LED Flashlights Mysteries – Polycarbonate, the Titanium of Flashlight Lenses

Polycarbonates are known as parts of thermoplastic polymers. These plastics are widely used in chemical industry. There are some of the important features such as they have temperature resistance and posses optical properties. They can also be used in manufacturing of baby bottles and water bottles. These plastics can also be used in lightening lenses to improve the quality of light because of their optical properties. Polycarbonate plastics are used for making lenses because of their durability, transparency and high infraction index. Polycarbonate lenses are thinner than the glass lenses or other conventional lenses and are almost unbreakable.

Polycarbonate in Flashlight Lens

As polycarbonate lenses are unbreakable, they reduce the risk of getting damage and they are light-weighted. This is the reason why they are more expensive than glass and other lenses. The polycarbonate lenses are able to correct poor quality of light and hence are used in flashlights so that the quality of light can be improved. They also have scratch resistance coating, which prevents any distortion in light omitted by LED flashlight and hence give out high beam of light. They can easily be molded and shaped as per the requirements and can be fitted well in the flashlight medium.

Advantages of polycarbonate lenses over glass lenses

There are various advantages of using polycarbonate lenses over glass lenses. Some of them are listed below:

– Polycarbonate lens are ten times more impact resistant than any other plastic lenses and glass lenses.

– Glass lenses can be broken when hit even with slighter force. Polycarbonate lenses are almost unbreakable so the damages are comparatively lesser.

– Polycarbonate lenses have 100 percent UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

– The lenses made up of polycarbonate plastics are more durable and are scratch resistant.

– These lenses are lighter than the glass lenses.

However, there are some significant disadvantages associated with polycarbonate lenses. This is known as oxidation or discoloration. It is impossible to figure out with naked eyes but these polycarbonate lenses are made up of the materials which expand when exposed to heat or higher temperatures. This can cause debris, dust and UV rays to enter the lenses over a period of time. The oxidation can also lead to fading and the lens can appear foggy and cloudy over a period of time. Due to the deterioration of the lens the quality of light can also be affected and you may not get the same quality which you received in the initial days.

Depending upon the retirements, you can select the best product for you. However, the disadvantages do occur with the passage of time. You can still go and get flashlights which have polycarbonate lenses in order to experience the benefits.

It will always be a wise decision to get the LED flashlight so that you can enjoy the high beam of light with better quality. These products are used by people all over the world. You can choose the right product by shopping around and reviewing these products.

How Can A Security Guard Do A Better Job?

There are many benefits of being a security guard in Albuquerque and I have found several ways that a guard can exceed his/ her job performances. I think that a client’s ultimate satisfaction with a security officer is one of the major contributors to their overall feeling of success with any particular project. I have employed many security officers and been one myself in the capacity of running my business. I can tell you what it is like to b a security officer and I have found that making a guard’s working conditions better increases his/ her performance to a customer.

The city of Albuquerque presents special obstacles for those in the security industry that are not common to other cities. Some of the issues are: low pay, no benefits, poor training availability, prevalence of unlicensed security company, company requirement to use personal vehicles on the job, high turn-over, layoffs, high crime, lack of cooperation with local police, lack of regulation enforcement and a host of other problems. Despite these challenges many people find a good career in security.

What are some of the benefits of being security guard in Albuquerque?

1. The job is rewarding and it can be very fun. Guards get a good feeling when they work had, have something important to do or protect and have success doing it.

2. The job can be exciting

3. The job makes you feel like you are part of a team and there is a lot of camaraderie.

4. You get to work independently, with little supervision.

5. Working for an established security provider is a good stepping stone for a career in law enforcement and you can gain valuable training.

Many of the issues that I mention below can be attributed to the work of a security guard and they are also in-line with the problems of a security company owner and client. As a security company owner, I have found that if I can exemplify a guard’s goals and aspirations then he/she will make a good employee and do a better job for my clients.

It is always hard to find a good security guard in Albuquerque New Mexico. There are several factors that make it difficult to find a good officer for your project, event or building. The New Mexico Security industry is difficult. I think that there are many competent and professional guards in the industry in Albuquerque but there is little oversight for officers who choose to overlook their duties. The job of a security guard is lonely and often times they operate alone and without backup. In the end, they have only their own ethics and work ethics to guide them. I have been in the private security business for almost eleven years and I have owned a company for all of it. I have worked on the streets as a guard and everything in-between. I am proud of it. I have come to learn that this is a big part of being a security guard.

Many guards take their profession very seriously but they can only do so much without good support from the guard company. This is why many small companies have troubles. Likewise, very large companies sometimes fall short of monitoring individual guard’s needs or performance in the field. It is imperative that a professional guard is treated as such and receives good training. Albuquerque is a dangerous city and each guard needs an effective method to call for help if needed. Supervision is very important for the client and the individual guard. Lack of supervision is apparent when the guard doesn’t have direction and seems disinterested in the work. It is important to have involvement from an actual decision maker in the company both for the guard and the clients. Leadership by example is vital in the security guard industry.

It can be very boring to be a security guard. Low pay is a staple of the environment in Albuquerque. Benefits. What are benefits in the security industry? It is rare to find a guard that has company paid health insurance, dental or disability insurance. Many officers come into the profession as a entry or exit point to law enforcement. These people are usually a little more motivated than the rest and seek to do a good job without reminder. I find that people who want a good structure and solid opportunity are drawn to solid companies. Attention to detail and a good visual presence are apparent in guards that take themselves seriously. I think that people want opportunity in work and progression. Guards want advancement in a company and they tend to work harder and in harmony if there is opportunity. The opposite is true if the company offers little advancement.

I remember working in the office during the day then at whatever accounts we had at night as a security officer. It was fun to be out and get involved to make a difference but more than not it was a boring and thankless job. I had to take pride in my own work and I realized that I was the only person who would ultimately check my own work. Guards find the same true today. Who will really catch a guard if he takes a nap during a paid shift or isn’t there at all? Clients hire us to protect their property because they doesn’t want to stay awake all night. This gives you a good idea of why supervision is so important.

Sometimes payday comes to guards in Albuquerque with bounced paychecks from their employers. Really. Why would some people work for companies like this? The answer escapes me. There are plenty of good companies out there. I believe that there are less companies that empower their management to make the right decisions and even fewer companies whose ownership takes an active interest in the administration of the business of security. Are the owners figureheads? Do they have real world experience that is relevant and recent? I am a former Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Deputy/ Detective but I don’t find much parallel in security. Many security company’s advertise “former law enforcement” as a benefit to clients. I don’t think that this is always a benefit. Many police officers who are retiring are not accustomed to working hard and a company’s employees are usually in some part, representative of its owner. If things aren’t going right in my company I don’t usually have to look too far for the problem.

How can a security guard do his/her job better?

1. Be enthusiastic about your job, improve your appearance and act professional at all times. People like to see professionals and they respect people who take pride in their job.

2. Work harder than everyone else. People respect hard work and they admire security guards who get the job done and who are reliable.

3. Get more training in your profession, job interests and seek management training if available from any source possible. Training creates professionalism and opportunity for a guard.

4. Be a good communicator. Share information with clients and ask to help when possible. People look to professional security guards for support and appreciate clear communication skills.

5. Ask for help. If you need assistance from your company or a client ask for help and the job will get done better. People like problem solvers and guards who ask for help are usually trying to solve a problem and provide better service.

I find that my clients get much better services with the more time I spend with my officers and supervisors. They care more when I care more. They respond to my customers and my guards and management team are the best in the Albuquerque security industry, hands down. Finding a person that is proud of his/ her job is vital. If a customer ever gets the impression that the guard doesn’t care then it is probably true. What do I think about cheap security? You get what you pay for, sometimes in spades. Watch out for liability because it is prevalent in the security industry.

What makes Albuquerque so different in terms of the security industry? I am aware about many different security markets but I have never seen some of these problems. Most consumers don’t know that the industry is filled with unlicensed companies and guards that have no background checks. If fact, this is the norm rather than an exception. The industry is regulated by the NM Private Investigator’s Board under Regulation and Licensing Division but they are under-staffed and unresponsive in many cases. A consumer should be able to call to verify licensing on a guard or company but this can’t happen if they don’t answer the phone. The Internet verification system is not working as of this writing. I have been critical of the bad overall conditions in the New Mexico security market and in a recent interview, RLD Superintendent Kelly O’Donnell acknowledged this problem in an interview with the Santa Fe Reporter Magazine:

Superintendent O’Donnell acknowledges Hamic might be right about the epidemic of unlicensed security guards. “I think that this industry in particular faces a real challenge from unlicensed activity,” O’Donnell says. “This industry has the potential to attract some people who might be willing to ignore the law occasionally. The board has cracked down on them. Have they been 100 percent successful at that? Well, no.”

The full article is published. I like to see security guards who love their jobs and look forward to the future of private security in New Mexico.

How to Cook a Whole Chicken on a Campfire

The art of cooking on a camp fire is simple and very rewarding.  There is nothing better than the taste of fire cooked food.  To prepare and cook a whole chicken on a camp fire is easier than one might imagine.  The best way to cook a whole chicken in camp is basically in a fire pit.  The first thing needed is a good fire pit surrounded by stones; the stones should be approximately 1 to 3 inches in diameter.  Most organised campsite will have a contained fire pit which is ready to go. In this case all you have to do is find some stones, enough to pile alongside the fire pit but not directly into the fire.  If you have to build your own fire pit, dig out a hole about 3 to 5 feet in diameter, 12 to 24 inches deep, and line the base with gravel or sand.  You then take the larger stones and surround the pit with them, the more stones you have the better your containment wall will be. 

Once your fire pit is ready, using your woodsman skills, start a fire using clean wood. Avoid at all cost using wood contaminated with paint or chemicals; this is harmful to the environment and is very toxic.  Let the fire burn until a good coal base is present and your fire has heated up the stones around the fire pit. The stones can be tested by throwing a bit of water on them. If they are hot, steam will be ready seen coming from the stones. You are then ready to cook the chicken. You will need one whole chicken, butter or oil, some spices (salt and pepper for starters), aluminum foil, and some vegetables like onions, carrots, and garlic if so desired.

To prepare the whole chicken, you first rinse the chicken with clean water, grease the chicken up with oil or butter. Spice the chicken to your liking, rosemary, salt, and pepper is usually good. Assure that you do not leave the bagged giblet inside the chicken. Butchers will usually leave the inner chicken parts in a bag inside the whole chicken. You can remove the giblets from the bag and reinsert them inside the chicken. This is not for everybody since they are a delicacy to only a few individuals. You can also add your favourite vegetables like onions, carrots, and garlic to the chicken. The veggies can be stuff inside with or without the giblets; this will give the chicken some flavour. Once the chicken is prepared, double wrap it inside the aluminum foil. Assure that the foil is tightly wrapped and that there are no holes puncture through the foil. This is important because you do not want any grease or heat to escape the wrapping, as well as any dirt or outside contaminants in. Depending on the thickness of the aluminum foil, more than a double wrap might be needed; this is a judgment call.

Take the foil wrapped chicken and place it on the stones that are piled up around the fire pit. The stones should be placed in a matter where they form a hole or a bowl. The stones should be hot so take care not to burn yourself, use cooking mitts or a good pair of fire retardant gloves that will prevent you from getting burned. Usually a small shovel or a heavy duty pair of forceps can also be used. The chicken should be placed as close to the heat as possible but not directly onto the flames of the fire. Once the chicken is settled inside the stones, use more hot stones to carefully and fully cover the wrapped chicken. Watch that the foil wrap is not damaged and ripped open by the stones. For better results you can dig a whole going under the fire pit, and then put stones inside the hole where your chicken will be inserted. The hole should be so that it will not cave in on itself.

Make sure your fire is well stoked and that it stays hot at all time. Depending on the size of your chicken and the heat of your fire, the chicken should be ready to eat within 40 to 60 minutes. If your chicken is well wrapped and well covered with hot stones, most of the time the chicken will not burn. It will burn if it is in direct contact with open flames. In this case the chicken can be left to cook and simmer for a long period of time. Usually the longer it stays buried by the fire pit, the better the chicken will taste. You can even cook a chicken over night while your fire is slowly dissipating, make sure the foil wrap is not leaking, this will attract unwanted nocturnal guess.

Supercharger Tuning Through Cam Selection and Cam Timing

Camshaft tuning is an essential part of supercharger tuning. Camshafts orchestrate the valve opening and closing events in the engine and decide whether what comes out of our motor is beautiful high power music, or a mess of dysphonics.

The use of the proper supercharger optimized cam shaft can go a long way towards supercharger tuning and give considerable power gains for the money invested.

To understand camshaft timing and camshaft selection we have to understand first:

Relativity: Changing when the valves open or close (intake or exhaust) changes the the valve timing with respect to:

  • The piston position inside the cylinder. Depending on where the pistons is in the stroke, and where we are in the combustion cycle, then opening the valves will exploit the pressure difference between the cylinder and the intake and exhaust manifolds.For example it would make sense that the ideal time to open the intake valve is when there is peak vacuum inside the cylinder so that when the valve opens, the maximum amount of fresh air can be ingested. Similarly, it makes sense not to open the exhaust valve until peak cylinder pressures have been achieved inside the combustion chamber and the combustion is complete and all the power is extracted.
  • The high and low pressure pulses created by the design and runner lengths of the intake and exhaust manifolds.It would make sense to open the intake valve just as the reflected pressure waves in the intake manifold reach the intake valve as a high pressure portion of the wave, thus opening the valve at this high pressure point gives a ‘ram air’ effect through volumetric efficiency resonance tuning increasing air ingestion which increases power.Similarly on the exhaust side, it makes sense to open the exhaust valve, just as the reflected low pressure (vacuum) portion of the exhaust wave (reflected back from the collector) reaches the back of the exhaust valve. At this point in time there is both peak pressure inside the cylinder, and vacuum in the exhaust which creates a higher pressure differencial and a faster evacuating exhaust gas.
  • With respect to the ignition timing event, for example a shorter duration or advanced exhaust cam, opens the exhaust valve sooner with respect to when the mixture was originally ignited, this means that although by advancing the exhaust cam we may have matched our header design and opened the valve with the lowest possible exhaust back pressure for best efficiency, at the same time, we have reduced the amount of time that the mixture is combusted and possibly opened the valve before reaching our peak cylinder pressures and thrown away some horsepower.
  • The intake valves with respect to the exhaust valves: and this is usually described in terms of lobe separation angles (the offset in degrees between the center of the exhaust cam and between the center of the intake cam), or in terms of how many degrees of overlap (the number of degrees that both intake and exhaust valves are open at the same time).

Since the combustion inside the cylinder occurs at a much higher pressure than atmospheric pressure, and since exhaust valves are usually smaller than intake valves (for this same high pressure reason) then exhaust gas velocity is much higher than intake gas velocity. So, in some engines it is beneficial to open the intake valve earlier than usual during the last part of the exhaust stroke, this is called overlap. During overlap – at the very end of the exhaust stroke – the amount of pressure left in the cylinder is low so it is possible to breathe in new air under atmospheric pressure, at the same time, the high velocity of the exhaust gasses exiting help draw in even more fresh air from the intake side in an effect much like ‘syphoning’ where the fluid (in our case air) flows as a continuous stream drawing in new intake air after the old exhaust gas leaves.

The other part of phenomenon that relates to timing intake valves with respect to exhaust valves is the duration of time where both valves are absolutely closed, which is your power stroke. This is the part of the combustion cycle where the mixture can be compressed and combusted. If either (or both) intake or exhaust valves are open you will not be able to neither compress nor combust the mixture, and the absolute duration of time (in degrees of rotation) that your mixture is combusted and allowed to reach peak cylinder pressures is affected by camshaft selection and cam timing. One thing to note is that the valve angle has a lot to do with exhaust scavenging, obviously you will get maximum scavanging if the exhaust and intake valves had ‘line of sight’ i.e. if the valves were separated by an angle of 180*. If so, the exhaust air can directly pull in new air. Conversely, you would have the least possible scavenging if you had valves that were at a narrow angle (zero degrees at the extreme) between each other, so that the air would essentially have to make a U turn to come in through the intake and get pulled out the exhaust.

So different motors respond differently to overlap depending on the exhaust back pressure and the valve angle.


Cam duration is the number of degrees of the entire 360* rotation that the intake or exhaust valve is open. The longer the duration, the more air you can get into the motor, the more overlap you have (which helps more with higher rpm power performance), the shorter your power stroke is (which reduces your combustion duration and your peak cylinder pressures reducing low rpm fuel efficiencly and clean idle….etc

Increased duration (with it’s increased overlap and scavenging) also gives the opportunity for exhaust gasses to get to the intake, or intake gasses to leak to the exhaust, and so are more sensitive to proper timing events otherwise we can get some negative effects from being ‘overcammed’


Lift is how far or how deep the valve opens into the cylinder. The more lift you have, the less the valve is a restriction to incoming air because it is farther away from the direct path of entering or exiting air. Adding lift in general adds power to all rpms, depending on how well the camshaft (and valve train) can accelerate the valve to a higher lift number in a short duration. It’s like a ramp, the shorter the duration and higher the lift, the steeper the ramp. So what happens here is that if your valve train isn’t light enough and well controlled (Through proper valve springs or hydraulic lifting and damping) to operate that rapidly then lift will give you improved performance at lower rpms (where there is a lot of time to move the valve to peak lift) but reduced performance at higher rpms, where there are more rounds per minute and so less time per round, and thus less time to go up the steep ramp and push the valve out to full extension.

Lift is good, but usually people don’t try to radically increase lift on their aftermarket cams because of a few considerations:

  1. Make sure that at this new lift, that there is still enough clearance between the valve (at full extension) and the cylinder (at top dead center) to prevent any catastrophic mechanical failure.
  2. Upgrade to lighter valve train, with stiffer springs or dual valve springs to have more control over the valve with this steeper cam profile.
  3. It does add power but it doesn’t shift the power curve up or down as radically as changing cam duration does, and so in most aftermarket applications we really want a cam to give us peak power at a certain rpm range and so we care much more about the best duration (and some added lift).

I know this is a somewhat complex topic, but I need to make sure we’re speaking the same language before we go into how this relates to superchargers. Before you decide which camshaft to use (or how to adjust the timing on your stock cams) you have to look at one very important thing:

Your exhaust system and exhaust back pressure:

If you have a stock log type exhaust manifold, with a close coupled cat, with a dual cat exhaust system, small exhaust tubing, and a couple of restrictive mufflers on your car then it is possible at peak power to have up to 10psi of back pressure.

If this is the case, my first recommendation would be to upgrade to a high flow, low pressure exhaust system because of the potential power gains; however, I do know that some of our readers have cars that they are setting up for their parents or for dual use where their partner or the laws in their location …etc are really strict when it comes to any added exhaust noise or any aftermarket exhaust. In this case, where exhaust upgrades are not an option, then you must select your camshafts, and tune your cam timing to where you have ABSOLUTELY the minimum possible amount of overlap. If you have significant overlap, then the more you rise above about 4500 rpms the more your supercharger will suffer and the more power you will waste. If the supercharger is geared to 7psi of boost for example, then during overlap, the cylinder sees 7psi of boost on the intake side, and 10psi of back pressure on the exhaust side, the net result is that air will flow from the high pressure zone (the exhaust) to the lower pressure zone (the intake) and so your cylinder will start to fill with exhaust gases. As the rotation continues, the exhaust valve will close and overlap will end, and the intake valve will stay open for the remainder of the intake stroke (for the rest of the duration of your intake cam), and the rest of the cylinder will fill with fresh air.

What happens here is that we get a cylinder that filled for 30* of overlap with exhaust air, and then filled for another 210* (of the original 240* of duration for a typical street cam) with fresh air. The result is a cylinder that is only 85% filled with fresh air or an engine that is literally 15% smaller in displacement! On the other hand, if our supercharger is geared for 18psi for example, then during overlap we will have 18psi on the intake side and our exhaust back pressure of 10psi on the exhaust side, the net result of this overlap is that our supercharger is effectively only producing 8psi worth of differential pressure between the intake and the cylinder and so we are only going to get a power boost of 8psi during overlap. So, during those 30* of overlap the supercharger is only effectively producing 8psi of boost, and after that once the exhaust valve closes, the supercharger will be able to go back to operating at full boost for the other 210*. The net result is something like 16psi of boost so 2psi (or about 12%) of our power was wasted.

Supercharger tuning through cam selection and cam timing

Intake cam:

Because of the negative effects of overlap on a supercharger car’s performance, and especially in the case of high exhaust back pressure as is the case with most factory supercharged cars, we find that the optimal cam duration for the intake cam is typically 30-40* of duration less than a normally aspirated camshaft for the same peak power RPM. The decision to reduce the intake cam duration rather than split the duration reduction between the intake and exhaust cams, is that the intake cam will flow air under pressurized conditions (due to the addition of the supercharger and the increase in intake manifold pressure) and so at a reduced intake cam duration the engine will still be able to get it’s full share of intake air. At the same time, the high rpm efficiency improvement from the reduction of overlap will also boost power production with a more conservative cam. Finally, if we would like to get more flow from the intake cam, there is still the option of using a higher lift camshaft (with a steeper profile due to the decreased duration) with supporting valve train modifications to make sure valve float doesn’t occur at higher rpms.

Intake cam timing:

The cam timing for the intake cam would ideally be retarded which would move the intake cam opening event farther away from the exhaust valve closing event so as to reduce or eliminate overlap, and as a side effect the power stroke duration will increase by retarding the intake cam which can also compensate for the lost power from the duration reduction.

Exhaust cam:

The exhaust cam duration and lift for a supercharged version of the motor should be similar to a nitrous camshaft, in the sense that the exhaust cams on nitrous specific builds have:

1- Very healthy cam duration & very healthy cam lift to allow a severely elevated amount of exhaust gases to be able to efficiently exit the motor when the nitrous is activated and the horsepower (and thus the exhaust gasses) have both doubled in quantity.

2- As little or no overlap if possible, as any overlap would mean that nitrous would be sprayed from the intake side and out the exhaust, which is wasteful of our limited supply of nitrous. Similarly the more overlap we have, the harder the supercharger will have to work because of what we explained earlier about either exhaust reversion into the intake, or the supercharger pressurizing the exhaust.

Exhaust cam timing:

Advancing the exhaust cam both opens and closes the exhaust valves sooner. Opening the exhaust valve sooner slightly reduces the power stroke, but at the same time it reduces overlap and makes better use of our supercharger. Typically an an advanced exhaust cam combined with retarded intake cam will provide the best results on a supercharged car, especially with a restrictive exhaust.

If we had a high flow exhaust system installed, then it may not be beneficial to advance the exhaust cam, a high flow exaust system that is optimized for our engine’s power requirements can clear the combustion chamber of all it’s gasses very efficiently. Having a high duration exhaust cam, a low back pressure exhaust system and a no overlap what so ever camshaft means that we are giving the exhaust gas plenty of time to exit they cylinder, the intake valve still hasn’t opened (because the we have decide to retard it, or use a conservative cam with less duration) and so the supercharger is not pushing any new fresh air in yet, now the cylinder is void and so some of the exhaust gas can revert back into the cylinder, then the exhaust valve will close, and then the intake valve will open only to find the cylinder already partially filled with exhaust gases.

This isn’t a problem with a restrictive exhaust because a restrictive exhaust will take some time to clear the cylinder at a lower velocity, however with a higher flow exhaust system we must be careful not to dial out ALL of the overlap in the cam timing, or to over-cam the exhaust cam (using too much duration).

So exhaust cam timing can be advanced or retarded, depending on the exhaust modifications and the intake cam selection and thus must be dyno-tuned.

It’s important to note that with all of these changes in cam selection , overlap, power stroke duration, and cam timing, that the power stroke duration is effected and if it is effectively shortened then we may need to retune the car’s timing advance on the dyno (for increased advance) to regain losses in duration of the power stroke (again this against popular thinking of never to advance timing on forced induction cars, if we have a shortened power stroke, or an application with significant overlap then it may be necessary to do so).

So we see here that the end result here a lop-sided camshaft with a conservative duration, high lift cam on the intake side, and a normal duration, high lift cam on the exhaust with minimal lobe separation angle and minimal (but not necessarily no) overlap.

The exception to the rule:

Sometimes people take a car that starts off with a 9000 rpm redline, has an 11.5:1 compression ratio, and a 280* duration camshaft, and an aggressive naturally aspirated-esque timing curve and decide to supercharge it for more power. One suck example is kleemann’s kompressor for the SLK55 AMG (which already makes 400 hp in normally aspirated form from an 11:1 compression ratio motor). In this type of application, if you use a more conservative cam, and dial out all the overlap, and increase the power stroke, in combination with an already high 11:1 compression ratio and a healthy amount of boost pressure (7psi or above) you will end up with a motor that produces extremely high peak cylinder pressures and those intense pressures and heat may easily start off a chain reaction of pre-ignition and detonation and you will find that no matter how much you retard the timing that the setup will end up both powerless and still not that safe.

In this case, I would consider RPM and compression my primary power adder, and my supercharger as my secondary power adder (that is unless I decided to change that and went ahead and lowered the compression ratio of the motor). In this case it is OK to sacrifice some supercharger high rpm efficiency for preventing high-load & low-rpm detonation. Furthermore, to overcome the overlap inherent in this kind of high rpm normally aspirated power-plant it would be very advisable to use a centrifugal supercharger that is capable of producing more boost and flow with increased rpm rather than a roots type charger that will easily run out of boost and flow capacity (CFM) when facing an aggressive camshaft ‘leaking’ boost away.

Here is a great example of how cam tuning can affect supercharged power:

The car is a 1.8 liter Honda motor equipped with:

  • Supercharger optimized big primaries and short runners Kamakazi header
  • A greddy 2.5? SP2 catback exhaust system.
  • An LHT ported “S” supercharger inlet tube
  • An LHT ported intake manifold ( Non intercooled)
  • A Carbon fibre intake
  • A Jackson racing eaton M62 supercharger geared for 7.5-8 psi.

The black line is the baseline run with all of these modifications before tuning with peak power coming in at: 223 wheel hp @ 7600 rpms.

The blue line is the power achieved after a full tine (camshaft timing redone for reduced overlap, ignition timing re-optimized, and air fuel ratio optimized for peak power), with peak power coming in at 248 hp @ 8400 rpms.

You can see on by the dyno results that by reducing overlap and properly tuning the car the power peak not only increased by 25 horsepower, but more importantly shifted up by 1000 RPM’s due to increased supercharger high rpm efficiency from reduced overlap.

Seattle Wedding Ceremony Sites – 6 Free Or Almost Free Locations For a Small and Sweet Ceremony

You are being married in Seattle, Washington! If cost is a consideration and you are on a serious budget for your wedding day, a free or almost free location for your wedding ceremony will help preserve your wedding dollars.

Here is a short list of 6 fun and memorable free or “almost free” locations in Seattle, Washington for a sweet and elegant wedding ceremony. As you review this list, you’ll find that “almost free” most often includes a permit fee for a park or venue through a city or government agency.

6 Fun and Memorable Free Or “Almost Free” Wedding Ceremony Locations in Seattle, WA

1) Seattle’s Ballard Locks – Free! One of Seattle’s biggest tourist attractions offers the venue’s English Botanical Gardens free of charge. You have a choice of four possible ceremony locations with the Gardens and the space is free with a reservation. For more information and/or to make a reservation contact The Ballard Locks.

2) Leschi Waterfront Area – Free! For a short and sweet wedding ceremony, consider the beautiful Leschi waterfront area on Lake Washington as a definite possibility. This neighborhood area along the shore of popular Lake Washington is especially gorgeous and scenic during Seattle’s beautiful Summer months of July and August.

3) Top Of The Space Needle – Almost Free! What about getting married high in the sky at the top of The Space Needle? Purchase a ticket for you, your Sweetie, two witnesses and your Officiant to ride the elevator and you can be married at the top of the Needle with a killer view of Seattle all around you!

4) Alki Beach in West Seattle – Almost Free! A favorite for locals and couples coming into Seattle from out-of-town is Alki Beach in West Seattle. For a short and sweet wedding ceremony, Alki Beach offers a bustling beach with lots of local color and activity. Couples love to get married at the water’s edge with their feet in the sand and the skyline of Seattle in the background behind them! Contact the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department for a permit for a beach wedding.

5) A Friend’s Boat on Lake Washington – Free! It’s amazing how many people in Seattle have a boat or know someone with a boat! Take your wedding ceremony to the water and get married on a friend’s boat while cruising Lake Washington or the Puget Sound.

6) Your Home or a Friend’s Home – Free! This last suggestion is probably a “no brainer!” What about making things as simple as possible and inviting your Officiant/Minister and family/friends to join you at your home or a friend’s home for a casual and simple wedding celebration? Home weddings in Seattle are as popular as ever and such location/venue might just be perfect for what you thinking as you plan your wedding day.

Easy Easter Bonnet and Hat Ideas

When it comes to making Easter bonnets or hats it can fill many parents with dread. There will always be a parent who has the time and the pocket to create a masterpiece. But for most of us there are lots of ideas for Easter bonnets and hats that are not only easy and cheap to make, but fun to do as well.

Making Easter bonnets and hats is all about being creative and imaginative. The first step in how to make Easter bonnets and hats is to see what you already have around the home to make your hat with. You may already have the base for your hat such as an old straw sun hat, a baseball cap, hair bands etc. Check your draws and sewing boxes for scraps of material, buttons, sequins, ribbon, wrapping and tissue paper. Even old greetings cards come in handy.

Once having collected together as many useful items as you can, think about what type of hat or bonnet you can make from them. Your collection can grow by checking out your local store or craft shop for items such as candy eggs, chicks, feathers and paper and card. Cake decorating shops are often very useful when making an Easter bonnet or hat.

Here are some very simple ideas for your Easter bonnet or hat that are easy to make.

Easter plate hat

A paper or plastic plate can make a great inexpensive base for your hat. Before you start to decorate, make two holes either side of the plate to tie ribbon, elastic or string through.

Either cover your plate with tissue, paint or leave plain. Glue a selection of Easter related items to the plate such as candy eggs, chicks and bunnies. Or cover in scrunched up brown paper, to resemble a nest and fill with chicks and eggs.

Using card (a cereal packet will do), cut out petals to create a flower such as a daffodil or sunflower. Color yellow and stick to your plate. Fill the center using cut up egg boxes painted yellow or black. And finish with green ribbon for the tie to resemble the stem.

Straw hat

If using an old straw hat make or buy some flowers to stick on the hat to create a spring garden. Fill with Easter chicks and eggs. Candy eggs are better as they are less likely to melt and stick better. Finish with pretty ribbon in pastel shades.

Let your child make their own hat by crunching up paper and sticking it to the hat until it is completely filled. A rainbow effect can be made using different bands of colored tissue paper, or completely cover it in paper flowers.

Boys are perhaps more reluctant to wear an Easter hat, so using an old baseball cap removes the problem of the occasion when making Easter hats for boys. They can be decorated as animal or other themes very easily.

Baseball cap Easter hat

To make a nest using a baseball cap, cover the cap in brown paper or tissue. Make an extra nest shape at the top with scrunched up paper and fill with chicks and candy eggs as with the plate hat.

To make an animal such as a chick, cover in yellow paper and make a cardboard beak in orange to stick to the peak of the cap. Stick on some yellow feathers and make some eyes out of black material or card.

Easter cone hat or bonnet

This can be made simply by your child.

Give your child some card and let them decorate it with whatever materials you have such as coloring pencils, markers, ribbons, glitter, paper flowers etc. Once they have finished, fold the card into a cone shape and secure the edges with sticky tape. Make two holes in the end and thread some ribbon or elastic through to tie under the chin.

Rabbit hair band bonnet

This is particularly good for small children who perhaps do not like wearing a hat. It is easy to make and uses very little materials.

Make some large cut out rabbit ears and cover them in either gray felt or material. Cover the inside with pink material. If you don’t have any material, simply them in with markers. Cut strips of pink or gray paper or material and wind them round your hair band until completely covered. Bend the end of the rabbits ear to make a flap and stick securely under the hair band.

Some of the best ideas can be the easiest. So when it comes to making your Easter bonnet or hat start from what you have or know you can easily source. Most of all it should be fun for you and your child.

What Is the Difference Between Commercial Appliance Repair and Residential Appliance Repair?

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, you depend upon your appliances to get you through each day. When an appliance breaks down, you need it fixed properly and as quickly as possible. That said, anyone who runs or works in a business that relies on appliances to function understands the differences between the demands put on commercial versus residential appliances.

Your appliance repair expert should understand those differences, too. When you’re researching appliance repair companies online, look for a team that is trained and certified in the type of appliance repair you need. You want to trust your valuable appliances to someone who knows what he’s doing and who will be able to give you expert repair service.

Commercial and residential appliances differ in terms of:

The Work Required of Them

The appliances in your home must stand up to the demands of daily life, but their job is small compared to the work a commercial appliance does each day. Where your home oven or stove makes three meals a day, a commercial cooking appliance might feed hundreds of customers during each meal service. You might do a few loads of laundry a week at home, but the washing machines and dryers at a laundromat are running almost constantly throughout business hours. Commercial and home appliances are designed differently so that each unit can best perform the work being asked of it.

Structure and Components

Commercial appliances tend to be more specialized in function than residential appliances, especially in the kitchen setting. In a commercial kitchen, cooks often have a separate stove, oven, broiler, griddle, and range for maximum efficiency and ability to cook many different dishes simultaneously. In a home setting, these appliances are often combined into one unit, because of the decreased need to perform all functions at once-and because of space considerations. In terms of appliance repairs, a technician trained to work with residential appliances may not have any experience or training with commercial models. Because the structure and components of each model can differ so drastically, the two skill sets are typically not interchangeable.

Aesthetic Needs

A final major difference between residential and commercial appliances is their appearance. Most commercial appliances are designed to be strictly utilitarian. They’ll be streamlined in terms of function, but how they look is significantly less important than how they do their job. They also need to be extremely easy to clean. Home appliances, meanwhile, are available in a variety of different designs, shapes, and sizes to work with homeowners’ space restrictions and home decor preferences. While the aesthetic differences between commercial and residential units may not affect your appliance repair hiring decision as much as the functional differences, if the look of your appliance matters to you, this is something to keep in mind.

What’s the bottom line? If you own or operate a business, bring in a commercial appliance repair expert when one of your units stops functioning. If you need help at home, contact a residential appliance repair company. And, whenever you’re searching for a professional to conduct appliance repairs, look for a company that offers the right balance of training, knowledge, skill, speed/efficiency, and price.

Chinese Dessert – Aloe Vera With Ginkgo Nuts, Longans and White Fungus

Aloe vera with ginkgo nuts, longans and white fungus is a nutritious Chinese dessert (or “tang sui” or “tong sui” in Chinese). This Chinese dessert is suitable to be taken during hot summer days as it has cooling. White fungus usually use in Chinese soup as it is know to benefit the spleen, strengthens the stomach and expel heat. Meanwhile, ginkgo nuts are good for women who experience excessive white discharge and children with weak bladders.

This dessert can be taken cold or hot. Remove the ginkgo nuts by cracking the shell before cooking. To remove the skin from the nuts, keep them in the refrigerator first. This will loosen the skin so that it is easier to peel.

As for the white fungus, soak them in cold water for awhile. Once the white fungus become soft, cut into small pieces.

Remove the aloe vera skin before cooking. Slice them into small pieces.

Longans skin are light brown in color. The flesh is juicy and transparent.


2 pieces white fungus

1/2 cup longans (canned)

1/4 cup ginkgo nuts

1/8 cup aloe vera flesh

1/2 cup sugar

3 cups water


1. Soak the white fungus in cold water for a few minutes.

2. Remove the skin from aloe vera.

3. Remove the shell and skin from the ginkgo nuts.

4. Mix all the ingredients together and boil for 2 hours.

4. Serve when cooked.

This dessert can be boiled longer if you want the nuts to be softer. If you want to boil longer, use a slow cooker and set to high. It will be cooked to perfection in 4 hours time. Add only enough water to cover the ingredients.This will fasten the cooking time. Once the desserts cook, switch off the stove, add sugar and some more boiled water.

For more information, recipes and also pictures of the ingredients, visit author’s Asian food recipes blog.

Hot Extrusion

The extrusion process can be categorized into warm extrusion and cold extrusion. These three types differ in the temperatures to which metals are exposed to and several other aspects. To make things clearer, let me start by defining the term extrusion.

What is extrusion?

Extrusion is a process used in metals to change them into different shapes. The final products are then used in several industries such as automobile and aircraft companies. The process of shaping the metal is done by pushing it into a series of dies until the desired shape is achieved. Machineries and tools that come in various sizes and functionalities are used in order to do things faster and more efficiently.

What is hot extrusion?

Hot extrusion can also be referred to as hot working. It is the process where a piece of metal is deformed or melted by applying heat greater than its recrystallization temperature.

Extrusion may involve several sub-processes and they are drawing, forging, rolling and rotary piercing.

In drawing, tensile forces are used to stretch a metal. You can do any of the following drawing types: sheet, bar, tube or wire drawing.

In forging, localized compressive forces do the job. There are at least seven most common types and they are: drop, roll, press, upset, automatic hot, net-shape, near-net-shape, and induction forging.

In rolling, a pair or series of rolls are used where a metal stock could pass through. Flat, ring, and foil rolling are just three of the common rolling processes used today.

In rotary piercing, seamless tubing that has thick walls is formed. The process has two kinds: the Stiefel process and the Mannesmann process.

What are the advantages of hot extrusion over the other extrusion processes?

Some of the pros of doing hot extrusion are the following:

  1. The material produced via hot extrusion is more ductile compared to the material produced via other processes.
  2. It is much easier to perform hot extrusion because it requires less force and energy.
  3. During the deformation process, the pores found in the metal are reduced in size or are completely closed up.
  4. Because this process is done at very high temperatures, chemical inhomogeneities are minimized or are totally eradicated.

But, just like other things in this world, hot extrusion also has disadvantages. Here are some:

  1. There might be unwanted reactions that may result from the exposure of the metal to the atmosphere of the surroundings.
  2. You may need to purchase costly machineries such as an induction heater or a diesel furnace.

How to Get Toned Abs Fast!

This is a no nonsense guide to how you get toned abs fast. No rubbish, no fluff, just good effective content. If you think this can happen in a day unfortunately you are kidding yourself. However if you follow these guidelines to the letter you can expect to:

* Get Toned Abs Fast

* Healthy Way of Living

* Improved Look and Confidence

There is no one big secret to toning your abs. We will be focusing on 3 things, Diet, Sit-ups and Cardio. The real secret is in consistency. If you consistently eat good food and commit to working hard, toning abdominal muscles becomes EASY!

A Good Diet To Get Toned Muscle Fast

It all starts with the diet folks. If you have a habit of eating fast food, drink lots of high sugar soda and just can’t say no to chips and candy guess what? You are going to find it a lot harder than people who don’t.

How much do you want to get toned abs and a ripped six pack? Then listen up. Get down to the shop and order a Men Health magazine for ideas on meal plans. Change to slow releasing complex carbohydrates like baked potatoes, whole grain bread and rice. Some good protein sources include Chicken, Turkey, Eggs and Cottage Cheese. You want to include lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Cut out all the rubbish. Why are you eating things that you are trying to work off? See the end for information on diet.

Killer Exercises For Toning Your Abs Fast

OK, here is the real truth. When Peter Andre was at his height in the 90’s with his ripped six pack, in an interview that he gave he was asked, how do you get abs like that. The answer “I was basically doing about 400 different kind of sit-ups every day”. When new boy bands go in to training with top personal trainers their exercise routines also include over 400 reps of different kinds of sit-ups a day.

This is the secret…..

Consistently working your abs from all angles daily is the fast way to get toned stomach muscles. Exercises include The Plank, Leg Raises, Chin-up bar raises, Crunches, Oblique Twists, Regular Sit-ups. With these kind of exercises you will be building up toned and cut muscles that is underneath your current level of fat. However this is only half the battle. We also so need to burn away that annoying belly fat from the top. For a full comprehensive ab routine see the end.

Fat Blasting Cardio for Toning Abdominal Muscles

Cardio is where the magic happens. However 95% of people do not do cardio correctly when they they attempt to get toned abs. People still think that going for long drawn out 1 hour runs is the most effective cardio workout. Would you like to discover what is 10x more effective and takes less than half the time?

The key to winning the cardio game is in anaerobic exercise. This is different to aerobic exercise which you may be familiar with. If is also known as interval training. Where you are mixing up the speeds and never letting your body get used to the pace. It is always changing. For example, a great running routine would be to run at your level 4/10. (1 being walking and 10 being a full sprint)

So jog at level 4 for two minutes. Level 5 for two minutes. Level 6 for two minutes. Level 7 for two minutes. Level 8 for two minutes. Level 9 for two and level 10 for 1. Repeat this process 3x. You will find this kind of cardio a bit of a shock to the system at first, however it has shown to burn more fat than conventional cardio routines.

For complete Diet, Exercise and Cardio workouts follow the link and watch your free presentation on how to get toned abs fast.

How To Cut Down Costs For Your WiFi Internet Plans

Staying connected is vital nowadays. Whether it will be in business, in school or at home, internet connection and being always available is important. But, in the rapid span of changes in internet plans and consumption nowadays, it also comes together with a really surprising bill amount every end of the month.

In reality, you can reduce your WiFi internet plans cost without sacrificing too much. You would not need to be contented with a speed insufficient for your needs or a service that does not meet your standards. Here are some of the tips on how you can cut down your billing cost:

Choose the best plan

Choosing the best plan is the way to go. Make the most out of WiFi internet promos from various internet provider companies. They usually offer services at a very low price and with a lot of perks and other benefits. Have a list of the features offered by several internet providers in your area. Compare according to the benefits, perks, customer service and testimonials each brand offers as well as the additional cost you may save as you change your internet providers.

Switch to a lower bandwidth plan

If you are not using the hardcore spree of your internet connection like downloading or uploading large files, try to switch to a lower-bandwidth plan. Assess how you use the internet. If you are just using it for website browsing, checking and sending emails, and simple research, you can consider switching to a much lower bandwidth plan to cut monthly cost. If you are paying for a service that you are not completely utilizing, you’ll most likely experience the same thing with other things concerning your business. Always go for the practical choice.

Utilize your mobile phone as a tethering device

If you are using less than what you actually subscribed for and you have a mobile data to back up, it is best to make use of your mobile phone data plan to cut down cost. Send emails and answer Skype calls even while on the go with your mobile device.

Take advantage of free WiFi

There are many places in the metro that offers free internet connection like WiFi . Malls, coffee places, restaurants and hotels are just some of the few places you can latch in the internet for a few minutes without you having to pay for a dime.

Consider prepaid

If you are working on a tight budget each month, you can consider having it on prepaid. In this way, you can directly monitor your usage and make your data plan flexible. Turn your internet connection when not needed or simply take advantage of prepaid internet promos your internet service provider offers.

Fitness Treadmill Review: The Precor C956

Making a commitment to getting fit and staying that way can be a life-changing decision. A safe and reasonable exercise programme leads to improved energy levels, better mental functioning and alertness, and a general feeling of well-being and good health. Regular exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight as well. What’s more, you don’t need to work out strenuously. Fitness experts and medical authorities agree that exercising 3 times per week for about 30 minutes will have significant benefits. So are you ready to hop on that fitness treadmill and get going? No treadmill? Here’s some information about one you might want to consider: the Precor C956.

Fitness Treadmill: Key Features of the Precor C956

Working out on a treadmill is an effective, but relatively low impact, way to exercise. Most treadmills have cushioned decks, so there’s less stress on your muscles and joints. A fitness treadmill like the Precor C956 is a quality product that’s built to withstand constant use in commercial environments, so this treadmill is certain to function perfectly in the privacy of your home. Priced at about £1850, the C956 has a small footprint that makes it perfect for homes where space is limited. Despite its size, this treadmill is both powerful and smooth. One feature you’re sure to appreciate is the touch sensitive console that makes the C956 supremely easy to use. It also has an integrated water bottle holder, a small but important detail. Safety handrails ensure you’re secure, even when running on the treadmill.

Fitness Treadmill: More About the Precor C956

This premier piece of fitness equipment features a heart rate measurement and monitoring system by Polar, the industry leader. Working out in the correct heart rate zone is essential for maximising the cardiovascular benefits of exercising on the C956. The machine also has pre-programmed workouts to get you started with a minimum of effort. There’s an innovative impact control system called “Ground Effect” that provides a soft, well cushioned running surface. The powerful motor is rated at 3.2 horsepower, so it will stand up to even the heaviest use.

Fitness Treadmill: Final Thoughts on the Precor C956

If you’re looking for a health club quality workout from your treadmill, be certain to give the C856 a serious look. Programmes include aerobic, cross country, fitness test, gluteal, goal, heart rate, interval, manual, random, track, and weight loss. The console displays time, distance, calories burned, speed, incline level, pace, METS, and calories burned per minute. The integrated heart rate monitor measures pulse by way of an EKG grip, and a telemetric receiver. An innovative heart rate control programme ensures your workout is both safe and effective. The C956 has a top speed of 19.3kph, and folds conveniently when not in use. The incline ranges from 0% to 12%, so you’ll always be challenged. The maximum user weight supported is 181.8kg.

The Precor C956 fitness treadmill can be an important ally in your quest to improve your health with a challenging but safe workout.

What Is Art Nouveau?

Origins & Context

Art Nouveau was named after a Parisian shop (Maison de l’Art Nouveau), which opened in 1895, however the style defined in the history books took place between 1900 and 1914.

Life at that time, just before the Great War, was simpler; a horse-drawn carriage was still the main mode of transport and bicycling the latest craze; most women didn’t work though all households had domestic help; electricity and phones were available but TV and radio were not – the gramophone provided the in-house media entertainment. And for those who could afford it, the home was decorated in the latest style – Art Nouveau.

Two Styles in One

The work of the Art Nouveau period – Horta’s Paris Metro sign, Toulouse Lautrec & Klimt’s art, Frank Lloyd Wright’s buildings, Gaudi’s mosaics – splits clearly into two styles. However, despite looking worlds apart, their essence came from the same place – namely it was organic.


In France, Belgium, Italy and Spain, the Art Nouveau style was curvilinear – everything looked as though it would wake up and grow as soon as you left the room.

Horta’s Metro sign in Paris beautifully represents the curvilinear Art Nouveau style – its organic swirls in the lettering depicting nature and growth. The idea of growing from seed to stem to plant can be seen in the flowing lines of many pieces of furniture and decorative items of this period. Furniture looked like it was growing naturally – handles made to look like tendrils; corners and fronts of cabinet decorated in foliage and balustrades twisted and turned to depict vines.


Glasswork also beautifully represented the natural shapes of the style and Emile Gall and Tiffany produced some graceful and ornamental pieces – lamps, bowls, vases as well as glass pieces designed for furniture. Furniture and accessories alike bloomed with emblems from nature – butterflies, grasses, birds and flowers.

Art & Jewellery

In the art world the works of Mucha, Cheret, Toulouse-Lautrec and Gustav Klimt dominated the period. Long flowing hair, entwined lovers kissing and beautiful women were their subjects. In jewellery, the same organic shapes could be seen; necklaces of flower trails; brooches depicting sirens – there was a sense of poetry and romanticism in every piece.


In Germany, Austria and Britain, however, the Art Nouveau style was distinctly rectilinear – with well-defined lines surrounding even the most delicate of decoration.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

The work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh – the iconic rose framed between strong black lines, the high backed chairs and industrial windows were trademark pieces and the Hill House in Helensburgh, just outside Glasgow, epitomises his residential interior style.

Fitted furniture

The furniture was specifically designed to fit the interior (something unheard of until then), which would have included built-in window seats, cupboards, settles and bookcases made from woods such as cherry, walnut, mahogany, satinwood and light oak.


The colours from this period were peacock blue, turquoise, emerald green, pale lilac, black and silver, white and pink. They were used together to form an ethereal look to walls and quite psychedelic effects in the glasswork.


The Art Nouveau style is still very much in evidence particularly in Barcelona in Gaudi’s work at Casa Batllo and Casa Mila, as well as his unfinished cathedral. In Brussels the style can be seen at the Hotel Solvay and in Paris at Maxim’s and the Vagenode Restaurant. Visit Glasgow and enjoy a stylish cup of tea in the famous Willow tearooms designed by Mackintosh and his wife Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh.

Clear Your Crown Chakra With Switchwords

As many spiritual seekers will tell you, the Chakra System is by far the most important energy system in our body-mind-spirit matrix. In this article, we will discuss the Crown Chakra and a novel way to clear it using Switchwords.

The Crown Chakra:

The seventh chakra or Crown Chakra Is located right at the top of your head. This chakra serves as a spiritual portal. It is also the location where all your life/divine energy enters into the chakra system and your body.

An imbalance in this Chakra can cause self centeredness, but a special form called Spiritual narcissism. This develops when a person has such a strong sense of spirituality that instead of channeling that for the benefit of others it translates into feelings of superiority. An imbalance at this chakra can also lead to many mental delusions.

When the crown is developed, it can bring deep understanding and spiritual bliss. This level has no concern for good and evil, it is a perfect harmony of the two. It transcends time and space. When we have this Chakra balanced, we are more giving, more connected to the universe and more loving towards all of existence not just humanity.

Physically, this chakra, like the third eye that we will discuss next over sees the brain and many of the same symptoms of imbalance are presented.

A novel way to clear this chakra is using a little known method called Switchwords.


Switchwords are one word ” affirmations” that trigger certain responses in the subconscious mind. What they do is bypass the subconscious minds tendency to discount conventional affirmations, but what they also do is open up the energy channels that run throughout you energy system. It is for this reason they are perfect for clearing your Chakras.

The Switchwords that are associated with the Crown Charks Are:


A Quick Clearing Exercise:

1. Pick the Switchword you most resonate with

2. Tapping Lightly on the top of your head where the Crown Chakra is.

3. Recite the Switchword or a combination of Switchwords 5-10 times while taping the Crown Chakra.

That’s pretty much it. As you can see, it does not have to be hard. Often a quick session like this can reset you energy system for the day.

In a future article I will discuss the Third Eye Chakra.

Read Me Loud And Clear With The Behringer Eurolive B250D PA System

The Behringer Eurolive B205D PA system is a multifunctional 150 watt active speaker used for keyboard or vocal monitoring. It is useful during press conferences, in home recording studios, and at other multimedia events. With the revolutionary Class D amplifier technology and switchmode power, it produces good sound without being bulky and heavy. All necessary equipment can be carried in one trip. The Class D amps deliver power only when needed so power losses are reduced. Even though this unit can stand alone, a person can add other loudspeaker systems through use of the THRU socket,.

There is a built in mixer which gives three input channels. The Behringer EUROLIVE B205D Active 150-Watt PA/Monitor Speaker System comes with custom designed speakers which assure high quality. It also means that production costs are lower. Besides being used as a PA system, two units can be used together to achieve stereo playback of a CD or MP3 without any other hardware. The Behringer B205D also is a great monitoring system as well. It is small enough to go anywhere, yet is powerful enough to produce great sound.

The Behringer Eurolive PA System has been used by many customers who found the device irreplaceable. Most people cannot believe that such a small unit can deliver such high quality sound. Individuals who do work presentations love the versatility of this machine. It works well with a wireless microphone as well as provide background music from an iPod or other musical devices. Most people enjoy the lightweight design which increases ease of portability.

Some users have noticed how well made and durable the speaker casings are, which will guard against damage. For people who are used to performing in front of a crowd, this unit also scores positive feedback. The speaker aspects work well to achieve loud sound in a small area and when used as a monitor, it gives little feedback from the microphone.

One feature that really works well for a vocalist is the fact that music can be input from an external amp to the monitor through the frontal jack to automatically remove echo. This results in a crisp and clean sound. Mostly everyone marvels at the inexpensive price tag associated with the B205D. It is almost unheard of to have as much functionality as this device and still have such an affordable cost.

As with any product, there are a few suggestions which may improve this device. First, some consumers would have liked to see a better instruction manual regarding how to make the proper connections on the Behringer PA system. Other users feel that there could be improvements made to the adapter that is used to mount the boom from the top of the unit.

Overall, the Behringer Eurolive B250D PA System is very well received by most customers. The product quality cannot be beat, especially for the price. The small unit fits on a mic stand with ease and produces excellent sound. It is so powerful that it can be used as the main source of sound for small meetings, concerts, or other gatherings. Certain engagements present limited space. Often, full sized monitor wedges cannot be placed in the needed areas and other monitoring systems require high amounts of external gear to make them work correctly.

This portable PA sound system is excellent for anyone looking to produce high quality sound at a very low price point. One of the best features with unit is that it is extremely portable and compact. Any performer or speaker will find this unit extremely simple to use at any concert or event. There are few other products on the market that will even come close to the Behringer Eurolive B205D PA System.