What Is So Amazing About Graphene? The New Super Material

  • The World's Strongest Material- 200 times stronger than Steel!
  • Yet Flexible
  • Conducts Electricity Better than Copper

Grapene compares in significance with the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We will call Graphene the Graphene Age. Graphene is an allotrope (form) of carbon which consist of a single layer of carbon atomes. They form a hexagonal lattice of 2D material. It is ultra-light but also extremely tough. It is 200 times stronger than steel yet flexible. It is the thinnest material possible and is transparent. It is a better conductor than copper and is a perfect barrier.

The University of Manchester is working with Graphne in the following applications:

  • Energy
  • Membranes
  • Composites and Coatings
  • Biomedical
  • Sensors
  • Electronics
  • Wearable Technology

Unbrakeable Mobiles

Indium-tin oxide is the material used for touch screens now, but it is brittle. Graphene's flexibility and durability together with its conductivity properties will transform everyday devices. You could wear your smartphone on your wrist. Your tablet could be so thin and flexible, you could roll it up and put it in your top pocket. You've never got to worry about braking your phone again. It would be virtually indestructible.

Grapne in batteries

Samsung have developed graphene batteries that can now charge mobile phones and car batteries faster. Much faster! With a conventional lithium battery, it takes about an hour to recharge a mobile. The new graphene battery could recharge it in 12 minutes. That is a 5 times faster.

Samsung also wants to improve electric car batteries. Imagine completely charging your electric car in only one hour. To do this, scientists at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology have synthesized graphene into a 3D form – using silicon dioxide. This 3D form (known as a graphene ball) is used to coat the electrodes of the battery. The result is a massive 45% increase in capacity, and has, as said earlier, 5 times the charging speed.

It's difficult to get energy in and out of traditional batteries quickly. For example, if you take an Electric Ferrari, you can not get from 0-60 in 3 seconds? Because graphene is such a good conductor, super capacity batteries could release the kick of energy needed to hit that 0-60 in 3 seconds.

Energy Storage

The 45% capacity increase has other uses. The University of Manchester is testing graphene battery storage with wind and solar power for the national grid.

Graphene Filtration

Graphene oxide membranes are able to form a perfect barrier for liquids and gasses. They can separate organic solvent from water and remove water from a gas mixture. They can even stop helium, the hardest gas to block. Manchester University are currently testing grahene membrane for water filtration, gas separation and desalination.

Graphene Semiconductores

Due to it's unique properties of thinness and conductivity, researchers have seen graphene's potential as a semiconductor. At only 1 atom thick, graphene can conduct electricity at room temperature. These two useful properties could mean an end to silicon computer chips for graphene chips. The research has already shown that graphhene chips are much faster processors than silicon chips.

Graphene used for Biomedicine

Graphene displays a lot of useful properties. It has high electrical conductivity, thermal stability and is 200 times stronger than steel. All these properties can be applied to biomedics. It could be applied to healing skin wounds; drug delivery inside the body and potentially change the behavior of cells inside the body. eg Cancer treatment.

Grahene-infused Packaging

Plastic packaging may seem impenetrable but water molecules can still pass through them. This can effect the lifespan of food, electronic goods and medicines.

With a single layer of graphene fused onto polymer packaging, the water absorption is reduced by a million times. Products are then protected from dust, bacteria and water.

For example, a moisture-sensitive device such as an organic light-emitting diode must have water restricting packaging. Graphene infused polymer have increased the diodes lifespan by more than a year compared to 30 minutes with a non-graphhene polymer.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the potential use of graphene coatings as a water-repellant surface. It could find use on ship's hulls, pot / pan liners, glass surfaces (mirrors, windows, windshields) and textiles.

The benefits of graphene in so many applications is mind-boggling. The commercial production on a large scale is the next challenge. We should see graphhene-based products on the market this year (2018)

Full market penetration will come into effect in the next 5 to 10 years. A very exciting time for the advancement of science and technology.

How to Easily Rosin a Violin Bow

Would you like to know how to rosin a violin bow well it's really easy, after you read this guide you should be able to rosin a violin bow in only a few minutes.

There is just one thing that you will need to know before you rosin a violin bow and that that is the kind of rosin that you need to use. Take your rosin out of the violin case and have a good look at it. Is your rosin dark or light there is a difference between the two and I want to know if you've chosen the right rosin.

The first kind of rosin is dark rosin also known as winter rosin. This rosin is darker and stickier than the other variety and is the rosin that you should be using if you live in a cool dry climate. The other kind of rosin is light rosin this kind of rosin is far harder and less sticky than the other type and is more suited to warmer environments.

Depending on the climate conditions where you live choose the right rosin for your instrument, although these roses are more suited for their climate environments there are no hard and fast rules. You can actually use any kind of rosin on your violin and should experiment with different brands until you find the right one for you.

Now to apply the rosin this is very easy to simply take the rosin and glide it several times up and down the violin bow and there you go this is how you rosin a violin bow.

Decorating a Fireplace Mantel

The fireplace is a natural focal point in any room and is an ideal place to decoratively enhance in order to really liven up the room's atmosphere. In any room where there is a fireplace, people automatically tend to arrange furniture to focus on the fireplace. The natural beauty and deep seeded connection between humans and fire make the fireplace mantel a place to display a home's most treasured, symbolic items. If you're on a time or monetary budget, the fireplace mantle is a great way to make an incredible impact in a room quickly and inexpensively.

Keep items proportionate to the scale of the fireplace mantel

Choose items that compliment the proportions of the mantel. If your fireplace is small, add decorative tiles, stone, or bricks to increase the overall size and install a fireplace mantel to fit the new dimensions. Most stylish and decorative fireplaces are between 8 and 10 feet in width and about 5 feet high. Installing the mantel, bricks, and tile is a simple project that most people can do themselves after just a small amount of research.

Choose items the define the unique qualities of your family

Because of the significance of a fireplace mantel in a room, choose treasured items in your home that represent your family history, goals, and ideas. This may mean an antique item passed down through the family, artifacts collected from family travels, or something symbolic like a decorative compass to signify your family's unwavering pursuit toward an ultimate goal.

Showcase your pictures

Pictures are a natural choice for decorating fireplace mantels for both their visual appeal and significance. Do not worry about size or dimensions when choosing pictures; instead choose those that represent your most cherished memories. You can bring importance and stature to the pictures on your fireplace mantle by matting your photos in large frames that compliment the room. Adding matting to your framed photos creates more of an artistic look and feel, suited for a fireplace mantel.

Vary sizes and heights

One of the most important overall concepts to consider when decorating a fireplace mantel is to choose items of varying heights, shapes and sizes. Try to keep something of a balance in terms of height. Candles and candlesticks that accent the color of the room are a great way to add height to your fireplace mantel design. Plants can also be an excellent way to add depth, dimension, and natural lines. An oversized vase with a full arrangement of real or silk flowers and foliage can quickly add color, natural beauty, and height to your mantel.

Decorating a fireplace mantel or adding fullness around a bare fireplace with a mantel is a cost effective way to make an incredible impact in a room's appearance. The natural stable significance of a fireplace mantle makes it an idea place to showcase your most important memories, traditions, beliefs, and the goals of your family.

Are You a Bricklayer Or an Architect?

Small Businesses are the true heroes of America and our best hope to pull us out of the current malaise. They face tough odds, sometimes risk it all, and yet look at 2010 and ask, “Are these times an unprecedented opportunity to mark my greatest achievement ever?”

According to Empire Research, only 1 out of 25 Small Businesses will survive 10 Years. One of the chief reasons for the low survival rate? It’s a business owner’s transition from ‘Bricklayer’ to ‘Architect’. That’s right, The Enterprise Council on Small Business found that 74% of Small Businesses are started by “Craftspeople, such as photographers, cabinetmakers, technologists, even licensed professionals. They run a business because they need it to allow them to ply their trade. However, their business ends up looking more like a job than a business.”

Most small business owners are totally in love with their products and services. After all, they may be truly gifted in the areas of creating and delivering a quality product or service that customers love. However, in many cases, that love and focus on the product is just further evidence of a “Bricklayer’s Mindset”. “Why” you say? Do you know Jack’s hamburger joint? It was started in 1967 and today, if it’s in business, it’s still Jack’s Hamburger joint. Another hamburger joint opened up in 1967 and today, it’s McDonald’s. Jack’s hamburgers taste way better than McDonald’s and are probably way better for you. And, let’s face it, Ray Croc, the founder of McDonald’s, may never had made a decent hamburger in his life. Jack understood the working nature of making a hamburger now. Ray Kroc, by contrast, understood the concept of “next” when he said about his competitors, “We invent faster than they can copy.”

Okay, okay dear reader. I can hear your inner voice protesting and saying that your beloved author is trying to tell you to create the next McDonald’s. That’s not the point. Even though Ray Croc was a peddler at 52 when he started McDonald’s, and you could probably do something similar if you wanted, why don’t we start with this: Can you take a 5 week guilt free vacation and come back to a business that runs well or maybe even thrived in your absence? You answered No? Well, you deserve to. You deserve to act like you own the place, the whole place.

I am on a crusade to re-educate and re-focus business owners/managers to lead more, work less, and enjoy greater freedom, financial success and happiness. In short, having owners and managers thinking and act strategically and effectively so ultimately they can create a business that throws off cash while they sleep and worth a fortune when they sell.

Too many owners/managers are gifted technicians but not very effective as strategic leaders. If you are not leading in your business, who is? If you are not being strategic, who is? If you are not proactive, who is? To find out if you are you a strategic business owner, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I see the big picture and have a long-term view?
  • Do I think more like a CEO than an employee?
  • Do I create a yearly business plan?
  • Is my leadership purposeful, proactive, and planning-based?
  • Do I constantly think about the direction and objectives of the business?
  • Do I focus on the entire business and not just the technical work of my business?
  • Have I created plans, procedures and policies to help operate my company?
  • Have I developed and documented all our key business processes?
  • Do I utilize the leverage of marketing to grow my business?
  • Do I spend more time on important matters rather than trivial/urgent matters?
  • Have I created a systems-dependent business instead of an owner-dependent business?
  • Do I conduct one-on-one monthly coaching sessions with my managers and/or key employees?
  • Do I avoid getting buried in the day-to-day details and headaches of the business?
  • Have I shaped my business more by design than by default?

If you answered “no” to most of these questions, you are operating as a tactical, reactive business owner. You could benefit greatly from becoming a strategic business owner (SBO). In short, a strategic business owner gets the highest and best return possible for his/her time, money and effort. He/she focuses on working smarter, not harder. If you’re interested in transforming from a “bricklayer” to “architect” and ultimately create a business that throws off cash while you sleep and worth a fortune when you sell, give me a shout.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth technology specifications a two-way, short-range radio link that enables communication between PCs, mobile phones, PDAs, and other computing, electronic, and home theater equipment. With Bluetooth, you can easily synchronize contact or calendar data between a PDA and laptop, talk on a hands-free phone, or print without cables. It is a cable replacement technology like infrared, but offers many advantages over infrared.

The Bluetooth specification focuses on keeping costs low, power consumption minimal, and the size small. Its low power consumption means it can be used in battery-powered devices. Bluetooth offers faster data rates and greater transmission distances compared with infrared and there are no line-of-site restrictions. It operates at the 2.4 GHz radio frequency, ensuring worldwide operability.


Bluetooth is named after a 10th century Danish king, Harald Blatand (Harld Bluetooth) who was known for uniting warring groups in current-day Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. It was originally developed by Ericsson, but is now managed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG).

The Bluetooth SIG is an industry group with members from the telecommunications, computing, and chip manufacturing industries. To date over 2000 companies are members. The Bluetooth SIG exceeds a qualification program to ensure compliance with the standard and interoperability with other Bluetooth devices. Any device bearing the Bluetooth logo has successfully completed interoperability testing.

Technical Details

Speed: The gross data rate supported by Bluetooth is 1 Mbps. Actual data rates are 432 kbps for full-duplex and 721 kbps for asymmetric transmission.

Frequency: Bluetooth uses the unlicensed ISM (Industrial, Scientific, and Medical) band at 2.4 GHz. In most countries, this band is available. In a few countries it is reserved for military use, but even these countries are moving to make the band available for general use. Because Bluetooth shares the same frequency range as 802.11b WLAN products, these two technologies can not operate in the same space under some conditions.

Security: Bluetooth is designed to be as secure as wire using authentication and 128-bit encryption. Applications can also build their own security on top of the Bluetooth connection.

Transmission distance: Bluetooth's typical range is up to 10m. The range depends on the radio power class used. A class 2 radio has a typical range of 10m. More powerful classes support longer ranges and have higher output powers. Most devices use a class 2 radio and mobile devices, like mobile phones, where low power consumption is crucial, can only use a class 2 radio.

Architecture: With Bluetooth, up to 8 devices can be connected simultaniously. A piconet is the term for a collection of Bluetooth devices connected in an ad hoc fashion. All devices are peer units, but one device acts as a master and the other slaves for the duration of the piconet connection. Each piconet can support up to 3 full-duplex voice devices. Within a 10m area, there can be up to 10 piconets.


Bluetooth is becoming the preferred wireless technology in the WPAN (Wireless Personal Area Network). Personal applications include:

– Users can connect PCs to transfer files.

– Workers can collaborate on the same document using Microsoft NetMeeting.

– Users can connect to a printer without cables.

– Users can synchronize data between a handheld PDA and laptop.

– Users can listen to music via a wireless headset.

– Users can talk on their mobile phone with a wireless headset.

– Users can connect their laptops to the internet using their mobile phone's GPRS or UMTS network.

Igloo Ice Chest – Learn the Differences Between the 3 Main Lines of Igloo Chests

There are quite a few different makes and models of the Igloo Ice Chest. There is the On The Go Series, the Office Series, and the Camping Series. And there is nothing worse than picking the wrong type, for the wrong occasion.

There are 3 main series of Igloo Ice Chests:

1. On the Go:

These are the typical ones you will find in the BBQ section of your department store. The most common colors you will see are blue and red. And will most likely come with a handle for ease of carry.

They come in many sizes, going from a larger carry model with a handle, down to a thermos size made just for drinks. The largest one in the On the Go Series is the Igloo Cool 16, this one can hold around 2 or 3 2 liter bottles standing up, and has a capacity of around 15 L.

2. Office Series:

This line of Igloo Ice Chests were designed to carry your lunch, and are usually made of soft fabrics. However, there are still a few of the harder plastic kind the can be got, and are larger than the "lunch bag" style igloos.

3. Camping Series:

This is the line of Chests that have had the most exposure. Ever been to a football game? And seen the big orange barrel looking canister sitting on the site lines?

Well, that my friend is an Igloo Heavy Duty 10 Gallon Cooler. You may have even seen it dumped over the coaches head in celebration on a game well played. This line of chests also holds the much larger ones used for camping, and are used to store large amounts of food.

There you have it, the 3 main lines of Igloo Ice Chests. On the Go, a perfect size for a picnic. The Office series, designed to be used as a lunch bag for work. And the ever popular Camping Series, the large chests, used to keep your food cold while in the great out doors. Now you will be prepare to buy the right Igloo Ice Chest for just the right occasion.

District 9 on Dish TV – Pay Per View

There is good news for the people who are crazy about science fiction movies. District 9 is now available on dish TV pay-per-view. This is the latest blockbuster film by renamed filmmaker Peter Jackson. To watch this movie you need to pay only US $ 4.99 for the standard definition version and if you want to see it on High Definition (HD) then you need to pay a dollar extra.

This is a science fiction thriller film that has been produced by Peter Jackson and written by Terri Tatchell. The leading star cast of this movie is Sharlto Copley, David James and Jason Cope. The story of this movie is inspired from a 2005 short film, Alive in Joburg, which was produced by Copley and directed by Blomkamp. The movie was inspired by the event that took place in District Six, which was in Cape Town, at the time of Apartheid Era.

This movie was produced at a cost of thirty million dollars and TriStar Pictures have released this film. Peter Jackson, the man who produced some of the largest Hollywood blockbuster such as Lord of the Rings, Lord of the Rings – the two towers and Lord of the Rings – the return of the king and King Kong. He chooses to shot this film in Chiawelo, Soweto, which is an urban area in Johannesburg, South Africa.

In this movie Sharlto Copley has played the role of an MNU field operative named Wikus Van De Merwe has been entrusted with the task of evicting the extra terrestrial creatures from the planet. In this movie the creatures have taken refuge in District 9, which is based in South Africa. While doing his job he found various types of alien weaponry. In this movie, you will see some aliens trying to hide a mysterious fluid in a small container. In fact some of the aliens try to escape from the planet and to do that they need to overhaul a space ship that was confiscated by MNU.

In this movie you get to see plenty of action and adventure. This is one such movie that you can not afford to miss. Action packed science fiction movies like Independence Day, Day After Tomorrow, 2012, etc have gained a prominent place in the hearts of people. Dish TV is well aware about this fact and for this reason satellite TV service providers have decided to include such movies in their pay-per-view category.

So it is time for you to grab the phone and contact your satellite TV service provider to and ask for this movie. The actors have performed brilliantly in this movie. You will be glad to see the performance of Sharlto Copley and Jason Cope, who played the role of an alien. The movie is available in both standard and high definition format. For the regular or standard definition you need to pay only US $ 4.99 and for the HD version you need a dollar extra.

Today satellite TV service providers are the one that is offering pay-per-view services for the people. This might the reason that has taken the popularity of satellite V to a whole new level.

What Does an Architect Do Versus an Interior Design Firm?

Many people who are considering doing some redecoration are forced to make the decision whether to hire an architect or an interior design firm. The truth is, these two careers can overlap in many ways, but there are some important differences. Before making a decision which type of professional to hire you should determine your needs and do some research to find out what kind of professional would serve you best.


An architect is an individual who is trained and licensed in the planning and designing of buildings who also supervises the construction. Architects are responsible for adhering to public safety and building codes, so a license is required to practice architecture. Generally, architects award their building projects to general contractors who complete the building process under the supervision of the architect.

Interior Design Firm

Interior design involves applying creative and technical solutions to a building or structure to achieve the desired interior environment. These solutions are both functional and aesthetic serving to enhance the quality of life of the inhabitants and to be aesthetically attractive. The design process involves research and planning in addition to the integration of design knowledge in order to satisfy the needs of a client. Interior designers draw upon the concepts of product design, architecture, and environmental psychology in order to create the atmosphere and design the client wishes to achieve.

The difference between an architect and an interior design firm can be simplified so much as to say that architects work with building structure and interior designers work with building decoration. The lines are not always so well-defined, however. Many architects also possess design degrees and many interior designers are also trained in the disciplines of architecture. Depending on the project, hiring a professional who possesses both qualifications may be exceedingly useful. Projects which involve extensive redecorating or construction may require the license and legal knowledge of an architect in addition to the design knowledge of an interior design firm. The answer to the question of what an architect does versus what an interior design firm does cannot always be answered simply because in many cases, these professionals are capable of the same things.

10 Good Reasons to Do an Engineering Master's in Germany

When you say Germany, you instantly think about safe and modern roads, best cars in the world and all sorts of technological innovations. All these are the result of vast research and developments in the engineering and technology field made in Germany.

So it's quite obvious for any student who looks for an engineering degree to first consider his or her study options in Germany.

Check below ten major reasons that will convince you Germany is a top destination for a Master's degree in engineering, in any jurisdiction you can think of.

1) German universities charge low tuition fees or none at all
Most universities in Germany especially the public universities charge low or even no tuition fees to all international students worldwide! They are actually called "administrative fees" of around 100 – 200 EUR / year, which are meant to cover student services, costs such as bus tickets to the university, or the student cafeterias.

However, public universities located in Bremen, Lower Saxony, Saarland, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt or Turingia will charge tuition fees and you will also have to pay tuition if you enroll in a Master's degree in a totally different field than the one you studied as a Bachelor student.

2) Numerous scholarship opportunities for Engineering students in Germany
Lots of organizations in Germany offer scholarships to international students. These include universities, research organizations, government organizations and corporates to name a few.

Scholarships are either dedicated to cover your tuition fees (if needed) or to support at least a part of your monthly financial costs, such as accommodation, study materials, etc.

DAAD and Deutschlandstipendium are some of the most prolific scholarships providers, but there are several other organizations that offer financial aid to international students.

3) English-taught programs in German universities
Germany is one of the top destinations on the list of non-English speaking countries with a large popularity among international students. This is due to the fact that most universities in Germany offer Master programs in English specifically dedicated to foreign students. All study degrees have high academic standards including for engineering and technology specialties.

4) Attend top-ranked universities in the engineering field
German universities are always present in all reputed university rankings, but they are also acknowledged for their important contributions in the engineering field.

According to QS, here are top 7 German universities best ranked in the engineering and technology field in 2017:

Technical University of Munich;
RWTH Aachen University;
Technical University of Berlin;
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology;
University of Stuttgart;
TU Dresden;
Darmstadt University of Technology.

5) Students enjoy a low cost of living
The cost of living in Germany is lower compared to many places in Europe such as the Scandinavian countries. Students can limit their expenses to as low as 630 EUR per month in some of the smaller German cities, such as:


International students in Germany are allowed to work up to 720 hours ie 90 full days in a year. Part-time jobs paying 7 to 8 euros per hour are reliably easy to find and a great way to earn some extra cash.

6) Research and collaboration with the engineering industry
Germany has always been at the forefront of cutting-edge research. German universities and centers of research have always worked closely with companies and industries, and developed close symbiotic and strategic relationships. This gives students exciting opportunities to use their skills in real life scenarios to solve real problems.

Technical University of Munich for instance, has partnerships with famous companies like Siemens and General Electric, BMW and also offer students the possibility to work on research projects in collaboration with local research centers like the Max Planck Institutes and Deutsches Museum.

7) Choose from a variety of engineering degrees
Regardless of the type of engineering Master's degree you're interested in, you're guaranteed to find your study option in Germany.

From specializations like nanotechnology to media engineering, cartography to climate system sciences, the variety of courses offered by German universities is so wide; you will be spoiled for choice! So it will not be difficult to find your ideal engineering Master's program and specialize in a niche in this ever-evolving field.

Here are some examples of popular engineering degrees in Germany:

Mechanical Engineering Master's degrees in Germany;
Electrical Engineering Master's degrees in Germany;
Biomedical Engineering Master's degrees in Germany;
Space Engineering Master's degrees in Germany.

8) German universities cover a diverse and international environment
Universities in Germany thrive a multi-cultural environment which makes any students easily adapt to the academic system in general.

Based on the most recent data provided by ICEF Monitor, over 300 000 international students have chosen Germany as their study destination. Students often praise the quality of courses and study facilities and the highly experienced professors.

Students are pleased with the fact that courses helped their self-development and were generally pleased with teacher involvement. Many also report high academic standards and highly experienced professors. The quality of facilities is also praised by many students.

9) Engineering jobs in Germany
Since the German economy is primarily driven by the manufacturing industry, jobs for engineers are usually not hard to come by. In fact, since most tech German companies are involved in advanced and applied research, Germany will always need science, engineering and technology experts.

According to recent statistics, Germany has the second highest number of engineering workers among all employees in the EU.

Foreigners are allowed to live and work in Germany and on average, salaries for engineering experts are around 46,126 EUR / year.

10) High standard of living in Germany
German cities such as Munich, Berlin, Hamburg are consistently ranked among the most livable cities in the world. Big cities in Germany are also, in general, safer than those in the USA. Since Germany is located in the heart of Europe, it is easy to travel to a lot of other European countries, such as Austria, France or Belgium.

Bases on OECD statistics, Germany also ranks above the average in education and skills, work-life balance, jobs and earnings, environmental quality, social connections, personal security and well-being.

So what are you waiting for? Start searching for engineering Master degrees and prepare for a successful career in the engineering and technology field.

Detached Retina Surgery Recovery – 5 Things You Should Know

A detached retina is a condition whereby the retina peels away from the tissue that supports it. People who have only slight retinal detachment can often still see fairly well, but if the detachment progresses it can lead to total loss of vision in the affected eye.

This condition can be expected to occur at least once during the lifetime of about 1 in 300 individuals. However, it is more common in people with severe myopia, who have about a 1 in 20 chance of developing this condition. Retinal detachment can also occur more frequently after cataract surgery.

Detached retina surgery – also called retinal detachment surgery – is often prescribed by a doctor in for people who develop this condition. There are various treatment options for this serious eye condition, including cryotherapy (freezing), scleral buckle surgery, pneumatic retinoplexy, and vitrectomy.

If you have undergone detached retina surgery, here are 5 things you should know during recovery:

1. If you have a gas bubble, it could take 2 – 8 weeks to go away: Developing a small gas bubble in the eye is a common occurrence with this type of surgery. Don’t worry, it will go away on its own after 2 to 8 weeks.

2. You can drive if the doctor gives you permission: People are often concerned about their ability to drive, even after their doctor okays it. Note that, after this type of surgery, reaction times and depth perception may be off a bit for you. Use your best judgment.

3. Generally takes about 3 months for a full recovery: It can take up to 3 months for you to fully recover after this type of surgery.

4. Resume normal work activities for a few hours each day: For any tasks that require extensive use of the eyes, such as working at a computer, take it easy as you resume your previous work activities. A few hours a day to start would be appropriate.

5. Headaches and soreness in other eye are to be expected: Do not be alarmed if you develop frequent headaches or soreness. This is happening because your other eye is “taking over” and compensating for the temporary lack of use of the eye that received surgery. This pain will pass in time.

Understand that with any surgery, there will be a significant adjustment period. This can be frustrating at times, but patience and taking the right actions will lead to a full recovery.

Blown-in Cellulose Insulation

Maximizing the insulation for your green home is the most important step you can take towards reducing the heating and cooling energy requirements of your home. Many options are available to you, such as fiberglass batt, rigid or blown-in insulation. Let's look at cellulose blown-in insulation, which, in my opinion, is one of the greenest options available today.

Why Use Blown-in Insulation?

Cellulose blown-in insulation is made of post-consumer, recycled paper, most often newspapers. With the new blowers available today, the insulation can be blown in and compacted to a high density. This will eliminate the settling of the insulation, which is what has occurred with blown-in insulation applied 10 or so years ago.

By the way, did you know that fiberglass batt insulation also sets, especially if it was not installed properly, which sadly happens very often?

Blown-in insulation is the best option to make sure that the insulation is applied tightly and continuously around electrical outlets, piping, wiring and ductwork. It can reduce air leaks considerably, compared to having batt insulation installed. All those special boxes you can buy to prevent air leaks around electrical outlets have been developed to fix improperly installed batt insulation.

Doing it right in the first place is better, cheaper and saves you headaches and money in the future. A tight, high R-value insulation will also increase the comfort of your green home, and will minimize the required energy use for heating and cooling. A solar heating system can be sized smaller and will therefore also be more affordable.

Most providers of cellulose blown-in insulation operate within a limited geographical area, because the transportation of the insulation beyond a certain range is not feasible, due to the high ratio of volume / pound of the insulation. This means that you would be fulfilling another critical green component: buy local!

Where would I apply Blown-in insulation?

Besides insulating all exterior walls with blown-in insulation, you can also apply it in the garage ceiling and the attic floor.

Those living in the cold climates are familiar with the dangers of having ice-dams form. The dams form when the attic insulation has gaps and leaks. The heat from the rooms below will escape upwards and melt the snow on the roof. It then freezes again and an ice dam forms. More snow is melted, ice builds up and thaws again. The ice dam grows. The water from the melting ice can not run down on the roof, because it is blocked by the ice dam. The path of least resistance is through the roof and into your home.

It takes skilled contractors to install batt insulation correctly at the edges where walls, attic and roof framing meet. Often the contractors do not take the time, or do not know how, to prevent gaps and leaks in the batt insulation they apply. Blown-in insulation will reach those nooks and crannies and fill them up with insulation, thereby preventing heat from escaping and ice dams from forming.

Additional Benefits of Blown-in Insulation

Highly pact cellulose insulation inherently also prevails air penetration. Fiberglass batt insulation relies on correctly installed sheathing, gaskets, siding, etc .. Unfortunately these are very rarely installed correctly.

In addition to providing excellent thermal insulation, cellulose blow-in insulation will also provide very good sound proofing between rooms, from noisy pipes, showers and bathtubs. The spaces around bathtub and shower basins can easily be filled with blown-in insulation. Family members coming home late and wanting to take a shower, will no longer wake everyone up when the water runs. Of course, they may still slam the doors …

Insulating the wall between the family room and adjoining bedrooms is another good application of blown-in insulation. You will be able to sleep, while other family members play music, watch TV, and laugh in the family room.

If you have a door to separate the family room, you can turn the thermostat down in this room when it is not used for longer periods of time. With the insulation in between the family room and adjoining rooms, you will not lose heat from the warmer rooms to the cooler family room.

Any room that is only used occasionally, such as guest rooms, rooms for children who are away at college, can be thermally separated from the rest of the house by filling the walls with insulation.

What about Mold?

Cellulose insulation is treated with non-toxic boric compounds to protect it from mold. This treatment also provides fire and insect resistance.


I believe that one of the best options for providing good, lasting, environmentally friendly, non-toxic insulation for your home is to use blown-in cellulose insulation.

Evolution of X-Ray Machines

In the olden times, people were often subjected to exploratory surgeries. Why? Because medical science was not so advanced during that time to look for the health problem. However, it all changed in the November 1895 when German Scientist, Wilhelm Röntgen discovered a special ray. The radiation, which was unknown, was causing the barium platinocyanide to glow even when it was placed inside a black box. His discovery and new theory was later on justified when he took the first x-ray of his wife's hand.

Soon after the potent discovery of these rays, the first x-ray machine was used in the surgery by Major John Hall Edwards in 1896. Since then, medical science made rapid progress into exploring more possible medical uses of these rays. Today, the advances in healthcare sector have made it possible for people to undergo quick and efficient diagnosis for probable injuries. The concept of x-rays did not remain stagnant, it paved way for many more radio imaging technologies such as ultrasound, sonography, CAT scan and fluoroscopy to name a few.

The first successful ultrasound took place in the year 1947, several years after the discovery of x-rays. In fact, in the same era there were many scientists around the world who were experimenting to find new diagnostic ways. However, the discovery and invention of this radio imaging technology was not enough on its own. The early x-ray machine, just like other medical equipments was bulky and non-portable. The patient had to be subjected to heavy metal plates and the x-ray film used to take quite a lot of time to produce image. Moreover, the machine could not allow for flexible diagnose, which means it was quite difficult for the patient in certain scenarios.

1970's made the radio imaging technology even more advanced with the introduction of MRI machine. However, it was the year 1980 when the first MRI of human brain took place. Consequently there were many other advances and introduction to potential diagnosis techniques. Digital X-rays were introduced in the late 90's and since then medical diagnosis has become much more convenient.

The technology has allowed an average x-ray manufacturer to provide quality radio imaging machines which can assist in head to toe diagnosis of a human. These machines are now imperative in diagnosing broken bones, teeth decay, stones, heart blockage and many other health problems. The evolution of an x-ray machine has not stopped and technology will only make things better in future.

Advantages Of Following A Vegetarian Diet During Pregnancy

Just because a woman becomes pregnant does not necessarily mean she has to alter all of her eating habits. If she lives off of take out Chinese food and Oreos, it should be changed, but if she's determined to live a healthy and well balanced vegetarian lifestyle, it can easily be incorporated into her new pregnancy diet.

The most important thing when choosing what to eat when pregnant is putting foods into the body that will be healthy and nutrient rich. Many times vegetarians are acutely aware of everything that they put into their bodies and oftentimes already have a healthy outlook on diet and eating. Eating a variety of vegetables can do nothing but good for both mommy and baby as long as the basic nutritional values ​​for the day are met. Some guidelines to follow are:

– Iron: Eat lots of leafy green vegetables, along with bran, nuts, and seeds to obtain the daily recommended values.

– Vitamin B: This is most often found in dairy products so chances are you getting enough without even realizing it; wheat germ, beans, whole grains, eggs, and cheese are all sources of Vitamin B.

– Calcium: The best way to get calcium, which is essential for a healthy pregnancy, is through dairy or soy products. Calcium supplements are also a good alternative.

– Folic Acid: This can be obtained by eating nuts, dairy products, and yeast.

– Protein: Beans, nuts, seeds, and soy all contain hardy doses of protein.

While everyone knows that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, the American Dietetic Association recommends that a pregnant mother increase her fruit and vegetable servings from five to seven a day. Fat content should also be limited as much as possible, and any food with poor nutritional value should always be avoided.

There are also some natural solutions available for the mother who is not keen on taking a supplement:

– Energy levels can be naturally increased by eating more legumes and whole grains.

– Milk production can be increased by certain teas, such as raspberry.

– Drinking ginger tea can relieve feelings of nausea and morning sickness.

– Increasing fiber by eating whole grains can reduce any problems of constipation.

It's important when pregnant to discuss any diet with a doctor. While a vegetarian diet may be a healthy option most of the time, only the doctor knows if there are certain things that should be avoided as each pregnancy is different.

All Societies Can Expel Those Who Create Internal Conflict and Disturb the Well-Being of the Whole

This is the natural right of all well-regulated societies – that they can separate from their own flock unfit and unlawful men and the impurities, disgraces and cancers of their assembly. For the same power by which they have the right of gathering themselves together gives them the authority to make laws and constitutions for the preservation of the body and for the expulsions of those who will not obey those laws and who, by their rebellion, could taint or corrupt the whole body. And it is a necessity of such a kind that without it no society can long exist.

Now if this is granted to other societies, far moreought it to belong to the church, which is both holier and better regulated. Nor can they with what we now deny this, who acknowledges (the magistrate not being a believer or neglecting his duty in restraining and punishing the wicked) that each assembly by associated discipline and mutual covenant can assume for itself a certain power of the magistrate , reduce the disorderly (ataktous) to order, drive the impious and unbelievers from itself (and cause them to keep by themselves), and provide for other things conducing to its own conservation.

Now it makes little difference whether this is called a right of nature or authority flowing from Christ, since the right of nature is derived from no other source than God himself. Nay, since the church is a sacred and religious society founded by Christ, no one can deny that she has received from Christ Himself whatever power she has, as all other things. For the same one who wished to establish her in the world furnished her also with all things which are necessary for her conservation.