Home Insulation – Greenest Means to Save Energy & Money

Home insulation is the method to ensure that your house is adequately capable to stay warm. When your house is insulated it means your house is not contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. It has not a culprit to give rise to temperature globally and rise in sea level too. A properly insulated home absorbs less fuel burnt energy to run heater to generate carbon dioxide based heat to compensate the heat loss. Therefore, by installing home insulation the recommended minimum level to various areas of the house you can diminish huge amount of energy. There are several ways to reduce carbon footprint of your house – which are the greener means?

Greener Methods Of Home Insulation

The most widely used insulation materials are mineral or glass wools. However, this is a synthetic insulation material and if you are inclined towards choosing greener, eco-friendly materials, this is not what you want. There are plenteous green insulation products featuring good insulation properties and have claimed certifications such as fire resistant, pest resistance etc. Different green insulation materials differ from the way how and where they are fitted to.

1. Warmcel us a cellulose fibre based insulation material. It has been proven safe for installers and easy for them to install. This is a great substitute to mineral fibre or glass fibre insulation. Warmcel is a versatile enough to suit for full insulation or upgrade the existing insulation. It is made of recycled newspapers and makes wasted newspapers to use. Otherwise, they would be used for landfill purposes.

2. Thermafleece is another kind of eco-friendly insulation materials that are made from wool of British sheep. Thermafleece involves greener method to be manufactured requiring moderate amount of energy. This is a breathable material that absorbs and emits moisture retaining warmth in your house. Moreover, it is longevity and non-irritant, easy to use and clean.

3. Breathe Natural Hemp is another greener home insulation alternatives to synthetic ones. It is made of UK originated help trees and a good top up insulation materials. It is effective in improving insulation effects by absorbing and emitting moisture.

4. Eco-Wool is one such green insulation product that is made of 85% recycled plastic bottles and completely devoid of loose fibres. One tonne of recycled plastic bottles used for manufacturing Eco-Wool can save one and half tonnes of CO2 emission. So every roll of Eco-Wool is effective in saving adequate energy of around to power 60 watt light bulb for about 290 hours. This works the best when used for topping up the existing home insulation.

Do not forget to ask for free, no-obligation assessment before you apply any of these green home insulation products and collect quotes so that these alternative materials will not incur additional costs.

Lemon Detox – Why and How It Works

Both lemons and lime are powerful therapeutic foods that a healthy diet should include on a daily basis. The major health benefits of eating fresh lemons and limes are:

  • Alkalizing the digestive system
  • Detox and cleansing of the body
  • Increasing bile production in the liver
  • Increasing activity in the urinary tract
  • Decreasing constipation
  • Anti carcinogenic effects
  • Prevention of rheumatoid arthritis

Going beyond the daily use of lemons and limes for health, many people report powerful effects by following a lemon detox program. This kind of program involves using the nutritional power of lemons to shed weight and restore health.

Fresh lemons and limes do several things when it comes to helping the body detoxify.

  1. The juice of lemon or lime stimulates the liver to produce more bile. What this means on a practical level is that your liver will do a better and quicker job of processing toxins when you consume lemon juice.
  2. A concentrated amount of lemon juice will actually help to dissolve stones in the gallbladder. Eliminating gall stones goes a long way toward improving digestion and helping the body shed toxins.
  3. An active compound in lemons called "limonin" helps eliminate potentially cancer causing carcinogens on the cellular level. Limonin can also support the breakdown of mucous deposits in the intestines.
  4. Lemons also work to help to body eliminate intestinal parasites and even worms.

Why has to be fresh

The detoxifying and cleansing effects above only apply to the fresh juice of lemons and limes. That's because, if the juice has been pasteurized (which means that it's been heated to boiling) most of the phytonutrients and health properties have been destroyed.

How to use lemons to detox

There are several ways to use fresh lemons and juice in a cleansing and detoxification program.

  1. One way is to drink 1 tablespoon of lemon juice daily mixed into your water. This is best to do first thing in the morning when you rise as it both alkalizes the stomach and stimulates the liver.
  2. A second way to use lemons to cleanse is to rub the inside of lemon peels on your skin. This cleanses the pores.
  3. Probably the most well know way to detox with lemons is to try the "lemonade diet" or "Master Cleanse," which involves eating only a mixture of fresh lemon juice, cayenne, water and maple syrup for a given period of time. It is a very effective way to restore health.

Commercial Bar Furniture – What to Look for

Putting up a bar is indeed one of the most lucrative businesses today. People's penchant for hanging out and having fun, drinking and dining, unwinding and partying have driven the proliferation of bars in our society.

However, with so many bars and restaurants all over the country, it is important that you are able to create a unique identity for your business, a way to stand out among the crowd.

One of the ways to do that is to purchase furniture that will give your bar a look like no other. Of course, furniture buying is not entirely for image's sake. There are also other important factors to consider.

To help you find the perfect kind of bar furniture, here are the questions you need to ask before purchase.

  1. It complement the Will design and theme of my bar? The furniture in your bar shouldnt blend beautifully with the designs of the interior color : such wall paint and color : as : other decorative elements. For example, if your bar has that laid-back ambience, go for casual earth-toned overstuffed couches. If you are going for an ethnic style, pick artisan pieces. If your bar has a contemporary visage, opt for modern furniture that are of bold colors and made of metal and glass. Now if it exemplifies a young and hip atmosphere, go for furniture that has upbeat colors and designs.
  2. Will it last? Here, quality plays a major role. With quality comes durability and permanence. Whatever you do, never sacrifice quality when you go furniture shopping. This is one of the most important ways to ensure that your furniture will last a long time doing service for you and your customers.
  3. Will it give utmost comfort and convenience to my customers? There is no use buying furniture such as tables and chairs that will make your customers feel unwelcome and uncomfortable. People will go to your bar to unwind and have a fun break from the usual work grind so it is only right that you are able to provide them with furniture that will help them relax. Soft cushioned couches, bar stools with backrests and tables that are just high enough so they do not have to stoop down are just few of the many examples of such furniture.
  4. Will it attract customers to my bar? When people peek into your bar, they will not yet get to taste your exquisite food or see that the service is efficient, the first thing they will see is the physical interior including the furniture. Because of that, it is important that you set up and decorate your bar with furniture that will give a fun and inviting ambience to lure customers.
  5. Will it give my bar a unique personality ? As mentioned earlier, your bar should have a distinct personality that will make it stand out among other similar businesses. If it looks just like a carbon copy of the next bar in town, chances are your bar will not be noticed. A way to ensure this is to let your personal taste be your guide when picking out furniture.
  6. Will it fit the size of my bar ? It is also very important to plan the space inside your bar so that you do not end up buying pieces that are too big or will cause the space to look too crowded. Make sure that the number of chairs and tables are sufficient but please ensure that there will be enough space to move around. When people fill up your bar, it is essential that there is adequate room to allow a smooth flow of traffic among customers and employees as well.
  7. Will it be a practical investment? We all know that buying furniture entails spending quite a sum of money especially if you are going for high-end and high-quality types of furniture. With that said, it is necessary to make sure that you are making a worthy investment. To ensure this, it is a good idea to opt for furniture with classic designs rather than follow trends so that it will not easily get outdated or out of fashion.

The perfect Buying bar furniture That will fit into a suitably your bar is a step towards the success of your business. Make sure you are buying the right kind by keeping these considerations in mind.

Creating a Children's Fishing Game

During summer's hot and humid days, many seeks the comfort and enjoyment of water activities. Swimming, boating, skiing, and fishing are among these. Swimming and "fishing" are great ways to keep children active and happy during the dog days of summer and can be accomplished rather inexpensively and with minimal worry as compared to a day on the waters of an in-ground pool, lake, or river. Purchase a small children's pool and plastic beach toys from a local department store, as well as a dowel, string, and magnet from a local craft store, and get set for some great times and memories with the little ones in your life!

Fashion fishing poles using dowel rods. Do so by first determining the appropriate circumference and length for each based on the ages and sizes of the children who will be using them.

Using a pencil, mark each dowel segment based on the desired length. Then, use a hand saw to cut at the mark. Depending on the cleanness of the cut, you may find lightly sanding the cut to be helpful.

About an inch from the end, lightly V-notch one end of the dowel segment. This will be an area in which the string is placed, giving a little extra stationary support.

Determine an appropriate length of string. Although the purpose is to allow the children to have fun, also consider what is an appropriate length based on the child's age and level of understanding of safety. Certainly bear in mind any risks of strangling.

Tie and knot the string in the V-notch. You may wish to further stabilize it by adding hot glue.

Then, add a magnet to the opposite, dangling end of the string, again using hot glue to keep it attached.

Finally, strategically glue polarized magnets to the plastic beach toys such that magnetic pick-up is accomplished easily and without frustration for youngsters. Use any toy that will bring enjoyment to the children, but consider typical water critters or environs, such as fish, crabs, starfish, seaweed, or shells, as the most environmentally-appropriate choices. Children to allow directive "fish" with the wood Dowel color : as they 're enjoy time in the Reviews pool.

These are the main steps necessary for completing such a project. However, if desired, creative touches can be added as well. For instance, consider having the child paint the dowel and add fishing related touches, like fingerprint fish or fishing stickers, before applying the string. Or lightly glue ocean-themed ribbon strips to the hand-held end of the hardwood dowel segment. This creative touch is also quite functional, adding comfort and grip for tiny hands.

This craft can be used by anyone who has small children to entertain or educate, including parents, grandparents, pre-school, daycare, or early childhood teachers, or summer camp instructors.

Playing a Short Stack in Poker

As you may have noticed or most likely lived through if you play poker is that no matter what you do, you will have a short stack at one point or another in your career. Maybe because you have lost a big hand, or you just can not catch a decent hand. Anyways, an important tool in any professional's arsenal is knowing how to play a short stack.

Most players will tell you that when you get a short stack, well then it is almost time to throw in the towel. However on the contrary to popular belief this is the time to play your best. Even though you are below average at this point you do have options!

A prime example of this is professional player Jack Strauss who came to win the WSOP Main Event after being down to just one single chip. This is where many believe the poker motto "Just a chip and a chair" came from. So like Jack, instead of giving up there are a few tips that you can use to take your game to the next level even when your 11.5 gram poker chips have seemed to disappear.

Most importantly when you have a short stack is to wait for a decent hand. This is simply not the time to be chasing suited connectors. You are looking for hands that are likely premium before the flop and remain strong after the flop as well.

The next thing is to go All In! One of the most powerful options you can use while you have little to no poker chips is to bet them all. This lets everyone at the table know you are serious about your hand. Now if everyone folds, great since this should be your main goal. However is someone does call, this is where your decent hand should be strong enough to withstand a shaky board.

Another important fact is to be the first person to act at the pot. It is a lot scarier if you go all in first, than if someone raises and then you go all in. In fact this also increases their chances of calling since they might believe you are just making a move.

Most of all you want to avoid the big stacks at the poker table. Are On the playersA these are On That more Likely to call Because your small amount of clay poker chips by just will not do much damage to hwy mountain of chips. Instead you want to target other short stacks, and average sized stacks. Other short stacks are looking to find a good hand as well before they push so if they did not find one, which chances are they will not they will instantly fold their cards. Average sized stacks as well have to be careful with their chips. The will think twice before calling your all in call, simply because they do not want to be a short stack themselves.

To measure your risk, try to adjust your strategy to your chip stack. If you are just below average there is no reason to drastically change your style. On the other hand, if you only have two big blinds left, it is time to widen up your "premium hands" range. The last thing in a tournament that you want to do is blind and ante yourself to death. When you become really low, just about any face card will do the trick.

So the next time you are on a short stack remember these tips. As well think about Jack Strauss, and who knows maybe you make a comeback.

How to Select a Pressure Washer

Selecting the appropriate pressure washer for the right job says a lot to achieve maximum benefits. The user or operator must be able to find out what category or type of work application the pressure washer will be used for, so as to be able to determine what type of Pressure Washer he will have to buy or rent. Based on previous post we already have categorized the type of work applications a pressure washer is used and those are the Residential, Commercial and Industrial; and these three categories will be the basis for the selection of the right pressure washer to buy or rent.

RESIDENTIAL application is best described as light to moderate pressure washing, and most common works would include the following:

  • Car Washing, ATV, Jet Ski, Kayaks to Small Boat
  • Walls, Tile & Brick Floors, Garage, Driveways & Pavements
  • Windows, Screen Doors, Pools, Patio & Porch
  • Other home appliance such as Air Conditioner and Heaters.

With this kind of application, a light to moderate pressure washer that could produce power between 750psi to 5,000psi will do the job perfectly. A unit with this power is enough to remove dirt, dust, grime and mud from; moss and fungus on walls, fences, gates and other parts of the home. It is also best to consider that a unit with an electric motor is best for residential use; primarily to be able to use the pressure washer indoors.

COMMERCIAL pressure washing is generally the use of a pressure washer on a large scale. Either it might be for a very wide area, numbers of fleet and usually for a very long amount of time. This category may also include works described in residential but, then it may be done on several different homes like in a home cleaning business. So under commercial pressure washing, it could cover light, moderate and to moderately heavy applications as enumerated:

  • Graffiti & Pool Cleaning
  • Constructions (e.g. Bricks, Tiles)
  • Ship Deck & Engine Room Pressure Cleaning
  • Farm & Construction Equipment
  • Buses, Trailer Homes, Airlines, Trains
  • Schools, Restaurants, Parks & Recreational Areas
  • Roof, Gutters, Sidewalks & Sewer Drain Jetting

With this kind of work, you will need a much bigger and more powerful washer, not only in terms of pressure but also in motor. And since most commercial applications are conducted outdoors, off site and requires great amount of time usage, a pressure washer with a gas motor comes highly recommended. But for serious commercial washers it is best to have units with both types of motor to give you more flexibility to work indoors and outdoors as well. So a good commercial washer should have around 3,500psi to 15,000psi, that’s enough power to handle all kinds of dirt and debris. It is also good to have a pressure washer with capabilities to pray hot water for works that demand it.

INDUSTRIAL pressure washing is the ultimate in all the application which involves a pressure washer. While it also cover works included in commercial pressure washing, the gauges for work to be defined as industrial is the toughness of the job, and operators in these kinds of application would require some professional and safety training. So under industrial pressure washing, the following are as follows:

  • Silos, Smoke Stacks & Vessels
  • Storage Tanks, Fuel Depot, Ship Tankers
  • Live Stocks, Poultry Farm, Livestock Pen & Stables
  • Gas Station, Refineries, Tanker Trucks
  • Off-Shore Platforms, Oil Rigs & Refineries
  • Large Airline Fleets, Buses, Trains and Ships
  • Garbage Compactors, Saw Mills and Factories

With pressure force between 15,000psi to 30,000psi, the amount of application a professional could imagine is enormous, from moderately heavy to the toughest work you could think of. There is also a big difference in the equipment setup with the industrial type pressure washer as compared to the two previous ones. Some industrial washers employ gas pressure to further boost the fluid force and hot water as well.

So by now pretty sure you know now what will be your basis for buying or renting. It is also essential to make the m perform a demo. It is also good to remember that the pressure washer is only as good as its maximum pressure. You could turn down pressure if you want to do light jobs but you could never boost a pump’s pressure over its limits to do a heavy work load.

Arc The Lad 3 Review – Is Arc The Lad 3 Better Than Arc The Lad 2?

Arc the Lad 2 may have overshadow Arc the Lad 3 being so great and all but that doesn’t necessarily mean Arc The Lad 3 is a bad game. Being the last of the original Arc The Lad series, the improvement that has been made for the game is at its peak including improvement in the visual department. But the real question is; is Arc The Lad 3 better than Arc the Lad 2?

The game set after the “Great Disaster” that happened in Arc the Lad 2 with the world looking less chaotic state than before. With that being said, the game does not have the element of fighting for a great cause anymore. While Arc and Elc was on a journey to destroy a powerful monster that threatens the destruction of the world, Arc The Lad 3 sets in a peaceful state of the world with not much of a great cause in the hero’s journey except traversing all over the world and finding troubles. You will play a character called Alec who dreams of becoming a Hunter, a profession title for bounty hunters, after being saved from the Great Disaster by a Hunter who has aspired him. His friend, Lutz, who serve as the comic relief of the game follows him on his journey to become a great Hunter.

Fans will be pleased to know that the monster catching feature from Arc The Lad 2 is back in the game with a much better change. The character Teo has the ability to turn monsters into cards and summons them at will during battle without taking the spaces of the party unlike Arc The Lad 2 which is much preferred since the monsters are not strong enough to replace the human characters. Gameplay looks like an improved version of the Arc The Lad 2, in some ways, fixing some of the issues but yet no any significant changes. In fact there’s actually some defects in the gameplay when compared to Arc The Lad 2. For instances, limitation of numbers of characters you can put in battle has been drastically decreased to only 4 characters and enemies that you will encounter will mostly come in small numbers who are relatively easy to beat. Arc The Lad gameplay has survive the gaming industry and appeal to many gamers because of the many interesting characters in battle and large number of enemies who are challenging, both which are present in the second series, but are absent in the third.

However, being last of the series there are improvements in the gameplay. Character animation when casting skills and spells looks more slicker and smoother than before. Moving through each other characters is also possible now allowing players more freedom in developing a strategy. But the game’s major disappointment is the enemy being able to move through your characters which is a stupid move on the developer’s part. This alone has abolish much of the fun in the game unable to perform classic tactical strategy such as protecting weak characters and surrounding an enemy.

The journey of the game is very long giving you the adventure of a life time. However, because of the absent of any great cause in the story and a gameplay that can’t entertain you in the long run, some of you might not go all the way to the end with this game. Story is actually good, with the characters thrown in varied situations, but it is clear that this game is for people who enjoy games that are just about going adventure without any great cause, meeting all of the recurring characters of the previous Arc The Lad series along the way. You could say Arc The Lad 3 is like an anniversary edition. One that fans would enjoy rather than casual gamers.

Overall, of course Arc The Lad 2 is the best of the series. However, in some ways Arc The Lad 3 is better. A long journey that is not about saving the world or any noble deed could be what the fans looking for after playing though the chaotic state of the world of Arc The Lad 1 and 2. Recurring characters from the previous series is also what makes this game worthwhile.

Mongolian Archery of the Past

The horse has quickly become a fixture in civilizations throughout history. Regarding Mongolian history, the bow and arrow, and the practice of archery, has become a similar symbol. Archery has been around in Mongolia since the earliest dated history in that region. It can also be traced back thousands of years in many regions, where it played a large part in the rise and fall of empires.

The Mongolians, throughout history, crafted composite bows for their troops. Made from wood, sinew and horn, it was glued together using a substance extracted from the bladders of fish. Due to the drying needs of the glue, a single bow could take up to a year to be properly constructed. The primary difference which makes the Mongolian bow unique, is the fact that the string rests on the limbs once released. The bows also tended to be slightly shorter than most, and the unique design got the most power and draw length it possibly could.

Mongolians wore a ring on their finger, to protect it from the string, and the release. Since their bows were drawn to a longer length, this created much more force. This in turn applied pressure to the finger, and this ring protected it from harm. These rings were normally crafted out of horn, with a tab pointed forward. Some rings had a notch cut out of the tab, used to hold the string. This way, the thumb never actually touched the string.

A European archer normally pulled their string with their forefinger (s). A Mongol archer pulled the string with their thumb, using the thumb ring. This thumb draw was a common practice used by Mongol archers. Gripping the string, the archers would keep their palm faced downwards, and their thumb fell under the arrow. The string, at this point, should be in the middle of the thumb ring. The index finger would then be placed on the thumbs tip and the rest of their fingers are placed into their palm.

When using this style of archery [http://www.archery-source.net], always keep your arm perfectly straight and inline with the arrow when drawing. Keep your elbow inline with the arrow. This will mean you will have to lift your elbow up as you draw. You must remember to be relaxed at all times as well. Open your thumb and index finger to allow the string to fire. Pull your hand away from the intended target, to stop the string from sliding forward before it is released completely.

The Dangers of Pool and Spa Drains

With summer rapidly approaching and many parts of the country already using their backyard pools and spas, it is important to remind everyone of the dangers associated with these sources of amusement. The risk of drowning is particularly important to remember, and everyone knows the dangers of diving boards. What many people do not realize are the dangers of pool drains. Pool and spa drains injure people in three main ways: body entrapment, hair entrapment, and evisceration.

Body Entrapment

Between January of 1990 and August of 2004, there were 74 case of body entrapment. These 74 cases resulted in 13 confirmed deaths. The deaths were a result of drowning after the body or a limb was caught against the drain by the suction of the circulation pump. This hazard exists in both residential and public settings.

More than half of the 74 cases of body entrapment occurred in spas, hot tubs, or whirlpools. 31 incidents occurred in swimming pools, and 3 took place in a wading pool. The incidents affected people from the age of 22 months to 89 years. The majority of victims were children between the ages of 8 and 16 years. The median age was 9.

These hazards frequently were caused by a child playing with an open drain. Generally, the child was inserting a hand or foot into the drain which resulted in the limb getting caught by the suction. Once it was caught, the limb swelled which made it nearly impossible for the victim to escape.

The hazard of body entrapment becomes a possibility whenever there's a drain that can become completely covered by a person. If a drain is present, it needs to have a pump that allows for suction even when the drain is covered for the risk to become great.

Hair Entrapment

While not quite as common as body entrapment, there were still 43 cases of hair entrapment or entanglement in spas, pools, and hot tubs between January of 1990 and August of 2004. There were 12 deaths from hair entrapment or entanglement cases.

When the victim drowned, the victim was usually female with long, fine hair. The victim was always swimming underwater with his or her head near a suction outlet or drain. The water flowing into the drain sweeps the hair into and around the drain cover where it then gets caught or entangled in the drain. The victims were between the ages of 4 and 42. Once again, the median age was 9.

Evisceration or Disembowelment

Between January of 1990 and August of 2004, there were 2 confirmed cases of evisceration or disembowelment. There were no known deaths as a result of this problem.

The injuries caused by evisceration or disembowelment by a pool drain are irreversible and have a devastating effect on the victim's future health and development. The two reported incidents involved young children sitting on a drain cover. They were then "sucked into" drain pumps with missing covers.

Rectal lacerations as well as partial or nearly complete eviscerations are possible when this happen. An evisceration is a removal of the internal organs.

You would like the if more information concerning the hazards of Reviews pool drains or the Laws regulating pools and Reviews pool drains, please visit Http://www.habush.com . The experienced team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Drilling Processes for the Oil and Gas Industry

Drilling Processes for Oil and Gas

Oil and gas industry relies on the drilling process for the construction of oil fields. Natural gas and oil are found in the earth’s crust, and they have to be drilled out. Natural gas remains stored within sandstones, carbonates, coal and shale. Wells are constructed on oil beds and generally take two to three months to become functional. The productive life of a single well is 20-30 years on an average. A number of resources are used for drilling vertical, horizontal and multi-layered wells for target formation.

Drilling process

The step by step overview of drilling process is given below:

1. The drill site is prepared for drilling. This would need proper surveys and licensing.

2. Steel pipes and other equipments are inserted to bore the area

3. Fresh water aquifer is protected by cement pipes

4. Drilling process is continued to the earth’s crust till its maximum point.

5. Drill fluid is inserted in the hole to crack the shale. The drill fluid consists of water, some chemicals and mud additives.

6. Fracturing process completes in 2-5 days. Till then, other processes continue on the area.

7. Once the well is dug, necessary facilities are installed and the well is prepared to function.

As discussed earlier, the oil well keeps working for about 20-30 years.3 million to 5 million gallons of water is used to create the right hydraulic pressure during the drilling process. This same amount of water can be consumed on a golf course in around 15 to 20 days. Drilling site is studied by certified geologists to develop a strategy to minimize challenges. Climatic conditions are also studied to be prepared for future risk management. Social and local issues are also taken in consideration. Land permit is sought from the government. This involves paying certain taxes.

Geologists work with environmentalists, engineers, and regulatory staff to collect information about the drill area. Initially a short length drill is done which is later extended to the water table. The depth is specified by the geologists working on the area. After drilling, some drilling mud is pumped in to make clear surface and boundary of the hole. After the steel pipes are removed, cement castings are filled on the boundaries. A plug is also inserted in the casting to check the section of the wall. Once the well is constructed, then it is taken further by the upstream processing and the downstream processing from here.

A Guide to Maintaining Your Outdoor Deck

Outdoor decks are susceptible to damage since they are exposed to open air and to different weather. But with proper maintenance, your deck will last long and serve its purpose effectively. Here are some ways to maintain your wooden decking and have the best out it.

Understand Your Timber

Knowing more about your material will guide you in achieving a long-lasting result. Below are some of the things that you need to know and remember about timber.

• Compared to softwood, hardwood doesn’t absorb much oil which leads to a lesser intense finish.

• Sanding will make timber more absorbent and will also improve its color depth.

• Before applying protective oil to the timber be sure that it is dry and is sand planned for better oil penetration.

Prepare Your Timber

There are different kinds of timber and each has its own unique quality that needs specific process of maintenance.

Pressure-impregnated Pine. When delivered, wood pine contains high moisture and they need to be left dried for 204 months prior to oiling.

Larch. Weather the timber for two weeks and sand prior to coating.

Tropical Hardwood. Let the timber lose color through weathering and then start oiling.

Apply The Oil

Clean timber and let it dry. Here’s a step-by-step direction in applying oil.

1. Stir the oil properly and with a roller or sponge spread the oil.

2. Use a lint-free cloth to remove excess oil.

3. Continue applying oil until done.

4. Let it dry for a day without load.

When the deck got wet with water within the day after oiling, another oil coating is ideal. Also if you observed light spots on the deck after it has dried, second coating is also needed to saturate it thoroughly.

Periodic Maintenance

Suitable interval of maintenance can be once a year. Decking should be checked for decayed wood, dry spots, and oil maintenance.

1. Decking should be cleaned properly with alkaline cleaner. Let it dry.

2. Use a short-haired roller or other applicator to apply oil. Make it a thin coating.

2. Use a lint-free cloth to remove excess oil.

3. Let it dry for a day without load.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance requires sweeping of the deck, removal of thickened dirt through scrubbing with cleaner which is slightly alkaline and then washing away sobs with garden hose. With a special cleaner, furniture can also be renewed to its former beauty. Just spray the cleaner and then wipe.

7 Amazing Recycling Building Materials

Are you considering building a house that is green and eco-friendly? Then you may want to look at the following list of amazing recycling building materials which can be used to build an Eco-house. These items can be reclaimed from recycling centers for an amount of money or for free depending on what part of the world you live in.

The list of recycling building materials is endless and these are a few of items I find very useful to anyone who wishes to build ‘green’ in the 21st century. Before you search for any recycling building materials, it is advised that you have a plan and budget for all the things you might need before starting any project. Firstly, you can ask your local waste/recycling companies for access to any item. This will help provide you with information on free recycled items and those that can be purchased. If you live in a rural area, you can look around for old barn woods etc. You can also Google the words ‘recycled materials’ to get more information on where and how to get the recycling materials you will need in your local vicinity. In Ontario, Canada for instance you can get used building materials from recycling companies that specialize in reclaiming such items. There are many recycling centers out there.

Below is a list of 7 Amazing Recycling Building Materials:

1. USED STEEL: Steel can be melted down and reshaped into any desired structure in building construction.

2. SCRAP METALS: Like steel, various types of scrap metals can be reshaped again for a different purpose.

3. LUMBER/PLYWOOD: Lumber/plywood that is free of insect infestation and in good condition can be reused again to build houses, furniture etc.

4. USED PAVING STONES: Paving stones reclaimed from a demolition site can be reused again for landscaping somewhere else.

5. STAINED WINDOWS: Stained windows in good condition such as the ones found in old churches can be reclaimed and reused again in the building of a new home to give it character.

6. ANTIQUE FURNITURE: Over the years, antique furniture has become very popular and very valuable as they tend to increase in value over time if preserved properly. They can be reupholstered, painted or polished to give them a face lift. They add personality and charm to a new home where the owners are looking for the old world charm in a new building.

7. OLD PLASTICS: Old plastics can be melted down and reshaped to create various structures such as deck, fences etc.

There are many more recycled materials out there that can be reused again for building construction purposes. The seven items I have listed are some of the ones that are easy to find and affordable for those truly interested in these items.

Measuring Board Performance

The board is one of the more important elements of success for any organization. The more effective the board is the more it contributes to the success of the organization. It establishes the culture of the organization. In short, its performance is an important component of sustainability. Should it receive a periodic performance review?

Are performance reviews worth doing? Or put another way, is it possible to make performance reviews valuable? We think it is possible to have a meaningful performance review. When they are meaningful, people will look forward to them and organizations benefit from doing them. Most important, the clients (those served) will benefit.

Most of us endure performance reviews annually. The review is often subjective rather than quantitative. They often feel like elementary school report card grading ( "gets along well with others", etc.). Is that why any of us were hired? If I play nicely with others, does that make these articles more valuable to you or increase the number of people who read them?

There are quantitative measures that matter to both of us. If the number of subscribers increases each month, it implies that people find value in the content of the articles and the content has broad appeal. It tells Mission Enablers that we are fulfilling our mission of helping others build their capacity to serve. It says the readers are benefiting from the articles because they are recommending the articles and newsletter to others and returning each week to read another article. Thank you for all of that.

Making readership growth a part of my review makes sense. Success in that area is motivational for me. It is valuable for Mission Enablers. It is important to our client base and readership. The review should also be monthly rather than annually. Waiting 12 months to talk about a positive or negative trend is unlikely to benefit the reader, Mission Enablers, or me.

Whether some measures should be reviewed monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual depends on many factors. What is clear is that in a rapidly changing world, annually reviewing a trend is too late.

On an informal but intentional level, quantitative reviews are happening to almost every nonprofit. The recession has caused donors to be more concerned about their donations. Part of that concern is expressed by the question, "Am I receiving value for my gift?" Historically, the answer to the question might be a nice story. Today we expect to hear about quantitative changes in the community.

Today, there is a trend to demand quantitative evidence. If the donor, parents, or family members of those you serve is being judged quantitatively at work, is it unreasonable for them to expect to judge the world the same way?

Society is becoming evidence driven. Our recent evaluation of the government and BP has been quantitative. How long before your community begins rigorously evaluating nonprofits? Some of the high value donors are doing it already and with rigor.

The quantitative evaluation must start with the board. They must set the tone and be the catalyst for change. If the board leads by example the staff is more likely to willing participate.

Many of the boards we work with resist the idea of ​​a board performance review. However, they are happy to review the work of the administrator, principal, executive director, etc. The board needs to set the tone by establishing quantifiably measurable goals for itself and the organization. Part of the minutes from each board meeting should be an evidence-based report on success. This is different from the typical financial review, which is also an important part of the agenda.

Next Step:

Establish goals for each group (board members, board leadership, committees, the organization, staff members, fund development, the clients, etc.)

Ensure the goals are inspirational and motivational for the person or group being measured, as well as valuable to the organization and clients

Require each group or individual to create a plan for achieving their goals

Quarterly, review the progress toward the goal and adjust the plans to ensure the goals will be met (this is different from adjusting the goal to ensure it can be met)

Celebrate success and learn from each goal (whether it was met or missed)

Creating a culture of goal orientation has several side benefits.

Most goals will require the assistance of others, therefore the teamwork will increase (playing nicely with others becomes a prerequisite for success rather than a desired outcome)

Planning becomes a natural response. With fewer unplanned events, there will be fewer unpleasant surprises

Donor loyalty will increase along with generosity

Quantitative success will make it easier to build a reputation for excellence and differentiate the organization from similar organizations

Choosing goals that are meaningful, motivational, and valuable to the individual, the organization, and the clients, significantly increases sustainability

Remember that there are better ways to measure client satisfaction than surveys. The most sincere measure of client satisfaction is referring other clients. Client retention is another very sincere and measureable indication of client satisfaction. Those are two possible quantitative measures for both the board and the staff.

How will your board change the definition of success? When will your board begin measuring everyone's success in meaningful, motivational, valuable, and quantified ways?

How to Find an Eco-Friendly General Contractor

Maybe you’ve just purchased a home, or maybe you’ve decided to finally remodel your old kitchen or bathroom, or maybe you’ve decided to finally build that dream house you always wanted. But you just don’t want to hire any construction company.

You really want to find a general contractor that respects your values and shares your concern for the environment. You want to find a general contractor that promotes sustainable construction techniques and uses eco-friendly construction materials.

Okay, great!

But what happens next? How do you find an environmentally friendly contractor?

Turns out that finding an eco-friendly general contractor is easier than it sounds…

Ask for a Referral

Word of mouth and referrals from friends and family is a tried and true way of finding any type of service you may need. So if you are looking for an eco-friendly general contractor first ask your neighbors, friends, or families which contractors they used recently.

… To The Internet!

Looking for an eco-friendly general contractor? Type in “Eco-friendly construction” in Google and you’ll no doubt find a dozen or more choices. Yelp and Angie’s List can help you narrow down your choices from a dozen to a half dozen.

Remember Green Is Also the Color of Money

Environmentally friendly construction is the new hotness in the construction industry. Eco-friendly, green, and sustainable construction practices are things a majority of people are seeking from their general contractor.

This has led to many contractors touting green construction as a selling point, and predictably this also led many general contractors to claim they use ecologically friendly construction techniques when they don’t.

So how do you ensure that a contractor is green and not just after green?

Talk to each contractor and ask exactly what kind of sustainable construction techniques do they use.

Also emphasize the sustainable practices that are important to you. For instance, most people want a paint that is free of toxins. So ask your general contractor about what kind of paint they use. If using recycled building materials is important to you, ask about what type of recycled building materials they use.

LEED Certification

LEED certification is an independent third party certification that a contractor meets certain standards for sustainability, water conservation, and energy efficiency.

Not every sustainable construction company will have a LEED Certification, but if eco-friendly construction is important to you, asking your contractor about his LEED certification status is an important step.

Choose Wisely

Hiring a general contractor is a prolonged interview process. You have to find a contractor that you can work with, who is affordably, and who shares your value. If eco-friendly construction is something you value make sure you do your homework and vet potential contractors before you hire them.

Piano Sheet Music Searches

As easy as this task may sound, a few prominent points should be mentioned. Piano sheet music is readily available today from a myriad of sources on the Internet. To go The Http://www.Google.com and type in "piano sheet music online" or "piano sheet music" or "virtual sheet music" Lastly and by vBulletin® "(artist name) Sheetmusic". You will find countless sites that offer immediate access to sheet music online or available to be sent to a physical address. Regarding "old fashioned mail order", Amazon.com has an amazing selection of sheet music by artist as well as instructional music folders and music books so make sure to investigate what they have to offer. Most popular site The for online sheet music is Probably Http://www.sheetmusicplus.com . Many classical piano pieces that have reached public domain status can often be downloaded for free such as porfolios of Chopin's works or Beethtoven pieces, etc.

Contemporary artist books and sheet music to a single song tend to disappear after a short shelf life existence and then it becomes a trial sometimes to find your selection. Suggestions for obtaining out of print music would be to check out ebay.com and see if your item is currently available there in new or used form. As with most eBay items, availability can change by minute, hour, or day so do not give up if your item is not seen on your first try. There are a number of retail music stores that also specialize in hard to find music so "Google" "out of print sheet music" (or "hard-to-find music") and contact those particular stores.

"Virtual sheet music" sites enable you to gain immediate access to a single song and then print out the piano sheet music right from your computer download of that song. The fees are usual comparable to what a retail store would charge, say $ 3.95- $ 6.95. Again, just "Google" "virtual sheet music" or "download sheet music" to find a good site for this. The nice thing about this feature is that 1) songs only available in song books or 2) hard to find songs or out of print songs, will now be accessible at your fingertips by the push of a few buttons!

Last but not least, if a song appears to be impossible to find, what I've done is to search out the lyrics online and then search for the "tab or guitar tabs" or "piano tabs" for that song and then put the two together to create a "lead sheet ". Often the "tabs" to a song list both melody and chords. Now with this method, you will have to transcribe the melody line on your own which is pretty easy to do- just whistle or hum the tune as you sit down at the piano. Sites that say "guitar tabs" that include guitar tablature are mostly where you'll be finding your song tabs but sometimes you'll see a site that says "piano tabs". What you are really doing as a pianist though is jotting down the chords and where they are placed with the lyric. Just ignore the guitar tablature. Your big limitation though of course, is that many of the tab listings for a song are created by "well intentioned, though inexperienced" amateur players. In this regard, you'll need to look at the chords as "a possibility" and you may have to change one or many chords for the song to sound "correct". The other issue is make sure your "viral control" software is working as these sites tend to be vulnerable to those.

Concerning "piano or artist song books" , very often a song is not available as a single sheet but is can only be found within a song book with many songs all by a certain artist or composer or perhaps a book with songs by multiple artists. The other scenario you will see is theme music books such as "Movie Classic Songs" or "Songs of the 90's" or "Best Loved Broadway show tunes", anything along those lines.

Discover the To "pro way" to play piano songs I without Having to . Read note-for-note sheet music Arrangements, be sure to visit Http://www.instantpropiano.com