Birdhouses For Kids To Make

Building birdhouses with your child is not only good for the child’s motor and creative skills but it can also help your child build a better understanding of nature. Here are some ideas for simple birdhouses for kids to make.

One of the easiest birdhouses for a kid to make is made out of an empty half-gallon milk carton. Make sure that the milk carton is washed thoroughly and dried before you start constructing it. First recluse the milk carton and staple it shut. Then wrap the entire milk carton with 2″ masking tape so that none of the original carton shows. Rub the wrapped carton with shoe polish or color it with markers so that it resembles tree bark. Make a hole in the side of the carton so the birdhouse has a doorway. Poke several holes in the bottom of the carton with a sharp pen to make holes so that water can drain out when it rains. Pierce another hole in the top of the milk carton through which string or wire can be threaded to hang it from a tree.

You can also build a birdhouse using paper mache and balloons. The recipe for papier mache is newspaper strips boiled in water for thirty minutes and two cups of flour. You then construct this unusual round birdhouse by layering strips of papier-mache over the balloon but at the same time making sure that you leave a hole that will serve as the bird’s front door. Once the papier-mâché has dried you can pop the balloon, paint the papier-mâché with brightly colored paint and hang it in a tree.

Another one of the simple birdhouses for kids to make is created out of an old garden hat. Simply find an old straw hat and tape fabric to the bottom of it so that it makes an enclosed structure. Make a hole in the side of the hat for a doorway and suspend this from a tree. The birds will use the rim of the hat as a perch.

Another idea is to build a nesting shelf for barn swallows, robins or phoebes. These can be made from any wooden box that does not have a lid and that is roughly the size of a shoebox. All this shelf needs is a hook that is situated so that the rectangular box can hang vertically. The birds will naturally roost and build their nests in the open cavity. This type of “open” birdhouse can easily be nailed to a tree, fence post or front porch.

Another very simple project for kids is a nesting cone for doves. Doves dislike birdhouses and instead prefer to hang around in trees. Unfortunately they also build very flimsy nests that are quickly blown away by the wind and rain. To make a more secure home for doves, simply take a foot long length of finely meshed screen and wrap it into a cone shape. You can stabilize this armature using tiny pieces of wire. The dove cone nest is then placed high up in a tree so that the birds recognize it as a good place to build their next home.

Bird watching is a fun, inexpensive activity for families. You can reserve a special space for bird feeders anywhere in your yard, and throughout the year watch the variety of birds that come to visit. If your child is a little older and can handle hammer, nails and glue there are a large variety of plans for birdhouses that kid can make available for free all over the internet. Usually the provider of the plans can tell you what age group the project is best suited for. Your library is a superb source of blueprints for many types of nest boxes. In addition, your state wildlife or provincial wildlife department or boy or girl scout troupe may offer free, or inexpensive waxed cardboard bluebird boxes, which only require folding to create a sturdy little structure.

You can also buy commercial bird house kits for kids that come with pre cut lumber, galvanized screws and bird-friendly non-toxic paint. Once again these are for older children who are more experienced with carpentry and handling sharper tools.

Black-Out Trail Cameras – The Future of Pure Stealth Scouting

It is seemingly a more popular thing today for hunters who are scouting for wild game to find a trail camera that really does provide the most discrete surveillance in a natural setting. All experienced scouts know how extremely necessary it is to not leave behind any scent or give wildlife any cause to suspect there is something out of the norm or awry. Relying upon equipment that will help keep a scout’s presence unknown to the wildlife at the site is the ultimate achievement. Getting the best images of the wild game is equally important and total discretion is valuable in achieving this goal.

Animals are smart. Any unusual sound and a flash can be startling to a deer. The more aged a buck is the wiser he becomes. He learns over the years when the hunting season begins and is able to alert others in the herd if they feel something is amiss. The buck becomes very well trained in detecting unusual sounds and scents. It’s like he acquires a 6th sense when it comes to the environment he lives in. So, this ups the game for hunters when scouting. They need to be cautious and very aware of their entering the woods or specific area for planting a trail camera, so they leave no scent behind.

One way for a hunter becomes more skilled in a stealth-like scouting technique when placing a scout camera in the midst is to find a black-out or no- glow infrared trail camera. This will provide the most concealment as possible, not only during the day, but during the night as well.

Trail camera manufacturers have put out an excellent selection of black-out or no-glow infrared cameras on the market. The technology of these cameras seem to improve every year. The black-out trail cameras provide infrared LED lights, which aide in achieving better illumination of images during the night and without a visible flash to animals and humans alike. This is achieved by way of special filters covering the infrared LED light box. These are very beneficial and can provide the hunter with fantastic results in the field.

The black-out or no-glow infrared trail cameras are certainly one of the best trail cameras for providing pure stealth for scouting in the field. He is sure to be satisfied with getting great photo images or video footage of the wild game in the area.

Contemporary Lighting Fixtures for the Home

Lighting has many functions in a home. They can be used to create drama, mood, and serenity and also enhance productivity. When you want good lighting, you have to embrace both strategy and design incorporated with the right fixtures. In case you prefer having a contemporary look in your house, there are different strategies that you can consider. Most of the places that have these strategies have at least two to three of them incorporated in one setting so as to achieve that modern look that the house requires.

* Accent lighting

This type of lighting is also called directional lighting. This fixture when used in a house is meant to highlight a specific feature in the room. This can either be architectural features like a fireplace or can also be a decorative feature like a sculpture or some sort of painting. These lights that are also dubbed to be dramatic hence can suit special occasions such as when hosting some guests or certain events. The general rule of this light in the modern world is that it has to be at least three time stronger compared to surrounding lights.

* Recessed lighting

When it comes to contemporary lighting schemes, recessed lighting is most common. This is applicable in that when the fixture is recessed, it disappears and leaves the ceiling less cluttered which offers a contemporary look. This type of lighting is best used in spaces that have a low ceiling which do not offer enough clearance especially for traditional fixtures. This light that is supplied by this fixture is even distributed in the entire room making it have appropriate lighting.

* Pendant lighting

This is a contemporary fixture that can be used as a crucial point of space. This is any type of light that hangs from a chain or wire like a chandelier. This fixture is best when used in a foyer or above a dining table. In some cases, it is also used as a counter lighting in current kitchens. You need to know that these lights are in most cases made of glass and incorporate brushed aluminum or nickel as well as drums that have been wrapped in fabric and have bright prints that look very trendy and classy. In case you want the light to be the focus in the space, you need to choose the pendant on your own. This therefore requires that you get acquainted with ways in which you can choose pendants

10 Fun Jobs You Wish You Had

Getting a good job for a lot of people is just a matter of finding a job with the right salary and the right benefits. Choosing one of the 10 fun jobs or more is going to be a luxury for a lot of people.

1. Testing Water Slides: Water slides require quality control just like everything else. The people who are responsible for actually controlling that quality are more or less paid to test water slides for a living.

2. People Who Write Guidebooks: The guidebooks that help other people on their journeys are written by people who were paid to travel to those locations first. These are adventurous individuals who pave the way for others and have a great time doing it.

3. Un-exploded Ordinance Technician: People who get paid to reduce the threat of un-exploded objects in certain areas more or less also get paid to set off explosions. They get paid six-figure salaries for this task, making it a good job in the sense of it being entertaining and well-compensated.

4. Snuggling for a Living: The mental health benefits of non-sexual touching are quite well-documented. However, not everyone has a partner available for that sort of non-sexual touching, and not all partners are going to be available all the time for that non-sexual touching anyway. People can now hire people to snuggle them.

5. Looking after the Great Barrier Reef: The Great Barrier Reef is a habitat that is under attack. Naturally, it could use a house-sitter. The opportunity to house-sit the Great Barrier Reef comes with a huge salary and the opportunity to more or less go on vacation at the same time.

6. Making Chocolate for a Living: There are people who more or less do craft chocolate for a living. These people are practically artisans, and their medium of choice is chocolate.

7. Tagging Content for Netflix: The tags that help people find the content that they want on Netflix are created by people who were specifically employed to accomplish that one task. This is an exclusive position, but it is a position that allows people to get paid to watch television.

8. Voice Actors: While some voice actors would disagree, they do get many of the benefits of being actors with none of the drawbacks. Many of them have job security that other actors don’t have, and they don’t have to concern themselves with their appearance as much. They also don’t have to deal with the drawbacks of being famous.

9. Gum Tester: Before gum is actually put on the market, it needs to be tested by actual people first. These people are actually experts in gum in one way or another, but they also do genuinely get paid to essentially chew gum for most of their jobs.

10. People Who Are Paid to Sleep: Many of these people simply participate in sleep studies for a living. Other professional sleepers get paid to test hotel beds and other types of beds. Either way, they are paid to sleep all day long.

The Top 10 Tiling Mistakes or How To Lay Tile Properly

Tiling is one of the popular home improvement do-it-yourself tasks, and many homeowners assume they can do it without much preparation. However, if you want a quality result right away, it is essential to pay attention to a number of important issues. Nothing says “do-it-yourselfer” louder than a make-do solution when tiling.

Here are 10 of the most common mistakes made during tile installation:

10) Not preparing the surfaces well enough

It is important to clean and smooth the surface which you will be laying tile on thoroughly. Trying to save time on this step can lead to an uneven and instable tiling. Any wallpaper or other foreign coatings should be removed prior to tiling.

9) Grouting unevenly or too quickly

Ideally you should spread the grout evenly and slowly, using a support tool like a squeegee. If you try to be too fast and grout a large area before laying tile, the grout on far-off spots may dry out before you actually get to tile. Distributing grout too hastily also is likely to lead to an uneven tiling result. Also, it is important to remove any excess grout immediately after laying tile, because it will be much harder to do once it has dried up.

8) Dotting corners

Some people believe that by adding dots of adhesive to the corners of tiles they achieve a stronger bond. However, by doing so you actually increases the chance of cracking because the adhesive shrinks as it dries. With the adhesive being thicker in some areas (for instance in the corners), the shrinking will add pressure on the tile.

7) Choosing the wrong adhesive

This is particularly important for laying tile in humid rooms like bathrooms and swimming pools. In such cases waterproof adhesive is a must. Even well-fitted tiles can let some water through to the adhesive, which eventually calles crumbling and breaking with non-waterproof adhesives.

6) Not using battens

Optimally you should use battens (thin rods of wood, alternatively any other long straight object) both in horizontal and vertical directions to lay tiles in possibly straight lines. Trying to lay tile without such a helper tool will often result in positioning mistakes and a generally bad look of the tiled surface.

5) Not discovering and fixing mistakes quickly enough

A rare first-time tiling job gets done flawlessly right away. Most likely, you will have a few awkward spots here and there. It is important to have a fresh eye look over your tiling result shortly after you are done, ideally within the first 6-12 hours. The faster you spot problems, the easier it is to fix them. A misplaced tile 24+ hours after you’re done can be quite difficult to fix since the grout will already have hardened.

4) Not removing excess grout accurately

One of the most common signs of an amateur tiling, protruding grout is something that is easy to fix.

3) Miscalculations with the number of tiles needed

Some first-time tilers will just buy exactly the number of tiles to cover the area they want to tile. However, in practice, you should get 5%-10% more tiles than the minimum to insure yourself against breakages, miscalculations and difficulties cutting to size. This also gives you some spare tiles to replace cracked ones in future.

2) Failing to seal bath tops properly

If the gap between the bottom row of tiles and the bath top is not sealed properly, water may leak into it as it runs down the tiles. Usually it is recommended to fill the bath before using the sealant, since baths can move significantly when filled with water, which can strain and crack sealant if it is not anticipated.

1) Insufficient or erroneous planning

This is probably the most important mistake, and also the one which is easiest to avoid. Instead of going for a make-do solution, always be sure to measure out the surface you need to tile carefully. Be aware that installing curved tile is significantly more difficult than tiling a flat wall. Plan for at least 10-15% waste and spare tiles for future replacements. Try to keep it simple. Cutting tile can be frustrating and expensive, so the fewer cuts you make, the less expensive your project is.

Don’t hesitate to read up materials purchase some of the inexpensive video lessons (for instance the ones available at For a larger project, perhaps even arrange a brief designer consultation – an experienced eye can often discern problems that might cost you hundreds to fix afterwards.

Refinishing a Fir Hardwood Floor

Do you have fir floors in your home that need refinishing?

Fir floors are one of the most beautiful floors found in many homes throughout North America. It was one of the most popular types of flooring installed here for many years because of its easy availability.

But fir floors have many unique characteristics compared to true hardwood floors like red and white oak. This means the appearance and performance of your floor will differ significantly from those of an oak floor. If you want to be completely happy with your floors, then understanding these differences is really important. To start with…

– Fir Is Very Soft –

Fir is about 100% more vulnerable to impact damage than red or white oak. The wood flooring industry has a guide to tell the density of different types of wood called the Janka Hardness Scale. This test measures the force required to embed a.444 inch steel ball to half its diameter in different types of wood. On this scale, white oak rates at 1360, red oak 1290 and fir at the bottom with a lowly 660. Because they are so soft, fir floors are much more difficult to refinish.

Great care has to be taken to ensure the absolute minimum amount of wood is removed during the sanding process. This takes a lot of skill and years of experience. This is one of the easiest floors to mess up if you do not know what you are doing. Many fir floors become ruined by very deep drum marks caused by inexperienced hardwood floor refinishing companies.

Once these drum marks (caused by leaving the drum sander in one spot too long) are made, the only way to remove them is to sand the surrounding areas flat to the same depth. This takes decades off the life of a floor and in cases of already thin floors, it can mean having to replace large sections with reclaimed wood.

Fir is definitely not the kind of flooring to practice your sanding skills on.

– Mottling or Bruising –

Refinished fir floors often exhibit another characteristic called mottling or bruising. The extent of this bruising can vary greatly from room to room and even from area to area within a single room. In high traffic areas or near the perimeter of a room, the fir often shows darker, blotchy areas. Most of this is caused by many years of foot traffic and wear. The structure of fibers and cells in soft fir is very different to hardwoods like oak. As traffic makes its way across the floor over many years, fir becomes bruised and this shows up as darker, blotchy areas in the floor.

It is not uncommon to be able to tell exactly where furniture had been placed for many years in a room. You will be able to see a light patch that is exactly the size of a bed or dresser surrounded by a darker area which shows the occupants walking path. Usually there will be a darker path to the closets and entrance of the room as well. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to guarantee this natural occurrence of mottling, bruising or blotching will not occur. In fact the only assurance that it will not show up is if you install a new floor.

– Your Fir Floors May Be Very Thin –

Over the years your floors may have been refinished many times, especially if you have a heritage home built before 1940. Because of numerous sandings, the thickness of the wood eventually decreases and the heads of nails begin showing between the boards. If your fir floors are this thin, sometimes refinishing is not an option, and installation of a new floor may be necessary.

Sometimes though this can be a false assumption, especially if there is only a few nail heads showing and they are irregularly scattered throughout the floor. The original installer may not have fully set the nail and it is now sitting higher in the floor than the rest. Also, these fir floors installed over a ship lap sub-floor can be very loose and have a lot of movement. It could be the case that the nail has slowly worked its way to the surface over the years and just needs to be set again. So do not let someone tell you that they cannot be restored unless they are absolutely certain that they are unrecoverable.

Another clue they may be too thin is to look at the top of the grooves. If they are splitting and breaking off, there is a good chance there is not enough wood left to sand. You could also put a knife blade down between one of the boards (if there is a gap) and measure how much wood is left. The measurement will be the difference between the surface and the distance to the tongue. If its 1/8 of an inch or more you may be in luck.

– Movement And Squeaks –

Old fir floors are also far more prone to movement and squeaks than other types of hardwood floors. This is because of the way they were installed and the fasteners used. Back then, screws were not used for holding down the sub-floor, or ship lap as it is called under these type of floors. The ship lap was attached to the joists with nails. (If your house is old enough they may even be square headed nails.) The tongue and groove fir flooring was then blind nailed to the ship lap.

Over the years, through many winters and summers, your house has settled and the floor has settled and moved along with it. Especially in high traffic areas, the fir and the ship lap will often work its way loose from the nails causing these areas to move and possibly squeak.

Movement and squeaks are normal for these beautiful vintage floors. If you have no squeaks consider yourself one of the very lucky few. Attempting to repair this kind of movement can be extremely pricey. It involves very carefully removing the existing flooring to expose the ship lap which then needs to be properly screwed down. Not any easy, quick or cheap process. You are much better off accepting this as part of the character of your floors and getting used to it.

– Large Gaps –

Another characteristic of fir floors is they often have large gaps between the boards. This has a lot to do with the settling and movement as described above. As they contract and expand over the years, the boards can slowly spread apart and leave you with space between the joints. Many refinishers trowel fill putty over the entire floor to fill these gaps just like they would for an oak floor. But this may not always be in your best interests with fir.

Because these floors can move so much, the dried filler will have a hard time staying in place. Also the gaps between the boards will be full of dirt and residue that has collected over the decades and this will further interfere with the adhesion of the filler. Filler that becomes loose will get ground into the newly finished floor surface, scratching it up and shortening its life.

Fir also varies greatly from board to board with respect to color. Some boards will be very red, others a lighter brown and still others will have significant light colored streaks in them. Because of this, no filler color will match perfectly. Always take these points into consideration before deciding whether your floors are a candidate for filling or not.

Many of these older floors also need repairs due to previous careless renovations like walls being removed etc. Make sure that reclaimed vintage fir from the same era as your floors are sourced so they match as close as possible. Unfortunately, new fir looks nothing like old growth fir from years ago. If you use this new flooring to patch areas in your floor, they will stand out like a sore thumb.

So there you have it, soft wood, bruising, movement, squeaks and gaps are all part of the charm, beauty and character of these gorgeous vintage floors. If you accept these characteristics for what they are, then you will love these floors as much as we do.

Penis Enlargement: Impotence, Sterility and Infertility in Men

Men suffering from impotence, sterility and infertility often confuse the differences between these three types of illness, and most of the time inter-exchange these problems with one another. Millions of men worldwide suffer from these sexual problems. It thus becomes imperative for every man concerned about his sexual health to learn in detail about the basic differences between them since they can cause profound psychological damage in men.

Sterility in men is often compared to infertility, and though they both mean the inability of a person to bear children, there is a subtle difference between these two conditions. Sterility means the complete inability of a person to reproduce sperm. Since no amount of sperm is produced ovulation cannot occur. Sterility is strictly confined to any damage caused in the reproductive system of a person, like some damage caused in the ovaries or in the varicose veins in the man’s testicles which hinder the production of sperm and hence makes a person unable to reproduce sexually.

Infertility is generally a state when a couple is unable to conceive even after one year of trying. Infertility though does not mean that a couple is sterile, because it does not necessarily occur due to any damage in the reproductive system. There are plenty of causes behind infertility, such as stress, emotional shock or due to side effects of some kind of medical treatment. For fertility to take place three criteria’s has to be met: – a) sperm must be present, b) the fallopian tubes should be open and c) ovulation must take place. If a couple suffers from one of more of the above abnormalities it is defined as True Infertility. And if a couple does not show any of the above abnormalities and yet is not being able to conceive, it is defined as Sub-fertility.

Infertility is common in both men and women. According to studies, one-third of men and women worldwide suffer from some form of infertility problems. Infertility in men is mostly caused by:-

  • A physical illness called varicocele. In this form of illness the veins of a man’s testicles are too large which causes abnormal heating of the testicle, thereby damaging and altering the quantity and natural quality of sperm.
  • Infertility can also happen if the movement of the sperm is in some way hindered or blocked due to any obstacle caused in its flowing path due to any kind of injury or damage caused to the male reproductive system. Some men are born with some physical abnormalities that affect his quality of sperm. In other men an illness called cystic fibrosis often cause infertility.

Other reasons causing male infertility are generally related to health and lifestyle habits that cause serious damage to the quality of sperm. Habits like smoking, excessive drinking, drug abuse, age, exposure to environmental pollution and pesticides, health problems like mumps, kidney disease or hormone problems, medicines, exposure to chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer, etc. are all the other factors that contribute to the problem of infertility in man.

Impotence in men is generally a state when a man is repeatedly unable to sustain an erection for a substantial amount of time to provide sexual satisfaction for both partners. Worldwide, nearly one out of ten people suffer from male impotence. Regrettably, only ten percent of the men affected seek medical help and treatment. Most people are too shy or embarrassed to discuss the problem in front of others.

Male impotence, I.e. inability to maintain or sustain an erection for quite some time, is caused due to several reasons:-

  1. Stress
  2. Anxiety
  3. Alcoholism
  4. Diabetes
  5. High blood pressure
  6. High blood cholesterol
  7. Smoking and drug abuse
  8. Neurological disease, head injury or stroke.

Possible treatment for erectile dysfunction

An erection is caused when blood rushes into the penis and fills up the spongy tissue, thereby hardening the penis. In a healthy man this blood is stored in the spongy tissue chamber for a long time enabling a person to have satisfactory sex. In a person suffering from impotence this blood rushes out of his penis much faster than normal resulting in quick falls or erectile dysfunction.But despite the shyness and embarrassment of most men to seek medical help, it is indeed possible to medically cure this illness with a fair amount of success rate. Some of the most popular treatments regarding male impotence are:-

Medicines: – There are several types of medicines that can be taken orally half an hour before having sex. Such medicines offer “temporary treatment” of male impotence and generally remain effective for nearly 6-36 hours after consuming. Common medicines include Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. All these medications come with their share of side effects and should not be given to persons suffering from heart disease, angina or abnormal blood pressure.

Injections: – This is another form of treatment that requires training a user to inject the base of his penis with a very fine needle to release a drug that fills the penis with blood resulting in the stiffening of the organ for a prolonged period of time. Again this process comes with its share of problems, like pain, allergy and discomfort.

Surgery: – Surgical treatments are available for persons suffering from erectile dysfunction in the form of vascular surgeries and penile implants. Vascular surgeries help unblock the flow of blood to the penis and penile implants require the insertion of an inflatable device inside the penis to maintain an erection. Though effective, these surgeries involve huge cost of treatment and hence not in the reach of every average person.

Vacuum Pumps:- In this process, a vacuum pump is used by inserting a tube over the penis and then using a hand pump to create a vacuum in the tube thus forcing the blood to rush inside the penis, causing an erection. After an erection is achieved, a small tight ring is slipped to the base of the penis to prevent the blood stored inside from escaping and thus sustaining the erection.

There are however, more sophisticated and less expensive options available which will provide you with far satisfactory results without going through the above mentioned complications. To learn more about erectile dysfunction problems and their remedies you need to read quality e-books to substantially increase your knowledge about the subject.

Multi-Generation Project Plan

What Is a Multi-Generation Project Plan?

– A vehicle to help focus the design team’s energies on a manageable project that can be completed relatively quickly.

– Since the future has been considered, the team will not make decisions that are incompatible with future generations.

– As the team’s work progresses, new ideas can be added to future generations of the process instead of increasing the development time for the first generation process.

– MGPP helps manage “scope creep.”

– The organization can be working on new technologies that are needed for future generations while the first generation process is being implemented and benefits realized.

The MGPP is usually not fully developed in the Lean Six Sigma Define phase step:

– In Define you should describe all the elements for the first generation product/service as fully as possible and fill in as much information as you have for future generations.

– You will add information to the MGPP throughout the DFSS process.

– At the end of the first generation, you will be able to describe the second and third generation products and services in much greater detail because of what you have learned from your research and testing of the first generation product.

The Multi-Generation Project Plan Will Help:

– Initially establish a reasonable project scope – one that drives values with a reasonable completion date

– Capture good ideas that are surfaced during the project

– Proactively identify project replication opportunities for other parts of the business

– Establish the “big picture” – How does this project fit into the overall improvement scheme for the organization

– E.g., the objective is to reduce billing errors for all of our customers. The first generation will address problems with our top 20% customers.

– E.g., this project will streamline the process and reduce the number of errors. The next phase will be to implement an automated information system.

– Communicate with stakeholders – “We’re focusing on this part of the process with this project, but recommend a follow-on project to address other parts of the process”.

MGPP Steps:

1. Start with the vision. Describe the vision for the new product/service 3 years from now. Then back up and describe product/service stages that lead up to the longer-term vision.

2. Describe the concept and technologies/platforms for Generation 1 in as much detail as possible.

3. Fill in as much information for Generation 2 and 3 concepts, platforms and technologies as you can. You will be adding more information about these elements as you learn more during Generation 1 development

4 Secrets for Reading Female Body Language

A while back I read something about a social psychology study which determined that men tend to pursue women who have no real interest in them, while remaining completely oblivious to the women trying to get their attention. Among women, reactions to this news ranged from a total lack of surprise to, “I could have told them that.” So there it is, guys: scientific evidence that when it comes to reading women, we’re getting it all wrong. That’s why I’ve taken the time to do some research and put together a little primer. A men’s guide to reading a woman’s body language. I hope it helps.


You can tell a lot right off by how a woman is sitting or standing. If she’s leaning forward toward a guy, she’s pretty definitely into him. If she’s leaning away from him she might be trying to keep her distance (bad), or she might be incredibly relaxed and comfortable around him (good). Arms folded across her chest is almost never a good sign. The more her body is angled toward you, the better. If a she’s sitting, she will likely have her legs and her knees angled toward a man she is interested in. She might not even be aware she’s doing it, but it’s something to watch for.


In general, slow stroking gestures are good. They indicate she is feeling amorous and sensual. If she is stroking her neck, so much the better! In fact any movement that accentuates her neck is promising. A tilt of the head or a flip of the hair — the neck is a key erogenous zone for a woman, so if she’s presenting it you should take notice. Playful gestures are also good. Twisting her hair, fingering her necklace or her wine glass, these are indications of a flirtatious mood.


This is a key point. She might be doing everything I’ve described above, but if she isn’t looking at you, she’s not interested. If she’s flirting she might (and probably will) look away. But at some point she will make meaningful eye contact with the guy she’s after. She has to, a couple times at least to make sure he’s paying attention. So if she’s not giving you a second glance, you should move on.

It’s All in the Subtleties.

I know it’s not what you want to hear, but it’s the truth: you’re not going to learn to read a woman’s body language overnight. There are too many variables. If the woman seems jittery, playing with her jewelry a lot, it could mean that she’s excited, or she’s anxious for an excuse to get out of there. The difference is in the little cues that are impossible to describe, but clear enough once you know what you’re looking for. So you might want to spend a little time as a field anthropologist, watching how women interact with men. Before long you’ll start to pick up on those finer points. Then you’ll be on your way to discovering the secrets of female body language!

What is a Front Lip and Why Would You Want One?

What is the reason for all of the interest in this part of an automobile?

There are two key reasons. One is practical and the other one is cosmetic.

From a practical standpoint a vehicle moving through air sometimes acts like an airplane. That is, the air flow under a car or truck travels a slightly shorter distance than the air flow over the top of the vehicle. This difference causes a pressure differential, with the low pressure at the top of the vehicle.

This means that there is greater pressure trying to lift the car up, than keep the car on the road. The weight of the car is enough in most circumstances to overcome this tendency to lift up. However, move the car fast enough and thereby increase the air flow and interesting things can happen. Just like an airplane taking off, enough speed equals enough lift and you are air borne.

What is good for an airplane is disaster for a car. If you ever watch pictures of car races, you might see a picture of a fast moving race car suddenly lift up in its front end and sometimes completely flip upside down.

The front spoiler or lip or air dam, is designed to stop this dangerous air flow, on a race car or an exotic car which is capable of very high speeds.

The second reason these devices are added to cars is for styling. People like to feel they are driving a fast car. They want the appearance even if they will never push the car to speeds that require an aerodynamic device like this. If you look at most new cars, you will see some type of extension below the front bumper. It’s there for the design and not to hold the front end of the car down.

Since not all cars come with this look, there is now a large aftermarket which designs and builds lips, spoilers or air dams for people who want to dress up their pride and joy.

Is it all positive? No. There are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, this is additional weight on the front end of the car. It should not make a difference, but if you add a very heavy weight to the front end you can change the handling characteristics of a car. Second, you have now lowered the distance from the front end to the pavement. On a level road, there should be no problem. However, hit a dip, or a tall parking block, or even a steep driveway and you may find your front end is dragging on the ground.

The last caution is installation. Most aftermarket products like this require a certain amount of expertise to fit it correctly. If you do not have this experience, find a professional for the installation.

RN to MSN Bridge Programs Offer Fastest Route to MSN Degree

Nurses who want to advance their careers and grow their earnings have a number of choices at their disposal, but the RN to MSN bridge program is one of the most powerful. Earning a Masters degree can open many doors and provide great opportunities in the fast growing field of health care administration. The field of administration is expected to be one of the fastest growing parts of the health care industry, and an MSN degree can be a great way to take advantage of that growth potential.

These days many registered nurses are choosing to pursue their MSN degrees online, rather than with traditional classroom learning. Online RN to MSN bridge programs carry with them a great many benefits, including increased flexibility, superior instruction and often lower costs as well. Online education can make a lot of sense, especially for working RNs whose schedules can be unpredictable at best. And since these online RN to MSN bridge programs are accredited by the same organization that provides accreditation for traditional colleges or universities nurses can be assured that they are getting the knowledge they will need to succeed on the job.

How Does An RN to MSN Bridge Program Work?

The RN to MSN bridge program is designed to help RNs make the most of the knowledge and skills they already possess, both their original classroom instruction and the valuable skills they have learned on the job. The bridge program begins with intensive instruction that can help RNs test out of the prerequisites for the MSN program. The RN to MSN bridge program typically includes comprehensive learning materials students can use to test out of the general education and other prerequisite courses, allowing them to get right into the meat of the program.

The second part of the RN to MSN bridge program is focused on the actual coursework for the MSN degree, including both the complete practicum courses and the experience requirements. During this part of the course students who are enrolled in the RN to MSN bridge program are free to learn at their own pace, taking their time as needed to absorb this challenging material. The online coursework is designed to help working nurses make the most of their time, allowing them to learn without sacrificing their current careers or time with their families.

Since they are free to learn at their own pace students who are enrolled in an RN to MSN transition program can take their time and learn the skills they will need – both in the classroom and on the job. No campus visits are required to complete online RN to MSN bridge programs, and students are not required to attend classes at a specific time. This flexible schedule allows students to adjust their classroom schedules to their specific needs, without impacting their current careers.

Experienced and knowledgeable mentors are available to oversee all practicum courses, thereby eliminating the need for campus visits and other travel. The learning process is designed to be flexible, and it is designed to give each RN the support he or she needs to move up to the next level of the health care world.

In the old days moving from an RN to an MSN degree could be a lengthy, difficult and arduous process, and many nurses were forced to give up their dreams due to the demands of work and family. But with an online RN to MSN bridge program registered nurses from all backgrounds and all walks of life can now get the training and education they need to enhance their careers, increase their earnings and enjoy an even more satisfying career.

There has never been a better time to get your Masters Degree in Nursing and there’s never been a better way to turn that goal into a reality than through an online RN to MSN Bridge Program.

Golf Cart Wheel and Tire Alignment Reference Guide

The Golf Cart Wheel and Tire Alignment Reference

Keeping your golf cart wheels and tires aligned is important for ride performance, ride quality, tire wear and ease of use. Your alignment gets thrown off through the course of regular use (hitting rough terrain, curbs and pot holes), through the extended amount of miles driven and through the installation of custom wheel and tire sizes.

Lining up your golf cart’s alignment is not rocket science though. Our three step quick-guide below will teach you what you need to know to get your wheels and tires lined up, to adjust your toe to 1/8 inch, and your cart on the straight and narrow!

Step 1: Check your Camber!

First, place a straight flat-edge on the ground and find out if a gap exists between the edge of your drivers side front tire and the straight-edge. If there is a gap, we will need to adjust the heim joints on the cart. The heim joints are the two joints in which the wheel assembly bolts to the steering assembly.

Engage your parking brake, jack the front of your cart up. Once the cart is jacked up, loosen the nut on the inside of your lower control arm (bottom heim joint) and adjust your tire to even-out the camber based on the gap your tire had when held next to the straight-edge. If your caber is out (top of the tire is closer to the frame than the bottom) then nudge the bottom of the tire in towards the center of the cart’s frame. If your camber is in (bottom of the tire is in closer to the frame than the top of the tire) then nudge the top of the tire in towards the center of the cart’s frame.

Once you have adjusted the heim joint to a more even (flush / straight) tire position, lower your cart and re-check your camber. If your camber is still off, we will adjust the second heim join at the top of the spindle on the same side of the cart (just above the heim joint on the lower control arm). If your camber is still out / this does not fix your camber, repeat the process on both joints and continue to adjust as necessary.

You will get better at eyeballing this quickly after doing it on your own a couple of times. Once the driver’s side front tire is done, repeat the entire process for the front tire on your passenger side.

Step 2: Align the Cart, Adjust the Toe In / Out

Face your cart at the front (as if it was about to roll you over). Pull a tape measure across the front of your tires and measure the distance from inside tire on the left side of your cart to inside tire on the right side of your cart. Move to the side of your cart and lay down on your stomach. Repeat the process for the back side of the tires (from inside edge to inside edge). Our ideal is to have a difference of 1/8″ – 1/4″ difference in space from the front set of tires edge-to-edge to the rear set of tires edge-to-edge. This will help with the stability of the cart.

Once you have finished measuring, we will need to adjust to get to our ideal range. Set your parking brake and jack the front of your cart up. We will be adjusting your toe in. Loosen the tie rod on the driver’s side wheel and adjust the toe in by twisting the rod left or right depending on the direction you need to adjust the tire.

If you need to adjust the tire inwards (towards the front of the cart) then turn the rod towards the rear of the cart, which will turn the tire in. If you need to adjust the tire outwards (or out, towards the rear of the cart), then turn the tie rod towards the front of the cart which will turn the tire out.

Once the rods on both sides are adjusted to our deal toe in of 1/8″ – 1/4″ difference between the front and rear side of the front tire set, we will drop the cart down, roll it forwards 20 feet, and re-check the alignment. The reason for this is to spot any variance in our toe in following the adjustment. Once the cart has been rolled forward, check the toe in again and adjust as necessary if the alignment is off.

BOOM! You’re all set. Enjoy the new-found smoothness of your ride, better fuel economy, tighter performance and less tire wear.

Choose a Temperature Sensor for Housed Electronics

All electronic systems, to include portable consumer products and even precision commercial devices, are susceptible to damage from the extremes of both cold and heat. If they’re not adequately protected, the components will be easily damaged by temperatures that don’t adhere to the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer’s suggestions. Anyone who questions this should check the owner’s manual for any particular electronic and see what it has to say.

There are many ways one can use to make sure a safe operating temperature range is kept including installation of a 120 mm fan kit, or proper size. The best choice is dependent upon the type of system and the components included. A sensing device is the newest and most impressive element to any modern setup. Temperature sensors bring several bonuses.

Temperature Sensors

Even in programmable options, temperature sensors are of a great benefit to anyone who has a 120 mm fan kit and wants to only run it when necessary to save on electricity. This is a great “green” addition to any setup. Many wonder how IC temperature sensors compare to other types; to include RTD, thermocouples and more.

The best feature of them is the ease of integration with any 120 mm fan kit as well as the many other size fans that are provided by distributors. In addition, they are the low cost solution. Any limitations are not a concern when it comes to electronic system protection applications. This is because they have a smaller temperature range.

Simple Sensors for Simple Systems

These sensors can make it easy for anyone to add protective elements to any system. Temperature once the 120mm fan is install depends on many things. Among them are air flow, thermal resistance, ambient temperature and output power. Fans reduce amp temperature but there is always the issue of noise.

That’s why installing a sensor is smart. It makes the 120 mm fan kit only run when the temperature is that high that forced-air cooling is required. In turn, this minimizes noise output. The result of a well-designed system is reduced noise, and in most cases the fan won’t even be needed unless the components are being overused. When mounting the sensor, the best spot is on the other side of the circuit board, or away from the heat sink.

The sensor should be mounted in a place that provides good correlation with die temperature. If the heat sink is mounted against one side of the printed circuit board, mounting the sensor on the other side of the circuit board works well. IC1 consists of a temperature sensor, a 1.25 V voltage about, and a dual comparator.

Finding the Right Products

There are many suppliers that give both the 120 mm fan kit, mounting supplies, filters, temperature sensors, cords and everything one needs to build the perfect setup at home. Often times, they come at deep discounts when ordered in bulk. However, if they are needed singly that is welcome too.

Further, the experts that run these supply stores that are found in brick and mortar locations as well as online are usually happy to help anyone to choose what they need. No one should be hesitant to delve in and start building the perfect cooling system to protect their components whether in a residential or commercial setting.

Get Rid of Penile Papules Without Visiting a Doctor

Most of the men don’t share their sexual problems like they discuss technology, cars and girls. One of the conditions that most of the men face once in their life is PPP, condition in which small flesh colored bumps appear on the corona of penis. Did you find bumps on your penis? In case, you don’t wish to visit the doctor, you should use home remedies to keep your penis free from warts.

If opt for medical treatment, you would need to under go surgical procedures which will be painful and full of risks. There could be several side effects after the completion of the procedure. It will take weeks to recover after the surgery. Moreover, you would be paying for the medical treatment. However, you can save a lot of money, time and pain with the help of home remedies for PPP. There are no side effects as the remedies are completely natural and best part is the treatment is inexpensive.

There is large number of people who get rid of the Pearly Penile Papules with the help of home remedies. The most common and popular natural home remedy to get rid of the bumps on the corona are tea tree oil and castor oil. Treatment through tea tree is considered as one of the best treatments for PPP. If you use tea tree oil, you will notice that the bumps are getting diminished by every passing day. Using tea tree oil is no rocket science. Take a cotton swab, dip it into the oil and apply on the affected area which is the corona. Repeat the procedure three to four times a day.

Castor oil is also very effective in curing PPP. You need to apply the oil on your penis in the same way as that of the tea tree oil twice or thrice a day. You would be following the same method but still tea tree oil is choice of the majority. Why? There are two reasons: one is that you need to use castor oil in larger quantity. Secondly, after applying castor oil you need to cover your penis with a bandage.

Other well known method is using regular toothpaste of any brand or color. However, some guys swear that the Colgate toothpaste works the best in this case, because it quickly draws moisture from the penis papule tissues. Apply it on the head of the penis every morning, and leave it on for as long as possible through the day without washing the underside of the penis. It is wise to apply some toilet paper or Kleenex to help shrinking the PPP. Other very popular toothpaste is the Crest Pro Health whitening paste or Arm and Hammer, they come in white or green colors. Be careful by using these products, do not use them for more than three or four weeks, or if the head of the penis loses its sensitivity. Do not try to scrape or pluck these lumps.

Apply the white paste so it covers the bumps completely, and slide your foreskin forward so it does not come off, or dress the head of the penis in a small plastic plastic bag. The toothpaste will make these lumps a lot smaller and less noticeable. My advice for you is to try to use it properly and don’t worry about a specific brand, the ppp will get smaller every day. Toothpaste does not contain any harmful substances, besides the bicarbonate content. It contains menthol ant that may cause some redness or irritation, so I would suggest forming a paste from soda bicarbonate and water to apply that instead on your genitals.

Biblical Principles That Govern Marriage and Relationships

We need to bear in mind that application is preceded by interpretation and therefore application is the function of interpretation. Simply put wrong interpretation results in inaccurate application. We learned from the Holy Scriptures that we ought to build according to the divine blueprint and not the earthly methodology and patterns taught by men. Now let us shift our attention towards the scriptures even as we seek to comprehend and assimilate the principles laid by God pertaining marriage. Bear in mind the principle; first the natural and then the spiritual. “And so it is written, The first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit. Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual.” 1 Corinthians 15:45-46. It is axiomatic from the text quoted above, that spiritual principles are conveyed through the natural objects. Allow me to share with you the background on the topic at hand.

Few weeks ago, I did an exposition on the book of Ruth. My focus was, however, on understanding the relationship between Ruth as the type of the church and Boaz as the type of Christ. God enlightened me to the fact that the relationship between the bride (the church) and the bridegroom (Christ) is the ultimate blueprint in as far as marriage is concerned. We learned from the Mosaic that whatever we build here on earth should conform to the divine standard and pattern. The same principle is applicable when it comes to how we build our relationships and marriages. I want us to closely cast our eyes on the book of Genesis. The principle is simple, understanding Genesis is the genesis of understanding. Bear in mind that the first man Adam was made a living soul and the last Adam was made a quickening spirit. Understanding the first Adam is therefore imperative to understanding the last Adam (Christ).Outlined below are the principles that govern marriage and relationships;

1. The primary rationale behind marriage is to fulfil the divine mandate.

This principle was gleaned from the book of Ruth. The purpose behind the marriage of Ruth and Boaz was to begat Obed. When we cast our eyes on the genealogy of Christ in the first chapter of the book of Matthew, it is evident that Salmon begat Boaz and Boaz begat Obed, and Obed begat Jesse, and Jesse begat David who paved the way for Christ on the earth. It can be deduced from this genealogy that Obed played an integral role in the ushering in of the Messiah. Bear in mind that it was the master plan of God to bring his Son into the world even before the sin of Adam, meaning that Obed was the mandate or the primary reason that connected two people from different nations. We need to bear in mind that Ruth was a Moabite whilst Boaz was a Jew. The Mosaic has taught us that the Ammonite or Moabite cannot enter into the congregation of the Lord. Deuteronomy 23:3. However, it was a total different scenario in the case of Ruth and Boaz, simply because it was orchestrated and preordained By God to fulfil his master plan of bringing Christ into the realm of man. The principle is that, the bride and the bridegroom are connected by Divine destiny and nothing can frustrate the plans of God let alone the Devil himself. Marriages are suffering because they are premised upon man-made foundations at the expense of God’s foundation. We learned from the Holy Scriptures that if the foundations be broken what can the righteous do. It is of paramount importance that we get the foundation right because the strength of the foundation will always determine the strength of the building.

2. There must be a spiritual connection between the husband and wife

I want us to have a closer look at the book of Genesis. Genesis 1:26-27 “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” It is axiomatic from the text quoted above that God created one man Adam but however in one man Adam we see the infusion of male and female. It behooves us therefore to draw a clear line of demarcation between creation and formation. In Genesis 1:26 we see the creation of man in the image of God and in Genesis 2:7 we see the formation of man out of the dust of the ground. The bible says “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” Genesis 2:7.

It is interesting to note that Adam the male was formed out of the dust of the ground and not Adam the female. The principle that we can deduce from the first man Adam is that Adam the male and female were created as one being. There is nowhere in the scriptures that God created Adam and Eve separately and this led me to the conclusion that God created one man Adam (male and female he created them). It is therefore apparent from the scriptures that male and female Adam were spiritually created as one man, but however they were separated in the physical. Bear in mind that man is a spirit has a soul and lives in a body. Relationships have to be spiritual before moving into the soul and ultimately the physical dimension. We learned from the scriptures that Adam and Eve were created as one being (spiritual dimension). However, the order has been violated by mankind in that relationships are forged from the physical dimension going up to the spiritual from the physical to the soul and from the soul to the spirit. The principle that is gleaned from Genesis is that if people are spiritually (Spirit) connected, they can connect with ease emotionally (Soul) and physical (Body).

The scriptures say that after God formed Adam; there was no suitable help meet for him. “And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. “Genesis 2:18. It is God who knows what is compatible with us because he actually knows us more than we know ourselves. The principle that we deduced from this text is that; we should depend on God for making us suitable companion and not depend on our wisdom and criteria simply because he knows what is good for us. We need to bear in mind that Eve was only formed in Genesis 2:21-24 “And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof. And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of man. Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” We need to take into cognizance that it was Adam who named her wife Eve and not God. Meaning that when God looks at Adam’s wife, He sees Adam the female and not Eve. It was possible for God to draw Eve out of Adam because they were created as one in Genesis 1:26.

The principle is simple, God can only form or bring into the physical that which he already created in the spirit. The above quoted text actually corroborated that which was mentioned previously, that Adam and Eve were created one and not as separate beings. They were only separated in the physical. Note how God formed Eve out of Adam. The bible says that God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he took his rib and formed a woman. It is interesting to note that immediately after God formed Eve, he presented her onto to Adam. The very first thing that came out of the lips of Adam was “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh”. Bear in mind that Adam was only exposed and familiar with the animals that God created, so it took self-identity for Adam to recognize that Eve actually was the bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh without any Divine intervention. The principle that we need to learn and adapt from Adam is that, we can only recognize physically that which we already know spiritually. I want to believe that it was easy for Adam to recognize and discern Eve physically, simply because they were spiritually connected. The bible says that “Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” Genesis 2:24. Let us properly demystify the hidden present day truth in this text. This is one of the most commonly quoted text in as far as marriage is concerned, but however the text is often not appropriately articulated and understood. The principle that is highlighted in this text is that, what is spiritually connected and united will always be one in the physical. Simply put, unity starts in the spirit before it can manifest in the physical. It is impossible for husband and wife to be one in the flesh if they are not one in the spirit.

3. First Agape and then Eros

We learned in the book of Genesis that God made a woman out of the rib of a man. The question becomes why did God have to form Eve out of the rib of Adam and not out of the dust of the ground? The answer to this question is simple, God designed it that way in order for Adam to love Eve as he loves himself. Bear in mind that after God formed Eve out of the rib of Adam, he presented her into Adam and Adam said the following, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh”. This text is indicative of the fact that Adam acknowledged and accepted Eve as his own flesh. When we take a closer look at the book of Genesis, we see God unfolding his master plan unto man in bits and pieces. The master plan of God was for Christ to manifest in the world. Throughout the book of Genesis we see God unravelling his master plan gradually unto mankind. Just to recapitulate, it was mentioned earlier that understanding the first Adam is imperative to understand the last Adam (Christ). The old testament principle is that one should love his/her neighbour as he love himself/ herself. The standard or parameter of love was the love that one has for himself/ herself. It was indicated earlier that the rationale behind God forming Eve out of the rib of Adam was for Adam to love Eve as he love himself. However, when we shift from the Old Testament to the new covenant we see the amplification of the principle that one should love as he love himself/herself. The new principle, then, becomes that one should love as Christ has loved.

The standard of love in the new covenant is Christ. The standard of love in Genesis was first Adam, but however the standard of love in the new covenant is the last Adam (Christ). Paul the apostle alluded to the principle that wives should submit to their husbands as unto the Lord and husbands should love their wives as Christ has loved the church. Ephesians 5:22&25. The question then becomes how did Christ love the church? Christ loved the church with Agape (Selfless and unconditional love). The subsequent question that we ought to ask ourselves is that, how can man love with Agape love? The answer is simple; Man has to be connected to Christ to love like Christ. The bible says that the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the holy Ghost. The principles laid down by the scriptures is that husbands should love according to the measure and standard of Christ (Agape love). Agape then serves as the foundation of marriage and not Eros. Eros is an ancient Greek word that denotes intimate or romantic love. The fundamental reason why husbands should love their wives as Christ has loved the Church is because of the fact that Eros is temporal whilst Agape is everlasting. Now we also need to take into cognizance of the fact that Eros is susceptible to the external environment, which mean that it can always be negatively influenced by the circumstances and the environment in which it operates. However, with Agape is not the case, because nothing can shake or challenge this kind of love.

The bible says that this kind of love conquers everything. My emphasis is that marriage should be premised on Agape and supported by Eros. Bear in mind that people have limitations and therefore no one is perfect. With that being said, the only thing that can sustain marriage is Agape because it is the only love that can override the fallibility of mankind. This kind of love sees beyond human errors and limitations. Let us turn our attention to the book of Ruth. Bear in mind that names denotes nature. The name Boaz denotes strength and the name Ruth means comeliness or beautiful. The only reason why Boaz loved Ruth, despite the fact that Ruth was a Moabite and therefore a gentile is that he had the strength to love her as his name has the connotation of strength. Boaz had the capacity to see the underlying hidden beauty that was in Ruth even when everyone was seeing Ruth as a widow and a Moabite. Often times we have the proclivity to profess that we love people only to find that we do not have the capacity to love them. I want to conclude by saying that a perfect couple is made by Boaz (strength to love) and Ruth (beauty beyond limitations).