounded by numerous historic and valuable spots. Some of the worth mentioning are Egyptian Museum, the Mogamma government building, Kasr El Dobara Evangelical Church, the Nile Hotel, House of Folklore, the National Democratic Party- NDP headquarters building and the Headquarters of the Arab League building, and the original downtown campus of the American University in Cairo. It surrounds a large traffic globe. A statue of Omar Makram who was a nationalist hero is placed in a plaza and the plaza is situated on the north- east of the Square.

When we talk about the tall buildings in Egypt, we cannot forget to mention the “Cairo Tower” and if we would forget, then it is unfair. It is the tallest building in the North Africa and Egypt. The Cairo Tower is 187 meters tall. This tower looks like a latticework tube. It has given the status over a long period of 50 years. It was constructed between 1954 and 1961. After its completion, it was also inaugurated in 1961. An Egyptian architect designed this tower. Because of its tallness, it has 90 floors. It has an honor to be ranked on the fourth among the tallest towers worldwide.

Now comes, the hills and the mountains which enhance the beauty of the place. A range of hills known as Mokattam is situated in southeastern Cairo, Egypt. The meaning of Mokattam is “cut off” or “broken off”. Its name has an eminent historic aspect. Simon, the saint once moved the mountain and that is why it is named as Mokattam. It is also called as “Cave Church”. This church was opened in 1975. This Cave Church present in Mokattam is ranked as the largest church in the Middle East. In 1980’s, Zabbaleen’ (Coptic Christians) population was about 8,000 and now almost 30,000 people are living here. Being a Muslim country, Egypt has a majority of Muslims. Christian colony is quite hard to find in Egypt. Most of the Coptic Christians aggrandized to move in Mokattam with their scriptural territory. A large population collects sewage and filth here and because of the fact, it is titled as the “garbage city” in the area as they found it more profitable rather than shoving the animals. These hills are situated in the new capital of Egypt called as Fustat. A large precinct of Mokattam hills accommodates upscale environs of Cairo. The remaining area contains skid row. This beautiful and sacred place gives a pleasant sight.

The Manial Palace and Museum is situated in the range of El- Manial district of southern Cairo, Egypt called Sharia Al- Saray. It grounds on Rhoda Island on the Nile. It was built during 1899 to 1929. But later on in 1955, the palace was accustomed to the Egyptian nation. To reflect the perspective and lifestyle of the late 19th and the early 20th century Egyptian aristocratic and imperial prince and inheritor ostensible, the palace has been sustained as an Antiquities Council assisted historic house museum and estate. The palace has five isolated buildings and Persian Gardens surrounds these buildings. A museum is also located among these structures. The worth mentioning items kept in the museum include Faruq’s hunting trophies, prince’s residence, accessories and fixtures and family’s relics. A ravishing garden having alluring and dazzling flowers and plants is also a worth seeing venue. A mobilization of carpets, textiles, palimpsests, texts, brass work and crystal is also found here. Since last 10 years, the palace was revamping sprucing up under the project and now after the culmination of project it is under the ascendancy of the antiquities ministry. A Meridian Hotel has been built on the inceptive loam.

Giza Zoo, an area of greenery and a stunning site is one of the trifling green locations in Giza, Egypt. It is a corporeal garden in the city. It was opened in 1891 and covers a large area of 80 acres. Because of its largeness, it is ranked as the largest park of Giza. It contains variant endangered species of almost 175 kinds. When the zoo was inaugurated, animal collection spotlighted Egyptian species but with the passage of time, migratory animals and birds are also represented here and they are adduced as 20,000 individuals. The zoo was considered to be one of the best zoos in the world in the mid 20th century. The gardens present in the zoo have well- off and paved roads, gravel enriched footpaths and a pond which is now known as the Zoo’s Tea Island. For the convenience of the visitors to see the animals from the height, a cessation bridge was built in the zoo and among all the bridges of the whole world, this bridge probably have been the first ethical sight locus.

The souks (bazaar) effectively grab the attraction of tourists as well as natives. Khan el – Khalili, a major booth is located in the Islamic district of Cairo. Bab al- Ghuri who was the ruler of 15th century had ruined the actual Khan and reconstructed it as a retailing manifold in 1511 featuring immortal gates and plumb streets. The district was affiliated with Turkish consigners in the reign of Ghuri up to till now. However today it is engrossed by the Egyptian merchants. Typically the shops are the center point of jewellery, antiques and gifts but the goldsmiths and other traditional shops offering variant items are also located here because they are still conspicuous for the natives. After shopping, one need to refresh and relax him and the best way of refreshment is to have some food in a peaceful place. So many restaurants and coffeehouses are also stationed. The coffeehouses conventionally offer and serve the traditional Arabic Coffee and frequently offer shisha. One of the oldest and most glorious coffeehouse is known as Fishawi’s. In addition, street food vendors are also wandering in the streets of bazaar.

Talking about tombs firstly clicks the Pyramid of Djoser in our minds. It is an archeological perch in the Saqqara necropolis, Egypt. It was built during 27th century (2667 to 2648 BC). The pyramid is the paramount and axial feature of a capacious mortuary convoluted in a tremendous courtyard. The pyramid is 62 meters heighted. It is the first Egyptian pyramid having 6 memorials and these six memorials are assembled one over another making a pile. Under the pyramid, a recessed lime stone wall of “palace façade” are beautifully decorated and contain 13 concocted gates. The pyramid is situated at the center of a complex area that is stretched at 37 acres. Under the pyramid is an array of chambers and tunnels. Recent studies have revealed it to be the burial chamber of a king. Imhotep was a man who had been regarded as a sort of god and he was the one who designed this step pyramid.

Bab Zuweila also known as Bawabbat al- Mitwali is ranked as one of the considerable landmark of the city. The old city of Cairo Egypt contains 3 main gates and it is one of these gates. These gates include Bab al- Futuh which is the northern gate locating corresponding to Bab Zuweila, Bab an- Nasr and Bab Zuweila. It is the determinate resting southern gate in the 11th and 12th century. The building has an eminent podium. Its name is also based upon a historic countenance. The word Bab means “door” and Zuweila was the name of the tribe of Berber’s troopers. Cairo was discovered in 969 and in 1092, a second wall was built around Cairo to shelter the city and southern gate of this wall would be called as Bab Zuweila. This site is a royal path towards knowing the history and history lovers will love to be there. so, whenever you get a chance to be in Cairo, make sure your trip to Bab Zuweila as the place is not only enjoyable but also a pretty much informative.

Improve Your Eyesight Without Glasses – Eye Exercises And Getting Better Vision Naturally

The eyes are one of the most important organs in the body. They bring more fun to life when you have a pair complete than when you do not. This is why people are looking for ways of getting better vision. A common fix most people go for when they have eye problems are eyeglasses or contact lens. What most do not know is that they can improve their eyesight without glasses. This article will show you how to get a better vision naturally.

It should be noted that there are eye conditions that one must use eyeglasses to correct. But this does not apply to all conditions. You can use other methods to cure some eye ailments. Most of these methods are natural and come at little or no cost.

In order to appreciate the methods of improving your eyesight without glasses, you must first understand the make-up of your eyes.

The eyes are made up of muscles which are attached to the eye sockets in the skull. Just like other muscles in the body get fatigued and require rest, so also, do the eye muscles get fatigued and require rest. This helps to increase the muscle tone and then maintain a better vision. But most of the daily activities we involve ourselves in today do spell out a good natural vision. Most people spend time in front of television and computers, and most of us spend long hours into the night without giving the eyes adequate rest. All these put stress on the eye muscles which may in the long run impair the vision.

The use of contact lens or glasses only tries to fix the symptoms of the problem but not the root cause of the problem. Through time, this quick fix method will only remain glued to the eye. The only way to cure most of these eye ailments is by dealing with the source of the problem. By doing this you can improve your eyesight without glasses.

One sure natural method of resting the eye is called palming. This can be done by warming up your palm by rubbing them together, and then place them on your closed eyes. This will prevent light from entering the eye therefore giving the eye some rest. Doing this everyday and on a regular basis can give you a better vision naturally without glasses.

This method was established by Dr. Williams H. Bates in 1880 as one of the various exercises one can use to improve the eyesight without glasses. Using the Bate’s method has helped to cure various eye problems and also reduce reliance on the use of eyeglasses.

Is It OK to Break Open Fish Oil Pills In Order To Make Swallowing Easier?

Let’s face it! Lots of us have trouble swallowing pills and capsules. Breaking open fish oil pills or capsules, however, is not the easiest way to deal with the problem.

There is no fundamental reason not to break open a capsule of a high quality supplement into a clean spoon or even into a glass of V-8 juice or some other salty, flavorful vegetable juice. As long as the oil is consumed right away, it will not oxidize and the essential fatty acids it contains will not spoil. You can just throw the capsule away, although some brands like Nordic Naturals add flavoring to the capsule itself to make it tasty enough to chew. But don’t! You don’t really want to squirt fish oil in your mouth unless you have tasted it before and grown accustomed to it.

There are reasons, however, not to break open a capsule of any product that is labeled as containing “marine liquids.” Another term for marine liquids might be fish juice. Just as a fish would go bad if you put it in a bottle and left it on your shelf for six months or more, marine liquids ferment inside the capsule. They don’t really smell rotten. They smell fishy. They are the component of low-quality products that give you fishy burps and indigestion. Never open a fish oil capsule if the label lists marine liquids as an ingredient.

There are two easy ways to deal with the problems of swallowing omega-3 supplement pills.

One is to buy chewables. Usually offered in fruit flavors, such as cherry, lemon, orange, and lime, these omega-3 gummy bears are meant to be chewed and swallowed. The best brands don’t taste fishy and both children and adults usually enjoy them.

The other way to get your fish oil dose without having to break open a pill or capsule is to buy liquid fish oil in bottles.

Back in the days when the only available type of this oil was rancid, nasty cod liver oil, getting your daily omega-3s, vitamin A, and vitamin D from fish oil seemed more like punishment than nourishment. The awful flavor of the oil was due to the fact that fishing vessels lacked storage and basic sanitation.

Fortunately, today this problem no longer exists. Fish are caught in cold waters and immediately put on ice. Supplement makers do not tolerate bacterial contamination in the catch and they test their products for any signs of spoilage or bacterial contamination.

It is still possible to buy fermented cod liver oil, and, believe it or not, it is actually the most nutritious form of fish oil on the planet. Just a teaspoon (5 ml) a day is enough for your daily requirements of vitamins A and D.

There are other types of these oils not made from livers which are also available in fruit flavors. In Norway, they are even a popular breakfast drink.

Make no mistake about it! It’s OK to break open capsules of high-quality fish oils. But it’s a lot easier to use chewable DHA capsules or fruit-flavored oil.

If you’re interested, I can give you my personal recommendation for the high-quality supplement that I take on a daily basis… without having to open the capsule. Just visit my website.

How A Person Should Store Art Drawings

If a person has a love of art and drawing, then the chances are that such a person has been storing every single drawing for a long time. Where to put them might be a problem as an individual may not be sure where to keep them safe. It is very important for one to ensure they are stored well for future use and remembrance.

Being organized is the best thing to do. Every artist should be a person who is well organized. The drawings and paintings need to be kept safe and clean. This will show the seriousness of an individual in carrying out such an investment. There are many ways of keeping the drawings and painting safe from any kind of damage. It only needs a bit of organisation.

An individual is advised to convert an old cereal container into a file folder. It is very possible to fit quite a number of drawings into it. A person can use one cereal container for example, to store drawings of nature. An individual can have another cereal box for storage of drawings and paintings of cartoon character. It is advisable to use cereal boxes that are big enough. Small ones may not work as expected.

People need to purchase a portfolio folder. It is a type of a folder that is design to neatly hold ones drawings together. Purchasing such a folder can do great help in displaying the drawings quickly and easily. This kind of folder can even be made at home. It just needs two pieces of cardboard, glue, a strip of construction paper and a string.

Having everything at hand, you should glue the two pieces of cardboard to the strip to form a folder. One must then punch a hole. The hole has to be punched in the top center pieces. After doing that, the paintings and drawings should be placed inside the folder. The folder should then be closed up by pulling the string through the holes. Make sure to tie them together.

People can also use a scrapbook to keep the paintings and drawings safe. A scrapbook is design to have plastic covers. Each page has a plastic cover. This will definitely help in protecting your drawings. This can be a protection from any spills and even fingerprints when admirers are looking through the drawings. This very crucial in keeping the northern British art safe.

Purchasing an accordion folder is also advisable. This can be obtained from the local supply store. The benefit of purchasing an accordion folder is that it is designed to hold several drawings. They are being sold at very reasonable prices. Which means they are affordable to everyone. Your drawings can stay pristine and in their original condition. This is because it is design to allow one to slide a different drawing into each and every slot. If the drawings are kept in such a folder, they will never get wrinkled even if they are cramped together.

Therefore, keeping ones art safe is very important. The above options will cater for most situations, and will greatly help in ensuring the drawings are stored safe, clean and dry.’

Pre-Drilled Glass Block Lights, Banks, & Vases For the Holidays

If you’re a craft professional looking for something unique to sell, a non-profit fund raiser working to secure donations in exchange for a unique gift, or just an individual looking for a personalized present for Thanksgiving or Christmas there is something new and different to consider – glass block lights, banks, and vases. Below you can learn more about these products and their benefits and features for your project or gift.

Pre-drilled Glass Block Lights for Crafts & Gifts

If you’re looking for a cool nightlight for a bedroom or bathroom, a lighted block for a cake or table at a wedding or convention, or a Christmas decoration to put on your kitchen counter, a lighted block can be perfect for you. Here are some key features and benefits of this product:

1. Available with pre-drilled holes – Cutting and cleaning out the inside of a block is not the easiest or safest thing in the world to do. With pre-drilled ½” to 5/8″ holes the block units are craft-ready without needing to invest in a drill press or expensive diamond drill bits. The 5/8″ holes are create a snug, secure fit for lights. The holes can be put either on the face of the block for upright projects or the side of the block for flat gifts.

2. Any size or pattern of block can be pre-drilled and illuminated – The block can be ordered in 4″ x 8″, 6″ x 6″, 6″ x 8″, 8″ x 8″, or even 12″ x 12″ sizes with any pattern of block. The different sizes can actually be quite helpful. One crafter looking to save on the ribbon cost going around the block unit chose to work with 4″ x 8″ and 6″ x 6″ sizes to save money. A homeowner in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania was looking to finish off his “man-den” with two yellow colored 12″ x 12″ blocks to support shelving in Pittsburgh Steelers themed basement.

3. Several blocks can be put together for unique gifts or home accessories – Glass block lamps, furniture, telephones, and Christmas decorations have been created by assembling more than one pre-drilled block together. One woman in Cincinnati Ohio creates block snowman with lights running through multiples blocks. Glass shapes and images can be purchased at crafts stores and put onto the faces of the block with contact cement to make a stylish paperweight or book end. You might also consider cementing several blocks together to make a spice rack or bookshelf. A rub on appliqué can be put on the block face for a unique design as well.

4. Nationwide shipping for craft enthusiasts – Since the block are a very solid 3 1/8″ or 3 7/8″ thick they can be shipped from Maine to Oregon without a problem, allowing you to source hard to find block patterns and sizes that are professionally drilled and ready for your project.

Glass Block Banks For Fundraising and Christmas Gifts

There’s nothing quite like a glass piggy bank where you can watch your money grow. The following benefits and features of the product have expanded the block specialty sales greatly.

1. Available with pre-drilled coin slots at the top and plugs at the bottom – Older style block banks only had a slot at the top of the block – making it a tough exercise to get the money out! Now block banks come with slots at the top and plugs at the bottom making coin removal painless.

2. Sizes and patterns for unique looks – Most common glass block banks come in 6″ x 6″ x 3 1/8″ and 8″ x 8″ x 3 1/8″ sizes in a Wave pattern. There are also some availability of 6″ x 8″ sizes and Icescapes, Mist, and Bubble patterns.

3. Personalized engraving for a unique touch – The faces of the block units can be personalized with any type of image or logo to make a unique gift for a family member or donor to your organization.

Glass Block Vases for Floral Shops and Home Decorating

If you’re looking for a cool, contemporary, and sturdy vase all wrapped into one a glass block vase is for you. Here are some of it’s key features and benefits:

1. Multiple sizes for square and vertical vases – Available in 6″ x 6″ and 8″ x 8″ square sizes or 4 ½” x 9 ½” for a vertical look.

2. Can be safely shipped – Since the blocks are sturdy with thick faces on the glass they are safe to ship anywhere in the nation.

3. Your cat will have a hard time knocking this vase over – Ever come home and find your cat sniffing the flowers from a vase they’ve recently knocked down and broken while you’ve been away? Block glass vases are more sturdy and heavy than traditional vases and much less likely for your pet to knock down.

If you’re ready for something new, fun, and personalized for your crafting business, fund raising events, or gift for a family member consider pre-drilled glass block lights, banks, and vases this upcoming holiday season.

Five Advantages That Paper Lantern String Lights Offer

Have you ever heard of paper lantern string lights? Some people do not even know that paper lantern lights are accessible. What is more, a few of you have never thought of creating these lighting accessories at home. If you have not used lanterns before, try doing it this year. These products are available for sale in your local stores or at Internet stores. Since they are many and different, try string lights first. You only have to visit various websites that sell these products so you can see how they look like. This will make you realize why these lantern string illuminations are better than many other styles. These lights have many advantages to them and five of them include the following.

• Have many color variations – Although some people love colorful themes, others are satisfied with white. If you adore a white theme and want it for your upcoming event, all you have to do is buying white paper lanterns. These are available on the Internet or at your local store. On the other hand, if your preference is bright colors, you can find related lights as well. Some items have solid coloration and others have a mixture of colors. If you want printed or patterned lights, again you can get them. If color is what you want to show off in your holiday decorations, now you know that it is easy to do it.

• Can fit many occasions – Whether you are looking to use these lights for the coming Halloween and Christmas holidays or weddings, they are the best. They are even the most appropriate for those who will soon host a graduation, a birthday or any other anniversary occasion. Therefore, buying paper lantern string lights is very beneficial to you. These versatile lights are everything you need to beautiful your outdoors any time you want. Some are battery powered and others use electric power.

• Different sizes are available – Each lantern has its own size and it depends on its shape. For instance, if you want a round lamp, then you will consider size in terms of diameter. Generally, you can find small, medium and big paper string lamps. It is up to you to choose the most suitable lighting to help decorate your home this Christmas.

• Have different shapes – You have plenty of choices when it comes to shape. Lanterns have very many shapes, including round, rectangular, square, star cylindrical, and others. You can even find other figures as long as you search properly.

• Prices are affordable – If there are any cheap products in the market today, those would be string lights. Try finding them on the Internet and you will notice that this is true. Even if your budget is low right now, you can still use these paper lamps to beautify your party venue. Read product reviews before you can decide which paper lantern string lights are good for you. You will only use money at the time of buying and then enjoy using these lanterns in future.

Improving Team Communications

There are plenty of benefits to teamwork in any type of business setting. It allows the strengths of many to offset the weaknesses of people. It allows the best ideas to be focused on and problems to be resolved. When you have a group working together, they can benefit from employee communication apps.

What are They?

If you aren’t familiar with the concept, employee communication apps make it possible for everyone in a given group to be able to share information. A single message can go out everyone on the team and not sending them individually. As a group, they can talk and interact no matter where they happen to be.

It is difficult to schedule meetings where everyone can attend due to differences in schedules. With employee communication apps, this barrier is reduced and more information can be shared. The overall participation increases too because everyone involved feels like they are part of the decisions being made.


Not all employee communication apps are the same though. Look for one that has plenty of automated features. This allows your team to conveniently schedule on the calendar and other needs without difficulty. It keeps everyone on track and can be beneficial. It cuts down on miscommunication and anything falling through the cracks.

Links and Files

Not all the apps out there work well with sending and receiving links or files. It is important you use employee communication apps that make it simple to attach and open such information. With the technology we have today, it is quite common to share links and files with other employees you are teamed up with. Don’t let this become a barrier that reduces communication.


Depending on the nature of the work you offer, it may be necessary for the groups to have passwords in place. They will need to login with their password credentials to send or access information within the team. This is highly recommended as it helps to keep the integrity of what is shared and who it is being shared with.


Your business doesn’t function like others, even those in the same niche. The ability to customise the features for your business and even for particular projects is very encouraging. This ability allows you to really get the most efficiency from such an app. Look for one that has plenty of features, add ons and customised features you can benefit from.

Easy to Use

Explore how simple it is to use a given tool before you carry out it. Don’t discourage them with employee communication apps that don’t function well or they are difficult to use. The reason you are offering them this is to make things easier. Do your homework and try them out before you make them part of what is available to your employees.

It may be useful to let your employees help test them and decide what they like best. You can create a pros and cons list for different apps. You aren’t going to find one they all like the same but you can find one that stands out and delivers what is needed and also simple to use.


While everything should move along smoothly, that isn’t always how technology works out. Make sure you will have access to free customer support any time of the day or night if you need it. Otherwise, you are taking a huge risk with a given app that it is going to work all the time like it should.

Being able to ask questions and to gain help as soon as you need it is very important. It ensures your business groups are able to continue with their needs without any delays or problems getting in the way. Once you add such a communication method, you may start to wonder how your business every thrived without it!

Need to Sell More Home Security Systems? Here Are Five Ways to Overcome Sales Objections

Home security is often a tough sale. It is the kind of decision that is easy for the customer to put off unless we help them make the right decision. Here are a few foundations that will help you overcome objections and get more home security sales.

Make An Order Your Goal In Every Home

Before you go into any home, make the decision that you are leaving with an order. Remind yourself that you are not there to educate, to entertain or to meet. You are there to help them make the right decision and to leave with an order. Focus on writing an order in every home and end every presentation with an order.

Use Trial Closes

Throughout your home security system presentation, be sure you are focusing on what is important to the customer. End each benefit statement with a question. For example, “Our home security system will alert our call center immediately and we will call you to make sure everything is OK within seconds. Is that the kind of protection you want for your family?” When they say “Yes”, they are tying themselves to buying. Use these trail close questions with each benefit point. Always end with a question, not a statement.

Eliminate Deal Enders

We accidentally carry things with us that will kill any chance we have of getting a sale. These items are business cards and brochures. It feels so good when we hand out a brochure and a card, but it means they don’t need to call us again. They have the information they want! Writing your price and leaving it with a card and a brochure is a license to shop and ends the sale without an order. Always have an order form out and do all your writing on it. This focuses you and the customer on the order and that’s just were you want the attention to be in home security sales.

Follow A Proven Formula

Don’t shoot from the lip when you receive a home security sales objection. There are good proven steps and formulas for overcoming objection. Learn one that you have confidence in and follow the steps. Most of us are too excited and emotional when receiving the actual objection to think clearly, so following a formula gives a big advantage. Be Prepared For Common Objections There are a few objections that we face over and over in our sales careers. Be prepared for them. We suggest that you have at least 10 come backs for each objection you receive. You accomplish this by starting a page for each objection you cannot overcome. Then, ask every salesperson you know, how they deal with that objection. Write down good ideas and then practice, drill and rehearse until you have ten that are effective. You know you are going to face objections, don’t go out without a plan and good tools for cashing them.

Give these techniques a try and you will find you are able to get more home security sales by overcoming objections when selling home security systems.

Ringtones – 10 Most Recognized Ringtones That Dominated the Earth

Nokia Tune – The basic ringtone that is included in all Nokia phones as default set the trend of ringtones and alert tones. It is based on “Gran Vals” by a musician from the 19th-century named Francisco Tarrega. This tune is most popular to millions of subscribers worldwide as Nokia’s signature tone.

Mosquito Tone -Also known as the “teen buzz” this ringtone is a high frequency tone created to annoy teenagers from loitering outside stores. The pitch is so high that the sound can only be heard by young people because of the health of their ears. As we grow old our ears also hear high frequency tones less.

Crazy Frog – Jamba, a mobile content community heavily promoted this tone. Ads flooded both the internet and the TV because of this Erik Wernquist’s “The Annoying Thing,” the Crazy Frog tone became famous all over the world.

Nokia Morse Code SMS alert – Those who wanted something different in their phones surely were able to download this ingenious SMS alert. This ringtone spells out “S-M-S” in Morse Code. It is the most famous “SMS tone” used to warn mobile handset owners whenever someone texts them.

Classic telephone ring – Because of the vast collection of ringtones, some mobile subscribers opted for the vintage “bell ringing” sound of the ordinary landline phone. Having an ordinary landline tone on a mobile phone is a cool thing to have during its popularity.

Sir Mixalot – In 1992, Sir Mixalot scored a big hit with his track “Baby Got Back.” The line that was used as a mobile tone was the lyrics “Pick up the phone! Pick up the phone! ‘Cause you don’t want to miss this call and I cannot lie!” This was recorded and re-recorded to create a ringtone which instantly caught popularity.

R2D2 Ringtone – The ever famous robot from Star Wars also created a buzz in the ringtone industry especially for those who are big Star Wars fans.

Nokia Dying Remix – Modifying the standard Nokia tone making a spoof out of it took popularity because of its humorous “Flat Battery” or “Dying” sound. The tone usually goes flat or explodes.

CTU Ringtone -In the TV show “24,” an identifiable tone was always heard ringing. That same sound was promoted as a ringtone and because of the popularity of the TV series the tone gained its popularity as well.

iPhone Ringtone – In year 2007, the launching of the iPhone carried a specific mobile tone for the use of the gadget. The tone became suddenly available on the web after its launching. The ringtone sounds like “holy angels tinkling” and was integrated into the iPhone’s standard selection of ringtones.

How to Sand and Seal Floorboards

We have been sanding and sealing, staining and restoring floors for over 10 years, although we would recommend that you use a professional to sand and seal your floor, you can do it yourself, if you follow this simple guide:


It is the key to every job we do, if your prep is bad the finished job will be terrible, if prep is excellent the finished job will be outstanding.

The whole point of sanding and sealing is that you should be able to recreate a factory applied finish on site (at least that is what we aim to do).

Firstly you need to prepare your floor for sanding, you need to remove all nails from any gripper rods that were in-situe before, also any bits of carpet underlay that have become stuck to the floor. Once you have fully cleaned the area you need to check for any loose boards, if you find any lift them up fully to check for pipes underneath, then, using cut nails 1 ½ to 2 inch, nail them back down carefully. Then set all the nails in by at least 3mm using a centre punch and hammer, this will increase the life of the sanding belt, and limit and damage to the drum.


You are now ready to start sanding; you should start with a 36 grit belt or 40 Grit (depending on the state of the boards). Sand in the direction of the boards, never work diagonally or across them as this will put scores marks in that will take forever to remove. If you are using a Hiretech HT8 then you will need to be very careful, as these machines are really light and they tend to jump and skip over the boards rather than sand them. When sanding never leave the machine in one place for more than 2 seconds as it will create burn marks in the board that are impossible to remove. Rather keep the sander moving at all times and let the roller gently coast on the floor.

We use (and hire out) a Bona Flexidrum, this has a continuous belt on a rubber drum, the belt just slides on, no need for metal bars and screws as on the HT8. It weighs around 60kg (very heavy) and has a 2.2kw motor, it is incredibly fast at removing material and is 98% dust free; it always leaves a beautiful finish.

The 36 or 40 grit should be used until all of the boards are sanded back to bare wood, if the boards are particularly curved you could use a small sander to get the very edges of the boards cleaned up. Once you are back to bare wood you can start working through the other grades, don’t be tempted to skip grades you must work through them all – 60, 80, 100, 120 grit. Once you have sanded to 100 grit you should start sanding the edges, again keep the sander moving at all times, start with the most coarse disc and work to the finest (80 grit). After the edges are done, do the corners and around any pipes with a detail sander 40 to 60 grit (no need to go any finer it’s a very small area). After all this is done its time to do the final pass with the 120 grit belt, before running a random orbital sander around the edges (60 working to 100 grit). The final pass should be no more than twice in each direction, you’re not trying to remove material but just giving a final light sand. With this part done now your onto the final stage (at last)….go around the whole room with a random orbital sander, sand out any score marks or swirls that are in the boards, start at 60 grit, then 80 and finish with 100 or 120.

I know this all sounds very long winded, but trust me if you put the preparation in you will be rewarded when it comes to applying the finish.


If you are going to stain the floor you obviously need to do it before the seal is applied. We recommend the use of a solvent based stain that can be lacquered over. We use Bona Décor. We apply this stain with a rag in a circular motion, working the stain into the boards; you must make sure that all the stain is fully rubbed in with no ‘wet looking patches’. Once you have done this the stain needs to dry for 24-48hrs before applying your primer coat.

Most stains that are oil based cannot be lacquered over; instead a top coat of oil is applied after the stain. We have in the past used spirit based stains; however these can be notoriously difficult to apply evenly, especially on woods that are porous like beech. If you are using a spirit based stain you have to work very quickly and always keep a ‘wet edge’, on porous woods the stain should be diluted with white spirit so that it can be applied more evenly.


You’re now ready to seal the floor, so firstly fully vacuum it off ensuring that there is no dust of any kind on the floor. We always recommend the use of a base coat primer such as Bona Prime Intense or Prime Classic. A primer stops any side bonding, this is when the floor expands and rather than each block moving individually, they more as a section creating a shear line in the pattern (herringbone block). A primer enables the floor to move under the lacquer (the primer has elastic type qualities) avoiding any cracks from side bonding. This is obviously very important on any parquet or herringbone floors, not so important for floor boards but it is still good practice, as it is an extra layer of protection and aids adhesion of the top coat.

Firstly shake the bottle of lacquer well for one minute, then using the filter provided, decant it into your roller tray. Brush all the edges of the floor first using a fine bristled paint brush, making sure to cover all corners and come about 4 inches of the wall. There is no need to wait for this to dry you can carry straight on with covering the rest of the floor.

We apply the lacquer with a roller, again from Bona, don’t be tempted to use a paint roller, the lacquer roller that Bona make are guaranteed to give an orange peel free finish without dropping any pile.

When you have covered the entire floor, and checked that you have not over applied in any areas (this can be seen by a blue looking film on the surface) leave it to dry for 2 to 3 hours. You have a choice now, you can either nib the lacquer back with a buffing machine or not, if you don’t you will get a rougher grippier finish than if you nibbed it back.

If you go down the buffing route then you need to use the buffer on the slowest speed with a maroon pad and a scrad wing (a small sanding sheet that sticks to the maroon pad). Work over the floor quickly keeping the sander moving all the time, if you stay in one place to long you will rip through the primer.

After this, vacuum the floor again to ensures a dust free surface, then apply the lacquer in exactly the same way as you applied the primer, leave to dry for 3-4 hours then repeat for the final coat. The floor will need two top coats, making three in total, if you buffed the primer the first time round then you need to do the same with the first coat of lacquer. Do not buff the top coat; it should be pretty smooth if you buffed the two previous coats.

So that’s it! All done!

NB – Make sure you put felt pads on any furniture in the room as this will stop any scratches when moving furniture about.

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