Hong Kong the City (Lantau Island – The Wisdom Path)

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Situated on the south east of Ngong Ping the Wisdom Path is a monument to the people of Hong Kong given to them by professor Jan Tsung-i.

The monument consist of 38 timber inscribed columns with the words of the Heart Sutra. These timber columns are between 8 and 10 meters high and are set out in a figure of eight. Professor Jan Tsung-i discovered while on a trip to china the Buddhist stone carving on mount Taisham in Shandong. Inspired by the carvings he set about to create a calligraphic work of the Heart Sutra because this sutra is by Buddhists, Confucians and Taoist considered a treasure.

The Heart Sutra is a pray used by Buddhists, it is one of many but believed to be the main one. The sutra has a full title, Prajna-Paramita heart sutra which is a Sanskrit term, the word Prajna describe wisdom the word Paramita describes perfection. We have the heart (buddha) and wisdom and perfection. The title then reads “The Perfection of Wisdom of the Buddha.” This is the prayer of the Sutra and each column has a selection of that prayer.

Heart Sutra is the best written Mahayana Sutra but it is the shortest at only 260 words. Under standing the Heart Sutra one will find very difficult, its readings are in such a way difficult, because of the profound doctrine. Reading and meditation if persisted will in time lead you to find the Secret of the Universe, it is in there you just have to find it to truly understand.

The columns are set out in a figure of eight, why not square or any other position. The reason the figure of eight on its side means ‘Infinity” and they are set out as well in such a way to adhere to the landscape. The single column at the top has no inscription the reason for that, written in the Sutra is the word Sunyatta which has a meaning of emptiness, so the column means emptiness.

The Wisdom Path is only 15 minute walk from Ngong Ping along a wooded path, its a gentle walk and its a sight worth seeing, understanding may be more difficult.

My next article will be on Po Lin Monastery

Activity Mats Provide For Your Kids’ Safety

In dealing with children, safety is the main if not the ultimate priority. It is normal for them to run around, jump up and down wherever they may be. They are highly active and perhaps, no adult can beat the energy that they have. They climb, skip, tumble, jump, roll, they pretty much do everything that they can think of, whether they have a playmate around or just playing with themselves. It feels so good to see them having fun, just by staring at them. But once you see them fall, your heart will immediately stop and worry they may have been wounded or had a fracture or not.

Whether it is in a bedroom or in a day care center, it is a must to keep a safety mat on your floor (these mats are also called activity mats, since most of them come in various designs such as alphabets or letters, thereby doubling as a learning tool). These safety mats are the ones that will protect them from any wounds once they drop on the floor or fall (especially their heads and backs), since children as they are, they are still clumsy. Aside from that, it is not like our eyes are glued on them every minute and every hour, and sometimes they wait for the time that we turn our backs and they would immediately run.

Most day care centers nowadays are built with tiles, and tiles can be slippery especially when they are wet. It is important to choose high quality mats since mats that are of poor quality may tend to slide too, especially when they don’t cover up the whole floor of the room.

How To Make Your Child’s Bedroom Allergy-Free

Looking to keep your children and their bed allergy-free? Well look no further. Below are a few simple tips that can help you and your child enjoy a relaxing nights sleep, while being allergy-free:

Keep pets away from the bedroom. This may be a hard task for some parents, since many children can’t sleep without their faithful companion being present. Kids just feel more protected and safe having their favorite pet around them at night. But unfortunately, pets can help trigger allergies. Many parents assume that their child is allergic to the pets fur, when in fact they are actually allergic to pet dander (dry skin and hair) or the protein found in the saliva and urine of the animal. But pet hair can cause allergies too because the protein found in the saliva can cling to the hair when the animal licks itself. Hair or fur can also pick up dust mites, pollen and even mold. Keeping pets out of the room and weekly baths can help keep allergies under control.

Down Comforters. Nothing beats the softness and warmth of a good down comforter. Kids compare these comforters to giant clouds or marshmallows, because of the unique baffle box construction and the fluffy feel. Baffle box construction are the visible square chambers on the comforter. These chambers help keep the down from shifting. Down comforters are filled with the down of a goose or duck. It is very rare that goose or duck down can cause an allergic reaction. But if this is the case with your child, choose a high quality down comforter that is said to be free of dust, dirt and allergens. Alternative down comforters are also a great choice for children prone to allergies. These comforters tend to be hypoallergenic, having a decreased tendency to provoke allergies.

Duvet Covers. Although kids duvet covers come in a large selection of colors and patterns, its main purpose is to actually protect the down comforter from dirt and stains. Natural fabrics, such as bamboo duvet covers, work best to protect our kids from allergies. Bamboo does not require the use of chemical pesticides due to its natural anti-fungal antibacterial agent. Bamboo is also known to be hypoallergenic and naturally resistant to dust mites as well. Kids love bold designs and may not like the simplicity of bamboo bedding. A quick fix to this problem would be to add a couple of colorful decorative pillows filled with down alternative. That way kids would love the look of the bed, without the allergies.

Last but definitely not least…Clean, clean and clean some more. Wash bed linens in hot water at least once a week. *Be aware that some bed linens cannot be washed in hot water. That is why it is very important to read the manufacturers care label before washing.

Remove wall-to-wall carpeting and replace with bare floors. Mop and sweep floors daily. Purchase toys that can be washed and kept away in a toy box, when not in use. Avoid placing stuff animals on bed.

A Little Boy's Dream Come True Room

Most little boys have their hearts set on an action hero or some other movie theme that they would actually like to have displayed in their rooms. Maybe they want to be a cowboy or on a Safari. They may picture themselves in the jungle, in a race car, outer space, or in the armed services. You may also have a little man who would love to be a famous sports player. Regardless of what they want you desire to give them only the best. They are usually in this phase for just a short time so you do not want to decorate their room permanently but only enhance it using their favorite thing or theme.

The first thing you need to do is to capture the main colors of their theme. Usually it is more than one color, most commonly four different colors. You can use the colors to decorate their room. This month it may be 'Toy Story' and the next month it may be 'Cars' and that is why you need to be able to be flexible. One great thing in these two movies is that the primary color of red is used. You can use this color to highlight the room, for example the curtains. If you are decorating for 'Toy Story' you can make the curtains out of bandannas. For 'Cars' you could just use a solid red color.

A Safari theme or a Rain Forest theme could mean a lot of green in their room. But you can have different shades of green to make the room seem more balanced. You can buy stencil that will help you draw trees on the walls or you can purchase decals of trees that just peel and stick to your walls. Make some throw pillows with your child in the shape of some of the animals they may see in the Safari or the Rain Forest. You can make a snake out of a piece of material and use a hot glue gun instead of stitching it. This will be something that they can keep and always remember how much you seen to it that they were happy. When the decorations are all put away you can still keep the snake on the bed.

Outer space theme may seem fairly easy to do. You can paint the ceiling a dark blue and add glow in the dark stars on the ceiling so they will be able to see the stars at night while they are laying down to sleep. The colors are normal colors; blue, gray and white. You can add a space ship border around the top of the room and you can decorate in white and black. These are the space ship colors.

Of course there are always cartoon characters that will be popular for ever. These include Scooby Doo, Lion King, Mickey Mouse, and more. These characters have always been famous and popular and will continue to be for a long time. That is why when you invest in decorations of these characters they will hold their value for a long time to come.

Making Copper Sheet Fence Post Caps

Imagine this: You’re about to build yourself a nice fence that’s about twenty-five posts long and you decide to both decorate and protect it from natural rotting with some copper post caps. After all, you’ve seen what happening when you don’t protect the top of the fence post with a cap. However, when you go to the store, you realize that at twenty five bucks a cap, this project suddenly skyrockets in expense! Why not save yourself some money and create these easy-to-make copper sheet caps on your own?

To start, you’ll need a scrap piece of 4×4 fence post (or 6×6) about three feet long, a circular saw to create the form on the top of the scrap post, a wooden mallet (preferably hardwood with a 3 inch diameter) to hammer the sheet metal around the form, the copper sheet itself and a pair of metal cutters. The recommended copper sheet is a soft temper, .021 inch thick (also known as 24 gauge or 16oz copper sheet).

First, you will want to figure out what shape you want the post cap to be. A basic triangular tip is a good choice. So, using the circular saw, cut the form (your piece of scrap post) to the desired shape.

Second, you might have to experiment, but cut the copper to the correct size for your particular post cap design. I might recommend using some scrap metal to experiment instead of valuable copper sheet. But it’s your choice.

Once you have your cutout, you can anneal the copper sheet to make it more pliable. However, the annealing is completely optional and not entirely necessary due to the copper sheet already being quite soft. Nevertheless, annealing is simply heating the copper sheet for an extended period of time, usually until it is glowing, and then allowing it to cool slowly. This heating can be performed with a common blowtorch.

Next, no matter if you choose to anneal or not, use the mallet to bend the copper around the form. A good technique for working the copper sheet is to pound the mallet in the way you want the metal to bend. This will work best if you can draw the mallet directly towards yourself while hammering. This is when you will want to have your safety glasses firmly in place protecting your eyes. Also, you may want to consider putting hole in the cap for the securing nail.

Finally, to add a nice shine to the cap, apply some sealant to keep the it bright and corrosion free. Or, let the cap age and patina naturally for the that classic look (I think this looks awesome).

And…Viola! You now have a beautiful fence post cap! On a final note, be sure to wear eye protection and all the necessary safety equipment while operating any potentially dangerous tools. Hope you enjoy your new post caps!

Apartment Tips – Find an Apartment in One Day

The first set to finding an apartment is organizing information on yourself. You know – where you have lived for the last five years, the name and phone number of your landlord, where you work, how long you have been there, how much you are paid and the phone number for your office. You may also want to get a credit report on yourself if you’re concerned that credit blemishes may cause a problem during the leasing process.

To find an apartment, you have to filter out 99.99% of the other apartment complexes. The most important level of filtering is the location. Select the area of town where you want to live. If you are moving to an apartment from out of town, get help from someone in the area where you are moving.

Set a realistic budget. Your cost of housing should not exceed about 30 to 35% of your household income. This includes rent, electric, gas and water.

The next step in selecting an apartment is to select the unit type, unit size and amenities which are important to you. Consider both the in-unit amenities and the project or community amenities.

Use an online apartment search or online apartment locator to find apartment complexes. Your best bet is to find an online apartment search service which has information on all available apartments in the city. Some of the online apartment search services only have information on 10 or 15% of the apartments in the city. Also consider an online apartment search service which offers a $100 rebate. This will help with your moving costs.

Limit the list of apartments to does which seem to be the best fit — to perhaps five or eight apartment properties. Start calling the apartments to get up to date information on unit availability, and the specials they are offering. Specials offered by apartments can vary from floor plan to floor plan and from day to day. Calling the apartment before you visit will help you to get the best deal. Also ask for information on application fees, deposits and the first months rent. Some apartments offer a reduced payment for the first months rent.

Visit three to five properties which seemed to best fit your requirements. Ask detailed questions regarding the issues which are most important to you. Take notes while you’re at the property. Your memory will fade quickly. The properties will start to run together. Confirm information on the deposits, first month’s rent, application fee, rental rates and unit amenities while you’re visiting each property. Also ask to see the unit they have available for you, instead just seeing the model unit.

After visiting the properties, review your notes and select the property which is best for you. Call and see if they can improve their last offer by perhaps reducing the deposit, waiving the application fee, or reducing the rent.

Visit the property and negotiate the lease. The lease is a legal document. You should read the lease. Ask questions if you do not understand portions of the lease. In most cases, the lease is negotiable. If a lease term does not seem reasonable, ask the leasing agent to change it.

Before accepting the apartment, walked through it with the leasing agent or apartment manager. Carefully inspect items such as counter tops, carpet, vinyl tile, mirrors, switch plates, the level of finish in the bathtub/shower, and wall sockets. If the apartment is not clean, ask the apartment representative if they can clean up before you move in. Also asked about what you need to do (regarding cleaning the property) to have your deposit returned.

The Funky Flat Iron

The earliest flat irons were bulky monstrosities that could literally burn your delicate scalp if the stylist makes one wrong move. Not to mention the unspeakably horrible things it does to your hair! Compared to those monsters however, the flat irons of today are tiny little clip-like tools that can fit in a purse. Quality flat irons of today, like FHI platform flat irons, are pretty convenient tool for the hustle and bustle that today’s busy women need to keep up with.

These little puppies can do what used to take hours at the hands of a capable professional stylist years ago. Heck, decades ago, the only way you’re going to get any styling done was to load your hair with chemicals with the hope that it stays that way. And that’s only until you go to sleep at night!

Now the most obvious thing a flat iron is for is for straightening your hair. It may seem like a no-brainer, but there are things to keep in mind when styling your hair with a flat iron:

” Make sure your hair is dry and before pressing a flat iron’s plates on your hair. Wet hair that is subjected to high-levels of heat has a tendency to ‘cook,’ and cooked hair is not a pleasant sight. However, some flat irons can work with damp hair. FHI platform flat irons have certain ‘wet dry’ irons that can do just that: iron damp hair without damaging it.

– Wet-dry irons may work on damp hair, but no flat iron can work with tangled hair. Tangled hair will not just look ugly when ironed out, the uneven surfaces created by tangled hair has a high chance to break off when the flat iron passes through it. That means that if you’re really unlucky, you can manage to break off a lock of hair because of one, tiny bundle of tangled hair.

– Keep the strokes few, short and steady to prevent damage. It’s not the iron itself that causes mishaps – it’s trembling or sudden jerking of the hands that’s one of the main causes of broken hair while ironing. Under heat, your hair is made more fragile to make it more manageable, and putting sudden pressure on it will mean a greater chance that you’re going to break it. Try to keep the strokes

– Add some flair to your hairstyle. Some flat irons are maneuverable enough to actually add some features to your hair and not just to flatten it stick-straight. Flip-ins and flip-outs can be achieved by twisting the ends of your hair inwards or outwards, while soft curls can be achieved by gently wrapping your hair around a flat iron as you slowly and softly pull it down. Check out the latest fashion magazines for other possible hair-flair you could try with your flat iron!

– Get the best iron you can afford. Buying decent flat irons aren’t a wise choice in the long run. You need quality flat irons that you can depend on, especially for emergency purposes like a sudden presentation or a snap date. FHI platform flat irons are one line of flat irons you can count on to do the job without any worries of failing you when you need it most.

Now that you’ve got some ideas for your flat iron, go out there and show them what a funky flat iron can do for you!

How to Clean Your Scorpion Helmet

If you are a motorcyclist, you will know that wearing motorcycle helmets are required by law when you take out your motorcycle for a spin. Wearing a motorcycle helmet reduces the chances of you suffering from head injury in case your motorcycle crashes. Without it, it is very likely that the injuries will be fatal.

Many companies manufacture these protective helmets. And one of the best motorcycle helmets are those that go out from the production line of ScorpionExo.

ScorpionExo is a firm that produces motorcycle protective gear, specializing in helmets. Scorpion helmets are designed by some of the world's best helmet designers. The company uses only the finest materials and the newest techniques to produce a high-quality durable helmet that is very well above the safety standard of the industry.

Other motorcycle helmet companies outsource their helmets from generic mass manufacturers, then sticking their labels in the products. Also, most helmet brands subcontract the production of their helmets' parts to other vendors. ScorpionExo, on the other hand, manufactures the whole helmet without any outsourcing or subcontracting. Because the production comes from their own plant, every detail and every operation is controlled and strictly monitored to ensure that the finished helmets are of optimum quality.

When you buy a Scorpion helmet, you can be assured that the product you have in your hands is one of the world's best. However, you need to make an effort to maintain it so that your helmet will continue to perform at its peak.

1) Clean the exterior of the helmet with warm water and soap. If the helmet is extremely dirty or if there are dried bugs on it, place a wet towel for a few minutes to soften the dirt. Since the caked dirt would become soft, there is less chance of having scratches.

Never use any solvents or abrasive cleaners; this can ruin the helmet's finish.

2) The helmet has a thin protective coating, which gives it a distinctive shine. With frequent cleaning, however, this coating will eventually rub off. To keep the helmet glossy, apply a coat of plastic polishes such as Plexusor Honda polish. Do not apply the polish unless the helmet's exterior is thoroughly clean.

3) Helmets from ScorpionExo feature removable liners inside. Remove the cheek pads by releasing them from the three button snaps on each one. Be careful though not to tear the pad out. Do the same to the helmet's crownliner. The liners are washable and easy to clean. Just put in a washing machine, and let the device run a cycle. Let the three pieces of lining dry thoroughly before installing them back to the helmet.

4) The exterior of the helmet's face shield is coated with an anti-scratch film. This film can prevent minor scratches. However, it can be damaged if caked dirt, grime, and bugs are not softened and wiped first. Just like the preliminary cleaning of the helmet's exterior, use a wet towel to first soften the dirt. Then wipe the exterior of the face shield with a soft, dry cloth.

As usual, just use mild soap and warm water; solvents and abrasive compounds can severely damage the face plate.

Lastly, the interior of the face shield is treated with Everclear no-fog shield coats. Do not rub as it might cause premature wear and scratching of this coat. Instead, pat the interior with a towel until it is dry.

Top Places to Take a Date in Edinburgh

In Scotland's capital, Edinburgh you and your date can enjoy the best of both worlds as it's the perfect blend of a lively cosmopolitan city and tranquil, beautiful countryside. If you're looking for a romantic destination to impress a date in the UK then Edinburgh has a lot to offer. Check out the top places for a date in this beautiful city …

Edinburgh Castle
Take your date on a romantic trip and explore the heart of the world famous Edinburgh castle. What is more romantic than walking hand in hand through this beautiful historical landmark, taking in the magnificent building and captivating stories of the past? If you want to up the romance levels then you might want to consider booking tickets for a concert at the castle for the evening, there are a number of amazing events that you can go to and the castle looks stunning when lit up at night.

Museums and historical houses
If your date is a fan of history and culture then you can impress them by taking them to one of the many museums and historical houses that Edinburgh has to offer. You could take them to the award winning National Museum of Scotland to soak up the story of Scotland's past, present and future. You could take a trip to Newhailes, a magnificent 17th century house with an impressive 18th century designed landscape, where you can take a romantic walk through the woodland, taking in the beautiful scenery and local wildlife.

Wine and dine
You can really impress your date by whisking them away for a romantic meal or quiet drink in one of the many superb restaurants and bars in Edinburgh. The Scottish capital has a range of culinary sensations, everything from traditional Scottish fare to the more exotic so you are sure to find something that will delight your date. New Town is the place to head if you want to impress with elegant dining. There are also some excellent places to be found around the Royal Mile and in Leith, with its many fish restaurants and bistros located around the refurbished dockside.

Countryside walks
If you fancy taking a break from the bustling city then a countryside walk would be a perfect way to spend a romantic afternoon with your date. In just under an hour from the center you can be surrounded by rolling hills and beautiful views. You can get breathtaking views of the city of Edinburgh from Arthur's Seat, an extinct volcano which is 823ft high. To make it extra romantic you may want to plan the walk for sunset and bring along a nice bottle of champagne and watch the sun go down.

Edinburgh has so many fantastic places to take a date, with so many different sights to see both day and night, you can be sure to have a fun packed and romantic time.

Keyword Research Tool

Keyword research is the basis for a successful web creation, web business, search engine optimization (SEO). I will list free or freemium (free plus premium tools) tools that I have tested.


Google has a free keyword research tool. For some really hardcore niche terms, it does not give as detailed of info as some other paid services but it gives a general idea as to relevant keywords or phrases.

For example, I wanted to test relevant keyword for the word 'hanryu' (Korean wave). Google keyword AdWords tool listed relevant keywords / keyword phrases that otherwise I would not have known about (such as 'Korean wave actresses', 'hanlyu' (different spelling)).

I divided the Google keyword research between localized (Korea) setting and global setting. The local research for the term 'hanryu' returned 3 results (showing me there were not many natives looking up for that term in English) whereas the global result returned a whole list of relevant keywords and phrases that I could utilize were I to create a site dedicated to that niche area.


Wordtracker: There is a 7 day free trial option or you can test it out a few times for free without signing up. Their instructional videos are extremely helpful in understanding basic concepts of keyword research, finding niche terms and understanding SEO among other topics. Wordtracker is a neat tool for analyzing keywords, creating strategies with their tools and for link building.

Unlike Google's tool (which gives monthly volumes), Wordtracker gives a daily volume count. If a beginner, and interested in understanding more about keyword research, SEO and internet marketing in general, Wordtracker is a good start.

Keyword discovery

Keyword discovery is a great tool to understand a rough estimate of search engine percentage of traffic related to a certain keyword. For example, if I type in hanryu, it gives ms a chart showing me that there are more yahoo users looking up for that niche term. It is a great way if doing PPC campaigns to find out where to focus on instead of just going for google.

While it does not give as great of relevant keyword terms or phrases, I found the search engine traffic estimator to be extremely useful.

If unsure of the product, it can be tested for free without signing up.


Wordstream is an extremely comprehensive research tool with a neat niche area column that helps keyword researchers narrow down what term to use for the niche.

If accessing the site from the same IP address, it limits the free research to a few times but still worth looking into it at the initial research stage.

Wordstream is more fit for those looking into PPC campaigns or for agencies looking into a large keyword database.

Civil Engineering: A Growing Field

Civil engineers provide engineering services in designing, planning, and overseeing maintenance and construction of structures, railroads, roads, bridges, airports, dams, channels, harbors, pipelines, irrigation jobs, water/sewer plants, power plants, and waste disposal projects. Jobs in civil engineering are expected to continue to grow through the year 2018 with an estimated 278,000 openings and are a part of one of the top industries–professional, scientific, and technical services. Depending upon the level of degree obtained those with a degree in move on to jobs such as:

– Architectural and Civil Drafters: Prepare architectural and structural drawings of buildings and various structures, as well as topographical maps used for projects such as bridges and highways. Their reported median annual salary is $45,600.

– Emergency Management Specialists: Help to coordinate crisis management or disaster response activities, prepare procedures for natural emergencies, technological disasters, and even hostage situations. They also can provide training in the above mentioned areas.

– Water/Wastewater Engineers: Design projects that help provide fresh water, dispose of wastewater, and/or prevent flood damage. They develop documentation for data analysis and management, field work, and regulatory compliance. They may also design pipelines or create hydraulic models.

– Environmental Scientists: Also known as Environmental Specialists, Environmental Health and Safety Specialists, and Environmental Analysts. Carry out investigations and research identifying or eliminating pollutants and/or their sources that affect the environment of health of people. With a median annual salary around $61,000, these men and women will also perform extensive research involving data from measurements, food/air/water and soil observations.

– Bioinformatics Scientists: Conduct research using methods and theories of bioinformatics in medical technology, pharmaceuticals, computational biology, computer information science, and biology informatics. Database design including algorithms for analyzing and processing genomic information.

– Engineering Postsecondary Teachers: Also known as professors, instructors, Research Professor, and Industrial Engineer Professor teaching the application of engineering laws and principles for the development of materials, machines, process, and instruments. May also teach in the engineering areas of civil, chemical, industrial, electrical, mineral, mechanical, and petroleum. Median annual salary is $85,830.

– Construction/Building Inspectors: Inspection of structures and buildings utilizing engineering skills for both general and specific purposes from electrical systems and plumbing to structural soundness and regulation compliance. Other job titles include Engineering Technician, Construction Project Supervisor, Building Code Administrator, and Building Mechanical Engineer.

– Aerospace Engineers: Designing, testing, and construction of missiles, aircraft, and spacecrafts. These Flight Test Engineers, Aerospace Stress Engineers, Systems Engineers, and Aeronautical Engineers bring home a median annual salary of close to $95,000.

– Ship Engineers: Crew supervision, maintenance of engines, deck machinery, electrical equipment, and the monitoring of pollution preventatives and lifesaving equipment aboard ship.

The Power of Detachment

This principle is also known as the Law of Surrender or Letting Go. The Law of Detachment says that in order for you to acquire anything in the physical plane, you must first give up your attachment to it. This does not mean that you give up your intention or vision, only your attachment to the result.

The Law of Detachment is based on the undeniable belief in the power of Self. People are constantly seeking security. Attachment is based on fear and insecurity, yet so many people equate attachment with security. Attachment is based on scarcity consciousness because attachment relates to the external world, possessions and material things. Here people are searching outside of the Self (external) for security.

In comparison, detachment is based on abundance, wealth consciousness and the freedom to create. The experience of an abundant mind set, allows you to be grounded in the wisdom of uncertainty. Uncertainty is based on belief and faith; it is here that you will find the power and freedom to create whatever you choose, based on your intentions.

People are constantly searching for security, not realizing that you do not search for security, security is in you, it is the Self. The Self is where all security and belief exist and no where else.
Based on the principles of the Law of Detachment, you will find within yourself two powerful realizations; the power for unlimited potential and the power for unlimited possibility. You, are an unlimited spiritual being.

At its core, security is about attachment to what is known, to the past. Detachment lives in the world and wisdom of uncertainty. Many people relate uncertainty to insecurity but this is not true. Uncertainty is the foundation of freedom and pure creativity. Uncertainty is the unknown and the unknown is where unlimited potential and possibilities exist. It is where intention and manifestation live in harmony and unison. It is a powerful state of Being.

Uncertainty is not about the past, which is the known, it is about the power of tomorrow, your future. Do not fear the unknown, rather embrace it, for it is where your visions and dreams will manifest; it is where greatness happens. To live in the world of detachment, you must first embrace the Law of Faith and Intention, as they are one. Together the world of uncertainty that you choose, will be blessed with joy, love, abundance and wealth.

Intend% Attract% Manifest% Detach

Attic Insulation

If you are told that your attic along with the roof are two of the weakest places in your thermal insulation system it is possible that many may not believe. According to statistics poor (or absent) attic insulation will account for up to 15 % of the total energy loss in your house. Insulating an attic which is generally unheated is vital in the home energy saving process.

What is really the attic in your building?

Attic is defined as the space enclosed by the building wall and is located directly under the roof. As this is an area generally not occupied continuously by anybody (except in special designs and home modifications) it is unheated. Some components of utilities such as water heaters, hot water storages, air conditioning and heating air ducts and also goods storages may be located here depending on the volume of space available. Generally the roof and the floor are insulated though more often than not inadequately.

Areas of heat loss in an attic

Some major points of heat loss have been identified by researchers. For example;

  • Roof
  • Attic floor
  • Air vents
  • Attic access
  • Poorly erected hot/cold air distribution ducts
  • Poor insulation in hot water tanks and plumbing

The silver lining in the whole issue is that of all insulations of an old or new building attic insulation is the easiest to tackle. And in most cases can be carried out by semiskilled amateurs as a DIY project perhaps during a weekend!

Types of attic insulation

Commonly used attic insulations are as follows:

  • Cellulose Insulation – loose fill
  • Cellulose Insulation – Stabilized Insulation
  • Fibreglass and mineral wool Insulation- loose fill
  • Fibreglass and mineral wool insulation- batts
  • Expanded Polystyrene or Phenolic foam insulation- rigid boards
  • Cellular Foam Insulation – sheets of Butyle and Nitrile rubber foam etc.

Tips for DIY enthusiasts

  • The use of cellulose insulation is currently gaining grounds over fiberglass and mineral wool insulation. The reasons being none other than economy! The thermal resistance value “R” per unit material cost for cellulose fill is the lowest for any attic insulation.

Further the modernized material does not require a vapor barrier (subject to local building codes permitting it)

  • The cellulose loose fill can be filled in between timber joists. This may raise dust posing a health hazard. Adequate precautions are advised. These fibres may settle about 20 % over the time. An overfill of at least this amount is therefore recommended. On the other hand stabilized cellulose material does not show this weakness and is therefore better suited for the job in spite of the higher price.
  • On the other hand the EPS, PF and cellular foam slabs can be easily cut to exact size between joist spacing and also can be fitted over them completely eliminating any thermal bridges unlike fiberglass, cellulose material etc.
  • Handling of Fibreglass or mineral wool insulation should be done with care. Protective clothing and masks need to be worn.
  • Check all hot water plumbing insulation and renew if necessary. Continuous insulation through out is essential. Check near the storage tanks for weak insulation and rectify as needed.
  • Hot/cold air ducts are easily neglected items in an unconditioned attic. Poor seals between flanged joints, weak insulation in these places and elsewhere, non continuity in insulation etc. may cause high thermal energy losses.
  • Another cause of heat loss from conditioned areas to the attic is the recessed light fittings. Caution should be exercised when insulating the fitting as this will also entrap the heat emitted by the lamp leading to disastrous fires. Seeking manufacturer’s instruction is therefore essential in this matter.
  • Vent grilles to and unheated attic is essential for proper ventilation of the occupied areas. Special care need to be taken to prevent obstruction of these grilles (generally located at the periphery of the attic floor).

Gatorade As a Sports Drink

The idea of ingesting something to enhance performance is nothing new. However, being careful of what you put into your body and making sure you have the correct beverage for what your body needs is pretty important. As an athlete, would your benefit more from an energy drink or a sports drink? As a college student under a deadline, which would be better for you? Here is a brief history of the two types of beverages and the benefits of both.

Gatorade as a Sports Drink

Formulated in 1965 by a team of researchers at the University of Florida College of Medicine, Gatorade was one of the first nationally recognized sports energy drinks. Florida Gators head football coach Ray Graves requested the college look into creating a beverage that would re-hydrate the football players while they practiced in the hot Florida weather. Earliest versions of this beverage were made of a mixture of water, sodium, sugar, potassium, phosphate and lemon juice.

After the Florida Gators football team won the 1967 Orange Bowl they credited Gatorade with helping them win, causing the athletic community to stand up and take notice. Shortly after, the National Football League entered into a licensing agreement to make Gatorade the official sports drink of the NFL. After introducing Gatorade commercially, the manufacturers began testing new flavors and replacing a banned sweetener.

Gatorade Thirst Quencher was the original commercial Gatorade product, and it only came in lemon-lime or orange flavors for nearly 20 years until fruit punch was introduced in 1983. In 1988, Michael Jordan stated that Citrus Cooler was his favorite Gatorade flavor and thus began a 10-year endorsement deal. Gatorade was entrenched as the leader in sports drinks for serious athletes and those who wanted to emulate serious athletes.

Gatorade has expanded and rebranded numerous times over the years, and they are no longer the only sports drink on the market. With the introduction of energy drinks that offer caffeine and are not target at athletes, there is a whole new line of specialty beverages quickly emerging.

Energy Drinks

In 1997, Red Bull was introduced in the United States. It was one of the first beverages that was sold as a drink that amped up energy. Typically, the energy drink market is geared toward young people, with well over half the consumers under age 35. College students loved the idea of having something help them stay awake and finish classwork. The mixture of sugar and caffeine stimulate the body to alertness and stamina that are an alternative to coffee drinks and sodas.

It soon became a party staple where patrons would use Red Bull as a mix-in with alcohol believing it would give them more energy to be able to party all night. As a legal stimulant with large doses of caffeine, it was a dangerous game to mix it with alcohol which is a depressant. This cocktail is also very dehydrating. At the time it rose to popularity, however, any negative impact it had on a person’s health had not really been truly established yet. Other energy drinks soon joined the market including Rockstar and Monster Energy Drink.

Comparing Energy Drinks to Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are specifically designed to replenish fluids lost during activity, thereby enhancing energy levels and allowing the drinker to maintain their activity levels for longer periods of time. They do not contain caffeine, but do have sugar and electrolytes.

Energy drinks have anywhere from 2-4 or more times the amount of caffeine as a regular soda would have. Added to other ingredients, these energy drinks are touted to increase stamina and boost performance. Athletes could use these to get a little extra out of their performance, but it may not be the healthiest way to get results. Geared more towards the 18-35 age range, students and young professionals use these drinks to boost their evenings out, or to get a jolt of energy first thing in the morning.


Some popular energy drinks have ended up banned by the FDA in the United States. The infamous Four Loko, which was essentially an energy drink mixed with alcohol and came in very large cans, was banned after several people actually died after ingesting many of these beverages in short periods of time. When mixing energy drinks with alcohol numerous issues can present including dehydration and not feeling as intoxicated as you really are. The stimulant ephedrine is in many energy drinks and can cause heart problems. Because energy drinks are a fairly new concept and research on them is limited, it is recommended that young children and pregnant women to not consume them.

Herbalife H30 Pro Isotonic Drink (Sports Nutrition Energy Drink)

As we demand more from our bodies during exercise, it’s vital that we support our body and provide what it needs. That is why you get so much more from H3O Pro isotonic drink than other leading brands on the market. Developed by experts in sports nutrition, H3O Pro is an innovative isotonic drink which helps to power exceptional performances by providing:

Hydration: H3O Pro replaces essential electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and chloride lost through sweat. This helps you to hydrate quickly and helps avoid the negative physical affects of dehydration, such as muscle cramps, fatigue and headaches.

Energy and Stamina: Energizing blend of carbohydrates provide your body with immediate and sustained energy to prevent unwanted performance dips – keeping you at the top of your game!

Absorption: Energy releasing B-vitamins helps your body to absorb the nutrients in H3O Pr to power your performance.

Antioxidant Protection: Key antioxidants such as vitamins C and E help protect the body against the potentially damaging effects of free radicals induced during strenuous exercise or sports.

Exceptional Performance and Exceptional Taste: H3O Pro is a clean isotonic drink with a hint of tangy lemon, guaranteed to keep you refreshed, hydrated and performing at your best whatever your sport.

Available in convenient single serving sachets, H3O Pro is easy to use. Simply pour contents of one sachet into a water bottle and add water to produce 500ml of H3O Pro. One serving of H3O Pro in 500ml is recommended for every 60 minutes of strenuous exercise.

Contains: No artificial sweeteners No artificial flavours No preservatives.

Top athletes push their body to the limit to deliver an exceptional performance. How do they do it? Two crucial factors aid an exceptional performance: energy and hydration. As little as 2% fluid loss during exercise or mild dehydration can significantly harm your performance. Your body is 60% water so, for results to be proud of, your body fluid must be kept at its optimum level.

When you exercise, you sweat which increases the risk of suffering from the negative effects of dehydration such as headaches, fatigue and cramp.

Whatever your sport, whether you are a keen team player in a sport like football or hockey, a fan of challenging endurance activities such as marathons or triathlons, a fitness enthusiast who enjoys activities such as gym sessions, or a game of tennis – hydration and energy are vital in achieving results to be proud of.

General Fitness: You enjoy regular cardiovascular gym workouts or general aerobic exercise such as rowing, or a sport like tennis – you can benefit from an isotonic drink. A cardiovascular workout is where your body’s cardiovascular system is working to make your heart and lungs stronger and requires carbohydrates (carbs) for energy, fluids for hydration and electrolytes to replace those lost through sweat. H30 Pro also offers your body’s cells support against the negative effects of free radical damage.

Endurance Sports:Running, swimming and cycling all come under the endurance banner: performing strenuous exercise for long periods of time. These activities require carbs for energy and plenty of fluid to avoid dehydration. H3O Pro can help power exceptional performances by providing hydration crucial when sweating over a long period of time, and an additional source of energy right when you need it.

“When training hard and sweating a lot, drinking water is not enough to fulfill the body’s demanding hydration and energy requirements. And a subtle tasting isotonic drink suits me, nothing too sweet as I can sip it as often as necessary throughout my long training sessions.” Olly Freeman, triathlete UK.

Team Sports: Football, hockey, basketball or volleyball whatever team sport you play, H30 Pro can help keep your energy levels topped-up whilst aiding hydration during a match helping you to support your team you can’t let the side down!

Usage Information: The best time to enjoy H3O Pro is during your workout to keep you hydrated whilst providing a supply of energy, electrolytes and antioxidants to help power an exceptional performance. However H3O Pro can also help you stay hydrated and energized before your workout.