How to Personalize Your Apartment

"Renting an apartment can be a good financial decision. If you do not plan to stay in the area or a long period of time or if you simply do not want to deal with the costs of upkeep associated with homeownership, renting an apartment just might be right for you. At the same time, many apartment renters find it difficult to make an apartment feel like "home." This is particularly true if your landlord is very strict about the type of decorating you can do within your apartment. With these simple tips, however, you will get your apartment feeling like home in no time.

Creating New Rooms In Your Apartment

One way to personalize an apartment and to alter its appearance is to find ways to divide larger rooms into smaller ones. This can be easily accomplished with folding screens, which are available in a wide variety of colors and designs. Not only can you create more rooms when you buy these dividers, you can also choose one that suits your personal style. If you are feeling creative, you can even buy old doors at a flea market and then decorate them yourself with wallpaper, fabric, or paint.

If doors are not your thing, you can separate a large room with a sofa as well. With this trick, you can create a dining area and a sitting area all within one room while still making them appear separate from one another.

Having Fun with Cabinets

You can also add a personal touch to your apartment by turning your attention to your cabinets. The cabinets in your apartment will likely have plain and basic knobs, but you can easily change these out with something a bit more decorative and suiting to your personal style. Just make sure to hang onto the original knobs so you can replace them when you move to a new apartment.

You can even remove the cabinet doors and buy something more suiting to your style. Again, these can be easily replaced when you move out of the apartment. So, even if your landlord is a bit strict when it comes to redecorating, this little trick should still be perfectly acceptable.

Making Changes to Floors and Walls

Although you may not be able to tear out the carpet or repaint the walls in your apartment, you can still make some changes to the way these parts of your apartment look. For example, you can attach flat sheets to your wall with Velcro or you can even make wall forms that fit snuggly against your walls. For your floors, area rugs can make a big difference or you can simply make your own rug with carpet samples in order to create a new look.

It's the Little Things That Make All of the Difference

There are many little things you can do in your apartment to help make it more personalized. Attaching a stylized fabric skirt around your wall-mounted bathroom sink, for example, will add storage space as well as help you create a new look in your bathroom.

Artwork and plants can also go a long way toward personalizing an apartment. You can hang pictures in your apartment without putting holes in the wall by hanging lightweight art from fishing lines that are tacked into crown molding. Or, you can display your art on easels or on shelves and consoles. The same is true of plants, which can add variety to your apartment while also helping to keep the air clean.

With a little imagination and creativity, you can make your apartment more personal while creating a look that is truly unique and special to you and your taste. "

Want A Flat Stomach – Who Doesn’t?

Who doesn’t want a flat stomach?, everyone could probably do with losing a few pounds. And most people have thought about at one stage in their lives.

Listen to this because this is very important. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to

lose the spare tire, love handles, you’re obese or just got a beer belly. If you want a

flat stomach then you’re going to have to work at it. There is no magic pill and no

overnight fix.

If you’re not willing to put in the time and effort then you should just stop reading now.

Still here?, good. While it will take time and effort and it’s different for everyone,

losing weight and getting a flat stomach will

-increase your confidence

-get you back into your old pants

-help you feel good about getting into your bathing suit again

-you will look and feel healthier

Don’t just concentrate on your stomach. There’s so much out there on the internet and

on tv that just focuses on flat stomach, flat stomach, flat stomach! Read the small print

folks. Lines like ‘will only work in conjunction with strict diet and regular exercise


Simply put you need to burn more calories than your taking in. Read that sentence again.

Maybe I should have just written that one line and left it at that :). But seriously

folks that is most efficient and effective way to lose weight. When you combine that

with sensible diet and regular exercise then you will be well on your way to

achieving the flat stomach you’ve always wanted.

You need to set some goals and set some time aside for performing exercises. If for some

reason you can’t complete an exercise or can’t do it at the time you allotted then just

complete it later. Do not use missing an exercise or goal be an excuse for you to stop.

You didn’t get your walk in before dropping the kids to school, fine, make up for it

by walking to the shop or walking to your friends for tea instead of driving. It’s not

rocket science but so many people fail and give up because using excuses is and easy

way out.

Learn to combine exercise into your everyday life until it becomes a natural habit

and not something you must force or remind yourself to do.

Remember how I said not to focus just on getting a flat stomach. When you start to lose body fat you will get to a point when you’re stomach will flatten out naturally. You can help it along by doing some ab crunches everyday. Don’t be upset if you don’t have a six pack after a week. Just incorporate it into your everyday life like your other regular

exercise and you will get the flat stomach you always wanted. Stick with it, it requires

a little discipline in the beginning but you will reap the rewards when you make it an

everyday habit.

Remember, increase the amount of calories you burn and decrease the amount of calories

you consume and you will be on your way to getting the flat stomach you always wanted.

Remember that, as in most of life, you get out what you put in. Skipping that occasional

candy bar is not going to give you what you want. Walking up one flight of stairs is not

going to give you a flat stomach. However, if you take to heart the increase in calorie

burn as well as the decease in calorie consumption of a fast weight loss program, you

will make a difference.

There are many ways to find a healthy, sensible, realistic, and effective fast weight

loss program that will help you achieve your flat stomach. There are clinics that specialize in these techniques. They have a proven track record and can show you the testimonies of people just like you and me that have made a difference in their lives. They will tell you what you can expect and what is not

possible. They can show you exactly what to do and what the specific benefits are of doing it. Some of these fast weight loss programs concentrate on increasing calorie burn;

others focus on reducing calorie intake.

You need to decide which is the best model for your lifestyle and personality. That is why you need to talk to the experts when trying for that flat stomach.

The Truth About Helmet Mounted Sport Camcorders

I've had a Helmet mounted camera for quite some time now and I take it on many of my excursions. I've had a lot of fun with it, it has taken and withstood it's share of bumps and bruises and I thought I would share a few pointers that I've learned while putting my sport helmet camcorder through it's paces.

Having a Helmet Camcorder that is able of shooting and showing HD videos of your dynamic lifestyle with your friends and family is usually well worth the cost. Should you have a High Definition television than you would almost certainly prefer to purchase a video helmet cam that is Full Hd. Wireless helmet cameras offer top of the line HD resolutions recording. A 1080p full high definition wireless helmet video camera will record video along with sound on a microSD card in addition to standard sd cards.

Wireless helmet camcorders offer you top quality 1080p / 960p / 720p HD resolutions producing at 30 and 60 frames per second (60 fps in 720p). Should you opt to pick your helmet camcorder resolution by frame rate, many top of the line cameras offer three. With this type of wireless camera capability, the fastest action will be silky smooth or ready to replay in slow motion.

Some top of the line helmet cams have an integrated display screen which sets them above and beyond other helmet cams that you can buy because this solution will mean you could enjoy your videos immediately after filming them which is always very exciting. By watching the video segments it's also possible to identify which clips may not be worth consuming up space on your storage device, these can quickly be eliminated from memory space utilizing the straightforward menu changes.

An extra huge bonus of the screen is that it allows you to see exactly what you'll be filming when aiming the camera onto your bike, surfboard or wherever else you can think of. This is a nice change from rivalling products where it is a hit-or-miss approach.

Using a full high-definition wireless helmet camera will give you the video that can be found out there to consumers. The video quality on a higher end system should offer HD 1280 X 720 image resolution, and it should pick up sound great as well. One thing that you should watch for concerned with, is how easy is it to use, if, say, you are in freezing temperatures and need to get your gloves back on quickly.

If you are in the market a wearable videocamera you will want to consider a Helmet Cam. The quality of these devices are increasing as the prices are dropping. Being able to have a lightweight, easy to use, helmet cam that produces a quality video is important, regardless of what you intend to record with it. A Helmet Cam is an option that has lived up to the hype so far.

You should also be on the lookout for other accessories for your Helmet Cam. If you need extra batteries, or a charger you can use internationally, they can be picked up for a reasonable rate. While helmet cams usually come with a goggle mount or a flat surface mount, you should also be able to purchase a universal mount adapter if you need to use it another way. Along with the camera you might also be looking for a wide range of mounting options included such as aa helmet mount, handlebar mount, a goggle mount, a head strap, universal clip, and more. Another thing to look for is if the camera has a regular camera thread on it letting you use any other mounts that you may already have.

And finally when choosing a wireless helmet cam, here are some other options to consider:

  • Full-function, hands-free, digital recording
  • Waterproof – for shooting underwater or other intense environments
  • Dustproof
  • shock-resistant for extreme conditions
  • Mounts easily on helmets, handlebars, and other sports equipment
  • High resolution at 30 frames per second
  • USB and RCA cables included for easy playback on PC or TV (NTSC)

Roll Roofing – A Look at the Basics

You’ll also have to start your project a day before you actually install the roll roofing, by unrolling it and letting it lie flat for twenty-four hours. If you neglect this pert of the process, you’ll end up with roofing which keeps trying to pull back into its rolled shape after you have nailed it down.

Choosing Your Roll Roofing

There are several kinds of material, and you’ll have to understand the differences among them before you can begin your job. A type of roofing often seen in rural locations is mineral surfaced , which covers many country sheds, animal shelters, and barns, and is recognizable for the crushed rock granules on its surface.

A less familiar type of roll roof is specialty eaves flashing, used to prevent ice from accumulation on the eaves of buildings in places where winters are severe smooth surface is similar to mineral surface, except that a coat of ground talc covers it instead of crushed rock. Smooth surfaced sheets are used to provide an extra layer of sealant on a roof’s eaves.

Finally, saturated felt roll roofing is used as a protective layer between the outer roofing material and the roof’s deck.

Hot Versus Cold Roll Roofing Installation

While using hot asphalt to install roll roof is more difficult than the alternative cold installation, it is said to work much better. But using hot asphalt will require more than one person on the job, because there is a real risk of injury from handling the asphalt. Most homeowners opt for the simpler and safer cold installation method, which involves attaching the roof with an easy-to-spread adhesive available for almost all home improvement stores.

Using the cold installation method requires only a large squeegee to smooth out the adhesive so that the sections of roll roof can be spread over it.

Where To Buy Roll Roofing

You will have not trouble at all purchasing exactly as much roll Roofing as you need at your nearest hardware or home improvement store. If you don’t have a way to get a large amount of roll roof from your nearest retailer to your home, you can also order roof online from one o f the big home improvement chains like Home Depot or Lowe’s. They offer very reasonable delivery and will ship your roll roofing directly to your doorstep.

The bottom line is that you should never try roll roof installation unless you are confident that you know what you should be doing. The job will both go much more quickly and be safer f you have help from someone with roof installation experience.

Top Multi Tool Knives

Most people are cautious and wanted to something to hold or to use just in case. For those who like to go to forests, camping or mountain climbing, it would help if you have your own multi tool knife. Multi tool knives can be used to cut anything just in case you need to cut something.

They are called as such since multiple tools are connected to it such as blades, knives, screw drivers and so many others.

These gadgets should be a portable device since they are made to address immediate problems or situations that would require a tool. Portable multi tool knives are lightweight and small.

If a blade or a knife is included in a multiple tool device, a certain safety system should be included to make sure that it will not cut the user. Most of these have various locking system to protect the user.

Multi tool knives for ladies have a different set of tools. The tools added are tools used by women such as the ones that are used for nails, eyelashes, hair and more. It also includes the basic tools such as blades and scissors.

The popular pink Swiss army knife and spartan pinstripe are some of the multiple tool knives in Amazon and eBay that are for females.

The Pink Swiss Army Knife has nail cleaners, tweezers and a key ring. It has a mini size and very light.

Bottle openers are one of the tools included in a spartan pinstripe. Spartan pinstripe looks similar to pink Swiss army knife. They also come in pink color.

Other than for beauty purposes, multi tool knives are for security purposes and self-protection. If in case you are stuck in some place you will need such a product to survive. These are handy for mountain climber, campers, heavy-duty workers and more.

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers are involved in the production and processes of small component parts to the creation of new production techniques for large plants and machinery. They may be involved in just one part of the process, such as the research of the product or process, or they design, test and may see a product through to its completion and implementation. Mechanical engineers work to improve safety and efficiency and may work in manufacturing, healthcare, and construction to name a few – there are many other sectors which require their services.

A mechanical engineer will usually work in a team, possibly with other engineers with different backgrounds, and will need strong project management and time management skills. Once the project is underway a mechanical engineer needs to find ways of testing theoretical constructions and will liaise with other departments, clients, suppliers and customers in order to gain feedback. Once a prototype has been created he or she will need to assess and improve products or processes, bearing in mind the health and safety and environmental impact of the new systems.
Good management skills both of people and resources are required, and the mechanical engineer will have responsibility for cost implications.

Typical starting salaries are from £ 19,000 to £ 25,000, but these will vary according to the sector worked in. Senior salaries are in the £ 40,000 to £ 50,000 range, but again this could be higher if there is a particular demand for mechanical engineers within a particular area of ​​industry. The hours are usually within the normal working week of 9-5, but may be longer if deadlines need to be reached quickly. Shift patterns may be worked. Mechanical engineers often work in offices, but visit workshops, factories and building sites.

Women are under-represented at only 6% in the profession, but there are measures in place to increase the number through eg WISE (Women into Science, Engineering and Construction) or the Women's' Engineering Society, which has student groups running at universities.

There are many work opportunities with a large amount of jobs available in areas with a high manufacturing bias, and more work is becoming available abroad particularly in Eastern Europe.

Compassion and Empathy

Disconnected & Attached

Disconnected from my True Source of Emotional Power, I need to be Attached to other people. Other people supply the emotional power that I need when I am disconnected from my Source. I attach myself to people who give me power emotionally, because they ‘love’ me. I am attached to people who I need emotionally.

I grieve when someone is no longer able to meet my needs emotionally. In a state of being disconnected, I am unaware of my emotional attachments. In my disconnected state, I have insufficient power to be consciously aware of what I need emotionally. Unaware of my emotional energy needs renders my Self unaware of my emotional attachments.

When I become conscious of my disconnection, I can consciously connect to my source of emotional power within and detach from the need for other people to supply my emotional power. I exclusively connect to my emotional power within through the emotional state of my Beingness. With the attainment of being sensitively detached from other people, I am no longer dependent on them for my emotional energy. I am unattached to other people emotionally and connected to my own source of emotional power.

Sensitive Detachment

Being Apathetic is being insensitive to others & disconnected emotionally from others. Being Sympathetic is being sensitive to others but attached emotionally to others. Apathy & Sympathy are negative personal attributes because they are not of my choice. I choose to relate in a sensitive way with others, without being needy & attached, which is Compassionate. I choose to be detached from others emotionally, without being aloof & disconnected, which is Empathic. With Compassion & Empathy, I attain Sensitive Detachment.

With apathy & sympathy, I have an insensitive attachment to others. Apathetic insensitivity is not detachment, it is disconnection from others emotionally. Sympathetic attachment is not sensitivity, it is the need to look after, care for, and to be needed by others. Empathic Compassion requires both Sensitivity & Detachment. It requires a sensitive connection and an awareness of who someone else is Being, without the need to be attached emotionally.

Empathic Compassion

Empathic Compassion requires Sensitive Detachment. Sensitive Detachment requires both the compassion of sensitivity and the sensitivity of compassion, and it requires both the empathy of detachment and the detachment of empathy. Being sensitive is compassionate. Compassion is the energetic connection of emotional power that is a shared experience between two individuals. I have compassion when I feel the source of power that is within another as a reflection of the source of power that is within my Self. Compassion is the power of two Souls in unison & harmony. Being detached is empathic.

Empathy is the energetic connection of authority that is a shared choice between two individuals. I have empathy when I know that I am able to walk the same path as another and be in alignment with their true choice of authority. Empathy is the choice of two Souls in congruent alignment. Compassionate Empathy is the alignment of my True Power & Authority with the Soul of another.

Compassionate Empathy

Compassionate Empathy requires both rational and emotional intelligence. Empathy requires a rational intelligence and an understanding of what is occurring in this physical world. When I understand what someone else is experiencing from a physical, rational perspective, I am in empathy with their situation. I empathise with another when I share or have shared a similar physical experience of life. Being compassionate requires emotional intelligence and an awareness of another person’s emotional energy. When I understand the state of someone else’s emotional energy what they have and what they need emotionally, I have a compassionate awareness of their state of being. I am compassionate when I share or have shared a similar emotional experience as another. Whether the experiences that I have shared appeared at the time to be either positive or negative is irrelevant to my ability to be both compassionate & empathic now. It is my ability to now see an experience as a positive opportunity for personal growth that requires my Compassionate Empathy.

Compassion & Empathy

Compassion & Empathy are opposing genders of emotional energy. Compassion has a female gender of power. Empathy has a male gender of authority. Compassion has a polarity opposite of sympathy. Empathy has a polarity opposite of apathy. In my quest to attain sensitive detachment, both compassion & empathy have a positive polarity because they are in alignment with my intention.

When I attain empathy with compassion and I can attribute compassion with empathy, the gender of my Beingness comes into balance. The yin & yang of my male & female energy unifies as Compassionate Empathy and Empathic Compassion. When I act with neither sympathy nor apathy, I cancel out both the male & female aspects of my negative state of being. I cannot be insensitive, aloof, disconnected, attached, inclusive, unemotional, or irrational, and attain the attribute of either Compassion or Empathy. The attributes of both Compassion & Empathy require the attainment of not only Sensitive-Detachment, but also an Exclusive-Connection to my True Source of Power & Authority with Rational & Emotional Intelligence.

Keith Collins

August 2011

The Pros and Cons of Blown Attic Insulation

If you are building your dream home, or just renovating your current one you want the job done right. You don’t want any surprises or mishaps or sudden bills down the road because something was not done right or maybe it just wasn’t the right material for the job. There might not be a brief rundown of every part of home renovation, but there are a few things you should know about blown attic insulation.

There are a lot of insulation varieties out there from rigid foam panels to fiber glass blankets to blown attic insulation. In order to make a correct choice for you and your home you have to be willing to do your research. Talk to your contractor too, he may not know how to insulate your home with the materials you want to be used. Always know your choices so that you know what the pros and cons are of each product. Blown attic insulation is the most common type of loose-fill attic insulation available. As such it can be a great protector of your home and investment. Blown insulation comes in one of two material types, either fiber glass or cellulose. Blown attic refers to the way the material is installed, usually with a large machine that literally “blows” the insulation all over the surfaces of the attic.


•Blown attic insulation is the most common and also one of the easiest to install. Most contractors know how to do this job.

•It is also the least expensive of all of the insulation types.

•Installation is fast taking only about 2 hours depending on the size of the attic.

•For added insulation, batt insulation can be installed over top of blow attic insulation, but it will cost more.

•Blown attic insulation covers everything, leaving few gaps.


•The r-factor (measure of thermal resistance) in blown attic insulation is the lowest of all insulation types.

•Because it is difficult to blow the insulation uniformly across the attic often times the r-factor varies greatly even when installed correctly.

One thing to remember is always check to make sure that your service contractor is giving you what he promised and what you paid for. In order to hold the contractor accountable you should make sure you do your homework. One of the things most often skimped on in home construction or renovations is blown attic insulation. Often they make the amount of blown attic insulation look correct just by turning the machine they are using to install the material up to a higher setting to “fluff” it. Failing to insulate your attic can result in energy loss and a much higher energy bill for you that will add up to the cost of fixing the issue when it should have been done right in the first place. The correct installation of any insulation is pivotal to saving money on your energy bill.

Raw Kale Recipes – 3 Easy Recipes!

Raw kale is one of the most nutritious greens you can eat. Here are three easy raw kale recipes you can try at home.

It is one of the healthiest greens for your bones because it contains vitamin K, manganese, which promotes bone density, and it also contains calcium.

It is also the top leafy green source of the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin which promote eye health. It also contains vitamins C, B6, and B2 and is a good source of fiber.

There are many varieties including Curly, Red Winter, and Lacinto. You might also be lucky enough to find an heirloom variety at your local farmer's market as well. Experiment with different types for different tastes and textures.

Here are three easy raw kale recipes that I hope will get you to try this very nutritious vegetable.

Warning: kale is contraindicated in people taking anti-coagulants such as Warfarin.

Tropical Smoothie

1 cup pineapple
1 cup mango
1 banana
6 Lacinto or Dinosaur Kale leaves
2 cups water

Blend all ingredients in a powerful blender such as the Vitamix until completely smooth and creamy. Add honey, agave nectar, stevia or another sweetener if desired. Enjoy as a super healthy addition to your breakfast routine or as nutritious snack during the day.

Green Juice

5 ribs celery
1 large English cucumber
2-3 large Fuji apples
1/2 lime
6 Curly Kale leaves

Put all the ingredients through a juicer. My favorite juicer because of it's versatility is the Omega Vert 350. If you do not have a juicer an alternative would be to chop the cucumber, apple, and celery and place it in a blender (cucumber first) with the chopped kale and peeled lime. Blend on high for about thirty seconds and then pour and squeeze the mixture through a sprout bag over a big bowl. Sprout bags are relatively inexpensive and have a variety of uses. The sprout bag will strain out all the pulp and leave you with a smooth and silky juice. Pour the juice back into the blender carafe and then pour into a glass.

Raw Marinated Asian Salad

1 large bunch Lacinto or Dinosaur kale thinly sliced
(Or another type of kale)
Juice from 1 lime (about 6 tablespoons)
1 tablespoon raw sesame seed oil
1 tablespoon cold pressed olive oil
2 tablespoons chickpea miso
1 tablespoon freshly grated ginger
2 tablespoons finely chopped green onion
(About 2 green onions green part only)
1 cup finely chopped red bell pepper
(About 1/2 large bell pepper)
handful of your favorite seaweed
[Torn dulse, silky sea palm, kombu, wakame … (etc.)]
1 tablespoon black or white sesame seeds (optional)

Make sure the greens are thinly sliced, you can even shred the kale with your food processor with the slicing disk on if you wish. Put the shredded kale in a large bowl and mash in with a fork the oil, chickpea miso, shredded ginger, and lime juice. Make sure the miso and oil is well blended. You can even massage the kale with your hands to make sure the kale is well coated. Serve now or let the kale marinate in the refrigerator for at least 1 hr., It can even sit overnight. The longer it marinates the more tender the kale will be. When you are ready to serve, add in the bell pepper, seaweed, cucumber, green onion, and sesame seeds.

I hope you enjoyed these recipes and I hope you are inspired to eat more kale at home!

Great Home Bar Ideas

It's extremely understandable that a beer enthusiast with home bar dreams might get a little out of hand. Of course, it's a phenomenon that home bars are always quite unique and that should be your ultimate goal. But, you have to start somewhere first and then you have to know when to quit.

Your home bar needs more of you than anything else. But, you need a place to start and then you can start pouring your own personality into it. Let's begin with the basics, discuss different ideas and then move on to how you can bring a bit of you to your own home bar.

The Bar

Of course, any conversation about a home bar would have to begin with the bar itself. Different types of bars normally begin with a wood décor. But, you can go with stone, marble, or leather as just a few ideas to start.

Of course, your stone or marble bar does not have to be expensive. It can be framed with 2x4s and plywood. Then, cover with stone or marble veneer. Leather can be pasted on and then stylishly fastened with brass snaps. But, the wood look is the best.

Of course, you would still frame with 2x4s and plywood. But then, you want to add the nice looking finish of cedar or pine. Why use the ancient not-so-flattering wood paneling when you can have a great looking bar with the quality natural wood look of grooved paneling? No, I am not a salesperson.

You can panel the top as well. But then, add some style with trim. It's easy and affordable just adding some trim to touch up the edges of your bar. Once the bar is ready, simply add a kegerator with a beer tap and some beer tap handles. Of course, you know what to do. Go with your favorite beer.


Starting with shelves to hold a collection of beer glasses is the first place I would go once the bar is in place. You can start collecting sets of beer mugs and glasses that represent different beer choices nad different pub locations. People get real excited when they see their beer of choice on your walls or if you have a mug of an exotic bar half way around the world. Those are the types of things that start adding your personality to the bar.

Putting beer signs and mirrors on your walls is the next place for you to go. I once met a friend bartender of mine at his bar because we had plans. I arrived right on time because the beer distributor had just shown up to stock more beer in the bar. That's the perfect time to get great stuff. I was offered a rare beer mirror that the distributor was told to send around with their drivers on deliveries and offer them as a promotion to different bars they serviced. The driver did not care who he was giving mirrors to and I ended up with one.

You may not have that kind of luck. But, everyone can look online for unique beer signs and mirrors that they can purchase to decorate their bar. You can start with a few just to get yourself going and then keep your ears and eyes open for opportunities.

Bar Accessories

Your bar is almost finished. But, it's not quite ready for company yet. You have to add those types of things no one else has. It's not as tricky as you might think. But, it does take some "good eye" action and be ready for the moment.

A Jagermeister machine is in just about every bar. But, I have rarely seen one in a home bar. Having a Jagermeister machine steps you up into the professional realm where your friends and family will really be impressed.

But, the hottest trend sweeping the nation right now is beer pong. Having a beer pong table with some great beer pong accessories will make for hours of fun when you have company over to your house. There will always be some people who will not want to hang out in the bar. They'll want to sit at the dining room table and talk. Well, let them. Have fun playing beer pong for hours while they talk politics on their stuffy bums.

Home bars are not necessarily hard to put together. A little planning and you can have an affordable home bar with very little effort. Then, start adding some of your personality to it so that it's undeniably yours. Friends who did not think of it first will be very envious.

Creating a Simple Children’s Growth Chart

A growth chart is a great way to keep up with the growth of a child. What a great memory tool for parents or grandparents alike! Traditionally, writing on a designated wall was the way to record a child’s growth progress. However, for some, writing on the walls is altogether inappropriate. And if a home is ever sold, this treasured information is most likely lost forever.

There is a more creative way to have and keep such a cherished memory. By creating a simple children’s growth chart, this precious information stays with you at all times.

Start by selecting a lightweight material according to the preferred lengths and widths. Length, of course, is the slightly more important measurement, as you will certainly want enough material to accommodate the growth the children will surely experience.

Consider a good canvas material. Patterns and prints reflective of children’s themes are a good choice, too, but keep in mind that colors should be lighter so that the markings can be read. For extra special memories, consider getting the children involved in this project by selecting a plain, unprinted material. Once the edges of the material are securely in place (next step), allow the children to put their own creative touches on the material by painting, stenciling, using iron-ons, etc.

Next, prepare the material to be used by lightly ironing, if so desired, then folding the lengthwise edges and the bottom edge. This is merely to give the edges a clean, straight look. If you enjoy sewing or have access to a sewing machine, you may choose to sew the stitching into place. However, if you want to stick with the overall simplicity of this project, use a no-sew fabric glue.

Place the material right-side-down, apply the glue to the outer edges of the two lengthwise sides and the crosswise bottom side, fold the material over onto itself, folding the two lengthwise sides first and the crosswise bottom side last, and allow the glue time to dry according to any instructions. Keep in mind that, unless you choose to make specific cuts to the material that circumvent it, the crosswise bottom section will also fold slightly over onto the lengthwise sections.

The crosswise top will also need to be folded over and secured with no-sew fabric glue. However, be certain to allow some crosswise space. Do so by insuring that the fabric glue is applied in such a way that the space is achieved. Again, allow the fabric glue time to dry according to the instructions.

It is in this crosswise top section that a wood dowel will be inserted, so be certain to select a dowel that will support the hanging weight of the material you’ve selected to work with, and to make a crosswise space that will accommodate the circumference of the dowel.

Using a permanent marker, paint or other writing source, label the growth chart in increments of inches, identifying the next progressive foot every twelfth inch and allow time to dry, if applicable. Additionally, if you decide to allow the children to creatively paint, stencil or apply iron-ons or other materials to the material, be certain to allow ample time for these decorations to dry before proceeding with inserting the dowel and hanging the growth chart.

Insert an appropriately-sized dowel into the crosswise top section of the material. Then, use twine to tie to either outer edge of the hardwood dowel. If desired, apply hot glue to help hold the twine in place and prevent slipping from the dowel.

Pickup Truck Single Exhaust Stack – A Cloud In The Sky

What is more impressive to a diesel truck owner than billowing a big black cloud into the sky? Nothing! The newest craze in the diesel aftermarket is Exhaust Stacks. Is there anything aside from looks that these vertical tail pipes can give? This is the question of many. We will talk about the different types of stack kits available in this brief time.

The most popular of any stack kit out there by far is the dual exhaust stack kit. Grand Rock, a leading stack kit manufacturer makes stack kits with four and five inch connections under the bed and stack tip sizes ranging from four to eight inches and come in a variety of tip styles. These systems also are available in turbo back systems. Even by just adding a bed kit which is basically a cat-back stack system, the benefit can be great. From the under the bed connection the system goes from four inch to dual five inch which really opens up the exhaust allowing the exhaust gas temperatures to stay cooler and the engine to create more power due to the relieved back pressure on the engine. One of the best parts of upgrading to a stack exhaust system is the dramatic change in looks of the truck.

The newest version of truck stacks in the diesel performance aftermarket is the single exhaust stack. There is an increase in exhaust flow with the single stack over the stock exhaust system. The single exhaust stack goes from a four inch connection under the bed to five inch in the bed. Although it doesn’t increase performance as much as it would if it went from the stock exhaust to twin pipes there is a unique dramatic effect that the single exhaust stack has. The single stack puts all the exhaust out one pipe which creates one big and thick cloud in the sky. To make it smoke like that one must be running rich on the fuel, but in my experience every time I’ve seen a single stacked truck get on the gas and dump a big black cloud into the sky, shortly after people come by thinking that there is a big fire going on. Imagine their surprise when they see that it was a truck that made the big black cloud that was thrust straight up in the air. Needless to say the single exhaust stack is a real attention getter.

In conclusion truck stacks are not for everyone. For the people that want to get attention or to be the biggest, meanest looking truck in town… stacks are a must.

Capitalism and Environment

The economic process involves and affects a large number of aspects. While classical economics is concerned mostly with the entrepreneur, other economists have emphasized other economic players (Karl Marx the worker, Thorstein Veblein the technocrat, John Stuart Mill and John Maynard Keynes the government). But there has not been nearly enough discussion of a very important, although passive, element in the economic process; and this oversight in economic theory has cost dearly to economic vibrancy and to the health of the world.

That element is nature.

In libertarian capitalism, property is described as nature converted into productive use. But no value is seen for nature. With a major input into the economic process, that is greatly affected by the economic process, and whose health has great effects on people’s health, quality of life, and economic vibrancy, not being valued or quantified, the pricing system of capitalism fails to quantify a vast range of its effects. And this has resulted in the worst aspects of capitalism: The failure to disincentivize blind and destructive practices such as the burning of Amazon rainforest to make ranches that last for two years at the conclusion of which the land is desertified; and the failure to incentivize intelligent, ingenious, innovative practices that maximize utility to the consumer while minimizing destruction, pollution and waste.

While many people concerned for the well-being of the environment see capitalism itself as poison, I am not of the same opinion.Capitalism works correctly when both the inputs and outputs are rightfully priced. when economic activity fails to quantify what it destroys, pollutes and poisons – when for that reason it finds it profitable to destroy priceless treasures that man has not created and cannot conceivably recreate in order to realize minimal utility – the economic activity becomes destructive to a far greater extent than it becomes productive. And it is by quantifying these treasures for all that they have to offer people, as well as for what they intrinsically are, that can be disincentivized the myopia and destructiveness of an incompletely constituted capitalism while can be incentivized the ingenious and intelligent practices that actually create wealth.

When the Chinese government sought to quantify the health effects of economic activity throughout the nation, it had to suppress the survey, as it showed the health effects effectively bringing the economic growth in many regions to zero. The severity of health and environmental effects in places such as Linfen negates much of the growth achieved. Meanwhile there are plenty of effective and affordable smokestack and effluent filters on the market, and all it takes is quantifying the health and environmental effects and including them in the pricing to make it vastly profitable for the Chinese manufacturers to implement these filters and vastly reduce the damage of their economic activity to the health of the population.

The same is the case with economic system itself. Rainforest deforestation, ocean acidification, and global warming have only got as big as they did because nature has not been computed in economic process. And it is only by computing nature in economic process that capitalism stands to function as advertised, with incentivization for its benefits and disincentivization of its worst aspects.

Arc Rise Fantasia Wii Gameplay Details and Storyline

The Arc Rise Fantasia Wii is a game that has been released in Japan in 2009 and is due to be released in the US in 2010. This apart, the game is a leading and interesting game from the Nintendo stables that is expected to set the whole of the gaming market in the US on fire with its unique characteristics as well as inimitable storyline. Every game worth its salt has a riveting story line as well as characters that are larger than life. There is an element of exaggeration in games so as to appeal to the gamers who are willing to spend their time and money on the game.

When it comes to the strength and the zing in the storyline, the Arc Rise Fantasia Wii game does not disappoint one bit. This is a story that looks at the empire of Meridian. This is a fairly peaceful empire till it starts getting attacked by the Contaminant Dragons. As the name implies these contaminant dragons are not only vicious and blood thirsty but also poisonous and polluting. They try to attack Meridian in flocks and whenever they get killed, they lead to explosions that contaminate the atmosphere and create huge problems for the natives of Meridian.

The Arc Rise Fantasia Wii progresses as the empire of Meridian realizes that its capital of Diamant is going to be attacked by the dragons and sends a team including L'arc a novice mercenary to kill and eliminate the threat posed by these dragons. L'Arc is also befriended by Alf, who is the crown price of Meridian. The story also sees L'Arc being wounded and being helped by a girl whose name is Ryfia, and who has some mystical powers that can help in the case of luminous rain that occurs sometimes.

The element of twist in the tale in Arc Rise Fantasia Wii comes with L'Arc and Alf fall it from each other. Alf starts his own band of counter dragon force, but it also means that L'Arc and Alf's teams start to confront and oppose each other. This means that there are 3 opposing teams and it is the play and the battles between these that constitute the game. It is another matter that the turns in the game play mode are determined by the kind of actions taken by the players which is indeed quite interesting and something that lends to the unexpected nature of the game.

Archery Women Hunting

If you are just starting out as a bowhunter, I have a few tips that may help you purchase your hunting equipment. One of the most important and costly item is your bow. Before deciding on the particular bow to purchase, you should always try one out. It should be comfortable to hold, easy and smooth to pullback to your anchor point. I will make one recommendation only because I have tried one out personally and I love it. My selection of a new bow today would the Mathews Switchback XT. It's short in length for maneuverability, light in weight, smooth to draw back and very fast and forgiving. But what ever you're comfortable with after trying it out is up to you.

Arrows may be your next items to purchase and is very critical to how you choose. The stiffness of the shaft or your arrow size is all decided after you know a few things about your bow and bow speed and what weight your broadhead will be. The length of the arrow is also critical. For instance; my draw weight is 70 # pull with medium action cam, a bow speed of 240 to 250 feet per second. My arrow length is 29 inches and my broadhead weight is 100 grains. The arrow I have chose and works very well for me is; Easton A / C / C (aluminum and carbon) 3-49 / 390. That is the stiffness of the arrow. A good chart you may want to look at if you are purchasing over the internet is found at Bass I've used this and it is pretty accurate. I am also very lucky for the fact that my nephew owns an archery shop nearby and I try out my arrows first.

Hunting out of a tree stand can bother some people because of being afraid of heights. If this is a problem for you I suggest using a ladder stand. They vary in heights from 10 feet to about 16 feet tall. They are very stable and comfortable and usually give you the sense of being safe up that high. If not, try using them at home with someone around to watch you while you climb. This practice can give you the confidence to be able to use one out in the field while hunting alone. If this does not help and you can not get off the ground then you simply use a ground blind. We had to use ground blinds for years and they worked quite well when properly placed in a strategic spot.

Hunting clothes depends an awful lot on the weather and temperature you will be hunting in. The camouflage that I prefer is usually a light weight coat and pants and a decision of what I wear underneath it comes with the weather. My favorite brand or style which I think blends into the terrain almost anywhere is Sticks n Limbs, bibs and jacket. Only in severe cold do I wear my thick insulated bib overalls and insulated jacket with a full face stocking hat. Good fitting insulated rubber boots is a must. The heaviness of the insulation depends on how cold the temperature is. I have three different styles of boots I wear depending on the weather.

I like to carry a fanny pack or backpack with me while hunting. I've found that I've run out of pockets for all my gear. I almost always carry a grunt call, knife, binoculars (8 power), small saw, toilet paper, range finder and scent eliminator. A flashlight is not only handy but a big safety factor while going and coming to your stand in the dark. Now that I am older, I also carry a walky talky for safety reasons, so I can call my hunting partner or call home in case of an emergency.

These are just a few suggestions for a archery women hunting trip. Shoot Straight and be Safe !!!