A Comparison Of The Hollon PRO Republic Series Gun Safe With Industry Recommendations

When buying a gun safe cabinet experts in this field agree that there are a number of recommended guidelines for purchasers to follow. The reasons for following these recommendations are well documented on the internet and this article is not going to re-hash these reasons. Rather, the purpose of this article is to summarize the guidelines and then compare the recommendations with the specifications for the Hollon Gun Safe Cabinet Republic Series.

Recommendations for buying a gun safe cabinet:

  • Know what the gun safe is to be used for now and what your future requirement might be.
  • Safe doors made of plate steel 1/4″ to 1/2″ thick
  • Safe bodies constructed of 10 gauge steel or thicker
  • Constructed using continuous welds not stitch welds.
  • The gun cabinet should have a digital or biometric lock
  • A minimum of two locking bolts on each of the safes four sides
  • Locking bolts made of hardened steel and 1″ to 1 1/2″ in diameter.
  • The safe should come with a relocker.
  • Preferably external hinges
  • A gun cabinet should have pre-drilled anchor holes
  • Preferable the gun cabinet should be fireproof.
  • A fireproof gun cabinet should have an expandable door seal.

How does the PRO Republic Series compare:

The PRO Republic gun safe cabinet series comes in four sizes holding from sixteen (16) to forty-five (45) rifles plus security for pistols using the pocket door organizer. The PRO series has the range of safes to suit your requirements now and in the future.

The Republic series gun cabinet has doors 5″ thick with 1/4″ (3 gauge) solid steel plate added to the entire door for pry bar resistance and drill/ballistic armored hard plate to protect the lock.

The body of a RG16, RG22 and RG39 gun safe cabinet is constructed of 9 gauge (5/32″) seamless steel and the RG45 gun safe cabinet of 1/8″ steel.

Combination locks come standard with the PRO gun cabinet. While combination locks are slower to open than electronic locks there are a number of people who consider combination locks more durable and trouble free than digital locks and biometric locks.

With the exception of the PDO-RG45 gun safe cabinet, which has eleven (11) active steel locking bolts plus five (5) fixed locking bolts on the hinged side, the other gun safes in the PRO series have seven (7) active steel locking bolts and three (3) on the hinged side. All the locking bolts are 1 to 1 1/2″ diameter chrome plated solid steel.

Each gun cabinet in the series comes with an active spring loaded re-locker to prevent punch attacks.

Hinges are external hinges to allow full 180 degree door opening.

Each gun safe cabinet comes with pre-drilled anchor holes.

The Republic series gun cabinet comes with three layers of fireboard in the door and two layers in the body giving a Torch Resistant Fire Rated protection of one hour at 1250 degrees F.

To further protect valuables the PRO series of safes have a heat activated expandable intumescent door seal designed to protect the safes interior from smoke and water.

Across the twelve recommendations for buying a gun cabinet, the PRO Republic Series gun safes not only meets the recommendations but in many instances exceeds them.

How to Attract a Man Using Your Vulnerability

The only way to get into a man’s heart is to let him into yours. A man can lust after a hot body, a sassy attitude and a li’l red lipstick, but the only way to truly attract a man and HOLD his interest is to give him a reason to deeply care for you. If you really want to know how to attract a man, using your vulnerability is the way to go.

What Do I Mean By Your Vulnerability?

I don’t just mean be a sappy, willowy woman who tears up at the sight of baby deer (I do this, but that’s beside the point). By vulnerability, I mean exposing your feelings about ANYTHING, good or bad. That means sadness AND anger… and excitement, anxiety, nervousness, etc.

By vulnerability I mean sharing your TRUE feelings about any and everything. Now, I don’t mean your opinions, which are fine to share, but your opinions won’t make him feel more in love with you. They may make him respect you, admire you, think you are great, cool, fun, smart, witty, etc. But your feelings will make him feel HIS feelings for you. Shared opinions makes for great friends but shared feelings create love.

I want you to share your feelings about the little things as much as about the big things: a certain restaurant, the weather, your favorite movie. Instead of sharing your opinions about these things from a cerebral place; “That movie was excellently directed”, share your feelings from your heart; “The way that movie was directed made me feel so sympathetic for the main character. My heart bleed for her.” And allow your emotions to match your words. Allow yourself to get into your feelings and to share them without walls or pretense. Don’t push out fake feelings, just trust in him enough to share authentic emotion.

You will immediately become a more passionate person in his eyes. You will steam with life and allure. He will think you are more sensual, sexier, sultry… A woman who is in touch with her emotions (not drama, just passion about life) stirs up a man’s own emotions, much like a yawn makes another person yawn. Men with strong masculine energy are thinkers and doers, and feminine energy helps to balance this and keep men in the moment. When a woman has strong feminine energy, she has the power to be a man’s vacation from thought. After all, love isn’t about reason/logic/ration… it’s best served with a garnish of passion-zest!

How Do I Expose My Vulnerability?

Exposing your vulnerability is scary, especially if you are used to relating with men from a mental and/or physical place (your conversation or your sex). To help with this I offer the forcefield technique to aid women in feeling more comfortable getting out of their heads and into their hearts.

Imagine you have a forcefield around you every time you relate with men. Inside the forcefield walls, you are safe to feel whatever you want and speak these feelings without worrying whether you will be judged. You are emotionally FREE within your forcefield. You can relax into your feelings, take time to take inventory of your feelings and expose your feelings without worry of being attacked for having them.

To help feel safe within an imaginary forcefield, make sure you can feel the impenetrability of your forcefield’s walls. Are they made up of powerful, atom-blasting energy, like a forcefield in a SCIFI movie? Are they a ring of fire, singeing every male rejection that dares to touch its flame? Is the forcefield wall made of the wallpaper from your room as a child where you always felt safe to go. I worked with one woman who imagined she was inside her favorite teddy bear from childhood. Don’t judge your choice (or the idea of the forcefield), just allow your mind to get creative about finding a way to make you feel COMFORTABLE & SAFE within your personal space.

Most people who have a hard time expressing vulnerability have been shamed in some way in the past when they once shared their feelings. Probably as a child, someone (a parent, sibling, peer, teacher) repeatedly shamed (or ignored) them, and now they have a hard time exposing their true emotions (or even knowing what they are).

A forcefield helps you tackle this IRRATIONAL fear that many of us have– this fear that something harmful will happen to us if we share our feelings. A lot of women have a hard time sharing feelings with men, feeling that the man is going to violate their openness in some way. It’s a very scary feeling that isn’t understood as much as it is felt deep down. A forcefield allows you to trust enough to allow your deep fears to subside enough for vulnerability to surface inside you and come out.

Next time you are with a man, remind yourself that you are safe inside your forcefield walls and that you can: melt into a man’s touch, let your eyes linger on his when he speaks to you, giggle at his teasing, cry at his wounding words, etc.

Exposing your vulnerability fully to a man may even make you feel so nervous, you’ll shake. Let yourself tremble. It’s okay to expose your nerves around a man. It’s normal for a lot of women to cry at the gentle, caring touch of a man, especially if she has never allowed herself to melt into his touch. Let him see, feel, hear (experience FULLY) YOUR emotional experience. It will make him feel honored to know you so well. It will melt his heart for you.

Even your anger can melt his heart and make him love you more. Without directing your anger at him, express it fully. You can scream, yell, cry, fall to your knees. You can look at him and say “I am so angry right now.” Just don’t push him away with your anger by walling yourself off. If he comes toward you, let him comfort you in a heated moment. Don’t turn her back on him or stiffen up, let him make good on his mistake (or comfort you for pain someone else has caused you). Show him that he doesn’t have to fear your expressions of hostility– that he is safe around you even when you are upset. This will make him very attracted to you.

Knowing how to attract a man using your vulnerability makes you a master at building human connection. We can’t expect someone to love us, if we do not let them in. Sometimes it’s hard to let a man in even when we want to. Some of us are victims of a cold, harsh society and have shutdown emotionally. Do you feel NOTHING (numb, cloudy-headed) when a man tries to emotionally connect through intimate touches and words? If so, you can change this. If you continue to work on feeling safe within these intimate moments (staying present in your thoughts and even sharing with him that you have intimacy issues), you will slowly melt this coldness in your heart and will start to feel real tenderness in your soul. This tenderness is a male aphrodisiac!

Importance of the Anti Static Mat

Hundreds of companies of ESD material providers are in a lot of trouble thanks to their miserable materials. They have been sued all over the world because of their bad anti static mat. Tests indicated that the supportable anti static mats provided by those companies are not conductive materials for ESD applications.

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) is sudden electricity which follows two objects that have a different electrical potential caused by direct contact or induced by an electrostatic field. The term is often used in electronics and other industries to describe unwanted currents that may cause damage to electronic equipment.

ESD is a serious problem in integrated circuits. Integrated circuits are composed of semiconductor and insulating materials such as silicon and silicon dioxide. Any of these materials can suffer permanent damage when exposed to high voltage and as a result there are now a number of anti-static devices that prevent accumulation of static energy.

Electrostatic discharge is defined as the charge transfer between objects at different electrical potential.

Electrostatic discharge can change the electrical characteristics of a semiconductor device, destroying it or decay it. It can also reverse the normal operation of an electronic system, causing equipment malfunction or failure thereof. Electrostatic discharges can cause damage or malfunction of electronic equipment.

The need for reliable flooring will be particularly important in places where sophisticated electronics are used to protect life, perform secure transactions, protect our airspace or provide mission-critical services. In order to manufacture safely and dependably electronics, handle them or use them faster, more capable electronics, we will need floors that besides grounding out static charges, we need reliable ESD surfaces for flooring that can also prevent static events from occurring in the first place.

Though mats have always been one of the most stable the most durable and the most resilient flooring materials. The earlier anti static mat were only available in the carbon coated black version of the material, which most people have found either ugly or with a dirty look, so were considered unsuitable for large areas or for clean rooms.

Benefits of protection against electrostatic discharge:

1. Ensure the safe transport of products

2. No client-side risks and concerns

3. Complete solutions tailored to each situation

4. Wide range of products

Why should we be concerned about ESD materials?

In industry, ESD creates various problems due to its invisible and imperceptible actions. Electrical components, including semiconductors, electronic assemblies and circuit boards can be damaged irreparably by electrostatic discharges.

Manufacturers of electronic components and electronic systems assemblers have to control static discharge during their activity, using an effective electrostatic discharging material. If appropriate measures are not taken to control static electricity, many of the components or systems will not work or will have short-term operation.

ESD problems appear because we do not see what is happening beneath the visual. This is the reason why the anti-static mat, anti static shoes and anti static gloves are very important in any power plant.

If you want your work to be done safely, and your workers to be safe, you would buy the new and improved anti static mat. Hopefully, these reasons are enough to make you wonder if you are safe enough in your work environment. Be safe! Get an anti static mat for your employees!

2 Sex Mistakes Men Make All the Time (Are You Mr Speed Or One-Pump-Johnny?)

Every man wants to have the ability to bring their woman to intense, earth shattering, multiple orgasms. Keeping your woman satisfied sexually is perhaps one of the most essential ingredients to a long and happy relationship. A satisfied woman has no need to feel bored or feel as if her and her partner are growing apart.

A man should be worried if he can’t bring his woman to orgasm. It could be an early indicator that the relationship is doomed. Good mutually satisfying sex can be the glue that holds a relationship together.

There are some relatively common errors that guys make in the bedroom. Here are a few of those:

– One Pump Johnny: Sexual stamina is incredibly important as women can take up to 17 minutes to climax. Obviously, if the male can’t go 17 minutes, there will be a problem. And many men do finish up entirely too quickly leaving their women feeling sexually frustrated and ultimately uninterested in sex.

Guys can benefit from exercises designed to increase stamina. Kegel exercises are perhaps the most popular. There are sexual herbs that can help men improve stamina and overall performance – it’s a matter of pacing the act and being in control.

– Mr. Speed: Unless you are with an escort and being charged by the hour, there is absolutely no need to rush an intimate encounter. Too many men feel the need to jump right into having sex when foreplay is so important to satisfying a woman. A woman’s body needs to be aroused properly before any penetration and too many guys forget this.

Women love to be seduced. They love to be touched all over and teased. And, most importantly, women love to receive oral sex prior to any penetration. It’s even better when the male enjoys it, takes his time, and doesn’t act as if a lick here and a lick there is all it takes.

The Medifast Program – How to Deal With Carb Cravings on Medifast

Are you worried about carb cravings during the Medifast diet? Relax! For most dieters using Medifast to lose weight, any carb cravings are normally only an issue during the first three to four days at the start of your diet. After that, mild ketosis kicks in and that should reduce any cravings for the kinds of things that might get in the way of your weight loss, like doughnuts, warm bread and heaping bowls of pasta.

Still, it can’t hurt to have a few tips for getting through those first few days, so here’s how to deal with those carb cravings while on Medifast.

First things first, make sure you have your plans in place for your first few days. Clear the cupboards of any particular foods that are especially troublesome for you and do your shopping for your lean and green meals. Plan ahead and figure out what you are going to eat for your lean & greens and that should help a lot.

Make sure you eat all five Medifast meals per day, but don’t have any of the bars. While the Medifast bars are perfectly appropriate at any time during your diet, if you are particularly concerned that cravings for carbohydrates might make you stray from your intentions, it wouldn’t hurt to leave them alone for now. Just give yourself a few days to settle into the diet before adding them to the menu.

Also, do make sure that you eat all six meals per day, even if you don’t feel hungry. Making sure you eat the right foods at the right time will keep you on track. So be sure to eat your six Medifast meals and your lean and green.

Drink more water and try and space your meals no more than a few hours apart. Drinking at least eight glasses of water every day is an important part of any diet. It will also help curb your appetite. But in addition to drinking water, pay attention to how you space your meals.

With six opportunities to eat each day, it should be easy enough to make sure that no more than three to four hours passes between meals. Try and keep it to three hours and you’ll find that by the time those carbohydrate cravings kick in, it will be time to have another Medifast shake and you’ll be able to settle your appetite.

Now all of this is good advice for the entire length of your diet, but if you pay particular attention to them during your first three to four days with the Medifast plan, it really should make it much easier to deal with any carbohydrate cravings that arise. After that, if you stick to the plan, you likely won’t have to worry about those cravings at all as you continue with the program.

Muscles And Movement

Almost half of the body’s weight is muscle. It is a body part specialized to get shorter, or contract, when it receives nerve signals from the brain. Most muscles are long and strap-shaped. They taper at each end into ropelike tendons which attach firmly to bones. When it contracts, it pulls the bone and moves that part of the body. This sounds simple, but the process of moving is incredibly complicated. There are more than 640 muscles, and they hardly ever work alone. They usually work in teams to pull, tilt, and twist several bones at once. Also, as one part moves, such as when you hold your arm out sideways, muscles in the other parts need to work too. Your back and front muscles tense to take the strain, and your leg muscles shift weight to keep you balanced. The result is a smooth, coordinated movement, without your falling over!

A typical muscle is made of bundles of muscle fibers, or myofibrils. Each fiber is a bundle of even thinner parts, muscle fibrils or myofibrils. And in turn again, each fibril contains bundles of long thin stringy substances known as actin and myosin. When a muscle contracts, the actins slide past the myosin’s, like rows of people pulling ropes. As million of actins and myosins do this, the whole muscle gets shorter.

About 60 muscles in the face, head, and neck produce our huge range of facial expressions. Some of these them are joined, not to ones, but to other ones. For example, the frontalis muscles in your forehead can raise your eyebrows in a questioning way. Smiling is easier than frowning. A grin requires 20 muscles, while a grimace uses more than 40.

A muscle can get shorter and pull. But it cannot make a pushing force, so most of them are arranged in opposing teams, one team pulls the body part one way. Then the other team pulls it back again. As each team pulls, the other relaxes and gets stretched. For example, muscles in the rear of the thigh pull the leg back at the hip and knee. Then opposing muscles in the front of the thigh quickly swing the leg forward and straightened the knee; KICK!

Many muscles, especially those in the arms and legs, are long and slim. As they contract, they bulge in the middle, at the part called the belly. But there are many other muscle shapes. The movements they produce depend on which other muscles are working at the same time, to tense or stabilize other parts of the body.

Roulette System: How to Master Chaos – Theory to Beat Online Casino Legally

This article is going to discuss how Chaos Theory applies to Roulette.

“Looking at roulette chaos is like looking at a raging white-water river filled with wildly tossing waves and unpredictably swirling eddies. But suddenly, in one part of the river, you spot a familiar swirl of current, and for the next five or ten seconds you know the direction the water will move in that section of the river.”

Chaos is everywhere. If you think about it, you arrived at this site because a certain sequence of events took place at just the right time that led you here. Everything is deterministic. What you do next will depend on what you did before. The roulette wheel is not random. It is chaotic! Future spins are determined by past spins. Patterns therefore occur. Find them. Exploit them. Orderly disorder exists. Walk away from the Casino a consistent winner.

The FAST Roulette System is based on the simple fact that there exists predictable patterns within chaotic numbers that seem completely random. R. Lucassen has shown how long-enough sequences of chaotic numbers generate fractals, complex and self-describing patterns which are found everywhere in nature. But let me keep things simple and communicate through examples.

Even though the odds of an individual number coming out on European Roulette is 1 in 37, if you watch 37 spins of the wheel, several numbers will have repeated themselves and several numbers won’t have appeared at all. In fact, before all numbers have appeared at least once, at least one number will have appeared 8 times! Most amazing of all, it does not matter at what point you start tracking the numbers, or if it’s American or European roulette. This is a very bold statement and I insist that you to try it out at any Casino, online or real, before you continue reading as this is the premise of the FAST Roulette System.

Imagine all the events that take place at any given moment in time. They didn’t just happen. Several things had to happen before that led to that event occurring. And several things had to happen, before those several things, that caused them to occur, and so on. Every small event causes a series of chain reactions that produce several other events that, in turn, produce several other events. The wheel is spun at a certain velocity. A roulette ball is dropped at a specific point. The ball stops on a specific number. That, in turn, is the starting point for the next spin. And the pattern repeats itself. This series of events always favors one number in the short run. We have to find that favored number and exploit it. If the roulette wheel was truly random, then it would not be beatable with any device that didn’t affect its outcome. Yet it was.

If you know that a number will come out 8 times before all numbers have come out at least once, then, by keeping track of all previous numbers that will cause that event to occur, you can more accurately choose which numbers to bet on, thereby reducing the probability to below 1/35 of hitting that number. Since Roulette pays you 35 times the amount bet plus the original bet, this will give you an expected return that is positive in the short and long-term, thus allowing you to generate consistent profits.

But why does a number come out 8 times before all numbers have come out once? For the same reason that when it starts to drizzle it takes a while to wet the entire pavement. The drops are supposedly falling randomly, yet they tend to hit in the same spot rather than on dry ground. If you’ve ever observed it, it takes longer to wet the whole ground than you would expect. This is Chaos Theory in action. When applied to Roulette, you get similar results. Most of the times, a number will repeat itself 8 times (rain hitting the same spot) before all numbers have come out once (whole ground getting wet). There is a whole series of events within every spin that will determine, in part, each and every spin that is to follow.

If you observe about 125 spins of the Roulette wheel, you will realize that the distribution of the numbers is not what you would expect considering that the probability of a number coming up is 1/37. Since there is an equal chance of all numbers coming up, you would expect that after about 125 spins all the numbers would have come up about equally or, at the very least, that all numbers would have come up at least once. This is clearly not the case, however. This is not to say that the roulette wheels are necessarily skewed towards any one number. If you take a look at the histograms, you will notice that I won each day on a different number at the same table. Also, if you track the numbers long enough, after thousands of spins, computer-generated or real, all numbers will have come out about equally. Just not in the short run, and this is what the FAST Roulette System takes advantage of. But why not in the short-run? Simply because the more recent an event, the greater its impact on near-future events.

To learn more about my system, please visit my site.

I highly recommend that you try it.

Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

Until then, my friend. I wish you all my best.

Publisher’s Directions: This article may be freely distributed so long as the copyright, author’s information, disclaimer, and an active link (where possible) are included.

Disclaimer: Statements and opinions expressed in the articles, reviews and other materials herein are those of the authors. While every care has been taken in the compilation of this information and every attempt made to present up-to-date and accurate information, we cannot guarantee that inaccuracies will not occur. The author will not be held responsible for any claim, loss, damage or inconvenience caused as a result of any information within these pages or any information accessed through this site.

Hand and Foot Card Game Rules

Do you know the Hand and Foot Card Game Rules? You will when you read this article to the fun and fast-paced four (or more) person game that’s been very popular in the past and is experiencing a recent revival.

If you enjoy card playing and would like to learn a new, exciting and fast moving game, this is the one. Take a few minutes to learn Hand and Foot card game rules and you’re guaranteed a great many hours of fun for years to come.

Hand and Foot is a type of Canasta, a card game that became popular starting back in the 1940s. It was originally played in South America where the word Canasta means ‘basket’. Pronunciation originally had the accent on the first syllable, as in the word ‘canister’, but when the game came to America in 1949, this changed to the more common Ca-NAS-ta.

There have come to be many variations of Canasta and learning the different Canasta card game rules can be confusing since they change from one version to another. Hand and Foot, also known as classic Canasta, is the most popular version played in the U.S. During the 1950s, the game became wildly popular and was played by millions. It even became more popular than Bridge for a few years and was actually the number one card game.

According to accepted Hand and Foot card game rules, it’s best played with four people in two teams, however, five and six person games are also possible. Regular decks of playing cards are used, including both jokers from each deck. The number of decks you’ll need is equal to the number of players, plus one. For a four-person game five decks are used, making a total of 270 cards (including the 10 jokers). As an option, you can also buy specially made card decks that will also include Hand and Foot card game rules.

Players sit across the table from their teammate and the object is to get rid of all your cards before the other team does. Points are awarded for different combinations of cards melded, much like in 500 Rummy. Jokers and twos are wild in this game, which is fast paced, challenging and, really, tons of fun.

You can click on the links below to download a FREE copy of the complete Hand And Foot Rules If you want to learn some other fun games to play, you can also easily find Hearts card game rules and Spite and Malice card game rules online. Spite and Malice, also called Cat and Mouse, is a competitive form of Solitaire, suitable for two (or more) players.

Hand and Foot card game rules may need to be studied several times, as this is a game that’s rated as ‘moderate’ in difficulty. Once learned, though, it can give you hours of entertainment and is a great family game.

4 Wood Projects That Sell Fast

It’s the dream of every carpenter to sell as many products as possible; however, this isn’t always the case as not all products are in demand. If you have been wondering about wood projects that sell fast, you found a gem as I have already cracked the code for you. Here are great projects to go with:

Wood Clock

Many people are bored with the traditional plastic and steel clocks and are looking for unique products. Wood clocks are one of the most sought after products. To attract the attention of buyers you should come up with unique designs. For example, you can create the clock to resemble a giraffe, lion, or any other item/animal that you like.

While there are many types of woods that you can go with, studies have shown that plywood is the best. Since you can easily glue together the thin layers of the wood, you make it less prone to uneven swelling when it’s exposed to moisture changes.

Another advantage of using plywood is that you are able to easily reproduce identical parts.

Baby And Children Furniture

Parents always go the extra mile to make their children happy by giving them the furniture that they need. The furniture includes: beds, chairs, tables, cupboards and many other items.

One item that has shown to be on high demand is a wooden baby crib. When making the crib you should pay close attention to the crib’s safety and quality. You should also ensure that you use high quality materials.

It’s highly recommended that you make the crib as a self assembly kind. This not only makes the crib unique, it also makes it easy for you to ship it to your client.


Also known as wooden cloth pegs, wooden clothespins have been around for a very long time and they continue being in demand. Although, there are many clothespins made from other different materials in the market, wooden pegs are preferred by many people due to their resistance. They are also flexible which helps them to take added pressure and weight.

To make the pegs long lasting you should avoid including metal springs. Pegs without springs are more attractive to clients as they know that they don’t need to deal with rust.

For your pegs to sell fast you should come up with unique designs. For example, you can make them to resemble guitars, houses or any other great design.

Small Wooden Boxes

People need boxes for different reasons. For example, there are those who need the boxes to store their valuable items. There are others that need them to decorate their houses.

In addition to the boxes being in demand, they are also easy to make. All you need to do is to use good wood and great finish and you will be your way to making a lot of money.


There are many other wood projects that sell fast that you can go with. To make money you need to ensure all of your products are of high quality. With the digital era, it’s wise that you have an online store for your products.

Why Does Custom Framing Cost So Much?

Generally there is sticker shock when you see how much it is going to cost to custom frame a picture or piece of artwork. The reason they are so expensive is because it is custom and done by hand. Especially if you pick more expensive materials it will drastically increase cost.

The first major cost is going to be the frame materials themselves. The frame can be quite expensive depending on which one you pick. The suppliers themselves are going to charge the custom framer a lot of money for real wood frames. Especially the bigger wood frames are not cheap to make. When you start factoring in what type of wood is being used in the frame, the price can start adding up really quickly.

The next major cost is the glass. If you want non-glare or museum quality glass this is going to cost you. You can go with the cheapest form of glass, but glass still isn’t free. Consider how much it costs to get a window or storm door and you’ll see that glass costs. Depending on how valuable the item is that you are getting framed, glass can be a huge expense.

Another cost is going to be the matting. Although on the surface it seems like matting should be pretty cheap if it is just a piece of cardboard, it really isn’t cheap. Matting itself is a lot more than just cardboard especially if you go with acid free matting. If you don’t get the acid free matting you will see your picture or artwork degrade over time.

The final and major cost is the labor itself. It takes a master framer to cut the glass, the frame, and the matting perfectly to leave absolutely no gaps and perfect mounting. Keep in mind, some of the labor costs you are paying for include the expensive machines required to cut the matting, glass, and frame. As long as you purchase online or go to a reputable framer, they will tell you how much each portion of the framing process costs. This way you can take the estimate of each part and negotiate on your next estimate.

The Best Sex Positions For Longer Lasting Sex

Have you recently had a sexual encounter that left you thinking about how to have longer lasting sex? Don’t worry if you have, because as many as 3 out of 4 guys have this same issue.

There are many ways to have longer lasting sex (some good ways and some not so good) and one of the excellent and natural ways to have longer lasting sex is by utilizing the best sex positions to maximize your running time as well as maximizing both you and your partner’s sexual pleasure.

The Best Positions to Last Longer In Bed

1st – “The Surreptitious Female Rider”

Having your girl mount you during sex is a phenomenal way to enjoy longer lasting sex. Here is why: Since you can be much more relaxed and stress free, you will be able to control your arousal entirely.

Also, this puts her in charge. This means that you will be less likely to hammer away as if you are trying to quickly get to the finish line. You know what I mean – when you get going it feels so good we instinctively thrust harder and quicker. This won’t happen with her atop.

2 – “The Reversing Female Rider”

This works really well too. In both of these positions the guy is more relaxed. What is great about being relaxed is this: it makes it easier for us to squeeze our kegel/muscles (the muscles that you would squeeze to stop the flow of urine whilst going number one). These muscles help control orgasm in men, particularly if you do a regular exercise routine.

So, next time you want to enjoy longer lasting sex, try these two sex positions to help you last longer in bed.

How Would A Position Change Help A Guy Last Longer During Sex?

This can be helpful in 2 ways:

A. Most of us know that women like men that take charge. So, when you take initiative and suggest or initiate a position change, it shows that you are the dominant man that so many women love.

B. It will give you a brief break whereby reducing your stimulation momentarily.

So, to have longer lasting sex, try using at least two of your best sex positions.

Additionally, you may want to explore the possibility of retraining yourself both mentally and physically to last longer in bed. I’d recommend a step by step guide to help erase the negative impact of your previous short lived encounters. It will do wonders for your sex life.

Favor From the Holy Spirit and the Three Anointing Levels

Who Gets Favor And Anointing And What The Purpose Is

Living in the anointing is a must in these last days. It is what gives Christians the advantage over the world. Anointing is thrown around a lot in the church and really most Christians don’t understand it, but in this article I’m going to be talking about anointing in depth and how to walk in divine empowerment.

If you have been redeemed you are at 1 of 3 levels of anointing. You are anointed for the purpose to give something to another. Anointing does not mean that you are super religious, super righteous or super blessed. Learn about what anointing involves before you pray for it because you will pay a price for it. There is no me thing when it comes to anointing. The higher the level of anointing the bigger responsibility you will have to the Lord and to others. The higher your calling, the bigger the problem God puts before you to solve for others.

Isaiah 10:27, says that in that day their burden will be lifted from your shoulders, their yoke from your neck, the yoke will be broken because you have grown so fat (in the spirit).

What Isaiah is saying here is that you will be endued with power to destroy burdens and yokes and the bondage of others. This is the works of Christ that we will do in his name. Anointing is ability from God to do things, to change things and to accomplish your assignment. It is a divine enabling. It’s when God puts his super on your natural. It is being able to do something you could not do in your own power and you demonstrate that unnatural power.

We hear big talk in the church about anointing but very little demonstration of supernatural ability. We have more power and discernment today than people did two thousand years ago in Acts. Yet we see less demonstration of it today. People should be able to see results from the anointing in your marriage, in your work, with your finances, with your children, in your church. If we could ever comprehend the bigness of our God and the empowerment he has ready to give to us we would never dream small again and we would run to others and say, “here let me give away some of this anointing onto your life.”

The anointing comes from the Holy Spirit that is poured into our vessels with an overflow of power through us to touch somebody else. It fulfills your life and makes your destiny come to fruition. If your accomplishments are low your anointing will be low. You’re going to learn how to get your anointing level up in this article. There’s a difference between water baptism and the anointing. The Holy Spirit baptism is like being initiated into another identification, a death if you will to another existence where you operate in a spiritual realm.

The levels of the Holy Spirit anointing are:

1. Well Level (born again or the Manna Mosaic level) This is where God feeds you, meets your needs while you are on spiritual milk. It’s the miraculous period where you have nothing and God opens all doors for your new birth that results in a new man while the old man is dying, sort of like the metamorphasis of a butterfly. You stop looking for love in all the wrong the places, oh taste and see that he is good. You start to feel a spring of life flowing through you, you don’t even know enough of his word to know how this is happening, but you feel alive perhaps for the first time ever, or at least back to a time before the sin of the world robbed you of your spirit and joy. The well level is the greatest witness of the power of the blood.

2. River Level (a spiritual gift is evidenced) This is the seed and harvest level where faith no longer lives by sight. The river level is called your Bethel, a place where your life dies to Christ. You’re living in Kingdom principles now.

3. Rain Level (empowerment, or double portion Elijah anointing where you can call things that are not as though they are and see manifestation).

John 4:1, The Samaritan woman at the well with Jesus. He said to her, if you only knew the gift of God and you had asked I would have given it to you. If you drink of this water I give you, you shall never thirst again. It will be a well of water springing up to overflow (Level 1 anointing at conversion).

John 7:37, If any man thirst let him come and drink. I will give you rivers of living water that will flow from your belly. This is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit by those who already believe. In the Baptism of the Holy Spirit you have rivers of living water and you begin to operate in the power of the Holy Spirit. This is level 2 anointing. Your well and your river depends on what spiritual climate you are in. Are you fed the word? Do you spend time in prayer? Do you put the Lord first? Are you walking in Kingdom principles? Are you sowing seed? If the river is low in your church you’re not going to be able to get down stream very well. Your catch in fishing for souls (or maturing other Christians) will be small.

The third level supersedes the first two levels and it is called the rain level. Rain is the live wire of the well and the river. Take away the rain and it hurts the welfare of the well and the river. There are certain activities that you can do in the well and in the river, but you’ve got to eventually have the rain. If you’ve got the river then you have the potential to get the rain. You’ve got power then. Zachariah 10:1 Ask of the Lord for rain in the springtime, it is he who makes the storm clouds. He gives showers of rain to men, plants of the field to everyone. Ask and He will give you anointing, especially in the season God wants to bless you. So knowing God’s seasons of blessings is vital. We are living in the latter house of glory and God’s anointing is upon the church and we should begin to expect healings and miracles.

Joel 2:23, Be glad O People of Zion, rejoice in the Lord Your God, for he has given you the autumn rains in righteousness. He sends you abundant showers both autumn and spring rains. Holy Spirit power in the rain level comes in the month of Adar (April), and in the month of Tishrei (October) which is Passover and Feast of Tabernacles. Now we’re about come upon the season of rain for the autumn anointing beginning in the month of October in the festival of Sukkot. It was the same season that the power of the Holy Spirit came upon Mary as she supernaturally conceived and gave birth to the Messiah. God wants to show His Power and Glory in these seasons. I believe Christ’s second coming will be in the season of the feast of tabernacles. If you want your church to break out with anointed power get up out the pews and lift your voices to Him. Remember, Jesus said, if you would only ask.

There’s power about to break out in the church like you’ve never seen, because our Savior is about to gather His Bride. A supernatural rain is going to hit the church in the season of Sukkot, (Feast of Tabernacles) so start looking for the clouds, get ready, get ready for the souls the Lord wants to send to you in his seasons of blessings. If you want to save the lost get prepared to nurture them to maturity.

Somebody needs to shout because with that rain you will get restored back what the devil took, somebody will be restored from bad health, somebody will go to another anointing level. I want my rain in its season, and when it comes I like to take some people down stream with me. He’s going to give you the promotion that was meant for you. He is going to show his glory amongst you. So don’t sit back and mumur over somebody’s anointing, jump on their petty coat and get some of those blessings rubbed off on you. That’s why they are anointed to bring you into blessings and you haven’t even had to pay the price it took for them to have that anointing. Get down to that altar and let some of the anointed pray and lay hands on you.

God wants families to be restored and churches to receive Holy Spirit power. In the latter house of glory, God is going to pull some people up off the pews and put a calling and anointing on them. The bible says when this rain comes, you will eat plenty and people will know God is with you. Everybody is going to want some of what you’ve got, and they shall know God is in the midst of you. I’m seeing churches now that have this hunger and we’re seeing more prayer intercessory, anointing with oil, and foot washing has returned to many churches I’ve visited. Don’t be caught asleep, keep your spiritual eye open for these manifestations that are breaking out in the church. I’m seeing more of the gifts in operation with prayer warriors, worshippers, encouragers, people with wisdom and great discernment in the last year or so.

But you see the level of your anointing depends on the volume of the river and depends on how many people you can carry down stream. It’s not a “me” thing, It depends on how many people you can carry down stream. It’s about how many deposits you can make into others lives. If you think it’s all about you then you can forget your levels rising for the wrong reason and desires. Let go of the “me” and God will fill you. The only reason you’re filled with anointing is for it to overflow for the benefit of others. So people that strut around the church thinking they’re the only ones righteous enough to be anointed is nothing but a false witness, look and see if manifestation is following them. Is their leadership bringing in souls? Are they helping Christians to mature? Are they lifting yokes and burdens off the people? Are they feeding the hungry and the thirsty God’s word? Are they nurturing the young Christian, helping the widows and making a difference in some child’s life in the church? Do they call you when you’re sick or in the hospital?

The Holy Spirit comes with POWER not just words. Acts 4:8 Peter already filled with the Holy Spirit said, “Ye rulers of the people you better hold off, cause I’m coming and I’m coming empowered. And now Lord, grant unto your servant boldness.” He stretched out his arm and spoke with boldness and when they had fasted and prayed and praised the Lord some more the place was shaken by the Holy Spirit. Three thousand people were saved that day.

Now right here is where Peter shows you what to do when your church level anointing is low; fast, pray and ask for it. Praise His holy name and then pray again and then ask the Lord to give you an infilling so you can step into your assignment. Church people have not, because they ask not. They give up too quickly because the commitment to pray it through is not there. If your church doesn’t have an intercessory prayer night, start one because those powerful prayer sessions change things in your church and in the lives of the members, and assures the presence of the Holy Spirit among you.

When Jesus came up out the water after John baptized him, the anointing rested on him in the form of a dove and he was ready to begin his work and destiny. He enjoyed God’s presence and God was with him. The Holy Spirit never left Jesus because he never grieved the Holy Spirit.

If you grieve the Holy Spirit nothing gets accomplished, no breakthroughs without anointing, that is why God wants so very badly to give you anointing. It only increases by reason of use. If it’s to sing, then sing, if it’s to teach, then teach, if its to pray then be a prayer warrior, if its to be a praise and worshiper, then start letting the Holy Spirit show out in you and get yourself out of the way. If its to lay hands on people then get down in the altar and start laying hands on the people heavy with yokes, strongholds and sickness. If he’s telling you to dance down the isle, then get your dancing shoes on.

If there are no results in your life, then there is no anointing. Don’t come to church and put on an act or to just get the “me” filled, show us some results in your life and what you’re doing in others lives. Get up on Sunday morning with the intention of going to church to bless somebody else. Real Christians don’t need your act. We already know the Holy Spirit is real. It’s not how you fall out at the altar it is how you get up and what you do from there. Those are the things the anointed are looking at from you, not your shout. If you got a shout, you should have fruit as well.

I shout and praise because Christ delivered me from a miry pit. He saw me drowning in my own blood and he reached down and breathed the Holy Spirit in me and put His name on me. He adorned me with precious jewels and put a new song in my mouth. His blood destroyed strongholds on me and His spirit lives in me. I’ve been changed, regenerated. I came to Him broken and dying. I remembered the woman with the blood issue saying, I don’t even have to hear his voice just to touch that garment. Somewhere I remembered somebody saying He would come with Healing In His Wings. With the faith of a mustard seed and a word long ago from my Granddaddy I reached out and I cried from my belly, Yeshua, son of David. Now I am sheltered in the wings of the almighty and today I cover myself in the symbol of His authority over the word (commandments) and healing. I was bought with a price that day and my passion to serve is out of love for the one who transformed me and not for recognition or praise. I touched the hem of his garment and the gates of hell cannot prevail against you when you are sheltered in the mighty wings of God almighty. Anointed people are not afraid of the devil.

I know what you’re thinking, well if I step out into my anointing people will say things. Well let them talk about you, but keep your heart fixed on Christ. You got to stay anointed when people disagree with you or when a crisis comes, stay anointed when the Doctor tells you got six months to live. So yes, it costs to be anointed, it takes faith and keeping your eyes on Jesus and not man. It takes faith to walk in love and compassion and to give your life for it, because sometimes you don’t want to, but you have to die to yourself everyday to keep your anointing.

Can you lose your anointing? Absolutely, when you take your eyes off Jesus and onto yourself or start worrying about your image to man, or become a people pleaser, you become a counterfeit and no manifestation will come and no fruit will be seen. What you produce will be seen as counterfeit. You can lose your anointing by neglecting to pray, praise and worship, and not living in seed principle. The quickest way to lose your anointing is through the tongue. The “me” thing, negative speech, entertaining gossip, anger and division, pride and jealousy, and of course sin or disobedience to God’s call on your life. King Saul is a prime example.

The 3 ways to bring anointing from the spiritual realm to the physical realm:

1. Acts of righteousness

2. Walking in love, demonstrating the fruit of the spirit

3. Life of prayer and praise

Don’t wait for man to tell you if you’re anointed or not, start walking in your anointing and man will see the lives you impact.

Mural Painting

Mural painting, as distinguished from other forms of decorative artwork is a painting applied directly to a wall. It is a concept that been used by humanity from the most ancient times up until the present day.

The earliest known history of this type of decoration was the cave drawings and paintings of the neo-lithic period. In this way early man used mural art to bring nature or fantastic-nature into his living space. In later times the Byzantines, Egyptians and almost all ancient civilizations used murals to describe not only the nature around them but also their interpretation of nature through sacred myths and stories.

A characteristic of this later, more sophisticated mural art was the use of decorative features such as frames, borders and geometrical patterns, which might accompany the theme of the painting and help it sit comfortably in the architecture that it decorated.

In modern times we still see murals being painted, but now often as political propaganda or commercial advertising. The availability of wallpaper and other commercial decorative features has made painting an expensive option but fortunately there still exists a market for purely decorative murals. In popular culture spray can graffiti has created its own heritage of mural art.

Trompe L’Oeil.

The late Greek and Roman period discovered the decorative the use of trompe l’oeil – that is making a flat wall surface seem as if it is 3D architecture, simply by painting it on with light and shade. Impossible architectural fantasies became possible in the hands of an artist. In Pompeii and Herculaneum there are many surviving murals using fantastic trompe l’oeil. The technique really came into it’s own in the Renaissance period. Ceilings became decorated as skies full of clouds and cherubs, walls had balustrades and pillars giving onto fantastic landscapes with battles raging and mythological creatures roaming. In the hands of the great Italian masters churches and palaces were decorated with masterpieces in this style at which we still marvel today.

Mural Techniques.

The techniques of the earliest painters were not necessarily best for the survival of their works. The cave painters most probably drew directly onto the rock with blocks of pigment or charcoal, using no medium to adhere the paint to the surface. Where examples survive, such as Lascaux in France, the limestone ground has become calcinated with natural dampness over time and has spontaneously adhered the pigment to the wall.

It is known that the Ancient Egyptians had Gum Arabic (resin from the Acacia tree – which we still use as the binder for watercolours). They also used egg tempera (pigment bound with the white of an egg). Most importantly where murals are concerned, they understood how to paint ‘fresco’. That is, painting raw pigment into fresh lime plaster before it dries. Most surviving murals of antiquity and the renaissance have used this technique. The great advantage of this technique is that the pigment colour combines with the natural calcination of the plaster as it dries, so it never fades. Subsequently, the technique of fresco was passed down from Greek to Roman and Roman to the Renaissance, so it has left us with a rich legacy of ancient art with which to understand the psychology and wisdom of our ancestors.

The Delhi Cafe Scene: Trailing the Best Cafes in the City

Whether you are meeting someone for the first time for a date, or are getting bored on a lazy Sunday afternoon, the following cafes in Delhi are the perfect fix to your woes. At any point of time, these cafes can uplift your soul, and make you feel proud to be a resident of Delhi. Go on, read ahead.

1. Raasta The Caribbean Lounge, Hauz Khas Village

Raasta is a destination (ironically!) where you can party the night away with your companions. The cafe is tastefully adorned with warm interiors which are appropriate for feasting as well as clubbing. This Caribbean lounge is based on the Rastafarian culture, and has kept its theme alive through its music and mood. The primary sort of music played here is Reggae and mélange of numerous other eccentric genres which never let you hold your feet still on the floor.

2. United Coffee House, Connaught Place

Try not to mistake it for its name, for it is not the same as the Indian Coffee House, Connaught Place. The United Coffee House at Connaught Place is another awesome cafe which serves Cafe, Asian, Continental, North Indian, Mediterranean and European foods. The spot is a standout amongst the most costly cafes in New Delhi, known for its classy mood, great insides and the chandeliers (must observe). Now, if you are wondering what to order here, blindly ask the server for the Chicken A’La Kiev, and yes, you can thank us later!

3. Amour – The Patio Restaurant, Hauz Khas Village

Located in the buzzing Hauz Khas Village, Amour has a flawless, laid-back atmosphere feel to it, with an awesome rooftop seating arrangement that serves Contemporary, Mediterranean and Italian food. It is one ideal spot to visit when you are willing to invest some quality time with companions or family in a faintly lit, quiet environment. Most suitable for a pretty, romantic, dinner date. For your information, a meal for two will cost you approximately Rs 2500.

4. Sakley’s The Mountain Cafe, Greater Kailash – 1

The most attractive part about Sakley’s is its tagline that aptly says “There’s a little bit of mountain in all of us.” It is impressive menu and the overall aesthetics inside will take you back to the summer vacations you have spent till date on the hills. Choose from its all-day breakfast menu if you are voraciously hungry, for it serves some mouth-watering, and tummy filling dishes throughout the day. Other than that, Sakley’s has a tempting range of salads, soups, pizzas, flipped flapjacks and sandwiches. The interiors here are done in a genuine mountain cafe style, with a sufficient touch of stones and wood. An immaculate getaway for the mountain lover in you.

5. Hauz Khas Social, Hauz Khas Village

A flawless blend of innovation and an extremely intriguing menu, the Hauz Khas Social has a rapidly developing number of foodies rushing toward it everyday. Stroll into rub shoulders with the new-age trailblazers and a youthful brigade, while delving into the best from the menu. As of now, Social Offline is present in four places in Delhi-Defense Colony, Hauz Khas, Connaught Place and Nehru Place. Many more to come, we wish!

So banish those blues away, call your best companions, and rush to these hotspots of Delhi to catch all latest buzz, and for some… bird watching, maybe? Let’s leave that up to you. Have a great time!

Why Does Cold Weather Make Back Pain Worse?

Maybe you’ve heard before that people with achy joints or arthritis can predict a cold snap coming long before the local weather man. Have you ever wondered why this is? Or maybe you yourself suffer from back pain that seems to get worse every time winter strikes and the temperature drops below freezing. What exactly is happening in the body here?

Well, first of all the technical name for this condition is “cold allodynia” and scientists have not been able to pinpoint the exact cause or reason behind it. However, there are several ideas floating out there about exactly why this happens.

Dr. John Parenti, with the Geisinger Medical Center in Pennsylvania, believes that the cause is related to barometric pressure on your joints. There are many receptors in your bodies nerve endings. These detect things like texture, temperature, and of course pressure. However, these nerve endings may also pick up on changes in barometric pressure in the air and respond, in some people, with a pain reaction.

Other studies, done by Japanese researchers on rats have led others to conclude that the part of the body that senses barometric change is actually in the inner ear area, which may disprove the idea that joint pain from cold weather is a result of barometric pressure.

Other ideas suggest that the pain may be the result of trapped nerves. Following an injury, surgery, or any other significant physical event in life, it is not uncommon for certain nerves in the body to be out of place and more susceptible to pain and pressure changes.

The pain may even be caused by tense muscles surrounding the nerves. It is no secret that cold weather can make your muscles contract and tense up. Perhaps tense muscles constrict around nerves during times of cold weather and result in pain from trapped nerves.

So what can you do about back pain during cold weather? Well, the first thing you can do is to keep warm and bundle up. Make sure you wear appropriate clothing for the weather such as thick coats, gloves, and hats. Extra layers are extremely helpful.

I have also heard that you can get one of those body trimmer belts and a fitness store. These belts are designed to keep heat in to help slim you down, but you can use this to help keep you warm too during the colder months. Simply slip it on before you go outside and you’ll find that your core is much warmer throughout the day.

And lastly, make sure you do plenty of stretches to keep your body loose and limber. It is easy to injure yourself in cold weather. To minimize this risk, be sure to stretch and stay flexible, especially if you’re going to be doing any sort of exercise outside such as shoveling snow.

If you wear appropriate clothing, perhaps slip on a body trimming belt to help keep your body heat in, and make sure you stretch before going out into the cold, you can help to reduce the risks of back pain caused by cold weather.