What to Consider When Growing Roses in Containers

Would not you just love to have roses blooming in your home at your kitchen window or possibly in a bay window in your living room? Have you considered growing roses in containers? You can grow roses inside your home if you do your research and learn how to care for them. Proper care of container pots is very important to the health of your roses. You need to make sure that you get the right sizes and types of pots to put your roses in. The five gallon pots are the best size of pots to grow roses in. You can expect the roses that you grow will get to the height of two to three feet if they are properly cared for.

You need to make sure that the pot that you use has a hole in the bottom so it has sufficient drainage. It will also help to add a saucer to the bottom that is filled with gravel. This will soak up any standing water that is left so that the roots are not getting too wet. You will find that there are many different roses that thrive very well for growing roses inside your home. These roses include Ballerina, Cecile Brunner, Hermosa, Peace, Sea Foam, Valentine, along with several others.

In selecting containers, you should make sure that you have the right pot made from the right material. The best types of pots that are ideal for roses are those that are made of porous terra cotta. These types of pots help to improve the air circulation for the roots of the roses. Concrete pots work very well also but they tend to be very heavy, which makes them less desirable for rose growers. Large ceramic pots or fish bowls make wonderful decorative containers. Another good type of pot is the fiberglass or plastic pot. These are great pots for areas that are extremely hot because they will retain soil moisture a lot longer. Plus these pots are lightweight, which makes them much easier to handle and move around the home. For very large or heavy pots you can find saucer dollies with rollers on the bottom to make it easier to move them.

Another very important factor when you grow roses indoors is the soil that you use. Do not fill your pots with soil you dig up from your garden. It will be too heavy and who knows what weed seeds, bugs and bacteria may be present in this soil. Use potting soil that you can purchase from the local nursery or garden store. The cheapest kind will work. If you need large amounts many nurseries sell it in bulk quantities. Proper care of the rose after planting is more important than selecting the perfect potting soil. Your goal is to produce healthy beautiful roses that you can enjoy indoors.

Air Conditioner Universal Remote

The advancement in technology provided most households at present a collection of assorted devices controlled by remote controls. There is a huge chance that remotes can get misplaced or lost. Or maybe the dog chews on it. This can be an exasperating moment when we realize that we have to manually operate the air conditioner and that would be too hard to accomplish. Thus, you will find ways to get the air conditioner universal remote wherever you may find it.

When you search the internet, you will find some websites that offer this product as well as other types of universal remotes for the garage that will not open. These remotes are not confined to a single device because it has several choices where you can use the remote on. Many devices can be operated by the remote control. All you need to do is adjust the remote and a single remote control can be used for many devices.

How do you decide on a product that will be a replacement for your lost remote? Here are a few ways to do it:

Programming of the remote – You have to enter a code into the remote so that a specific device can be operated using this. Each brand is issued particular code and the code will cover several models of the device under a certain brand. Be patient in looking for the code. It will be included in the instruction manual so you can easily program the remote control. Ask the store to demonstrate this to you so you will know if the remote device will work on the equipment you will be using it for. In case the brand code is not listed in the choices, then you should not buy that remote. Look for another store that can give you the right product.

Check the usability options – There are an array of control buttons you can use for the function of the air conditioner. The standard control buttons area swing, fan, vane, temperature, sleep mode and more. There are controls that can also show the time so find one that you can easily figure out as well. As a user, you must be able to navigate the sub-menus of the devices you are using because an air conditioner universal remote can be used on any model. Check with the seller so that you will also be able to try the functions needed to control your air conditioner. Configuring each remote would be different according to each manufacturer. However, they are more or less the same, so do not be worried when you come upon universal remotes from another manufacturer.

Know the limits of your remote control – Most remotes put a limit on how many devices they can handle. Some remotes can be programmed to control 3 or more devices and it would be wise to ask the seller or the store about this so that when you buy additional devices, you can program it from this remote. Thus, you do not have to use separate remotes for all devices you are using.

Find Quality Lubricants for Industries

Industrial lubricants are compounds which are required to prevent electrical resistivity of machinery parts and prevent them from getting corroded as well. With ease, lubricants can be applied in outer and inner surfaces where they are needed to apply in different industries.

Industrial lubricants are divided into different types like specialized lubricants, fire-resistant fluids, metalworking fluids, aerosols, gear oils and compressor fluids. All come with different quality features which prove beneficial for big machineries in industrial sector these days. Let's discuss the advantages and characteristic features of all in brief.

Specialized lubricants

This type of lubricants come enriched with base oils and different additives and come with optimized performance advantage. Modern lubricant companies have been offering this lubricant type for industrial purpose.

Fire-resistant fluids

Fire resistant fluids are meant to get used in hydraulic circuit as means of power transfer. The fluid lubricates the pumps in industrial sector to maintain the proper functioning for longer period.

Metalworking fluids

For industrial machining, metalworking fluids are used to improve product quality. They help in reducing friction and heat in industrial machineries. They are water-based add assists in offering healthful and safe workplace for workers who are exposed to machining fluids.

Compressor fluids

Fluids which are used for smooth functioning of compressors are compressor fluids. They are silicone-based which are used to protect compressors and extends compressor life as well.

And modern lubricant companies have been offering all above explained types of industrial lubricants to enhance the life of machinery in industrial sector.

How Much Does a Surety Bond Cost?

We must first understand what a surety bond does as well as the factors that are involved that will determine the rate as well as obtaining a surety bond approval. The surety company will evaluate your credit, experience, and financials. The process is very similar to apply for a business loan. Rates vary on a multitude of conditions such as which state is it for, what type of surety bond is needed, what is the financial outlook for the company or individual, how much experience does the business have and of course, which surety company is writing it.

Most companies are looking for a credit score above a 670 with no public records, collections, or slow pays. They also review your business financials to make sure that your company has a positive net income and worth. The surety company requires that your financial equity be at least five times the bond amount. Therefore, if you are applying for a $50,000 Surety bond the surety is looking for a net worth above $200,000. Keep in mind this is different for each bond type and state because some types of bonds have a higher loss ratio than other types of bonds. Remember that you are indemnifying the surety so the surety wants to make sure you are able to pay a claim if one occurs. If you meet these requirements and the type of surety bond is not considered hazardous such as a financial guarantee than you should be able to qualify for a preferred rate of 1% to 3% of the surety bond amount. Keep in mind that each surety has a minimum premium for a bond, which is usually $150.00 to $250.00, but you only run into these scenarios if your bond amount is under $25,000. So using a $25,000 surety bond as an example and the rate was at a 3% the cost would be $750.00.

Unfortunately, not every person or company can meet the surety requirements for preferred rates or even qualify for bonding, especially with the surety bond market tightening due to an influx of claims. Many Surety Companies will require collateral or simply decline your submission if you cannot qualify. Fortunately, there are still programs that will not decline your bond due to credit or other conditions they will just charge a higher rate.

Here is how is how it works if your business does not qualify for normal bonding the rate can be anywhere between 4% to 25% rate this is only for License and permit bonds. So if you where applying for a $100,000 Surety bond and your credit, financials or experience do not meet the surety companies requirements instead of declining you the rate will be higher for an example if you where approved at a 5% rate the cost would be $5,000.00 with no collateral. You may say to yourself well I would rather post the money with the state instead of paying a little more for my surety bond, you can of course do that but keep this in mind the state will not release your collateral until the statue of limitations is up. Therefore, after your bond is no longer needed or you are no longer in business the state will not release the collateral for several years.

Business of Acting: Actor Resume (Part 1)

The acting resume is rather simple to put together, but always seems to give actors the most trouble. There is a basic recipe to follow that needs to be adhered to, as casting directors don’t want to be searching all over the page for information they are used to seeing in specific places. It does not matter how ‘cool’ the resume looks. What matters is the substance of those credits. And please, do NOT lie on your resume to try to ‘pad’ your experience. You build an acting career over time, gaining experience along the way. Everybody starts with zero experience – it’s how you build it from there that counts. Besides, if you lie, it will invariable be found out, as everyone knows everyone is this industry, and I’ve seen people get booted from auditions for resume fabrications. Just don’t do it.

At the top of your resume (what I will call the “HEADER”) should be your name (stage name or real – it’s up to you) in big bold print. You do not want your name to blend in with all the other info, so make sure it is significantly larger than your other text, and should span the majority of the page. Below that should be any union affiliations you have such as SAG, AFTRA, ACTRA, AEA, etc., and then, below that should be your hair color (list is “hair: Blond”), eye color, height and weight. Now, I have heard that resumes are trending towards NOT including weight, which just seems dumb to me, as I’ve had headshots taken when I was 180 lbs. and 155 lbs., and even though there was not a lot of difference in how the headshot looked, there was a definite difference in how my body looked. So I will always be of the mind that it’s a good thing to have on there as your only giving the casting director more information about you. Also, at some place in the “HEADER” should be either your contact information, or the contact information of your agent/manager with their logo. Since I did a lot of self-submission, I had resumes with both. But when you do get an agent/manager, they very well may direct you to how and where they want the agency logo placed.

Next comes any/some/all your credits for any/some/all projects you have done. This is where I usually see a lot of confusion, especially from beginning actors, as they will often mis-categorize their role in the film. Again, don’t lie, it will only come back to haunt you. For example, there is no co-star credit for film, co-star is for TV. Credits should follow the industry standard 3 column format with column 1 being the name of the project, column 2 being the role, and the third column varying between the director or production house (for Film), the network or productions house (for TV), the production company for Commercials (if listed) and theatre, and for most other categories. The accepted credits are as follows:

Film: Lead, Supporting, or Featured (often used when actor was just a background performer and really should NOT be used)

TV: Series Regular, Co-Star, Guest Star, Day Player, U5 (AFTRA designation for a role with under five lines)

Commercial: Most commonly listed as ‘Conflicts available upon request’ as a commercial casting director’s main concern is if you are even available

Theatre: Usually the character played is listed as the credit

Most other categories (voiceover, print, industrial, interstitial, webisode, video, etc) use either ‘principle’ or ‘featured’.

Following your credits, you should be listing your training following the same 3 column format listing the school or studio or class, the instructor, and then what sort of class it is (scene study, commercial, improv, etc). And then list any of your special skills. Just so you know, special skills are sort of my ‘pet peeve’ and have a whole post dedicated to just the discussion of your ‘specials skills. You can list them however you like. I’ve found that just each skill some sort of separator seems to look best. And lastly, you should indicate whether or not you have a valid passport. This is actually important (especially if you are auditioning in NY or LA) as there are times when you will audition for project that will film overseas (like Europe) and you would be leaving within a week. With that sort of schedule, they are NOT going to take the chance of you trying to get your passport within that week (in case you don’t have one) – they want to know that it’s already covered. Now, this sort of casting doesn’t happen a lot, but it does happen.

Custom Mats – A New Innovative Marketing Idea for Companies

In the world of marketing where the competition never seems to rest, individuals would be left to ponder thinking of just about anything that would generate sales and have the least amount of competition. A simple idea would take months of thinking and research to make sure it is feasible and good enough to risk it. If you'd like a solid example think about mats, then add customization, what idea comes to mind? Not much I assume but here's the entertaining part, how can custom mats turn out to be a good idea to invest on?

A simple answer is marketing idea's are priceless and custom mats have a lot of flexibility to venture on into. Big companies market their products by putting up ads, flyers, raffles and many more and spend a fortune on this yearly since the bigger the market the bigger the brand names. Have they considered advertising their company in a form of customized mats? What we mean by this is having their company name highlighted in big and bold stamped on the mat, whenever someone comes knocking on the door they usually first look at the flooring then see the mat with your company name imprinted on it and they'd remember it! That's just one way to make use of custom mats and big companies do not have to invest a lot and spend a lot in advertising. This is a useful idea not only for marketing a company but also getting something useful in return, keeping the floor dry, wiping the dirt of your muddied shoes or simple being a décor for your lovely house.

Big companies invest a lot to find new ideas for their market and consider any crazy idea that comes to mind as long as it is presented and explained well as to how it can target more consumers, starting big or small matters on the budget so for a company starting out custom mats certainly be a new and effective idea to advertise your company, people appreciate a multipurpose home décor as long it as looks attractive of course! One of the common reasons why marketing fails is people sometimes get a job half way done, if you do not put maximum effort on a simple idea such as custom mats to begin with you surely will not get far, if you fail with mats how much more will you fail with growing your business or yet alone surviving?

HP first started advertising their business using refrigerator magnets, look where they ended up now? A great marketing idea topped with a great product would only equal to profits and minimal losses. Poor marketing is like putting a grocery store in the middle of a desert, you surely will not reach anyone and you certainly will not be improving your business, you'd just be wasting assets and time. Marketing strategies are endless, as years progress more ideas are generated daily and you're precious idea of ​​custom mats will become one of your many marketing strategies for your business.

Flowers – For a Good Day!

People are today very busy. Parents working overtime can be hard to handle and very hectic at certain times. Also include the family and work stress and children's activities after school; so have a tight schedule to follow. That's why most people rarely have time or a plan to take care of and decorate their homes.

Flowers are a better way to decorate the house or its room. A simple flower vase or its arrangement can bring the room a life and color and its quite inviting for guests. Today the flower trends are simple, elegant and modern. Even if you are not good enough in flower arrangements, its designs or its professional creation, today's flower decoration patterns are for those who prefer luxury while laying back and yet easy and simple to create colorful and stylish arrangements. If your style is simple or modern, then flower arrangements are perfect for it anytime.

Flowers have the capacity to make anyone lift their mood and spirits and can bring a great hearty smile on their face. People having exquisite garden or bounties of flowers in their house usually have few bad days. Most people would prefer to take rest after a day of hard work where flowers are noticeable. New trends come every year, yet the main concept of flowers stays all over the years.

The modern flower decor is quite popular with students and young ones. Furniture, carpeting, and wall colors have already become "modernized." Same is the way with the flowers. A single flower in tall vase looks very great in living rooms and kitchens. A single daisy rose, or orchid appears as a bouquet when they are paired with a beautiful candles or vases. White flowers also are elegant though they are very plain

Sandblasting Stained Glass

Stained glass is actually a false name for a kind of art encompassing many various ways of decorating glass for window panes, mirrors, lamps or other projects. Stained glass may well be made from many pieces of colored glass cut into a design and soldered together with lead or copper cames (metal strips). It could be painted, etched, actually stained with various metal oxides or even sandblasted. Sandblasting is a fascinating way to include texture and interest to your stained glass art project. As opposed to adding colored, sandblasting gives a unique frosted or abraded look. This can be used as a decorative “frame” for your stained glass project before painting and setting it in the kiln, or you can generate the entire design through sandblasting alone.

Sandblasting equipment can be rather high priced, so you will most likely would like to borrow or rent the equipment. You might think about paying a professional to sandblast your prepared design. Be willing to make several calls and be clear about what you would love to have done. You will be charged a set fee per square foot of the glass project.

There are four basic elements to the sandblasting unit. The sandblasting unit fits an air compressor that act as the motor of the unit and provides compressed air to the sand mixing unit. This highly pressurized sand is then forced through a soft tube into a sealed compartment where it is forced through a nozzle. You will do the sandblasting through a set of long rubber gloves that extend within the unit where you are able to move your stained glass project around and control the nozzle during sandblasting.

You will need to create your pattern on a special type of removable backed adhesive paper called “transparent resist”. You may likewise try regular contact paper, but it is not as robust or easy to employ for your stained glass project as the resist. Draw your design on the transparent resist paper with a pencil.

Don’t forget that the cut out portions will be the frosted design on your glass project. Be create, try out different furrows and shapes. When you’re happy with your design you should tape it to your cutting mat and cut it out carefully using a craft or razor knife. Next, gently remove the paper backing and roll the resist or get hold of paper unto your piece of glass smoothing it out as you go along. Be careful not to leave any air pockets or lifted edges where sand might get into and foil your design.

Follow the manufacturer’s directions for sandblasting (if you are renting the bits and pieces, otherwise drop it off to the studio and wait for the dramatic results). Carefully peal off the transparent resist and viola, a beautiful piece of stained glass art! You are now ready to apply stained glass paint and fire the piece in a kiln if that is what your design demands; otherwise your stained glass project is ready for framing or hanging.

Stained glass artwork is a satisfying hobby that not simply provides hours of enjoyment, but also creates attractive accents for your property, or gifts for loved ones that will bring pleasure for years to come.

How to Tenderize Steak and Beef

The best way to tenderize a steak is to show it some love. You do not need to tenderize all cuts of beef, the best parts are already as tender as the will get. It mainly depends on how you like your steaks cooked and which method you are using to prepare them. Take Cuts like porterhouse and filet Mignon. These cuts are tender to start with and do not need any extra beating and they will not need to marinate for hours.

Sirloin and New York strip are the cuts of meat they may require a bit of tenderizing. This recipe is both a great dish and mini course about tenderizing meats. Let’s get started.


  • 2 12 oz. New York strip steaks
  • 1 tablespoons kosher salt
  • 1 lemon, freshly squeezed
  • 1-cup Worcestershire sauce
  • 2 garlic gloves, grated


Using a meat mallet on your cuts of meat will help to tenderize them. Use the spiky side first to break apart the fibers, and then use the flat side to give it a desirable texture.

Next, you place the steaks in a shallow pan. In a small bowl you mix the remaining ingredients. Grating the garlic will release the juices from the garlic and not give you big pieces in your marinade.

  • Pour them over the steaks and cover.
  • Refrigerate for at least 2 hours, turning once.  

Once your steaks are marinated, it is time for cooking. Place the steaks in a shallow skillet with enough extra virgin olive oil to coat the bottom of the pan. Cook your steaks until you desire and serve immediately.

Extra Tips

Steaks can be a highlight to any romantic dinner or outdoor celebration. The best way to tenderize a steak is the marinade. Adding acidity to a marinade helps to break down the steaks fibers and make it more tender. You can do this by using lemon or lime juice, pineapple juice, wines, vinegars or with fruit. The easiest way to tenderize a steak is to use a meat mallet and work the steak until you reach a desired texture.

Overcooking a piece of steak will dry it out and create an undesirable texture.

A steak must be cooked properly and according to its size. Grilling a steak that is thin may result in less meat that you started with. Pan searing may be the way to go. Also letting a steak rest after it is removed from the fire will give it a perfect finish.

The Brick – A Basic Building Block of Our World

Browsing through slang and other uses of the word brick can be a rather interesting exercise. A ‘brick’ is an old fashioned noun for a man who is a “good sort” – solid, dependable and trustworthy which is preferable to being ‘one brick shy of a load’ in another word – dense. You would also not want something to hit you like a ton of bricks or bang your head against a brick wall and you should be cautious when using the phrase to lay a brick because it can mean to answer the more acute of the two potential calls of nature.

Given that bricks are an integral part of our vocabulary and also our lifestyles it is not surprising that according to IBIS World’s Brick and tile Market research report it is anticipated that in 2011-12, the Brick & Tile Manufacturing industry will generate revenue of £725 million. Understandably this translates into a significant amount of bricks and tiles. Interestingly though this statistic does not include estimates of the world famous Lego ‘bricks’ which have a special place in our society all of their own.

A brick is usually a block of ceramic material used in construction and is laid using various kinds of mortar.

The manufacturing of clay bricks dates back to ancient civilizations and the process has changed very little over the years although technological developments have allowed the mass production of bricks that are strong and durable. Bricks are regarded as one of the strongest and longest lasting building materials used throughout history. The United Kingdom has long relied on brick building materials for the construction of houses and non-residential buildings.

Reclaimed bricks are bricks that are recovered from old building sites and cleaned. Bricks that are reclaimed are characterised by worn and irregular surfaces and may have remnants of mortar due to their original use. These bricks are however often prized for aesthetic appeal and the character that they add.

Good quality reclaimed bricks can be cost effective as well as adding a unique look to something like a garden feature or indoor fireplace. Many reclaimed bricks will have characteristic folds, fine creases and colour variations that typify older brickwork.

So when next you want to build a small wall to enhance your garden or a low wall beneath a fence or a special water feature or even a brick barbecue it would be useful to consider using reclaimed bricks to give your project a unique charm.

Apartment Buildings

Apartment buildings are a type of home that many people look at today. While the concept of owning a home is one that is appealing to many people their lifestyles may preclude them from being able to buy or live in the house of their dreams. This is where looking for an appropriate apartment comes in.

The various apartment buildings that you will find are designed to provide prospective homeowners with a place to live. While buying or renting a house is one option which is available it is sometimes harder to find a house which suits your lifestyle requirements.

At these times looking at what services are provided by apartment buildings is a good idea. You will find that most of the newer apartment buildings have a good security system in place. This security also extends to the underground parking area.

There are apartment buildings where the facilities like cable TV and high speed internet connections are put in ready usage for the new tenants. Besides these there are other amenities. These will include a well equipped exercise center in the different sections of the apartment. A good sized swimming pool and sometimes a hot tub to swirl the cares of the day away.

These are a few of the items that house hunting tenants look for when they think of renting a place from an apartment building. In order to ensure that you are getting the apartment that you want it is sometimes best if you ask for a tour of the floor where your apartment is to be located.

Once you have seen the various entrance, exits and emergency exits you can ask where items like garbage disposal and laundry rooms are to be found. While these may seem unimportant at first they are needs which you will have to look into once you move in.

When you look at the many services which are offered by apartment buildings you begin to understand why people like to live in the types of homes. And as finding a good home can put a sizable dent in your income the option to live in one of the many apartment buildings becomes an attractive option to consider.

The various services and facilities which are constantly being added to apartment buildings give rise to the idea that maybe someday these apartments will resemble mini cites. While this may seem to be a far off idea the fact is that many of the apartment buildings that you will find today are evolving into mini-cities complete with all of the needs to the community addressed.

How to Choose a Flat Screen TV?

Modern technology enables companies to produce excellent entertainment system like flat screen TVs. In other words, gone are the days when television units occupied large space and were too heavy to carry around or even just to move around the house. In fact, nowadays if you have a flat screen TVs in your home or your TV is the slimmest one then you are cooler in the eyes of everyone who knows.

However, when it comes to choosing your flat panel TV you must ensure that you consider a few things to get the most out of your money. Hence, taking into consideration factors of buying TV, you can buy yourself the coolest entertainment set.

Screen Size – Admittedly, most people would first consider the size of a TV before buying one. In fact, it is a deciding factor next to the price and quality of the resolution. Moreover, you need to be aware that the different flat screen TVs requires certain distance from the wall, where it was mounted or placed. LCDs usually require about 10 -16 feet off the wall, this is important to make sure that the TV will last longer.

Quality of Image – Resolution or the picture of the TV is essential to appreciate better the program or movies you are watching. Take note, the higher the TVs pixel the greater is the chance that you will have a good movie time with your family. The standard resolutions by the way are 720×480 or 640×480 for broadcast programs and the 480i, 720p, 480p and 1080i for digital.

Connection – Most flat screen TVs has different plugs nowadays, not just for movie players but also for game console and computer as well. It is crucial that you choose a TV that could provide everything you need for you main entertainment. In the old days, the best connections are analog and most frequently used. Now, HDMI connections are the best nowadays and the standard in most TVS.

Audio – Pictures are important in all TVs but the audio is also an important feature that should not be disregarded. After all, total enjoyment can be experience if a TV has everything that could make you feel like you are in a movie house. So, any TVs with a surround sound is a wonderful buy as it provides a realistic sound even without any speakers whatsoever.

Screen TVs Flat is with Spatializer, SRS, Dolby Pro Logic and Sub The Cyclone-Bass are On logos you shouldnt be aware when buying TV.

Extra Features – The TVs that also has a PIP features, or one that allows double viewing in one TV is now a popular buy. Memory readers are also other add-ons that no one should disregard as you can simply connect your camera or video cam to print or watch pictures.

DOT Motorcycle Helmet Basics

Let me start by telling you a little about myself and how I got into DOT Motorcycle Helmets. For the past five seasons I have been riding a motorcycle. I have a passion for riding and would like to ride for the rest of my life…in order to do so, I want to be as safe and protected as I can…while still being able to enjoy the ride.

So five years ago…before even purchasing my first street motorcycle at the age of 34…I bought a full set of gear. Now I’m not talking about just a helmet and gloves. I’m talking about the helmet, the gloves, the jacket, the pants and the boots. I felt like Evel Knievel walking around the house for about two weeks before even getting my motorcycle home…of course I had to break the gear in…what better way than wearing it?

Why did I purchase all this “stuff” before even having my ride? Because I knew when I did buy my bike, I would be so excited that I would just want to jump on that thing and run it ’till it was out of gas and not even THINK about motorcycle gear. So I chose the cautious route and bought gear that I knew would keep me safe…call it skin insurance if you will.

One of the main pieces of gear that I looked at, was the motorcycle helmet. I mean, up until this point in life I didn’t know anything about helmets other than they go on your head…so I started doing some research. And that is what brings me here…so that I can share some of the information I’ve gathered over the years to help you in your gear purchase experience.

So, here are some basics of the DOT motorcycle helmet

First, what is this DOT mean?

DOT stands for the department of transportation and is part of a certification process that is used on all motorcycle helmets. This is to ensure the helmet meets minimum safety requirements and can be certified for use on the roads.

Why is this certification important?

If you buy a helmet that does not have the DOT certification…it means you are buying something that doesn’t even meet the minimum standard of safety requirements. It means a DOT motorcycle helmet will give you a better chance of walking away from an accident than not wearing a DOT certified helmet.

Types of DOT motorcycle helmets…

There are a number of types of motorcycle helmets…some offer more protection than others…while others offer more ventilation than others. The main types of helmets are German motorcycle helmets, 3/4 face motorcycle helmets, full face motorcycle helmets and modular motorcycle helmets.

German motorcycle helmets — the German style of motorcycle helmet came into being during World War II, where the German army officers that rode motorcycles wore helmets. The modern version of this helmet is now called a half helmet, beanie or shorty helmet today. It covers just above your eye brows in the front, to the center of the back of your head. They have a meaner look to them as they expose more of a person’s head and face. You will see this style of helmet on a lot of chopper or cruiser bike riders.

Full Face motorcycle helmets — this style of helmet is the extreme opposite of the German helmet in that it covers from the bottom of the chin in front, to the base of the skull in the back. There is a visor that can flip open in the front allowing ventilation, as well as vents in the front, sides and top of the helmet. A full face motorcycle helmet is the only style of helmet that can qualify for the Snell Memorial Foundations certification, as Snell measures the safety of the chin and mouth protection in addition to the rest of the helmet. Snell certification has a higher safety level than the DOT certification, as Snell certification looks at the helmets for use in racing. Full face helmets will then provide full head protection, excluding the neck of the rider. This style of helmet will most often be found on sport or semi-sport bike riders.

3/4 Face Motorcycle Helmets — this style of helmet is similar to the full face helmet, with the exception of the chin and mouth protection, where it is open in front. This allows more protection than the German helmet as well as more ventilation then the full face helmet. This helmet can sometimes be fitted with a flip up shield allowing more wind protection or have a replaceable visor which can shield your eyes from the sun. This style of helmet is typically worn by touring bike riders.

Modular Motorcycle Helmets — this style of helmet has in recent years been taking to the scene, as it is a mix of the 3/4 face helmet and the full face helmet. On this helmet, the chin and mouth protection can be flipped up at the push of a button allowing additional ventilation to very quickly enter the helmet. However, with the chin and mouth protection in the open, it is not advisable to ride with the helmet in this position as it will cause significant wind buffeting and could potentially damage the helmet. In light of this, Shark has come out with the Evoline modular motorcycle helmet, where the chin and mouth protection can be flipped all the way to the back of the helmet…allowing the helmet to be almost fully 3/4 and full faced at the flip of a button. This style of helmet is typically worn by the touring or semi-sport bike riders…but is gaining popularity across all styles of riders.

So there you have it…these are some of the basics of DOT motorcycle helmets. When you are deciding on which type of helmet to choose, take into consideration the style of bike that you ride and the average temperature that you are riding in. Taking both into consideration should guide you to the best choice of helmet for your given purpose and needs. Safe and happy riding!

Basic Greenhouse Designs

Constructing a greenhouse requires you to finalize a design or style. A variety of greenhouse designs are available to choose from. You can take your pick according to your requirement, style, taste and budget. Greenhouse designs are broadly categorized into three types: attached, ridge or furrow, and detached.

Attached greenhouses

Lean-to greenhouse:  When space is limited and you want to save up on costs, an attached greenhouse is a good option. The lean-to greenhouse has a ridge line that is attached to one wall of your home. Usually, a connecting door provides direct access from your home to the interior of the greenhouse. Proximity with the main structure of your dwelling provides easy access to power sockets and water source. The lean-to comes with straight or curved eave design. The roof is always sloping to allow snow, rain and leaves to slide off.

Window greenhouse: The smallest of all the attached greenhouses are the window mounted variety with just two or three shelves that can accommodate a few of your favorite plants.

Even-span greenhouse: It can be put up as an attached or a free-standing structure. In the attached variety, one gable end is attached to the end wall of another building. It is the largest of the garden greenhouses and has the advantage of allowing you to lengthen it if you start on a budget and later decide to upgrade and upscale the structure.  It scores over the lean-to in having a design that is more efficient as far as heating, cooling, ventilation and optimum use of available space are concerned.

Ridge or furrow greenhouses 

These are generally free-standing structures with gabled or arched rooflines. These are attached only at a common gutter at the lower edges of the eaves of the roof with no division by walls of the structure under the canopy. The curved arches are preferred if you are planning to use flexible glazing material like polyethylene. The gabled roof can have more rigid material like glass or fiberglass.  Being relatively large, this type of greenhouse is usually built by commercial growers.

Detached greenhouses

These are independent or stand-alone free standing structures situated away from the home. They have the advantage of being larger and admit more sunshine as there are no shadows of an attached structure to hamper sunlight.

Quonset greenhouse or hoop house is a popular option because it is quite inexpensive and easy to put up. It is arched and uses light weight framing over which flexible glazing can be stretched.

The Gothic arch greenhousehas great aesthetic appeal. It consists of two separate curved pieces that meet at the ridge line of the roof. As the curvature is less pronounced than the Quonset, it provides more head room and usable space.

Classic A-Frames look like the alphabet ‘A’ when put up. They are easily assembled on the ground before being erected, but have relatively less usable space.

Modified A-Frame greenhouses are shaped typically like a house. With straight vertical walls topped by gabled roof without eaves, they have more usable space than the classic A-Frames.

Barn style greenhouse has greater usable space as the peaked roof slants to meet eaves on either side of the ridge line. The eaves at the roof’s edge connect it to the sidewalls. The sidewalls may be straight or slanted; the latter providing for greater sunny span.

Dome greenhouses are semi-circular. They are great for minimizing wind resistance and allowing maximum light transmission.

Each of these basic greenhouse designs has its own plus points as well as limitations. A little research would go a long way in allowing you to

Tool Rentals – Go Green With Gardening Tool Rentals

If you stand before a shabby, desolate and depressing front or backyard every morning, wondering if you can ever attain a home with "curb appeal," it might be time to consider a landscaping overhaul. Many people find landscaping a yard a daunting task, especially since you can not do much with a bucket and pail that is better suited to make sand castles than plant a tree. A major landscaping makeover will only need to be done once, and then regular maintenance is relatively simple; however, most people are afraid to make the investment in the equipment and materials for the initial project.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to buy a chainsaw, jackhammer, or even a wheelbarrow. All of these devices can be rented for a fraction of the price. Device rental can be extremely helpful and absolves your from the expenses of owning and maintaining expensive equipment. Here are some basic tool rentals you might want to consider investing in for a standard garden project.

Pruning and Hedging Shears:

These are worth investing in if you have quite a few large shrubs or trees on your property, but if you're doing one massive overhaul device rental might be a better option for a one time use. They can help trim small branches and hedges to give a nice, clean appearance to the yard.


For those with larger jobs to tackle, a chainsaw is a great option for equipment rental. They are very expensive if purchases, and often are only needed a handful of times, making the price of buying not worth it. Chainsaws can cut through large branches and tree trunks that are either unsightly or pose a threat to the property, such as getting tangled in a power line.

Weed eater:

Got a dead lawn? A weed eater can help you cut through an unkempt mess so you can re-sod or plant what you need to. These are a great time saver if the garden has been left derelict for some time.

Leaf Blower:

This is another piece of gardening equipment that is often more suitable as a tool rental. With a leaf blower you can blast away and pile large areas of leafs and other small lawn debris with ease, another necessity for working on long-abandoned gardens.

Hoe, Shovel, Bucket, and Rake:

These are the basic classics that every gardener needs, unless you plan on digging holes with your hands. You'll want to invest in high quality because you'll be using these devices for the majority of your gardening jobs.

Tool rental allows for greater flexibility, especially when you require using specialized gardening equipment. You can use the devices for as long as you need and return them without having to invest a fortune. Tool rentals are also a great idea for first time gardeners as it gives them a chance to see if they truly enjoy the hobby. Expert gardeners can benefit from short term tool rentals too, specifically when they are working on extremely challenging projects.