The Many Uses of a Scanner

One of the most useful inventions to come along with the computer age is the scanner. Unlike a photocopier which simply makes a copy of an article, a scanner allows you to preserve a digital image of just about anything you can fit on a scanner bed.

Here are a few things you can do with a scanner.

Copying Documents – You can turn a good flatbed scanner into a copying machine by scanning in those receipts and other important documents and then use your printer to have a copy or just keep a digital copy. The best thing about this is that you could use software to improve the documents, if you need to take out a grease smudge.

Other things a scanner can do is copy a quick recipe out of Grandmas old recipe book, or a page from a magazine that shows the instructions for a new at-home project you have been wanting to do. Maybe there are some old documents in the family that you would like to have a copy of for yourself, those can be added to the computer files just as any other document.

Scanning Photos For Printing – Photographs are nice especially if you are a professional photographer, but you could use the photos for websites to display your latest DIY project. The images could be used for desktop wallpaper or sending to friends and family through email. Because they are digitized you can use computer software to edit them, and make interesting images on top of the first.

Here is something else you could do with a scanner and software. Using the edit feature you can enlarge your projects on the computer screen and then print out only that part. This allows you to make a full-sized pattern of anything you wish, turn around and use it to trace the object on plywood. Once you are done, cut out life-sized reindeer, cows, antique cars, you name it.

Faxing Documents – You can Fax a document that is already in your computer, but if that document is on a sheet of paper, you have a problem. A scanner can scan it in, then you can send it out by using the fax driver. When you have long distance relatives, and you find something in a magazine that they need to see, put the magazine in the scanner and then from the computer send them the information.

OCR – Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software is used to convert images to readable text. Once they are converted you can use a word processor to make the changes that are required. OCR software usually comes with the scanner.

There always seems to be a need to try getting a hard copy of some document or picture into the computer files, and a scanner is the only way to achieve that. Having a good scanner could really improve your home or office by allowing you to copy, organize and save important files and photos on your computer.

Basement Floor Covering – Commercial Carpet Tiles Are the Answer

Basement floor covering is one of the last things you think about when finishing a basement. People tend to focus more on the structural designs first (for good reasons!) and then when the project is wrapping up, the items such as basement floor covering, paint and finishing touches are handled. That is normal and fine of course. The structural issues in a basement are a big deal obviously. However, when it comes to picking a floor covering for basements, your decision can be a wise or costly one. Moisture and mildew can ruin most floor coverings. Even worse, a flooded basement can bring a lot of headaches. If you use the right basement floor covering up front you can avoid some issues and even save money on your budget with the right deal. Commercial carpet squares and tiles have many advantages that make them a perfect choice for basement floor covering. There are 5 reasons why commercial carpet tile works great for basement flooring.

1. Most commercial carpet tiles have a hard, rubber like backing. This backing along with the yarn is not harmed by moisture, mold or mildew. In fact, most carpet tile backing systems have mold and mildew inhibitors built into the backing itself. This built in resistance to moisture, mold and mildew make commercial carpet tiles perfect for basement floor covering. Also, if your basement floods, the carpet tiles can be pulled up and put outside to dry. Once the commercial carpet squares are dry and the basement is dry, you can reinstall the tiles. One tip is to make sure you use the commercial carpet tiles with the hard, stiff backing. Some carpeting tiles come with an integral cushion padding. When installing in a basement, this cushion backing can absorb moisture and is not a good option.

2. Commercial carpet tiles are very easy to install. You can use adhesive to glue them down, however the loose lay method is best in a basement. You usually can install the tiles tight enough to where an adhesive is not needed. If you don’t have to glue them down, pulling them up later if the basements floods will be much easier. This also makes tile replacement later very easy. In fact, if you don’t glue the commercial carpet squares and tiles down, you can pull them up and pressure wash them off if they ever become very soiled or stained.

3. Basement floor covering can see a lot of foot traffic if the garage is adjacent to the finished area. Commercial carpet squares are built to handle heavy traffic. These are the same commercial carpet squares that are installed in airports, hotels, restaurants, etc.

4. Commercial grade carpet tiles can be used to create unique looks on a room or area. Basement floor covering doesn’t have to be bland to be functional. A very popular option when using commercial carpet tiles is to use 2 or 3 colors to make checkerboard or contemporary designs. Not only does the use of several colors (contrasting colors do great) give the basement a designer look, but it hides the seams where the carpet tiles come together.

5. Carpeted, commercial grade tiles can be a very cheap basement floor covering if you hunt the deals down. Normally, carpet squares and tiles can be expensive, but you can find some wholesalers that sell carpet squares for $.89 per square foot or less. If you have a 10 ft by 200 ft finished area, that’s only $89 for the entire basement floor covering. By doing the installation yourself, you will save additional money over other flooring options as well.

What Does a Home Well Inspection Include?

If you have a well, an annual well inspection should be part of your maintenance to-do list. Even if your water tastes good, lead and other contaminants can seep into the water supply and lead to health problems. A well inspection is a small price to pay to ensure the safety of your drinking water.

What Does a Well Inspection Include?

Conducted by a licensed and/or certified well water contractor, your annual well inspection should include several components:

  • A flow test to measure water output and level, pump performance, tank pressure and switch contact pressure,
  • An inspection of equipment to ensure that it meets local codes and appears to be safe,
  • A test of water for coliform bacteria and nitrates,
  • Tests for any minerals known to affect water conditions in the area, such as sulfides, manganese or iron,
  • Periodic tests for pH levels or total dissolved solids,
  • Additional tests if the water is cloudy or oily, if there are signs of bacterial growth on fixtures or if equipment is not working properly, and
  • A written report that includes laboratory data, explains results and offers recommendations.

Useful Information about Well Inspections

Once you receive the reports from your well inspection and from any other tests that were performed, you should retain the records and keep them in a safe place, along with construction documents from when the well was first dug. Most wells have a life expectancy of about 20 years or more. Having your records on hand will be useful in determining when you might need to replace it, and necessary if you sell your house.

How much can you expect to pay for a well inspection? The cost varies according to the area and is based on the sampling methods, test procedures and the number of tests performed, but a homeowner can generally plan on spending around $150-$350. More extensive sampling for more contaminants can raise the cost.

When choosing a well inspector, it is important to use one who is licensed and certified in your state and who is familiar with the local codes. The inspector should use laboratories that are licensed to test for various contaminants that may appear in the water.

Why Should You Order an Annual Well Inspection?

You may wonder why an annual well inspection is necessary if you have no problems with taste, appearance, odor or performance. Since your well is underground, you may be unaware of any possible changes. If your home is near farms, mines, a landfill or gas or oil fields, contaminants could infiltrate your water. The same is true if you have dumped oil or waste in your yard, had your home exterminated, have a septic tank problem or develop cracks in the sealed sanitary cap on your well.

Having an annual well inspection is the best way to assure the safety and quality of your water supply.

Just-In-Time LEAN Supply Chain: Globalization Or Localization?

The recent article from TIME magazine shows an estimate that exports account for only about 20% of the world economy, cross-border foreign direct investment is only 9% of all investment, only 15% of venture-capital money is deployed outside home borders, less than 2% of all phone calls are international, less than 1 quarter of international traffic is routed across a national border, and about 90% of the world’s people will never leave the country which they were born. So what does this mean to globalize the LEAN Supply Chain?

Many companies, especially in manufacturing sectors have embarked on the LEAN Supply Chain journey for decades. ‘Just-In-Time’ (JIT) concept is the backbone for LEAN Supply Chain and is popular among the manufacturers. Manufacturers have developed systems and planning models to control the raw material, semi-finished goods and finished goods movement based on this concept. The models mostly focuses on how to deliver goods to the next location on time, and precisely meeting the pre-defined performance criteria. It is undoubtedly that companies have placed tight control in the internal operations, but material supplies from the external suppliers are simply out of hand in many situations. Take an example of 2011 Tokyo earthquake and tsunami; the supply chain was interrupted. Manufacturers that depended on the supplies from the affected area were forced to shut down their operation shortly after the disaster due to supply shortage. It was obvious that the negative impact was not limited to merely the near-by manufacturers, but across the world. The impact was definitely bad, wasn’t it? What were the lessons you learned then? How about now, more than 1 year after the Tsunami, have you made any change in your supplier profile? Have you re-aligned your LEAN Supply Chain and “JIT delivery” strategies?

A Chinese proverb quotes “Distant water will not quench a fire near”. It clearly tells us to focus on local solution than source from hundreds or thousands of miles away. The article in the TIME magazine indeed is another wake-up call for us to re-look into the JIT success factors: “Closer is Faster. Closer is More Manageable. Closer is Better”. JIT works best with nearby suppliers. In order to allow close proximity supply delivery, localization must happen. It eliminates not only the risk of unexpected natural disaster but other hidden factors which lie along the way. Apart from the risk factors, the delivery cost which largely depends on the fuel price is trending up too. All these add burden to the product cost.

In summary, for effective LEAN supply chain in your manufacturing plants, you need to look into the fundamental influencing elements: the supplier profile. The rule of thumb is “begin with near”. If the local suppliers cannot meet your expectation entirely, work on the improvement opportunities before jumping to a quick solution for sources elsewhere. Things you can do include modifying your needs in terms of delivery mode, acceptable quality level, internal material management system, cost model, and etc. Only if you have exhausted the local options, you consider exploring sources from far.

Remember this: Localization is not the only determining factor, but you just can’t live without it in the JIT practices. And, without the JIT deliveries, LEAN in supply chain is hard to sustain in long run.

Review of MotionCraft – Functional Motion Furniture

MotionCraft manufactures a selection of high-quality motion furniture at its Plant in North Carolina. MotionCraft is a division of Sherrill furniture, and offers some of the best-looking motion furniture in the country. 100% made in America, this company offers recliners, comfort tilt chairs with regular, storage and sleeper ottomans, home theater leather recliners, and sleeper loveseats and sofas.

Most furniture manufacturers will offer a recliner in their range, but none can match the MotionCraft motion furniture for quality and ease of operation. Not only do they look good, but they do not look like recliners. They look just like regular living room furniture. Not only that, but the company also offers a range of sectionals and the ability for you to custom design your own motion furniture.

MotionCraft Recliner Range

You can choose from four different types of recliners or tilt chairs. The regular recliner, like the entire range is available in 41 different styles, some of them offering a motorized option. They are available in a range of leather and fabric upholstery. These recliners offer a TV viewing recline or a full almost flat out recline.

The Wall Hugger chairs provide a footrest for TV viewing or a full recline for maximum comfort. There are nine designs available, each with a motorized and swivel glider option. The range also includes a lift assist options for the elderly and infirm that find it difficult to sit down and stand up unassisted. These too are available in leather and fabric finishes.

There are also two Zero Wall recliners with motorized options which can be set hard up against a wall without interfering with the reclining functionality. Finally, the two gorgeous Comfort Tilt chairs offers partial and full recline, along with a matching ottoman with the option of a storage ottoman. All of these reclining models display the fabulous craftsmanship of MotionCraft and its very easy reclining action.

Sleep Sofas and Loveseats

There are two sleepers in the Sweet Dreams 8000 range, including a 72 inch wide full sleeper sofa and queen sleep sofas at 80 and 86 inch widths. There is also a chair-and-a-half twin sleeper and a storage ottoman for the bedding. There is a selection of sleep sofas and loveseats outside the Sweet Dreams range that range from 65 to 86 inches wide.

MotionCraft also offers you a choice of incline sofas and motorized recliner sofas for your comfort with a simple operating mechanism. Every one of these items of furniture will look good in any room, and there are sufficient upholstery options to suit any type of décor.

Sectionals and Multiples

You have a wide range of sectionals that will enable you to mix and match your motion furniture to fit any room configuration. With right and left and arms, armless sofas and wedges, you can arrange these in just about formation you wish.

Design Your Own

Design your own sectionals from a whole host of individual pieces, including 24 armed and armless options with various motion types (incliner, recliner, motor recliner, swivel glider, twin, full and queen sleeper), corner armless chairs and wedges at 65, 78 and 81 degrees.

You can also choose from 5 arm styles, 2 back cushions, 3 base options and a range of upholstery fabrics and leather. There is a storage ottoman available to match your choices. MotionCraft really does offer the very best facility to enable you to design a sectional motion arrangement to meet any need at all.


These pieces look as good as they sound, and it is very difficult, if not impossible, to find fault. Perhaps the only criticism could be the apparent lack of a lift chair in the sectional options. In fact, there appears to be only one lift chair in the entire range. However, no doubt the company will be able to resolve that omission very easily if asked.

Not only does MotionCraft offer a very wide selection of motion furniture, but it all looks great and feels absolutely solid. This is high quality stuff that you really have to see to appreciate. It is very easy to operate so if you have arthritis in your hands don’t worry. This is for you: top of the range products at middle of the range prices.

How Does a Patio Misting System Work?

How does a patio mister work? Well it depends on which system you use. There are basically two types of misting systems on the market. One is an expensive system that utilizes a pump to pressurize the water and send it through pipes and tubing to spray out a nozzle in a fine mist. The finer the spray, the quicker it will evaporate, creating a cooling sensation. A good system will lower the ambient air temperature up to 30 degrees.

There are several different versions of the more expensive system, the main difference being the pump itself. In the lesser quality systems, the pump is fairly loud. With the high end systems, the pump is almost silent. You can build a screen around the pump and eliminate most of the noise and hide the system out of sight.

The inexpensive systems rely on the house hold water pressure to send the water out the spray nozzles. At one time, the quality on this type system was disappointing. The droplets were very large, which resulted in a light rain falling on you and your patio, getting everything wet in the process. It also only lowered the ambient air temperature about 10 to 15 degrees.

There have been some pretty innovative changes in the past couple of years in the spray nozzles. These now produce a finer mist at normal water pressures. As a result, the majority of the mist evaporates before it falls. This results in a lower ambient air temperature with much less mess. These systems can lower the temperature between 20 and 30 degrees, almost as well as the more expensive systems, and at a fraction of the cost.

If you are planning on getting a patio misting system, you need to determine your budget. Obviously, if money is not an object, you can opt for one of the expensive, commercial grade quality misting systems with a pressurizing pump. This will give you years of reliable service and will increase your home value.

However, for most of us, we are limited to how much we can spend on a misting system. You can choose an inexpensive system, that hooks up to your garden hose, which will produce large droplets and soak everything on your patio. Or, for about the same price, you can get a better quality system that will produce results like the systems that cost ten times as much.

When it comes to patio misting systems, it pays to do the research and find which system produces the best results.

Forestry Trucks Need Forestry Roads!

One important requirement for any logging company to quickly achieve established management goals is to have well-performing roads. This requirement is very dependent on several factors such as geographic location, management goals and other on-site considerations. The value and basis for the usage of these arteries is limited to only logging purposes; they are also used for different ranger services such as fire protection, recreation and other site activities that are very dependent on smooth passageways.

Efficient Systems

By providing a high standard road system, efficiency in accessing the location can be achieved. It also secures and increases the value of land by having well-designed and well-constructed routes, as movement over such routes is more cost-efficient and yet does not compromise the protection of other valuable natural resources. In addition, providing effective maintenance of these paths can retain driving longevity while preventing any adverse effects to natural resources.

Forestry Road System Categories

The forestry industry designates the way its vehicles travel into different categories:

  • Skid Trails – This is the designated path used to move and transport logs to temporary roads or landing points. Usually, it requires a fairly flat area and needs little soil movement to set up. It does require the removal of some bushes and trees along the way.
  • Temporary – Any such road designation has been constructed to connect skid trails to secondary or landing sites for tractor transit. In this case, soil movement is needed. During construction, some light machinery is often utilized for building purposes.
  • Secondary – This connects from temporary to primary roads or landing sites with some traffic restrictions that are usually implemented during heavy rain. A trail such as this is mainly used during forestry operations. Soil movement will most likely be needed since there is no gravel or asphalt being put down.
  • Primary – This is the forestry road system basis and is usually utilized the whole year including the rainy season. It is a very essential structure for providing continuous log transportation by large forestry trucks. Generally, since this structure requires a specific engineering design, its construction cost is greater than other such routes.


For companies desiring investment growth, careful planning is very essential to eliminate cost and other operational expenses along the way. By wise planning, the total distance of the route can be minimized to help reduce the overall construction cost. It also means the less pavement construction will translate to decreased detrimental effects on our natural resources.


Proper maintenance applied to every route plays an important role in providing reliable transportation as well as overall construction and operational costs for a logging company. In fact, there is a direct link between the trail condition and forestry truck operating costs. With poor or improper maintenance of such pathways, there are greatly increased safety hazards to users that could lead to more accidents with associated property and human losses. Up-keep efforts such as verge cutting, patching of cracks and pot holes, culvert cleaning, resurfacing, overlay, and pavement reconstruction are some examples of commonly performed maintenance.

There are still instances when special work needs to be done and every logging company should be prepared for such unforeseen circumstances that usually cannot be planned for in advance. An example of this is repair activity necessitated by landslides or washouts that have made these pathways impassable.

In conclusion, forestry management of a road system should not be coincidental but rather be carefully considered in order to provide a better road system. Such an undertaking will have a direct effect on the functionality of forestry trucks and other log transit equipment. Having functional and high-standard roads can result in a greater log yield, increased harvesting output, and decreased overall cost. So it is indeed very truck that every forestry job needs a great forestry road!

Object Lesson – Ping Pong Christians

Games using Ping Pong Balls

  • Balance – Who can balance a table tennis ball on a book (through an obstacle course?) without the ball falling off?
  • Bounce off – From a designated distance, bounce a ping pong ball at another ping pong ball to knock it off an open soda bottle. First to do so wins.
  • Bridge Run – Be the first to roll three ping pong balls into three different glasses set at varying distances, using a tape measure as a bridge. When the game begins, grab the tape measure and extend it towards the nearest glass. Pick up a ball and try to roll it across the tape measure and into the glass. Once you’ve found success with the first glass, move on to the next one. In order to win this game, all three glasses must contain balls and the tape measure must be retracted. The trick is getting the right angle – if the angle is too steep the ball will roll too quickly and right across the glass.
  • Double shot – Using 1 hand, toss 2 Ping balls at the same time so that they land in 2 separate glasses.
  • Fan Propulsion – Using a paper plate, be the first to fan a table tennis ball across a goal line.
  • Ping Pong Ball Catch – Holding a cup on top of your head, you try to be the first to catch a ping pong ball in the cup on top of your head as the ball is bounced off the floor and into the air. Harder than it seems.
  • Ping Pong in a cup – players stand at 10 – 20 feet apart in a room with a tile or concrete floor. One player bounces the ball toward the other who must catch the ball in a cup before it stops bouncing. The ball can only be touched with the cup.
  • Ping Pong Knock Out – everyone holds a plastic spoon in their mouth with a ping pong ball balanced on it. Using only blasts of air, each youth must blow the ping pong balls off the spoons of other youth. Last one with left with his or her ping pong ball on the spoon is the winner. (The difficult is sudden movements can drop the ball as quickly as a gust of air. And those gusts of air just might blow your own ping pong ball off the spoon) No physical contact is allowed.
  • Ping-Pong Ball Flick – Place a ping pong ball on top of an open soda bottle. Youth must quickly walk past with their arm straight out and try to flick the ball off without touching the bottle. Its more difficult than it seems.
  • Ropeway – Two team members hold a long loop of string taught with their hands and try to be the first to roll a table tennis ball to one end and back without dropping it.
  • Shake a box – Place 6 to 10 table tennis balls in an empty tissue box. (If needed, enlarge the hole in the top of the tissue box so it is big enough but not too big for a ping pong ball to fit through. Fill the box with 6 to 10 balls and attach it to the back of a youth using a piece of string or duct tape so that the bottom of the box is against the person’s waist / backside. Youth must dance around to shake the balls out of the box. First to do so wins.
  • Spoon & Ping Pong Ball Relay – A youth holds a spoon in his mouth and carries the ball through an obstacle course. Fast team to do so wins. (Variation – do it blindfolded with verbal instructions from your team)
  • Spoon Transport – A table tennis ball is passed player to player on a spoon. If the ball falls, the team must start over again at the beginning. (Variation – spoons are held in the mouth)
  • Straw Propulsion – Use a straw to blow a table tennis ball through an obstacle course on a table or the floor to a goal.
  • String Transport – Be the first to transport a table tennis ball sitting on top of an open soda bottle to another soda bottle that is several feet away using only a loop of string. (Use 36 inches / 1 meter of string with the ends tied together to create a loop. With your fingers inside of each end of the loop of string you can stretch it out to a long oval that can hold the ping pong ball in balance.) You cannot touch it with your hands. You drop it then you must start over.
  • Table Tennis Ball Goal Shoot – Set up goal markers on opposite sides of a table with team members alternating around it. Using only gusts of air, which team can shoot the ping pong ball into the most goals in a designated time limit.
  • Tic Tac Toe – Arrange 9 paper cups in a 3×3 grid for each team. The first team to bounce table tennis balls into the cups to get 3 in a row wins.
  • Wasted – Who can be the first to toss a table tennis ball against the wall so that it then bounces into a waste paper basket?
  • William Tell – From a designated distance, use a rubber band to shoot the ping pong ball off of an open soda bottle. First to do so wins.



  • What were some of the difficulties that you faced in these games?
  • What were some of the strategies used to overcome the difficulties?
  • What are some of the characteristics of a ping pong ball that had an effect on these games?

The difficulty with Ping Pong Balls is that they bounce back and forth easily – Ping – Pong – Ping – Pong and they are easily blown off course.

The Bible describes a man who has these same qualities in James 1:5-8

“If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. Such a person is double-minded and unstable in all they do.”

When you don’t have faith in God, you’ll be double minded. That means, like a ping-pong ball, you’ll bounce back and forth. You won’t be strong in your faith. You’ll be tossed about by doubts and difficulties.


  • What are some of the difficulties we face as Christians? In school? In our homes? In life? In general?
  • What are some ways we can overcome the various difficulties?
  • How is faith and prayer an answer to facing life’s difficulties?
  • What are some of the doubts we face concerning God and prayer?
  • How do doubts affect a person’s prayer life? Our actions?
  • Are you easily influenced by circumstances and thing around you? Why or why not?
  • Are you able to stand strong in life’s difficulties? Why or why Not?
  • What solutions does this scripture give us?


  • In what areas do you need God’s wisdom this week?
  • In what areas do you need to be more consistent, more stable?
  • How can faith and prayer help you in these things?

SCRIPTURE VERSES on Doubts / Lack of Faith

  • Matthew 14:31 – Peter walks on water and doubts
  • Mark 4:40 – Jesus calms the storm

Sportcraft Premium Combo Badminton and Volleyball Set

Most people prefer to pick a set rather than picking up individual items, when buying equipment for both badminton and volleyball games. This is one of the practical approaches pertinent in purchasing such kind of sport products.

Aside from obtaining all the basic equipment needed for the game, you would be able to save money from doing such thing. It is because most of the products that come into one-complete package offer discounts of some percentage rates.

Moreover, it is even a lot better if you decide to buy a badminton and volleyball set in a form of any available combo packages in the market. Why is it so? Usually, for Combo packages, some additional unique features are made available, aside from the high quality it guarantees to customers.

Although, you also have to mull over the amount this certain badminton-volleyball package costs. Nevertheless, it still matters less because in return, you would be able to acquire the best value package for the money you spent for such merchandise.

One of the most suggested brands for this kind of package is the Sportcraft Premium Combo Badminton-Volleyball Set, which offers premium product items as the main package feature. It is a complete package comprised with both the badminton and volleyball equipment. This set is already available in the marketplace, nowadays.

If you are planning to have one for your self, then you may take a closer view of the features and see for your self how worth the product is for your own usage.

Product Set and Specific Feature

o The Badminton Rackets

o The set contains four high-performance badminton rackets.

o Each racket has an added unique feature like the heat treated t-connectors.

o Similar to other high-quality badminton rackets, they are also made with tempered steel shafts and grommets.

o Furthermore, the rackets also include lantex string that provides durable strength and excellent performance.

o The Poles

o The poles in this premium set are adjustable and characterized as virgin PVC telescopic poles.

o Each pole measures up to 1.5 inches hexagonal and 61 to 96 inches above the ground.

o The shuttlecocks

o Premium shuttlecocks are also provided in this set, specifically made even more extra durable to endure several events. There are 3 shuttlecocks of the given description available in this set.

o The Net

o It is a premium three-ply, knotless net, measuring about 20 by 1.5 foot with 1 and 1/2 inch top tape.

o Volley Ball

o The volley ball in this set is PVC sponge volleyball with an official weight and size.

Additional Premium Features

o Score Net System

o This is a unique scoring system, which allows everyone in to view the points acquired by each team in a glance.

o The New quick set up net system, which provides you a hassle-free equipment assembly. These include:

o The Pre-Tied Tension Adjusters

o Telescopic Poles

o The Pre-Tied Guide Ropes to support the net

o Inflating needle and pump

o Storage bag

o Retail tag

o Game rules and instructions

Men’s Suits: What To Wear on a Romantic Date

You’ve asked her out on a date and the excitement is mounting. You are preparing yourself by listing what to say, getting shaved and trimming your hair. You want to look your best because you are taking the girl to a classy and sophisticated restaurant. That means that you need to dress formally to be admitted. She’s probably going from store to store to decide what to wear. But you are, probably, doing the same thing.

For a romantic date, it is preferable that you wear a chic men’s suit. There are quite a few designer suits to choose from. There are also other suits that won’t be appropriate. For example, it would be very odd if you attend your date in a tuxedo or a wedding suit. That is too formal and not really appropriate for a date.

A slim fit suit usually makes any man look good and stylish. Because it is tailored to your body, it fits your body perfectly. When you try on a suit that you like and it doesn’t quite fit you, you can have it altered to your shape. Ice Men suits are stylish with an element of comfort and would be a great option for your date.

A blue suit indicates that you are trendy and know what you want. Navy blue and mid blue shades look great as evening wear when you are going to a sophisticated restaurant. The Lawry suit, which is available in a dark royal blue shade, is elegant but not too formal. It looks fantastic if you are going out for the night.

Once you’ve chosen your men’s suit, you need to decide on the shirt, tie, and cufflinks. A white shirt is always the best option if your suit is the focal point of your ensemble. Choose one that fits well on you. You can opt to go without a tie as it is a date night and not necessarily a formal function. Cufflinks are a good option as it can interpret your style and your date will see these often as you place your hands on the table to talk or eat.

It is best to put some thought into what you are going to wear on a date. Wearing an interesting men’s suit that represents your personality and style, will make you feel confident. This will make your partner feel special and know that she is worth the extra effort.

Tools Used in Ancient Rome

For twelve centuries, the Roman Empire stood as the greatest civilizations in history. Spanning from Rome, Italy across Europe and parts of Asia Minor, the Roman Empire saw both glory and suffering. Great wars were fought in the name of Rome and entire civilizations were conquered to ensure the glory of Rome stood unquestioned. However, the Romans techniques in battle and warfare were not what made Rome great. The tools that they used to build their empire, both for battle and for architecture, ventured paths in history that will never be forgot. Their keen use of metals such as bronze and Iron, and even steel, were unrivaled. It is fitting that today’s world still uses most of the tools designed and perfected by this ancient civilization, though, in some cases you would hardly recognize them as ancient Roman tools.

Today’s medical achievements owe their existence to ancient Roman tools. It was Rome and Greece that open the world to “modern” medicine, as well as surgery. Our surgeons and doctors still use most of the same ideas, teachings, philosophies and tools as the ancient Romans. The scalpel is one of the greatest surgical tools ever created by an ancient civilization. It was comprised, typically, of bronze or iron and mostly came in two sizes. The larger of these were commonly used for long, or deep incisions, while the shorter scalpel was used for more fine detail surgeries. The ancient Romans were also responsible for bone hooks, which were used for several purposes. The blunted hooks were used as probes to assist with dissections, as well as raising blood vessels. The sharp hooks were typically used for holding or lifting small flaps of tissue to be extracted, as well as retracting the edges of most injuries.

Also in surgery, the ancient Roman tools included bone forceps for extracting fragments of bone from wounds, especially to the skull. Bone Levers were invented for use in levering bones into place that had been fractured, as well as removing teeth. It was the ancient Romans, especially the doctor Soranus, the first gynecologist and obstetrician, that had created the vaginal speculum, as well. However, their additions to the tools of today are not only medical. They also designed incredible tools for metal crafting.

The ancient Romans were the first to perfect cast metal and used that perfection to create the first cast metal hammer head. This tool was then used for more complicated metal forging, like weapons and armor. They also created the lathe, using a lathing rod that was shaped from stone. It was turned using a system of gears and ropes that was powered using a treadle press. They also created the most efficient drilling system. The Romans also used tools to pull wire that consisted of stone grates used to pull nearly-molten metal into wire. However, the ancient Roman tools were also designed for versatility, like the scythe. In fact, the scythe was the first consumer item that was produced from cast metal. It was cast from bronze, then iron, and again from black steel. Other ancient Roman tools included the navigational tool called a sextant, as well as counterweights used for sailing that made it more simple to raise and lower the sails of their ships.

Despite these magnificent additions to the world, the ancient Roman tool makers guarded the secrets of their craft and, when the Roman Empire fell, many of their tool designs disappeared along with them, leading into the era known as the Dark Ages. Since then, though, we have rebuilt the tools that helped build the glory of Rome, redesigning them to fit our modern times, and perfecting them. However, the shadows of the ancient designs are still there.

How Do You Know the Age of a Stone Arrowhead?

When you find an arrowhead, or someone shows you an arrowhead, how can you tell how old it is?

A lot of the answer for how old an arrowhead is depends upon the type of stone the point in question is made from. Old flint tends to get coarser and turn lighter colors, towards white even, if it is exposed to sunlight and air and rain and freezing over time. However, if it is buried, sometimes there is very little apparent aging, unless the soil itself is chemically acting on the surface of the flint. I have found buried points and blades, which, after I washed them, were almost as smooth and unchanged as new materials. So, you then look for deposits of minerals from the buried condition. Also, if flint has been exposed to the atmosphere, often the exposed side of a flint point is quite discolored relative to the unexposed side. This is a good indication of age.

If the point is obsidian, especially in a desert area, and it has been exposed on the surface of the ground, the exposed side many times is somewhat polished by wind and blowing dust or sand. The underside is more original in feel, or it is often coated with chemical deposits from the soil. In addition, in desert or normal weather pattern areas, obsidian is affected by rain and other moisture over time, and gets what is called a “hydration rind” on the outer surface. This tends to dull the originally shiny, slick appearance of the flaked stone. It makes an outer layer of changed material, due to the absorption of minute amounts of water, that is thicker depending on the length of time of the exposure to the elements. Archaeologists have even taken to calibrating the age of obsidian points or tools based on the thickness of the hydration rind in a known area. This is done by comparing a sequence of rind measurements to ages determined by other accepted dating methods, C14, tree rings, etc., to set up a scale to get a rough age for a piece based on the thickness of the rind. The rind thickness can be observed by cutting a slice through an expendable obsidian tool.

Yet additional indicators of possible age are the style, size and source location of a point. Many styles of points were unique to certain time periods, which enables the observer to position the point in a time sequence. Also, many specific styles were used in specific regions, which also helps to identify the cultural identity of a particular piece. And, the material from which a particular regional style of point is made is generally known, at least to experienced collectors. So, when a point made of an abnormal, atypical material for a particular style is exhibited, the likelihood of modern production increases.

These concepts are just the beginning of the discussion of determining the age of an arrowhead.

Artifact authenticators also examine the edges of the points under high magnification to observe natural aging and “use wear” patterns vs. chemical aging or mechanical wear and tear with metal or other modern materials.

Mixed, confused or varying chipping and flaking styles indicate possible reworking of a point, either in ancient times to refurbish the edge or tip of the point for re-use, or in modern times to reshape it into an apparently complete tool.

Additional analytical methods come into play after an examination of the consistency and style of flaking patterns on a point or tool.

Authenticators can observe knapped stone surfaces under special light to see the potential difference in the age of the visible surfaces. Old surfaces and new surfaces react differently to certain kinds of light, and are visibly different to the eye under that special light. This difference between old and new stone surfaces also enables the detection of potentially modern rechipping of old points to reshape them.

This information can help collectors to make sure of what they are purchasing or acquiring by trade. And it will help identify the native culture and time period of the pieces which they find, in the field or through the various connections which are available, such as the internet and regional artifact shows.

Realism – The Guiding Influence on Impressionism

Expressing real life through the bold strokes of color on canvas is the essence of ‘Realism.’ The ‘Realists’ were drawn more towards the natural representation of people, places, and things, rather than covering theatrical drama and lofty subjects, unlike earlier art works. Exactitude and accuracy were the supporting pillars of ‘Realism.’ Whatever the truth be, savory or unsavory, the ‘Realists’ did not shy away from illustrating it on canvas. They attempted to portray the predicaments, appearances, and the customs of the middle & lower classes of the trite and humble.

The artistic movement called ‘Realism,’ began in France in the 1850s. ‘Realists’ mainly highlighted the ignored and the uglier aspects of the contemporary social structure in the most naturalistic physical settings, underscoring its mental attitudes, values, and material conditions. ‘Realism’ gained immense popularity with the introduction of ‘photography,’ an invention that was a direct result of the desire to reproduce “objectively real” imagery. The soul of ‘Realism’ is present in any well-observed and accurately delineated work. In fact, ‘Realism’ was more of a reactionary movement to oppose the unchecked spread of ‘Rocco Art,’ ‘Romanticism,’ ‘Classicism,’ ‘Academicism,’ and any other genre that dealt with everything other than the mundane aspects of everyday life of a common person.

‘Domestic Art’ and the ‘still life’ works of ‘Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin’ were one of the most celebrated contributions to ‘Realism.’ However, it was French painter, ‘Gustave Courbet,’ who set forth the first program of ‘Realistic’ painting. He reproduced landscapes and village life as meticulously as possible. His painting technique involved rich, creamy applications of thick paint, often with a palette knife, and the use of traditional colors, such as browns, greens, and blues.

The promoters of this movement totally discarded the formulas of ‘Neo Classicism’ and the theatrical drama of ‘Romanticism.’ They focused purely on painting familiar scenes and events, which were factual and not hypothetical. Some of the treasures of the ‘Realistic Art’ that won acclaims everywhere were “Stone Breakers” (1849) by Gustave Courbet, “The Salmon Fisher” (1889) by Elif Peterssen, and “Escaping Criticism” (1874) by Pere Borrell del Caso.

In the due course of time, ‘French Realism’ became a guiding influence on the ‘Impressionist’ works of the mid 1860s. The crucial link between ‘Realism’ and ‘Impressionism’ was French ‘Realist’ painter, ‘Édouard Manet.’ ‘Impressionists’ drew maximum inspiration from his works, which concentrated on producing the replica of the scene being captured. ‘Impressionism’ can be seen as an offshoot of ‘Realism,’ but in its turn it had to battle with the more popular style of ‘Romanticism.’

Hunt With Your Children, Not For Them!

The local chapter of Safari Club International used to hand out bumper stickers that read “Hunt With Your Kids, Not For Them”. It is a very prophetic statement. When I was just a boy I knew a family who’s daughter went missing. She was gone for a couple of weeks and I got to witness first hand the anguish this family endured as they searched for their daughter. I sympathize with anyone who has gone through this. In this case there was a somewhat happy ending as the girl returned but I know there were problems that needed to be resolved. So when I first saw SCI’s sticker, it hit home.

Fast forward several years and my youngest son is about to make his first adventure into becoming a hunter. He and a friend from school signed up to take the hunter safety course and I can tell you my heart was filled with pride when he went the two days and got his certificate. A few days later we purchased his first hunting license and started to make plans for our first trip into the woods as a father and son hunting team.

Squirrels were to be our first hunt. We have a cabin in the Allegany’s and you can find every type of squirrel there . And we are also blessed with plenty of nut trees so finding them is quite easy as well. We arrived at the camp the night before and got the fire going in the wood burner. October in Western New York is a beautiful time to be in the woods but the nights can get quite chilly. Once the blades started to turn on our ecofan, we were in business with plenty of warm air being circulated around by the eco friendly fan. If you haven’t seen one of these yet , they are quite unique in that they make their own electricity. I have been using one for several years. Back to the hunt.

My son has had plenty of practice at shooting targets with his .22. I started all of my children very young to get them used to firearms and teach them respect for the weapon as well as the intended target so when we left the cabin early that October morn I knew he was ready. We took about a half hour walk up over the hill to be among some beach nut trees. We settled on one that had fallen and was just the right height for a seat and began our wait. The first thing to show up was a young doe. She didn’t seem to mind that she was sharing the forest with us this day. She foraged a little and then kept going on her appointed rounds. Soon I caught the sight of a big black squirrel scampering around collecting his morning feast. My son also saw it and asked if he should shoot. I asked him if he was ready and he said yes. One shot later we had our first squirrel for the day. He was anxious to retrieve the animal but I told him to sit still and just remember where the squirrel was. About five minutes later a nice gray squirrel showed up and met a similar fate. We waited a while when it became obvious that something was coming up the hill. At first we weren’t sure what it was but soon several heads started bobbing up and down and we saw several turkeys having a little breakfast as they walked up the hill. It was not turkey season so these were going to get a free pass but it was certainly exciting to see them and to share this moment with my young hunter. We waited until the turkeys passed through and out of sight and proceeded to collect our take for the morning.

As we walked out of the woods I will never forget what my first time hunter who had just bagged his first two squirrels asked. He said ” Dad, what caliber of gun do you need to hunt Elk? ” I still laugh every time I think about it. Hunt with your children, not for them. I hunt , therefore, I am.

Cartomancy Combinations – Tarot Readings Where Nines Or Eights Appear

Cartomancy, the art of divination with modern playing cards, is rooted in Tarot reading. One of the differences in this art is the special meanings of certain combinations of cards when dealt together. The Nines and Eights of the various suits are among those cards with combination meanings. Learn to know these meanings, and what they can spell out for you.

Cartomancy derived from Tarot

The Tarot deck has been used for determining fortunes since ancient times. These decks were originally hand made, with the history of their symbolism passed down from readers from generation to generation. With the advent of printing, card decks became more common for the average person to own. They also became simpler, with the Tarot’s Major Arcana dropped, excepting the fool or joker. However, people still desired the ability to read fortunes with the new decks. Readers created new meanings drawing from the Tarot suits, and modifying them to fit the new suits. Additional meanings were added to combinations of cards to help take the place of the missing Major Arcana. And finally, printers gathered these meanings and published them, leaving them for us in modern times. The meanings shown below are taken from these early collected sources.

Nines in Combinations

The Nine of Hearts by itself is the “wish” card, designed to make dreams come true. However, when dealt next to a card of ill-fortune, these dreams will be delayed by quarrels and temporary setbacks. And when the Nine of Hearts falls next to the Five of Spades in a reading, it foretells loss of face and status for the client. The Nine of Clubs in a reading when dealt alone predicts that your friends will be stubborn and hold you back. However, when it is dealt with the Eight of Hearts, it predicts gaiety and happiness instead. Your friends will joyously aide your endeavors. The Nine of Diamonds when dealt by itself predicts a surprise concerning money matters. However, when it is dealt with a Jack, Queen, or King of any suit, it predicts failure due to a lack of focus, or distractions. And, when the Nine of Diamonds falls next to the Eight of Spades, it foretells a bitter quarrel for the client. The Nine of Spades by itself foretells general bad luck for the client. However, when it falls next to the Seven of diamonds, it predicts a serious loss of money instead.

Eights in Combinations

The Eight of Hearts by itself foretells invitations and parties, while the Eight of Diamonds by itself foretells either a late marriage, or a journey leading to a new relationship. However, when these two cards fall together in a reading, they predict a significant dowry from a woman in marriage related somehow to the client. And when the Eight of Hearts is dealt with the Five of Hearts, it foretells a present of Jewelry will be either given or received by the client. The Eight of Diamonds when dealt with the Five of Hearts foretells a present of Money to be given or received instead. The Eight of Spades, when dealt by itself foretells a warning of troubles or disappointments ahead. And when this card is dealt directly to the right of the client card in the layout, it is a clear call to abandon your current plans and seek another path.

Other Lesser Card Combinations

The Four of Hearts when dealt by itself, foretells many changes and delays in your plans. However, if it is dealt next to a King, Queen, or Jack, it predicts that the client will have many love affairs in the future. The Four of Clubs when dealt by itself calls for a downturn in the clients fortunes. However, when the Four falls next to a King, Queen, or Jack of any suit, it predicts a loss or injustice upon the client. The Two of Clubs dealt by itself foretells disappointments, and the Two of Diamonds when dealt by itself calls for a serious love affair. However, when these two cards are dealt together, their meaning changes; they predict an unexpected message who’s meaning may be either good or bad.


Specific combinations of Nines, Eights, and Fours with other cards in a reading will have special meanings outside the normal ones for the cards alone. Never overlook these cards, instead interpret their combination meanings to gain complete insight into what the fates will bring you.