Buy Discount Alaia Shoes

One brand name that is renowned for it's quality is Alaia shoes. Even today you can find his beautiful footwear so sought after by women who know a thing or two about shoes across the world. He was born into a farmers family in Tunisia on June 4th 1940. His love for design was said to of come about through his sister and when the opportunity came around to study at a local art school he gave a false age to gain entry. Following his graduation he became a dressmaker, this is where his business grew rapidly and he never looked back. Through the wild and art inspired shoe designs he creates he has come to be very well respected. As an example of some of designs:

Alaia Suede Heels

These heels really do stand out for being attractive as well as bold and artsy. The actual heel itself stands at a dizzy 4 ½ ", this is without a platform. If you can walk in these without falling over they will make a stunning addition to any outfit. The heel has a light grey suede running the length of it. these particular shoes are for those that are looking for that little something different, just take care when wearing them!

Python Skin Platforms

This style would normally appear as a cute set of heels with the sweet structure and shape of the shoe. Then you take into account the python skin and the cutesy look is soon forgot. These Alaia shoes are both bold and sexy. The thin straps on the ankle have the opposite at the toe with the cinched thick straps. An edgy look is added to this shoe with its prominent python skin covered heels, add to this the jet black color and you have one sexy heel on your hands.

Tie-Up Leather Sandal with Rivets

Every stitch of these Azzedine Alaia sandals are stunning. The thick black heels fit in perfectly with the overall style of the shoe. Metal rivets add texture and sparkle to the black leather straps. The straps on the heels feature 2 cut-out sides that meet in the middle and lace through the rivets. All in all the shoes are an intricate and beautiful design. Putting all the features together results in a head turning shoe.

Platform Wedge with Cut Outs

These are a fun and eccentric pair of wedges mixed in with a big dose of charm. The geometric red / brown leather pattern makes up the shoes upper. Not only is the pattern eye catching, it is also unique. The leather used even gives off a stunning shine that really adds to the look of the shoes. With an amazing six inch high heel these are not for those that suffer from vertigo. There is some lovely detailing, reversed black triangles, that sits between the wedge and the sole. These sit really well against the brown heel. Taking all these beautiful features into account they are going to be first choice for women looking to buy Alaia wedges

5 Advantages Of Fences You Never Knew

When you consider getting fence installation, there are several benefits of it that every person is aware of. A good fencing will keep your yard, separate from the neighbor’s yard, offer you privacy and will keep your dog in the yard. However, there are several other benefits as well of proper fencing that you may not be aware of.

Benefits Of Fencing

Fences offer more than just protecting your property. They achieve a number of things that in the long run, maintain your property from damage; here are five benefits that you never thought of when it comes to fence installation:

They keep stray animals away – Even though the purpose of fences is to keep your dog in the yard, they also work the other way round, by keeping stray animals out of your yard. For example, if you keep the trash bin outside or have a garden then your yard is at a high threat rate of raccoons and other stray animals. Fences help in keeping the pests out of your yard.

They prevent from thieves – Fences are a good way of keeping away people from walking in your yard, they are also good at keeping away burglars. Thieves like to go for the easy targets, but with excellent security enclosures many burglars don’t want to struggle with.

Fences protect from other elements – Another reason why a good fence is an asset to your yard is that fences protect against strong winds, snow storms and other different weather related aspects that can harm your backyard on which you have worked so hard to maintain.

They secure your property – In this era of continuous real estate development and expansion, your property can be under a threat, a good fence line will secure every rightful inch of your property. This is why you will see temporary fences installed on different construction and job sites. They provide the best definition of an outline for the property.

They give your yard an amazing look – You may think fences are not so decorative, but a well installed fence will not only complement your house and serve its purpose but will also give your house a finished look. Fences nowadays are available in different designs and styles and can be turned into decorative features for the owners.

Every house needs a fence for its several uses; a good fence will serve a number of important elements and will also give the property a great look. It will also give your yard a secure and finish look. Everyone loves their house and yard, so it’s best that you should get a fence installed for its several benefits.

Iron Security Bars

Iron security bars are very popular and stylish in many ways. Wrought iron fences can be found in all parts of the United States. Not only are they attractive and add beauty to a home, but they also provide security. Many home owners also add iron bars to the exterior of their homes to prevent would be intruders from gaining entry through a window. There are several uses for iron bars and many of them not only add security, but also beauty to any home and yard.

They are very effective in protecting the valuables in a home as well as keeping a family safe. They are the most effective way to keep a burglar out. Though some people see window bars as an eyesore, the fact is that they really work. Manufacturers are starting to make decorative window security bars that just as effective as the older standard bars. The decorative iron security bars provide the ultimate protection from burglars while adding an attractive piece to a home. With custom colors that are also available, finding window bars is a breeze.

Windows are not the only option for an intruder. Doors are also relatively easy to break into for an experienced burglar. With Iron security bar doors, you can add yet another layer of security. Security doors are available in several different styles to match the decor of any home. Most security doors use only a few iron bars, while the majority of the door is made with a steel mesh. These doors are tamper resistant and the steel mesh can not be cut. These sturdy doors will not only protect you from intruders, but from harsh weather as well.

Around swimming pools is another area that homeowners like to use them. A wrought iron security fence around a pool not only prevents children from accidentally falling into the water, but these fences also look beautiful. With them they make up the fence, it allows you to see the pool and does not restrict the view of the rest of your yard. Wrought iron fences can also be made with decorative iron security bars that twist or are bent into designs.

In the front of homes many homeowners prefer a wrought iron security fence. Much like the pool fence that was described above, a wrought iron fence in the front yard provides security while at the same time adds beauty to the home. The height of the iron security bars can be cut to any height allowing a homeowner to be as creative as he or she wants when choosing their fence. Most people that have a wrought iron security fence also get a matching iron security gate. The iron security bars on the gate can be made to match the fence or bent into a decorative design that makes the gate unique.

They also can be used to either add to an entry way or enclose the entry way. Some homes have their entry way enclosed with the wrought iron security bars, similar to a fence. This adds an extra lay of security by providing a safe zone between the front door and the gate to the entry way. No matter if you choose to use wrought iron throughout your property or just one area, it will had security and beauty to your home.

A Guide On Apartments For Rent In Amsterdam

Known as the sixth largest metropolitan area in Europe, Amsterdam is one of the most happening places in the world. Being the capital of the Netherlands, the city is rich in culture and history at the same time progressive and modern. A lot of tourists flock Amsterdam and some foreigners who visit even fall in love with the place and decide to settle for good. If you are looking to visit the city for a long period of time whether it is for work or for a vacation, you should check out some of the apartments for rent in Amsterdam. This article presents a list of available apartments together with their location and inclusive amenities.

1.) Archimedes in Amsterdam – This spacious apartment fits at least two persons, and is fully furnished with three bedrooms. It is conveniently located near a shopping area in Midway or Linneausweg. On the first floor, you will find a living room, a kitchen and a dining room while on the second floor you will find two bedrooms and a bathroom. It rents for 1,500 per month.

2.) Stadionkade in Amsterdam – This two-bedroom apartment is located in the Old South. The charming interiors are light and sunny with high finishing details and feature very good noise insulation so you remain comfortable while indoors. The kitchen is fully equipped with a dishwasher and microwave oven and the entire apartment is central heating. This rents for 1,800 per month.

3.) Herengracht in Amsterdam – This apartment has three bedrooms and is designed with very modern and sleek minimalist interiors. It is located on a corner in the famous Wolvenstraat Street and features three floors. The first floor has a spacious living room with a beautiful fireplace, on the second floor there is a kitchen and a dining room, on the third floor, you will find the master bedroom and a huge bathroom, and on the fourth floor, there are two more bedrooms including lots of cupboard space. This rents for 3,250 per month.

4.) Prinsengracht in Amsterdam – A stylish apartment good for one or two persons, this features a beautiful open kitchen and cozy living room, a marble floor with floor heating, a spacious bedroom, and a luxurious bathroom with bidet. It has a fantastic view of the canal and a great location. It is just newly renovated so it is perfect for those who are looking for a new place. This rents for 1,550 per month.

These are just some of the apartments you can consider on renting when you get to Amsterdam. If you do a much serious research, there are several wonderful choices of apartments to rent when you visit this magnificent tourist spot.

Sport Tourism – What It Is

Are you new to the term Sport Tourism? Up until recently, I was clueless about it. But sport tourism has been happening for ages, in fact, since the time the first sporting event, The Olympics, was around! Yep, that’s right, Sport tourism is nothing but a fancy name given to the entire process of travelling to different locations to view sporting events live! Now we all know that the ancient Greeks, from every part of the country, congregated at Athens to witness the Olympics, don’t we?


So what is the modern definition of Sport Tourism? It is basically active and passive forms of sporting activity or involvement which will take the traveller away from home, to the destination where the sporting event is being held. One of the best examples of sport tourism can be found in the neighbouring country of Canada.

The community of Prince George, in Canada takes sports tourism to a whole new level. Everyone who shares a passion for a particular sport is ensured a smooth journey and an unequalled experience when it comes to sporting events. In fact, the sheer variety of complimentary services which are offered is enough to tempt you to take a trip to Prince George.

For The Traveller And The Organizer

If you belong to a corporate organization, one which is interested in hosting a sporting event, then Prince George may well turn out to be the destination for you. This is simply because the facilities offered by Prince George are some of the best in the world. The first class accommodation is also not more than ten minutes away from any sporting stadium or grounds and the best part is that the international airport is just about eleven kilometres away from the heart of the city!

There are also a number of sports clubs in Prince George which take sports very seriously and if you’re looking for a good game, then a friendly match between visiting athletes and the natives is a must! The community at Prince George is extremely fond of sports and does all that it can to encourage and develop it.

But the best part about Prince George, is that it is a small town, but it has the all the amenities that a large city has on offer. Hang on, it gets even better! The costs are way more reasonable than those in large cities and any assistance which you require; in order to organize a sporting event is readily available at hand.

In addition to this, special menus for athletes and organizers are available, which take care of the requirements of both parties. Last, but not the least, Prince George, works in close collaboration with Canada’s national as well as provincial sport organizations to make your stay a memorable one. Prince George is just one city which offers sport tourism facilities, there are many more. Log on to to discover them all!

Australian Property Forecast 2016

We will remember 2015 as the year when the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) stepped in to try and slow down the investor frenzy, introducing guidelines to major lenders that resulted in capping the growth rate of their residential investment loans. 2015 saw an end to the lowest auction clearance rates in a decade, agents listing and selling property like it was candy encouraging and vendors accepting pre-auction offers, more buyer than properties for sale.

2015 will also go down in Australian history as the year of falling rental yields, rising house prices, rising investment loan interest rates and declining buyer confidence. 2015 could go down in history as the year the property boom in Sydney and Melbourne came to a whimper.

• Brisbane performing the best at 1.30 per cent positive growth along with having the highest unit rental yield of 5.3 per cent.

• Sydney performing the worst at -2.3 per cent negative growth

• Hobart is still the most affordable capital city to purchase property along with having the highest house rental yield of 5.4 per cent.

It’s not all bad news for property owners and investors as prices have been steadily rising since June 2012. The complete year results for Australian Property is a positive growth of 7.8 percent. Both Sydney and Melbourne recording over 11% capital growth in 2015, not to forget the rental yield all investors have been receiving in addition to the capital growth. Is this the top of the market? Personally I don’t think so but I do believe that the sellers’ market that we have been in for the last 2 years is over. The next 6 months will provide us with a buyer sentiment so it will be imperative to watch the auction clearance rate, capital growth, and rental yield numbers.

RP Data had this to say about 2016:

“If, like many, you were outbid on your dream home in 2015 by a buyer with deeper pockets, then this could be your year.

Property Forecast 2016

Property markets will not crash altogether. There will only be selectively healthy price growth. Foreign investors will be paying a little more than what they did for Australian properties they amassed in the past three years before these investor lending changes.

Despite their 2015 performance, Sydney and Melbourne property markets still top the growth rate due to strong economic, jobs, and investment growth as well as massive population and immigration growth. Around 60% of immigrants come to these two cities for business and employment. Many property investors are still targeting these two cities for their capital growth. Rent rates fell over the year in Brisbane, Perth and Darwin, and other major cities have seen rents rise by less than 1.5% over the year.

Home prices have continued to rise across most of Australia, particularly in Sydney where they have jumped about 40% since the past year. Investors dominated new lending. The Reserve Bank of Australia reduced interest rates in February to 2.25% and again in May to 2%. The lowest RBA cash rate in our history and are not in a rush to increase them. Earlier this month, Reserve Bank of Australia Gov. Glenn Stevens said the bank was working with other regulators to assess and contain risks that could arise in the property market.

Despite arguments around the effectiveness of these APRA policies, the new guidelines have made investors and borrowers more calculating. They seem to have adjusted their expectations in seeking investment property loans.

Mortgage brokers, financial planners, and property investment experts are still digging up more data to dissect global figures and movements that are affecting the Australian Market, housing prices, and the overall property market to forearm their clients.

The last quarter of 2015 has certainly shown us again that the Australian Property Market is not immune to negatively finishing the turbulence with capital dwelling values declining by 1.4%.

As we move into 2016, it is clear that the strong housing market conditions of 2015 have softened over the final months of the year, setting the scene for more sedate conditions in the New Year.

Interest rates are likely to remain at their current historically low setting, which will continue to stimulate housing demand, however migration rates are continuing to taper which will offset some of this housing demand, particularly in the mining regions, which were previously benefiting from strong rates of migration from both overseas and interstate.

Clearance rates in Sydney and Melbourne slipped from the high 80% mark around the middle of last year to the low 60% range in December. Listing numbers are rising, homes are taking longer to sell and value growth has slowed sharply in Sydney and Melbourne, which were the primary drivers of growth over the recent growth cycle.

Throughout 2016 we may see further moderate value declines in Sydney and Melbourne, however considering population growth has remained strong in these areas and economic conditions are very healthy in these cities, we would be surprised if dwelling values fell materially before conditions start to level. The city that is showing the most promise for capital gains in 2016 is Brisbane, or for that matter, the broader South East Queensland region. Yields are much higher compared with Sydney and Melbourne, the rate of capital gain has been moderate but sustainable to date, and affordability is far superior to the two larger cities as well. Interstate migration remains positive into Queensland and may start to improve with the higher rate of job creation over the past year. The Canberra housing market has also been showing tentative signs of growing values along with Hobart however, market conditions have been more volatile from month to month in these areas.

The regions that are likely to underperform are those associated with a higher degree of economic uncertainty. The Darwin and Perth housing markets peaked in late 2014 and both home values and rental rates have fallen over the past year.

The rate of decline may start to ease in these cities; however growth prospects are likely to be at least a year away in these markets. The Adelaide housing market has remained relatively steady over the year, with values virtually unchanged in 2015. However, as the automobile manufacturing sector continues to wind down in the region, coupled with the soft resources sector, the economic outlook for the city isn’t likely to have a positive influence on housing market conditions in the area.

Along with the many other economic variables and factors, the changing regulatory environment is yet another factor likely to influence the market in 2016, particularly proposals released just prior to Christmas by the Basel Committee to levy higher capital on investment loans.

However you see it, 2015 was still an exciting year in the property climate, and signs point to an, even more, interesting yet different 2016. The greater the challenge, the more positively engaged we can become. If you are local or a foreign investor thinking of buying, investing, or building in Australian property, find out what you need to know from your trusted brokers.

Corrosion Analysis – Factors Affecting the Half-Cell Potential Measurement Principle

Corrosion analysis in seemingly healthy concrete reduces unwanted risk to structural safety of buildings. The reinforcement condition is evaluated by measuring cover depth, rebar thickness and by using the half-cell potential method.

Provided that the corrosion conditions are equal (chloride content or carbonation of the concrete at the steel surface) the main influences upon the half-cell potentials for corrosion analysis are:

  • Moisture: Moisture has a large effect on the measured potential leading to more negative values
  • Temperature: In order to measure the potential there must be a contact between the probe and the electrolytes in the pore system of the concrete. Therefore corrosion analysis with the half-cell potential below the freezing point is not recommended and can lead to incorrect readings.
  • Concrete Cover Thickness: The potential that can be measured at the surface becomes more positive with increasing concrete cover. Variations in the concrete cover can cause deviations in the measurements. Very low concrete cover can lead to more negative potentials which would seem to indicate high levels of corrosion. Therefore it is advisable to make concrete cover measurements along with the corrosion analysis.
  • Oxygen content of the reinforcement: With decreasing oxygen concentration and increasing pH-value at the steel surface its potential becomes more negative. In certain cases of concrete components with a high degree of water saturation, low porosity and/or very high concrete cover and thus low oxygen supply, the potential at the steel surface may be very negative even though no active corrosion is taking place. Without checking the actual corrosion state this may lead to misinterpretation of the potential data.

Italian Dessert Cannoli Recipe

Cannolis are a great Italian dessert and they were said to have been developed by Sicilians in Palermo, Italy. These fried wafers are filled with a mixture of ricotta, candied fruit, chocolate, and other ingredients, and they are very, very tasty! Sicilians are supposed to have created this great dessert recipe, and I think that they are just delicious. I hope that this recipe is fairly easy to follow. You will need some type of dowel or metal tube that you will use to form out your cannoli shells. If you have a 3 ½ inch in diameter ring or even a 3 inch ring, you will need this to form the shape of your shells, also. You will also need a deep fryer, or a pan that is deep enough for these shells to float in oil.

Ingredients for Cannoli Shells:

3 Cups of unsifted flour

1/4 Teaspoon of cinnamon

1/2 Teaspoon of salt

3 Tablespoon of granulated sugar

2 eggs

2 Tablespoon of firm butter cut into small cubes

1/4 Cup of a good Marsala wine

1-2 egg whites, whisked slightly

First thing is to sift the flour with salt, cinnamon, and granulated sugar. You will make a well in the center of your sifted flour mixture. In the middle of the well you have made you will add the egg and butter and start mixing with a fork. You will work the egg mixture with the fork from the center out, to incorporate the moist egg with the flour mixture. You will then add your Marsala wine slowly until dough begins to come together like a playdough mixture. You will then start working the dough with your hands to form the dough into a dough ball. You will then cover and let the dough rise for about 10-15 minutes.

If you have a stainless area to work on great, if not you will need a wooden cutting board. You will need to slightly dust the area you plan to work on with a small amount of flour. You will then roll out the dough into 1/4 inch thickness. You will then use your 3 ½ rings and cut the cannoli shell circles. You will then use a rolling pin to roll the circles into oblongs or ovals. You will then take your dowels or tubes and wrap the dough around cannoli forms. You will then whisk your egg white, and seal your dough edges by using a brush or very clean hands if you have no brush. You will then roll up ever so slightly the ends so they will have a very faint lip or ring on the edge of the cooked product.

At some point when you are ready to get your shells into the oil to start cooking them you will heat your oil to around 350 degrees. Once it is at the proper temperature you will begin to fry two, or three at a time in deep hot fat for about 1 minute, or until lightly golden. Remove with tongs to paper towels to drain, you will then let cool for about 30 seconds to one minute and then slip out cannoli form, holding shell carefully so you will not break it. Cool shells before filling. Let them hang out while you will start to make your filling.

Ingredients for the Cannoli filling:

3 lb. ricotta cheese, that has had moisture removed

2 1/2 Cup of confectioners' sugar

1/4 Cup of semi-sweet chocolate pieces or grated sweet chocolate

1/4 Cup candied cherries, finely chopped

1/2 Teaspoon of cinnamon

1/2 Cup of chopped pistachio nuts

Confectioners' sugar to dust each of the finished Cannoli's maybe about 1/2 Cup

First thing you will want to do is take your ricotta and place into cheesecloth and wrap it into a ball and then you will tie a knot in the top part of the ball you have made. You will want to hold over night if possible to drain the water from the ricotta. If you have some way to hang the cheese ball in your refrigerator that would be best. You will need to have a bowl under the cheese to catch all of the moisture that will drain off of the ricotta. The shells that you have made will hole for a couple of days if you want to make these in stages. They are worth the wait, and the time taken to make these little delicacies.

First you will take the drained ricotta and get it into the bowl and work it for a minute or two to get it more pliable. You will gently start to combine the cheese, and the sugar into a mixing bowl, and fold in with a spatula until you obtain a light, airy blend of ingredients. You will start to fold in the minced candied fruit and the chocolate very gently. You will then start to spoon the cheese filling into a pastry bag, or a large Ziploc if you do not have a pastry bag. You will then twist the top into a knot to keep the filling from emerging, and fill each of the Cannoli shells, squirting the filling in from either end.

Once you have all of the shells filled you will dip the ends of the cannoli in the pistachios. You will then arrange all of the Cannolis on a platter, and sprinkle with a little powdered sugar, and they're ready. If you would like to garnish you can save some of the candied cherries and place them on the center of each Cannoli after the powdered sugar has been applied. Then serve, and enjoy.

Wooden Dowels, Holding Our Wooden World Together

What on earth is a dowel? No, it’s not a misspelling for “towel” – it’s actually something much more important, and far smaller. Wood dowels are one of the little things that keep our worlds together – and that’s not really exaggerating. Many of the things we interact with every day are dependent on wood dowels to keep them together.

From the desk you’re sitting at to the bookshelf at home, wood dowels are a minuscule tool we’ve been taking advantage of for centuries to build and secure more than you would think. One might wonder, “Why do I care about wood dowels?” Sure, they might not seem painfully important, but they’re one of the many things that we come into contact with every day without ever realizing it – and don’t you want to know how things work?

So How are Wood Dowels Made?

Generally, wood dowels are manufactured on specially made dowel machines – though in centuries past they were probably made by hand. Modern wood dowel machines use interchangeable cutting heads of different dimensions to produce wooden dowels of highly varying shapes, sizes, and diameters.

The basic industrial wood dowel machine combines a hollow “chuck” (or clamp) with cutting knives that angle into the machine. The wood passes through the machine, and the inward facing knives cut it into shape to quickly makes a versatile and important tool out of what was once simple and unassuming wood.

Typically, the dowel making machine has an open end with long material guides at the entry and the exit of the machine. This allows the creation of a long continuous wooden dowel rod, which can then be cut at varying lengths.However, that’s not the only way wooden dowel manufacturers do it. Other, higher volume methods exist where the manufacturing is done on a wood shaper. The wood shaper forms a large number of dowels from a single piece of wood by using two rotating cutting heads that simultaneously create side by side dowels. These parallel dowel rods are then cut into individual pieces.

There you have it – wood dowels

If you were to dissemble a large portion of your furniture, wooden appliances, your desk, your bookshelf, and more – you’d likely find a number of wooden dowels. As you can see, they are a widespread and versatile fact of life that you never even knew existed – invisibly holding things together that we count on every day. Now, you might still think dowels are insignificant, but at least you know more now than you did 5 minutes ago. Right?

Stacking Nootropic Supplements

Nootropics are very popular right now, and for good reason; they are sometimes called “smart drugs” since they improve cognition and brain function with chemicals, supplements, and even functional foods in some cases. The best nootropics will noticeable improve memory, intelligence, cognition, motivation, attention, and other brain and psychological issues, and are used for people who want to complete everything from test cramming to bodybuilding.

Many nootropics are legally available over the counter, or can be purchased with a prescription from a doctor, and for many of these cognitive enhancers, there are few side effects to using the drugs. Nootropics typically come in “stacks,” too, or the combination of certain drugs and formulas to promote and provide great benefit to the users in a short amount of time.

Here are three of the best and most accessible nootropic stacks out on the market today for people who are new to nootropics and what they can do for the body:

L-theanine and Caffeine

Built for the average consumer, and especially ideal for the person who is just getting into nootropic stacks and more, this strack is taken daily and provides a powerful punch for people looking to really get the most out of their energy, brain power, and mood without having too strong of a stack or too intense of a reaction.

The combination here is safe, well-known, and effective, and it’s been in use for quite a bit of time; it won’t cause any unsafe reactions with food or other compounds, so you don’t need to worry about any bizarre side effects with it as you take it. It is optimal for stress reduction and more, and it can provide a great boost for people who want neurological improvements and cognitive enhancements.

No anxiety, increased blood pressure or poor sleep with this stack; instead, it provides all the common benefits without any intense reactions. This is a great starter stack for people who are just finding out about the benefits of nootropics, and how they can help you and your body, mind, and soul.

Take 100mg to 200mg of L-theanine three times per day for general benefits, and take 25-200mg of caffeine with your daytime doses, and a half an hour before physical activity if you want to see maximum benefit from this stack.

Piracetam and Choline

For people seeking a specific cognitive benefit from their nootropic ingestion, this stack has exactly what you need. The main benefits include increased mental clarity, vastly improved memory improvements, and an overall benefit in optimal cognitive functioning, and these two substances work best when they are taken in conjunction with one another.

The stack here has the focusing power of Adderall without the issues, mood swings, or addiction concerns, and for people interested in improving their focus while stabilizing their mood and avoiding intense side effects, well, this is the stack for you.

The stack can taste a bit bitter, so, mix it with orange juice or another healthy, flavored drink to hide the taste but still reap the benefits. For best use, take 3g of piracetam and 3g of choline every four hours, three times throughout the day, and space them between each other so the stack works the entire day long.

Focus XT and Piracetam

Focus XT is a powerful supplement that has been getting rave reviews from people who work physically for a living or for fun – like exercise addicts and bodybuilders. It’s not just for fitness, though, as the stack delivers increased mental focus, clarity, and energy and is a bit stronger than the two stacks mentioned above, making it ideal for someone who wants to graduate away from the newbie stacks and onto something just a little bit more intense.

Taking this stack properly will provide the body with more endurance, more energy, and for people in physical endeavors, the ability to train longer, harder, and with longer periods of intervals without mentally checking out or giving in during a workout or physical period.

Take 1 scoop of Focus XT immediately before working out, and 3g of piracetam three times daily, four hours apart, for best results. You can also choose to supplement this stack with the choline product mentioned above if you are in the need for just a little more intensity, and to really be sure you avoid depletion.

All in all, nootropics are the wave of the future and a legitimate way to increase brain power, improve mood, increase energy stores, and vastly improve your outlook on life. Nootropics are a safe and effective way for you to securely improve memory, concentration, and brain power without negative effects or adverse situations caused by medications and more.

Fun At The Whistle-Stop Barbecue Festival!

This year’s Whistle-Stop Barbeque Festival was great fun. I love great barbeque and the many different grills and smokers on parade almost made me want to buy one and hit the barbeque circuit. Some were painted black, some all stainless steel and there was one that looked like a big egg on wheels that was painted blue.

One thing all these fantastic grills had in common was that the cooks all used either wood or charcoal to cook their meat! None of the sissy electric grills or gas grills was allowed at this competition. These were real men and women who toured the country with their meat cookers hooked behind their trucks. I’ll bet their ancestors worked the cattle drives on the old Chisholm Trail out west and cooked their meals on a campfire built out of old buffalo chips.

I had visions of entering one cook-off after another until I discovered how much those steel monsters cost! Most of these started as low as $5,000 and went up from there! Way Up! That doesn’t take into consideration the vehicles it takes to haul one of these grills around the country; color coordinated and everything!

Grills of all size and description lined the spur line of N & L Railroad tracks in downtown Huntsville, Alabama. This area is now designated as a historic site and was host to some of the most beautiful barbeque grills in creation. I was almost salivating from the sight of all the unusual grills and smokers, not mention the wonderful aromas of the four categories being judged, barbequed ribs, chickens, pork and beef brisket, that were sizzling in their own juices.

There were competitors from Texas, Tennessee, California and North Carolina, in addition to eleven other states. These were folks who follow the barbeque tour, piling up points to be considered for the national title later in the year.

For back yard grillers like myself, there was a “backyard” division made up of amateurs who just love to cook meat in the open air. I didn’t enter this year because even at the non-professional level, it takes a lot of preparation to be ready for this event and by nature I’m a lazy man, not given to anything that appears to be too much like work.

Since most of these professional barbeque chefs came from other states, they had the “big rigs” of barbequing. There was one that was so beautiful it almost made tears come to your eyes.

There before me was a huge 12 foot long black grill shaped like a propane tank, resting on a black steel meshed bed attached to a dual axel trailer that had chrome fender wells. There were dual chrome pipes possibly stolen from a Peterbilt or Mack truck that graced either side of the grill itself. It was a wonderful sight to see clouds of hickory smoke boiling out of these four smokestacks as its truck driver owner fired up the logs in the pit.

All gauges, handles and trim work were of polished chrome, matching the smokestacks and wheel wells of the trailer, which perfectly matched the large black, dual wheel pickup truck that hauled it to various competitions around the country. The glittering chrome on ever accessory is what really sold me on this rig.

All around me were elaborate barbeque grills and smokers which had to have cost their owners a bundle of money. One toy that caught my eye was an actual log cabin built on a trailer with a grill on the end of the porch. The cabin itself was a concession stand where they sold barbeque condiments. Practically every contestant had their own spices to make their sauces or barbeque rubs, making each booth a little more special than the last.

Some of the barbeque rigs had sponsors for their roaming barbecue cookers displayed in banners overhead or even painted on the truck and trailer. There were familiar logos of some of the most well known outdoor companies, selling ever thing from charcoal to camping equipment.

By the end of the day I had seen enough to know that I’ll probably not be joining those barbeque geniuses on the road to the next competition. I left the cook-off smelling of barbeque smoking and with a tummy full of satisfaction.

Arc And Carrot Fit Jeans

Designer jeans have already become the most important item in a women’s wardrobe. It is the quickest and simplest way to do give their fashion statement an added advantage. A pair of designer jeans is most practical to carry oneself in and they are wildly stylish. So wait no more if you haven’t thought about having a collection of some of the choicest jeans sold out there.

In this review we will be talking about the trendiest of designer jeans, the ones that are most in demand and most shopped during the recent holiday seasons. Ways of fashion are truly unpredictable. And they can be sometimes stunningly cool yet sometimes unbearably awkward. But then again these statements are a matter of choice. Opinions are like faces, everyone has their own and they cannot be similar in all the sense. Carrot fit and Arc fit jeans have become a crucial style factor that has become popular in recent times, both positively as well as fairly negatively.

Carrot fit jeans are different from Arc fit ones yet I mentioned them together because they look similar from a distance. But they differ significantly in their stitching style and fitting. Both are a form of tapered jeans and they seem perfect for a casual Spring fashion trend. As the name implies carrot jeans has a broad top portion with significantly tapered bottom. The degree of tapering makes each of the legs resemble like a carrot in shape. Carrot jeans offer a comfortable wear and they have a reasonably predictable design. They come in different patterns with cuffed and non-cuffed varieties. The unique elastic cuff gives a special outline to carrot fit jeans. If you opt for a moderately tapering carrot or arc patterned jeans you can add temporary cuffs and make them look more casual.

Arc jeans comes with an arc shaped cut that begins above the knee level and arcs all the way below the zipper across to the other end to form a curvy arc. It is worn bit low across the crotch and this makes the arc stitches prominent. This arc fitting gives the jeans its unique comfort, shape and extra style. Arc jeans are also tight on the ankles like carrot fitting.

For men and women different varieties of carrot and arc jeans are available. A cotton or cargo carrot jeans worn with a designer top or jumper can make a trendy fashion for athletic looking women. But do not forget to pick the right kind of shoes. Shoes play a very important role if you are opting in for an arc fit or carrot fit pair of jeans. Deep brown or rusted brown would get along well with most of the arc fit varieties. Pointed black shoes or white ones can be worn with cotton or cargo jeans.

How I Chose My First Bow

What Did I Look for and Why

For the last year or so I was spending most of my weekends on practicing my archery skills. By no means do I consider myself a modern Robin Hood but it just became my passion. The beginnings were not so easy but it did not take long to start enjoying it. As I saw most of my fellow archers-to-be were struggling immensely for the first few sessions. The common reason for the initial failures ( some of them also gave up on archery) was bad equipment choice. I was lucky enough to have an experienced archer telling me which compound bow to pick. If you are thinking about getting your first bow see below what you should be paying attention to and which models are particularly newbie-friendly.

Key factors to consider before buying

There are several important factors to consider before you pick your first bow. Some of them are related to your physique and some are important due to their impact on the bow tendency to forgive some of the flaws in your technique. These factors are:

  1. Draw weight and draw length,
  2. Length of the bow,
  3. Brace height.

Draw weight and draw length of the bow

Draw weight and draw length depend on your physical attributes. The first one is basically the maximal strength you will need to apply to fully draw the bow. Most physically fit man can comfortably shoot a compound bow with draw weight of 50-70 pounds. For women and youth archers the recommended range is about 20 pounds lower. As to draw length is the total distance between string nock and the pivot point of your bow expressed in inches. It is important to remember that compound bows are designed to be shot only when fully drawn – no less no more. The draw length of the bow has to match the length of your arms. To pick a right draw length of the compound bow measure wingspan of your arms in inches and divide it by 2.5. Fortunately most bow for beginners have adjustable draw lengths so do not worry too much about this.

Axle-to-axle length

Length of the bow or more accurately axle-to-axle lengths is important factor for a beginner. Shorter bows are much less forgiving and any flow in your technique will result in a missed shot. On the other hand too long bows can be clumsy in use. A good length for a newbie would be 33-34 ".

Brace height

Brace height is a distance between string nock and the pivot point of the bow once the bow is relaxed and is expressed in inches. Shorter brace height results in faster shots. It also means that the technique needs to be perfect. For beginners a recommended brace height is in the range of 7-8 ".

How to Maintain Your Playground Drainage

There are several aspects that need to be considered when constructing a playground. This means that you have to look into everything that’s needed such as different play areas for different age groups, the fencing and also a proper drainage system. The drainage system is one of the most important aspects of a playground as without a proper drainage system the area would just become a place for standing water, soaked wood chips and also several mud holes. This can make things even worse later on and you might have to spend a lot of money again for maintenance of the ground. If not that, then the play time will have to be delayed so that the water is allowed to dry up which can eventually end up in unhappy children.

The solution to the problem is to install a good drainage system which can easily drain off the water from the playground. There are some excellent playground drainage system maintenance products available which can help in proper drainage management. There are high flow capacity sheets available that allows the water to drain out quickly and also lets the area to dry out sooner thereby reducing the amount of water standing time and muddy areas. This would therefore let the children return to the playground much sooner.

There is some drainage sheets designed specifically for horizontal and vertical applications and can be used at shallow depths where flow capacity and modest compressive strength are adequate. You should place one side of the drainage sheet against the wall surface in the playground foundation or to a place that has similar structure. These drainage sheets can also provide you all the coverage protection for its waterproofing equipments.

There is also the total drainage sheet available that can combine any of the regular drainage sheet section with this unique total drain system. With this drainage solution the regular drain sheets would perform in its normal way of collecting water and the total drain system can handle both collecting water and comes with high profile section to drain off the water from the playground. The maintenance of these sheets is also very important and you should make sure they are looked into every 2 to 3 months so that you check for any water blockage even though there is less water blockage. This will help you better maintain your playground off stagnant water so that the children are not disappointed.

Do’s and Don’ts of Do-It-Yourself Drain Cleaning

We’ve all been there – your bathroom sink has been running slow for almost a month and you’ve been meaning to either pick up some liquid drain cleaner or call a plumber to take care of it… but it still drains (eventually) so this “to-do” has made its way down your list. Then, before you know it, it’s not draining at all and you’re in a quite a pickle. Does this sound familiar? Now it’s decision time…try to tackle this yourself, or call a plumber. If you’re the type of person to take on your own projects, like clearing a drain, we’ve got some tips for you. If you’re not a “do-it-yourself-er,” give us a call.

Liquid Drain Cleaners

Liquid drain cleaners such as “Draino” or “Liquid-Plumr” are to be used when a drain is slow, not when it’s completely stopped up. If that drain is already stopped up adding the liquid drain cleaner will not help your case, but add to that build-up. It’s also good to keep in mind that liquid drain cleaning products are not created to remove the waste that may be clogging your toilet, nor is it recommended to use drain cleaner in your dishwasher as the chemicals of the liquid may damage the rubber used for draining the dishwasher.

Have a slow kitchen drain and don’t have time to pick up a liquid cleaner? A quick and effective way to get it going again is to run the hot water and it will melt away the grease that is most likely slowing down that drain.

Rented Augers (aka Snakes)

If you’re really handy and want to try renting an auger and cabling out that drain yourself, please use with caution. You can get injured by the cable if it’s not used properly. First, know where to start. Clean-outs are called clean-outs for a reason. Snaking a drain from a clean-out is effective and easier than any other access point in your home. If you don’t know where all of your clean-outs are, ask your plumber the next time he comes to your home. When you’re ready to feed the cable through the line, you want to get the snake as close to the clog as possible before you start. When clearing a kitchen drain it’s a good idea to make sure you have at least 40 to 50 feet of cable to work with, a tub drain requires only 10 to 15 feet.

The most important thing to remember is to keep the length of cable in the air at a minimum. You’ll have cable in the machine and cable in the drain, and the amount of exposed cable shouldn’t exceed 18 inches, preferably kept at a foot. Having too much exposed cable can cause injury to even the most experienced plumber. We like you and we don’t want to see you get hurt.

Leaving it to the Professionals

Whether you have a slow drain or a drain that’s completely stopped up, calling a professional plumber will be the most effective way to solve the problem. If you’re not a do-it-yourself kind of guy/gal and the clog is passed of the point of being slow and has come to a full stop, calling a plumber will save you time and aggravation. A trained professional will have all the equipment and experience needed to clear that drain and can even determine what the cause of the drain problem is by doing a sewer camera inspection.