How to Hire the Best Structural Engineer

There are many structural engineers in the industry but it can be difficult to hand pick the best one. You may have abundant choices, but selecting a structure engineer can be a tough task. Here are some handy tips that will help you take the right decision while hiring a structure engineer.

What You Must Look For?

Typically, you must look for quality assurance, accreditation and association. This means that the consulting engineers should be ISO certified, and they must be associated with the state association of engineers. For instance, in Ireland the ACEI and CPD govern the laws. The company that you hire must be an accredited company. Apart from that, they must offer different types of services for projects such as commercial, residential, infrastructure, educational, heritage and landscape.

The structural engineer should also be an expert in fire safety engineering, and BER certificates and audits. Disability access is another area that should not be ignored. Besides, a structure engineer must offer a host of services. Given below is a checklist of the services that construction engineering should offer.


Design and approval: This aspect includes the preliminary design and detailing of a building. The building could be a house, apartment, office, retail shops, outlets, industrial units, factory, hotels, refurbishments, warehouse, and heritage building and so on. Typically, the service provider creates an aesthetic design with cost-effective structure. A structural engineer will undertake design on different types of building elements like foundation, floor, beam, columns, walls, roof, basement and so forth.

Structural surveys and reports: A structural survey is conducted on an existing structure or a new property. Some of the elements checked in a survey would include critical and non-critical items like subsidence, settlement, wall and floor cracking, damp, fire damage and much more.

General engineering reports: Engineering reports may be required on a variety of different situations. Some of the situations include legal disputes with building contractor, damage to your property, monitoring property, party wall disputes and similar others.

Certificate of compliance: This aspect of a structural engineer has provision for certificate of compliance with planning and building regulations and certificate of exemption from planning. The construction engineering company must comply with all of the above.

Project management: This service will guide you from the inception to the completion of your project. The service provider will liaison between you and your contractor, offer cost control on project, check quality, offer technical advice, and provide product advice and much more.

Property defects surveys and reports: The service provider will provide subsidence, settlement, wall and floor cracking, damp or mould, water leakage, fire damage, interior or exterior wall, insulation, heat loss, poor workmanship, to name a few.

Heritage development: A structural engineer will also look into structural surveys and reports, protect structures, design works to protect heritage buildings, monitoring the behavior of heritage structure during adjacent work and a lot more.

These are some of the factors that you must consider while hiring consulting engineers. These services will ensure that your project is carried out effectively and smoothly without any obstacles. Besides you can also get a BER audit done, and upgrade the existing property to meet the expectations of environment safety.

Detachment Allows Your Desires To Come To You

The whole purpose of detachment is to keep yourself in vibrational harmony with your desires. Detachment means that you become someone who doesn’t have a care in a the world. You allow yourself to feel good no matter what happens. As far as your mind is concerned, your desire is already a reality within your consciousness. By being detached, you keep yourself happy, positive and vibrant at all times. Let go of attachment without stopping the action, in bringing your desires to fulfillment.

Detachment is to be willing to trust in the Divine Order and Divine Timing. Choose to elevate your consciousness to a place of peaceful expectancy, a place of allowing, where you feel absolutely certain that all is well, right now. You should check to see if higher consciousness has something better in mind for you because what you wish for may not necessarily manifest because it is not meant for you. Be willing to trust in higher consciousness and to let go of your intention if you find out it is not the best one. Realize that higher consciousness has what you truly desire the most.

Focus on your intent and be certain about the outcome of your desire, but be detached to any ideas about things that may stop you from achieving it. You should have a goal, an aim or intent about a certain outcome you want to achieve. Detachment means that you become someone who doesn’t have a care in a the world about whatever obstacles and challenges you may face towards the fulfillment of that goal. You are aware of what problems you may face but you are detached from them, focusing solely on your intent only. Let go of attachment without stopping the action in bringing your desires to fulfillment.

The only thing preventing you from reaching a goal is resistance. It’s attachment to the outcome or object of desire that causes resistance. So as a result you have a fear of not attaining it or of then losing it. So you put force and effort in there. Force results in counter-force, a reaction. That acts as a counter-intention and nullifies the intention. Nothing happens. When you learn to release your limiting thoughts and feelings you will be absolutely amazed at all of the resources, people, ideas, confidence that becomes immediately available to you.

When you learn to release limiting feelings, you release problems. This frees up your energy, mentally and physically. Wanting creates a feeling of lacking. Want IS lack. It’s the feeling of wanting, of not having, that creates not having! Would you rather want? Or would you rather have? Your odds of achieving any goal will only improve when you release the resistance which are the feelings that have stopped you in the past. Remember when you remove resistance, you reduce the energy and effort and stress required to take successful action.

Be conscious of the feeling of having your desire. Just allow yourself to experience the feeling of having it, not receiving it, not getting it, not creating it, not wanting it, not spending it. Focus on having, just having. Having it there. Not trying to change anything in your life, just having it there. How does it feel to be so safe, so loved, that the universe has given you that desire? This sets all the coincidences in advance and circumstances in line, for you to have your desire.

Taking a deep breath. Finding that feeling and allowing the joy of that to flow to the surface. Allow the joy of having, the joy of having that desire to flow to the surface of your feelings now. To the top of your head, to the top of your mind. It is the strongest feeling that you feel in your body, your mind and your soul. Feeling of absolute gratefulness and appreciation. Thankfulness.

The best way to detach is to think about the things that make you happy and not on the things that make you unhappy. Express thanks that what you ask for is already given and feel the joy of it being a reality. And this joy is what you remember whenever you’re thinking about your desire, as it becomes your set point. Thinking about things that make you happy and feeling good skips all resistance and allows your desires to come to you.

Government Insulation Grants – How To Apply

An idiot’s guide to applying for Government insulation grants in the UK.

Government grants for free loft insulation and cavity wall insulation are again available in England, Scotland and Wales as many homes in the UK still fall short of the required levels of loft and wall insulation.

A new Government home energy grant scheme which provides financial help to install energy saving measures including roof / loft insulation and cavity wall insulation is being funded by the major energy companies (British Gas, NPower, Eon, SSE, EDF & Scottish Power).

The Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) has been designed to save energy and help to meet the rising cost of domestic gas and electric bills.

Roof & Loft Grants

Around 25% of the heat generated by your heating escapes through your attic and out through your roof. Loft insulation is a man-made fiber which is placed between and over the joists in your loft or attic.

This prevents heat escaping from your home, which stays warm for longer. This means a reduction indomestic energy bills as it costs less to heat your home as your central heating or fire can be on for less time or set at a lower level.

Benefits of insulating your home

Insulating your roof and walls in can save around £500 per year on domestic heating bills. (These are estimated figures based on insulating a gas-heated, detached home with three bedrooms.) Energy Savings Trust.

Loft Insulation Grants

Why Install Loft Insulation?

With no loft insulation 25% of your home’s heat is lost through the roof, and around 35% escapes through the outer walls. This means that a huge percentage of your heating costs are unnecessary.

Loft insulation stops heat escaping

This means you spend less heating your home. By taking simple yet effective steps such as installing Cavity Wall Insulation and Loft Insulation you can save £100′s each year on unnecessarily high fuel bills. You will also be helping the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

Loft Insulation FAQ’s

In most cases installers take less than two hours to complete the installation, depending on the amount of loft insulation needed. The current recommended level for most roofs and buildings is 270mm (11 Inches).

Applying for a Government insulation grant?

The process for claiming free home energy grant is quite simple. Leave a few details about your home and heating etc. This will only take a few minutes. You will then be contacted by a Home Energy Grant Assessor who will arrange a time to visit you and discuss the grants which are available to you

Loft or cavity wall Survey

If you qualify for free Government insulation the verified Energy Grant Assessor will contact you, usually within 24 hours, to arrange a quick visit to your home. He /She will check a few things like the depth of any existing loft insulation if you have any.

Should you require cavity wall insulation he will check inside your walls to see if your walls are already insulated.

The next stage is to fill in a few details on a Government grant application form. The Surveyor will advise you on this. It is a straightforward form and you are only asked to provide a few details including some information about your home and your energy supplier etc.

You should have any verification documents ready. You will be told what you need during the initial telephone conversation when the home insulation survey is arranged.

At Last – a Miracle Drink, Water

Water, it’s impossible to live without it. It is the most essential element the body needs for survival. One of the most effective ways you can improve your overall health is very simple…drink more water. Proper Hydration is vital for everyone, not just active individuals. Water regulates body temperature, protects internal organs, improves digestion, transports essential nutrients, and flushes waste and toxins from your body. Water is also the ultimate moisturizer for our skin.

With all the things Moms have to do, it’s no wonder you may not drink as much water as you should. Frequent headaches and fatigue are among the most common signs of dehydration. Many of us don’t realize we suffer from dehydration because we blame headache, fatigue and dizziness on other causes.

How can you tell if you are dehydrated? An easy way is to check the color of your urine. If your urine looks like the color of apple juice you are probably dehydrated. Urine should be very pale yellow to clear. A caution, however, certain vitamins and prescription medications can cause the urine to appear darker. Check with your pharmacist.

How much water do you need? The correct answer, of course, varies from person to person. Every day you lose water from sweating, exhaling, urinating and bowel movements.

The most common rule is the “8 glasses a day rule”. This is a general starting point, but here are several factors that can influence your water needs:

1. Environment – Hot or humid weather requires additional water intake to help lower your body temperature and to replace what you lose.

2. Exercise – If you exercise or engage in any activity that makes you sweat you’ll need to drink extra water to compensate for the fluid loss.

3. Health conditions – Fever, vomiting, diarrhea can cause your body to lose extra fluids.

4. Pregnancy or Breast feeding – women who are pregnant or breastfeeding require additional water to stay hydrated.

Bottom line. Drink before you are thirsty. Thirst alone isn’t always an adequate gauge of your body’s need for a drink. Thirst tells us we are already dehydrated. Make water drinking a daily part of your normal routine. Keep a water bottle on hand and drink from it throughout the day. If you have difficulty with enjoying water, try squeezing some lemon or lime juice into it.

Start drinking your way to better health today. Your body will thank you.

Health Article – Dehydration

Did you know that by the time you are thirsty you are already dehydrated? Dehydration, as little as a 2% loss in fluid, negatively impacts your body and your mind. Dehydration can cause confusion, irritability, constipation, drowsiness, fever, and thirst More signs and symptoms of mild to moderate dehydration include dry, sticky mouth, muscle weakness, stiff joints, headache, dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, cramping, decreased urine, cool extremities, slow capillary refill, and sunken eyes. You can usually reverse mild to moderate dehydration by increasing your intake of fluids.

For athletes or those with physical jobs, the inability to perform and focus as a result of mild dehydration may increase the risk of injury. Athletes and those with physical jobs may suffer a loss of performance of up to 30%. They may experience flushing, low endurance, rapid heart rates, elevated body temperatures, and rapid onset of fatigue. It is imperative that you drink enough fluid before, during, and after your workout or work shift.

Severe dehydration is the loss of 10-15% of body fluids and is a life-threatening condition that requires immediate medical care. The signs and symptoms of severe dehydration include extreme thirst, irritability and confusion, very dry mouth, dry skin and mucous membranes, lack of sweating, little or no urination, any urine that is produced will be dark yellow, sunken eyes, shriveled and dry skin, rapid heartbeat, fever, coma, and even death. Dehydration of any kind will not correct itself

How much fluid should your drink? It is recommended that you drink the number of ounces in fluid that is equal to half your body weight each day. For example, if you weigh 100 pounds, your hydration goal would be approximately 50 ounces per day with normal activities. You would adjust accordingly for days that you exercise intensely, drinking more.

Most active individuals have some level of dehydration at the end of a workout or work shift. Here is another hydration tip… It is recommended that you drink enough fluids to replace approximately 150% of the weight lost during exercise.

Other than the symptoms of dehydration, how do you know if you are dehydrated? One easy way to detect dehydration is to check urine color. It should be clear or very pale yellow. If it begins to darken in color, fluid intake should increase. Another way to check for dehydration is to weigh yourself immediately before your workout and immediately after your workout. It is important to use a scale at the gym to be sure your weigh in occurs at the correct time. If you have lost weight during your workout, you are dehydrated. If you have gained weight during your workout, you may have taken in more than enough fluid. If your weight is unchanged, GREAT JOB! You likely drank an appropriate amount of fluid.

It is important to replace fluids lost when exercising, but drinking pure water exclusively isn’t always the safest choice for those who participate in very strenuous or long-duration exercise. When significant amounts of fluid are lost through high-intensity exercise, just replacing water can lead to a chemical imbalance in the body and deficiencies in electrolytes (hyponatremia). Sports drinks, like Gatorade, can help restore electrolytes. These drinks should contain carbohydrates, sodium, and some potassium. The electrolytes in our body include sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium and phosphate, but sodium is the substance of most concern when replacing fluids lost through exercising. Electrolytes are essential for proper organ function. The loss of electrolytes may contribute to dehydration headaches. It is imperative that you take in the proper balance of water and electrolytes, especially during exercise.

How do you prevent dehydration? Drink plenty of fluids, especially before, during, and after exercise. Sports drinks can encourage active people to drink more fluids because they are flavored and are higher in sodium. Avoid caffeine and alcohol because both will cause dehydration. Avoid carbonated beverages because the carbonation may cause bloating or a feeling of fullness and prevent adequate consumption of fluids. For most of us, being aware and prepared is the easiest way to prevent dehydration from occurring.

By Karen Goeller, CSCS

Alternative Medicine – Herbal Remedies in Acid Reflux Treatment

Alternative medicine was once an area regarded by many as pure quackery. Indeed "modern" medicine frequently dismissed any form of herbal or alternative medicine as nothing more than a joke. The mere concept of a modern doctor referring patients to an alternative medicine practitioner was unheard of.

How times have changed! The use of alternative medicine has become hugely popular over the last 10 – 15 years. The general public has tightly embraced many alternative therapies in a world filled with superbugs, avian flu and
numerous other horrifying disease and afflictions. It's now becoming increasingly common for doctors to refer patients to aromatherapists and acupuncturists in combination with their own pharmaceutical treatments.

Do You Know What You Are Taking? People suffering from acid reflux are especially keen to find any possible cure for their condition – be it alternative or not. Have you ever taken any medication without checking the contraindications printed on the leaflet inside? Of course you have and so have I. It's sobering to actually sit there and read some of the potential side effects many such medications can have. This is equally true of tablets you may be taking to treat acid reflux.

Shutting Down The Digestive System For example some antacids interfere with vitamin and calcium absorption of the body which could lead to future problems with conditions like osteoporosis. Also unknown to many heartburn sufferers is that certain antacids reduce the discomfort of acid heartburn by shutting down the acidic secretions in the stomach. This does not cure the problem – it simply tops it from happening for a short while. Then take into account how some people react to medications. An antacid may be very effective on one person and totally ineffective on another. This will "force" people to try several different types and brands thereby exposing themselves to the danger of ingesting several different types of medication in a short space of time. Talk about a bad idea!

This is where alternative therapies come in. Normally one type of treatment will be enough to resolve the symptoms the sufferer is experiencing. A single tea concoction or capsule of herbs may be enough to alleviate all the patients problems. The basic logic behind this is that the fewer treatments or medications a patient has to take to cure one problem the better. Your body can only handle so many toxins or potential toxins at any one time.

Another reason people turn to alternative medicine is because of the chemicals used in the production of antacids. Here is a short list:

* Sodium Bicarbonate

* Magnesium Hydroxide

* Calcium Carbonate

* Aluminum Phosphate

All of these have the effect of helping to neutralize the hydrochloric acid in your stomach. Hydrochloric acid is necessary for the proper digestion of food. By reducing or disabling this acid your body will then be prompted to produce more acid to replace it – due to the effects of the antacids you just took. This can cause a condition called "acid rebound" whereby the body will wind up with far more stomach acid than it actually needs. It's a case of short term gain for long term discomfort – if that makes sense?

Are Herbal Medicines Effective? Herbal medicines are largely based on the faith of the practitioners and the users themselves. This faith should not be discounted – especially if the products do actually work. Alternative therapies rarely aim to cure acid reflux but rather to help the body be better able to deal with the condition. How? By strengthening the digestive system so that the affects of acid reflux either do not occur at all or are severely minimized.

So what form do herbal treatments take? You can expect them to be available in the form of tea, juice, capsules and food supplements which all herbal treatment suppliers will claim to be 100% safe. That being said it never does any harm to do a Google search on the ingredients to ensure that they are 100% safe and that there has been no negative web or newspaper reports on them.

Key West Bicycle Tour – Eco-Tourism, History and Key Lime Pie

Bring your t-shirt, shorts, sneakers and a camera . . . and take home memories!

The Bike Tour of Key West,, takes guests into the Key West of yesteryear — 19th Century village at the edge of the tropics. Guests bicycle from one side of this lush, green, tropical island to the other. Bicycle along the beach; through tree-shrouded streets and shady, hidden lanes; through the “Presidential Gate” in the Old Navy Base, along the old waterfront — and into history. They will discover the Key West of the natives!

Christian Rieger, president of the parent corporation, The Bike Tour of Key West Z, Inc., says, “Our team of professional guides wend and wind guests through the nooks and crannies of this sea-faring town at the edge of a continent. They see small cottages and grand old mansions amidst stately palms and lofty mahogany trees. They get the full gamut of this city of 19th century wreckers, cigar-makers, and spongers.”

The island’s association with American history started in 1821 with a merchant by the name of John Simonton. This well-heeled, New Jersey-born man had been treasurer of that state’s first chartered bank. He had a few bucks in his pocket and appreciated the strategic value of Key West.

He sailed to Havana and bought it from Juan P. Salas for $2,000 cash. $2,000 was then like a couple of million dollars is today. All things considered, it was quite a deal because as a local once said, “You can’t hardly buy a tree for that.”

Soon after the purchase, New England seafarers, Bahamians, and Cubans settled on the island. Back then it was then v-e-r-y isolated from the rest of America. It was at the end of a string of small islands extending down from the vast semi-tropical wilderness of the Everglades. The two closest Floridian cities were Panama City on the west coast, and St. Augustine on the east coast. No cars, no planes, no trains, and no Miami. Just boats, mosquitos, and lots of distance between here and anywhere else. These were less hurried times. “Although busier today,” says Rieger, “The bike tour takes guests as if through a time warp to those simpler, easier-paced times.”

Along the way, participants see quaint old cottages and grand old Victorian mansions that hail from a century and a half ago. Guests visit a place visitors to Key West rarely get to see — what Key West looked like before human settlement.

“We visit a one-acre, Private Rain Forest Preserve replete with parrots, orchids, bamboos, stately palms and majestic mahogany trees. Most participants think this is the highlight of the tour. It is part of someone’s home, and travelers rarely get to visit the grounds of a private residence — even more so one looks like a rain forest.

“We also bicycle along a beach with Cuba 90 miles to our south. There is a stop with a photo op at the Southernmost Point. Just before the end of end of the tour, we visit a Key Lime bakery for a complimentary piece of Key West’s favorite dessert — Key Lime Pie. This is made the classical way with real Key Limes, sweetened condensed milk, egg yolks and graham cracker crust.”

Join the Key West Bike eco Tour — smell the tropical air, the salt sea and witness the history of Key West in what one newspaper said “has the most unique history in the United States.”

Contact: Christian Rieger

954 523 1501

Bar Variety

I visited some friends of mine recently who live in a very rural area. They make sure they have everything they need on one trip to town a week. But when I asked about a local bar, they laughed.

They knew me. They knew what I would be expecting. So, they laughed hardily and then they grabbed their coats. I knew then I was in for something good.

We drove about twenty minutes. Back roads and dirt roads, through the darkness of night we drove until we came to a trailer in the middle of the woods. I thought, "You've got to be kidding me!"

We walked in and sure enough, it was a bar. The actual bar itself was at one end of the trailer with a lone bartender standing behind it. One lady sat at the bar while two others sat at a table that took up half the dance floor. That's right! There was a dance floor, and a jukebox. A handful of guys sat at a table in the back of the trailer and of course, they eyed me for a good while until they finally warmed up to me.

That got me thinking. I have a way of thinking sometimes about the weirdest things. I hope I'm not alone. But, I have not seen every nook and cranny of this world. Sometimes that bothers me. It may not be the best bar in the world. But, I felt privileged to have at least been able to see how people get their drink on in that part of it.

I began my research. Actually, it was more of an exploration through the recesses of my mind. I remembered all of the bars I had ever frequented, and the ones I've only acquainted.


I was in a club one time that had five different dance floors, a VIP section and a butt load of bouncers that loved what they do. At closing time, I was invited to the back bar to have one last drink. All of the bouncers were hanging out back there and they were talking about their fights. These guys really got off on the fact that they were bouncers.

That club had about six or seven bars. There was one in the middle of the middle dance floor and one in just about every corner of the club. The VIP section sat high above everyone else and it had a DJ station. But, there was also another DJ station across the huge warehouse type room. They were both live. That's how big this place was. You could not hear the music on the other side of the room.


Visiting some friends of mine, they live in a small town. But, there's a bar on just about every corner. We went to pub after pub. They were all the same, like cookie cutter pubs that all took after each other.

We kept going from pub to pub, the only thing that changed were the people. Actually, I take that back. There were some of the same people as well. After awhile, I figured out the two different types of beer enthusiasts in small town. There are regulars who stay glued to their barstools and then there are floaters who like to roam and see everyone.


The dive is the backbone of the drinking community. It's where most beer enthusiasts go throughout the week for a few to kick back in the head. You can find one or two people at any given time having a beer in a dive in the middle of the day. But, the weekend opens up different opportunities for beer enthusiasts. It's purely economical.

In this world, there is an ice bar … made of ice. There are log cabin bars, cave bars, poolside bars, bars on beaches, bars on snow top mountains, bars in trees, on rivers and in the middle of a lake. I have ordered a beer in the most unique places in the world. That's what is so special about beer enthusiasts. We have an interesting way of celebrating our enthusiasm.

What Is a Break Barrel Air Rifle?

You may have heard of a break barrel air rifle, but you may not be aware of what one actually is. There are several types of air rifle but this type is quite unique in both its design and the way in which you use it. In this article we will look at what the break barrel air rifle is, how it differs from other types of air rifles, and we’ll also look at how the rifle is used and what it is used for.

There are so many different types of guns out there, so what exactly is a break barrel? Well it is a type of spring piston rifle, meaning that it uses a coiled steel spring-loaded piston, in a compression chamber. Cocking the gun compresses the spring ready to fire. Some spring piston rifles have cocking levers, compressing the spring by means of a lever on the side or underneath of the rifle. However, many spring piston rifles are operated by means of a break barrel. The name is a good description of what actually happens when you cock one of these weapons as the rifle is hinged in the middle and you ‘break’ the barrel in two to cock it. Break barrels are very popular, are produced in large quantities and so you can get a good break barrel for a decent price. A break barrel rifle can produce power from 600 FPS (feet per second) up to 1500 FPS.

This break mechanism makes it very different from other air rifles. What this means is it has a large diameter pivot bearing that acts as the barrels axle when the gun is cocked. The bearing is large to help spread the load. Some people worry that constantly breaking the gun, quickly, out in the field, could put the barrel out of alignment and reduce accuracy, but tests done on guns made by the same manufacturer, with the only difference being that one is a break barrel and one has a fixed barrel with a side lever, and no difference in accuracy was detected. This type of air rifle is often shorter than other types, meaning that they hold fewer rounds. They can also sometimes take longer to cock than those with a side lever and so taking fast consecutive shots can be trickier.

Break barrel air rifles are very common. They are a popular type and are used for many purposes. They are commonly used for hunting small game and birds, and for pest control purposes. You can easily use this particular type for shooting at targets or tin cans. Break barrels are available in a variety of calibers; the most common being the.177 and the.22 The.177 has a higher level of accuracy and a greater range, but the.22 hits harder and so is better for shooting animals of any size. A.177 will take out a bird or a squirrel, but a.22 is more suitable for anything larger than this.

If you are looking for a smaller, lighter and deadly air rifle do not hesitate to get one of these guns. They are the perfect gun for shooting small game, hitting targets with great accuraccy or just to use when you are bored!

Pull the Plug on Pesky Leaks!

We all need to save money and avoid paying high water charges every month. Where previously we might have put up with a small leak or dripping tap, now we need to be vigilant and sort these things out quickly.
We've been looking at a few common house leaks that people may not be aware of and ways in which they can be resolved. The average water use per person is estimated at 150 litres a day, but leaks can result in thousands of litres being wasted. A considerable amount of water can be lost through a dripping tap over a 24-hour period!

Fixing easily corrected household water leaks can save homeowners about 10% on their water bills.

In many cases, homeowners are not even aware they have leaks.

Most household leaks are found around the stopcock of fittings however they can also be in the pipe itself which means the pavement / garden has to be dug up and the pipe replaced. Older houses, serviced by metal pipes, are more likely to leak.

A leaky tap that drips at the rate of one drip per second can waste more than 3,000 gallons per year. That's the amount of water needed to take more than 180 showers! Leaky taps can be fixed by checking for wear and replacing faulty elements if necessary.

A showerhead leaking at 10 drips per minute wastes more than 500 gallons per year – that's the amount of water it takes to wash 60 loads of dishes in your dishwasher! Most leaky showerheads can be fixed by ensuring a tight connection using pipe tape and a wrench.

Likewise, water can be wasted through a leaking toilet. Often the cause is an old, faulty toilet flapper. Over time, the rubber part can decay. It's usually best to replace the whole rubber flapper-a relatively easy, inexpensive DIY job. To test if your toilet is leaking, place a dye tablet or a few drops of food colouring into the toilet tank. If colour appears in the bowl without flushing, there is a leak. (Be sure to flush this away promptly to avoid staining)

Keep your home leak-free by repairing dripping taps, toilet flappers and showerheads. In most cases, replacement parts do not require a major investment. Water damage caused by leaks can cause serious damage over time if not treated. Equally any wastage of water will mean additional costs to your household water bill so repair promptly!

Understanding Women’s Sexual and Emotional Needs

Sadly researchers are often just as impressed with far-fetched accounts of female orgasm as the general public. Academics debate pure conjecture such as ‘female ejaculation’ (copious quantities of vaginal juices produced by aroused females) based on age-old male fantasies and ‘up suck’ of sperm (pelvic contractions supposedly arising from ‘vaginal orgasms’) as if they are proven facts. Most women ignore these myths fabricated by men but a few enjoy publicising this flattering account of their sexuality.

Orgasm can be used as a defining aspect of men’s sexuality because of the ease with which male orgasm can be objectively identified and linked with men’s sexual behaviours. The same is not true for female orgasm. One problem is the assumption that women experience orgasm in exactly the same circumstances that men do. Another is that female responsiveness is defined in terms of women’s willingness to engage in sexual activities with a lover rather than their motivation to achieve their own orgasm.

Kinsey’s work indicated that women orgasm once every 2 weeks versus men’s 3 orgasms a week (men under age 30). Men slow down with age but even by 60, male orgasm frequencies have not fallen to female levels. Kinsey and Hite overestimated female responsiveness. Their conclusions were incorrect not because their sampling methods were flawed but because they accepted what women said. They did not try to validate women’s claims. For example, the anatomy involved in female orgasm has to be consistent for all women (regardless of sexual orientation) whether they are alone or with a lover (regardless of their lover’s gender).

Heterosexuals obsess about female orgasm because it is elusive in reality. Similarly porn exaggerates women’s responsiveness in order to maximise the turn-on for men. After all if porn reflected reality it would no longer be a fantasy! A fantasy by definition is an embellishment or an exaggeration of reality. It is difficult to find a definition of sexual politics because the term encapsulates the unpalatable fact that: “Women can use sex to get what they want. Men cannot, as sex is what they want.” (BBC blog 2003)

I know we all want a man to think us the sexiest thing in the world but it is not helpful to have female sexuality defined in such a way that most women refuse to comment! Men’s politics is characterised by violent action; women’s by manipulative silence. But silence proves nothing. The evidence for female responsiveness needs to come from women who can talk confidently about their enjoyment of arousal (a response to erotic stimuli) and orgasm resulting from sexual activity they themselves initiate.

A List of Popular Police Shows on Television

Positions in the field of law enforcement are some of the most publicized in the world. Almost everybody is fascinated with how police officers catch the criminals and the amount of thinking and hard work that goes into their jobs. There are a multitude of shows on television that feature police officers. These cop shows range from complete and utter fiction to more real shows that involve actual police officers rather than just actors. Often times on these shows officers will get into foot races with their suspects that involve the alleged criminals hopping over CT fencing and CT fences to try and get away from their pursuers, which more often than not still results in them getting caught.

The classic cop show that really got the ball rolling so to speak is Cops. Nearly everybody in the country knows what Cops is and it has turned into a very successful and long running show. The show centers around a camera crew following police officers in their cars all across the country and filming them doing their job. Of course the job entails lots of different things and sometimes the police are called to settle some kind of dispute, sometimes they have to pull people over in their cars and other times they have to make arrests and break up fights. Some really funny things happen on the show such as one episode where a man had manufactured and smoked drugs in someone's home, then decided that he would hide in the trunk of his car. The police spent a fairly lengthy amount of time figuring out how to get him out of the trunk and, to everyone's surprise, when they got him out charged him with crimes related to producing drugs.

Another popular show about police falls under the genre of comedy and is essentially a fictional, humorous take on the aforementioned Cops. Reno 911 also features a camera crew following around the police, this time only in the city of Reno. The characters on the show are all very funny including the Lieutenant Dangle, a down on his luck head of the department who can not control any of his employees. The officers on the show do ridiculous things and meet ridiculous people, such as one man who plays Dungeons and Dragons in his backyard and continually assaults people, and then tries to justify it within the context of the game.

Finally, another hit police show from the current decade is called, "CSI", and it is various and seemingly never ending spin off shows of the same name but with a city attached. "CSI", obviously to anybody who has ever seen it, is not funny but takes a look at the world of crime scene investigation and the use of forensics to track down criminals. Although the show is of course not entirely accurate, there are a few true things involved in that forensic evidence is often very important in solving crimes.

The world will probably not ever end its fascination with police work and watching TV shows that, sometimes accurately and sometimes inaccurately, display it.

The Advantages of Electric Fencing

Farmers concerned about their livestock and residents concerned about the security of their homes and families often consider electric fencing as an option. Electric fencing offers several advantages, particularly in comparison with traditional types of fencing. It is cheap to construct and maintain, portable, safe, easy to use, long lasting and has minimal impact on the landscape.

Firstly, it is less expensive to build, install and maintain than other kinds of fencing. You need only posts and wire, tape or netting to put it together, so you save money by avoiding the costly purchase of the bulky material needed to build and repair solid barriers.

This also means that electric fencing is light in weight and easy to carry around. If you need to move your livestock on a regular basis, or at short notice, this is definitely a bonus! Plus, your land remains unobstructed by large permanent structures, which can be an eyesore and block the view. Who really wants to see green pastures and rolling hills interrupted by chunky pieces of metal and wood?

Electric fencing enables you to keep your view intact without compromising on security. Large animals sometimes possess the strength and power to knock down and / or damage conventional fencing, which usually means extra expense, inconvenience and sometimes injuries as well.

Furthermore, livestock can become tangled in barbed wire easily. This can cause serious injury as well as prolonged pain and suffering and, in some cases, fatality. On the other hand, when animals touch it, they receive a quick shock. This shock needs to be a minimum of two thousand volts so that they can feel it through their thick skin and hair, but it is not intended to cause pain and does not expose them to the risk of injury or death. On both psychological and physical levels, the shock teaches your livestock to avoid contact with their surrounding fencing, but does not cause hurt.

The heavily reduced likelihood of contact between animals and electric fencing means that it also cuts down costs because of its longevity. Less susceptible to damage through accidents, high tensile, electrical fencing lasts around twenty years on average. In contrast, barbed wire can generally be expected to last for up to twelve years.

Apart from keeping and protecting livestock, it can also be considered as an option for maintaining the security of your home, family and household contents. It is certainly much less expensive than hiring permanent security staff! Psychologically, it presents potential intruders with a pretty powerful deterrent and, physically, it sends a shock that should more or less guarantee they precede no further. You can also attach an alarm to your fence, which alerts you or the company that watches over your property when an intruder is approaching.

Accor Hotels

Accor is a global provider of corporate services with origins in France. Its founders, Paul Dubrule and Gerard Pelisson started Accor Hospitality in response to an opportunity found in France. Leading hotels mostly sprouted only in Paris, which left all other tourist spots 'hotel-less'. Now, Accor Hotels lead the hospitality industry in the world especially in Europe with over 4,000 hotels worldwide.


Executive King Rooms
When you need extra space in a room both for sleep and some work with a hint of lifestyle, these rooms are for you. Aside for the usual amenities found in most hotel rooms, the following are offered for that 'complete' feel:

• Internet access
• Ironing board
• Pay per view movies
• Electronic door locks

Executive Spa Rooms
Tired of walking all the way to the spa? Accor Hotels have these rooms to provide you with a private spa and all around more comfortable beds and sofas for maximum relaxation.

Executive Family Rooms
As the name implies, these rooms fit perfectly for the average traveling family – a queen size bed plus two separate single beds for the children.


Open for breakfast and dinner, Accor Hotels provides a warm atmosphere for the perfect fine dining experience.

Outdoor Grill
Open for lunch and dinner, its surrounding water ambiance sets an excellent experience for any anniversary or birthday celebration.

Cafés and bars
Cafés and bars are scattered all over the place to provide beverages, snacks and sweets to be enjoyed along with live entertainment from bands.

Corporate activity

Accor Hotels, inspired by Accor's main purpose of providing corporate solutions, naturally caters to any need for business conferences to be held. Conference and function rooms are available and can hold around 250 to 600 people depending on the room. Each room has a different layout in order to meet different needs. In addition, day packages are made available to organise and complete any conference with lunch menus or buffets.


Accor Hotels is not all about business. Entertainment such as golf, bowling and M9 laser tag is available specifically for unwinding or team building exercises.

Golf courses
Golf has always proven to be an excellent sport for promoting some leisure. The courses available range from easy to highly challenging to give guests a complete golfing experience.

Suitable for all ages, up to 34 lanes are provided, as well as glow in the dark and bumper bowling to make sure everyone can experience the thrill.

M9 laser tag
Bringing children along? M9 laser tag is the perfect game with the thrill of violence, without the injuries. This game is situated in an urban setting where all the action and strategy of shooting is which makes it suitable even for adults.

Considering Possibilities Of Luxury Villas

If you are about to take a vacation, you have likely already started thinking about the various housing options that are available for your stay. Of course, there will be many to choose from and you will have to think about what will best suit your needs. But if you are looking for some extra relaxation, you may want to consider staying at some luxury villas during your time away.

There are many places that you can stay at while you are on a trip. If you plan on staying for an extended period of time, you may find that choosing to stay at a villa can be the best choice for you. Not only is it more reasonable than continually paying for a hotel, but it comes with much more quality and privacy than you would get at other lodgings.

It's a good idea to check the internet and learn more about your surroundings before your trip. This can give you a good idea of ​​where you are going to be staying at and also what is available in the area. Of course, you will likely realize that the surroundings are even more beautiful in actuality than a photograph can ever reflect.

In consideration of these settings, you may find that it is better for you to choose your villa when you have arrived at your destination. This is sometimes the easier choice because you have a full concept of what is surrounding you. Alternatively, the option of virtual tours can be useful if you have time to choose before you depart for your getaway.

Consider factors like pricing and what it means for you during your trip. If you are traveling on a budget, then look for something that will fit well within your means for places you can stay at. There are actually numerous villa locations that remain affordable for those who are traveling on budgets but still want to stay somewhere nice.

Regarding pricing, it can always be beneficial to compare prices around what is available. Some choices will naturally be higher priced than others, but this can be for various reasons. If you compare before you make your decision, you should be able to get the best value for what is available in the area and still have some money available for spending during your stay.

You might even be able to get a discount depending on your traveling plan. This is not always a possibility, but it is something to consider if you are a frequent traveler. If you are curious about it, ask your travel agent or even contact the lodging itself to learn more about what is possible and open to you currently.

Treating yourself to a stay at luxury villas can be a great way to enjoy your time away. If you are looking to maximize your peace and enjoyment of your trip, this is a great way to begin. If this sounds like an option that may interest you, you should consider it further and explore all of the possibilities before you take your next trip.