How Does An Electric Grill Really Work?

When you hear someone say that they are going to bring the grill into their kitchen, you might think that they’re crazy. However, using an electric grill is a great way to do this safely and conveniently. The concept of grilling with electricity is not new, but a lot of people still don’t understand the process. Here is just a little bit of information about how electric grills work.

The concept is simple enough – an electric grill is basically a large enclosed metal heating plate. The surface of the plate has specially designed ridges that simulate the grate used with a traditional grill. The plate is powered with electricity that runs from any standard wall outlet. The best grilling machines will heat up evenly so any food that you prepare will be thoroughly cooked to the proper temperature throughout.

Safety Concerns?

Of course, anytime that you talk about a heated surface indoors there are some safety concerns. However, companies that create indoor grills have taken these into consideration and have created safety features to ensure that accidents are minimized. First of all, the heating plate never touches the surface that the grill is placed on. The heat is usually contained within sturdy plastic or metal and there are almost always legs or some kind of stand that holds the entire grill off the ground.

There is usually little risk of setting anything aflame when using an electric grill as long as you use common sense. Never place any paper products or any flammable substances near the heat produced by the grill. Also, always use caution when handling food that is going onto or coming off the grill. If you’re not very careful while preparing your food you may burn the tip of your finger. However, you would likely have to hold your finger on the heating surface for a second or two before the skin would get much of a burn. Accidentally brushing the grilling surface with your finger will most likely not result in a burn.

Is There Smoke?

One of the things that people often wonder when they hear about electric grilling is if the grills create smoke. Since you will be preparing food in your kitchen, smoke could cause a lot of trouble – filling up your house and making your furniture smell awful. However, indoor grills produce very little smoke. In fact, with most food there is absolutely no smoke. Some fatty meats like lamb are known to produce a bit, but it is nothing that should cause too much trouble.

Seven Mistakes to Avoid When Melting Chocolate

If you haven’t had it happen to you at least once, consider yourself lucky. You’re standing there at the stove, melting some of those little blocks of chocolate that come in boxes. You anticipate with glee those chocolate-dipped strawberries that will be tonight’s dinner finale. You look up to check the time or talk to the kids, and when you look back at the stove, your chocolate is not becoming silky smooth, but gloppy and weird. And to add insult to (culinary) injury, the more you heat and stir, the lumpier it gets.

Your chocolate has seized. The good news is that you can still use that chocolate mess in other recipes if you haven’t scorched it. The bad news is that you won’t be having chocolate dipped strawberries tonight. Read on to discover the seven most common ways to ruin chocolate when melting it and what you can do to avoid disaster.

Mistake #1. Letting water make contact with the chocolate – A block of chocolate doesn’t look like it, but it has no water in it at all. It’s made of small, dry particles of cocoa and sugar and of cocoa butter. A drop of water that gets into the melting chocolate causes the particles to clump up around the water. This is seizing. You can avoid this by keeping any moisture away from the chocolate. If you melt your chocolate in a double boiler, don’t use too much water in the bottom and do not let the water boil.

Mistake #2. Overheating. If the heat is too high, the chocolate will scorch before it’s all melted. While this is technically not seizing, scorched chocolate forms little clumps of its own. There is nothing you can do with scorched chocolate, except maybe use it as a face mask or something. Don’t eat it.

The double boiler is a life saver here (although still not totally foolproof). Again, let the water simmer, not boil. You can also melt chocolate in the oven if you have extra time. Set the oven to its lowest temperature and check the chocolate every few minutes and stir it. Keep in mind, chocolate shouldn’t get hotter than about 115 degrees F. when melting. This is just warm, not hot.

The microwave oven works quite well if you set it on 50% power, check your chocolate and stir after 1 minute, then nuke and stir every 15-20 seconds until it is almost melted. Stir without heating, and let the residual heat melt the chocolate completely.

Mistake #3. Trying to melt a big chunk of chocolate – not only will you still be standing there at the stove until sometime tomorrow trying to melt it, you’ll have scorched it long before the whole chunk is melted. Chop up the chocolate, please. Try to chop it into fairly uniform pieces. Think chocolate chips for dark chocolate, finer for milk or white chocolate, as they tend to burn more easily. This applies no matter what method you use.

Mistake #4. Trying to melt it directly in a pot on the stove – Much too hot, too fast. You know that the chocolate touching the bottom of the pan is going to get way over 115 degrees. Don’t do it.

Mistake #5. Neglecting it – Melting chocolate needs attention; it needs love. It needs to be stirred frequently to distribute the heat evenly.

Mistake #6. Putting a lid on the melting chocolate – Okay, I’ve seen this recommended before, but the problem here is that any moisture caught in the pan will condense on the lid and drip down into the chocolate. And you know what happens then, right?

Mistake #7. Trying to make it melt faster – Patience is a virtue. You can’t hurry the process. You’re just asking for trouble. Use low heat and take your time.

Remember: use low heat, take your time, keep it dry, and stir, stir, stir. You’re working with chocolate here. Breathe in that rich aroma. Marvel at the silkiness of the melted chocolate. Anticipate the delight of the final product. Hey, don’t get too lost in your senses. You have to keep stirring. Good luck.

In the next article on chocolate, I’ll talk about what you can do with that seized chocolate.

Surgical Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware – The Secret To Good Health

Surgical stainless steel waterless cookware is fast replacing traditional cookware made of Teflon, aluminum, glass porcelain, light stainless-steel and iron, as they have been identified through scientific research as a more salubrious and efficacious cooking medium than their substitutes. The difference between surgical stainless steel and ordinary light steel is that the former contains nickel and chromium unlike the latter.

A joint research study for evaluating waterless cookware, conducted by the Bradley University home-science student- faculty team showed that high quality Surgical Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware produced cooking results with higher rated tastes and lesser percentage contraction losses than non-stick pans used on electric-stove-tops. This cookware also was found to be the best option for cooking on induction stove-tops.


There are two varieties of surgical stainless steel used to make waterless cookware- the 304 and 316 versions. The main aspect that distinguishes the two is that 316-variety has a higher amount of chromium and Nickel than 304-version; it also has an extra component- Molybdenum-2-3%. Theses additional features make 316 surgical steel able to withstand corrosion caused by Sodium Chloride. Therefore, if you reside near coastal areas with high exposure to sea salt by waterless cookware made of 316 surgical stainless stains for utensil durability. However this cookware will be costlier than those made of 304 surgical steel.

Surgical Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware could be non-vacuum, meaning it cooks food with steam at 100 degrees Celsius; The vacuum variety incorporates a steam control valve mechanism on the utensil lid so as to make cooking possible using a partial- vacuum vapor seal. This cookware helps the foods to cook by the steam they let off and by the water they were rinsed with. However, you will have to add 1/8 inch of water to meet basic steam requirements. There are 5 Ply and 7 Ply variants for use on various cooking stoves.

Features and Advantages

Both 304 and 316 ranges possess a high tensile strength of 84-185 ksi and yield strength of 42-140 ksi making them strong and durable.

This kitchenware tends to save cooking time and creates cooking fuel economies through uniform heat distribution from the heat source. This cookware cooks faster than a pressure cooker, which also involves steam cooking, because it does not require steam build-up within the vessel to cook food. Hence, it does not heating to the temperature required to boil water in a pressure-cooker.

In vacuum versions when you lower the heat as steam escapes through the valve during cooking, the firm vapor seal, a ringlet of water that develops between the lid and the pot, enables food to cook fast.

The dishes concocted in these vessels retain their nutrition, fiber and vitamin content, enzymes and juices even after cooking. In comparison to other cookware, they use 25% less heat and complete the cooking process in half the normal cooking time.

Steam cooking in this cookware eliminates the need to use oil for cooking thus saving you from obesity, cholesterol and heart diseases.

It is healthy as surgical stainless steel is impermeable in nature and prevents toxic heavy metals from leaching into the food from the vessel.

Surgical stainless steel possesses a tremendous stain resistant property. Burnt spots can be removed just by boiling water in the pot and light stains can be cleaned with cleaners and paper towel wipes.


Surgical Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware is available at reasonable prices in the USA. A complete set can be bought for approximately $500-1000. Since any type of kitchen tools can be used with this sturdy cookware, you don’t need to spend extra on special accessories for use in conjunction with the basic set. The manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on their products.


Buy Surgical Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware that is heavy, as the weight implies the steel is of premium quality. Choose utensils with thicker bottoms that evenly cook the food throughout the pot through uniform distribution of heat. Thick bottoms also preserve warmth of the food longer after cooking is over.

To quicken cooking times, don’t lift the lid during the cooking process while preparing food using this cookware to prevent the inner steam and heat from being lost.

When the steam is released through the valve during cooking instead of waiting for the whistle to blow, lower the flame heat intensity. This will also have the effect of conserving energy.

Using soft, non-abrasive cleaning materials will help enhance durability and sustain the gleam of this cookware for longer durations.

If you utilize an induction stove in your kitchen look out for the 7 Ply Surgical Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware that has a carbon steel layer sandwiched between the surgical stainless steel layers for better heat distribution and cooking results.

Five Most Commonly Used Metals

As much as people love to call it a digital age, the fact is that we still live in the metal age. Despite the invention and over-usage of plastic in most industrial applications, metals still rule manufacturing industries. The whole process of transforming ores into smooth shiny surfaces of useful products can be quite expensive and time consuming. Yet, the quality and durability is unsurpassed by anything else. There are many companies which offer services such as contract slitting, shearing, stamping and OEM slitting.

The usage of metals is not just limited to one industry or area of application, in fact they are used in variety of areas including both domestic and industrial. Let us take a look at five of the most commonly used metals and their properties.


Iron is the most commonly used metal in the world, and probably one the most abundant in the earth’s crust. It is also one of the metals found abundantly in the human body. Therefore, it also has medicinal uses as well. One main reason behind its wide industrial use is its usage in the making of steel, which is one of the strongest and stainless materials. The iron is well known for its even-heating property.


The most abundant element in the earth’s crust is also one of the most commonly used in the world. One particular reason behind this is the metal’s low density and corrosion resistivity. Its uses vary from every day household usage, such as tin cans and aluminum foils, to heavy industrial and manufacturing applications, such as automobiles and aircraft industry. It is also used in solid rocket fuel and thermite.


Being known as one of the earliest metals discovered by man, copper still is among one of the widely used metals in the word. It was also one of the earliest metals to be used for making tools and even coinage. This is because it is ductile and easy to work with. Copper is mostly used in the form of alloys because it is too soft to be used in its pure form. It is a good conductor of heat and electricity. Therefore, it is mostly used in wirings and piping.


Already known as the space age metal, titanium is expected to replace most of the metals used around the industries today. However, its expensive and difficult mining process is keeping it from being used so commonly as Aluminum or steel. Titanium is found to be stronger, durable and corrosion resistive in comparison to steel. It has the highest strength to weight ratio of all the metals. All these properties, along with its light weight, make it an ideal metal for spacecrafts and military jets. Typically, it is used in making highly water -resistant diving watches.


Unlike other commonly used metals, zinc is hard and brittle. It is anti corrosive, and therefore it is primarily used in galvanization, for example coating of iron and steel. It is also used in batteries along with lead.

The Women’s Federation Grove – A Hidden Gem In the Redwoods

The Women’s Federation Grove, referred to as the Women’s Grove by the locals living in the area, was founded in the early 1930’s by the members of the California Federation of Women’s Clubs. Located on the banks of the South Fork of the Eel River, it literally is in the center of the Redwood Empire. It is less than a mile south of the world-famous Founder’s Tree on old Highway 101, which is now called the Avenue of the Giants, and about six miles north of the quaint town of Myers Flat, where the author lived as a child.

The entrance to the park is on a sharp turn in the highway and is easy to miss. Traveling south on the Avenue of the Giants, the entrance to the grove is about a mile south of the Founder’s Tree. It will be the first turnoff to the right after you pass under the main highway. The road to the Woman’s grove, which is about 1/8th mile long, is extremely narrow and not ideally suited to big rigs. If you have a large recreational vehicle, it might be wise to send someone ahead to make sure the one lane road is clear before entering the grove.

Once there, you will find that the Women’s Grove is one of the most beautiful spots on the face of the earth, it is hard to describe the tranquillity of the place.

Besides its magnificent redwood trees, the grove has two main features. The grove’s picnic tables have been fashioned from giant 30 to 40 feet long redwood logs. These solid wood tables are unique to the Women’s Grove and you will not find anything like them anywhere else in Humboldt County.

The second feature is even more unique. In 1933 the world-famous bay area architect Julia Morgan, of Hearst Castle fame, designed a covered four-sided outdoor fireplace for the grove. This magnificent structure survives today much the same as it was when it was first constructed, although its redwood plank roof has been replaced several times over the last 80 years. The fireplaces are still functional but to use in one of them you will have to bring your own wood, since wood collecting in not allowed in the grove.

In the past, when the state of California could afford it, a summer walking bridge was put in each year to allow visitors to cross the Eel and visit the Rockefeller Redwood Forest which lies just across the river. Now days you will have to wade the river to do so. Unless you are extremely fit, and adventurous, it is probably best to drive the short distance to the Rockefeller grove of redwood trees if you wish to visit them.

A short trail on the north side of the grove leads to a nice swimming hole on the Eel River. The desirability of this swimming spot varies from year to year depending on factors such as rainfall. As a general rule, The Eel is a good river to swim in during the early months of the summer, in late summer and fall it is less suitable for swimming because of moss, especially in dry years.

The Woman’s grove is a very special place! You are not going to want to just drive in, look around for a few minutes, and drive off to see another grove of redwoods. No, there are two great picnic areas in Northern California, this is one of them! So, come prepared to spend the day. Bring a picnic basket and a bottle or two of fine wine and plan to spend the day, the evening too if the weather is warm.

If possible, plan to visit on a week day. Few tourists know about the Women’s Grove, but the locals do; thus, the grove will be more crowded on weekends when people from Eureka and Fortuna come to the grove to escape the foggy summers in Northern Humboldt County.

PS, I’m going to tell you about Northern California’s the second great picnic area in an upcoming article. See you then!

The Schieffelin Plan, A Master of Staff Work and Military Appreciation

When I was undergoing the Staff Course at Wellington, I was introduced to the name of General Count Von Schieffelin (1833-1913). A deeper study conveyed to me that he was one of the most important architects of a plan to help Germany wage a two front war in the 19th and 20th century. Right from the nineteenth century to the middle of the last century Germany was obsessed with a two front war. In fact for most German generals fighting a war against both Russia on the eastern front and France on the Western front was nothing short of a nightmare. They desperately needed a plan to counter this type of war. It did not help that on the continent Russia and France were the rivals of the Germans. Count Von Schieffelin formulated a military plan to take care of this eventuality which is known as the Schieffelin Plan. The plan was a master stroke of a genius and military theorists still study it as an example of good staff work and planning.

The Plan of Count Schieffelin

Count Von Schieffelin was a German army officer. He was also a strong protagonist of a powerful German state and a strong nationalist. Von Schieffelin by dint of his ability rose to become a Field marshal and remained Chief of the German Genera staff for 14 years till 1905. The count had plenty of first hand battle experience having taken part in the Franco-German war of 1870, when the Germans over ran the entire north France and almost captured Paris. But the failure to capture Paris gave him much food for thought and he used his mind to formulate a plan that could help Germany beat both France and Russia in one decisive blow. This was the basis of his plan that is immortalized as the Schieffelin Plan.

The basic foundation of the plan was speed of action. In fact this was the most important variable of the plan. His other important parameters were:

i) Treat the Neutrality of the Low Countries Belgium, Holland and Luxemburg as a piece of paper. The counts plan hinged on an attack on France through the Low Countries to breach the French Maginot line. The Maginot line was a series of entrenched defensive fortifications to face a German onslaught.

ii) In case the first measure was accepted Von Schieffielin expected a French defeat in 6 weeks. It was to be a lightning victory.

iii) Once France was defeated the Count envisaged use of Germany’s excellent rail network and transportation of the troops to the Russian front from the French front. He assumed it would take Russia at least 6 weeks to mobilize in that period France would be defeated.

The Schieffelin plan was bold and audacious, but the crucial assumption hinged on one other important factor –England. He expected that the English reaction would be slow and they would be presented with a fait accompli.

Practical use of the Plan

The Germans mad e use of the plan in the First World War. But trench warfare and stubborn French resistance under Marshal Petain thwarted the Germans. Thus many people began to have doubts about the Schieffelin plan.

At the out break of the Second World War Adolf Hitler, The German Chancellor and supreme commander studied the Schieffelin plan afresh. There is no doubt that Hitler certainly had some knowledge of Military tactics and strategy as he had also studied the works of Fredrick and Clausewitz. He found merit in the plan and decided to adopt it with minor changes. He decided that France was to be crushed before he turned on the Soviets and as a ploy concluded the non aggression pact with Stalin in1939, taking the west and England by surprise. It was a part of his plan as envisaged by the Count.

Hitler next mobilized the German war machine which as per the Schieffelin plan moved through the Low Countries, breached the Maginot line and defeated the French. The French were defeated in 40 days as envisaged by Schieffelin. Credit must go to Hitler who interpreted and made use of the plan with impunity.

Last Word

The geo political scenario has changed and a continental war as envisaged by the Count is not likely. But despite this the plan as laid down by Field marshal Count Von Schieffelin stands out for all times to come. Military theorists and students still study this plan as an example of staff work. It is also studied at the Staff College in India.

Samsung 153V LCD Monitor Power Supply Repair Tips

Troubleshooting Samsung 153V LCD power supply is just like troubleshooting those crt type. This monitor came in with no power symptom. If you are first time repairing this type of power supply, I recommend you to first remove the switch mode power transformer. Then test every single component in the primary section, before you continue to check the secondary section. You have to be good in testing basic electronic components in order to detect the fault.

You can always browse through my website just in case you do not know how to test basic electronic components. If you do not know the right way to check, you might miss out a bad component and this will lead you not able to solve the problem. After carefully checking all the components in the power supply section, I found the filter capacitor do not have any reading using digital capacitance meter (open) , the two round type fuse also open circuit, 1N4744 15 Volt zener diode short circuit and lastly the power ic TOP247F blown! Testing the switch mode power supply primary winding with a dick smith flyback tester shown green bar which indicated good winding.

What we left here were the secondary diode and filter capacitor. Upon checking them with analog meter and esr meter, found all of them to be good condition. Other area like main board and inverter board also looks okay (Power failure rarely affect these two circuit). Now we have confirmed that only five components found to be faulty. One by one the components were replaced (except one fuse) and just before you switch on the power supply, make sure you connect a 100 watt light bulb across the live ac line-refer to the photo at my website. Once it is done you can then proceed to switch on the LCD monitor to look at the brightness of the bulb.

If it very bright, this suggests that there are still short circuit somewhere in the power section. If it dim or totally goes off, you can now place your red probe to the secondary side to check if any dc present at their respective line. If there are DC voltages present at the output, you can switch off the power, discharge the filter capacitor (for safety purposes), remove the light bulb and connect back the new fuse to its original location.

You are now hundred percent sure that the LCD power supply won’t blow once you switch it on. By the way the filter capacitor is rated at 105 Celsius and you cannot replace it with the 85 Celsius type otherwise it may open up again after using for couple of weeks or months. The ventilation in LCD monitor is not as good as the cathode ray tube monitor, because the power supply is fully covered by a large aluminum plate and it can get hot pretty fast. Conclusion, whether you are repairing Samsung 153V LCD power supply or other brand of LCD monitor, the procedure is the same. Who knows the power problem in this monitor is a common fault and in the future you can tackle this brand of power supply in the shortest time. To measure electronic components is not that difficult, but to get the original parts like the power ic will consume you lots of time.

If Tomorrow Never Comes

You know, now I am thoroughly convinced that God has a sense of humor. As you know, June 17, 1999 was the date of my wreck. I can vividly remember the conversations I had with those girls: ‘I Wanna Know’ echoing through my mind with Melissa’s beautiful voice, Tina’s sarcastic sense of humor and me holding her hand to my cheek saying, “Even though you try to piss me off, you still make me smile.”, telling her that we were going to the top. One of my most beautiful recollections of those two girls was driving in the car with Melissa as we passed a field of wild sunflowers. “Melissa told me that she liked sunflowers as we passed the field…

This past year was seven years since the wreck, the first time that sunflowers have ever been behind the cross to remember those two girls. It still hurts to have lost Tina and Melissa but as I crossed the road, I realized that Heaven is what you like and so much more. Better days are on their way. You must cross the road to find them They are with God and there were three bushes of sunflowers…what she liked. It makes me happy that they are so happy. “Heaven ain’t Hard to Find…all you gotta do is look” So, I picked some for Melissa since she liked them so much. The poetry of my life is so beautiful

If I was to make an overall theme of my life, I would describe it as good. I will never forget those faded pictures …one of my fondest memories of them is going to a ball game with those two girls, watching the Stars and finding the way with them to understanding; I wish I could express my true feelings to them today. Whenever I think of them, I have a smile on my face. Every time I close my eyes I thank the Lord that I got them…and they got me too

We used to laugh all the time; Tina’s last name was Herstein and I used to always call her Her-stine after the Young Frankenstein movie joke. She would always laugh just as you are right now; I loved that. I remember listening to, “Unconditional Love” repetitiously with them. Please notice the presupposition in this. Thank you for the memories. I will never forget the love I had for Melissa; she loved me and I loved her. I remember her singing the song “I Wanna Know” by Joe. The song came on the radio; I had never heard the song before so I turned the station. To this day I hear her voice echoing,” No, I like that song.” I quickly turn it back to hear her sing the words, “I wish that I could take a journey through your mind; and find emotions that you always try to hide.” I hear those words running through my mind all the time and I smile. I wait for that love again. I guess that was the Lord’s way of saying, ” You had good days before; you are in store for even greater.”

I have grown up as a very active member of my church. From teaching the children the Way, to interacting with the youth and giving understanding to the College & Career Class, my limits are God’s limits and God has no limits.

I thank God for my Christian Heritage; my great grandfather was a Baptist Minister until the day he died, my grandfather is a Baptist Minister and my family loves and serves the Lord. God is working within me as we speak.

Now to build a house, you must first have a foundation. That foundation is experience, experience from reasoning, logos; that foundation is God. Starting off, I must say God is good…and has no limit. What they have taken away from me, God has given back ten fold.

It has been [insert publishing date of book printing] since the wreck. Since there is no way to know every aspect and to put it into the words of a book of what I went through, I will just say I was in a car wreck. We were just going to see a movie; what it was, I am unsure. It could have been a series of things: Life, the Matrix, Wild, Wild West, who knows. But one thing must be said, I love those girls.

A woman, drunk and who was upset with her boyfriend was driving towards the intersection of Ruth Wall and 114; you know, right beside Grapevine Mills Mall. Tina and Melissa were going to the movies with me and driving in my car after I had a long day life guarding at the YMCA. Two friends of mine were following.

To make a long story short, we came up to the intersection of Ruth Wall and 114. My light turned green so I proceeded forward. It wasn’t half way through the intersection, the woman struck the driver’s side going 80+MPH and so the story begins.

You know, sometimes life isn’t really fair. In reflection of that night, I remember being confused of where my friends were going to go, being too trustworthy of people and thinking she was going to stop. I loved, love and will always love those girls. As I lay in Melissa’s lap, thinking this was a dream, I heard screams. “Josh, Josh, Josh!!!”, my best friend saw a girl tossed out of the rear windshield brutally breaking her back. I acknowledged him with a gargle; I was still conscious.

He told a mutual friend up at work, “Josh doesn’t have any legs; they were torn off in the wreck!” His eyes had seen too much; mortified and astonished, all they could do now is pray.

As you can see, I am fine now; like I said, God has no limit. The two girls driving in my car…they’re with Jesus now. I told them one day we were going to the top; they just got there a little quicker. The last time I saw them was in a dream of only mental cognizance, not of physical recollection about three months after the wreck when I was in a coma for three months.



I did not know what happened to me, saw blue stars and two beautiful girls in white robes take me to a dark room. “Everything will be alright”, they said. I was confused; ‘What will be alright?!?’, I asked. All they could do was walk off into the distance with their beautiful blonde and brunette hair. I guess that was God’s way of saying, “I am still here even though all this is happening.’

That is odd, Tina and Melissa had blonde and brunette hair. I saw them in a dream within my mind, but they had passed. It is almost as if God is within our minds, a presupposition because He was supposed in minds way before you, an aforethought.

Angels are mentioned throughout the Bible described as being in white robes and it says in John 1:1, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God…” It is almost as if the Bible is speaking the truth; the Bible is God.

As I look back on the night of June 17th, 1999, I know summer time was their favorite time of year because this was when Melissa went to Galveston or Tina went to her Banquet and I would like to think this was their favorite time because this was the time they spent with me. At every season’s changing, the wind reeks of their hair; that is how vivid their memory is. “In the Arms of an Angel” was what was sung at their funeral and as you can see, that is exactly where I stood. The good Lord giveth and the good Lord taketh away; Come quickly Lord Jesus, even so, come quickly.

Now, what I have learned in the past few years is unbelievable. I did not know the extent of my injuries. My pelvis was broken in seven different places. What is the miracle in all of this?!? Number one, I am alive and cognizant enough to use words like ‘cognizant’ and write a book to share my experience. Number two, I do not have metal plates or anything foreign in my body from my pelvis being broken in seven different places which healed perfectly in only two weeks. Every organ was lacerated in my body except my heart and left lung; God is good.

The human body only holds five units of blood, but it took twenty-seven units to keep me alive that night; by the way did I mention my blood type is Type AB-, the rarest blood type?!? I thank God for each and everyone of you that gave blood the next day so that which I used could be replaced. Not a day passes that your donation is not appreciated. You allowed me to fulfill a purpose and mission

Also, I have learned my two frontal lobes were sheared in my skull. What does sheared mean?!? My two frontal lobes were torn from the rest of my brain and healed itself! No breaks, surgeries or permanent memory loss; God is great!!!

The next couple of years were a blur to me. I spent hundreds of hours in various hospitals, there were thousands of trips to doctors and the hospital bill was well over a million dollars and God took care of that too.

The person I am today is a little wiser, submissive and meek to name a few of my characteristics. I am a living testimony to God’s good grace. Throughout this world, I had people praying for me: in New Zealand, Africa, several Southern Pacific Isles and throughout the United States. All those precious prayers were answered; thank you.

Through that experience, God has blessed me in ways you will never be able to imagine. I was offered a job at Bell Helicopter, Textron in Forth Worth, Texas under the Chemical & Analysis Department only two years after my wreck. I was only able to lift 225 lbs. for five repetitions under four sets before my wreck. I am able to bench press well over that amount now and it only took me a year to recover the strength I had before the wreck on a constant basis. I am currently enrolled at Dallas Baptist University, world renowned and a very prestigious school, with a 3.0 GPA from my previous college and it rising with my understanding of God. You tell me God is not there, I will share at least three miracles he has bestowed upon me. As my Pastor says, “If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.” As you can see, through my cognizance, strength and mobile ness, He has brought me every step of the way.

Now, what I have learned in my life, is that there is genius in simplicity yet it takes simplicity to define genius terms coherently. This is not a new concept; Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Nietzsche, Homer and Leibniz say this through either their hypocrisy or understanding. The Bible even says this through its own words. Jesus said, “Suffer the little children and forbid them not unto me; for such is the Kingdom of Heaven .” and “Except you become as one of these, you will not enter in.” What Jesus is saying here is ‘Blessed are the simple minded.’ If we take on faith, such as a child, we will inherit and enter into the Gates of Heaven. See, I just see things simpler now after my wreck than I did in my past. God is the Word and all the Word is telling us to do is live a simpler life. We see it as a question, but a question has two answers: right or wrong. This is our choice. The Bible is the right way; it is telling us how to live a simpler life. True life is lived full of insinuations through our mind, associations through connection, allegories through our perverseness, constancy through the One, an experience to understand, a statement not question, purposeful , has no limitations, an inner mind through understanding, mental not physical, a healing not a scar, a searching for a period but not the end of the paragraph, acknowledgement, a source, a reason, completeness, Divinely Inspired, obedience, good, outside the boundaries of time, reference, decisive not inquisitive, adaptation within the Bible of understanding, examples, parables of experience from education, implications, connection, a beginning but never an end, within our minds, reliant on the Source if lived well, how not why, choice but never a chance and never a wrong decision, understood, in prepositions from the Presupposition, anticipation, reflection, simplicity from One. Do not look at the quantity of words I use to describe life, but the quality of understanding I use throughout this book.

Since we look at the positive aspect of life, we should acknowledge the negative: what not to do in life.

What is missing in every story in the Bible? The main characters knowledge of good which is later realized, understood. We see how they fall with their knowledge of evil or succeed with their knowledge of good. It is our knowledge that is crucial. Knowledge is where God lies and believing in this knowledge is beneficial. The benefit is eternal life.

Wrong, evil, sin just is not living a simpler life. We think this is just going behind God’s back, but just as a parent instructs a child, such is the Bible. Life is just a word; what matters is the connection the word implies. We can either take it as a Gift or a Curse. This is the connection and its implications; life is what we make of it. As we live at the current moment, we make it hard on ourselves. We ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil but strive towards the bad with hate of different races, sexes, religions when all they seek is understanding, acceptance, etc. Why?!? We may have ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but to know is different than to do. There is no cost to be rewarded; the cost was taken on the cross. There is not a choice, only a commandment, one way to make a decision. This is just a parent instructing a child to live simpler, that is it! Knowledge is a less intimate understanding; strive for understanding.

Also, I have learned there is no need to fight things; what will be, will be. “Blessed are the meek; for they shall inherit the earth.” I will ask you to keep in mind that inheritance insinuates ‘coming’. Sure, you can fight it, but what will it achieve?!? Fighting it in anyway is just showing you do not have faith (God’s mercy to allow His sheep to understanding) in God’s Plan. The strong will lead this world, but those who turn the other cheek will inherit the world. It is better to inherit because what will last longer, this world or the inheritance?!? We must accept the reception or inheritance because it will be given to us if we follow the words in the Bible, the simpler life of meekness and not stirring up anger, and the reason for prime numbers. The Bible is a prime number. The Greek philosophers who studied these numbers understood the idea of primality and were interested in perfect and amicable numbers.

And finally, do not look at Bible Scriptures as things you have to do, unreasonable laws; look at them as advice from your Creator of how to live a simpler, but fuller life. I mean that is who created life. Why not follow the Inventor’s Directions, the Bible. Even the Commandments are just moral law, moral law- the distinction between right and wrong since we ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They are commandments because He knows the easy way out. Sure, there are still going to be people that disobey them, but what are they saying, “I do not want to live simpler!” What the Bible is truly saying is if you want to be a Christian or live simpler since that is all Christians truly are, simple livers, you must follow these commandments. Think about this; we messed up in Eden and God loved us so much He gave us His Word, Himself to live simpler lives if John 1:1 is true. God is not going to banish sinners from this earth because He loves us so much and hopes we will make the right choice, the simpler choice to follow Him.

But the one thing you must do in this life is “Ride it till the wheels fall off.” Before my wreck, I thought life was a dream; I soon found out it really isn’t and it really doesn’t hold anything back from you after an incident like mine. But, I learned the understanding in the pages of the Bible make it a simper, easier life if you follow its’ words. Fulfill your life to the fullest; do your purpose in life and try to overdo. It has been [ INSERT DATE OF PUBLISHING FROM WRECK DATE] since the wreck. I miss those girls; I will see them one day. For right now they are just two teardrops, faded pictures and a memory and have taught me so much, but the most important of these lessons is, “Heaven ain’t Hard to Find, all you got to do is look.” within your mind. I cannot wait to see them on the other side because there, they will not be a memory, but a reality

Since we have dissected the fine prophecies and shown through wording that Jesus is the Messiah, we will now look at the prophecies that directly point to no man other than Jesus.

Isaiah 49:6; 6 He says, “You will do more than restore the people of Israel to me.

I will make you a light to the Gentiles,

and you will bring my salvation to the ends of the earth.”

Gentiles are saved also, but the Jews (of the nation) think they are the “chosen people”. This is in the Old Testament, but the Jews still don’t believe?!? The Gentiles, us, used to eat raw meat from weird animals, worship pagan gods of statues, NOT LIVE SIMPLER!

This man helped them understand with the Jews. Jesus helped them realize that all have the knowledge of evil, but in this situation we are about to read about, Isaiah prophesied what was about to happen (the Pharisees were to honor them w/their lips, face value, but not understand it is simpler to honor your parents), but , yet they still did not understand. Read Matthew 15:6-9 6 Even the waters of Nimrim are dried up!

The grassy banks are scorched.

The tender plants are gone;

nothing green remains.

7 The people grab their possessions

and carry them across the Ravine of Willows.

8 A cry of distress echoes through the land of Moab

from one end to the other–

from Eglaim to Beer-elim.

9 The stream near Dibon[a] runs red with blood,

but I am still not finished with Dibon!

Lions will hunt down the survivors–

both those who try to escape

and those who remain behind.

…then 15:16-20. 16 “Don’t you understand yet?” Jesus asked. 17 “Anything you eat passes through the stomach and then goes into the sewer. 18 But the words you speak come from the heart–that’s what defiles you. 19 For from the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, all sexual immorality, theft, lying, and slander. 20 These are what defile you. Eating with unwashed hands will never defile you.”

Jesus gave several arguments, discussions that all God is must be understanding. Read Matthew 15:10. 10 Then Jesus called to the crowd to come and hear. “Listen,” he said, “and try to understand.

I believe Jesus was very emphatic w/His references to God as understanding and how to live simpler from our knowledge of evil. Highlight the exclamation point on

15:20. 20 These are what defile you. Eating with unwashed hands will never defile you.”

Read Matthew 15:24-28; 24 Then Jesus said to the woman, “I was sent only to help God’s lost sheep–the people of Israel.”

25 But she came and worshiped him, pleading again, “Lord, help me!”

26 Jesus responded, “It isn’t right to take food from the children and throw it to the dogs.”

27 She replied, “That’s true, Lord, but even dogs are allowed to eat the scraps that fall beneath their masters’ table.”

28 “Dear woman,” Jesus said to her, “your faith is great. Your request is granted.” And her daughter was instantly healed.

We are children of Israel if we understand, Gentiles if we eat the raw meat and not live simpler. This is also an example of faith- third hand on Jesus. Just rely, it will be instant b/c it comes from just like the little girl. I will share this story w/y’all one more time (scars) Nah, probably a few more; don’t hurt. Learn this from third hand experience!

Now, back to Isaiah, the original association. Look for God to be lying in association, pneumonic devices. Isaiah 50:6; 6 I offered my back to those who beat me

and my cheeks to those who pulled out my beard.

I did not hide my face

from mockery and spitting.

Is this precisely what happened to Jesus?!? Isaiah 52:13-15; 13 See, my servant will prosper;

he will be highly exalted.

14 But many were amazed when they saw him.[a]

His face was so disfigured he seemed hardly human,

and from his appearance, one would scarcely know he was a man.

15 And he will startle[b] many nations.

Kings will stand speechless in his presence.

For they will see what they had not been told;

they will understand what they had not heard about.[c]

Has kings or world leaders (Franklin Roosevelt and WWII, Bush and 9/11 with resolutions) understood?!? Highlight understand. Exalted speaks of His resurrection and ‘lifted up’ speaks of His ascension.

Isaiah 53:2; 2 My servant grew up in the LORD’s presence like a tender green shoot,

like a root in dry ground.

There was nothing beautiful or majestic about his appearance,

nothing to attract us to him.

Jesus was not a king like the Jews believe He will be, but this was prophesied in the Old Testament. He didn’t have beautiful things to attract to His appearance. That is of face value; look in your minds for the attraction. There you will understand.


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away

Heaven could be ages away or distant (like the blue stars I saw in my dreams) or it could be right within our minds (after all it was within my mind, my dreams.) Early on, my father was asked by a newspaper reporter what the prospects were for my recovery. He replied, “Josh’s limits are God’s limits and God has no limits.” I guess that pretty much sums it up. What you will see in writing this book, in person, as one of His sheep is the living God who was saved twice by His amazing grace. Life is precious and none of us know how many breaths we have. “Live for the now because tomorrow ain’t promised today.” God has a purpose for each and everyone of our lives. That is all the more reason that each of us should live this moment like it is our last by dedicating it all to the one who gave us life, our Lord and Savior. Come quickly Lord Jesus, even so, come quickly. I leave you with pictures of those two gorgeous girls and what I have to look forward to


He assures us throughout the Bible that if we follow His rules, the Bible, we will always have enough. My life is my assurance because it has always been enough.

Through that experience, I prayed to God that this was all a dream. Once again, I emphasize experience and for you to learn from my experience through the third hand because first hand hurts. Trust me, third hand experience is sufficient. We can learn this through testing chemicals, life’s experience and third hand experience that God is there.

This is another thing that could have only come from the Divine Power. One would think I was a beast of a man who was 6’0″ and lifted weights his whole life. Now, granted I did played soccer my whole life allowing my lower body to strengthen, but had only started lifting upper-body weights precisely one year before my wreck, weighed 135 lbs when the wreck occurred and am 5’7″ today. Why would you not believe someone who knows too much about the brain, body and all the systems of the body from first hand experience?!? This was all miraculous!!! Dios es fuerte.

We must learn that life is reference and the Source referred upon is God. If we rely on Him, we will succeed. If we do something good for God, we will always succeed. Good is succession and if we succeed, it is always from something good. The past is very important to me, thus I like to remember; in both lies God. My grandfathers words were true; I just had to remember them.

I know what everyone is thinking at the current moment and I did miss the Dallas Stars win the Stanley Cup that night, June 17th, 1999, but I had to fulfill a purpose. It would have been much simpler life if I had watched the game, but what a big purpose it must be to allow me to survive a wreck like that!

We Must Transcend The Things That Hold Us

These words of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter’s, in the motion picture of the true story, “The Hurricane” (1999) are etched in golden truth for anyone who’s had a real life battle of the titans and won. It’s like the summation of the movie in one short statement; how a fighter who had dealt with massive injustice all his life had to deal with it big time, to break a tortuous 20-year incarceration-the fight for his freedom against a system of inherent and rampant corruption.

The part of “The Hurricane” when Carter (played brilliantly by Denzel Washington) says “We must transcend the things that hold us,” is particularly poignant. Facing incredible odds to fight the system, whilst simultaneously maintaining his sanity, Carter was faced with making such a resolve-it was crucial for his survival. It required a commitment to himself; a commitment to flip his world upside down in order to stay in the game. He begun to work and study at night, and sleep during the day-anything really, to remain sane and strong. There’s a key lesson here. It’s one of protection. It is about protecting the relatively clean spirit that exists within each one of us, guarding it against corruption. Carter identified it. He identified it and then put a plan into place and executed it. That takes courage and discipline, or put together, faith and diligence.

So what holds people? And, how do people transcend these things? The key learning and inspiration here is this: there are many things, people and situations (things + people) that will make their most ardent attempt to ‘hold us’ in this life. It’s a hard fact of life. This is because many people and things want control over us. This is not love-based.

To make this clear, a ‘hold’ is anything or any relationship that doesn’t or can’t stand up to truth; and anything that corrupts or potentially corrupts. This includes anything downright sinful, relationships that will never be a blessing, or anything that has a negative hold and doesn’t have a good reason for a person to continue with-taking into account the many things that might appear to ‘hold us,’ but in fact are actually good for us-these are not subject to this discussion. For instance, the job we must hold, or the critical mentoring relationship that is ‘difficult,’ but beneficial. We must contend with these things and endure them, until it is the right time to leave, and “move on.”

Anything that you know implicitly is truth, will not seek to hold you. Eugene Peterson wrote of the 1 Corinthians 13 in The Message paraphrase, Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have. The only exception to this is when ‘the hold’ gives you life, for instance, when someone is trying to escape a hold, perhaps an addiction. At these times, in these situations, it is critical to stick with it because the hold is actually because of love; often known as “tough love.” It is at these times and places in life when people need to be humble and accept what is good for them and their future. So, this wisdom is not about ‘healthy holds,’ which could better be referred to as ‘bonds.’

This wisdom is a call to address co-dependent style relationships[1] whether they be personal (in the form of habits, addictions etc), with another person (classical co-dependence), or organisational (for instance, within a workplace, club, or religious setting including sects, church fellowship, mosque etc).

A hold is like a veneer finish. One of our challenges is not only to see through the hold, but also to be able to break through this veneer, because holds are truly just that, veneer. Truth stands, but falsity crumbles once the veneer is broken through. One of the most important roles in life is to be able to recognise falsity and deal with it courageously by breaking through its veneer. Veneer is facade, appearance, the surface of the matter only. Truth is a foil for all sorts of lies in life; we must see through, and past the veneer, to gain ‘life.’ It’s about learning to dig deeper into such a matter so as to reveal the truth. The truth stands challenges and tests.

Again, these matters (the things that hold us) are from things or people or situations (things + people). Once it has been recognised the thing/people/situation has a negative hold on us, there has to be a plan to break free. To do this properly at times requires guidance from those that actually love us and we can truly trust.

We must break the cycle of dependency and this can be likened to an insect breaking the surface tension of water; a mosquito lands on it-it doesn’t have the weight or ability to break through the surface of the water; weight is needed to get through it. To break through the veneer of a co-dependent relationship requires strength and power; not physical strength and power, but mental, emotional, and spiritual strength and power. There must be a persistence to break the hold in unhealthy relationships.

This can take months and in some cases years, and requires eternal vigilance.

© Steve J. Wickham, 2008. All rights reserved Worldwide.

[1] A “co-dependent” can be loosely defined as someone who shows too much, and often inappropriate, caring for persons who depend on him or her. A “co-dependent” is one side of a relationship between mutually needy people. The dependent, or obviously needy party(s) may have emotional, physical, financial difficulties, or addictions they seemingly are unable to surmount. The “co-dependent” party exhibits behaviour which controls, makes excuses for, pities, and takes other actions to perpetuate the obviously needy party’s condition, because of their desire to be needed and fear of doing anything that would change the relationship. Source:

Fundamentals Of Sheet Metal Fabrication Business Requirements

The sheet metal fabrication industry is growing leaps and bounds these days. Wherever there is a construction happening, there would be a need for metal fabricators. Metal fabricators shops are generally small businesses that operate locally. Depending on the projects, the fabricators need to equip themselves with the latest tools and technologies. Experienced ones are not only experts in the fabrication, but they are experts in all kinds of metal fabrication works.

Prerequisites For Starting A Sheet Metal Fabrication Business

If you are planning to start up a small shop, you will need to familiarize yourself with these working tools,working machinery, shop safety, materials used in the trade, sheet metal types, and fasteners for them. In addition, you will need to have in-depth knowledge about processes such as punching, drilling, riveting, folding edges, making seams, turning, burring, raising, forming, crimping, beading, grooving, and soldering. When you are starting up a shop, you will need to purchase or rent a shop. The location of the shop needs to be strategic.

These business can be very lucrative if you have the right costing and you know how to maximize profits. There is tough competition in the fabrication business, so you will have to ensure that you prices are competitive. The industry is highly diversified industry and produces more products than most people realize. Right from air-conditioning ductwork to railroad box cars are all made of sheet metals. Due to this diversity, the sheet metal fabricating industry can withstand the ups and downs of the global economy. When you are about to start the sheet metal or metal fabricating business, you must know where to begin from.

There are several entrepreneurs who have the money to start the business, but they don’t know where to put the money and how to start the business. As an entrepreneur, you have two choices in the business. First, you can either start the business for a specific product such as ductwork. Second, you can start off as a generic service provider.

As a metal fabricator, you need to be very flexible and proactive to customer demands or requirements. Customers can either provide the designs or they may expect you to come up with the designs. In both situations, you will have to ensure that you give perfect service to the customer. Even though the business is a small business, you will still need to register your business. Before registering your business, you will have to keep a suitable name for the business.

Selection of a strategic office space and a spacious workshop for the sheet metal or fabricating business is also very important. You will need skilled manpower and latest equipments to counter any customer challenge. Most of these businesses have faced hardships in the initial years, but after few years, things begin to fall in place.

Slap Lesion Physical Therapy Treatment Before and After Surgery

SLAP is short for Superior Labrum from Anterior to Posterior, or from front to back. The labrum is the rim of cartilage found in the shoulder socket. An injury or tear to this part of the body is a SLAP lesion, which typically results from overuse, trauma and accidents such as falling onto your outstretched hand.

What are the symptoms of a SLAP lesion?

A person with a SLAP lesion or injury has shoulder pain, which becomes worse with throwing activities or when reaching overhead. The person may also experience some pain and soreness in the shoulder front when bending the elbow or turning the wrist. The person’s shoulder may also click or snap with movement and may feel like being dislocated. Diagnosis of this injury involves a physical examination of the shoulder and a contrast MRI scan.

What are the treatments for SLAP lesion?

Most cases of SLAP injuries respond well to non-invasive or non-surgical treatment so this would be the first option for any patient. After your injury, your doctor would first recommend some rest to help ease symptoms. Your doctor may also prescribe medication to alleviate inflammation and pain.

Next, you will have to undergo a SLAP lesion physical therapy, which mostly involves stretching and muscle strengthening exercises targeting the muscles around the rotator cuff and scapula. It is also important at this point to limit or make adjustments in the activity that caused the injury, which could be a sport or work-related activity.

Cold therapy is also a part of SLAP lesion physical therapy. Therapists make use of ice packs or ice massage to reduce pain and swelling by applying these agents four to six times in an hour for three hours. Therapists may also apply ice if pain or any other symptoms worsen after an activity.

Certain patients, especially athletes, who play sports or do activities that involve a lot of throwing may continue to experience pain despite undergoing proper SLAP lesion physical therapy program. When symptoms do not go away after 6 weeks of conservative treatment or SLAP lesion physical therapy, your doctor will then recommend surgery to treat your shoulder. In surgery, the doctor may remove torn cartilages or attach them back in place.

After surgery, you will need complete bed rest and you must avoid activities involving the treated area. After a period of rest, your doctor may then recommend SLAP lesion physical therapy to help you restore your shoulder’s strength and full range of motion.

Ten Simple Suggestions for Beginners to Attract Audience With Effective Public Speech

How to Attract Audience with Effective Public Speech? Ten Suggestions for Beginners:

1. Powerful opening: The very first tool a speaker has in hand to attract the attention of audience is the opening of the lecture. The opening remarks should make the entire audience turn their attention towards the speaker. Then it is the work of the speaker to see that the attention never diverts. Some speakers spend most of the time in addressing the dignitaries in the dais which is a tiresome exercise for the listener, whereas a powerful speaker would be able to use even this formality for his benefit to drive home his point.

“Friends, Roman, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him”

See how these opening remarks with a brief salutation changes the entire course of the play. Critics have written volumes about these lines from Shakespeare’s immortal play Julius Caesar which is classic example of how public speech could change listener’s minds.

2. Attire: Once the speaker impresses the audience with opening remarks, it will take some time for the public to turn the attention towards the attire. The attire need not be gorgeous, but should match the occasion. One need not come to a labour union meeting with full suit and likewise one should not attend a board meeting without coat and tie. We have seen that Indian National congress leader’s always wearing Khadhi (A rough hand woven cloth) uniform with a white cap during freedom struggle. But nowadays if one wears that uniform in an public meeting he will be the odd man out.

3. Attitude: It is very important that the speaker should have the right attitude towards the subject chosen. He need not be a fanatic. But he should love his subject. A speaker who comes to speak about Ramayana should have read it thoroughly and have knowledge of the entire content. More than that, he should love each and every word of the epic. He should also be able to demonstrate it powerfully. Otherwise he should enter into that topic.

4. Confidence: The speaker should have utmost confidence in the subject he has chosen. He should be able to face any questioner or critic with courage and faith. George Bernard Shaw and Sir Winston Churchill are the two great personalities the world has produced whom always the speakers and writers prefer to quote. When an adverse critic, during a meeting sent a note to Shaw scribbling ‘idiot’, he simply quipped, “here is a listener who has put only his signature, I return this to him for writing the contents”

5. Quick wit and humour: These should be spontaneous. The speaker should have enough presence of mind to quip immediately to any of the posers raised by critics.

Here, a mention may be made about Late C.N.Annadurai,(known as C.N.A) former chief minister of Tamilnadu who was known for his quick wits.

His rival party members threw out the challenge “We will win the elections simply lying in bed” for which he quipped, “certainly they will go to bed, but we will win”.

Such was the humour of C.N.A. His party won the elections and the opponents are in opposition benches for the past 45 years.

6. Cogency: The speech should be cogent all along. Nowhere should it deviate from the main subject. There are some speakers who will add anecdotes and stories to add charm to their speech. Finally they will not be able to correlate them to the mainstream. The audience would appreciate the talk as extremely fine but would not be able to recall any of the contents.

7. Body language: Gentle should be the way one should present himself before others. No extreme pose required to drive home your point. Kindly note that ‘the length of the beard will not determine how great a philosopher you are’. You need not jump with emotion to evoke the listeners. You need not raise your voice also. Without doing all these gimmicks you can make the audience move with your body movements. They will rise when your hand rises and will subside when your hand comes down. Such should be the power of your speech.

8. Eye contact with audience: Eye contact is the most powerful weapon one has to control the audience. It is not that you should stare a particular listener (poor fellow!). Instead your eyes should wander among the crowd. You should be clever enough to fix the eyes on either the most attentive listener or a prospective listener which will make him totally involved in the talk. In fact, after sometime people will be waiting for their turn so that your eyes will fall on them. Public speech is a double-edged weapon, while one end is you, the speaker; the other end is the listener. The connecting thread is to be firm and that is by eye contact.

9. Acceptance by negation: Don’t put a proposition and ask “Am I right?” Even if the entire audience says “Yes sir, you are right” be fully assured that they will simply forget whatever you told the moment they leave the meeting hall. There are several speakers who will put questions like,” Do you agree with me?”, “Will you obey my instructions?” etc. Such question and answer sessions will not serve any purpose. Instead putting a negative proposal and asking them to negate will always give a positive result. After all Antony only praised Caesar and not buried him. “Negation is creation”-J.Krishnamurti.

There was a debate on the topic “Whether Love marriage is better or arranged marriage…?” The speakers were putting forth arguments in their favour one after the other. But there was a speaker who supported arranged marriages by listing out twenty favourable points. Finally he concluded saying, “In spite of all these, only love marriages are most preferable because…” and he added only a handful of points. Finally he won the debate.

10. CLOSING REMARKS: Conclusion is equally important like opening. There are some speakers who will tell “I shall conclude my talk in a minute or two” or “Let me tell a few words as conclusion” etc. All these preparations to conclude are totally unwarranted. You should be able to conclude in a totally unexpected time. The talk should conclude by concluding firm remarks and not by you’re telling so. The effect of talk should be reverberating in the minds of listeners for long even when the speaker has left the hall.

In addition to the above 10 clues, it is very important to note that always ex-temporal talks are preferred to prepared talks. Having a prepared talk in hand and reading from the notes seldom receive attention other than board meetings where statistics are needed. That does not mean that the talk should be without any preparation. The vital points are to be stored in mind cogently and should be presented in quick succession. During power point presentation also, the screen should contain minimum details leaving more scope to talk to establish one as an excellent speaker.

The MANTRA for success in public speech is OBSERVATION followed by practice. One has to observe the oratorical skills of great orators either by attending their meetings, or watching T.V live talks or videos and practice the salient features. It is strongly recommended that video talks of the world Philosopher J.Krihnamurti may be watched with apt attention which will give an excellent knowledge of speaking skills in English.

Oratory skill in English and any other language is a matter of pride and I wish the readers all success in getting Speaking Skills.

Why is Bumper Pool Table Game So Much Fun to Play?

The game of bumper pool is a lot of fun to play. It combines some aspects of the game of pool, with the competition of a game such as football. In bumper pool you are trying to hit your colored balls into the scoring hole on your opponent’s side of the table before your opponent hits all of his balls into the hole on your side of the table. Shooting your own ball into the hole on your opponent’s side of the table can be considered similar to playing offense in football.

Sometimes though, you don’t have a good angle to shoot your ball into a hole. When this happens, it’s best to use your ball to deflect any of your opponent’s balls that are set up for an easy shot into the hole he wants to shoot them into. This is why bumper pool is so much fun to play. Even when you don’t have a chance to make an easy shot, you can try to frustrate your opponent by making his shot more difficult as well.

The game of bumper pool can be played as a game between two individuals. Bumper pool can be even more fun to play though when playing with teams of two players on each team. In a team game of bumper pool, players on the same team alternate turns when it is their teams turn to take a shot in bumper pool. You can even make your own rules with bumper pool to turn it into either a gambling game. That is one of the reasons why I feel that bumper pool is so much fun to play.

Nordic Track Treadmill C2200 – Quiet, Smooth and Reasonably Priced

As with all the other treadmills manufactured by ICON, the Nordic Track Treadmill Model C2200 comes with a host of trademark-heavy descriptions. Let’s get some of them out of the way first, and try and make the actual product review a bit easier on the eyes. It is worth noting here that there are various model numbers for the Nordic Track Treadmill Model C2200 and some of them, confusingly, have different specifications. Why, I don’t know, but if you’re considering buying this treadmill – currently on sale at $699 – make sure you’re not reading an old review!


  • Drive motor: 2.25 CHP Commercial DurX(TM) Drive System
  • Speed: 0-10MPH Touch(TM) Speed Control
  • Incline: 0-12% 1-Touch(TM) Power Incline
  • Treadbelt size: 20″ x 55″
  • User weight: 300lbs capacity
  • Fan: CoolAire(TM) Fan
  • Folding feature: SpaceSaver® Design
  • Warranty: Lifetime on the motor, 1 year on parts and labor

The Main Features Ten workout programs on the Nordic Track Treadmill Model C2200 will give you plenty of choice. There are eight pre-set personal trainer programs and two customizable programs. Each program is divided into 30 second or one minute segments, with one speed and incline setting for each section. The treadmill automatically adjusts the settings as you work your way through each of these segments. You can also change the settings yourself by pressing the speed or incline buttons during the program, and it is also possible to repeat a segment if you don’t want to move on to the next one too soon.

The Nordic Track Treadmill Model C2200 has a good sized belt, at 20″ x 55″. The cushioned deck, with another tongue twisting name – “DuraSoft III(TM) Impact Cushioning” – is a joy to use, and it really does make working out at home much more enjoyable than pounding the streets.

With advance apologies for the TM overkill, the Solaris(TM) Illumination Console has four LED displays; calories/distance, carbs/incline, time/pace and pulse/speed. The console also has Training Zones indicators, plus a 1/4 mile track on the display matrix. You can measure your heart rate using the handgrip pulse sensors, or the “optional” (meaning you have to pay extra for it) chest pulse sensor. I have to admit to never using iFIT for additional workouts, but the C2200 does have this built in technology if you want to hook up the treadmill to your PC or home stereo system and pay more dollars for extra personal training programs.

Like many of today’s folding treadmills, the Nordic Track Treadmill Model C2200 has an easy to use fold away design. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that a piece of exercise equipment this size is going to be as compact as storing away your ironing board!

Conclusion The Nordic Track Treadmill Model C2000 does its job well and it is a very reasonable price for a treadmill of this caliber. It is acceptably quiet, and I particularly like the cushioned deck. The negatives are the limited parts warranty and the overpriced extras. Overall though, I would recommend the Nordic Track C2200 for a home fitness solution.

Even Sunrooms Still Need Wicker Lamps – Lighting Tips for the Perfect Sunroom

The sunroom may be the most frequently used room in your home. With the comfort of a sitting area and none of the distractions televisions and other media provide, it can feel like an escape. But when the sun goes down or on those cloudy days it can be tricky to see in a sunroom. Lighting can make all the difference.

Consider these five lighting tips for the perfect sunroom.

#1 Overhead lighting.

If you have a dining table or eating area in your sunroom consider hanging an overhead light directly above the center of the table or space. Simple hooks can be hung from the ceiling in a matter of minutes and your light can be up. Choose from overhead pendant lamps, traditional wicker hanging lamps and outdoor lamps with water proof shades.

#2 Floor lighting.

Place floor lamps in the dark corners of your sun room space. They’re particularly effective when positioned behind sofas and large chairs. When placing floor lamps in your sunroom make sure they’re out of the way and on an even surface. Floor lamps can easily be knocked over if they’re in high traffic zones.

Consider adding wicker floor lamps to a sun room space. Wicker is a natural choice for sunrooms because it is light, durable, and adds a natural feel.

#3 Tabletop

Wicker table lamps are used to assist with close up activities. For example, if you’re reading in your sun room a table lamp will make it easier to see. Position table lamps next to chairs and sofas where you’ll need extra light during the evening hours.

#4 Accent Lighting

You can also add accent lighting to your sunroom space. For example, you might position museum lights on the wall behind a loveseat to accent artwork. Small gel fire bowls and fireplaces can also add accent lighting and warmth during the cooler days and nights.

#5 Outdoor lighting

Christmas lights don’t have to be exclusively used on Christmas trees. You can use outdoor lighting to add a festive touch to your sunroom. String them from the ceiling to highlight a space or add interest to an area. You can also string them over the dining area to add romance and sparkle. If you want to add extra fun, look for outdoor lights in interesting shapes and colors. For example, lobsters, chili peppers or animals.

When designing your sunroom don’t forget the lighting. Then you can use the space 24/7 and year around. You may find that you and your family never leave the space.