Home Remedies For Dandruff: Do They Work?

Dandruff is one of those irritating problems in more than one sense of the word. Those annoying white flakes that get everywhere and seem to materialize out of nowhere, as if they've been teleported from some cosmic dandruff store onto your scalp. Chances are that you've tried commercial shampoo for dandruff but not come out of the experiment any better. So are home dandruff remedies any better?

Much will depend on the type of dandruff you've got. Not all dandruff is created equal but the most common forms are dry dandruff and oily dandruff. It stands to reason that no remedy is going to cope well with both types so it's important to work out which variety of dandruff you have before deciding on a home remedy for it.

Lime remedy

This works best with oily dandruff. Wash your hair as normal and then as part of the last rinse, work in about a teaspoon of lime or lemon juice, ideally freshly squeezed but if that's not practical then off the shelf juice from the supermarket will have to take its place.

Fenugreek seeds

This is a fussier solution but many people say that it's been effective for them to relieve their dry dandruff. You'll certainly need to be organized to use this method as it involves soaking a couple tablespoons of fenugreek seeds overnight in water and then grinding them into a fine paste the following morning. Once you've done that, apply the paste and leave it in your hair for 30 minutes – maybe do this as soon as you wake up and leave it in until you've eaten your breakfast. Then wash out the solution using a natural, off the shelf, soap-nut solution instead of a regular shampoo.

Change your diet

Like many afflictions we suffer from, dandruff can be made worse by the food we eat. Changing your diet will often help with making your diet go away. The best way of doing this is to eat natural food rather than processed and keep as close as possible to the balanced diet that is recommended by doctors everywhere. It's also best to cut out or cut down the usual suspects – caffeine, coffee, alcohol, you know the list off by heart by now!

Watch your stress levels

My dandruff ebbs and flows according to how stressed I am. The more stress I'm under, the more of those nasty white flakes appear. If that's the case with you then it's worth investigating ways to cut down your stress levels. Whilst some stress is good, too much stress most definitely is not. Work out some kind of relaxation routine that works for you, whether that's going a local yoga class, taking a walk in the park, playing relaxing music in the background or taking up something like meditation. Whatever method works best for you, keep at it on a reasonably regular basis as it often takes our bodies time to adjust to the idea that our stress levels can actually come down.

Bar Stools Versatility

Bar stools nowadays are not just chairs that you can see in public bars. In fact this type of stools is one of the things that can accentuate your house in a different way. These types of chairs are not the typical chairs that will serve its purpose base on the name it have been given. If you observe carefully most coffee shops, delicatessen and dinners have these stools in their premises. Yes, bar stools are not plain bar stools nowadays. They are multi-purpose chairs that can be used anywhere and it will surely give the place a great look everybody would surely love.

Do not you just love how people get creative and imaginative nowadays? Admit it or not but due to great imagination and creativity we are now getting all the options we never have imagined possible. A great example of this is how bar stool designs have evolved. From a simple high wooden chair to swivel top and now eccentric and elegant stools are available for us to choose from. If you're eyeing to buy bar stools for your home, business, office or for whatever purpose it maybe. I'm sure you will be amazed of how wide the selection there is now for you to choose from.

Bar stools has changed its looks and designs. Thanks to creative minds of furniture designers we can now choose from a wide variety of unique styles and color that will surely give any place a wow effect. One of the best designs there is for such chairs would be the modern type, these stools that are usually made of metal and hard plastic and shaped in a very unique way. Modern stools are great for home use. You can place it in the kitchen as nook chairs if you have a mini bar then these chairs will surely complete you mini bar's look! Modern stools are widely use in offices too! These good looking high chairs are perfect for the office pantry and reception area

Other than modern designs you can also choose from classic bar stools, these are the type that are made of wood and leather. If your taste is not for something fancy or shiny then the classic type of stools would suit you. The advantage of classic designed stools is that most of it is usually made of cushion seat covered in leather. There are a lot of designs you can choose from if you plan to buy stools. Choose from traditional, vintage or even colonial designs if you want to have that antique looking chairs. The pricing however depends on the height and materials used on the stools. If you want specific details on how much it will cost you I suggest checking the web for Online Furniture stores.

Soccer Fixture: Chelsea Versus Manchester United

Chelsea versus Manchester United is one of the classic North v South fixtures in the English football calendar.

Chelsea first faced Manchester United on Christmas Day, 1905 – some nine months after the club had been founded by Edwardian businessman, Henry Augustus ‘Gus’ Mears. The match was played at Bank Street in Clayton, Manchester and attracted a crowd of 35,000 who witnessed a 0.0 draw in this Football League Second Division clash.

Mears had contracted a famous architect of the time, Archibald Leitch, to build a huge new stadium – Stamford Bridge – on the Fulham Road, where the new team would play. The first football match to be played there had been a friendly against Liverpool on 4th September, 1905 which Chelsea had won 4.0. That match also saw the appearance of the first 4-page matchday programme in London and reflected the growing interest in football in the South of England, away from its original heartlands in the North and the Midlands.

Manchester United first headed south to play The Pensioners at Stamford Bridge on 13th April, 1906 – this time it was Good Friday but the result was still a draw, in front of a huge holiday crowd of 67,000. Charles Sagar put United ahead early in the second half before Tommy McDermott equalised for Chelsea ten minutes before the end.

It was Sagar’s first season at Manchester United and he had scored on his league debut for them in a 5.1 win against Bristol City. Wayne Rooney is the only other United player in the history of football to have scored a hat-trick on his debut for the club. The Red Devils were second in the league at the time of this Easter clash with Chelsea and, indeed, would finish as runners-up behind Bristol City (the club they had thrashed on the opening day of the season) and so gained promotion to the English First Division. Chelsea finished third in what was their first competitive league season.

Chelsea had to travel to Bank Street again in order to beat Man United for the first time – in League Division now – on 7th November, 1908. The match ended 1.0 to Chelsea with George Hilsdon scoring their winning goal from a penalty. At Stamford Bridge, though, the wait for a win lasted much longer – nearly 12 years in fact; and a World War separated these first two victories.

George Hilsdon began his career at West Ham United, joining Chelsea in 1906. He went two better than Sagar and Rooney, scoring five goals on his Chelsea debut in a 9.2 win over Glossop North End (Glossop is just under fourteen miles from Manchester!). He was the first player to score 100 goals for the club and was known in West London by his nickname of “Gatling Gun.” This label was given to him as he was renowned for hitting unstoppable shots which were so hard that it seemed as though they might have been fired from a gun! After scoring a total of 108 goals for Chelsea he returned to play for West Ham before being conscripted for service in that first World War where he was seriously injured on the Western Front in a mustard gas attack. Only four people attended his funeral when he died, in Leicester, in 1941 and he lay in an unmarked grave for some 74 years until Chelsea fans clubbed together to fund a headstone for this hitherto forgotten hero.

Manchester United first won at Chelsea on 28th September, 1907 – a 4.1 win in the First Division. Hilsdon again got Chelsea’s goal and Billy Meredith scored two for The Reds. United continued to do well in Fulham, winning three and drawing two of their next five league games there. It wasn’t until 17th January 1920 that Chelsea finally secured their first home win over Man United – 1.0 in Division One – in front of a crowd of 40,000. Centre-forward John Cock scored the only goal of the game. This will have been a cause of great celebration – lightening the post-war gloom in that part of the capital – ironically on the same day that Prohibition came into effect in the USA.

Chelsea hit six goals (their highest goals total in home matches between the two sides) past the men from Old Trafford on 6th September, 1930. Alexander Cheyne scored a hat-trick that day and Hughie Gallacher got two more in a 6.2 win in a top tier clash watched by 48,648 at The Bridge.

Alexander ‘Alec’ Cheyne had only signed for Chelsea that year and for a then club record fee of £6000. One year earlier, while playing for his native Scotland against England, Cheyne scored direct from a corner with just a minute of the match remaining. A ‘roar of encouragement’ came up from the 110,000 fans – most of them supporting Scotland who were down to ten men at the time – and continued even after the final whistle. This was the first time such a noise had been noted and it became known as the ‘Hampden Roar,’ with the match being forever labelled the ‘Cheyne International.’

Chelsea’s highest margin of victory against Manchester United at Stamford Bridge came sixty-nine years later on 3rd October, 1999. The Blues won 5.0 in the Premier League in front of a crowd of 34,909. Gus Poyet scored two of Chelsea’s goals that day – his first after just 27 seconds, from which The Reds never seemed to recover. Bearing in mind that United had become the first English football team to complete a treble of League, FA Cup and UEFA Champions League victories in the May of that year, and had gone 29 matches unbeaten in the league prior to this match, it was a truly remarkable result, not just in the context of matches between the two sides but in football history in general.

Manchester United have scored four goals in league games at Stamford Bridge on five occasions – the third of these provided them with their best winning margin. They beat Chelsea 4.0 in a First Division game there on 29th November, 1947 with Johnny Morris scoring a hat-trick. Morris scored 35 goals in 93 appearances for United in all competitions and helped them win the FA Cup the following year.

One of the most dramatic league encounters – and highest aggregate score (11) – between these clubs at Stamford Bridge took place on 16th October, 1954 in front of a crowd of 55,966. Chelsea again scored five goals, with Seamus O’Connell marking his Chelsea debut with a hat-trick (he and George Hilsdon are the only two Chelsea players to have scored hat-tricks on their debuts for the club). However, Manchester United fought back with six goals of their own, Dennis Viollet also scoring a hat-trick and Tommy Taylor with two. Sadly, Taylor would die in the Munich Air Crash less than four years later.

The highest scoring draw in this fixture came on 5th February, 2012 with the match finishing 3.3. Chelsea had led 3.0 in the game but two Wayne Rooney penalties and an equaliser six minutes from time by Javier Hernandez completed the comeback by United.

Another dramatic encounter – albeit with less goals – occurred later that same year: on 28th October, 2012 in the Premier League. United prevailed once again, 3.2, but the score tells us only the result rather than the story of the match. This time it was United who were two goals up after just twelve minutes but Chelsea fought back to level with a Juan Mata free-kick and a Ramires header. Chelsea then found themselves down to nine men after Branislav Ivanovic and Fernando Torres were sent off, before Javier Hernandez (again!) scored a controversial winner (deemed to be offside by The Blues) fifteen minutes from the end. Manchester United would go on to win the league that season with Chelsea settling for Europa League success.

United had won by the same margin of 3.2 at Stamford Bridge just over forty-one years earlier on 18th August, 1971 with some famous names on the scoresheet: Tommy Baldwin and Peter Osgood for Chelsea; Willie Morgan, Bobby Charlton and Brian Kidd for United. Another massive domestic crowd of 54,763 turned out to see these two top teams who had also done so well in Europe in recent seasons – Chelsea in the UEFA European Cup Winners’ Cup that year, and Manchester United as the first English team to lift the UEFA European Cup three years earlier.

How to Build a Plastic Model Airplane

Plastic model airplane building is a hobby that appeals to a wide variety of people and age groups. From the youngster building his or her holiday gift to the veteran re-creating a piece of history. Following the basic instructions is generally a good place to start, but there is a whole world of knowledge beyond the instructions. Here are some tips for creating a better-looking model:

Wash the parts first. The parts are made by injection molding, and are covered with a release agent to help un-stick them from the mold. This agent will prevent paint from sticking well to your model. Wash the parts in soap and water, then air dry. You can use a hair dryer to help.

Cockpit. Assemble and paint the cockpit next. The cockpit will be permanently enclosed within the fuselage halves, and will be nearly impossible to paint later.

Minimize glue. Use only a thin line of glue on each side of the fuselage, or each side of the wing. Use only a dab to attach small parts. You can apply the glue with a pin to have better control over the amount of glue. Excess glue gets onto the surface of the model and creates lumps which must be cleaned up with sandpaper.

Alignment. Take care to line up the wings and tail relative to the fuselage. A crooked airplane is easy to spot. Use tape to hold the larger pieces together to check the alignment, before you apply glue.

Gap Filling. Sometimes after gluing there will be gaps between pieces. A gap between the fuselage halves, or where the wing joins the fuselage, is common and easy to spot. Fill these gaps with putty, or with cyanoacrylate glue (super glue). When the filler is dry, smooth with sandpaper.

Paint with Brush. If painting by brush, get at least 3 sizes (wide, medium and fine). Try not to overlap your brush strokes, or repaint an area that is still wet. Wait until the paint is dry then apply another coat if necessary. After painting, clean your brushes thoroughly with the recommended thinner, and store them upright in an old cup.

Spray Cans. Paint delivered by spray can will give a smoother finish than the brush. Cans cool down as they are used which causes the paint flow to slow down. Place the can in warm (not hot) water for ten (10) minutes or so to fix this.

Airbrush. The airbrush is the ultimate tool for painting model airplanes. It is like a spray can with much more control. The air pressure and paint volume can be controlled (in some types, simultaneously) allowing the user to paint fine lines at will. If you plan to keep building models, it is a worthwhile investment.

Canopy. The clear plastic canopy has frames that need to be painted. This can be done with a fine point brush and a steady hand. A better option is to use masking tape to cover the canopy, then use a sharp hobby knife blade to cut and remove tape from the frame portions. Then paint, and after drying remove the remaining tape.

Gloss Coat for Decals. The water-slide decals (markings) that come with the kit will look much better if applied onto a gloss surface. A clear gloss overcoat should be applied, then after drying apply decals.

Flat Coat. If the airplane has a naturally flat (matt, non-glossy) surface, then after applying decals, paint with a flat clear coat.

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Flight Plane Simulator – What To Look For

The flight plane simulator was one of the first and best examples of virtual reality available to computer users. Many of us at some time or other have longed to take to the air in an airplane or helicopter. For some reason we want to see how everything looks from above. Unlike driving a car, most of us will not get the opportunity to fulfill that dream.

Over the years flight simulators have become more and more realistic, and as we all know, in the realm of virtual reality, the more realistic, the better. Modern flight simulators have come a long way from the early arcade type flying games, but even back then, people loved the thrill of trying their hand at flying. Now with features that copy the real experience and make it as realistic as possible, we can enjoy flying via our computers even if we would never be able to afford an airplane or the time to take flying lessons.

What Makes A Good Flight Simulator?

  • Realistic Aircraft
  • Realistic Scenery
  • Realistic Controls

Realistic Aircraft

Most flying simulators offer a number of different aircraft to fly in. Let's take my favorite simulator, the Pro Flight Simulator, for example. It has over 120 different airplanes and helicopters. They span the history of flying from the Wright Brothers first plane to the most modern fighter jets and even some specialty crafts such as a zeppelin and a personal ultralight. The aircraft in these modern simulators are all very realistic and in every way possible, they duplicate the real machines. The exterior of the craft are so detailed you can often see the rivets on the skin. Inside, the dials, levers, buttons and pedals exactly copy the real thing. When you become familiar with the planes in the simulator, you would know exactly what to expect if you climbed into the same model in the real world. The view from the cockpit is 3D and looks just like it would from the windows of a real cockpit.

Realistic Scenery

In some of the newest and best simulators, this means the scenery is based on actual high definition military data, which gives the most realistic scenery possible of our whole globe. If you want to fly over your house and see how it looks from above, you could do it, no matter where on earth you live. Not only is the ground rendered in graphic detail on your screen, but the sky, with the stars and planets at the right position to match your virtual time. The weather also can be set to whatever you want, rain or shine or storm, all affecting your scenery just like in real life, or you can just chose the setting that gives you the current weather of wherever you happen to be, offering you almost an unlimited variety of life-like situations. When you decide to land, you also can choose from the nearest of more than 20,000 airports, copying in great detail the real airports you would fly into with a real plane.

Realistic Controls

This means that when you pull a lever or press a pedal, your virtual plane will behave just like a real plane, from the lag time to the slight bounce and roll caused by the weather and air currents. All those things in real life that make it a challenge to stay in the air and on course are realistically duplicated to make your flying experience life-like.

Which Simulator To Choose?

There are a lot to choose from when it comes to computer based flying games. My favorite one, the Pro Flight Simulator, is the nearest thing to real flying you can get on a computer. Many of the features I mentioned above are available in other simulators as well, but in my opinion, the Pro Flight Simulator does the finest job of making your flying experience life-like. The graphics are some of the finest in the world.

When it comes to variety, the Pro Flight Simulator can not be beat. The number of aircraft choices, the number of airports available and the unlimited, worldwide scenery, make it the most enjoyable flight simulator out there. Try your hand at flying a commercial airliner or maybe a medical helicopter. The possibilities are endless and with the multi-player capability, you can fly in formation with other players via the internet or even try air-to-air refueling with anyone in the world.

Flight controllers such as foot pedals, yokes and throttles are supported. This software is designed to run on any modern computer with Windows 95 through Windows 7 and yes, it even runs on a Mac.

How to Build a Model Sailboat

Building a replica of anything can be enjoyable, this is actually an activity that is done by many individuals who find the pastime fulfilling. You may build a model sail boat as part of a larger set or you may construct it simply to see it work in real life conditions, either at a lake or in fact in a more confined set up like a swimming pool. Regardless of why you are building a model sail boat the one thing that is most probable is that you can get very creative with the design and look of it. This specific design is relatively simple and will not require a great deal of skill, however, if you are inherently good with your hands then this will be to your benefit.

Required Materials:

  • Scissors
  • Staple gun
  • Box cutter
  • Hand saw
  • Drill with ¼-inch drill bit
  • Required Tools
  • Balsa wood (2 by 4), 8 inches in length
  • Sandpaper
  • Waterproof glue
  • Wood dowel, approximately ¼-inch diameter
  • Canvas, cotton sheeting or paper which will be utilised to build the sail.


1) To start you will want to create your hull. To do this shave your wood to create the shape of the hull, this will be done by utilizing your box cutter to mould the piece of wood, allowing it to form a point at the end of the wood. You will want to concentrate on the sides of the wood as well, this will after all be the bottom of your sail boat. Basically you should construct an angled shape when you are finished.

2) To give your hull a pleasingly smooth look you will have to sand it thoroughly. This will give it more definition. To reduce the excessively angled shape you created previously you will need to use the sand paper to give it a more rounded edge, this will increase the realistic boat look that you may be going for.

3) You will now have to drill a hole in your base structure, this will be utilized to install the support mast for the sail. This hole should be centred in the hull and should be drilled to a depth of about ½ inch. This will add to its structural integrity, though it is a model boat you will like it to sail as close as possible to the real thing. In addition, it will look better with a well positioned sail.

4) Construct your dowel by cutting it to a length of 6 inches using a hand saw. This should be a precision cut that is simultaneously straight and even. Therefore be patient and take some time to get it right.

5) Sand this newly created dowel ensuring that the edges do not have any splinters all over it, this may be an annoyance once the boat is being used.

6) You can now insert your mast. This will be done by placing your wood glue in the hole you previously made within the hull and then pushing the dowel mast into it. You may notice that the glue will spew out while you are affixing the dowel into the hull however, you may just wipe and then allow the parts to dry. Depending on the glue it may take as little as 20 minutes and as much as the whole day to dry. During this time of waiting you can go ahead and create your sail.

7) When making the sail you will want to cut your prefered material (paper, canvas or cotton sheeting) into a 4 inch equilateral triangle using scissors hence it should be completely symmetrical. To increase the symmetry use stencils or proper measurements. When the sail has been cut out you can add any additional decorative elements to it especially if your glue has not yet set.

8) You can then attach your sail to the dowel mast when it has completely dried. Wrap the sail around the dowel mast so that the edges of the material cannot be seen.

9) You can then create the rigging for your boat. You will achieve this by gluing the string to the area where the sail is glued to the mast, for the other end the staple gun will suffice in securing rigging to the hull.

Tips and Warnings

You can add a keel to give the boat some more realism. You can do this by using a bit of balsa wood cut in the shape of a thin triangle that you may glue to the bottom area of your boat.

Do not let children use the drills, jigsaw or staple gun even if you are doing this as a family project.

Operation Stack – Part 1

For those of you living in Kent, you will have noticed that travel becomes hazardous when these parts become icey and it snows.

The M25 has been so slippery that lorries and even smaller Ford transit vans have been sliding backwards down the hills into oncoming traffic. These dangerous actions due to severe weather conditions have caused cars to veer across the lanes without notice and larger vehicles to jack-knife across main motorways and busy junctions. Town or city streets that are generally littered with pedestrians and open shops make way for closed shops and a few brave people who are brave enough to put on their winter warmers.

While we are worrying about getting to or from work, most of us are unaware of the import implications on our economy due to the severity of the weather. With commercial aeroplanes grounded due to the closure of runways, new ford cars and transporter lorries generally stuck on motorways for hours and train lines come to halt, we do not stop and think about the lorry loads of goods, supplies and imports we rely on daily that come through our ports, and in particular through our only link to Europe- the Port of Dover and Folkestone.

Kent Police and the Port of Dover use the term 'Operation Stack' when weather is so severe that the lorries can not proceed through the towns into Kent. Once the lorry loads have crossed the borders (if weather is too severe) the 'stacking' of lorries side by side on the motorways in surrounding areas begins because the journey ahead is both too dangerous and unpassable for the drivers to continue on.

Acid Rain Spillover

More generally called acid precipitation or acid deposition, acid rain is the deposit of wet or dry acidic materials from the atmosphere to the earth's surface. Sulfuric and nitric acids are the main causes of acid rain. Smokestacks produce sulfur dioxide emissions and exhaust from vehicles produce nitrogen oxides. These pollutants are picked up by the wind and can move hundreds to thousands of miles away from their original source. The acidity of the rain is measure by its Ph level, the lower the Ph level the more toxic it can become. The average range of normal rain has a Ph of about 5 to 6.5.

Down to a Ph of 1 the toxicity is equivalent to raining battery acid. From around 3 to 4 Ph, fish actually die from the rain. The northwest seems to have the most toxic rainfall. Canadians have complained that there significant acid rainfall from upwind pollutants coming from older power plants in Tennessee and Ohio. In 1991, United States and Canada signed the Air Quality Agreement for transboundary air pollution. In 1990, the United States signed the Clean Air Act Amendments which allowed the EPA to monitor the acid rain levels.

When a lake is poisoned by the toxins in rain, plants and fish that live in a balance under the water die off, leaving little chance of reproduction and no food for birds who live off the fish. Toxic levels in the rain not only affect human health such as difficulty breathing and but the cycle of life is also affected. When the rains come in contact with plants and animals and humans ingest these toxic foods. Long term results such as Alzheimer's, kidney problems and brain damage occur. Plants and trees also lose the protection they need from leaves turning brown and falling off and bark becomes infected from the toxic water. The soil around these plants and trees actually poisons the roots and stunts the normal growth of the plant.

The amount of acidic rain can be reduced by the amount of sulfurs oxide and nitrogen oxides, mainly from reducing the amount of coal burnt. Less smokestacks, less acid rain. More carpooling, taking the bus and walking will also decrease acid rain. If the coal was cleaned before it was burnt, the coal would give off less sulfur into the air. Unfortunately, it costs too much for electricity companies to invest in this method.

A Guide to Arc De Triomphe

Many of us must be aware of the famous Avenue des Champs-Elysees which is famous around the world for its real estate. To the west of the Champs-Elysees lies The Arc de Triomphe, one of the most visited places in Paris.It gives a spectacular over view of the city, better than the Eiffel Tower.

Undoubtedly, The Arc de Triomphe is amongst the most famous monuments in Paris today. Standing in the centre of the Place Charles de Gaulle, the Arc is located on the right bank of the Seine River. Napoleon commissioned the arch as a tribute to the French Army after the victory at Austerlitz. The Arc de Triomphe was completed in 1836 in the reign of King Louis-Philippe I.

The grand arch which is 164 feet tall and 72 feet wide is situated at the end of the Avenue des Champs Élysées. The structure of the arch comprises of a simple arch along with a vaulted passageway. 12 avenues including the Champs-Elysees emanate from Arc de Triomphe.

The arch is a symbol of pride and prestige and hence it hosts national commemorations on a regular basis. To mark Bastille Day (an English name to French National Day), a number of events are hosted here.
The arch is abundant with sculptures by Antoine Etex, Francois Rude and Jean-Pierre Cortot. Haussmann's design of 12 avenues can be seen from Crowning the Arc de Triomphe, all of which are placed in a perfect straight line. There is a Tomb of Unknown Soldier where one can find an eternal flame which is the first eternal flame which was lit in Western Europe since older times and it burns in the memory of the dead soldiers who were not identified from World War I and World War II. Being such a prestigious place, many greats like President John F.Kennedy have paid their respect at the tomb. Tour De France race also marks it finishing line at The Arc de Triomphe and hence this is the main reason it is famous all around the world. There is a great view in the evening at the Arc.

In order to get to the top of the monument, tourist have to climb more than 280 steps, which becomes grueling as you have to sweat a lot. Elevators are also present for the physically disabled people. There is a small museum and also a gift shop present at the top for the visitors.

One can reach here by Metro lines 1,2 and 6 by reaching at Charles-de-Gaulle-Etoile station nearby. By bus one can take lines 22, 30, 31, 52. People travelling from RER can take line A and reach Charles de Gaulle Etoile station. The Arc de Triomphe is opened from April to September at 10 am to 11 pm while from October to March its timing changes to 10 am to 10.30 pm

The Requirements For the Art of Archery

The art of archery has lived in human history since ancient times when hunters sourced for food in the animal fields with weapons in the shape of bows and arrows, till modern times where you now have people enjoying the sport as witnessed by hundreds of individuals who constantly look for archery fields and cheap archery supplies. What had started out as a form of tool to sustain human lives has gradually evolved into a global sport that not only provides a colorful spectacle, but also requires endless hours of discipline and dedication to perfect and perform. Archery has also remained an integral part of the art of hunting, where individuals participate in both the real shooting of animals for food, as well as the gaming aspect of prize hunting.

Archery has a very basic structure, which is essentially made up of the two critical components of the bow and arrow. The bow is the main tool that provides the archer or hunter with the foundation on which to shape his prey and to launch his attacks. It is the platform on which the archer uses to take aim at the target and from which the arrow will be shot. This is also the reason why a lot of effort and hard work is put into the design aspects of a bow. It has resulted in spawning many different types of archery bows that each serve different needs and contain unique advantages, including the longbow, short bow, crossbow and the different types of compound bows such as Diamond compound bows and many more. The advancement in technology in the modern world has also contributed to modern bows that strike a balance in superior quality and smooth usability, as well as price savings which result in equipment such as cheap compound bows.

The arrow is the killing tool with which archers use either to snare their prey, or to shoot at targets designated in archery competitions or hunting tournaments. As with the modern bow, arrows are also made from various materials including, but not limited to, carbon and wood. Depending on the archer's situation and also personal preferences, different types of arrows are used. Factors such as the weight of the arrow, the hunter's target or tournament rules dictate the eventual use of an arrow type. The arrow shaft needs to be built with strong material in order to provide the strength and stability required when the arrow tip hits the target. The arrow tip, in turn, has to provide the cutting edge necessary to plunge deep into the target to secure a perfect hit.

For practitioners of the art of archery, one needs to spend much time on a trained stance that will provide further strong foundations to shooting an arrow. The archer has to ensure that his stance is correct and steady, with the body posture fixed and aligned to his eyes and bow in order to launch the arrow properly. Failure to do so would not only hurt the archer physically, but the archery equipment could be used inappropriately which may harm its longevity. While this is extremely critical for archers who indulge in hunting, it can be often be overlooked by archers who participate more in tournaments which feature competitions based on shooting accuracy and overall archery ability. However, ultimately developing the correct stance and skills required for archery is necessary if one wishes to go far in the sport and to enjoy it at the same time.

Features of a Good Bird House

Whether you buy a bird house from a retail outlet or make your own, several factors increase the likelihood of successful fledging. Some bird box designs are known to improve the likelihood of brood success while others may contribute to the unfortunate demise of the nestlings. A good quality bird house should have each of the following characteristics.

1. Fledgling ladder or textured front wall

Inside the front wall of every bird house, nestlings need a ladder or textured surface to dig their tiny claws into. They must be able to climb to the entry hole in order to fledge. If your bird houses are made of very smooth materials, it will be necessary to etch horizontal grooves, forming a ‘ladder’ for the fledglings to climb. Simply gouge tiny lines about 1/2″ to 1″ apart, using a chisel, wood carving knife, or other similar instrument, in a horizontal pattern from the bottom of the box to the entry hole. You can also attach a 4″ x 4″ square piece of window screen or other fine mesh using wood staples or carpenters’ glue. Just be sure the mesh is not too rough and that staples don’t protrude. If you use glue, be sure it’s completely dry before allowing birds to occupy the house.

2. Smooth and safe entry holes

Birds are diligent about keeping their feathers in excellent condition. Their lives depend on it. If the entry hole is jagged or has any sharp protrusions, this will damage feathers each time a bird enters or exits the box. Run your fingertip around the entry hole of your bird house. If you feel any rough spots, sand them off with fine-grain sandpaper. This should be done every year when you clean out the old nest. If the entry hole has been compromised by a squirrel, you may be able to affix a hole guard over top. These can be purchased or made in your own shop simply by cutting a thin square of wood and drilling the appropriately sized hole inside it. Attach the guard over the old, damaged hole with screws, being careful to keep screws from penetrating to the inside of the box, where they can present a feather hazard. Alternatively, you can attach the guard with carpenters’ glue.

3. Ventilation & Drainage holes

Without a flow of air, bird boxes can become too hot or the air may not be healthy for young birds to breathe. The entry hole itself does not provide enough fresh air so you need to add a few ventilation holes if they are lacking in your design. Ventilation holes should be located near the top of the box, preferably under the protective lip of an overhanging lid.

If the nest box has holes in the bottom, those are not for ventilation; they are for drainage. These too are essential. Drainage holes prevent boxes from filling with rain and help keep nests dry if they become damp. Some species, like bluebirds, don’t mind if their nests become wet periodically. Check for holes in the floor of the box. They may be located in the middle or at the corners. If there are no drainage holes, make some with a drill. Drainage holes can be 1/8″ to 1/4″ in diameter. Sometimes holes will become clogged with nest debris so be sure there are enough holes to allow for that possibility.

4. Properly sealed roof seams

A good bird house design should not have leaky roof seams but don’t despair if you have one that does. If there is a roof seam that allows water in, it may be okay for bluebirds, providing only a few drops of water get in during a heavy rain storm. However, if a lot of rain gets in, the box may fill faster than it drains, drowning or chilling the unfortunate nestlings. Inspect roof seams for potential leaks and fill them with a bead of exterior grade caulking. Be absolutely sure, caulking is completely dry before putting it outside. If a bird gets caulking materials or glue stuck to its feet or feathers, it may result in death.

5. Human Access for Cleaning

All bird houses should be properly maintained. This can usually be done once a year, after the fledglings have left. In order to do this, you need to gain access to the interior of the box, without having to take it apart or break it. Some decorative bird houses may not have this feature as they are purchased more for ornamentation than for practical purposes. The best designs open on the sides or the front. This is easier for you and the least hazardous for wild birds. Where the floor of the box is the access point, there is a risk of it opening accidentally and dislodging the occupants. Where the entry is the roof, there is greater risk of the occupants getting wet in a major rain storm, though this is easily prevented by following the steps in #4 above.

2 Tips For Finding Cordless Drill Replacement Batteries

Often it can be extremely difficult to find cordless drill replacement batteries, especially if your cordless drill is an older model out of production.  It seems many stores do not carry older battery packs just to entice you to buy the latest new drill, well, lets not let that happen.  This article is here to help you find a battery pack.

When you get frustrated looking for a replacement battery and end up at a dead end, use these two tips to get back on track.

Have the model number for your drill.  This number should be located somewhere on your drill, and represents the serial number of the product.  You can use this number to help you find the appropriate battery as many online stores list replacement batteries with the number in the listing.

If using the drill’s model number doesn’t work then a better idea is to find the serial number on the battery pack.  Doing a search for this number almost always returns a good result.

These are just two tips on how you can better your search for cordless drill batteries.  Looking for one can be frustrating, but perhaps the most frustrating part is having to pay an arm and a leg for a new battery pack.  I guess when a seller knows you need it badly they think they can charge a hefty price for it.

It definitely isn’t fair to have to pay so much for a new one, but other than finding one somewhere for cheaper than other places you could always try to revive your battery.  There are a couple of how-to’s out there that show you exactly how to revive a battery back to life.  One video I saw used a welding tool to juice it back up.

Creating Your Deck

Timber Decking

Timber decking continues to be a popular addition to many a garden. It can be used as a natural alternative to a patio and allows for an attractive decking area to be created that can help make optimum use of space.

Planning Your Deck

To ensure that you get the maximum benefit from erecting a decking area it is essential that you create a thorough plan. This plan should include basic factors such as the size of your deck. When considering this you will need to take into account the shape and size of your garden, as well as a consideration for any specific garden features that you may want to incorporate into the decking plan.

You will also need to consider the ground layout and conditions when planning your deck. Sloping ground or banks may require a multi layered deck to be planned for and this will require a different type of construction than a flat decking area.

Finally you should carefully consider how you would like to use the decking area. This will then have an affect an access points and what edging / balustrade you could use to create a safe area for your children.

Decking Materials

Once you have planned the location and size of your decking area there are then many different options to consider, when selecting your materials. The main consideration is that of the deck board itself. There are a wide range of deck boards available from various suppliers and they all offer something different. The factors you should consider when choosing consist of the look of the deck board including the pattern and colour, the quality and type of timber used to create the deck board, the length of the deck board and the treatment used on the deck board.

The deck board itself will make up the essence of your decking area and so needs to be carefully considered. You will however also need to select accompanying products to complete your decking area. This could consist of baluster, handrails, decorative posts, decking lights and the essential base timber, including posts and rails.

Further Help & Advice

For further help and advice on creating your own decking area, I would suggest you contact a local stockist. If you are based in Sussex, Surrey or Cambridgeshire I would recommend you contact AVS Fencing Supplies Ltd; hwy website out lands check at Http://www.avsfencing.co.uk/retail/products-by-use/decking/materials/

Baby Barns for Your Backyard

A baby barn is basically an outdoor structure built for additional storage. Some people call them mini barns, sheds, or storage barns but no matter what they are called they are outbuildings designed for additional storage.

Baby barns come in different sizes and styles so your needs will be determined by what you want to store. So figure out what you need to store in your barn, this will help you decide as to the size you may need. Generally most store garden tools, lawn mowers, snow blowers, lawn furniture, house hold items.

You can buy a barn that is custom made, these are better built and in most cases can be made to match your homes roofing and siding. Or you could get a barn as a kit but I would consider these more as a temporary solution, these don’t have much to them, generally there’s just enough lumber and materials to build a kit and that’s it.

If you’re handy with tools you could build your own barn, the advantage is that you get a better quality barn while saving money by building it yourself. There are a number of places on the internet such as an online book store to get plans or you local home improvement store should have plans or books for sale with lots of ideas for you to chose from.

Shingles have changed in the past few years, it used to be that shingles were made from asphalt materials but today manufactures have switched from making asphalt shingles to making fiberglass shingles. Shingles come in a variety of colors and made by a number of different manufacturers, they come in a regular 3 tab or architectural shingles. Architectural shingles are more costly than regular 3 tab shingles so this is something to be aware of.

When shopping around for a custom made barn built by a professional, check the floor structure. Was it constructed using 2×4 or 2×6 lumber. If it was built using 2×4 lumber it doesn’t make as good a floor, it’s a weak floor and quite bouncy.

2×6 is a much better choice, it stiffens the floor and makes a much stronger floor and it doesn’t need to have short post placed under the floor to add support.

Was the floor sheathed using plywood, tongue and grooved boards or was it constructed with OSB (oriented strand board)?. My choice would be to use plywood or tongue and groove boards, I would personally never use OSB on the floor, it won’t last over time and if it gets wet it swells.

If you have a newly built home and would like to get a barn that matches your homes siding and roofing, make sure that what the contractor has told you about the colours of the vinyl siding and roofing are correct. If he tells you that the siding and roofing are a certain colour, don’t accept what he has told you blindly, most home builders are building more than one home and it can be quite a job to keep track of what the colours of siding and roofing are for each home that has been constructed, it’s quite easy to make a mistake on the colours.

Go get a set of samples and check to make sure that the colours are correct before placing an order. Place the samples up next to the siding and compare or have the professional barn builder come by and double check for you. Making sure that the siding and roofing the contractor has told you is correct can save a lot of headaches and extra money having to replace the roofing and siding on your baby barn, especially when you order a barn and it gets delivered only to find out that the siding and roofing doesn’t match your home.

How To Create A Vision Board And Attract Your Goals

Visualization is an important success element in your goal achievement efforts. A very powerful way to apply visualization is by creating a so called “Vision Board”, also known as a “Dream Board”. It is one of the most powerful ways to put the Law of Attraction to work for you. A Vision Board is a collage of pictures of the goals and dreams you want to attract in your life. Important is to really use the exact image of what you want to attract, as whatever you show on your Board will become part of your reality! So if you want a specific kind of car, make sure it is exactly the type, model and color you desire.

A very basic and fun way of creating a Vision Board is by taking a big piece of carton, scissors, glue and tons of magazines. Go through the magazines and search for images of your dreams, or search for the right images on the internet. Cut out the images and glue them on your cardboard. For more power, add affirmations such as “I love driving my new Porsche” or “I spend lots of quality time with my family”. This reinforces what you desire. Hang your cardboard on a spot where you will see it on a very regular basis, such as at your desk or in the kitchen. Look at it daily, and really FEEL as if you have already achieved the things on your Board. It is precisely this FEELING that will help you to attract your vision into your life. Therefore, make sure to look at your Board as often as possible with focused intent. You will be happily surprised to see the things on your Vision Board show up in your life – sooner or later – providing you keep putting your intention on them and you stay positive and inspired.

By looking at your Vision Board on a consistent (daily) basis, you will manifest the life you truly desire and absolutely deserve!