What Are the Best Tips to Get Certified on "CCT Routing and Switching?"

The “CCT Routing and Switching” qualification is a way of confirming your skills with Cisco networking equipment. This type of equipment is widely used in industry and business. Cisco Certified Technicians have the basic skills to diagnose, repair, restore, and replace Cisco networking and system devices at customer sites. Technicians work with the Cisco Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) to resolve support incidents. Cisco authorized training is available online and can be completed in multiple short sessions, enabling Technicians to stay productive whilst working in the field. Cisco Certified Technician (CCT) certification is available in several technology tracks, so that Cisco Support Technicians can expand their area of expertise across various technologies, such as Data Centres and TelePresence. The first certification to start with is Cisco Certified Technician Routing and Switching (CCT-RS).

The CCT-RS certification (through the 640-692 RSTECH exam) focuses on the skills required for onsite support and maintenance of Cisco routers, switches, and operating environments. Technicians in this area must be able to: identify Cisco router and switch models, accessories, cabling, and interfaces; understand the Cisco IOS software operating modes and identify commonly found software; and be able to use the Cisco Command Line Interface (CLI) to connect and service products. Achieving CCT Routing and Switching certification is considered the best foundation for supporting other Cisco devices and systems, and for going on to qualify for other advanced Cisco certifications.

The first tip is to buy this book:

“CCT Routing and Switching (CCT-RS) Secrets To Acing The Exam and Successful (sic) Finding And Landing Your Next CCT Routing and Switching (CCT-RS) Certified Job” (ISBN 148615980X 9781486159802).

This book costs US$33.82 on Amazon. To prepare for the exam, this book tells you:

• What you need to know about the CCT Routing and Switching (CCT-RS) Certification and exam

• Preparation tips for passing the CCT-RS certification exam, and exams in general

• Taking tests

The book contains several suggestions on how to prepare for an interview. It covers non-technical aspects – how to find a job, write a resume, behaviour in job interviews, etc.

To land the job, it gives you insights on:

• Typical CCT-RS careers

• Finding opportunities – the best places to find them

• Writing unbeatable resumes and cover letters

• Acing the interview

• What to expect from recruiters

Secondly, you should absorb self-study materials available on the Cisco Learning Network:

Cisco has officially available self-study on-line courses that you study in your own time. The CCT-RS one is called “Cisco Certified Technician Supporting Cisco Routing and Switching Network Devices (RSTECH)”. It costs US$299. This buys you a year’s subscription and during the year you can review the six-hour course as often as you want.

These are some Cisco-recommended study supplements. They are not designed to serve as a complete self-study program. You can find “640-692 RSTECH Exam Topics” on the Cisco website: http://www.cisco.com/web/learning/exams/list/rstech.html#~Topics

Look for these in particular:

• Identify Cisco Equipment and Related Hardware

• Describe Cisco IOS Software Operation

• General Networking Knowledge

• Service-related Knowledge

Do You Have Knee Pain? Genu Valgum May Be the Culprit

A friend of minewent on a bicycle ride with me, and after about an hour started to experience severe knee pain. After checking her lower extremity I found she had “knock knees”. The clinical term for “knock knees” is Genu Valgum. The opposite would be “bowlegged” or Genu Varum. Since Genu Varum isn’t normally associated with pain or problems, we’ll concentrate on my friend with Genu Valgum. However, both of these conditions are the resultant of the Q-angle.


The Q-angle is determined in the frontal plane by drawing a line from the anterior superior spine of the ilium to the middle of the patella, and a second line from the middle of the patella down to the tibial tuberosity. A normal Q-angle for quadriceps femoris function is usually 10 -14 degrees for males and 15 -17 degrees for females.


 Anyway, back to my friend… 


When assessing the lower extremity you have to “get out of the box” sort of speak, says Ruben Salinas PT, OCS. Ruben is the clinical director of the Fortansce and Associates Physical Therapy clinic in Arcadia, CA. “Don’t just focus where the pain lies look at the whole picture. Remember, the lower extremity is a closed chain, especially in cycling.”


Normally associated with Genu Valgum you’ll find pronation or flat feet, tight gastrocnemius and in some cases trochanteric bursitis.


Let’s look at one at a time:

At the ankle, the body will try and compensate for the valgus stress at the knee (tensile forces on the medial side of the knee; compressive forces on the lateral side) by pronating. In gait you have to dorsiflex one ankle in order to swing through with the other leg.


If your clients gastroc is tight, they won’t be able to dorsiflex, which will cause the foot to cave in. This will indeed affect the knee and then the hip. To lengthen the gastroc, have your client stretch. Be careful to insure their foot doesn’t cave in while stretching. If needed, support the inside of their foot with a wooden block so their foot won’t pronate.


For the tibialis posterior (which is an inverter and crosses the ankle) have your client perform “windshield wipers.” By strengthening the inverters, (see diagram) you’ll cause the foot to supinate which is the opposite of pronation.


Here’s how:

Lie a light weight on a towel. With their feet flat on the floor have the person slide the weighted towel inwards towards their other foot. There are other ways of helping the foot out, but that’s a whole other article.


My friend wasn’t complaining about her feet though, the pain was on the lateral or outside part of her knee.


So let’s examine the knee:

Because of the excessive Q-angle there will be more compressive forces on the lateral side and more tensile or distraction forces on the medial side of the knee. So how do you fix that?


“This is topic a large grey area in the physical therapy world,” says Ruben Salinas. He is an expert on knees. VMO weakness or the inability to fire has been suggested as the culprit for patella – femoral dysfunction. The experts still can’t agree. It’s definitely worth trying though. To increase VMO activity, try quad sets in all directions or have your client put a small ball or rolled up towel between their legs when the perform leg extensions. Have them squeeze tightly or adduct at the top of the extension.

Another method Ruben suggests is Bio-feedback. Have the client put their hands on both the Vastus lateralis and Vastus Medialis, then have them contract their leg. Through their fingers they should be able to feel which side contracts first. Try and get them to “fire” the inside (vastus medialis) first. It would be nice if you had some surface EMG’s, but hey, we’re just trainers!


At the hip, you’ll often find weak external rotators. It’s almost as if the head of the femur has rolled forward and inward. When this happens, the greater trochanter starts to smash up against a bursa which eventually could lead to bursitis.


The external rotators of your hip are the key here. Concentrate on the gluteus maxims and not the gluteus medius. Remember, the medius is an internal rotator. Don’t forget the deep external rotators either. By performing external rotation with a cable or tubing attached around the ankle, you will strengthen the piriformis, superior and inferior gemellus, obturator externus and internus as well as the quadratus femoris. This will help stabilize the hip so that smashing of bone against bone doesn’t occur.


Be aware, some clients may have an aversion. This is the angle of the femoral neck in the frontal plane. (see diagram). Anteversion will turn the toe turn inwards, increase mechanical advantage of the gluteus maxims as an external rotator, increase the Q-angle and cause more pronation at the foot. Anteversion is structural, so you can’t repair that without a scalpel and a chain saw.


In conclusion, I hope you can see that in the case of the lower extremity you must take a holistic approach. Ask a lot of questions. How did they get this way? Is the condition acute or chronic? Is it congenital? Is it structural or muscular? Examine their gait. 


If there is pain when performing these exercises, refer them out and get a medical release.


I hope this will help you and your clients, and I sincerely hope you’ll assess their posture before you load anyone with a weight.


By the way, after a little RICE, (rest, ice, compression, elevation) my friend was able to walk again. Now she just needs one of you to train her.

Aura Around Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps

The purest salt on earth is beheld for its seemingly ordinary use with extraordinary health benefits. We grasped the idea of Himalayan rock salt as a culinary ingredient, a solute in a healing mixture, and a bath salt. Perhaps you are wondering, how about when unprocessed? Can we still make use of the advantages of Himalayan Salt? Well, that is taken care of by the Himalayan Rock Salt lamp.

Larger Himalayan rock salt crystal or crystal rocks are carved into lamps. The Himalayan salt lamp gives the impression with a candle inside. It is colored with an incandescent bulb. It glows beautifully.

These lamps could well serve as an attraction in homes and offices, as it lightens up our moods and bring harmony. Aside from its decorative glow, it sanitizes the air by absorbing water and allowing it to evaporate. The positive and negative ions in the air we breathe will then be neutralized. It offsets radiation from appliances like microwave ovens, televisions, desktops and laptops, promoting a calm and purified environment.

With a warm Himalayan rock salt lamp on your bedside table, you are going to get the good sleep you’ve been aching for all day long. All the pressures from work, the stressful things you’ve had to deal with, and the fatigue that’s beset you, will be reduced and replaced with energy and focus. That is also why the Himalayan salt lamp is a significant accessory in massage and meditation rooms, and even in fitness clubs.

These lamps are also excellent for color therapy. The Himalayan salt lamp comes in several colors with corresponding benefits. Orange is for the nervous system. White is for detoxification. Brown is for a state of balance. Pink is for a blossoming partnership, and red is for a strong heart.

The Himalayan rock salt lamp also needs to be maintained, so you can be sure you’re getting the most out of it. It should only be placed indoors, and kept away from water since it is still a salt. When it is not used, store in its original container or in a plastic bag to protect it from moisture. Wipe its dust off with a damp towel, and turn the lamp on to let it dry entirely. It will remain aglow with positive energies and good vibrations for our well-being.

Wouldn’t it be nice for your family and friends to experience good health and relaxation? Enlighten them with the Himalayan rock salt lamp as the perfect present.

Mobile Phone Sim Registration Failure – Causes & Solutions

“Insert Sim”, ” Check Sim”, ” Sim Registration Failure”

When this kind of message pops up on your mobile phone, the problem could be either from the Sim card or from the phone. The following steps will help you determine the source of the problem and subsequently help you deal with it.

Take the Sim card and try booting it in another phone while you also take another Sim from the same Network and try it on the phone. This simple step will determine where the problem is coming from.

You have to first make sure that the Sim Card is properly inserted with its gold plated contact/metallic chip seated on the Sim connectors in the phone. In other words, there must be proper alignment in the Sim Slot and locked where applicable.

A damaged sim card will present this problem. This may require a sim swap/replacement to solve the problem.

Sometimes when the sim card is getting old, worn out or abused this problem may present. In this case, placing a little folded piece of paper on the sim card before putting the battery may help. This will exert some pressure on the card, making it possible for it to have proper contact with sim connectors in the phone.

A dirty sim card could also be the problem. Cleaning with a soft piece of cloth moistened with mentholated spirit could be the answer. A pencil eraser could also be used for the cleaning. If some liquid got into the phone, the sim IC maybe damaged. Cleaning or changing the IC may solve the problem.

If the problem is with the phone, any of the following could do the trick

If phone is sim locked to a particular service provider, use the appropriate sim card or have it unlocked. If you can’t get the code to unlock it from the internet, take it to a certified technician.

You can also open the phone and look out for loose soldered parts around the connectors/sim card slot. If there is any, have it fixed by a certified technician.

This problem will arise if sim connectors are not properly aligned in the slot. Take a pin and pull up any that is out of alignment. Handset Simbase may require adjustment.

Check screws on the phone. If any is not tight, the board will not be able to read the sim card because proper contact is lacking between the sim card and the sim connectors on the phone.

In some cases, phone software update could do the trick or even debugging.

If all the above steps could not solve the problem, take the phone to a certified technician for a possible “jumper” treatment.

Emergency Dental Services: When You Need to Get Them

Dental emergencies are rare, but sometimes you can’t avoid them. It is important that you know what type of dental emergencies that need this type of urgent care. A clinic offering emergency dental care can provide the necessary expertise and treatment to alleviate the problem quickly, safely, and effectively. Here are some of the dental emergencies that require immediate treatment.

One of the most common reasons to seek emergency dental care is a persistent toothache, or periapical periodontitis. This type of toothache is spontaneous, painful, confined to one area, and worsens when the patient bites something. The gum area around the affected portion can also be painful. In this type of scenario, an abscess might form, which can lead to swelling of the face. This is a dental emergency because you need immediate pain relief. Emergency care can also prevent problematic side effects like airway obstruction.

Another situation that needs the services of an emergency dentist is trauma and bleeding. Normally when a tooth falls out, the tooth socket would bleed for a few minutes and then stop. The problem is that clots can usually dislodge and cause further bleeding if the patient chews on something hard. Physical trauma that dislodged teeth may also cause severe bleeding. A dentist specializing in emergency cases would attempt to control the bleeding through the application of pressure on the affected area for about fifteen to thirty minutes. They may use a hemostatic agent if the compress is not effective. Suturing the area is the last resort.

Another reason to seek an emergency dentist is fractured teeth. Fractures in permanent teeth, especially those that reach all the way into the teeth’s inner layers, require immediate treatment to prevent pulpal infection. What the emergency dentist would do is to place dentine padding on the affected part. You need to see a dentist within 24 hours to make sure there are no complications.

Post dental surgery complications are also situations that may require urgent care. One such situation is post extraction pain. Some discomfort is normal after an extraction, and it usually fades after a few hours. However, if the condition persists and painkillers do not work, you may need a dentist to check for other problems such as dry socket or a jaw fractures.

Lost dental fillings are also reasons to seek urgent dental care. This problem can create complications such as food or debris getting stuck in the teeth, which in turn can cause pain and infection.

Not all dental clinics offer emergency services, so you should make sure to find one in your area. Don’t wait until an emergency occurs, as this may cause you to rush to the nearest clinic without determining if they’re efficient and reliable or not. Look for clinics with emergency dentist at night and on weekends to make sure they are available no matter when your accident or emergency occurs.

Visit http://www.shinedentalgroup.com for more information.

Hemorrhoids, Their Symptoms, And How To Treat Them

If you think you may have hemorrhoids it is likely because you are experiencing some of the following symptoms. You may be feeling:

• dull, aching pain or a sensation of heaviness in the rectal area

• swollen, protruding lumps in and around the rectal opening

• prickling or itching

• bleeding and sharp pain when having a bowel movement

• difficulty passing bowel movements

• a feeling that there is always stool in the rectum even when it has been emptied

These symptoms are incredibly common. In fact, estimates exist that suggest that the percentage of the population that is dealing with hemorrhoids may be as high as fifty percent especially when the age of that population is over fifty.

But what are they?

The area in and around our rectum contains a large number of blood vessels. When those blood vessels are subjected to an increased level of pressure on a regular basis this can weaken the vessel walls. When that happens, the walls can bulge outwards. This is one reason why hemorrhoids protrude from the tissue around them. They are painful because of the large number of nerves that are also present in the same area.

There are two different types of hemorrhoids although it is only their location that determines what kind a hemorrhoid is. If it is inside the rectal opening a hemorrhoid is known as an internal hemorrhoid. If it occurs in the area around the rectal opening it is known as an external hemorrhoid.

Why do they occur?

Hemorrhoids can occur for a number of reasons. If you are straining to pass stool you can develop hemorrhoids. Stool may be difficult to pass because of the following reasons:

• Chronic, mild dehydration can harden stool

• A lack of fiber in the diet can make stools hard and more difficult to pass

• A chronic medical condition may be causing constipation

Pregnancy can also cause hemorrhoids for the following reasons

• Hormones can cause blood vessel walls to swell and distend more easily

• Hormones can also cause chronic constipation

• The weight of the baby can cause added pressure in the area around the rectum

• The force of pushing during childbirth can cause hemorrhoids

How can you treat them?

If you have hemorrhoids you have several different treatment options that may include:

• Adding fiber to the diet to soften stool

• Using medications to treat chronic constipation

• Changing toilet practices so that you spend five minutes or less sitting on the toilet whenever possible

• Using over the counter medications and wipes to shrink and sooth hemorrhoids and treat symptoms such as pain and a feeling of pressure or heaviness in the rectal area

Cornhole at Night – How to Make it Glow

Maybe you have already played the wonderful and exciting game of cornhole during the day and you’re ready to try your hand at it at night. Or perhaps you are new to the entire experience and have simply been searching for some information on the game of cornhole and would consider making your own cornhole boards and even the entire cornhole set by yourself and the idea of making it glow in the dark is intriguing. Many daytime games have found their way into the darkness of night by the way of a few modifications. So no longer does the sun need to dictate when fun lawn games must be put away.

Night play changes everything

You may not realize how much of an impact what we see affects what we do. If you’ve never gone out for midnight (often called moonlight) bowling, then you aren’t aware of trying to aim your shot, approach the line and throw the bowling ball with the lights overhead asleep for the night. When all you can see are the pins and the area around your feet, many players find this challenging, to say the least. Even the most accomplished bowlers can struggle when the lights go out.

And this creates another dimension of enjoyment to an already fantastic game known as cornhole. Just like with the moonlight bowling or glowball golf, the mistakes, the mis-shots, and the miraculous hole-outs are a regular occurrence when you play a daytime sport at night.

So how do you make a cornhole game glow in the dark?

Build it yourself or touch one up

One thing that you can do right away is to buy your own cornhole sets and then add some paints to the board and the bean bags to make them glow in the dark. Or you can build your own cornhole boards from scratch.

You don’t have to make the board glow in its entirety, but that can be fun, too. At a bare minimum, you should have the outside glow with glow-in-the-dark strips. These can be purchased at any number of craft stores. Place a glow-in-the-dark strip around the outside edge of each board (on the top of the surface). Of course, this could interfere with the bean bags sliding off the board, so if you have ambition, then paint a straight edge with glow-in-the-dark paints, preferably white so that it can be seen easily from 27 feet away.

Don’t forget the paint an edge around the hole as well. Odds are, once you play at night for the first time, you will want to paint the entire board in a glow-in-the-dark paint.

As for the bean bags, there are some fabrics that will glow in the dark, but they won’t be strong enough to endure the constant abuse from the tosses and smacks on the board -especially the corner hits where the bag catches the edge of the board. Instead, use a glow-in-the-dark fabric paint to solve this problem.

When you step outside at night for the first time to play cornhole in the dark, you’ll wonder why you never did it before!

Emergency Flashlight, Dynamo May Be Your Answer

When I was a child, my father insisted on having a flashlight in every room. At the time, I didn’t understand this obsession, since all that was necessary to light our home was to flip a switch. Instant light.

Then, one dark August evening, a thunderstorm hit our town with a vengeance. Naturally, the power went out, as did our lights. In a flash (no pun intended), I understood Dad’s insistence about flashlights… and I became just as obsessive as he was.

In those days, the only flashlight readily available was a heavy, Army-green monstrosity that required four batteries. Now, flashlights span the gamut from simple, basic lights to sophisticated high-tech gadgets that are so strong, they literally could blind an adversary. There are tiny, solar powered lights that hang on a key-chain, and huge lights that could illuminate an entire neighborhood.

My favorite, however, is a hand squeeze flashlight. It’s the one that takes center stage among my survival gear.

First, my hand squeeze flashlight was so inexpensive that I could… and did… buy several. I have them tucked in my bedside survival kit, in my 72-hour pack, and I have at least two in my van, one in my garden shed, and several scattered around the house. Basically, anywhere I have survival gear stored, there’s a hand squeeze flashlight.

Second, they work! One minute of squeezing and I have adequate light for about thirty minutes. I never need worry about batteries, since the hand squeeze flashlight doesn’t require them! Yippee! There is nothing more frustrating than desperately grabbing a much-needed flashlight, only to discover the darn thing won’t work because the batteries are dead.

Next, the hand squeeze flashlight is easy to use. Simply unlock the handle and squeeze. It doesn’t take a great deal of pressure. If the light dims, just squeeze the handle a few more times and voila, there is light! It really is that easy.

Additionally, it’s amazing how much light this little hand squeeze flashlight emits. That’s because it contains two strong LED lights.

Now, to the specifics: A hand squeeze flashlight is also called a dynamo flashlight. It stores energy in a flywheel. The user squeezes the handle repeatedly, causing the flywheel to spin. The flywheel is attached to a small dynamo which actually supplies the electrical current.

Although we think of the hand squeeze flashlight as a ‘modern’ invention made popular by the current interest in preparedness, these handy-dandy lights were actually given to soldiers during World War II.

However, today, a hand squeeze flashlight is the ideal item to add to your survival gear, scatter around your home, and slip into a pocket of your coat. Consider taping one to the underside of your desk at work as well. When the electricity sputters or a disaster occurs, you’ll be ready, regardless of your location when the event begins.

Since I live where the power goes out when someone sneezes too hard, I keep several hand squeeze flashlights handy. With no dead batteries or broken bulbs to worry about, I figure I’m in good shape for a late-night foray to the refrigerator or for an unexpected disaster.

I bet Dad would be proud of me.

The Difference Between Studio Lighting Photography and Natural Lighting

Lighting is an important element in digital photography. It can literally make or break your pictures. And it can also add to the emotions of the picture by showing details like expressions and feelings of the subject you’re taking pictures of. In order to make the best use of lighting, we must try and understand the way studio lighting photography works, as it’s a controlled lighting environment.

Light intensity is also commonly known as light strength. It refers to the amount of light that’s available. By using lighting in the right way, a particular subject in a photo can be subtly highlighting, calling attention to a particular object or person in the photo. The idea is similar to that of a spot light, but less intense. When we focus on a particular element in the photo, we are able to see much greater detail of the object.

Another important part of lighting is lighting direction. The position of the lights in relation to the person determines what features are to be emphasized. There are three main locations for lighting: from the front, from the back, and from the side. Lighting from the side accentuates certain elements of the person or object in the form of a silhouette. In certain cases, the light source itself may end up being the focal point that is emphasized.

And finally, we have light color. Unless you’re dealing only with black and white photography, colors play a crucial role. The colors present may show emphasis on particular objects, express certain moods and emotions, and help to make the photos more enjoyable to the viewer and photographer. From a psychological point of view, colors play a huge role. Depending on the emphasis of colors in a picture, such as green for money and red for anger, you can play to the emotions of your picture viewers.

The best example out in the world that utilizes lighting is still life photography. Because photographers are trying to capture a single moment in time, it’s all about focus and waiting for the perfect lighting. Simply by taking different shots, perhaps even seconds apart, you can express different moods and emotions through simple photos of fruits or products. A real world example of this would be online product images. There is considerable time spent to ensure products are seen in the correct “light” and viewed by the customers as beneficial and to enhance the appeal of the product.

This is all done in the hopes that customers that see the image will feel a sense of product practicality, product quality, and for certain purposes, they’ll feel a sense of luxury and style. There’s a reason why picture taking isn’t just as easy as snapping your finger. Light can make a product more appealing, but can also serve the alternate purpose of adding mystery and mystique in a photography to capture the viewers’ attention.

So, not to bring up the classic saying in photography, but a picture truly is worth a thousand words. This really does apply to lighting and photography, since natural lighting is just as important as studio lighting and the two are actually related. Both have the ability to capture the emotion of the photographer, but when it comes to using light, every photographer can make it look different, because lighting is dynamic and is never the same twice.

Success in Sweatpants Through Elance

I went from zero to 6-figure annual revenues in less than two years because of Elance. I started 4R Marketing in reaction to my corporate job-a dead end that limited my options to the point of screaming frustration. 4R-my second entrepreneurial venture and the first since the advent of the internet-would provide marketing consulting to small/medium service businesses.

My biggest barrier to success was the absence of a business network: I had no rolodex of contacts that I could tap for referrals. My second biggest barrier was the absence of a financial cushion to cover mortgage payments and living expenses for a few months while I got established. How could I manage these two hurdles effectively?

I recalled hearing about Elance, a web site that serves as an “eBay for services.” I checked it out, and though I was skeptical of the site as a source for long term revenue, I decided to see if I could earn some copywriting money while I ramped up the main business. In less than six weeks, I had booked $20,000 in jobs.

To my surprise, I found a rich lode of buyers looking for good, reliable writers in the global business market. Even more amazing, I acquired long term clients from Elance who are happy to pay the right money for the right provider. My strategy swiftly shifted, making Elance the core source of business for 4R, and less than two years later I broke through the 6-figure annual revenue mark.

Elance and similar sites have detractors in the freelancing world. Objections I have heard include:

  • Clients are “faceless,” with communication limited to email and perhaps the occasional phone call.
  • The competition for projects is intense and includes providers from all over the world.
  • Buyers want rock bottom pricing, and there are providers who will offer it, so a good provider can’t get a fair price for their work.
  • Buyers are not interested in quality, and are certainly not willing to pay for it.

These objections have a factual basis. Elance is a global marketplace and all transactions are virtual, so a provider is unlikely to meet clients in person. I am much more productive when left alone, so the faceless nature of virtual transactions is an advantage.

Yes, there is competition, and many buyers value price over quality. However, I find that the percentage of “bottom feeders” is about the same for Elance as for the local market I previously served. The Elance market is much larger, though, so even with the same percentage as the offline world, those pesky bottom feeders are more numerous and noticeable.

I believe that my great success with Elance is rooted in four key factors:

  1. I have a lot of business experience, which translates to an emphasis on customer service, an ability to discern good clients from bad, and clear terms and conditions that work for me as well as for the client.
  2. I have a robust portfolio that supports the bids I make. My samples cover the full spectrum of my content creation services.
  3. I have excellent testimonials on Elance and on the 4R site that attest to the quality and expertise we offer.
  4. Finally, my rate is not attached to my ego. I had no problem adjusting my fees on Elance when I started out because I understood the value proposition that the board offers.

This last point is, in my opinion, the primary reason that many freelancers fail to achieve success in the virtual market. They are too attached to their rate, emphasize gross over net, and are unwilling to adjust pricing to allow for the excellent value proposition that an online project board offers to buyers.

I think in terms of net, not gross. An online board saves me oodles of time (and money) looking for prospects. Elance provides me with a steady stream of leads that I can sell to, all from the comfort of my home. Without the marketing and sales overhead that my offline peers have, and without the overhead time and expense related to face to face meetings, I can charge a lower rate and still come out ahead on the bottom line.

I started out skeptical of Elance, considering it a short term means to an end. I am as surprised as anyone that this market is the main reason the 4R met its three year revenue target in less than two years, and why I haven’t had to put on a suit since I left the corporate world. Viva Success in Sweatpants!

Diesel Generators – Advantage & Disadvantages

If you have thought of buying a diesel generator for your maximum stand by power requirements then you should also need to may know advantages and disadvantages of Diesel equipped Generators. Although Diesel charged generator is most economical electrical generation device that also allows you to afford you at best running cost with a comparison to gasoline, propane and natural gas generators. The pros and cons of any electro-mechanical device wholly depends up to its use and general maintenance of the unit at normal routine basis same is also occurs within diesel generators as it also requires some sort of general routine maintenance in order to provide immaculate running performance.

Following are the most essential advantages and disadvantages of diesel powered gensets.

Advantages of Diesel Gensets:

  • The diesel as a fuel rated as far cheaper than any other hydro carbonic fluids, the use of diesel in diesel powered generators can save around 28-30% of your expense cost. Along the cost feature diesel consumption is also not so high because it can generate more power at a similar certain amount of quantity.
  • The diesel powered generators are supposed to be sufficient power supplying units, you can facilitate power of diesel generators in almost every output range which starts from 15kW~2000kW diesel generators.
  • The cost of maintenance of diesel generators are relatively cheaper than gasoline generators because it doesn’t contain spark plugs or carburetor although it do have glow plugs which usually have better running life than spark plugs. In terms of lubrication diesel engines lubricants can also save several bucks with a comparison to gasoline engines.
  • The diesel engine is also enough durable than gasoline and other power generating resources if it kept up to date with regular maintenance so it can work last for several years.
  • The overall consumption of diesel engines is less than other gensets, despite of fuel efficiency diesel generators also comprises long running feature for maximum number of hours because its also cool down quickly due to water & air cooled engines type.
  • The availability of diesel is also no more big issue, the applicability of diesel resource is spread through widely in almost every gas stations.
  • Diesel Generator is also available in almost every structural types, it merely depends to power requirements which you are looking for mostly you can easily get portable diesel generators, home diesel generators, standby-generators and power take off are the most prominent available types of diesel generators.

Disadvantages of Diesel Gensets:

  • The influential drawback of diesel powered generator is as it produces thunderous way of sound that can be unsustainable at most of times.
  • These generators mostly takes some times to ignite than other electrical generators it also gives certain hindrances during starting issues in cold conditions.
  • The diesel equipped generators are widely used in industrial applications because it emits dangerous amount of harmful gases during exhaustion and which is considered as vulnerable in terms of emission control policy of such countries. It also produces higher smoke than any other fuel reacting agent.
  • Generally, the installation process and its period takes so much time and consume higher cost than installation of other generators. It may be calculated as startup (installing) cost is more than one forth to the real cost of generating unit.
  • In case of ignorance of routine checkups to diesel powered generators the after sales service of diesel gensets can cost way higher because mostly diesel contain big & heavy parts which also costs higher in amount.

Rustic Log Cabin Theme Bedrooms for Kids

One of my favorite themes for a little boy’s room is the log cabin kids rustic bedroom theme. This was the choice of my son, Dakota, and we had a lot of fun achieving the “lodge” look for his room. What I liked best about it, was that it was suitable for a young boy, but works just as well for an older boy. There is a lot of room for creativity with a rustic style theme room. Lots of boys like to camp out, go hiking, fish and explore the outdoors. The room can be created to feel like your child is experiencing a wilderness adventure every night! Some design tips and suggestions are as follows:

1. There are so many options for bedding that are suitable with a rustic look, such as comforter sets that feature bear, moose, elk, deer and camping scenery. Log cabin quilts are another option, and there are numerous log cabin and rustic theme quilts available. Denim bedding or plaid flannel patterns for bedding and linens can also be used. Homespun fabrics in ticking stripes also works. For my son’s room, we used a solid print earth tone comforter, a beautiful rustic coverlet with moose in a fall scene, and an assortment of throw cushions with wildlife and navaho prints.

2. Rustic wood beds, heavy timber-look bed frames or handcrafted log beds work the best for the rustic bedroom theme.

3. Walls can be painted in earth tone colors, such as tan, rust, copper, or warm shades of brown. A color scheme of red and hunter green contrasts well with wood tones. Choose a color from the bedding if possible, or a complimentary contrasting color. Wall paper borders are available with everything from bear, moose, elk, camping scenes, snowshoes, forests and trees, and trout. Another fun option is to use log wallpaper. This works best if it is run partially up the wall. The paint above can be a neutral creme or tan color, to prevent the room from looking to dark. Wood paneling or rough-sawn plywood panels can also be used. Try painting log ‘beams’ on the ceiling.

4. A stone fireplace running up the length of one wall, creates a cozy feel. Fake stone can also be purchased. Wall art can be purchased with wilderness scenes, animals, the woods etc. Photos can be cut out from books or magazines, framed, and hung on the walls, or clustered together in groups on dressers and bookshelves. We used prints by Bev Doolittle for my son’s room, as we both loved the color and scenery. Stock photos can be purchased online of bear, moose and deer, for a minimal price. They can be printed and framed. Rough frames can be made by hand. Small tree branches can be used as curtain rods.

5. Use stuffed animals, such as beaver, bear, moose, elk, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons and owls. Throw pillows with the same animals can be used on the bed or grouped together on the floor. Hang fake geese in mid-flight from the ceilings. Use old trunks to store toys.

6. Try painting an outdoor scene on the wall, or purchase a wall mural of the forest. This can then have a ‘window frame’ applied to the surrounding edges. Accessories can include: vintage signs, country cabin or wildlife area rugs, rustic lighting and decorative lanterns.

7. Wooden furniture works the best in the log cabin theme room. Simple squared-off furniture in oak, pine, or rustic furniture. Vintage household items, fishing lures, canoe paddles, or a set of weathered snowshoes can be hung on the wall. Canoe bookshelves work well in this space.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Have fun!

3D Floor Graphics As The Innovative Trend in Advertising

Over the last few years, 3D floor graphics have gained popularity. They have become a powerful and unique method of advertising. Advertising agencies strive to create new and fresh marketing campaigns that grab maximum attention and long-lasting impression. 3D advertising creates an innovative approach that uses attention grabbing graphics to advertise a company’s product or service. This medium utilizes custom graphic 3D designs (indoor and/or outdoor) for any campaign, event or product.

How Can 3D Floor Graphics Promote Your Company?

Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor floor, they convey a unique and magnificent conceptual art that incorporates digital graphic design and a lifelike image. These images are installed on the floor to display a logo, message, or brand in a three-dimensional way. This type of media print is designed using a CAD program (computer-aided design), specifically programmed to create 3D graphics, as well as photographs of objects at certain angles to create such effect. After the custom image design is created, a specialized printing company prints the image for final use. When people view something colorful and eye-catching on the floor, they are likely to stop and see what they are walking across. So, this is a great way to transmit the core of your advertising message. The possibilities of maximizing their usage are virtually endless.

Where Can They Be installed?

Whatever your product is, 3D floor graphics advertising will create maximum impact and publicity where potential customers’ eyes are looking naturally, especially the youth, whose eyes are often looking down at their cell phones! They are a great option to promote any product or brand quickly. Moreover, they can be installed at:

– Transit Stations

– Stadiums

– Airports

– Shopping Centers

– Anywhere else that has high visibility

Why are they Highly Effective in Retail Merchandising?

Recently, most of the retail stores that are applying these print media draw customer attention, announcing their latest promotions. Retail companies want to market their products aggressively, and in a compelling way, with them because they seem to jump out of the floor and grab customer attention. They want to bring their product, or service, to life and this kind of medium the right option for them. They are realizing that they are perfect in creating economical advertising that can deliver their message to targeted consumers.

They are typically created with adhesive backed vinyl and are made with a UL-rated non-slip lamination over its top to protect it from traffic. They are also easy to order using the fast quote form.

To summarize, 3D floor graphics grab potential customers’ eye when you need to promote a new product, provide a new service, or just to let customers know what they can find in your store, as well as for specific items and offers.

Factors to Consider When Creating a Fish Pond Design

There are many factors to consider when creating a fish pond design. There is nothing worse than installing a fish pond and having problems with location of the pond. Building many fish ponds myself, I would like to share my expertise with you. I have made mistakes, but have learned from them doing research with other pond builders. Here are the major factors to consider before you start building your own fish pond.

  • Location of pond-First and foremost you must consider the location of your pond. Pond should be located were it will get some shading from the afternoon sun. Consider yourself sitting in the full sun unprotected, the same goes for fish. If you have ever fished in a lake were the sun is brightly shining, how do you find the fish? Right, in the shade. It is important to watch your afternoon sun and where the shadows are cast, this will help determine location of your pond.
  • Type of soil-Another important factor to consider is the type of ground that you will be digging your pond in. Is the ground rocky or just dirt? Unless you own a backhoe, you probably are digging your fish pond by hand. That is why soil type is so important. If you have easy digging then you could use the prefab type liner, but for all my ponds I prefer the rubber liner. The rubber liner gives you more flexibility with your design.
  • Electrical to your pond-You need to consider the electric power to your pond. You will need a circuit for your pond for the pump motor that will take the water from your pond through your filter media. Other electrical items to consider are lighting, UV clarifier, and any other items that might need power. Remember not to locate your pond to far from the electrical supply, or the cost will be more depending on distance. Be sure to consult an electrician if not sure of yourself with electrical.
  • Pond filtration-There are many ways you can do your filtration, but what I suggest is to base your choice on the size of your pond. Naturally a larger pond is going to need better filtration. Many larger ponds use a skimmer box along with a waterfall which contains filter media. My rule is to always size your filtration to the next size based on the number of gallons of water in your pond. There are many types of filters available; pressurized, non-pressurized, above ground, in the pond filtration. If you base your filtration on gallons of water you will be fine to select the proper system.
  • Pump motor-There are basically two types of pump motors; submerged and above ground. I have used both types. Here are a couple things to consider. If you have a large pond and it is over 4′ deep you might want to stay away from the submerged type of pump. For obvious reasons like, maintenance which requires pulling up your pump can be quite a difficult task if you need to wade in water that might be over your head. In this case you would need an above water pump. If your pump is accessible by hand a submersible pump will work for you.

As you can see, there are many things to consider when creating a fish pond design. I have just shown you the major factors to consider. There are other things to consider once you have your pond installed. For more information on ponds and fish visit Taking Care of Koi Fish.

Proteins and Sex Drive in Men – Ways to Increase Male Libido Naturally

Living with reduced libido or erectile dysfunction can be extremely depressing and distressing for any man. Low testosterone is one of the main reasons behind reduced sex drive in men.

Your diet can play a very important role in ensuring greater sexual potency and maintaining optimum testosterone levels.

Proteins are like building blocks for the production of this male hormone.

Here are some of great protein sources that can help boost both testosterone and sex drive in men:

1. Eggs

Have you ever wondered why bodybuilders have this fascination for eggs?

Eggs are a great source of proteins. They can help boost the production of testosterone and also promote muscle growth. Not just this, they are also a great source of Vitamin B5 and B6 that play a crucial role in reducing stress. It is important to keep in mind that stress can be one of the major reasons behind diminished sex drive in men. Thus, by reducing stress, eggs can also help boost your libido.

2. Animal Protein

Animal protein or lean meat can also be a great libido booster for men. It not only ensures that your body gets enough protein but is also a great source of zinc. Zinc from this source is most readily absorbed by your body and it is the most important trace mineral that your body requires for the production of testosterone.

Since testosterone is the hormone that regulates sex drive and erectile function in men, you must include lean meat in your diet.

3. Fish

Another great source of proteins. Besides helping your get enough of protein in your diet,. fish like salmons and sardines also provide your body with a whole lot of minerals such as zinc, magnesium and selenium that play a major role in the production of testosterone.

Another advantage of oily fish is that it is rich in essential fatty acids like Omega 3 which not only promotes testosterone production but also helps remove plaque from your arteries so as to encourage better and improved blood flow not just throughout the body but to the penis as well.

Increased blood flow to the penis helps boost libido and also ensures rock solid and longer lasting erections.

Natural Sex Drive Supplements

In addition to the above sources, there are some great libido supplements for men that are 100% natural and can do wonders for your sex drive.These supplements stimulate the production of testosterone in your body. Some of the ingredients such as tribulus terrestris, long jack and l-arginine are some great natural testosterone boosters.

Such supplements not only increase testosterone production in men but can also stimulate growth hormone that can help you fight age effects.

High grade supplements are clinically approved and do not have side effects at all.

So, If You Want to Boost Your Sex Drive, Check out the Best Libido Supplement that has Become a Massive Hit with Men Across the World.