RSS Feed Marketing – The Complete Guide

What Does RSS Stand For?
It is most commonly expanded as "Really Simple Syndication"

What Is RSS Used For?
It is a way of singling recently updated content form a web page. So for example if someone added a new post to their Blog, the RSS feed would be updated anyone subscribed with an RSS reader will be updated, and any other websites that subscribe that feed will be updated too the next time they check.

Creating RSS Feeds
RSS Feeds are made in XML which is a language like HTML but a lot more structured, you do not need to know how to write XML to use RSS Feeds, as most software you may use will create them automatically. Such as WordPress, TypePad. And many web 2.0 sites like Squidoo and HubPages will automatically include an RSS Feed.

RSS Readers
An "RSS Reader", "Feed Reader", or "Aggregator" is a web based or desktop based program that allows you to subscribe to RSS Feeds and get updates whenever they change.

RSS Directory
These are directory's that read and aggregate RSS Feeds that have been submitted to them, just like a web directory collects links to website and article directory's collect articles these sites collect and store published RSS Feeds.

Using RSS For Subscriber Content Delivery
If you setup or run a Blog it is common place now that a percentage of people will subscribe via RSS to get updates from your Blog. People that subscribe via RSS will be good readers and unlike email marketing there is a lot less information competing for their attention and can generate you some good repeat traffic.

Using RSS For Link Building
By submitting you feeds to RSS Directory's every time you submit new content to your site, it will be syndicated across all the directory's and give you a link back to your website which will help you in the search engines.

Using RSS For Cross Site Syndication
If you run multiple websites and you want to post the same article to all of them, then you could setup your WordPress Blog in way to do this with RSS, you would want to get free 2 plug-ins. On is called "wp-o-matic" which will collect the feeds, and another one called "Dual Feeds" which will allow you publish full feeds instead of just snippets. That way you can set it up to copy all articles from one of your Blogs to all the others.

How Teachers Can Make the Classroom More Enjoyable For Their Students

Without a doubt, it is a difficult task for teachers to make school and the classroom a fun environment for students so as to promote and encourage learning. While no method is perfect, there are means by which a teacher can increase a student’s enjoyment and attitude towards learning in order to provide for highly educative experience.

Above all, teachers should consider and thoroughly analyze their own classroom approach. Rather than banking on the old, traditional, and ineffective method of dictation styled lecture, teachers should offer to their students problems that are in need of a solution. This method puts the power in the hands of the students when it comes to discovery and learning. Through the facilitation of the teacher, they are able to get the most of the learning experience.

Teachers should make the classroom material relevant to students lives. This does not mean that they should teach entire lessons about American Idol or Twilight. Rather, teachers should get to know their students and their interests as best as possible, and incorporate them here and there in their lessons in such a way that abides by the curriculum time frame and guidelines. If teachers are able to do this, they will encourage learning among their students, capture their attention, and provide for an overall effective learning experience.

Activities within each lesson should be taught at various paces. It is critical that teachers don’t make an entire lesson overcharged and too fast for students. At the same time, it is important that teachers don’t make the lessons too dull and slow in a way that would bore the students. Instead, teachers should adjust each activity as they deem appropriate, and perk their students interest in order to encourage learning.

Teachers also shouldn’t be afraid to acknowledge that each of their students are different. Each student has a different learning style, and some simply learn faster or slower than others. When teachers are willing and able to recognize the different styles, limitations, and capabilities, they will be able to take a more effective approach to the classroom. Teachers can thus scaffold lessons as they see fit, making the classroom effective for all students. It is recommended, however, that teachers should check with their principal and superintendent, and even wait until tenure to start scaffolding. With that said, it has been proven to be an effective model at stimulating learning for all students, and not just a chosen few.

Finally, teachers should keep a journal detailing the successes and failures of each lesson. If a lesson was a great success and achieved its targets, then teachers should document why it did as such. At the same time, if the lesson failed miserably, teachers should note why it did not achieve its desired goals. This can help teachers plan accordingly for years to come.

Laminate Flooring Can Add Value For Less

Laminate flooring offers you, the home owner, an unlimited supply of styles and colors to choose from. No matter what type of style or look you're trying to accomplish there is certainly a laminate surface that will work perfect for your next home remodeling project. This article will take a look at a couple possible suggestions you might look at.

In the past decade laminate flooring has established itself as one of the most popular floor coverings. Perhaps one of the most known benefits of using laminate type flooring are the lower cost for the material. You can put nice laminate cherry flooring that looks just like real cherry wood floor covering.

The second benefit to having a laminate flooring surface, is that many of the surfaces today can be installed with just a few basic instructions. If you're not the carpenter type you can hire someone to do it. The company that you purchase the material from can often do a professional looking installation at a very reasonable price.

If you do decide to go with this type of flooring do not be surprised if many of your friends are shocked to discover that it's not even real material. So many of the laminate wood flooring surfaces today are so realistic – It takes a very close inspection to tell the real thing from the simulated.

More very popular One type of laminate flooring is the surface look by stone floor of a covering. The natural look and beauty of a stone laminate flooring surface is very popular in spare bathrooms and hallways or entrances. Again this type of flooring can fool the naked eye.

How to Get Glue Off of Your Woodworking Tools

Getting rid of Goop on Woodworking Tools

If you've been making dust for any length of time, you've probably gotten all sorts of adhesives and other gooey things on your clamps, hammers, mallets, and hand tools. We're going to go over how to get that stuff off of your equipment, because pride in your tools is a sign of a master craftsman. When it comes working with wood, the devil is DEFINITELY in the details.

Denatured Alcohol

First, every shop ought to have a bottle of denatured alcohol handy for cleaning purposes. It's other name is "Methylated Spirits", but it's just a fancy name for the same thing. Denatured alcohol is a potent solvent and is great for dissolving things like wood glue and other common adhesives for woodworkers. You can pick up a bottle at Home Depot, Walmart, or any hardware store near you. You'll use this a lot, so do not be afraid to buy a large bottle. You just put a little on a rag and rub your tools down with it after you've finished your projects for the day. This will take care of most wood related goop on your tools, but if it does not, there are other options available.

Other Cleaners for Tools

Try the following solvents in order of denatured alcohol does not work (they're listed in order from weakest to strongest). Lacquer thinner, mineral spirits, acetone. A quick warning about anything stronger than lacquer thinner, you'll want to wear latex gloves, especially with acetone. It can cause severe irritation and burns if it comes in contact with skin (that's how powerful it is against the goop, too!).

Safety First!

Keep in mind that solvents are extremely flammable, and should not be stored in a place that gets above 112 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, do not leave your cleaning rags piled in a heap, as they can combust. Be sure to wash all of your tools thoroughly after cleaning with solvents.

You should be able to keep your tools in tip-top shape if you clean and wash them after each use. Keep some cleaner on hand and use it when you need it. Take pride in your tools like you take pride in your finished projects. The one will lead to better quality of the other.

Overall, keeping your tools in a good, clean condition will make your projects look better, make your work area more enjoyable, and make your experience in the shop much more pleasant.

Johnson Matthey Gold

Johnson Matthey is one of the most respectable and trustworthy names when it comes to gold, silver, platinum and palladium products. Its long history is the first guarantee of the quality it provides. In 1800's two gold assayers started a business in the domain of jewelry, silverware and cutlery. In time this became one of the world's leaders in the distribution of precious metals.

For investors all over the world this company offers gold bars of various sizes and shapes. They start from the one ounce bar to the one kilo bar. The one weighing one ounce has a very attractive design which makes it become a collectible besides an investment. It has a rectangular shape with rounded corners. In the upper part on the obverse it has the logo of the company engraved on it. The logo is typical for this industry, featuring a sledgehammer and a pitcher crossed in an oval by the initials of the founders. Beneath these, the words Johnson Matthey Assayers and Refiners are written in large letters.

The purity of the material, which is of 9999 for this bar, is also mentioned as well as the weight. Each gold bar has an individual serial number written on it. In this case it is engraved on the obverse. The reverse has a monotonous pattern created by the repeated use of the letters JM, standing by the two traditional tools used in mining for precious metals.

Another bar which draws the attention is the 5 tolas one. It is interesting because of its square shape. The purity of gold used for it is 996 as it is engraved on it. On each side of this bar there is a word from the company's name, creating altogether a letter square. The 50 grams has the same form, but its purity is of 9999.

The most serious investors will enjoy buying the 1 kilo gold bar provided by Johnson Matthey. The major advantage in buying gold of this weight, is that it has a lower premium as compared to the smaller bullions. The design is extremely simple and not very attractive. It consists of an oval where the name of the producer is engraved as well as its purity. The serial number is mentioned at the bottom of this bar.

Green Roof Pros and Cons

A green roof is known by several names such as eco-roof or living roof. They have been built on buildings for centuries. Many countries in the world have green roof subsidies or programs that encourage eco-roofs. Scandinavia has long had farm house buildings that have sod covered roofs. Some cities in the US are known for their living roofs such as Chicago’s City Hall building.

Basically a green roof is a roof that has vegetation and a growing medium. It will cost more than a standard asphalt shingle roofing application. Rooftop garden costs also depend on the type of green roof installed. There are several differences among green roofs and some applications that may or may not be defined as a green roof such as a container garden green roof.

The additional costs depend on the substructure of the initial building. They may require additional support as a green roof will weigh more than a traditional asphalt roof. However a roof that already has clay or concrete roofing material may be strong enough to support a heavier roof. The additional cost per square foot has many variables so an accurate cost really cannot be estimated. It could vary by eight to over twenty five dollars per square foot.

Some drawbacks to rooftop gardens are that they cost more to install. Maintenance can also be costly for the more intensive varieties. Some require access for maintenance so that has to be provided which adds to the costs. Of course the weather comes into play. A project in Palm Springs will have different maintenance issues than one in Minnesota that has to endure cold temperatures. An eco-roof is exposed to the seasons just like the garden or lawn, so it won’t stay a stunning shade of green throughout the whole year.

The advantages are much stronger strong. One thing that has been proven is a green roof does reduce heating and cooling costs. They make great insulation. They attract insects and other forms of animals. They help control any water runoff. They also clean up the water that does fall to the ground. They may reduce replacement roofing costs as the green growth protects from the harmful damage of the sun. Of course if covered with sun, they may make the roof very heavy.

There are several different types of living roof. The two basic types are an extensive green roof which does not require as much maintenance. It may need yearly weeding but it is designed to be virtually self sustaining with minimum maintenance.

The second one is an intensive, meaning that it requires more labor and expense to install and maintain. It may weigh more than the extensive roof as it requires a thicker growing medium. They require irrigation, feeding and other maintenance. They are more park like.

If one chooses to build an eco-roof as a new structure or remodeling an existing structure roof you will probably need a building permit in most cities. Some cities encourage roof gardens, and other sustainable design projects, so make sure to check your local regulations to see if there are any tax breaks or other zoning advantages you qualify for.

Tips for Choosing Carpet Color

Choosing a carpet color is an extremely important decision. It says a lot about you, your taste and your home in general. At the same time, it will affect the way your room looks and whether it works with other items, including your wallpaper or paintwork and your furniture. Here are some tips to choose the perfect color for your carpets.

Think About the Room Size

The first thing you need to do is consider the size of your room. If the room is exceptionally small, you can opt for a lighter shade. Darker options will just make the room look even smaller than it already is. Light ones allow the light to bounce off it and works well with the lighter wall shades too. For a larger room, you will get away with all types of colors.

Work With Your Color Scheme

What colors are your walls? Your carpet color needs to work with that. If you have bright orange walls, that bright pink carpet is not going to work! Neutral wall shades are great to work with but what about when you have patterned wallpaper? What about the kids’ rooms? The trick there is to pick a color within the pattern and work with that for your flooring. For example, if you have red roses on your wallpaper, consider applying red carpet in the same shade.

Consider Family Members

White carpets are beautiful when first bought but what about the risk of spillage? Chances are that you will be so worried about spilling the red wine or someone dragging in mud that you will have rugs down and cover up your new addition. You also need to think about your family members. A white carpet with pets or babies around is not going to last long. Darker colors will hide stains better. They also look better if there are a lot of people walking around on it.

If In Doubt…

If you are still struggling, browns and beiges are excellent options. They offer a neutral look without being too bland or boring. They are light but can still take foot traffic and stains. They work with the majority of wall colors too.

Watch out when you’re hunting for a new carpet. Picking the color is more than just opting for something that you like. When you choose a carpet color, you need to match so much in your home.

Breathing Paint Fumes – What’s at Risk and How to Eliminate Paint Fumes From Your Air

 Paint is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to give a room or home a quick makeover. But what do you risk health wise by inhaling paint fumes and how can you eliminate them?


What you risk depends on the paint that was used. Oil paint or any paint that contains volatile organic chemicals has elements in it that evaporate easily into the air. Examples are solvents, thinners that maintain an even consistency, and drying agents that help the paint dry faster. These are often the ingredients that off gas and can make paint fumes so harmful.


You may first notice a headache, watery or burning eyes or nose, dry throat, light headedness, dizziness, or nausea. This is your body’s way of saying get me out of here and away from these paint fumes! Generally these symptoms will disappear if you are only exposed to the fumes for a very short time. But often paint will off gas fumes for weeks, forcing you and all who live in the newly painted space to continue to inhale these fumes over a long period of time.


Young children are particularly vulnerable to these fumes because their respiration is comparatively fast, and their bodies are smaller which means their bodies are subjected to much more of the paint fumes than a healthy adult. Pregnant mothers also risk harm to the developing fetus, and continued exposure can interfere with normal growth and development. Older adults are also more at risk many times because of pre-existing conditions such as heart problems, respiratory conditions such as asthma or bronchitis, and/or an immune system that is in some way compromised.


There are paints available now that contain low and even no volatile organic chemicals. They are more expensive, but certainly worth the extra money for the health advantages they provide. But if you’ve moved into an apartment or newly constructed home, you may not have control over the paint that was used, and unless you act, you and your family may in fact be forced to just live in this unhealthy environment.


A high efficiency particle arresting (abbreviated as HEPA) air purifier that has a filter that specifically targets and removes these fumes can clear the air and make the air quality in your home healthy again. How does it do this? It is designed to run 24 hours a day to continuously removing these paint fumes from your air as soon as they off gas.


By opting for a HEPA air purifier you also get the added advantage of a cleaner that can remove other household particulates that may have resulted from new construction or a home makeover. This filter by definition is designed to remove normal household pollutants such as household dust, dust mites, mold and mildew spores, pollen, pet dander, bacteria and viruses all as small as .3 microns.


The best of these air cleaners contain 4 filters built into one easy-to-change canister, each with a different purpose making it a powerful yet compact and very efficient solution to removing paint fumes from your air.

Do You Have Issues


Ok, here's my story. I grab my laptop and wanted to wash my car (yes, I know it is way too cold) and when I tried to put gas in, it was so cold my credit card froze in the slot and I could barely get it out. After a few times of that nonsense, I gave up. Heck I do not care if my car is dirty and I look like a skuzbag! Everybody who goes to those kinds of bookstores is weird, so I would fit right in!

So I go through the drive through at the bank and got $ 20. All excited about going to Barnes and Noble and getting a pretzel. I see Scooters along the way, hmmmm then Crane coffee, hmmmmm, but go on to Barnes and Noble because their little coffee shop is just plain cool! I haul my book bag, laptop, and purse in and they tell me they covered up all their plug-ins because they had "issues" with them. ISSUES? What kind of issues can you have with electrical plug-ins? I mean, I have a lot of issues but never have had any with plug-ins! I should have asked! Ok, so I haul everything out in the cold and think, I'll go to Crane Coffee. It's always cozy and they have a little fireplace. I get in there and it is full and all the "plug-ins" that Barnes and Noble has issues with, are taken with other people with their laptops.

So I turn around and decide to go to Panera and be (do not tell Weight Watchers) naughty and eat a bagel with cream cheese. Ah yes, they have PLUG INS and they do not have ANY ISSUES with them. So I get my bagel, cream cheese and heck why not … butter too. Get everything set up, it plugged into those plug-ins like Barnes and Noble have issues with and I am ready to write! WOW! Heaven! Then I remember it is my husband's old computer and I am not for sure his password. I think it is Champs something or other. I spend ONE HOUR making up passwords trying to get in, calling my hubby's cell off and on and keep getting booted out because I have tried too many passwords and they need to protect the person registered with that computer. They do not understand when I tell them I am his wife and it is NOW my computer, but his password is still on it. FRUSTRATIONS! I JUST WANTED TO LAY MY HEAD DOWN ON THE TABLE AND CRY OR MAYBE SLEEP!

Here I go HOME I GO TO BE LONESOME AND DEPRESSED! Hubby's on the road all week!





Issues with plug-ins

never heard of such a thing.

Why I have issues galore

but never yet with a dang

plug-in for goodness sake,

what kind of people do?

Most of us have bigger issues

than ones with those things too!

Thought I'd get some gas

into my dirty car

so I could get a carwash

that's how it worked thus far.

But when I put the card in

He froze and stayed fixed.

I finally pulled it out

but over and over I was nixed.

So forget about the car wash

I was heading for the place

where lots of weird people hang out

so who cares if the car is blasé ?!

I had on my baggy jamma pants

with lots of bags galore,

I could not wait to get there

and have a pretzel and more.

I ask the girl behind the counter

where are the plug-ins for me?

She said, "oh we're so sorry"

we have issues do not you see? "

Issues with the plug-ins?

Never heard of such a thing.

So I said, "well I can not stay here,"

so I ran out and dang,

I went to Crane coffee

oh yeh, that should be great.

I'll leave my bags inside the car

before I see how it rates.

Oh no, where did all

those laptops come from?

Every single plug-in

was in use and some …

so out the door I went.

Oh yeh, Panera's where I'll go.

They will not have issues there

with their plug-ins I just know.

Yeah, heaven on earth

I'm even going to be

a bad girl and have

a bagel and cream cheese!

So I order what I want and

get my laptop all set up.

The plug-ins seem to work

no issues here, what luck!

Now we're cookin 'and

everything is almost done.

I commence to put the password in

to make my laptop run.

Over and over

time and time again.

I put that stupid password in

and nothing happened, so then

I called that man of mine up

to ask him what was what.

He never answered that ole 'phone

It made me want to jump

up and down and say bad words,

so frustrated was I then;

that stupid laptop booted

me out upon my rear!

I guess it knew I was not

the person with the password,

even when I tried to explain

it now was mine and that's my last word.

So I wanted to so badly

lay my head down and cry,

but I spent one full hour,

then I just did not try.

So the next time I am sad,

and lonely to boot,

remind me that there's issues

with plug-ins at the root

of the problems with the bookstore

where weird people go and hang,

with their baggy pants and laptops

I just feel like I will never be the same!

© frustrations by peg'08

Outdoor Shower Enclosures

Shower enclosures can be portable or stationary. Stationary enclosures, surprisingly, add a level of excitement to your landscape. There are many ways to design them. Here are a few design tips.

Fence Enclosures

Most shower enclosures are just a fence with a gate. It is the most economical way to build an enclosure. You can expect to pay around $35.00 per linear foot to a contractor to build the enclosure.

Wood Enclosures

Wood is one of the best choices. It is elegant, but more importantly it connects you with nature. Avoid any products made of plastic; like vinyl. Vinyl and plastic enclosures scream man made. The purpose of landscaping is to rejuvenate your emotions. The way to do this is to connect with nature. So, please, avoid vinyl and plastic products.

Don’t choose pressure treated wood. It will not only contaminate the surroundings, but it doesn’t look natural. Pick cedar or redwood. Make the fence stand out by using elegant post caps, larger than average posts (6*6), and trim work.

Don’t stain the fence any color, but clear. Natural high quality wood is more beautiful than any stain you can buy.

Stone Base

Use stone for the shower base. Probably, the best choices are select pieces of flagstone. Select pieces are larger than normal. They look much nicer and stay in place better. In addition, there are less cracks to deal with. Another secret to flagstone is the use of polmeric sand. It’s a specially formulated sand that dries hard like concrete. It’s a good product to use between the flagstone pieces because water can’t water can’t wash it away and it looks like real sand.

Again, if you are thinking about concrete; think again. To connect with nature, it must be natural.

Shower Drainage

You will need to install a drain in your shower base. To do so, simply dig a trench two feet deep and slope it so the water goes away from the shower into a safe place. Determine where the end of the water should drain. You have some options here. You could have it drain into a hole filled with gravel, hook it into the sewer line, or just have the pipe lay in the ground. It all depends on the frequency of your shower use and the costs you are willing to incur.

Final Tips

Outdoor showers have three purposes. To help you connect with nature and people and, of course, to get clean. Any design you pick should blend in with the landscape. The shower should be close enough to your home that you will use it often. Finally, there is a romantic element to outdoor showers. The enclosure should promote nature, romance, and fun.

How to Pick a Safe Tanning Bed to Improve Your Health

Tanning beds have increased in popularity over the years as people have become more aware of the dangers of overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. It simulates the sun, allowing the user to control the amount of UV exposure and get the benefits of a natural-looking tan.

But more important than getting that bronzed look, tanning beds also help your body produce vitamin D, one of the most important nutrients for good health. Vitamin D is produced when the sun’s UV rays strike exposed skin. Ultraviolet B (UVB) rays, in particular, produce cholecalciferol or vitamin D3, the most potent form of vitamin D.

Studies show that vitamin D helps support healthy skin, cardiovascular system, immune system, prostate, and provide other benefits.

UVB rays produce up to 80 percent of the vitamin D in your body while ultraviolet A (UVA) rays give you the tan and healthy glow, which actually serves as your skin’s natural defense against sunburn.

As mentioned above, using a tanning bed allows you to control the amount of UV light you’re exposed to but it is still important for you to know the guidelines to enjoying safe indoor tanning.

Aside from producing UVA and UVB light, here are some things to consider when looking for a safe tanning bed:

o Look for tanning beds which use other beneficial light – Infrared light helps provide relief to tired muscles while red light helps fight wrinkling to give you younger-looking skin

o Electronic ballasts on tanning system reduce your exposure to electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation. Avoid tanning beds with magnetic bulb ballasts, which expose you to EMF radiation and lead to certain diseases.

o Avoid tan beds with bulbs which emit x-rays – they expose you to the risk of cell and genetic damage.

Having a tanning bed in your home gives you more comfort, convenience and privacy, as well as control over the cleanliness and hygiene. The latest tanning systems can give you a full body exposure in as little as 10 minutes.

Indoor tanning, in moderation, can provide you with many health benefits. A safe tanning system is a very sound investment for your health this New Year.

Contract Management – Why Manual Is Messy

Contract management is a task which engulfs the entire process of planning, awarding, and executing a contract and administering the obligations that arise therefrom between the contracting companies. Moreover, contract management is not only that, but it is now also a business and a service. The services are now even offered by agencies which are distinct from the contracting businesses. Nevertheless, the trend is to automate the entire process of administering contracts, as more and more see the benefits and advantages of letting the machine do the work. The more traditional mode is of course to go manual: from drafting and overseeing the written contract, to the tedious and laborious task of auditing and review. To the conservative, one cannot be too careful with contracts. Going manual, however, has many hang ups.

For it to be effective, manual contract management services should include a team of people who are no less than experts with the specifics of the contract, and contract law. This is especially difficult with large companies which handle thousands of contracts in the usual course of business. The key is to recruit a point person who has special affinity with a specific pile of contracts; for big companies, this will therefore include a lot of point persons.

It further involves maintaining the coordination between the company and its stakeholders to ensure that the contract remains healthy and that the terms and conditions that had been put effective as law between the parties are maintained to be so. This can easily fail and could easily end up as a judicial matter in court, so that is why the it should also include this as a priority. Anent to this issue is the meeting of deadlines and handing out of payment is done to the letter of the contract. Being aware of these is also a job that is up to the contract management team is bound to uphold.

Furthermore, contract management may, at any time, go haywire, upon non-compliance of the terms of the agreement, or due to simple misunderstanding. Going to court is the ultimate end upon which conflicts arising out of contract law are settled, but this would entail much time and effort, aside from the money that would go into filing fees and attorney’s fees. Contract administration is best done with the advice of a legal counsel or attorney, which not all contract management services have in their team.

The downside of all of these is that deciding to go manual with regard to contract management may easily take its toll because along the lines of building a perfect contract management team and conflict resolution, a million flaws may have ruinous impact.

The contractual relationships that a company maintain in their helm are easily the foundation upon which the future of the company lies. Contracts, when enforced properly, can cut risks, produce maximum profitability, and strengthen income bases and so on. This would only follow upon the proper choice of contract management service, and so a business must choose wisely.

Buying Food Storage Containers

When it comes to packing and storing food items at home or taking lunch to your workplace safely, food storage containers are the best options. Available in different sizes, models and shapes, these are products of high utility value that help in reducing packaging wastes and preserving food products for a long time.

Maintain the Freshness of Food with Quality Containers

Plastic food storage containers help to maintain the freshness of the food you carry in them. You can find different models of such containers with snap-tight fit feature, which reduces leakage and keeps the food fresh. To keep food safe in freezers or refrigerators, you can choose breathable vegetable bags. The quality of the products you purchase is another important factor to consider when you go for food storage containers. The type of molding, density and the temperature of the plastic containers affect the freshness of the food items stored in them.

Find Appropriate Containers to Meet All Your Individual Food Storage Needs

When you need to store large volumes of food items, buy space-saving plastic food storage containers ideal for compact storage. But large food containers are a wrong choice if you want to store small amount of food items. For that, you can get multi-compartment plastic food containers or small-sized ones. Reheating food items in plastic containers in the microwave can damage the containers. Microwave safe food pans are perfect storage solutions to effectively handle such situations.

All food containers are not easy to clean or dishwasher safe. But today, many types of plastic food containers are available in the market that are dishwasher safe, capable of withstanding varying temperatures, and feature smooth surfaces for easy cleaning.

Find Reliable Dealers

At present there are many dealers and suppliers offering attractive brands of plastic food containers for household and commercial use. Find a reliable dealer from whom you can buy quality products that are ensured excellent performance.

Choose a Stand Alone Air Conditioner For Easy Cooling

Having an air conditioner whether it is a portable one or a standalone one can be an essential to almost anyone depending on your location. If you live in a place that is always humid and hot you are going to want to keep your home cool. This is essential especially if you have younger children who can not take the heat or humidity. Listed below are a few tips that can help in saving you both time and money.

Most people aim towards the cheaper things thinking that it is going to be just as good quality as the more expensive ones. This is not always the case and when it comes to this, you may want to spend a few more bucks to get a better product. Older models may not adhere to regulations needed to operate safely. Other types can also use chemicals that are hazardous to your health especially if a leak occurs.

Stand Alone Air Conditioner Brands

The best way to avoid these problems is to go directly to a manufacturer online or at a retailer. Sharp, DeLonghi, and Whynter are some of the most popular brands and have come to offer AC units that are portable. Before jumping into making your purchase, there are a few things to keep in mind. Try to stay away from units that are too heavy as this will make them harder to move. The whole purpose to a portable unit is to be able to move it.

If you need to have two or more people move the unit, this is too heavy and will not be the best option for you if you are going to be moving the unit from time to time. The material is another thing to consider. The older models are made of metal on the outside but nowadays they are being made with plastic which allows for an easier grip and allows you to move the unit without fear of cutting yourself.

The next thing to consider is the features of the unit. A standalone unit is now designed to have different temperature settings rather than just cooling your home. There is also the option of having just the fan of the unit on. This is great for days that are not so humid or hot and will still circulate air throughout the home.

There needs to be an understanding of how the unit works. If you go out and buy the most expensive model, there will be no purpose for it unless you understand all that the unit has to offer.

Price is the most important thing to consider. There are many factors that you need to consider and include how easy it is to use, material, features of the unit and the price. The average price of an ideal unit runs about $ 450.00. Having a standalone unit can either keep your home cold on hot days or just ventilate air through the home on days that are not so hot. Always do your research for ones that fit your needs the best.

Dubstep Mixing Guide – Kick and Bass Mixing

In this part we are going to look at the Low cut, and mixing the kick and the bass drum.

Low Cut

First things first, you will want to add a low cut filter on EVERY track except the bass. You can set this where ever you like but should not be any lower than 90hz other wise there will be frequencies interfering with the bass. At around 200hz you will start to lose punch, and 3-400 will cut out muddiness.

Mixing the kick By adding a low cut at 70/100hz, using aggressive compression with a ratio of 6 to 8:1 and a very fast attack setting (1.5 – 3.5 ms), with about 8DB gain reduction then adding a 3/4DB mid boost (3-5khz) and high boost (6-8khz) the kick drum will stand out a lot more in the dubstep mix. Power tip: When using compression on dubstep the attack can be the most important factor. The common mistake people make when starting out is to use a lot of attack thinking that improves the sound, however the attack function is actually the control of how fast the compressor starts to work, effectively a long attack on a punchy sound will have no compression effect.

By using 1-4 ms on dubstep kicks and dubstep snares you are allowing the natural ‘snap’ of the sound through (in the first few milliseconds) then the compressor jumps in and compresses the rest of the sound. The kick drum is the 2nd most important element of a dubstep track and should be the loudest part peaking at 0DB on a digital desk and +3DB on an analog desk. It might sound strange adding mids and tops on a ‘bass drum’ but if you listen carefully to a classic 909 kick you will notice a lot of its punch actually comes in the top frequencies, go ahead and run a low pass filter on a 909 and you’ll see that it sounds pathetic with out the top. This took me a while to learn, I used to low pass my kicks to around 200hz and could never get them sounding good.

This was because I presumed all the energy was coming at the bass end. Here are the attributes of the kick drum: The Boom: This is the low end area that hits you in the belly, is found around 80-110hz The Smack: This is the attack area of and the area that the hear hears most as defining hits, found in the 3-5khz range, I tend to use a fairly high boost of up to 5 or even 6 db using a wide Q. The Click: This works with the smack and massively helps define a kick drum in the mix, found in the 6-8khz range, again a wide boost in this area works well to define the drum. The muddy area: By cutting a thin band between 250hz -300hz you can effectively remove any unwanted mud (mud is essentially UN-clarity) Other compression recepies: Hard hitting: Ratio 8:1, 10db gain reduction, 3ms attack, 200ms release In your face: Ratio 6:1, 8db gain reduction, 2.5ms attack, 200ms release Subtle: Ratio 3:1, 6db gain reduction, 4ms attack, 200ms release Mixing the Bass: A good starting point is to have an EQ to remove any muddy area and a slight boost were it hits your most.

If your bass sounds light in comparison with the kick use a high cut to remove the top end, thus increasing the bottom end. Then run the EQ’d signal into a compressor with a ratio of around 4:1, fast attack, and gain reduction of 4db. Don’t get in to the mind set that you can’t EQ the sound in a certain way because it make the sound different from how it should sound, it has to work well with the kick and have its own space or the result will be a messy low end with clashing frequencies. You can make hard hitting / dirty dance music, that is also well produced and has good separation. The sub of the bass ranges from 30 – 60hz, but can creep up as far as 100hz. You must strive to get the sub right, as too much sub might sound wicked on a small system, but could blow the cones or amps and a larger system. A good way to check is to listen through headphones and for a few seconds turn them right up, the kick should be making them buzz, and the sub should be making them buzz the same amount. If they are really buzzing like they sound like they are going to break on the bass notes then roll off some sub by using a low shelf at 49khz with 2 or 3db of gain reduction will remove the excess energy in that region. It’s now a good idea to add an open hi hat, set a rough volume for it and then listen to see if there are any harmonics that shouldn’t be there between the real bass and the hats. If there is, again, using parametric, get hold of those frequencies in the bass and EQ them out.