Breastfeeding – When the Most Natural Feeding Becomes Challenging

Breastfeeding a baby is the most natural way of feeding. As much as we would like to believe that the formula milk is very close to breastmilk and is good enough, the very fact that humans have survived so many thousand years even before formula was found shows how effective breast feeding has been. If you are one of the lucky mothers for whom breastfeeding is going great, then you are blessed. However, there is another population of mothers who struggle to feed their babies. Some say the baby is not latching properly but with some guidance from breastfeeding advisers (in the western world) and grandmothers/experienced mothers (usually in developing world) and over time, one can succeed in making the latching works. There is another category of mothers who want to breast feed but struggle as they do not make enough milk. Every book or website you open will tell you that your body will make enough milk for your baby and that on demand feeding helps your body understand how much is needed. Trust me, it is not everyone’s body that is actually capable of producing enough milk, leave alone excess to pump and store. I am not going to write about the benefits of breastfeeding as there is a lot of literature on it but I thought it will help some if I could share my experience and also present some consolidated information on what you could potentially do to increase milk production.

It is very painful to see your baby cry despite feeding for like an hour. Especially for new mothers, it is not just the physical pain that one has to go through while beginning to breast feed, it is also the agony of not satiating the hungry baby. One would wish all they could do was make enough milk so the baby is full and dozes off. I have been through that pain and can totally empathise. We had to start our little one on formula feed in addition to breast feeding right from day one as he was jaundiced and really needed the food to flush out his system. Once we brought him home, we understood in a couple of days that I was just not making enough and in the months to come I had to cope with the fact that he would be given bottles as well. I was very determined to make breast feeding work for us and had not even thought about ‘what if it was not going well’? We had not bought a pump or even bottle but decided to do so a day after we brought him home. With limited time to explore best options, we went for a manual Philips pump which was okay to start with. I then took advise from breast feeding advisers and soon after that was on an information gathering spree so I could improve milk production. During this phase, I learned that although you may not be aware, women who have some sort of breast surgery, like augmentation or reduction or even fibroids removed (for medical reasons), can potentially have problems with supply. A term that you may want to get familiar with is galactagogue. These are substances that help improve lactation in humans and animals. Based on my experience and information I gathered, I have put together the following information that may help you…

1. The soreness experienced in the first few days of feeding combined with an almost constantly hungry baby can be quite testing. Try not to be put off by it. One could use what are call nipple shields to ease the soreness. These are usually made of silicone and help good latching too. It is also useful for women with small or inverted nipples. Once you and your baby get a hang of breastfeeding, stop using the nipple shield. You need to keep the feeding going in order to increase milk production. Remember it usually is just 24 hours of not feeding that stops milk production

2. Pump as often as possible. As I said earlier, the body learns from the baby how much milk is needed. Try to pump when you get a chance. I say so because, there could be times when you have to complement the feed by giving a bottle to your baby. In such cases, pump to empty your breast so your body does not think baby needs lesser milk. After the first few weeks, the baby’s increases the interval between feeds, pump between feeds as well. I was told that pumping between 2am and 4 am is a good idea as the lactation inducing hormone is at its peak at this time.

3. Try to get a hospital grade pump. Yes it is expensive and I know some do not like it. However, it actually has options of increasing or decreasing suckling just like how a baby does. If you cannot get one, its okay, use a mechanical pump.

4. Try to empty both breasts at each feed.

5. Drink at least two litres of water a day, remember much of the breastmilk is just water and unless you are hydrated you will not make enough

6. Here are some galactagogues that I used and some that I chose not to use as they were very new to me:

a. Fenugreek seeds (called methi in hindi and ‘vendhayam’ in tamil) – I had no idea these would increase milk production and was delighted to learn that. It is quite a common ingredient in Indian cooking so I did not have to worry about taking something new while breast feeding. No point spending money on the capsules available as supplements in shops, instead, I had teaspoon of the seeds three times a day

b. Grains and legumes – oats and barley especially are said to help increase milk production. I would normally have oats porridge (with milk added) in the morning and also boil barley in water until done and drink the water atleast one glass a day. Mung dal gruel is also said to help. Pressure cook mung dal, add milk and jaggery, bring to boil and drink

c. Almonds, cashews and macadamia nuts are said to help milk production

d. Garlic – burn some garlic cloves in the flame or fry crushed garlic cloves in ghee. Add this to warm milk and consume atleast twice a day. They say garlic could thin your blood so do not use with anti-coagulants.

e. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and helps prevent breast infection which could put some off from breast feeding. If you have an Indian diet, chances are you are already getting enough of this wonderful spice, if not about half teaspoon a day is said to be advisable

f. Green papaya is said to be taken as galactagogue across Asia. I did not get a chance to try this myself

g. Spirulina, nutritional yeast and brewer’s yeast, ginger ale are some others recommended by some but I did not get to try these

h. Spices like dill, caraway, fennel seeds are also said to help milk production. I used to chew on some fennel seeds everyday.

i. Green leafy vegetables, carrots, beets and yam are also said to be effective. Also, dudhi (a.k.a sorakai in tamil or lauki in hindi) is said to be effective in increasing milk production. Having plenty of fruits and vegetables will give you the energy and nutrition to make milk.

j. Stinging nettle (also called ‘kuppameni’ in tamil) is another herb I would say that people usually recommend. I bought dried nettle and used to have it as a tea. Just put a heaped spoonful in a cup and add boiling water, cover with lid and allow it to steep for five minutes, drink. It is also rich in iron and a great herb even if not lactating

k. Chaste berry, borage leaf, comfrey leaf, red raspberry leaf, goat’s rue, hops, alfalfa are some herbs that I did not quite use as I had never had them before. The general recommendation is that while pregnant or lactating, try to avoid new ingredients as you may not know how your body will react. However, I believe these herbs are more common in Europe and there are a number of women who seem to report success with these online.

l. Herbal teas – there are a number of readymade preparations that are available in the market. These are usually tea bags containing a number of herbs usually called out on the label. I used a tea by Yogi and it was meant to increase breast milk production. It contained blessed thistle in addition to nettle. In general they say that the concentration of herbs is very small in teas for them to cause any side effects, but it is up to the individual. I preferred to be safe than sorry

m. In ayurveda, shatavari and ashwagandha are two herbs suggested for breast feeding in addition to some other ingredients like almonds etc. I had a capsule called Lactare, available from pharmacies in India, one capsule a day. Doctors in Indian suggest that it is most effective if started soon after birth but I only started taking it later. Shatavari seems to be available as a supplement in health food shops too. I had a chance to have shatavari, available in powder form from ayurvedic shops and even online from the day my second baby was born and I have seen it to be very effective. I think taking the herb in powder form was more effective than the capsule.

n. I also used to take what was called Mother’s Horlicks, specially prepared for mothers to be and lactating mothers. Reason I took it was because it has malted barley in addition to fortified vitamins and malted barley also, I read, helps milk production.

o. Good quality fat such as butter and ghee are also said to be important for lactating mothers. Some recommend coconut oil and coconut milk.

7. Protein rich diet is important to make milk. Increase quantity of eggs, meat if you eat them, legumes, beans and pulses. Have a lot of complex carbohydrate like whole grains rather than simple carbohydrates. The former include brown rice, whole wheat etc. Having a well balanced diet is important anytime, especially while lactating

8. Getting some rest – if you are lucky enough to get some help, try to take it so you can get some rest. One has to come to terms with the fact that some feeds will be bottle feed and you could have your partner or grandparents give the bottle while you get some rest. A well nourished and rested mother produces more milk

I have tried to list as many options as possible. You may have seen that I did not try just one but many of these in parallel. I was also given a prescription for domperidone but chose not to use it due to fear of side effects. On the contrary most other herbal galactagogues mentioned were familiar to me and I chose to use them. It may be a while before ou accept that your baby is not exclusively breast fed but that’s okay. Try your best to feed as much as possible and when you make very little, just think of it as a preventive medicine because even the little milk has anti-bodies that keep your wee one healthy and strong. Try to make the most of growth spurts as that is their way of telling your body to make more milk. It can be quite difficult, but at least pump more during these times. As a typical Indian diet usually includes most condiments, grains, spices and legumes mentioned, I embraced those. If you chose to try other herbs mentioned, try one new herb at a time so you are sure to see if you suffer from any side effects. Give yourself credit for trying so hard to feed your baby and I wish you the best!

How to Get the Best Results From a Pilates Program

Whether you’re doing Pilates to get toned and lean, increase flexibility or lose weight, there are a few things to keep in mind and add to your regimen to help you get the best results. In the case of weight loss it is important to be sure you’re watching your caloric intake. While any form of exercise burns calories, they don’t all burn the same amount. For example 30 minutes of Pilates can burn just over 200 calories, while 30 minutes on a spin bike will burn closer to 300.

For weight loss, you will also get the best results from Pilates if you incorporate it with another fitness regimen that focuses on cardio. Go for a jog a couple of nights a week or do an aerobics class. Even 30 minutes on an elliptical or treadmill a couple of days a week will greatly increase your weight loss. At the same time the Pilates work will help increase your stamina when doing the cardio activities.

With diet in mind, there are also certain foods you can eat to help ensure you get the flat belly you’ve been working for and help keep it that way once you start your Pilates regimen. These foods include almonds, various berries, yogurt and fish that are high in Omega 3 fatty acids are all great for reducing belly bloat and belly fat accumulation. Many health experts believe the best way to eat in order to lose weight and maintain energy throughout the day is by eating six small meals throughout the day rather than three big meals. This is especially beneficial for Pilates work because you never have to wait long after eating to do your workout and it improves regularity in digestion which helps keep the tummy lean and ready for ab workouts.

Keep proper posture even when you’re not engaging in your Pilates exercises. You can do this while driving, sitting in your office, going for a walk or even sitting on the couch watching TV. Practice your Pilates breathing and keep your belly button pulled up and in. You will be surprised how easy it is to do and hold by just concentrating a little. Soon it will seem like it doesn’t take much concentration at all. You will also find that this helps your posture improve, which can lessen back pain.

Stay relaxed and embrace the proper Pilates breathing methods. The exercises in Pilates are designed to compliment your breaths. This means that if you focus on your breathing as you do the exercises the breaths will help make the exercises easier on you. Proper breathing during Pilates also ensures the oxygen is flowing to all of your muscles and penetrating the tissues as they work. This helps result in less chance of injury and helps the muscle become stronger and longer faster.

While many people see results after just 10 sessions of Pilates, you will probably start to feel better after the first few. People who tend to see results within the first 10 sessions generally do a 30 to 40 minute Pilates exercise session two times a week. This means that if you work hard and do 4 or 5 of these sessions each week, your chances of seeing and feeling results will more than likely increase. You may start to see significant changes after your first two weeks of Pilates practice.

Keep building up your routine. Often people continue to stay at the introductory or intermediate level in their Pilates work. As you continue to do Pilates you will notice the exercises getting easier or just staying at the same effort level. In order to get the most out of your Pilates work outs you will need to incorporate more advanced movements and maybe even visit a Pilates studio where you can do work on the machines or other apparatus under the instruction of a certified Pilates instructor.

3 Golf Swing Mistakes That Drain Your Power

There is an awful lot of literature in print and on the internet regarding the golf swing and what you need to do to improve your game. There is also a lot of information on how golf fitness can improve your swing and increase your swing speed. However, not much of this information provides golfers with the understanding to correct their own golf swing faults.

What golfers need to realize is that there are a few swing mistakes that lead to a lack of power in the golf swing, and these mistakes are definitely correctable. Improving your fundamentals will help you hit the ball further. You can be able to bench press a house, but if you have one of these swing faults, you will never see much improvement in your swing speed.

The first, and most common mistake is the over the top golf swing, and this actually leads to a second common mistake, which is the early release of the hands. The over the top swing typically results in a pull slice for most golfers, or just inconsistency in many. It robs the golfer of power because it is the upper body that is leading the downswing, rather than the lower body, which is where we are strongest.

Many golfers unsuccessfully try to correct this fault by pulling the club further to the inside on the back swing. This is exactly the opposite of what you should do. Instead, you should try to take the club back in a straighter line away from the ball so that the club does not get too far behind you in the back swing. This takeaway will get you in a better position at the top of your back swing so you will have room to let the arms drop into a better position in the downswing, which must be started by moving the hips laterally toward the target before letting them turn. So, improve your takeaway and learn how to start the downswing with your lower body.

The second common mistake, which I mentioned is a direct result of the over the top swing, is the early release of the hands in the down swing. If the hands release too soon in the downswing, you lose that storage of power and the whipping action that can occur with the hands similar to what Sergio Garcia does with his hands. I often see students have extended arms and the club in line with those arms while the hands are still a foot behind the ball. This means they are going to only hit the ball with their arms, rather than let the club whip through as the hands release properly.

Ideally, while the hands are almost even with the ball in the downswing, the club should still be lagging behind quite a bit. In Sergio’s case, his club is still nearly parallel to the ground as his hands are just about even with the ball. The club then whips through with tremendous speed, which is why he hits the ball so far for someone who is not very big.

To correct this early release, you must focus on getting the lower body moving to start the downswing. However, it is crucial that you learn to maintain the hinge in your wrists, or your wrist cock, longer in your downswing. Try this drill. If you are right handed, stand one arm’s length away from a wall (one that you don’t mind marking up a bit). Grip a 5 iron near the clubhead. Extend your arms to your right and hinge your wrists so that the club is pointing straight up. Then, from here turn your shoulders so that you swing the club to the top of your back swing. Now, swing the club down and try not to hit the wall behind you. In order to miss the wall, you MUST start the downswing with your lower body AND maintain the wrist hinge longer in your down swing. Once you have learned how to do this by holding the club near the clubhead, you can do it by holding it on the grip.

Finally, the last common mistake is the reverse pivot. This occurs when the golfer fails to shift their weight properly to the back foot in the back swing. Most often, it is caused by the golfer TILTING their hips during the back swing, rather than TURNING them. Golfers who have the reverse pivot swing fault also tend to tilt their eyes downward toward the target during the back swing.

This swing issue robs the golfer of their ability to use the lower body in a good weight shift back to the front foot. Ultimately, they often lose balance while falling back on their back foot, and this results in a lack of swing speed.

To correct this swing fault, you must learn to do a proper weight shift through a proper hip and shoulder turn. Try to turn your shoulders and hips so that the center of your chest is over your back foot. You must be sure that the back knee is bent, but it should not be bending outside of your back foot. If it is, then you know you are not getting a good hip turn. If you are a right handed player, you must feel your body weight on the inside of your right heel, the inside of your right thigh, and in your right buttock. Finally, you need to try and keep your eyes parallel to the ground in the backswing.

When trying to correct your swing faults, be patient! Swing changes take time, and can not be done over night. Over time, as you improve on these moves, you will get more solid shots and hit the ball further. But, no matter how much you focus on improving your golf fitness, you will not be able to hit the ball better without improving your fundamentals.

Peace is Always Better Than War and Aapat Dharma Explained

In order to establish peace between the Kauravas and the Pandavas, Sri Krishna takes up the role of an emissary and addresses the Kuru elders to maintain peace instead of opting for war. Lord Krishna repeatedly emphasizes the virtues of peace and asks for only five villages for the Pandavas. However, Duryodhana guided by evil desires and extreme jealously responds that he will not part with even a speck of earth as small as a point of a needle. Duryodhana even tries to imprison Sri Krishna, whereupon the Lord shows his Universal Form and everyone is humbled.

All the peace efforts of Sri Krishna fail and peace is rejected; thereby, paving the way for the epic war, in which rivers of blood flowed, with the air being rent with the agonized cries of hundreds of thousands of wounded soldiers amongst millions massacred. Victory comes to the Pandavas because in spite of innumerable trials and tribulations, they always wanted peace, and faithfully followed Dharma and Satya, as per the guidance of Sri Krishna.

Aapat Dharma may be practiced to establish Dharma

Aapat Dharma is righteousness that is practiced in times of contingency. Extraordinary stressful times are known as contingent times. During these times, the ordinary rules may be relaxed for sometime, so that ordinary times are regained. Once normal conditions are established, then the ordinary rules are again followed with rigidity. Aapat Dharma consists of acts that are inherently considered as wrong and immoral. For example, Satyavati calls upon his son and the author of Mahabharata, Veda Vyas, who was born of the union between Rishi Parshara and Satyavati, before the marriage of Satyavati when she was a maiden, to come and pregnant the wombs of Ambika and Ambalika, the widows of Vichitravirya, so that princes may be obtained for the throne of Hastinapura. Now, under normal circumstances prevailing in those times, widows cannot have sexual relations. Again, an intercaste sexual relation was prohibited. Satyavati was a Shudra (fisherman’s daughter) and Rishi Parashara was a Brahmin. They were not married but they conceived a son Veda Vyasa.

Thus, Veda Vyasa had the mixed blood of a Shudra and a Brahmin. He is called to pregnant the widows Ambika and Ambalika, who are Kshatriyas. Dhritrashtra is born from the union of Ambika and Veda Vyasa, Pandu is born from the union of Ambalika and Veda Vyasa, and Vidura is born from the union of Veda Vyasa and a female servant who is dressed up royally as Ambika and presented to Veda Vyasa for the union. Dhritrashtra was born blind as Ambika closed her eyes in fear during the union; Pandu was born pale and weak, as Ambalika was instructed to keep her eyes open, but she was also gripped with fear when she saw the ascetic countenance and yogic heat of Veda Vyasa; Vidura was born a perfect child, as the servant woman served Veda Vyasa dutifully with love and care. All the three sons, have mixed blood of Shudra, Kshatriya, and Brahmin. However, after their births, they were treated and brought up only as Kshatriyas and Dharma was again restored. Hence, if the circumstances are of a critical and extraordinary nature, than extraordinary measures like Aapat Dharma may be utilized to achieve one’s aim for the restoration of normal circumstances and Dharma.

Again, when Pandu, due to a curse, was unable to produce an heir for the throne of Hastinapura, Kunti recounted to Pandu as to how she had served Rishi Durvasa when she was a maiden. Pleased with her service, how Rishi Durvasa had granted her a mantra (magical utterance) by which she could summon any God and conceive a child by the God, on a condition that the mantra may be used only five times. Kunti does not tell Pandu that she had already used the mantra once when she was a maiden and had given birth to Karna (from Surya) whom she had left afloat on the river, as she was ashamed to acknowledge a child before her marriage. Upon the request of Pandu, she used the mantra thrice and gave birth to Yudhishthira (from Dharma), Bhima (from Vayu), and Arjuna (from Indra).

Thereafter she taught the mantra to Madri, the second queen of Pandu, and told her to summon the twin gods, the Ashwins. Thus, Madri gave birth to twin sons Nakula and Sahadeva (from the twin gods, the Ashwins). Therefore, now five sons were born and Kunti could say that the mantra was used five times, and the secret that Karna was her first born child remained a secret. These acts were resorted by Kunti because the circumstances were not normal, and thus to restore normalcy, the use of Aapat Dharma was justified by Kunti so that Dharma ultimately prevailed.

Snooker Sighting

People who know snooker will always tell you that the game is not merely about hitting the balls and pocketing them. There is a lot of science and planning that needs to go into the game if you want to play like a professional. It is important that you are able to pot the balls but it also very important that you are able to position the cue ball so as to make the next shot possible. There are various techniques that enable you to achieve this and snooker sighting is an important one among them.

If you are in the habit of watching snooker players closely (you should get into the habit if you don’t have it yet) you will have noticed that they have different ways of looking at the cue ball as they are aiming at it with the cue stick. Some of them tend to look slightly from the right and some slightly from the left. There are even some who usually place the cue stick directly beneath the bridge between their noses. All these different positions are due to their different snooker sighting.

When professionals play snooker they either use their right eye as the master eye, or their left eye and some have even sight. It is important for snooker players to determine their master eye because this will determine their stance as they are about to make a shot.

As a snooker player yourself, you can easily determine your snooker sighting. Place a piece of chalk at one end of the table and stand directly opposite it on the other side of the table. Point the chalk with your forefinger keeping both your eyes open. Now close your right eye and see whether your forefinger is still pointing at the chalk.

If it is then you know you are left eyed. To confirm your snooker sighting you can now close your left eye and you will find that you need to move your forefinger so that it directly points at the chalk. If you see that you need to move your forefinger slightly when you have either eye closed then you are even eyed.

With your snooker sighting determined you now need to work on your stance. If you are left eyed then you need to keep your left eye over the cue stick and the cue ball as you are about to make a shot. You need to do the opposite when you are right eyed. And if you are even eyed then the cue stick and the cue ball must be right between your eyes, directly over the bridge of your nose.

As we mentioned before, there is more to snooker than it looks. Snooker sighting is one of the basics of playing snooker. You should determine it even before you hit your first ever shot. With this basic understood, the others will slowly follow suit and you will soon become the snooker player you always wanted to be and play like a pro.

How to Fix the Rabbit Corkscrew by Yourself

Those that have a rabbit corkscrew in their homes, will see that in time, it starts acting strangely and instead of rotating the cork upwards it will do the opposite. This basically means that the cork will not pop out anymore, and instead it will be pushed in or broken inside the bottle. If you have noticed this situation, then you have to know how to fix the rabbit corkscrew, and the next steps will help you with this.

Step 1: You have to see how the rabbit corkscrew works when placed on top of the wine bottle. Its two side pins will clamp on the sides of the bottle, and then have to be in the right position, below the handles, so that the screw will not be allowed to rotate in the wrong direction.

Step 2: Once the two pins have been identified, you should focus on the movement of the corkscrew’s handles. When you push them, they should securely place the pins on each side on the bottle. If they aren’t, then the inside bushing that helps them to do that might be deteriorated. This bushing is a small plastic circle that is placed on the inside.

Step 3: The bushing of the rabbit corkscrew should be covered, depending on the model, beneath the pins. You have to take the covers off and then evaluate the state in which the bushings are. In most cases, they travel to the outside of their enclosing area, which makes it difficult for the screw to pull the cork out.

Step 4: If this is the case, and the bushings are placed upper, then all you need to do is to push them back into their original position and the rabbit corkscrew should be fixed. To do this, use any type of tool that comes in handy, which can fit into the housing and can be used to push the bushings backwards. Once you manage to do this, using even a regular kitchen knife, the corkscrew is ready for normal usage again.

A Brief Synopsis Of Pommel Horse

When it comes to gymnastics, there are many techniques and apparatuses are used to perform different artistic tasks just like a Pommel Horse. This apparatus of gymnastic was introduced to perform mounting and dismounting a steed. Not only in gymnastic but this pommel horse is also used in riding while performing different tasks by a horse during a show. Mostly, the horse training for jumping stuff is done over a Mushroom but the final race is done over this device.

Design Of A Pommel Horse:

A lot of people are still unaware of the design and style of this gymnastic device. This device has a covering of leather in a cylindrical form and two equidistant handles placed at its center. The frame of this device is usually made of high quality metal or wood as well. The reason for using leather covering around the Pommel horse is for the protection of the gymnast during the practice or final performance. As you know that the time has changed and the demands & needs of people are also changing abruptly so the pommel that are used in these days for practice sessions or in Olympics are made up of rubber and foam to give comfort to the gymnast while performing some breathtaking tasks.

Use And Origin Of Pommel Horse:

A lot of people consider that this device is made only for gymnasts but they are a little bit wrong or need some upgrading in their encyclopedia. It’s because this device was introduced in war times because it has also been used and still using by armed forces to practice the soldiers different tasks and exercises. It has also been said that a pommel horse was also used in the time of Alexander The Great and he also used this apparatus for horse training to get hold over mounting and dismounting during the war times. So, we can say that this apparatus has several benefits.

In these days, this apparatus is used by horse riders and gymnasts. Not only for gymnasts (who participate in Olympics) but it has also been used by performers in circus.

Exercises That Can Be Performed Easily On A Pommel Horse:

There are a lot of exercises that a gymnast can perform on this apparatus and few of them are single leg exercise, double leg exercise and many more. It is also believed by many sports analysts and experts that this form of gymnastic is one of the most difficult and confusing one in which male/female gymnasts usually participates.

Pommel Horse And Disable People:

History has proved that this apparatus has a good relation with disable and paraplegics. These people can easily perform exercises on it and there are numerous examples of disables who won this game and stood winner.

Buying A Pommel Horse Online:

You can easily buy such apparatus from online websites at affordable rates. All you need is to verify the authenticity of website by its rankings and testimonials left by buyers.

Javelin Throwing For Beginners

Javelin throwing is an unbelievably technical event. Unlike our hammer, discus and shot putting counterparts, we do not rely so much on strength and muscle as excellent coordination and rhythm! It is the combination of many many little things that makes the Javelin go further! Despite that ANYBODY can throw the javelin if they have the right information.

The purpose of Throwing Javelin:

The whole point of throwing Javelin is to see who can throw it the farthest from the throw line, without crossing the throw line and ensuring the point lands before the tail. The point does not have to stick into the ground – the front end simply needs to hit the ground before the back end.

Javelin Equipment:

Clearly to be a javelin thrower you need a javelin. You also need to look into getting yourself a pair of heel spikes.

JAVELIN: If you are only starting out, you should check with your local athletics teams. Being able to use a club’s Javelin not only saves you forking out for your own but will also enable you to get started quicker and get a feel for the event.

When choosing a Javelin to use there are two major considerations:

1. The correct weight for your age group/gender. The standard weight for women is 600grammes and for Men is 800grammes. Javelins are also generally available in 400, 500 and 700gram weights also. Some stockists also have special children’s sizes and foam training aids which (look a bit like 3 foot rockets but) can be used INDOORS!

2. International standards. The main concern here is centre of gravity. Some older models of Javelin are not approved for competition. Always check the competition rules.

Javelin SPIKES: These are vital in order to avoid slipping and to generate the thrust you need when planting your foot. Without spikes in the heel you risk slipping which can be very dangerous with enough momentum behind you and particularly if there has been any rain. Some equipment stockists sell a heel clip like below, which you can attach to normal running spikes. This is a very economical solution if you already have a pair of spikes.

How to Hold the Javelin:

There are three commonly used grips for throwing the javelin.

1. Hold the Javelin in the palm of your hand between your index and middle finger. Your finger tips of these two fingers should be against the top of the cord grip.

2. Hold the Javelin in the palm of you hand with you index finger against the top of the cord grip.

3. Hold the Javelin in the palm of your hand with your middle finger against the top of the cord grip and your index finger straight along the Javelin itself.

See which one feels most comfortable to you!

For CHILDREN I would advise the first one as it provides more stability for holding the javelin and also helps keep the throw straight on release.

For ADULTS, however, I would advise the remaining two. When you release a javelin during a throw, there is a spinning motion which helps propel the javelin through the air. This is best achieved with less obstruction from the fingers.

The Javelin Throw:

The whole point is that it is a javelin throw, not a bowl, not a toss, not a heave. A throw!

As such your momentum comes not from your arm or your hand but from your TOES! That’s right from your toes through your foot, your ankle, your knee, your HIP, your torso, your shoulder and then your arm, hand and finally your fingers!

It’s a whole body workout!

The best way to understand the throw positioning is to start from the bottom up:

FEET: Stand sideways to the throw line with your left foot nearest the line (for right-hand throwers, left-hand throwers do opposite) and feet shoulder width apart. Face your BODY to the side while your HEAD is turned to face the throwing direction.

ARMS: Place your left arm out to your side at shoulder level almost pointing in the direction of the throw. Hold the javelin in your right hand and raise your hand out to your side until it is just above head height. The point of the javelin should be at your eye level. Your whole body is in a straight line!


From this starting position, lean back on your right foot and take a step forward with your left foot turning it so that your toes are facing the throw direction. Keep your weight on your right foot. Then lift your right heel and begin to turn on your right toes – your ankle will turn then your knee will follow, then through your hip. You will get to a point where your hips are both facing the throw direction but all the while you have to try to maintain your upper body position, i.e. your right arm is still straight out behind you and chest facing sideways.

Now you can let your right arm come through. Firstly, you allow your shoulder to come forward and then your elbow will come through. Inevitably it will bend but try to minimise this by allowing it to come through around head height and ensure that it faces forward.

Finally your hand comes into play and at release allow the javelin to rotate out of your hand. What I mean is that as you throw your hand uncurls and the last part of your body to touch the javelin is the top of your index finger!

During this movement, your left arm remains out in front. Its purpose is to act like a block. Remember you need to stop before the throw line and your left side remains firm to prevent you falling forward excessively.

A Sleigh Bed Frame Can Work Wonders For Your Interiors

If you are thinking of redesigning your interiors and make room for some new furniture, it could be time to reconsider your options for bedroom furniture as well. However, it depends on your personal setting and what make you feel comfortable in your sleeping space. Deciding what you should sleep on is not a mechanical decision but should be guided by carefully planned factors. This decides how much your relaxation level is supposed to be which depends on your sleeping hours.

A deep and sound sleep is invaluable in reinforcing good health and vigour in a person. You need to keep your eyes open while making choices for your bedroom which can make a difference in your relaxation experience. It is important that you choose a solid and sturdy bed frame which provides proper support to your back but it is also vital to consider the design aspects of your bed which should complement the health side and should be aesthetically pleasing to help create a harmonious atmosphere conducive for relaxation.

You can make use of modern platform bed frames which are stylish, sophisticated and offer a high level of comfort. They have a sleek look to themselves as compared with storage bed frames which allow extra storage within their frame. However, if you have a rather compact space and wish extra storage than platform bed frames may not be the best choice. This is because they come simply with a sleep support with nothing beneath the solid surface to store articles in your personal space.

This can be both an advantage of a disadvantage depending on your needs and preferences. The aesthetics of your bedroom also matter when choosing a new bed frame or replacing an old one. It is important to make a proper combination of aesthetics and functionality for best results. Choosing wooden bed frames would set you on the path of creating a classic look in your bedroom which is more in keeping with a romantic setting. You can choose oak, mahogany or cherry as your choices of wood should you go along with wooden frame beds.

This is because these types are known as hardwood which is known for its durability, appeal and functional efficiency. A solid wood bed frame is an ideal choice for a newly married couple which helps create a perfect romantic look and feel in your personal space. Other stylish accessories can be used to evoke a romantic feel and enhance the relaxation quotient of your sleeping space. The color, designs and forms of your bedroom furniture should eb visually appealing to help enhance the relaxed feel of your personal space.

The size of your bed frame also matters which should be based on the size of bedroom and whether a single person or a couple is going to use the sleeping unit. One can choose King size bed frames, queen size bed frames and other types based on individual needs but their advantages and disadvantages must be considered to make an intelligent decision. Metallic bed frames are also in vogue these days due to their contemporary look and feel. However, design elements should also be contemporary to create an authentic contemporary look in your sleeping space.

A sleigh bed frame might also be used in your bedroom to create more of a unique look. A sleigh bed is known for its carved wooden curls at headboard and footboard which lend it the looks of a sleigh. In some of the modern versions of sleigh bed, only footboards are curled and headboards are left flat. You can also find leather made sleigh beds which are very stylish in their outlook and can easily outdo almost any competition in terms of bed frames.

If you are planning to buy some bedroom furniture for your kids, it would be great to consider bunk beds which can allow more space for your kids to move around. Kids bunk beds are useful for making room for other activities and accommodating more than one children without the luxury of additional space. In a standard bunk bed, one is stacked over another which saves a great deal of space. This can be a great choice for your kids who would love its stylish appeal and enjoy a sound sleep in their stylish sleeping unit.

Women Artists – Painting Cloth-Less Females With Different Perspective

The painting in general and the paintings of body of a cloth-less woman in particular had remained the ‘bastion of male painters’ for a long time. It had made the art of figurative painting more or less male oriented. Paintings were done as seen from the eyes of males exclusively.

Many a time, on seeing these paintings, especially of the paintings depicting unclothed beauty of a female body, we tend to believe that these pieces of art are painted for satisfying the male gaze only. The artists who painted these females looked prejudiced in highlighting those parts of a female body where the males ‘invests’ their eyes much and would take pleasure in looking at the same.

However the scenario is changed a little bit now. If the paintings done by some of the modern women painters are any evidence, the story is taking a decisive turn.

Change in Perspective

In this connection the researches and writings done by Sigmund Freud have also done great help. After he taught us about the new ideas about human psychology, the art world also has undergone a change. Depiction of men and women without clothes are now not a taboo as it was past. And the women painters, too, are now entering the field of figurative paintings. Their works have become acceptable among the people. Accordingly the mindset applied while painting women wearing no clothes has changed considerably. The clan of women artists of the bygone century has proved itself more secured and enjoying greater freedom of expression.

Change in Mindset of Artists

With more women painters entering in the field of figurative painting, this art has gone through a substantial change. The female figures painted by women artists look like an honest subject of the paintings. A woman artist also would paint the breasts and other curvy parts of a woman model. But there would be a wide valley of difference in her painting them, so far as the basic attitude of judging a female body as an object is concerned.

While seeing such paintings done by a woman artist, a viewer with artistic eyes would not find that these paintings are painted only as an object for looking at. Women artists choose cloth-less females as subjects of her artistic depiction and they remain faithful to the main road of the art without going on to the sub-lanes. While painting her models, a woman artist honours the female body by painting all the delicacies and beauties it possesses. 

The Disadvantages of Jealousy in Relationships

Getting the perfect partner in a perfect relationship is not impossible to happen. But by means of the word, “perfect”, doesn’t mean it’s the complete pieces of the puzzle like how everybody wants it to be. Instead, it could be full of flaws. Yet, for you it is perfect. It is more on how you want it to be. It is more on having a relationship which suits your personality and lifestyle. In short, it is more of having a partner that you can call your soul mate.

Nevertheless, problems are always part of a relationship. So before achieving that perfect state that you wanted, experiencing sacrifices, trials and hardships is the best teacher for you to say you have learned in becoming better. Some of these trials come and go. Some stay for a long time and test your relationship while some disappears like a bubble.

One of the issues your relationship may face is this big word, jealousy. No matter how understanding and careful you are in your relationship, jealousy is a normal feeling you are going to face. There’s nothing to bother at all. Nonetheless, it should not be taken for granted either. It is healthy for you to feel that jealousy but there could be disadvantages when disregarded over time.

Here are some details about it:

There is paranoia. If you are the jealous partner and you decided not to resolve it within the soonest possible time, this could lead you to some serious matters. This could not only affect you emotionally but also physically and mentally. If you are hiding that jealous feeling all by yourself, you would tend to think about it over and over again until such point you can’t get over it. This could greatly affect your body. Since a paranoid person lacks sleep and does not like to eat, weakness and drowsiness is exhibited during the day. A paranoid person is less likely to do activities that would excite him/her. He/She only thinks of what the partner maybe doing or thinking. This could lead to severe anxiety and depression.

A routine is messed up. On the other hand, if you have a jealous partner, it is very difficult for you to sustain a free relationship. Handling a jealous partner is like handling high-end glass chandeliers with care. A jealous partner is very delicate and sensitive with feelings. Make it to a point that you do not upset your partner by giving doubts and ideas to make him/her feel jealous. It is expected that because of this behavior, your daily routine before would not be a routine anymore. Changing schedules to meet the needs of your jealous partner would be necessary as a start to fix this kind of problem in your relationship.

You’ve got to prove yourself every single day. Having a jealous partner means having to prove to him/her that you are faithful and loyal. This could mean proving it forever. This point may suck for you but it is reality. This is more difficult if you really committed a fault within your relationship. Trust is an important component and once that trust is gone because of what you did wrong, it is very difficult to get it all back. So if this means proving yourself that you are sorry every day just to get your relationship better again, just go for it. If you haven’t done anything wrong in the past but still is mandated to prove your loyalty, bringing this up to your partner through a serious talk may be the best solution as for the moment.

What Makes the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Engine Unique?

Whether it be powering a police bike, a fully-dressed touring machine or a raked chopper with a springer front end, the Harley Davidson motorcycle engine is a mechanical marvel that is quite unique. Presented here is an article which offers several reasons why the Harley Davidson motorcycle engine is so unique.


One of the first and foremost factors that makes the Harley Davidson motorcycle engine unique is its appearance, or design. Although some smaller-sized models have been produced by Harley Davidson through the years, most of their cycles, including the engines are quite large in size.

Several different types of engines have powered Harleys through the decades. In Harley’s early years, most of the engines were known as F-heads and Flatheads, these were followed by Knuckleheads, then Panheads, onto Shovelheads, then Evolution and Twin Cam engines.

The names of the different styles of Harley Davidson engines are largely based upon the design of the various engines’ cylinder heads and valve covers. The flathead engine features flat, vented cylinder heads, the knucklehead engine includes valve covers that look like knuckles, the panhead engine features cylinder heads and valve covers that resemble pans and the shovelhead engine features cylinder heads that look like shovels.

The Evolution engines that power motorcycles made from the mid-1980’s through 1999 feature more square-shaped cylinder heads and valve covers, while the modern twin cam and Revolution engines feature radical design improvements on the basic V-Twin engine.

In recent years, many other motorcycle manufacturers have begun producing bikes that at first glance, could be mistaken for Harley Davidson. These motorcycles feature fatbob-style gas tanks, wide front ends, low frames and V-Twin engines. Upon closer inspection however, one can see that the pseudo-Harley engines do not look as solid and workhorse-like as real Harley engines.


Another factor that makes the Harley Davidson engine unique is its distinctive sound. Often described as throaty, the sound of a Harley engine is unmistakable. The deep, rumbling and muscular sound produced by their engines is one of the features that makes some people want to buy these motorcycles. Some riders like to accentuate the sound of their bike by installing custom exhaust systems. These exhaust systems usually alter the sound made by their engines, with some increasing the volume of the engine noise and others adding a different tone to the engine sound.

The sounds that are produced by the other brands of motorcycles that resemble Harley Davidson do not possess the same powerful rumble that they are known for.


Harley engines maintain a well-deserved reputation as being some of the best-designed and engineered motorcycle engines made anywhere. These engines are designed to last and all of the parts, or components are high quality, precision-made parts.


As with every facet of the experience, the engines on these motorcycles are legendary and steeped in tradition. With many decades of experience in producing some of the world’s most respected motorcycles, Harley consistently strives to produce technologically-advanced engines that remain true to the tradition that these machines have built over the years.

Some people are so fond of their engines, that they get images of them tattooed on their bodies. Rock bands are even named after specific Harley engines.


Through the years, Harley Davidson motorcycles have garnered an image that promotes rugged individualism and American freedom. Movies, television programs and popular music have promoted the image of these motorcycles as being macho and sexy in nature. All over the world, this image is celebrated and upheld and the sound of their motorcycle engines can be heard in communities of all sizes.

Face Lift Products – Vikki LaMotta Wonderlift 60 Second Facelift Product in a Jar

Ever wished you could dip your finger in a pot of velvety cream pat it on your face and turn back the clock to youth and beauty. What at one time was wishful thinking is a reality with one of the finest face lift products, Vikki Lamotta Wonderlift 60 Second Facelift.

Vikki Lamotta was an exceptionally beautiful woman who lived a life filled with violence and sex. But despite her hard times she retained amazing good looks and shocked the world when she took her clothes off and posed nude for Playboy at the age of 51.  That issue of Playboy magazine sold more copies to woman than any other issue. Woman wanted to know what was the juicy secret behind Vikki Lamotta’s skin. How did she stay so wrinkle free.  Four  years later, Vikki’s smooth, supple skin secret was out with the release of one of the most successful face lift products – Vikki Lamotta Wonderlift the 60 second skin firming cream.

The cream is very easy to work with and amazingly affordable. Apply a very thin layer of the face lift product to the skin. If there is a white residue on the skin you have applied to much. Wait for it to be absorbed. Within 60 seconds this face lift product goes to work tightening and toning, giving the skin a renewed vitality.  The before and after results are amazing.

The drawback to Vikki Lamotta’s face lift product is it is only temporary. Depending on your skin type; dry, oily or normal it lasts from 9 to 12 hours. It must be reapplied to turn back the clock again.

However, with the very low price point, ease of use and the type of amazing results it offers, Vikki Lamotta Wonderlift 60 Second Face Lift is a must have for that special night out when you want to look your sensual, gorgeous best.

Use Magic Spells For Your Lower Ab Workout

In this article, I am going to reveal a few ‘magic’ spells about your lower ab workout that could make the likes of Harry Potter and his friends seem like the ‘three stooges’ by comparison. However, as any magician will tell you, good magic is all about creating an illusion.

1. The ‘Sit At Your Desk’ Spell

If you are an office goer, and have to spend long hours at your desk at work, you are probably justified in complaining about your lack of time for anything — exercise included.

But, wait… for this ‘spell’ to be effective, all you need is a desk! And a desk is what you do have. Sit in your chair behind the desk and draw your stomach in as far as it will go. Hold this position for as long as you can. Repeat as often as you can during your working day.

2. The ‘Watch What You Eat’ Spell

Have you let my caption mislead you? Do you expect something to emerge from your food that if you watch it will magically trim your lower abs? I suggest nothing quite so esoteric I’m afraid – I’m simply asking you to be careful with your diet.

Avoid soda, commercially fried foods, processed meats, sugar, salt, and foods rich in saturated fat. Instead, go for an edible regime that includes plenty of, fruits, vegetables, grains and lean meats.

3. The ‘Magic Stairway’ Spell

At last, I have given you a caption with the word ‘magic’ in it. You must be curious to know where my ‘magic’ stairway is. The answer: everywhere. Every stairway you encounter is a magic stairway, provided you choose to climb it.

I know it must be tempting to take that elevator and get to your destination faster without working up a sweat. Instead, opt to climb stairs – every time you encounter them — and you will soon begin to wonder why you ever bothered with elevators. You can start off modestly (doing about 3 flights initially) and gradually increase it by a flight or two. This third ‘spell’ will act as a cardio supplement to the ab workout I’ve listed in the ‘spell’ under caption one, above.

Your lower abs are harder to trim. Therefore, if you are hard pressed for time, or are too much of a couch potato for any ‘serious’ exercise, you need to think out of the box and work your exercise routine into your regular daily activities so that you get maximal benefits without perceivable effort. You’ll know you’ve arrived when your friends greet you with a: “Hey Houdini, you look great!”

Steam Boilers’ Thirteen Essential Fittings in a Nutshell

Steam boiler is dangerous machinery, and for that reason, law is required to control every aspect of the boiler. Factories & Machinery (Steam Boilers and Unfired Pressure Vessel) Regulations, 1970, provided stringent requirement on safety aspects and controls on boilers. This Code stipulates that any boiler should consolidate thirteen essential fittings so that boilers can be operated safely.

The thirteen essential fittings can be grouped into three categories. The first category is safety fitting. Safety fittings include safety valves, gauge glasses, pressure gauge, low water alarm, low-water fuel cutout, and fusible plug. The second category is control fittings, which incorporate blowdown valves, main stop valve, feed check valve, and feed pumps. The final category is legal fitting, which incorporate inspector’s test attachment, registration plate, and manufacturer’s name plate. In this article, I would discuss some safety fittings.

Safety valve is the most important safety fitting on a boiler. It is fitted to prevent excessive pressure buildup in the boiler which could lead to boiler explosion. FMA Regulations 1970 stipulates that every boiler having a heating surface surpassing 100 sq.ft must be equipped with two safety valves, one of which must be direct spring-loaded type, mounted vertically as close as practical to the steam boiler shell without shut valve placed in between. The relieving capacity of safety valves is determined by the capacity of the boiler at peak load. The safety valves must be able to effectively discharge all steam with a rise of pressure of not greater than ten percent of the authorized safe working pressure (ASWP). The safety valves must be set to blow at different pressures. The first valve should open when the pressure exceeds three percent above the boiler working pressure while the other valve should open at a pressure slightly higher but must not be higher than the ASWP. The working pressure of a boiler is usually set at seven percent below ASWP. The spindles, disk, and other moving parts must not be made of materials that corrode easily.

Pressure gauge is the fitting that measures steam pressure inside the steam boiler. The Bourdon tube is the most common pressure gauge used on a boiler. The Code specifies that a pressure gauge should be installed on the steam space and provided with a shutoff cock and a siphon which develops and maintains a water seal, protecting direct contact of live steam with the Bourdon tube. A pressure gauge is usually mounted in front of the boiler in such a position that the boilermen can conveniently read it from the firing floor. FMA (Steam Boilers and Unfired Pressure Vessels) Regulations, 1970 stipulates that the diameter of the dial must not be less than 6 inches and must show pressure within a tolerance of two percent the authorized safe working pressure. The scale on the dial of a code pressure gauge must be graduated to not less than one and one-third and not more than twice ASWP.

A fusible plug is used in addition to other forms of low water protection. This device is not required by ASME code but is still included in FMA Regulations 1970. The fusible plug in watertube boiler is placed 3 inches below lowest water level while in firetube boiler, fusible plug is placed 3 inches above top tubes. In the event of low water, fusible plug will melt, the pressure inside the boiler is released, and the sound of escaping steam will produce high whistling sound, alerting the boilermen. However, the capability of fusible plug to quench the fire in the furnace is debatable because the steam rushed out is too small to have quenching impact. The hole of fusible plug is only 1/2″. Fusible plug is made of brass or bronze and contains a tapered hole. The hole is filled with tin which has a melting point of 230 deg.C. According to code, the fusible alloy should melt at a temperature of not more than 70 deg.C higher than the saturated steam temperature corresponding to the ASWP. For example, for a steam boiler of 10 bar, the saturated steam temperature is 180 deg.C; therefore the fusible alloy should melt at 250 deg.C. The use of fusible plug is limited to solid fuel and steam boiler having a pressure of 17 bar, which corresponds to tin’s melting temperature. Higher pressure would require low water alarm. That is why in a modern boiler, fusible plug sometimes cannot be found as it is replaced with low water alarm which serves exactly the same function.