Furniture Refinishing

It is safer to use environmentally friendly furniture refinishing products to reduce the strain on the environment and to preserve the lifespan of your furniture. In the past, people used to finish furniture with lacquer, which is dark and dense and hides the beauty of the furniture. With that type of finish, the furniture is inclined to have white marks and humidity marks. A natural wood finish or a much more vibrant colored finish is a choice you can make for your furniture. To spruce up your Danish furniture from looking so drab, a glossy finish is suggested.

If you use an environmentally natural furniture finish, you will find that your furniture will regain its original beauty. Learning how to refinish your furniture can cost you so much less than buying new furniture.

A lot of people prefer to buy new furniture because of the work involved in furniture refinishing. There are other people who don’t have the patience in completing it and end up having a terrible finish or just give up and go out to buy new furniture. One thing to remember is that “Rome was not built in a day,” and it will require time to complete any furniture-refinishing project.

Take a trip to your local hardwood store where trained professionals are there to help you to choose the right product for your refinishing project. You want to ditch the caustic chemicals and select a natural product for your safety. If you don’t mind working with chemicals, you must use these with care. Do not smoke while using these chemicals. Chemical strippers can be dangerous when inhaled, so wear a mask and gloves. If you are sanding inside the home, be sure to seal all air ducts and electrical outlets.

If you have to use any kind of power tools, be sure to use earplugs. Unplug your sander when you are getting ready to change the sander paper. Tools that you will need to begin your project are sander, electric drill, putty knife, bristle brush, paint scraper, safety goggles or mask, sanding block, chisel, canvas, rubber gloves, rubber pallet, paint brush and seam roller.

You have to clean the surface of the furniture before you get started. You can clean it with a wax remover or wood cleaner. Cleaning the surface will determine if the furniture is worth refinishing.

To determine what finish was previously use, follow these simple steps:

o Soak a small cotton ball in alcohol.

o Put this on a concealed area of the furniture and leave for about ten minutes.

o If you see any type of dissolving, then the finish is shellac.

o If you don’t see any type of dissolving, then go ahead and test a lacquer thinner in a concealed area. If this dissolves, then the finish is lacquer.

It these two tests are unclear, you may then be dealing with a varnish or synthetic finish. If the previous finish looks like it is simply worn out, you may be able apply the same finish easily.

If you are doing a full finish, make sure you strip the furniture and then begin to sand it down. Sandpaper of 100 to 200 grits is recommended. You should make sure you change the sandpaper often to get a better finish. If you don’t change it often, then it becomes of no use and you may be polishing instead of sanding at that point. An orbital sander is the best sander to use because it operates at about 8,400 orbits per minute. A padded sanding block gives you an edge over reaching difficult areas.

You apply a sealer after you stain the furniture. Make sure the surface is smooth and then go ahead and apply the finish smoothly to prevent any streaks or bubbles.

The Sunbeam Tiger Mark 1 Sports Car

A review of The Sunbeam Tiger Mark 1 Sports Car, covering development, important features, and technical data of this the ninth model in the Sunbeam range.

In this Article, I offer a nostalgic look at the Sunbeam Tiger Mark 1, one of an elite group of classic cars, which was manufactured during the period 1964 to 1966.

Since Caroll Shelby’s prototype, the Thunderbolt, had been chosen, he was keen for production of the new sports car to take place in America.

However, Rootes Group decided that they wanted full control of the production function, and felt it should be kept in the UK.

Since their existing factories did not have sufficient capacity to build the Tiger as well, the assembly contract was given to the carmaker Jensen, situated in West Bromwich.

The timing was fortuitous since one of Jensen’s assembly contracts had recently been cancelled.

The first fourteen pre-production units built by Jensen utilised the bodyshell of the Series 3 Alpine until that of the Series 4 became available towards the end of 1963.

The Pressed Steel Company in nearby Cowley supplied painted bodyshells, whilst the engines and gearboxes were shipped over from Ford in the US.

Since it was known in advance that the engine was a tight fit, novel methods were employed in its positioning in the Alpine engine bay, such as the use of a sledgehammer.

With an assembly rate of some 300 units per month, the initial production was scheduled solely for the US.

A Borg Warner T10 four speed, all synchromesh gearbox was used, initially, since the Ford equivalent, as used in the Ford Mustang, was not yet available.

Full scale production of the Sunbeam Tiger Mark 1 sports car began in June 1964.

The Sunbeam Tiger Mark 1

The first 3,763 Sunbeam Tiger sports cars to be built were designated the Mark 1, and featured:

  • Body panels from the Alpine Series 4
  • Rounded edges on the doors, bonnet and boot
  • A removable metal hardtop
  • Lead filler for the body seams

This model was the most affordable and, because of the number produced, was the most available.

It used 4.5 inch wide steel wheels with 13 inch cross ply tyres, as on the Alpine Series 4. This was surprising bearing in mind the greatly increased power output of the Tiger.

Also, the increased heat generated in the cramped engine bay soon travelled into the passenger compartment.

The specification of the Mark 1 Tiger included:

  • Ford 260 cubic inch (4.3 litre) V8 engine developing 164 bhp at 4400 rpm and 258 ft/lbs of torque at 2200 rpm
  • Ford four speed gearbox
  • Twin choke (two barrel) Ford carburettor
  • Compression ratio of 8.8:1
  • Girling 9.85 inch disc brakes at the front, and 9 inch drums at the rear
  • Front independent suspension using coil springs, with a live axle and semi elliptic springs at the rear
  • A Panhard rod was added to the rear to prevent the wheels moving from side to side
  • Front springs were stiffened to cope with the additional weight of the V8 engine
  • The spare wheel in the boot was now positioned horizontally beneath a false floor in order to allow for the position of the Panhard rod
  • Battery was moved into the boot from underneath the rear seat
  • Chrome strips were fitted on both front wings alongside the Tiger logo

There was very little difference between the suspension and braking systems of both Tiger and Alpine.

As a result of the various modifications made to the Mark 1 Tiger, it weighed 345 pounds heavier than the Alpine which, bearing in mind the huge additional power, had little effect.

One distinctive weakness of the Mark 1 engine was that, due to the inadequate tension of the valve springs, it had a tendency to seize up when revved, under extended load, in excess of 5000 rpm.

This was duly rectified in the 289 cubic inch Mark 2 engine.

In 1964, the first year of production, 1,649 units of the Mark 1 were built and, apart from 56, all were exported to the US.

To emphasise the cars’ US connections, a badge displaying “Powered by Ford 260” was positioned on each wing below the Tiger logo.

Output earmarked for the UK market was not available until March 1965.

Interestingly, when exported to South Africa, the car received a badge displaying “Sunbeam Alpine 260”.

Production of the Mark 1 ended in the latter part of 1965.

The Sunbeam Tiger Mark 1A

When production of the Mark 1 Tiger ended, the next 2,706 Sunbeam Tiger sports cars were designated the Mark 1A.

This model featured:

  • Body panels of the Alpine Series 5
  • The headlight cowl was strengthened
  • A new steering bracket was added
  • Rounded edges on the doors, bonnet, and boot were replaced with square edged panels
  • The original lead filler for the body seams now excluded the lead component
  • A soft vinyl folding convertible top replaced the metal hardtop
  • Fresh air ventilation was improved

In all other respects, it was identical to the Mark 1 version.

The Mark 1A version was preferred by many due, in part, to the increased level of refinements.

Production of the Mark 1A ended in December 1966 when it was replaced, a month later, by the Sunbeam Tiger Mark 2 sports car.

This marked the end of the Sunbeam Tiger Mark 1

Perhaps this stroll down memory lane might have answered, or at least shed light on, a possible question:

Which Sunbeam Sports Car is Your Favourite?

However, should this question still remain unanswered, I will be reviewing, in some detail, in future articles within this website, the entire range of Sunbeam sports cars which were featured in the memorable era spanning 1948 to 1967.

I hope you join me in my nostalgic travels “down sports car memory lane”.

A Potted Guide To Installing A Flat Roof

Flat roofing offers several benefits to homes and businesses alike. They are cheap to construct. They last longer than a traditional pitched roof. And, thanks to their energy efficient design, they can offer reduced heating and electricity bills.

However, whether you are building a new system on a new property or having repairs made to an existing one, before you get started there are plenty of things to think about – from the structure and insulation through to the waterproofing and finishing.

By fully understanding these things you can prepare a surface that, in addition to the benefits mentioned above, also looks great and adds value to a property.

1. Flat roofs are not actually flat
First, it's important to know that flat roofs are not actually completely flat. They should always have a slope to allow for water run-off.

2. Access and usage
If the sole purpose of the surface is simply to protect the building and everything in it from the elements then the build is going to be relatively straightforward. However, one major benefit of a flat roof is that it can also be used as a raised terrace, patio or decking area but will require second floor access from the interior or an external stairway. Even if it the covering is simply going to be just that, a roof, then you'll still need to make sure you can access the roof easily for maintenance.

3. Weight load
If the roof is intended to be used for access or recreational purposes then find out exactly what additional weight the roof can support. A professional roofer, architect or surveyor will be able to help you with this.

4. Warm or cold
In a cold roof system, the insulation sits under the deck between the joists which means ventilation will need to be included to stop condensation forming. With this method there will be some heat loss. In a warm system the insulation sits above the deck but below the weather-proofing, meaning there's no risk of condensation and so there's no need for ventilation.

5. Waterproofing
Waterproofing your roof is probably the most important part of the whole project. For obvious reasons flat roofs are more prone to leaks than pitched ones. There are a number of products and materials you could use to keep your surface area dry including GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), liquid coatings, single ply, bitumen, asphalt and paint – all of which have varying degrees of cost and difficulty to install.

6. Compatibility
If you are applying new waterproofing over an existing membrane it is important to check the new product is compatible as you might need a primer. One final reminder – the roof must be thoroughly clean and completely dry before you begin.

Flat roofs may not be the simplest roofs to install but thanks to improved materials and installation techniques they are some of the most durable and easy to maintain and repair if something goes wrong.

Four Color Printing – Is it Worth the Price?

Four-Color printing can add a, exciting dimension to your marketing materials that can be much more dramatic than simple one or two-color printing. One or two-color printing is not necessarily inferior to four-color, but the question should be: is four-color printing really necessary for the project on hand?

For example, a direct mail piece or marketing brochure that is introducing your company for the first time to a potential customer should make a great first impression and four-color printing may be the best way to communicate your products or services. However, an assembly instruction booklet to be included with a product may work fine as a one- or two-color printing project.

Four-Color Pros:

Many clients and designers often feel that four-color process printing gives them the most design flexibility. With four-color process printing, any color imaginable can be created, allowing the designer to make text in color or to use graphic elements for emphasis that literally jump off the page.

Photographs can be reproduced in color, making product images much more believable and many different colored screen tints are possible giving a designer an almost limitless palette to work with when designing.

If you are trying to produce a show-and-tell brochure where photographs are vital to explain a service, process or product, then four-color process printing is your logical choice, regardless of the price.

Four-Color Cons:

Four-color printing is usually considered much more expensive than one and two-color printing. Generally, the same brochure quoted as four-color versus two-color can easily be as much as 200-400% more expensive since there are four printing plates involved, and there is a lot more pre-press work involved.

While printing costs have become much more competitive over the last few years as more printers have gone to digital printing (with digital files outputting directly to plates), the pre-press work is still quite involved, though much of it is now done by graphic designers, instead of by printers.

If you have photographs or transparencies, they will need to be scanned, though digital photography does eliminate the need for scanning. Color images will still need to be color corrected and in some cases, some work will need to be done in PhotoShop to improve a photograph's contrast and clarity.

Other pre-press work may include converting photograph files from RGB to CMYK and making sure all images are sized properly and have adequate resolution for printing.

Simple one or two-color printing jobs have less pre-press work and fewer plates to be made, and tend to be less expensive to print than four-color.

Trying to reproduce some PMS (Pantone Matching System) colors using four-color process can be difficult if not impossible with some colors. Often a client will have a logo or design element that has been printed on past materials as a PMS spot color and are upset when the same color can not be created accurately using four-color process.

Most four-color printing requires coated paper stock in order to produce the best color fidelity. While you can print four-color process on uncoated and textured stock, many clients find the softness and lack of contrast of the printed reproductions to be less than desirable when uncoated stock is used.

Often it is necessary to varnish or apply liquid lamination to large four-color areas or large solid areas in order to limit finger printing, especially on brochure and pocket folder covers. This is sometimes viewed as an option, but is really necessary to make sure a quality piece makes a great first impression.

Four-color printing also requires proofing of all color proofs prior to printing to ensure true color fidelity, and it is a common practice for the client and designer to be present during press runs to approve all color and supervise press adjustments if necessary.

Pre-Press-Where Things Go Right -Or Wrong

There is an old saying that you should use the right tool for the right job, and with creating pre-press files for your project, this is very true.

When you are producing high-quality, offset lithography materials, there is no substitution for high quality graphic design tools such as the Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, InDesign, PhotoShop) and Quark XPress. There are some other applications that can be used, but these are the most widely used, because they are designed to work within the exacting color standards and protocols demanded by four-color printing.

If you talk to printers, you will find that few, if any, are willing work with client-provided files such as Microsoft Word, Publisher and other programs that are aimed at creating basic documents. More often than not, these applications are just not compatible with the software and output devices used by printers.

Programs such as Adobe InDesign and Quark XPress, are designed to be compatible with the software and standards used by lithographers, and will provide for greater flexibility and accuracy for everyone throughout the pre-press and printing process.

Check with the printing company you will be working with before you start designing your project to see what programs and file types they prefer to work with.

Achieving Color Quality

Avoid doing pre-press work yourself unless you have the pre-press expertise or an experienced resource to do the work for you. A pre-press professional will have calibrated monitors so there is less of a chance of color problems, and they will have a work flow process so they can make sure all pre-press elements work together. Digital files delivered to a printing company need to work together flawlessly so there are no surprises after the job is printed. Also, four-color process printing is very exacting-what may look fine on a desktop printer may be blurry and lifeless when printed by offset lithography.

You should work through a graphic designer who has a lot of printing experience or work with a printer who will include in his price some time to go through your files and correct any pre-press problems before the job goes to press.

If you get several printing quotations, do not assume that the lowest bidder will necessarily deliver as good a print job as the high bidder or that because someone who is more expensive will deliver a better quality job. Be sure to look at samples of a printer's work, especially projects that are similar in size and complexity as your project. Make sure your printing quotes are really an apple to apple comparison.

Working With Printers

If you do not like creating printing specifications and working with printers, consider using a graphic designer as your go-between. If you are working with someone to design your projects already, they may have several printers they like to work with and your designer can handle the technical issues and work with the printer on your behalf.

If you are working with a new printer, be sure to get a number of samples of their work (and samples similar to the project you are having quoted). If you are on a tight deadline or the project is very complex, be sure to get some references from the printer; ask about the printer's ability to deliver as promised and how they deal with potential problems.

All printers are not created equal because printers vary in terms of press sizes and what is considered their ideal printing project. A printer with a smaller press might be more economical, but might have greater press limitations and could deliver a less than first-rate job. Make sure that the printer you select has the equipment and expertise to handle your project.

Before your project is printed, be sure to look at digital or matchprint proofs to make sure you are happy with the quality of the proof. Many printers will allow you to critically examine the first color proofs and make color adjustments, providing you with a second set of color proofs prior to printing. Keep in mind that making color corrections will send your job back through pre-press and may delay the printing schedule significantly.

Press Proofing

Press proofing is one way to make sure you have no surprises after your project is printed. Usually press proofing is done by the client, the project's designer or the printing sales representative handling the job. Keep in mind that some printers may charge extra to press proof as it means holding up the press run until the press proof is complete. Press hold-ups can be costly, especially if the press proof requires sending the job back to pre-press.

Press proofing is probably more important with long press-runs where you are printing tens of thousands of a brochure or other marketing materials. If you have a small print run of a few thousand, the time and effort required to press proof may not be worth it.

During a press proof, you should look for color fidelity by comparing the printed sheet against the matchprint or digital proof. You also will want to look at solid areas making sure there are no dust spots creating white specks. Be sure to inspect small type or type that is created using screens or reversed out of a color background.

Generally, minor color adjustments can be made to enhance or create final color balance in a four-color piece, however, extensive color adjustments on-press is not the way to correct poor quality pre-press work. When correcting on the press you are "tweaking", and you will just not have the controls over individual images used within your print job as you do when the job is still in pre-press.

While slight color adjustments on-press is perfectly acceptable, keep in mind that any color adjustments will affect the length of the sheet; that is, anything ahead of or behind the area affected by color adjustments on press will be affected as it passes through the press.

Saving Money With Out of Town Printers

While it is tempting to use printing companies who advertise through the Internet and offer great pricing on four-color printing, keep in mind that many of these printers "gang" print, that is, they put your printing job on a large press sheet along with many other customers, so it may not be possible for your job to get the individual attention it needs. Press proofing may be difficult or impossible due to the location of the printer or printing schedule (as some printers have three shifts).

Always get print samples before you use an out of town printer and make sure you understand their policies on packaging and shipping, and problems after the printing is done, so you do not save money on one hand, only to lose money through "gotchas" your local printer might not have.

When I am working with a printer for the first time, I always give the printer a small project to see how it is to work with them. Keep in mind that you are not just paying for putting the ink on the paper with printing. You are paying for expertise, customer service, reliability knowing that your printer will work with you to resolve any problems or issues before your job is printed.

Do not rely on.PDF proofs when working with any printer. Insist on getting a digital proof or a matchprint proof so you have a good representation of what you will be getting once the job is printed. A.PDF proof sent by e-mail is fine for checking after changes may have been made, and unless your monitor is calibrated precisely, the colors you see in a.PDF or your own printed proof will usually be very different from what the actual printing will be.

Is Four Color Printing Worth The Price? The answer is yes for some companies and some situations, and no for others.

The bottom line is to consider carefully the reasons to use four-color process in the first place, and to take care when completing all pre-press work. Knowing your printer or your printer's capabilities ahead of time will make for less stress and you will know what to expect if something does go wrong.

What Are the Best Paint Colors For Hospital Walls?

There’s hardly a secret anymore that human behavior is highly influenced by colors. Scientific studies have proven that our emotions and mood are affected when surrounded by particular colors. Some cause us to be more aggressive, whereas others have a soothing effect on us. From psychologists to interior designers, everybody seems fascinated with the phenomenon.

No wonder then that when it comes to paints, specialists are extremely careful to make the right choice. As their ideas come as colors do, in a wide variety, ultimately the only thing they have to consider is the appropriateness of their vision. For instance, a hospital room wouldn’t be painted in the same shades as a private residence’s living room. The patients would it find difficult to cope with some red painted walls instead of the usual white, green or blue ones.

We all may have in contact, one way or another, with the imposing, intimidating places which are hospitals. Either as patients or visitors, we are most certainly overwhelmed by their presence. But, once inside, hospitals have this huge power of conveying a sensation of calm and peace. How do they manage to do that? It’s simple to find the answer by just taking a quick look at the walls and noticing the colors they are painted in.

Hospital walls are usually covered in colors such as white, green and blue. There is an explanation behind these choices and it has to do with the psychological effects these colors have.

White is the most common color to be seen on a hospital wall. And that is due to the peaceful and calm mood it provides. Other reason for choosing it is the fact that it denotes cleanness. It implies sterility, which has the effect of making patients feel reassured. This is also why doctors and nurses wear white uniforms.

Blue and green are considered to be the most relaxing and refreshing colors, promoting peaceful atmosphere which encourages concentration. Designers, psychologists and feng-shui experts, they all tend to consider that shades of blues and greens make us fell calmer, more balanced and less emotional. Because green has a calming effect on our nerves, hospital waiting rooms and even psychiatric wards are painted in this color. And surgeons wear green scrubs for the same reason. As for blue, it has often been noticed that children in pain are put in hospital rooms painted in light blue due to its healing effect it conveys.

When coming inside a hospital, the general atmosphere must make us feel reassured and calm. Before knowing anything about the staff’s professionalism, our worried look will check for visible signs that we will be well taken for. And the hospital’s walls, either white, green or blue, are our first impression.

Bamboo Door Curtains For the Home

In designing your home, there are innumerable ways in which you can personalize your interior space. One such method that many people neglect to think of is using bamboo door curtains to cover open doorways rather than the more standard wooden or metal doors prevalent in most western households. This "touch from the east" will add an exotic feel to your home at little cost.

Bamboo curtains can serve the important role of covering the space of a doorway without having to go through the hassle of installing a standard metal or wooden door. Most people do not have the practical skills of a handyman and would be likely to have to hire one in order to install a door in their home. Bamboo door curtains, as opposed to standard wooden doors, are easy to install and most people will be perfectly able to install them in their home on their own with ease.

Bamboo door curtains are typically made up of beaded strands that hang down vertically covering the doorway. They work by hanging down and covering the doorway but because they consist of numerous strands of beads hanging next to each other, they can easily be walked directly through. They provide the privacy of a standard metal or wooden door while serving a more creative decorative purpose as well. They also provide easier access to a room than a standard door would and, in that sense, can add a sense of openness to the home that a solid door can not.

One drawback to bamboo curtains that you have to consider before installing them in your home is the fact that if you are using bamboo door curtains as your only means for covering a doorway, there is no way of locking your door. If you are the type of person who really enjoys the sense of security of a solid door for those moments when you want privacy within the house, bamboo door curtains may not be for you. On the other hand, if you are more of a social person who is open to the constant comings and goings of others then bamboo curtains may add a certain freeness to your home that you would enjoy.

How To Fertilize Vegetable Garden Soil

Fertilizers, whether they are organic or inorganic, are vital for the plant growth and product yield. However, it is also important for a gardener to know the process of fertilizing a vegetable garden because improper addition of fertilizers leads to decreased yield and reduced quality of the product.

Fertilizing a vegetable garden is to be done in a two-stage process. While the first stage commences before planting the vegetables, the second stage commences during the middle of growing season.

Broadcast fertilizing: This is the first stage of fertilizing vegetable garden soil. At this stage, the gardener must replenish the garden soil with nutrients using a complete fertilizer. A complete fertilizer can be described as an incomplete fertilizer having nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the percentage of 10-10-10. However, it is recommended to get the soil tested at a registered testing center before adding the fertilizer. It is important to distribute the fertilizer evenly. This can be done using a hand spreader or a tiller. Gardener can also use some amount of organic fertilizer so as to improve the texture of the soil. The first stage of fertilizing provides the plants with essential nutrients required during the initial stages of growth.

Side Dressing: As the plant grows, many of the nutrients in the soil get used up. Hence, a second stage of soil fertilizing is required so as to provide the plants with essential nutrients and elements required to complete the growth cycle. You can use the same type of fertilizer that was used during the first stage of fertilizing. However, you have to apply the fertilizer on the sides of the plant without disturbing the roots. A deep trench has to be made around the plant with a hoe. Now, the fertilizer can be applied in the trench and the trench is covered with soil. The fertilizer gets soaked up into the soil once the plant is watered.

How to Convey Confidence

Every man should know how to convey confidence to a woman, but many don’t. The funny thing is it’s actually more what you should NOT do rather than do. Let’s take a look at what not to do then a few things to do.

Don’t Seek Approval

Have you ever found yourself going out of your way to please someone just to gain his or her approval? This is what we mean by seeking approval. This is a common behavior of insecure men. They see other people as more important than themselves and will do anything to get their approval.

Guys often seek approval from beautiful women because they see the value of the woman’s beauty to be better than themselves. Often guys will also seek the approval of the dominant males of groups. In both cases these guys are giving approval in order to gain approval but the outcome is the person from whom they are seeking approval actually sees them as lower value.

Celebrities are a good example of this. They constantly have people sucking up to them to gain their approval. If you were to meet a celebrity and suck up to them they wouldn’t see you as an equal. But if instead you are cool and interesting and treat them as an equal they will see you as an equal.

Don’t Suck Up To Women

This goes along with not seeking approval but lets dive a little deeper. Guys are constantly sucking up to woman to try to gain approval from them.

Men buy women drinks before getting to know them. They also compliment women before getting to know them as if this will buy the woman’s approval. They use lines like:

“Tell me something, girl. Did it hurt when you fell out of heaven?”

“You’re so sexy, let me buy you a drink”

This type of behavior is painfully insulting because it conveys that you are only interested in sex. It proves all you’re giving her credit for is her appearance and you want sex from her. Women are not sex objects and do not enjoy being treated like one.

Women (especially beautiful women) get this all the time. Some women take advantage of it by getting free drinks from suck ups. Then they ditch them to go find a guy who doesn’t have to buy her attention.

This does not mean you cannot compliment women. It’s just that when you do compliment consider the timing of the compliment and what you might be complimenting on.

Give her something to be interested in you about. Once you’ve gotten to know her a little you could compliment her on her personality, style, or anything other than her looks. Then you will be complimenting her for who she is rather than her looks.

The same can be said about buying drinks. Don’t take this advice so far as to think you can’t buy women drinks. Just understand this is a horrible way to start a conversation. Once she’s earned your respect and you’d like to buy a round of drinks for the two of you, go for it.

Don’t Be Needy

Neediness is a sickness that many men have had and will continue to have. We need to put a stop to it for the sake of all women. There is not one woman who is attracted to a needy guy for the fact that he’s needy! This is a huge turn off for women!

Neediness refers to just needing something from a woman all the time. It could be something as simple as just standing by her for the comfort of having a woman near, or having to know where she is all the time and always wanting to hang out. Even the best couples need some time apart.

Let’s say you’re at a club and you meet a woman at the bar. Everything goes well starting out. Good conversation starts flowing, and attraction is mutual. After some heavy flirting you begin touching. She’s giving you a lot of attention and seems into you.

All of a sudden her girl friends come and take her away to the bathroom. Your mind starts obsessing over her. You start to look around the club to see if she’s coming back. Instead of interacting with others at the bar and patiently waiting for her to return you go try to seek her out.

You find her standing outside of the bathrooms talking to a group of people. She sees you and pulls you over to the group. You hover around her while she is talking to her friends. She leaves the group and you start following her around the club like a lost puppy. All your strong male characteristics shrink away and you become needy. She senses your neediness and loses attraction for you.

It’s a sad but true story for many men. They portray all the characteristics of a strong man and gain attraction. Then as soon as the woman shows interest they get needy toward her.

Many times alcohol can also bring neediness out. Good reason not to drink too much and know your limits.

Neediness tends to creep up more when you don’t have many women in your life. The more options you create with women the less needy you will become because you will see abundance. You see no reason to be needy over one woman you met at the bar.

One way to avoid neediness in the bar scene is after you separate from the first woman you’ve met that night, find another woman to talk to right away and just keep the flow going. Not only is this good for you in the fact that you get to meet a lot of woman but all the other previous women will see you talking to all these other women and thus make them even more attracted to you.

When you meet a woman just play it cool like meeting her was no big deal and you care nothing about the outcome of this interaction. Many times when you act in this manner the women will come and seek you out again to continue on the interaction.

Now that we went over somethings NOT to do lets go over somethings to do.

Live In Your Own Reality

In society today there are so many things pulling and tugging at us trying to shape us in some kind of way. Be this way, act like this guy, dress like this group of people, don’t do this or that. It all can be very confusing. So what do you do?

You first need to figure out from the inside out who you are, and what kind of person you want to be? Are you funny? Do you like to make people laugh? Are you the life of the party who always wants the attention? Or are you the somewhat shy mysterious type? From there you can start to build your own reality from which you draw from.

What is “my reality” you ask? Your reality is like a little bubble that surrounds you at all times and everything inside of that bubble you make your reality. You determine what is real or true.

For example in your reality if you think you are a hot guy then you are a hot guy no questions asked. Or if in your own reality you believe no woman can resist you then it’s true no woman can resist you.

What’s amazing about living inside your own reality is that when you believe it so much you will start to draw other people inside your bubble automatically without you even having to do anything. They will believe to be true whatever you believe to be true. If you believe you’re a hot guy you will start acting like a hot guy and you’re going to draw people into your reality and they will see you as a hot guy.

When you believe your sense of reality so much you can quite literally do whatever you want and people will see you as a cool guy who is completely comfortable with himself and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. You will find people will want to get to know you and be around you all the time because very rarely does a cool guy that is that comfortable with himself come around.

A great example of people that live in their own realities is rappers. Rappers have such a strong sense of who they are that they can wear whatever they want. They wear the giant chains, the huge over sized clothes with the diamond grills. Their sense of their own reality is so strong that people accept it and even want to be just like them.

A woman wants a man who’s different from other men. Most men have a very weak sense of reality. In fact most men live in other peoples realities because the social pressure is to great for them to hold their own.

When you have a strong sense of your own reality and are able to draw people into it, you separate yourself apart from most of the men out there, which will allow you to attract more women.

When you can suck a woman directly into your reality it can be very powerful because to the woman it’s like you’re completely different from anyone she’s ever met. To her it’s like you’re showing her and teaching her all these new things in a very short amount of time. When really all you’re doing is just giving her a piece of your reality the way you see things, but to her this is a very attractive quality.

When you live in your own reality and someone doesn’t like you that’s his or her problem not yours. You know exactly who you are and you don’t make any apologies for that. Never sway from who you are deep down inside and people will respect you for that.

Play Hard To Get

Think back to a time when you were a little kid and a relative or friend gave you a new toy. When you would play with this new toy you really didn’t think too much about it. If the new toy were to break you may be sad but it’s not too big of a deal because you didn’t buy it anyway.

Now think to a time when you got allowance and if you wanted a new toy you had to work and save for weeks before you had the money to buy it. When you finally saved enough and had bought your new toy you respected it much more than the other toys you had gotten for free. You knew all the hard work you had to put in to be able to purchase it and therefore placed higher value on the toy you bought yourself.

The basic principal is the harder you have to work to get something the more value you place upon it. This same principle can be applied to attracting women too. The easier you give in to a woman the less value she’ll give you, but the harder you are to get the more value she’ll place on you.

For example if you’re in a bar and a woman starts to flirt with you and right away you’re showing that you’re really into her, and acting like there’s no other woman for you, that’s going to set off some red flags for her because she knows that she didn’t put any real effort forth to attract you. But you still got really into her thus you must be a low value man who doesn’t get women and has to take the first one that comes along cause this doesn’t happen very often. She will lose attraction for you.

On the flip side if she starts to flirt with you and you flirt back (maybe tease her a little), after a while you get up and walk around the bar and talk to other women, you’re going to make her put forth some effort if she really wants to get you. When you do hook up with her she knows the work she had to put in to keep your attention so she then sees you as having higher value because you can be choosey about your women. You aren’t easily won over and you don’t just get on the first woman that comes along.

When you play hard to get with women you are sub-communicating to them that you already have women in your life and you don’t necessary need anymore. The funny part is when other women know that you already have women in your life it just makes them want you even more!

I hoped you enjoyed these tips on how to convey confidence and they help you attract the woman you deserve.

Artist Management Contract

Success in today’s music industry completely depends on the artist. The success in the music career depends on the artist’s passion for the music, his or her skills in negotiating business contracts, dealing with publicity, getting noticed, managing sales records, media relation, so on and so forth. It is always ideal for any artist to deal their own business aspect of the music industry, but as a musician you would want to devote all your time in creating new music or perfecting your skills and rehearsing with your band, rather than having to worry about the business contracts or publicity.

Well, what do you do then? Well, for starters there are people in music industry who are well versed with the business end of the musical world, they have contacts with major label companies, and they can promote your music and also manage your media relations. These people are known as artist managers; they have been around for a long time in musical industry and have played an important role in launching careers of many famous musical artists. These managers offer their services for a certain percentage of the income of the artist. The legal agreement between an artist or a band is called an artist management contract or the band management contract. A typical contract is for 7 years; however, the duration might vary depending on the understanding between a manager and the artist involved.

As with any business contract, this contract mainly deals on the amount of percentage which the manager receives in return for the services offered. There is one important clause which both the manager and the artist should be aware of, it is called the “sunset clause”, which is usually included in the artist management contract. This basically protects the interest of both the manager and the artist. The manager recognizes the talent of an artist and works for the success of the artist career, if the artist decides not to use the service of the manager and would like a split from the manager, then the sunset clause would allow the manager to collect a certain percentage of the commission for a period of two years after the split. The percentage might vary depending on the artist and the manager involved. From the artist point of view, this clause allows the artist to split from the current manager and move on to a better management team once their career reaches a whole new horizon, without having to pay the same percentage as mentioned in the original artist management contract for a period of 7 years.

For more details on the artist management contracts, please visit ‘Reach Fame’.

Clay Pot Crafting

Clay pot crafts: Create a Bell with regard to that Porch Clay container projects are severe technique to make house adornments. Within clay pot crafts, clay-based blossom containers might be designed in to a quantity associated with ornamental items that appeal to landscapers. Generally, the actual craft begins with brand new containers. The actual containers will often be embellished along with fresh paint and also being linked in addition to string or even wire to create points.Containers with regard to clay pot crafts is available in a number of dimensions, through small types just Two in. within size, in order to large types about the feet throughout. For any beginner task, start along with more compact containers.

The actual newbie must also select clay pot crafts that don’t make use of a great deal associated with containers within as well sophisticated the style. 1 particular great build for an individual brand new from clay-based container projects is always to produce a bell through 2 clay-based containers. Purchase one container that is regarding Five to six in. within size, as well as an additional that is tiny.

A person makes use of the small 1 because the clapper with regard to which bell. You’ll need a few ornamental wire, Two big wood drops, as well as fresh paint within the preferred colours. You might desire to purchase a few glue-on gems to embellish the actual bell. The actual bell is really a good design for just about any entrance patio.Reduce the actual wire 2 ft (Sixty centimetres.) lengthy. Collapse the conclusion more than Three in. (Eight centimetres.) as well as complement a good overhand knot, developing a cycle. This particular cycle is ideal for dangling the actual bell in the connect or even a toe nail.

Right now change the larger clay-based container upside-down. Move the actual free finish in the wire lower using the pit who’re keeping credit cards. Place the actual container upon it’s aspect as well as slip one of the big wood drops within the wire till in order to anticipate Ten in. (Twenty five centimetres.) within the free finish. Right now connect the actual wire around the bead therefore the bead can’t slide in the placement concerning the wire. For those who have completed this particular properly, a person can raise the actual container with the cycle. Within clay pot crafts, the actual drops ought to be large sufficient to avoid the actual wire through staring at the pit inside the base in the container.

Concerning the free finish in the wire, you’ll connect the small container just like. Slip the small container within the actual wire to understand successfully in order to connect an additional big wood bead concerning the finish in the wire. Right now if you raise the entire agreement with the cycle, little container ought to suspend readily inside the bigger container, developing a enjoyable seem whenever this claps in the bigger container.Enhance the outside in the bigger container along with fresh paint because preferred. You might would rather fresh paint this within grayscale areas for just about any Holstein cow style.

You might would rather enhance the most from the actual bell along with man made fiber or even dried out blossoms as well as greenery and also a bow bend.For just about any variance relating to this build, help to make 3 in the alarms and hang up upward all of them in the horizontally little bit of driftwood or even an additional fascinating little bit of organic wooden. When creating dangling clay-based container projects, constantly be sure the actual drops are adequately sized and so are linked firmly within placement, because the clay-based containers may split once they slip.

Additional clay pot crafts consist of developing a big toy or even scarecrow associated with stacked containers put up collectively as well as colored. The actual toy may lay on the seat or even a action in the entrance patio. Fresh paint their encounter to become scarecrow, the jack-o-lantern, the gnome, or even a kid. Clay pot crafts are specially ideal for becoming shown outdoors.

Air-Conditioner in an Interior

As far as interior is concerned, air conditions have become a common sight in commercial spaces and also at residential places. Due to changing climate in our city, air-conditions can bring comfort in the spell of really hot weather.

The principle of air conditioning is exactly the same that makes refrigerator work. The refrigerant liquid is pumped around a continuous closed circuits loop through two sets of coils. First it enters the evaporator coil where the liquid absorbs heat from surrounding air and becomes gas. Then it passes through a compressor which compresses the gas and turns it into a liquid, this liquid passes through the condensing coil thus cooling the inside of the unit. Then with the help of fan the air is blown over this coil in the room. This air blown over the coil cools the room making the indoor temperature of the room cooler.

In the field of interior, there are two main types of air-conditions used in Indian homes. The first is window type unit. This unit has all the required coils fitted into a single casing and can be installed into a window opening or opening made in an external wall. These units are comparatively noisier than the second type as motor, fan, compressor and coils are fitted in one unit, but installing this is comparatively simple and the maintenance of this unit is also easy. These window units are comparatively cheaper than the other variety.

Window units are very efficient to cool small rooms, which are less deep as the throw from this unit is not that deep. Typical size of the cut out required for this unit in the wall or window is around 17 "x 26" and the weight would be about 50 to 60 kg per unit. Power supply required for this unit would be for 15 Amp plug. It is advisable to fix MCB of the required load at this junction.

Window units are very easy to control and simple to maintain. A regular cleaning of the filter can save the service contracts.

The second type of AC units available are split type which consist of two units joint together with copper tube. The indoor unit consists of cooling coil and fan and the outdoor unit the noisy one consists of compressor and the condenser coil. This unit is to be placed outside within 30 'distance.

There are different types of Indoor units available. They could be wall mounted, ceiling mounted or floor mounted. This makes things simple for the user as it can be fixed any where but within a distance of 30 'from the outdoor unit. And the only physical link between the indoor and outdoor unit is slim refrigerator tube and thin electric cable. Split units are normally operated with either cordless remote or remote with cord hanging below the indoor unit. As this unit is slightly complicating, it is advisable to hire the services of professional establishment for servicing and maintaining it.

Normally split units are 50% costlier than the window type but they are very silent.

Third type of unit is package unit, which is normally used to cool huge interior areas, and they require ducting to be done above the ceiling or on the walls.

As these units are huge in size valuable floor space gets wasted plus if it fails the total area stays without air-condition.

How to Diagnose Common Auto AC Repair Problems – From Intermittent Cooling to Bad AC Odors

Normally troubleshooting your car’s AC is best left to professional technicians and mechanics, especially for modern auto air conditioning systems.

However, for minor auto AC issues you can be spared from frequent car check-ups and repairs if you know how to diagnose your car’s more common air cooling problems. Here are some of the more common auto AC repair problems you may encounter:

AC Is Not Cool Enough

There are several probable causes for this problem. Some are as follows:

1. Low refrigerant level

Under most circumstances, your AC will not easily run out of refrigerant. If you do find that your AC is low on refrigerant, be sure to inspect it for leaks and breaks before recharging your system.

2. Blown fuse or wiring problem

Power on your AC and if the clutch does not engage, you may have a blown fuse or wiring problem. Replacing the fuse can temporarily correct the problem but should be further checked to know the reason why the fuse blew to avoid the same problem in the future.

3. Defective magnetic clutch

The magnetic clutch could be considered defective if it receives input voltage but is not powering the compressor. This should be immediately examined and replaced if necessary.

4. Faulty compressor

A squeaking belt can be a sign of faulty compressor. In addition, the compressor should be replaced if the clutch is working but the compressor fails to turn on.

Leaking Refrigerant

Leaks are probably the most common problem in auto AC repairs. Leaks are usually found in hose connections, seals, and through microscopic pores of the hose. Modern systems induce fewer leaks than older systems, but slight changes in the refrigerant level in newer units can severely affect its cooling performance.

Visual indications like oil stains and wet spots are less obvious for R134A systems because its lubricant is not as oily as opposed to older R12 systems. Various methods can be used to determine the leak in an AC system.

A special dye with mixed refrigerant in a pressurized can is sometimes added to the system. Electronic leak detectors can also be used, or the primitive style of soaking or spraying the hose with soap and water and following the bubbles is still being practiced by modern technicians. Leaks should be repaired by replacing the O-rings, seals, and hoses before recharging your AC.

Intermittent Cooling

This problem is easily noticed when you have alternate blowing of warm and cool air. Its usual cause is the presence of air and moisture in the system. Auto AC repairs for intermittent cooling is normally done by purging air and moisture from your AC by using a vacuum pump.

Intermittent cooling can also be caused by electrical faults like:

o Defective relays and switches

o Compressor clutch

o Control module

o Temperature sensor

AC Noise

Typical causes of noise in an air conditioning system are:

o Sign of compressor problem

o Cross-contaminated refrigerant

o Wrong type of lubricant

o Rattling of hoses and other AC parts

Auto AC repairs for noise can be as simple as tidying your hose layout. If you are sure that the noise is not caused by a rattling hose, you can try to replace the lubricant and verify if your compressor is still functional.

Bad AC Odor

A system which blows air that smells like a foul gym is typically caused by bacteria in the evaporator. Aside from the bad odor, bacteria in the air conditioning systems can also cause health problems. One remedy for this bad odor is to spray disinfectant in the evaporator or through the blower ducts.

If the air blown by your unit smells like gasoline or oil, you might need to consult professional help.

Take care when trying to diagnose or repair your own auto AC problems. When in doubt, always consult with your automotive professional.

Ancient Greek Temple of Zeus

The ancient Greek temple dedicated to Zeus was constructed at Olympia in the sacred sanctuary of Altis. Zeus was the king of all gods in ancient Greece. He lived on Mt. Olympus and was also the god of thunder and sky.

In ancient Greece, Olympics were held every 4 years for athletes. The athletes used to travel Mount Olympus to take part in the games. During this period, the wars would stop and the kings of different territories would call a truce to allow safe passage to the athletes. The Olympics were dedicated to Zeus, and were held at the temple in a stadium under a statue of Zeus.

In the initial stages of the stadium was simple and makeshift. However, soon the ancient Greeks wanted something grander and more majestic. This was to show their reverence to the king of all gods. So, the started building a bigger and more magnificent temple in 470 AD. The architect of the temple was Libon, who was Elis.

It is believed that many ideas for the temple were taken from the Parthenon and the temple of Artemis, which was located at Ephesus. The temple was built on a raised platform that was rectangular in shape. It had a huge roof that was supported with the help of 13 carved pillars on the long sides of the rectangle and 6 pillars on the shorter sides. The roof had an incline, and the pillars were carved to show the 12 tasks performed by Hercules.

The ancient Greek temple of Zeus was constructed in the Doric style architecture which was prevalent during those times. Limestones from the local quarry were used for the construction, but the appearance was dull and not very attractive. So, the outer part of the temple was covered with Scutto. The sculptures housed in the temple were made using Parian marble and the inner sanctum housed a 40-foot statue of Zeus. The statue was shown sitting on a golden throne.

Although in the subsequent years, the temple was ruined due to floods and wars, the temple and its magnificent beauty remained etched in people's mind and the description was passed down from one generation to another. The magnificent statue of Zeus was destroyed in 462 AD due to a fire.

The ruins of the temple were discovered in 1829 AD by French archaeologists and it took 5 whole years to excavate. The task was further taken up a team of German archaeologists in 1875 AD.

SEO Basics – A Small SEO Guide for Beginners

Basic SEO is about common sense. The main purpose of search engine optimization is to make a website as search-engine-friendly as possible. Basic SEO doesn’t require specialized knowledge on search engine algorithms and programming. All you need to know is a basic understanding of how search engines work.

How Spiders work: Search engines collect data about a website by sending an electronic spider to the website. This spider copies the content into the search engine’s database. These are generally called as “bots”. These bots are designed to follow the links from one document to other.

Major search engines like Google and Yahoo claim to crawl as much data as US Library of Congress (approx. 150million items), every day.

Spiders read the content line by line from left to right, starting from top left hand corner. If the content is arranged in columns, they follow the the left hand column to its conclusion before moving to central and right hand columns. While crawling a page, if it encounters any links, it will record the links and send another bot to gather the data from this document.

Hence, web masters no longer need to submit the websites manually to search engines. The spiders are capable of finding every site, provided a link to your site exists somewhere on the web.

Now, once the search engine finds your site, making it crawl the rest of the pages is the first priority. Hence, it is important to provide clear paths to the spiders to help them crawl your entire site.

Hence, provide east to follow text links directed to your important pages at the bottom of each document. You should also direct a spider to a text based sitemap which lists every document in your website.

However, you can restrict the access of your spiders to few of your pages, in your robots.txt file.

Search engines are supposed to provide the most relevant data to users when a user enters certain key phrases. They decide the most relevant data from the documents in their databases by analyzing four most important points. Search engines consider 100’s of factors while determining the most relevant document. The most important of them are Titles, Description meta tag, good content and inbound links.

There is already so much of data available on web about the above 4 factors. I want to tell about something to beginners I don’t see many people talking about.

Guest posting: For beginners, guest posting is a good way to gain exposure, spread the brand as well as get some traffic to the site.

Most of the blog owners allow to a leave a link back to your site while submitting a guest post. This way, you are also building backlinks to your site.

To find guest posting opportunities in your niche, search in Google with the below search queries.

“guest posting” + [your niche]

“guest posting opportunity” + [your niche]

“submit guest post” + [your niche]

“write for us” + [your niche]

High- Profile Artice Marketing: Even though it is good to submit your articles to the regular article directories like etc…, you need to submit your articles to high profile sites that has a good page rank and traffic. Sites like, etc…

It is easy to find high profile sites in your niche.

a. Go to, choose an article in your niche, that has got atleast 100 diggs.

b. Copy the title of the article and do a search in with quotes.

c. Now, you find hundreds of high profile sites that may accept your articles too.

The Usefulness Of Yoga Accessories

Although yoga does not require too much accessories, the usefulness of yoga accessories can not be doubted as it will make you more relaxed and secure. There are a few requisite yoga accessories that you can not do without, especially clothing such as upper body wear and pants. The next is a yoga mat for practicing the various yoga poses, and then there are the yoga shoes or socks. Other like a bag for yoga mat, DVDs for self study and water bottle are optional, including yoga props.

One of the most essential yoga accessories is the clothing and it should not be too tight or too loose as you will not want it to interfere with your yoga exercises or leave you unfocussed. The upper body wear should be just right and usually they are made with a combination of cotton or Lycra as these materials are ideal for yoga for they provide comfort and pores for circulation

Another is the lower body wear and for warmer climate, it can be just shorts so that you will not get too hot while practicing. During colder weather, you can wear pants but they should not be too loose and distract your exercises. Except for t-shirt and pants, you should leave your jewelry and watched at home to avoid getting in the way of your yoga practices.

Other necessary yoga accessories are the yoga mat as it will cushion you against the hard flooring and it should be hygienic as your body and head will be in contact with it. Other consideration is that it will provide friction between your body and the mat as you will perspire during the exercises so as to ensure that you do not slip and get yourself hurt.

In addition, the yoga mat should be tried out and it should also be easily maintained and wash so as not to add to your stress level. As the yoga mat will be rolled up after practices, it should be able to lay flat when you need it and not too sticky when you are doing the poses.

Those staying in colder countries should ensure that the yoga mat remains flexible after it is out in the cold climate or when you need to place it in your car trunk. Also check the sturdiness and lifespan and it is neither too light nor heavy. For those mindful of the environment, it is essential that it can be recycled or reused.

Most of the time, yoga is done barefoot or just with a pair of cotton socks but yoga shoes can provide the comfort that you need. Yoga shoes are different from the usual exercises shoes in that it has slim soles to provide suppleness and the top part of the shoes is lighter so as to ensure air circulation.

In addition yoga shoes are vital as bacteria and germs will not form and also when you need to share yoga mat. On the other hand it can avert injuries like stepping on jagged pebbles or ants bite. With the yoga shoes, it will help ensure that you do not slip when you are carrying out certain postures.

Yoga socks can be used in place of yoga shoes as wearing them is like putting on gloves for your feet but some would choose to use toe socks that is accompanied by non-slip rubber dots to provide friction and those are feasible choices besides yoga shoes.

The optional yoga accessories like a bag for your yoga mat so that you can transport then back and forth from your yoga classes and with provision for change of clothes, keys or wallet. Yoga DVDs can help you to revise the moves that you have practiced and other like yoga props to assist you in the various poses.

Water bottles can be useful but not necessary as you will perspire profusely during the exercises, as a result releasing toxins. With the replenishment, it will replace lost fluids and remove the excess toxins. In addition you will be dehydrated after practices so a fresh, rejuvenating bottle of water will lighten you up.

Shopping for yoga accessories can be done at yoga specialty retailers and it is better to shop there than just any retailers as they will have a wide ranging items and knowledgeable sales staffs to guide you. Also it can be done online but the drawback is that you will not get to test the items, on the other hand, it provide a relaxed ambience and convenience without stepping out of your house.