Famous Artists Who Have Changed the World

Famous artists throughout history have contributed to the social and political landscape of different societies around the world. Some of these artists have made creations never before seen by man. Many have lead art movements that have shaped the world we live in. Here are four out of many who have changed the world through art.

Leonardo Da Vinci:

Multi-talented Italian painter of the 15th Century, Leonardo Da Vinci, was a master sculptor, architect, musician, engineer, and scientist. Apart form being an ingenious artist, Da Vinci possessed a brilliant mind which was inclined towards knowledge and understanding of everything. He is unique in the scientifically accurate sketches of objects, human body anatomy drafts, and medical and scientific designs that he also constructed with great detail, creativity and accuracy. Da Vinci’s abilities are astonishing at any age the truth is.

His two most famous paintings of the Mona Lisa and of The last Supper have stirred strong waves of controversy through the creation of the Da Vinci Code Series. They have also been parts of influencing or aiding new movements, such as occurrence of the deformation of the Mona Lisa painting by Dada, in order to create a new piece which belonged to the Dada art movement as opposed to the classical art movement.

Salvador Dali:

Spanish painter, Salvador Dali, was the leader of the surrealist art movement, with his famous painting entitled The Persistence of Memory in 1931. The painting featured an abysmal array of melting clocks, and was seen as a reflection of the internal and fearful clockworks of the male psyche. The nightmare like worlds that are created through Dali’s paintbrushes display an abstract, nonsensical, and logically confusing world, and may present the viewer with a way of developing underlying subconscious awareness, of lost feelings and fears.

Andy Warhol:

Andy Warhol is a leading figure or artist of the modern pop art movement. He is also one of the most influential and important artistic figures of the 20th century, and is generally associated with the proliferation of art imagery and mass imagery distribution. The nature of his modern art played a tremendous role in redefining the nature, social place, financial value, and general identity of what was considered to be art.

Warhol’s pop art portrait of Marilyn Monroe and Jacqueline Kennedy employ the usage of multi-images and repetition in order to reinforce the concept of mass production and eradicate class differences through the means of obliterating distinctions.

The public distribution of unique paintings onto the hands of many, through the aid of the printing press, challenged many notions about art, its right to become reproduced numerously, and its scope of existence, and influence in general.

Mark Rothko:

Rothko was a famous American painter of the 1900’s and an eager leader in the progression of the transient art movement of abstract surrealism. He created a link between the present surrealism of his time and the abstractism of the future, and is regarded as a progressive mind and artist. His paintings speak of nothing less than unchallenged originality and completion, and are widely influencing the direction of modern abstract art today.

4 Factors To Consider When Buying Table Lamps

Table lamps not only light up your room, they also aid in decorating your house. To buy the right lamp you need to be cautious to avoid wasting money and time. Here are some of the factors that you should consider when making the purchase:

Lamp Function

There are many reasons why you can buy a table lamp: you can buy it for reading or as a nightstand. You can also buy it for entertainment purposes. Knowing the reason you are buying the lamp will help you in knowing what to look for when it comes to: the lamp size, type of shade and bulb wattage.


Table lamps come in all sizes. When it comes to height, most of them range from 25″ to 32″. To buy the right size you need to consider where you will be placing the lamp. For example, if you will be placing it on a delicate or narrow table you should go for a slender lamp.

The height of the table also determines the height of the lamp that you should go for. If the table is short, you should go for a longer lamp; however, if the table is tall you should go for a shorter lamp.

Light Bulb

The bulb depends on the function of the lamp. Bulbs range from 15-150 watts. You have a wide range of bulbs that you can go for. For example, you can choose between CFLs and LED. You should always go for a bulb that fits your intended purpose.

If you want the lamp for decorative purposes you should go for a low wattage bulb. If on the other side you want the lamp for three-way lighting you should go for a high wattage bulb that will provide you with plenty of light.

Style Of Your Home

You shouldn’t go for a lamp simply because it provides you with the light that you want-you should also consider the décor and style of your home. As rule of thumb you should ensure that the lamp complements the theme of your room or house.


These are tips on how to buy the right table lamps. Table lamps are expensive; therefore, you should ensure that you buy the right ones. As rule of thumb you should ensure that you buy from a reputable store. For the lamp to retain its elegant look for a long time you need to regularly clean it.

Made in China – Designer Handbag Fashion Totally Misunderstood

Wow! What’s all this garble about “everything” made in China being counterfeit or fake? Do people understand the design and manufacturing process? Or, are they just determined to squabble about one of the manufacturing industry’s greatest resources?

True, there’s been a lot of media about children’s toys being manufactured poorly. Shame on China for the mess they’ve created. They’ll fix the problem, or they’ll lose business. We all learn from our mistakes, right? Or, at least the smart folks learn. And, let’s face it, China is no dummy!

China has been manufacturing most of the clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories stocked in all the major department stores throughout the world for many, many years. And, this is not going to fade or go away. China offers low-cost labor for low-end to high-end designer handbags, clothing and just about anything around the house.

Most people don’t understand the truth about the Made in China label. China has been producing most of the Designer Merchandise sold in the USA for very long time. Why? Because the price to manufacture in China keeps prices as low as possible for consumers. People complain about the high price tags on designer handbags, clothing, shoes, and accessories. If the same item made in China was made in the USA or Europe the prices would be doubled or tripled.

If the Hermes Birkin bag was assembled by hand in China instead of France, the price would not be $7,000.00 each. If Italian leather was sent to China for the assembly of Prada handbags, the prices would not be $3,000.00 each. Please put things into perspective.

Burberry’s new management decided to use China for some of its assembled manufacturing needs and people went crazy. The thought of using a designer handbag made in China is misunderstood, misinterpreted, and misguided. The product made in China consists of the same quality of fabric as if it were made in the USA, France, England or Italy. The only difference is the designer item was assembled in China, or any other country offering a cheaper assembly manufacturing process.

Most of the high-end Designers buy fabrics, leathers, and materials from the USA or Europe, pay a premium price for the high-quality fabrication, and then negotiate manufacturing in China. The materials and specifications are sent to China and made. Representatives from each of the Design Houses travel to China or other manufacturing countries to supervise the process. The finished products are shipped to the USA and other parts of the world for sale. It’s a process kept sweet and as simple as possible. It creates jobs and produces a global economy.

Most consumers don’t know the designer manufacturing process or understand the details. They see a Made in China label and assume it’s a counterfeit item or fake. In reality, it’s not. It’s a moderately priced item made in a country which has been stereo-typed. And, we can’t blame the consumer because most of the junk, counterfeit and fake merchandise bearing the trademarks of others are made in China. Hopefully, the USA Customs Department working closely with the fashion industry will help end importing counterfeit goods.

There are many countries available the fashion designers use to outsource labor. The high-end leather designer handbags with high-ticket price tags are made in the USA, Italy, London and France. The lower cost designer products are made elsewhere. Most designers offer collections every season which provide both high-end and lower priced products. For example, Ralph Lauren has five price and fabrication determined collections: RL Classics, Collection, Black Label, Blue Label and Lauren. Plus, many of the designers produce a separate collection for outlet stores and discount stores like Marshalls, TJ Max, Target, Walmart, etc.

Some of the countries are more commonly used than others, and nonetheless they are countries with capabilities and low-cost labor. Some of these countries include, and are not limited to China, Turkey, Mexico, Romania, India and Portugal.

Fashion designers who make designer handbags, designer wallets, designer scarves, designer clothing, hats, shoes, etc. use these countries because they can sell their products at affordable prices. Some of the fashion designers include, and are not limited to Coach, Burberry, Liz Claiborne, Robert Rodriquez, Max Studio, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Dooney & Bourke, Juicy Couture, Donna Karan, Anne Klein, Brighton, and many, many others.

Just because an item is Made in China, it does not constitute fake or counterfeit. Let’s get this straight and communicated clearly. The reason the item was made in China is because at that point in time, the designer’s manufacturing team decided it was the best business decision to make for a cost-effective distribution of its product and collection.

The next time you see a Made in China label on a designer handbag or accessory, and you purchased it from a reputable source, thank your lucky stars for the bargain price you paid. If you have any doubt, take the item to the designer’s boutique for authentication and peace of mind. Don’t assume just because it’s Made in China it’s a fake. You know what assuming does, right?

Learn About Natural Weather Forecasting and How It Can Help Every Part of Your Life

As most everyone already knows, we did not always have scientific means to predict or forecast the coming weather. People long ago and even today use the other things to predict the weather; animal behavior, patterns they observe and good old fashion folklore and wives tales.

If for some unknown reason you were in a place that had nothing new and modern and you had to rely on something else then it never hurts to at least be aware of what is out there, so familiarize yourself with some of the old-time methods used. Of course these methods are neither perfect nor fool-proof, but they really do have their usefulness.


Deaths occur most often when the tide is going out.

Births occur when the tide is coming in.

You could measure the distance of a storm by counting from the flash of the lightning to the sound of thunder.

Winter thunder means snow within 10 days.

Make a campfire. The smoke should rise steadily. Smoke that swirls and descends is caused by low pressure (i.e. rain on the way).

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes and smell the air.

Plants release their waste in a low pressure atmosphere, generating a smell like compost and indicating an upcoming rain.

Swamps will release gasses just before a storm because of the lower pressure, which leads to unpleasant smells.

A proverb says “Flowers smell best just before a rain.” Scents are stronger in moist air, associated with rainy weather.

Grow some scarlet pimpernel – Known as the Poor Man’s Barometer, its flowers close when atmospheric pressure decreases and rain is on the way. Dandelions and tulips do the same.

You can predict the weather with a persimmon seed. Here’s how to do it:

Cut open a persimmon seed.

Look at the shape of the kernel inside.

If the kernel is spoon-shaped, lots of heavy, wet snow will fall. Spoon = shovel!

If it is fork-shaped, you can expect powdery, light snow and a mild winter.

If the kernel is knife-shaped, expect to be “cut” by icy, cutting winds.

It’s best to use ripe seeds.

Did you know that you can tell the temperature by counting the chirps of a cricket? It’s true! Here’s the formula:

To convert cricket chirps to degrees Fahrenheit, count numbers of chirps in 14 seconds then add 40 to get temperature.

Example: 30 chirps + 40 = 70° F

To convert cricket chirps to degrees Celsius, count number of chirps in 25 seconds, divide by 3, and then add 4 to get temperature.

Example: 48 chirps /(divided by) 3 + 4 = 20° C

Reading a Pig’s spleen can predict the weather

Divide the spleen from top to bottom into 6 parts.

The top closest to the head shows current month.

Bottom is the last of the six months.

Where the spleen thickens, a change in the weather is indicated, usually pointing to a cold spell.

Where there’s a pronounced bulge, expect even more inclement weather.

Reading a Goose Bone

Watch the coloration as the bone dries.

If the bone turned blue, black, or purple, a cold winter lay ahead.

White indicated a mild winter.

Purple tips were a sure sign of a cold spring.

A blue color branching out toward the edge of the bone meant open weather until New Year’s Day.

If the bone was a dark color, or blue all over, the prediction was for a real bad winter.

The woolly bear caterpillar-with its 13 distinct segments of black and reddish-brown-has the reputation of being able to forecast the coming winter weather. According to legend, the wider that middle brown section is (i.e., the more brown segments there are), the milder the coming winter will be. Conversely, a narrow brown band is said to predict a harsh winter.


If a deer or cow has extra layers of fat when slaughtered there will be a bad winter coming.

Cows that suddenly gather beneath large trees means rain is coming.

Expect rain when dogs eat grass.

Expect rain when cats purr and wash.

Expect rain when sheep turn into the wind.

Expect rain when oxen sniff the air.

Expect rain when swine are restless.

If the deer are out early grazing there is big storm coming.

Squirrels’ nesting in dead trees instead of making nests of leaves mean a harsh winter.

If the cows in pastures are all lying down, it’s a sure sign of rain.

If the bull leads the cows to pasture, expect rain.

if the cows precede the bull, the weather will be uncertain.

When cats sneeze, it is a sign of rain.

Bats flying late in the evening indicate fair weather.

If the groundhog sees its shadow on Candlemas Day (February 2), six more weeks of winter remain.

When horses and cattle stretch out their necks and sniff the air, it will rain.

If the mole digs its hole 2½ feet deep, expect severe weather.

If the mole digs its hole two feet deep, not so severe weather.

If the mole digs its hole one foot deep, expect a mild winter.

When pigs gather leaves and straw in all, expect a cold winter.

When rabbits are fat in October and November, expect a long, cold winter.

If sheep ascend hills and scatter, expect clear weather.

Wolves always howl more before a storm.


Birds singing in the rain indicates fair weather approaching.

If birds in the autumn grow tame, the winter will be too cold for game.

Partridges drumming in the fall mean a mild and open winter.

Chickens cackle and owls howl just before rain.

If crows fly in pairs, expect fine weather; a crow flying alone is a sign of foul weather.

When fowls roost in daytime, expect rain.

Seagulls tend to stop flying and take refuge at the coast if a storm is coming.

Animals, especially birds, get very quiet immediately before it rains.

The whiteness of a goose’s breastbone indicates the kind of winter: A red of dark-spotted bone means a cold and stormy winter; few or light-colored spots mean a mild winter.

When domestic geese walk east and fly west, expect cold weather.

Hawks flying high means a clear sky. When they fly low, prepare for a blow.

Petrels’ gathering under the stern of a ship indicates bad weather.

When the rooster goes crowing to bed, he will rise with watery head.

When seagulls fly inland, expect a storm.

When the swallow’s nest is high, the summer is very dry.

When the swallow builds low, you can safely reap and sow.

A very old wives tale says if birds feed in a storm it will rain for a long time, if they don’t it will clear soon.


If ants their walls do frequent build, rain will from the clouds be spilled.

Ants are busy, gnats bite, crickets sing louder than usual, spiders come down from their webs, and flies gather in houses just before rain.

When bees to distance wing their flight, days are warm and skies are bright; But when their flight ends near their come, stormy weather is sure to come.

Turtles often search for higher ground when a large amount of rain is expected. You will often see them in the road during this period (1 to 2 days before the rain.)

Fireflies in great numbers indicate fair weather.

When hornets build their nests near the ground, expect a cold and early winter.

When cicadas are heard, dry weather will follow, and frost will come in six weeks.

When spiders’ webs in air do fly, the spell will soon be very dry.

Spiders in motion indicate rain.

If you kill a spider indoors, it will bring rain.

If you killed a snake hang it over a fence and it will rain.

When spider-webs are wet with dew that soon dries, expect a fine day.

Spider-webs floating at autumn sunset bring a night frost.

The louder the frogs croak, the more the rain.

Frogs singing in the evening indicates fair weather the next day.

Leeches kept in glass jars are active just before rain.

Hang up a snake-skin and it will bring rain.


Unusual clearness in the atmosphere, with distant objects seen distinctly, indicates rain.

Red skies at night, Sailor’s delight. Red skies at morning, Sailor take warning.

Evening red and morning gray are sure signs of a fine day. Evening gray and morning red put on your hat or you’ll wet your head.

If it rains before seven, it will clear before eleven.

When the wind blows the leaves on the trees upside down there will be a bad rain.

Rain from the south prevents the drought, but rain from the west is always best.

Anvil-shaped clouds bring on a gale.

A cloud with a round top and flat base carries rainfall on its face.

When small clouds join and thicken, expect rain.

Black clouds in the north in winter indicate approaching snow.

When there is enough blue sky to patch a Dutchman’s breeches, expect clearing weather.

A curdle sky will not leave the earth long dry.

If you see clouds going crosswind, there is a storm in the air.

Hen scarts and filly tails make lofty ships wear low sails.

Clouds floating low enough to cast shadows on the ground are usually followed by rain.

Mackerel sky, mackerel sky, never long wet, never long dry.

If three nights dewless there be, ’twill rain, you’re sure to see.

If heavy dew soon dries, expect fine weather; if it lingers on the grass, expect rain in 24 hours.

With dew before midnight, the next day sure will be bright.

If you wet your feet with dew in the morning, you may keep them dry for the rest of the day.

The higher the clouds, the finer the weather.

If you spot wispy, thin clouds up where jet airplanes fly, expect a spell of pleasant weather.

If small puff clouds (cumulus) in the morning or early afternoon have rounded tops and flat bases, if they grow higher than the cloud’s width, then there’s a chance of a thunderstorm forming.

Clear Moon, frost soon.

Ring around the moon and it will rain real soon.

If the night is clear enough to see the Moon and the temperature drops enough, frost will form. Expect a chilly morning!

When clouds appear like towers, the Earth is refreshed by frequent showers.

Rainbow in the morning gives you fair warning.

A rainbow in the morning indicates that a shower is west of us and we will probably get it.

Rain foretold, long last. Short notice, soon will pass.

The gray overcast dominating the horizon means a large area is affected.

If you get caught in a surprise shower, it’s likely to be short-lived.

Red sky at night, sailors delight. Red sky in morning, sailors take warning.

When the moon points up, the weather will be good.

when the moon points down, it will rain.

When a large star, or planet, is near the moon, the weather will be violent.

If the new moon is on Monday, then the weather will be good.

If a new moon occurs on a Saturday, then there will be twenty days of wind and rain.

If a new moon occurs on a Sunday, there will be a flood before the month is over.

The strongest storms and hurricanes are likely to be 1-3 days after a new moon and 3-5 days after a full moon.

Fog and a small moon bring an easterly winds.

A dry moon is far north and soon seen.

If the new moon is far north, it will be cold for two weeks.

If the new moon is far south, it will be warm.

When the moon runs low, expect warm weather.

How to Select a Lift Chair Recliner

If you are thinking about purchasing a lift chair recliner, there are a few things you will need to know in order to select one that is appropriate for you or your loved one.

A lift chair recliner will help just about anyone who has difficulty standing up from ordinary furniture, while still providing all the comfort of a traditional recliner. Many people who have mobility issues will have problems getting comfortable in ordinary furniture. A recliner lift chair has a variety of positions that will help a person get comfortable. It is important to understand the various positions that a recliner can move into so that you can match the recliner to the person’s specific needs.

Recliner Positions

Recliner lift chairs come in a couple of primary types that determine their overall capabilities and the positions into which they will recline. Each manufacturer incorporates slightly different capabilities into their recliners, so be sure to check the specifications of the exact model you intend to purchase.

Two-Position Chairs

A two-position power lift recliner has two main positions, often called sitting and reading positions. The name “two-position” is a bit of a misnomer, however, since these chairs can be positioned anywhere between the sitting and reading positions. In other words, these chairs will accommodate any position between upright and approximately 45 degrees (the so-called reading position). Like all lift style chairs, there is a standing position as well.

Three-Position Chairs

A three-position lift chair recliner has the same two positions as a two-position recliner plus a third almost fully reclined position. In other words, these chairs are fully adjustable between an upright position and a reclined position of about 60-80 degrees. This type of chair has a standing position as well, of course.

Infinite-Position and Zero-Gravity Chairs

These types of power lift recliners have specialized functionality that provides more options and comfort. Depending on the specifications, these models can help relieve back pain, increase lung capacity and improve circulation. You can learn more about these models at our website.

Other Considerations

These chairs also come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different sized people more comfortably. This is particularly important when it come to standing. A tall person may have trouble standing from a lift position that was build to stand a very small person. It is important to understand the different sizing options available.

You will also want to check the specifications of the exact lift chair model you intent to purchase for lift capacity. Not all models will lift heavier individuals. On the other hand, you could wind up paying more for a model whose power you simply don’t need. Visit our website to learn how to match a lift chair’s power to that of the person who will be using it.

The actual width of a lift chair recliner will vary between manufacturers, so be sure to check widths as well.

Of course, lift chair recliners also come in a variety of styles, colors and fabric options, so you are sure to find something that will suit your personal style, taste and home decor.

Building Management System – Have You Installed One?

A building management system (BMS) as the name suggests, is a computer networked framework that helps control and monitor different equipment that maybe used in a building. This includes, fire system, lighting, ventilation system, power systems, mechanical and electrical equipment, security systems, so on and so forth. Inclusive of a network of hardware and software, such a BMS helps in ensuring smooth functioning of a building, facility, warehouse, etc.

How to choose the right building automation system?

In today’s technologically updated days, finding the right building automation system is quite a confusing task. There are many systems available in the market, each offering varied features. These highly advanced systems not only monitor a building, but also integrate various facilities, irrespective of their geographical distance, to provide a single access window to the facility managers. There are several pros of having the right system in place and just one disadvantage, i.e., the cost associated with these systems. It may come across as huge investments but remember over the long term, the benefits will outweigh the costs. The real-time access and improved energy efficiency means the organization benefit largely in cost savings.

Choose an Integrated Building Automation System

Can you imagine a single click access to the operational view of your different systems, such as boiler, elevator, generator, access control, chiller, HVAC control, etc.? An integrated building automation system connects the dots and serves a single access that helps you take real time decisions. A web-enabled system ensures a manager can view the operations in a web browser, anytime and anywhere. You can access it through your laptop, tablet or even a mobile device. Moreover, it makes it easier to share the key data with higher authorities, such as decision-makers, to enable them to make fast decisions. The only thing that a manager has to invest in is training. Once, you know how to operate or rather access the details, the battle is won. Ensure you learn about how to retrieve the data in the shortest time and produce a report. All the data is useless, unless you know how to make a report and share with the higher authorities.


A building management system is an effective way to introduce sustainability in the corporate organization. When you take the sustainable route to operations, your carbon footprints are low and hence you contribute in green work culture. If you support security of your workers, facility and the well being of your organization, it is best to embrace an integrated building management system as soon as possible.

What Is the Difference of a Dry HHO Cell Vs a Wet HHO Cell?

Dry HHO cells are actually a design improvement over the wet HHO cell type. The end result of hydroxy gas is the same in both types – the difference relies on the electrolyte reservoir and electrodes plate displacement.

The wet cell design has the positive and negative electrode plates fully submerged in the electrolyte solution, consisting of water and catalyst.

Wet HHO Cell design disadvantages:

  • More heat is generated through the cells
  • More current (amperage) is needed
  • The positive electrodes (anodes) will corrode more due to the oxygen attacking the metal surface (corrosion).

All these disadvantages are translated into the technical word “inefficiencies.”

More heat generation is produced because the full volume of electrolyte solution is being subjected to a current for the electrolysis process to take place. This additional current generates more heat which eventually becomes steam; meaning that steam is being collected and replacing the hydrogen gas volume.

The second disadvantage is more current is needed for the full volume of electrolyte in the reservoir to perform the electrolysis process. The more current is withdrawn from the vehicle’s charging system, the more fuel is wasted! This is exactly the opposite of what the HHO generator is supposed to achieve.

The third disadvantage is that the anode plates which collect oxygen have the full surface area immersed in the cells and the oxygen collected on these plates of each cell will form oxidization, meaning that they will eventually corrode beyond their limits and need to be replaced.

Dry HHO Cell Design

The dry HHO cell design can be seen as a chamber for each cell. The best way to describe it in words is to imagine a square plate which has a circle approximately ½ to ¾ the width of the square. This circle is the closed chamber where the electrolysis process takes place. This is the first advantage over the wet type.

Each plate of the cell which represents the anode and cathode (electrodes) are sealed by a water-tight gasket, or rubber o-ring. The electrical connections are connected to the outside perimeter of each plate, meaning the connections remain clean and dry. These plates are bolted on together from the dry perimeter edge, using nylon type washers to prevent a shortage of the polarities.

The electrolyte is fed either by gravity or with an additional pump from an external tank (reservoir) that can be placed anywhere in the engine bay. If no pump is used it should be placed higher up than the dry HHO cell system.

Dry HHO Cell Advantages

  • Less current implementation for each cell is needed due to the volumetric size of the electrolyte within the closed chamber
  • More slim and compact in design which is a major benefit in modern vehicles which all have very compact engine bays
  • Less frequent maintenance is needed for the whole dry HHO cell system
  • Less corrosion occurs on the anode plates due to the restricted volume of electrolyte solution per second
  • Less current means less heat generation, which can turn into steam – inefficiency

Dry HHO Cell Disadvantages

  • The whole dry HHO cell needs to be fully dismantled for clean up and maintenance such as gasket seal replacements of each cell – which results in more time compared to wet HHO cell maintenance
  • Plates have to be more accurate in alignment dimensions of holes for maximum efficiency
  • Slightly more expensive to produce compared to the wet type design

Dry HHO cell design has differed slightly from various experimenters who ended doing the R&D through their own initiative. Some have produced outstanding quality kits and are being produced on a small-scale production level.

Overall, the best performer should be chosen when deciding to purchase a ready-made kit which consists of the least amperage withdrawal for the equivalent of ½ a liter of HHO gas (hydroxy gas) for every 1 liter of the engine’s capacity.

This ensures you are not over-producing HHO gas which is excessive for the engine’s capacity with the least current withdrawal. Excessive current withdrawal not only generates additional heat but has to be backed up from the engine’s charging system using more idle revs per minute – which is the opposing principle of this fuel saver in the first place.

Heating and Cooling Your Log Home

Needless to say, our forefathers didn’t worry too much about heating their log cabins. Big fireplaces had no problem warming up the one or two rooms they lived in. Of course now that log homes are family-sized, people often have the impression that there is something different about how they are heated, and the good news is that a standard system will work as well in a log home as a traditional structure.

Almost all log homes are built with at least one fireplace. Initially, we thought that our beautiful soapstone woodstove would heat the whole house, and we would use our forced-air propane heat as a backup. Alas, we were all wrong. Because we have a cathedral ceiling with a big loft, the heat from the stove goes directly upstairs, requiring two ceiling fans to recirculate the warm air. We expected this, but we also thought the heat would expand sideways into the rest of the open floor space (dining room and kitchen). Not on your life! Even sitting on the couch about 15 feet from the stove, I need a coverlet. I’m uncomfortably chilly in the kitchen. I think that if we had a regular ceiling, the heat might have gone where we expected it, but the volume of the cathedral ceiling threw off our calculations. Also, the soapstone stove is designed to be run 24/7, and because we both work for a living, the stove doesn’t get fired up until the evening. This woodstove needs to be heated up slowly at the risk of cracking the stone, so by the time it’s really cooking we’re ready for bed.

Old-fashioned fireplaces traditionally sucked all the warm air out of the room, but modern designs are more efficient at recirculating the heat. The most energy-efficient fireplace is built in the center of the house, so the stack heat is not lost to the outside. Outside stacks can create back drafts if the fire is extinguished, making a new fire more difficult to light. If you are planning multiple fireplaces, putting two of them back-to-back (facing adjoining rooms) will give you the opportunity to build one chimney with two flues. Or you could put a fireplace above your furnace, again allowing two flues in the same chimney. A direct-vent fireplace will eliminate the chimney, but you’ll have to figure out how to hide the vent on the outside wall. Or, if you use a wood-stove, you could run the pipe through the wall and straight up the outside, building a box around the pipe to simulate a chimney. Depending on the look you want, you may want to leave the pipe inside the room and send it through the roof. This will give more heat.

It’s a good idea to consider your heating and air-conditioning needs early in the design phase. Although log homes are naturally energy-efficient, it’s not wise to skimp on your system. You may be able to heat your whole house with a huge fireplace or wood stove, but the township will probably have minimum standards to meet before they issue a building permit. Also, you need to consider resale value. I know of one person who tried to sell a million-dollar handcrafted log home without a furnace, and as you might suspect, the buyer never came along. The house was listed as unfinished, and installing the heating system after the fact was too daunting a task. A similar problem exists if you try to get away without central air conditioning. Yes, log homes do stay cooler in the summer, but those “dog days” of August can give you a perfectly miserable night’s sleep, and a potential buyer will probably not be as tolerant as the original owner. Indeed, our mortgage company would not consider granting a construction loan if we didn’t include central air conditioning.

If you want to preserve ductwork space, you can use forced air heat, with the same ductwork serving the air conditioner. Propane or oil are usually the fuels of choice in rural areas. If your interior wall space is limited, there are companies that specialize in very small, high-pressure duct systems that fit into tight angles; these systems usually require a much higher initial installation cost. When using traditional ductwork, you want to keep the angles at a minimum, so it helps to design first floor walls that will conveniently carry the air straight up to the second floor. An open floor plan offers a challenge, because you must bear in mind that the upstairs rooms need to be heated somehow, and you will need both supply and return vents to create an efficient air flow. If you want to use full log interior walls, you’ll have to find another way to run the ductwork, electric, and plumbing. We made that mistake, and there are not enough return vents in our bedroom. The air is stuffy in the summer time, even with the windows open.

Where do the vents go? Since all our exterior walls are full log, many of our vents were placed in the floor. If your interior walls are sheetrock or tongue-and-groove, you can put the vents where they normally go. One thing I wish we had done was go over the plan with the HVAC contractor, because he put the vents in places I found most inconvenient. Some times it can be helped, and some times it can’t.

If you are energy-minded and prefer to leave your thermostat at a minimum, you will find that the southern-facing side of the log home tends to be warmer than the northern exposure. Because the sun tends to sink closer to the horizon on a winter afternoon, it’s advantageous to arrange your large windows facing south; during the summer, the sun will cross over the roof, so it won’t overheat your house. However, you may find that the northern side of your house – which won’t get direct sun at all – could be noticeably cooler. The best solution is to install radiant-floor heating (if you can afford it). Although this system requires a boiler instead of a furnace, the in-floor heating spreads the warmth evenly throughout your home, eliminating the northern-facing blues. With radiant-floor heating, you need to keep the thermostat steady all the time; the system is not designed to be turned down when you go to work. Additionally, you can use the boiler to heat your hot water as well, eliminating the need for a hot-water heater. On the other hand, you will still need to install ductwork for the air conditioning.

Overall, the same considerations apply as in regular construction. We thought we could get by with only one zone of heating and cooling, but in retrospect, two zones would have solved a lot of problems. In the long run, it’s cheaper to do it correctly in the first place. Retrofitting a log home is not going to be a breeze!

Planning a Dinner Party? Easy Shrimp Curry Is a Fun and Festive Entree

In my lifetime I’ve hosted more dinner parties than I can count. Don’t get me wrong. Entertaining is fun and I love planning and preparing special meals. My husband and I love shrimp curry, but I haven’t served it at many dinner parties because it is so labor-intensive.

Yet this dish is still at the top of my entertaining list because it is fun. Guests love the combination of flavors, but I think they love the participation even more. Participation leads to conversation and sharing — the purpose of any dinner party.

Apparently shrimp curry originated in Maharashtra, India. Some recipes are made with unsweetened coconut milk. Yogurt is also used as the basis of the sauce. According to the Addicted to Curry website, so many curry recipes exist that it is impossible to count them. Indian curries are divided into Northeast Indian, Nepalese, South Indian and Shri Lankan. Bengal, Pakistan, Malaysia, Brunel, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore all have their own types of curries.

My original recipe had a chicken stock base. You could not taste the stock, but it added an undercurrent of flavor. Then I discovered a quicker recipe in “The Blue Sea Cookbook” by Sarah D. Alberson. Actually, there are several quick recipes, all made with condensed soup. Your grocery store should carry lower salt soup. Serve the curry with a choice of toppings:

* hard boiled eggs, chopped

* salted peanuts

* crumbled bacon

* fresh pineapple tidbits

* toasted coconut

* mango chutney

* chopped green onions (white and green parts)

* chow mein noodles

* halved grape tomatoes

* golden raisins

* dried apricots, cut into thin slices

Your guests will load on the toppings, so have plenty on hand. Set the mood with an Indian tablecloth, purchased from an import store, and a few serving bowls. Lighted candles will add to this mood. Here is the recipe for Easy Shrimp Curry.


1 pound shrimp, shelled and deveined

2 cans shrimp soup (or cream of chicken or mushroom)

1 cup sour cream (I use fat free.)

1 teaspoon curry powder or homemade garam masala

Cooked rice (Basmati is my choice because of its large grains and texture.)


Cook shrimp in boiling water for 3 minutes, until it turns pink. Be careful not to over-cook the shellfish or it will become tough. Drain and cut in half width-wise or length-wise, saving some whole ones for a garnish. Heat soup (don’t add any water) in a large saucepan. Add sour cream, curry powder, and shrimp. Stir gently, cover, and leave on the lowest heat, or transfer to a slow cooker, set on low. (Line the cooker with a special bag to make clean-up easy.) Serve with an array of condiments in small bowls. Complete your menu with a green salad, Indian flat bread, orange sherbet and almond cookies for dessert. Makes 4-6 servings. Note: This recipe may be doubled, tripled, or quadrupled. You may also prepare it a day ahead of time and reheat in a slow cooker.

Copyright 2010 by Harriet Hodgson

What is Roll Stock Film and Why Does Your Business Need to Look Into Using It?

Roll stock film can instantly add value to your product while simultaneously boosting your productivity. Compatible with just about any forming, filling and sealing machine, this film is both functional and visually appealing. Offered in a variety of colors, with the addition of full color digital graphics, you can boost your sales by stylishly showcasing your logo, fresh artwork and company info. Most importantly, they instantly inform you and your customer that the product has remained freshly sealed from day one, providing a range of barrier qualities to improve shelf-life.

It is essentially exactly what the name implies. It is produced in rolls, designed for use in automated machinery, to be placed at the end of your product packaging line. Sealing your product with roll stock provides a longer lifespan and a visible source of tamper-evident protection to your consumer.

It can be manufactured from PVC, PET-G, PLA or OPS plastic as either seamed or seamless (extruded) in whatever thickness suits your product and packaging needs. Adaptable to your existing packaging machinery, you can customize not only the size of the roll but the core it is wrapped around. The rolls will run on all your high-speed automated machinery, saving you time, labor, and reducing your overhead.

If requested, the roll stock can also be converted into shrink bands or labels, according to your application and machinery requirements. Look for a roll stock film manufacturer that offers variety to suit your needs. Many additives are also available to aid in product lifespan and usability. Some of the options available are UV additive protection, high shrink, freezer grade, and anti-static additives. Don’t miss out on a valuable opportunity to protect and highlight your product.

Unpredictable Aggression In Dogs – Rage Syndrome – A Neurological Disorder

Without a doubt the most dangerous dog a professional trainer can encounter is the dog with “Rage Syndrome”. Let me first caution the reader not to jump to the conclusion that your dog has “Rage Syndrome” if he is showing simple and predictable dominance or pain related aggression. This in no way would imply that the dog has “Rage Syndrome”. This condition is in fact very rare and seldom seen. In 28 years of training approximately 700-1000 dogs per year I have only witnessed true “Rage Syndrome” around a dozen times. Using these kinds of numbers one can see how truly rare this disorder is. Having stated this fact, this disorder by its’ very nature, is the most dangerous

of all issues a trainer or owner may face with a dog.

One case in point was a 200 pound Newfoundland that was brought to us for training ten years ago.

“Samson” had been purchased as a cute and cuddly puppy by a member of the crew of a ship that specialized in taking out church groups and college kids for weekend cruises in a local harbor. The breed had been selected for their reputation as excellent water rescue dogs. Everything was going along as planned on the weekend excursions until Samson turned one year of age. The owner noticed that on one weekend trip a cheerleader had begun to start a cheer on the trip and the dog suddenly became extremely aggressive toward her. Luckily the dog had been on a leash and restrained.

The owner had written the incident off as a misunderstanding on the dogs part toward the girls

body language and loud voice. He brought the dog to us after the next incident in which the dog

after a similar trip, had walked down the gang plank with two girls who were petting him and showing him affection. He explained that the girls boyfriends had shown up and when the girls went to leave the dog had lunged toward one of the girls legs with an open mouth and a growl. One of the boyfriends seeing this had kicked the dog in the head. The dog then turned and grabbed the boyfriend by the leg dragging him to the ground. The owner explained this away saying “if I was kicked in the head I would bite him too.”

Samson presented at the consultation with a wagging tail and had slobbery kisses for everyone.

He was compliant to command and correction and sought praise and attention. He was very comfortable in his own skin and showed no signs of shyness or aggression. He was checked in

for training and his first ten days went off without a hitch. Samson willingly learned all of his commands including the down command. The down command is usually the one that will be difficult if dominance is a factor as dogs will see this is a challenge and a subordinate position. Samson was more than willing to submit himself to training and he relished the praise that came with a job well done.

On the tenth day the Kennel Techs were cleaning the kennels and moving the dogs as required to sanitize. When they got to Samson’s kennel one of the girls entered his kennel with a hasty leash

and looped him to move him to another kennel. He went along happily wagging his tail. When she

got to the clean run where she was going to put him he balked. She had walked into the kennel and turned to him saying “come on boy. lets go” in a high pitched praising tone. The next thing she knew he was on her. He knocked her to the ground and grabbed her by the leg dragging her to the back of the run while shaking her. The other Kennel Tech reported that it looked like a Grizzly Bear attack.

She was screaming and he was shaking her. The other girl had the presence of mind and the bravery to enter the kennel and stick the hose she was washing with up the dogs nose to get him to release.

He was so fixated on his victim that when she was released, and ran for the door to escape, he ran right past the girl with the hose and caught her at the gate. He grabbed her by the other leg and pulled as she held on to the door. She was lifted prone into the air. The second girl then shoved the hose up his nose again which gave them both precious seconds to escape.

The Kennel Tech was taken to the emergency room where the doctor reported that the injuries to her legs although severe were miraculously placed in a location where there would not be any permanent damage. This is the worst scenario a trainer can face. Normally you can judge a dog by the behavior it presents in a consultation as well as the information you obtain from the client. In this case the client had explained away the aggression and in hind sight probably withheld some other information.

Unfortunately withholding information is all to common when a client consults with a trainer. The usual excuse for this is that they don’t want to prejudice the trainer against the dog. The unfortunate result of this can be placing the staff in danger.

In yet another case, we witnessed a woman’s eleven month old Doberman attack her in front of our eyes. He knocked her to the ground and began biting her down her rib cage area. When we came

to her rescue we were bitten several times in the process of saving her. Unfortunately after the dog was safely put in a crate (after the three of us had been bitten nine times) she left saying that her husband would have to make the final determination on what happened to the dog. Rather than taking the dog to a Neurologist as we had suggested, she left him with a Doberman Rescue group. In this case the easing of their conscious by not putting the dog down, put other unsuspecting people at risk.

This is an example of what NOT to do.

“Rage Syndrome” is in fact an epileptic seizure in the emotional lobe of the dogs brain. Like other forms of epilepsy (motor, or behavioral) the dog behaves normally 98% of the time. It is the 2%

that is the problem. This can happen in any breed of dog. I have seen it to date in a Labrador Retriever.Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Mixed Breed,the aforementioned Doberman and Newfoundland, and about a half dozen Springer Spaniels. Yes, I said Springer Spaniels. This condition is common enough in the breed to be commonly referred to as “Springer Rage”. Springers have more of a genetic predisposition toward this condition for some reason than other breeds. Again, I must stress that this is extremely rare and therefore just because you have a Springer Spaniel you should never assume that this condition will automatically be an issue.

Like other forms of epilepsy this condition can be treated with Phenobarbital which has the effect of lessening the seizures in the brain. The obvious problem in the case of “Rage Syndrome” is that even one occurrence is one too many, and therefore dogs diagnosed with this condition are generally put down. Because the stakes are so high it is recommended that at least two opinions are sought before a diagnosis is made. The best professional opinion you can obtain is a Neurologist. Your Veterinarian can give you his or her opinion, as well as a referral. In the case of one client with a Springer Spaniel, the owner was honest with us and explained that her Veterinarian had suggested that the dog be put down. She stated that she would be more comfortable if we would be willing to evaluate the dog and give her a second opinion. In this case we took the dog in under observation. It took about a week to see the normally sweet dog fly into a murderous rage for no apparent reason. The dog would then go back into a normal state without apparent memory of his actions. Unfortunately we had to concur with the owners Veterinarian that the dog should be euthanized.

This condition is also being studied in humans. Almost every condition that can be found in the brain of a dog can be found in a human being. These tests may some day explain some criminal behavior in humans. The symptoms of this condition are:

* Unexplainable aggression that comes out of nowhere.

* Aggression that seems unrelated to dominance.

* A marked change in the dogs eyes, snarling and growling, lunging.

* The dog seems to abandon the behavior as suddenly as it came on.

* The dog seems not to recall the previous aggressive behavior.

* Unpredictable timing of the aggression.

What to do if you think your dog has “Rage Syndrome”

*Do not try to diagnose it yourself. Owners many times are wrong about the causes of aggression.

*Do seek at least two professional opinions (Veterinarians and Trainers) At least one Veterinarian.

*Do give your professional advisors all of the facts that you can think of. Do not withhold information!

*Do not put others in danger. If you think your dog has “Rage Syndrome” do not leave him with

children. Remove him from all situations where he can do harm to anyone.

* Do not make excuses for behavior that frightens you or others. Being afraid of your dog should be

the first indicator that professional help needs to be sought for diagnosis and/or treatment.

For more information on “Rage Syndrome” as well as other causes of aggression I would suggest that you read Dog Training 101-The Book That Puts You In Control. You can locate this book on my website at: http://www.K-9Companions.com

What Is a Coded Compensation Plan?

What is a coded bonus?

A coded bonus is not a bonus made by a rep but a bonus received based on being “coded” to another rep. You can also classify it as a “matching” bonus. Let me give you an example of a coded bonus.

This is from my actual company so there may be slight variations from one coded compensation plan to another but you should get the idea.

In my company, the first three people you enroll are your foundation code. Your fourth and beyond are considered your legacy code. In your foundation code, anytime someone in your first three receive a legacy bonus, you receive a 50% match and you are also matched to their fourth and beyond (or their legacy).

In your own legacy code, you receive a 100% coded bonus on those you enroll and their first three people (basically, your legacy code’s foundation code).

So, lets say you enroll Anthony as your fourth person. Keep in mind, in any company you are NOT paid for enrolling, you are paid based on the sale of product. In my example, Anthony has come onboard as an executive and received product. You make a $100 fast track bonus but you are now coded to Anthony, meaning, you get a 100% match on his efforts. If Anthony enrolls 5 people that all get product, Anthony makes $500, but, so do you as it is a 100% coded bonus match. You are then coded to Anthony’s foundation code and get 100% of their efforts as well.

So, if Anthony’s first enrollee is Carol and Carol brings on 4 people that get product, she will receive $400, but, so will you as you are coded to her.

The Coded compensation plan has actually generated the largest bonus checks in network marketing. Paul, a former high school football coach, was making $1.8 million per month in a company called Excel as they had the coded bonus in their coded compensation plan.

Wireless Access Points: Thin vs Fat

Wireless LAN Switches: The Best Solution

There are two types of wireless access points Intelligent (Fat) and Thin wireless Access points. A fat wireless access point has everything it needs to handle wireless clients. A Thin wireless access point is basically a radio and antenna that is controlled by a wireless switch. If you deploy several Fat wireless access points they need to be configured individually. With thin wireless access points the entire configuration takes place at the switch saving you time and money.

Wireless LAN Switches provide many benefits:

Wireless Mobility – Intelligent access aren’t managed in a central location which means there is no third party monitoring the movement of a user. If a user moves to another work area traditional wireless access points have a hard time passing off the user to the new access point. Thin wireless access points are controlled be the wireless LAN switch who will manage the users movement.

Security- Using the wireless LAN switch the administrator can check logs, configure is security settings, make group polices for wireless users all in one spot. Also built in to many wireless LAN switches are RADIUS servers which will give another layer of security on top of your encryption policies. In enterprise wireless networks the administrators biggest fear is rogue wireless access points. Wireless LAN switches can detect when a new wireless access point comes into the area and decide if it is a trusted or non-trusted device.

Placement – Power over Ethernet is another great feature of wireless LAN Switches. Power over Ethernet eliminates the need for an power outlet to be near the wireless access point. This saves your company money by not having to install new power outlets. Also this improves security by not having the wireless access points within easy reach of passerby’s.

If you are deploying a wireless LAN for a company I would be scared if you don’t utilize wireless LAN switches and wireless thin access points. The upfront costs of these products are more but your total cost of ownership will be less than having to administer each wireless access point separately. To sum it up home owners should stick with Fat access points and businesses should use thin.

Growths and Bumps on the White of Your Eyes – Usually Your Optometrist Will Find a Pinguecula

A sudden rush to the optometrist is often precipitated by an awareness of a new bump that appears to have grown overnight on the white part of the eye. Sometimes a person will notice it when looking in a mirror, or a family member will comment on a new growth they see. Sometimes cancer does cause growths to appear on the white part of the eye but this is fairly rare. More likely the bump is on the conjunctiva, the clear tissue overlaying the white part of the eye known as the sclera. Usually this type of growth is benign and very slow growing, and typically is diagnosed as a pinguecula. The appearance often has a slightly yellow tinge, but in can be a white translucent color. When they become mildly irritated, blood vessels heighten their visibility. Many new contact lens wearers spend significant time closely examining their eyes in a mirror than ever before as they learn to handle contact lenses during the first few weeks. This is a common cause for first noticing a growth that probably has been present for several years.

Pinguecula are caused by ultraviolet exposure from the sun and low level irritation such as blowing dust and particles. People who spend significant time outdoors are more at risk, especially closer to the equator. Sun from the snow and water creates more ultraviolet exposure, as most people have learned from sunburns. If it damages your skin the same process is happening on the conjunctiva, only faster. The conjunctive tissue lacks the protective keratin layer the skin has. It also does not form a protective accumulation of pigment from sunlight exposure (the conjunctiva does not tan). Higher altitudes equate with less atmosphere to filter out UV radiation and subsequently more dosage on the eye. The ultraviolet radiation acts to degrade the structural framework of the tissue including the elastic proteins and collagen. Over many year, the growth slowly develops. By the time people are 75 to 80 years old the majority will have some sign of a growth, even if it is not noticeable in the mirror.

The largest concern is a serious eye problem, and any growth on the eye requires a visit to the eye doctor for a proper diagnosis. Prevention is the second thing you should think of once it has been diagnosed as a pinguecula. Ultraviolet protection is of up most importance. When you think of sunscreen, think of sunscreen for your eyes. Quality sunglasses can eliminate almost all of the ultraviolet radiation from a frontal direction. Up to 40% may still enter from the sides, so many people choose frames that wrap around their face or have large side temples on the sides. Lenses that automatically lighten and darken also block almost all frontal UV. Hats with brows reduce the amount of sunlight. Recommendations for sun exposure are similar to those for avoiding skin cancer. Avoid being outside between 11 am to 3 pm. The mornings and late afternoons supply longer pathways for the sun to travel though and subsequently filter out more U.V. Motorcycle wearers have the risk of both sunlight and flying particles and should wear specially designed frames that wrap and seal to their face. Give your children an early dose of prevention by having them wear sunglasses starting at a young age. A note of caution for sunglasses–make sure they are high quality and not a $5.00 imitation. Dark lenses allow the eye to dilate and if there is inadequate UV protection the exposure will actually be higher than it would be without sun wear. Since visible violet and blue light may be deleterious to the inside of the eye you should also avoid blue and violet sun glass lenses.

Occasionally pinguecula become very red and inflamed. This is not a infection and can be treated if needed with prescription eye drops. Remember, you only two eyes and you should do everything you can to make sure they stay healthy, including having any new appearance of a growth checked by your optometrist.

How to Make a Woman Miss You – 3 Simple Seduction Techniques Which Work Every Single Time

There are men who can simply attract women wherever they go. This tendency has a lot to do with the vibe that they give out, which in turn has been created by several masculinity factors that only the best seduction experts can teach.

Luckily, there are several ways to increase your sex appeal… and make a woman miss you whenever you are not around. If you develop your skills in attracting women using these three simple (but deadly effective) seduction strategies, you will turn into a babe magnet in no time. Read on…

How To Make A Woman Miss You – 3 Simple Seduction Techniques Which Work Every Single Time

Strategy #1. Absolute Confidence

There are men who fake confidence, and they’re usually the ones who get “pride-broken” when they get rejected. Women instinctively know who these guys are, and most of the time, they feel the neediness simmering under the facade of feigned self assurance.

Real confidence makes a guy more manly. It will give you the guts to tell a girl that you’re not interested if you really aren’t. It will also make you seem more godly than other men in the room. And, needless to say, it will make you more attractive to women.

Strategy #2: No Drama

Men who seem strong emotionally always seem to attract women. This is because women are more attracted to men who can serve as protectors and emotional pillars. Never react even when a girl is goading you to show a reaction. If you have to show emotion, it must be kind indulgence or humor. Reacting wildly to a provocation will only make you seem weak.

Strategy #3: Magnetic Presence

Your overall personality can be complemented by your conversation skills. If you can find a way to be magnetic just by applying the basics of hypnosis while you’re in conversation, you can easily turn any girl into your girlfriend.

There’s a method that’s perfect for attracting women and making them feel emotionally invested on you. This method is called Fractionation and it can be done in 15 minutes or less.

Fractionation works like this: you bring her through an emotional roller coaster in a conversation by making her feel both happiness and sadness in quick successions. As a result, she will subconsciously feel that she has been with you far longer (this is known as “time distortion” in hypnosis). When she feels emotionally invested in you, then she will not be able to help it but to like you… and to miss you when you are not around.

The Fractionation seduction formula is effective, but at the same time controversial because it gives unfair advantage to men who knows the formula over those who do not. It also has the ability to turn women into downright stalkers – so use it responsibly if you must.