Microwave Ovens – Advantages and Disadvantages

Microwaves are one of the greatest inventions for the kitchen in your home. These cookers absorb the energy from the food inside the microwave. The water in the food is what causes the food to cook. This is accomplished by the food particles vibrating against each other which generates heat for cooking. The more power the microwave has the faster the food will cook. If you find that your microwave doesn’t have a lot of power then you can accomplish the same by adding more minutes to your cooking time.

I think you would agree that a microwave has a lot more advantages than disadvantages. Just the savings in time is one of the greatest advantage. You don’t have to defrost your food before cooking as in most cases. Your microwave can defrost your food in seconds and then cook it in minutes. This not only saves you time but money also.

No more heating up the whole house to cook your meat on a hot day. Just pop your meat into the microwave and cook it without getting your kitchen hot. During the summer this is great. Cooler working place in the kitchen while cooking and a savings on the air to keep it cool.

My wife really likes the clean up when using the microwave. You don’t have the mess that you can have by using the stove. If you make a mess in the microwave just wipe it out with a damp cloth and you are ready again. Using the stove will require more work during the clean up.

Some of the disadvantages of using the microwave is the utensils that can be used for cooking. Don’t put any metal objects into the microwave. You will kill your microwave. Also there are certain dishes that can’t be put into a microwave. Most items that you use for cooking will tell you if it can be used in a microwave. Just be sure and check before using.

Another disadvantage is that some foods will require more cooking time because they didn’t cook all the way through the first time. It’s just a matter of adding a few more minutes to the cooking time which is no big deal. Sometimes just by stirring the food during the cooking time will help to eliminate the food from being under cooked. Either way is better than using the stove.

There’s more advantages than disadvantages in using a microwave for cooking. If you really like to cook then maybe the microwave wouldn’t be your first choice for cooking. But for those that don’t like cooking and are pressed for time the microwave is the one for you.

Can Having More Sex Help Cure Diabetes? Honey, Throw Away Those Diabetes Pills and Come To Bed!

Before anyone has a heart attack and misinterprets what I’m suggesting, I strongly encourage everyone reading this article to check with their doctor before finalizing any decisions about your medical regimen.

However, having said the above…

Maybe you should be asking your doctor to take out that prescription pad and prescribe more sex to help cure your diabetes.. Then the next time your partner says, “Not tonight I have a headache,” you can push back a little by saying, “Hey honey, it’s doctors orders.”

But seriously guys… you know those commercials where they introduce a pretty new pill, tell you what color it is, how wonderful it is, how it could change your life, and how you should ask your doctor about it (regardless of all the side effects)? Well, maybe a pill isn’t always the best answer. Perhaps there is a natural alternative that could work just as well if not better.

Am I crazy? Am I actually suggesting that sex could help cure diabetes? Some of my friends laugh at me when I say this. Others listen intently. They listen because I kind of have a reputation for saying things that sound crazy at first but they actually turn out to be true.

Let’s go back to bare basics for a moment. What do human beings need? What do we need to be well-adjusted, well-rounded, healthy individuals? We need a human connection. We need love. We need to be touched. We need a way to relieve all that pent up stress. We NEED sex to be healthy.

You can think of your body as a pressure cooker with emotions and stress building up inside. You need a release valve and is there any better release valve than sex? And… what about the intimate bond that is created between two people sharing an active sex life? This physical and emotional bond takes the edge off of everything else. There reason that people in long-term committed relationships live longer on average is actually pretty easy to figure when you think about it.

This isn’t my hormones talking by the way, although I am watching my sexy guy sleep while I write this. Hey, a writer needs inspiration you know. But seriously… scientific research has shown that during sex, endorphin levels rise dramatically. We get a surge of oxytocin. Cortisol, the main stress hormone plummets. Is there a pill out there that does this any better than a really good romp in the hey with the guy (or gal) you love? I seriously doubt it!

Nature often wins out over the artificial methods and we as humans would do fair much better if we’d remember that more often.

It turns out orgasm isn’t just about procreation. It is one of the VERY best methods you can use to release stress, decrease anxiety, and feel happier overall.

Now… given that we KNOW (it’s been well-proven through research) that sex reduces stress in an extremely significant way, what does this have to do with diabetes? I’m back to my original question. Can having more sex help cure diabetes?

Heck yes!!! because stress is one of the primary causes of diabetes. Research has shown that chronically elevated cortisol levels increases insulin and over time this causes and exacerbates diabetes.

So, the next time you want to lower your blood sugar levels and reverse your diabetes in the most natural way possible, you may want to embrace your partner and whisper something very erotic in their ear and let nature take care of things.

Coin Pusher Machines Could Be Your Key to Retirement

With a relatively small investment of less than $50,000 you can develop a quarter pusher route that provides you with a good retirement income month after month and for years to come. Many people are already doing it and you can, too. Here is how.

Quarter pushers cost about $1300 each for the best quality machines. It is important that you only buy high quality new machines so that you do not experience outages or repairs. If you purchase thirty machines they will cost you about $40,000 with shipping. You will also need coin counters and equipment for counting and bagging the coins for deposit, which will cost you about another $1,000. Industry averages show that a quarter pusher machine will generate about $200 a week in profits, with some operators even earning as much as $1,000 a week in a good location. To be conservative I will estimate on the low side and say that your thirty machines will average $100 a week which will be split 50/50 with the location owner. This will leave you with a net profit of $50 a week per machine, so multiplied by your 30 machines, this will give you $1,500 per week or $78,000 a year. Remember that this is a “low end” estimate, so you could easily do much better than that.

Finding locations for your thirty machines is not as difficult as you might think. All a shop owner needs is about 10 square feet of empty space in which to place the quarter pusher, which can then lead to earning a cash profit every week with no investment. The best locations are laundromats, convenience stores, truck stops, diners, liquor stores, tobacco shops, pizza shops or any other places where people gather. You simply offer to install a machine on a trial basis with no obligation and once the profits start rolling in, the location owner will be happy to let the machine stay. There are professional locator services available to secure locations for you (for a fee) if you are not comfortable finding them yourself.

Once the machines are placed, all you need to do is visit each location weekly and split the quarters in the machine’s catch bucket with the location owner. The catch bucket is a large plastic tub in the bottom of the machine that catches your profits as they drop from the movable tray. Thirty machines is a manageable route and collections will take about 2 days a week, depending on the size of the geographic area. It is a great retirement income for a small investment in time and money.

Strategic Muscle Building For A Calvin Klein Model – Workout Routine

It comes to no surprise that there is a growing movement away from the bodybuilding mentality. Many people would much rather have slim and fit bodies that resemble famous movie actors and models over massive bodybuilders. The desire to have a “GQ” look will not only help them look good in a suit, but on the beach as well. Over sized gym rats simply can’t do that. So what is it about the models of Calvin Klein that seem to personify the “Hollywood Look?” What does a Calvin Klein models workout routine consist of that most programs don’t?

Strategic Muscle Building To Create The Desired Look

Take a moment and evaluate the features of a Calvin Klein model. They have a decent amount of muscle mass but with very low body fat levels. Their muscles also look like they are constantly in a flexed state which is commonly known as muscle density. I guarantee that 95% of gym goers work out and harder and longer than they do, but don’t even come close to a visually stunning physique. Is it from good genetics? Do they have an exceptional trainer? What if they actually have a strategic muscle building program that will sculpt the proper physique? They need to look chiseled at any moment for a photo shoot, so what do they do different than everyone else?

It Is Not A Crime To Skip Out On The “Big 3”

The “Big 3” comes from the foundational exercises that are pumped out of the big bodybuilder magazines and forums. They consist of squats, dead lifts, and bench press. They do a great job of adding mass but will ruin the look of a model. Calvin Klein models have a very slim and toned physique. Having excess mass in the hips, thighs, midsection, and butt will not allow them to model fashionable clothes. Their legs are ripped but they also carry a slim waist. This can be done by skipping squats and dead lift. Tough cardio will sculpt a much leaner lower body without the bulk. Don’t worry you are not committing a “bodybuilding” crime by skipping out on your legs.

Upper Body Muscle Mass To Polish Off The Look

Most of their muscle mass is in the upper body but with a few exceptions. Calvin Klein models focus on the upper and inner chest muscles because it will sculpt a square and angular chest. This is why I would suggest dropping the traditional bench press and incorporate inclines only. The reasoning behind this is that the lower pecs tend to grow larger and faster than the upper portion. Paying too much attention on lower chest workouts can cause the muscles to sag which can resemble that of women’s breasts. Calvin Klein models also have arms that have a decent amount of size with wide, ripped shoulders. Wide shoulders with a tapered waist, creates a “V” in the upper body that every model needs. It is also important to notice that these models do not have large trap muscles. It would be a good idea to skip workouts like shoulder shrugs or upright rows. Having a thick neck and traps will hide wide shoulders and give you more of a rounded look.

We Can’t Forget About The Six Pack

Having a great six pack separates the men from the boys in the modeling industry. It is without a doubt that every Calvin Klein model has impressive looking abs. Planks and hanging leg raises are very effective in tightening and toning the midsection without the bulk. Planks are the foundational exercise to achieve a tight six pack while hanging leg raises will polish off the “V” between the pelvis. Even though it is important to work out the abs, it’s crucial to understand that your diet is of upmost importance. People don’t realize that diet is the key ingredient to a lean. Keeping your diet in check “makes it or breaks it” for a strong six pack. As long as there is excess fat around your stomach, definition will be hidden. Models understand this, so their efforts are directed towards keeping a clean diet.

Eating Habits

Calvin Klein models don’t eat like huge bodybuilders, so therefore they are able to keep their body fat levels low all year round. Focusing too much time on ab workouts and not enough on the diet will leave you frustrated with lack of results. You don’t have to eat 6-8 meals a day. It can be very difficult to keep the calories low in that fashion because people almost always underestimate how much they actually consume. Eating 2-3 meals a day is fine. It is also a good idea to implement fasting 1-2 times a week for both health benefits and extra fat loss benefits.

Achieving A Model Body Isn’t Just For The Rich And Famous

Creating a desired look isn’t as difficult as many people think. The biggest reason is that too many gym goers try to pack on as much muscle as possible no matter where it ends up. Then they wonder why their body looks nothing like a model. Training in this fashion will never create a Calvin Klein body because it isn’t focused around strategic muscle building. Adding muscle in just the right areas of the body while keeping your body fat low will do wonders in overall visual appearance. Now that you understand what a Calvin Klein models workout routine consists of, you can determine what areas need work and what doesn’t. Having the flexibility to make tweaks to your body will create the proper model look.

Planning a Funeral After an Unexpected Death – Part One

There is no easy way to plan the funeral of a loved one after an accident. You are likely feeling emotionally drained, physically exhausted, and over-stressed as you approach the memorial plans. When the death of a loved one is anticipated because of illness or old age, funeral plans have often been made or discussed beforehand and the family members may have had time to prepare themselves for the loss. If preparations like these have already taken place or if you have some idea of how your loved one wanted his/her funeral to be conducted, it is obviously much easier to put the funeral together quickly.

Steps to Take Immediately After the Death

There are certain steps to take immediately after the death of your loved one. They include:

1. Pronouncing the Death. As soon as someone passes away, the death needs to be pronounced by a professional. This normally means that you must call 911 or a coroner’s office so that a medical professional can confirm the death and make it official. If the death results from a car accident or another serious accident, the deceased has either been pronounced at the scene or later at the hospital. For many unexpected deaths caused by accidents you don’t need to call 911 or the coroner’s office because medical professionals will be on staff and able to pronounce the death immediately.

2. Embalming. Within the first few hours of death you need to decide if you want your loved one’s body to be embalmed. Embalming is a process designed to preserve the body. If you embalm, you give yourself the option of having an open casket funeral and prolonging the funeral process, since the body will not have to be buried or cremated right away. It may make sense to choose embalming if the family wants more time to plan for a funeral or if an open casket is preferred.

3. Selecting a Funeral Home. You will need to call a crematorium or a funeral home to come and pick up your loved one’s body from the hospital or place of death. The funeral home will usually make the necessary arrangements for transportation. If the death was unexpected, then you may not have identified a funeral home that you prefer to use, so you will need to select one Most churches, synagogues or other places of worship have a member or parishioner responsible for assisting with funeral planning, so this is an excellent place to start. Many funeral homes also have web pages now and most are listed in the yellow pages. By taking a look at the various funeral home websites, you can get a feel for the home. If possible, consider selecting a funeral home close to your loved one’s community so that it is easier for mourners who wish to attend the service.

4. Notifying Friends and Family. As soon as possible, you or other family members should start contacting people to make them aware of the loss. If you are an immediate family member like the spouse, parent, sibling or child of the deceased, you may want to contact a close friend or other family member to make most of the calls. Consider making the calls after you have made plans for the funeral so that you can let people know the location, date and time of the services.

As you begin making arrangements for the funeral or memorial service, you will want to think about what your loved one would have wanted. Where there has been an unexpected death resulting from an accident, the victim may not have made his or her wishes known. It may also mean that you have never talked about a memorial service. If this is the case, it will be up to you to make the arrangements according to what you think your loved one would want.

To plan a meaningful service, think of things that most characterized your loved one: his/her favorite activities; favorite flowers; meaningful songs, hymns, or poems, etc. Once you have made note of your thoughts about your loved one’s personality and activities in life, it will become easier for you to choose some details over others for the funeral.

Preventing Accidents Happened By Electricity

Wherever electrical appliances, lighting fixtures, wiring and outlets are located, indoors or outdoors, caution must be exercised in testing, repairing or replacing them.

Faulty house wiring, broken or frayed cords, damaged sockets and switches are dangerous. If you have any doubts about their efficiency and safety, replace them at once!

Never undertake any electrical repair in the house without first shutting off the electrical current. If you know which fuse controls the line on which you plan to work, remove that fuse. Take it out of the fuse box; just don’t unscrew it part of the way. It is best to put the fuse away somewhere removed from the fuse box and to hang a note on the fuse box to warn anyone that electrical work is being done and not to put a fuse in on the line. If you don’t know which fuse controls the line, pull the master switch.

Of course the protective devices in circuit breaker boxes cannot be removed like a fuse. To work on a branch circuit from a circuit breaker box, trip the breaker switch to off and place a sign on the box to warn others against turning it on.

Fires often occur through overheating of wires which are carrying too much current. Therefore do not use too many appliances on any one line or plug them into one outlet by using a multiple extension cord.

Remember: the blowing of a fuse is a sign-a warning that your circuit is carrying too much current. It may only be a temporary overload, but even a momentary overload is sufficient to blow a fuse. If your fuse blows, play it safe-examine the load the line is carrying.

Above all, never replace a fuse with one of a higher rating just because it blows frequently. The higher rated fuse will not provide the protection against overheated wires; you will only be kidding yourself. Therein lies the advantage of circuit breaker boxes, now required in most communities for new home construction-you cannot substitute a higher rating breaker.

If your hands are wet, don’t touch any appliance. The same goes if you’re standing on a wet spot. This is especially true in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry room. All handles on an appliance should be covered with insulating material (generally plastic) and not left as an exposed metal part.

Don’t use long cords all around the room. Add extra outlets if you need them. Cords stretched around the room are potential fire hazards, particularly dangerous if run under a carpet or rug. The long wires are also dangerous for toddlers.

If you use a portable extension cord with a light attached to it, whether it be in the garage or basement or in the workshop, keep the light away from anything combustible, like paper or a thin curtain. A wire “cage” should always be used around the bulb, for accident prevention.

Do not buy or use electrical appliances that do not have the UL label on them. UL stands for Underwriters’ Laboratories, a fire and shock hazard testing laboratory which serves industry. Be sure the label is on the appliance. The UL label on the cord applies only to the cord, not the appliance.

Why A Video Of A Man Jelqing Is The Best Way To Learn How To Jelq

If you want to learn how to jelq, your best bet is to watch a video of a man jelqing. You can read about the technique, look at drawings or diagrams, but until you actually see a video of a man jelqing you won’t get the full picture of how to jelq properly.

The Jelqing Exercise: This is a male enhancement exercise designed to enlarge penis size. It is performed by using only your hands and lubrication. The thumb and the forefinger are joined to make a circle, and then the penis is gently massaged, one hand at at time, from the base to just before the head in a slow and controlled manner. The penis is in the semi-erect state and lubricated while the exercise is performed.

Simply reading about the jelq exercise leaves a lot of questions open to a guy who desires to enlarge penis size. Some common questions are:

What do the hand massages look like? How long does each massage last? What is considered semi-erect?

These are just a few questions that automatically come up after reading about jelqing. On the other hand, these questions are immediately answered when you watch a video of a man jelqing.

Unfortunately looking for video tutorials in regards to the jelq exercise may prove to be difficult. Before you start searching for jelqing videos, check out these helpful tips first:

These tips will save you a lot of time and will help you to understand what you are in for:

  • Most jelqing videos are simply advertisements. They only contain text and dont’ provide any actual tutorial or demonstration.
  • Many so called demonstration videos use drawings or illustrations to explain how to jelq. These are not much better than simply reading about the exercise.
  • The videos that actually demonstrate the technique, are not “real jelqing videos”. In other words they will demonstrate on a hot dog or a banana. While these can be informative, you still are not getting the full picture on how exactly the jelq is performed. Having said that, these videos are better than nothing and will give you an idea of how jelqing is performed.
  • If you do find a real jelqing video, chances are they are very short (like 5-10 seconds worth of actual demonstration) and they don’t include the lubrication process, which is an extremely important aspect of jelqing.
  • The popular video outlets, like YouTube, generally do not allow nudity, thus do not allow real jelq videos. Now and then some will seep through the censors, but they are usually poor and very short. You will have to settle for banana videos on most of the popular video sharing sites.

So what is the ideal type of jelq video? Here are three things you should look for:

  1. A real demonstration. This is going to either involve nudity, or else a prosthetic of some sort is used. Now you can find good demonstrations with objects being used, rather than full frontal nudity. These videos can be favored by many men who would rather look at, for example, a banana, than a penis. Just keep in mind that it won’t be an exact demonstration video, despite how detailed and descriptive it may be.
  2. At least three or four strokes being performed. Just a one stroke demonstration doesn’t really give you a good idea of the exercise. You want to see a transition from one stroke to the next.
  3. Attention to lubrication and being semi-erect. Seeing a visual on lubrication can be helpful. Many guys wonder how much to use and how long they need to lube. It’s also very helpful to get a visual on what exactly semi-erect looks like. Usually it is considered 40-60% of a full erection. Being able to see it helps.

Bidding On Restaurant Power Washing Jobs – External Building Pressure Washing

One thing I’ve always said as an entrepreneur is; “to hell with the economy, we are here to win in the market, and will find a way,” and perhaps this is why when I was recently asked by an acquaintance who runs a power washing company what he could possibly do as local businesses in his area which is getting hammered by the economy – that I told him not everyone was hurting in the economy, there are always sector rotations, and some businesses are doing better than others. I told him; “it is your job to find out which customers are doing well, and are willing to spend the money to have their facilities cleaned properly, to get even more business.”

For instance, when retail is down, and the shopping malls are not paying power washers to come as frequently, maybe it’s time to look into restaurants. Oh, but you say those are down too, that may be true, but not the fast food restaurant sector. Generally they do better in a down economy, because they are able to sell their products for lower prices and meet the demands of the consumer which doesn’t have as much money in their pockets. Right now there is a drought, and livestock ranchers are having trouble feeding their animals, so they are taking them to slaughter early. This is causing the price of meat to drop drastically, and we will see more of the one dollar menu items.

Therefore, these QSR’s or quick service restaurants that you know as “fast food joints” will be working with a low-cost high-volume strategy. Still, they will need their facilities power washed. Below are some of the price quotes that I can recommend for power washing fast food restaurants;

Trash Area, Drive-Thru, Side Walks:

$275.00 on time, or $225 once per month, or $200 every other week per store.

Pressure Washing and Cleaning a Metal Roof Fa├žade Band Around Building:

$250.00 and realize you have to clean the sidewalks and wipe down the windows afterwards.

Power Washing and Cleaning All Metal Roof of a Fast Food Restaurant:

$1200 and be very careful it gets really slippery, and doing it by ladders is hard work, watch the streaking too. Might need extra extension poles with towels on end to dry it off as you go, very oxidized, bird crap, stains, to do it right you really need to wax it but if you do charge $2500. Check my figures and be very honest with how long you think it will take at $85 per hour, make sure my numbers match up, if not raise price. Once you clean the roof well, offer them monthly clean-off for $600.

The first time is a total hardship, it’s going to be a mess, and you will have to power wash all that reddish, bluish, yellowish, or greenish colored water off the concrete or it will leave stains on sidewalk and parking lot too. Think if that’s going to be an additional challenge based on the site, each site and water drainage is different, then charge more accordingly. Please consider all this and think on it.

Investing $1000 – 3 Ways To Double It

Most people think about money in the wrong way. They have skewed perspectives about money. Extreme opinions. It is no surprise because money is such an emotionally charged concept. There are two extremes, ridiculously conservative or excessively flamboyant. These two perspectives are expressed in the conservative, which is to work for an hourly wage and cling to the safety of time money. The flamboyant on the other hand looks for get rich quick schemes or looks for ways to make fast money easy.

Nothing wrong with either of these extremes, however, there is a middle of the road perspective that is more realistic and reliable. By far, the majority are ultra conservative about money and will cling to the safety of an hourly paid job. The reason why this is an extreme (even though it is by far the norm) is because it is way too slow. An hourly wage, unless it is very high, is usually way too slow and it is almost impossible to get ahead.

The middle of the road approach to money, in my opinion is to have the investor mind set. The idea of always looking to invest a good proportion of discretionary income. The hard part for most is finding effective investment vehicles. Here are 3 down to earth ways to invest $1000 dollars.

1) Not all returns need to be fiscal, in fact some of the best returns are actually inversely effective. One of the best ways to invest money is to buy knowledge. Knowledge cannot be lost and therefore, is a permanent return so long as you use that knowledge.

2) Investment objects. Not all investments have to be part of the institutional sphere. You don’t have to buy shares to call your transaction an investment. Its an investment if you got a return. So maybe you will find a consumer item that is way under priced and re-sell it for a profit. That is an investment.

3) Make something of value from nothing. When I say from nothing, it may cost a few dollars, but by doing it creatively and applying good skills, you can easily create something of worth from nothing. You could make a bold painting and sell it. Or maybe you can acquire a few soldering skills and make a gadget from an electronic goods store, or maybe you could spend a few hundred on tools and wood and make a quality cabinet.

Why Some Women "Glow" and How You Can Too

You often hear of women whose skin seems to “glow.” It’s a kind of radiance that you see in some ladies and not so much in others. Here are some examples of how to get a soft glow to your skin without putting your finger in a light socket to get it.

Enter puberty: not that many people would want to do this again, but girls in puberty have an influx of hormones that causes their skin to look more radiant than at nearly any other time in their lives. The trade off on this is those same hormones can give you oily skin, acne and severe mood swings.

Get pregnant: we often hear about how a pregnant woman just “glows.” Well, it’s true. Those hormones that give pubescent girls their shine come back in force while you are pregnant. In the early stages of pregnancy many women look more beautiful than they will look at any other time in their lives. In addition, women tend to take better care of themselves during pregnancy, eating right and taking prenatal vitamins. Of course, the downside comes with all the pains of pregnancy. But at least in this case you get a really special bonus at the end.

Eat right: so, you want to have clear, beautiful skin that glows? Well, for many women it is just a matter of eating correctly. Ever wonder how Jennifer Lopez gets that gorgeous glow to her skin? Part of it is, of course, her amazing genetics. But Ms. Lopez is also rumored to follow The Perricone Prescription, a diet plan that includes lots of antioxidant foods and foods high in omega 3 acids, including plenty of wild Alaskan salmon. A daily diet of foods rich in these nutrients helps impart her gorgeous glow.

Exercise: another way to make your skin glow is to get plenty of exercise, particularly cardiovascular exercise that really gets the heart pumping. When you work the cardiopulmonary system, you cause the little blood vessels and capillaries near the surface of the skin to open up, which in turn gives you a healthy glow. Begin a regular exercise routine and before long your skin is reflecting the improvement all the time, not just immediately after your workout.

Get a facial: while getting a facial will only give you a temporary shine, the results are often worth it in a pinch. The many steps to a traditional facial, especially the facial massage, cause the small blood vessels of the face to temporarily dilate, giving you the look of healthy skin. Of course, if you are gearing up for a big event, it is best to get a series of facials, not just a single treatment right before the big day. This is because facials can also cause unexpected breakouts if your skin is not accustomed to them. The other danger is that you may relax yourself to sleep, and miss whatever it is you want to look great for.

Get an advanced exfoliating treatment: when we are young, our skin cells naturally shed very quickly, as we age that process can slow until it takes double or even triple the time it did in our youth. The negative aspect of this is that the scaly older cells on the top of our skin are hiding the plump, round cells beneath that look younger and reflect light better. A series of microdermabrasion or micropeel treatments can jump start that process and return the glow of youth to your skin. The downside here is that not everyone is a good candidate for every treatment; you will need to consult your esthetician to determine the procedure that is right for you.

Fall in love: yes, it’s true. There is a special glow to a woman in love. It’s not just emotion, it’s chemistry. Oxytocin, the hormone that gives teenage girls and expectant moms their glow, kicks in full throttle when you are falling in love, giving you a special bond with your partner and a beautiful glow to your skin. I can’t think of a better, all natural beauty treatment than that.

A Word on Pickup Lines and PUA Openers

Ever since the advent of The Game and the Pickup Artist on VH1, people have been searching for “pua openers” hoping to find quick fixes for their game and general advice on approaching girls.

The word “open” was originally coined by Mystery (Erik), who borrowed the term from the magic world where it was used to refer to starting a performance. His second word of choice, “hook point” is the social point where the people are amazed at the show or actually start wanting you to stay with them. It is the tipping point of the social value exchange between the groups.

Despite its popularity, pickup lines don’t work anymore. Opening and PUA Openers are the first steps of pickup, without it, you can’t start a conversation with a girl and nothing happens beyond this.

Openers, in pickup are grouped into various types:

• Canned Opener: A memorized and practiced opener that a PUA uses repeatedly to open sets and start an interaction. They are used as training wheels for newbies to practice on. They are generally field tested to work and so the magic happens not in the words themselves but in the way they are said.

• Compliment Opener: A sincere and unique compliment used to start a conversation with a girl of the PUA’s interest. AKA the traditional pickup line. It works when calibrated the right way.

• Direct Opener: An opening line or statement that conveys direct interest in the target or set. Direct openers either hit really well or end up in a rejection.

• Focus Opener: A type of opener where a PUA starts a conversation by talking about something that the woman is currently doing or focusing on.

• Improvisational Opener: An improvisational opener is similar to a situational opener, except that it contains elements of drama and make belief. For example, “Pretend to be my girlfriend for a second sweetie, I am trying to get rid of a stage 5 clinger”

• Opinion Opener: A type of opener used to start a conversation by eliciting a woman or a set for their opinions about a situation. Also used in conjunction with a false time constraint or a true time constraint.

• Situational Opener: An impromptu opener based on the club’s or environment’s situation.

Always remember that an opener is simply a way to initiate a conversation with someone, and the opener is more than just the words. Sometimes, all you need is to get people to like you. If you can come across as a warm person, it opens a lot of social doors, for both guys and girls.

To find specific openers, you can visit PUA Lingo’s PUA Openers page.

Leopard Gecko Digging: What Does It Mean?

Is your leopard gecko digging non-stop? This can start to trouble you and you should know that this may mean something is not right in their little world. To learn more about this leo activity, read on.

Why do They Dig?

Digging is a natural instinct for these animals. Leopard gecko digging is a normal part of their lives in the wild. Their front claws are actually designed for such purposes. They do this for a number of reasons: to get away from the sun, to hide from predators, or to hunt for food. If your substrate is deep enough, it isn’t strange to find your lizard digging paths underneath the ground. Most substrate depths won’t allow this though. Should the digging just keep going on, try to get to the reason behind it.

Tank is Too Hot

This is one of the biggest reasons behind digging. If the tank is too hot, they will attempt to escape the heat somehow. The quickest solution is to bring the heat down. However, the best solution is to get a proper sized tank that can have two areas of temperature. Leos are happy in temps of about 90 degrees but they sometimes need cooler temps to cool down their bodies. An area that remains in the low 80s or mid 70s should be maintained in any lizard habitat. Check your temp and make sure you have two distinct areas. Getting an accurate thermometer is crucial and is well worth the investment if you want to keep your lizards happy.

Lack of Hideaways

This is another reason behind constant digging. Your leos are nocturnal and they prefer to stay out of the light during the day. To duplicate their natural habitats somewhat, many keepers employ hideaways. These can be constructed out of simple plastic containers with holes cut into them so the lizard can get in. You’d also want some humid hide boxes just in case your lizard has problems with shedding.

Sand Problems

Sometimes your lizards can get irritated by the sand you use as a substrate. This can make them do unpredictable things. Make sure your sand is not too rough or too thick. Also, some keepers suggest staying away from sand as there are many alternative substrate materials out there. Although sand is easy to clean and use, it causes many problems including sand ingestion and sand impaction. This occurs when the lizard eats too much sand and their digestive systems start to get clogged or even damaged by rough sand. This can be a dangerous situation for your lizards so make sure you have the right kind of sand or use alternatives like newspaper, pea gravel, paper towels, or even the bare bottom of the tank.

Unexplained Digging

Should the digging continue, you may have to check other areas of your lizard’s lifestyle. Check anything that may be causing stress that could lead to unpredictable behavior. However, if the lizard maintains a healthy diet and is normal the rest of the time, you might just have to give him some time to adjust.

Sharing My Knowledge on Vedanta – Nature of the Self (Atman)

Advaita Vedanta does not say that we should not earn or enjoy but enjoy it with the conscious thought that you’re part of this world and nothing is permanent except the Self in you. Remember and be prepared to let go of anything at any time. Understand all relationships are temporal and enjoy what you have when you have and do not regret when you lose. That is why the term ‘relatives’, the Self alone is ever existent and everything else is relative to Self.

‘Self’ is the Atman, which is a speck of Brahman at the micro level. A simple example would be each speck coming out of a firework in the sky is the same as that of the original even though each one appears separate, color, shape and size. All the specks that we see from that one firework are the same appearing as many. Similarly, we all are that ONE Brahman, appearing in many different forms, sizes and colors. This article describes the nature of ‘Self’ in us.

The Self in all of us is without attributes:

Nirguna – Without Qualities

Nishkriya – Action less

Nirvikara -Without modifications

Nirakara – Without Form

Nirvikalpa – Without thoughts

Niranjana – Taintless

As per Advaitha Vedana, we are NOT the Body, Mind or Intellect. The ever present ‘Self’ in us animates the body and the Ego in this body veils the ‘Self’. Ego is nothing but the thought that we carry around about us. (Edged God Out). We are not what we think we are. Even though we have a name, academic qualification, professional title, someone’s spouse, sister, brother, daughter, son, father or mother. These are relative titles. Only the Self present in us that animates us is reality and has no attributes. The Self is ever present without a beginning or an end. Only the body disintegrates into five elements.

What is an Upadhi?

Upadhis are the conditioning’ or ‘delimiter’. The Body, mind and intellect delimits the Atman (more like claustrophobic of the Atman within their perimeter); though in reality they exist in Atman.

A beautiful example often used in Vedantic studies is of the pot space & the room space. Even though they appear to limit the space within their border or boundaries, the simple fact is the pot or the room exists in the broad space and appears to limit the space within their boundaries. Similarly, the Atman appears to be within the three sariras (sthula, suksma, karana) when in actuality these three anatman (non- atman) exist in Atman. Without the power or illumination of Atman none of these can function. These are Upadhis of Atman, dependents of Atman.

Self is the Saksi or the Witness

Atman is the saksi or witness of the three states of awareness – waking, dream and deep sleep state. Therefore Atman is different and distinct from all three.

Since the existence of these three states is temporary, the relationship of Atman with all three cannot be permanent and is temporary as a witness.

The mind-body equipment gains knowledge about he external objects only through’ the senses whereas the ‘Self’ does not need any external instrument to gain knowledge. It is self-luminous and absorbs immediately. Therefore this knowledge is also called as direct knowledge. This is termed as immediate non-instrumental (instrumentated) knowledge.

A very important difference in the possession of knowledge by the body-mind equipment vs. the possession of knowledge by the ‘Self’ is that the mind-body undergoes a modification by taking the form of the object as it comes to know of one (thought of an object) but the Self does not go through this process. IT just perceives and remains changeless through out the process. It is a mere witness of all activities of mind, body and intellect.

Finally, the ‘Self’ also does not undergo any after effect of knowledge meaning there is no like, dislike or indifference when the ‘Self’ gets a knowledge of anything. Self illumines all thought forms without intrinsically undergoing any modification and remains unaffected during the process of knowledge and thereafter. Therefore it is described as ‘saksi’.

1. Svarupa laksana is the nature of the object based on its intrinsic quality like the sweetness of sugar. Vedantic texts describes the intrinsic qualities of ‘Self’ as Sat-Cit-Ananda.

Sat- Eternal existence – changeless

Cit – self-effulgent – self-luminous

Ananda is absolute Bliss

Since these are considered as the intrinsic qualities of Atman, these descriptions are called as Svarupa-laksana of Atman.

2. Atman is the Enlivener of the inert conditionings – ‘tatastha-laksana’ is the definition of Atman based on its extrinsic associates.

Ex:1. Atman is the enlivener of the Upadhis

2. Atman is the saksi of the three states of awareness.

The three states of awareness waking state, dream state and the deep sleep states are Upadhis of Atman. Atman is the enlivener of the Upadhis Even though Atman appears to be in them, in reality these three states are confined within Atman. Without the illumination of Atman these three are functionless. Atman alone gives them the power to operate. Not knowing this, not realizing this, we think Atman lives in this body!!

‘I’, the Ego creates all sorts of thoughts like “I am so and so, I am from this university, I am in this position…etc” literally limits one towards Self-realization just like the pot appear to limit the space that it confines when in reality the pot exists in the realm of space.

3. Atad-vyavritti-laksana is nothing but the description of an object through the mode of negation. For ex: It is not this, not that…When Sita was asked who her husband was in a crowd in Ramayana text, she said ‘not him’, ‘not him’ and finally kept quiet accepting he was the one when Sri Rama was pointed.

Sankaracharya describes the ‘Self’ in Atma bodha in a glorious way by the method of negation.

“I am without attributes (nirguna), and actions (niskriya), eternal (nitya) without any desire and thought (nirvikalpa), without any taint (niranjana), without any change (nirvikara), without any form (nirakara), ever liberated (nitya mukta), and ever without impurity (nirmala)”

1. Nirakara: (without form) The stula sarira is with a definite form but the ‘Self’ is nirakara – without any form. Therefore the Self is not the gross body.

2. Nirvikara: (without modifications) The stula sarira undergoes six different changes – foetus, birth, growth, disease, decay & death. Atman is nirvikara, without any modifications. Therefore Atman is not of the gross body.

Nirakara & Nirvikara together negate that the ‘Self’ being the sthula sarira.

3. Niskriya: (without action) Actions are undertaken by karmendriyas and pranas of suksma sarira. When the Self is Niskriya (without action), it is described as different from karmendriyas and pranas.

4. Nirvikalpa: (without any desire and thought) Desires and thoughts are performed by the mind, intellect, ego & memory. Again since Atman is described as Nirvikalpa (without any desire and thought), it signifies that Atman is not the mind, intellect, ego or memory.

Niskriya and Nirvikalpa together negate the ‘Self’ being the suksma sarira.

5. Nirguna: (without gunas) Sattva, Rajas and tamas are the gunas of karana sarira (causal body). Since Atman is Nirguna, it is certain that the Atman is different from karana sarira

6. Niranjana; (without taint) Vasanas are the taints of the inner personality. Since Atman is described as niranjana (without any taint), it is beyond vasanas.

7. Nirmala: (without any dirt) In spiritual context, vasanas are considered as impure for they smear the inner personality. The ‘Self’ is described as Nirmala (pure) and is therefore beyond vasanas.

Nirguna, Niranjana and Nirmala show the Self as being different from the karana sarira (causal Body)

We therefore see that the terms Nirakara, Nirvikara, Niskriya, Nirvikalpa, Nirguna, Niranjana & Nirmala collectively deny that the Self is sthula-suksma-karana sarira.

These descriptions of negation are all examples of Atad-vyavritti-lakshana.

Tiffany Pendant Lighting

Tiffany Pendant Lights are one of my favorite things to add to a home. They usually use vibrant colors that add a wonderful pop of color to the room. This style lamp was first created in the late 1800’s and they were all hand-crafted. Louis Comfort Tiffany was one of the first involved with Tiffany lights, hence the name Tiffany. He started a business in which was an interior design company focused on stained glass.

I have several Tiffany Style lights throughout my home. I recently installed two Tiffany pendants hanging over my pool table. It gives the room and the table an extremely sophisticated look and it really makes the room.

There are many different styles of Tiffany pendant lights. Some come with designs, like your favorite animals or your favorite flowers. Others are just simple and the colors alone make this beautiful light. Its actually not to complicated to create your own Tiffany Style lamps, as long as you have the right tools. All you need is glass, cardboard, a solder and copper foil. You’ll also need the colored glass.

Here’s a brief guideline on how to make a Tiffany light. Its always made with a copper foil method. The first step consists of sketching the pattern or design on a thick and heavy piece of cardboard. Once you have it marked, then glass is placed over the cardboard and proceed to trace it. Now that you have the pattern on the glass, its time to cut the glass to match the shape. Copper foil will be used to cover the edges, only after the glass has been cleaned. The copper helps stick the pieces together. Now once the lamp has been placed in the right position (meaning its fully together), its time to break out the solder. Solder the edges together to create a strong hold.

Barriers to Intercultural Communication

Today’s competitive global economy results in frequent cross-border movements of staff that results in a growing diversity at the workplace. As the inevitable happens between cultures, breakdowns in communication are a common occurrence. That is certainly costly to the multinational enterprise in terms of workplace relations, returns and revenues, and customer relationship. Not to mention, the firm’s competitive advantage.

As such, three main obstacles to intercultural communication are identified and accordingly expounded further below. It is noteworthy to the International Assignee the consequences if due care is not exercised when interacting with non-native English speakers.

1. Language

* Slang, Jargon

* Dialects, Pidgin

* Accents

The transfer of International Assignees across geographical borders perpetuates the use of the English language. That has never been as pervasive or as widely, although variations of the language and degree of fluency differ from country to country, individual to individual.

As it is, usage of slang and jargon – examples: sport, technical – is to be avoided unless the Assignee is very sure the local audience understands them well. Also, the presence of globally known brands, products and services does not mean that the locals possess the same level of mindset.

It is therefore imperative that the Assignee be sensitive of both connotations and implications that may arise as a result of local usage; further influenced by the local languages where English is a second or third, or foreign language.

2. Modern Technology

* E-mail

* SMS Text Messaging

* Video Conferencing / Teleconferencing

The advent of modern technology, especially the Internet, has made access easier and cheaper to people worldwide such that it helped speed up globalisation. Similarly, the pervasive use of technological tools like Short Message Service [SMS] and e-mail amongst locals does not mean that cultural mishaps will not occur.

The difficulty that comes with the aforesaid tools is gauging the recipients’ expressions. Their responses could be not what the Assignee expects or least anticipates. On the other hand, the ease of communicating electronically removes formality and business etiquette that can not only be misconstrued but also leads to a breakdown in communication.

Hence, it is pertinent on the Assignee’s part to convey himself as clearly and plainly as possible to avoid any misunderstandings that may arise.

3. Behaviourial and Mindset

* Anxiety

* Discomfort

* Fear of the “Unknown”

* Prejudice and Stereotyping

* Perceived Cultural Superiority or Ethnocentrism

* Discrimination = Racial, Sexual, Educational

Coming from a culture that upholds individualism, privacy and independence; the Assignee will certainly experience shock, resistance, and to a lesser degree, disgust towards the host culture that is perceived as inferior. Which as a result, he may withdraw himself seeking similar individuals; or refusal to adapt accordingly to his environment.

The Assignee may also display anxiety and discomfort if he has not come across – or having little or rare opportunities to socialise with – people of other cultures before. He will lose sight on effectively communicating his ideas as his fear[s] of not being understood – amongst others – overwhelms him.

Thus, it is to both the organisation’s long-term interest and the Assignee’s well-being that he has the ability to manage the conflicts well enough. Otherwise it is detrimental to his work performance which can affect the entire department’s morale as a whole.

One Last Word…

It is convenient to dismiss Cultural Differences as the major or sole reason for a breakdown in communication – which does not serve the International Assignee well in the long run. Instead, he could be more proactive by confronting the issues that prevented him from working closely with his team.

By addressing the problem and then taking practical steps to remedy any unintentional misunderstanding caused; such actions will not only make him more motivated at work but his stay more pleasant too.

Just remember: Treat anyone regardless of ethnic, racial or cultural background the same way you would want to be treated.