How to Paint Your Own Artwork – And Save Money

Everyone wants to save money. Do not you? Well, painting your own, color matched art can be a lot easier than you might think!

Usually the picture that you want for your room will have an outrageous price. Or maybe you just can not find anything that matches your new color scheme?

There is a simple way to paint your own pictures and save a fortune. Not only will you save money but you can exactly match your décor as well. Use this easy method and you can make your own unique pictures.

First decide what size of picture you want and buy a suitable stretched canvas. It needs to be suitable for acrylic paints which are water based. Some canvases are only suitable for oil based paints, and will not work for this project.

It will be easiest to choose an abstract theme. Abstract art will look good in most rooms. You can include shapes from any of the patterns in the furnishings. Use a basic shape rather than trying to copy the shape in detail. For example, just use a simple leaf outline rather than showing every vein in the leaf as it is depicted in the curtains.

Any water based paints used in the room can be included in the picture for a perfect match. Otherwise take along a color sample of your paint or wallpaper, as well as any fabric samples when you go to buy the paints for the picture.

I like to use acrylic paints as they come in a large range of colors. It is easy to adapt the colors to match those that are already in the room. Also acrylics come in a range of metallic colors which can look stunning.

Another option is to use tester pots of interior paint. This can be an economic way of buying colors for your picture – as long as the paints are water based.

Keep the painting simple for the best result. When you see paintings that you like you can use them as the inspiration for your own abstract. Simple bands of color can be very effective. Also blocks of color can look good too. Use tape to mask off the areas before painting if you want a crisp edge. Acrylic paints are an adhesive, so remove the tape before the paint dries – unless you want to the tape in the final picture!

You do not need to cover all of the canvas. Leaving areas of the white canvas will help to brighten the final effect. One method is to just splash on a few colors and leave it to dry.

If you are unhappy with the result of your efforts simply paint over the canvas and start again. No stress!

Leave the picture to dry. When completely dry you can improve or highlight parts as necessary. This would be a good time to add metallic paints if you are using them.

Once the final coats of paint are dry, give the picture a coat of acrylic varnish to seal it. Once sealed, it can be wiped with a damp cloth to keep it clean.

The canvas could be framed, but a lot of modern pieces are displayed without a frame. In modern surroundings this is a very good look, and saves on the cost of framing.

It really is not that difficult to paint your own pictures. By learning a few simple techniques you will be able to paint with confidence. When you paint your own pictures you will be able to match your décor exactly and repeat the patterns already used in the room – all at a fraction of the price of buying one from a gallery. Your own unique masterpiece!

Henry Polic II (1945-2013)

Henry Polic II (20th February 1945 – 11th August 2013) was an American screen, stage, as well as voice actor, and was best known on Webster as Jerry Silver.

In the 1980s, Henry Polic II was frequently viewed as a popular guest player on numerous game shows. His most regular guest slots were on the several manifestations of Pyramids, as he featured many times on the Pyramid of the $25,000 and the Dick Clark as well as the John Davidson-hosted versions of the Pyramid of the $100,000 for producer Bob Stewart. Henry Polic also did countless other work, as well as hosting the 1986 game show Double Talk, the 1988 pilot revival eye Q, and duty sharing announcements with Dean Goss and Johnny Gilbert on the $100,000 Pyramid. Polic’s specialties included regional and foreign accents, baritone singing and ballroom dancing.

From the beginning of the 1990s up to his death, Henry Polic was possibly best known in Batman as the first accented British voice of the Scarecrow: The Animated Series. Initially he had a deep, angry voice tone, but eventually made his voice higher to suit the role. While working at Florida’s State University Henry Polic guest stared in the Theatre’s Production School in a Christmas Carol production, whereby in 1996 he acted as Scrooge. Besides Henry Polic’s game show he also hosted Double Talk from 1986 to 1987.

Veteran actor Henry Polic II, acted as the Nottingham Sheriff in the Mel Brooks series, and also when Things Were Rotten as well as Jerry Silver in Webster, died at 68 years, after a long illness with cancer.

Henry Polic was a well-known game-show player, featuring frequently on the Pyramid of $25,000 and its eventual manifestation, the Pyramid of $100,000, of which Polic together with Dick Clark hosted. Furthermore, Henry was a game-show host as well, and also running the 1986 ABC’s Double Talk. Apart from being a popular game show host, Henry Polic acted as Dracula briefly in NBCs 1970s series Monster Squad and featured as a guest in numerous shows, including Mork & Mindy, Alice, Eight Is Enough, Sheena, Murder, She Wrote, as well as Saved by the Bell. Besides Polic’s work on Batman, he gave his voice to the Smurfs series and other various series such as the Dukes and midnight patrol as well as the happy days gang.

On Webster, Henry Polic acted as Jerry Silver, a confidant as well as the secretary to Katherine (Susan Clark), which had 54 episodes of the entire series, and ran from 1983-1989 on ABC as well as in syndicate.

Born in 1945 in Pittsburgh, Henry Polic went to Florida State University and got his master’s degree in acting. After graduation, he was enlisted and stationed at Kansas Fort Riley, and later connected with the Tent Theatre of Missouri, and Miami’s Player’s Theatre, to mention but a few. The early 1970s saw Henry Polic move to Los Angeles where he made his debut in TV as the Nottingham Sheriff in 1975 and also in the When Things Were Rotten comedy, which featured Richard Gautier as Robin Hood.

Henry Polic also had film credits which included, the 1978 Joan Rivers, the 1977 Beau Geste Last Remake, the 1980 Oh, God! Book II, then the 2000 Bring Him Home and lastly the 2001 All You Need. Henry Polic appeared in over 70 local and regional productions, including the global premiere of Sister Act musical Broadway hit, whereby he initiated the Monsignor Howard role. Other theatrical credits in which Polic also starred were 1776 production of Civic Light Long Beach, West’s Never Gonna Dance Music Theatre, Putting It Together, Is This Your Life, and the global production premiere of A Couple of Guys at the Movies. Henry Polic’s stage directing credits include Fools for the Actors Cooperative in Hollywood as well as the Ventura Rubicon Theatre; Jim Geoghan’s world premiere of Two Gentlemen of Corona; Nebraska’s world production premiere production; both the New York as well as Los Angeles Brine County Wedding productions; and a record breaking box office Dracula production.

Polic was an event host and celebrity auctioneer, who over the year helped raise over $2 million for charities such as the Foundation Concern for Cancer Research, Adam Walsh Foundation, the Diabetes Association of American and the Foundation for Leukemia. Polic taught an acting class for the camera at Los Angeles Emerson College Center and he also taught an acting course in performing at the Academy of American Dramatic Arts. Henry Polic was also member of The Fund Actors from 1973 and an organization’s member of the western council, which recognized him with the emeritus status. In addition, a scholarship memorial fund was founded in Henry Polic’s name within the State of Florida which provides finances in helping produce annual new works for the Schools of Theatre.

Henry Polic II is a common face among audiences from his various movie, television as well as stage roles, and is also for his acclaimed work as a theatre director. Henry Polic was passionate about his work in the theatre and some of his acting credits included regular series roles in the Webster comedies as well as the classic TV series. In addition, he has had many guest star roles such as the episodes of Sheena, She Spies, Cosby, news radio, and Profiler. Apart from acting credits Henry Polic has film credits too, which include All you need, Beau Geste Last Remake, the trail of the old, Bring Him Home, Oh God, Book II, Drum, and Rabbit test a comedy by Joan River.

Below is a detailed list of Henry Polic’s most famous works:

•CREDITS – Stage Appearances

  • Room Service, 1987
  • A Christmas Carol Scrooge, Theatre School, Florida State University, 1996
  • Polic also featured in The Last Pad; Boys in the Band, Boysin the Band; a Broadway production; the fantastic; Man of La Mancha; Pal Joey and 1776, Is This Your Life? Civic Light opera Long Beach; Tamarind Theatre.

•CREDITS – Stage Directing

  • Wedding of Brine Country, 1996

•Film Appearances

  • Captain, Beau Geste Last Remake, 1977
  • Scavenger Hunt, Naked policeman, 1979
  • (Himself) Oh, God! Psychiatrist 5, Book II, 1980
  • Tarlow Stephen, Double Trouble, 1992
  • James/MacBeth, Scott’s Play, 1999
  • Bring Him Home, 2000
  • All You Need Mr. Etheridge, 2001
  • Valette, 2002
  • Button the King, Would I Lie to You?, 2002

•Television Appearances – Series

  • (TV debut) Nottingham Sheriff, and When Things Were Rotten, 1975
  • Regular, Summer and Fall Bert Show, 1976
  • Yo Yogi, 1991
  • The Monster Squad, Count Dracula, 1976-1977
  • Jerry Silver, Webster, 1983-1987
  • Combustion, 2004
  • Morton and Hayes, 1991
  • Voice of, The All-New Scooby as well as Scrappy-Doo Show, 1983, (animated).
  • Talk show Host, Double Talk/Celebrity Double Talk, 1986
  • The kids show for Tom and Jerry 1990
  • Sub announcer, The Pyramid of $100,000, syndicated, 1992
  • Potsworth and Company, 1990
  • Hollywood Chaos, 1989
  • Super password, 1994
  • Body Language, 1984
  • Alice, 1977


  • Mark Steiner, Scruples, 1981


  • I Yabba-Dabba Do, voice, 1993 (animation)
  • Doc Thompson, Animal Planet, the Old Drum trail, 2000


  • Heck’s Angels, 1976
  • McNamara’s Band, Schnell, 1977


  • Surviving the 1970s and Maybe Bump into Happiness, 1978
  • Voices of the Wolf Leader and Tracker, Christmas Special of The Smurfs (animated), 1986
  • The Yellow Ribbon Party of Bob Hope, 1991


  • Man, The Bionic Woman, 1976
  • The Failure, Walter, 1977
  • The Jewel Thief/I Want to Get Married, Marty, 1978
  • “War between the Bradford’s,” Eight Is Enough, 1978
  • Dr. Phillips, 1979
  • Hooray for Bulgaria,1979
  • Donald, The Incredible Hulk, 1980
  • Pierre, “The Caller/ Convenience Marriage/No Girls/Prosecution Witness,” The Boat of Love, 1980
  • Redding Jay, ” Airline Bag of Maltese,” Eight Is Enough, 1980
  • “Guinness on Tap,” 1981
  • Bors, “The Perfect Volcano/Husband,” 1981
  • Frederick, “The very rare of Wines,” 1982
  • Francois, Burglars of Beauty, Lacey and Cagney, 1982
  • Randy Turner, “We Got Know When to Hold them, 1983
  • My Way, Ivo, E.R, 1984
  • Gun Shy, 1983
  • E.R, Dr. Raja, 1984
  • Stern Roy, Hotel, Illusions,1985
  • Guest, The Pyramid of $100,000, 1985
  • Dupree Alan, “the Home Fires keep Burning,” Murder, She Wrote, 1986
  • Bishop Arthur, “The Old Grand Lady,” Murder, She Wrote, 1989
  • “Something New, Something Old,” Brothers, syndicated, 1989
  • City mayor’s voice, “For Who the Bells Klang: 2,” (animation), Tale Spin syndicated, 1990
  • Vincent Val, “Hair Today, and Gone Tomorrow,” They were from out of Space, 1991
  • “Daffy Dicks,” Maitre’d, Hayes and Morton, 1991
  • Darkroom, 1982
  • The Scarecrow/Jonathan Crane’s voice, Fear Nothing, Batman (animation; also called Adventures of Batman and Robin as well as Batman: The Series Animation), 1992
  • The Scarecrow/ Jonathan Crane’s voice, Victory fear, Batman (animation; also called Adventures of Batman and Robin as well as Batman: The series animation), 1992
  • The Scarecrow/ Jonathan Crane’s voice, Dreams within the Darkness, Batman (animation; also called Adventures of Batman & Robin as well as Batman: The series animation), 1992
  • Mr. Bainbridge Saved by the Bell, “Snow White and the Seven Dorks,”1992
  • The Scarecrow/ Jonathan Crane’s voice in, the holiday of Harley, Batman (animation; also called Adventures of Batman & Robin as well as Batman: The series animation), 1994
  • Detective school, 1979
  • The Scarecrow/ Jonathan Crane’s voice in, the Lock-Up, Batman(animation; also called The Adventures of Batman & Robin as well as Batman: The series animation), 1994
  • Verne Jules, Eighty Arms Around the World, Mighty Max, 1994
  • Richard, The Crisis of Three Carat, Profiler, 1999
  • Fantasy Island, 1978 – 1981
  • Sheena, Wild Thing, syndicate, 2000
  • Rabbit test, 1978
  • Superman, 1988
  • The odd new couple, 1982
  • Osborne Michael, She Spies, Gone Bad, syndicate, 2003
  • Henry Polic featured as first man, voice; Golden Palace, Don Coyote and Sancho Panda adventures(animation), syndicate; Yo! Yogi voice; (animation); and as voice of, SuperTed (animation).

•Television Work

  • Extra voices, Scooby as well as Scrappy-Doo (animated), ABC, 1979
  • Additional voices, The Smurfs (animation; also known as adventures of Smurf), 1981


In summary, Henry Polic II, a television personality for close to forty years, died at 68 years. The actor began his career in 1975 with ABC, on which he acted as the Nottingham Sheriff. He later went on and acted as Dracula briefly in the 1970s series the Monster Squad and later on guest-starred in a dozen of shows, such as Mork and Mindy, Saved by the Bell, Alice, Eight Is Enough, Sheena, and Murder, She Wrote.

Acting in various supporting roles, Henry Polic remained a popular face of TV for American generations from the 1970’s through to his death. In addition, he went on to accomplish mainstream status for children as well as adults alike during his period as the main voice of Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow on Batman: The animation series.

When it came to opinions, people’s opinions were very similar in that when it came to doing voice overs Henry Polic II was exceptional and was generally considered an all-round good actor. Besides all these remarkable credentials, Henry Polic was a well-known contestant of the game show, having appeared on the Pyramid of $25 000 and a later editions. Throughout his career, Henry Polic never restricted himself to one particular or specific public profile, and even though his roles were generally resigned to supporting roles, he rarely appeared in similar types of categories within TV and movies more than a dozen times.

Regrettably, the actor’s life as well as career were short lived due to illness. It was cancer that ended Henry Polic’s. Henry Polic died at 68 years in Sherman Oaks, California, and was survived by his sister, a nephew and two nieces.

Six Pack Abs Diet Meal Plans

Six pack abs diet meal plans can be the most indulging from all the diet plans. It adds two in-between snacks in a three-meal daily plan, resulting to six meals per day. The increased number of meals is done to provide more protein and minerals to the abdomen that will support muscle mass. Scientific studies also prove that more meals have better energy balance, greater fat loss, and improved body mass, power, and endurance.

An effective abs diet meal plan focuses in incorporating a handful of food types in the daily meal. These food types are known as powerfoods, and can be easily remembered by the mnemonics ABS DIET POWER.

o A – almonds and other nuts
o B – beans and legumes
o S – spinach and green vegetables
o D – dairy products that are low-fat or fat-free
o I – instant oatmeal that are unsweetened and unflavored
o E – eggs
o T – turkey and lean meats
o P – peanut butter
o O – olive oil
o W – whole-grained breads and cereals
o E – extra protein powder
o R – raspberries or any other berries

Listed below are some recipes for the abdominal diet.

Power Smoothie
Nutritional Information per Serving: 220 cal, 12g protein, 29g carbohydrates, 4g fat, 3g fiber, 118mg sodium
Number of Powerfoods: 4
Ingredients – yields 2 servings:

o 1 cup milk
o 2 tablespoons of low-fat yogurt
o 3/4 cups of oatmeal cooked in water
o 2 tablespoons peanut butter
o 2 teaspoons protein powder
o Ice cubes


This requires minimal preparation because all ingredients will only be mixed in a food processor until a smoothie-like mixture is achieved.

Macho Meatballs
Nutritional Information per Serving: 569 cal, 38g protein, 65g carbohydrates, 19g fat, 10g fiber, 1,341mg sodium
Number of Powerfoods: 3
Ingredients – yields 4 servings:

o 1 pound of extra-lean ground beef
o 1/2 cup salted cracker
o 1 large onion, diced
o 1 garlic clove – minced
o 1 tablespoon of protein powder
o 16 ounces of tomato sauce
o 4 rolls of whole-wheat hoagie
o 1/2 cups of low-fat cheese, shredded


1. Place the ground beef, crackers, onion, garlic, and protein powder in a bowl and mix thoroughly.
2. Make meatballs from a spoonful of the mixture.
3. Cook over medium heat until the browned. Drain the excess oil and fat, and add the tomato sauce.
4. Scoop out some portion of the bread from the roll to make trenches. Place some meatballs with sauce in each trench, and sprinkle with cheese. Cover it with the other half of the bread roll.

Egg Sandwich
Nutritional Information per Serving: 399 cal, 31g protein, 46g carbohydrates, 11g fat, 6g fiber, 900mg sodium
Number of Powerfoods: 5

Ingredients – yields 1 serving:

o 1 whole egg
o 3 egg whites
o 1 teaspoon of protein powder
o 2 slices of whole-wheat bread
o 1 slice of bacon
o 1 tomato or green bell pepper, sliced


1. Place the whole egg and egg whites in a bowl and pour the protein powder. Mix until fully scrambled.
2. Spray some olive oil in the pan and fry the egg.
3. Toast the bread and put in the fried egg.
4. Top with bacon, tomato, bell pepper, or with other garnishing.

Six pack abs diet meal plans are not as strict as other diets. They can be substituted and mixed in any way as long as the powerfoods will be kept in the plan. Combining one powerfood with the other can yield vast amount of recipes to keep a person full. They can also be as simple as green vegetables dipped in a non-fat dairy product.

The Business Advantage of a T1 Line Over DSL

At what point should you improve your Internet connection speed to a faster and more reliable T1 line? When looking at possibly replacing your current DSL connection, you have to consider several different factors. Financial loss occurring during the event of connectivity loss and reliability are the largest factors to be considered in the case of both small and large business operations. High-speed Internet is essential for many companies to conduct business via e-mail, video conferencing, and voice-over-Internet telephone applications. Should an outage occur, your business could be affected on all levels.

Normally, a T1 line will deliver a reliable bi-directional speed of 1.5 Mbps. On the other hand, the speed with which a DSL line can operate is entirely determined by the distance from the DSLAM, which is the physical equipment box located in your neighborhood by the telephone company. DSL's maximum range is 18,000 feet. After that, the copper line's signal is too weak to reliably transmit data.

Customer service is another aspect that differs between a T1 and DSL line. There's a technical support team supporting a T1 line. This assures a 99.99% quality of service warranty, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, because the system is checked continuously. At the first sign of an outage, the technicians immediately get to work to determine the cause of the problem and fix it. On the other hand, DSL service requires you to take action by calling customer service and then waiting on hold until a customer service representative is available to answer your call and hopefully be of assistance.

Cost is the final difference between a T1 and DSL line. Depending on the type of plan you have, the cost of DSL service can be anywhere from $ 19 and $ 79 a month. As recently as five years ago a T1 line cost an average of around $ 1,000 per month. This was beyond the budgets of many businesses. Since then the cost of a T1 connection now ranges from the high $ 400's to the $ low 700's per month, which makes it an option that small businesses and even gamers are more likely to consider. A T1 line is more expensive than DSL, but what is the real cost to your business if your Internet connection goes down? If your business absolutely requires that your employees, phone calls, and emails are always kept active, it is necessary that you ditch DSL and hold a "productivity insurance" policy known as $ 500 T1 line.

Basic Contract Principles

Let's start with basic contract law. In order to have a Contract, there must first be an Offer. The "Offer" can be an offer for a good or a service or almost anything else for that matter. In Example 1, A offers to by a car from B for $ 1,000. In example 2, X says to Z "If you pay me $ 50 I will paint that room". Clearly both of those statements are Offers. For the most part, the Offer will be along the lines of someone promising to do something, buy something or give up something.

The next step in Contract formation is called an Acceptance. The Acceptance regarding the above scenarios would be B's reply "Yes, I will sell you my car for $ 1,000" or Z's reply "Yes, I will pay you $ 50 to paint the room". Take note that a Counter-Offer will not act as an Acceptance, but rather as a Rejection. Referring to the above scenarios, B says "I will sell you my car for $ 1,200 instead of $ 1,000". This is a rejection of the initial offer, and becomes a Counter – Offer to A. A must now choose to Accept or Reject B's Counter – Offer. If A rejects the Counter – Offer, the Original Offer is no longer on the table. The process must begin again.

The third aspect of Contract formation is called Consideration. Consideration means that something of value must be exchanged. The Consideration in the car scenario for A would be receiving the car. The Consideration for B would be receiving the $ 1,000. Consideration in a Contract must be mutual, that is, both parties must receive something of value. Take note, that the value need not be equal or necessarily fair. A can offer to buy B's new Corvette for $ 1,000. If B Accepts, then a Contract will be made, even though it should be obvious that this is not a fair deal. That sums up Basic Contract Principles.

Self Storage Warehouses – Portable Storage Options

Self storage warehouses are of two types. The first is where the customers have to drive down with their belongings and store them in the assigned unit. The second is portable storage, where a container is sent to the customer. Once the container has been packed with customer’s belongings, the facility picks it up and stores it in the facility. Some moving services also allow customers to keep the container on their premises. The facilities offer options such as furniture storage, moving storage, car storage, RV storage, boat storage, and a lot more.

Who Needs Portable Storage?

Anyone who requires storage but cannot personally visit self storage warehouses can call them and have a container delivered to their doorstep. Some customers who prefer storing their belongings onsite rather than in a warehouse can also use this facility. However, this type of garage storage does not offer some facilities common to warehouses, such as 24/7 security, fire alarms, and climate control. Therefore, portable storage is a good option only if you can arrange for safe onsite storage or plan to move the container to a warehouse or safe location soon.

Self storage warehouses are used by individuals as well as businesses. People who need temporary as well as permanent storage use portable containers. Homeowners or people staying in rented homes who need extra space often have a container installed on their property rather than drive down to self storage buildings. Individuals and businesses that plan to move out or renovate their property use the containers to hold their belongings temporarily.

Businesses use self storage containers for storing goods, inventory, documents, equipment, and other business paraphernalia. Portable containers can be utilized for accommodating goods during a temporary space crunch or a business event such as a seminar when you need more equipment, furniture, and office supplies than usual.

Businesses that deploy employees on client site use portable self storage containers for storing equipment, raw materials, and supplies. Larger containers with proper lights and ventilation can even be used as temporary office space. When you cannot move items to self storage warehouses, let the self storage warehouses come to you in the form of portable containers.

Portable Container Options

As far as container options are concerned, you can choose according to size and features. Common size options are 6 feet, 8 feet, 10 feet, 20 feet, 30 feet, 40 feet, and 45 feet. Most self storage warehouses offer container size guides to help customers decide on the best size. A regular container will do if you are storing it in a safe, climate protected area. For other requirements, choose from containers with roll up doors and lights.

Self storage warehouses offer many different types of portable storage options. Storage is inexpensive and a better option compared to expensive office rental.

Air Conditioners Filters – Keep Your House Atmosphere Clean

Air conditioner keeps the atmosphere of your house clean and fresh. There is a filter in the cooling system, a fine mesh, situated just below the front board through which the air flows. The main function of the filter is to trap the dust and making the air dust free. It keeps the indoor air clean and protects the radiator of the indoor unit from getting dirty. Therefore it is very important to keep the air conditioner filters clean because they affect the working of the system and also the health of the residents. The filters should be changed at regular intervals as they help to keep the atmosphere clean.

Many of them prefer to clean the filters but it is necessary to change them because their prolonged use can affect the functions of the unit. However the role of the air conditioner filters in keeping the atmosphere clean is well established. The air filter picks up dust and pollens and traps them in the fine mesh thus releasing clean and fresh air into the space. Those persons who have dust allergies or asthma, for them it is very important to stay away from dust particles and live in a place which is free from contamination.

Apart from purifying the air and keeping the house atmosphere clean, there are many practical roles of the air conditioning filters. A clean air filter increases the efficiency of the cooling system. But if it is not changed on time then it results in clogged air flow because a layer of dirt builds up inside which reduces the efficiency of the system. The cooling system works smoothly and thus helps in cutting down huge energy bills. Pollution has increased like anything and people are ready to pay a good amount of money to get pure air but simply by changing the AC filters you can save a lot of money and can also continue to get fresh and clean air for your home.

Many of us do not change the AC filters because we think that it would consume a lot of time to find the correct one. But the online portals have made this task easy because now you can find and purchase air conditioner filters online. They provide you the ease to search for the best filters for your unit. So change your AC filter on regular intervals to maintain the supply of fresh air to your indoors.

Home Made Reel

You can easily make a home made reel; many reels are made everyday using re-bar and other materials readily available. Not long ago I come across a carpenter unrolling air hose across a road. He had to string both electrical cord and air hose about 70 yards. He built a reel using a wooden spool and a tripod re-bar frame with a re-bar base which was light weight but still super strong. He used a piece of flat metal about 8 inches long with a shaft and a piece of plastic pipe to act as the crank to make his home made reel.

It also had a 2 inch hole drilled in the side of the wooden spool which he left about 3 feet of hose stick out the hole so when it was strung out he could plug it into the compressor without unrolling all of the hose. It also had two small wheels on one end for transporting. I found it worked great other than every time the reel turned the piece of hose sticking out of the spool hit on the frame.

Another unique reel I saw in a mechanic shop was built with a pipe and two disks he rigged it so the hole traveled through the pipe allowing you to reel or unreel and not have to unplug the hose every time you wanted to roll or unroll. He said it worked good for first couple of weeks but soon began to leak air at the fittings causing the air compressor to run the whole time. I often take pictures as I am interesting in the kinds of scraps people can use to create a working home made reel.

Elegant Wedding Tent Decor

Outdoor weddings are incredibly popular. If you are planning to have a tent over your reception area, you will have some special design challenges. How do you go about transforming a plain white tent into an elegant and unforgettable reception?

One of the nice things about having your wedding reception in a tent is that you are basically starting with a blank slate. The natural beauty of your site can serve as inspiration, but you will not be faced with trying to work around a pre-existing color palette as you would at an indoor venue. This is the good news. The freedom afforded by that blank slate is also going to be your biggest decorating challenge; when you start with a mass of white fabric, deciding where to start can feel like staring at a blank page with writer's block!

The trends for decorating an outdoor wedding are similar to what brides are doing for inside receptions. At a tented wedding, you may find more natural elements being used, but the basic framework is still going to be the same. You want your tent décor to fit in with your overall style.

If you are having a very classic ceremony and the bride is wearing a traditional gown with custom pearl bridal jewelry, then you want that timeless feeling to carry through into your reception décor. On the other hand, if you are wearing a daring designer gown and your bridal jewelry is custom made from unique and organic looking keshi pearls, you will want to find more eclectic design elements for your tent.

The hottest trend for weddings inside or outside is to hang decorations from the ceiling. Often this is in the form of a chandelier. You can rent one massive crystal chandelier for the center of the tent if your reception is going to be very formal, or have smaller feminine chandeliers suspended over each table. This is an interesting flip on the idea of ​​bringing the outside to an inside venue. In this case, you are making your reception more elegant by bringing an indoor element, such as a chandelier, to an outdoor space, the tent. It will certainly be a surprising element that your guests will notice right away.

If you love the idea of ​​hanging something in your tent, but do not want to use traditional chandeliers, there are many other great options. Handcrafted lighting fixtures can be created using natural materials such as grapevine and flowers for an earthy feeling. You can also go with a modern elegant style and suspend clear plexiglass squares covered with pillar candles for a glowing and chic ambiance.

When you are trying to make a plain white tent appear more elegant, it is important to cover up the utilitarian parts of it, such as posts and other supports. There are many beautiful ways to do this. One idea is to drape lengths of fabric from the ceiling of the tent. If you choose a soft color like peach or rose, it will also cast a very flattering glow onto the skin of everyone present. Fabric can also be used to hide vertical supports in a tent. One of the most stylish ways to do is is hang draperies around the posts so that they look like part of your design, rather than something unattractive that you are trying to hide.

A tented wedding can have a magic all of its own. You have the ability to transform your wedding reception into a place that brings your vision to life. When you take the time to consider the tent decorations, the result will be a gorgeous space to dine and dance the night away.

Keyword Research – How to Do It the Right Way

Okay, so you’ve done some research and you’ve made a list of products you think you would like to promote. Now you have to do keyword research. Google provides an excellent free tool for doing this, just punch the words “Google keyword tool” into your browser and you’ll find a tool that many people use. It’s free, and provides lots of useful information.

Keyword Research using the Google Keyword Tool

The secret to good keyword research is finding a keyword or keyword phrases, (often called long-tail keywords) that don’t have a lot of competition. There are four main headers within the keyword tool.

Put a word or phrase in the keyword box, anything will do for now and click the search button.

  • Competition – beneath it you will see shaded bars – the gray means strength of competition, so if the box is full of gray that means there’s a lot of competition.
  • Global Monthly Searches – how many people search for that specific term globally
  • Local Monthly Searches – average searches done within the USA in the past month.

You should use the numbers in this column if you only want to sell within the United States, but if you have chosen a digital product which can be delivered to any computer anywhere you can use the numbers under the Global column.

  • Approximate CPC (cost-per-click) – relates to Google AdWords, it tells you how much people pay on average to advertise on sites that use your chosen keywords. This is very important if you want to use Google AdWords on your site to earn some commissions.

Most people will have Google AdWords somewhere on their site but they will only use them if the CPC is above a certain dollar amount – if someone clicks on the ad you don’t get the whole amount, the going rate is about 68%.

One very useful facility within the Google keyword research tool is being able to sort each column from high to low.

In this exercise we are going to choose the keywords “Acne Remedy.” If you sort the Competition column by highest first, you will see that although there are only 4400 searches for the top query. But there is an enormous amount of competition for “blue light therapy for acne.” I know that many of the “gurus” use this phrase as an example, and I believe there are ClickBank products to do with acne, so these results are probably skewed.

Click the header of the Competition column so that it sorts by lowest competition first, this is where you will find the best keywords to use for a site and for articles that you write. Low competition still means that there is going to be some competition. So in this example using “acne remedy” as your keywords, let’s say you want to start a site about remedies for baby acne, so let’s take a further look at “remedy for baby acne”.

Keyword research has to be thorough, so let’s check out the competition and click on “baby acne remedy” which has 1900 global monthly searches. This will take you through to the search engine results and I’m assuming here that you’re using Google as your browser.

We are on the results pages and you can see beneath the search box that there are 720,000 results for the term “remedy for baby acne.” This may look like a lot but it isn’t. Depending on the quality of the sites that appear on this first page, it’s actually a pretty good result — anything that shows hundreds of thousands of results is probably not going to be a good choice of keyword.

Use the SEOQuake Toolbar for Helping with Keyword Research

At this point if you don’t already have it, I suggest you download a free tool called the SEOQuake toolbar, this is packed full of valuable information that will help you during your keyword research.

It shows the page ranking (PR) of sites and when doing keyword research you’re going to have to see where your competition stands.

When you start any kind of site, you will be ranked at PR0 (Page Rank) — the top sites, such as Google, is ranked PR9. By using the SEOQuake toolbar you will see that the top 2 sites that come up after entering the keyword “baby acne” have a PR3, then there’s a PR0 and the others on the front page of the SERPs vary, they are PR1, PR2 and PR3’s.

PR1 and PR2 are the easiest competition if you’re prepared to work hard on your site. You might be able to beat them out after a few months, by regularly adding well optimized articles and building lots of back links. In this example PR3s are going to be difficult for a new internet marketer to beat.

Google not only ranks sites on their use of keywords, SEO and the number of back links they have, it also takes into account the age of a site.

If you use the SEOQuake toolbar in conjunction with your keyword research, you can also check on your competitors’ backlinks. A site with thousands of back links is going to be very hard to beat too.

In this particular case, I would not build a site around the key words “remedy for baby acne” because of the number of PR3 sites that appear in the results, it will just be too difficult. If you choose keywords that bring up a page full of PR0s and PR1s then that’s a far better result for you, and it should be easier to get your site onto the front page of Google but after doing all the hard work necessary to get it there.

So when you do your keyword research you’re looking for keywords with:

  • Not too much competition – global searches around 1000 – 5000 a month are good place to start
  • Check the PR of your competitions’ sites
  • Check how many back links these sites have.
  • Finally have a look at the quality of the sites that come up and judge for yourself if you can make a better looking site with more interesting content.

This is only the tip of the iceberg with keyword research and I hope you can see how important it is to your site’s success.

How do you do keyword research? Can you offer any further tips for those new to internet marketing?

What is Filamentous Algae?

Of all the problematic algae species in ponds, the most feared and most ambitious is filamentous algae. This algae species can be relentless, quickly reproducing and clinging to any surface in your pond. This is also the most well recognized algae species in pond care. Any pond owner can identify filamentous algae by its characteristic hair-like mats. Worst of all, it is ugly and makes your pond look horrible!

At first glance, you may think hair algae would be single-cell loners in your pond much like planktonic algae. However, they are unicellular, but the cells enjoy the company of other filamentous algae cells. As a result, this algae grows together in thick, hair-like strands that cling to pond surfaces. There are several species: Spirogyra, Cladophora and Pithophora.

Spirogyra is easily identified by its bright, almost neon-green color. At the microscopic level, this algae resembles a DNA helix. In the pond environment, it’s very slimy and usually has thick bubbles of protein (i.e. scum) surrounding it. Cladophora is another very common filamentous algae that resembles cotton. If you look closely at the shallow parts of your pond, you’ll probably find Cladophora. Cladophora resembles tiny plant-like stalks that undulate and look “hairy”. Pithophora is the third most common filamentous algae that grows in very long thick strands. Pithophora is also called “horse hair” algae because it resembles thick long hair and feels like wool.

You’ll first notice filamentous algae in the shallow parts of your pond. If you have a waterfall, or several pond ledges, they will establish itself in the bottom shallows first. In small populations, filamentous algae are quite harmless and will not become prolific as planktonic algae. Out of control breeding occurs when you have high nitrates and waste in your water, which serves as food. Unchecked, filamentous algae can grow quickly and make your pond look like a mat of green scum.

As the algae spreads to the bottom of your pond, it produces large amounts of oxygen as it grows. This oxygen gets trapped in the thick mats, and eventually these mats float to the surface. This is why ponds with string algae problems have thick floating mats. Left unchecked, they can quickly cover your entire pond surface.

In order to prevent an explosion, you should stock your pond with plenty of plants and/ or have a good filtration system in place. Plants compete with algae for oxygen and and nitrates while also providing shade. All of these things prevent algae from overrunning your pond. Another important control measure for filamentous algae is mechanical removal of floating mats that may emerge from time to time. Just by raking these mats from the surface of your pond, you can instantly cut your population in half. Then, of course, there are algaecides on the market that can make quick work of this pest. Just be sure to follow directions accordingly.

If you find that your pond is quickly becoming overrun with filamentous algae, you can quickly reduce the population by vacuuming your pond floor. This will cut down the breeding population and reduce waste at the bottom, which cuts down the food supply. With a little bit of elbow grease, filamentous algae is easily controlled.

Dyson DC23

The Dyson DC23 is one of the top vacuums in Dyson's line. The Dyson DC 23 is a bagless vacuum that usually retails for anywhere up to six hundred and fifty dollars. There are a few different iterations of the Dyson DC23. The Dyson DC23 varieties include the Dyson Titanium Level 3 Root Cyclone Vacuum, The DC23 TubineHead Canister Vacuum, The Dyson DC 23 Plus Canister Vacuum, and the Motorhead. Most of my experience has come from the regular Dyson, which is also referred to as the Dyson Titanium Level 3 Root Cyclone Vacuum.

The Dyson DC23 is a very solid vacuum. It is engineered to the highest standards. Dyson really went above and beyond my expectations on the DC23. The vacuum is a bagless vacuum. It uses Dyson's Core Separator Technology. It has a motorized brush bar which picks up debris with relative ease. It is also a vacuum that has been praised for being very hygienic. It is great for people with allergies and does a great job reducing the amount of air born contaminants that usually come along with vacuuming. The DC23 is really easy to empty. You do not have to worry about pesky bags and the only filter is pretty simple to clean and does not require much maintenance. Also the Dyson is super easy to store. It is collapsible so the vacuum is great for people who are space conscious.

I would certainly recommend to DC23. It is the perfect vacuum cleaner for someone who is looking for a canister vacuum that is bagless, powerful, and compact. The Dyson also is great vacuum despite the type of flooring, so it is good for people who have both carpeting and hard surfaces in their home. Every time that I take out my Dyson DC23 and vacuum, I am surprised at the amount of dirt, sand, and debris that the vacuum picks up and collects. The DC23 also comes with a wide variety of accessories that make the Dyson DC23 a very versatile vacuum. By using the attachments you can clean floors, carpets, and areas of your home that are normally hard to reach with relative ease. At the end of the day you can tuck the vacuum in the closet and it barely takes up any room.

Overall I am extremely satisfies with my DC 23. In my opinion, if you are looking for power, compatibility, and ease of use, the Dyson DC23 is the way to go.

Pavers Installation

Brick Paver Installation:

Tools Preparation
Arrange to hire a brick masonry saw and flat plate vibrator prior to the day you begin your paver installation. You will need some basic working tools such as carpenters level, tape measure, rubber mallet, rake, shovel, timber stakes, string line, broom, safety eyewear, 1 x ten foot length and 2 x lengths of one inch diameter piping.

Site Preparation
The single most important phase of the entire pavement installation happens to be the preparation of the subsoil and paver bed. The overall strength of the pavement system is dependent upon the correct preparation and placement of the subsoil and base materials.

Mark out the area to be paved by placing wooden stakes around the area and then spray paint from an aerosol can to identify the area to be dug out.

Set out the grade levels by securing string line between the stakes, making certain to slope the grade away from any building structure. This will ensure that drainage from rainfall will not seep towards any adjacent building structures. Set up the grade at two inches in height for every eight feet of pavement length.

Excavate Site
Now excavate the top soil and sub soil within the staked out area with the shovel and to a depth of at least ten inches in total. This will allow for a base material of five inches to be placed at the bottom of the excavated trench, next will be one and a half inches of setting sand to be placed on top of the base material and then allow three and a half inches for the thickness of the clay brick paver to be placed on top of the setting sand.

Compaction Of Base Materials
Compact the bottom of the trench with the plate vibrator machine to make a firm foundation for the base materials. Place ¾ inch quarried gravel as the base material and compact it with the plate vibrator machine once again to provide a solid base for the setting sand to sit above it.

Setting Sand
Lay the 2 pipe lengths eight feet apart from each other and parallel to each other. Place the sand to a height of one and a half inches in between the two lengths. Then using the 2×4 wooden length, be sure to level out the sand. Add more sand if you see any low spots. Make sure to level out any high sand spots too. When you have finished leveling the sand make sure that you DO NOT COMPACT THE SAND – because you will compact the bedding sand later on together with the clay brick pavers when using vibrator in the final stages of the installation. The final compaction of the pavers and bedding sand is necessary to allow for the proper interlocking method to take effect. It is the basis for the strength of the interlocking pavement system because the movement of the sand into the bottom and in between the clay paver joints makes them bond firmly together and bear the loads applied to the clay brick pavers in unison.

Installing Clay Brick Pavers
After you have finished placing the setting sand correctly, you may begin to install the pavers. Begin installing pavers from the center of the site and work toward the outside edges of the pavement. Reason for this is to allow the trimming pieces to be at the outside edge of the pavement. Place the pavers about one eighth of one inch apart from each other. Check the string line to make sure you are moving straightly once every five feet of forward progress. Make any adjustment by resetting the pavers using a screwdriver so they sit straight. After the pavers are installed straightly, you need to install the edging material to prevent the paver from moving out of place. The edging material needs to be secured in place before you place the bedding sand and pavers.

Do not Throw Bricks

Brick is one of the toughest and most rugged building products around. Just ask the big, bad wolf. When he huffed and puffed he could not blow the third little pig's house down because it was made of brick. But what is brick made of? Mostly a simple mixture of common materials like clay, shale, and water, which is then heated or fired. When dried, brick is extremely durable. Some brick portions of the Great Wall of China are still standing some 2300 years after it was constructed.

Besides durability, brick has some other characteristics which have made it a favorite for thousands of years. It is low maintenance and is visually appealing, and also acts as a great insulator (especially against noise.) It is a good choice for green construction.

Old bricks are particularly appealing to most people. They are "time-tested" links to the past. Old demolished buildings and ripped-up streets can provide a demonstrable link to the past if you can obtain some of the old bricks. The bricks themselves are often over one hundred years old, antiques in themselves. Add in the historical connection, especially to local history, and you have a winning combination which looks great and is practically indestructible. You can often buy these vintage bricks from the owner or the demolition contractor. What a great way to recycle still-usable bricks for your home project! They do well as pavers, used on driveways, walks, or used in small sections of interior walls.

Not all bricks are able to be salvaged, but old brick pavers are usually "keepers". They were usually hard-fired, and each brick is unique, waterproof, and weather-resistant. They are sought after not only for their strength, but because of their darker colors, which have remained in vogue throughout the years. Heavy machinery can remove them quickly, but in the process, there is the danger they might be destroyed. Bricks with a soft mortar can often be salvaged from older buildings and look wonderful after they are cleaned.

Bricks manufactured prior to World War II are cleaned by brushing off debris, then removing any soft lime-based mortar with a mild acidic solution (follow all safety precautions, especially covering your skin and eyes). Follow the cleaning with pressure washing. Bricks manufactured after WWII are nearly impossible to clean because most likey Portland cement-based mortar was used, and this creates such strong bond that it is very difficult to separate the brick.

Special care should be taken with mortar used on recycled brick. It is best to contact your local brick yard for this. They will probably recommend a mortar that is formulated to be softer and more water-vapor permeable than the brick itself. If you use the wrong mortar choice on vintage brick, the brick may trap moisture and crack or "peel", especially in colder climates.

Both vintage brick and contemporary brick are quality choices for building materials. That old look can be achieved by a creative combination of brick and mortar.

Apartment Locators

In many of the nation's large cities, individuals who have recently located to the city or who are about to locate to the city might have issues finding an apartment on their own. They do not know the area or even where to begin looking. In cases like this and others in which a person might not have time to find an apartment, an apartment locator can come in handy. Apartment locators, also known as apartment finders, are a service that helps a person find an apartment by matching a list of apartment requirements with the open apartment listings in areas where an individual might want to live.

Locators, particularly those in very large cities, are very good at finding an apartment in a specific neighborhood or market. They are generally not set up to find an apartment through an entire city. Their biggest skill is in finding a hard-to-find, small, and unlisted apartment that is perfect for the individual apartment hunting. Individuals with pets are also frequently benefited by using an apartment locator.

The first step to finding an apartment through an apartment locator is to fill out the forms they ask for that detail all of a person's preferences. Some of the most important things on that little paper include budget considerations, bedrooms, bathrooms, and what luxury items a person might want. Some cities have not yet fully embraced the dishwasher in their apartments so if a dishwasher is a deal breaker, it needs to be listed. The sheet will also ask what neighborhoods are most desired for residence. Once the form has been completed and turned in, someone from the apartment finder service will contact the hunting individual to tell him or her about open listings that match the requirements listed on the sheet. With the internet and email, the locator may be more inclined to email the hunter a list of apartments that match the specifications listed. This can include pictures and give an individual a better idea of ​​whether or not he or she wants to look at the apartment.

After being told of available apartments, the next step is to go look at the apartments that are available. If one is deemed perfect, it is then time to discuss the fees associated with an apartment locator. Depending on the region, the locator's services may be free or they will be compensated by either a flat fee or a fee based on the rent. The majority of cities involve no fee.