What Should You Know About House Flooring

Having a nice house is everyone dreams. In fact, everyone wants to have their own house. Unfortunately not everyone is fortune to have a house of their own. So, once you have, you sure what to arrange the house as good as you can. But sometimes you have difficulties in choosing the best materials for you house, especially for your floor.

Obviously they are different rooms in you house and each room may need different flooring. To pick what best flooring material for you house is something that you have to think about. Picking the right type of flooring for your home involves asking some questions and giving some honest answers. You need to pick what's right for you, your finances and your lifestyle. Finding a floor covering that is suitable for every aspect of your circumstances is key to getting the equation right.

When you shop for flooring materials you will find a great range of wonderful flooring materials in the market. From what you see, sure it will be difficult for you to decide. Buying flooring material certainly needs some honest judgment from yourself and also the condition of your house.

To help you finding the right flooring materials for your house, here are some check lists you might want to consider:

* Find out about your area. Is your house located in the moisture area, cold or warm climate? Is it a high traffic area or quite? Or is it sometimes sooner to flooding? Knowing your house location will make you easy to choose the right flooring materials. For example, if your house located in the moisture area, find out what is the cause. If it can be eliminated you could then enjoy a much wider choice of flooring for your home. If moisture is a permanent problem you should choose flooring that does not rot and will not absorb water, such as stone, marble and granite, or concrete slabs. If you live in a very cold area and especially if you have children, you'll probably be better off using carpet as a favorite, with other flooring materials such as linoleum thrown in for areas such as the kitchen.

* Now, let see about you. Do you like the contemporary look for interior decorating? Or are you fundamentally a traditionalist at heart? If you look for different flooring which matches with interior decorating, maybe you could consider hardwood flooring materials. Or for a cheaper alternative, think of using laminated flooring or bamboo flooring. These two are perfect for those who like modern decorating styles too. This is the stylish, yet practical answer to the question of what to put on the floors. Laminated flooring is just so easy to take care of, you can not do anything but love it. A quick wipe over from time to time is all it needs. No oiling and no scrubbing are needed.

* See how is your house foundation is. If you do not want to have your floor covering became unstable or crack and chip, better not laying any of the natural stone flooring products on a base that is in any way unstable. It will not work. Take the time and expense to put right any defects in your foundation first so that you can really appreciate the look of your finished new floor. Probably you may use wood for that kind of foundation. . It will add atmosphere to your home too. You will find that it copes with the structural movement where it is pretty resistant to a great deal of family traffic.

* Check your garage flooring. Garage is one part in your house which most people fail to take advantage of their garage, which is a shame. In order to get the most use out of your garage, you need to take care of it. This is where garage flooring comes in. Floor covering in your garage can totally change the look of the room. More importantly, it can save you a great deal of concrete floor repair over the life of your house. Without any protection, your concrete garage floor is doomed to crack and suffer from moisture exposure. Not only will the right garage floor coat improve the look of your garage, but it will also protect this excellent space from moisture and the elements.

* If you are redecorating your home and your budget is limited, by all means get the best price you can find. A building materials wholesaler who supplies the trade can be your best bet for quality discount flooring. You can take advantage of their bulk buy savings Buy the best flooring materials you can stretch to. Why? Basically because the floor you choose will have a comprehensive effect on the finished look of your home.

By knowing that information, hopefully you can choose what best for you. Having a good and comfortable house is everyone's dreams. Home Sweet Home. Good luck!

The Use of Automatic Pool Cleaners

It is so much fun to have a swimming pool in our house. But it is our responsibility to maintain the cleanliness and safety of them. It is for our health benefits. However, cleaning them is not always easy. There are lots of things to be done just to keep the them clean.

Today, many cleaner products have been introduced to help us do the job faster and easy. Among these products, automatic pool cleaners are the most popular and commonly used by a lot of pool cleaners. It is more convenient to use and it saves time. These automatic cleaners have three types. These are pressure pool cleaners, robotic pool cleaners and suction pool cleaners.

Pressure cleaners are best for swimming pools surrounded by trees. It works through the pressure coming from the water on the pump of the pool. The cleaner moves around the pool, from the floor to the walls vacuuming and capturing wastes. These wastes then will go the waste bag. The best thing about these cleaners is that it does not push the dirt such as leaves to the filter or pump so save you time in filtration process. And not only this type of cleaner cleans the floor and walls, but it also captures even the dirt found on the pool's surface. These types of cleaner range from $ 150 – $ 500.

Another cleaner is the Robotic pool cleaner. With the help of advance technology, these cleaners were designed to help many swimming pool owners to effectively clean their pools. This cleaner works independently with the use of electric motor found inside the product. All the user needs to do is to plug the cleaner in an outlet, put the cleaner into the pool and turn it on during the time of cleaning. They are the best choice when it comes to small debris or fine sand. Among the three types, this is the only cleaner that scrubs not only the floor and walls, but also the lines of the tiles. Some robotic cleaners have a remote control to allow you to guide it clean the areas which may have missed. Although this type of cleaner is a bit expensive, ranging from $ 500- $ 2000, it's a very good investment.

The last type is the Suction pool cleaners. These are the most common cleaners and are used by many. It works like a vacuum cleaner. When the pool pump is turned on, the cleaner then sucks the wastes into your pool's filter or pump basket. Some suction cleaners have the ability to also scrub the walls of the swimming pool which means saving time brushing. And since it sucks the waste directly to the filter, it can take away smaller pieces of dirt like dust. This is recommended for pools located in an open area where heavy leaves, branches and big debris do not get into the pool. Suction cleaners are also the cheapest with prices from $ 100- $ 500. These handy cleaners are a must for any home owners with swimming pools to make sure that pools stays clean. These are good assets to help us clean the pools in much easier way.

CEO's are linked to Their Supply Chains

CEO's are linking strategically into their supply chains. Their supply chain is the best place to make the most of CEO effectiveness in product needs, real savings opportunities, ultimate customer satisfaction and therefore shareholder value. New technologies, changes in asset provider capacities, transportation management options and difficulty in organizations overcoming paradigms are making the CEO's involvement in their supply chain success critical.

The supply chain is the movement of raw materials and finished products, impacting purchasing practices, manufacturing efficiencies, inventory carrying costs, departmental optimization, product value differentiation, business growth and extremely marketability. Most businesses underestimate the true costs, much less opportunities of their supply chain.

CEO's who rely on the silo functionality of their managers often do not see the sub optimization of internal departments. Competition for scarce resources, missed opportunities in controlling costs, dynamic process efficiencies available in the supply chain, new value add technologies, leveraging greater purchasing power, impact of old relationships with inefficient transportation providers, passing on higher costs with declining deliverable values, are just a few issues where the vision of the CEO is needed. Instead of managing the supply chain as a departmental function, real savings and value await those who incorporate leading edge processes across all departmental functions to optimize spend, value, growth and profitability.

New transportation management companies are emerging with business models that address supply chain efficiencies on contingency basis. Loaded with leading edge technology, dedicated account management teams to monitor deliverable values ​​and unparallel ability to leverage spend savings, these new transportation management companies are growing at triple digit percentages. Unfortunately, either past experiences with unfocused providers or relying on single departmental management has limited companies from increasing sales and improving their bottom lines with their supply chain.

Purchasing managers and logistics managers are unable to leverage savings beyond current company scale nor able to engineer or afford the technology for real time supply chain visibility on their own. The silos of functionality in business are often good at meeting their metrics but unable to create new approaches to incorporating supply chain opportunities across all departments. Only the leadership of the CEO can create the vision of engaging new resources and technologies that can improve the entire organization's deliverable results.

The complexity of transportation provider choices, varying market reach and multiple customer needs, call for a new approach in using a focused transportation management company to optimize the value of their unique supply chain. To only require the best providers with the lowest prices set up purchasing and logistics departments to bid, renegotiate or partnership for the best of a mediocre bunch of commodity providers, leaving value and money on the table.

Without losing control of day to day provider selection, smart companies are outsourcing the negotiations to a new class of transportation management company that can guarantee spend savings, superior transit deliverables, real time visibility of supply chain across all department functions and provide dedicated account management teams account to unique departmental needs. Not engaging your potential leaves the company vulnerable to competitors who recognize the supply chain can be leveraged to add value, grow business and improve net profits.

The clear trend in supply chain management is this new breed of focused providers who can leverage greater spend savings, develop customized, scalable real time technologies across all functions and add restricted account teams to manage the transport providers. Portfolios loaded mid and large size corporations, with best practices and industry specific case studies, these transportation management companies can cut through the jargon of supply chain applications and deliver measurable results. The CEO must create the vision of new possibilities, facilitating his teams to achieve greater savings & value, with more control over their supply chain, real deliverable results for employee job security and shareholder value.

Old asset players in transportation are either one dimensional in capacity or try to leakage the illusion of value with their own spin on limited capabilities and risk adverse thinking. The emerging transportation management companies are lean, bureaucracy free, accountable to you and at no cost as they contingency based. Despite what asset transportation providers present in poor yields, inflated fuel costs, labor and health care concerns (like manufacturers / distributors do not have the same challenges?), The right transportation management company can still create guaranteed savings of at least 10% of current spend, bring value add technology for supply chain visibility as well as dedicated 24/7 account service teams to inspired manufacturers / distributors.

The complexity of asset transportation provider systems, varying costs by product / lane, limited technology and no doubt unsatisfactory past experiences, have stymied manufacturers / distributors on how to proceed in maximizing supply chain efficiencies. Only this new class of transportation management companies is capable of delivering the right provider solution, for each link of your supply chain, for the best available value & cost, with total visibility and accountability.

While there are many opportunities and duties for today's CEO, no other area of ​​their business will bring the greatest value return for their time investment than their supply chain. Reaching out to these unique, no cost, and no risk, transportation management providers will certainly be worth their time as employees, customers and shareholders will no doubt agree.

Tilted Uterus Causes Backaches

Do you have frequent backaches? Is sex painful for you? If you're a woman, sometimes it's time to see a doctor. You may have a retroverted uterus.

The most frequent position of the uterus is forward or anteverted with its closed end higher than the cervix. If it tilts back and down, this is known as retroversion.

Retroversion of the uterus occurs in about one in five women. Often there are no symptoms. But in some cases, a woman may experience backache, especially during menstruation. A retroverted uterus can also make intercourse painful.

"The most common symptom associated with a tilted uterus is backache. This is probably a result of blood trapped in the uterus, causing the uterus to become enlarged and tender. This uterine tenderness inflames the nerves of the back and results in severe backache, according to Dr. Niels Lauersen, a diplomat of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Steven Whitney in "It's Your Body: A Woman's Guide to Gynecology."

In the past, it was thought that retroverted uterus would make childbearing difficult if not impossible, and that surgery was needed to "correct" the condition. This wrong belief was reinforced by dishonest doctors who made a killing with many needless surgical operations.

"The belief then was that a woman with a tilted uterus could not have a baby, so an operation was performed to rotate the uterus into the 'correct' – that is, forward – position. is determined by genes. If your mother had a retroverted uterus, the chances are that you will also have one. But your mother gave birth, and you can certainly have children, all other factors being equal. Unfortunately, the operation on the tilted uterus provided these doctors with a good source of income, and today, even though we know better, there are still many operations of this type performed. to have children, "Lauersen and Whitney said.

The physician can easily tell if the uterus is retroverted or not during a pelvic examination. If it is, no treatment is necessary since retroversion is not a disease. Pregnancy can sometimes correct the condition but it does not cure retroversion. The condition may return after a woman has given birth.

If it does not bother you, stop worrying about it. In women who find intercourse painful, the doctor may recommend the use of a pessary, a rubber cap that puts the uterus in its correct position. If there is severe pain, surgery may be required to fasten the uterus permanently.

"Treatment depends on the severity of the symptoms. When no symptoms are present, no treatment is necessary. and empty any associated blood, "Lauersen and Whitney explained.

"If your gynecologist suggests surgery, you should solicit a second opinion from another doctor. Surgery is sometimes required, but more often it is abused. The surgery is not dangerous: it is often merely unnecessary. the uterus forward, "they con¬cluded.

To stay in good shape and lessen backache, exercise regularly. To help you achieve your desired weight, take Zyroxin, a safe and natural supplement that will maximize your weight loss through its unique fat-burning ingredients. For details, visit http://www.zyroxin.com/ .

Honda CRV Test Drive in Thailand

The New High-Tech Honda Accord with Euro Looks

Is it a BMW? Maybe the Audi A-4? Or the VW Passat? Le Peugeut? No! It’s the new Honda Accord! Acc-ord! The name reminds me of French d’Accord! (Agree, OK in English).

And I agree. The new 8th generation Honda Accord looks sleek, dynamic, sporty and has a lower and a wider track for that solid, planted feel. Look at the new low slung, chromed angular grill, the new cool, clear projector type headlights and the muscular pronounced wheels arches housing the 17 inch alloy wheels.

The side view also reveals new higher waistline matching the perfectly raked roof line. The rear break light cluster is very BMW’ish. The new Honda Accord takes on asharp European design. Perhaps, the best looking Honda ever.

Furthermore the new Honda Accord has been upsized. The floor space is now lower and the wheel base is longer to provide more space, especially for the back seat riders. There’s enough room back there to be comfortable, even when front seats are far back. The luxurious leather upholstered cabin environment is quietandvibration free thanks to the ANC (Active Noise Control) system and is a very comfortable place to be.

Our demo, the Honda 2.4 EL (NAVI) the top of 2.4 litre models fully loaded with all the goodies: dual-zone air-conditioning, front power seats with memory, (and lumbar massage for the driver) electric rear sunshade, cruise control and a sporty Formula One inspired paddle shifter on the steering wheel.

But it was the communication in-car infotainment centre that caught my attention. A real-time IT package: hands-free Bluetooth, CD/MP3/WMA (auxiliary input jack for connecting portable music players), and a premium sound system with a subwoofer. Only the high speed internet “Google” connection was missing!

And the “navigator” the Honda Accord GPS connected to a 40 gigabyte hard disc. For the music fans that’s 3.000 songs. Enough music for Phuket to Bangkok back and fourth! The Accord 2.4 EL “NAVI” is probably is the best Navigator in the market.

The navigation screen is large and easy to read with a user friendly joystick and command wheel. No more maps everything is click-on: the highways, (byways) expressways, the u-turns and the bypasses, the attractions, the “aroy-aroy” restaurants, the hospitals and the police stations. When the car is stationary you can watch DVD movies or your digital “home movies” and when reversing it switches automatically to R mode: parking camera. A real time parking movie.

Everything connected to the on-board info-centre including your pertinent driving information: fuel consumption, average speed, distance to destination etc.

For the driver there is lot’s of buttons to push on center console and the steering wheels. Every car should have multifunction steering wheel. Always two hands on the wheel.

Under the bonnet (the hood), the main focus is the new, second-generation Honda i-VTEC in-line four cylinder 2.4 litre 5-speed motor packing 180 horsepower. More powerful than the previous and more frugal. During our test-drive we managed 13 kilometer per litre on the highway and about 9 liter per kilometer in the city. And the good news. The new Accord is E 20 compatible (alcohol & gasoline). That’s 20 percent Johnny Walker Red or Stolichnaya and 80 percent unleaded petrol (gasoline) 91or 95.

Honda Accord’s four-wheel independent suspension features a double-wishbone design in front and a new multilink setup in back. On the road, the Accord is taut without being punishing, and the sedan recovers quickly without any extra bobbing after hitting a bump or dip in the road.

The safety package is comprehensive with dual i-SRS front driver and side airbags including side curtain airbags with OPD (occupant position detect ant) system. Plus VSA vehicle stability assist combined with ABS and EDB making those slippery curves less challenging.

In conclusion the new Accord feels refined and solid and is perfectly suited for Thailand highway cruising or urban driving. Just perfect for a Bangkok-Phuket, Bangkok-Samiu 8-9 hour long haul, if only the fuel, E20 gasohol had been cheaper!

Latest version of the Accord is ready to take on the prestige imported rivals from Germany. And really good news for potential buyers is that all the improve­ments and additional IT features haven’t pushed up the cost.

The sticker price for the new Honda Accord 2.4 EL (NAVI) is 1.6 million THB. The two litre base Accord model is priced 1.2 million THB and the flagship Honda Accord 3.5 G (NAVI) V6 sets you back a cool 2.8 million THB.

Awnings – Rain Or Shine

In the past, awnings were manufactured by a commercial awnings company but were not rated by wind tolerance. However in today's modern society, awnings or canopies in fact comes in two basic types, either motorized or manually-operated models. The latter is actually operated by hand while the former is powered by electricity. Either way, both types have their own advantages. For a start, these contraptions offer affordability and easy maintenance not to mention the ease of adaptability to almost any deck or patio. This is because the support arms can in fact be angled back against the house itself or better yet, set vertically on the deck or floor of the patio. At the same time, the arms provide the necessary extra support and stability especially for owners who live in places that are very windy. Both types of awnings are also very versatile as attachment of certain accessories is now obtainable.

Aside from the power source, motorized awnings differ from the manually-operated awnings as they have no vertical supports but instead have retracting lateral arms so fashioning an area with an unobstructed shade. In addition, these awnings are basically operated by an electric motor that is in fact generally hidden inside the roller bar of the awning. The arms themselves essentially open and close the awning easily with just a touch of a switch mounted on a wall making motorized awnings extremely convenient not to mention very classic, simple and beautiful. Retractable awnings are now considering very trendy with the modern household and building particularly with the increasingly high energy costs. Most owners now prefer to decrease or go without air conditioning and simply make use of awnings and canopies.

At the present, with the many breakthroughs in manufacturing, the modern awning or canopy can now be constructed with a wide array of coverings such as fabric, aluminum, corrugated fiberglass and corrugated polycarbonate. For the reason that strong and high winds can damage an extended awning, there are now improvements with the latest designs. For instance, awning manufacturers incorporated a gadget called a wind sensor to allow the awning to automatically retract in certain weather conditions. Some of today's awnings and canopies offer a wide variety of accessories that not only improves versatility but also increases the usefulness particularly for owners with decks and patios. For instance, awnings can add screen protection and transform your outdoor area into a room that is practically free from pesky bugs. Side screening also cuts down on wind and mist that are coming from the sides of your awnings while patio lights will certainly let you and your guests enjoy the decks during evenings and special occasions. Awnings and canopies have really undergone a transformation and luckily for us, with just a call to an awnings company you can certainly order one that would fit your style and specifications.

With the advent of global climate change there is nothing quite like a canopy, shutter or awning to protect your windows and outdoor areas. Not only are they energy-efficient but they are also considered to be a practical way to stay cool during summer especially if you have a garden with trees about or a pool where you can devise an awning to cover it. If you have a house that has a lot of windows facing the sun, consider a wide awning that retracts when not in use. So when it comes to canopies and awnings, you are now able to acquire one for your home and business, one that not only fits your needs but can also add elegance to the structure. The patterns and colors are much simpler yet with a decidedly modern feel and reach out to the homeowner or customer. In the process, those garish and circus-like stripes have certainly been trimmed down and given a mix of conventional yet interesting modern touches.

Why Choose Asphalt Paving For Driveways?

Driveways add beauty to the house exteriors. They add value to any property with the attractive design and pattern of construction around the house or commercial place all the way to the street or roadside.

But with driveways, there is a synonym associated with it. This is Asphalt VS concrete which has become a synonym with driveway construction. All over Vancouver, it is used for construction of pavements, driveways, walkways, parking areas etc.

Most paving contractors in Vancouver prefer the use of Asphalt for durable and resistant against serious wear and tear as well.

Some of the prime reasons for selection of Asphalt for driveway construction include:

It is economical since it is costlier to get concrete pavement for your driveways and walkways. Asphalt is more economical and easily available at reasonable rates.

Easy To Use
It is easy to use and can be applied to the damaged pavement area without much hassle. Even for new construction, one can apply it in the form of hot patch. Cold patch, simple mixtures etc.

It is far more flexible than other forms since it can be easily mold to suit the varying needs like sealing cracks, patch work on sidewalks, walkways etc.

Effortless Patch Paving
Patch paving is simpler and requires no efforts in comparison to concrete and other hybrid forms which take more effort and time to set in.

This form of paving is considered more durable than other forms. It is seen as a better resistant to wear and tear and can resist damage for a longer period of time. His, its durability also makes it economic.

It is also a weather-resistant form. It can resist any type of weather condition and does not wear out even in excess heat or rains. There are other forms which are not able to withstand extreme temperature or excessive rain.

Time-saving Driveway Construction
It is time-saving since it sets faster than other forms of pavement service.

A DIY Guide for Building a Garden Pond With Bridge and Beach

When building a garden pond there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Garden ponds may be created in many different ways and it is up to you to design your pond in the way that you like most. Of course, you may want to include a bridge and a beach in your garden pond and that is a wonderful way to integrate the pond into your yard. You may be using a Scottsdale landscape contractor to help you design your garden pond or you may be designing your garden pond on your own. If that is the case then you will need a few suggestions to help you make your garden pond as beautiful as possible.

The first thing to keep in mind is to think of exactly how you want the pond, bridge, and beach laid out. When you know what you want the pond to look like. Also, keep in mind that the majority of water gardeners look back and say their biggest mistake was making their water garden too small. So, do not be afraid to make your water garden as big as you like. That way you can really enjoy the fish and plants you place in the pond not to mention if you have a bridge and beach you will need a substantial sized pond in order for it to look good.

Now that you know what you want you need to find a place in your yard for it. If you are putting so much effort and time into your garden pond you will want to make sure it is in a location that you can truly enjoy. Usually close to home is the best place so that you will not have to go far from the house to enjoy your garden. Also, you may want to consider placing the garden in a location where you can see it from your favorite window all year round. Avoid placing your garden near trees and the like because it will only make your garden dirty and require more work from you when the leaves fall inside! Keep in mind that direct sunlight on the pond is important if you want to grow certain types of water plants like water lilies.

Once you finish with your garden then you can begin building your bridge across it as well as surrounding the garden with sand to make the beach. Save these two steps for last. Also, keep in mind that you do not want to build a bridge that is too big or else it will shade your view. If this feels like too big a job for you then contact a landscape designer Phoenix to help you make your garden pond a reality.

Fourth Generation of Computers

The fourth generation of computers began around 1975 and pasted until 1985. It recognizes that period of computer history when the integrated circuit chip evolved into the microprocessor, a "computer on a chip." As a result, the first functional desktop computers came into being, beginning with the hobbyist DIY experimental models, such as the Altair 8800 mail-order kit, and progressing to the early commercial models such as the Commodore and the Tandy TRS-80. The period marks the successful introduction and mass production of the early desktop models of the IBM PC, its several clones, and the Apple Macintosh.

A star of the previous generation of computers had been the 1960s Control Data CD 1604 computer. In order to process data it had some 25,000 transistors and 100,000 diodes among thousands of resistors and capacitors, all individually wired together.

The microprocessor was in route to do all the things the CD 1604 did on one chip. It had its birth when researchers at Intel integrated all the processing functions of arithmetic, logic, and control together onto one chip through a process of photolithography.

The CPU read the data and instructions that came in as bytes of 8-bit code. The reading involved performing arithmetic and logic calculations on the code. The resulting data and instructions further allowed control functions to order the code into various streams of data that were written or received as graphics output on a monitor.

The integrated microprocessor chip became known as the central processing unit – the CPU – or the "brains" of the model computer. Its entrance heightened the earlier 1958-1959 inventions of the integrated circuit chip by Jack Kilby, at Texas Instruments, and Robert Noyce, then at Fairchild Semiconductor. These two engineers had independently miniaturized the transistor and created the IC chip as a solid-state piece of silicon (or germany). Their discoveries had been especially welcomed in the new age of solid-state electronics.

Kilby received the Nobel Prize for the IC chip while Noyce continued its development as founder of the Intel Corporation. Meanwhile, the solid state miniaturization of electronic components immediately pushed technology into new limits of advances in space, defense and consumer projects. By the 1970s, large-scale integration (LSI) of tens of thousands of transistors on one chip would eventually lead to very large-scale integration (VLSI) with millions and, then, billions of transistors per chip after the turn of the century .

Under Noyce, Intel released the first CPU-status microprocessor, the 4004, November 15, 1971. The company also developed the first random access memory chip, the RAM chip, to provide temporary storage for the CPU. The 4004 could process 60,000 (60K) instructions per second. It was not until Intel produced the 8-bit 8080 microprocessor, April 1974, that the desktop revolution really began to bloom.

The 8080 had some 6,000 transistors miniaturized by photolithography onto one microprocessor chip. It had a clock speed of 2 MHz, and it could process several hundred thousand instructions per second.

Soon, hobbyists were ordering the MITS Altair 8800, a bare-knuckles computer using the 8080 microprocessor, after it advertised on the 1975 cover of Popular Electronics. An interpreter unit of the BASIC programming language to boot and instruct the computer had been designed by Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

In 1976, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs founded Apple Computer, Inc. to begin experiments with their first computer models. They used the Z80 microprocessor as a CPU. The two founders began to mass produce their Apple II microcomputer in 1977.

Xerox, Inc. was an important experimenter in the early desktop technologies. By the mid-1970s, Xerox had put together a desktop version of a minicomputer system called the Alto, at their Palo Alto Research Center. Xerox had done much research in using graphics. All the early desktop models used command line controls where the user would type in a line of instruction at the command prompt. Early desktop makers such as Steve Jobs visited Xerox PARC and received ideas on graphics user interfaces and the mouse.

Other third generation of computer milestones include the advent of the IBM PC, with an operating system from Microsoft, and the 1984 introduction of the Apple Macintosh. IBM released the first version of its IBM PC August 1981. By 1982, it was shipping with MS-DOS as the operating system. The next advance model was the IBM PC / AT released August 1984, based on the Intel 16-bit 80286 CPU, with 134,000 transistors. This CPU could reach a speed of 8Mhz. Many clones were produced based on the IBM-PC models, notably from Compac.

With distinct flair, during a Super Bowl XVIII commercial, January 22, 1984, Apple released the Macintosh desktop computer. Setting the Apple trademark, the Macintosh became known for its engaging graphics capabilities. The system, with a Motorola 16-bit 68k CPU, was proprietary and could not be cloned.

HP Wall Mount – TouchSmart Mount and Complete Wall Mount Kit

From informational kiosks in public areas, patient rooms and nursing stations in hospitals, interactive games for children at fast food restaurants to the home kitchen, the HP TouchSmart all-in-one computer is used for its touch-enabled technology and unique interaction experience. With many applications, it is desired to mount this computer to correctly position the touch screen for the user's comfort and enjoyment. Mounting also provides additional benefits, such as saving space and providing a level of anti-theft security. Unlike a mounted television or computer monitor, the TouchSmart's screen is constantly pushed on by users. It is critical that the computer is properly supported when mounted.

When looking at how the HP TouchSmart has been designed to sit on the desk top, you will see that the weight of the computer rests on 3 points; the 2 legs directly under the monitor and the "kickstand" attached to the back of the computer. When mounting and suspending the computer, it is important to maintain its design by supporting these 3 points.

Other considerations when mounting the HP TouchSmart:

1. Make sure the mount is VESA compliant. "VESA" stands for "Video Electronics Standards Association". VESA promotes and developers relevant, open standards for display manufacturers and the display mounting industry. Using a VESA compliant mount will help to ensure that your computer is mounted correctly.

2. To mount the HP TouchSmart, a VESA Mount Adapter Kit, or the like, is needed to attach the computer to a VESA mount. Make sure the mount adapter does not require any configurations to be made to the computer as this could void warranty.

3. The HP TouchSmart has an external power supply, or "power brick", like that of a printer. Consider how this will be supported when the computer is mounted.

4. Do you want to mount your HP TouchSmart to the wall? Look for bundled or complete wall mount kits. Purchasing a complete wall mount kit will potentially save you time and money, and also ensure you have everything you need to mount your computer properly.

HP Wall Mount – Complete Wall Mount System

The ideal mounting kit for the HP TouchSmart will include a mount adapter bracket that is VESA compliant and attaches to the back of the computer without modifying the computer's case. The mount adapter bracket will have arms that reach down to support the computer from underneath as well. Also included, is a device for holding the external power pack behind the display, up and out of sight.

The VESA adapter and mounting kit will have everything needed for properly attaching the HP TouchSmart to an existing HP wall mount, VESA compliant wall mount or desk mount arm. In addition, the mount kit will include a flush wall mount bracket for customers who simply want to mount their computer to the wall like a tv, providing a complete wall mounting system.

Ways to Install a PEX Tubing System

Installation of PEX plumbing systems should be transported out strictly according to the project in hand. Normally, PEX plumbing systems are installed by trained professionals with technical knowledge of the system. But if you want to install PEX plumbing systems on your own then there are certain things you would have to keep in mind before you set out to do the actual task of installing a full-fledged PEX plumbing system.

What is PEX?

Firstly, you have to know what PEX is. For the uninitiated, PEX is cross-linked polyethylene. These are often used for radiant heating purposes, but now these are also used extensively for hot and cold plumbing installations. PEX tubing and plumbing systems are easy to work with since they are quite flexible. This is one advantage PEX systems have over normal copper systems. Owing to its design, PEX is also more durable under temperature extremes and chemical attack. It is also highly resistant to creep deformation.
Steps to be followed while installing PEX:

Below is a simple step by step guideline on how to install such a plumbing system. Just follow these steps carefully and you will be able to install a PEX plumbing system at your home without the help of any technician. It will also save you some extra bucks.

Things required for installing a PEX Plumbing system:

  • PEX piping and fittings
  • PEX crimps
  • PEX manifold with ball valves
  • Nailing plates
  • PEX stub outs


  • Hammer
  • Soldering machine
  • PEX cutting equipments
  • Straps
  • Hangars
  • Paddle bit
  • Crimp gauge
  • Right-angle drill


Slowly start drilling after you have placed the bit up to the stud. Increase your drilling speed as you move forward. While drilling, just make sure that each hole is at the same level so that the pipe can run parallel to the floor. Also drill through the sill plate and sub-floor for individual water lines.


After you are done with drilling, insert and run the water lines through those holes. In most cases, the water lines come through the floor. But in certain other cases, the lines may come through the wall studs. In those cases, make sure you drill the holes right at the center so that while hanging the board, the screw and nails of the board do not harm or damage the pipes in any way.


Pull the lines up through the holes on the sub-floor. Also, run the other end to the area where water will be coming into the home. Leave pout some extra pipes on both the ends. Now use the clamps and secure the lines to the joists. Make sure, you keep the hot and cold lines as far apart as possible to minimize heat transfer.


Now do the rough stub-outs for the sinks. You can use a right-angle drill or a paddle bit to carry out this task. Just make sure to cut-off the rough fitting cap and install finish valves after you put up the walls.


It is now time to install the crimps. For the perfect crimp set up, make sure the PEX is straight when you cut it. Now slide a crimp ring onto and then insert the pipe in the crimp fitting. Use slip-joint pliers to slide the crimp ring up. Do not do it with your fingers, or else you might hurt yourself while tightening the crimp ring. Make sure the crimp ring is 1/8 inches or 1/4 inches from the end of the pipe.


Now rough the lines to the fixtures. Do not sold around the PEX tubing or you might end up damaging the pipes. You should use a fitted called PEX 90. After it has cooled from soldering, you can fit it onto the PEX water line.


Position the valve in a way where they will face down when they are hung in their places. Sold them to their positions.


You can now pull up the water lines from the crawlspace and connect them to the manifold. Screw the top brackets to stud keeping them at eye level. Also install the bottom brackets to the manifold.


Now mark all the holes with a nail and start drilling them. Just make sure you do not damage the manifold while you are doing your drilling work. Put the manifold on the ground after you have finished you drilling work.


Now you can attach the PEX ball valves to the manifold. Screw every valve onto its port properly. Get one of the lines and pull it up to the valve to make sure it fits properly. This type of arrangement will mean that each fixture will have its own shut-off valve.


After you are done with fitting the ball valves, you can now pull up the PEX tubing from the crawlspace and attach them at their places.

Glass Mosaics – The Artistic Science Of Illuminating Tiles!

Maslow's hierarchy has established food, clothing and shelter as the basic needs of an individual in the society. However, once the basic expectations are met, human beings venture out one step ahead and look for tastier food, 'better' clothing and attractive shelter. The theory continues and transcends several circles of expectations; keep on reinventing itself dependent upon the social status of an individual only to find that it is a never ending process.

If a stylish home that makes a style statement by itself is on top of your mind, the art and science of floor and wall tiles offers the perfect blend for you. Glass mosaics are innovative and equally interesting creation that has the potential to impress by its impressive looks and add value to the house by its precious features.

Feature-wise, a glass mosaic tile has the highest reflective property amongst most tile materials. The radiant reflections increase the illumination of the adjacent surface. This makes glass mosaics a perfect choice for walls opposite to the windows. Also, as a wall tile, the glass mosaics do not absorb water; making them ideal for wall tiles surrounding the kitchen, bathroom and wash basin areas.

Aesthetically, a glass mosaic can be given any shape, design or look. Creating an image or a impression of a statement for example is easily accomplished using a mosaics. The image is replicated on a wall following a specific pattern like the elements of a jigsaw puzzle. The tile structures are then assembled together on the wall (sometimes on the floor) to complete the image on the wall.

Traditionally, mosaics have a long history to support their cause. The ancient roman cathedrals, old temples, churches, masks, colossal structures from yester years have plenty of mosaic examples enough to prove that human engagement with the decorative mosaics dates long back. The vibrancy and exuberance imparted by the bright colors on human heart and soul has been one of the main reasons for using these flashy mosaics on several key locations.

Combination of colors to form a specific pattern is one of the most common modes of a glass mosaic. The edges are purposefully made sharper to give an illumination effect along the edges. Cleaning and maintenance of these mosaics is comparatively easier. With a surface area that is naturally reflective and smoother on the outer edges, mosaics do not house dust or dirt particles on their surface. Here, it becomes easier to wipe the unwanted particles with simple brush or soft cloth.

Installation of mosaics is an easy initiative. At the backend, the mosaics follow a uniform mesh that permits mosaics to be slotted in equal halves. Furthermore, the ability to dissemble and assemble the end tiles enable the designer to imprint any shape, design, picture or vector as per preference, without bothering about the actual execution of the idea.

The decorated glass mosaic structures lend the architecture of the house a royal look. Researchers have proved that bright shades have a deep relation with positivity aspect of human personality. Children in particular are easily affected by the lack or abundance of illumination. The science of glass mosaics is growing with time. Concentrated research efforts are channelized to evolve with the ideal mix of glass mosaics to aide positive aspects of human psychology and incorporating the same in floor and wall tile industry.

Dozay the Painter Captures Mi'kmaq Legends & Landmarks

Painter Dozay Captures Native Legends and Landmarks on Cape Breton Island

Dozay (Arlene Christmas) is an aboriginal artist living on Cape Breton Island, where she searched legends about the native Mi'kmaq hero, Glooscap. Gradually she came to visit particular spots where these stories took place and created air brush, acryllic paintings celebrating both the legends and these landmarks. Her work is so good that it is being shown at local native cultural galleries, at Cabot Shores Resort; and will travel to Melbourne, Australia in late 2009 and, in 2010 be representative of aboriginal maritime art at the Vancouver Olympics.

What landmarks and legends did she discover in her research?

The stories portrait Glooscap as a hero and one story tells of his canoe. Dozay libraries this canoe and how according to legend it broke and became the Bird Islands across from Indian Brook on the Atlantic side of Cape Breton island ..

Another nearby landmark is Cape Dauphin, where on the cliffs sets the famous Glooscap Cave. This is a sacred spot for the local Mi'kmaq and they and other viewers are captivated by the way this cave is represented in Dozay's painting called Glooscap's Door. The Mi'kmaq said that if one offered the right kind of fish and fuel, good luck could be received.

Finally, there is the quality of Cape Breton Island itself which in Mi'kmaq is called "Unamagi" or "land of fog".

A Wide Connection of Nature & Legend Across the Wabanaki (Maritime based tribes)

Although Dozay grew up in the Maliseet tribe in New Brunswick, she found a similar connection to nature and to the sea among the Mi'kmaq with what she lives now in Cape Breton Island.

And Dozay believes that what is represented in the Glooscap legends is really a kind of leadership and teaching that goes across the heritage of each of the 5 tribes in the Algonquin conferation called "Wabanaki":

Dozay said of Glooscap: "He was as real as the landmarks he left behind. Just as he is to all the Wabanaki tribes through the Maritimes."

Dozay's Art is Kicking off a Wabanaki Festival

Dozay's art is making its way on Cape Breton from the Galleries at Wagmatcook and Membertou to Cabot Shores Wilderness Resort which sets these Bird Islands and Glooscap's Cave. There, Dozay's Art Show will kick off the first Wabanaki Art and Cultural Festival on Cape Breton's Cabot Trail.

Dozay has invited native elders and fellow aboriginal artists to participate in this gathering which is being called "Wabanaki Ways." These artists are united in an organization called Nations in a Circle. This group wishes to extend the teachings of Glooscap and other native teachers as well as creative expression through art to both native and non-native peoples.

How Do You Shop For Crystal Chandeliers?

Crystal chandeliers are actually easy to find. If you know how to shop for lighting fixtures, the buying process would be extremely easy. When you shop for chandeliers, remember to make your list. You have to know the following categories to make the search much simpler.

Shopping By Brand

There are several crystal chandelier brands sold in the market today. If you prefer a specific type of lighting fixture, you have to know the brand name of the chandelier. There are top-of-class brands which are extremely expensive and there are also cheaper branded chandeliers for your homes.

It is good to shop by brand because you easily get the items you like. If you prefer one designer, you could probably like many styles from his designs. Shopping by brand also allows more trust between the buyer and the seller. Because the brand is chosen based on recommendations or reviews, the buyer notes that the purchase will be much safer if he chooses a specific brand of crystal chandelier.

Shopping By Price

If you plan to purchase lighting fixtures for your home and you are budgeting tightly on it, you have to sort out chandeliers by price. Many local stores and online shops today offer this kind of benefit. You can key-in the range of your budget and a list of crystal chandeliers will appear before your eyes.

Shopping by price allows you to narrow down your search so the shopping process can be a lot simpler. It also helps you stick to your budget plan as it makes you focus on the category you searched for.

Shopping By Indoor Lighting Type

You can also shop for crystal chandeliers by using this category. You will be given choices on lighting fixtures which you can put in your homes. If you are only looking for chandeliers which can be installed inside a home, then searching under this classification can be helpful.

Shopping By Outdoor Lighting Type

On the other hand, you can use the outdoor lighting category if you are searching for lighting fixtures that can be installed outside your homes.

Shopping By Seller

Although brands may be helpful on your search, looking for sellers may provide greater leverage. Through sellers, you can find crystal chandeliers of different brands and prices. Sellers can also help you choose the kind of lighting fixture you can install in your homes. Several crystal chandelier retailers also provide discounts or cheaper prices for your lighting fixtures.

Garden Tools – Assets For Gardening Lovers

Garden is a very common term. According to the dictionary meaning, a garden is a piece of land next to one's house where one can grow flowers, fruits, vegetables and so, usually with an area of ​​grass. However, gardens are both private and public. Whatever, garden tools are relevant to all types of gardens. They are used for day to day garden works like digging, piercing, weeding, cultivating and so on. They are of great utility to the gardening lovers. Let's know more about the contemporary garden tools.

Gardens have the characteristic of soothing your intellect and refreshing your mood. They make you feel close and connected with nature. Their importance can not be disregarded. The flowers and plants present in the garden require regular maintenance and care, just like a growing child. In this context, garden tools are of great importance. Unlike the traditional tools, those present today are much effective and durable in nature. Some of the most common types of horticulture tools in use nowdays are as stated under:

(1) Spade : Spade is a tool used for digging purpose. It is a robust tool, widely used in gardens. It has a wooden handle on one side and a digging iron blade on the other. The blade can be dug into the ground by applying force with the foot.

(2) Hoe : It is a tool with a handle attached to a flat blade. Hoe is mainly used for cultivating and weeding purposes. The blade of the hoe is so strong that it can be used on any surface of soil, irrespective of its hardness.

(3) Rake : This tool has a long handle and a series of protruding iron teeth on its head. It is primarily used for gathering the fallen leaves and making the soil smooth. It is a very basic and useful garden tool which must be present in ones shed.

(4) Shear : Shear resembles a big scissor. The functioning of this implementation is also similar to that of a scissor, but its scope is much larger than a scissor. It is used for the purpose of trimming the hedges in a garden.

(5) Pruning Saw : As the name suggests, it is a saw used for cutting the unwanted stems of forests and so. It is equipped with a sharp and sturdy stainless steel blade. Its handle is designed to ensure a perfect grip.

The above tools are indispensable for maintaining any garden. All these equipments belong to the modern period and are ergonomically designed, to minimize the effort and maximize the output. These implements are the necessary possession for any person engaged in horticulture. The process of developing new and more efficient types of garden tools is still active.