Antique Coffee Pots – The Most Important Items To Look For

Antique coffee pots are a charming item to add to your collection of antiques, no matter what types of items you might be interested in collecting. Most people won’t search for an antique pot to actually use on a daily basis because today’s coffee machines are simply much faster and more efficient than antique models. However, when you are looking for a decorative collectible, you can find plenty of different antique coffee pots to add to your collection. Because coffee pots are a general purpose item, antique models aren’t as properly appreciated and collected as they should be. For you, that means that you can often find great deals on items that people don’t realize are valuable when they are selling them.

If you are shopping for antique coffee pots, here are some things to look for:

Age/date markings. Many pots were made of silver or other metals in the past because they were heated over coals or a stove. They all should have date marks, company names, or other trademarks stamped onto them somewhere. Sometimes, pots have been too used and no longer bear these marks, but try to find them when you can.

Diamonds in the rough. Many times, you can walk into a thrift store and find antiques that aren’t even seen as antiques. Older coffee pots that people have retired are put on shelves here and sold for pennies on the dollar when they could very well be worth much more. Don’t spend a lot of money on something if you aren’t sure about it, but if it’s only a few bucks it is worth picking up if it looks old.

Reproductions. Even with something as obscure as antique coffee pots, people have been known to fake them. After all, if someone can get away with replicating an expensive antique, they can make a lot of money. Make sure that you are purchasing original pots that are from decades or centuries past and not something made recently to ‘model’ the older styles. Reproductions are essentially worthless in terms of value, while antiques can fetch a lot of money.

Dents, tarnishing, or other imperfections. While this might seem like a red flag to stay away, it’s actually a good indicator that you’re getting a real antique. Too many dents or wear marks that cannot be removed could detract value, but often the small flaws and rough appearance can be cleaned up with a little polishing and restoration. You can easily get a valuable coffee pot for a low price if you buy something that needs a little TLC.

The great thing about antique coffee pots is that they aren’t as coveted as many other antique collectibles. However, they are also rare because people use coffee pots regularly and they don’t maintain much of their lifespan after being used for too long. If you are interested in collecting antique coffee pots, make sure that you know what you’re looking for and that you can take the time to validate the item as an antique and not just an old piece of junk.

Review of the Top 3 Best Selling Hot Dog Carts

In a highly competitive and fast paced society, more people are buying takeout meals instead of taking the time and effort to prepare the meals themselves. Professionals and white collar workers are relying more on mobile food vendors, delis, and fast food establishments for their daily meals. Not surprisingly, these include breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well snacks.

This naturally represents a once in a lifetime opportunity for the budding entrepreneur.

You’ll notice that more and more people today are busy. Busy with their careers, busy with their commitments, and busy at play. They don’t even have the time to stop and prepare a homemade meal. They’re too busy to even treat themselves to their own cooking!

As a result, food vendors are springing up everywhere just to meet this ever growing demand for ready-to-eat meals. So what kind of food is being served? The selection is only limited by the local health department food regulations for mobile vendor especially the hot dog cart business. Some vendors are making gourmet hot dogs using ethnic flavored sausages on buttered buns. Others are cooking crepes with a host of irresistible fillings.

So does this sound like the kind of opportunity you would like to pursue?

Well, if you’re planning to get a hot dog stand or a hot dog cart, then you should be well acquainted with the suppliers of the three best selling carts and the services as well as warranties and guarantees that these companies provide. This will save you a lot of trouble after you’ve bought the unit, whether it’s a brand new hot dog stand or a used push cart.

All American Hotdog Company

Miami Fl

The All American Hotdog Company offers both new and used hot dog carts to its customers.

The company offers six basic models with prices ranging from $2,699.00 to $3,099.00. According to their website, all of their cart models are listed and certified with NSF International ( ).

NSF International is an independent, non-profit organization that provides protection to consumers by certifying products and writing standards for food, water, and air as well as consumer goods.

Aside from carts, this company also sells premium hot dogs under the label “Louie’s”.

The hot dogs come in either skinless or with a collagen casing. The skinless variant is for vendors who prefer to boil their franks, which is suitable for seniors and children.

The other variant has a collagen casing is an edible casing, which is mostly preferred by kosher delis that heat the franks on the grill. They’re also suitable for barbeque or stove top grilling.

Willy Dogs

Willy Dogs has a nice variety of mobile carts, including smaller inexpensive starter carts. The prices for these carts range from $599 for the “Wee Willy” tabletop model to $8999.00 for a trailer type “Willy Dog”.

One after-sales service this company worth mentioning is its comprehensive unit warranty as well as price and quality guarantees. As for the warranty, the hot dog cart that you buy from them is covered for one (1) year for parts and labor against flaws and defects.

For the price guarantee, if you happen to find a better priced cart within a week of receiving your order, the company will refund the difference. Moreover, if your should fail due to workmanship or material defect, the company will also repair or replace it at the customer’s location and all expenses will be shouldered by the company.

Willy Dogs also provides a ten-day return policy if you’re not fully satisfied with the unit, provided that the item is returned in relatively new condition and in its original factory carton. However, return shipping costs will be shouldered by the buyer.

Dream Maker Hot Dog Carts

St. Petersburg FL

Among the suppliers reviewed here, Dream Maker Hot Dog Carts probably provides the best made and reasonably priced. All of the units are made from 18 gauge 304 stainless steel with polished diamond plate body panels on a fully welded custom box steel chassis.

Aside from its heavy duty construction, each cart is treated with a rust and corrosion resistant coating. According to the company website, all the components of each cart exceed NSF standards. Each unit is also equipped with DOT-certified tires, lights, and safety equipment as well as a pressurized water system (not available on some models).

There are nine brand new models to choose from starting with the “Malibu” Hot Dog Cart, which is a smaller and more maneuverable version of the “Ventura” Hot Dog Cart, starts with a base price of $2,899.00. Its best selling model is the “Ventura” Hot Dog Cart, which retails at $3,399.00.

The company also has a California Code compliant model, the “Falcon” Hot Dog Cart, which contains most amenities such as extra work spaces, a NSF certified refrigerator, and a double steam table.

The “Daytona” and “Columbia” models (prices range from $11,999.00 – $15,999.00) are actually mobile kitchens and can accommodate two persons. It’s equipped with steamers, grills or fryers.

With regard to buyer financing, Dream Maker works closely with a third party equipment leasing company, Nations Leasing Services. A prospective cart buyer can apply for financing from $1,000 to even $100,000.00.

The company also offers used hot dog carts at $1,499.00 for a refurbished Ventura model to $4,395.00 for a cart that’s never been used. Unfortunately, their inventory of used carts gets sold rather quickly.

Choosing the right cart supplier will greatly depend on:

The type of hot dog cart that you’ll need

The equipment and accessories it should have installed

Your budget

Your location

The local health laws and regulations

The food and drinks that you’ll be serving to your patrons

Do your homework first before making the leap so that any mistakes you’ll make will be kept to a minimum.

May you prosper in your new venture!

Craftsman Drive Gear Replacement Instructions

So you have a worn out drive gear in your opener and are contemplating on doing it yourself? No sweat. Follow these simple instructions and it shouldn’t take no more than an afternoon for the average jo.

The tools required to complete this project are as follows:

Either a Cordless Impact or good old fashion ratchet wrench.

1/4 inch socket

5/16 inch socket

1-2 inch extension

5/32 inch punch

1/2 inch open end wrench

1 pair of vice grips or c-clamp or equivalent

Step Ladder and a Hammer

*NOTE* All of the above tools may or may not be necessary depending on whether you’re replacing just the drive gear or whole gear and sprocket assembly. It’s a good idea to have them all on hand to be safe. My instructions below vary slightly from the manufactures instructions. My instructions are for the do it yourselfers and are almost verbatim on how I change every gear or gear and sprocket assembly. I have included some extra steps to make it a bit easier for the average jo. I give a lifetime warranty on my labor, so I am confident that following these instructions properly will not fail you because performing this job as stated hasn’t failed me. However, if you have any doubts please refer to the manufactures guide lines or have a professional in your area perform the task.

*When I refer to the Right and Left Side it is always done as if I am standing in the garage facing the door.*

First lets figure out if you need to replace just the drive gear or entire gear and sprocket assembly. Unplug the opener or disconnect its power source at the fuse panel if it is hardwired. Ensure the power is disconnected by trying to operate it via your wireless remote and or wall button. Next we’ll remove the cover of the opener.

If you’re standing underneath the opener facing the garage door, on the left and right sides of the opener, use the 1/4 inch socket to remove 2 screws on each side. Next, using the 1/4 inch socket remove the screws on the front and the back of the opener securing the plastic covers at the bottom. Depending on what model you have you will have either one or two screws. If you have only 1 screw you may need to utilize a screw driver to remove the screw.

Once you have the cover off inspect the drive gear. A worn drive gear will have white shavings evident when you remove the cover. You will need to inspect to make sure the bushing aren’t worn as well. Normally on the top of the drive gear you will find ground up metal. You may also see ground up metal on top of the opener where the chain or belt is attached to the sprocket. In some instances the sprocket may have broke off and the chain or belt is completely off. Another sign you may need to replace the whole gear and sprocket assembly is excess slack in the chain or belt without explanation. (I.E. it was never that loose before).

Now we know whether we need a drive gear or whole gear and sprocket assembly. So now we need to order the part or verify we have the correct part. The following part number is for chain drive gear and sprocket assembly’s only and should be part# 41C4220A. Just the drive gear kit should be part# 41A2817 and will work with both chain and belt driven openers. There are two belt drive gear and sprocket assembly’s. Please contact your manufacture with your opener model number to obtain the correct one. Otherwise perform a simple Google search on the listed part numbers to find the best price.

A common question is…..Why not just buy the plastic gear without the kit? I recommend the kit because you will also receive the grease to lubricate the gear as well as a bushing that I always replace in the motor housing mount. You will also receive the manufactures replacement instructions should you want to follow them instead of the one’s outlined.

Ok, now the fun begins!

#1 Start by vice gripping or clamping the rail in the front or rear of the trolley making sure you’re touching the trolley. You can also use a colored crayon or any other means of making a mark. The trolley is the piece that slides back and forth on your opener rail. You will see that the chain or belt attaches to the trolley on the left side in two places. You may have a cable connected to the front side (door side) and a chain connected on the back side (opener side) depending on make and model. Doing this will give you a reference point to reset the trolley in case it moves. This will ensure you will not throw the limits (how far up and down the opener moves the door) way off when reconnecting it.

*NOTE* If you’re replacing the Gear and Sprocket assembly, remove the chain or belt at this point. you do so by losing up the nut(s) on the trolley until you can pull the chain or belt off the sprocket.

#2 Remove the triton shaped keeper on the bottom of the shaft, underneath the smallest gear on the shaft, then remove the small gear.

#3 Remove the limit assembly. You do so by gently squeezing the front of it together nearest the point where you just removed the small gear and gently pull down. (I.E. the side that has the gear that meshes with the small gear you just removed)

*NOTE* If your only replacing the gear follow this next step otherwise skip to step #5.

#4 Using the 5/32 punch, remove the lower roll pin from the shaft. You may need to grab hold of the gear and move it manually to get it into a good position to drive the roll pin out. Some roll pins are stubborn. Don’t be afraid to give it a good smack with a hammer. You might want to use a pair of vice grips to hold the punch as I do sometimes. Once the roll pin is removed, save it.

#5 Remove the 4 pin wire connector next to the big black circle on the back of the motor shaft (RPM Sensor). Using your 5/16 socket with your ratchet or impact remove the 4 bolts holding the motor up. This is wear the extension will come in handy. Once the motor is free, slide the housing off the shaft. You can let it hank in the air by the wires. It won’t hurt anything.

*NOTE* If your only replacing the gear continue on to step #6. If you’re replacing the whole gear and sprocket assembly go to step #6(a).

#6 Remove the plastic gear by sliding it down the shaft. Some might need a little smack with a hammer to remove.

#6(a) Remove the 3 bolts holding the gear in place with your 5/16 inch socket. Remove the gear and sprocket through the top of the opener. Place the new gear and sprocket in the opener. Line up the three holes at the top and insert bolts. You’ll notice the bolt holes are not threaded. When you install the bolts they will thread themselves.

#7 Use the lubrication provided and lube the new gear, making sure you get the grease in between all the teeth on the gear and slide back on. Don’t use the grease sparingly. Lather the gear up.

#8 Remove the bushing the motor housing. The bushing I am referring to is circular in shape and a darker gray. It is the bushing that the bottom of the gear shaft slides through. You remove it by holding the motor housing and hitting the back of it with a hammer driving it out. In the kit find the similar bushing and put it back in by pressing it in finger tight and use a hammer to tap it in the rest of the way.

#9 If the trolley has moved one way or the other, reposition it to its original position and slide the motor housing back over the shaft, then secure. Plug the 4 pin connector in all the way and give that big black circular cup a good push back on the shaft to make sure it’s on.

#10 Put the limit assembly back in.

#11 Replace the small gear and triton shaped keeper.

#12 Replace the cover and remove the vicegrips/c-clamps from the rail if need be. (If you replaced the whole gear and sprocket assembly, attach the chain or belt.)

#13 Plug in the opener and test. If the door is not travelling far enough up and down or too far up and down adjust the limits accordingly using a flat blade screw driver. The limits are located the on the left side of the opener. You will see two small circular holes. The hole closest to the door is the down limit. Turing this a half turn at a time towards the door will cause the door to close further. Turning it opposite will cause the door to do the opposite. The hole furthest away from the door is the up limit. Turning it away from the door will cause the door to travel further up and turning it towards the door will cause the opposite. You want the bottom of the door to be even to slightly above the header in the up position. You want a good tight seal at the bottom so want the door to hit the ground, then stop. Adjust the limits accordingly by a half turn each time. Continue until door stops in desired position.

Congratulations you did it!

You’ll notice left over pieces when your done. This is where my instructions differ from the manufacture’s. You are supplied with everything to replace the worm gear and all the bushings. I have never had a worm gear or its bushing go bad on me. Ninety Nine Percent of the technicians in my area perform the gear replacement as stated above. I have ran into one or two that perform the whole task. I have found that most the do it yourselfers end up doing more harm than good when trying to use everything supplied. The choice is up to you. My advice is save the extra parts in case you ever need them again. I highly doubt you ever will.

Bowflex Diet Plan Details – Amazing Online Step-By-Step Diet Plan For a Bowflex Body – Guaranteed

Are you puzzled on how to put on muscle size while shedding body fat? Are you looking to build that Bowflex Body? Then you need to have the Bowflex Diet Plan Details.

Here is how the Bowflex diet works: The basics of the diet are that it is a simple 60:20:20 ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. In other words, a high carbohydrate program. Bowflex has created complete menus, an eating plan designed for maximum fat loss, nutritional value and effectiveness. The Bowflex diet plan allows for 5 meals per day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner (BLD). Also 2 snacks. A mid-afternoon and a late-night snack. The first two weeks you will consume 1500 calories, men and 1200 calories for women. The breakfast, lunch and dinner calories never change. You pick and chose the menus and of course you can even use your own recipes. The point is a healthy weight loss. Remember since you are dieting– drink plenty of water. . That is a very important strategy to follow

The Bowflex diet plan details for the 6 weeks are as follows.

Begin Week 1 on Monday and continue through Sunday. Week 2 is a repeat of Week

— Week 1 & 2:

Men 1500 calories per day.

Women 1200 calories per day.

— Week 3 & 4:

Men 1400 calories per day.

Women 1100 calories per day.

— Week 5 & 6:

Men 1300 calories per day.

Women 1000 calories per day

Everything in the Bowflex diet plan has been made simple so even the most non-kitchen man or women can succeed. Actually very little cooking is required. All you have to do is read the menu, select your foods and just follow the instructions. It is really that simple! The challenge in the Bowflex diet plan is in knowing which foods to choose.

It’s important that you read the nutrition information and make the Supermarket manager your friend. Ask questions if you are not sure. If you are over the age of 40 don’t forget your reading glasses if you use them. The type on these labels is very, very small.

What you eat is just one part of the Bowflex diet plan. It’s not one of those diets where you feel hungry or bad. However, you do need to pay attention to what you need in order for the program to be successful to you

Things for the Elderly To Do In London

London is one of the most visited cities in the world. One natural reason is that it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. However, London is a huge city and quite hard for elderly people to walk around. As a result, there are certain places apt for elderly people to visit. Following is a list of things for elderly to do in London. Read further to know what these places are so that the next time you plan to take some elders with you, you will be better equipped.

1) Royal Botanical Gardens

The Royal Botanical Gardens or the Kew Gardens is one of the most famous gardens which houses plants from around the world. The Kew Gardens is 121 hectares of gardens between Kew and Richmond in Southwest London. Elderly visitors can take special tours to visit the greenhouse. The greenhouse houses some unique plants such as giant lily pads.

2) Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum

Madam Tussaud’s is famous for its lifelike wax models of important personalities all over the world. These personalities come from various backgrounds such as theatre, sports, music, politics, movies and many more. These wax models are displayed for the entertainment of the public. Visitors are allowed to stand next to these models and take photos. The museum is open on all days except public holidays. It has various ticketing options and the elderly may be able to obtain a discount.

3) The British Museum

One of the things for elderly to do in London is to visit The British Museum. This is one famous museum in London that houses artifacts which date back to millions of years. It also has artifacts belonging to different civilizations of the world including the Egyptian and Roman civilizations. Entry to this museum is free. One of the entrances from Russell Street has handrails which make access to the elderly easy.

4) Tower of London

The Tower of London is usually a well liked attraction amongst elderly visitors. They will enjoy the attractions such as Crown Jewels, Medieval Palace, Tower Green and a massive display of antiquities. There are certain areas which are very easily accessible to elders such as Jewel House and Crown Jewels. Other areas which are difficult for them to access can be skipped. There is easy ticket booking options.

5) National Gallery

The National Gallery is another art museum situated on Trafalgar Square in London. This art museum was founded in 1824 and it houses a collection of more than 2,300 paintings which date from mid-13th century to 1900s. The museum is a non-departmental public body and its collections to the public. The entry is generally free for the main collection whereas the special exhibitions will carry a small fee.

Now that you know some of the best places and things for elderly to do in London, the next time you plan to take some elderly tourists with you to London, you won’t have difficulties to visit these places.

The Commercial Leaf Vacuum Handles The Bigger Jobs And Challenges!

Raving customers are thrilled and impressed with how well the commercial leaf vacuum works on tough outdoor clean-up duties. They are referring to the handy yard tool as the king of powerful tools!

This unit is Tanaka’s largest blower which has a 65 cc engine, 850 CFM output, and a tube-mounted throttle control switch. It is an ideal blower to handle the bigger jobs and more challenging applications.

Its simplified construction makes it a super lightweight engine that delivers maximum performance without requiring any additional service. The light weight structure provides less fatigue on the operator.

The Tanaka backpack blower has an air velocity of 205 miles per hour (MPH) and an air volume of 805 cubic feet per minute (CFM).With the commercial combination of high levels of airflow and volume; it will rarely be matched by any other on the market.

The low emissions two-stroke engine does not have valves, which simplify its construction even more. Giving the two-stroke engines a significant power boost and twice the power they fire once every revolution compared to a four-stroke, which fire once every other revolution.

This industrial leaf blower has cruise control with a tube-mounted throttle that has an easy access control switch allowing the operator to move around freely. The cruise control is perfect for reducing fatigue and stress while working for long periods.

When compared to other brand models the Tanaka Backpack gas blower is by far the best model on the market. It has less moving engine parts with a hassle free no valve adjustment. The super large fuel tank has a capacity of 60 oz. That allows you to have longer running time without having to re-fuel like with other models.

This is the ideal commercial leaf vacuum for anyone that is looking for a tough soldier in a blower to eliminate and reduce your workload in a quick and efficient matter. Depend on the Commercial-Grade Tanaka TBL-7800R Backpack Gas Blower to Tackle Everyday Jobs and Bigger Challenges.

Today, all Tanaka products comply with EPA phase 2 regulations and all Tanaka product groups are C.A.R.B Tier II compliant. Most other manufacturers tried to fight the standard and say that it could not be done with two-stroke, Tanaka did it.

Why Do You Have Fly Away Hair With Conditions Like Androgenic Alopecia and Telogen Effluvium?

I recently received correspondence from someone who was trying to determine if her hair loss could be due to a condition like androgenic alopecia (AGA) or telogen effluvium (TE.) She had recently noticed a change of texture in her hair. She described this texture as one where there were many “fly away” hairs present. She wanted to know if the presence of these unruly strands meant that she could have AGA or TE. I responded that you can get these type of texture changes with both of these conditions (as well as with other medical conditions.) I will discuss why this is true in the following article.

Why You See Textural Changes Or “Fly Away Hair” With TE: As your hair grows and eventually sheds or falls out, it goes through three different stages. The hair is actively growing when it is the anagen phase, which can lasts for years. This is when hair is healthiest and is actively being nourished.

The next phase (which is often considered to be a transitional one,) is the catagen phase which lasts for a few weeks. In this period of time, the hair is preparing itself to shed. The root of the hair shrinks slightly in preparation for this. During this time, the hair probably won’t look it’s best and may take on a dull appearance (but this is only true for those small percentage of hairs who are in this phase.)

The final phase is called the telogen phase. This might sound familiar to you if you’re having hair loss because when you have TE you have an increased amount of hairs that are going into this shedding phase at one time. The hair is still in the follicle, but it is not actively growing. Normally, you have 10 – 15% of the strands on your scalp in this phase at once. But with TE, this number increases. And this is sometimes why you see noticeable changes in texture. The hairs in this stage can look different because they are not actively growing or being nourished.

If you were shedding hair at a normal rate, there likely wouldn’t be enough of these to be all that noticeable or to change your hair’s overall appearance. But when you are experiencing telogen effluvium, you can have many more of these strands and so the texture changes become more pronounced and therefore more noticeable.

Why You See Miniaturized Hairs That Have A “Cotton Candy” Appearance In AGA: Some people will tell me that these fly away hairs that we are talking about have the over all appearance of being fluffy or having the texture of cotton candy. This often lies with the fact that some of the hairs are regrowing but are being negatively affected by the same androgens that is causing the hair loss in the first place. The affected hairs can grow back more fine and thin in texture. When this happens, it’s called miniaturization. If you have many hairs or areas that are affected at once, you will often notice a lot of hairs that lay down flat because they don’t have the sufficient weight to do so.

I often have people tell me that if you pluck out a long and severely miniaturized hair and push it up against the air, you’ll notice that it doesn’t come down normally. Instead, it sort of lingers in the air and floats like a feather. This is because it just does not have the weight of a normal hair. You can usually find regular textured hair in unaffected areas, compare the two, and see a very noticeable difference.

People often ask me if I can help them to see the difference between the miniaturized hairs of AGA and the textural changes in TE. This is difficult because I don’t know what’s “normal” or “typical” for the person asking. This is often better left to the specialists and professionals, but both of these conditions can give the appearance of unruly or “flyaway” hair. Other medical conditions (especially those related to thyroid and other hormones) can also cause this sort of appearance also.

How to Get Your Ex Back When You Live Together

If you want to get your ex back, but think you are in a tough spot because you still live with your ex, then you are very wrong. If anything, you are at a distinct advantage over those that do not live with their exes while wanting them back, and I am going to tell you why.

In every “Get Your Ex Back” plan, guide, and strategy, there is the suggestion that you cannot get your ex back unless you first eliminate all contact with that ex, for an extended period of time. While this is sound advice, as it does give your ex the chance to miss you, it is also false to say you cannot get your ex back without it.

What should be said about cutting off contact is, that the contact you need to cut off is the negative, desperate, clingy, and needy conversations, that are so often conducted between exes. If you live with your ex, and want your ex back, you just simply need to stay away from the house as much as you can for a while. This is a good time to start doing a lot of overtime at work, spend a lot of time with some of your friends, and also spend time with your family members. Leave early and come home late.

When you are forced to be in the presence of your ex, you should do your best to put on a happy face, and make your ex think you are having the time of your life. Believe it or not, this will cause your ex to prove to themselves that you are not all of a sudden happy BECAUSE of the break up, and you ex will begin to subconsciously start pursuing you.

When this happens, AND IT WILL, you need to be careful to not get led into a conversation about the relationship. If this happens, emotions will run high, and it will seem impossible for you to maintain your facade. If, however, you can keep on a happy face, and avoid those emotional conversations, you can get your ex back without losing contact.

Possible Reasons of Common Oscilloscope Problems

Oscilloscope can be used in many fields. When using, you may run into some problems. Here are the possible reasons of some common problems.

1. No spot or wave shape

The power isn’t connected.

The brightness knob isn’t adjusted well.

The shift knob of X or Y axis is at a slanting position.

The balance potentiometer of the Y axis isn’t adjusted properly, which results in a serious imbalance in the DC amplifier.

2. The horizontal waveform can’t be shown.

Trigger selective switch is turned to the outside and no external trigger signal is input, which result in no sawtooth wave (STW).

Level knob doesn’t adjust properly.

The stability potentiometer doesn’t adjust to the critical state that enables the scanning circuit to be triggered.

The X-axis selection is wrongly put in the external position and no external signal is input to the socket.

For two-channel oscilloscope, if only Channel A is used (no input signal in Channel B), and the trigger switch is pulled to the location of YB, there will be no STW.

3. The vertical waveform can’t be shown.

Input DC-coupling ground-AC switch was wrongly put in ground position.

The high and low potential ends of the input are at the anti-termination of that of the circuit.

Input signal is too small and the V/div is wrongly pulled to low sensitivity level.

4. The wave isn’t stable.

The stability potentiometer is over-rotated clockwisely, resulting in scanning circuit under a self-excitation scanning status but not a critical state to be triggered.

Trigger coupling AC, AC (H), DC switches aren’t selected the correct levels according to different signal frequency.

When the high-frequency trigger state is selected, the trigger selector switch is mistakenly placed outside the file.

Some oscilloscope will display instable wave when scanning under the automatic transmission.

5. Vertical lines are too intensive or displayed as a rectangular.

t / div switch isn’t selected properly, resulting in f scan too lower than f Signal.

6. Horizontal lines are too intensive or displayed as a tilt line horizontally.

t / div switch isn’t selected properly, resulting in f scan too higher than f signal.

7. AM waveform disorders.

t/div switch is improperly selected, resulting in incorrect scanning frequency that is selected according to the amplitude selection frequency but not the audio amplitude modulation signal frequency.

As operators may lack knowledge of the principles of oscilloscope and oscilloscope’s control panels, they may encounter many problems when using. Knowing them ahead will be a great help.

How to Stop Bleeding Hemorrhoids So You Can Use the Bathroom Pain Free

Knowing how to stop bleeding hemorrhoids can help you get back to other more important matters in your life. This problem can be caused by the added pressure on the lower half of the stomach and intestines. Pushing too hard can burst blood vessels which turn into a hemorrhoid. When using the bathroom the hemorrhoid can be aggravated and then you begin to see blood and feel pain.

Besides being uncomfortable some people do report a great deal of pain. Swelling and itching may be common. Itching can also be the cause of an anal fissure. This is a small tear in the anal wall and is also aggravated when using the bathroom. This can mimic the signs of a hemorrhoid but is more of a cut like tear just on the inside of the anal opening. Seeing a doctor can help is suggested to help diagnose either these conditions.

If you do know that you have this problem some basic ointments and creams you find in drugstores can help. Although these ointments and creams do offer some relief they are more like pain relievers instead of a treatment. These products sometimes contain ingredients that can help numb the area and help stop bleeding hemorrhoids. This does not work for everybody but it can help if the pain is causing discomfort.

A few tips that can help are

1) Having a proper diet and eating healthy can help stop bleeding hemorrhoids. Proper nutrition requires less stress on the bowel to eliminate waste. Lots of fiber is helpful.

2) Drinking lots of water is highly recommended because this can soften stool and make using the bathroom less difficult and strenuous for your rear.

3) If you are not constipated but seem to have issues when trying to use the washroom then try putting a little Vaseline around the anal opening. The small tip can help with the softening of the skin around this area so it can act more elastic like and allow for more opening of the anus.

4) Sleep is vitally important. If you want to stop bleeding hemorrhoids lying in bed and sleeping can help a great deal. The body is an amazing machine that can heal itself if given the right amount of time and care. Sleeping reduces stress, allows us to relax and gives the body time to heal. A recommended 7 to 9 hours can help you feel better and heal you faster.

Last of all, if bleeding is constant and causing a mess then try using a pad to help. Although this will seem strange to men it can help keep your clothes clean.

A Lesson on the Golf Hustle, a Gambling Game – Sticks

A little known fact outside of the golfing world is that more than $10 Billion a year is gambled on golf right here in the United States alone. The only thing bigger is the Super Bowl and the Final Four combined!

This is what my golf lessons are all about – to teach you the different gambling games, the science of betting, strategy, hustling, attitude and more.

Hustling at golf is a lot easier than you think. Learning the games involved in any golf hustle or competition is well worth the few minutes it takes to go over the rules. Having the rules down before hand is key because if you are the expert and explainer of the rules, you’ll start the round with an edge.

This is what hustling golf is all about – betting with an edge. For fun and money, people who play golf like to make things interesting either by wagering money, a soft drink at the end of the round or just plain bragging rights and “pick-up sticks” or “sticks” is a great and fun game to play the next time you get out there on the course.

Sticks is a lot of fun and very entertaining. The game is played match play and for each hole a player loses, he takes one club in the winner’s bag out of play.

The loser of each hole also can reclaim a club taken out of his/her bag on previous holes. Decide beforehand if putters are in play or not. Usually, players agree to keep the putters out of it and leave them alone as they are integral to the game but including them does add to the fun.

Personally, putting with a wedge or a 2-Iron can be easy if you practice for just a few minutes before your next round so I suggest including the putter after just a few drills with your putting.

In fact, after breaking their putters during a round, Fuzzy Zoeller used his wedge and Ben Crenshaw used his 2-Iron on separate occasions. Therefore, if you practice with a 2-Iron or wedge and your opponent does not, you’ll be at a major advantage if you include the putter – again betting with an edge.

Time for a little golf hustle strategy – DO NOT immediately grab the driver from your opponent’s bag as most people do. It is the worst club to take away, period. Most players would actually do better without their driver, using their 3-Wood or 2-Iron to tee off with, leaving them 220 yards in the middle of the fairway instead of 260 yards deep into the rough.

If you know your opponent’s weaknesses before hand, you’ll be much better prepared to choose as you’ve already learned the lessons as to what to choose first.

The best club to take first is the sand wedge, hands down. A lot of players rely on the sand wedge for nearly every shot within 100 yards. It is nearly impossible to get up from any greenside bunkers without that club.

However, look to see if the player carries a lob wedge. If they do, grab that first and then the sand wedge. Clearly, if a player carries a lobber, they rely on that and that’s what The Golf Hustler is all about – betting with an edge.

Although a silly golf game for sure, this is an excellent game to start wagering for fun or profit for beginners. You’ll be forced to create shots, punching a 4-Iron to make it act like a 6-Iron or hitting a running hook to hit a 6-Iron as far as a 4-Iron, etc.

Either way, if you’re prepared, you’ll be in position to win a lot of money (or bragging rights).

Also, the opportunity for “proposition bets” is abundant. If you’ve won several holes in a row, make the bet that you can hit it closer to the pin with your 5-Iron from 60 yards out than your opponent who still has his lob wedge or anyplace else where you think you have an edge, or any similar shot – use your imagination!

As always, good luck, good hustling.

Freddy Kaboot

A Short Introduction to Lalique Glass

Although Lalique initially trained as a jeweller he soon realised that glass was his first love. He became interested in glass through his friendship and association with Francois Coty, who produced some of the finest and most expensive perfume. Perfume was traditionally made from the best ingredients and could only be afforded by the very rich. As ingredients became less expensive it was difficult to justify the high prices and Coty turned to Lalique for help, who soon realised that in order to keep the produce exclusive they should work on the packaging and Lalique would design beautiful and extravagant glass perfume bottles.

Lalique bought his first factory in Combs le Ville in 1909 and started mass producing glass. He made scent bottles, drinking glasses, boxes and seals and from this moved on to tableware, lighting, vases and other items. He was so successful that in 1921 he opened a second factory in Wingen-sur-Moder in the Alsace. His most prolific period was during the 1920s and early 1930s and he produced exclusively for the rich. The great Paris exhibition of 1925 added further to his fame, he designed the exhibition’s main attraction – a huge illuminated fountain, which was impressive to behold. It was 50 feet high and had 17 graduated tiers which supported eight frosted and polished glass figurines known as Source de la Fontaine. He won further aclaim by getting the gold medal for the best piece of industrially produced glass in the exhibition for his ‘Whirlwinds’ vase which was made out of polished clear glass heightened with black enamel. If you were lucky to find one today it would cost between £25,000 and £30,000.

Lalique’s fame now spread throughout the world and, although he was capable of mass production he deliberately limited his output in order to keep the prices high. It worked! His international rich customers, those that had weathered the Wall Street Crash of 1929, loved his pieces and filled their houses with Lalique glass. As he also designed 29 car mascots they also adorned their luxury cars.

His designs were concentrated mainly on nature and the female form. Lalique’s women are gorgeous and range from nudes in a Baccanalian orgy to nymphs swathed in gossamer gowns. These are still sought after today, a ‘Bacchantes’ vase was sold a couple of years ago for £11,500 and a rare ‘Vitesse’ car mascot went for £14,000.

His most stunning designs were probably for the SS Normandie, launched in 1932. He created an amazing first class dining salon with an illuminated glass ceiling and side panels, as well as a dozen glass fountains. Unfortunately the SS Normandie was destroyed by a fire while anchored in New York in 1942. If you are a Lalique enthusiast and ever visit the island of Jersey, one of the Channel Islands, you should make your way to St Matthews at Millbrook. Lalique installed a massive glass cruciform moulded with lily flowers and a lady chapel guarded by angels. This was commissioned by Lady Trent in memory of her late husband, Jesse Boot. Everyone refers to it as ‘the glass church’, and people come from all over the world to see it.

Lalique died in 1945 at the age of 85 and the business was taken over by his son Marc and then by Marc’s daughter Marie-Claude. Collectors however are interested in Rene Lalique’s designs and they are much sought after. As already indicated they are expensive but some of the smaller pieces are worth collecting and affordable. A ‘Coquilles’ opalescent glass dish, which would have been made in large quantities in the 1920s and 1930s can be had for around £200 and a lovely pair of cufflinks ‘Masque de Femme’, designed by Lalique in 1935 would cost around £330. His gorgeous perfume bottles are probably far too expensive for most of us, I’ve never seen one for under £500 and they are quite often sold for several thousand pounds.

If you do have a large bank balance and want to become a collector you should do some research before you start. Remember to only buy from a reputable dealer who will always be willing to help and advise.

Importance of Lamp Shades

In addition to work, the home is where people spend most of their time. This may be in the bedroom or living room. Wherever it is, you want something that is going to compliment the room and show it off in an elegant fashion. You could do this by renovating which can be time consuming. Or if you want to do something that is quick and easy in order to alter the mood of your surroundings then you could choose clip on lamp shades. In today’s busy world nobody wants to be spending hours fitting a shade. You really need to make an effort in finding lamp shades for your home and never underestimate their importance.

Many homeowners tend to overlook the fact that a high quality shade can bring a fantastic look and feel to a room. You need to research however and make sure the one you pick gives off the right amount of light. After returning from a hard day at work you really want to feel comfortable in your home and a great shade can do this. The best ones will emit just enough light that is not too bright and still lights up the room. They will cast a softer more subtle light is not intense on your eyes and quite relaxing.

In regards to lamp shades to purchase one such type that are a great option are glass lamp shades. They address many lighting issues and are relatively inexpensive for what you get. They are perhaps a bit more money than normal shades but as far as the benefits go they are definitely worth it. These glass lamp shades are very good at diffusing the light and ensuring that is not that bright and gives off a nice dull light. The mood of any room can significantly be changed with the use of the glass shade in any color you wish.

There are a vast amount of designs that can be found for glass lamp shades. The most popular ones around today are the hurricane glass shades and the gas glass shades. The hurricane types are noted for their profile that is like an hour glass in look. It bulges at the waist and then gradually gets narrower as it heads up to the neck. The gas type hails back many years and is extremely traditional. Both of these two are very stylish and fashionable around your home and will certainly draw some attention from guests. Additionally they will offer up a comfortable atmosphere to relax and unwind in.

With a lot of shades out there today most of them are clip on lamp shades. These are very quick and easy to install and will drastically change the look and feel of a room in no time. You can just install the shade by clipping on to the lamp stand of your choosing. The last thing you want is to have to take a long time putting your shade together and fitting it. So these are perfect for almost everyone’s needs.

It is extremely important that you pick lamp shades for your home that give off the right mood and light the room correctly. There are vast amount of different types and designs out there to suit all needs no matter what you are searching for. Some of them can also be customized to fit your tastes exactly. Above all, you should feel comfortable and be able to afford whatever you decide upon.

Winners Make It Happen, Losers Let It Happen

Winners and losers – they are like chalk and cheese.

Winners make things happen. Losers let things happen. A winner is pro-active while a loser is reactive or not active at all, usually it is the latter. When winners create something the classic loser mentality is to criticize, deride, abuse and do whatever else it takes to justify their own lack of achievement and laziness.

Now, I’m not saying that sometimes criticism is not justified. Sometimes it is, especially when the action of one upsets, hinders or adversely affects the rights, feelings and freedom of others. For example, you would hardly want to ignore or praise the actions of a highly successful bank robber or bash artist would you? But I’m not talking about people who make things happen by hurting others. I’m talking about people who create and invent things that are for the betterment of others.

Winners keep going. They push on even when the road is all up-hill. Losers, if they make a start, quit at the first sign of difficulty or the first barrier that they are met with. Winners know that such barriers are only there for them to strive even harder. They get even busier and more determined. Nothing stops a winner. Winners soldier on in the face of insurmountable odds. Winners are always up for a challenge. Losers quit at the very thought of a challenge.

If you tell a winner that they will never be able to do something then that is like tipping gasoline on a flame. It fires them up to prove you wrong. If you tell a loser that they cannot do something they will agree with you.

Winners force the issues. They make things happen. Losers give up. They let things happen.

Are you a winner or a loser? So, you think you are a winner hey? Prove it. Shoot for that goal. Don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way. Make it happen.

How to Shoot from Behind Cover

Firing from a barricaded position is an essential part of combat marksmanship. It is a relatively straightforward skill and easily acquired. As all shooting techniques, however, mastery only comes from extensive practice. Contrary to what is seen on movies, most shooting incidents do not happen at high noon on Main Street. Common sense dictates that when being shot at, the reasonable person will try to find cover from incoming rounds. If withdrawal from the scene is not practical and returning fire is justified, then knowledge of barricade position firing is essential.

The most important part of the barricaded position is being behind the barricade. While this seems a simpleminded thing to say, it is amazing how many times while coaching this technique, one sees shooters positioned beside the cover they should be behind. As this is a combat skill, it is important to become as small a target as possible. A good strategy is to adopt a kneeling position behind the item of cover. Kneeling is a good position because it allows quick adoption from standing and is quick to get up from. As a general rule, the closer your center of balance is to the ground, the more inherently accurate a position is. Therefore the kneeling position is a two-fold better position than standing for return fire, not only for making yourself a smaller target but also for making your shots more likely to hit your aggressor.

The adaptations from a normal two handed shooting position are simple. The shooter does not use the off hand to give support to the weapon by muscle tension as he would in a traditional manner. Instead the off hand is pressed against the covering object. A much-used method to accomplish this is to make a fist with the thumb extended, in a “thumbs up” sign. Press the pad of the thumb and the last knuckle of the support hand into the barricade. Cradle the firing hand and weapon in the support hand. Make sure that no part of the firearm is touching anything other than your flesh. Contact by the weapon with solid objects causes the weapon to bounce and the round to go off target.

The only portions of your body that should be exposed beyond the barricade are your firing hand, and only the amount of your face that is needed to obtain a clear view of the sights, target, and situation. Your arm should be raised enough so that the weapon is brought up to your face, not your face lowered to your sights. It takes practice to enable you to be able to quickly judge the distance needed between your body and cover to allow you to quickly assume the This article is based on the strategies for using a pistol behind a barricade, but long guns can also use this tactic with superficial modifications. Instead of using the knuckles of the support hand against the wall the hand should be extended as if making a “stop” sign. Extend the thumb away from the hand. Press your hand against the cover with your index finger flush against the barricade edge. Your thumb should extend past the cover like a shelf. Rest the forearm of the firearm on this shelf. All other aspects are similar.

It cannot be stressed how important this technique is in a lethal force situation. It is equally important that this technique is practiced so as to allow a seamless transition into this position.