Make a Small Room Look Larger With Art Wall Decals

If you have a small place there is no reason to stare at plain white walls. Decorating the walls in a smaller living space is often challenging but makes all the difference when creating a cozy space. No matter how small the room is, if it is warm and inviting, it will make friends and family feel right at home. Here are a few tips to make a room look larger with art wall decals.

Choose the right pattern or theme to create the illusion of a bigger space. There are literally a multitude of themes and designs to choose from when decorating the walls in your place. Choose light-colored backgrounds that match with colors in your decals to coordinate the room colors. For example, nature designs with earth colors of green and brown would look good on a wall painted in tan or butterscotch. Match accessory colors to accent colors in the design to complete the look.

Keep the space open by careful furniture placement. Placing furniture in an open design makes a room look bigger. A simple couch and chair in a matching solid color with an accent rug or small table makes a cozy living area for sitting and relaxing with friends.

Choose a pattern or design of art wall decals to match the color and furnishings of the room. Some people like a nature theme with trees and or a modern Art Deco look with odd shapes or bold designs. Large patterns are fine with minimal furnishings and can become the focal point of the room. Place a couple of lovely decorative mirrors where they will reflect the wall scenes to make it appear as if the scene continues into another room adding to the illusion of more space.

Additional decorating tips:

Let functional spaces do double duty if possible. A bookshelf placed in a corner can double as a place to store small trinkets and knick-knacks without cluttering up the space. The right light fixtures can add depth to a room when placed close to a mirror or other reflective surface, the brighter the light the larger the room looks.

Reasons to decorate with decals:

· Decals are not only stylish and attractive, but create a look that is all your own.

· Economical way to decorate because the designs can be removed when you decide it’s time for a change.

· Create a focal point to draw attention away from problem areas such as uneven walls or oddly-shaped corners.

Wall decorations such as decals, stickers or stencils make a space unique and express the owner’s personal style. They are suitable for just about any room in your home, from bedroom to kitchen; decals are a great way to decorate the way you like. Even if your landlord will not let you paint, there is no reason to have boring white walls when art wall decals are so easy to use and remove when you move to a new place.

Exterior House Painting Can Be Hard Work

When it comes to painting the exterior of a house, many people are not up to the task and do not possess the appropriate skill and experience to accomplish the job in a satisfactory manner. It takes hard work and dedication to finish the project in a timely fashion leaving a good finished product. It may even be a good idea to hire a professional to accomplish this task for you so that you an rest easy that your house is in good, capable hands.

The first thing one should remember when taking on an exterior house painting job is that it is tough work. One’s hand and wrist may begin to cramp and the work itself can be exhausting and seem never-ending. A tiring effort may not be enough in the end to leave a job well-done. In fact, it can be frustrating for the amateur homeowner trying to paint their house all by themselves. Do-overs and redoes can be frustrating and cause a great deal of stress to the homeowner as they try their best and fail. This is why hiring a professional when tackling an exterior house painting project is a good idea.

Not only can the homeowner rest easy knowing that their home is in capable and skilled hands, but they should be happy that they do not have to deal with the complicated task themselves. Exterior house painting can be a huge headache for anybody trying to take on the project themselves. Finding a trustworthy individual to perform the project for you should not be thought of as a copout, but as a wise decision that benefits your home.

Creative New Home Electrical Ideas

The best part about building your own home? All the possibilities for customization. The worst part? All the possibilities for customization. It sounds crazy, but sometimes having complete power and freedom is overwhelming. No matter how many recommendations you get or how many hours you spend perusing Pinterest, you’re bound to forget something. So let’s make it a little simpler by focusing our attention on one aspect of your new home: the electric. We’ve got some ingenious new home electrical ideas that will have you running to your electrician. Not only are they cool and creative, but they will also make your home amazingly convenient and efficient.

The Basics

  1. Before you install drywall, take pictures of the walls once your wiring is up. These pictures will be vital in future years when projects require that you tap into existing wires. Your future electrician will thank you.
  2. Decide how you will arrange rooms before the house is complete and approve every last outlet.
  3. Do you like to decorate for the holidays? Think about where you’ll be placing your Christmas lights and where you would like to turn them on. You can have an outlet installed along the eaves below the roofline that connects to a light-switch in a more convenient place like in the garage or beside the front door.
  4. Add extra wires for cable and phone capacity. You may need them later and it’s cheaper to install them during the construction phase.
  5. Place a light-switch for the attic in the hallway below so that you don’t have to wander around your dark, steamy attic looking for the switch.
  6. Place a light-switch beside your bed so that you don’t have to get up to turn off the light.

The Amazing

  1. If you and your electronics are attached at the hip, consider including a “charging station” in your new home plans. It will eliminate messy cords and lost electronics and work to charge everything from phones and iPods to cameras and tablets.
  2. Add outlets inside your pantry and closets. These can be useful for appliances that need to be charged for use (like a cordless vacuum) and for appliances that don’t leave the closet (like an iron, perhaps).
  3. Also think about adding outlets inside bathroom drawers and cabinets to plug in devices like electric toothbrushes, razors, and blow dryers.
  4. Set up audio wires in the backyard that can be turned on from both inside and out.
  5. Make your bathroom warm and toasty in the winter months by adding heated floors and towel racks.
  6. Recess your outlets in places where plugs might protrude and disturb furniture, like behind bookshelves and beds.
  7. Add a surge protector that can be pulled up from your countertop and used to plug in appliances that don’t live there permanently.

These new home electrical ideas will add a new level of convenience to your dream home and hopefully minimize some of the stress.

The Common Garage Dangers and Accidents: Watch Your Head

Garages, like any other thing on planet earth, have their disadvantages too. However, a garage – when properly planned and organized – can have advantages that can far more outweighs its disadvantages as well. Therefore, the wisest thing for the garage owner to do is to acquaint himself with the possible disadvantages, hazards and some dangers of garages.

It is not to say that garage doors’ are monsters’ open mouths, simply waiting for its unsuspecting garage homeowner to step into his own personal household horror booth straight out of a twisted carnival show or a hell room of circus contraptions. However, since garages may have accessories that are remote-controlled and motorized that can easily malfunction, it is best for the garage owner to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to garage safety measures, especially when there are kids around the house.

To prevent yourself from garage dangers and garage-related injuries, here are some of the common dangers and injuries that can occur in garages:

1. slips and falls As a car park area, garage floors can be greasy. Therefore, as much as possible, hose down your garage floor with soap suds to de-grease it. Keep children from running in and out of car park garages.

2. garage fires As a hobby room, a garage can hold as varied an item as woods, oils, papers, paint, and other highly-flammable materials. Any tiny spark can trigger a huge fire. It is important to refrain from smoking inside the garage or anywhere near it.

3. poisoning, cuts and bruises As a garage can store many household items such as pesticides, car fluids, lighter fluids, poisoning can also likely occur when not careful. Poisonous materials are best kept in high shelves and out of children’s reach. Rakes, shovels, scissors, chisels and saws are also better kept out of children’s hands and heads. Cuts and bruises resulting from falling hard and sharp objects and from stepping on sharp objects are possible dangers that are likely to happen inside a garage.

4. machines As garages are used for hobbies, some garages may contain motors, machines and electric items that can endanger not only children but adults as well. Electric saws, lawn mowers, paper shredders, automatic garage doors are among those found in garages that can cause danger.

What is the Average Working Life Expectancy of a Chair Stair Lift?

When we think of life expectancy… a chair stair lift is the furthest thing from our minds. As a matter of fact, for most of us, until just a few years ago, it probably never crossed our minds. According to experts, there are over 7.1 million persons using home accessibility features in the United States. With some of the most common features being raised toilets seats, hand rails, ramps, widened door entrances, adapted door locks, lowered counters, slip-resistant floors and chair stair lifts. With the largest segment of the population being baby boomers, we can easily understand such an astronomical number.

How long should you expect your chair stair lift to work properly before hauling it off to the city dump? Well that all depends. It depends first on if you purchased it new or if you purchased it used. Buying a chair lift is like buying a car. It is possible to buy a used car that gives you ten long wonderful years without you changing the timing belt or the oil.( if I were you I would not try that) On the other hand, you can purchase a used car and if you didn’t know any better, you would have thought that the car salesmen went down to Fred’s Sanford’s Garage, splashed on a fresh coat of paint, switched out the rims and sold it to you.

When you purchase a new product there are some benefits that may not be an option with a used lift. When purchasing a new stair lift the option of purchasing insurance and warranties are readily available. While you still will want to be sure to carefully weigh all of your options, a few more dollars in insurance or warranties could potentially save you thousands down the road.

Also, when purchasing a new lift you can customize your chair to best suit your needs. of course this goes without saying; you are the best person to make customization decisions because you know exactly what daily activities you take part in. So what is the life expectancy of a chair lift? According to manufacturers a chair stair lift [] should last at least 10 years or longer. So if you are thinking of purchasing a used one, be certain it is a lot younger than 10 years old for best performance.

Interpreting Signs, Symbols and Coincidences in Your Life

It is not only in our dreams that we receive messages from our soul. Everyday of our lives, in each moment the universe, Spirit or God is speaking to us in dreams, signs, symbols, coincidences and synchronicities. At night when we go to sleep you can ask for a dream to clarify a situation, inspire you or help you make an important decision. We can apply the same technique in our waking time to by asking the universe for a sign or symbol that will help us make a right choice, ease our minds or help us with conditions in our life. They are messages that can pertain to your current life, your future life or something you really need to know.

Where do Signs come from?

Signs come from cultures, religions, secret societies, your heritage and the collective unconscious of the human race. I cannot tell you all the history and information here in this article regarding signs and symbols, it is much too much for here and now in my article. I can tell you if you have seen the movies, The DaVinci Code or Angels and Demons that Tom Hanks plays the character role of Robert Langdon who studies signs and is a professor of sort on signs and symbols. Basically, signs serve as messengers of important information about your current life or future or can be reflections of what is going on with you in your life and inside of you. I believe that signs are from all mentioned above and God, Spirit or the Universe – Whatever you feel comfortable calling The ALL That Is. And I am happy to share with you my experiences and knowledge gleaned from signs in my life.

How do signs work?

I have called on signs or symbols for many years, even though I don’t recall when and where I first used one. I know that I have always known that even little things, coincidences mean something more than first thought to mean. Have you ever been in a hurry and when you are trying to leave your house or office the phone rings, then you drop your briefcase and papers go flying, then you cannot find your keys and the darn situation just keeps going on and on and you are thinking to yourself “damn I just want to go what is the deal here?!” Then just as you take a moment, take a deep breath, your intuition tells you to just wait. Just then call comes in that was your friend that you were rushing out the door to meet telling you they are canceling or maybe the elevator got stuck and had you been on it you would have been stuck in it too. This is a messenger sign letting you know that hey wait a minute your timing is off…just wait.

Signs also reflect our inner world, acknowledged or not and they reflect our beliefs. This where the like attracts like thing comes into play too. If you are person who thinks all wealthy people are crooks then you will only see and hear stories and experience wealthy people who are crooks. Even if you are conscious of thinking no not all wealthy people are crooks your inner core belief still radiates out that energy or all rich people are crooks and that is what you attract. You must deal with the belief at the core subconscious level in order to eradicate it and change it for the better for you to attract better. If you really want to know what you truly feel and believe look around your life and see who and what is in it and what its reflecting to you.

How do signs appear in your life?

As mentioned above, it can be something not going along as you like it, being delayed obviously! If you ask the universe for a sign here are a few ways that the sign can appear to you:

Dreams: These dream signs can be coming from Spirit and or both your higher self pay attention to the most outstanding symbol, sign, word, phrase, emotion or song from a dream and see how it plays out in your waking life to understand it’s message.

Conversations: Pay attention to conversations, “slips of the tongue”, or over heard conversations (there is a reason they are having the conversation for you to be able to hear it.) Practice more on truly listening and not thinking about what you are going to say when you are in a conversation in order to hear messages for you. Be in the moment.

Random thoughts: Pay attention to fleeting seemingly random thoughts that pass through your mind while you are doing something or being “normal

Songs/Music: Have you ever started singing a song or humming a tune or I personally wake up almost every morning with some random song in my head. What are the words or title it could be a message for you.

Radio, Television and Movies: Words, scenes, commentary can all be a conveyance for a message to get to you.

Books, magazines, billboards, printed words: A word or phrase will jump out at you from the page. Sometimes, for a quick reading or answer to a question I will grab a book and sit with it for a few minutes quiet my mind and then ask a question and open the book and see what the first word or sentence to jump out at me says. Many times, it is just what I need to know.

People: People (known and unknown) can be put on your path to cross with you and give you the answer you need. If you think of a particular person that usually means to call them or see them that they have a message for you. Every single person is meant to see you or cross paths and you them otherwise we would not see them. Just think, you could be carrying a message for them too. It’s not always about us!

These are just a few ways signs are present in our lives or that we can call on signs and look for their message to come from.

Calling For a Sign:

Most recently, I have called on a sign to help me make a very hard decision of knowing when to “put to sleep” a dearly beloved pet.

My cat Chloe and I have been together since she picked me out at the shelter 16 years ago. She was the third addition to my cat family, of two boy cats who I had already been adopted by 5 years before. Since our journey together she has moved with me 3 times, seen her two “brother” cats pass on to the rainbow bridge and has gracefully loved my dog Pierre since he was introduced to her 7 years ago and has seen me in every emotional state possible! A few weeks ago, I noticed she was not up to par. I took her in for her annual and grooming and when I picked her up that day she seemed to have a stuffy nose. For the next 10 days she did not eat or drink and lost 6 pounds. Basically, I was feeding her and giving her water with a syringe every hour. She became severely dehydrated and with one of my other cats I had been through this before and the outlook did not look good for her. I called the vet and we discussed her various problems and her quality of life. I made the appointment for Friday.

That night, I prayed and wrote a letter to God then sat down next to her and told her and the universe: “Listen, I need a sign from you that if it is time for you to go on…if you are ready to go then nothing will change between now and tomorrow. However, if you are not ready to go I request the sign that you get up and eat and drink on your own.”

Four hours later, I was in the kitchen cooking and one of the ingredients I was using was tuna. After opening the can, lo’ and behold here she is in the kitchen meowing and rubbing against me. I picked her up and noticed her nose was completely cleared and she was breathing fine. I put some of the tuna in her bowl and she ate it all, then I opened another can of her food and she ate it all, she then drank from her water dish. Today, one week later, she is still eating and drinking on her own and up and about. It was not time, yet. I thanked the Universe and God for the sign. We are taking it one day at a time.

I have called on signs from friends and loved ones who have passed on to let me know that they hear me talking to them or that they are around. I have called on signs about jobs to take or not take or how to deal with situations. I have called on signs or symbols for knowing which direction I should go in driving or in life!

But, you don’t always have to call on a sign or symbol to receive one you just need to be aware of them and or coincidences, premonitions, or synchronicities and then figure out what that means for you. Here is another recent example from my own situation:

This past weekend I went to meet some friends for a coffee at a book store. I happen to put on a pendant that was a Christmas gift from parents of a former friend. This friend and I had been very good friends for years but have not spoken now for three years. Nevertheless, I still cherish the memories of our friendship and move forward and love the pendant and still wear it. This pendant is made of crystal glass and is substantial in size. And with no seeming cause, I was not pulling on it or playing with it…just standing there when it slipped from the chain and fell to the floor smashing in a million tiny pieces.

My inner knowing immediately went off that this was a symbol or sign of something in my life that is going on. After a day or so of contemplation, I have come to the conclusion that it is a symbol for a break through about to happen in my life and that when things are shattered particularly glass, an illusion is broken and I can see my life more clearly. In addition, perhaps pertaining to the former friendship that the piece represented, it is completely shattered and I had made the decision (months ago) that our friendship was one that was completed. I had forgiven her and moved on and hope the best for her wherever she is now.

After death communications:

I have loved and lost to death many friends and family and I have my own special symbols and signs that I request from them when I am saying hello or needed help with grieving to know they are OK and that they hear me or for them to let me know they are near. Sometimes a sign from them comes in a dream or they visit me in the dream or during the day. With some it is a particular song, some a flower or color or movie…. It something that is personal that connected me and that person while they were here.

There are so many ways our life and Spirit speaks to us if we would just open up and listen and pay attention. We really do have all the help we need and we are not alone.

I recommend highly one of my favorite books on signs and symbols from healer Denise Linn titled The Secret Language of Signs. I hope this article has helped you and I am happy to answer any questions you may have about signs, dreams or connecting with spirits. Please feel free to leave me comments too.

As I always say, remember we are the only one’s that can truly know what things mean to us and I only offer to help you understand and coach you through the process of discovering your souls messages for you.

Sweet Dreams.


Benefits of Adding Picture Windows With Your Home Improvement

Any window in your home provides an opportunity to get a glimpse of the outside world but it’s the picture window that offers you a way to bring the best view into your home. A well-designed picture window can offer an unobstructed view of your surroundings – no matter the weather – from the comfort of your home. Majestic view aside there’s also the benefit of boosting the value of your home with new a new picture window – and added market value in this economy is always a plus.

Choosing the Right Picture Window

Most think of the traditional window when this topic comes up in home improvement discussions surrounding window replacement and the addition of more natural light. While a large piece of plate glass is functional, it’s becoming less popular among home owners because of the bland design and the poor insulation. They’re also more fragile than reinforced panes.

Segregated panes that make up a larger picture window are making a comeback as homeowners try to embrace classic architectural designs in newer homes. While offering enhanced aesthetical appeal these windows are also far more sturdy and – should a pane crack, chop or break – easy to replace.

Window manufacturers are also working to enhance the energy efficiency of large picture windows by creating double pane grid designs. This provides the same utility benefit as a common double or triple pane window but on a larger scale. Each individual section has its own packet of air or gas to help reduce heat gain and loss.

Window Replacement

For those that have an existing picture window, it’s best to order a newer design or style to ditch the old plate glass or sectional window that features smaller – though still large – pieces of glass. The energy savings alone will cover the cost of the upgrade over the years. If you live in a cold climate the install will likely payment for itself much faster.

Getting Creative with Window Design

Don’t just base your purchase of a window upgrade on price alone, shooting for the low-budget models to save money. There’s a lot of creative play when it comes to enhancing your windows. If it’s in your budget, consider having custom windows designed to better match the architecture of your home. Likewise you can splurge a little and have the windows built out to create a bay window. While not technically a picture window the bay window can add some functional space to your home while improving the view outside the home.

While it’s not recommended for the DIY lover due to the scale of the job and the size of the windows, you can have a replacement picture window or bay window put in quickly with the right general contractor. Contact a local contractor or specialist window installer to get an estimate on upgrading your home with a new model window.

7 Things a Woman Can Do to Pamper Her Man! Follow This If You Always Want Him to Adore You

Most often it is the woman who wants all the pampering and “spoiling”. But if you really love and adore your man, you will make sure that you pamper him too! Make him feel good! It does wonders when you see his face light up with pleasure and delight. This makes you feel good in return! Here are some ways to pamper your man.

Make him feel like the ultimate alpha male
Boost his ego and confidence like never before. Make him feel like he is hot, attractive and sexy. Compliment him. Praise his prowess in the bedroom and see him puff up with pride. Buy him new clothes and shower him with gifts all week long. He will definitely feel on top of the world. The most important thing is not to expect anything in return!

Fix him his favorite dish
How often have you heard the old adage “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”? This is one saying that is so true. Cook him his favorite meal and do it with a lot of love and enjoyment. Take care to see to the little details and serve it with adoration. He will appreciate it and feel really special.

Invite his friends over and cook for them!
Nothing will make him feel more loved and special than a selfless and generous gesture on your part. Invite his friends over and cook them a super meal. The sight of you slaving away over a hot stove just to make him happy will melt his heart. He will never forget this gesture and will really appreciate you for it.

Buy him the stuff he’s been eyeing for ages
You know your husband well. You also know the desires of his heart. Do all you can to make them come true. If you know that he has been hankering after that marvelous fishing rod, golf set or even an electronic gadget for simply ages, all you have to do is buy it for him!

Give him a super time in bed
You want to make your man feel spoiled, pampered and thoroughly loved? Plan a romantic rumpus in the bedroom. Have the works – soft music, champagne, candles and of course the sexiest lingerie he has ever seen in his life. Not only will he adore you for the treat but he will know that you love him.

Give him sensuous massages and a lot of TLC
Nothing makes a man feel thoroughly pampered than having his body massaged after a hard day’s work! Give him a slow and sensuous massage ladled with a lot of tender loving care – he will be extremely grateful and feel so privileged to be with you. Don’t be surprised if he gets too used to these massages and wants one every week!

A clean, comfortable house and every comfort you can think of!
Make him want to come home to you. If you make sure he has crisp, cool sheets on his bed, clean underwear, a sparkling house and a cool beer whenever he wants one – he will feel pampered and cherished. Make him feel like the head of the house and he will also behave accordingly and be willing to take responsibility.

5 Benefits of Creating a Personal Budget

A personal budget is like your own spending plan. It allows you to know where your money is spent on and how much you have to work with. Creating you own budget is not easy. But, a budget can bring you many tremendous benefits.

Here are 5 great benefits you can get from creating a personal budget.

1. A budget helps to makes it easy to save and have more extra money. By simply tracking your expenses and income and controlling how much you spend on variable expenses, you will likely find that you have more money than you thought you needed. So, with the extra money, you can either save it or set aside just a little bit of that extra money to do something fun – like take a vacation or go to that five star restaurant you’ve always wanted to try.

2. A budget saves you time. How long does it take you to collect information at the end of the year for taxes? As you know, gathering all of those financial documents can take days and can be extremely stressful. With a budget, all of your expenses and income, including your taxes, are documented. This is particularly the case if you use a spreadsheet program or accounting software to help to keep record.

3. A budget allows you to easily track and control your spending and reduce stress. It gives you freedom from the stress of not knowing you have enough money to cover certain expenses. You are more in control of your finances. Besides, a family budget creates an environment of teamwork and communication in the family rather than one of stress and blame. It also get family members to be accountable for the spending decisions made and the financial goals you’re striving towards.

4. A solid budget makes it easy for you to make spending and investment decisions with confidence. With a solid budget in place, you know exactly where you stand financially and your investment decisions can be made with the right information at your fingertips.

5. Budgets can help you to plan for the future with ease and confidence. You will be able to plan how much to save for retirement and whether your budget allows you to get a new car soon. A budget gives you the ability and the confidence to plan for the future because you know exactly how much money you have to work with right now.

There really is no downside to budgeting. It reduces one of the most significant causes of stress and it puts you in control of your money and your future.

7 Myths About Wall Decals, Vinyl and Surface Graphics

Myth One

Myth: Wall decals are stickers

Reality: No. A “true” wall decal is cut from vinyl. Vinyl is a synthetic material that appears like a thin plastic, but it is not plastic. A decal will have a backing paper and a low tack application tape on the front. It will be very thin so it appears hand painted.

Vinyls are self adhesive, much thinner than a sticker, and are able to withstand heat which can be used to ensure it sticks properly to the surface. A sticker would just bubble, but vinyl likes the heat and will contour to the surface.

Stickers are on a sheet, and you peel up the corner of the design and pull it off the backing paper and then stick onto another surface. Basically a sticker is a print onto paper which has adhesive. Sometimes this paper is glossy, sometimes it is plastic coated etc. They can be made of vinyl, but are much thicker and don’t look like they are hand painted. Generally stickers look cheaper and more temporary than a true decal.

Myth Two

Myth: Decals are only for walls

Reality: No. In fact, decals are best applied to the hardest, flattest surface possible. They love drywall, glass, formica, painted wood, steel, plastic. Can be applied to painted plaster, (might require heat to assist in application), and absolutely does not work with stucco and brick surfaces.

In reality, decals and surface graphics can be applied to any surfaces that you imagine as long as they fit with the above. Try applying decals to a ceiling! A floor! A fridge! A filing cabinet! A reception desk! Decals and surface graphics work on many surfaces.

Myth Three

Myth: Wall decals and surface graphics are as easy as PEEL AND STICK.

Reality: No. This is not true. Wall decals come with a backing paper and a low tack application tape. These are used to assist in applying the pre-spaced letters and designs to the surface. You need to follow the instructions, work slowly and often require two sets of hands to complete the application. However, once applied they are absolutely worth the effort!!!!

Myth Four

Myth: Surface graphics ruin the paint.

Reality: Mmmmm. Always a hard one when it comes to paint. If your paint is poorly applied or old, anything will ruin it, not just decals. Bubbling paint will lift simply by running your hand over it, so never mind having something stuck to it.

We always recommend using heat to remove the decals or surface graphics. Heat will loosen the adhesive and make removing the vinyl a simpler task. If you paint was good to start with, it will survive having a surface graphic placed on it.

Myth Five

Myth: Decals can only be used inside.

Reality: Decals and surface graphics can be used inside and outside. The rule is that decals won’t stick to rough surfaces, so if you are trying to apply to a rough surface outside, no, it probably won’t stick. But, if you are sticking the decal to the outside of a garden shed, or applying the decal to an outdoor patio as a feature, then absolutely it work. Exposure to UV, rain and other environmental elements will be okay for the vinyl for up to 7 years (depending on the level of exposure).

Myth Six

Myth: Wall decals are reposition-able.

Reality: No. They are not. Many companies claim they are, but the fine print is they accept no responsibility if they don’t. Very convenient for those companies. You have already paid your money for something you think will restick and then it doesn’t.

Decals are made of self adhesive vinyl. Good decals are made of ultra thin vinyl. So if you can imagine lifting a very thin sticker off a hard surface, it will most certainly be damaged where a) you have picked at the corner to lift it and b) where it stretches as it is lifted away from the hard surface. Plus, some of the adhesive is left on the surface, so the next time you apply the stretched, damaged decal, it won’t stick for very long.

The team at Cool Art Vinyl know their stuff. When purchasing wall decals or surface graphics, think of it as a single application purchase and you won’t be disappointed.

Myth Seven

Myth: Decals look like hand painted murals and designs on the surface.

Reality: Right On! Well-made, good quality decals are absolutely fantastic as a decorating item. Generally they are low cost and beat the price of someone hand painting or doing calligraphy on the wall. We regularly do comparison quotes against painters and our prices are a third if not a half of the competition.

For other enquiries, questions or discussions about decals, vinyl or surface graphics then please try the FAQ section on located at

The Many Benefits of Bamboo Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are a very important feature in the kitchen. Not only are they utilitarian because they hold food and dishes, but they are also the first thing someone sees when they walk in the kitchen. The cabinets provide the overall aesthetic of the kitchen, the busiest room in the home. Installing bamboo kitchen cabinets provide a great look and provide many benefits.

Bamboo is a very eco-friendly material that is growing in popularity as a choice for general furniture. It is also a premier choice for kitchen accessories, such as cutting boards and utensil holders. It makes sense that bamboo is now becoming a preferred choice for kitchen cabinets as well.

Bamboo is preferred above other common cabinet materials, such as laminates, plywood, and particle board. Bamboo is harder than wood, providing kitchen cabinets with more longevity. The material is so strong and durable that it does not shrink or swell under changing weather conditions.

The material is very eco-friendly because bamboo does not exhume any toxic materials that are harmful for health. They are also great for unique cottage houses that feature outdoor kitchens. Bamboo is useful in these kinds of kitchens because of the ability to undergo any kind of changes or conditions when kept out in the open.

Bamboo is becoming more popular because it is highly renewable and sustainable. Bamboo has the ability to grow and mature within seven years, but often sooner than that. This is unlike wood takes decades to be harvested for lumber.

No matter what color the kitchen is, bamboo will blend in perfectly to the decorating scheme. It gives off an elegant and modern look and enhances the decor without accessorizing it. The style is natural and much preferred to other styles of cabinets, so much so that people are furnishing their entire homes with more bamboo products.

Bamboo cabinets are simple to install because the material is very light to carry. There is no need to screw the cabinets into the wall; they only need to be hung up in the correct hooking system. Bamboo is also very easy to maintain.

The material does not require chemicals for cleaning the cabinets. All it needs it water and mild detergent. In order to increase the eco-friendly benefits of bamboo, use green detergents that have no added chemicals that are bad for health. There is no need to remove the entire kitchen cabinet to clean it, either.

Even with all of these benefits, bamboo is not an expensive option for cabinets. It is competitively priced with plywood and particle board depending on the quality of the bamboo. Laminated bamboo plywood is the least expensive option, but it is better to get the best quality bamboo that is 100 percent real.

It is important to pay attention to the quality of the bamboo and select the better bamboo types. The look of bamboo will differ depending on where it was imported from and the quality. Color ranges from dark shades of brown to yellow. Pay special attention to the kind of adhesive that was used for pasting. It is better to choose cabinets whose adhesive have little or no formaldehyde.

Bamboo stalks are sliced into strips and then laminated together to form boards and planks. The way the strips are oriented determines the grain orientation. A vertical grain means the edges of the strips form the outer surface of the panel. Vertical grain has an appearance like wood grain.

Horizontal grain means the bamboo strips are laminated together on the edges with the surface made of the wider faces. Horizontal grain shows off the characteristic knuckle typical of bamboo stalks. This is a very natural and appealing feature for any rustic style of kitchens.

The Basic Components of a Business Plan for a Catering Business

Creating a business plan for a catering business may not be as tough as some of us consider. Moreover, developing a business plan is very important for all of us that are interested in starting their own catering business. A catering business plan helps lay the foundation for the main components of your business. It also serves as a vital tool if you are seeking funding for your start-up; since all lenders will request your business plan. Keep in mind that starting a small catering business is also a start-up option which may only require the use of some of your personal savings.

The benefit of a catering business plan includes allowing you to focus on the mission and goals as well as identify the basic components of your company.

Let us look at the basic points of a business plan for a catering company.

Description of your company.

In this section you need to describe your catering business in a clear and enlightening manner. You will need to include the name and location of the company, owner(s) background and experience, and the type of catering services that will be provided. Note that you would want come up with a business name that accurately represents your business.

Unique Selling Position also known as your USP

Your USP is what makes you different from the competition. When someone is looking for a caterer why should they select you? It goes without saying that you will provide delicious dishes and professional and friendly services; these days that just is not enough. How are you going to stand out from the competition? When writing this section I would recommend that you focus on determining how you will create a memorable and exciting experience for each of your clients. The goal is to have every client think of you when they are in need of catering services.

Organizational Structure

As the business owner you cannot single handedly take care of every aspect of your catering company; this means that you will need staff to assist you in running the business. In this section you will need to list the key people that will be engaged in your catering business. You not only want to include the names of key people but specific information about their background and experiences, and the role each of them will play in your company.


You need to know what the competition doing because this is what could possibly keep you from getting clients? You will have to do some research to determine which services may be directly competing with your catering business. In this section you will need will need to see how your compare to the competition. What are your strengths and weaknesses; and are there any opportunities or threats that can have an impact on your business?


The first step is to determine specifically who you will sell your catering services to; this is called your target market. You may initially think that you plan to offer your services to everyone, which is fine but it is best to focus on your ideal clients. Taking this approach will also assist in focusing your marketing budget on specific clientele.


Be prepared to include how much money will invest in your catering business and how much income, expenses and profits you plan to generate in this section. Optimism is great but the best approach in this section is the realistic approach. Often times section this can be challenging for the preparer; and you are not alone. Seek help from the Small Business Administration and other agencies like SCORE and the Small Business Development Centers.

San Diego’s Deck Codes Are Strengthened Since Firestorms of October 2007

Ever since the fire that devastated San Diego a few years ago, building codes have been changed. One code in particular is the decking change that was implemented by fire officials who determined that wooden decks actually helped fan the flames out of control.

Just one tiny burning ember can land atop a wooden deck surface and cause the entire house to go up in flames.

” Composite decks don’t burn, they just melt, usually “, explained decking expert Dave Winter.

After the fire moved through Julian, Ramona, Poway and all the way into Rancho Santa Fe, one thing stood out to building experts studying the aftermath wooden decks. Most houses with big wooden decks sustained more damage on average than then did houses with no decks. Homes with decks that were built with composites fared equal to homes with no decks at all. Over 1500 homes burned to the ground in a week of wind driven fury.

Many of the composite decks were baked and melted, but left the house untouched except for some ash buildup. Some decks did receive some burn spots and had to be replaced.

Now it is illegal to build a wooden decking surface in many parts of San Diego excluding the coast.

Other recent changes to decking are a code change to Handrail height (42″) Min.

A skirt around the decks sides can keep both rodent and flames at bay.

One alternative to composites in fire prone areas is waterproof type decking surface.

Technically called a cementitious pedestrian membrane surface coating, it exceeds new tougher building codes. This steel reinforced mortar foundation allows a burning ember to come to rest atop the decking surface for over one hour before the deck will ignite.

An added bonus to waterproof type decks is that you can stow things below them without subjecting them to wet and weather as the surface is 100% watertight.

You can still build with wood at the coast, and in area’s that are not deemed to be in the fire prone designated area.

Other decking options include laying masonry like flagstone, tile or brick atop the waterproof type decks surface leaving the deck almost fireproof. Another benefit to these type decking surfaces is that they are 100 % maintenance free.

” After a firestorm stretches for over 60 miles and destroys thousands of peoples lives, building codes have to change. “. “Stringent building codes serve a purpose for the health and safety of the general public.”

Next time a major fire burns through, San Diego will fare much better now with the new codes in place, combined with weed abatement and mandatory brush clearance, the chances of a fire devastating the county are very remote. Do you have a wooden deck in the fire prone area? Replace the top decking 2″ x 6″ with a composite today and sleep better tonight.

Still Not Sure Whether To Buy Ooma Telo? Read This Ooma Telo Review To Help You Decide!

Okay! If you are reading this Ooma Telo review, I am assuming that you have already done your research. You already know that there are cost savings and many other benefits to be derived when you switch over to a Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone system from the plain old telephone system (POTS). However right now you are looking for the final confirmation before you decide to buy Ooma Telo. Otherwise if you are just “browsing around” you can always check out the link at the bottom to find out all the details, specifications and other information on the Telo first and then come back to this article later as I will not be covering the product specifications in this Ooma Telo review. Okay, let’s go. I will just get to the points so that you can make that decision to buy Ooma Telo or not without having to read another Ooma Telo Review.

What Are The Points To Note Before You Buy Ooma Telo?

  • Reasonably High Upstream Requirements – you will need at least 384kbps of upstream bandwidth. However some users have reported that the Telo works as well at 200 kbps with some tuning – you can the instructions from Ooma’s QoS section on how to do that. If you do not have 384 kps upstream and unless you are on a very tight budget, you might also want to look into AT&T’s offering as at the point of writing this Ooma Telo review, AT&T is offering a DSL only service for $20 per month for 384 kbps upstream bandwidth which fits nicely to Ooma Telo’s requirements
  • It comes with 5,000 mins/month and voicemail for the cost of the unit. You will have to pay if you use anything above that. However the charges are very nominal. Incoming calls are unlimited and not timed
  • Regulatory fees are covered for the first year and you will have to pay $12/year from the second year onwards to cover regulatory fees
  • When you buy Ooma Telo you get a free number. However you can also port your existing number and you will have to pay a one time $39.99 fee
  • Some customers reported that Ooma’s porting FAQ is not comprehensive enough to cover all the scenarios. However this should not be an issue as you could contact their support or find answers to your questions from the Ooma forum which is administered by their employees
  • This is very minor but If you find that your power plug comes off easily, just use a strong glue to glue it back

What Is Great About Ooma Telo?

  • You do not need a computer to use Ooma Telo like other VoIP systems such as Skype, MagicJack etc. Not only do you save money without turning the computer on all day as a typical modern-day computer draws an average of about 50 Watts and makes noise, the Telo needs only about 5 Watts and is silent
  • The Telo provides you a RJ11 outlet that allows you to connect to a standard cordless phone. The advantage to this is that you get far better quality, selection, support and spare batteries and parts from major brands instead of having to buy unknown weird, clunky, and/or expensive USB-based, or Wi-Fi-based phones
  • Installation is very simple. All the steps necessary to install the Ooma Telo is spelt out clearly step by step in the excellent Quick Start guide
  • Online activation is very easy and the Telo connects reasonably quickly. In researching for this Ooma Telo review, a big majority of the customers reported that they were able to connect (make and receive calls) within 10-20 minutes from the time they open the box!
  • Voice quality is excellent. The HD Voice technology actually doubles the fidelity of your phone calls by capturing twice the speech information of a standard voice call. As such, most of the time it is far better that of the POTS
  • Incoming calls are free. As mentioned in the earlier section of this Ooma Telo review, you will be given 5,000 minutes of outward calls per month. After that you have to pay a nominal fee
  • Depending upon your taste, many people find the Telo very chic and contemporary. It looks very nice and has a pleasing aesthetic appeal anywhere you place it
  • You can also subscribe to Ooma Premier if you need additional features such as using your home phone and cell phone at the same time, forwarding voicemail to email, second line, back-up forwarding (in case your cable connection goes down), etc. Test out these service for free for 60 days service before you make your decision to subscribe it at $12 a month
  • Free in-network calling – call another Ooma user anywhere in the world for free
  • Dect 6.0 Support for the Telo Handset
  • Access Google Voice and enjoy Google Voice’s features such as Voicemail, Call Presentation, Listen In, and Caller-ID features – all with the press of a button

How Will It Benefit You If You Buy Ooma Telo To Replace Your POTS?

Depending upon their telephone usage, many customers who buy Ooma Telo to replace their POTS have reported recouping their investment in the Telo in as little as 3 to 6 months. You will recover your investments faster if you are a heavier user.

On top of that you get better voice quality and features not available to POTS. If you need even more features like those highlighted above, you can also subscribe to the Premier Service at a very low monthly cost. I hope you will find this Ooma Telo review helpful for you to make a decision to switch over from POTS telephony to a VoIP system like the Ooma. You will not regret that switch but in fact look back and say “why didn’t I make that switch earlier?”

Angular Cheilitis Remedies – Simple Home Cheilitis Remedies

Finding the right remedy for Angular Cheilitis is a tough task as there are not many that can cure all types of this skin disease, the main problem is that the causes varies from one person to another. Perleche or Cheilosis is a condition in which the lips and mouth corners become dry and rough, crack and sometimes even bleed. This is a very painful condition and can make it difficult for a person to eat, drink or talk. Effective Angular Cheilitis remedies are hard to find and many people generally resort to the medications prescribed by the doctors.

Here are a few main causes of this disease:

a) Oral thrush or Candida growth is one of the most often causes. The overgrowth of the yeast in the mouth can be due to the ill fitting dentures, loss of frontal teeth or poor personal hygiene.

b) Cheilosis can be caused due to iron or vitamin deficiency. This problem is usually caused by bad diet consisting mostly of fast food.

Angular Cheilitis remedies consist of the following:

a) Applying shea butter on the affected area, this has twofold effect: 1st it will nourish the skin and 2nd it will take away the moisture yeast needs in order to spread.

b) Include necessary vegetables and fruits in your diet to supply the body with the necessary vitamins and iron. It is also important to eat enough meat such as beef and turkey.

c) Apply only mild creams and wash the affected area with gentle soaps, but not skin moisteners.

d) Practicing regular personal hygiene.

e) Avoid sweet drinks and candies, sweets help candida growth.