Thinking of Buying a Property Off the Plan? The Positives and Negatives Explained

What is ‘off the Plan’?

Off the plan is when a builder/developer is constructing a set of units/apartments and will look to pre-sell some or all of the apartments before construction has even began. This type of purchase is call purchasing off plan as the buyer is basing the decision to purchase based on the plans and drawings.

The standard transaction is a deposit of 5-10% will be paid at the time of signing the contract. No other payments are required whatsoever until construction is complete upon which the balance of the funds are required to complete the purchase. The length of time from signing of the contract to completion can be any length of time really but generally no longer than 2 years.

What are the positives to buying a property off the plan?

Off the plan properties are marketed heavily to Australian expats and interstate buyers. The reason why many Australian expats will purchase off the plan is that it takes a lot of the stress out of finding a property back in Australia to invest in. As the apartment is brand new there is no need to physically inspect the site and generally the location will be a good location close to all amenities. Other advantages of purchasing off the plan include;

1) Leaseback: Some developers will offer a rental guarantee for a year or two post completion to provide the buyer with comfort around prices,

2) In a rising property market it is not uncommon for the value of the apartment to increase resulting in an excellent return on investment. If the deposit the buyer put down was 10% and the apartment increased by 10% over the 2 year construction period – the buyer has seen a 100% return on their money as there are no other costs involved like interest payments etc in the 2 year construction phase. It is not uncommon for a buyer to on-sell the apartment prior to completion turning a quick profit,

3) Taxation benefits that go with purchasing a brand new property.

These are some great benefits and in a rising market purchasing off the plan can be a great investment.

What are the negatives to buying a property off the plan?

The primary risk in purchasing off the plan is obtaining finance for this purchase. No lender will issue an unconditional finance approval for an indefinite period of time. Yes, some lenders will approve finance for off the plan purchases however they are always subject to final valuation and verification of the applicants financial situation.

The maximum period of time a lender will hold open finance approval is six months. This means that it is not possible to arrange finance prior to signing a contract on an off the plan purchase as any approval would have long expired by the time settlement is due. The risk here is that the bank may decline the finance when settlement is due for one of the following reasons:

1) Valuations have fallen so the property is worth less than the original purchase price,

2) Credit policy has changed resulting in the property or purchaser no longer meeting bank lending criteria,

3) Interest rates or the Australian dollar has risen resulting in the borrower no longer being able to afford the repayments.

Not being able to finance the balance of the purchase price on settlement can result in the borrower forfeiting their deposit AND potentially being sued for damages should the developer sell the property for less than the agreed purchase price.

Examples of the above risks materialising in 2010 during the GFC:

During the global financial crisis banks around Australia tightened their credit lending policy. There were many examples where applicants had purchased off the plan with settlement imminent but no lender willing to finance the balance of the purchase price. Here are two examples:

1) Australian citizen living in Indonesia purchased an off the plan property in Melbourne in 2008. Completion was due in September 2009. The apartment was a studio apartment with an internal space of 30sqm. Lending policy in 2008 prior to the GFC permitted lending on such a unit to 80% LVR so only a 20% deposit plus costs was required. However, after the GFC the banks started to tighten up their lending policy on these small units with many lenders refusing to lend at all while others wanted a 50% deposit. This purchaser did not have enough savings to pay a 50% deposit so had to forfeit his deposit.

2) Foreign citizen living in Australia had purchase a property in Redcliffe off the plan in 2009. Settlement due April 2011. Purchase price was $408,000. Bank conducted a valuation and the valuation came in at $355,000, some $53,000 below the purchase price. Lender would only lend 80% of the valuation being 80% of $355,000 requiring the purchaser to put in a bigger deposit than he had otherwise budgeted for.

Should I buy an Off the Plan Property?

The author recommends that Australian citizens living overseas considering purchasing an off the plan apartment should only do so if they are in a strong financial position. Ideally they would have a minimum of a 20% deposit plus costs.

Before agreeing to purchase an off the plan unit one should contact a specialised mortgage broker to confirm that they currently meet home loan lending policy and should also consult their solicitor/conveyancer before fully committing.

Off the plan purchasers can be great investments with many many investors doing very well out of the purchase of these properties. There are however downsides and risks to buying off the plan which need to be considered before committing to the purchase.

Lightning and Static Protection Best Practices for Oil and Gas Tank Batteries and Well Pads

Oil and gas production and disposal tanks have a high susceptibility to lightning and static damage. The following suggestions make up a short list of best practices for tank batteries and well pads.

Use 3/4″ x 10 foot copper clad ground rods, minimum of 2 per site, always at opposite ends of battery. Each ground should measure 25 Ohms or less. Additional grounds can be placed at the back side of tanks.

Use tinned copper class 1 lightning protection conductor and tinned copper UL 96 rated materials throughout the lightning and static protection system.

Run a continuous trunk line of tinned copper class 1 lightning conductor from a ground (near the first step of the catwalk stairs) to another ground past all the tanks at the opposite side of the battery. This trunk line is to be secured to the underside of the stairs and along the catwalk or piping with clamps spaced no more than 36″ apart. This trunk line will be used to provide at least two paths to ground for each tank.

The lid and flange of every thief hatch must be bonded together with a UL listed tinned copper bonding strap. Every thief hatch, isolated metal body, catwalk, etc, must be bonded to the grounding system so the battery will rise and fall in electrical potential evenly.

Remove bound charge in fiberglass tanks with a Static Lasso® tank protector and bond to the tinned copper class 1 lightning conductor and grounding system.

Streamer Prevention Terminals (Dissipators) shall be installed on the tanks and catwalk handrails at spacing no more than 15 foot apart. Dissipators mounted on PVC piping will need to be bonded back to the grounding system with class 1 tinned lightning conductor.

Dissipators should also be mounted on all tall structures inside the pad or nearby a tank battery such as separators, heater treaters, or light poles.

The grounding for all electrical equipment should be bonded to the lightning protection grounding system for the tank battery. Separate grounding systems are potential risk for personnel and arcing of static charge.

Make sure that all the panels, variable frequency drives, PLC’s and ESP’s are installed with appropriate Type I Surge Protection Device of at least 120kA per phase surge current rating.

Truck load out stations need to have a static bonding cable installed to ensure that electrical potential between the truck and the tank battery are equalized before fluid transfer begins.

How To Protect and Extend the Life Of Your Screened In Sunroom Or Porch

We all love the outdoors and screened in porches are a very popular feature of cottages and summer homes. Unfortunately, unless these rooms are protected, they may suffer from wood rot or termites within 7 years of installation. Here are some simple and inexpensive ways to take preventative measures so you can enjoy your investment for many years to come.

Within five to seven years after installation, wood rot will occur if wood surfaces are subjected to water exposure. I am sure when you added that screen porch you had visions of it lasting much longer than 5-7 years! Unless you take proper steps to stop it, your wood floors and timbers will slowly begin to deteriorate.

Wood rot is accelerated even faster if mold and mildew are present on the surface of the wooden sections of your porch or screened room. Painting is never enough to prevent or slow the rotting process. Surfaces that are repeatedly exposed to the weather will, without a doubt, rot if you allow them to be exposed to the elements.

Not only do you have wood rot to worry about, but when moisture continually finds its way into the components of any wood surface, the area will eventually attract termites into your home. Termites thrive in the presence of both wood and moisture, and are often hard to detect until it is too late and your home has become structurally unsound.

One of the easiest ways to prevent this is to attach removable clear vinyl curtains to your screened in porch. During rainy days and winter months, you can fasten the curtains in place to keep the interior of your porch nice and dry. No snow will filter in in the winter time and the rains will stay outside.

Not only will this keep your wood nice and dry to prevent wood rot and termites, you will also prevent mold from growing in your screened room. Mold can be very unhealthy and long-term exposure can pose health risks for many people. It will also keep your furniture in the room fresher smelling. Nothing is worse than sitting in a smelly, mildewy sofa! Once this happens, you will find you no longer spend time in the room. What a shame, since it was an expensive and long awaited addition to the house or cottage.

Outdoor curtains and vinyl panels can keep your outdoor space looking like new for many years to come. You will be able to enjoy the space rain or shine and you will not have to worry about wood rot or mold and mildew.

How To Cut Down Costs For Your WiFi Internet Plans

Staying connected is vital nowadays. Whether it will be in business, in school or at home, internet connection and being always available is important. But, in the rapid span of changes in internet plans and consumption nowadays, it also comes together with a really surprising bill amount every end of the month.

In reality, you can reduce your WiFi internet plans cost without sacrificing too much. You would not need to be contented with a speed insufficient for your needs or a service that does not meet your standards. Here are some of the tips on how you can cut down your billing cost:

Choose the best plan

Choosing the best plan is the way to go. Make the most out of WiFi internet promos from various internet provider companies. They usually offer services at a very low price and with a lot of perks and other benefits. Have a list of the features offered by several internet providers in your area. Compare according to the benefits, perks, customer service and testimonials each brand offers as well as the additional cost you may save as you change your internet providers.

Switch to a lower bandwidth plan

If you are not using the hardcore spree of your internet connection like downloading or uploading large files, try to switch to a lower-bandwidth plan. Assess how you use the internet. If you are just using it for website browsing, checking and sending emails, and simple research, you can consider switching to a much lower bandwidth plan to cut monthly cost. If you are paying for a service that you are not completely utilizing, you’ll most likely experience the same thing with other things concerning your business. Always go for the practical choice.

Utilize your mobile phone as a tethering device

If you are using less than what you actually subscribed for and you have a mobile data to back up, it is best to make use of your mobile phone data plan to cut down cost. Send emails and answer Skype calls even while on the go with your mobile device.

Take advantage of free WiFi

There are many places in the metro that offers free internet connection like WiFi . Malls, coffee places, restaurants and hotels are just some of the few places you can latch in the internet for a few minutes without you having to pay for a dime.

Consider prepaid

If you are working on a tight budget each month, you can consider having it on prepaid. In this way, you can directly monitor your usage and make your data plan flexible. Turn your internet connection when not needed or simply take advantage of prepaid internet promos your internet service provider offers.

If I Get a Hair Transplant, Will Those Hairs Fall Out If I Continue to Use Steroids?

Answer: This is a frequently asked question, especially from males who are experiencing androgenic alopecia or having hair loss from steroids. Strangely, very few personal experiences can be found on the Web from males reporting that they use steroids and have also underwent hair transplants.

There are “stories” that numerous professional bodybuilders, sports athletes and wrestlers often get several hair restoration procedures in order to continue to have full head of hair. To my understanding, not any of these stories have been officially verified however.

I have currently had a pair of hair transplant surgeries and months afterwards I took anabolic steroids [under a physician’s direction].

In my experience, no transplanted hair grafts were affected by using anabolic steroids or my naturally produced dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – despite the fact that the transplanted hair follicles were transferred to areas like the hairline that had been really susceptible to DHT-induced alopecia.

Fortunately, my personal experience followed the science of permanent hair transplantation.

Let’s have a glimpse at the hair restoration procedure to demonstrate why transplanted hair follicles should be “safe” from DHT.

For starters, DHT, steroids and other performance enhancing drugs do not “cause” androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness.

Your natural dihydrotestosterone or steroid use can only trigger hair thinning if you are genetically susceptible to androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness.

Thinning hair and hair loss from steroids only occurs in hair follicles that are not genetically hard-wired to tolerate the hormone DHT. The number of “DHT-sensitive” hairs that an individual has can vary significantly – many males experience no hair loss, whereas other males are quite susceptible to hair loss. The follicles of hair that are most very sensitive are often along the length of the hairline and on the top of the head.

The only hairs that are fully protected from DHT and genetically programmed to withstand hair loss are hairs on the side and back of the scalp. Consider the character “George” from the show “Seinfeld”, George has advanced hair loss yet still has extensive hair density on the side and the back of his head. This region is called the “donor area” because these hair follicles are not susceptible to pattern hair loss or hair loss from steroids.

When donor hair grafts are collected and transferred to regions that are balding, they retain their genetic code and will still be able to resist DHT even when they are relocated to a different area that formerly contained hair follicles that were susceptible to androgenic alopecia.

Theoretically and in my experience, transplanted hair will remain resistant from DHT and substantial amounts of androgens.

Even so, you should take into account that your outstanding native hair might not be tolerant to DHT and may experience further pattern hair loss if DHT is allowed to “harm” them. If those native hair follicles fall out or thin, you may want an additional hair transplant. I required two transplants to obtain satisfactory thickness in the frontal zones and I plan to get one more to fill in the top of my scalp. The fantastic thing is that the hair transplant is permanent and should last for a lifetime.

To protect against additional hair loss, I suggest that you get a prescription for finasteride or Propecia from your health practitioner. Also, you should additionally make an attempt to topically block DHT on your scalp. Do your research on finasteride and Propecia, it only will work with testosterone-based anabolic steroids such as testosterone enanthate.

Through my nine years of personal experience in combating hair loss from steroids, as of July 2011, I consider Perfect Image’s 15% Minoxidil with 5% Azelaic Acid the single most effective commercial product for topically blocking DHT on your scalp. I have used nearly 20 different topical treatments and I believe this one is the most effective – it dries quickly too. You can have a look at the feedback on

Azelaic acid is scientifically proven to inhibit scalp DHT, as stated in a 2005 study published in the “American Journal of Clinical Dermatology,” doctors determined that azelaic acid is able to topically inhibit as much as 100% of the of DHT in your scalp.

Are You Dating A Player? How To Avoid Getting Played

Do you think you’re dating a player? Do you want to avoid being his next conquest?

A player is a man who actively seeks out women and carries on a number of “relationships” at the same time. There are hundreds of courses and books on the market teaching men how to be pick up artists. How to master seduction techniques. How to get women to sleep with them. Unfortunately there are many men buying these products and using these techniques to become players.

If you discover you’re dating a player you have 3 choices – end the relationship, stay in the relationship or decide to play your own game. No matter which one you choose way you need to learn some things to protect your heart.

How to Know You’re Dating a player

  1. Intentions: Always assume with every date that they have different intentions than yours. Even the nicest guy can exhibit player tendencies if you let him. So always keep your guard up. You don’t want to be any man’s temporary toy or trophy.
  2. Attention: Look at the amount of attention he’s giving you from the start. Does he seem almost obsessed? Is he calling you often, more often than anyone else?Trying to see you more? Trying to tie up all of your free time?
  3. Compliments: Is he always complimenting you, buttering you up, making you feel good? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but does it seem like he’s doing it more than most other men you date. A player will overdo the compliments, which does make him appealing, but it is a warning sign.
  4. Future Plans: Is he talking about the future after only a few weeks of dating? About the life he wants to share with you? The house he wants. Kids. His Dreams. Is he pushing you into exclusivity? While a man who’s interested in you may do this, he won’t do it as quickly as a player. Remember most men are very slow to do any committed relationship talks, so watch out for this.
  5. Consistency: Is he inconsistent? Players aren’t the most honest men. So listen to what he’s saying. This is the way most players are found out. It’s easy to keep up the facade over few weeks, but after a few months it’s hard to keep track of the lies.
  6. Friends: When you’re around his friends do they treat you like you don’t matter or you’re a joke? Do they make no effort to get to know you? They don’t want to get to know you because they know soon you’re going to be replaced by the new flavor of the week.
  7. Looking Good: Does how he look matter more than your feelings? Players are obsessed with themselves and their needs. If you find that what you need is constantly put on the backburner then you’re probably with a player. Does he need to borrow money from you sometimes so that he can spend his money on looking good? To have the right clothes, the right car, to be seen in the right places with the right people.
  8. Phone Calls: After you’ve been dating for awhile, has he suddenly become busy? Not answering your phone calls. And when he does call you back he’s always busy and can’t talk for long. No more hour long talks about your future. Just a quick call back so you stop calling him.
  9. Going Out: After you’ve been dating for awhile, has he stopped taking you out? Do your dates tend to either be at his place or yours? Does he keep you away from his friends or places he frequents? Does the man who used to take you out for dinner now limit his spending to a dollar movie from redbox and microwave popcorn, that he tries to make you pay for?
  10. Sex and Money: Do you feel like a booty call or an ATM machine? Does it seem after all is said and done that all he wants is sex or money? In some cases it may even feel like you’re paying him for sex.

Players want to have a lot of women so they can always get what they want. Each woman may serve a different purpose. Some for money, some for sex, some to show off. A player won’t commit to anyone and doesn’t want anyone to think you’re a couple because it limits their chances of getting more women. Your best bet is to avoid getting involved with a player int he first place.

If you find that you’re dating a player you have 3 choices:

  1. End the relationship immediately before it takes it’s emotional toll. Know that you won’t change a player. If you find that you have a habit of attracting players or being attracted to players, stop dating. Take time to look at why this is happening. Build up your self esteem and feel good about yourself before you get back out there.
  2. Stay in the relationship and eventually suffer for it. Not what I would suggest. But women do it every day. But know that there will be pain and heartache if you decide to go this route. Which is why if you decide to stay with your player I recommend the 3rd option.
  3. Accept that he’s a player, set the rules and boundaries for your game and casually date other people too. If you keep dating him, change the game. Let your relationship work off of your rules not his. If this means slowing him down, do it. If it means cutting him off, do it. Do what’s best for you, not him. Don’t play his game because if you do the odds are stacked against you. By dating other men you will know and have a constant reminder that you’re not in an exclusive relationship with your player. That’s what the player wants, exclusivity on YOUR part, never his. In time you will find that you don’t really want what your player man is offering.

Before you go on a date whether it’s with a player or not you need to set your boundaries. Decide some time limitations for the stages of your relationship. Know beforehand how slow or fast you want to move into intimacy and exclusivity. The right man will wait. A player will become impatient and eventually stop trying. That’s a simple way to weed them out so you can focus your attention and affection on someone that will love you and commit to you.

What is the Ideal Age of Children to Appreciate a Toy Kitchen?

As a parent, I am quite fond of toys that encourage imaginary play. It’s believed to enthuse children and help cultivate their ingenuity and inventive juices. While I’ve been guilty of using the TV as a babysitter before just as many other parents have, it’s important to understand the significance of keeping our children’s minds challenged and engaged when ever possible. One favorite toy that helps to augment a child’s artistic and innovative side is a play kitchen. But is there an age that is most appropriate for a child to begin exploring the idea of cooking and/or is there such an age where the child will no longer recognize the value of a play kitchen?

As with anything there is never a hard and fast rule when it comes to the development of our children. Yet, it was a question I wanted to address because I often come across such an inquiry on various forums and blogs. Most often people are wondering if their child might be too young to play with a toy kitchen but on occasion, people ask if their child may be too old to appreciate such a gift.

So you may be asking, what is the best age for play kitchens and what are the reasons behind that answer? It can be concluded that the ideal age to fully utilize and appreciate a toy kitchen is between two and half and 5 and half years old. Acquiring a play kitchen for your child under the age of two is certainly a prerogative but don’t anticipate there to be much awareness until they are closer to two and a half. Imaginary play is a concept that is developed in children over the age of two and children younger than that are just not ready cognitively to grasp this idea of pretend play. Although they may be captivated by all the bells and whistles, literally, they won’t connect to the imaginative power of a play kitchen until they are a bit older.

Ok, but what about the kids that are over the age of five; would they have an attraction to such a toy? At this age, expect them to be more allured by the idea of cooking with real food. They are ready to experiment using genuine ingredients while creating their own master piece. In conclusion, it seems to logical that the ideal ages to truly appreciate a play kitchen and benefit from imaginary play is between the ages of two and five; a limited window maybe but a great instrument none the less.

As I said, all children are diverse and some may really take pleasure in a toy kitchen outside of the ages I listed but for the most part, I think, as a parent you will be more satisfied with your purchase if you stay with in these guidelines.

Back-Feed Protection in Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Back-feed protection, in uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), prevents the risk of electric shock from any electric current feeding back from the UPS output in the event of a mains supply failure. When mains fails and connected loads are protected by uninterruptible power supplies, a back-feed protection device prevents current from being passed back to the input terminals of the UPS from the inverter output. This is extremely important for health and safety reasons because it enables a service engineer to work on the incoming supply side of the UPS without risk of receiving an electric shock.

A example of what could happen, in the event of a mains power failure, is that a bypass supply thyristor, which has short-circuited causing the output from the inverter to be passed through to the input terminals via the faulty component. It is something that must be prevented at all costs – not only to safeguard engineers but uninterruptible power supply protected loads too. Even when the input supply has been switched off, via an isolator, there is potential for it to happen, hence the need for back-feed protection. The type of back-feed device employed is determined by the size of the uninterruptible power supply.

Plug-in Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Back-feed protection for a single-phase uninterruptible power supply, up to 16A, needs to provide protection for both live and neutral input conductors using a specified air gap. The air gap is usually provided by means of a relay that opens when mains power supply fails.

For plug-in power supplies, if a fault occurs when the user disconnects it from the mains power supply (by simply unplugging it from the wall socket), the back-feed relay should prevent the exposed pins from becoming live. It should also remove any possibility of the user receiving an electric shock. UPS systems over 16A are hardwired (normally) and utilise one of two different approaches: mechanical or electronic.

Hardwired Uninterruptible Power Supply

Mechanical Back-feed Device:

Some hardwired uninterruptible power supplies are provided with the relay or contactor-based solution as used in 16A plug-in models. This, again, provides a specified safety air gap which opens when the mains power supply is disconnected or fails. Only the phase conductors are disconnected and the neutral always remains connected.

Electronic Back-feed Device:

Many hardwired uninterruptible power supplies utilise a back-feed current detection system, which continually monitors the current flow through the bypass supply. Should a fault occur within the bypass thyristors, it is detected by the UPS, which then immediately shuts down its inverter.

Back-feed protection is so simple to implement but is often overlooked. As with many potential hazards associated with electrical circuitry, such a simple problems can often, if not addressed, lead to a very complicated and costly set of circumstances. Static switches are part of online UPS design. Chances are back-feed protection will have been incorporated into the uninterruptible power supply units at the manufacturing stage but it is always best to check. This article was compiled using information available in The Power Protection Guide – the design, installation and operation of power supplies (ISBN: 9 780955 442803). By Robin Koffler and Jason Yates of Riello UPS.

Goldfish Tips – Finding Out The Gender of Your Goldfish

Boy or Girl?

How can you tell whether your Goldfish is male or female? You might want to know because you want to breed them, or give them the right name before Jack turns out to be the mother Goldfish! Here are some clues that might help you sort out the Goldfish boys from the Goldfish girls:

* The female Goldfish are slightly bigger than the males and look even heavier in the abdomen when they are full of eggs.

* Male Goldfish develop white spots on their gills and pectoral called “breeding tubercles” during spawning time.

* Males have midline ridges on their undersides beginning from the back of their pelvic fins and ending at their vent opening. This feature can be absent or smaller in females.

* Males have firm abdomen while in females; the area between the pelvic fins and the anal fins is more pliable.

* Male Goldfish have longer and pointed pectorals as well as stiff fin ray, while females have more rounded pectorals and shorter, finer front fin rays.

* Male goldfish have smaller and more oval anal openings and the anal fins are not as thick as that of the female goldfish who has a larger and rounder anal opening with a slight protrude. The anal fin is also thicker.

* The spawning time is the easiest time to distinguish the boys from the girls. The female opening will look larger and more swollen as the eggs begin to ripen. She would look big and heavier. Since fish reproduce through external fertilization, you can make out when a male is ready by the white breeding tubercles and you can actually push out the milt through his ventral opening by running a gentle finger along his sides.

* There is one more obvious, but kind of time taking way to make out which one of your fish is male and female. Find out who is chasing who – the chaser will be the male and the chased and tired out one will be the female! It’s the natural tendency on part of the male goldfish to chase and nudge at a female’s rear part.

Dane Stanton – []

How to Use Movies to Break Free From Emotional Black Holes(tm)

Emotional Black Holes (EBHs) are certain negative emotional states that drain vital energy and trigger destructive thoughts and actions against yourself and others. Their result is always catastrophic for your goals, aspirations and dreams. In this article you will learn:

1. How to recognize the EBH that sabotages your actions.

2. How to break free from an EBH and pursue your dreams.

3. How to use lessons from movies to avoid an EBH.

There are 8 Black Holes in Our Emotional Universe

Our 8 EBHs are: Apathy, Anger, Envy, Fear, Guilt, Greed, Hatred, and Shame.

We cannot avoid falling into an EBH. It happens again and again, as part of our human journey of self-discovery. The only positive element about an EBH is that we can remember its destructive influence on our life, so we can avoid falling into it the next time.

In order to break free from EBHs, you must learn to name them, recognize their destructive effects, take responsibility for falling in them, and take specific actions to move away from them. The following Quiz will help you identify your EBH.

1. Identify Your Emotional Black Hole: A Quiz

Read the following ten statements and note if they are apply to you or not. Give each TRUE answer one point and give each FALSE answer a zero point.

TRUE = 1


1. I often avoid mentioning or telling the truth about certain parts of my life.

2. I procrastinate a lot and it’s hard for me to finish a project.

3. Every so often my way of handling anger sabotages my efforts to reach my goals.

4. I have noticed that every time I am very close to success, something happens and things fall apart.

5. I often feel that if one of these things about me were different, I would be a much happier person: (check one or more)

o my family

o my race

o my gender

o my physical appearance

o my nationality

6. I often feel used and unappreciated; people should feel very guilty for the way they treat me.

7. I am not optimistic about the future. In fact, I worry a lot about what will happen to me.

8. I am very critical of myself.

9. I have a hard time feeling content with my life; I always want more and it’s never enough.

10. I don’t want what I have in my life; I envy other people’s lives and I want they have.

Check your score: the higher it is, the more important it is that you begin taking steps to get free from the EBH that keeps you stuck and drains your energy. Take the first step now: name your biggest EBH.

2. How to Break Free From an Emotional Black Hole

Breaking free from the destructive pull of an EBH takes consistent practice. In my book Reel Fulfillment: A 12-Step Plan for Transforming Your Life through Movies, there are special worksheets that help you break free from an EBH and the destructive patterns it activates.

The first step to breaking free from an EBH is to name it. What is your biggest EBH? Name it. How does it affect your thoughts and actions? Write down those negative thoughts and actions down. They are the self-sabotaging pattern you must correct in order to achieve your dreams and goals.

Here is an example: Your dream is to achieve financial freedom but your financial reality is dismal. This is because FEAR paralyzes you every time you must address your finances, which creates a poor relationship with your money and an even poorer bank account. In order for you to break free from FEAR, you must act against the paralysis it causes, by taking baby steps:

begin opening your bank statements; cut up your credit cards; take a money-management class, and so on. Take those steps IN SPITE OF Fear. Don’t expect the Fear to go away. EBHs won’t move out of your emotional universe; YOU WILL MOVE AWAY OF THEM, through conscious and persistent actions.

Here are five things you can do to move away from an EBH when you recognize its destructive grip on your thoughts and actions:

1. Use Physical Activity: take a kickboxing class, do power walk or go swimming.

2. Play Video Games that channel your anger into inanimate objects.

3. Use Creativity: cook, use clay, work on your home, work on your garden.

4. Play: Diffuse the destructive energy through play. Use board games or play with animals.

5. Use prayer and meditation: Developing spiritual fitness is the fast track to freedom from the energy of Emotional Black Holes.

3. What Movies Can Teach You about Emotional Black Holes

From the following list, watch as many movies as you can. It is strongly recommended that you read about them prior to watching. They may contain graphic scenes of violence, nudity and/or strong language.

After watching a movie, answer the questions that follow:

o House of Sand and Fog (2003); directed by Vadim Perelma

o Falling Down (1994); directed by Joel Schumacher

o My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997); directed by P.J. Hogan

o The Man Who Would Be King (1975); directed by John Huston

o Fearless (1993); directed by Peter Weir

o American History X (1998); directed by Tony Kaye

Questions to Answer:

1. What EBH compromises the character’s life and sets off self-sabotaging patterns?

2. What triggers the negative emotional energy to start its destructive effect?

3. How does the character respond to the pull of the EBH?

4. As the story develops, how does negative emotional energy spread? Which words, actions, thoughts, random events or conscious decisions propel it? Who is affected by it and how?

5. Are there any moments in the story when the characters break free from EBH? What does it take for them to achieve that?

A Guide to Digital Night Vision – Using the Latest Pulsar and Yukon Digital Night Vision Devices

The evolution of Night Vision

Everyone has seen though a night vision device before in some form or another, whether it’s through an actual handheld device, or through the eyes of a movie star in a spy film on TV

This grainy green blurred image is synonymous with Generation One night vision which often were ex military products from the Eastern Bloc and were unreliable and not the best in terms of performance.

These devices were very fragile and had a short life span as they were easily burnt out with light ingress from sources such as daylight, car headlights, torches etc

With a limited viewing range, the original Gen 1 night vision devices required a powerful ambient life source such as starlight, or an infrared light source to be able to see to any distance.

These image intensifier type devices have evolved using better quality image intensifier tubes and electronics into Generation 2 and now Gen 3 devices which give incredible viewing performance to long distances, but at an eye watering price and still with the restraints found in the original devices.

They were still dependent on the fragile image intensifier tubes, and could not be used in daylight, which poses a problem when you have to zero your rifle before a night hunting as zeroing at night is not the safest form of shooting!

With the advent of Digital Night Vision along came a range of devices with Gen 2 performance, at a fraction of the cost.

Digital Night Vision

Digital Night Vision does not rely on a fragile image intensifier tubes and instead used a CCD sensor much like you would find in a Digital SLR camera, and an electronic circuit board which processes the images onto a LCD screen which is viewed through the eye piece as a crisp black and white image.

This is not only easy on the eye at night, but offers a much sharper resolution and finer detail viewing than the old image intensifier green image.

Combine this technology with a high power Infrared or laser illuminator and you will have a viewing device capable in many circumstances of viewing between 250 and 400meters and beyond.

As there is no intensifier tube to “burn out” you can use these devices during the day as a handheld monocular or in the form of the Pulsar Digisight, a weapon sight that you can zero during the day, and even hunt with in daylight

At night however they come into their own.

Take the Yukon Ranger Pro handheld monocular for example, this device will allow viewing out to 400meters perfectly clearly, and is ideal for monitoring wildlife, or for security applications.

We recently had a customer buy a Ranger Pro to take to Kenya on safari, and he contacted us to say that at night he watched a pride of lions only a hundred meters from their lodge.

Whether you are viewing wildlife through a handheld monocular, or hunting at night, the ability to watch wildlife without using a light source is such an advantage.

These devices use a high power infrared illuminator to enhance the image when there is not enough starlight or ambient light.

As infrared is invisible to the eye, you can view wildlife without them knowing you are there, which is a big advantage when hunting compared to hunting with a riflescope and a high power white light lamp.

Recording what you see

Devices such as the Yukon Ranger and Pulsar Digisight for example, have an onboard video out, which allows you to connect the device to a television or a recording device such as the Yukon Mobile Personal Recorder.

You can then record the footage you view, which is brilliant for watching nocturnal animals such as badgers, foxes and otters.

You can then replay the footage on your PC or television back at home, and keep the memories of a safari trip night time expedition for ever.

The Truth is Out There…

Digital Night Vision such as the Yukon Ranger with its onboard recording facility, has become the favourite tool in the UFO watchers arsenal.

You Tube is full of suspected UFO’s captured on these devices, and as they use infra red, a whole new perspective of viewing is released with digital night vision.

Whether or not little green men exist, or the objects are shooting stars or research aircraft, the footage captured by the UFO enthusiasts on the Yukon Ranger has to be seen to be believed.

Types of Digital Night Vision

Pulsar Recon X550 Handheld Monocular

The Pulsar Recon X550 Night vision devices features a greater range of view (up to 500m) due to a more sensitive CCD array and advanced program technology employed.

Recon X550 is a compact and lightweight digital NV scope which is designed for hunting, security purposes and wildlife viewing at long ranges.

Recon X series nightvision features a greater range of view (up to 500meters) than the Recon models due to a more sensitive CCD array and advanced program technology employed in this model – Sum Light

Traditional NV devices emit the image to your eye using green light, which many believe to be the most comfortable viewing colour at night. Digital Night vision emits the image in black and white, however the Recon X 550 has a LCD Emission control system allowing you to choose the preferred LCD display colour.

Yukon Ranger and Yukon Ranger Pro

Yukon Advanced Optics has staked its claim for leadership within this field by offering a new line of Digital NV Ranger models that cover several performance and price categories.

The Ranger’s high magnification, increased observation range and stealth IR illuminator are just a few characteristics that separate Yukon’s Ranger from the rest of the market.

Ranger Pro is designed to be the most powerful and versatile unit available, complete with a rugged body packed with a sizeable amount of innovations. By integrating Yukon’s well known Dual IR technology, which extends the traditional IR range into a capable multi zone unit, the Ranger satisifies even the most demanding applications. Yukon Ranger features up to 250meters detection and the Yukon Ranger Pro up to 650meters detection

Pulsar Recon R Handheld Monocular

The Pulsar Recon R series of Digital Night Vision scopes are equipped with a built in appliance which allows video recording and photography immediately during observation.

This footage can then be played back on the device or on an external monitor. Ideal for wildlife safaris where you want to capture memories, or for security purposes for court or police viewing at a later date.

The recordable Recon’s are available as the Recon X550R with a viewing range of up to 500meters, or the Recon 550R with a viewing range of up to 250meters.

Both units feature a Video Output/Input facility as well as the LCD Emission control system to select viewing colour.

The Recon R devices use an SD memory card to record footage, and can be used during the day as a 5x monocular or at night as a night vision device.

Pulsar Digisight N550 Digital Night Vision Weapon Sight

The long anticipated Pulsar N550 is a revolution in night vision and is designed to fit firearms and airrifles for hunting at night.

Features market leading image resolution combined with switchable reticles and one shot zero, has made the N550 THE most wanted product in our marketplace.

Traditional NV tubes meant that shooting during the day was not an option, and you had to switch to a day scope should you wish to use your rifle during the day, with the N550 you can shoot during the day as well as at night, as the high performance CCD sensor and digital image processing is compatible with sunlight and Infrared at night.

A Video out facility allows you to record your evenings hunting, by streaming footage to a personal media recorder.

With a detection range of 400meters, the N550 is ideal for centrefire rifles for vermin control at night over long ranges, as well as for rimfire and air rifles for small vermin control in barns and around the farm etc

Built in IR illumination allows you to use the N550 in complete darkness, although a high power IR flashlight can be added to boost the detection of the unit further.

The future of Night Vision is here

With Digital Night Vision, the performance of high end NV Gen 2 and Gen 3 products is available to the consumer at a price of between £300 and £1000 depending on spec, which will allow you to view wildlife at night, without them ever knowing you were there.

The Many Uses For LED’s

The LED, which stands for “Light Emitting Diode” is gaining more and more popularity for use in many applications and appliances. This is due to it’s relative low cost, size and strength of light. Here are some of the many applications and items that use LED’s:

LED Displays

Look around and you’ll see LED signs on many businesses. One great example of LED light use is in Las Vegas. The giant multi color signs flashing messages, video clips and event information are seen outside just about every Las Vegas hotel. Another example is when you go to get gas. It’s likely your gas station, if it was built somewhat recently, has an LED sign that allows the owner to change prices much more easily than the old manual signs made of plastic or metal.

LED Flashlights

From tiny key chain lights to huge, high powered lantern lights, flashlights are one of the most popular uses for LED lights. You may already have some LED flashlights in your home.

LED’s for Traffic Safety

When you pass an area of the highway that is under construction, it’s likely that you’ll see a flashing LED light steering you away from the area.

LED Lights For The Home

LED use is now skyrocketing in popularity in applications for the home. LED is now seen as an alternative to fluorescent lighting. LED products for use in the home include high output light bulbs, 12 volt DC light bulbs, lighting strips, under cabinet lights, light bars, reading lamps, office lamps, floodlights, security lights, lanterns, emergency lights, head lamps, book lights, solar powered lights, outdoor lights, motion detecting lights as well as many other light products for home use.

LED Novelties

You can find LED’s used in many novelty toys and accessories like glow sticks, for instance. Yes, those sticks of light that you see kids using to go trick or treating on Halloween night, many of them use an LED. In addition, jewelry is a popular way to use LED. You can now see LED’s lighting up items like bracelets, necklaces, earrings, hair accessories and rings. LED’s have also made their way into novelty products like glasses, toy swords, toy guns, charms, wands and cheerleader accessories.

LED’s for the Holidays

The holidays, especially Christmas, are one of the most popular times of the year to use LED lights. If you’ve bought Christmas lights recently, chance are that they are made of LED’s. Another interesting use of LED lights for the holidays is a string of candle lights for the tree. In the old days, people would light their trees up with candles. Putting candles on a Christmas tree is very dangerous. However, with LED’s, you can get the same look without the safety problem.

Surely many more LED applications and products will be available for use in the future.

Reflux Esophagitis

The predominant presenting symptom of reflux is burning chest pain (heartburn) resulting from recurrent mucosal injury, frequently worse at night, when lying supine, or right after consumption of foods or drugs that diminish lower esophageal valve tone. Typical causes of reflux esophagitis are those problems that outcome in persistent or repetitive acid exposure towards the esophageal mucosa.

These consist of disorders that increase the rate of spontaneous transient reduced esophageal sphincter relaxations or impair reflexes that usually adhere to transient lower esophageal sphincter relaxations having a secondary wave of esophageal peristalsis. Problems that increase gastric volume or pressure (eg, partial or total gastric outlet obstruction and problems that improve acid production) also lead.

Occasionally, reflux esophagitis could be caused by alkaline injury (eg, pancreatic juice refluxing through both an incompetent pyloric valve along with a relaxed lower esophageal sphincter). Hiatal hernia, a disorder by which a portion from the proximal abdomen slides into the chest cavity with upward displacement from the lower esophageal valve, can lead towards the development of reflux.

Normally, the tonically contracted lower esophageal sphincter offers an effective barrier to reflux of acid from the stomach back into the esophagus. This really is reinforced by secondary esophageal peristaltic waves in response to transient reduced esophageal sphincter relaxation.

Effectiveness of that barrier could be altered by loss of lower esophageal valve tone (ie, the opposite of achalasia), increased frequency of transient relaxations, reduction of secondary peristalsis right after a transient relaxation, increased stomach volume or stress, or increased manufacturing of acid, all of which can make more likely reflux of acidic stomach contents sufficient to trigger pain or erosion.

Recurrent reflux can damage the mucosa, resulting in inflammation, hence the term “reflux esophagitis.” Recurrent reflux itself predisposes to further reflux simply because the scarring that occurs with healing from the inflamed epithelium renders the lower esophageal valve progressively less competent being a barrier.

Even though typically a consequence of acid reflux, esophagitis can also outcome from reflux of pepsin or bile. In most instances of esophageal reflux disease, a typical pathophysiologic thread could be identified. Recurrent mucosal damage results in infiltration of granulocytes and eosinophils, hyperplasia of basal cells, and at some point the improvement of friable, bleeding ulcers and exudates over the mucosal surface.

These pathologic modifications set the stage for scar formation and valve incompetence, predisposing to recurrent cycles of inflammation. Elevated frequency of transient reduced esophageal valve relaxations might be partly in response to increased gastric distension. Normally, transient lower esophageal sphincter relaxations are accompanied by elevated esophageal peristalsis.

Individuals with defects in excitatory pathways that promote peristalsis might, consequently, be at elevated risk for the development of esophageal reflux. Changes in the kinds of prostaglandins created by the esophagus are already noted in reflux esophagitis, possibly contributing to impairment of healing and predisposing to recurrences.

In contrast to other types of acid-mediated injury, H pylori infection does not appear to lead to the improvement of reflux or esophagitis. Heartburn is the usual symptom of reflux esophagitis, typically worsening on lying prone. With recurrent reflux, a array of problems may produce. Probably the most typical complication may be the development of stricture within the distal esophagus.

Progressive obstruction, initially to solid food and later to liquid, presents as dysphagia. Other problems of recurrent reflux include hemorrhage or perforation; hoarseness, coughing, or wheezing; and pneumonia consequently of aspiration of gastric contents to the lungs, particularly throughout sleep.

Epidemiologic studies recommend that cigarette smoking and alcohol abuse associated with recurrent reflux outcome in a change within the esophageal epithelium from squamous to columnar histology, termed Barrett’s esophagus. In 2-5% of cases, Barrett’s esophagus leads towards the development of adenocarcinoma.

Cut Resistant Clothing for Glaziers or Glass Workers

High performance cut resistant clothing for glaziers and glass workers, are a very effective and efficient way of reducing the risk of accidental cut injuries.

When working with glass, it is of course of great importance to wear the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) to shield the worker’s body from injury in case the glass breaks or shatters on impact. Eye gear is required when doing any sort of cutting or grinding, and is of equal importance to wear cut resistant clothing that protects against accidental cuts.

The priority has to be to provide adequate information on safety precautions and training on the handling of glass to all employees and to develop and implement a safe system of work. However, it is a matter of fact that injuries will always occur as long as human being exists. Our focus or concentration at work can easily be compromised by a number of variables we cannot control, such as personal circumstances, amount of sleep, health and even how much an individual enjoys their job role.

Understanding this we must aim to prevent of cut injuries, in case mechanical or human errors occur. This is where cut resistant clothing can help. Just like a seat belt in our car, we can hope as much as we want that we will never need our seat belt, and we can believe as much as we want in our own great driving abilities. Unfortunately, one day our car might fail to work correctly or it might be someone else who makes a major driving error, and in such moment our seat belt will drastically increase our chance of survival or reduce the risk of serious injury.

The International Labour Organization has observed that an estimated 50 million work related injuries occur every year or 160,000 every day. Their study of 263 glass workers at a one particular glass factory in 2003 and 2004 concluded that 59.3% had suffered from cut related injuries at work.

New figures from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) in the UK clearly show the glass and metal handling industry is among the most dangerous in the UK, accounting for nine per cent of the total workforce and 16 per cent of reportable accidents.

Better protection would have also prevented the serious cut injury of Ian Swain, a glass worker, whose arm was cut to the bone when a sheet of glass shattered in his hand in 2009, severing the artery, muscle and nerves in his right arm.

The Health & Safety Executives stated clearly that if Ian Swain would have been provided with full arm protection he would have avoided serious injury.

Following similar serious cut related injuries and even the loss of life, and after having very carefully evaluated the financial, legal and moral consequences following such accidents, the world’s leading glass handling firms have issued their workforce with appropriate PPE over the past few years. Have you? Are you aware of the latest developments within the world of cut resistant clothing?

High performance cut resistant clothing has recently been launched and tested to European (EN 388:2003 Level 5), International (ISO 13997:1999 Level 5) and American (ASTM F-1790-05 Level 4) blade cut resistance standards. All available test results confirm its truly outstanding cut protection levels.

Made out of 100% Cut-Tex PRO, this type of cut resistant clothing offers an equal high level of comfort and protection and is now available from highly respected licensed distributors in numerous countries around the world.

Bespoke cut resistant clothing can also be designed, developed and manufactured based on customers operational duties and risks, or clear design guidelines.

Please email visit or call +44 (0) 845 5193 953

RemoveWAT Or Chew-WGA "Bypass Activate" Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 Forever

According to Genuine Windows blog, the Windows Activation Technologies Update for Windows 7, this update will detect more than 70 known and potentially dangerous activation cracks or exploits. Activation exploits are sometimes called “hacks”, and attempt to bypass or compromise Windows’ activation technologies.

The blog post further explains how the KB971033 update will work: Once installed, the Update protects customers by identifying known activation exploits that may affect their PC experience. If any activation exploits are found, Windows will alert the customer and offer options for resolving the issue – in many cases, with just a few clicks. Machines running genuine Windows 7 software with no activation exploits will see nothing – the update runs quietly in the background protecting your system. If Windows 7 is non-genuine, the notifications built into Windows 7 will inform the customer that Windows is not genuine by displaying informational dialog boxes with options for the customer to either get more information, or acquire genuine Windows. The desktop wallpaper will be switched to a plain desktop (all of the customer’s desktop icons, gadgets, or pinned applications stay in place). Periodic reminders and a persistent desktop watermark act as further alerts to the customer.

Other that activation cracks and exploits, the main controversy of the KB971033 is that the update will “call home” to Microsoft every 90 days initially. The callback to the Microsoft’s activation server serves as an additional layer of periodic validation, which allows that WAT system to download latest and updated signatures that are used to identify new activation exploits in order to verify and determine whether the Windows 7 installed on a PC is genuine or pirated, and take various actions to change the user experience and behavior of the PC if the WAT decides that the system is not genuine or properly authenticated, even though the system is still activated at the point of the time.

In short, KB971033 update for Windows 7 activation and validation system may not be the exploit detector itself, but just a introduction of mechanism with ability to establish authentication verification connections to central servers to download piracy signatures database from Microsoft as and when needed in order to combat new activation cracks or methods. By doing so, Microsoft can dynamically update WAT system, instead release complete update for WAT again in future.

Luckily for pirated Windows 7 users, KB971033 Windows Activation Technologies update is optional and voluntary. It’s marked as Important update in Windows Update, and user can choose not to install the update. Initially, it will be rolled out to Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise editions. It should be available to all Windows 7 and Windows Vista systems in the end. After installed, user can still uninstall the KB971033 easily, however, once the system is flagged as fraudulent, not genuine, pirated or illegal, it will stay so despite the update is removed or uninstalled.

In fact, KB971033 Update for Windows Activation Technologies have been leaked to Internet for everybody’s download since early February, and long discussion thread on My Digital Life forums has been debating on how far the update will go to invalidate and deactivate various cracks and hacks for Windows 7 such as loaders (softmod) and BIOS-mod (hardmod). As the update depends on online update for new signature, which does not seem to active or go live yet, so the actual effect of the update is not yet known.

Most do however agree, based on Microsoft’s track records on WGA update on Vista platform, that the WATU (WAT Update package) will mostly deal with activation cracks which modify the activation or licensing files, such as Chew-WGA and RemoveWAT Win7 activation crack, and numerous other “derivative” cracks and exploits that may include virus or Trojan horse (hence the explanation for 70 odd exploits available in the wild). The update will attempt to repair core licensing system files that have been tampered with, disabled, removed or changed illegally, which effectively disable the activation hack.

For user who wants to install KB971033 update to verify the legitimacy of the Windows 7 system, it can be downloaded via the download links below:

32-bit (x86): Windows6.1-KB971033-x86.msu

64-bit (x64): Windows6.1-KB971033-x64.msu


RemoveWAT or Chew-WGA “Bypass Activate” Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 Forever (Loader Alternative to Remove & Disable Activation Technologies)


Despite already has perfect and reliable Windows 7 activation crack based on royalty-OEM mechanism, hackers have managed to come out with a new activation crack method as an alternative to BIOS loader and OEM BIOS mod, which effectively bypass the activation requirement of the installed Windows 7 system, by removing and disabling Windows Activation Technologies (WAT).

The hack works to “activate” Windows 7 by bypassing activation altogether, and thus does not require any product key. Previously in Windows Vista, the attempt to permanently bypass Windows Vista activation by stopping activation grace period countdown timer has been unsuccessful and foiled by Microsoft with anti-crack update.

In Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, hackers attempt to block access of Windows Activation Technologies, comprising of SPP (Software Protection Platform) and SLC (Software Licensing Client), which manages and handles licensing and activation matters on the operating system to the core components or files which are required for its operation. By blocking, preventing, removing and disabling access to or loading of the activation and licensing related system files, SLUI will fail to start, causing activation been circumvented and Windows does not need to be activated anymore, for forever and permanently.

For example, the commands that been used to restrict access to Windows Activation Technologies (WAT) system files are:

takeown /F %WINDIR%System32sppcomapi.dll

icacls %WINDIR%System32sppcomapi.dll /deny *S-1-1-0:F

Where sppcomapi.dll is the library which controls most of the SPP functions, so nullifying this DLL disables all activation and licensing related functions. And as the activation functionality is disabled completely, the activation grace period (for free evaluation) does not matter anymore, although it may still continue to counting down to 0 days.

The crack is possible probably due to leniency allowed on the part of Microsoft on activation mechanism to avoid getting too many false-positive or complaint on activation error. However, by disabling and turning off the activation component of Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2, after the free trial evaluation activation free period of 30 days is expired, nag screen to notify and remind user to run genuine Windows and activate Windows 7 may appear from balloon tip at notification system tray, or when launching to run NotePad, WordPad, Calculator or even when opening Control Panel. Besides, there may be desktop watermark of this copy of Windows is not genuine appearing at four corners of the screen, and system cannot pass WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) validation which requires prior to install non-critical updates from Windows Update and some certain programs in Windows 7, such as Microsoft Security Essentials.

Thus, various hackers have came up with tools or utilities which deals with all “side-effects” that follow after activation scheme in Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 is disabled and removed, so that Windows OS will continue to operate as it should (no automatic log off or shutdown), no nagging pop-up messages, no use genuine Windows or activate Windows now notification dialog box, and most importantly, pass WGA validation and permanently no product key required to activate the system.

Currently, two leading Windows 7 non-loader crack is RemoveWAT and Chew-WGA. Both tools initially start with different approach, but have since used rather similar crack method, as bugs are discovered and fixed. Another crack tool, Win7X Genuine Updates (Win7XGU) does not fully automate the process by requiring users to perform several steps to get genuine status, further signifies how difficult for hackers to tamper with Windows licensing system.


RemoveWAT, developed by Hazar and nononsence is a Windows 7 crack that completely removes Windows Activation Technologies from the system so that users can validate the illegal pirated copies of Windows 7 as genuine status (some reported as “Tampered Binary” in MGADiag due to patching), forever and permanently. RemoveWAT supports both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) and all editions of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

RemoveWAT, which has been refreshed to RemoveWAT v1.9, also stops sppsvc service and patches DLL files such as slwga.dll, sppcomapi.dll and systemcpl.dll, where the last one removes the whole Windows activation section from the Control Panel’s System Properties. RemoveWAT also support silent install with /s switch, and can be integrated to Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 installation DVD.


Chew-WGA is a similar Windows 7 crack which is designed to test the security resistance of various software protections built into Windows 6.1.x operating systems. It works by restraining certain components of the software protection platform. Other than restricting access to sppcomapi.dll file, Chew-WGA also patches many SPP related files.

Chew-WGA, which currently updated to Chew-WGA v0.9, will make the system to return activated status, and Windows is activated message is displayed in Control Panel’s System Properties.

As crack based on removal of activation component involves patching, changes and modification to many system files, it’s likely to be easily detected and nullified by Microsoft, especially in next WGA update or Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. In fact, Software Protection Platform (SPP) has been effectively to counter unauthorized edit of system files, which may result in features or functionality of Windows been deactivated, reduced, disabled or removed, causing various error message when user wants to perform certain action. Thus, the cracks should never be executed on a system intended for continual use, and should only be used to extend the evaluation period to avoid reinstallation. In fact, to use Windows operating system any longer than 30 days, users should purchase a license.