Build Your Own Shed Doors

Building your own shed doors can be a rewarding yet challenging experience. You can also save a tremendous amount of money over pre-built doors. Rest assured, it’s easier than you might think. The biggest thing is planning and preparation.

Planning is the most important factor. You want to plan ahead so you don’t waste time, and time is money. The cheapest and easiest way to build your own shed doors is to use 2×4’s and T1-11 sheathing. Plan ahead where the sheathing will go. You want the end of piece of sheathing to be where the two doors will meet. That way you are dealing with full sheets of plywood and not partial sheets. You want each door of the double door to be between 32 inches and 36 inches. This allows you to easily open the doors for a garden tractor and other larger equipment.

Once you know where your doors are going you can begin constructing them. You want the rough opening for the doors to be the total width plus 1 inch, and the total height plus ½ inch. For instance, if your actual doors are going to be 72″ wide and 68″ tall, you want the rough opening to be 73″ wide and 68-1/2″ tall.

Begin by constructing the frame. For this you will use 2×4 lumber on end. Nail the rectangular frames together using 12 penny nails. The easiest way to achieve this is to lay the pre-cut lumber flat on the floor of the shed. Make sure the frames are square using a tape measure. Next, attach the T1-11 sheathing to the frames you made making sure they are square. Use 10 penny nails for this. You now have two door slabs to work with.

Next you want to install only two pieces of molding to get the doors in the frames.. For this you can use 1×4 pine that is primed and painted. On the left door install only the left molding. For the right door install only the right side molding. You can use 10 penny finish nails for this. You can now install the doors into the rough opening.

Using your choice of shed door hinges, install the doors. You can use standard 5 inch hinges, 6 inch colonial hinges or even 13 inch strap hinges, the choice is yours. Make sure the doors are true and plumb when installing. Use doors shims if needed. Once the doors are up you can finish installing the rest of the 1×4 pine molding. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to this. Most of the time people use a colonial style to trim out the door. Think of the as two rectangles on top of each other. The top is a simple rectangle. The bottom is a rectangle with cross trim to achieve that true country feel.

Once the door trim is up you can install all the door accessories such as a door handle and lock and barrel bolts. You can now finish painting the shed doors and enjoy years of enjoyment knowing you built the doors to your quality specifications.

Maternity Air Bed – Does It Work?

A maternity air bed is an inflatable mattress that has a belly-sized hole in the center. It is designed with the idea that pregnant side or belly sleepers can comfortably rest on such a bed. Having tossed and turned my way through four pregnancies, a maternity bed sounds like a great idea. But before you rush out and buy one, let’s look at what facts we can find.

— Maternity air beds are, in fact, still air beds. That’s important to realize because they are susceptible to the same types of problems as any other air mattress. Holes, slow leaks, and uneven support are issues for any inflatable bed. So checking to see that the maternity air mattress bag is of superior quality is simple common sense. Also check on what the procedure is for patching any leaks. You want a thick gauge vinyl with an extra-durable patch.

As I said earlier, while these issues are true of any inflatable mattress, they are not deal-breakers, in my opinion. I’ve slept on a waterbed for over twenty years and the occasional leak happens. But with a high quality bed, leaks are extremely rare and with the correct type of patching material, leaks can be fixed in minutes and remain leak-free for years.

I’ve also purchased air beds that developed a leak the first time I inflated them. Just remember, ‘quality’ is the buzz word here.

Let’s look at another occasional problem with air beds. The uneven support issue is a bit tougher to deal with than the leakage issue. Usually an inflatable air bed just needs more air to offer better quality support. However, it is possible to over-inflate such mattresses and no mama-to-be needs to feel like she’s trying to sleep on top of a huge ball!

The truth is twofold here. The inflation issue of a maternity air bed would come down to:

1. Individual preference. You might need to spend a few nights experimenting with different amounts of air to find the optimum amount for you. The belly hole in these air beds usually comes with an inflatable pillow, as well, so you can adjust the size and support for your growing tummy or fill the hole completely and use the air bed as any other inflatable mattress.

2. You love it or you hate it. I think this is especially true if you’re pregnant. Let’s face it; pregnancy is a challenging time when it comes to physical comfort and what works for one woman is torture for another. I love my waterbed, but I had to find a more conventional bed during the last month of my pregnancies. As any pregnant woman will tell you, you’ve got to do what works for you. In addition, what works may change over the course of your pregnancy.

Another word of caution. Some folks simply don’t like sleeping on a vinyl mattress. It just doesn’t feel right to them and, of course, vinyl doesn’t breathe well. Again, I think a helpful thing to keep in mind is that this is no one’s idea of a perfect bed. This is a possible temporary solution to some of the discomforts of pregnancy. That means it’s going to work for some women and not for others.

— The pros of using a maternity air bed would be similar to any inflatable mattress as well. For not a lot of money, you’ll have a spare bed that conveniently deflates and folds up. An air bed is portable and can be used wherever you need one. They can be very handy when traveling, for example. So an added benefit of this particular maternity purchase is that you can actually use this product when you’re no longer pregnant. Or you can sell it to your friend who just found out SHE is having a baby!

Another pro to using a maternity air bed is back to the inflation issue. You can add or remove air over the course of your pregnancy to adjust to your growing needs and aching back. This is a huge issue for most pregnant women and is probably the area in which these types of beds really work their magic, if they’re going to work for you at all.

The bottom line in deciding whether a maternity air bed would work for you is to try one, of course. And if you’re comfortable on your current bed, then don’t fix what’s not broken! But for those pregnant women who are experiencing a great many sleepless nights and are avid side or belly-sleepers, a maternity air bed is worth considering.

Introduction to Photography Studio Lighting

I’m a professional photographer and work in my photography studio most days. So I’m very aware of how important it is to be able to use light effectively.

The right lighting can bring out your subject’s best features (and they will love you forever for making them look good). Bad lighting on someone just looks horrible.

I want to share with you some of my experiences with studio lighting to save you all the trial and error that I’ve been through over the years. I’ll refer to the subject you are lighting as ‘the model’ even though it may not be an actual model, I just mean whoever or whatever you are photographing.

As I see it there are two distinct skill sets:

1) Using available light. This is all about arranging the model to make the most of lighting you can’t control. For example, shooting outdoors. You can’t move the sun around, but you can move the model and your position relative to the model, so that the sun is in front, behind, or wherever. So there are clearly lots of skills involved in making the most of available light. What this article is about, though, is the other skill set:

2) Using studio light. Now it doesn’t necessarily have to involve a studio, but this skill set is about how to work with lights that you can move around. Studio Lighting can be daunting because you have complete control. You can’t blame external factors like the overcast sky. But the flip side is, once you do know what you’re doing with studio lighting, you can really create some amazing photos.

Here’s a brief history of my experiences with studio lighting. When I first got interested in doing photo shoots, I had no lights, and used ambient room light. The immediate downside to that is the lack of light – unless you have a really good lens which lets you have a wide open aperture like F1.8, or set the film speed (ISO) to something high (which makes the picture grainy), then to get a good exposure requires a slow shutter speed. Hand holding the camera was impossible like that, so I used to use a tripod and had to tell the model to hold very still every time I took a shot. Needless to say, the photos weren’t very good!

Next I invested in the cheapest lighting kit I could find, which consisted of two Portaflash DL1000 lights. These were a huge step forward because now I could actually hand hold the camera plus I could move the lights around. There was a downside, though… Those lights are continuous rather than strobe, which means they don’t flash. So the 1000w bulbs are blasting out light all the way through the shoot. That meant the model got hot – there’s nothing less appealing than a sweaty model with her spray tan melting! Plus the Portaflash lights weren’t ‘daylight balanced’, which meant that the pictures all come out with an orange hue.

After a year or two with those, I then invested in a kit consisting of two Bowens Esprit Gemini 500s. These are daylight balanced strobe lights, so colors came out properly, it wasn’t killing my electricity bill quite as much, and the models weren’t being slowly cooked by the lights. I still use these same lights today, several years later, and thoroughly recommend them.

A brief note on strobe lighting… Strobe lights (also called flash lights, because they flash) actually have two bulbs in them. One is similar to a household bulb and shines constantly so you can see how the light falls on your model. This is called the ‘modeling light’. This gives you a good idea of what the photo should look like when you take it; however the modeling light isn’t bright enough to give you enough light for a hand held shot, in the same way that ambient room lights aren’t bright enough. So the second light, the flash, kicks in at the moment you take the photo and blasts out loads of light in that split second, meaning that you can have a nice quick shutter speed and thus you can hand hold it, or even have the model jumping mid-air. Any motion will be frozen.

So having tried both, I definitely recommend strobe lights rather than continuous lights. One thing to bear in mind with strobe lights, is to turn off all ambient room lights while you’re doing the shoot. This is because the modeling bulb is about the same brightness as the normal room light, and the two will combine to give you a false impression of what the photo will look like when you take it. False because when the flash goes off, it will completely drown out non-flash light as it’s much brighter. So the modeling light, which is designed to show you how the lighting will look in the photo, shouldn’t be combined with ambient room light, because the ambient light will not appear in the actual photo due to the flash being so much brighter.

Enough for now… If you found this useful, please check out my photography e-book, “How to Start a Successful Photography Business” at the link below, which is packed with useful tips to take your photography to the next level.

Eye Doctors Treat Soft Contact Lens Patients With Corneal Neovascularization Using New Technology

The cornea is the thin, clear watch glass like tissue on the front of the eye. It vaults over the iris, the colored tissue inside your eye. The cornea has very high needs for oxygen. Since it has no blood vessels supplying it, oxygen diffuses in from the air through the tear film and is supplied at the edge by blood vessels that normally end at its margin. Contact lenses act as a barrier to the flow of oxygen.

While normal contact lens wear supplies enough oxygen to keep this tissue healthy, there are a few exceptions. Lenses that become coated with tear proteins and oils do not allow adequate air to pass through. All lenses become significantly coated within several months, often sooner. Regular lens replacement is vital for long-term contact lens success. Sleeping in lenses adds the eyelid as another barrier to air flow in conjunction with the contact lens. In the majority of contact lens materials this is inadequate for normal corneal health.

The cornea normally swells 3-4% overnight just from your eyelid blocking air transmission. With the exception of the silicone hydrogel contact lenses, most lenses will increase this swelling to 7-8%. At 7-8% swelling the tissue is metabolically unable to compensate in a large number of patients. The new generation of super permeable contact lenses supply enough oxygen permeability that the increase in swelling compared to not wearing a contact lens in insignificant. The response of the cornea to inadequate oxygen is to allow the growth of new blood vessels into the tissue starting from the margins progressing inward. This is an effort to have another supply of oxygen to keep the cornea alive. Neovascularization (new vessel growth) is the name applied to this phenomenon whether it occurs in the cornea or anyplace else in the body. Neovascularization occurs inside the eye on the retina as a complication of long-term diabetes.

A small amount of neovascularization in the cornea is tolerable as long as the problem is addressed, and it is not observed to be progressing. A large amount can allow more rapid infections of the cornea and in some cases cause permanent clouding of the tissue and loss of sight. A number of treatment options are available today. You can discontinue overnight wear if you have been sleeping in your lenses. This may be enough to stop progression but not always. Sometimes changing to a daily disposable soft contact lens will halt progression. With the advent of super permeable soft contact lens materials this option is now a second tier choice in our office. Switch to a super permeable material if it is available for your prescription- these materials are made by blending the traditional soft hydrogel material with silicone. Because silicone is hydrophobic (water hating) it does not wet well. Contact Lens manufacturers have developed different types of plasma treatments for soft contact lenses and altered the polymer structures to overcome this problem. The result is a new generation of soft contact lenses that wet even better that the previous generation and most have much higher resistance to deposits.

The oxygen transmission will typically be increased by 400% to 600% compared to the contact lenses you have worn in the past. All soft contact lenses develop deposits and with time this coating becomes significant enough to reduce the oxygen permeability below safe levels for corneal metabolism. Changing lenses on the schedule you Eye Doctor recommends is vital, even in the new generation of soft contact lenses if you want to avoid progression of neovascularization. I have not seen a single case of soft contact lens induced corneal neovascularization progress with silicone hydrogel lenses that have been replaced as directed. This is a remarkable phenomenon and leap in contact lens material technology. See your Optometrist to monitor for any changes of the neovascularization with regular eye exam visits. Rigid gas permeable lenses now come in super oxygen permeable materials also.

If you can comfortably wear a rigid gas permeable lens, a well fitting design may prevent progression. Optometrists now have the option of plasma treatment of rigid gas permeable contact lenses, which markedly helps comfort. With the advent of the silicone hydrogel super permeable soft contact lenses there is no reason for neovascularization to be an issue for future eye patients. Ask your Eye Doctor about these contact lens materials. There are a growing number of vision correction options including the Bausch & Lomb Purevision soft contact lenses that now come in eye prescriptions that correct for astigmatism (toric) and Presbyopia (bifocal). Update to today’s contact lens technology to let your cornea breathe better and breathe a sigh of relief for your future eye health

Benefits of Facilities Management

In today’s tough economy, businesses are doing everything they can to be cost-effective. However, they often cut facilities management, thinking it is too expensive. Facilities management is actually a great savings for your company. Here are the benefits of having a top-notch facilities management system.

1. Cost Savings: Buildings and land are usually the second largest expenditure of any business (second only to labor). By effectively implementing sound facilities management practices, a business can save millions annually. These measures include keeping all building systems and equipment up to date and running efficiently, and maintaining security. This will save the company money in the long run by reducing utility costs, eliminating expensive emergency service calls and lawsuits.

2. Customer satisfaction: While many people would not admit it, they are far more likely to visit (and revisit) a company that takes pride in its appearance. By keeping the site well maintained, a company shows that it pays attention to detail and will go the extra mile.

3. Occupant retention: It is far easier to keep an occupant than to find a new one. By paying attention to occupant and visitor concerns about such things as room temperatures, building owners and managers show they want to keep them satisfied.

4. Code compliance: As we all know, today’s society is more litigious than ever and government standards are always changing. An effective facilities management system, by documenting operations, can serve as evidence that your company is striving to provide a safe environment. This documentation can be very important if a lawsuit were to arise.

5. “Green” image: Not only is eco-friendly facilities management important for conserving natural resources and reducing pollution, today it can be a major selling point. While it will likely be the main drawing card for attracting customers, pointing out that your company strives to maintain “green” operations in its building and grounds will impress potential customers.

6. Personnel retention: Everyone is more productive when they work in a safe, comfortable environment. By using effective facilities management, you can control labor costs because your staff will be working at its best. You will be better able to attract and retain the best employees.

7. Safety: No one wants to be in a workplace under constant threats, whether it be from accidents, thefts or violence. Establish and maintain effective and up-to-date facilities management. You’ll sleep better at night knowing your staff, occupants and visitors are as safe as possible. That peace of mind is worth any perceived additional cost.

8. Health-care costs: As you know, businesses lose millions each year in sick time and health care costs. Effective facilities management may prevent sick building syndrome, eye strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain and a host of other ills. This may save health care costs and employee downtime.

9. Resale value: If and when the time comes to sell your facility, you will likely get a far better price if you can show you have well-maintained buildings and grounds. You may also be able to sell quickly because you won’t have to go through a frantic process to “stage” the property – it will already be ready to show.

These nine benefits will show you that, as the saying goes, “Facilities doesn’t cost, it pays.” Invest in your facilities management programs and start reaping the benefits.

10 Gestures to Put a Smile on Your Girl’s Face

Everyone who is in a relationship wants best for their partner, and there is a question that keeps on wandering our minds that how to make our lover smile all the time. It is said that women are usually the expressing ones and its easier for them to express their feelings as compared to men; well that is what people say, I say something very different.

I believe it goes from person to person and relationship to relationship, sometimes just a second makes all the difference and sometimes even a lifetime is not sufficient, but we all want same thing – Happiness of our lover. In this article I am going to explain 10 simple gestures that can help you to express that you love & care; and I can assure you she will definitely smile if you do these on regular basis. So let’s start:

1) Texts – it takes not much time and resource but a text says that you remember and you miss your love. By sending just a “Good Morning Love” text when you wake up and “Goodnight Love” text before you sleep, you manage to say that she is the first person on your mind when you wake up and the last person you miss when you sleep. if you don’t text, make this a habit.

2) Surprises – Who doesn’t love surprises, but by surprises I don’t mean to say that you plan a big party for her, no that is what you should do on her birthday, but on everyday basis make it a point to call her and say that you miss her, or by paying a surprise visit at her work place or home just to see her, or any small surprise as that can make a lot of difference. Good surprises by default say that you care for the one you love.

3) Pictures – I don’t know if you have noticed, but women love taking their own pictures, not because they are self obsessed but because they love to keep memories intact. Take a nice picture when you’re together and make that picture wallpaper of your computer and mobile phone, the day she will see it, you will see a priceless smile on her face. If you don’t love taking pictures then may be its time you start taking pictures of her.

4) Hugs – many psychologists believe that women get attracted to strong arms because they like really long hugs. If she is close to you, just put your arms around her and hold her, or when you are walking hold her hand gently that makes her feel secure and loved. The more you’ll be protective of her, more she will feel calm and happy.

5) Slow Dancing – Dancing is the best turn on for any woman, even if you don’t know how to dance, just hold her close to your heart and just move a little, it will make her feel composed. Slow dancing for hours can fill her heart with your love, its not very difficult but pays you most in smiles.

6) Compliments – Compliment her as much as you can but sincerely, for example – when she meets you, say “you look so beautiful” this is the best compliment for women or if she makes you something to eat say “This is so delicious”, simple and sincere compliments are very important for women. This works not only on your lover but everyone around you because a sincere compliment makes them feel confident and happy, and brings a true and priceless smile on their face.

7) Gifts – When I say gifts I don’t mean you spend a lot of money (though diamonds are expensive but a woman’s best friends) but I mean to say a small gift, something which she can look at or hug when you’re not around, may be a small teddy or just a card you made yourself saying you love her. I can say that because I wrote a poem for my love on a paper and gave that to her and that paper doesn’t even have a fold, believe me when I say that not even laminating could have saved that paper in a better manner. Women like to hold onto things, they love gifts no matter how big or small that gift is but there are priceless emotions attached to those gifts.

8) Singing Her Favorite Song – Whenever on call or around her just sing her favorite song to her, I know not everyone of us is a good singer, but she will be happy to listen that song in your voice rather than in original singer’s voice, because that song is attached to her fantasies and when you sing that song you make all those fantasies come alive. Even if you make a complete fool out of yourself, that gesture is worth every comment that you might have to hear afterwards.

9) Listen to her – not just pretend but listen to every word she says, they love to talk about everything and when I say listen to her, it also says respond to her feelings for example if she is sad about a quarrel with her mom (which is a very common reason) just talk to her softly and say your mom loves you and so do you. she doesn’t need a solution but she wants to feel that there is someone around when no one else is. be someone who sees her first tear, catches the second, stops the third and makes her smile.

10) Tell her how much you love her – I understand if you say that you’ve said it once, what is the need to say it all the time, but nothing makes her smile more than when you say you love her. Believe me when you love someone telling how much you love them is never an embarrassment, or cheesy. It sounds childish but I have seen people in their late 60s saying “I love you” all the time. love is eternal and divine so love her and express your love whenever you can.

Whatever I have said above is not something very difficult to do but what we all want to do. I hope you see that priceless smile on your lovers face all the time. May god you stay with your True Love forever.

“Smile always because you are at your best when you smile”

Why Won’t My Swimming Pool Pump Move the Water?

“Prime” refers to the ability of the pump to fully circulate water from the pool, to the pump and filter, and then back to the pool. If the pump does not prime, the water within the pump continues to get hotter and hotter, eventually warping the pump basket and possibly doing other damage to the equipment. Not to mention the fact that your pool will be sitting without circulating or filtering, basically stagnating.

There are a number of factors that could be causing this situation. It could be due to clogged/full skimmers, debris over the main drain in the pool, a leak in the plumbing, low water level in the pool, or an extremely dirty filter, First, check all valves in front of the pump to ensure they are open so that water can enter the pump. Verify that water level is at least halfway up the tile line. Sometimes a skimmer weir (the floating door in front of the skimmer) is stuck, creating a dam that prevents water from entering the skimmer.

Also, empty your skimmer baskets on the side of the pool. During autumn months, an overabundance of leaves can clog up the skimmers, and in other times, windblown debris (plastic bags) can cover skimmer completely. Open your pump and empty the pump basket. Examine the lid o-ring. If broken or cracked, replace it. Before you close the lid, fill the pump with water. Once lid is secure, turn it on. If it doesn’t catch prime within the next minute or so, there are other things you will need to do.

Once you have gotten to this point, if pump still hasn’t primed, it will be necessary to dig a little deeper. Sometimes, if water level had been low or flow was restricted, there is air in the line. DO NOT attempt to use a compressor to clear the lines, as this will only worsen the problem. A simple yet effective trick is this: With the pump turned off, open up the pump. Close the valves in front of the pump.

While filling the pump up with water and maintaining it completely full, open and close the valves repeatedly, back and forth. If there is air in the line, when you open, then close the valve, you will see a “burping” action with the water. Each open and close action will force more water from the lines. When you can no longer get it to burp, close the lid, open the valve, and turn on the pump. If there are more than one suction line, I suggest you open only one till pump is fully primed, then open the other one at a time.

This will resolve the majority of pump prime problems. If it doesn’t, you could have a valve leaking. Replacing the o-rings will usually resolve this problem. If nipples in front and on top of pump are leaking, they will need to be replaced. I suggest using only Schedule 80 CPVC, as they will endure more heat. Be sure to seal them with Teflon, and a thin layer of silicone on top of Teflon makes for a better seal. If filter is dirty, backwash and do a thorough filter clean ASAP.

This Leaf Shredder Is A Lean-Mean Leaf Eating Machine!

Customers are saying that the leaf shredder is sheer power with out a doubt.They are giving it highly positive reviews for its patented design, double heavy-duty cutting lines, and powerful universal motor with circuit breaker and reset button for overload protection.

Ranging from coarse to fine debris, the leaf vacuum mulcher offers the convenience of a variable shredding adjustment. For lighter duty applications all the way to heavy-duty applications such as rain soaked imbedded leaves and thick sticky strong pine needles.

With steel leg construction for sturdy support, the quick leaf-eating machine is tough and durable with its rugged, high-density polyethylene funnel and housing. It tends to still remain lightweight even with all of the durability-enhanced features.

For a mess free disposal of the mulch use the elastic bungee cord to hold your leaf bag in place, or you can easily place the leaf shredder on the top of your trash can.

It has pressure knobs that are adjustable for simple positioning of the hopper to any angle for easier loading. For a better compacted storage the hopper rotates 180 degrees. It also has a convenient built-in storage compartment to hold replacement cutting lines, gloves, and safety glasses and whatever else you need close by.

With the 21-inch-diameter funnel, the Leaf-Eater effortlessly eliminates wet or dry yard waste–including rain-soaked leaves and grass clippings–into nutrient-rich mulch or compost that you can use as compost in your flowerbeds or vegetable garden.

For fast cleanup and maximum waste reduction the leaf shredder has a two-step process that shreds and then mulches. You can stand by and watch the leaf eating machine do all the work as you simply throw double handfuls of waste in.

There is an easy to read sliding control lever that enables you to choose the right setting for the job. The Leaf-Eater offers a wide range of shredding adjustments from coarse to fine with an outstanding ratio of 30:1 particle size-reduction

Maintenance is effortless because of the removable motor intake filter–just remove and clean from time to time. The Leaf-Eater also features a convenient built-in storage compartment to hold replacement cutting lines, gloves, and safety glasses. Easy assembly, ready to go to work right out of the box!

ASUS VG248QE Monitor Review


The ASUS VG248QE Monitor adopts the latest ‘ROG SWIFT’ styling, with slender bezels. Its stand features the novel ‘Light In Motion’ red ring that surrounds the neck of the stand and the ROG motif too, as was evident on PG27AQ. It is also equipped with a joystick or JOG button that intuitively regulates the On Screen Display menu system. The stand of this monitor is adjustable, with swivel, tilt, pivot and height modes.

The ASUS VG248QE possibly incorporates the customary AU Optronics M240HW01 V8 as there is no suitable alternate. It comes with a full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, TN or Twisted Nematic panel type, as also a matte screen surface that handles glare effectively. With VG248QE, this is overclocked to an excellent 180Hz and in tandem with G-SYNC 30 to 80Hz), do away with tearing and stuttering from the rather conventional frame, as well as possible refresh rate mismatches on Nvidia GPUs.

There is also a WLED backlight with a typical maximum imbalance of 350 cd/m². All these go to make the monitor flicker-free also. By providing the gamers with a remarkable response time of 1ms, with the responsive and smoothest 1080p gaming around. The VG248QE monitor also comes with Asus’s GamePlus, that includes Display Alignment, timer, crosshair, FPS counter, along with GameVisual technologies that let the gamer preset six display modes.According to ASUS, the ASUS PG248Q is specifically designed for professional eSports gamers, and gaming enthusiasts, to serve them with exceptional innovation and performance. The PG278Q targeted at a very specific gaming crowd who are looking for fluid visuals on this beast of a gaming monitor, with an incredible 144 Hz refresh rate and a response time 1 ms. The avid gamer can even choose his or her favorite refresh rates, by means of a Turbo key that enables one-click switching among the 60,120, and 144 Hz display options. This helps in achieving a smaller form factor meant to bring down the duration of time, for the eyes move across the display screen.

ASUS has come out with the information that its ROG Swift PG248Q is to be the Official Monitor for a few of the world’s largest and most prestigious e-sports events, such as the ESL One 2016 as well as the International 2016.


A professional gaming enthusiast cannot look for a better gaming monitor than the ASUS VG248QE, for all his gaming needs, as it is considered the topmost monitor in the entire world.

Hammock Ratings – Trying Them All and Living to Tell the Tale

Ratings for hammock comfort and aesthetics by their very nature are going to be a bit subjective, or even a lot subjective. Our reviewer is a North American male, 6’4″ tall, weighing in at around 220 lbs. Size and capacity are important facets of his review criteria. The ratings are listed on a scale of 1-10 with ten being the best possible. We are reviewing for all around comfort, for durability within the expected use category, and aesthetics.

First up, we consider the Mayan hammock. This hammock has a light airy feel that many believe qualifies it to be considered the most comfortable hammock in the world. It expands effortlessly to support the user in any position. While it is very strong in its weight handling capacity, in the cotton, which is the most comfortable, snagging on buttons and belt loops can be a problem. Aesthetically it is simple and unadorned

Mayan Cotton Hammock

  • Comfort–10
  • Durability–7
  • Aesthetics –8

The Mayan Nylon Hammocks have a firmer feel than the cotton. The difference is similar to that between a firm mattress and a pillow top mattress. They are strong in the shade, but prone to deterioration in the sunshine. These are best chosen for damp environments.

Mayan Nylon Hammock

  • Comfort– 7
  • Durability– 8
  • Aesthetics– 9

The Mayan style heavy cord hammocks, whether cotton or nylon, rate 10 for comfort and durability, 8/9 for aesthetics.

Brazilian Hammocks are hand loomed of 100% cotton, into rich, strong bedding that combines rugged durability with extreme comfort. Brazilian families by the millions use hammocks for sleeping. Consequently these hammocks are very comfortable, extremely durable, and gorgeous. Because of their all cotton fabric construction, they are best kept out of the rain–at least if you are planning to use them.

Brazilian Hammocks

  • Comfort–10
  • Durability–9/10
  • Aesthetics–10

The Nicaraguan style hammock has a cozier and sturdier feel that the Mayan. It is preferred by many for its solid comfort, durability, and good looks. It is longer and springier feeling than the Mayan hammock and is the interior decorator’s hammock of choice.

The Nicaraguan Hammock

  • Comfort–9
  • Durability–9
  • Aesthetics –10

Last in our considerations is the rope hammock. It has finally dawned on this reviewer that when a lot of nice folks are looking for a hammock they are looking for something with wooden bars on each end and a lattice work of rope in between. Hammocks of this style lie festering unused in the front yards of many American homes, promising rest and relaxation that, alas, they cannot deliver. Many times this reviewer in the past innocence of inexperience has become excited by the sight of a rope hammock swaying invitingly under a couple of trees or in a stand on the deck of some summer resort. Then the truth hits–five minutes in, one is sagging, being dumped out, or developing waffle marks on the back and limbs. Not to be too cruel here, the best of the rope hammocks are not all that bad. But compared to a true hammock they just don’t rate very high. But they can linger on for years.

The Rope-a Dope

  • Comfort-4
  • Durability–10
  • Aesthetics–7

Pottery Industry In Today’s World

Pottery has offered many services to the human race from primordial times. It is amongst the oldest craft and plays an important role in the day to day life of many people. For archaeologists, pottery can be the gauge of a country’s development.

Pottery is a very unique art of making artifacts from clay. The pottery industries today are not very large scale, but are working efficiently under small scale industrial groups .The artists in the small scale industries of pottery are generally from rural locations. However, the trend is changing. This change is caused by the increase in per capita income of many developing countries which leads the middle and higher class people to buy pottery handicrafts, thereby increasing the sale of pottery.

In the present day, Toshiba Ballotine Co. Ltd has a joint venture with Toshiba Corporation. The company deals in manufacturing and marketing of glass beads in pottery industries. There are many glass industries all over the world which are engaged in manufacturing reflecting mediums and pavement marking as a fine abrasive for cleaning and finishing metal parts in aerospace. Another company which deals in silica based derivative products is PQ Corporation. In India, pottery, glassware and kitchenware industries are fast developing industries. Some of the major companies in India are Hitkari potteries, Jaipur Glass Industries, Palam Potteries, Heritage Pottery, Pelican Pottery, etc. During Deepawali festival time, approximately 100 thousand rupees per month is spent on pottery. Village pottery is sold in smaller societies of India, and with the help of these markets, pottery has become very popular.


India, Pakistan, Nepal, Iran, China, UAE and Sri Lanka are the foremost Asian nations which produce and export ceramic wares. The pottery industries in Asian countries grant employment as well as standard of living benefits to both the rustic and metropolitan population. This industry plays a significant role in the total GDP of these Asian countries and plays a significant role in foreign exchange.


The pottery industry of Africa is very organized and well managed providing employment opportunities to a major part of the population. This economic activity is benefiting the country’s national growth and brings employment to the poor and marginalized sections of society. The major manufacturers of pottery in Africa are: Western Cape, Morocco, Liberia, Eastern Cape, Cameroon, Gauteng, Kwa Zulu, and Natal.


France, United Kingdom, Italy and Germany are the chief producers and exporters of pottery in Europe.


Australia manufactures and exports ceramic glasses, porcelain home wares, dinnerware, and ceramic framed mirrors.

Seven Tips On How a 50 Year-Old Man Can Make Love Like a 20 Year-Old Youth

As we grow older, it is natural that our testosterone level declines. Coupled with daily work stress, many men experience some form of low sex drive, temporary impotence or some level of erectile dysfunction. It can be physical or emotional causes but the bottom line is that we will not enjoy our love-making session like the way we use to.

Here are seven effective tips on how a 50 year-old man can unleash his masculine power and become like a 20 year-old man during love-making…

Tip #1: Aromatherapy – Jasmine is known for its aphrodisiac properties. Use jasmine oil or essence in your room when you make love or soak in a handkerchief and inhale.

Tip #2: Using magnets. A few hours before love-making, place a magnet at your sacral chakra point. Stick the magnet to your body using masking tape or surgical tape or plaster. The sacral chakra is situated about 2 inches below your navel. If you place the magnet overnight, you may get a morning erection the following day. This shows that blood circulation has indeed occurred in your body.

During love-making, you can attach two magnets at your back or kidney areas. Great way to prevent back ache.

Tip #3: Drink guinness stout (black beer) with raw egg. In Asia, this is a popular concoction. Break a raw chicken egg in your cup with stout, stir and drink.

Tip #4: Yoga exercises. There are various poses to increase your blood circulation for the targeted areas like your groin and back. Two popular poses are the cobra pose and the easy bridge pose. Very briefly, cobra pose is when you arch backwards. Legs and buttock on the floor. Bridge pose is when your buttocks are lifted up. Head and shoulder on the floor. Warning: do not perform them if you do not know what I am talking.

Tip #5: If you are a crystal lover, this if for you…Fluorite rekindles libido. Jasper prolongs sexual pleasure and pink tourmaline has aphrodisiac properties.

Tip #6: Minimize or quit smoking and minimize drinking alcohol. This is common knowledge but often neglected

Tip#7: Using Chinese herbs. This is my favorite as it is fast acting and may last many hours. You don’t have to know if your failure to achieve peak performance is due to physical or emotional causes.Just try them. There are many commercially available herbs and you just have to try out a few to find your favorite formula.

As a precaution, always consult your doctor if in doubt.

The Many Benefits of a Log Cabin to Man and the Environment

Wherever you turn, there is no escaping the rise in popularity of the modern log cabin. Timber is one of the oldest building materials known to men. In fact, there are wooden houses that were built hundreds of years ago that are still standing to this day. If you are hearing the call of nature to experience a more natural style of living, then a log cabin is exactly what you need.

A home that is good for the environment and for you

For those who are concerned about the long term impact that humans have on the planet, it is important to make lifestyle choices that do as little harm as possible to the environment. Reducing waste, recycling and consuming only organic and sustainably farmed products are great, but how about your home?

Making sure that you live in a house that supports your green lifestyle might seem like a real challenge. However, it is actually quite easy to build an eco-friendly and sustainable house using an old and all-natural building material: wood. Wooden homes are not only good for the planet, but they also make an exquisite sight and offer very comfortable living conditions. Compared to other types of buildings, a wooden house only has a limited impact on the environment.

Wood is an eco-friendly building material

Wood can be harvested and processed in such a way that there are more new trees growing than being cut down for lumber. Compared to other construction materials, the production of wood is not as energy intensive.

This means that your wooden house will be leaving only a small carbon footprint. When you use wood to build a house in nature, you are not introducing a large number of foreign materials. A log cabin is therefore not disruptive to a natural or even wild setting.

Timber is a sustainable resource

A wooden house is not only beautiful and comfortable to live in; it is also good for the planet. As the owner of a log cabin, you can feel good about the fact that you are doing your part in making the world a better place for future generations.

Traditional and modern techniques exist that allow for sustainable forest exploitation. The wood sector is becoming increasingly eco-conscious. Trees are being cut down at a rate that allows for the expansion of present forest coverage while still providing more than enough timber to meet the current demand from the market. Even as log cabins are becoming trendy, wood has proven to be a truly renewable resource, as long as the forests are managed responsibly.

Wooden houses are healthy to live in

Living in a wooden house is not only good for the earth, but it also good for you and your family. We all know how important it is to have living accommodations that promote good health. Toxins and harsh chemicals are too often used in common construction materials. Timber represents a safer alternative that also has the benefit of being all natural.

Visually appealing and an audiophile’s dream

There is such a wide variety of woods to choose from, with different looks and smells. You can build a beautiful, durable and naturally fragrant house by picking the right timber. You can also add painting to enhance the wood’s appearance, making a simple visit to your log cabin a rich visual and olfactory experience.

If you play any musical instrument, you will instantly notice the great acoustics inside your log cabin. That is because wood is really good at absorbing noise and minimizing sound energy loss. When you are spending a quiet evening, enjoying a classical concert on your home theatre system, with your speakers on, if you close your eyes, you might believe that you are in the concert hall. That is how great the acoustics can be inside a wooden house.

A wooden house is energy efficient

The thermal properties of wood allow it to always stay at a comfortable temperature. In fact, compared to rock, steel and concrete, wood is not a good transmitter of heat or cold. This means that you will save on heating cost when it is cold, and you can look forward to having a cool refuge in the summer.

To be even more energy efficient, you might consider setting up a green roof. By covering your roof with sod or grass and allowing vegetation to grow on it, you reinforce your log cabin’s insulation. Far from being a modern invention, green roofs actually date back to before the Middle Ages in Europe. A green roof offers all the benefits associated with vegetation like oxygen production and carbon dioxide consumption.

Low cost maintenance and repair

The wood needed to build log cabins is widely available in nature, and all the necessary parts can be manufactured very quickly. Consequently, wooden houses, even large ones, can be assembled in a few months or less.

This results in the relatively low cost of acquiring a log cabin. You also save on the overall cost to keep your wooden house in good condition over the years. Well maintained wood can last for a very long time. You enjoy great comfort, for a better quality of life, without spending a lot of money.

A cosy home with many benefits

Living in log cabin is a dream that many of us have had since our childhood. Indeed, a wooden house is not just a building, but an integral part of its natural surroundings. Manufacturing and assembling wooden cabins consume less energy than if other materials were used.

Being able to live in nature, in a house that naturally balances the indoor climate, is a dream come true for people who have certain allergies. Being thermal resistant, timber helps keep heating and cooling costs low. With its many benefits the log cabin is the ideal choice for an eco-friendly house.

Get your log cabin from a trusted vendor

You can buy pre-made log cabins that only require assembly once delivered to you. One of the vendors offering a large selection of such log cabins is They deliver all the parts of your cabin and offer additional services such as assembly and decorative add-ons. They also offer online and phone assistance to guide you throughout the whole process and to answer any question you might have regarding log cabins, from permit requirements to wood maintenance.

Secure the Right Fan Filter to Protect Expensive Electronics

Purpose of a Filter

First of all, it’s important to understand the reason for a 120 mm fan filter. The three top reasons that these filters are necessary within a forced convection cooling system are as follows:

1. Removal of particle contaminants in the air

2. Creation of laminar air flow

3. To bring attention to EMI or electromagnetic interference

Particle Contaminants

Removing corrosive materials is crucial, but removal of things like dust and dirt isn’t as obvious. Over time, they can accumulate all throughout electrical components and end up shorting them out. They also affect air flow and in turn, the performance of thermal qualities.

From dust and corrosive elements to include humidity, salt and other solvents, 120 mm fan filters remove all types of harmful particles. Particle size depends on the material; for example, cigarette smoke particles are much smaller than dust particles so it goes without saying that removal of those larger is much easier. If even the smallest particle must be caught, then fan filter choice plays a huge role.

Laminar Flow of Air

Less turbulent flows are obviously the better choice for most applications. This is because of the lowered friction and less work required by the fan. Lower fan work means less noise which is desired among st those cooling computers or other electrical equipment. Plus, noise could inhibit forced convection cooling.

Electromagnetic Interference

Some components of electrical goods are prone to electromagnetic interference. This sometimes causes them to break down or give out messed up signals. In this case, taking electronics and mounting them in an enclosure made of metal gives the necessary protection minus the holes for air flow. In this case, a metallic barrier for ventilation along with 120 mm fan filters will help with electromagnetic signals.

Common Filter Media

There are many types of materials used for 120 mm fan filter media. they include but aren’t limited to metal wool, expanded metal, coarse glass fibers, and foam open cell synthetics. Each variety has a different efficiency and other characteristics.


Filter efficiency is calculated as the percentage of the airborne entities that a filter can efficiently remove from the air flow at a particular velocity. Filters that have a higher efficiency have a bigger drop in pressure when it comes to air velocity.

Pressure Drop

The pressure drop for a filter is a calculated by the force required to move air through the filter at a particular velocity. Each part within a system gives resistance to the overall air flow, which ends in a pressure drop.

Selecting a 120 mm Fan filter

Several specs are needed before the right filter is chosen. Typical specifications include:

  • The available filter area.
  • Volumetric flow rate.
  • The maximum pressure drop.
  • Agency specs
  • Filter efficiency
  • Type of contaminants present.

At this point, the filter type chosen depends on the ability to meet a list of specs. A great procedure is to lessen the field of possibilities to those that meet the contaminant removal and efficiency requirements. Following these guidelines, and 120 mm fan filter will do its job to protect equipment and have it running at high-efficiency at all times. This protects electronics investments with ease, and is well worth the time and effort of research.