Mining Equipment For the Weekend Prospector

Most persons just getting into weekend gold prospecting do not know about how to get started especially when gathering the tools that they might need. So I am going to get you thinking about mining equipment you might want to take with you when looking for gold.

First of course are digging tools. Most of us have an old shovel laying around along with some garden tools like a pick for loosing hard ground and some type of short handled scoop. In the old days a pick Ax and a shovel and an old iron skillet or gold pan were what the old timers used to dig gold bearing materials out of the ground to pan.

Today we have a lot more mining tools than the donkey prospector. We have many modern gold pans from around the world. Some of them are better than others. I have tried them all and have a favorite of my own. You will find yours too soon.

There are picks and scrapers, and tools for digging materials out of cracks in rock. There are vacuum packs that are essentially a portable vacuum with a 5 gallon bucket attached to the bottom of it for sucking up material out of holes, crevices and cracks on bedrock. This is an important tool for working a dry wash or an old river bed in gold country.

Then there are high-bankers which have motors that suck water up into a sluice that has a receiver tray at the top that you shovel your materials into. The water washes the materials down the sluice bed and catches the gold and black sands in the riffs. The lighter materials wash off the end of the riffs.

Some high bankers have been made into smaller models that fit into its own carrying tub that can contain the water that you recycle through your riffle arrangement. This allows you to go to remote areas with 5 gallons of water to recover gold with.

You also can choose a tool called a dry washer that comes in various sizes and can be gasoline motor driven or battery driven. These work on the principle of vibrating the lighter materials off the riffle bed after you have fed the receiver classifier screen on the unit.

There are gold wheels that are essentially a spiral pan with a receiver hole in the center that dumps gold into a small cup on the backside. These sit in a rectangular tub and are powered by a battery. Materials are fed into the unit by hand in smaller amounts and is a lower process, kids love to do this part.

Dredges are floating high-bankers that have a suction nozzle that is used under water to suck materials up onto the riffs to catch the heavier gold and black sand materials that get dropped in the riffle areas. This type of equipment is heavier and can require more than one person to operate. There are however backpacker models that a person can go it alone and hike into a spot to dredge. I know a guy who dredges in California and who had all of the materials in Caught in the Riffles assayed … turns out that even though there was no visible gold after he picked the nuggets out. The assay stated he had 12 ounces of gold per ton of his riffle materials.

This is why you should always save the black sands you get from your mining efforts for evaluating later. What to do with your black sands is a whole other topic in itself.

Lastly for the small miner there is metal detecting which is one of my favorite ways to hunt for gold. There are many types of detectors out there. I like Mine-lab detectors but also use other models. Detectors with modern technology can locate metals in the ground and can even identify the metal.

In closing I would like to say that I have been prospecting for many years and have met many wonderful people that have become my friends and who go with me into the field. We work hard together but we have fun and we do find gold and get some good exercise and sunshine to boot.

The Most Effective Arm Flab Exercises

Shifting arm flab can take time and a great deal of effort, but the muscles of the arm can also be one of the easiest muscle groups in the body to tone and tighten, to help you get rid of that unwanted fat for good. While there is no doubt one of the most important ways of removing arm flab is through general good diet and exercise, there are also a number of specific arm flab exercises you can do to target those key muscles. But which arm flab exercises are most effective, and how should you start if you want to tone up that excess flab?

In order to tone up and reduce arm fat, exercises should be targeted at both the biceps and the triceps. By strengthening these key muscles, you can add definition to your arms and help convert excess arm fat into muscle for a firmer, slimmer appearance. As such, you should look to build both the biceps and triceps in equal measure to produce the most balanced, toned appearance.

One of the most effective arm flab exercises you can do at home is the push up. Push ups are a great way to tone the muscles in your upper body, including the biceps. For those unable to complete a full push up, a half push up where you kneel while doing the push up can also help tone the muscles of the arm quickly and safely. Another highly effective arm flab exercise is the triceps dip, where the arms are placed on a ledge at the back of the body and the arms are then dipped for 10-20 reps, moving down to a complete bend in the elbow and back.

You should look to complete a series of 10-20 push ups several days a week, as with all other arm exercises, for maximum effect. As you become more competent, you should look to increase the number of push ups you complete, or alternatively lift the legs to make for a more challenging push up.

Riding the Elevator

An elevator speech, also known as an elevator pitch, is a succinct and engaging articulation of what you do designed to engage the listener. It is called an elevator speech because the time is limited to the length of the average elevator ride – 30 to 60 seconds, the same length of time as the average commercial. It boils down to first impressions and engaging a potential client.

Your elevator speech is the tool you use to make an initial connection between you and a potential client, therefore they need to be able to directly relate it to their own situation. It should include, what you do, who you do it for and the benefits that they receive in a very succinct and concise manner.

Simply stating you are a Virtual Assistant is an option and may likely bring positive results. However, you will get a better response from individuals who may be afraid or intimidated by the fact that they do not know what it is, and do not want to feel stupid or embarrassed, if you use an elevator speech. If you just say you are a VA, these individuals will either either end the conversation or change it to a direction they are more comfortable with. Remember you want to connect with the potential client and their situation.

In order for your elevator speech to be effective it must not only be succinct but also roll off your tongue and sound very natural, not rehearsed! In order to accomplish this you need to practice saying it out loud, not just reading it to yourself. A good way to fine-tune it is to say it front of the mirror, practice with family and friends or leave it on your voice mail. Does it flow? Do you sound confident? Does it need to be changed? Practice it until you get it right.

Here are a couple of examples:

I'm a Virtual Assistant and I develop collaborative relationships with entrepreneurs supporting them in the administration, growth and success of their businesses.

I'm a Virtual Assistant providing strategic administrative and collaborative support for business owners who want time to focus on the growth and success of their businesses.
Remember that it's what you do, who you do it for and the benefits they receive.

The 3 Common Types of Industrial Touch Panels

Industrial touch screens are located in almost everywhere that we go. ATMs, self-help kiosks, grocery stores, computers and the closest being our smartphones that we use, are the ones having touch panels embedded in them. It is a technology that detects the gestures of the fingers tapping on the screen and accordingly them fitted mechanism comes into action. It is convenient to use, as one does not have to make use of keyboards, mouse or any other device that can let the panel function. Even if it is a touch panel, it has a computer embedded into that has been mechanized with the information that it gives out to the user and accordingly functions.

Industrial touch screens have become a rage where people want to bring the world under their fingertips and that's what it is coming to be where people are availing all sorts of necessary services and information using touch screen panels. An industrial touch screen panel variants in types, and each has a use of its own. Considering the below information could help you understand the mechanism of each type and how it is used.

• Resistive touch panel – This contains two layers of glass plates which are metallic and conductive. There is a gap between the two layers that has electricity flowing through it. When the outer layer of the screen is touched, the power is accordingly transmitted to the embedded computer, and hence, the commands follow and so allowing the user to make the best use of services. It requires careful handling, and there are times when the gap between both the layers increase and thus not letting the panel transmit information in the right way.

• Capacitive touch panel – This panel has a bright screen as opposed to resistive screen and has a single layer of glass on the surface. There are circuits placed on the inner side of the panel, and then, whenever there is a touch or gesture, the circuit transmits the information the embedded computer. They are known to be durable, and rough handling does not cause much harm to its normal functionality.

• Acoustic wave panel – This panel uses ultrasonic waves that pass over the screen. When you touch the panel, the wave is absorbed and like capacitive screens, the area of ​​touch is detected. It is difficult to maintain and requires a lot of maintenance where a single scratch or ill-treatment can damage it completely.

The Wood Stove

A Wood Stove dates back centuries of years, but these days they are a small fireplaces designed to look attractive and most importantly radiate heat around the home efficiently. A Wood Stove can be made from several materials, it really depends upon your choice wherever you like the look of modern ceramic or old styled cast iron.

Why choose a wood stove? Well, they are safer than other heat options. A wood stove does not use gas so there is no chance of an unexpected gas leak. So a wood stove cuts out the danger of inhaling fumes and the chance of unexpected gas explosion, two of the real fears with a gas fire.

A wood stove is a decorative piece within the heart of a house, they draw everyone's eyes. There are many styles to choose from, but your stereotypical wood stove is free standing on four small legs. These legs provide foundations for intricate bodies of many designs. Following on from here is the pipe which diverts all the smoke created out of arms way.

A wood stove is an effective and attractive way to heat your home. Placing the wood stove on the ground floor in the main room is the most efficient way to take advantage of the heat provided.

The price of a wood stove ranges but when you compare the price of a wood stove to other sources of heat what you get with a wood stove far out weighs the others, not only do you get a heat source with a wood stove but a decorative item as well.

Lastly, the environment is very important these days and with the use of inexpensive and plentiful wood the wood stove will contribute to a green world. Wood is renewable source and is the perfect fuel for a wood burner.

A wood stove is a real option to take when deciding on a heat source, they are contemporary, efficient, safe, well priced and do there part for the environment. [] has been created to give a collection of facts, instructions, advice and general information all based around a wood stove.

Slow Cooker Reviews – Best Slow Cooker, Cheap Crock Pot

It turns out the best slow cooker is also a cheap crock pot!

The clear winner across three categories, the best selling slow cooker, the best selling crock pot and the best selling programmable slow cooker; it was awarded 4 or more Stars by 85% of customer reviewers, and can be purchased online (free shipping included) at an affordable price!

It has several note worthy unique features, it has automatic cook and switch to warm mode, power interrupt protection, a clip-tight gasket lid (to avoid spills in on the upholstery on the way to the gathering), and a thermometer probe that enables you to cook your roast or recipe until an exact temperature is reached and then the unit switches automatically to warm mode. You will never again have to worry about under done, unsafe or over cooked, dry, stringy meat – your roasts will be cooked to perfection every time and then kept warm until you are ready to carve. Plus you will never need to worry about your dinner spoiling if you are later home than when the meal is due to finish cooking, with the cook and hold feature.

This popular model is a 6 quart programmable slow cooker, which is a popular size for both one person cooking and families. A 6 quart cooks up 9 servings of soup, chili or casserole style dishes, or one or two roast weighing up to 7 pounds together. The programmable part of this description means you program into the LED display how long you want the recipe to cook for and then it cooks it and holds it in warm mode until you are ready to eat. Singles and smaller families enjoy the benefits of being able to have several meals worth cooked at once, with the left overs being frozen for serving later – a smart use of electricity and a great time saver.

So if you lead a busy life an need to come home to the main part of the meal already done, and sometimes you can not guarantee you will be home exactly when you think you will, the cook and hold function will be an essential feature you will enjoy.

If you need to take hot food to pot luck dinners or for family holiday dinners, tail gating or to the football, the locking gasket lid will be a feature you need.

Do you family prefer to eat roast meats rather than casseroles? Cooking with this slow cooker in probe mode is going to cook the meat perfectly and then hold it on warm until you are ready to serve it. What a great feature!

Or maybe you live in an area that is prone to power fluctuations, in which case the power interruption protection offered with this model may give some peace of mind. The unit remembers its settings and returns to them if the power interruption is 5 seconds or less.

To find out which of the hundreds of slow cookers on the market today is the magnificent model I've reviewed, check out Slow Cooker Reviews here.

About Plastic and Metal Signs

This article is about signs we use for advertising our business, products, or services. Here, we will be discussing about two of the most commonly used types of signs, metal signs and plastic signs.

Metal Signs

The metal used most frequently for building advertising signs is aluminum. Printing companies and designers pick aluminum for this purpose due to its low body weight and sturdy nature. These features of aluminum also make it the perfect material for constructing outdoor signs. You will get metal signs in a range of colors. Usually they come with a tough enamel finish, which makes them very durable. These pieces can withstand extreme environmental conditions without getting damaged or rusting.

You can increase the efficiency of these pieces by using stakes and frames, adding graphic symbols or logos or by including borders and stripes. You will have several options even when it comes to the installation of these aluminum structures. You can get them glued, bolted or riveted to walls, wired to the fencing of your building or get them staked or framed.

If you want the metal signs to last for years to come, you must take proper care of them. Caring should begin right from the time of installation. It's true that the enamel finish makes these pieces durable; however, if not handled with care during installation, they might develop scratches or get cracked.

Plastic Signs

Signs are also often made using corrugated plastic. This plastic type is the preferred choice of both the makers and users as a result of being cost-effective and lightweight. You will get this plastic in different shades, which is another reason behind the immunity popularity enjoyed by it. Plastic signs other than being perfect for indoor use can also be used outdoors temporarily.

Corrugated plastic can be used as substitute of card stock or poster board for different interior applications. The surface of boards made from this material is no affected by oils, water and the majority of the other solvents. Moreover, cleaning them is also extremely easy.

You can use plastic signs for different purposes; they can be used as signage for a special event, menu boards, purchase signs, informational and directional signs, promotional signage, and so on. You can make these pieces more effective by adding more features to them; for instance, you can add an attractive logo, some unique borders etc.

Like metal signs, the plastic signs can also be installed using different procedures. You can hang them on the wall; you can place them on an easel; Egypt can even apply suction cups. Staking and framing also make these structures look attractive.

Love Handle Workouts – Planks – Extensions and the High-Octane Cross

Welcome to part 3 of my 3-part article on one of my favorite workouts for love handles – the Plank.

There are a lot of love handle exercises and they all have benefits, but planks are some of my favorite – We do them during commercials and challenge each other for longest time.

Planks – High-Octane Cross. Ok, so you've got the basic planks working well (see the first 2 parts of this series of articles) and you want to step it up a notch.

Hold yourself in a full push-up position and quickly drive your right knee forward and then toward your left elbow, and return to the floor.

Then, do the same with your left knee and continue to alternate legs at a rapid pace to get a good cardio workout too. Think of your legs like pistons in your car – keep pumping them!

Planks – Extensions. Still got some fire in your belly and you really want to burn love handles away? Then you've got do this. Assume a fully extended push-up position. Beginning with your right hand, raise it quickly above your head and then return it to the floor. Yes, your twitcher muscles will be firing like crazy to keep you from falling over. Next do the same with the left arm and continue alternating.

Tip – in the beginning it may be necessary for you to spread your legs to help with your balance.

Remember, with all plank-type love handle exercises, proper technique is vital . You must hold your core steady and strong. If you allow yourself a lot of movement in your torso, you are wasting your time and may injure yourself. Do it right or do not do it at all. Technique is everything.

The DIY Challenges of Building an Interior Hand Railing

The concept of building an interior wood hand railing is almost always misinterpreted by the do-it-yourself homeowners out there. The idea and concept is great, the challenges are sizable and often times misjudged and the room for mistakes is significant, and expensive. Are you thinking of building a hand railing? A good understanding of the concept is the first and foremost part of the project.

The first challenge is understanding all the wood parts that make up a handrail. Doing research and just looking at other handrails can give you an idea although there is nothing like a how to manual that explains all the parts of a handrail and how it is built to understand the full process to be successful.

Your unique and particular situation of where you are building this handrail may or may not include all of these parts. You may even elect not to have some of these more elaborate parts depending on your budget or just the appearance you are looking for.

After you have figured out all the parts of the hand railing required for your particular project, the next thing is working out the amounts or quantities of each certain part. An example would be figuring the distance between newel posts or walls to calculate the number of balusters or spindles needed to fill this space legally per OSHA codes.

Getting accurate measurements for the length of the rails and newel posts is also crucial because of the OSHA codes and the cost of these materials. Knowing and following these OSHA codes is critical for your own protection as well as others. Here is where investing in a manual for building handrails will help out tremendously and possibly save some serious money due to miss cuts and mistakes while in the process of building.

Once you determine what parts you need for your particular hand railing then you can decide on how stylish or simple it will be. Some of these choices will include the style you prefer and a few different sizes, as well as wood species, which these handrails come in. The variety of styles will include each particular part. An example would be choosing between a square or a turned newel post and square or turned balusters.

The next challenge is having all the right tools for the project. Having the right tools is a huge factor for quality. Poor tools can some times produce poor quality. Poor tools can fuel aggravation. So be sure to buy, borrow or rent the best tools you can. Knowing how to use these tools safely and effectively is also a must. Practice a while with these tools on some scrap wood to familiarize yourself with them.

Another challenge is figuring out the proper steps to take as you go. If this would be the first hand railing you are building research is critical. This trim wood that makes up a hand railing is expensive and one easily made wrong cut could be disastrous. Then off to the store you go to buy this particular handrail part again. Again, an inexpensive manual on building a handrail is invaluable for saving time and instruction on where and how to start and these expenses can be easily avoided.

The last challenge that is equally important is your attitude and mood. I have built hundreds of these hand railings and I know for a fact that your mood, attitude and general mind frame directly affects the quality and performance of your work. You need to be at the top of your game for optimal performance to achieve a professional and quality built hand railing. For a good understanding of getting the right mind set for a project like this I wrote a short article which can help out tremendously before you begin your project. This article is titled "Getting the Mind Set for Finish Carpentry."

These are just a few of the challenges you will be up against while doing your project. There will unduly be others as there are so many different scenarios and different situations of where handrails are built. Every single hand railing I have ever built posed its own unique little challenge. Building a hand railing is like building your own personal master piece. Finishing the project successfully will bring you quite an intense feeling of satisfaction and gratification. Even after building hundreds of these I still enjoy those great feelings.

The Popularity Of Wood Railings Today

Benefits Of Selecting Wooden Porch Railings

Elegance and distinction are the foundation of wooden porch railings. They lend to contemporary and Victorian style homes the best of their virtues, highlighting their style. Traditional railing generally are made wood rather than metal or other modern or industrial materials.

The consumer can gain benefits by using wood instead of metal or other style railings available at the market.Here you have a short list of benefits of using wood reported by homeowners, architects and designers:

o Railings crafted of wood reinforcing their houses styles add value.

o Supplies for wood railing are most common to get rather than other materials supplies, so supplies including the most current parts like top rails, bottom rails, balusters, posts, post caps and finials and more are easy to come by and inexpensive.

o Easy to maintain and easily customized to meet a homeowners preferences, wooden fixtures are preferred by many house owners

o Balusters can be cut into many different shapes not only square but including flat or round pieces, these variation make details more evident.

Why are wood railings so highly appreciated by the consumers today? Let's see good reason for it:

You must consider that wood is an inexpensive and easy l to acquire. Railings made out of wood are also more easily handled and constructed, installing a wooden railing takes in no more than a couple of hours. Most wood materials are easily weatherproofed and maintained over time, unlike their wrought iron fellow railing, wood railings are also easily handled and constructed even by the least skilled consumer, you can often install a wooden railing easily within a couple of hours Weatherproofed woods can acquired and the required maintained over time is minimal.

Unlike their wrought iron fellows, wooden porch railings do not face troubles like, rust, paint blistering, and other repairing due to the corrosion, other factors that make faithful consumers to wood it is the possibility almost unlimited to create wood parts that match their home style and if they have enough imagination, it is possible to design their own creation and send them to manufacturers that provide that kind of services. Handmade porch railings made from wood created by yourself can be securely install them into place.

You need the typical nails or wood screws to secure a wooden railing in place.

The most popular accessories for a wood porch railing:

Wicker chairs, they give a country touch

o Traditional Porch swings

o Wicker or wooden furniture, may include rocking chairs

o Natural plants, trees, and ethnic and decorative handmade pieces on wood, stone, wicker.

Choose To Get The Best of Wood Railings

There is a wide range of possibilities of objects and materials for your wood porch railings. Feng shui suggest many more articles for your porch, it is a very important site and must be considered like that.

And now that you have seen why the popularity of wooden railings last along the years, you can simply start to plan how to use better this beautiful material.

Barbecuing on Labor Day

Labor Day is a much awaited occasion in United States which is respected by all sections of society with true and un-parallel enthusiasm and is declared as a federal holiday. A holiday is a holy day 'and of course it should be celebrated! As a part of the celebrations 'barbecuing on Labor Day' has become much popular. The day which was originally meant for commemorating the rights of the working class is now seen as a customary farewell given to summer season and is observed during the first Monday of September every year. This symbolic farewell has really become a conventional rejoicing day through United States. This year's exciting occasion comes on the seventh of September and many people add quality and charm to that auspicious day by arranging a 'barbecuing on Labor Day'.

Barbecuing is really a treat by itself and 'barbecuing on Labor Day' will generate much more happiness because of the prevailing holiday mood! The whole atmosphere will be seated with holiday vibrations and everywhere you will see the richness of excitation. Waves of the festive vibes will be having an upbeat mood creating a lively jubilation all round the place. People will be busy in arranging their own ways of celebrations and this creates a bubbly nature through the nation. 'Barbecuing on Labor Day' amidst this euphoria will generate tons of pleasure for you!

Summer will be fading away soon and the season's last moments should be enjoyed in all possible ways! This kind of a 'mind-set' adds much glory to 'barbecuing on Labor Day'! You can prefer outdoor table settings as it is still summer outside! Do not go after extravagant decorative items but take care to give the area an appearance which suits the winning festive mood! If you can use paper plates it will be gainful and at the same time convenient also. You can find colored plates with matching cups, napkins and other accessories at every store. Another novel feature of the modern celebrations is the usage of 'bogus leaves' and 'bogus ice-cubes' which will be scattered around the table and the surrounding places. This symbolizes the fall of summer and arrival of winter and is an eloquent way of expression by which you can beautify 'barbecuing on Labor Day'!

While arranging the decorations for the 'barbecuing on Labor Day' the whole area should be considered; not just the main area! You will have to give an alluring look to the entire place where you are conducting 'barbecuing'. For example, if you have got some extra space after doing the table arrangement then you can ornament that part also with some fine decoration thereby making the whole area really polished! As the 'barbecuing on Labor Day' is conducted outdoors, decorate your balustrade in case if you have one, with some phony leaves and colorful lightings which certainly will add more charm to the whole setting! By managing these kinds of trifle looking matters in an intelligent way, you can really convert the entire scene of the 'barbecuing on Labor Day' into a live spot! Now grab a special 'barbecue recipe' and go in a grand way! The net result will be a thrilling holiday, which will leave sweet remembrances in the hearts and souls of all the participants!

3 Reasons to Love Glass Stairs

It's not hard to see why glass staircases, in particular glazed side panels, have become so popular in recent times. As new-build houses seem to get smaller and smaller, and rising prices force many buyers to settle for modestly properties, home owners are finding creative ways to make the best of what space they have.

Using glass instead of wood or metal in your stair banisters can bring several benefits:


The hallway is often the darkest part of the house, which is not ideal for making a good first impression on visitors. A traditional staircase balustrade, consisting of a handrail and base rail connected by wood or metal spindles (also called balusters), will contribute to the gloom by blocking precious natural light. Using glass panels as the banister infill will instantly brighten the room by encouraging light to flow more freely.


It's amazing the way glass can make a room feel so much bigger. A transparent balustrade offers little or no barrier to the eye, increasing the sense of space. This is particularly useful for staircases located in a living or dining room, as clear panels make the structure seem less obtrusive.


Glass is much favored by interior designers at the moment, and will suit almost any age of property. It can improve the look and feel of a modern house, boosting its contemporary credentials and bringing it bang up to date. At the other end of the age scale, glass can offer an interesting twist to a period home. A dark cottage with beamed ceilings and small windows, for example, can be brightened up and made more appealing by replacing solid wooden balusters with light-enhancing glass panels.

Which type of glass should you choose?

Good quality glazed panels should be made from toughened safety glass at least 8mm, and ideally 10mm, thick. Large single panels will create the most impact and allow maximum light flow. These typically have to be made to measure, so be prepared to wait a bit longer and pay a bit more than for standard sizes. Installation can be complicated, and is best left to professionals. Small panels are less showy, but more versatile and often the best choice for awkward layouts. They can also be combined with wood or metal spindles if desired.

How is the glass fitted?

Depending on the staircase design and personal taste, you can usually choose whether to fix the panels to the balustrade with metal clamps (either at the top and bottom or at each side) or slot them into pre-cut grooves in the handrail and base rail . It is sometimes also possible to attach the panels to the handrail only, without using a base rail, so that the glass is suspended just above the steps. From an aesthetic point of view, fitting the panels directly into the wooden banisters results in a cleaner outline, but some people prefer the contemporary look of shiny metal clamps, or brackets. These are most often found in a chrome or brushed nickel finish. You can also use stainless steel discs if you're after a particularly striking design.

Which handrail?

Wooden handrails are the most popular, and the most comfortable to use. A low profile (small and narrow) style will produce the most streamlined, modern effect, whereas a chunkier design may be more suitable for period properties. Metal handrails go well with glass for a contemporary look, and can be attached using brackets or grooves.

What about other glass stair parts?

Treads and risers are both available in glass. Treads can be made in a variety of thicknesses, usually between 20mm and 40mm. The glass should be toughened and laminated for extra strength, and include a non-slip finish. Glass risers are growing in popularity too. They can be fitted to the back of glazed treads or, more unusually, to wooden ones. This is guaranteed to produce the wow factor, letting light shine through the steps while keeping the safety benefits of a closed tread staircase.

Summing up

When it comes to creating a light and airy feel in your home, glass stairs are ideal – and the panels are available in such a wide variety of shapes and sizes that there's a good chance of finding something to suit your particular circumstances. Just keep a cloth handy after installation, as smudges and fingerprints could spoil the impact of your stunning new staircase.

Get Mental – The Psychology of Strength

Most successful athletes know that their mentality plays a strong role in their performance. Many recreational athletes and trainees also realize on some level that their thoughts and moods affect their workouts. But very few actually dedicate sufficient time to their Mental Conditioning (to "train their brain"). The fact is that the mind (especially the subconscious mind) actually has INCREDIBLE power that many do not acknowledge. Our mind has the ability to make us stronger, more muscular, more athletic, more powerful, even wealthier and happier! Sound unbelievable? As this article will explain, your inner world creates your outer world.

The intent of this article is to share some of the basics of exercise and sport psychology and to illustrate the importance of our thoughts and emotions relative to our physical goals. I will also describe some simple techniques that you can use regularly to improve you performance. This information is directed to those readers who are already participating in a regular bodybuilding or training training program and are motivated to achieve greater results.

The truth is that it's our mind that determinates what results we will achieve. The process goes something like this: Your thoughts and beliefs lead to your emotions, which in turn lead to your actions, which cause your results. Unfortunately, most of us put up our own psychological barriers that interfere with our performance and limit our success. The four-minute mile was a famous example of a psychological barrier.

For years runners were probably not able to run a mile in under four minutes, although many came close. That led to the common belief that this was physically impossible. Incredibly, within a year and a half after Roger Bannister's famous breakthrough, 16 other athletes accomplished it! It was not because these athletes were suddenly training harder. They were no longer limited by their beliefs once Bannister had demonstrated what was possible.

What I'm saying is that with a bit of mental conditioning you can expect far superior results from your training, and in many cases it's all that's holding you back.

The four basic principles of mental conditioning are as follows:

1. Set SMARTER Goals.

2. Create a strong, clear mental picture of these goals using Visualization and Imagery training.

3. Reinforce these ideas often using Affirmations.

4. Maintain a positive focus on your objectives and employ interventions such as negative thought-stopping techniques.

The field of exercise and sport psychology is significantly more involved than this, but these principles provide a great starting point for developing a mental training program.

Setting SMART Goals

Studies have shown that appropriate goal setting leads to performance improvement, with moderate to strong effects. To remember the key principles of effective goal setting, think SMARTER; your goals should be:

Specific – Indicate fairly what is to be done. Avoid vague alternatives

Measurable – You should be able to quantify your goal

Action-Oriented – develop concrete plan of actions required to move towards your goals

Realistic – start with moderately difficult goals, rather than too easy or difficult to reach

Time-Constrained – Set specific time limits for both short term and long term goals

Take some time right now to write down your short term goals as well as your long term "dream" goals (the ones that may seem a long way off and harder to achieve). Writing your goals down is the basis of a contract with yourself. It also helps to publicly acknowledge your goals.

Short-term or daily goals are the most important because they provide a focus for our training in each and every session. Past research on elite athletes found that setting daily training goals was one factor that distinguished the successful performers from the less successful.

Many have also found it useful to write a Mission Statement for themselves, which summarizes their basic goals and primary objectives in their life.

Relaxation and Visualization

Scientific research has shown the use of Visualization (or Imagery) to be an important adjunct to physical training. This is why world-class, elite level athletes and coaches use imagery techniques regularly. In fact, past studies have demonstrated that athletes using visualization dramatically improved their performance by comparing with those who did not.

With clear and vivid visualization training, certain parts of our brain can be stimulated to illicit small neuromuscular signals and specific hormonal changes that can lead to real physical changes in your body and your performance. In addition, we can reprogram our subconscious mind to develop strong neural "connections" that will reinvigorate those positive thoughts and beliefs that empower us to achieve our goals.

For visualization / imagery training to be most effective you need to be in a relaxed state with as few distractions as possible. The following simple Progressive Relaxation exercise will help achieve this.

Progressive Relaxation:

1. Choose a quiet, relaxing place where you will not be interrupted.

2. Before you start, do a few gentle stretching exercises to relieve muscular tension.

3. Make yourself comfortable, either sitting or lying down. Close your eyes.

4. Start to breathe slowly and deeply, in a calm and effortless way.

5. Gently tense, and then relax, each part of your body, starting with your feet and working your way up to your face and head.

6. As you focus on each area, count backwards from 10 to 1, relaxing more deeply with each number. Think of warmth, heaviness and relaxation.

7. Push distracting thoughts to the back of your mind; Imagine them floating away with each breath.

8. Do not try to relax; simply let go of the tension in your muscles & let them become relaxed on their own.

9. Let your mind go empty. Some people find it helpful to visualize a calm, peaceful place such as a garden or meadow.

10. Stay like this for about 15 to 20 minutes, and do your visualizations (see below). Then take some deep breaths and open your eyes, but stay sitting or lying for a few moments before you get up.

While you are in this relaxed state it is a perfect time to practice visualization training for a few minutes. This is an important part of your mental conditioning program. The key points to remember when practicing your creative visualization are as follows:

1. Your imagery should be as vivid and clear as possible.

2. Always visualize positive and controllable scenarios.

3. Try to imagine in real time: the visualization of an experience should last as long as the actual event (ie: 1 minute). Often we imagine events more quickly than we actually experience them. Model your imagination in "real time".

4. Visualize both the process of achieving your goal, as well as the positive outcome.

Here are a few simple suggestions of visualizations you can do, to get you started:

o See yourself getting up in the morning and being really excited about your goals. See yourself so excited you can not stay in bed any longer.

o Mentally rehearse your training drills, picturing perfect performance in real time.

o Imagine in vivid detail how much faster, stronger, more muscular, more powerful, more athletic you are becoming and how smoothly your body responds.

o Visualize how successful you will be in competition or training.

o Visualize your self as a warrior, with unlimited energy. See yourself as unbeatable.

o Imagine that you have already achieved these goals you have. How does it feel? What do you see? What would you be hearing? Picture every detail as if it's real.

Strength Affirmations & Negative Thought Stopping

The next step is to learn to actively stop any negative thoughts that arise and replace them with a positive affirmation. Affirmations are positive statements used to reinforce that which you want to achieve.

All of us have negative thoughts of some kind that creep into our minds and interfere with our goals, such as "I'm a hardgainer. always beats me! " Several methods exist to interrupt our worrisome or negative thought patterns before they spiral out of control. These methods can include visual, physical, or verbal stimulus. One of my favorite techniques, which I have applied with several of my clients, is the Rubber Band Method. This simply involves wearing an ordinary thick rubber band around your wrist and upon noticing a negative thought enter your mind, 'snap' the band on your arm and say the word "Stop!"

In order to reprogram your subconscious mind, once you have interrupted the distracting or disturbing thought process you must then replace it with a verbal affirmation. Here are some examples to consider when creating your own affirmations:

o I respect, admire and model very successful elite athletes in my sport / activity!

o I enjoy training intensely and my body recovers easily and quickly.

o When I train, I train hard. When I rest, I relax deeply.

o I create my reality and I create the exact amount of my success.

o I am an excellent athlete! I have unlimited performance potential!

o I am getting bigger and stronger every day.

o I am grateful for all of my athletic successes so far.

o I am grateful for my health, my strength, my speed, my power, and my abilities!

Try to make a list of your own personalized affirmations and read them first first thing in the morning and before sleeping in the evening, or at anytime you wish during the day. Create a feeling of belief in your affirmation statements; do not listen to your doubts. The more frequently you use them the more effective they will be. Psychologists estimate that it takes about a month to overwrite our old negative programming and establish a new positive pattern in your brain. Stick with it.

Your Daily Mental Conditioning Routine

To help you implement these techniques on a regular basis, I have organized them into a simple daily regimen that you can follow.Obviously you will include your regular activities as needed.

o AM Hour of Power: Make an effort to get out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off. Also try to get as much natural sunlight as soon as you can each day; open the curtains and look outside. This will help to stimulate your RAS (Reticular Activating System) which will increase wakefulness.

o Positive Environment: During your day, try to avoid interacting or associating with "negative", non-supporting people. Those who put you down, complain often or who view themselves as "victims" could hold you back from your success.

o Rubber Band Method: If you feel a negative, non-supportive thinking occurring during the day, snap the elastic band on your wrist, and say "Stop!" Immediately after, rub your wrist gently and repeat an "opposite", supportive affirmation to yourself.

o Record Your Successes: At the end of each day, in the evening, write down 5 successes in your journal, regardless of how big or small they are. This could be anything from 'hitting a new P.R'. Egypt 'winning a contest', to something like 'brushing your teeth in the morning'.

o Visualizations and Affirmations: Repeat your list of affirmations out loud, then take some time to relax and visualize yourself having already achieved your goals and think of how great that makes you feel. Review your "Mission Statement" and your goals each day as well.


Achievements are based not solely on talent and hard physical conditioning, but on mental strength and a clear vision of where you want to go. You need to decide what you want, know why you want it, and develop a strong desire to achieve it.

Once you have done this, to change your results you must overwrite old negative programming and install positive new programming into your subconscious. This is accomplished through techniques such as effective goal setting, positive self-talk (affirmations), and mental imagery (visualization). As you progress you will increase your belief that you will succeed. Because your beliefs shape your reality, you will be surprised at how quickly you achieve results that you thought impossible a few short months ago.

If you have any questions or comments I am interested in hearing from you.

– Josh Hewett

Lace Wig Terminology

Are all the surrounding surrounding lace wigs confusing you? As a first time buyer the idea of ​​a lace wig may be exciting yet confusing all at the same time. With terms such as full lace wigs, monofilament lace wig caps, ear to ear stretch lace, and vapon glue, it is very easy to get lost in the mix. If you are searching for not just answers but definitions, this simple guide will explain the essential lace wig terms for beginners.

Lace Wig

A lace wig is the general term for any wig that includes lace. Lace is installed for a natural hair appearance around the hairline or through the scalp. Lace types and benefits vary greatly. Lace wigs have long been used in Hollywood and in the hair industry. More recently, lace wigs have made their way to the consumer market for anyone to use.

Lace Front Wig

A lace front wig is a normal wig that contains lace within the first few inches of the hairline for a natural appearance. Some lace front wigs include lace near the hairline as well as near the nape of the neck. A traditional lace front wig sole has lace in the front. Discounted prices and synthetic hair is popular with lace front wig makers.

Lace frontal

A lace frontal is very different from a lace front wig yet many people are confused between these two terms. A lace frontal is not a full wig. A lace frontal is a partial unit that begins at the hairline and continues three to five inches back before the crown of the head.

A lace frontal has many applications. For women who have suffered from hair damage, receding hairlines or alopecia, lace frontals aid in natural and fuller hair. Since most damage is incurred in the first few inches of the hairline, lace frontal cover this damage. Also, many women who simply want a natural hairline for hair extensions or weaves install lace frontals.

Bleached Knots

Each hair on a lace-wig is individually tied onto the lace. At the end of each tied hair is a small knot. These knots are typically bleached to create the look of hair growing from the scalp. For lighter colored hair, knots do not need to be bleached. The darker the hair color, the better it is the bleach the knot.

Celebrity lace wig

Celebrity lace-wigs are inspired by popular celebrity styles. For those looking for pre-made and pre-styled lace-wigs, celebrity styles are a great way to get fashionable and current looks. Beyonce, Rihanna, Tyra Banks, Ciara, Janet Jackson, and Kimora Lee Simons are just a few of the celebrities that lace-wigs are styled afterwards.

Full Lace Wig

Full lace-wigs have lace throughout the unit unlike front lace-wigs. This allows the wearer to part the hair through the hair instead of just at the hairline. Anyone who would like to wear high ponytails should purchase a full lace wig.

French Lace

French lace is a popular lace type. French lace is one of most durable and suggested for new lace wig wearers. French lace is a good option but not as fine or delicate as other types. Beside it not being as delicate, French lace is still very natural looking.

Swiss Lace

Swiss lace is the most delicate lace type and very fine. This is the least detectable lace and has the most natural appearance. The only issue that some people have with Swiss lace is that it can be damaged very easily. Swiss lace is suggested for only experienced wig wearers or for those who have it professionally installed and removed.

Monofilament Cap

Monofilament cap is an alternative to lace wig caps. A monofilament cap or mono-cap is a nylon based cap similar to pantyhose. The hair is laced through in a way that it can swivel in multiple directions and move like natural hair. It blows very well and is good for warmer months.

Thin Skin

Thin skin is a polyurethane cap that is made to give the appearance of a natural scalp. The thin skin is matched to your skin color and has a light texture to match the look of the scalp. Thin skin is very durable and is good for those who would like to remove and cleanse their hair often. Unlike lace which damages easily, thin skin is more durable and can be handled as such. The only downside to thin skin is that it does not breathe as well as other cap types and is not recommended for the summer months.

Virgin Indian Remy

Virgin Indian Remy is the best hair to use for a human hair lace wig. Virgin Indian remy is almost exclusively used for human hair full lace wigs. Indian remy is simply Indian hair from India. Indian hair matches very well with African-American hair as it has more thickness than European hair. It is considered virgin hair because is unprocessed and still retains the cuticle. The cuticle is the natural part near the root of the hair to allow the hair to move how human hair moves. Unprocessed hair is untreated with chemicals and sheens that many traditional wigs possess.


Density is the thickness that hair on a lace wig is installed. There are three different density types. Light density is at 60% of the natural hair density and is used near the hairline. Medium density is at 100% of the natural hair and is used for the majority of the wig. Heavy density is at 150% and used near thicker sections such as the crown and closer to the back of the head. For the most natural looking lace wig, blended density from light to medium or light to medium / heavy mix should be used.


The nape is the back of the neck where the hair ends. When lace is installed in this area, high ponytails can be worn. Search for packaging that states lace at nape or similar. All full lace wigs have lace at the nape. Some wigs also have lace around the front and back perimeters for natural hairlines and updos.

Custom lace

Custom lace wigs are handmade to your specifications. While wig length, length and style can be chosen from any stock wig, a custom lace wig fits the exact measurements of your own head. In addition, the density, lace type, and if you want baby hair can be chosen.

Knowing How to Create Curb Appeal For Your House

What is curb appeal?

It is that appealing sight that makes a long lasting effect on the visitor as they walk into the magnificent edifice you created. If your house creates such impression, it will not be difficult selling at higher price more than similar houses in the neighborhood. And that it will be sold faster than others in the neighborhood.

How do create a repeating curve appealing?

Take care of the exterior frontage view of your house: this includes

o Your lawn: is your lawn still a healthy sight from a long view? Is it an eye sore for anyone interested? To get a good curve appealing you need to mow the lawn, have it trimmed and nurtured. Be sure that the plant beds are thoroughly trimmed. Sometimes you need to drive out of your house to take a good look at your lawn.

o Repairs / cleaning: another thing that one will look at to create a curb appealing is to do any necessary repairs on the windows and the doors. Do some major cleaning of the house. Get rid of all dirt including spider webs. Change the bulbs, and have everything clean and neat to appeal to those interested in it. Make sure that fences, walkway and driveway are rightly fixed and repaired.

o If you are really keen to get the house sold on time and at good money, this is paramount for you to do. Paint the exterior, this would brighten up the house and create the first impression. Be careful to choose the color that appeal to both sexes. So that you do not get any visitor discomfort able with your colors.

o Get a third party: if you are going to attract buyers into your property, you need to get an objective view of the house from a third party. Get somebody you know can give you a candid opinion, to take a long view of the curve appealing you have created. And to give an objective view of the house. Work on his corrections again and again until you have almost spotless appeal.

o Make your house appealing even at night: do not make the mistake that what you created during the day will be same at night. Curb appealing should be enticing both in the day and at night. To get the most of this appeal at night you need to have a string of low voltage lighting at the right points in your house. This can bring out the beauty and quality of the house to any interesting buyer. You can embroider this with a decorative street lamp or beautiful light fixtures.

o Do not forget the rear view of the house: buyers can be diligent to view the house from the rear view. So be sure you complete your task by getting the backyard appealing. Doing this will definitely get you a quick response if you think of selling the house.