Let's Make it Easy!

Image that you wake up one morning and everything was exactly how you wanted it to be. You were in the ideal house, with your ideal partner, and it was decorated the way you have always dreamed of have your house decorated. You rub your eye and try to refocus because you are sure this is a mistake. When you went to bed last night, this was not how it was. You rub again and still the ideal house, partner, family, decoration are all still there. You start to think that you have lost your mind but everyone around you is acting like everything is normal. You continue through your day and go with the flow because everything you do or interact with is so great and such an expansion of your dream vision of what life could be like. You really can not believe it. It was so easy! All you did is go to sleep and when you woke up this wonderful life was waiting for you! Wow, it really was that easy!

As you read the above scenario what thought came to your mind? Where you completely skeptical that this was possible or did you go with the dream and get excited about it? What your answer was will tell you a lot about your inner voice and what you believe you can create in your life. We all have the ability to create what we want and yes it can be easy. Yes, you have been conditioned to believe "no pain, no gain" type of beliefs and there is another way to dream, move, and accomplish all that you desire. Here are some steps that you can take that will help put you in alignment with creating what you want in an easy fashion.

First, decide what it is you want to achieve at this moment in your life. It is best to focus on 1-3 things to begin. As you get better at making these steps a habit you can add as many goals or desires to your list. To get your top desires in order prioritize there importance to you. Tell someone you trust and know will help support you in your goal what it is you are going for. Let them in on your plan. This will help you stay on track and it will also provide you with someone to talk with during the creation phase. Bouncing off ideas with someone is a wonderful way to get clear on what you want and how to make it happen easier.

Second, put these things in order of importance and then start to brainstorm ideas of how to get the desired outcome. One way to get into the flow of brainstorming is to sit quietly with your desire in mind. Focus on the desire and when a thought come to mind write it down. Once it is on paper continue to sit quietly until the next thought comes to you. This is inspired brainstorming. It is a very easy and simple process. When you are in a space of flow, ideas will pour in from your higher self and lead you to the exact thing you need to do to make it a reality.

Third, take your ideas and review them a few times. There will be a few that stand out of the bunch. Those are the ideas you will want to focus on. For an example, let's take someone who wants to bring in their ideal partner into their life. They would first decide on the type of person that they want to attract into their life. They would then brainstorm on way to meet this person like places to go or avoid, connecting with a dating coach, or telling friends that they are ready to be set up with this type of person. After they have done that, they would review the ideas of how to meet this ideal person. The one or two ways that really stick out are the ways this person should start working with in order to meet this person.

Next, you want to find help and support for your desires. Even in the above example, a person looking for their ideal relationship will need support in what they are trying to create in order to make the process easy. They could do it on their own but it will make it a longer and more difficult process. Once they have the ways they want to meet this person, it is a great idea to get people involved to support them. They may need a dating service or a person to go with them to an event that their ideal partner may be attending. As long as there is support the path will be easier.

The final and one of the most important parts of the easy process is to make systems that are working for you all the time. This minimizes your efforts and there are a lot of ways to create systems. Sticking with the example of someone wanting to attract a partner, let's look at some ways to create a system to support the desired outcome.

They may first want to tell their friends what type of person they are looking for, that way if they met someone when you are not around that would be a potential fit; their friend can arrange a coffee date with a few people and invite you and this other person to join them. It does not have to be awkward but it does have to happen. Second step in creating the system is they may set up a profile on an online community that is "working" for them even when they are not on the computer. Third, they can sign up for events and notifications when events are happening that are going to bring in their desired match. This way they are not always searching for some place to go. The information is being delivered right to them. They may also set up a schedule of when they will go out and be in the right mood to meet someone. This can fluctuate but you get the point. We are just trying to make it easy.

Making your life what you want can be easy. That does not mean that it is always going to be fast like in the opening example but making it easy sure makes the ride enjoyable. So to recap the easy formula remember, decide what you want, the order of importance of that and then brainstorm on ways to have this come into your life. Next, review the ideas and take what resonates with you the most. Share your plan with a friend or someone who will support you with the plan. Then finally find support in the way of systems to help make the process smoother and more fun. This is all about creating what you want in an easy way. So remember the great saying "that was easy" and implement the easy formula today.

Drug Abuse Takes Too Much Away From Life

I have seen so many lives wasted from the abuse of drugs that it breaks my heart to see so many young people use drugs. I have not only tried drugs I have seen so many people that I have known destroyed their lives because of drug addiction. I did not take most dangerous drugs that were available when I was young. I took enough one time, after I left home, to leave me almost paralyzed for weeks, so that I learned just how much drugs could take away from my life. I thought that doing drugs was cool so I was taking pills, and I never really knew what I was taking besides speed. I could have died or overdosed just because I never thought about what was in these pills that I was taking.

I have seen so much death and waste of life by people that I cared about. I still do not know to this day what damage I did taking drugs. I have watched so many friends and their kids be come completely dependent on the drug known as crack. So many young people think that taking drugs are cool. I am here to tell young people that the use of any drug just takes away not only your independence but as time goes on the need for drugs increases. Addiction is the most costly part of taking any drug that should not be taken.

I have watched so many young people I know get so addicted to crack that they would do anything just to get another taste. There are way to many down sides to letting any drug take over a person’s life. I know you get where you constantly need the same drug and more every time that it is used. These drugs eat holes in your brain over years of use. Long term addiction destroys your ability to think clearly. These drugs not only leave physical scars, they stop the ability to learn long term. I have seen people that have taken drugs since they were young teenagers and their mental growth stopped the day the drug abuse started.

Drugs make people do things they would not do if they did not need a fix just to get through the day. Taking drugs makes that person a slave to their addiction. I have watched people steal to support their habit. I have watched drugs turn young girls into hookers and worse. I have watched girls I knew when they were young have babies that are addicted to crack. These young parents did not even care that they had a child all they wanted was their drugs. So many young children lose their mothers to drugs. I have watched three generations of the same family addicted to drugs.

Drugs become so important in life that no one else will matter as long as people feel that high. Drugs will make some people kill just to get them. Once addicted, their is only one way out to get that is to either end up dead in some crack house or worse. Getting clean is the only answer. To stay clean and get a person’s life back. Drugs may make a person’s problems go away for a while but drugs also make a person prisoner to that need. Then there are also the legal trouble that comes with needing drugs. I have also seen so many people spend their whole day just shop lifting to support their habit.

Any addiction will take away a person’s freedom because that need to have a drug becomes stronger the longer that drug is used. the long term use of drugs affects a person`s personality to the point that after some time nobody knows that person. Listen to me and learn no drug will take away your troubles – it will only make trouble worse in the long run. I can tell people that no drug abuse ever made life easier. I can not begin to tell people how much is lost with using any addictive drug. There is the loss of family and friends to the need to feed that addiction. Then there is the times in rehab when the pain is so bad that a person thinks they are going to come apart.

Most long term addicts end up dead somewhere – nobody even knows that person died. Think about the pain and loss that will come with the need to have some drug. Think about the pain and disgrace that happens to families that has a drug addict. I was one of the lucky ones most people that take drugs are not that lucky. The long term medical affects are costly to people that abuse drugs. The body`s organs suffer constant damage and aging by the use of drugs. Drugs never really stop the problem that started the addiction.

No drug is worth the long term damage that a drug addict suffers long term. I believe that a person should find another way to solve the problem nothing is worse to see then a person that is lost for life to their addiction. Do not let any person convince another person that drugs are the answer. Drugs will only make life pass by without the ability to think clearly. Drugs cheat people out of their right to a full life. Take back life before its to late to make a change after the damage that is done person`s mind and body are done. Life is hard enough to face and deal with as it is without clouding a person`s thoughts and mind with drugs. I have learned that no real life problem is as hard as getting clean. I can tell people about the real side of drug life there is no future for any person.

Any body that tells another person that taking drugs is partying this is nothing but a future full of hard times and loss of any normal life that a person hopes for. I have told people the basic truth about a life of drug use I hope that people will realize that no drug is the answer. Only by saying no can a person assure their future. I believe that by saying no to drugs will be the smartest decision that a person will ever make in their life.

To many people have been lost to these drugs already do not let another person make a person feel like they will not fit in. Believe me when it comes to drug abuse and the addiction this life will bring a person does not want to fit in. It is better not to be part of this crowd because there is really no happy ending when a person gives away the right to think with a drug free mind so just say no to any drugs.

I hope that this article will make people aware of the real truth about drugs and life. Because drugs abuse and life do not match.

As always I write with respect.

Gallery Frames – The Secret to Making Your Picture Wall Stand Out

One of the best ways to create powerful, professional-looking wall displays is with gallery frames. Unfortunately, most people are not familiar with gallery frames and the power they have to make your pictures stand out. Here we'll explain what gallery frames are and the types you can use to make your photos look even better.

Gallery picture frames are frames with simple moldings that are designed to put the emphasis on the picture instead of the frame. Often times, they have wide picture frame mats that help draw you eye away from the frame and straight to the photo.

With gallery frames it's really important to choose a frame that will help make your picture stand out. You want to select a frame that will complement and accentuate your picture rather than compete with it. Choosing the right gallery frame is more than merely selecting a frame you like. It's about understanding that color, style and type of frame (and / or a picture mat) can mean the difference between a nice display and one that grabs your attention

Different Types of Gallery Frames

Gallery picture frames are generally available in two materials, metal and wood, and can be used either with or without picture frame mats.

The metal frames are typically made out of aluminum and are usually a brushed silver finish or a painted black. Wood gallery frames, on the other hand, are more popular as they come in a variety of stained woods such as white, black, brown, walnut, teak and natural wood.

They are also available in a wide range of sizes, which is ideal when you want to hang several pictures and make them all look good together. By selecting one style and color of frame in different sizes, they'll look like a well planned picture display and will not leave your wall looking cluttered.

If you want a more formal or professional look to your photo wall, then you definitely want to use picture mats with your gallery picture frames. Using mats is actually one of the distinguishing features of gallery frames because they set your picture apart from any other frame. That's why using mats is almost always used by professional photographers and artists because they know the impact a mat can make on a photo.

With ready made gallery frames, often manufacturers will use either a plain white mat or simply will not include one to let the photographer choose their own. Although buying a separate mat, can take a little extra effort, it often results in getting a mat that complements your picture far better than simple white. Anytime you're selecting a mat color always go for a mat color that brings out a key feature or color in the photo rather than makes a strong contrast. And, although this may seem obvious, always make sure the mat you're buying fits both your picture and the frame.

If you'd prefer a completely custom wall gallery frame, then you'll get to select the frame color, molding, material, size, and mat color to get exactly what you want. You will be paying a premium for this custom service but will get a frame that looks great with your picture.

Hopefully, your new knowledge will encourage you to try using gallery frames for your favorite pictures. Once you do, you'll discover that using gallery frames is a fun and artistic way to turn a photographic collection into a fine photo gallery in the comfort of your own home.

Redecorate My Bedroom With A New Theme

So are you tired of looking at the same dull room every day? You want something that is new and fresh and will keep you in a peaceful and tranquil state of mind. There are many themes if you have been saying or thinking “I want to redecorate my bedroom.” These themes are the basic themes for a bedroom but there are many more themes you can choose from. The theme you choose will solely depend on your own style, tastes, and subsequently your budget.

Traditional themed bedrooms are great for people who like the traditional style of things. These bedrooms consist of very dark woods and subtle colors. You may choose to have wallpaper on your walls or choose a very calming and neutral wall paint color. Traditional themed rooms look great with sleigh beds or canopy beds. These types of beds really bring out the traditionalism of the room and give it the look you are searching for. Also, if you do not care for carpeting in your bedroom, hardwood floors will make your traditional themed bedroom stand out even more.

Modern themed bedrooms are also a great choice for a new bedroom design. Modern bedrooms utilize very clean and sleek lines. They are very minimalistic and have a calming effect due to the organization and lack of clutter. Platform beds are very popular with modern bedrooms. These bedrooms make use of stainless steel and glass. You can also find a variety of shapes for furniture and accessories that will fit into anyone’s eclectic tastes.

Ethnic themed bedrooms are also a great trend that many people are using for their rooms. Ethnic bedrooms can differ from a variety of cultures. Some people love the look of Asian inspired bedrooms. These bedrooms are utilizing traditional Asian inspired furniture and accessories to make their bedroom look like something out of a top star Tokyo hotel. You may also like to use other ethnic themes such as African or Middle Eastern cultural pieces for the feel that you want.

Now that you have learned about the different themes you should have now problems picking a theme. You can now say I will redecorate my bedroom this year and give yourself a much needed gift. It will be the gift of piece and there is nothing like a gift to yourself, especially if that gift will involve where you will get the most rest and relaxation.

Carpet Weaving in India

Carpets have a history, which belong to very ancient times. Now it has become a flourished industry. It has numerous trends now, and carpets from different countries are unique in their own pattern. Every country has its own tradition of carpet weaving which reflects its culture and norms. India is one of the countries where carpet weaving has a history belonging to mughal empires. We find glimpses of mughal art in rug weaving in India. Another important aspect of Indian carpets is that materials like, yarn, cotton, jute, bamboo and silk are used in manufacturing rugs. rugs industry is scattered among different states in India. Each state has different traditions of weaving. Woolen, chain stitched, and tufted carpets are different varieties among the finest weaved carpets. The specialty of woolen carpets is that the weavers do not use chemicals dies to clean wool for carpets instead they use natural ritha. 90% of the carpet weaving is done in Uttar Pradesh.

The quality is judged on the bases of thickness, material used, and color combinations. Kashmir is the territory where the finest quality carpets are made. The carpet made in Kashmir contains about 500 knots per square inches. Rajasthan is another important carpet industry of India. Carpets from Rajasthan have striking colors and patterns, which look awesome and unique. The amazing thing about Rajhasthani carpets is that the manufacturers use camel hair in carpet manufacturing. Indian carpets are On Since made ​​in handmade knot style blended with beautiful designs and unique patterns with expert finishing, they 're get great resale of value. Their striking colors make them appealing and eye catching. rugs industry in India is a great source of income in the country as they are sold in different parts of the world.

Chinese Gongs – Creating Music – Giving Insight

Chinese gongs are not only used to create music. Indeed, over the centuries it has been used for communication, for commemoration of an event and even for healing.

Music has always been part of our lives. And the type of music that is enjoyed by different nations reflects who they are as a culture. That is the reason why there are types of music and musical instruments that are indigenous to a particular country only, and yes, these instruments are often recognized as one that is part of the nation that has brought it about for the world to know of. But of course, even if they are known in one country, they also receive popularity in others. One of these instruments is the gong.

What it is

It is a musical instrument that is shaped like a disk. It can either be big or small, depending on how it is to be used and what sounds you want to come from it. It is a percussion instrument, which means that it produces a sound when it is hit. The object usually used to strike this is the mallet. If you have seen those sticks that strike a drum, the mallet is similar to that. It is like a drumstick with a rounded head. Unlike a drum, however, where you can freely hit any part of its surface area, the gong is usually hit at the center because it is where it vibrates the sound that we so commonly associate with it.

This musical instrument is usually made of the metals bronze or brass, but it has also been known to be made of other metals. The metal it is made of typically reflects what sound it produces. Thus, if you are looking for a specific sound or pitch, it is important that you know what metal would likely produce that sound and purchase a gong that is made of that metal.

This instrument not only varies in the type of metal it is made of, but also how it is constructed. There are said to be three types of this musical tool: the suspended, the bosses and the bowl. The first type refers to the placement of the instrument. As the name implies, it is suspended or elevated. They are also usually flat and disc- shaped. The second type refers to the shape of the instrument, which seemingly looks like a bowl or a wide- spaced bell. Typically, this type rests on a cushion. The third type refers to how its center, where the mallet hits, look like. Like the first type, it is suspended. But unlike the first, it is not entirely flat shaped for its center is propped out.

What its uses are

In China, how they use this musical instrument gives us an insight to their beliefs and their culture. For instance, they use it to communicate to the spirits and encourage these spirits to shield them from harm. It is also used in commemorating an important event or in announcing this event. One need only to strike its center for a number of people to know that there is something important happening. There are also those who believe that it has a healing effect, if it is struck in a way that produces calming and soothing sounds. And of course, this instrument is mainly used for creating and accompanying music. It can set the flavor for the bass tone.

Truly, Chinese gongs are not only appreciated for the music it brings, but also for the insight it gives us into a country's culture.

Brick Repair Dallas

In this article I will explain the main reason there is so much cracked and broken brick and masonry siding on homes in the Dallas and Fort Worth area of Texas.

Unless a car or some other foreign object strikes your home the main reason for your brick or masonry siding to be cracked or broken is movement of your home’s foundation. It is the foundation which supports the brick and any movement in the foundation will result in movement in the brick or masonry siding. Masonry being very brittle will immediately start to crack. The cracks start out as hairline cracks and become worse with time.

You may also find cracks in the drywall or sheetrock of inside walls and ceilings near the cracks on the exterior masonry walls.

So why does the foundation move? In almost all instances it is the soil which supports the foundation. The soil in the Dallas / Fort Worth area mostly clay based and is very expansive. What this means is that when it is dry it shrinks and when it is moist it expands.

Have you noticed how the cracks tend to get wider in the summer, when the soil is drier, and they tend to close up during the winter months when there is more precipitation.

There are other causes of brick damage such as exposure to the elements or other problems like sprinkler heads that are located too close to the home. Sprinklers can, by themselves erode the mortar joints and even the face of some brick.

But if you are seeing vertical cracks in your brick siding, more than likely you have some foundation movement.

Almost all foundations have some movement and the brick and masonry itself can move due to expansion and contraction caused by hot days and cool nights. In these instances the cracks will not be very wide.

If your problem is not very severe you can probably simply have the cracks repaired. At the time of repair it would also be a good idea to add some Expansion Control Joints to allow minimal movement to prevent re-cracking. Expansion Control Joints are a vertical gap in the wall, around 1/8 of an inch wide and filled with flexible caulk.

Most new homes in the Dallas and Fort Worth area are built with a liberal number of expansion joints.

If you have wide cracks, by wide I mean anything over 1/8 of an inch up to 1 inch and in some cases even more, you will need to talk to a foundation repair professional take whatever steps necessary to stop the foundation from moving.

Signing a Lease on Your Apartment

Understanding and completely reading your apartment rental lease is important. There is legal ease and there is straight language. Here are a few things to consider before signing your new apartment lease:

o Check to see when the rent is due.

o Find out where to go to pay your rent, who it should be given to, or where it should be sent.

o What are the late charges for rent not paid on time? -When do these charges begin?

o Exact amount of deposit needed.

o When is this deposit returned?

o How can you lose this deposit?

o Is there a pet deposit? If so, how much is it? When can it get refunded? Can you get this deposit back if you no longer have your pet?

o How soon after you move out is the deposit returned?

o Can you have roommates and what is the building’s policy on adding someone to the lease if necessary?

o What exactly does the rent include?

o Does the rent include any utilities? If so which ones?

o What appliances and/or furniture, if any, are included in the apartment rental fees?

o Is parking included in the apartment rental or is there an additional charge?

o Are there any additional charges for the use of any building amenities such as the gym or community center? If there are additional fees, what are they and if you don’t use the amenities will you still be responsible for those fees?

o What repairs are covered within the lease? If something happens and repairs need to be made by building management, who needs to be called? Are there any charges for repairs not covered in the lease? If so, what are those costs? How quick is the turn around for something to be fixed that is covered in the lease?

o How much advance notice is needed when you come to your lease term and you are planning to move?

o If you need to move out before the end of your lease term, what fees will you be responsible for?

o Check if there are any specific cleaning instructions that need to be followed before you move out. If these aren’t followed to the letter, part of your deposit may be accessed to cover these cleaning costs.

Most leases have a clause regarding noise and disturbance. This means the tenant (the lessee) and anyone in his or her apartment won’t disturb the other tenants in the building, or use the apartment for illegal purposes.

Other common regulations include who pays for losses, how notice will be given between the tenant and the landlord, when subletting is allowed, if it is allowed, when a landlord can enter your apartment.

Depending on your state, there are laws regarding what a landlord can or can’t require within your lease, so do some research and find out your rights.

If you need to make a change to your lease, ask to add a provision to your lease. Ask that the change on the lease be written in and then both you and the manager should initial the change. Never agree to something only verbally, make sure all agreements are put in writing.

If you don’t understand something, ask questions. And don’t feel pressured to sign the lease right there and then on the spot. Take some time with your lease agreement and make sure you understand everything and everything is covered within it.

And last, don’t forget to get a copy of your lease for your records!

Flat Iron Your Way to Gorgeous Hair

A flat iron is a tool used by beauticians and home users alike to straighten curly hair. While there are several different ways to straighten hair, a flat iron is the least expensive, most effective and requires the least amount of effort. It is suitable for any hair type and, when done properly, helps your hair look healthy. Visiting a beauty salon for straightening your hair may be costly and also time consuming. A better choice is to have your own flat iron to straighten your hair at your own convenience with little effort.

The appropriate choice depends on your type of hair. If you have a long hair, a 1 and 1 half inch wide iron is your best choice. If it is a short hair then a 1 inch wide iron would be appropriate. However, remember that the width of the straightener is not the only thing to consider to get your desired hair style. The flat iron should allow you to adjust the heat settings or temperature of plates as you may face problems in straightening your hair if the iron is not hot enough.

A good flat iron will have a button will in order to control and adjust the temperature levels as you desire as it needs to be adjusted depending on your type of hair. If you have normal hair then you should use a medium setting. If you have fragile, damaged or bleached hair then you need to use the lowest setting. If the type of your hair is coarse and thick then the level should be at the highest. The most important thing is find a straightener that allows you to adjust the temperature levels easily and gets heated properly. It may be difficult for you to choose the exact one as there are so many available on the market.

There are a few tips for choosing the right type for your hair. Firstly choose an iron with ceramic plate as they will heat quickly and will straighten and smooth the hair without damaging it. The weight of the straightener also needs to be considered when purchasing. If the hair is long then a light weight iron might be the best option as it takes time to straighten long hair and your hand can get tired. If your hair is short then choosing a heavier straightener should be fine as it will not take much time to straighten your hair

If you have a difficult and stubborn hair then buying a flat iron with both tourmaline and ceramic technology helps achieve better results. Tourmaline is used to soften your hair and helps in attaining that silky hair look ..

These are just a few general tips to make the best use of your flat iron. With a little experiment and practice, you will be able to get silky, smooth Hollywood hair!

8 Tips to Choosing a Motorcycle Helmet

After spending hours of research in choosing a motorcycle, you're now faced with the daunting task of what gear to choose. The most important is the helmet you choose as it protects the most vital part of you: Your head. It often baffles me to see people riding on a sport motorcycle but "in order to save money" they go with a cheap brand helmet not realizing that the difference could save their life.

Before you go out and purchase the coolest looking helmet with a bunch of flashy designs, here are 8 tips to choosing a motorcycle helmet.

1. Size Does Matter
The old adage "bigger is better" is not necessarily true in this case. When choosing a helmet, you want to make sure that it is comfortable and snug. Fasten the straps and grab the helmet chin bar and begin moving the helmet side to side. If it feels like the helmet is sliding on your skin and hair, then the helmet is too loose. Move the helmet up and down and if it feels like you can pull off the helmet, then it's still too loose. Keep in mind, you're going to be spending hours in your new helmet so you want to make sure that it fits you comfortably. Keep trying on different sizes until you find one that fits you comfortably.

2. Safety First
Turn over the helmet and almost always you'll see a DOT and maybe even a SNELL sticker. DOT and SNELL certifications are motorcycle safety standards which put numerous helmets through rigorous testing to ensure that the helmet protects a person the way they are supposed to. DOT operates through an honor system and relies on the integrity of a company whereas SNELL does more further testing. It's always a good idea to get helmets that are both DOT and SNELL approved just to be certain that you are dealing with an approved helmet. You'll find that more and more manufacturers are increasingly offering their helmets with these options.

3. Type of Helmet
Another important factor is the actual type of helmet whether the helmet is a full face helmet, an open face helmet, a shorty helmet or a moto cross helmet. It should be pretty obvious that the full face helmet offers the most safety in regards to type of helmet as it protects the face and back of the head. If you choose an open face or shorty helmet, keep in mind that you expose yourself to increased risk should an accident ever happen.

4. Anti-Scratch and Anti-Fog
More and more manufacturers are increasingly building their helmets to include visors that are both anti-scratch and anti-fog. If they do not, you might want to find a different helmet that has these or purchase an aftermarket visor that is equipped with anti-fog. The last thing you want is to be unable to see while riding due to a fogged up visor. In addition, you can always purchase an anti-fog spray or an anti-fog film strip.

5. Ventilation
You're probably thinking to yourself that you want a motorcycle helmet with a lot of vents so that you're not baking in your own sweat in your helmet. The problem with a lot of vents is that you're going to have an extremely noisy helmet. The more aerodynamic the helmet and the better the vents, the less noise there will be when you are riding. Of course, you can always use earplugs to tone down the noise and there are helmets with vents that can be opened and closed at will.

6. Straps
You want to consider your chinstraps as you are fitting your helmet on. How easily is it to tighten the helmet using the chinstrap? Also, if you plan on locking your helmet to your bike, then you'll want to make sure that you can easily lock your helmet on your rear trunk using the chinstrap.

7. Inner Liner
As you are fitting on a helmet, you want to make sure that the inner liner is comfortable for you. Keep in mind also that the inner liner will "break in" as you wear it more often so that it will be more comfortable as you wear it. Be sure to start with a helmet that is snug and comfortable.

8. Design
Lastly is the design of the helmet. How you choose what design and pattern you want on your helmet depends entirely on you. There are numerous top motorcycle helmet brands like AGV, Icon, Joe Rocket, Scorpion and Shoei so you're bound to find something that suits your style.

Top 4 Tips For Better Sales Management

To make sure a sales team is working efficiently and making great sales they need to have effective sales management. Small business owners and sales managers in large companies should ensure that their sales team is supported, organised, motivated and performing at their best. Below are some top tips for better sales management …

1) Be approachable as a manager

Being a manager does mean that a person will have authority over the team but this does not mean that a sales manager should flaunt this power by being too controlling or arrogant. It's important to get the balance right between approachability and authority. One way sales managers can achieve this is to be a true team leader by setting an example for the sales team to follow by being positive, energetic, motivated and always true to their word. By being approachable to the team, sales managers will increase their team's confidence in them so that any issues can be aired and overcome more easily.

2) Encourage the sales team to not be emotionally involved

Losing a contract, having a misunderstanding with a client or being told 'no' one too many times can leave a sales person feeling pretty low. It's important for the morale of the team that individuals are able to bounce back from rejection or criticism instead of arguing, sulking and bringing a negative atmosphere to the office. Good sales management means encouraging the team not to become emotionally involved with clients and customers so it's much easier for them to be able to handle stressful situations.

3) Sales teams should not fully rely on sales managers

There's a fine line between managing a team and doing all their work for them. Sales managers should encourage their team to make decisions for themselves, chase opportunities without double checking with managers and close sales on their own. This type of sales management will ensure the sales team can develop their own skills and also free up the sales manager's time and reduce their stress levels as the team will be working more efficiently.

4) Ensure everyone uses the company CRM system

A CRM system ensures that every member of the sales team has access to the customer database including customer history. If people in the team do not use this facility then vital information such as call back times, meeting arrangements or potential opportunities to upsell products could be wasted. When used properly a CRM system can make sure sales teams know exactly what is happening with every customer and therefore save themselves and the sales manager time. Effective organisation is one of the fundamental aspects of sales management and a CRM system will help the whole team remain organised and in control of their accounts.

These top four tips on sales management should help to make sales teams more organised, resourceful and effective.

In Review: Milwaukee’s 2426-22 M12 Cordless Multi-Tool

For decades Milwaukee Electric Tool has been innovating the production industry. Building tools with superior design and intense power, Milwaukee is one of those manufacturers that never ceases improving their power tools and tool-systems. Accordingly, they’ve just released a new line of M12 cordless tools that are making a quite notable impact on the community. Among the new M12 (12v) releases is their 2426-22 cordless oscillating multi-tool, a small piece of power tool with huge versatility and remarkable performance.

Like all multi-tools, the 2426-22 is versatile – ideal, in fact, for a huge array of applications from maintenance to full-throttle remodeling, or, in other words, cutting, grinding, scraping, sanding, and etc. Unlike many other multi-tools though, Milwaukee’s rendition is an honest-to-goodness predator executing your jobs and projects with precision, brute power, and decided ease.

The 2426-22 cuts effortlessly and with truly surprising precision maintaining a straight line as if it were somehow divinely compelled to do so, and while additionally boasting Milwaukee’s exclusive RedLithium battery system, the tool delivers max power for the entire duration of an already extended power cycle. These RedLithium Batteries are extremely high-performance, and because the tool weighs only 2.1-lbs (one of the lightest multi-tool models available), the thing offers an intense power-to-weight ratio providing users with a powerful tool, the ability to use it continuously, and use it in any number of awkward spots or positions. The tool also features an integrated battery-fuel-gauge that activates when the tool is first engaged – this provides a surprisingly accurate and clear display of your remaining battery power.

Also unlike other multi-tools, Milwaukee’s 2426-22 is compatible with Bosch multi-tool accessories and includes a universal accessory adapter which allows the tool to be used with accessories from nearly every competing brand. In other words, Milwaukee has made a very bold choice, which, in effect, is beneficial only to you as the craftsman, and potentially to their competition; again, the tool is designed for use with other brand’s accessories, designed, ultimately, for consumer convenience. For this little maneuver Milwaukee gets a giant thumbs-up saving crafters the usually blood-boiling fiasco of chasing compatible accessories.

The tool is also designed with variable speeds featuring a speed control dial with twelve settings from 5,000 opm – 20,000 opm (oscillations per minute), and although the dial does require a fairly significant amount of force to rotate each detent into place, it accurately sets and reflects your speeds allowing you to match the tool’s performance to any given application. With an all metal gear case and comfortable, ergonomic over-mold, the tool is durable and comfortable to operate.

Do And Don’t In Meeting For Civil And Structural Engineer

Reading level: Beginner

It is common that having a meeting in any circumstances. The meeting is organised for solving some problem arise before, during and after project commence. Matters discussed vary and will not have any fix agenda for discussion. Therefore, as an engineer, he must with his own professionalism to attend and resolve matters arise for a project. Below are some recommendations that what should do during meeting.

1. Do prepare some home work before attending a meeting. It is good to has read through the minutes about coming meeting. Get prepare project information for answering during meeting. Never attend a meeting without knowing agenda of a meeting.

2. As an engineer, the answer of any matter is important. In order to make any discussion, he has to judge it properly before answering any queries arise. In proper answer any queries will affect engineer’s reputation.

3. If engineer know the answer, then answer it with his knowledge. As for example when if public want to know whether a cracked structure beam is safe to use. As an engineer, he must either answer Yes or No. Do not answer it in such a way that may be safe or not safe. If he is not sure, he should answer it by saying he needs to check it first and forward the result later.

4. Whenever an engineer is not clear about a matter, do not commit anything to that particular matter. He either says that he has to refer back to certain person in charge and convey message back later.

5. It is quite often that engineer has to commit date line of project such as when a design is ready, when can start work, when tender drawings ready and etc. Therefore, it is important that engineer has to prepare these answers before attend a meeting. The answers of date line must be based on his own work forces. He must know when a design of a project can be ready, when a project can start, when tender drawings can be prepared. Such answers are based on his own working experience. Do not commit any impossible or unclear date line. When engineer keeps on giving broken promises, his reputation will be affected. Later will affect company reputation.

6. If client asking something that beyond engineer capability. One of the ways to deal with it by saying that he will be try his best to work on and forward it to client as soon as possible.

7. In the event that an engineer in charge cannot be attended a meeting, he is sending another person to attend it. It is good to brief the person who attends the meeting about matters that will arise during meeting. So this person will able to convey messages during meeting.

8. If engineer cannot attend a meeting and no representative. Engineer has to inform chairman about his absent and make apologise about his absent. Try to inform chairman about solution of matters for that meeting. Let chairman to convey message to other attendees.

9. Engineer has to always judge a particular matter that arisen for a project is under scope of works of engineer. He must make it clear during meeting. And direct the scope to right person in charge.

10. Whenever a particular matter is not engineer scope, do not intercept this matter in the meeting. If engineer really needs to help it, he must specific say that he is doing HELP for it. Otherwise, later and sooner this matter will become a scope of work for engineer.

11. In certain event that an engineer is rushing for time. He can request the chairman to go ahead with engineer’s agendas and make excuse from meeting after resolve these agendas.

12. Certain meeting will involve a lot of person. And meeting will time consuming. The meeting will take for few hours to finish. Some time, it only an agenda for engineer. Engineer can request chairman to move the agenda to the beginning of meeting and make excuse after the agenda. In the event that it needs engineer to attend certain agendas, engineer can talk to chairman to organise possible time for engineer to arrive. It for saving engineer time for waiting unnecessary time in the meeting.

13. In order to save time in meeting, engineer should avoid any queries need to resolve at site. Do not discuss in meeting because it needs to attend at site. Otherwise it will be double handling work. Try to resolve site matters at site, not during meeting. Whenever a matter has been solved. Do not discuss it in meeting. Engineer can highlight what is the solution of the matter.

14.Engineer has to justify that which matter is right to discuss in a meeting. As for example, a client consultant meeting should not discuss site matters. It is waste of time. Site matters leave it to technical site meeting.

15. Whenever, engineer is a chairman of meeting. He has to prepare meeting minutes in few days in advance. The minutes have to circular among attendees before meeting. It for reminder to attendees and let attendees have enough time for preparing necessary work for the meeting.

16. When engineer is a chairman, engineer has to always redirect the attendee’s answer to right direction. Do not let attendee answer un-related information about a matter in a meeting.

5 Facts You Need to Know About Retinal Detachment Surgery

Retinal detachment is a serious eye condition that can affect many people, but is more likely to occur in some individuals than others. Although this condition is a medical emergency, the detachment of the retina can be treated effectively by a number of methods, which can prevent further loss of vision.

Many people are unfamiliar with the condition, although it can be considered valuable to learn about it as acting quickly can mean a far better outcome for those who are experiencing unexplained vision problems. Here are five facts that you should know about retinal detachment and the treatments that are available to you.

The first thing to know about this eye condition is that the consequences are serious. The essential part of the eye that is the retina starts to detach from the back of the organ, which can result in a serious loss of vision. For this reason, acting as soon as possible is absolutely recommended when you start experiencing symptoms of the condition.

The second fact to know about this vision problem is that there are several different types of it that exist. These include tractional, exudative and rhegmatogenous retinal detachment. The first one mentioned is generally the least serious of the three and occurs where scar tissue on the retina shrinks in size, inducing the detachment.

Rhegmatogenous detachment is the fastest acting of three, and results from liquid accumulating between the retina and the back of the eye. Exudative detachment is similar in the sense that it is caused by liquid accumulating under the retina, although there will be no tears in the retina, unlike with rhegmatogenous detachment.

The third thing to know about this condition is that there are several types of individuals who have higher risk factors than others for developing it. Generally, people over the age of forty are far more likely to develop the condition, as are those who have a history of the illness in their family or have suffered from it previously.

Those who have previously suffered from eye injuries are also more at risk, as are those people who are very near-sighted. If you fall into any of these categories, it is well worth discussing your concerns with your eye doctor in order to understand what measures you can take to monitor your sight better so you can take immediate steps should the condition develop.

The fourth thing to know about the condition is that there are several different types of retinal detachment surgery which can be employed to halt the process and stop vision from deteriorating any further. These types of retinal detachment surgery are known as scleral buckle, pneumaticretinopexy and vitrectomy.

Both scleral buckle and vitrectomy procedures take place under local anaesthetic, with both of the procedures having high success rates of over 90% without the need for additional procedures. Both are outpatient procedures, with the surgery that is selected by the eye specialist depending on the type of retinal detachment that is experienced.

Pneumatic retinopexy is different in the fact that it can be performed in the eye specialist’s office, where a bubble of air is inserted into the eye to push the retina back to the eye wall. Generally, success rates are 75% and upwards, although the adherence of patients to strict recovery procedures plays a huge role in the recovery rates.

Lastly, the final thing to know abut retinal detachment is that there are only a few symptoms to be aware of – and pain is not one of them. Flashes of light, an increase in the number of floaters on the eye and a curtain over the field of vision are the three signs that you need to be aware of to catch this condition early enough for successful retinal detachment surgery.

Loft Insulation: Make An Energy-Efficient Home

A constant temperature needs to be maintained in the house to make it comfortable for healthy and enjoyable living. The continuous constant temperature can be maintained in the property, when it is possible to stop air penetration during the winter and hot air penetration during summer. Insulation is one of the methods to protect your home from undesired temperature that results in saving of energy bills due to maintenance of constant temperature for a long time. Loft is the place responsible for heat loss of around 25% and hence; the insulation of a loft becomes an essential way to make your home more energy-efficient. Loft insulation has also a longer life span of forty years.

There are various methods to insulate your attic with different insulation materials. Usually, the heat penetrates upwards and runs away from the roof; the proper insulation with standard size is essential to prevent it. Usually, a thickness of 270 mm is necessary to block it. The material used for insulation is always non-flammable rock fibre or mineral fibre. Loft insulation consists of three methods, blanket insulation, sheet insulation and loose or granular fill insulation.

Blanket loft insulation contains material such as rock fibre, glass fibre, mineral fibre or foil-backed felt. These materials are available in rolls as they can spread easily over the area of the loft. Blanket insulation is the most common form of loft insulation. These rolls are available in diverse thickness, width and lengths. It is accessible in the thickness of 75 and 100 mm of rolls. The width of rolls varies from 300 mm to 1200 mm as per requirement. The ideal length varies from 5 meters to 9.5 meters.

Another method, sheet insulation consists of materials such as mineral fibre, fibre glass and lightweight rolls. The method involves insulation of sloping attic instead of the floor area of the loft. This type of insulation is fixed in the space between roof beams. A thin sheet is also sufficient for plaster coated finishing. By keeping a sufficient gap between roof tiles, insulators allow a ventilation to prevent condensation.

The loose fill or granular insulation contains various loose fill insulation materials such as mineral wool, cork granules and cellulose fibre. This is not much-recommended method for the loft insulation as the wind passing through draughts in the area of loft may blow the loose granular material. It is an easy kind of operation and effective for the property where irregular joints are present. It is also applicable for the houses where pipes and other element create an obstacle for blanket insulation.

Apart from comfortable and warm living, loft insulation reduces the CO2 emission by reducing the energy burn. It helps to save the planet from the major problem of global warming. In UK there are many companies who can provide loft insulation either at subsidized price or absolutely free through ECO & Green Deal. Browse around for the insulation company around your area to get the best deal.