Solia Flat Iron

The solia flat iron will give you the salon-style look that you have been searching for. These irons not only cost less than other popular brands, but they have all the latest technology in haircare products. Solia will leave your hair feeling healthy, shiny and sexy.

There are many reasons to consider the Solia flat iron when shopping for high quality straighteners to manage hair and achieve a variety of styles. Salon-quality flat irons can be well worth the investment for anyone who has ever struggled with frizz or stubborn curls. Dedication to their products is apparent in Solia’s determination to consistently utilize the best materials and technology available to design their products.

The importance of tourmaline infused throughout an iron’s ceramic plates is beyond comparison to any other kind of material. On its own, ceramic is useful for creating a heating surface that will not be damaged by high temperatures. The best dispersion of heat can only come from the mixture of tourmaline crystal within the ceramic, and has also been found to decrease damage done to the hair during the straightening process.

Tourmaline promotes the production of negatively charged ion particles far more than ceramic alone in the steam made from heating hair. Negative ions keep hair healthy and strong, combating the tendency for lesser irons to break and burn hair strands. The result is softer, shinier, and drier hair faster than many people have experienced before.

Customers are given the ability to choose their preferred size between two widths. The best straighteners have slender heating plates for better maneuverability while styling hair, and making it possible to easily dry bangs. The 1 1/4″ plate size is the most simple to handle, but some users with thicker, or longer hair may prefer the slightly wider 1 3/4″ size.

One of the most innovative features on Solia’s iron is what the company calls the dynamic alignment system. The heating plates are able to turn at an angle as hair is being pulled through, so hair won’t get caught on edges. It also disperses heat further by maintaining an even exposure of heat to hair strands at all times.

Reviewers of all ages and hair types praise the great quality and performance the Solia flat iron delivers, and it comes highly recommended for the daily routine and stylist alike. By purchasing a more refined product, customers can feel confident about straightening hair without damage and burning. This quality flat iron will outshine any lesser product, and style perfectly for years to come.

Choosing a Motorcycle Helmet

Here are some tips for choosing the right motorcycle helmet for you:

Different Types of Helmets

First you’ll need to decide what type of helmet you are looking to purchase. There are several types of helmets, each has different features and pros and cons. For instance, there are helmets especially for motocross. Also, helmet types include the full face kind that provide protection all around your head, as well as a half shell and three quarter shell type which offer protection mainly to your head area. Full face helmets provide protection completely around your head and also include a full face shield. Many motorcyclists who enjoy riding at higher speeds choose this option for maximum protection and also to make them more aerodynamic.


One extremely important criteria for a motorcycle helmet is to make sure that the helmet fits comfortably, yet remains snug around your head. If your helmet isn’t completely comfortable for you, then it’s likely that you’ll opt not to wear it or it could cause you pain and discomfort, or even be a distraction while you are riding. You can avoid these problems by trying on and wearing the helmet for at least a few minutes. This way the heat of your head will conform the padding inside the helmet to your head and give you a good idea of how the helmet will feel on you while riding. The padding inside the helmet should be soft but slightly firm around your head. Your head should not be able to move around inside the helmet.

Size & Weight

The proper size and weight is determined by your head size. Obviously, a smaller woman and a larger man will not have the same size head. If you plan on having passengers on your motorcycle often, be sure to get a helmet just for them. It’s best to try on the helmets at the store and get help from the sales clerks to decide the best size and weight of helmet you need. If a helmet is too heavy for you, this can lead to neck and back problems after long rides.


The absolute most important aspect of choosing a motorcycle helmet is to choose one that will protect your head in an accident. Look for helmets that have been thoroughly safety tested and certified. Also, while you may want to opt for that jet black or dark blue helmet with the airbrushed design, you should also consider a helmet that is bright in color, even neon so that you are even more visible at all times of day or night. Being visible to other drivers is extremely important to safety on the road. You can also buy reflective tape or paint your helmet with additional reflective paint to increase your visibility.

Also, it may seem obvious, but it’s crucial to make sure that you are wearing your helmet properly to insure maximum safety. Don’t forget to use any buckles or velcro, make sure they are fastened properly so that your helmet doesn’t fall off or slide off during an accident.

How Swallows Destroy Homes and What You Can Do to Deter Them

Swallows are sleek, slender birds typically found in North America. They are very territorial, returning to the same nesting site in the spring and summer. Once confined to cliffs, swallows have become a growing nuisance in suburban areas. Instead of attaching their nests to cliffs, many prefer man-made sites like the wood beams and stucco of modern houses. They often build their characteristic mud nests in the outer walls and eaves of homes. (One home was "decorated" with at least 32 swallow abodes constructed of hardened mud.) Left on your home long enough, swallow nests will leave an unsightly stain.

A colony of birds will also leave a trail of droppings down the sides of your home and the ground below. Property owners spend time and money cleaning up the mess and concern over the slip-and-fall hazards from swallow droppings. The bacteria, fungal agents and parasites found in swallow droppings and nests can carry hosts with serious diseases, including histoplasmosis, encephalitis, salmonella, meningitis, toxoplasmosis and more.

Worse yet, swallow mud nests are often infested with insects. The insects tend to move into your home to find new hosts. Even when swallows leave, their vacant nests simply attract new birds.

Homeowners should be rightly concerned about swallows nesting on their homes, but there are limitations to what one can do. You see, swallows and their nests are fully protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918, which makes it illegal to intentionally kill, injure or take any migratory bird. It is also illegal to intentionally damage or destroy the nest, eggs, or young of a swallow while it is being built or in use. The Act allows fines or prison sentences for every bird, egg or nest destroyed.

Fortunately, there are some swallow deterrents one can use that are both effective and humane.

An effective type of bird netting one can rely on to safely exclude swallows is Ultra Net. This low-profile netting is an ideal way to prevent birds from getting under eaves, barns, balconies, garages, sheds and other areas around your home. The netting is a lightweight plastic mesh made of durable, UV protected polypropylene. It comes in three different mesh sizes: 3/4 ", 1/2", and 1/4 "and a variety of cuts to match the area being treated.

Ultra Netting is easy to work with and can be readily secured with twine, zip ties, or hog rings. For vegetable gardens, wrap individual plants or suspend netting around the entire garden area for protection. Ultra netting is meant for temporary use and hangs easily using the clips provided by the manufacturer. You can also just use a staple gun to secure the netting around any perimeter.

Another effective tool is Bird Slope. This is a humane way to block small and large birds from landing or nesting on open ledges. These slippery PVC panels are ideal for use on any ledge that meets at a 90 degree angle. They can also be used on eaves. As an anti-perching, anti-roosting deterrent, bird slopes have proven to be effective against all types of birds, including swallows. Each bird slope section is 2 feet long, and you get 4 feet per box. The specially fabricated panels are made of UV protected PVC to make them sun and weather resistant.

Installation is a snap, since there are a variety of bird slope accessories available to accommodate different areas. For example, there's a "snap on" extender, so you can easily adapt it to wider ledges. And special "end caps" are also available to keep swallows from getting behind the slope. The product comes in two colors (stone and grey) to match your home's d├ęcor.

There are also nearly invisible physical deterrents such as the No Nasty Nest which feature a unique design for deterring swallows from nesting on your home. No Nasty Nest is easy to install and will deter swallows by creating a barrier of plastic twine that is uncomfortable for the birds to fly through. By placing it under your eaves, it makes your house an undesirable location for swallows to build their nest.

Also effective in deterring swallows are Sonic Bird Deterrents. These devices broadcast distress and predator calls every few minutes to scare swallows from open spaces like backyards, gardens, courtyards, patios, and pool areas. Some devices come with a built-in speaker that will cover up to an acre of land. The best sonic devices are rugged and weatherproof and can be programmed to turn on / off at night.

Working with ornithologists at a major university, the Bird Chase Super Sonic deterrent was developed to offer the latest technology in pest bird deterrence. Unlike other bird sonic devices that play high-pitched ultrasonic noises that can bother pets and animals, this device cycles through a series of recorded bird calls and is safe to use around pets.

Finally, there are live bird traps you can use. Often referred to as bird motels, live traps are an effective way to humanely capture swallows for later release or relocation. The better traps are made of a sturdy galvanized wire, and built to withstand both outdoor and indoor use. Bird feed is placed inside the trap to lure pest birds in. The traps usually feature funnel doors that allow a bird to walk in, but not out of. An easy access door lets you remove the captured bird for release.

Hand Tool Safety

Tools are such a common part of our lives that it is difficult to remember that they may pose hazards. All tools are manufactured with safety in mind but, tragically, a serious accident often occurs before steps are taken to search out and avoid or eliminate tool-related hazards.

In the process of removing or avoiding the hazards, we must learn to recognize the hazards associated with the different types of tools and the safety precautions necessary to prevent those hazards. Of all the equipment placed at our disposal, the common HAND TOOLS, which we take for granted, are the most useful and the most often abused.

Hand tools are non-powered. They include anything from axes to wrenches. The greatest hazards posed by hand tools result from misuse and improper maintenance.Almost all of us use hand tools either at work or at home. It's estimated that about 8% of industrial accidents involve the unsafe use of hand tools. These accidents result from using the wrong tool for the job.Know the purpose of each tool and use them for the specific task for which they were designed

Some tips on Safety of the Hand Tool

1. Choose the right tool for the job. Never use a makeshift.
2. Use only tools in good condition – no tools with cracked or broken handles, none without handles, none with mushroomed or broken heads.
3. Keep keen-edged blades sharp; store them safely when not in use.
4. Do not use a hammer with a hardened face on a highly tempered tool such as a drill, file, or die or jig. Chips may fly.
5. Use wrenches of the right size for the job. Face the jaws on an adjustable wrench in the direction of the pull.

6. Never apply a wrench to moving machinery; stop the machine, then remove all tools before starting it again.
7. See that pipe wrench jaws are sharp and chains in good condition so they will not slip.
8. Never use any tool in such a way that you will be injured by it if it slips. Pre-analyze your movements and position your body accordingly.
9. The construction industry calls for the use of many types of hand tools. Handle them with care; treat them carefully and use them exactly for the purpose for which they were made.

The Ultimate Collection of Engineering Jokes

While you might not be able to tell when speaking speaking with one, most Engineers tend to have a wonderful sense of humor. In an effort to dispel one of the oldest myths about engineers, we have collected the following series of engineering jokes. We hope you find them as humorous as we do:)

Three Metal Spheres

The local university recently decided to present it’s professors with a test. Three metal spheres were placed on a table, and the professors were told to do whatever they wanted with them. Each professor had an hour alone in the room with the three metal spheres. After an hour, the Math professors emerges and the balls are arranged in the form of a triangle. Next, the Physics professor emerges from his room; the balls are stacked one on top of the other. Finally, the Engineering professor emerges from his room. One ball is broken, one ball is missing, and he is carrying the third one out in his lunchbox.

Malfunctioning Windows

Three engineers are driving in a car; an electrical engineer, a chemical engineer, and a software engineer. The car stops running, and they pull of onto the shoulder of the road to inspect it. The electrical engineer suggests that they strip down the electronics of the car in an attempt to trace where a fault may have occurred. The chemical engineer suspects that the fuel is becoming emulsified and suggests that they focus on the fuel system. The software engineer suggests closing all the windows, getting out, getting back in, and opening all the windows again to see if that helps.

The Retired Engineer

After 30 years of loyal service, John the Engineer retired from his company. Several years later, the company was having problems troubleshooting one of their new multi-million dollar machines. Nobody on staff could figure out the problem, so they contacted John the Engineer. John spent the next day studying the machine. At the end of the day, he marked a particular component with a small “x” in chalk. The part was replaced, and the machine immediately started working again. A short while later, the company received an invoice for $75000. After demanding an itemized invoice, John the Engineer responded with the following: 1 chalk mark – $1.00, Knowing where to put it – $74999.00

The Lost Balloonist

A man is flying in a hot air balloon, but realizes he is lost. He spots another man down below, and lowers his balloon to ask for directions. “Excuse me, sir. I was wondering if you could help me? I’m lost and I was supposed to meet up with a friend half an hour ago. The man on the ground says, “Well, you are in a hot air balloon. You are hovering at approximately 30 feet, and you are between 40 – 41 degrees N. latitude, and between 58-59 degrees W. longitude.” “You must be an engineer,” replies the man in the balloon. “Indeed I am,” states the man on the ground. “How did you know?” The balloonist says “Everything you have told me is technically correct, but I am still completely lost.” The man on the ground says, “Hmmm, you must be a manager.” To which, the balloonist asks “How did you know?” The engineer replies, “You don’t know where you are, or where you are going. You have made a promise you cannot keep, and you expect me to solve your problem. You are in the exact same position you were in before we met, but somehow it’s all my fault.”

The Human Body

Three engineering students are sitting around talking about who might have designed the human body. “It must have been a mechanical engineer,” says the first student. “The human body has all sort of levers and pivots and stuff. Only a mechanical engineer would have designed all of that.” The second student replies, “No, it must have been an electrical engineer. Think about the complex way that the nervous system is wired up to the brain.” The third student replies, “No way, dudes. The human body was definitely designed by a civil engineer. Who else would have run a waste water line through the recreational area?”

Protecting Your Eyes After Laser Surgery for Retinal Detachment

I was writing an article for a website. As I worked, I kept looking down to check my resources and looking up track my words on the computer monitor. Several minutes later, I saw a flashing light in my right eye. Oh, oh. Was my retina detaching again?

Having laser surgery for retinal detachment does not guarantee vision. Additional surgery is often required. I've had laser surgery for retinal detachment in both eyes. Despite a fall, that caused blood to drip in one eye, the surgery has held. Still, I have my vision checked yearly. The new flashing light was upsetting.

As I had been advised, I went to the eye doctor immediately. According to "Retinal Detachment," an article on the PubMed Health website, retinal detachment "is an urgent problem that requires medical attention within 24 hours of the first symptoms."

The eye doctor examined my eye with a slit-lamp. The lamp has a magnifying lens that enables the doctor to see the structure of the eye. Since I've had a slit-lamp exam before, I knew what to expect. While the light is very bright, it is not as bright as the laser.

The doctor put numbing drops in my eye and examined the back of my eye with a magnifying lens. "The laser surgery is holding," he announced. What a relief! He asked me to be on the lookout for symptoms of another detachment – lots of floaters, which he described as a swarm of tiny bugs, sudden flashes of light, and a shadow or dark curtain that blocks vision. Blurred vision is another symptom.

Just because I've had laser surgery does not make me immune from another detachment. Previous surgery is a risk factor, along with a family history of this condition. My brother also had a detachment and, like me, his corrective surgery went well. Most of my family members are gone, so I do not know if any others had the same experience.

I have sensitive eyes and wear sunglasses even on cloudy days. Avoiding activities that could cause a recurrence is another thing I do. For example, I used to go cross-country skiing in the woods near the family cabin, but I do not do that any more. Bike riding is also off my exercise list. However, I continue to walk to maintain good health.

Since my eyes tend to be dry, I lubricate them with artificial tears. I keep a bottle in my purse, a bottle in the kitchen, and a bottle in the bathroom. Staying aware of the symptoms of retinal detachment is the most important thing I do. If you have had laser surgery on your eyes, keep these symptoms in mind and do everything you can to protect your vision. You want to see and enjoy our colorful world.

Copyright 2011 by Harriet Hodgson

Loft Insulation Guide

Things you need to know when insulating your loft

Attic insulation has become a necessity now days, especially bearing in mind that lofts are often transformed into dwelling, residential places where some basic living conditions must be fulfilled in order of enabling normal and enjoyable residence. One of the primary concerns is maintaining a constant temperature, that is preventing the cold air from penetrating in during the winter and hot air during the summer, which can only make your loft unbearable to stay in. The most common solution is proper insulation that can not only protect your loft from undesired external temperature effects, but also make a significant impact and contribute to the overall energy efficiency of your home. This is why there are some things you need to know when insulating your attic and we provide some of the answers right here.

Basics and precautions

Before choosing and installing proper attic insulation, there are some things to consider and some precautions that must be taken into account. First off all, you must understand some potential problems that could occur in this type of insulation and some basic ways to prevent and overcome such problems. It is important to try to avoid thermal bypass that can occur at the eaves, then to avoid placing heavy objects on top that can crush air pockets between the fibers and reduce overall insulation effectiveness. Another great problem when insulating your attic is condensation, which could be avoided by proper ventilation across the roof, usually from eaves to eaves. Finally, it is very important to prevent air leakage from the rooms below, traveling through some ceiling penetrations (like wiring or light fixtures).

You need to ask yourself some questions and try addressing some issues, since some things, if not dealt with prior, can cause many problems later on. Firstly, you need to have an easy access to your attic, which will not only make the insulation process easier, but can also do you good later on. You can opt for installing a loft hatch, made out of different kind of materials available in the market today, like tough plastic or timber. Always consult a professional before installing a hatch, since this may involve some ceiling joists cutting that could weaken your roof structure. Another important thing is to examine and estimate the state your roof is in, that is does it need some repair work done, since poorly protected roof or the one that is damaged can affect and reduce your overall energy performance. Previously stated is also applicable to pipe work or wiring, as well as potential cracks and holes within your ceiling that should be dealt with before the work can begin, since any additional work performed later can damage your insulation. Finally, make sure to properly insulate water tanks and pipes, but avoid insulating right below the water tank, otherwise you risk the water freezing during the winter. On the other hand electric cables should not be covered with insulation material, since this can create a risk of cables overheating and causing fire.

If you already have some insulation in your loft, it is important to check its depth, since the prescribed depth depends on the applicable regulation. Namely, the UK insulation regulations changed, so the recommended depth was once up to 100 mm and later on up to 200 mm. If your insulation is below 100 mm, it is likely that it was installed back in the 1970s and should be disposed off. Today the recommended depth, when mineral fiber (glass or rock wool insulation) is used, is between 250 mm and 270 mm. This depth is achieved through double-layered insulation, where approximately 100 mm insulation is placed between the joist and the 170 mm is laid across and over the joists.

Finally, depending on the insulation types, always make sure to take some precautions when working with these materials, such as using appropriate protective equipment, like gloves, protective suits or goggles, make sure that your skin is adequately covered and protected, always work in a well ventilated space, try keeping the loft hatch closed when performing the work and make sure to properly dispose of any insulation waste.

Loft insulation types

Blanket insulation

One of them is using batt or blanket insulation, which includes the use of mineral fiber, that is rock, glass or sheep wool fiber insulation, which is the most commonly used material. The basic advantage of this loft insulation type is that it is basically a DIY job and is particularly suitable for accessible spaces insulation. On the other hand, make sure to take the previously mentioned precautions, since some materials can cause skin irritations and bear in mind that these insulation materials can be to bulky and not always suitable for insulating small and tight places. Before installing insulation, make sure that the loft space is cleared up and that all the wiring is previously taken care of. After measuring the floor space length, this insulation material is laid between the joist, starting from the eves to the center of the loft, when the material is cut and pushed down the joists edges. The process is then repeated from the opposite side again to the center of the loft. Another layer can be placed across and over the joists so the overall insulation reaches the recommended depth of 270 mm. If you need to adjust the length of the insulation material, use scissors to cut it into right size and avoid any stretching or tearing which could damage the material and affect its thermal performance. Also remember to properly insulate the loft hatch as well by fixing a piece of insulation material on the top of the hatch.

Sheet or board insulation

Another way to insulate your loft is by using sheet or board insulation which includes the use of rigid boards in insulation, such as PIR, phenolic or polystyrene boards, cut to the right sizes. Their basic advantage is that the use of available wood boards is a more eco-friendly solution, they are especially applicable in loft conversions and have substantial performance, but can be more expensive than the alternatives. This type of material is placed between the roof rafters, but always leaving some space between insulation and roof tiles in order of providing needed ventilation and thus avoiding condensation.

Loose-fill and blown-fiber materials

Finally, loose-fill and blown-fiber insulation are based on the use of lightweight materials like mineral wool, cellulose fiber or cork granules, which could be good solution when adding insulation to the existing attic one or in hardly accessible spaces but with a risk of coming loose when there is draft. It is not a DIY job, but should be handled by certified professionals. The insulation material is poured between the joist in loose fill insulation, that is blown and spread between the joist in blown-fiber insulation, making sure that there are no uncovered holes or cracks in the ceiling.

Want to Know Your Skin Type?

To pamper ourselves with our skin treatment it is essential to know about the look and feel of our skin. We must first know under which category we fall, so that we don’t delay the starting of the treatment. There are five major categories of skin. There are the normal, oily, dry, combination and the sensitive ones. After identifying the type of your skin, we should choose the right kind of cream and lotion. Today, there is no insufficiency of the numerous products available in the market for the various kinds of skin. How do you check your skin type? One easy way to check is by wiping your face with the dry tissue in waking up in the morning. If there is oil on the skin, then the tissue will be greasy, and is called an oily skin. Apart from external skin care, you should be careful about your diet. A combination skin is a mix of oily and dry skin. If there is grease only in the center panel of the face and dry elsewhere then it is a combination skin, which is T-shaped on the face. If there is no grease at all then it is normal skin. It is a perfectly balanced skin and less problematic. If the skin is too light, shiny and parched then it is a dry skin. It requires more care because it is quite sensitive. This is exactly what happens in the case of dandruff when our skin is deprived of moisture. A sensitive skin is very delicate and vulnerable and prone to allergies. This is not very easy to test.

* Normal Skin – The normal skin type is one of the best type which retains freshness, attraction and flush for long. It is a very rare type of skin. This type of skin is neither greasy nor dry. It feels smooth, supple, elastic and velvety. Colour glows under its translucent surface. Beautiful as it is, it need care for it to last. It has a good balanced oil and moisture levels, so acne is generally never a problem. But care most be taken against premature aging as there will not be extract oil to prevent it. Daily cleansing, toning and nourishing are adequate for the skin. Use a mild or balanced soap and soft water to wash your face daily. If the usual tap water is hard, you can soften it by adding a little borax powder to it. Always rinse with clear water and don’t rub hard around the eyes because the skin here is very delicate. It is essential to remove your make-up before going to bed. Use a good cleansing cream. A skin should be sooth, baby-soft and elastic. It should not be puffy or shining. The pores are fine and hardly visible. A simple cleansing and dabbing with rose water is the answer. At least once a week, avoid using make-up. Extra care during onset of puberty is necessary for some people due to the hormonal imbalance.

* Dry Skin – Dry skin is highly susceptible to extremities to weather conditions. Strong perfumed skin care products should not be used for this skin. Exposure to sun, room heaters and air conditioners also take their toll. Few lines and wrinkles appear faster giving a premature old look. Protect your skin against wind, sun and water. Do not use soap ad cold water, or astringent lotions. Use a good freshener after washing the face with lukewarm water. Ensure that the freshener is non-alcoholic, since alcohol dries the skin. It is advisable to use a good moisturizer and gently massage the skin. Toning, massaging and moisturizing with a generous quantity of oil and moisturizer should be an integral part of routine towards prevention of the skin. The moisturizer increases the water content of the outer layer of the skin, giving it a soft feel. Opt tor a thick cream rather than a runny lotion, as it will have more oil than water. A good nourishing cream at night should be must. Avoid washing frequently with soap as its not only removes germs but also the natural oil along with it which protects the skin and its elasticity. Cucumber juice is a good toner for dry skin and helps in moisturizing the pores. A diet which in vitamins A, B, C and D is beneficial for dry skin.

* Combination Skin – Combination skin type has greasy nose down the bridge and on the forehead like a T. It is a mix of oily and dry which is most misunderstood and mistreated. It needs a different treatment of each area. However, both dry and greasy skins need moisturizing. It is necessary to maintain the acidity of the skin. Choose a strong astringent for oily areas and a mild ones for drier areas. Wash your face with a mild soap and use cleansing milk a t night or use a rose-based cream. Mix curds and lime juice and a it to face and neck. It will works wonder for the skin. Blot off the excess lotion from the oily areas.

* Oily or Greasy Skin – Most people with an oily skin are susceptible to pimples and dark shadows. Hence, care should be taken wash the face frequently, at least thrice a day. Use good cleansing milk or unboiled milk to wash your face at night before retiring to bed. To keep the skin clear of pimples and grease, drink at least six glasses of water everyday. Avoid using make-up, unless you need to attend a party at night. Steaming the face once a week is an effective method to keep the oily face dry.

* Sensitive Skin – This type of skin has usually quite a fine texture with a tendency to be rosier than usual. It is very soft and prone to allergies. Dermatities and allergies are caused by cosmetics like sun, a strong perfume etc., which triggers it easily. Even natural fruits and vegetables can hurt the sensitive skin, as in the case of an oily skin. If no cream or lotion agrees with the skin then turn to mother nature. Use milk to cleanse and moisturize with a solution of rose water and glycerine. These should soothe it. It is beast to avoid perfumes and strong scented creams and lotions. For a particular dry and sensitive skin use primrose oil and moisturiser as it hydrates and protects. Even people suffering from eczema find against irritants that can lead to sensitivity. Careful skin care will take the sting out of the sensitive skin. While your actual skin is determined by young gene factors. still there is plenty you can do on a day-to-day basis to ensure it always looks glowing and is in peak condition. There is no timeframe to follow a good skin care regime as it will last a long time.

Dosage For Chia Seeds

The dosage for chia seeds is basically up to the individual and what their goals are and what their current state of health is.

The dosage of salba seeds for a person with low blood pressure would have to be approved by a Doctor and informing them that they wish to try chia seeds. This is because salba seeds and chia seeds can lower blood pressure even further over a period of time if taken regular. You should only take this if you have low blood pressure after you consult your Doctor as blood pressure can drop too low which is a very dangerous condition. If they are given permission to start taking chia seeds the dosage taken should be about 1 tea spoon full and slowly increased over a longer period of time, but only after conferring with their Doctor.

Dosage for chia seeds of people with high blood pressure

These are another group of people who should seek medical advice before commencing any dosage of chia seeds in their diet, even a small reduction in blood pressure can make a big difference to your health and well being. In a study carried out recently the results showed that if you lower your Diastolic blood pressure (the bottom number) by just 6mm/Hg it can reduce deaths from Heart Attacks by 14% and strokes by a massive 42%!!! For some people a little more exercise and a lower their salt intake, combined with a high fibre diet (CHIA SEEDS) will do the business. It would be best to start after speaking with an expert on 1 teaspoon full a day and slowly build it up over several months with close consultation with your Doctor to 1 table spoon full per day. Then increase it again if this is improving your blood pressure up to a max of 2 table spoon full’s a day (only with permission of your GP)

Dosage for chia seeds of endurance athletes is a different story.

I take two tablespoon full’s at breakfast time in a pint of fresh orange which I make the evening before. This is my breakfast and I do not eat again until mid afternoon approx 2.00 pm. I drink this chia gel and 1 hour later I go for a 50 minute run, I run at a steady pace but only about 6 and a half miles which is by no means an endurance run, but I feel very good taking this superfood and I have done for several months now and lost 2 stone in the last 8 weeks without any real trouble or lack of energy ( in fact I wish I had heard about it earlier from my sister in Australia who put me and my family on to it. The dosage for chia seeds of endurance runners can be increased to 4 to 6 table spoon full’s per day, the Tarahumara barefoot running tribe of Northern Mexico who are legendary in extreme endurance running. They frequently run over a hundred miles without stopping, running all day long. Chia seeds /Salba seeds are their chosen super fuel and they have them in different foods and as chia gel in their water or freisha. The Aztecs used these super seeds to go on expeditions and a warrior could live off only a small spoonful per day. They would also carry a small pouch of chia seeds with them to keep them nourished, taken with a drink of water to hydrate the seeds, The Aztecs called chia seeds their “Running Food”.

Dosage of chia seeds for weight loss

The dosage of chia seeds for weight control depends upon how dedicated and motivated the person is who wants to lose weight. Below is is good calculator for good health:-

If you have a waist to hip measurement of more than 0.8 you have a larger risk of heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and arthritis and you need to start taking preventative measures ( prevention is always better than cure!!)

To calculate your waist-to-hip ratio

Measure your waist at its narrowest.

Measure your hips at their widest.

Divide your waist measurement by your hip measurement to calculate the ratio.

EG if your waist is 79cm(31 inches) divide by your hip 94cm (34 inches) = 0.84

We know that women who are overweight are more prone to breast cancer because of certain chemicals stored in their body fat.EG. Xenoestrogens (oestrogen like chemicals from environmental pollution). As well as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure, overweight people also have to put up with back trouble, joint pain and arthritis because of the extra weight they carry around. Fat loss not weight loss. There is a difference. It is just about impossible to loss more than 900g(2lb) of fat in a week. People who loss more weight than this look haggard because they are losing muscle, water and lean tissue and not much fat.

Permanent weight loss needs to take time and has to be gradual. But it works and the fat stays off much easier.

Chia seeds dosage for weight loss can be incorporated into any food to replace high calorie food. This is done by making a chia gel and using it to replace up to 75% of the high calorie food such as cream or mayo for salads.It can replace the high calorie food without affecting the taste, it can also be used to replace some of the fat when cooking cookies, muffins and cakes etc.

Chia seeds can also be used for weight loss by making you feel fuller for longer like I do in the morning when I use it for my breakfast and suppressing the need to eat snacks because they hold 12 times their weight in any liquid you soak them in. This chia gel slows the enzymes breaking down carbohydrates into blood sugar.

But the general dosage recommended is two tablespoon full’s per day for adults of general health

If you are in any doubt please consult your Doctor before you start to take any dosage of chia seeds.

Chia seeds also have:-

30% more Antioxidants than Blueberries.

6 x more Calcium than Whole Milk.

15 x more Magnesium than Broccoli.

25% more fibre than Flax seeds.

8 x more Omega 3 than Salmon.

3 x more Iron than Spinach.

Enjoy which ever dosage for chia seeds you choose to use.

Saltwater Chlorine Generator Technology

2 NaCl + 4 H2O = 2 NaOH + 2H2 + 2HClO

This translates to be that when electrically charged titanium plates are immersed in salt water, the salt + water will convert to chlorine, water and a little by-product called sodium hydroxide. The same salt is converted, reverted and re-converted into chlorine again and again. It's a miniature chlorine factory. You just add salt to the pool and turn it on.

Many people have concerns about adding so much salt to the pool. But it is nowhere near the salinity level of the ocean. At normal levels, a salt water pool is about 15 times less salty than the ocean. So, it will not taste salty, will not sting the eyes, but does give the water a slightly silkier feel.

Of course, you still have to pay attention to water balance – pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness levels. Keeping a proper level of chlorine stabilizer (cyanuric acid) is also a good idea to reduce demand on your salt cell. Start-up and periodic salt additions to the water to maintain the salt level per manufacturer is necessary.

Having a salt water chlorine generator will not make your life that much easier, but it does provide these key benefits:

  • Keeps chlorine level fairly constant
  • Allows you to shock the pool at the push of a button
  • Reduces production of Chloramines, which smell bad and turn eyes red
  • No more handling of hazardous chlorine chemicals
  • No more storage of hazardous chlorine chemicals
  • No more transporting of hazardous chlorine chemicals.

But perhaps the best reason to use a Saltwater Generator is that it's good for the environment. Using only naturally mined salt, making your own pool chlorine reduces the demand for industrial production of chlorine tablets and granular products. If you do not know – the manufacture of these oxidizers consumes a lot of energy and produces a lot of hazardous waste. Not to mention the stacks of chlorine buckets that you probably have in your shed, and the transportation by truck and rail of these products to various distribution points, then to the stores, and then driven home by (or shipped again to) the pool owner .

Salt Chlorine Systems are not new. They have been around now for nearly 20 years. In the last several years however, the depth of choice for pool owners had increased sharply and the prices have dropped drastically. Salt systems are now available for aboveground pools in an affordable price range. Once a cottage industry, brought up by Aqua-Rite, Clormatic and Goldline – now all of the major manufacturers now have a salt chlorine generator available. Hayward, Jandy, Pentair and Polaris have all released saltwater chlorine generator models in the last few years.

Installing a saltwater chlorine generator is an easy affair. You have a control unit to mount on the wall, near an outlet so you can always have it plugged in. Then you cut the return line, after the filter, and plumb in the electrode. The Jandy AquaPure Ei salt system, shown on top of the page makes the plumbing part really easy. You just drill a small hole in the pipe (core bit included) and clamp the electrode onto the pipe. Most units now have a straight through method of plumbing in the electrode, avoiding the loop arrangement shown above.

After the box is hung and the electrode, or "cell" is plumbed in, you add some pool salt, at a rate of about 200lbs per 10,000 gals of pool water. Most manufacturers suggest salt levels of 2500-3200 ppm. Your salt system controller will tell you when the salt level is too low, too high, and just right. You can also use salt level test strips to test your pool salt level. A small amount of salt will need to be added periodically to replace backwash water, splash out or winterizing procedures.

Pool salt is sold in 40lb bags for just under $ 10 per bag. Shipping can be expensive, so best to check out a Home Store or local home water treatment company like Culligan if you are buying large quantities.

Pulling Up The Banners for Proper Lime Light

The concept of marketing and promoting the products is undergoing a sea change nowadays and years back when it comes to advertisements the channels chosen by the people were very simple namely; oral propagation; writing and painting on the walls and putting up steel boards in front of the establishments.Nowadays, people are finding out novel and innovative methods by which they are willing to market their products and of course, advertisements released through newspapers, news magazines, television channels and websites are becoming more and more competitive taking different shapes and dimensions in quality and glamour. Banners are displayed and erected nowadays for the purpose of marketing and promoting the products and it is as good as advertising in news papers and television channels. Any advertisement released in a newspaper can catch the attention of any person only for limited seconds and similar is the case with television channels and the marketing effort can be considered as successful only more number of people is able to grasp the idea and get an inclination to procure the products. Pull up banners put up in front of the show rooms can play definitely a good role in promoting the product so that it can reach many people.Of course, there are different kinds of banners namely; vinyl banners which are put up on the walls and stages; flying banners erected on sideways, near the road tracks, race tracks, bends at hill top roads etc.; metal signs and many more.

There may be different kinds of advertisements and marketing strategies; however, the success of the activities and events depends upon the level by which the activity reaches the audience. The banners should be prepared in right sizes so that they are bringing a positive impact on the minds of the onlookers, and apart from the above, much importance has to be given for the messages conveyed through the banners. The message should be eye catching and the words should neither be too long nor too short and they should be crisp and should have been coined in such a way that the words are attracting the people to a great extent. Despite the availability of many banners in showrooms, walls, theaters, conference halls, tracks, pathways etc., only certain banners are able to bring the desired results on account of the facts that they are crisp, catchy and are instrumental in creating an inquisitiveness in the minds of the people and definitely they are becoming the cornerstone for creating an eagerness amongst the onlookers to buy the product and any marketing agent who is skilled in preparing the pull up banners taking into consideration the above ideas will definitely be able to bring more success for his endeavor.

Learn and Master Guitar – How to Play Bar Chords

When a guitarist can play bar chords it opens a whole new world of possibilities.

Bar chords (also written as barre chords) require a certain amount of physical strength and endurance. There is also quite a bit of mystery surrounding this type of chord.

In many guitar courses the ability to play bar chords was highly revered as the player who knew how to play bar chords was considered to have reached a new plateau in their guitar playing.

So what's all the fuss? Are these special chords that only the chosen few can play? You might think so if you where to ask a lot of players, but as it turns out bar chords are simply another style of chord that will give your guitar playing added variety and interest.

On a basic level there are two main types of chords played on the guitar:

(a) Open chords – these are the type of chords most guitarists learn first. Open chords are simply any chords that have open strings.

Generally open chords are played using formations on the first three frets of the guitar, of course it is possible to play chord formations anywhere on the guitar and include open strings.

(b) Bar chords – in contrast to the open chords, bar chords do not have any open strings as part of the chord. The term bar (or barre) is derived from the way the chord is formed.

When any single finger is used to cover two or more strings this is referred to as a bar formation. Any finger can be used to create the bar formation.

The first finger is used for covering the six strings for the basic bar chord formations.

How do bar chords work?

Essentially bar chords are simply moveable versions of open chord shapes.

Let's take the open "E" major chord as an example of converting an open chord to a bar chord shape.

As you know the open "E" major chord consists of six strings, if we moved this E chord formation up one fret, three of the notes would be raised in pitch while the other three strings (the open strings) would remain at their original pitch.

The concept behind playing bar chords is to be able to close off the open strings so that when you move any chord shape over the entire fretboard all the notes of the chord will be raised or lowered equally.

Back to our original "E" major chord, if we where to close off the open strings (the first, second and sixth strings) with our index finger and use our remaining three fingers to create the original "E" major shape one fret higher we would now be playing our first bar chord.

Our bar chord shape would be as follows:

(1) Index finger covering all six strings
(2) 2nd finger playing third string, second fret
(3) 3rd finger playing fifth string, third fret
(4) 4th finger playing fourth string, third fret

Obviously, with our second, third and fourth fingers on the third, fourth and fifth strings only the notes on the first, second and sixth strings will sound from the bar formation created by our index finger.

The neat thing is that because no open strings are being played with this formation we are free to move the chord shape all over the guitar.

Because we have derived our bar chord shape from a open 'major' chord our new bar chord shape will be a 'major' chord wherever we move it.

The bar chord will remain a 'major' chord because mathematically we are keeping the same distance between all the notes, we have simply transposed them to a different pitch.

How do we know what to call our new bar chord?

That's simple … our original chord was called "E" major, the sixth string open is also named "E" (remember the "E" major chord was an open chord) hence all new moveable bar chord shapes based on the open " E "major chord will have their chord name identified by whatever note is under the index finger.

For example:

The "E" major chord shape played as a bar chord on the …

1st fret produces an "F" major chord
2nd fret produces an "F # / Gb" major chord
3rd fret produces an "G" major chord
4th fret produces an "G # / Ab" major chord
5th fret produces an "A" major chord
6th fret produces an "A # / Bb" major chord
7th fret produces an "B" major chord
8th fret produces an "C" major chord
9th fret produces an "C # / Db" major chord
10th fret produces an "D" major chord etc, etc

You can apply the same concept to minor, dominant seventh and minor seventh open "E" chord shapes and use the exact same reference chart.

How to Increase Penis Size

The simple way to increase your penis size can be achieved when you make use of a penis pump. The vacuum created by a penis pump can make the size of your penis to increase in diameter, length and girth as the case may be. The head of the penis will also become a bit bigger and the texture of your penis will be harder.

The way this method can be actualized is simple and I will describe it in an easy to understand manner for you so you can get the main gist. You will have to first of all buy a penis pump. It will not cost more than $50. An example of a penis pump which is very good for this purpose is the passion pump. When you have purchased it, the next step is to put what I am about to tell you into practice. The penis pump has a mouth-like hole in it. You will need to put your penis into the hole and apply pressure by pumping its trigger so the vacuum created by the passion pump will increase the length of your penis.

After this has been attained, simply take off your penis from the hole and use a cock-ring to retain the gained size. This is good when you want to have sex with your partner and you need a bigger penis size and hard erection. Remember not to leave the cock-ring on your penis for more than 30 minutes. You will be given a free cock-ring when you buy the passion pump. I suggest you should not fall for scams that claim you could increase your penis size using exercises. The penis is not a muscle and exercises can never increase your penis size, regardless of the claims that most are backed by medical doctors.

The second way to increase the diameter of your penis is by taking Vimax. Vimax is a herbal product which is used by men who wish to increase the size of their penis. It contains ingredients mixed together to ensure that your penis size grows bigger when you begin to take it. It is completely harmless and it contains no flavors or artificial ingredients. All it contains are natural herbs extract, so this should give you the confident that it will not harm your health in any manner. A lot of men have benefited from Vimax herbal supplement. You have to see how it works at vimax herbal supplement

How to Give a Woman an Orgasm – Three Questions to Turn Your Lady Into a Wildcat in Bed!

If you could turn your lady into a wildcat in bed by just asking her a few questions would you do it? That is a stupid question…of course you would. Read below the three questions you MUST know to turn her on!

Keep in mind that questions are very POWERFUL because they make people think and it changes their state of mind INSTANTLY. But, you have to ask high-quality questions or you are lost. If you ask the wrong questions then you get the wrong answers. For example, if you ask “why am I such a loser in bed” then you will get an answer but what good did the answer do you? It’s negative! For that circumstance, you should ask something like “how can I please my woman tonight better than ever?” The answer to that question is that you must ask her the right questions.

Here are questions you MUST ask her.

1st Question.

Ask her “how did I get so lucky to have you in my life?” This will instantly change her state of mind and make her emotionally attached to you. It will make her feeling loving towards you.

Ask yourself this question, “didn’t I have the best sex and love making in my life when my lady had a strong emotional feeling towards me?” The answer is YES. You need to take her feelings back to that time. You can do that with the right questions.

Some women can even have great no-touch orgasms because they are so emotionally attached to a guy. It’s just their make up. You can ethically exploit her changed state of mind in your direction.

Be sincere because women can see through insincerity and fakes!

2nd Question.

The next question should be in the context of “how can I show you my love and affection tonight?” Now, you’ve moved her in the direction of affection, love, sex, and a love banquet. You didn’t ask her “if.” You asked her “how.”

You’ve assumed that she will want to have a great session tonight. Again, you’ve changed her state of mind with just a question.

Assume that she says that she wants to go out to eat, go back on the couch and make out, and then go to the bedroom and ride you. Now is that a bad thing?

One question has brought you all the power!

3rd Question.

The third question should be more detailed. Ask her “what would make your so turned on by making out and riding me?” Now this question is almost unfair. If you ask it correctly she might just want to ride you right now. She might not want to wait.

No matter what she says you can repeat it back to her with more detailed questions until it gets more and more erotic. And more sexy and seductive. Now you explore her unfulfilled fantasies or some sex games she’s always wanted to play. She may even have a no-touch orgasm!

Try these questions, or questions like them, and you will love them.

Cutting the Cable (TV) With Rabbit Ears

It took years for me to do this.

I was afraid to disconnect from cable TV.

What would I do without it? My favorite programs were on it: Law and Order, Boston Legal, and Turner Classic movies.

And my youngest daughter loved the Disney station. But I could not stand the advertising, the endless commercials (not on Turner) and I was not so sure that some of those children's programs were all that wholesome either.

And the price of the service kept going up and up and up.

But still I hung in there.

There is something social about having cable. It's like you're not connected to the world unless you have it.

But when the prices hit $ 65 a month I baulked.

That's how much I paid for rent in my first cabin when I moved away from home in 1968, and that included utilities.

But still the fear of disconnecting persisted.

My daughter out grew the Disney station and so my last moral fiber to cable was snipped. I reduced to basic television with a package that included Turner Classic Movies.

Total cost: $ 22.

Not bad at all. I received some fifty or sixty stations, which I never watched, Turner Classic Movies, and about five other movie stations; some with commercials others without.

Now, I love the old black and white classics, but after you've seen them half a dozen times each, you start to flip around to the other stations, but the movies they were showing on the other stations were not riveting.

Yet, there was the news.

I love the news.

But, I discovered I was getting more and more of my news on NPR and online.

But I do enjoy the News Hour on PBS.

The case for television kept weakening, yet I still could not cut that cable.

Then one day it happened.

I could not stand it any longer.

I unscrewed the cable.

I was finally free from cable TV.

I took the black box back to the cable company.

I was all alone.

Just me and NPR.

But then I thought, what if there were an emergency?

How would I know what was going on in my neighborhood, in the state, in the country in the world.

I panicked.

And though I love NPR, I wanted to actually see things that were going on locally, to be in touch.

I bought a set of rabbit ears for $ 10, connected them to the antenna on my television and flipped on the set and scrolled down to the easy set-up.

Within moments I was watching five stations with varying degrees of clarity.

Not only did I get our local PBS with the News Hour, but Channel Four, an excellent news station from San Francisco, some sixty miles away, Channel 50, from Santa Rosa, about eight miles away, a Hispanic station which has an excellent news show in Spanish which I understand very little of, but is fascinating to watch, and another channel that shows the same five or so black and white classics over and over and over commercial free.

I do not understand that last station at all.

So, I have television again, for free.

And I hardly watch it at all.

There's something comforting about watching television every once in a while.

And when season four of Boston Legal comes out on DVD I'll rent it from Netflix and watch it commercial free.