Installing Gas Lighting

We have always liked the old world charm of Gas Lighting. When we made a decision to build our own house we knew we needed to install them on the front porch of our home in the build process. We straight away asked our designer to modify our home plans, and he quickly revised them to add gas lanterns on the front porch. This naturally needed the addition of a gas line to each side of the porch. The very good news is that during construction it is straightforward to add extra gas piping. After construction things get extremely complicated. If you believe this is something that you desire in your new place, add it during construction. Points to think about When Installing Gas Lights Isolation Valves: make sure your plumber installs isolation valves on the piping to the gas lights. Most gas lights come with a tiny grease filled valve that over time may leak or fail. It is very much easier to close an isolation valve and replace the defective part than to shut down your whole gas to the house. This may be very inconvenient in winter.

Correct Mounting: Correct mounting is a crucial consideration. You must purchase lights that may be simply removed for cleaning and / or repair. Our lights came with a bracket that could be a square ring that the lights simply slide into. All I need to do is loosen the gas line and lift the gas light out. Gas Type: what sort of Gas will you use? This may be a major consideration. Whether you select propane or natural gas, many of those fixtures must be fitted with the correct orifice to insure a proper burning pattern. Gas lights are not engineered to be efficient, they’re built to produce a yellow old world style flame.

Lighting Ease: Insure they’re simple to light and won’t blow out often. Our lights have a simple open door on the front that makes lighting a breeze. The maker also assured they might not blow out under ordinary conditions. This I had my doubts about, but I’m now convinced they’ve been lit for nearly two years and have not ever been blown out.

Consider the finish that you would like: You can make a choice from many various finishes, but one key difference was vital to us when selecting. You’ll like a brightly polished finish or an old time cooper verdigris look. We selected the cooper verdigris look. Finish Material: If you select a highly shined finish ensure you can be warranted of it staying that way over a period. If you select the verdigris look you can pay more cash and have it pre troubled to give it the old green cooper look. We purchased ours in plain cooper and are letting time do the finish work.

How to Find a Great Home Remodeling Contractor in Your Area

Finding the right remodeling contractor you can rely upon and trust for your home’s remodeling and maintenance projects seems like a monumental task. The assignment may even seem overwhelming. After all, you are trusting one of your most prized and largest assets to a stranger. There are some simple steps you can take, however, that will eliminate much of the uncertainty. 

One of the best ways to find a good reliable remodeling contractor is to ask your friends and family who have worked with remodelers in the past. They can give you good insight into how the project progressed and how they felt about the remodeling contractor who completed the project. 


Another source of quality home improvement specialists is to search the membership in industry organizations such as the National Association of the Remodeling Industry or the National Kitchen and Bath Association. These types of organizations set higher standards for their members. This can be a much better method than pulling a name out of the phone book. Remember that large ads in the yellow pages mean nothing more than a large monthly advertising budget. Those large ads don’t necessarily identify a quality remodeling contractor (or categorize a poor one).


Many remodeling contractors specialize in certain projects. A contractor may not be able to perform your project but may be able to refer you to another quality company that can. When making a referral, a good quality remodeling contractor is putting his or her personal reputation on the line and will, most likely, refer you to a company similar to their own. 


Once you’ve put together a list of potential remodeling contractors, contact those companies to schedule an appointment. If you must leave a message, pay attention to how long it takes the contractor to return your call. A company that doesn’t return your phone call now is doubtful for the long run. If you will be interviewing multiple contractors, be sure to schedule appointments far enough apart so that they don’t overlap. A remodeling contractor needs your undivided time and attention to understand the full extent of the project in order to give you an accurate estimate.   


Upon meeting the contractor for the first time, pay attention to his or her people skills. Is he or she friendly, dressed well, and most of all, prepared? The contractor should be able to provide you with the essentials of doing business with his or her company: a contractor’s license, business license, insurance information, references and photos of prior projects completed by his or her company are a start. Memberships in organizations such as the Better Business Bureau, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, and the local Chamber of Commerce, just to name a few, indicate professionalism and interest in the community and the industry. 


Be prepared to discuss your proposed project in detail. Written notes, simple drawings and pictures from magazines and books can help the contractor to better understand your vision for the project. Pay attention here to how the contractor behaves. If he or she monopolizes the conversation with talk about himself or his company’s prior projects, he or she may not be taking the time to fully understand what you want. One who asks thoughtful, probing questions to better understand your vision will gain a thorough understanding of the project. Active listening is a key prerequisite for any remodeling contractor.


Use the time between your meeting and when the contractor gets back to you with an estimate to do some research. Check with your state’s licensing board, your city or county’s contractor board, the Better Business Bureau, and follow up with references. You may even ask to see some projects, if possible. 


The remodeling contractor should present you with a written estimate. The estimate should detail the work that is to be performed and the materials that are to be used. A detailed written estimate eliminates the possibility of misunderstandings in the future. 


Here are a couple caveats about the estimate. If the remodeling contractor gives you an exact price on a fairly extensive project at the first meeting, beware. All of the project details may not be included in the estimate and you may find, once the project has begun, that you are paying for “extra work.” Likewise, if the contractor returns an estimate to you very quickly, it may be a sign that he or she does not fully understand the scope of the project. A high estimate could mean that the contractor is busy and you will pay a premium to use his or her company. 


Also be suspicious of remodeling contractors who can “start tomorrow.” This is a sign that they have no other work and may be desperate. Most jobs will take at least a few days to gather materials and plan the job, longer for more involved jobs or jobs with special order materials. 


Once you’ve done your homework, it’s time to make a decision. Sit down with all of the decision makers and, for each remodeling contractor, discuss the positives and the negatives. Look for the contractor who is the best fit for both you and your project. You should pretty quickly find your answer.


Finding a quality remodeling contractor will take some time, patience, and work on your part but it is worth the effort. A good quality remodeling contractor will help you to improve your greatest asset – your home. 

Piano Sheet Music

Piano sheet music is a printed musical notation for piano. Before phonograph and radio became popular, sheet music was used by musicians to make their compositions known to the people. Many of these were piano sheet music since piano was the most popular musical instrument back then.

In the late 19th century, piano sheet music became even more popular as parlor music became a massive trend in the US at the time. Parlor music was a kind of popular music that was performed in a parlor, a small room in a house where performers play a musical piece before an audience. Almost all middle-class homes during this period had parlors and a piano.

With the advent of the phonograph, radio and other modern devices that played recorded sound, the popularity of piano sheet music gradually faded.

Piano sheet music, however, is not totally out of the music scene. Song writers nowadays still publish piano sheet music on sheets of paper. With the availability of advanced computer technology, many kinds of piano sheet music are now offered in computer-readable formats. They can be easily purchased and downloaded over the Internet.

Common pieces are sold from $ 3 to $ 5, while a piano sheet music collection of most recent hits sells at around $ 10 to $ 25. Rare and old piano sheet music, usually of classical songs, are priced at about $ 50.

Free piano sheet music can also be downloaded from the Internet. They are mostly old musical pieces with an expired copyright, such as the compositions of famous musicians Mozart, Brahms and Beethoven.

If you do not find the sheet music of your choice online, especially if it is rare, you may look for it in music stores near you. Some websites also offer listings of music stores where you can find both the most popular and hard-to-find sheet music, old and new alike.

Dinner Party Etiquette – The Invitations

When you are having a party of any size, type, or scale, issuing the invitations can be a vital decision for its success. Invitations that you send to friends and family can be done by phone, mail, email, or Facebook. Making the invitation by phone makes it really personal, and also gives you instant feedback on whether they are interested in attending or not.

As a guest, when it happens that you receive a written invitation to an even, you should reply at once. What you do not want to do is simply not respond, but still show up to the event. This sort of shock will be an embarrassment to your host, as they may not have a seat for you, or enough food to go around. Keep in mind that when you get an invitation you should decline the offer or accept it with promptness, so that the person that invited you can adjust their plans accordingly.

It is smart thinking to invite your guests at least two weeks ahead of time. If you are planning a large event, it is appropriate to start calling a month prior. If you have tried sending out invitations first and then waiting for a reply you will be able attest that the waiting time can be far to long for a reply. To get around this, try calling first to get an immediate yes or no, and then follow up with a postcard with the date and time and location of the event as a quick and handy reminder for your guests.

You may run into the situation that when you invite a couple, only half of the couple can attend. This can occur when one person is on a business trip and the other is at home, or if one as a prior engagement that the other is not obligated to. At this point you obviously must invite the individual that can make it, even if it will throw your seating numbers off.

When you are extending the invitation by phone you must give the person the date and the time as a minimum of information. If you are inviting someone that is a new acquaintance of yours you might want to mention some other guests who are mutual friends that will be attending so they can make a better decision as to whether they can attend or not.

If you are being asked to a party, it is rude to inquire as to who else is coming. The host may offer this information to you, but you should not solicit it from them. You should not base your decision of whether or not you will be attending on who will be there and who will not. If you want to go you should give a firm yes, and if you do not want to go you should politely decline, and stick to your decision.

Resilient Times For Residential Flooring

Far removed from the stiff linoleum flooring of yesteryear, today's resilient flooring gives consumers a wide variety of options to create the perfect look for their home.

Resilient flooring is a very popular choice, particularly because of the feel: it is somewhat cushioned to walk on. And unlike standard stone or tile installations, glasses or dishware are less likely to shatter if dropped on the floor. Clean up of spills is as easy as using a paper towel or a damp cloth.

Compared to hardwood flooring, resilient selections are relatively inexpensive and come in a seemingly endless choice of color and patterns. This variety can be combined in many subtle ways to produce stunning designs. Try a range of natural and earthy tones to create comfort and warmth, or select a palette of bright, clear colors for modern and traditional interiors.

For homeowners with a larger flooring budget, custom designs may be available through some suppliers. One commercial installation, for example, saw a 6,000-square-foot area covered with an image of Pearl Harbor, created with 24- by 36-inch vinyl tiles. Perhaps a little too grand for the average home, but it's the thought that counts.

The name resilient flooring covers several products, including vinyl, cork, plastic laminate and more advanced versions of linoleum.


Sold in either roll format, with 6-, 9-, or 12-foot-wide choices, or in tile format that average 12- to 16-inches square, vinyl flooring gives consumers an exceptional range of colors and designs.

Vinyl tiles may be a composition – a mixture of vinyl, mineral fibers, and clay – or, for more durability, they may be solid vinyl. The variety that offers a urethane wear layer holds up best to foot traffic and gives the best option for a "no-wax" finish. However, they will eventually lose their shine. The urethane layer also helps repel dirt and spills.


Made from an environmentally sustainable material, cork is one of the more popular, and renewable, options for consumers today. This pre-finished product gives any room a warm, earthy appearance, from light to bold hues. Installed with either thin, 12-by-12-inch tiles or thicker, 1-by-3-foot planks, cork makes an excellent flooring surface.

Cork is also a healthy choice as it is hypoallergenic, with anti-microbial agents to protect from mildew.

Plastic laminate

This option is easy to install and can be laid over virtually any material. Compared to its predecessor, today's new laminate flooring has a clear plastic layer that is 20 times more durable than the average kitchen countertop.

Beneath this hard plastic coating one often finds a 1/4-inch core of medium- or high-density particle board. The underside of the particle board is coated with a thinner laminate that helps to protect it from absorbing moisture.


While it looks similar to vinyl, linoleum is significantly different simply by the nature of its material. Layers of natural linseed oil (from flax) pine resins, wood flour, granulated cork and powdered limestone are compressed to make a layer of jute. This product is impervious to water, and is often selected when a seamless look is desired.

Linoleum is sold both in sheet flooring – rolls that are 6 or 12 feet wide – or tiles are normally 12 inches square. The color in linoleum penetrates entirely through the material, giving it great resistance to noticeable wear.

Advantages of Using a Fiberglass Ladder

The standard materials that ladders are constructed of are wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. While all of these ladders can serve their purpose, wood and aluminum are subject to corrosion by water and wind. These elements can cause the ladders to fall apart more easily. When people are working on a ladder, they want to know that they are safe. Even if the ladder appears safe, it may not be. Aluminum ladders are also good conductors for electricity. This means that a person standing on an aluminum ladder during a thunder storm or near an open electrical line has a good chance of being electrocuted. Fiberglass ladders are lower conductors of electricity and do not succumb to the elements. They are a good choice for people who use them often either at home or on the job.

Even though fiberglass ladders are more expensive, they will last a lot longer than other types of ladders. These ladders are investment pieces that will be around for a long time. Fiberglass ladders can be used in different weather conditions and climates. They are strong and can hold people and equipment just as well as other ladders. More homeowners who are looking for ladders are choosing fiberglass ladders for the reasons mentioned above.

When looking for a fiberglass ladder, one should research them online to determine which one will suit their needs. These ladders come in a variety of different styles and sizes. Fiberglass ladders are available in collapsible and extension form depending on a person's needs. The ladders are available online and in most home improvement stores. After researching a ladder, one should ask salespeople which ladders are the most popular and which one will be the most efficient. After comparing different features, one should choose a fiberglass ladder that fits their price range and their lifestyle. Since the ladder will be used for many home improvement projects, having one that can be moved easily and altered to fit the project's needs is essential.

For painting, roof repair, cleaning out gutters, or hanging pictures, a fiberglass ladder can be a good investment that will make any home improvement project easier. Having a reliable ladder that does not take up too much room is easy to find. Fiberglass is a better material for ladders because of its versatility and adaptability to different projects. They are safer to use in most cases and will help to make any home improvement project easier.

Easy Leg Exercises For Toned Sexy Legs

Are you interested in easy, but greatly effective, leg toning exercises that you can do anywhere, anytime – without having to deal with the hassles of ‘going to the gym’?

Fitness centers and health clubs are filled with big, expensive machines.

No matter what kind of leg exercise program you are looking for, the instructors are going to put you through a typical general lower body workout circuit doing one set on each machine for twelve reps and so on.

Of course, they are not going to show you a workout routine that doesn’t need a single exercise machine. They’d be out of business!

The truth is, toning and firming up your leg, hip and thigh area is not achieved by using all those weight machines, and heavy dumbbells and barbells that could get you all pumped up with much more muscle than you were looking to build, or cause serious, long term injuries! (we’ve all heard these horrible stories, right?)

The real magic of a properly structured leg exercise program lies in the combination of non-weighted and body weight exercises, put together in a sequence that targets all the muscles in AND around the legs, hips and thighs. The program should also emphasize proper form AND speed of movement along with breathing – these are elements that are lacking from most ‘modern’ leg workouts and fitness programs.

Here is an example of a highly effective, but simple leg toning and shaping exercise:

First you’ll need a staircase or a utility step – 9 to 12 inches high is good.

You may have one you can use in your garage or a closet – just make sure it is sturdy.

If using a staircase – stand on the second step with both feet. If using a utility step – try to use one that is about 10 – 15 inches high & stand on it with both feet. This is one of the simplest yet most effective leg exercises for women.

Place your hands on your hips or hold them out in front of you, or out to the side. SLOWLY, step down with your left foot & LIGHTLY touch the floor with your toes & the ball of the foot (keep your heel off the ground).

Then bring your left foot back up & lightly touch the step and repeat this 15 times with the left foot.

Take a 10 second rest and then do the right leg.

IMPORTANT – The leg that stays on the step is the one doing the most work & you should feel a nice ‘burn’ in that leg.

This means you are doing the exercise right.

If it is too easy – you may be moving too fast – the key is to move slowly to ‘use the muscles properly’.

Or the step may be too low – try a higher step to increase the intensity of this leg toning exercise.

Try to build up to 3 sets of 15 reps (per leg) with 20 seconds rest between sets. If you haven’t been exercising your legs, or are a beginner – you can do this 2 or 3 times each week.

If you have been exercising you can simply add it right into your current leg workout routine.

Often times, too much focus is placed on machines, gadgets and high intensity, ‘no pain – no gain’ concepts. Most of this is for marketing reasons and sometimes just a pure lack of understanding of what the female body needs in terms of the correct leg exercises and overall fitness program.

Seven Reasons to Use RSS

The first reason to use RSS for internet users is that it keeps you up to date with the current news or favorite topics. As soon as a new post is added to a website or a news story is posted, it immediately goes to the RSS feed and is sent out to subscribers. This means readers can stay on top of the New York Stock Market, local weather, or animal rights, whatever they want to stay up with all the time.

For webmasters, if you have an RSS feed you will want to ensure your feed is listed in as many directories under the proper category so you can obtain as many subscribers as possible.

The next reason is it saves time. Instead of searching through all your favorite websites several times per day to learn if new posts have been uploaded, the feed will automatically update, which will save you time.

Readers have the decision in what they want to read. When you find a topic of interest you can subscribe to the RSS feed. The feed only displays titles and short blurbs about the article, this way readers can choose if they want to read more and then click the link to read the entire article.

No more emails. By subscribing to RSS feeds, you will not have to subscribe to newsletters to get the latest news. As a matter of fact, when you subscribe to an RSS feed, the only time you need to use your email address to sign up. You will not receive any emails except for the first one confirming your subscription to the feed. You will read the feed using an RSS aggregator.

RSS feeds are as close to spam free as you can get. Since you only have to click on titles that are interesting and the only thing displayed is the title and short blurb then you will not have to worry about spam.

You can choose to unsubscribe any time. You do not have to do much at all to unsubscribe except hit a button. When you try to unsubscribe from a newsletter, there is always several steps, which can be a huge hassle.

The last reason to use RSS is that you can find products you want to purchase and webmasters can use the feed to advertise their products. When you see a review or a sale on the feed, you can easily click the link to purchase the products.

Whether you are a publisher or reader, now you know the best reasons to use RSS and stay on top of the latest news as well as keep your readers up to date.

Balloon Framing Gable Walls

Prior to the 1950’s balloon framing of new homes was the standard construction method, until the advent of platform framing. Platform framing is a safer, quicker, and more cost effective method than balloon framing. With that being said, balloon framing still has many effective uses in modern house framing that can be incorporated with platform framing for a safer, sturdier, and more cost effective home.

Balloon framing originated in Chicago in the early 1830’s and replaced the prior construction method of mortise and tenon. The name originated from the old mortise and tenon carpenters when they first saw the framing method in use. With the long skinny framing members being utilized and held together with only nails, they thought it would probably be blown away with the next strong gust of wind just like a balloon. The name caught on and has endured to this day.


  • Balloon framed gable walls are very tall, usually eighteen feet or more above the floor level. This added height requires the use of scaffolding for the framing carpenters, electrician, plumber, heating ventilation and air conditioning, insulator, drywall installer, painter, and trim carpenter resulting in higher labor costs.
  • Fire can travel up the stud bay just like in a chimney, to mitigate the risk of fire, blocking should be installed at each ceiling and floor level.
  • The required use of longer studs increases the cost per lineal foot resulting in still higher expenditures.
  • These walls can be very heavy and dangerous, even life threatening, to raise requiring the use of proper lifting equipment and highly trained personnel. The hazards of manually lifting balloon framed walls has been clearly defined by OSHA.


  • The longer studs resist wind loads better and help to reduce drywall cracking and nail pops.
  • Very large windows with rounded, arched, or angled tops can be installed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the home.
  • Ability to construct a tall chimney.
  • Two story open foyer.
  • Great room.

When considering the use of balloon framing to enhance the look and livability of your new home the advantages and disadvantages should be weighed carefully.

Laminator Reviews – A Review on the 5 Best Laminating Machines

There are many different laminators on the market and this amount of choice can make buying a laminator daunting. Here are reviews of some of the best laminating machines, to help you make up your mind.

Brother Cool Laminator LX-900 Machine

This high quality laminating machine can laminate and trim a document in less than half a minute. The LX-900 can laminate with a magnetic back, laminate double sided or laminate on one side with an adhesive back. This laminator is very versatile and uses refillable cartridge-based supplies. The LX-900 uses a cold pressure method for laminating, so there is no heat used. This takes the worry out of laminating precious photos and antique documents and also means there is no warm up time. This laminator is high up in the laminator reviews because the machine is versatile as well as providing excellent laminating features.

GBC HeatSeal Ultima 65 Laminator

This laminating machine allows you to laminate documents of different sizes up to 27 "and is ideal in a home, office or school. The GBC Ultima 65 roll laminator features variable speeds and temperatures, all of which are controlled with the simple to use keypad on the laminator. an infrared sensor keeps the rollers consistently hot throughout the lamination, meaning wrinkle-free results. There is an auto shut off on this machine which guards against overheating. The GBC Ultima 65 laminator also has an interlocking feed tray, a roller shield and a retractable blade.

Pro Lam PL 1200 Laminator

The PL 1200 laminator is ideal for a design department, school or print shop. Able to produce high quality laminations, this laminating machine is 12 "wide for laminating large items and it is very quick. You can laminate twenty five feed a minute with this machine so if you want something heavy duty, this one might be a good choice since it always does well in laminator reviews because of its consistently good lamination and its speediness.

Fellowes HRL 125 13 "Pouch Laminator

The Fellowes HRL 125 pouch laminator is great for home or office use. It is 13 "wide so you can laminate photos, documents or anything else up to that size. This laminator heats up quickly and can laminate a page in half a minute. Two of the four rollers in this machine are heated and you can use up to 10-mil lamination film without using a carrier. There are five temperature settings from cold to hot and the lid is also used as a receiving tray. There is an inbuilt release system and auto shutoff.

Xyron 4400 Laminator

This laminating machine applies adhesive to, or laminates, items up to 43 "wide so if you want to make signs, posters or other large laminated items, this one is ideal. The Xyron 4400 comes with an input tray and a mobile stand. You can apply either gloss or matte to laminates and you can choose from 43 ", 38" and 25 "laminated documents. The big input tray with an adjustable edge helps you to feed the documents in properly and the input roller arms let you laminate rolls of documents. You can change between applications depending on what you are laminating and the finish you require.

These laminator reviews are for some of the best laminators on the market. Obviously the laminator you choose depends on your individual needs, preferences and budget.

Oriental Bedroom Design – Some Tips And Overview

Are you trying to renovate your own bedroom? You want to change its current design into completely something new? If you are one of the American individuals, most probably you have a bedroom focused more with modernized or contemporary design. If you do, then maybe you have to drop the entire contemporary thing in favor of a completely new and fresh oriental bedroom design.

If you have no idea how to start acquiring an oriental bedroom design, here is an overview about such application:

There are two things why oriental design is popular. First is the sense of family ties that the oriental culture speaks of. The oriental people stress the importance of keeping family as close as ever. Dinners, lunch, gatherings, and other particular important family meetings are closely celebrated together. This essence is specifically incorporated in the oriental design application by focusing on the space.

Therefore, if you are planning to have that design, make sure you have a space that can accommodate certain set of colors, materials, decorations, and others. It does not necessarily suggest that you make it spacious enough to accommodate other family members, since it is a private room, but having a space wide enough to accommodate all those essentials is the main idea.

The second thing is about the sense of having affluence. In this aspect, oriental people have the love for rich, warm, and royalty colors and tones. Red, royal blue, and gold hues are particularly a must-have for these people when acquiring new belongings. They are also fond of acquiring things that have ornate details and designs. Oriental décor and belongings may be a statement of these bolder tones, but class is always a staple that when put together creatively and properly will lend a design that is so above from the rest of the designs.

In your plan, all these things should be remembered. Focus on the rich and bold colors when acquiring pieces and small things to be strewn on some key parts of the bedroom as a decoration. Oriental rug with ornate embroidery and rich, plush materials is a must-have for this venture. It can be placed below at the foot of your bed. Stylish table in royalty red hue is a perfect ornament for your new oriental bedroom furniture. Lacquer and cabinets finished off in the same hue and antique-looking materials will further create the drama.

Other antique handcrafts and elegant paintings can be added for a warmer touch of oriental theme. Folding screens that can be placed somewhere on the bedroom, as well as bureau that has intricate designs, are optional pieces for the oriental touch. These things and those mentioned above are just some of the essential pieces that you should have to materialize that lovely plan of integrating an oriental bedroom design.

And even with these helpful tips, it is still be of big help if you can consult an interior designer who specializes to oriental themes and designs. This person will help you lay out a plan that will exactly meet your needs.

Shank 2 Reviewed

Published By: Electronic Arts, Developer: Klei Entertainment, Genre: Action, Release Date: Feb 8, 2012, Rating: M, Systems: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360.

Shank 2 is a 2D beat 'em up arcade downloadable game. It pays homage of sorts to movies I grew up watching during the 80's like Commando, Rambo and Missing in Action. Shank 2 is a bro-man game starring the duel wielding shank man, Shank! I was able to play through Shank 2 for free (its free for PlayStation Plus members at the moment). When analyzing Shank 2's presentation there is more bad than good clearly. I'll discus everything during this review so keep reading. I'll start with the menus on the title screen which includes: Campaign Mode, Survival Mode, Rebel Intel, Leaderboard, Player Stats and Help & Options. No problem navigating in Shank 2, everything is laid out in a nice ergonomic fashion.

Robert "Shank" Torres is the protagonist and ex mob hitman. Shank 2 is a story about redemption regarding Shank. He takes down a corrupted President Magnus while rescuing Elena (his mother figure). Working along side with Resistance leader Corina Shank takes down the corrupt Cartel. As far as the overall story goes it was cheesy and cliche. It was never interesting because it seems like every villain and bad guy in the game was copied from either a movie I saw or a video game I have played. It was suppose to be funny however the bad gameplay and controls kept me from laughing during my entire playthrough.

Visually Shank 2 gets a high score. The art style and animations just exude a visceral and compelling atmosphere. Shank rampages through South American villiges, resorts, ruined temples and swamps. The textures and colors pop out of the screen and every setting was rendered wonderfully. The animations makes Shank appear like a real badass reminding me of heroes like Rambo.

Shank 2 is a 2D beat 'em up that features gunplay, grenade lobbing, pouncing and grabbing enemies. There are different types of weapons that work differently in effectiveness regarding certain enemies. You have Heavy Weapons like the Chainsaw, Machete and Sledgehammer. Ranged Weapons include Throwing Knives, Pistols and a Shotgun. Munitions include Grenades, Molotovs and Mines. The latter is part of the problem. The game's controls and structure makes it near too impossible to use all weapons and items on the different enemies effectively at any given moment. The gameplay became cluttered up and by the time I tried to throw my grenade or use my heavy weapon to break a grunt's shield I was dead.

The single player campaign was ridiculously short to say the least. But lucky for me was the fact that this game has multiplayer (online and off). Its called Survival Mode and is clearly the best thing Shank 2 has going for it. The menu screen for Survival Mode featured: Local Match, Online Match, Invite A Friend, View Invitations and How to Survive. The last option shows a voiced video tutorial for Survival Mode. Survival Mode is a wave type game ala Horde mode via Gears of war 3. Shank 2 is 2D so things are different obviously. Your goal along with another player is to defend supply stations around the map. Bombers are grunts that target your supply stations and blows them up.

I rarely tell gamers to buy a game based on multiplayer. For Shank 2 I have no choice since the single player campaign was ridiculously short and problematic from a gameplay and control perspective.


Installing a Tile Roof?

One of the oldest forms of tiles found in pitched roofs is tile. A tile roof has provided coverage from harsh weathers and seasons keeping everyone inside the home warm and dry. Tile is fireproof and more homeowners are choosing to go with this type of roof covering than any other type.

Clay tiles are popular because they come in several colors and designs. They can be molded into a tile shape and it is lighter when compared to the other tiles. Clay tiles have been used in many homes all around the world. It's chosen so much because clay has been easy to get a hold of and is inexpensive. It requires a baking process and then a cooling process to complete and then the tile roof is ready to put together.

Concrete tiles are another option for roofs. There are many different varieties of concrete tiles to choose from. The disadvantage is that concrete is heavier than other tiles however the concrete can also be warmer and easier to deal with. Before you begin, you need to make sure that you have all the tools necessary to perform the project completely. You will need a saw, cant strips, insulation, tiles, metal flashing, and battens.

How to Install a tile roof

To begin, you will need to add your roofing insulation to the flat surface of the roof. There is many different types of roofing insulation to choose from so you can decide when you are ready. The most popular type is the thirty-pound felt. This is the most common choice for homeowners because it does a good job at protecting your roof and keeping damaging water away from the structure.

Next you want to install the metal flashing where you feel it is needed. Flashing helps to join to areas or sections of roofing together such as around skylights and chimney's. The best choice in flashing is the twenty-eight gauge corrosion-resistant metal.

Now you want to nail down the cant strip flat against the eave of the roof. You will need to make sure that the strip slants the first layer of tiles so that it will create an even pattern with the rest of them. That way water can drain down like it should.

Now you will need to measure the length of the tile and then mark the next area. Be sure to allow a one-inch overhang for the eave to be covered. You will then want to nail the batten blow the tiles and flat against the line. Do this all the way through until you have completed the entire roof tile look. Follow through with locking all the joint areas to make sure that you form a good seal using your tiles and that will protect them.

Over the years you may find that a clay is not suitable for your environment due to too harsh of a winter or because you do not like the look of the finished project. Tile has been used for many years and has proven to be dependable and reliable in separating you from the harsh elements. Instead of going with the normal clay look choose another design instead.

Round Labels – Boost the First Impression of Your Product

Round labels, along with their use as a source to inform the consumers of what this product is for, are used to give a pleasing exterior to your manufactured product. A well-suited graphically designed, eye-catching and enchanting inkjet label not only provides an attractive look to the product but gives the charming first impression of your product and brand.

It’s indeed very tricky to select an appropriate label for your product as it portrays the image of your company. Round labels are available in numerous shapes, sizes, colours and materials for different purposes. The labels are available both in sheets and rolls. In order to improve the appearance of your product and packaging you need the best-suited label for your product.

There are a few steps and advices given for the consideration when making a choice of labelling your product for better appearance.

There is a variety of inkjet labels available in the market. You also have a choice to buy blank sheets of self-adhesive labels, and print them yourself with your laser/inkjet printer and copier, or you can get pre-printed inkjet labels.

Round labels materials

A wide range of materials is available in the market like Matt, Matt Opaque, Matt Clear Polyester, Matt Polyethylene, Matt Vinyl, Semi Gloss, High Gloss, Gloss Clear Polyester, Polyjet Gloss and Fluorescent. Choose the best material for your product e.g. If you are the manufacturer of a bath product, choose water resistant material.

Round labels shapes

Use most convenient shape of inkjet labels. Like choose oval shape for labelling jars and bottles.

Round labels colours

Coloured labels with fancy shapes play an important role in making your products stand-out from competition. Use colours which are easy on the eyes; neither too dull to seem boring, nor too bright to be hard on the eyes.

Pictures and Artwork for inkjet labels

Artwork is the illustration of text and images which is printed onto the round labels. So you can try different shapes and images to enhance the product image and identity.

Lastly, there must be symmetry between text, colour and images or pictures otherwise you will ruin the image of your brand.

In order to help your product to be noticed and eventually sold, to grab extremely large returns on your investment over the long run, you need to be extremely careful. Unique, beautiful, informative and attractive round labels can help the people to identify and differentiate your brand and help you in retaining your customers.

Choosing Paint Colors

The task of choosing paint colors is enough to make anyone nervous. Nearly everyone who has ever painted a room has chosen a paint color they thought would be perfect, brought it home, and applied it, only to discover when the paint dried, it was not at all the color they wanted or thought it would be. However, there are a few tips that can help you choose the right color and shade of paint for any room in your home without ending up disappointed or having to live with a color you really dislike.

Decide what type of atmosphere and look you want to create in the room you will be painting. Do you want an ultra modern look, a country effect, or a simply something warm, cozy and relaxing. The type of atmosphere that you are trying to create will have a direct link on the color of paint that you choose. Neutral colors are often used to create a restful feel in a room, while monochromatic coloring can really give a room an ultra modern look. So, the first order of business is deciding the right atmosphere for the room.

Next, you want to take a look at the furniture for the room. If you have a busy looking sofa and armchairs with a wide array of colors, you are going to want to choose one color for your room to highlight in your furniture and use one or two of the other colors for accents around your room. If your furniture is plain and a rather neutral or even drab color then you may want to choose a color that livens up the room while harmonizing with your furniture colors.

Don’t assume that the color the paint looks to be in the store will look the same on the walls of your home. Store lightening is often different from home lighting. So, how the paint looks on those sample cards will not look exactly the same in your home. Your best bet is purchase a small can of the color of paint that attracts you and go home and paint a board and set it in the room you intend to paint. View it both in sunlight and by artificial lightening to see if it is what you want or if perhaps you might want a slightly different shade or an all together different color. Actually seeing the color against your walls, next to furniture and in the various changing light of your home is the only way to be sure that the color is exactly what you want.

There are many other factors that will determine how and what color you choose. Taking your time and exploring some of the many colors and shades available, taking the time to carefully consider your choices, and actually trying out a sample of the color in your home for a few days will help you to find the right color that suits you and your room.