Caring for Your Solar Landscape Lights

Solar landscape lights have become a popular trend for landscape designers and homeowners. With the popular “go green” campaign, pushed inadvertently by the recent economic crisis, people everywhere are looking for ways to save, no matter how small those ways might be. One of those ways is with solar landscape lights. Instead of garden lighting which would direct light upward and downward, costing more in energy and losing a good portion of the light to the sky, people are utilizing solar landscape lights which recharge in the sun and maintain a charge throughout the night.

There are solar landscape lights in every style and can match any taste. No matter the décor of your landscape, you can find solar lights to match. Above all, it is important that your solar landscape lights are enjoyed whilst illuminating your garden design and creativity. Once you have found the perfect solar landscape lights, the next step is learning how to keep them clean. Since they are outside your solar landscape lights will get dirty quickly especially if they are placed in a landscape bed or garden. If your solar landscape lights are covered in dirt or grime, it will detract from their ability to charge effectively while also detracting from the aesthetic appeal of your lights. It is important to avoid commercial cleaning products because they will damage the solar garden lights. The best way to clean them is to use a clean, damp cloth to wipe away the grime or dirt. Solar garden lights are water resistant, however they are not water proof so the lights should not be immersed in water. The water could get into the electrical conduits inside of the solar garden lights and damage the entire unit.

Another tip in terms of caring for your solar garden lights is to remove them at the end of the season. You do not want to leave them standing in winter seasons when your areas endures freezing temperatures. If the lights are left to freeze and then thaw, the lifespan of the material will be reduced. If they are left in colder temperatures with reduced daylight hours, the lifespan of the battery will decrease. If you want to winterize your lights, clean them with a damp cloth and then turn the switch to off. Remove the batteries from the lights and recharge them in a household battery recharger. You can then place a new battery in your solar garden lights when the spring season arrives, ensuring longer hours of illumination.

When spring time rolls around, it is best to place the solar garden lights in a protected area. Many people consider where they want to place their solar garden lights but they do not first consider the amount of sunlight they will receive during the daylight hours. Since the most common problem with solar garden lights is the lack of sunlight they receive you can avert this issue by ensuring that they are placed in direct sunlight. With this, the batteries should enjoy a one to two year lifespan.

Home Designing With Patio Lights

When looking at your patio, if you think it’s too plain, than there’s a lot that you can learn from this article. Utilizing patio lights can easily create a brand new look in anyone’s patio or backyard. If you want to create a nice look patio, it will take some simple light placement utilizing the right sets of lights. A rising trend for a lot of people is home design. Utilizing patio lighting to increase safety and bring up the house value.

One thing with patio lights is that some areas will need more attention with lights than other areas. If you want an elegant looking home you may want to start off by adding lights to your walkways. Not only will it bring a nice glow but also add safety to the house. If you want people to actually spend the time to admire your house display, a nice new glow may do the trick. Some people actually appreciate a compliment of others who actually notice the nice designs utilizing the lights.

Many people spend a good amount of their time making their garden looking good. For this reason, they should definitely show off their garden to their guest. Many people would see your garden display throughout the day, but how will they be able to see it during the night? All your hard earn work is worth presenting like well design flower garden to even beautiful water fountain monument. Many times with these displays, you’ll find them looking a lot better at night with lights than during the day. When focusing on only your garden, you can add any type unique patio lights as a start. You have a lot of options like ground lights, lights on a pole and even hanging lights from a wall. One thing you might need to do is paying attention to how the lights are placed on the ground. If you want your garden to look extremely well with a creative light design, you need to mess around with the lights. Basically you are closely observing the best possible light placement that will look great overall.

You can use patio lighting in many areas around the house that other people don’t tend to place their lights. You can add lighting on patio steps, along the wall, statues and even around the swimming pool if you have one of course. Anyone how actually pays attention to little detail around their home by adding the right set of lights can easily bring an elegant look to their home. Playing around with lights can help you improve your creativity with exterior house design. By searching around online, you’ll be able to see tons of images that will give you an idea of where to start. You should be able to have a lot of fun with patio light decoration when you know exactly how well it can turn out.

How to Handle Barriers That Come With Saving For Retirement

It is no doubt that we need to start saving money in order for us to become financially free. However if you look at statistics, almost 80-90 % of all Filipinos have little to no savings at all. Have you checked your bank accounts lately? Do you deposit money more often or have withdrawal records most of the time? Do you have a savings account to begin with? If you don’t have one yet, it’s alright and it’s not yet too late to start saving money. People have different reasons why they don’t have savings. Some of them are valid while some are just mere excuses and are barriers to building wealth. The first step to financial freedom is for you to know and understand why you can’t save money.

Here are 9 major obstacles to building wealth that you need to understand and overcome:

1) Lack of income. If you ask people why they don’t have savings, they normally tell you that their income is not enough or they have a low paying job. Having a low salary is not even enough to cover your needs and pay for your bills, how much more if you allot even just a little amount of money to save. But it doesn’t mean that it is the end of the road. Instead, use it as a challenge to better job or use your creativity to generate more income. Henry Sy was not born wealthy. When he was young, his family owned a small sari-sari store. But they lost it all during World War II. This is even worse than having insufficient money. His father went back to China afterwards while the young Henry Sy didn’t give up. He used this opportunity to earn more income. He went into buying and selling to earn money to survive. Afterwards, he started selling American shoes and expanded his income until it became SM. Let this be a lesson for all of us. If you really want to earn money and save for your future, you need to find ways. In this world and age, our options are not only limited to buying and selling. You can offer your services for extra income as well. There are a lot of opportunities out there to increase your income. You can go networking, blogging or internet marketing but just be careful of scams.

2) Poor spending habits. Most people are so-called “one day millionaire”. When they have money, they spend it all they want-new clothes, brand new car, dine out in restaurants and so much more. If they don’t have cash, they use their credit cards and swipe it all until they reach their credit limits. Too bad but most Filipinos have these spending habits. Worse is if you get use to this lifestyle, you can’t save any money. Most of the time, you will find yourself paying huge credit card bills and later avail loans just to sustain it which adds up more to your debts. If you have this reckless habit of spending, it’s not too late. You can start by just buying what you really need and list down all your expenses. Avoid using your credit card and pay by cash only. In this way, you won’t tempted of buying something if you know you don’t have enough money left. You can also just shop on sale and bargain items. This way you can save more money.

3) Lack of patience. Some Filipinos are short-tempered and lacks patience when it comes to saving money. You can see people who start saving in a piggy bank and later breaks it when they want to buy something. Others want to get rich quickly so they rather invest in get rich quick schemes. Some rely on fate and luck so they gamble and join reality shows or go to noontime television game shows hoping to get the jackpot prize. Getting rich is not done overnight or with a push button. It is a slow and deliberate process that requires saving just a little amount of money often, continuously and making it grow. It takes years to build it, but it could be done by anyone.

4) Procrastination. This is one trait Filipinos are known for. We have this tendency to procrastinate things. That is why we have labels like “Filipino time” known to delaying a timeline or “the mañana habit”. Sadly, even in saving money we practice this. We are living the “tomorrow is another day” principle. When we have money, instead of saving today, we rather choose to buy the things we want or avail of the travel promos and then save money later. When tomorrow comes, then we have another day and another day until we can’t save money anymore. Afterwards, we found out that we’re too old and we are close to retirement yet we saved nothing. In the end, we become poor. Always remember, time is gold and likewise money. The only right time to start saving money is now.

5) “Come what may” attitude. This is not just famous in a song but also with Filipinos. We tend to engage into something without even thinking. We just say “come what may”. This is impressive in going to battles but never for financial security. We will never know what will happen tomorrow. We can’t even trust other people or our fate. So we need to plan and set goals if we want to become rich and financially free. There is a little chance if we are not sure of what we are doing. You don’t get rich by accident. With too many competitions, chance is really low. Your financial future is your responsibility so do your part.

6) Lack of self-esteem. The reason most people can’t start saving money is because they say they really can’t. They say they might be millionaire or a billionaire someday. They believe that only few can do it but not themselves. Remember, if others can, why can’t we? Just believe in yourself and do everything you can to reach your dreams. Each one of us has the power to save money. Even kids can do it. As long as you live, you are capable of saving money.

7) Hopelessness. The average Filipino worker says that that’s the best that they can give and with their current situation, they are just born to work and will never be rich. How much more for the poor ones? They believe that once they are born poor, they will end up poor. But believe it or not, there is hope as long as you learn how to save money. There are a lot of rags-to-riches stories that can prove that this is true. From a cigarette vendor to a millionaire business man, he did it through saving 5 pesos everyday from his profits. Afterwards he put up a small store which grew to a grocery store and then later invest it in other businesses. The key to his success is passion and will to succeed. Remember, if there’s a will, there is a way.

8) Family and Peer pressure. If you are the breadwinner of your family, they rely on your support most of the time. You are giving them monthly allowance for their other needs. With this, you can’t even start to save money. What I learned from this experience is to learn when to say “no”. Being a breadwinner doesn’t mean that you need to give everything they say. Learn to say “no” at times politely. If you can’t afford to give what they need, just tell them. Getting use to this will make them dependent to you for the rest of their lives. Instead giving them money more often, teach them how to save a little and start a small business like food cart or stall. This way you can give them cash flow that is enough to cover their daily needs. At the same time, instead of giving them allowance more often, you can start saving money. As the famous saying goes, “teach them how to fish and not give them fish”. Aside from family pressure, there is also peer pressure. There are some friends who would say it’s impossible for you to become rich. If they say this and they don’t support your efforts to save money to become rich, then they are not your friends. If you can’t influence them, avoid them and find other friends who will support you. There are also set of friends who will normally ask you for a treat. It is OK if you do it occasionally, but also say “no” sometimes when you really can’t. If they don’t talk to you afterwards, then they are not your true friends.

9) Lack of financial literacy. Most people just don’t know how to start saving money. They are poor in money management and personal finance. They just don’t know what to do. The main reason it’s because we are not taught in school how to do it. If you lack financial education or literacy, not only that you can’t start saving money but even if you have money you don’t know how to make it grow. You might miss opportunities that makes large amount of money like investments. Financial literacy is also a form of investment. Attend seminars or read books on financial management and apply whatever you learn to build your wealth.

Whatever our reasons are, there is no way that we can start saving money. These barriers are windows for opportunities that will help us build our wealth. We should not let others dictate our future or allow these situations to not reach our goals in life. Remember, if there’s a will there is always a way and most are free. Take advantage of those opportunities and you could be financially free sooner than you think and retire early.

Why You Should Install A CCTV System At Your Home

CCTV stands for closed circuit television; it was unearthed in the era of the 1940’s when it was first used to observe rocket launching closely in Germany by Siemens AG. CCTV is a type of video monitoring system based on strategically placed video cameras, which capture local footage to broadcast it either to a private network for real time viewing or to a video recorder for future viewing. In recent times, it has become an increasingly necessary factor in the security and surveillance of a particular area for business, governments, schools, military, commercial spaces and even homes.

CCTV system, a must at home

Nowadays, it’s necessary for the homeowner’s to install CCTV cameras in and around their home because of the rapid rise in the cases of trespassing, burglary, murders, vandalism, etc. With surveillance cameras installed in your home, you can monitor all the activities which are taking place in your absence.

CCTV footage as judicial evidence

Yes, it is true that CCTV itself can do anything to prevent the act of crime and it is just a mere audience. But, a CCTV camera installed at your home develops a feeling of doubt in the mind of the criminal. CCTV footage is very helpful to the police to investigate both criminal and domestic cases. Moreover, an image recorded by these cameras is judicial evidence to convict the criminal in court. Unlike human watchman, these cameras never go on leave and always work efficiently and reliably.

CCTV cameras protect you even when you are at home

CCTV cameras installed at the main entrance of your gate helps you to see who is at the doors so, that you can avoid opening the main door for anonymous individual.

Significant decrease in the cost of CCTV equipment in the recent years

CCTV cameras are no longer expensive to install in your home. In the last few years, many CCTV manufacturers have made much advancement in the field of security and surveillance to offer you affordable round the clock security.

Follow the privacy law

If you are thinking to install a CCTV system in your home, then you should comply with the privacy laws. This means ensuring that your CCTV camera is not pointed at other people’s houses, public property or other public spaces

Final words

If CCTV cameras are used responsibly and appropriately, then this security system surely has enormous benefits to the homeowners.

How To Fix Rapi DLL Errors On Windows 7 – Complete Tutorial To Fix Rapi DLL Errors

Rapi.dll is a file used by Windows 7 to help control various remote access features on your system. Notably used by the “ActiveSync” program, as well as various mobile phone software packages, the rapi.dll file is part of the core Windows functionality. Unfortunately, it’s also a big cause of problems for Windows as since it needs to read the rapi.dll file so much, any problems with it will have drastic consequences. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to fix any rapi.dll errors that you’ll find on your PC, especially if you’re using Windows 7.

The errors which rapi.dll causes include the likes of “rapi.dll not found” and “rapi.dll unable to be located”. If you’re seeing these errors, it generally means that there’s either a problem with the file itself or with the settings / software trying to use the file. In order to fix the problem, you basically need to repair the various issues which are causing it to show, which will include the likes of updating Windows as well as fixing the file’s location & any other errors it may have.

The way to fix the rapi.dll error on your PC is to first make sure that your PC is up to date. The errors you’re seeing could well be caused by a general bug / problem in the Windows system, which will be corrected with an update. You can update your PC by using the “Windows Update” program in Start > All Programs > Windows Update. Along side this, you should also make sure that rapi.dll is located in the C:WindowsSystem32 folder of your PC (the folder where all DLL files are kept for your system). If you don’t have the file on your PC, you should download it from the Internet and then place it in that folder.

It’s also recommended that you use a ‘registry cleaner’ program to fix any errors that your system has with the “Registry Database” of your PC. This is a central storage database for all the files and settings your system uses to run, and is used continually to help your PC recall the likes of your desktop wallpaper, latest emails and even your most recent emails. The registry is also home to a large list of DLL files on your PC, which your system will use to read all the files it needs to run. Unfortunately, this list of files often gets damaged & corrupted, leading your system to run much less reliably. To fix this issue, you should look to use a registry cleaner tool to repair all the problems you may have on your system. These software tools can be downloaded from the Internet and installed on your PC to help clean out the errors you’re seeing.

Cork Flooring and Pets

Estimate claim that over 60% of all households in the US either have a cat or dog. Animals such as this can wreck havoc on your flooring due to defecating, scratching and biting. You really should have a trained animal to not have it messing up your flooring, however sometimes there isn’t anything you can do to break old habits. This is why certain flooring solutions are better with pets. This article is going to explain why cork flooring is an excellent solution with pets in your home.

Cork flooring is a very durable product, able to withstand compression up to 45% and still return to its normal shape without damage. This is crucial with animals such as cats that may scratch your floor with their claws. Instead of the cork tearing it most situations it will just compress under the cats pressure and return to its normal shape when released. Dogs with sharp or large nails also won’t harm cork floors; even when running on them at high speed to greet you when you come home!

Cork is also water resistant, so it doesn’t absorb water or moisture. So, if you have a dog with a problem peeing in the house you don’t need to worry about it hurting your cork floors. However, you must clean it up as soon as possible to prevent the urine from getting behind your tiles or planks and ruining the sub floor. Even though cork can resist moisture you should still housebreak your pets to prevent unwanted damage.

Sometimes people come over that are allergic to your pets and you need to lock them up. However, even with the pets locked away there dander and hair is still present and can upset someone with allergies towards them. However, cork flooring is actually anti-allergenic. It won’t hold in pet dander or hair and it’s very easy to clean up. This is also true with pollen and other allergens. People with pet allergies will be grateful that you have a flooring solution that doesn’t lock these in.

So, as you can see cork flooring is a good combination with pets in your household. Just remember to do your best to break your pets from urinating on your new cork floors. If you want to learn more about cork flooring then you can follow the links below.

How to Clean Out a Sump Pit?

The maintenance and cleaning out of a sump pit is critical for the performance of the sump pump. Once the basement sump is installed then it is up to the installation contractor to clean out the sump pit prior to commissioning the system and signing it off. In both preformed sump chambers and sump pits there is always a big chance that the pit will be full of builders rubble and debris from the site works. The installation company should remove all debris from the pit or chamber and then use a Aqua vac to remove any silt or fines which may be at the bottom of the chamber. It is at this point the operative should test all the fittings and pipe work is correctly glued and or screwed together and make sure that there is no debris in the bottom of the sump pumps which could cause it to jam in the event of the sump pumps being activated.

It is important when cleaning out a sump pit or chamber that you have a standby pump with a flexible hose because if you are in an active water situation and have only one discharge line leading from you sump pit out then you will need the standby pump to remove water whilst you check the primary pump for wear etc. It is also very handy to have a large catchall tray which means you can take out the pumps without making a mess to any fixtures or fittings if you sump pit or chamber is inside. Other very handy tools when you need to clean out a sump pit is a acid for getting rid of lime scale residue which may have built up inside the chamber. Hydrochloric Acid works well but is extremely caustic so make sure you have goggles and the appropriate gloves and other health and safety gear when using this type of material. Another essential when dealing with the clean out of a sump pit or chamber is a hose connected to mains water. This helps to wash out any debris but also to test the pumps quickly once cleaned and ready for action.

When cleaning out a sump pit which is being utilised for not just ground water i.e sewage then you are in a different ball park. The same principles apply to a clean water sump chamber but you will need to take a lot of extra precautions and you will need to have the appropriate immunisations for dealing with foul sump systems.

It may be best to not make this a job you do in house but outsource this to a professional foul sump maintenance company.

Remember it is vital to maintain pumps like your boiler to keep them reliable. The cleaning of the sump pit/chamber is a essential part of this process.

Production Linearity – Eliminating the "Hockey Stick Syndrome"

Why is linear production so important? It’s simple; “It’s where the money is!” Scrap, rework, overtime and poor quality are all non-value-added costs that increased as a function of the famous “Hockey Stick Syndrome”. That is, as we delay our production schedule completions toward the end of the month (or worse, to the end of the financial quarter), there is a tremendous pressure put on Manufacturing that produces shop floor chaos that generates significant non-value-added cost. We usually end up making the production plan and financial forecast because the “Knights in shining armor” come through with a last minute, heroic performance. But, at what cost? Some companies actually give up 10 to 20% of their potential profit margins because they have developed and fostered a manufacturing team that perpetuates the “Hockey Stick Syndrome”.

Companies that continue to live with the end-of-the-quarter “push” will never achieve their full growth and profit potentials. How do you smooth schedules and achieve linear production? The challenge is in how to keep daily pressure on the critical path of schedule achievement. We need to have the visibility of all critical tasks and milestones from day one of the quarter and create team awareness and commitment to their timely achievement. Our manufacturing team must become sensitive and proactive in the execution of early production planning details and they must learn to apply their creativity and energy in a linear style. To be sure, up front planning and execution can yield amazing manufacturing results and lead to profitability beyond expectations.

The most effective production manager I’ve ever known used a huge magnetic board to schedule production planning details and monitor production linearity. An early focus on details, corrective actions and recovery planning was his management style. He would hold early morning meetings every day to status yesterday’s progress on the magnetic board and to establish the daily challenges. He was an expert at team dynamics and his people always new what they had to do and they were always provided the tools to get the job done. The combination of the magnetic board, the morning meetings and his team dynamics skills made this production manger an effective leader and an expert in achieving linear production.

Today many production managers are still trying to solve their linear production problem by pursuing a sophisticated computer software solution. Most companies are now using MRPII/ERP manufacturing systems to control their production environments. These systems do not provide a focus on the detail, up front tasks and milestones that are critical to linear production and consequently have not presented a solution to the “Hockey Stick Syndrome”. On the other hand, using an old magnetic board in this day and age of computer sophistication may not be an acceptable alternative. A good trade-off might be to develop a simple computer spread sheet specially designed to plan critical production milestones and to measure/monitor production linearity.

Using this daily schedule as the “bible”, the next step would be to retrain the “Knights in shining armor” to gradually shift their manufacturing paradigm from end-of-the-quarter “fire fighting” to daily proactive problem solving.

Finally, it is important to differentiate between shipment linearity and production linearity. In a widget, make-to-shelf manufacturing company that build substantial finish goods inventory and in highly engineered capitol equipment manufacturing companies the two linearity measurements will not be equal.

Shipment linearity may be more of a function of Sales’ bookings and customer’s preference rather than nonlinear production. Consequently, the measure of production linearity must be developed to measure the performance of the manufacturing process and not be influenced by Sales bookings or customer related shipment delays.

Arowana – Curing Droopeye Syndrome In Your Arowana

Arowana fish when kept in an empty glass aquarium are sometimes prone to droopeye syndrome.

Droopeye in an arowana is when the fishes eyeball protrude slightly and tilt downwards. This can happen in both eyes or only in one eye with the other remaining normal. Many experts disagree on the exact causes of this problem but the solution to the problem remains the same.

It is hard to point to one exact issue that leads to droopeye syndrome or the reason why an arowana would develop a drooping eye. In the wild and in an aquarium the arowana is a natural surface swimmer, which means that everything is going to be below him. So here I will try and point out some simple steps to minimize your arowana developing droopeye.

Tank Reflection

Arowana fish are generally kept in an empty aquarium for ease of cleaning and maintenance. Since an aquariums surface is flat and polished then reflections will be seen within the tank. Since an arowana is a natural surface swimmer he will be consistently watching whatever moves below him.

If he is consistently seeing his reflection on the bottom of the tank then his eyes will be drawn to it automatically. If the arowana is always looking down and putting constant strain on his eyes then droopeye may develop.

A solution to this problem is to place a small layer of gravel on the bottom of your aquarium tank to stop the reflection. This will stop the fish looking at the reflection and hopefully help the fish to concentrate his eyes on the top of the tank.


If your arowana starts to show the early signs of developing droopeye then try and deal with it straight away. The main aim is to try and stop your arowana looking down and making the problem worse. One way that has been tried with varying success is floating one or two ping pong balls on the surface of the water. The ping pong balls will attract the arowanas attention and keep the fish looking up. This is one cheap and simple step you might want to try first.

Tank Position

When you have your tank set up make sure the tank is not to high. If the tank is to high then the arowana within the tank will be constantly looking down at objects or passing people. Have your tank placed at a nice middle level so the fish will be looking up a lot more than down. Again if you notice any signs of droopeye appearing another tip would be to lift your tank onto the floor so that the fish has to look up.

If your tank is to big to lift then you could try covering the outside of your tank with something dark so that the arowana cannot see out. This will mean that the arowana will have to look up.

Here I have shown you the simple, quick and cheap steps involved with trying to deal with droopeye in your arowana. Many experts differ in the causes and cures for this syndrome but have used the methods above with some degree of success.

Otomix Wrestling MMA Combat Shoes Product Review

Most athletic shoes for sports that require any amount of running have a slightly raised heel. This pitches your weight a bit more over the ball of the foot offering a faster transition for the first step of a run and better ability to pick up or maintain speed. This style of shoe offers the best ergonomics for the most efficient way to run. However in most combat sports, athletes perform in smaller areas and do very little actual running. These activities are better performed wearing shoes with a completely flat sole. The problem is the selection of flat-soled athletic shoes pales in comparison with the millions of raised heel running footwear for sale. One of the best and most popular flat-soled athletic sneakers is made by a brand named Otomix. This company has been making original and authentic performance workout shoes since 1988. Flat soles make Otomix footwear a top choice for combat athletes such boxers, wrestlers, martial artists and mma fighters. However all the different styles are excellent for any weight lifting and of course looking great when lounging around away from the gym.

Otomix wrestling and boxing workout shoes are high top w/incredible ankle support from thickly padded sides. They also offer some of the best low top athletic shoes designed specifically for martial arts training. Otomix shoes are well known for lasting practically forever. They are not the cheapest priced athletic sneakers you will find, however the price is worth the quality you will get. All styles are made with the most premium quality materials and expert craftsmanship for incredible durability. No matter what you want them for, Otomix combat weight lifting shoes are very lightweight and excellently balanced. All styles are built for comfort, support and performance that will improves the quality of your training translating into more wins and success in your sport. Another great feature of Otomix combat shoes is their fantastic look that will add more style to your appearance and swag in your step.

While traditional martial artists train in bare feet, many are finding better performance from the added support and traction of a good karate shoe. Otomix mma and martial arts combat footwear offers additional support for the arch while they hug the mid-foot and heel for a snug but comfortable fit. Otomix martial arts shoes and boots also offer great protection for the toes when kicking an opponent or heavy bag. Besides the glove-like, comfortable feel, these extremely lightweight karate shoes have a soft sole with tread designed for best gripping traction on carpets, training mats, ring floors and even tile. The flexible sole allows the wearer to really feel the floor, enhancing balance and kicking power while also providing an effective safeguard against ankle or foot injury. The Otomix karate shoe is perfect for mixed martial arts training, Taekwondo, Karate or sports performed on mats and even Yoga.

When it comes to flat soled shoes, you will find boxing shoes to be the flattest. This is so fighters can plant their back heel for power punching and keeping balanced for fast evasive movement when backed up against the ropes. Otomix boxing shoes are amazing for all types of boxing training and competition combat in the ring. All Otomix boxing boots come high on or over the ankle to provide additional protection and support for the joint when moving laterally or an unexpected fall. Otomix MMA shoes are also excellent for boxing in for a shoe that’s not quite as high on the calf, however their mid-calf boxing boots are some of the best in the business. The soft rubber soles of this boxing footwear offer maximal grip in the ring for incredible traction. Besides sparring and competing in the ring, Otomix boxing shoes are also excellent for jumping rope, bag work, practicing combos on focus mitts, shadow boxing and footwork.

The best wrestling shoes have soft rubber flat soles, are extremely lightweight and are highly flexible for the best traction on the mat. A common complaint however is their flexibility often takes away from the amount of support they offer. This is simply not the case with Otomix wrestling shoes. Otomix makes several hybrid wrestling shoes; these are the Escape Stingray MMA boot and Ninja Warrior Combat Shoes. Comparatively, these sneakers may not be as light as some of the top brand wrestling shoes (yet they are still very lightweight) but they offer the most support around the ankle. If you’re an athlete who struggles with weak ankles or just do better with a tighter feel around this area, Otomix wrestling shoes are for you. Otomix grappling sneakers also tend to last longer than most other brand name wrestling shoes as the material used is much thicker and craftsmanship a bit more sturdy. Most wrestling shoes are lucky to last a full season, however you will easily get several from Otomix footwear.

In weight lifting, if your weight shifts forward over your toes during an exercise, it can be disastrous, particularly in the squat and deadlift. These exercises plus many others require flat soles so you can stay balanced over your heels. Besides grappling and boxing, Otomix three-quarter and high top athletic footwear is also excellent for amateur and even pro weight lifting. The Otomix Escape MMA wrestling shoe, Ninja Combat and even their boxing shoes offer great support, grip and balance for nearly all types of strength training. These flat soled shoes are fantastic for keeping you safely grounded on your heels for the best performance during all compound lifts. Besides powerlifting, Otomix wrestling shoes are also excellent for bodybuilding, strongman training and even quite a bit of cross fit. Otomix flat soled Combat shoes are not however, designed for running on surfaces much harder than a grappling mat. These shoes do not have the amount of arch support or tread that running on pavement or long distances requires. They are not good for sprinting on pavement, aerobics or long distance treadmill work. Overall, any Otomix combat shoe is a great buy for how long they last and how well they perform. If you’re into combat sports, weight lifting or just want to add more style to your look, buy a pair of Otomix shoes, you won’t be dissatisfied.

The Nanticoke River – A Popular Largemouth Bass Fishing Destination

The Nanticoke River is certainly one of the best Eastern Shore Rivers for bass fishing. On weekends you will see tournament fisherman from several states because the river fishes “big enough” to accommodate 50-150 boat events. I have found breaking the river down into three basic sections helps new fishermen here avoid being overwhelmed by the river’s size. These are main river/Seaford, Broad creek and finally Marshyhope Creek. Each of these areas has advantages and disadvantages for tournament fishermen and weekend fishermen alike.

Broad Creek

This creek is very popular but has too many “no wake” zones between Phillips Landing and Laurel making it tough to “run and gun” in tournaments. Broad Creek is more sheltered in heavy winds and usually has clearer water the closer to Laurel you go.

Some of the best fishing can be found by markers #4 – 5 and 7 as the creek makes wide bends all the way to Bethel. Just past Bethel Bridge is a small pond to the right that is easily accessed from the river. This is a real hotspot at times and a guaranteed fish spot during the spawn. Further up the creek you will see tons of lay down trees and finally a couple of bridges and a spillway in Laurel. This area is all good but slow going because of boat traffic and obstructions in the narrow channel.

Seaford and Above

The main river and Seaford area makes jumping from spot to spot very easy because the river is wider with very few restrictions. You will have barge traffic and many pleasure boaters and the dreaded jet skis to contend with but the fishing is great. My favorite spots are the boat docks; woodland ferry crossing, pad lines and all the great small feeder creeks. The Seaford area has heavy industry with all the piling clusters for barges, bulkheads, a Railroad bridge and several good backwater areas. Between the railroad bridge and the Blades draw bridge there is a large marina with great fishing in the winter and during the spawn. Above the Blades drawbridge to the left is another backwater area leading to a dam with great fishing at times. Moving on up river past Route 13 Bridge the river splits into two branches. Both of these are fantastic in summer and fall but take time and caution to explore. Look closely and you will notice many new areas with grass. When fishing the Nanticoke remember the tide changes much earlier in Sharptown and Vienna than in Seaford so take full advantage of that “golden hour” when the bite is strong.

Marshyhope Creek

The Marshyhope fishes like a whole separate river and is easy to navigate when the pads are up. In winter or early season several bass boats have hit the mudflats thinking they were in the channel. This creek has always been best for me on falling tide with the last two hours being fantastic. Tournament fishermen have planted brush piles, weighted down wood pallets and even rock piles to enhance certain areas. These are all easy to find by watching your depth finder and slowly cruising pad line drops and creek mouths. There are several old wood boat wrecks on this creek that hold fish and some are visible on low tide so mark them with your GPS. Fish every creek mouth you can find on falling tides. Beaver huts are really bass magnets on this creek and any wood you notice out from the pad line on falling tide will hold bass consistently. Also fish the shallow bridge pilings, docks and all rip rap you see that helps break the current. Moving on up into the narrow wooded section look closely to your left and you will see a small pond called “Peggy’s Hole”. This is such a great spot during the spawn it is often put “off limits” in tournaments to avoid a boat race getting to it. The bass spawn much earlier than most people realize in this pond. Moving on towards Federalsburg you will notice a sandpit on your left that is also a spawn area that can be very good. In Federalsburg at the new ramp there is a small marina that never has boats tied up in it but is a good fishing spot. All the rip rap close by is good also. In fall always continue fishing all the way up past Federalsburg for the fish are there as the water cools. Now for the downside the Marshyhope has really strong current, gets muddy easily after rains or from boat traffic and is a fairly long ride from Phillip’s Landing or Seaford ramps.

Counterbalanced Forklift Trucks

Counterbalance forklift trucks are widely used in the materials handling industry and in factories/warehouses around the world. Top forklift manufacturers like Linde, Toyota and Mitsubishi all make counterbalance forklifts, plus you can get one in a fuel choice to suit your needs (diesel, gas or electric). A typical counterbalanced forklift truck contains the following components:

The Truck Frame – is the base of the machine to which all the other parts – mast, axles, wheels, counterweight, and power source are attached. The frame may have fuel and hydraulic fluid tanks constructed as part of the forklift truck frame assembly.

The Counterweight – is a heavy cast iron mass attached to the rear of the forklift truck frame. The purpose of the counterweight is to counterbalance the load being lifted, obviously up to a certain load weight. In an electric forklift the large lead-acid battery itself may serve as part/all of the counterweight.

The Cab – is the area that contains a seat for the operator along with the control pedals, steering wheel, levers, switches and a dashboard containing operator readouts.

The Mast – is the vertical assembly that does the majority of the work of raising and lowering the load.

The Power Source – may consist of an internal combustion engine that can be powered by LP gas, CNG gas, gasoline or diesel fuel. Electric forklifts are powered by either a battery or fuel cells that provide power to electric motors. The motors may be either DC or AC types.

Fork Attachments – a variety of types of material handling forklift attachments are available. These include sideshifters, slipsheet attachments, carton clamps, multipurpose clamps, rotators, fork positioners, carpet poles, pole handlers, container handlers, roll clamps and many others, many companies will specially design bespoke attachments if required

A counterbalanced forklift offers some benefits over fork-over design and straddle-leg styles but with some other drawbacks. A counterbalanced forklift can lift pallets directly off the floor since there are no stabilisation legs to get in the way. The disadvantages of this type of counterbalanced forklift are that the weight capacity and lift height will typically be less than the other styles. The counterbalanced forklift is the easiest electric forklift to use for parking pallets closely together.

5 Benefits of Owning a Mobile Phone Car Mount

While driving a car, there are times when you need to answer an absolutely important call. With the driving wheel in hand, it is too dangerous to attempt picking up the cell phone with your hand. So, what do you do to ensure that you can receive important calls when driving? This is exactly where a mobile phone comes in handy, as it holds the phone in a fixed position, which makes it easy for you to operate it. In fact, a lot of the smart phones today offer Voice recognition, so you can actually put the phone in the car mount and receive calls, talk with the person on the other end and do a lot more without even taking off your hands from the wheel.

Here are some of the benefits of owning a car mount.

1. Attend calls easily

A cell phone mount helps you to attend to calls easily, by putting the phone on the speaker mode. Some of these mounts even come with an amplification system, thereby making it even easier for the drivers who receive frequent calls during the trips. If you have got a car mount, you can put your smart phone in it easily.

2. Music access

Having car mounts can be very handy for those who like music while driving. Instead of holding the phone in your hands and precariously scrolling through the options, you can easily listen to your favourite songs while the phone is mounted. Some of these also come with the Bluetooth connectivity feature, which enables the driver to shuffle through the music using the buttons on his steering wheel.

3. Use the GPS

A cell phone mount is absolutely imperative for those who need to use the GPS for navigation, especially for the car taxi drivers, who need to keep track of their journey. It becomes all the more smooth to find your destination when your GPS is mounted right in front of you.

4. Charge on the go

Your cell phone mount can also act as a charger. Yes, you can put the phone on the mount easily and charge it. The mount might also need a cable to connect the phone with the car’s electrical system.

5. Play movies

For the passengers, a great way of killing time during the journeys is to watch a movie. A cell phone mount can keep the phone in an affixed position over the dashboard, from where everyone can enjoy the movies or cartoons. However, this is not for the driver – who can easily get distracted when watching the next romantic scene play.

Discovering Your Purpose In Life

What is our purpose in this life? Are we here to carry out the purpose our Creator gave us? But, what are you meant to do with your life whilst here on Earth?

There is a reason for our existence here on Earth. We exist to give value to others in our lives. It is true that once we know our purpose, there will be much more meaning of Life. Certainly, there has been so many questions of what Life can be. Life is made simpler when you understand the reason you breathe; there is an end for you to meet. You have been given life for the sole cause of fulfilling your destiny. You have a purpose to fulfill here on Earth.

When we do something with purpose, it is true that you do with determination. It simply means you have an aim or intention in mind. For example, the greatest purpose of a hammer is to hit nails. However, it is used by some people to reshape items such as hubcap or knock a table leg into shape. It shows us that the hammer has an ultimate purpose regardless other noble tasks. This can lead us to understand the definition or meaning of purpose. It is a reason which something exists or is used.

So how do you know or discover your purpose in life?

Most importantly, you are a special creature who is valuable in so many ways. The Creator made you and deposited gifts inside you that no one else in the world can use in the same way and with the same quality you do. It’s important however, to feel good about who you are, not just about what you do. It is the first thing you need to understand to discover your purpose.

A purpose does not search for the person, in fact the person needs to search for the purpose inside him/her and take it out to show the world. I believe, you need to go the extra mile to discover what is inside of you. For those who always say they don’t have a purpose in life, they need to understand this. When you know what is inside you, you will be happy and aim to fulfill that purpose. “Spend your time trying to find who you truly are. Once you do that, spend the rest of your time showing the world who you are.”

His Most Famous Painting (The Sleeping Gypsy) – Henri Rousseau

French ‘Post-Impressionist’ ‘Naive’ or ‘Primitive’ artist Henri Julien Félix Rousseau or Henri Rousseau was born to a plumber in Laval, in 1844. He showed great interest in music and drawing as a child and won many prizes in school too. Initially, he worked as a lawyer, enrolling later into the army during 1863-1867. Henri Rousseau moved to Paris in the year 1868 to look after and support his mother, as his father died untimely. He worked as a Government employee and rose to the post of a tax collector in the year 1871. Though, Henri Rousseau had a passion for painting, he took it up seriously only in his early forties. At the age of 49, he took up art as a profession and retired from his job. He was a self-taught genius painter, whose skillful, imaginative, and talented work still shines through his paintings, including “The Sleeping Gypsy,” and is lauded by the world, until date.

Rousseau was a great painter and his most famous paintings, including “The Sleeping Gypsy,” depict jungle scenes. Interestingly enough, the artist had never encountered anything ‘wild’ in his life. During army service, he had met soldiers and had heard stories about the subtropical countries and the animals there. This gave him enough food for his thoughts. Henri Rousseau paintings seemed flat and childish to many people who could not understand his talent, creating many critics, who ridiculed his work endlessly. Several established artists too did not like Henri’s unique style of work and considered it ‘untutored.’ Undeterred, the artist stuck to his naive and childish painting style, full of flat figures, free imagination, and ‘Realism.’ He started exhibiting his work and the number of his ardent followers, especially ‘the would be’ ‘Cubists,’ increased.

Rousseau’s most famous painting, “The Sleeping Gypsy (La Bohemienne endormie),” an oil on canvass work, created in 1897, fetched him a lot of international fame. In this Landscape Painting with ‘Impressionist’ touch, the painter portrayed a wandering woman (a Negress) music artist in deep sleep, in a moonlit bare desert, with a composed lion musing over her. It seems that the lions gaze is transfixed over the sleeping woman, dressed in Oriental costume. A mandolin player and a water jug, the only obvious possessions of the woman, are shown kept next to her.

The subject and the objects in “The Sleeping Gypsy” are sharply contoured with balanced rhythmic lines and curves. The lion’s man and the pattern on the gypsy’s dress have been done with meticulous precision. Crystalline hues grace the painting, imparting a perfect lighting effect. Measuring 51″ x 6′ 7″, “The Sleeping Gypsy” is an icon in the ‘Modern Art’ forms. This painting has inspired the field of music and poetry as well. Many artists created a replica of the painting, as tribute to Henri Rousseau, replacing the lion with some other animal.

Henri Rousseau exhibited “The Sleeping Gypsy” at the thirteenth ‘Salon des Indépendants’ and tried selling it to the mayor of Laval, but in vain. It finally got entry into the private collection of a Parisian merchant and was there until 1924. Simon Guggenheim bought it and gave it to the Museum of Modern Art, New York, United States, where it is presently displayed, in the year 1939. Henri Rousseau moved to a studio in Montparnasse in the year 1893 and worked there until 1910, the year of his death.