Is Your Fear Beneficial?

Fear is described as a painful emotion caused by an anticipated anger or any negative thing. If you feed your mind with fearful thoughts, your whole system is always adversely affected. For example maybe your brother told you that he saw a snake in your garden. Whenever you go out from your house, you always think that a big snake is there to bite you. As you imagine this, your heart is probably beating faster and you begin to sweat dramatically.

Truly, your imagination can run away with you. This can destroy your sense of proportion. Fear is only in the mind but it can take control of you financially, physically and mentally.

The good thing is, you can exploit your fear to work for you once you understand how it works. There are many benefits you can obtain from it.

First, fear causes excitement. It excites you and increases your energy to do something. Experiencing fear before executing your plan is natural and not a bad thing.Actually, it produces excitement in you that motivate you to get the optimum result.

Second, fear makes you alert. If you feel fear, your agility is improved. For example, if a dog is chasing you along the street, you probably can climb a four-meter wall because of too much fear.

Third, fear increases your endurance. Your fears can double your durability. Mothers who fear for the health of their family, have their energy doubled to do things that can keep their health well.

Fourth, it makes you keener of your surroundings. If you are preoccupied with the danger that your environment can bring, you tend to observe every small detail of what is happening to you.

Fifth, fear gives you insights to what can happen to you in a particular situation. Fear allows you to imagine events that can possibly occur.

Sixth, fear prepares you for the adverse effects of situations that you may undergo.

Seventh, fear makes you resourceful. In times of fear, you start to think of different alternatives in order to solve your problems.

Eighth, fear also serves as a warning signal. For example, while you are preparing for your presentation, you feel nervous that you might stutter in front. This signals you to do your best so you keep on practicing.

Ninth, fear makes you dare. Silent people express their thoughts and feelings if the welfare of their loved ones are being affected.

Tenth, it boosts your confidence. A stage performer because she’s scared to commit errors, she practices intensely that is why she is very confident to perform.

The Top 7 Mistakes Amateur Motivational Speakers Make

Motivational speakers are gifted to use words to paint incredible pictures of the possibilities of the future and make you want to take action. The best motivational speakers will shock you out of lethargy, make you want to aspire to climb Mount Everest and dig tunnels to surmount gargantuan obstacles. Such is the power of motivational speaking that the best organizations would move mountains to get the best of the best to keynote their retreats, annual conferences and conventions events. And the best motivational speakers do not come cheap. The top one per cent gets paid as high as $ 20,000 per 90-minute engagement, with all expenses paid, including limousine services, first class air ticket, and suite in a Five Star hotel.

Such is the allure of motivational speaking that every trainer, teacher, comedian, consultant, and coach today includes motivational speaking as his or her forte. There is nothing wrong with anybody aspiring to become a motivational speaker but do not allow the top seven mistakes trip you. With all the wars, suicide bombings, kidnappings and other atrocities assailing our world, we need motivational speakers in spades. This article sign posts the key mistakes you need to watch out for, and also serves as a guide anybody aspiring to jump into the motivational speaking band wagon can use to navigate his way to safe harbors. The mistakes are not in any particular order, and as in any field, they clearly overlap, but taken together, they form a powerful yardstick to measure your progress towards mastery of your game. Here we go:

1. Following a guru formula
Peter Drucker once said the word charlatan was too difficult to pronounce and that's why someone invented the word guru. You have gurus in every sphere of human endeavour, they come in various shapes and sizes. Next to the spiritual world there is no other sphere of human life where you will find more gurus than in the training world, but beware. The guru's world may be different from your world so do not just take what you heard the guru say hook, nail and sinker. Weed out the grain from the chaff. Understand the context of the guru's "must do" before you open your mouth.

2. Not being authentic
Every actor wants to be like Roger Moore, every footballer wants to be like Pele, every boxer wants to be like Muhammad Ali, and of course, every motivational speaker wants to be like Orson Swett Marden, Zig Ziglar and Og Mandino rolled into one. We admire these legends, in fact, we worship them. But note that you are not any of those icons. The only reason someone will come to hear you speak is because of your uniqueness. Trying to mimic the platform mannerisms, voice and anything else others do will only water down your authenticity. Be unapologetically yourself and the whole world will beat a path to hear you speak.

3. Using jokes not suitable for your audience
While the mantra in real estate investing is location, location, location, in motivational speaking, the one and only mantra is audience, audience, audience! Accordingly, your jokes, if at all you need to use them as part of your repertoire, have to be audience specific. And do not be mistaken in thinking that audience laughter is a key attribute of a good speech. How many people laughed when Martin Luther King Jr., the greatest motivational speaker of all time, gave his "I have a dream" speech? Motivational speaking is about moving your audience from a state of desperation to a state of elation, so be careful with jokes. Trying to be funny when not necessary and using irrelevant jokes is the hallmark of the amateur.

4. Using the same speech for different audiences
This is one of the trickiest aspects of motivational speaking: matching speech to audience. Point three above on matching jokes to audience is just a little part of this bigger issue. While your message to different audiences can be the same, your speech must be delivered differently. If you wish to achieve the desired impact, you can not deliver the same speech the same way to nurses and soldiers, for instance, on the need to be humane while on duty. While being humane is central to the nurses' vocation, to the soldier, the only thing that matters is valour, so your speech must be crafted accordingly, with careful variation on what to accentuate and where to put emphasis.

5. Acting and not speaking
I recently experienced this first hand at a very high level conference. If the offender had been an upcoming speaker I would not have paid much attention but the culprit was a veteran of the industry. He spent the greater part of the time rolling on the floor to emphasize a point. When speaking, you must use word power to persuade, motivate, and inspire. Whether you are speaking for instance about colour, aroma, scenery, you must use words to capture the vibrancy, pungency, and ambiance, while using body language to drive the message home. Rolling on the floor, crying and boxing your audience members may make you feel good but will certainly leave your audience members sad that you have wasted their time. In motivational speaking, you have only one tool: your voice, to do the job. Body language is the icing on the cake.

6. Dressing casually
The message you convey to the audience when you dress shabbily is simply that you should not be taken seriously. In some cultures, dressing carelessly is regarded as an insult to an audience. While your voice is the primary tool you require as a motivational speaker, the most important secondary tool you need is your dress sense. Your dress sense forms part of your body language and sets the tone for you to mesmerize and magnetize your audience. While you must match your dress sense to the audience, a good rule of thumb is to dress a shade better or more formal than the audience. In short, never put your guard down – dress properly. Err on the side of impeccable sartorial savvy at all times as you never have a second chance to create a great impression.

7. Not preparing well
I deliberately left this point for last. By logic, it should be point number one. The best motivational speakers prepare for every assignment as if their life depended on the assignment at hand. From investigating the audience, the venue, past speakers on the subject, and the microphone, they leave nothing to chance. Darren Hardy, the Publisher and Editor of Success Magazine, once commented that most audience members do not understand why motivational speakers get paid up to $ 10,000 for an hour's speech. He then went on to say, "that one hour speech may have taken three or six months to prepare." As with any other line of serious business, preparation is the key to success. As Malcolm Gladwell, the author of Blink and many other iconic best sellers, pointed out, you need 10,000 man hours (about 10 years) of preparation to reach the tipping point. Having arrived there, you can not rest on your laurels but must keep perfecting your act. Thoroughly prepare before you mount the platform.

Having read to the end, I want you to renumber these points in reverse order, with number seven being number one and number one being number seven, in that order. If you guard against these mistakes, and keep honing your style, dress sense, elocution, diction, platform manners and elevate preparation to the status of catechism, it will be a matter of time before you move to the top ranks commanding mouth watering fees as some of the greatest orators of old.

How to Get More Storage Space From Your 12 X 16 Shed Plans

A 12×16 shed is a very large shed when compared to other back yard shed plans. There are several ways to get even more storage space from your new shed building project. Most shed organization tips are simple ideas that you have probably heard or maybe even used before. But it helps to plan your shed organizing project before you build. So we have put together a checklist of the many commonly used shed organization techniques.

Get Things Off The Floor

Storing smaller items, and even sometimes large items off the floor is key to a well organized shed. There is nothing worse than not being able to walk into your shed because “everything” is in the way of what you really need. When everything is set on the floor you are essentially creating a pile and piles co not allow you to find much of anything. They also waste a lot of good storage space. Almost all of these storage tips deal with getting stuff off the floors.

Hang Things on the Walls

A great way to get hand tools off the floor or out of a corner is to hang them on the wall of the 12×16 shed. However you do it the point is to create more storage space on the walls of the shed. A 12×16 shed plan has over 400 square feet of wall space. I usually pick a wall that is close to the doors to attach the tool hanging hooks to. This allows easy access for often used tools. There are many tool hanging accessories available at your local home store. These hooks are made for all sorts of things like, bicycles, shovels and rakes, ladders, fishing poles and just about anything else.

Install Shelving and Use Containers

Shelves can be simply made from scrap lumber of purchased from the store and screwed to the wall. Some shelving systems come with little modular bins to hold small items like nuts and bolts or nails. Using a modular sized container allows you to neatly stack them, this maximizes the shelf space.

Build a Work Bench

A 12×16 shed is plenty large enough to have a work bench in. If your shed plans did not include instruction on how to build a work bench there are several free ones on the internet or at your public library. Even if you do not plan on using the shed as a work area a solid work bench will provide storage space off the ground and allow larger tools like a lawnmower to be stored underneath.

Hang Things From The Rafters

There are two ways to hang things from the rafters of a 12×16 shed. First, you can frame a hanging platform. This platform can be in the center of the shed or along the walls, like a large shelf. How far down from the ceiling you hang it depends on what you are storing and how much space you need below it. Look at the things you want to store and how much of the shed you need as work space and then decide how large the hanging shelf needs to be. This type of shelf works best when the shed wall height is 8 feet tall. Then if the shelf is 1 foot to 2 feet down from the ceiling you will still have about 6 feet of headroom. If you don’t want a permanent shelf there are pulley systems designed to lift and store bicycles and car top carriers. There are even small platforms that are attached to pulleys so they can be lifted up close to the ceiling after you have put your things on them.

Whatever your storage techniques it is wise to sit down before building you shed and figuring out how to best organize everything you plan to put into the shed. A little planning will save you years of climbing over things that are haphazardly set on the shed floor and maximize the investment you have made in your storage shed in the first place. So check your 12×16 shed plans to see if any of these storage techniques are included in them. If not you can simply find them or design them yourself and then install them on the walls of your shed.

Vacuum Cleaner "No Loss of Suction" Claims Are Meaningless

When a vacuum manufacturer claims that their vacuums feature “no loss of suction,” it doesn’t really mean anything when comparing vacuums! They are often talking about “sealed suction.” Sealed suction is measured with the air intake completely closed and no airflow.

With no airflow, none of the dirt will make it from the vacuum head to the vacuum bag or container. So airflow is just as important if not more important than whether the vacuum claims to have great “no loss of suction” capability. Whether a vacuum is going to pull the most dirt from your carpet or not is really a combination of sucking power plus airflow. Many vacuum manufacturers now make “no loss of suction” claims, but most of them also lose airflow!

What about vacuums that can lift a bowling ball? Don’t they offer the most powerful suction? Won’t they do a better job of cleaning my carpet? Lifting a bowling ball with a vacuum is really a parlor trick. The simple suction of a suction cup can lift weights greater than a bowling ball without any power at all. It is the suction connection and not the suction power that carries the weight. Vacuums that advertise that they can lift a bowling ball are just trying to dazzle you with hype.

If you cover a vacuum’s filter with dust, the vacuum will clog and stop the airflow. So no matter what the claims are about a vacuum’s “no loss of suction” capability, in the end they all clog and stop vacuuming. What you need is a combination of suction power and airflow to insure you get a vacuum that will meet your cleaning needs.

Airflow is an important specification to compare when choosing a vacuum cleaner. Airflow is typically measured in cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) and measures how much air is flowing through your vacuum’s system. All other specifications being equal, a vacuum with a higher CFM will usually do a better job of removing dirt from a carpet.

There are other important specifications that you can use to compare vacuums such as water-lift capability and amperage, but loss of suction power is not something you really need to compare.

Compare airflow in CFM and buy a canister vacuum with a specification of 100 CFM or more or an upright vacuum with 60 CFM or more.

A great airflow coupled with your average 10 to 12 amp vacuum will do the job just fine without any hype.

Handicap Accessible Tips & Hints For Catalina Island, California

Catalina Island is 22 miles off the coast of Long Beach, California, the island is 75 square miles and the only city located on the island is Avalon. The only vehicle allowed on the streets of Avalon is golf carts, and that works just fine as most restaurants, shops and attractions are within what are considered walking distance.

As always there are exceptions to every rule and that is good for wheelchair users as there are wheelchair accessible cabs and the Island Hopper tram. Located around town there are several courtesy taxi phones and the tram has regular routes through town.

Arranging your travel to the island you want to take Catalina Channel Express and it runs out of Long Beach and San Pedro. There is handicap parking available at both locations and boarding is also accessible, the newer boats are VERY accessible, and all boats are accessible. As with all travel these days there are luggage requirements so be sure and get acquainted with those when you make your travel reservations. This is where a personal travel website agent becomes valuable, as they will be able to handle these fine details for you. There is also a service to the island from Newport Beach, however, there isn’t handicap parking and the ramp to and from the boat is very steep, so this service is basically un-accessible for wheelchairs or challenged walkers.

Where to stay on the island, Pavillion Lodge is just 14 steps from the beach and really close to the boat pier, and located close to the downtown area of Avalon. It has a large courtyard for relaxing and sunning. There are wheelchair accessible rooms on the ground floor with roll in showers. I have stayed here and it is very convenient and works very well.

This is a quaint pedestrian style island and it is basically handicap/accessible friendly which is wonderful as when towns and areas tend to be quaint, it restricts mobility drastically for the physically challenged. If you can get in a golf cart, they are rented by the hour(s) and the day and that will make the island even more accessible for you. Most of the tours are not accessible so that is why a golf cart would work the best if you can use one.

Wrigley Memorial and Botanical Garden is accessible, with assistance, as it is sloping and rocky, so you may want to check this out to see if it would be accessible for you. The Art Deco Casino Theatre has a ramp. The Casino Ballroom has an elevator. Catalina Museum is accessible.

Events that happen on the island are accessible: The Catalina Festival of Art (September) is on Crescent Street along the beach. The Catalina Jazz Trax Festival (Fall) is in the Casino Ballroom. The News Eve Gala is in the Casino Ballroom. So make your reservations with your Travelling with Disabilities Travel Agent, pack your bags for an adventure of fun and relaxation, not to mention the clean air and marvellous weather.

How Magnetic Locks Work and Their Benefits

Magnetic locks are among the most basic devices that are used by locksmiths when doing their job. If you aspire to become a technician in this field, then it is important to find out how it works, what it does, and the many benefits you can enjoy with its use.

Various Components of Magnetic Locks

Magnetic lock is also popularly referred to as mag lock, which is made up of an armature plate and an electromagnet that is widely used in the locksmith industry. The door opening is installed with a magnet inside of it to prevent any form of tampering with the device. Meanwhile, the armature plate is installed on the door’s face to allow the mechanisms to work together efficiently.

As soon as the magnet is connected to an electrical source, there is a strong magnetic attraction that is built due to that connection. This helps to hold the magnet tight onto the plate that facilitates in a secure locking of the door. There are two ways in which the door lock is powered: 1) the use of a separate battery pack, or 2) the electrical system of the building. It is also possible to use DC power for the magnetic locks, which would require the additional use of a converter unit. There is also the ability to design these locks to become fail safe, which will ensure the door remains unlocked even if there is a power outage. Hence, occupants can exit the building safely even during such cases.

Employment of Electromagnetic Theory

The magnetic locks utilize the concept of electromagnetism for designing this particular device. It employs that principle wherein current is allowed to pass through the wire in order to produce magnetic force. The force that is then produced will provide the strength needed to keep the door from being opened, especially if a specific amount of pressure is applied onto it.

You could also use multiple wires in order to boost the amount of magnetic force that is produced in this process. The rate for magnetic locks are computed basing on the amount of force it can take before the door fails and opens itself up.

Operation of Magnetic Locks

There are several benefits to employing the use of magnetic locks for building security systems. One of them is the fact that it is tamper-proof, which makes it a better and more secure option than traditional lock cylinders. There is also no need to use keys and is tied with an electrical security system.

There are four basic methods of operating this type of lock. The first one is connected through a buzzer and operated manually to release the lock and open the door. The second one requires the use of a keypad system that required numerical code to activate the lock. The third one involves the use of card readers and is commonly used for commercial establishments. And finally, magnetic locks can be operated using fingerprint scanners that limit access into a building. Some more complex systems involve scanning various parts of the body such as the eye, facial features, among other things.

Convert Waste Paper Into Free Fuel With a Paper Log Maker

As utility bills continue to rise, more and more people are looking for an alternative way of heating their homes which offers significant savings to their heating costs. A Paper Log Maker enables you to recycle your waste paper, junk mail, envelopes and even leaves into free fuel, which in turn should save you money on your heating bills whilst also helping to conserve woodland and reduce landfill. Paper logs can burn as well as wood for up to two hours at a controlled rate in a fire grate or wood-burning stove.

DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) has estimated that each person in the United Kingdom sends around 300kg of household waste to landfill each year, of that under 40% is going on to be recycled. Much of the waste ending up on the landfill sites is used newspapers, cereal boxes, junk mail and envelopes that people simply can’t be bothered to sort into the correct recycling bin for collection. This could all be converted into free heating using the paper log maker, and it will also contribute thus reducing landfill and helping to lower your usual heating costs. Estimates show that each household could create around five hundred paper logs just from the waste we send to landfill each year.

There are several different types of log maker. The most popular is the wet fill model. The all metal construction has two levers and a removable well. Using the paper log maker is a simple process. Wet the newspapers, junk mail, envelopes etc. by placing them into a large bowl, bucket or drum full of water. Once they start to break down, lift them out and squeeze to get rid of any excess water. Then place the soggy paper into the paper log maker’s well. Once full, press the handles to squeeze out any excess moisture and create the brick shape log. Remove the log and place somewhere to dry. Stack the logs in a criss-cross fashion to enable plenty of air to circulate around them. Once they have completely dried they can be used on an established open fire or in a fuel burner.

The ‘dry’ fill paper log maker is shaped like a bicycle pump. Pull out the plunger, shred the waste paper and push into the tube. Once full replace the plunger and press to form a small tube shaped log. These logs don’t burn for as long as the larger, wet making version, but can last up to thirty minutes on an established fire.

It’s a good idea to continue to use the newspaper log maker through the summer months when you are not using your fire, as this will ensure you have a good stock of dry paper logs available once the colder weather returns. A garage, shed or other outbuilding makes an ideal storage area.

There are various types of paper log makers including wet and dry filling, heavy duty and multiple log makers.

The Top 10 Reasons Black Women Stay Single

Yes, there is a disproportionate amount of black women to black men and that could be why you’re still single but let’s be honest- you are a serial dater and your misfortunes with men are NOT due to the gender imbalance. YOU’RE THE REASON WHY YOU’RE STILL SINGLE! Now before you get angry with me and throw your computer out the window, let me explain.

It is so easy to blame external or inanimate forces for your relational dry spell. No one likes to believe that they are living in a self-created rut. Many black women walk around totally oblivious to the fact that they are responsible for their own relationship failures and if they could just tweak a few things, success would hasten their way.

I’ve given much thought to this topic and I’ve provided the top 10 reasons why a lot of black women are still single. I purposefully spent more time dealing with the most pertinent reasons because of their importance. The list is in order and the goal of the list is to help you look introspectively, discover what applies to you, and correct it so that you can find that ideal match. Please comment and let me know what you think.

1. The “Mr. Right” Complex

Let’s agree that there is no such thing as perfect! Tragically, black women are inundated with images of Boris Kodjoe and thoughts of Derwin from The Game (Pooch Hall…yes Pooch) that they subconsciously expect the guy down the street to have the same appeal. Black women are used to having beauty shop talks about what a man needs to be (Height, weight, income, bone structure etc…). They end up creating a caricature from a Disney film rather than an actual man and then become dogmatic about finding someone with EVERY desired characteristic. Inevitably, when they meet Tyrone from down the street, they become dejected because he falls short of their lofty expectations, even though Tyrone is a really good guy. Ladies, here’s some advice…PRIORITIZE! Write a list of the 10-15 things you want in a guy. Be detailed but reject the tendency to enter into a fairy tale world. Once you write your list, at the top of it write ‘70% – 80%’. If you can find a guy that possesses 70 to 80 percent of your list with two or three qualities in your top ten, YOU’VE FOUND A GREAT CATCH! It would be ridiculous if I rejected 100% of a delicious cake because 20% of it was burned. I’d just discard the 20% and delight my palate with the other 80%. Every human being is a W.I.P. (Work In Progress) and if you learn to prioritize your preferences, you’ll find a man that has most of the qualities you want and a willingness to develop in his deficient areas.

2. Just Can’t Pick ‘Em

The cheater, the deadbeat, the narcissist, the beady-eyed thug- you’ve been through them all. The old saying that good guys finish last is true because you’ve shunned the warm-natured gentile fellows for the riff-raff. Like a moth drawn to a campfire, you gravitate toward the “bad boys”, and you regularly get burned for it. Consider this, a championship college football team is crafted by wooing and scouting the BEST recruits. The head coach scours the country looking for the best talent and he will not rest until he discovers the next Cam Newton (He’s the Heisman Trophy winning quarterback from Auburn University). He meticulously puts together a winning team by focusing on the value of each individual recruit. Now, think about the last ten guys that you have dated. Think about their strengths, weaknesses, and think about why and how the relationship dissolved. Once you have the ten guys in your mind ask yourself this question, do those ten individuals make up one collective winning team? If your answer is NOT a resounding yes, then you need to do some soul searching. Why are you drawn to guys that don’t match well with you? Why do you consistently pick the loser? Is there some historical event that has skewed your ability to make wise dating choices? Hopefully, you will find the answers to these questions so that your next pick will be the right one.

3. Overly I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T

She-Ra was a cartoon character in the ’80’s with spectacular abilities. She was extremely strong and she wielded a sword that could transform her into an unstoppable super-being. She was the epitome of independent because she didn’t take any crap from anyone. Although She-Ra was intensely fun to watch on TV, I imagine that she wouldn’t be a very fun date. She-Ra wouldn’t allow a man to open the car door and she definitely wouldn’t allow a man to pay for her dinner. She would show up to the date flaunting her ability to suplex robots and communicate with animals and she would belittle her date’s meager human contributions. Did you ever notice that She-Ra never had a man? Maybe you’re still single because you come across as a 21st Century She-Ra. You’ve acquired a great job, college degree, and shiny new sedan by the sweat of your own brow. You never looked to a man to give you anything and you make that clear on every date that you go on. Here’s the problem, most men want a semi-traditional woman. This doesn’t mean that men want a doormat; a semi-traditional woman is woman that is assertive when it’s called for but not too insecure to encourage and welcome a man’s leadership. A semi-traditional woman doesn’t get offended when a man asks her to cook his dinner, yet she expects that he’s going to return the favor sometime later in the week. If a woman rejects a man’s initial acts of chivalry on a date, he interprets it as a clear indication of her overly feminist, girl-centric personality and he quickly becomes disinterested. Remember, the character She-Ra was only an alter ego. She-Ra was actually Princess Adora but she transformed into She-Ra whenever it was time for battle. Ladies, learn how to be She-Ra in battle but a princess in life.

4. Pushing the BIG “C” too soon

I must admit, I’m a sucker for a good romance. I tend to fall early and quickly which is undoubtedly why I ended up married at 18. Most guys are the exact opposite of me. Guys tend to treat commitment like it’s the plague. It’s not that they’re totally opposed to the idea, it’s just that they feel like commitment should be a gradual destination rather than a hurried first stop. Imagine that commitment is an apple. It begins as a hard inedible seed with only the potential to be a desirable fruit. With the right amount of time and dedicated nurturing, the seed will grow into a ripe and delicious treat. No matter how insistent and overbearing you are, you cannot force the apple to grow at a quicker pace. It grows and blossoms on its own. When you try to make a man your husband after the first three-weeks of dating, it leaves a sour taste in his mouth much like an unripened apple would. It’s not that there isn’t the potential for the friendship to blossom into an exclusive dating situation; it’s simply that much nurturing and time is necessary for the relationship to transition from seed-form to ripe for harvesting. I know that you’ve been single for a long time and your clock is ticking louder than it ever has, but just remember, love is like food; a microwaved meal can never measure up to the quality of what comes out of a slow cooker.

5. Making the new guy pay for the old guy’s mistakes

Being bitter and acrimonious is a state of mind. Unfortunately, you’re the governor of that state. Sure, you have a valid reason to be upset. You were lied to, cheated on, abandoned and/or abused. Your ex was a scoundrel and he did unspeakable things to you. He hurt you deeply and you’re still bearing the scars. There’s only one problem, the tumultuous relationship ended when you were in your twenties. You’ve had ten years to heal and you’re still hurting as if the wound was freshly made. Of course you’ll never admit that you haven’t recovered from the breakup, but the evidence of your emotional stagnancy comes out when you meet a new man. The poor guy is unaware of the fact that you have triggers, so when he says, “I think you look nice in red. I’d like to see you wear that color more often”. He’s shocked when you go off on a tirade about how you can’t stand controlling men and how you’ll never let a man manipulate you again. He’s oblivious to the fact that you’re not responding to him, you’re responding to the poor treatment you received at the hands of a previous reckless man. If you’re honest with yourself, you’d have to admit that you’ve developed an adverse reaction to anything that even remotely reminds you of your ex. You have determined that you’re not going to let anyone devalue you the way that he did. Unfortunately, your guarded approach to men makes it hard for you to offer any man a clean slate. You enter a dating situation suspiciously which makes it difficult for you to connect with anyone. Although you’ll never forget what happened to you, you MUST forgive. Your desire to hold a grudge and constantly relive your most painful moments is what’s keeping you from finding love. Men will only endure unfair associations for so long before they decide to find a woman that will give them a fresh chance. Ladies, it’s time to move forward and realize that the new man deserves an opportunity to show you that he’s NOT the old one.

6. Giving up the Goodies Prematurely

The Sega Genesis was a popular game console when I was in middle and high school. It kept me entertained for hours and staved off weekend boredom. The third game that I bought for my Sega system was called Arch Rivals. It was a basketball game that allowed the player to punch and slam the opposing team members. When I bought the game I was so excited! I couldn’t wait to get home and pulverize my computer-generated rivals. I played the game for only three days before I discovered how to beat it. Once I conquered the game, I quickly became disinterested in it and it spent the rest of its life buried underneath clothes in my closet. Dating is a game with the ultimate prize being a committed relationship and maybe even marriage. The way that you play the game will determine how you will be viewed by the gentleman that’s trying to court you. If you give away too much too soon, he will view you as initially exciting but ultimately unfulfilling. If you require that he passes necessary levels in order to receive certain rewards, then he will remain interested and engaged. Now, when I use the word “goodies” I’m not just talking about sex. Of course sex is the ultimate goody, but time, money, and gifts can also be considered goodies. You should calculate how and when you distribute these things. Giving everything away too soon makes you naïve and giving away too much makes you a human ATM machine. Remember, naiveté is the character flaw that keeps women from being taken seriously and an ATM machine wasn’t built to be respected, it was built to be used.

7. Beauty but no Substance

Every head turned as she entered the grocery store. Her curvaceous body seemed to glide up and down each isle. The chestnut tiling only accentuated the color of her skin and her flowing black hair swayed rhythmically with each step she took. She was gorgeous and she was approaching Walter with a bewildered look on her face. “Excuse me sir,” she began, “I was wondering if you could help me.” Walter gulped with anxiety as he gazed helplessly into her amber eyes, “Sure” he stammered. “I’ve been searching this store for nearly 30 minutes and I can’t seem to find the earl,” she said. Walter’s look of infatuation quickly turned into puzzlement, “You’re looking for what?” “I’m looking for the earl and I can’t find it anywhere.” At this point, Walter could no longer hide his perplexity; he squinted as he tried desperately to figure out what earl was. “Ma’am,” Walter started, “I have no idea what earl is.” She thought for a moment and responded, “You know, earl. I’m looking for cooking earl. I’m trying to fry chicken and I need cooking earl to do it.” As hard as he tried, Walter couldn’t ignore the hilarity of the moment. He busted out in laughter as he asked, “Are you talking about cooking oil?” The woman grinned in pleasure, “Yes, that’s what I said- earl.” Walter pointed to isle 7, “It’s right down there ma’am.” She winked at Walter and walked briskly toward isle 7. Walter chuckled to himself as he thought about the unlikely encounter. The woman was so beautiful but her beauty only covered the tragic fact that she was brainless. It looked as though she spent ample amounts of time and money on her looks but judging by her grammar, she probably hadn’t read a book since high school. “It’s a shame,” Walter whispered under his breath, “She could’ve been the one.” Enough said!

8. The Know- it- All

Normally, men are pegged as the gender with the infallibility-complex but with the advent of the women’s lib movement, women have increasingly become the know-it-alls. It’s not uncommon for a childless and single black woman to offer marital and parenting advice to her married girlfriend. In black beauty shops all across the country women cackle about what men are and aren’t. They fail to realize that they really know nothing about men and what they do know is so skewed that it borders on irrelevant. Unfortunately, in beauty shops (and in barbershops) unenlightened conversation is encouraged rather than condemned. The seemingly harmless banter that takes place quickly becomes ingrained beliefs and those beliefs become entrenched opinions. The problem exists when a man shares an objective truth about himself or men in general and before he completes his sentence you rudely interrupt by saying, “Oh no, that’s not true.” See, he knows it’s true! How does he know it’s true? He’s a man! Yet you argue incessantly because you think your beliefs are right and his are misguided. Do you see the problem? The only solution to this problem is to speak authoritatively ONLY about what you’re knowledgeable on. If you know fashion, speak about fashion. If you know sports, dazzle him with your precise football analysis. Don’t take a hardline stance on what you’re not absolutely sure you know about. A man appreciates a woman that is intellectually curious and open to learn. Ladies, this might be a hard pill to swallow, but your mamma, grandmamma, and aunty are not the best sources of male education. If these honorable women have been your sole teachers on male issues then it’s time to be reeducated. The best way to learn about men is to listen to one.

9. A Less Than Stellar History

The fact that double standards exists is a sad reality in our society. The most unfortunate double-standard happens when a promiscuous man is viewed as a hero and a promiscuous woman is viewed as a whore. I wish we could abolish double-standards altogether but unfortunately, they are what they are. Secretly, every single man harbors a desire for his future wife to be able to validly wear her white wedding gown. He cringes when he meets a wonderful prospect only to later find out that she’s been around the block. Ladies, let me be candid, no man wants to be committed to a woman that has slept with half the state. He might have his temporary fun with such a woman, but he will never settle down with her. Everyone has things in their past that they’re not necessarily proud of. If you have had multiple sexual encounters, my best advice is to divulge this information once trust has been established in the relationship. Avoid the sex conversation until you are convinced that he won’t judge you unfairly. It’s a sad commentary on our society when an oversexed man can find love easier than his female counterpart, but unfortunately that’s the reality. Don’t share your past until you’re absolutely sure that he can handle it.

10. My friend, my brother, my mamma said…

This reason is the exact opposite of reason #3. Women that suffer from ‘Everybody Else Said Syndrome’ view the input of others as law. Critical decisions aren’t made without the approval of a certain person or group of people and every sentence is prefaced by, “My friend/brother/mamma said…”. A forward-looking man will NEVER settle down with a woman that thinks with someone else’s brain. He realizes that during the casual dating phase of the relationship it might be okay for her to reach out to others, but in marriage this tendency is detrimental. In marriage, both parties must be willing to settle their own issues in house. Actually, the Bible says that a married couple should cleave to one another and become one flesh. A woman that is overly dependent on another person or other people will never be able to fulfill that mandate. Ladies, I know you value your homegirl’s opinion and you hang off of every word your mother says, but if you want to find a man, you’re going to have to learn the value of self-consultation. You will never be a man’s kitten if you’re committed to being someone else’s parrot.

How to Make Your Buttocks Bigger: What’s Safe and What Works?

If you have a flat rear, you probably know how hard it is to fill out a pair of jeans or look your best in a swimsuit. Many people with smaller buttocks even find themselves feeling inadequate and unattractive. It can be tempting to turn to pills and other instant-fix programs in an attempt to get a bigger butt. These products and services don’t usually do much, however, and they can be a real waste of money. The good news is that if you’re interested in making your bottom bigger, there are a few options that can help you fill out your figure safely and effectively.

Gain Weight

If you’re naturally very thin, have been dieting for a long time, or have lost weight because of health problems, you might have too little body fat to produce a shapely rear. Gaining a little weight can help you fill out your clothes better, as well as providing cushioning for your joints. If you’re thinking of gaining weight to boost your butt, it’s important to do it right, though.

Choose foods that are high in nutrients such as lean protein, “good” fats, nuts, whole grains and avocado. Avoid force-feeding yourself with burgers and fries; they’re likely to reduce your overall health and cause you to gain more than you would like. If you’re not sure where to start, talk to your doctor or nutritionist about the best ways to gain weight healthily.

Get in Shape

While gaining weight to get a bigger butt is one of the most straightforward options, it won’t work for people who are already at or above a normal weight. Many people in this situation have plenty of body fat; but they don’t like the way it’s distributed. Targeted exercise is one of the best options if you match this description. By practicing calisthenics, lifting weights and engaging in other muscle-building activities, you can improve the size and shape of your butt naturally. You’ll also probably find yourself feeling much healthier.

Choose exercises such as full squats, one-legged deadlifts, and step exercises. These help your gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus become stronger, larger and firmer. If you find these exercises too easy, consider performing them under load, with a dumbbell in each hand or a weighted bar across your shoulders to increase the difficulty. You’ll soon see an improvement in your figure. Just make sure to use proper form when lifting any weights to avoid the risk of injury.

Check Your Hormones

If you previously had a fuller figure, the sudden appearance of a flat butt could indicate a significant change in hormone levels. This is especially true if you have a drop in estrogen. Consider seeing a doctor to have a complete blood panel performed. You may be suffering from an underlying condition that reduces the levels of important hormones. In many cases, supplementation with fix the problem and redistribute your body fat back to your hips and rear. It can also help you reduce some mental and emotional problems associated with hormone imbalance.

Dress for Success

The clothes you choose won’t give you a bigger butt, but they can certainly give you the appearance of one. By choosing clothes that hug your rear and emphasize your curves, you bring the focus where you want it. Many modern jeans styles tend to flatten the butt instead of making it look rounder. Consider choosing a different cut or style for a more flattering look. If you have a specific garment you’d like to fit better, consider using shapewear to fill it out. A pair of padded panties or other augmented clothing could give you the look of a rounder butt without a lot of hard work or any health risk.

Work on Posture

Like changing your wardrobe, this technique can give you the look of a better figure without a lot of cost or any significant health risks. Take some time to check your posture out in the mirror. If you tend to slouch, you may be making yourself look heavier and less curvy than you really are. Take some time to learn how to keep your shoulders back and your stomach flat. By engaging these muscles, you push your rear backward, making it look larger and more attractive and de-emphasizing any belly fat. You may find that wearing shoes with even relatively low heels makes this easier.

Is Augmentation the Answer?

Plastic surgery allows some people to get a bigger butt than the one they would have naturally. There are several options for changing the appearance of your buttocks, a procedure known as gluteoplasty in medical circles. These include gluteal implants, also known as buttock prostheses, body contouring, and liposculpture. These procedures are commonly used for people who have suffered from accidents that damage the muscles and fat in this area. They are also used by transgender women who want a more feminine appearance, people who naturally have flatter figures than they would prefer, and formerly-obese people who have lost large amounts of weight and are suffering from sagging skin and deformities of muscle and bone.

Like any surgical procedure, gluteoplasty poses some risks, including infection, complications, death under anesthesia and unattractive scarring. It’s also expensive and is usually considered an elective procedure. Doctors can choose to add a prosthesis to make your buttocks bigger. They can also move fat from an area such as the belly or hips to the buttocks, a process known as fat transfer. Liposculpture by removing fat from some areas can also be used to make your butt look bigger. It’s important to remember that your body can reabsorb added fat and that the results might end up looking less good than you want them to. Plastic surgery can’t work miracles and some patients end up needing additional treatment to get their gluteoplasties to look right.

Strategies to Avoid

In addition to these legitimate ways to make your butt bigger, or at least to get it to look that way, there are a number of things you shouldn’t try. Never let anyone who isn’t a licensed medical professional give you any kind of injection or other augmentation procedure. Quack doctors have injected many different substances into patients, producing allergic reactions and even life-threatening complications. If you’re not sure about something or it seems too inexpensive, there’s a good chance that it’s not a safe way to enhance your buttocks.

It’s also a good idea to avoid supplements and other products that claim that they’ll boost your butt in a short period of time or without conventional treatment. At best, these are harmless waste of money. At worst, they can actually hurt your health. If you can’t verify a product’s claim independently, you’re probably better off buying a pair of padded panties.

You don’t have to feel like you’re stuck with a flat figure. There are many different ways to change your shape, from adjusting your lifestyle to asking for the assistance of a professional plastic surgeon. Just make sure that you know what you can expect and are willing to ask questions about the cost, safety and effectiveness of any bottom-boosting technique you try. There are lots of quack treatments and scams out there that will promise you a larger butt, but it is possible to find the real thing. Just take a little time to check out all your options.

Tithing: The Active Ingredient in Living a Prosperous Life

True prosperity has a spiritual basis. “God is the Source of your supply.” So states Catherine Ponder in her wonderful book The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity. Just as we engage God through prayer for that which we claim to be true, and we connect with God spiritually through the practice of meditation, so too do we give the GIFT of Tithing to consistently keep in touch with the Infinite Source of our supply, God.

“Systematic giving opens the way to systematic receiving,” according to Dr. Ponder. Giving to God 10% of that which we have received to persons or places where you are receiving your spiritual nourishment allows you to enjoy true prosperity with wondrous results.

The practice of the ancient law of prosperity is as old as we are as a species. From primitive man who offered sacrifices to his gods to evolving civilizations of Egyptians, Babylonians and Arabians, Greeks, Romans and Chinese, tithing (the word “tithe” means “tenth”) was a way of life. “The ancients intuitively knew that giving, sharing and putting God first financially was the first step to permanent, enduring prosperity,” writes author Ponder. They felt that ten was the magic number of increase.

Some of the most prominent millionaires of the twentieth century attributed their extraordinary success to the practice of tithing. Catherine Ponder reports, “In 1855, as a young man, John D. Rockefeller began tithing. His total income for that year was $95.00 from which he tithed $9.50 to his church.” However, she goes on to say, “between 1855 and 1934, he gave away $531 million dollars. His standard reply to critics of his generosity was ‘God gave me my money.'”

So many of the plans for becoming wealthy and rich focus on “getting” and forget about “giving.” These schemes are not based on a spiritual foundation. When God is in the equation, wealth (meaning well-being and wholeness) is assured.

So what are we really doing when we are giving the GIFT of Tithing? We are saying, “Thank you, God” for the generous bounty that we have received. I recently read the most revealing paragraph in Joel Goldsmith’s book, Consciousness Transformed. In it he states: “A mistake has been made on the subject of tithing. Since it was discovered that those who tithe never know lack or limitation, it was believed that if you would teach this to people, they would always be prosperous,” writes the founder of the Infinite Way. “This is not true,” he continues. “Tithing is something that can only take place when individuals receive inwardly the realization of what great gifts of God they have received, and in gratitude decide to share some part of it,” Joel says. “This sharing is just with the idea of thankfulness for the realization of God’s grace, and it is for this reason that those who spontaneously come to tithe are always generously and abundantly provided for,” Mr. Goldsmith concludes. Tithing is the active ingredient of Gratitude that prospers not only the tither but the recipient of the tithe as well.

Tithing is the act of giving gratitude for the 100% we received by leaving 10% with our Source-that is, the person(s) or place(s) where we realize the Presence of God in our lives. Traditionally tithing has been associated with giving to the place of worship to which we belong. Often, “theologians have tended to stress what tithing would do for the church, instead of what it could do for the tither,” says Dr. Catherine Ponder. Yet, upon closer examination of Tithing as a spiritual practice (not a mechanical one of obligation), we can only conclude that it is the individual who will be prospered and blessed through tithing. Naturally, the recipient will be too, since it’s all God.

There are countless stories about the financial, prosperous success that comes from giving the GIFT of Tithing. “Since I have been tithing, I have more money to spend, not less,” reports one student of this class. “I put in my tithe last week and suddenly the check that I have been expecting for months came in the mail.” “Since the start of this class and my stepping into giving the GIFT of Tithing, my house sold.” The stories go on and on. I have also heard this one repeated: “I was thriving financially and in so many ways when I was in class, but I stopped Tithing after it was over and I’m back in the same ‘soup’ I was in before.”

So what can you expect when you begin to give the GIFT of Tithing?

o Fear usually shows up. I don’t have enough now. How can I possibly…?

o Memories of previous associations with the word “tithe” may surface.

o Trust will become the plank to walk when beginning this practice.

o Surprise may ensue when you notice the amount of money you have to use after giving 10% to God.

o Doubt may surface when the above is not the immediate experience or when unexpected expenses show up instead.

o You may be surprised at the wisdom and judgment you are using to manage the money you have been given.

o You will enjoy the ease with which you are able to meet your financial obligations.

o You will notice that your connection in God deepens and thus your spiritual life expands and your consciousness of wealth grows.

o You will find that you want to give more than 10% to a variety of places of spiritual nourishment.

o You’ll wonder how you ever managed to live without giving the GIFT of Tithing.

60/40 Custody Schedule: What Is It With a 4-3 Example

A 60/40 joint physical custody agreement means that your child will spend 60 percent of their time with one parent and 40 percent of their time with the other. This is a great schedule because it gives both parents a significant amount of time with the child but one parent has slightly more time.

Parents and/or the courts may choose to have this as a part of their parenting plan because of work schedules, child’s personality, or because they don’t want to split it equally.

There are a few things you want to be aware of if you or the other parent is seeking 60/40 physical custody.

First, with a 60/40 plan there may be more issues when paying child custody. Some states require you to pay child support based on the time you have or don’t have with the child. In this situation, you will have to pay more than if you had 50/50 physical custody. The only way to know what your state requires is to ask an attorney or research your state laws.

Second, look at the motivation for a 60/40 plan. Many parents try to push to get the 60 percent because they believe it will provide them a step up on the other parent. This is not always the case but you want to make sure the chosen custody schedule is because it is in the best interest of the child. You may also want to consult your attorney if you are worried about it.

Finally, be grateful for the time you are awarded. Some parents are upset if 60/40 is awarded and feel it should have been 50/50. Look at the bright side of being able to have you child as much as you do. There are many people who would love to have 60/40 custody.

4-3 Time Schedule

The 4-3 time schedule is probably one of the most popular choices under 60/40 joint physical custody. This schedule works by having your child spend 4 nights of the week with one parent and three nights a week with the other.

This schedule is very simple and can be adapted to fit your needs. For example, each parent can have the same nights each week or you can change the nights to fit work, school, or weekend schedules. This schedule is also referred to as an every weekend schedule if one parent has the child the three weekend nights.

The benefit of this plan is your child spends time frequently with both parents. They know you both love them and are committed to being their parent.

There are a few requirements to effectively implement this plan. You and the other parent will need to live in close proximity to each other and the child’s school. You will also need to be able to communicate well to update each other on school and other activities.

Make sure if you follow this plan, your child is old enough to handle going back and forth from home to home each week. Some kids really struggle with frequent change. You may want to consider other schedule options if this is the case.


60/40 physical custody with a 4-3 time schedule is a great option for you, the other parent, and your child. The biggest thing to think about when choosing a custody schedule, is to determine what is best for your child. No one knows a child and their needs more than the parents. Good luck!

Eucalyptus Patio Furniture – 5 Tips for Maintenance and Care

Anyone interested in attractive yet affordable and durable patio furniture should look into eucalyptus patio furniture – a popular new trend in patio furniture for those qualities and more. If you decide to buy a set of eucalyptus furniture, or already have a set in your home or business, then you need to know how to maintain and care for your valuable furniture. Below are five tips for maintaining and caring for your eucalyptus furniture so that it stays attractive and functional for years to come.

Eucalyptus – also known as jarrah – has become a popular alternative to more traditional types of wooden patio furniture, like oak, maple, ash, cherry, pine, etc. – due to its natural beauty, affordability, durability, and resistance to damage, and wear and tear. One thing you can do to care for your outdoor patio tables and chairs made from eucalyptus is to regularly clean them. Remove any substances, such as food or animal droppings, from your furniture with a soft cloth and water. Be sure to dry off any wet surfaces, too.

You can also help maintain your furniture by applying teak oil to exposed surfaces. Teak oil acts as a natural preservative that helps the furniture to gleam and appear at its best but also resist the elements and negative effects that they can cause – such as peeling, cracking, and rotting. Rub teak oil into your furniture at least once a month, especially during the spring and summer months. It also makes a great polish for your eucalyptus patio furniture- which is perfect for when you want to spruce up your patio’s appearance for guests.

A third piece of advice to maintain and care for your furniture is to keep it as protected from the weather as possible. Rain, ice, sleet, hail, sunlight, and other meteorological manifestations can really hurt your furniture and cause it to chip, peel, crack, or splinter without proper care. One effective way to maintain your furniture from the elements is to waterproof it. You can use teak oil in conjunction with a commercial protective chemical that will seal your furniture and keep water from damaging it without harming the surface of your furniture.

To go along with waterproofing, a fourth tip is to purchase protective covers that go on your furniture while they are outdoors. Ideally, you will want to store your furniture when it is not being used. This is not always practical, though, so the next best thing is to use waterproof covers that also block out UV rays. Most covers are made from synthetic materials and come with adjustable straps and fasteners to keep them in place.

Finally, to keep your furniture looking its best and holding up for years, you should consider placing protective surfaces on the bottom of your table and chair legs. Eucalyptus patio furniture is made from wood, and wood can rot. Your table legs and chair legs in particular are vulnerable because they rest on surfaces that become damp and wet. To keep rot from affecting your tables and chairs from the bottom up, try placing rubber caps on the bottom.

By taking these simple hints and tips and putting them into practice, you can ensure that your furniture is there to stay for years to come, right on your patio where it belongs.

Effective Lockout of Hydraulic Systems


A lockout procedure is a sequence of safety precautions taken in advance of access to potentially dangerous machinery or equipment. It is used where there is a risk of the release of energy which could cause injury to persons carrying out the work, or indeed other individuals working in the neighbourhood of the equipment being maintained. It involves isolating the energy sources and locking them such they can only be restored by the person carrying out the work, when the work is finished. The procedure includes safety padlocks, safety tags/signs and also specialist lockout devices.

Stored (residual) energy:

In the case of hydraulically powered systems, the act of switching off the pump which generates the hydraulic power is insufficient to make the system safe. Hydraulic energy can stay in the system indefinitely after it has been switched off. A sudden and unexpected release of this energy can put the life of the worker in danger. To that end, it is essential that the lockout procedure incorporates steps to dissipate this stored energy.


Whether preparing a formal procedural document that could be incorporated in the Permit to Work (PtW), or simply getting ready to shut down the machine, preparation should include the following:

1. Risk assessment (i.e. job safety analysis, isolation method, isolation list).

2. Notification (inform anyone affected by the planned shutdown of the machinery).

3. Identify and gather any equipment needed to perform the lockout.


Switch off the machine following normal isolating procedure. In the case of hydraulic systems this is likely to include mains isolation switch, hydraulic supply valve, drain valve. Dissipate any stored energy via drain valves.

Hydraulic supply valves can be locked in the closed position to prevent oil entering the system. Drain valves should be locked in the open position whereby hydraulic oil drains to the oil reservoir.


Apply locking devices to electrical isolators and hydraulic system drain valves. Secure these in place with safety isolation padlocks. Padlock keys should be retained by the person who applied them or retained in a Group Lock Box.


Apply signs or tags which provide the following information as a minimum.

1. Name of person carrying out the work. 2. Nature of work being undertaken. 3. Date tag applied. Signs and tags should be compliant with the signs and signals standards relevant to your location of work.


As a final precaution, measures should be taken to prevent hydraulically powered components moving under their own weight. Locking pins may be provided as part of the machinery design. Where possible, these should be locked in place. In absence of this, blocks and chocks can be placed strategically to prevent parts from moving.

Restoration of system:

Restoring the equipment or machinery to its normal operating condition is usually the reverse of the isolation procedure. Reference to the equipment or machinery hand books will advise on the correct sequence.

Is it Alzheimer’s Or is it CRS

CRS is, of course, an acronym for can’t remember stuff. Memory is the second thing to go when we age; I used to know what the first one was, but I can’t think of it right now. As a practitioner you have no doubt run across older patients who have problems with memory and concentration; and some who have actual dementia.

Mark Goodman Ph.D. believes that many patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease actually have dementia caused by a lack of vitamin B12. Dr. Goodman has an accredited Ph.D. in behavioral medicine (with a specialization in clinical neuropsychology) from the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

Dr. Goodman is quoted in an interview by Kirk Hamilton that appeared in Clinical Pearls. Dr. Goodman says, ” I initially suspected vitamin B12 limits were too low, when I encountered on consultation, geriatric patients admitted with Alzheimer’s diagnosis whose frontal lobe functioning was obviously intact. This is inconsistent with Alzheimer’s diagnosis. They were exhibiting other global neuropsychological deficits with a systemic/metabolic profile. They were all following cardiac lipid- lowering diets.”

He went on to say that he believed that there are many elderly individuals who are sub clinically B12 deficient. Many times these patients have normal blood levels of B12. He points out that people who are B12 deficient experience neurological changes before there is changes in their blood count (pernicious anemia) and that a good dietary history is an important part of the evaluation. According to Dr. Goodman, “In the convalescent facility diet there is little red meat due to expense and the desire to have residents on a lipid lowering regime. Also, there is a normal increase in gastric atrophy in the elderly which reduces vitamin B12 absorption. Thirdly, there is a down-regulation of the enzymes required for the formation and the manufacture of vitamin B12 when less vitamin B12 is consumed.” Dr. Goodman points out that if there is no frontal lobe degeneration, the dementia is not Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Goodman says that high doses of vitamin B12 are without any serious adverse side-effects. Some reports of reversible symptoms of diarrhea, cutaneous rash, polycythemia and possibly peripheral vascular thrombosis, but these are minor and reversible.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is fairly common in older people. Even when the tests for B12 levels are normal, symptoms like forgetfulness, fatigue and depression respond to B12 supplementation. Dr. Goodman’s point is that the symptoms of this deficiency can be so severe that the patient is often diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease-even when the blood tests are normal.

Very commonly, poor concentration, forgetfulness or even depression in an older individual is due to a need for vitamin B12. Dr. Goodman has recommended B12 injections for patients needing B12. If you do not have a license that lets you inject your patients with vitamins, this often presents a problem. When I was first in practice I frequently sent elderly patients to their doctor to get a B12 shot. More often than not, the doctor would test B12 levels and tell the patient that the shot was unnecessary. There has, however, been research that shows that high oral doses (more than 3 milligrams per day) can be used to effectively restore vitamin B12 levels. I use a lozenge that has 2 milligrams of B12 and 800 micrograms of folic acid. It is a good idea to give the folic acid with the B12, because they cover similar neurologic territory.

Dr. Goodman’s information has been valuable; it gives some scientific validity to a nutritional approach to a common problem. But like so many things in natural health care, we take some science, add some common sense and some clinical experience and come up with something really amazing.

The best stuff I ever learned about B12, I learned from Dr. Harry Eidenier who is a chemist and a bit of a clinical genius. Since deficiencies of vitamin B12 and folic acid can lead to a macrocytic anemia. So why wait until the MCV is over 100 to realize that there is a problem. A person isn’t normal one day and suddenly their cells just swell up. Sure enough, if someone comes in with CRS, fatigue, poor attention span or depression, a simple CBC might show you the reason for the problem. An MCV higher than 90 may mean a need for vitamin B12 and folic acid.

It is worth mentioning depression here; Americans spend about $3 billion each year on antidepressants. I remember one patient who was severely depressed and had tried four different antidepressants without any success. The next step was electro-shock therapy. It was the late 1980s and I was shocked that they were still doing this. He had some lab work with him and his RBC was below 4 and his MCV was 97(still “normal” according to his doctors). He responded to the B12 and never did receive the shock therapy.

Another thing that you might see with a B12 deficiency is a low neutraphil count. Sometimes the whole WBC count is low and the percentage of neutraphils is low. If you see the forgetfulness, fatigue or depression and a high MCV, you might be looking at a B12 deficiency and not an immune problem or a chronic infection.

The other thing that Dr. Eidenier pointed out to me is that if an individual needs B12, it is likely that he or she is not producing enough HCl in the stomach. If a person doesn’t produce enough HCl, he or she is likely to be deficient in various amino acids (many of which are precursors to neurotransmitters) and most minerals. This is the patient who has gas and bloating after meals. Interestingly enough, the patient may have gastric reflux. Fingernails break easily and bad breath is common.

As we get older, we produce less stomach HCl. So while Dr. Goodman states that the problem many older people have is that they do not eat meat. The truth is that they may not get the nutrients out of the meat even if they do eat it. People tend to develop a sweet tooth as they get older because protein becomes hard to digest. Very often the high cholesterol that Dr. Goodman speaks of is from a metabolic syndrome type of situation caused by eating too much sugar and starch.

A trace mineral, rubidium, is valuable for treating memory and concentration problems. I also learned this from Dr. Eidenier, who cited research that found high levels of rubidium in people who remained youthful late in life. I have to mention a particular company here, because I don’t know of anyone else who makes a rubidium supplement. The combination of HCl, B12, and rubidium is a powerful combination that helps people who have too many “senior moments”.

There are a number of studies that show the importance of antioxidants (both those found naturally, and in supplementation), DHA and omega 3 fatty acids in general to help protect from dementia. To quote Edward Zamrini, MD “A large body of evidence implicates oxidative damage in Alzheimer’s disease pathogenesis.” (March 21, 2006 issue of Geriatrics and Aging). In a study, published in the journal, Neurology (March 2000;54:1265-1272) showed that vitamin C and E supplementation could protect against vascular dementia. Also there is research that shows that pesticides create neurologic damage. Of course the presence of aluminum in the plaques associated with Alzheimer’s disease has many looking at aluminum in cookware, antacids and antiperspirants. Aluminum is one of the most plentiful elements on the planet. If may be wise to look at other heavy metals, especially mercury. Mercury can actually interfere with the body’s ability to detoxify and get rid of other metals-maybe this is at the root of the aluminum accumulation. To protect against Alzheimer’s disease get plenty of antioxidants, consume DHA and omega 3 oils, and remove metals and toxins from the body. The oils are especially important, there are studies that show consumption of fish or fish oil seems to protect from dementia.

Curcumin is an antioxidant found in turmeric. Turmeric is a perennial plant, botanically related to ginger that is native to India, China and Indonesia. It is a component of curry powder and prepared mustard. It is used in traditional Chinese medicine and in Indian (Ayurvedic) medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties. The lowest incidence of Alzheimer’s disease in the world is in villages in India. Only about 1% of Indians over the age of 65 get the disease. So, perhaps the consumption of curry may be the reason that there are so few cases of Alzheimer’s disease. Curcumin, found in turmeric, has been shown to fight the build up of the amyloid plaques found in Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Sally Frautschy, of the University of California, Los Angeles, presented these findings at the 2005 annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in San Diego, California. Her paper was entitled: Curcumin Reduces Oxidative Damage and Amyloid Pathology in an Alzheimer Transgenic Mouse.

So the things that work for keeping the mind sharp are the same things that work for everything else. You need fresh produce as a source of natural antioxidants, good essential fatty acids, avoid trans fats, exercise and eliminate toxins.

The Case For a Zero Party System

Upon travelling to the Black Hills of South Dakota and seeing Mount Rushmore for the first time, Gutzon Borglum proclaimed, “America will march along that skyline.”

Between the years of 1927 and 1941 Borglum sculpted and blasted away at that mountain, along with 400 workers, and finally realized that vision. There they were, the gigantic sculpted faces of 4 great presidents-George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln, and after that last blast of dynamite on October 31, 1941, that mountain came to life.

And since this is my little blog universe, and because I can (which is as good a reason as any), I’m going to sprinkle some magic dust and say the magic words, and tell you that mountain of blasted and sculpted granite literally came to life on that cold Halloween morning. George Washington, squinting in the autumn sun as it rose over the majestic Black Hills and filled the sky with dazzling orange and purple hues, turned to Thomas Jefferson, and while remembering his Farewell Address to America written on another fall day in 1796, squawked:

“Damn it Tom, I freaking told you so!”

Thomas Jefferson, you see, was the founder of the Democratic-Republican party, a party created in response to Alexander Hamilton’s Federalist Party, and the two party system of American government was born. It was born, however, much to President Washington’s chagrin.

How was it that what has been characterized by our Constitution as a “perfect union” of thirteen colonies, was first organized and led by a president who not only refused to affiliate himself with a political party, but who also warned his contemporaries against the dangers of splintering that very union into a partisan-system of government?

In September, 1796 George Washington, with a quill and feather pen while sitting in his study, wrote a farewell address to the American people. A draft of the letter was initially started in 1792 after the end of his first term in office, but as the newly formed republic began fragmenting and dividing into Federalist and Democratic-Republican parties, President Washington was coaxed into serving another term (and he ran unopposed) in the hopes that he could hold this union together.

The address was later revised in 1796 with the help of Alexander Hamilton. It warned of the grave dangers associated with a representative government being divided into a partisan political process. This is what the only president who was never identified by a party wrote about partisan politics:

“It serves to distract the Public Councils, and enfeeble the Public Administration….agitates the Community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms; kindles the animosity of one… against another… it opens the door to foreign influence and corruption… thus the policy and the will of one country are subjected to the policy and will of another.”

I don’t know about you, but reading that sends chills up my spine.

What was it that Washington was so afraid of?

Well, unless you’ve been in a coma over the last 214 years, the answer to that question should be rather obvious.

We operate our government through two political parties who, rather than being beholden to their constituents, are beholden to their corporate and special interest masters. Rather than being beholden to the core philosophies that they purport to espouse, their primary focus is to gain power and maintain and increase the power they get.

THAT is precisely what Washington was afraid of.

“It serves to distract the Public Councils, and enfeeble the Public Administration… agitates the Community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms; kindles the animosity of one….against another….”

You said if brother!

A socialist, fascist, communist, liberal president, born in Kenya, who practices Islam on the sly, as he plots the downfall of America with a Baptist minister from Chicago. He’s an African Adolph Hitler, I tell ya’, who wants to send grandma to a death panel and put that old bat down. Plus he smokes cigarettes. You want proof? That bastard just rammed down our throats a health care plan that Mitt Romney implemented in Massachusetts, the House Republicans tried to pass in 1993, and Richard Nixon advocated for while he was president of the United States.

Did you say the President lied about cheating on his wife? Here’s what we need to do – shut government down, assemble both Houses of Congress together, spend tens of millions of tax payer dollars investigating what “is” is, and impeach the son of a bitch!

THAT is precisely what Washington was afraid of.

“It opens the door to foreign influence and corruption… thus the policy and the will of one country are subjected to the policy and will of another.”

NAFTA, NATO, UN, Kyoto, Copenhagen, China, Citizens United vs. FEC, 737 US military basis across the globe, 2,500,000 US personnel serving across the planet, the international privately owned Federal Reserve which controls our monetary policy.

THAT is precisely what Washington was afraid of.

(And that noise you just heard was him smacking Thomas Jefferson upside the head-go to South Dakota and you will hear and see it for yourself).

Enough said. We’re screwed.

We’ve lost ourselves. Our parties don’t stand for anything anymore. They pretend to stand for substantive things, but they really don’t. They’re doing what George Washington said they would do-they “agitate the Community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms” in attempting to cling to power. That’s their sole function. They ceased to govern and began to rule. After all, governing demands accountability to those being governed, while ruling requires only propaganda and servitude by those being ruled.

I know I tend to pick on Republicans far more than I pick on Democrats, but that’s because I probably identify most closely with Republican core philosophies as more a part of my own core philosophies, and I feel like I’ve been absolutely jilted and abandoned by a party that rarely practices what it preaches. Think about what we’ve been sold in terms of traditional conservatism:

1)small government;

2) low taxes;

3) state’s rights;

4) laissez faire foreign policy and isolationism; and

5) fiscal responsibility.

Now think of what has been given to us:

1) the Patriot Act;

2) abortion restrictions;

3) ban on gay marriage;

4) a $2.4 trillion Iraq war;

5) a military-industrial complex culminating in more than $1 trillion a year in military spending;

6) maintenance of over 700 overseas military bases;

7) insistence on overturning marijuana decriminalization in states that pass it;

8) an income tax base that allocates more than half of its intake to maintaining defense spending;

9) government monitoring of book purchases;

10) warrantless wiretaps;

11) corporate takeover of our electoral process through Citizens United vs. FEC… and on and on. It seems that every opportunity Republicans get, they are looking to intrude on our private lives, create a “Big Brother” government which violates our civil liberties, and expand our military while expanding our debt to pay for it, which requires more taxes.

What the hell happened to this party?

This is the party that had to be dragged into World War II. This was the party that preached global isolationism. This was a party that preached no government intrusion into your private affairs. Now they’re in my bedroom, taking my weed, sending me to war, building military bases all over God’s green earth, and making me pay for it all, while claiming there’s no money left for me to see a freaking doctor!


The Republican party has been bought and paid for-that’s what happened. And it’s a lot easier to buy and pay for a party that is continuously in a struggle to maintain its hold on power than it is to buy out individuals on a one on one basis that have to answer to constituents. These men and women don’t answer to you and me-they answer to Exxon/Mobile, Halliburton, and Chase Bank. They will placate their constituents with rhetoric and diversion that we’ve come to know as “partisanship,” in order to funnel more money to their corporate masters.

Of course in an attempt to create a façade that they are operating true to their core philosophies, they’ll use those same core philosophies as a convenient excuse to oppose something politically when it suits their corporate masters’ interest-for example health care reform is conveniently not fiscally responsible, but juxtapose that fiscal irresponsibility argument with the complete silence on fiscal responsibility when it comes to defense spending, and you see the absurdity that is the Republican party.

Democrats are equally divorced from their core values incidentally. The “Civil Rights” Party was completely silent on the Patriot Act, and couldn’t have been more accommodating when it made its way into passage in lightening speed through Congress. They were completely silent on the Iraq war, voicing no objection to George Bush’s bogus claims of Iraqi 9/11 connections and non-existent WMD’s. They got us locked up into Vietnam-that was a mess created by two Democratic administrations and an appeasement of the same defense industry master that controls Republicans. Democrats are equally in bed with the military-industrial complex, just as the Republicans are and pass a budget every year that allocates over a trillion dollars for defense expenditures. In all fairness though, their hypocrisy seems to be a bit more measured than that of Republicans. But make no mistake, they have their masters too, and many of them are the same masters the Republicans have and both parties routinely answer to them.

I keep hearing that we need a third party in this country.

What the hell for? Typical American reaction, you see two bad things, now let’s add another bad thing to it in the hope that things will improve.

All I need is another group of boobs that play slave to corporate America. All I need is another party that advertises a philosophy and abandons it to hold on to power. That’ll fix things all right!

No sir. Give me a man or a woman that will answer to their core philosophies and constituents and not tie themselves to a bogus party line that will keep him or her in power so long as they continue to tow that line.

Washington’s co-author in his farewell address, Alexander Hamilton wrote, “The fabric of American empire ought to rest on the solid basis of THE CONSENT OF THE PEOPLE. The streams of national power ought to flow from that pure, original fountain of all legitimate authority.”

The consent of the people. Not the consent of the party, nor the consent of lobbyists and special interest groups. Not the consent of foreign countries, and foreign banks. But the consent of the people.

How will America achieve this? In the same manner that Gutzon Borglum envisioned that America will march along a new skyline in which a national monument was carved into the face of a granite mountain with powerful dynamite blasts and the elegant hand of a sculptor with his chisel. Like Borglum, we need to blast away this old mountain of partisan-politics and carefully sculpt a vision of America that was first conceived by our founding fathers and born through our Constitution, and then march along that new skyline.

America was not founded under an ideology of partisanship. The literal fabric from which this country was born-the Constitution of the United States-was not created with such an ideology in mind.

There are practical considerations to make when abandoning the party structure of government to be sure, but other countries have done it. Future articles will explore how that can be accomplished. Indeed I am in the process of writing a book that addresses this issue in great detail. However the purpose of this article is to allow you to envision a country without partisanship, and realize that this was precisely the intent of the founding fathers when this country was formed.

Our country was designed to be non-partisan.

The preamble to the Constitution opens with: “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union…”

…not “we the People of the Republican or Democratic Party in order to form a more imperfect Division.”

Division and partisanship lead to entitlement and elitism. Division and partisanship lead to loyalty to party rather than loyalty to country.

It’s time to revert to what the Constitution of the United States intended for us, the People of the United States, to do-create a more perfect Union. It’s time for us to abandon this “enfeebled” partisan structure of ruling which does nothing more than kindle animosity and get back to the business of governing-with a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

It’s time again to march along that skyline and forge an America in the vision of what our founding fathers had in mind when they first drafted that Constitution and created this undivided, non-partisan, perfect Union.