Lifting Sagging Breasts – Defy the Laws of Gravity With These Sure-Fire Tips to Lift Saggy Breasts

Let’s face it ladies – Saggy boobs happen to the best of us! We wish we could keep our youthful, perky breasts… but it doesn’t always work out that way. Is it possible to defy the laws of nature and gravity?

Let’s talk about lifting our sagging breasts. Yes – It IS possible. But first, let’s get clear on WHY we get saggy breasts.


Our breasts are under constant stretch due to the effects of gravity. Sagging happens when our Cooper’s Ligaments, (the ligaments that suspend and support the breast) get stretched and the skin around the breast loosens. Gravity, and the weight of the breast, over time can sure take their toll!


It is commonly known that pregnancy leads to many changes in the breasts. Here’s why: During pregnancy, 2 hormones are secreted by the ovaries and the placenta. These 2 hormones are estrogen & progesterone, and they stimulate the development of 15-20 lobes of milk-secreting glands. These glands are embedded in the breast’s fatty tissue. These changes are permanent. The glands remain empty in the breast, even after they are no longer needed to produce milk, adding extra weight and making the breasts sag.


Unlike during pregnancy, during menopause there is a lack of the hormone estrogen. This affects all body tissues, especially breast tissue. This lack of estrogen reduces the size and fullness of the breast. Also, because there is no estrogen, collagen levels decrease. Collagen is a fibrous protein found in the connective tissue of the breast. Collagen needs estrogen to stay healthy. Without estrogen, it becomes dehydrated and loses its elasticity. This causes the saggy breasts.


Many people also believe genetics plays a role in breast size and sagginess, but this many not be entirely true. It may be more of people’s perceptions of what their genetics should be that causes saggy breasts.

How can we defy nature and gravity? Now let’s talk about lifting our sagging breasts.

Sagging is going to happen. But we don’t have to just accept that! We can take charge and do something about it! Here are some suggestions to help slow down and fix the sagging:


If you go without support on a regular basis, gravity is working against you. By simply wearing a bra, you’ll be greatly helping your breasts from sagging.

Also, consider getting an assortment of bras for different activities. For example, if you’re exercising, it is recommended to wear a very supportive sports bra. This will keep the girls in place while you’re actively moving around. With a strong, supportive, sports bra, you can wrestle with gravity… and WIN!

On the other hand, if you’re not exercising, perhaps consider a push-up bra. These bras have extra padding on the outside and bottom of each cup, lifting the breasts up and in.

PRO: This is a huge help in reducing the affects of gravity

CON: This is only helpful when your clothes are on. Take it all off, and you’ve still got the same saggy breasts.


While some women believe these types of exercises reduce breast mass, when done moderately, they can firm up the bust-line and reduce sagging. Push ups, dumbbell flies, and chest presses all strengthen the pectoral muscles, which are found underneath the breasts. Do these exercises 3 times a week to tone up.

PRO: This is exercise, and exercise is always good for you and your overall health.

CON: Doing these exercises may not actually bring you the results you want, plus, if you stop exercising, your muscles will return to the way they were, and the sag will come back.


Will this in itself keep your breasts for sagging, or even help to lift them? No, it will not. But drinking lots of water is very healthy, and to help eliminate sagging it is hugely important to stay hydrated. So keep the bottle of water nearby!

PRO: Same as the point above, this is just a really good thing to do for your overall health! Water is the best thing for you!

CON:Drinking water is great at keeping the elasticity of the skin, but using this by itself is not going to lift sagging breasts.


Moisturize your breasts twice a day to help keep and rebuild elasticity. And while you’re moisturizing, you can even try massage treatments. Advocated of gentle, non-erotic breast massage believe it gets rid of wastes from the tissues and increases blood flow. Therefore, this should help to tone and enhance the shape of the breast.

What should you use to moisturize? You have choices. Even just a regular body lotion will help to keep the skin hydrated and elastic. There are also creams designed especially for firming and tightening the skin. You are welcome to try one of these if you choose.

PRO: A combination of the right product, with dedicating time each and every day, can produce dramatic results.

CON: Be very careful what products you buy into. Make sure you research them thoroughly, as there are some products that are a little more questionable than others. Use our friend ‘Google’ and do your research. Read reviews of what other ladies have to say, and only buy into the products that have a proven track record.


The practice of using mind power for lifting sagging breasts is not new. Studies have been conducted since the 1960s demonstrating the relationship between mind power and breast physiology. The research demonstrates that breast size, shape and fullness can be dramatically transformed by harnessing the power of one’s mind.

Guided visualizations, through downloaded audio programs, help ladies focus on creating the breasts they desire. When in a relaxed state, usually just before bed, participants are encouraged to listen to an audio, focus on what is being said, and visualize themselves with their desired breasts.

This method may sound farfetched to some, as it has not yet hit the mainstream, but it is slowly creeping in. Many ladies are giving it a try, and having great success.

PRO: This is a proven method that work on even more than just sagging breasts. It also improves self esteem and aids with weight loss. There are many benefits to this method.

CON: This will only work if you are open to the possibility that it just might help you. If you can believe it, you will achieve it.

In conclusion, from one woman to another, saggy breasts happen. It’s OK if your breasts are starting to head south. It’s totally normal. But you don’t have to live with saggy breasts forever. Try the suggested methods listed above and find the one that is right for you. Good luck to you lifting your sagging breasts!

Writing a Thank You Note After a Mingling Event – Formal Or Informal?

Years ago, people sent hand written thank you notes. Today, some people send thank you notes via email or text message, while only a few take the time to write thank you notes. It’s a lost art form. If you don’t send a thank you note after a job interview, meeting with a potential new client, or after an event, it could cost you the job or client of your dreams. Writing a thank you note doesn’t take a lot of time and does make a difference.

Writing a Thank You Note After a Mingling Event – Formal Or Informal?

It doesn’t hurt to write a ‘thank you’ note after a ‘mingling’ or networking event. Keep it short and to the point. State who you are and that you enjoyed meeting the person. If the mingling event was for recruiting new clients, say that you’d like to meet next week (when it’s convenient) to discuss how you may be of service. If the mingling event was a job fair, write a thank you note stating that you’re interested in the company and you’d like to discuss how you could be an asset. Think of the ‘thank you note’ as marketing tool, i.e., a 30-second elevator pitch. You need to ‘hook’ the person straightaway, otherwise all could be lost.

How to Write a Thank You Note After a Mingling Event

Get a business card. Make sure you ask for a business card because it has important contact information like name, address, phone number, fax number, email, and other pertinent information. If you’re not good with remembering names, you definitely want to get a business card.

Select tasteful thank you cards. Choose thank you cards that have style and avoid the ‘cutesy’ ones. You want the thank you card to reflect your personality but remember you want to get noticed and be taken seriously.

Write a thank you note. You could send a thank you note via email but that’s too cold and impersonal. It says you couldn’t take time out of your day to send a hand written note. If your penmanship is deplorable, practice writing sentences until you can read your own hand writing. This may sound like second or third grade work, but the person reading your thank you note must be able to read it!

Beginning. Start by putting the date at the top of the thank you note. Say something like, “John, it was nice to meet you yesterday at The Mingling Event held at The Network Place. It enjoyed our conversation about social media and where it will be going in the future.” Make sure you get the person’s name so you can start your thank you note off with it.

Middle. This is where you want to ‘ask for the job’ or reiterate your interest in doing business with the person and their company. Say something like, “I believe you and I are on the same page when it comes to social media and the importance of it. I can help your company increase its online presence. I’d like to set up a time next week to discuss how I may be of assistance.” Don’t be pushy but don’t sit back and wait for opportunity to knock on your door.

End. This is where you say something like, “I look forward to hearing from you. Please don’t hesitate to call me. Have a great week!” Keep the ending short and sweet and don’t forget to sign your name!

Writing a thank you note after a mingling event is a great idea because it shows that you’re serious about working for a company or working with a company. Remember that saying, “the early bird gets the worm.” If you sit back and do nothing, you’ll miss out on great opportunities that will go to someone else. If you want to get ahead, get out of your comfort zone and start writing thank you notes. Even if you spend a half hour writing thank you notes, it will be worth it if you score your dream job or client.

Improper Cleaning Can Permanently Damage Your Hair Straightener

Today, hair straighteners or hair irons are used by many women. Now these products are in bigger demand then ever. In fact even the men are using the curling irons and hair straighteners to style their hair to sport a different look.

Often, people buy these hair products for use either for their business or personal usage. During the continuous handling, they get dirty and required to be cleaned. But, majority of people don’t know how to maintain or clean these hair straighteners. Firstly, these products cost heavy to our pockets and secondly, we do not know how to handle them properly. Remember, there are certain methods of using hair products, such as a hair straightener, as well as maintaining them.

If you want to know the correct method of handling these products, you must check the product catalogue, which comes with the packaging. Often these catalogues don’t describe the methods to maintain them. Therefore, people using these products remain confused on how to clean these hair straightening irons. As a result, they invent their own methods to handle and clean hair straighteners. Let’s discuss some of the most successful methods to clean a hair straightener.

1) Cleaning with nail polish remover

Put nail polish remover or alcohol on the plates or over some piece of cotton and rub the plates gently. Next, clean the plates again with some damp cloth so that the residue of thickener or alcohol gets wiped off from the plate.

2) Cleaning with Damp cloth

Clean the plates of hair straighteners with damp cloth after every use of this product. This would help you keep them clean for long.

3) Warming up hair straightener

Warm up your hair straightener iron for some time, and then switch it off. Allow it to cool for some time and then clean it with a warm cloth. Thus, the warmth of the plate will help to clean it up easily.

4) Using rugs to clean the hair straightener

Now-a-days, you can easily get cleaning rugs to clean these equipments. This is a better initiative by such producers of cleaning products. So, try to take the simplest way out to clean your equipments. It is better that you go for such rugs available in market. This way, you will be able to handle and maintain your hair products more easily. However, if you feel such rugs to be expensive for your budget, then try to clean your hair straighteners very carefully.

Somehow, all of these methods will work greatly as far as the cleaning of your hair straightener is concerned, but whatever method you adopt, do take every minute precaution to handle your hair product with care. You must remove any type of residue or moisture remains on their plates as this may damage your hair later on.

The History of Chicken a La King and How to Make It

Chicken a la king is a tasty chicken dish featuring green bell peppers, pimientos, and mushrooms in a sherry sauce. The dish is served on toast and if you like to make chicken recipes but are looking for a change from fried chicken, maybe you would like to make this special dish.

Chicken a la king was invented somewhere between 1881 and the 1920s and there are a few different stories to explain its history. One story goes that this recipe was invented in New York at the Waldorf Astoria in the 1900s. Another story is that chicken a la king was invented in the 1920s in either Long Island or in Miami.

Other people believe that chicken a la king was created in London, at Claridge’s Hotel, for JR Keene, a sportsman, after his horse had won the Grand Prix. A similar tale is that the dish was suggested to the chef in a restaurant in New York by Mr. or Mrs. Keene in the 1890s and the dish changed its name from Keene to king.

The most popular belief about the history of this famous chicken recipe is that Chef George Greenwald invented it in New York sometime between 1898 and the early twentieth century. Mr. King, the owner of the hotel, was very impressed with the recipe and wanted it on the hotel restaurant menu.

Tips for Delicious Chicken a la King

Traditionally this recipe contains green bell pepper but you can use green peas instead if you prefer. Instead of the toast, you might like to use vol au vent cases or puff pastry shells.

You can freeze chicken a la king, so make double if you like, then you can thaw it in the microwave or on the stove the next time you fancy making this classic chicken recipe.

Recipe for Chicken a la King

This recipe can be served with rice or mashed potatoes instead of the toast, if you prefer. This makes enough to serve four people.

You will need:

  • 4 cooked, chopped chicken breast halves
  • 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 1/2 cups milk
  • 4 oz chopped pimiento
  • 2 tablespoons dry sherry
  • 4 1/2 oz can mushrooms
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup hot water
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons chicken bouillon powder
  • 1 chopped green bell pepper
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 4 slices toast

How to make it:

Drain the mushrooms but keep the liquid. Cook the mushrooms with the bell pepper in the butter for five minutes over a moderate heat. Take them off the heat and stir in the flour, salt, and black pepper.

Cook the mixture until it is bubbly, then take it off the heat again and stir in the milk, mushroom liquid, water, sherry, and bouillon. Bring it to a boil, and then cook it for a minute. Stir in the pimiento and chicken and cook for another minute, then serve the chicken mixture on the toast.

Restore an Old Cast Iron Jambalaya Pot

Have you ever wondered how you could restore that old jambalaya pot your Grandpa gave you? What about an old Dutch oven or cast iron skillet you found at the hunting camp or in Grandma’s kitchen. Have you wondered why you should even restore either of these classic pieces of history? If you have ever wondered how to “bring back” any piece of cast iron cookware from an old rusty state, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s first address the question, why should I restore an old jambalaya pot? The fact is, an old hand-me-down jambalaya pot, or Dutch oven is a priceless heirloom that could be passed from generation to generation. Cast iron products like jambalaya pots and Dutch ovens are made of, well, cast iron, which is virtually indestructible. If properly maintained, they will last for a very long time, making them perfect gifts to pass on to your children or grandchildren. A gift like this will help them appreciate their heritage and a little bit of history.

So what do you do when you find this old gem and it’s in less than desirable condition? Don’t throw it away! As a good friend of mine from Cajun country says, “Let’s bring the black pot back.” What he means is, let’s restore this rusty jambalaya pot. There is a process to bringing it back. The process is as follows:

  1. First take care of the inside by using a piece of fine steel wool to remove any rust. After loosening the surface rust, dust out the jambalaya pot and repeat the process until no more loose rust is present.
  2. After you have removed all of the surface rust possible with the fine steel wool, the pot may still have a red tint to it. There is still rust in the pores. To remove this rust you need to place the jambalaya pot on your cooker or over an open flame and fill it with water. As the water begins to warm, use a coarser piece of steel wool to scour the inside. The warm water helps to loosen the embedded rust and the course steel wool will then remove it. When the water gets so polluted you can not see the bottom of the pot, dump the water and begin again. You may have to repeat this step several times. Be careful not to bring the water to a boil, it just needs to be very warm, as warm as you can stand it.
  3. When you are satisfied that you have removed all of the rust from the inside of the jambalaya pot, it is time to season it. There are several ways to accomplish this but we will concentrate on the easiest way for large pots. Place the jambalaya pot on the cooker or open flame again and begin to heat it up. Once it is hot, take three to four pounds of bacon and place it in the pot. Cook the bacon as long as possible without burning it. While it is cooking, take a paddle or big spoon and move the bacon around so that it covers all internal areas of the pot.
  4. Just before the bacon burns, remove the heat from the pot and remove the bacon. Take clean WHITE paper towels (not designer) and dab all of the excess grease from the jambalaya pot. Take this opportunity to smear the grease again on all internal surfaces. Place the pot back on the cooker and turn the heat down very low. What you want to accomplish here is, maintain a steady even heat on the pot for about an hour. This allows the pores to open up and soak in the grease.
  5. Step three and four needs to be repeated at least two more times with one exception. Instead of using bacon, you can use lard or fat but do not use vegetable oil or shortening. When you see your jambalaya pot begin to take a nice shine on the inside surface you have successfully seasoned the cooking surface.
  6. Now you just need to touch up the exterior. Unlike the inside surface, you don’t have to remove the rust if you don’t want to. Some people think the rust adds character. However, whether you remove the rust or not, you should take some of the grease from the last round and wipe down the outside of the jambalaya pot.

I hope you enjoy your jambalaya pot and can successfully restore it to proper cooking order.

Using a Nitrogen Purge in the Food and Beverage Industry

A simple nitrogen purge system can greatly benefit packagers in the Food and Beverage Industry by removing oxygen from a container. Replacing oxygen with nitrogen – either just before performing the fill, just after the fill or right before capping a container – can prolong the product’s shelf life while preserving the taste, color and texture of the food or beverage.

To understand how the nitrogen purge system works, consider the packaging process and the effects of oxygen on foods and beverages. On automatic packaging lines, bottles and/or other containers will be loaded on to a power conveyor system using a laning conveyor, a loading turntable, using manual labor or in some other manner. Of course, the bottles that are loaded on to the conveyor are empty, and in the Food and Beverage Industry will likely travel through a rinsing machine or other container cleaning machinery to remove dust and debris prior to continuing down the packaging line.

While the container cleaning equipment helps keep the packaging process sanitary and removes dust and debris build up, it does not have the same benefits as using a nitrogen purge system. While container cleaning equipment helps keep the product free from outside contaminants, nitrogen purge creates an atmosphere that assists in prolonging the useful life of a product.

Once rinsed or otherwise cleaned, containers will normally move to the filling machine. At this point, a nitrogen purge can be set up to inject nitrogen into a container before the container is filled with product. The main reason for using a nitrogen purge before a fill, however, is usually not the preservation referred to above. Instead, adding nitrogen to an empty container can strengthen the container, making it more rigid. This is especially useful for certain plastic bottles (like certain water bottles, for example) that are truly manufactured to be a rather flimsy bottle, sometimes to simply save on cost.

More often than not, a nitrogen purge system will be found between the filling machine and capping equipment on a packaging line. Once the container has been filled with a food or beverage product, some headspace will remain – the empty space between the product and the top of the bottle. This headspace, when not run through a nitrogen purge system, can have a detrimental effect on food and beverage products.

In a normal environment, the headspace will be filled with some oxygen. Long term contact with oxygen can lead to the deterioration of food products. When in a closed container, oxidation can destroy vitamins and nutrients as well as help to create an atmosphere for the breeding of certain bacteria and other contaminants that lead to spoiling. Using the nitrogen purge system removes the oxygen from the headspace, replacing it with nitrogen gas to counteract the negative aspects noted above. As bottles or containers leave the filling machine, or as they enter the capping machine, a purging head will blast the headspace with nitrogen gas. Immediately capping or otherwise sealing the containers minimizes the oxygen captured in the headspace. The result, less oxidation and an environment less likely to foster bacteria and other contaminants, which in turn leads to a longer shelf life and the retention of the normal taste, color and texture of the food or beverage product.

Nitrogen purge systems can be manufactured in many different shapes, sizes and forms. Single head machines can attach directly to a conveyor system to purge each bottle as it passes under the purge machine. Other nitrogen purge machines may be manufactured with multiple heads on a single frame, allowing the machine to roll up to an existing packaging line. In general, each nitrogen purge system will be manufactured based on the project for which it is built, with production demands and the existing equipment greatly influencing the design.

Who Cleaned the Holy of Holies?

To the very rear of the Temple was a space thirty by thirty that had been set aside by King Solomon for the most Holy place on earth; the Holy of Holies, the dwelling place of the living God. Finally, after 400 years (since He brought them out of Egypt), there would be permanent housing for the Almighty God of Israel. No more dusty, old tent, no more moving from here to there; finally there would be a house worthy of their God. The walls from floor to ceiling were paneled with cedar planks from Tyre to the north. There was gold everywhere you looked; on the walls, ceiling, and floor. Two, fifteen foot tall, cherubim carved from olive wood stood magnificently in this the inner most sanctuary of the Temple. The wingspan of the two, gold plated, angel – like figures was fifteen feet each; their tips touched each wall and each other in the middle. Beneath the cherubim was placed the Ark of the Covenant; where the most sacred objects of the Israelites were stored. The dream of King David had finally come to life through his son Solomon.

This glorious, beautifully adorned room meant to house the living; loving, accessible God of Israel was fearfully hidden behind a thick curtain never to be seen by Jewish eyes again. The High Priest was the only Israelite permitted into the Holy of Holies and then only once a year on the Day of Atonement. There is one question that has puzzled scholars and thinkers throughout the centuries; if the High Priest was the only one permitted into this, the most Holy place then who cleaned the Holy of Holies?

Granted, there are a million other more pertinent and pressing questions in the world than who cleaned the Holy of Holies. It is not even a relevant question in today’s society; after all the Israelites Temple was destroyed in AD 70 and has never been rebuilt. What do we care about the Holy of Holies, or who cleaned it? This place does not exist anymore; or does it? Perhaps we should ask some other questions first. The first question obviously is where is the Holy of Holies today? If it does exist then who is permitted into the Holy of Holies? Finally, if it does exist, does it even need to be cleaned? Let’s take a closer look at these questions.

Where is the Holy of Holies today? The Bible tells us that the Holy of Holies was located in the Temple in Jerusalem, but the Temple was destroyed in 70 AD. So where is the Temple today, have the Jewish people rebuilt it somewhere else? No they haven’t; Jerusalem is the Holy city, to build anywhere else would not work. So where does the living God reside? The Apostle Paul reveals the location of the Temple in I Corinthians 9:16 when he says, “Do you not know that your body is a temple to God?” The Temple is our bodies; therefore it would not be too much of a stretch to say that the Holy of Holies is located within our bodies (the Temple). The Holies Of Holies, after all, was intended to be a place that Israel could look at and know that their God was with them. It was a place where they could physically see and feel God’s Presence (for more check out the Exodus story and look out for the cloud).

If the Holy of Holies exists then who is permitted in? We have determined that the Holy of Holies does in fact exist and that it is located within our bodies, or as Paul put it, “the temple of God”. In the old days only the High Priest was permitted inside the Holy of Holies and then only one day a year. So who is permitted into this most holy place now? First God is permitted in; it is where He lives after all. Secondly the High Priest which is Jesus Christ the Highest of the High Priests. What about you? You would not have been permitted inside in the old days, but what about now? Definitely, the Holy of Holies was initially established, by God, as a place where He could be close to His people, where they could be close to Him, and where we could have that personal relationship with our Father. Man and his arrogance and fears kept him out of the Holy of Holies; God has always wanted us to be with Him. When Jesus died on the Cross you will remember the account of the curtain being torn, that was an invitation to you to enter.

Finally who cleans the Holy of Holies? When Paul spoke about the temple being our bodies, he did so that we would think twice about what we let inside the Temple. He was, in fact, stating that we are to clean the Holy of Holies. What Paul fails to remind us of is that if we cannot be responsible enough to clean the Holy of Holies; then God will. The truth of the matter is that God does not like a dirty house and He has been cleaning His house since day one. Who cleans the Holy of Holies? You do; or God will.

Contingency Planning and Time Management

Time management is not simply about making the best use of your time here and now,and in the foreseeable future. It is also about planning to ensure that the unexpected doesn’t leave you sitting on your hands waiting for someone else. It also means making sure that your time and efforts are not totally consumed dealing with an emergency.

Life has a habit of catching you out – no matter how well prepared and organised you feel you are, there is always the risk that you have left at least one base uncovered.

Time Management and Contingency Planning

It is times like this that you fall back on your contingency arrangements and find if they work as well in practice as you hoped for. Contingency arrangements should be clear, yet sufficiently flexible and adaptable to cover the unexpected.

With “swine flu” in the news and a widespread outbreak perhaps imminent, now is a good time to make or review these plans – but of course you should think also about other disasters that you might be called to cope with.

Unless yours is a one-person business, then you should ensure that as much as possible it can function well without you, which in turn means testing that it can do so when you are present. You should be confident that your plans will allow the continuation of core tasks. A high priority is making sure that your customers do not feel disadvantaged – very often they have the lowest tolerance level.

Contingency arrangements can be varied, but normally includes building in flexibility on an on-going basis – this can be a good opportunity to encourage the routinely efficient use of assets and good time management.

How would your business function if you, or key employees, were out of action? What would be the effect of losing say all power to your premises? Have you considered which are the key components in your business – and have you thought about alternative means of supply?

Are you well prepared? Would your employees be left kicking their heels and wasting their time? Or would your staff use their time profitably – and do so quickly, efficiently and effectively?

Worse still, would your customers go elsewhere?

Contingency Planning – Advantage from Adversity

Do not restrict your contingency planning to coping with disaster – although this should be your immediate focus. It is also wise to be prepared to handle a sudden increase in business.

Someone else’s disaster may be your opportunity, and whatever your attitude to taking advantage in this way, their situation might be terminal, or beyond you ability to assist. If you do not take advantage of the situation, then it is almost certain someone else will.

An all-inclusive and tested contingency plan is a characteristic of good time management. It can even be about making sure that you, amongst your competitors, make the best use of such times. Are you ready for that?

Dyson DC31 – Dyson Vacuum Cleaners Review

The biggest problem with the previous models of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners was the poor battery life. That has been greatly improved in two ways. This model of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners has doubled the battery life and it has a better charger. It is so easy to grab and use, we were able to keep corners clean, crumbs out of the grout lines in the furniture, computer keyboards clean, drawers clear of all that little stuff that seems to get in them, particularly the 1m by 1m mess the husband makes during the football games. 30 seconds with this vacuum and the mess is gone. We also use this for a quick vacuum of the couch. Also great for anywhere our in-home can’t reach (like the stairs).

In short the house was just cleaner in multiple ways that are normally challenging. We loved the trigger on/off action that made its short battery life tolerable and the dependable strong Dyson power, plus the easily dump able canister is really convenient.

The Dyson DC31 is somewhat smaller in the line of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners, lighter weight and quieter, plus has a dual power setting. The normal power setting is fine for most things; in fact we haven’t needed the strong setting at all except to get dog hair out of the crevices of the stair treads.

The DC31 of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners is designed to give 6 to 10 minutes of constant suction which we have found to be the right amount of time to pick up small amounts of dust and debris around the home or in the car.

This 10 minute run time is longer than it seems because the trigger action means the unit is on only when you’re squeezing the trigger to actually vacuum something, not when moving to another location or shifting position. That’s not only easier on the ears, it also makes the work go more smoothly. You can vacuum an area, then set the unit down (because it sits upright it has a relatively small footprint) and move stuff, clean out the next drawer, sort the papers you gathered, whatever, and then vacuum the next bit without any pressure to get all the vacuuming done in one shot, or perpetually turning the thing on and off.

We’ve been able to clean out and vacuum the entire car including the ‘way back’, a process that certainly took longer than 10 minutes, but because the vacuum is not on continually we had no problem, in fact it shows no indication it’s near the end of the charge. We can clean out all the kitchen drawers or the entire linen closet or all the nooks and crannies in a room on a charge with no problem.

On a rare occasion when using the Dyson Vacuum Cleaners keeps shutting off, when pressing the ON switch it comes back on again. This indicates that the DC31 battery may require a charge. This simply is what happens to your DC31 since it is designed to never fade in its power but to stop when the battery is close to requiring a re-charge. Your DC31 will cut the power and then can sometimes start up again for a small burst. This is our “no-fade” technology at work. You should be getting 6-10 minutes on a full charge.

The Dyson DC31 doesn’t have a bulky charger like the old one. It has a plug-in cord like a laptop and apparently some technology in the wall plug part that somehow knows to shut itself off after 3.5 hours so it’s not ‘tiring’ the fully charged battery. We are expecting this battery to last far longer than the earlier model. This vacuum also has a quicker on/off time and generally seems handier.

The directions are minimal and almost entirely pictures. They are well done and self-explanatory. So far we are delighted with this hand vacuum. It is better than its predecessor. It comes with a normal length crevice tool, in addition to a two-position brush tool. We also purchased the longer flexible crevice tool, but have found it heavy and awkward so we almost never use that accessory. We love this little Dyson hand vacuum cleaner so much more than the other choices available (several of which we have tried in the past) and highly recommend it even given the high price.

Libra Man: How to Win a Libra Man’s Heart Deeply and Forever

This type of man is actually easier to ‘conquer’ thank you think, because he loves being part of a couple setting, part of a ‘pair’: he indeed sees being part of a ‘pair’ as being part of a universal harmonious plan and the only way to truly live in harmony, which he aspires to all the time. Thus, unlike with other types of men, you won’t have to convince him that being two is better than living solo: he already thinks that and, usually, he enjoys a monogamist relationship. So, your work to his heart is much easier in term of mental mindset.

Emotionally speaking, the way to his heart is through knowing him, knowing what makes him unique and showing appreciation for it. This is a man who appreciates the mind, so develop this aspect of yourself as best as you can if you wish to have his heart.

Like all air signs (and this one in particular) the way to his heart is through his mind. To him everything starts from the mind, so providing a stimulating conversation, a mentally (as at sensorial level) stimulating date, a way to engage his psyche during and after the date, are all key elements of your seduction process.

Some say that this type of man loves beauty but don’t misunderstand that for superficiality. This man is not superficial but he does enjoy harmony, such as a harmonizing, pleasing set of colors, a harmonious face, a harmonious body.

But, as mentioned before, don’t worry too much about the outside: get to him through his mind, and his love for you will be deep and lasting.

Maintaining Your Vacuum Cleaner

*Vacuum Bag

Maintaining the vacuum cleaner starts with checking the vacuum bag every time you use the machine. If the bag is half full or torn, make sure that you replace it with a new one. An intact and clean bag allows for proper airflow and prevents the release of dust particles into the air. If your vacuum cleaner is bag-less, then the dust compartment should be emptied after using the vacuum.

*Vacuum Filters

The filters should be replaced according to the manufacture’s recommendation. Clogged filters can affect airflow and thus curb the vacuum from performing at its peak levels. If the filters can be cleaned, wash them and make sure that they dry completely before you replace them. You can easily do this by vacuuming them using another vacuum cleaner or blow the dust out using an air hose.


The vacuum belt should be changed at least four times annually; even if the belt isn’t broken. A worn out or loose belt cannot propel the brush-roll properly. However, if your machine has a sprocketed belt, you only need to replace the belt once a year. Sprocketed belts are made of durable material and thus last longer than normal vacuum belts.

*Vacuum Brushes

Check the brushes for any signs of tear and wear. Equally important, make sure that the brush-roll is free of threads and debris. An accumulation of residue or any other type of debris can cause odors and prevent the bristles from moving freely. Additionally, make sure that you replace old brush-rolls with new ones and notice the difference in the cleaning results.

*Vacuum Cord

Always ensure that the cord in untangled so as to minimize the risk of breaking wires. You should also prevent kinks as they can damage the wires and cause a lot of inconveniences. In addition to that, inspect the plug and unplug the machine from the socket once you’ve finished vacuuming your carpet.

*Exterior and Attachments

The exterior of the vacuum should be wiped or cleaned using a mild detergent. Any spills should be properly wiped to prevent the possibility of unpleasant odors. The attachments should be cleaned and stored properly to reduce the risk of losing important accessories.


Always resist the urge to vacuum up metal objects or large things. Metal or large objects can damage the fan or motor assembly. Again, never vacuum over a wet mat or carpet. This can cause an electric shock or a short circuit that can adversely damage the vacuum machine.

Any burning smell or loud noises should be checked immediately. It’s also important that you take the vacuum for servicing at least once every two years. Follow the aforementioned tips for maintaining a vacuum cleaner and protect your valuable investment.

A Review of Boyz N the Hood: Signs Stereotypes and Critical Analysis

Boyz N the Hood is a classic African American film that can be critically analyzed through the lens of race and gender issues in the media. The first thing that I noticed when watching the film through such lens was the usage of common signs throughout the film that were found on the street and around the neighborhood. These signs served as a visual reinforcement to the paths that these young kids were on in the neighborhoods in which they grew up.

For example, immediately after a title card displaying a dismal statistic directly correlating with the theme of Boyz N the Hood was followed by an opening shot of a red “Stop” sign on the street over which an airplane flew past as if to signify the rest of the world is going on not giving a care in a world to the issues that the children in this neighborhood are facing.

There was also a “One-Way” street sign in the background of two shots when the children were either walking to or from school. There was also a glaring red “Wrong Way” sign just before the dead body, which serves as a message that the crime committed is not the right way of doing things, and also a subtle visual hint that these kids are going down a one-way path that can lead them the wrong way in life. To top it off the writer and director made sure to add yellow police caution tape in order to signify to the audience that these types of scenarios in this film and in real life deserve our cautious attention; however, in the film the kids ignored the caution tape which leads to the next few scenes of Trae losing his temper and being sent to live with his dad who teaches him how to use caution and ultimately sets him on a path in which he is able to rise above all the warning signs displayed and reiterated throughout this film indicating that there was only one way, the wrong way, to live and survive in this neighborhood. Near the end of the film, there was one more sign that stood out by the dead bodies of the guys who killed Ricky that highlighted the word exit. However, I was glad to see a title card at the very end of the film with uplifting information stating that Trae went on to college at Morehouse University in Atlanta, GA. The use of the street signs, statistics and written information was always in this movie. Although I had never paid much attention to them before, it could be possible that they served to engrave this powerful message about these Boys who grew up in this neighborhood into my psyche when I since a younger girl watching this film at different stages in my life.

Now that I watched it this week, I was saddened to see the drawing of the elementary school aged students portraying a colored man in a white t-shirt with his hands up facing a what seems to be a black and white police car. This movie was produced back in 1991 and more nearly twenty-five years later in 2015, black men are still being profiled, brutally harassed, and killed by police officers even when they’re hands are up in the air with no weapon on or near their bodies. That hurts.

Addressable stereotypes in this film includes the use of the term Indian as a slip of the tongue by a white female American teacher who quickly corrected her mishap by rephrasing her terminology to Native Americans during her reference regarding the early settlers of America.

Another stereotype perpetuated in this film is that of the Self Hating Black Man portrayed as the African American cop in this film who hates “niggas” like Trae in his own words.

Another issue brought to light in this film focuses on humans with physical disabilities like Little Chris who was stuck in a wheelchair throughout his adult life. Just a dialogue of one word, “Mannn… ,” with a sincere expression of disappointment highlights how people with physical limitations are often left out during a mission by those who are mobile and without limitation as in the scene in which Little Chris sees the rest of his friends drive off to go search for the guys who killed Ricky.

I think that Native Americans are still stereotypically referred to as Indians in the media. However, I think the self-hating black man stereotype is less perpetuated now than it was in the past. Nonetheless, the self-hating black man stereotype has been replaced by other stereotypes about stereotypical features of black men that could cause black men to hate or devalue themselves if left unaddressed.

Finally, I think that thugs in films are often still depicted as violent African Americans and, or minority men who assault people recklessly similar to the stereotypical roles found in Boyz N the Hood depicted by minor African American characters like the youthful teenagers in the gang who stole Ricky’s football when he was a kid.

Front Sub Frame Potential Problem Warning to XK8 and XKR Owners

As the Jaguar XK8 gets older it is expected that the front suspension parts will become worn and require replacement. Typically wheel bearings, top and bottom wishbone bushes, springs, shock absorbers ball joints etc will all eventually require replacement.

However, if your car’s front suspension is making a knocking noise do not necessarily assume it is caused by one of the above and fork out a heap of cash to replace one or more of these parts. A clonking sound from the front suspension can be a far more serious problem to resolve.

This could be due to the top wishbone bushes seizing to the steel fulcrum pin. The combined seized unit then wearing away at the all aluminium sub frame of the car and creating an oval shaped pin hole. When this happens the wheel and the suspension become unstable and tend to float around with the excess play. This will obviously then manifest itself with a deterioration in handling and increased road (clonking) noise.

It is not hard to understand how this can happen when you look at Jaguar’s poor design of the top wishbone, bushes, fulcrum pin assembly and area. At each pin hole end, this is hollowed out and allows water, dirt and salt etc to ingress into the hole and corrode the bush and pin. No protection is provided for the exposed area or in fact Jaguar maintenance advice to periodically clean and protect the area with grease or waxoyl.

The top front and rear bush parts are designed to self lubricate and rotate as required around the fulcrum pin. However, when these become corroded, the combined seized unit then wears way at the aluminium sub frame. To make things worse, an electrolytic reaction can take place caused by the steel pin passing through the aluminium sub frame and the steel inserts of the bushes.

If the sub frame wear is excessive, this may require complete replacement with either a new or good used sub frame. A new XK8 subframe part will be well over £1500 to replace!!. A much lower cost solution would be for an experience motor engineer to add new inserts into the sub frame and then replace the pin and two bushes. At the time of adding this article I don’t know how successful this latter approach has been.

I have checked my XK8 car for play and corrosion in this area and all seems to be working fine. I have fully protected the bushes, pin and general area with waxoyl. If I do hear a knocking sound from the front suspension, then this will be the first area that I will check.

Finally, if you having work done to remove the XK8 top wishbone assembly parts then maybe it’s more cost-effective to replace all the bushes and ball joints, even springs and shock absorbers at the same time as these will inevitably have to be replaced at some point in the future and the finished job will contribute to improved handling, piece of mind and enjoyment of your car.

Swissvoice Epure User Review

Swissvoice Epure Design Phone

A few weeks ago I purchased the very elegant Swissvoice Epure phone. The main reason for the acquisition was the unusual shape. The phone reminds us of those of the olden days, but is also inspired by the software icons that symbolise a telephone.

In this review I am discussing the positive as well as the negative points of this cordless phone to give you an objective overview of the phone and therefore to save you time spent on research.

The Swissvoice Epure offers in my opinion, everything a cordless phone should.

Swissvoice Epure Functions

The phone has a rechargeable battery that provides talk time of up to 10 hours, a phone book with up to 100 entries, a backlit display, alarm clock, hands-free operation, and a pager to find lost handsets. It is expandable to up to 4 handsets and the Swissvoice Epure emits 65% less radiation than most other phones and is more energy efficient (Full Eco Mode).

The phone is available in black, white, red and beige.

Swissvoice Epure – Review


The negative points which I present here are in my view minor points and have not bothered me at all since I bought the phone. However, this is obviously in the eye of the beholder and these points may be very important to you and therefore may deter you from buying the Swissvoice Epure.

No Answering machine

The Swissvoice Epure is not available with built-in answering machine. If an answering machine is important for you, you would have to purchase a separate unit or opt for another phone.

Keyboard is not illuminated

The Swissvoice Epure does not have a backlit keyboard, which was criticised by a few Reviewers on the internet.

Limited Functions

Some reports on the web complained of the limited amount of features that the Swissvoice Epure has to offer. I personally think that a landline telephone does not need to have thousand games and features. Most people today own a smartphone that caters to all the geeky needs one may have. One must understand though that the Swissvoice Epure is not a funky gadget, but a well-designed cordless telephone. In my view, the limited features actually leads to a better usability.


The phone received 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon’s German website (the phone seems to be much more popular in Germany). Out of 70 reviews, 30 Germans awarded five stars (and, hey, Germans are tech-savvy and critical as well!). A few reports are mainly on the amount of features, but hardly any criticised the actual quality of the phone.


The Swissvoice Epure is probably the most beautiful phone currently on the market. The design is the most-cited reason for the purchase and the reason that I chose this phone as well. The manufacturer has received several international awards for its unique design. The telephone is a design icon and, unlike other cordless telephones, can actually add beauty to your room or the piece of furniture where it sits.

It is not only the looks that I really like though. The headset itself reminds one of those of yesteryear, it is quite big and shaped like those old handsets as well and is therefore very comfortable to use and can be easily held between your ear and shoulder. Even long phone calls are pleasant with this unit.


The fact that the Swissvoice Epure has limited features, has the advantage that the operation is quite simple. I e.g. programmed the phone book, ring tones and selected the way calls are answered (answering by lifting it from the base or by pressing the green button) without touching the manual. The phone book for example can easily be opened by pressing the keys on the side of the handset.

Full Eco Mode

This feature will reduce the radiation from the phone by 65% compared to conventional cordless phones. When in inactive mode no radiation is actually produced. With all the radiation that we and our families are exposed to, through WIFI and mobile devices, I am quite happy that my landline phone is low-radiation. The Full Eco Mode also reduces energy consumption.

Swissvoice Epure – Conclusion

For me it’s quite clear – for those to whom design and beauty is important and don’t care too much about gadgety features, this is the phone of choice. The form of the phone actually enhances your room, at least in my view, the same way a cool sculpture does.

Furthermore, the phone is the most comfortable phone that I have used in a long time, due to the well-shaped handset.

The Swissvoice Epure does not come cheap, most internet retailers sell it for £80 (single set) and £150 (“Duo” – two handsets). If you look at this phone as a piece of design though, I don’t think this amount of money is too much, considering that you get design plus a very good-quality cordless phone.

The Light Bulb: Past, Present and Future

Light is a thing we all humans need to thrive. Take our natural source of light, the sun, or even artificial light, both illuminate the things we do and all the activities we perform. It is very important to note that, without light it would be very difficult or even impossible for the Earth to sustain any form of life. All biological activities in our bodies as well as the activities surrounding us flourish in the light. Electric bulbs are considered one of humanity’s greatest inventions; it has continually evolved since its discovery in the 19th century to today.

Thomas Alva Edison is the inventor of incandescent bulbs. But there were many scientists who had discovered the light bulb before him. Scientists were able to find out that a thin metal strip when heated for a long time could emit light. But, efficiency was a huge concern. Humphry Davy came up with this invention for the first time in the 1802 and raised the eyebrows of many colleagues other scientists of his day. The only problem at that time with incandescent light was the material which produced the light. It was first discovered that a platinum strip was the only material which could hold the light for any period of time. But the atmosphere would not allow the light to last very long. So they decided to create a light bulb which was completely covered and air tight. Edison used a carbon filament and sealed bulb which emitted light longer than using the original platinum filament. Scientists agreed that Edison’s invention was incredible and sustainable, thus dubbing him the “Father of Electricity”.

With advances in lighting technologies CFL bulbs came into picture. Compact fluorescent lamps are smaller in size and last longer when compared to incandescent bulbs. The materials used in CFL bulbs are gas and magnetic. Magnetic material is used to initiate the movement of elements in the gas which emits light. Fluorescent bulbs use mercury, a poisonous toxin to humans, making them extremely dangerous if broken and difficult to dispose of. These bulbs produce less heat thus having better efficiency. They also produce more light compared to the incandescent lights. The heat generated in incandescent lights ends up using more energy. A CFL bulb’s lifetime can last anywhere from 6,000 to 13,000 hours before needing to be replaced, where an incandescent bulb ranges from 750 to 1,000 hours.

The invention of advanced LED (Light Emitting Diodes) bulbs has had a great impact on the market in various aspects. The light emitted by a single diode is small, so most of the time there will be multiple diodes in a bulb which can emit light continuously, even if one of the diodes goes out. LED bulbs can run 22,000 to 25,000 hours. Some LED bulbs even boast a lifetime guarantee. Another important thing to keep in mind in regards to LED lamps is that most bulbs will not emit light in all directions and thus they are designed specifically to give unidirectional light. But with further advances in LED technology bulbs with multi-directional light are making their way out on the market. LED bulbs are versatile and are able to be used for indoor as well as outdoor lighting.