Child Tracking – Is It Necessary?

You would be hard-pressed not to have noticed increasing discussion about child tracking technology use and abuse these days. Just recently there has been a lot of debate about its use in schools, and whether this is a good idea or a bad idea. So what exactly are the issues for me as a parent? Should I be worried about the technology? Should I be considering using it myself? Are there other alternatives?

Looking at it from a parents point of view rather than from a school or state body position, frankly there can be very few parents who do not at some time worry about the whereabouts of their children, or what may happen if they were to go missing . It's a fact of life that very young children can and do wander, and no parent can watch their kids every single minute without getting distracted at some point. The problem is compounded when you have more than one child who are not necessarily wandering off in the same direction at the same time! I have had numerous occasions where I've been tending one child, only to realise that the other one has "disappeared". Although it may only be for a short period of time, it does not stop the horrible sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach when I can not see where my child has gone. Sometimes they may be standing right behind me, or just obscured from view temporarily, but it is enough to realise that I would very much like a way to know exactly where they are at any time. Just in case.

If things are bad enough locally, the problem is escalated when away from home, particularly while travelling abroad when the language is not our own language. What if one child should wander off and lose sight of us? How would they even begin to communicate with the locals simply to get help? An otherwise simple scenario can turn into something quite major very quickly in an unfamiliar area.

Whatever the reality of the situation – these are I'm sure typical fears of any parent. Am I wrong to be concerned about this? Am i wrong to consider using whatever means – technological or otherwise to ensure that I always know where my children are? If the technology works and is affordable, I will use it.

A different issue is whether to allow other people to track my children. This is already happening in some schools in America and is very controversial. I do not mind a school using technology to track my child, for example, when out on a field trip to an unfamiliar area. Preferably using a tracker that has only been temporarily assigned to my child for the purpose of that particular trip. Anything that helps ensure safety is good, as long as it is not used as an excuse for complacency by the teachers, and as long as they do not abdicate their responsibility to the technology. I would be concerned that they may pay less attention to their duty to look after my child if they rely too much on GPS trackers to do the job for them.

One school in the USA has been using child tracking devices attached to the children's clothing to keep track of their movements throughout the school and to ensure that they are actually where they are supposed to be at any given time. They have implemented this technology to alleviate a burden of having to take hourly registration of all students. This to me is potentially an abuse of the technology. It is an overkill in this situation, where the problem is simply one of administration. There are other ways to address this sort of problem, not the least is to consider whether hourly registration itself is really a necessity. If nothing else, it is an incredible waste of tax payers money if this "solution" is implemented across the country.

Given that recent advances in the technology have created a tracking device so small that it can be implanted under the skin, there will always be the concern in my mind that tracking can be abused by those in power. It's not as far-fetched as it may sound. In the UK for example, the Regulation Of Investigatory Powers Act (2000) grants the state extraordinary powers to intercept emails, monitor web traffic, tap phone calls and voice mail, utilise CCTV and so on. These powers were extended to hundreds of organisations and councils. You may think that we can trust those in charge to use the powers wisely and, say, allow the Police and other organizations to track hardened criminals and suspected terrorists. This would therefore seem quite reasonable. However, there have already been examples of incredible abuse of the powers. It has been used to allow surveillance of families suspected of fraudulent school place applications by more than one council. Other councils have used surveillance methods to check on people leaving their rubbish bins out on the wrong days, to spy on people who drop litter and those whose dogs have fouled in public places. It's akin to using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. It is also a small step for tracking locator technology to be added to the list of methods available (assuming that it has not already been added).

So there are issues surrounding this new use of technology, mainly because there is the danger that it can be implemented in the wrong way. Is the child tracking technology necessary? As a parent, I'd happily use it for my own peace of mind. However as a society, we have to make ourselves aware of how the technology is being implemented and ask ourselves whether we are inadvertently sleepwalking into a "Big Brother" state.

Roofing – Flat Roof Repair

Whereas a sloped roof works to allow water to run down the surface and onto the ground below, a flat roof must be able to retain water through the use of a seal in order to prevent water damage. If you have noticed blisters or cracks in the shingles of your flat roof, you may be looking at some roofing repair work. In this article, we will outline the basics of flat roof repair.

Cracks and Peels

Step 1 – Head up top and sweep the surface to rid the area of ​​dust and debris that has collected. Roofing cement has difficulty adhering to dirty surfaces, and so the area must be clean.

Step 2 – Next, cut around the problem area with a sharp razor in order to remove the section in question. Try your best to make it a straight edge shape, such as a rectangle.

Step 3 – You will then use the piece cut from the roof as a base to cut the replacement shingle.

Step 4 – Cut out an additional shingle, roughly 2 inches larger than the area and apply cement underneath the edges before pressing the new shingle into the vacant spot.

Step 5 – To secure the area, tack the new shingle down with roofing nails. Cement need only be applies to the bottom layer, and the others will be able to be nailed.

Step 6 – Next, lay an even larger shingle patch over the last one and secure it in the same fashion as the others. Add cement to the edges to seal it in place.

Bubbles and Split Shingles

Step 1 – Begin by cutting into the first layer of the bubble with a razor blade.

Step 2 – Pry the layer open from the cut and apply roofing cement into the interior and both edges of the cut. This method also works with split shingles.

Step 3 – Nail each side of the area down and cover it with a patch, similar to the method used in the application above.


If you find yourself in a situation which requires a little more know-how, or think you've gotten yourself in over your head, the best solution is to call in the aid of a professional roofing technician. He or she will best be able to diagnose the problem and offer recommendations and solutions to help in fixing it.

Advice on Selecting Best Roofing Material

The foundation of a house or building is important to the sound structure. The roof is also important to keeping the structure secure. There are a variety of roofing materials available. When searching for the right roofing material there are many factors to keep in mind.

Choosing material is directed by various things including the person's budget, what they want in beautification of the location and maintenance. Roofing material includes metal, tile, slate and asphalt. Each has their own purposes and people have their own reasons for choosing these particular roofing materials for their structure.

Asphalt shingles have been a typical material for many decades. It is inexpensive yet it can have trouble during weather conditions making contractors search to use the best options of this roofing material. They talk with their client about an architectural shingle that is an upgrade option. When it comes to this upgrade they are a stronger asphalt shingle that is also thicker. They are not just strong, but stylish as well. Even with the upgrade the cost is still considered to be fairly inexpensive. However, the life span of asphalt shingles is about 20-30 years while the rest of the materials can even last up to 80-90 years.

This stronger option is available in various colors and is considered to resemble slate when looked at from afar. Another similarity is to wood shakes. This is a wooden shingle that does well with the weather. It is designed to help a home to become part of the land and have a natural look. It is a roof design that is covered with wood shakes that are thicker options and rougher than other options. It adds character and style to the home. The negative to these wooden shingles as well as the wooden shakes is they are costly and require a lot of maintenance. If someone is interested in wooden shingles and shakes then another option are fakes. These are another idea to use in areas that have a fire risk, such as in California. They look like wood but meet local codes that call for roofing materials that are only fireproof.

Selecting a professional roofing contractor can be frustrating if you are not referenced or suggested a company by friends or family. However, one sure shot way of selecting the right company is to go for a company that is insured, bonded and licensed as well as accredited with Better Business Bureau.

Talk to roofing professionals to help determine the best material options for a particular structure. They can help clients find the proper material at a reasonable price. They will go through the pros and cons to best determine the roof materials needed. Clients what to get quality material that will protect their structure as well as meeting their budget. Most of the state's licensing boards have the list of roofers and roofing companies to install roofing materials. Additionally, roofing experts and companies have their own websites so you can look online and check out their services.

Analysis of the Mona Lisa Painting

Leonardo Da Vinci was born and raised in Italy where the Mona Lisa was ultimately painted started in 1503. The style of the painting has long been cited as the forerunner of numerous styles of art, one of the true masterpieces in the history of world art.

A Description of Mona Lisa

Painting the Mona Lisa, Leonardo elevated himself into another station of artist, those that create new forms and perspectives. The relatively small painting of Mona Lisa manages to craft one of the most intense and effective art experience into a compact 30″ by 20 ½” frame. As for what kind of paint Mona Lisa was originally envisioned with, oils were used on poplar wood panel and have been restored numerous times. In recent years, curators at the Louvre have begun to worry that the painting appears to be breaking down more rapidly than in the past.

Leonardo places his model in the midst of the painting, using a pyramid design to center her. The fold of her hands forms the front of the pyramid and he uses the same glowing light for her breast, neck and face. His lighting is important as he uses it to create many of the geometric shapes – circles and spheres – that compose the painting. The form of the painting itself is very simple, a modification of the Seated Madonna, a form very popular during the 15th and 16th centuries for portraits.

What Does the Mona Lisa Mean?

He modifies the formula however, creating a sense of distance between the sitter and observer, mostly utilizing the arm chair on which she rests. Everything about her posture speaks reservation and silence. However, her eyes silently meet the gaze of the observer, drawing the viewer into her eye line. Everything surrounding her face is dark, bringing that much more focus to the light of her face and the attraction it provides. The overall effect is a kind of natural attraction to her, drawn in by her appearance, but it immediately contrasts with the distance Leonardo creates between subject and observer.

The landscape of the painting has long been pointed out as the first instance of portrait on landscape. Seated in the midst of an open loggia with what appears to be pillars on either side of her, a vast landscape stretches out towards an icy mountain range. The curves of her hair and clothing are emulated in the waves of the landscape and steady curves in the river and hills behind her. The question has thus arisen as to whether the Mona Lisa is as much a portrait as it is the depiction of an ideal. The harmony between the model and the landscape behind her creates a sort of natural order, all punctuated by the detail of her mouth and that world famous smile.

The Smile

For centuries, historians, psychologists, writers, and politicians have been trying to offer their own theories as to what the smile of Mona Lisa might signify. Freud characterized it as an allusion to an Oedipus complex (he was in love with his mother) in Da Vinci while others have stated that it is a sign of innocence and calm. The question of why the smile is seen in so many different ways has become almost as big of a research subject as the smile itself. There have been scientists who point out the special relations of the smile and how human sight picks up on them. Margaret Livingstone, a professor at Harvard claims that the painting is most effective when viewed peripherally. The smile is more effective when looking at her eyes for example.

In 2005 a computer program was used that analyzes facial expressions for emotional recognition to assign “emotional” values to the smile. That program found her to be 83% happy. Regardless of Da Vinci’s intentions, the smile of the Mona Lisa is one of the most enduring questions in all of art.

Mona Lisa Analysis Today

Because of the research and attention the Mona Lisa has drawn, more than a few dozen people have tried their hand at recreating it. Hundreds of copies reside in different art galleries around the world, some of which their owners believe to be the original. Recently, an internet phenomenon has arise in which a clever MS Paint user was able to make a video showing how to make the Mona Lisa on paint, the free graphics program bundled with Windows. Copying the Mona Lisa has long been a standard test of an artist’s tenacity and skill.

Beyblade Toys – Beyblade Metal Fusion Super Vortex Battle Set

The Beyblade Metal Fusion Super Vortex Battle Set is for intense battles. For sure every fan will love this as they can find out who among their friends can win it out and emerge the champion in the competition. The battle set was designed for intense battle and only the strongest will survive.

This was originally a Japanese manga that was produced by Takafumi Adachi. It has now become more popular as it had produced an anime show that the manga fans loved.

Beyblade Metal Fusion has hit the airwaves just recently. Though it has started to air in Japan last year, it was just recently that fans outside of Japan were able to see it for themselves on their TV screens. It was just this August that it had started airing in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. But even if not shown locally in other countries, other fans from around the globe are still great supporters of the show. And they can very much join in on the hype with their Beyblade Toys.

With this great battle set the fans can engage in battles with their friends. Aside from this the toy offers a lot of features so this will be surely enjoyed and will be greatly appreciated by any fan. This will be a big hit may it be for the fan of the Beyblade Metal Fusion manga series or the Beyblade Metal Fusion anime show.

With multiple features and numerous accessories the battle set has all that you need for a spinning battle with your friends. Everything is included in the package and you wouldn’t need to buy additional accessories for you to be able to carry out a game. In just this one set, you can immediately have friends over for an intense battle of skills.

The Battle Set has a Super Vortex Beystadium arena where the battle will take place. It has two Beyblade Metal Fusion tops that you can get exclusively from this set. The two tops are the Storm Pegasus and Lightning L-Drago. With these two tops, two corresponding ripcord launchers are also included. Aside from all these the battle set also includes 24 tournament grids and an extra accessory that will be a treat for fans, 2 collector cards.

Special tops for the battle arena

The two tops included in the set, the Storm Pegasus and Lightning L-Drago, are equipped with cool features that will make the battle more exciting for you. These are no ordinary tops. The Storm Pegasus has an RF tip which makes for easy and quick maneuvering. This feature makes the Storm Pegasus top a great mover and shaker. The Lightning L-Drago should also not be underestimated. It can effectively compete with the Storm Pegasus as it exhibits a distinctive left-spin that will maximize the top’s attack potential. With all these features included in the two tops, the competition will be fierce and it will depend on the one maneuvering to win it out.

Fans love the intense battles that they read about in the manga or watch on the episodes of the show. Now, with the Beyblade Metal Fusion Super Vortex Battle Set fans can hold battles in real life. They can experience for themselves how to be in command of the tops and maximize the tops’ features to defeat their opponent. With this toy, intense battles are enjoyed in real life and not just observed on screen.

How Successful People Reach Their Goals

I have been studying the lives and mindsets of some of the most successful people for a couple of years now and I have learned a great deal about what these people do that is so different from everyone else. A lot of people think that these people just got "lucky" or that they were born rich, but the majority of the highly successful people in the world have something really special, a drive, desire and a mindset that is far from average.

It is these very same extraordinary properties that help these people achieve all of their goals and desires in life. In this article I will go through some of the things that separate these people from regular people and allow them to achieve the amounts of success they do.

The first thing that is really special about these people is their understanding of success and why someone's mindset is the most important aspect of becoming successful. They spend thousands and thousands of dollars on constantly educating themselves and learning to make new distinctions, they know that investing in yourself is the best thing you can do and that your investment will double itself in the next couple of years.

These people constantly strive to create a really extraordinary psychology and they see their personality as something that should be constantly developed and trained. The next thing that is really special about these people is the fact that they have extremely high expectations to themselves. They are always looking for things to improve in their lives and they never accept second rate behavior from themselves or people in their social circle.

They do not just wish to achieve things or dream of succeeding in life. These people have decided and made it a must to reach all of their goals in their lives, they do not dream or wish for things to happen, because it is a must for them, they go out and take massive action until they reach their desired destination.

Last but not least they understand that the competition levels for the high levels goals are a lot lower than the "easier" goals. They understand that the majority of people are competing for the smaller goals and therefore they make life easier on themselves by going for the really big and "impossible" goals. Try implementing some of these beliefs into your own life and you will immediately see different results.

5 Reasons Why Your PowerPoint Presentation Failed Miserably

You did the research, you prepared the deck, you printed out the handouts, and finally you delivered the presentation. But somehow there seemed to be a big disconnect between you and the audience.

In fact, when you glanced out at the audience, you noticed that people were looking down at their smartphones, fidgeting in their seats, and you even witnessed a few yawns.

Chances are your presentation contained one of the five biggest PowerPoint mistakes – the kind that make people in the audience wish they were at their dentist’s office instead.

Let’s face it: all us have sat through many painful PowerPoint presentations that leave a lot to be desired. But it really doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are five of the most common and biggest mistakes to avoid when delivering a PowerPoint presentation, with recommendations on how to avoid each of them. Although there are a lot additional factors, the emphasis will be on the visuals, which capture people’s immediate attention.

1. Too Many Bullets

You may have heard that bullets kill, and the same holds true for your audience when delivering a PowerPoint Presentation.

When you display a multitude of bullet points all at once and then read from the slides, you are essentially killing your audience’s.

As soon as you present the list of bullets, guess what do people do? They tend to read the bullets ahead of you, while you are still talking, and they are no longer listening to you. Their focus is split between you and your bullets.

Keep the bullets hidden and tucked away in the presenter’s notes portion in PowerPoint. The presenter notes were put there for a reason: to keep you on point.

Convey the information visually so it complements the points you are speaking about. To stop using bullets as a crutch can be difficult at first and will take unlearning a bad habit, but you can do it through practice and repetition.

Limit the number of bullets; bullets kill.

2. Not Enough Visuals

We are visually-oriented and sight-dominant. Sight is the sense that we rely on most. In fact the nerves that lead from the eye to the brain are twenty-five times as large as those leading from the ear to the brain. Our mind thinks in pictures – or as the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Your slides are meant to complement your presentation, not distract your audience from the presentation. Use pictures to present your idea or concept. Instead of showing a spreadsheet, talk about a compelling figure and focus on that.

To give you an example, a presenter delivered a talk about her home town of Bangladesh. Each slide was covered from edge to edge and covered the entire slide in vivid detail. As she progressed through each slide she let the visual on each slide convey and support her main point. The same can be done for facts, figures, etc.

This is similar to Steve Jobs’ style of presenting. His slides are highly visual and have no bullets! Use more visuals.

3. Use of Inadequate Clip Art

Using clip art from the web or the clip art browser contained within PowerPoint may be convenient enough and cost-effective, but there is a downside: It is usually a bore, often a poor choice, and looks unprofessional. There are plenty of other resources available.

There are three excellent choices which range from free to more expensive. As the saying goes you usually get what you pay for.

Pixabay is an excellent choice for free photos and illustrations. iStockPhoto is a middle-of-the-road choice, and GettyImages are the most expensive but are of high quality. For high-end clip art, consider

Ditch the wrong clip art and choose clip art from better sources, it will have a more profound impact on your audience and make it appear much more professional.

4. Too Many Colors

While it is tempting to use a variety of colors, limit the color palette to preferably one or two dominant colors. This will simplify and enhance the overall look of the presentation.

To decide on a primary color, consider the content and what you want the presentation to convey. Colors convey attributes like passion, dependability, or youthfulness; you need to consider exactly which attributes relate to your content.

Colors have meaning. To give you a quick trip through the spectrum, red is energetic. Blue, the color of the sea and sky, portrays permanence and solid dependability, Yellow, the color of sunshine, is associated with joy, happiness, and energy. Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and vitality.

Chose a color based on the attribute you want to convey, and limit the color palette to one or two dominant colors. Anything more than this can look busy.

5. Poor Use of Fonts

As with colors, you should limit the number of fonts to one or two. Just as colors convey attributes, fonts convey and project a personality. Each font is unique, and there are a variety to chose from.

And forget Comic Sans and Arial; they are overused and do not convey much personality. A popular font used for headlines is bebas neue, and it is available for free at Font Squirrel.

Another faux pas is using small type sizes. Anything under 30 points is too small for your audience to read. If by chance you are using fonts that are smaller than 30 points, chances are you are still using bullets. Remember what we said about bullets earlier?

If you must use text, consider using only one to three words on a slide, and place them at a large size. Once again, this is what Steve Jobs did, and he should know.

To wrap up, get rid of the bullets, use more visuals, upgrade the clip art, simplify the colors, and choose better fonts. By incorporating these suggestions, you can connect with your audience, wake them up, and be remembered for the great PowerPoint presentation that you delivered.

How To Buy A iPhone Without Contract

Are you wondering how to buy a iPhone without contract? iPhones are expensive enough, and with a locked in contract your bills can skyrocket. We will discuss how you can buy this smart phone without a contract as well as the best places where you will be able to find one at.

The iPhone has been out since 2007 and many other phone companies have tried to replicate it. Even with the dozens of other copy-cat phones in production, it seems the iPhone is still one of the most wished for and renowned smart phones currently on the market. However, the phone’s price is still pretty expensive, and hasn’t came down to much in price since it’s debut.

There are basically two ways to buy an iPhone.

1. You can buy a new iPhone 4 from and become an AT&T customer with a contract. Apple does not let you buy new iPhones straight from the company without agreeing to this 2-year contract with AT&T. Yes, the phones have come down in price, but only at the expense of locking you into roughly $50 per month agreement with AT&T.

2. The second way is to buy an older model phone or an iPhone that has been used or refurbished. Older models such as the iPhone 3G and 3Gs are still excellent phones and are much cheaper to buy than newer models. Many times you can even find new old models for cheap without a contract if you know where to look.

So where are the best places to buy a iPhone without contract?

There are a few places where you can find iPhones for cheap without a contract attached. However, you must be cautious and buy from a reputable place – especially if your buying any type of mobile technology device.

Yes, you could find some cheap iPhones with no contracts from sites like eBay and Craigslist, but be very careful if you care considering this route. Classified sites like these are typically regular people who are trying to get rid of their used devices for some reason and trying to make some quick money in the process.

It’s not to say that you can’t find quality things from these places, but most of the time these products will be in lower quality than other dealers on-line who work with the original companies that produces the product.

The best place to find iPhones without a contract is to buy from a reputable online dealer / business that either works with Apple or is affiliated with Apple. Inc. These sites will also have user and product reviews from people who have bought previously from a particular place. You want to make sure that a seller / dealer has a positive rating and that there are at least a couple user reviews on the product they are selling.

Grow Plants in Total Darkness

Some people claim that it’s possible to grow plants in total darkness. If you’d like to see for yourself, you’ll find all the information you need right here. Think what a great science project this could make for you or someone you know.

To give you a general overview of the experiment, a seed is placed in a container along with two metal plates. The container is placed in a box or somewhere light can’t reach it. Wires from the plates go to a plate outside the house and to an electrical ground inside the house. Energy gathered from the outside plate travels down the wire to the seed where it causes the seed to sprout and grow in the absence of sunlight.

We’ll be using seeds in this case, but you can also try using young or mature plants as well. Just know that as the size of the plant increases, the size of the plate must also increase. It may take some experimentation to find the right size of the metal plate in relation to the size of the plant.

Here is a list of things you’ll need for this experiment:

1. Two lengths of thin, insulated wire for each container. They can be any gauge you have around.

2. Three metal plates (approximately 2″ x 2″) for each seed. Aluminum roof flashing works great.

3. A small container for each seed.

4. Seeds of your choice for planting.


Find two wires that are long enough for one to reach from where you have the container inside the house, to a high spot outside the house. The other needs to be long enough to reach a grounding source, such as a water pipe, inside the house.


Strip away an inch or so of the insulation from both ends of each wire and attach the one going to the grounding source to one of the plates as follows:

Drill a small hole close to the edge of the plate and thread the wire through it. Loop the bare wire back to itself and twist the wires together. Solder the wire at the hole to keep it in place and to make the electrical connection.

You can also use duct tape, glue, or anything else you can find to keep the bare wire always touching the metal plate. An electrical connection to the plate is crucial for this to work.


Place the metal plate in the container where you’ll be planting the seed and run the wire up and over the edge. Fill the container with potting soil or dirt and plant the seed. Place the container on a table a few feet above the ground.


Run the wire from the plate to an electrical ground. An easy place to find a ground is underneath a sink. Wrap the bare wire around one of the bare pipes coming out of the wall to make this connection.


Attach the longer wire that will be going to the high spot on the outside of the house to another metal plate. Drill a hole, insert and twist the wire, then solder in the same manner as the first plate.


This step may take a bit of ingenuity on your part, but you need to find a way to suspend the second plate a few inches above the soil where the seed is planted. In doing so, this plate can’t touch the soil in any way. Devise whatever method you can to ensure that no contact is made.

A possible solution might be to put, over the top of the seed, one of those plastic spacers that sits in the middle of a pizza to keep the lid from smashing in. Push the legs of the spacer into the dirt and attach the metal plate to it to hold it suspended over the seed.

As the experiment progresses and the seed grows, you will need to think of another way to suspend the plate over the plant. Test different heights for the upper plate and find the height that allows optimal plant growth.


Finally, connect the free end of the wire from the upper plate to the remaining plate as already described. Guide the plate and wire outside to a high spot, either on the roof, in a tree, or on a pole. Placing this plate the greatest distance possible from the ground will allow more energy to flow down the wire to the plant.

That’s all there is to it! You’re now ready to sit back and watch something mysterious happen. Water the plant as needed and check for growth.

Try different variations of this experiment and have some fun finding out what works best for you. If you have success, share what you learn with others. Science is for us to learn and use, and when we give this information to others, we all benefit.

Air Conditioner Duct Cleaning – Rotobrush Business Opportunity

Air conditioner duct cleaning when combined with cleaning coils, is said to improve energy efficiency by 30 percent. If you clean the clothes dryer vent and remove blockages during the same service call, you can eliminate a fire hazard and cut the time necessary to dry clothes as well. Rotobrush duct cleaning machines operators can earn significant income even part time. What else will you need to know to evaluate the benefits of central air duct cleaning?

Benefits of Cleaning Air Ducts

Rotobrush International, LLC is headquartered in Grapevine, Texas and has been manufacturing duct cleaning machines for over twenty years. They are a manufacturer, not a franchisor. Lane Jeffryes, a 15 year Lennox veteran is the new CEO and President.

In addition to air conditioner duct cleaning, to improve indoor air quality and energy efficiency, Rotobrush operators may also install additional insulation where needed and seal ductwork. According to Rotobrush, 25-45 percent of heating and cooling energy is lost due to leakage, and 45 percent of a home's heat loss comes from inadequate insulation.

You may also notice an improvement in indoor air quality.

Rotobrush Business Opportunity

Rotobrush claims annual income available from working part time with 1-3 jobs per week, can amount to $ 25,000- $ 75,000. A typical initial investment of $ 15,000 is required and financing is available with $ 5,000 down payment, putting the initial outlay lower than most business opportunities.

Duct cleaning machines use a motor to turn a belt driven cable that runs through the vacuum hose to spin the brush. Operators report their sales increase significantly when also purchasing a camera attachment to show prospective customers the inside of the ductwork.

The length and vacuum power of the Rotobrush equipment is suited to residential use, but you will probably need to look at different equipment for commercial applications. The duct cleaning machines can be operated by a single individual on the job site.

Rotobrush offers RotoConnect, an online forum where members in related fields can ask questions, share ideas and help each other.

The central air conditioner duct cleaning machines do come with marketing materials and ideas, but you really need to do your own market analysis, and create a more comprehensive marketing plan, to develop enough new customers to support and profit from your investment.

Air-Conditioner in an Interior

As far as interior is concerned, air conditions have become a common sight in commercial spaces and also at residential places. Due to changing climate in our city, air-conditions can bring comfort in the spell of really hot weather.

The principle of air conditioning is exactly the same that makes refrigerator work. The refrigerant liquid is pumped around a continuous closed circuits loop through two sets of coils. First it enters the evaporator coil where the liquid absorbs heat from surrounding air and becomes gas. Then it passes through a compressor which compresses the gas and turns it into a liquid, this liquid passes through the condensing coil thus cooling the inside of the unit. Then with the help of fan the air is blown over this coil in the room. This air blown over the coil cools the room making the indoor temperature of the room cooler.

In the field of interior, there are two main types of air-conditions used in Indian homes. The first is window type unit. This unit has all the required coils fitted into a single casing and can be installed into a window opening or opening made in an external wall. These units are comparatively noisier than the second type as motor, fan, compressor and coils are fitted in one unit, but installing this is comparatively simple and the maintenance of this unit is also easy. These window units are comparatively cheaper than the other variety.

Window units are very efficient to cool small rooms, which are less deep as the throw from this unit is not that deep. Typical size of the cut out required for this unit in the wall or window is around 17 "x 26" and the weight would be about 50 to 60 kg per unit. Power supply required for this unit would be for 15 Amp plug. It is advisable to fix MCB of the required load at this junction.

Window units are very easy to control and simple to maintain. A regular cleaning of the filter can save the service contracts.

The second type of AC units available are split type which consist of two units joint together with copper tube. The indoor unit consists of cooling coil and fan and the outdoor unit the noisy one consists of compressor and the condenser coil. This unit is to be placed outside within 30 'distance.

There are different types of Indoor units available. They could be wall mounted, ceiling mounted or floor mounted. This makes things simple for the user as it can be fixed any where but within a distance of 30 'from the outdoor unit. And the only physical link between the indoor and outdoor unit is slim refrigerator tube and thin electric cable. Split units are normally operated with either cordless remote or remote with cord hanging below the indoor unit. As this unit is slightly complicating, it is advisable to hire the services of professional establishment for servicing and maintaining it.

Normally split units are 50% costlier than the window type but they are very silent.

Third type of unit is package unit, which is normally used to cool huge interior areas, and they require ducting to be done above the ceiling or on the walls.

As these units are huge in size valuable floor space gets wasted plus if it fails the total area stays without air-condition.

Cures For Snoring – The Facts

Cures for snoring will depend on what is causing it. Ask your partner to observe you when you are asleep and making noises. They are likely to be awake anyway so may be glad of something to do!

If you snore with your mouth closed, your tongue is likely to be the culprit, but if your mouth is open, your tissues at the back of your throat are probably to blame. If you snore only when sleeping on your back, you should be able to cure your problem by a change in sleeping position. Try sleeping on your side and see if it helps. However, if you snore regardless of what sleep position you are using, then you need professional help and advice. Do not waste your money on over the counter solutions.

Your dentist may be able to help by fitting a mouth guard similar to that worn by athletes. These devices can stop snoring by opening your airways. They do this by bringing your lower jaw or tongue forward during sleep. Most dentists will suggest devices that are to be worn inside the mouth but in cases of severe snoring, one that fits around your head and chin may be suggested. You need to be very willing to stop your snoring as these solutions are neither attractive nor comfortable. However, you will get used to them and you probably would do anything for a good night's sleep. If you can not do it for yourself, I am sure your partner will find ways to show their appreciation of your efforts.

Surgery is an option for some cases although you will probably have to fund it yourself. Most medical insurance plans will not cover surgery to prevent snoring. It also has to be said, that some surgeries only result in short term benefits with the snoring returning after a period of time. You will need to discuss the costs and potential discomfort versus the potential rewards with your doctor or surgeon. Removing your tonsils, adenoids and / or excess tissue at the back of the throat are the most common procedures.

Medical techniques are advancing all the time. One cure for snoring which appears promising is the Pillar procedure. Specially trained doctors will be able to do this under a local anesthetic. It involves implanting small plastic implants at the back of the throat. When scar tissue builds up around the implants, this stops the soft tissues from vibrating and so prevents snoring. It is early days and more research and testing will need to be carried out, but for now this procedure does hold out hope as one of the cures for snoring.

Boomerang Kids

I'm an advice column junkie. I can not help it. I kick off my morning with a frothy soy latte, my "Crack" berry and a heavy dose of the "Dear crew". When I'm lucky, I can persuade David to play along with a game of "What would Abby do?" If he's is in a particularly sporting mood, we can delve far beneath the layers of the written word. What if the husband, "Chip," is really in need of Viagra, and is not, in fact, having an affair as "Horny in Hoboken" thinks? What if the meddling mother-in-law, "Madge," has a point– maybe "Good Mommy in Leavenworth" is, indeed, a bad mommy. Normally, I can convince myself that it is a game of good clean fun. The anonymity of Chip, Madge and Horny are fascinating and comforting – these semi-fictitious characters have problems too.

Today's column was just plain disturbing. It involved a mother who is a newly retired homeowner with an outstanding mortgage. Unless she was the CEO of a major publicly traded corporation, this lady is on a whopper of a fixed income. Now get this-she has two butthole sons, aged 22 and 24, living in her home and she has asked them to pitch in and pay $ 30 a week. "Stressed-Out Mom" ​​says that they are now "ranting and raving and calling her a bad mother." She goes on to ask if she is being unreasonable. What?

Kick those pot-smoking, Cartoon Network-watching, little punks out of your house! How can you even ask if you are being unreasonable? It's time for you to grow some balls and live the life that you have worked your butt off for. They are friggin 'able-bodied men who are completely taking advantage of your enabling ways. Are you going to raise their kids, too? Because sooner or later, one of them will actually get a date with a loser girl who does not care that she's seeing a guy who lives with his mommy. Then you are going to have quite the zoo on your hands.

I'm sick and tired of hearing about Boomerang 'Kids' and how hard it is for them to make it on their own in the big, bad world. Granted, our generation tended to be more involved with our children's education, nurtured their every talent, made sure they were safe from balloon-related latex allergies – but the helicoptering MUST stop at some point. The longer we wait, the bigger and badder the world will seem to our offspring.

"Stressed-Out" should have started her sons along a different path a long time ago. Is not part of the job to teach your kids to care for themselves? I did not raise my son and daughters to be good kids, I raised them to be real adults. That means once they are of age-they are on their own. They began hearing about this early and often. As they headed off to college, they did not expect to hear, "Honey, come back any time things get hard." – "Watch out for the screen door," was a bit closer to the mark. They know I love them. Enough to want them to have lives they are proud of. That's not going to happen in my basement.

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Archival Framing – Protecting Your New Work of Art

You have just purchased an original water color or fine art print. The artist has assured you that the work was produced using paints with high light fastness ratings or archival inks on 100% cotton rag paper. However, to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment from your new purchase and to maintain its value the art must also be properly framed.

Whether you plan to have the artist frame your art, go to a frame shop or do it yourself you need to understand the requirements for archival framing. Unless you are prepared to accept fading and discoloration of your art you should insist on archival framing.

Watercolors, gouache, and to a lesser extent printing inks will fade if not protected from UV rays. Moisture can damage the paper on which your art work was created. Acid from wooden frames and paper mats can burn the paper causing discoloration and brittleness. Improper attachment of the art work to a backing board can cause discoloration or make it very difficult to re-frame a piece without damage.

Following are the key elements of archival framing and some tips for do it yourself framers:

~ Works of art on paper should be framed using UV-filtering glass or plexi-glass to prevent fading. I prefer UV-filtering glass because it is less expensive than plexi-glass, plexi-glass scratches easily and attracts dust due to static. However, if weight or breakage is a significant concern plexi-glass is the best choice.

~ The artwork must not be allowed to touch the glass or plexi- glass to protect against moisture condensation. Space is usually created by the use of a mat. It is also possible to use a plastic spacer between the frame and paper.

~ The artwork must be protected from the acid in wood frames. This can be done by use of a window mat with a margin extending from the edge of the art to the outer edge of the frame. If a mat is not used the portion of the frame touching the paper must be lined with a sealing film.

~ The art work should be attached to a supportive backing board. I generally use acid free foam core as a backing board. Coroplast is a less expensive option. Please be aware that standard foam core board is not acid free. You must specifically request acid free foam core. The art must be attached to the backing board in a way that does not damage the paper and permits later re-framing. My preferred method is to use clear mylar picture corners to hold the paper to the backing board. These can be purchased anywhere scrap book supplies are sold. The backing board can be attached to the frame with a brad gun.

~ All mats or backing boards touching the art must be acid free. The best mat choice is a 100% cotton rag mat. An acid free alphacellulose mat is preferable to a paper mat but will discolor along the edge of the mat after a period of time. A paper mat should never be used.

~ Finally the back of the frame should have a dust cover attached to keep insects and insect larva off of the mats and artwork. To make a dustcover you can glue a piece of craft paper, (which is cut slightly larger than the frame), to the back of the frame using craft glue.

Spritz the back of the paper lightly with a fine mist of water and dry it thoroughly with a hand held hair dryer. This tightens the paper across the back. You can then use a sturdy emery board (the type intended for acrylic nails is perfect) and "file" the edge of the frame to remove the excess paper. You can also use a craft knife to trim the paper.

Decorators and craft stores can assist you in selecting aesthetically pleasing frames but may not understand the requirements for archival framing. It is good to discuss your specific requirements in detail before arranging for a piece of art to be framed. If you want to frame a piece yourself please check the links page on my website for sources I use for framing supplies as well as sources for archival framing kits.
Archival kits are an excellent choice if you are framing a standard size piece.

Floating Cork Flooring: No Glue Required!

If you're a homeowner you may or may not know the satisfaction of handling a home improvement project on your own. It's strange, but as a homeowner myself I take great pride when I'm able to tackle any repairs or improvements to my home; and you might too if you have not tried it yet. This article is designed to help educate you on a simple do it yourself flooring project for your home using floating cork flooring. Not only is cork an eco-friendly material, but the concept of a floating floor means you can easily handle this project with little to no experience. Let's dive into the wonderful world of cork floating floors!

Before we get into all the mumbo jumbo of home improvement let's take a moment to review cork and learn why it's an eco-friendly choice as a flooring solution. Cork is actually the bark from the cork oak tree; cork is commercially harvested by removing a small layer of the bark of the cork oak tree. This process is 100% safe and does not harm the cork oak tree in any way, shape or form. In fact, a cork oak tree can produce cork material for over 200 years. So, if you do choose the route of a floating cork floor you can rest assure that you can brag about its eco-friendly properties along side its beauty.

Now, I know what you must be thinking "Sounds like a great product, and sounds expensive!" I'll agree that cork flooring is not the cheapest wood flooring product on the market, but it's one of the most beautiful and durable. The big cost in any type of home improvement or home repair project is the labor. Look at a past bill or maybe a neighbor's past bill and you'll see that a minimum of 60% of the bill was labor. You can save a lot of money if you simply try to tackle the project yourself.

Yes, regardless what thought ran through your mind after reading the above last sentence you CAN tackle a project like this yourself. One of the primary benefits of a floating cork floor system is the fact it's simple to install. You can even install a floating cork floor right over an existing floor as long as it's not too badly beat-up and level. There is inter-locking system that snaps the floating cork planks together, so you do not even need any glue! The manufacturer will provide easy to follow instructions on how to install it yourself.