How to Get Interviews – Use a Great Cover Letter

Okay, I admit it.   I am an industry insider and a professional writer. But how on earth are so many of my first time clients not using a cover letter? Even for management jobs? My dear reader hopefully this incredible technological revolution we have all entered has not caused your brain cells to stagnate.  Let me make it clear a cover letter is a magical door opening introduction. No doubt it is a sales letter but it takes you and your career places that are usually inaccessible.


 Here are the main purposes for the cover letter: It allows you access to perfect strangers, in companies where you do not have a contact. It acts like the sizzling plate of fajitas that passes you by at your local TGI Friday’s Restaurant. It provides an irresistible essence of you and your skills to the right people who will be receptive to your talent. It provides a bit of insight to your true writing abilities, intelligence and creativity which could give you a significant edge over the competition.  It allows you to address how you will solve the most pressing challenge that particular company has to face. Finally, it allows you to beat the usual stampede of applicants that otherwise would be your competition if you hadn’t just finished first already.

Not only have I heard stories of outstanding results from my clients in the resume writing business, but I certainly have experienced them first hand. Suddenly I was laid off work as a successful store manager after the Gordon’s Jewelers merger with Zale Corp in 1989. I needed a good job quick and I was stuck in St. Albans, VT in the winter. Naturally, I wasn’t going out to pound the pavement in -10 degree temperatures with a snow storm on the way. So I made an executive decision, I sent a few cover letters out. Two days later, I had an interview in Providence, RI at Tilden-Thurber Jewelers with both the CEO and owner together. After an hour of tough questions, I was hired. 

Now this wasn’t just any jeweler, this was the finest jeweler in all of RI and certainly one of the best in the entire nation. American Gem Society, in business since 1767, Ideal cut diamonds only, these were just a few of the things that made them so special. Honestly, I couldn’t believe I was lucky enough to get an interview. But to by pass the HR department entirely and interview directly with the owner and the CEO that was monumental. Since I had no competition and was qualified, I was hired right on the spot. They did naturally, do a full background check before I started that was just routine though. Ever since my first experience with a cover letter, I have always used them and highly recommended them. In fact, in my own professional writing business they are always included with the price of a professionally written resume.


Keep in mind, the cover letter only was sent out. My resume only was shown at the interview. Should they ask though I will email it directly to them. My point is a well written cover letter that is tailored to each company’s needs is your ticket to success. I am trying to open your mind up to a world of opportunity that exists outside of the help wanted ads. Many of the finest companies don’t even use help wanted ads anyway. 

Is it frustrating to show up at an employers HR department only to find out you have so much competition that interviews will end five days from now?   Is it frustrating to see a stack of resumes six inches tall on your interviewers desk? Do they ask you for another copy of your resume since it will take too long to dig through that big stack on their desk? Would you believe you can by pass that needle in a haystack routine with eye popping cover letter?   That is exactly what cover letters are for my friend. Occasionally, to test my new ideas and the current business climate I’ll ask for feedback from a cover letter client. Recently we got five email responses & an interview invitation from a single cover letter. Who would have thought a great cover letter could get passed along with in a company even before your interview?

In closing, if you would like to really advance your career, open your mind to all the possibilities and opportunity out there. Look beyond the help wanted ads which are mere fallen bread crumbs. You are invited to the unlimited abundance that the world has all around you. Welcome to your five star catered table Mr. Employee of the Year. We have been saving a chair for you thank goodness you sent us that cover letter a year ago. Yes Virginia, there really is opportunity everywhere all you have to do is ask. From Matthew 7:7 in the Bible: “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and the door shall be opened to you.”  Cover letters are time tested and proven. 


Now if you are not skilled writing about yourself and more importantly selling yourself. Perhaps you might want to leave the making yourself irresistible part to a professional writer. Remember cover letters should be custom tailored to each particular job target and company to have maximum impact.

Resumes too should follow this rule. Would you as an employer find a generic resume and cover letter even mildly interesting? Do you know the hot button words that act like high powered magnets for employers? Do you have impeccable editing and proofreading skills as your whole career is riding on your writing? If the answer is tentative, a maybe or no, ask for professional help.  Remember you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Wooden Garden Bridges – What to Consider

There are times when we see something nice and we think of it as a nice addition to our home. There are times, too, when that addition does not simply add up and fail to reach our expectations. If you are fond of looking at home furnishings and structures that can adorn the interiors and exteriors of your home, then you should think deeply first and try to weight the pros and cons of having something before you decide to buy it. For instance, you may have seen a beautiful piece of statue that you think would look perfect for a corner in the garden but then looked ridiculous when you finally had it. Now, since a garden bridge is one structure that can be placed in the exteriors of your home, let us delve deeper into the considerations you should take before you order one for your property:

1. Loving what you saw.

It is true that there are many home furnishings and structure which are pleasant to the sight. One such example is a handcrafted garden bridge that you can use in yard or in your garden. Be solved on the idea of ​​having a small bridge on your garden and imagine how you and the family will use it.

2. Where to Place It

You may love how the bridge looks like in the photo but you have to think of where you can place it in your property. The good news is that the wooden garden bridges of today do not only serve as gap bridges but also as decorative elements. This means that you need not have a body of water (such as a pond) in your property before you can have a bridge. Since a small garden bridge is a very effective decorative piece, you can use it almost anywhere from koi ponds to garden beds to dry river beds or even to adorn a regular garden path.

3. Short Span or Long Span Bridge?

Of course, you do not simply point a lovely piece of wooden bridge and plop it down your property. If you want your garden bridge to be perfect in the perfect setting, you need to take necessary measurements. If you will be placing it over a koi pond, then take the measurement between the two ends of the pond. If you will simply put it as a decorative element in a garden path, then you can opt for shorter bridges. The great news is that you need not adjust based on what is available since many wooden bridge makers of today custom-make your bridge based on your needed measurements.

4. Deciding on the Details

Aside from the length of the garden bridge, you also need to decide on a few details that you would want for your bridge. To be able to make sure that your bridge fits perfectly in your garden or home theme, you can consider different styles and designs. Choose from single or double rails or you can also choose the type of wood to be used. California redwood is one ideal type of wood that can look magnificent in any garden setting.

Singer 221 Featherweight Interchangeable Parts

Singer in order to make it economical made parts on machines that would work on other machines. I have made a list of some of the parts that can be used on some other machines. Here is what you should know.

1. The difference in voltage actually allows you to trade items from a 220 volt and make it work or interchange with the 110 volt. For example the electric block seems to get broke a lot.

  • Did you know that you can pull the pins out of a 220 Volt, replace them with your pins out of your old 110 volt making this part usable again?

2. The same is true with the foot control on a 220 volt. You can use the foot control cover to replace a broken 110 volt foot control. All parts off the foot control will work on your 110 volt foot control, even the enter workings will work if you take off the extra electric transformers.

3. The price of 220 volt equipment is cheaper and will work fine.

4. The Singer manufactures made foot controls that went in a singer desk. They fit most Singer 221, 301, 15-91 and other models. Parts from the furniture can be helpful when trying to find parts that are high priced or not available.

5. A featherweight machine will use the same brushes as other machine models. This helps in finding brushes if there are problems in finding the correct brushes.

6. This Singer machine will use the same parts from other models that are painted. For instance the 1933 early model scroll faceplate will still fit on models into the 1950’s. The painted faceplate will fit on a regular black singer featherweight.

7. The tension on the machine is used on other models of Singer machines. The tension will fit other featherweight machines for instance 221j tan model.

8. The light bulb from the machine can be used in a model 301, 201-2, singer 15-91 and some other models singer made.

9. The power cord can be used other machines if it is a double lead power cord.

10. It is always good to use new wiring on machines that are being used extensively. Collectors sometimes prefer to have original equipment and in most cases original parts are better quality. The old wiring is not as safe, but it is original for a collector sewing machines.

11. Bobbin case from the Singer 301 can be used in the Singer 221 featherweight. Bobbins for the 301 machines are also fit.

12. Rotary hook assembly or shuttle assembly from the 301 can also be used.

13. Parts from behind the faceplate can be used on other machnes.

14. The bobbin winder actually will fit on other models, but if you are a collector you might want the part that originally came on their Singer 221 featherweight.

15. Bobbin tensions or thread guides as some are called will fit on other machines.

If you buy a new part for your featherweight sewing machine you should look at returning your old part to a website or dealer that is trying to keep these parts in circulation. When you need a Singer 221 featherweight rotary hook assembly others might be able to get use out of screws or other parts from your old rotary hook. This is true of all parts that are of no use to you any more. We are willing to pay postage just to keep these old original parts in circulation. You can help if you need a new part try to send your old part back. You might even get some money back.

TV Wall Mounts Verses TV Stands – Which is Best?

Mounting your flat screen TV on the wall has become incredibly fashionable over the past few years, but is it the right thing to do? A lot of people aren’t sure whether they should take the plunge and suspend their TV from the wall, or whether they should stick to the more traditional TV stands. Both have their benefits and drawbacks and choosing one over the other can be a tough decision, so this article will compare both options to give you a clearer idea about which one is right for you.

Advantages Of TV Wall Mounts

Using a wall mount means you can finally get rid of that bulky TV stand that is currently sitting in the corner; they are a fantastic way to reclaim some of your valuable floor space. There are literally hundreds of different models available so you are sure to find one with the exact features that you require. TV wall mounts really do add a touch of cutting edge, contemporary style to any room and can instantly transform old fashioned or out dated decor.

Disadvantages Of TV Wall Mounts

You can only mount your TV in certain places. Modern LCD and plasma TVs are still fairly heavy so you need to make sure the wall is strong enough to support your TV. Never fasten your mount to plasterboard because it is too weak and your TV will soon come crashing to the floor; instead you should only secure the mount to solid brickwork or wall studs.

The price of wall mounts can vary widely, and even though the cost may be small in comparison to the cost of your TV, a lot of people find that even the most basic types of mount can actually be relatively expensive for that they are. If you already have a cabinet to house your receivers and other equipment, it can look slightly odd to see the TV mounted to the wall instead of placed on top of the cabinet.

Advantages Of TV Stands

TV stands are very flexible since they can be placed anywhere in the room and can be moved from one location to another if you ever decide to re-arrange the furniture or redecorate. The majority of TV stands available feature several shelves or cupboards making them the ideal solution for housing all of your other home entertainment equipment such as DVD/ Blu-ray players and satellite boxes in one place.

Disadvantages Of TV Stands

TV stands can be quite bulky and often dominate the room when floor space is at a premium. When using a stand, you often have to arrange the furniture based on the available space left over, rather than on the optimal viewing position. Unless you are lucky enough to have a dedicated home theatre room that is off limits to kids and pets, your TV and other equipment is likely to be at risk from being knocked over. Stands can be quite fragile and it only takes a small bump in order to tip them over and send thousands of dollars worth of equipment crashing to the floor.

Which Is Best?

Choosing between a TV wall mount and a TV stand is totally dependent on your personal requirements. TV stands are good for those people who may not have a wall that is strong enough to support the weight of their TV set, or of course for those who don’t like the look of wall mounted TVs. However, TV wall mounts are a great way to maximize space in smaller rooms and also make sure that your precious TV is out of the way of children and pets.

Search Engine Optimization – If I Had a Hammer

Murphy's Law states: When in the course of human events things can go wrong, they will go wrong, at the worst possible time. O'Tooles Law states: Murphy was an optimist.

What does this have to do with search engine optimization? You better believe these laws are in full force and effect when you design or redesign your website. Any business that is modern in terms of communication with their customers must create a website. This is as fundamental as having a listing in the telephone book; it is the digital equivalent of a telephone number. Would you want your business to have an unlisted number? Probably not. If you are legitimately interested in making it easier for customers to find you a website for your business is a necessity.

A year and a half ago I started a business and developed a website. It has been quite a learning experience. During this period I have written several articles on this subject including: Search Engine Optimization for Beginners, Search Engine Optimization- The Long Road to Internet Success, Website Redesign- A Perilous Road and Website Design- A Tandem Approach. Little did I know how perilous the journey would be. Murphy and O'Toole were waiting to attack the very moment the website redesign project was "finished".

Here is what happened. It took the better part of three months for the site redesign to be "completed". The site has two versions: a dynamic version which I am told is like a movie. This is the flash version. Images move. The flash version is "invisible" insofar as the web search engines are concerned. The second version is the static version. Things do not move. Both versions are reached by the landing page, the page you go to visit a commercial site ( for instance). This landing page is also called a splash page.

Since web designers are proud of their work and want to advertise their services, they often put a small logo for their firm on the splash or landing page. What you do not see is a hidden description of their business which is supposed to be for the search engines benefit. Every time the web designer creates a website for their customer that contains the designer's logo a link is created to the designer's website. This improves their popularity on the search engines. It tends to drive more business to them, just like your website is designed to attract more customers.

In this particular case the splash page had my business logo and the web designer's logo plus links to the dynamic and static versions to the new website. Google picked up my business' name and metatags plus the website designer's business description and logo. For two weeks until Google revisited the site (after the web designer fixed the problem by deleting their logo), the business was described as "flash version | static version o Award-Winning Web Hosting o Web Hosting o Domain Name Registration o Web design at Affordable Prices o Dedicated Servers … "Which, by the way, had nothing to do with my financial services business. Thank you very much Mr. Murphy and Mr. O'Toole.

"If I Had a Hammer" is a song written by Pete Seeger and Lee Hayes in 1949. It became very popular in 1962 when it was recorded by Peter, Paul and Mary. It was a top 10 hit. It was considered a civil rights anthem. Here are the lyrics:

If I had a hammer

I'd hammer in the morning

I'd hammer in the evening

All over this land

I'd hammer out danger

I'd hammer out a warning

I'd hammer out love between my brothers and my sisters

All over this land

If I had a bell

I'd ring it in the morning

I'd ring it in the evening

All over this land

I'd ring out danger

I'd ring out a warning

I'd ring out love between my brothers and my sisters

All over this land

If I had a song

I'd sing it in the morning

I'd sing it in the evening

All over this land

I'd sing out danger

I'd sing out a warning

I'd sing out love between my brothers and my sisters

All over this land

Well I've got a hammer

And I've got a bell

And I've got a song to sing

All over this land

It's the hammer of justice

It's the bell of freedom

It's the song about love between my brothers and my sisters

All over this land

The bottom line: If I had a hammer, I would like to hit Murphy and O'Toole and possibly the web designer who caused my site to look so foolish. But I love the irony of the process and their work technically was superb. To error is human and to forgive is divine.

Copyright © Gregg Financial Services

Glass Mosaic Tile Art – Base Materials

Making wonderful glass mosaic tile art is easy! Let me show you how.

Tesserae can be adhered to almost any type of base material. Size and weight of the finished work, and where and how the work will be displayed are the primary factors to consider when selecting your base material. Glass is heavy, so the base material must be robust enough to support the weight of the tesserae and grout. Indoor mosaics that remain dry (ie, not displayed in steam rooms or similar environments) may be made using wood as the base. Outdoor mosaics exposed to the weather should be made with backerboard or other water-proof material.

Regardless of the base type, the surface must be clean, free of oil and grease, and with no loose paint or other coverings such as wallpaper. If not already roughed (especially wood), it's best to sand or otherwise rough the surface to give the adhesive something extra to "grab" (eg, scratch it with a flat tip screwdriver or score it with a razor blade knife).

Wood is my favorite base material for indoor hanging mosaics. It can be easily cut to any size and shape and is relatively cheap. For my indoor wall-hangings, I prefer 3/4-inch cabinet grade plywood pre-cut at my favorite home improvement store into 2'x4 'pieces (each piece costs about $ 15). The standard pre-cut 2'x4 'size limits me to a maximum mosaic width of two feet. I like this limitation because it prevents me from going crazy and creating gigantic mosaics that take forever to finish. Over the years, I've found that 24 "x30" is a good size for wall-hangings of any subject, so the 2'x4 'pre-cut size is just right for me.

I prefer cabinet grade because it's already sanded and is not warped, and the cheaper grades usually have gouges, nicks, and knot holes. The 3/4-inch plywood is plenty strong enough to handle the weight of the tesserae and grout, and it's plenty thick enough to accept the 1/2-inch screws needed to install the frame clips and hanging wire. The 3/4-inch thickness also resists warping, which is important for mosaics. If the base warps, the grout will likely crack and tesserae will likely pop off.

Bare-wood furniture (ie, unpainted and unstained), boxes, mirror frames, and other doodads at your favorite craft store make delightful indoor mosaics.

For outdoor mosaics, I prefer backerboard. The two most common types of backerboard are water-resistant greenboard sheetrock and cementitious-type ceramic tile backerboard.

Greenboard is water-resistant but not waterproof. Unlike standard drywall, greenboard has a moisture-resistant paper and a treated core. Although treated, it disintegrates with prolonged exposure to water. Therefore, do not use greenboard for outdoor mosaics.

Cement backerboard is strong and water-resistant. It will not disintegrate with prolonged exposure to water, and it will not warp due to changes in temperature or humidity. Typical cement backerboard is formed with a solid cement core reinforced on both sides with fiberglass mesh. Hardibacker is a brand of backerboard made with proprietary materials, which do not include fiberglass mesh. Hardibacker is purportedly stronger and lighter than other brands. Cement backerboard or Hardibacker is the best base material for outdoor mosaic walls, tabletops, panels, mailbox address plates, and various other flat mosaic projects.

Terracotta is a hard, brownish-orange mixture of clay and sand used in pottery. Flower pots are typical examples of terracotta and look wonderful as mosaics.

Cement-based stepping stones and birdbaths make beautiful outdoor mosaics.

Glass plates, bowls, and vases make lovely indoor mosaic knickknacks and keepsakes.

You can mosaic just about anything as long as it's strong enough to hold the weight of the tesserae, it's durable enough to endure the environment in which the mosaic will be displayed, and it's properly prepared (sanded, sealed, etc.).

Remember, making mosaic art is easy. You can do it. Yes, you can!

Refurbishing Baskets and Clay Pots

Many times we run across baskets and clay pots at yard sales or in a thrift store for pennies. We may hesitate on buying these used containers, but should not. Maybe they are a little dirty. Maybe they are not shiny and new looking like we think they should be for our shop. It is very chic to recycle. There are many ways to update the look of baskets and clay pots, so that they may be used in a new style. Keep on the lookout for these bargains and get creative. You will be designing something unique while adding to your bottom line in the accounting department for your shop.

When purchasing used baskets do make sure they are structurally sound and are not coming apart. It is okay if they look a little dull and uninteresting. You get them to your shop. Now what? First of all, think color! Lots of bright colors! Get out the spray paint and get busy. Florists have available floral spray paints that can be bought for refurbishing wicker. Design Master is the brand name. This paint is available at your local wholesaler and maybe the larger craft stores. This spray dries very quickly and does not have a lasting paint smell. The paint dries to a satin sheen. There are over 50 colors with 4 metallic hues. Design Master Paint complies with all environmental regulations. I like to use the glossy wood tone spray to make any wicker basket look new again, while maintaining the naturalness of the basket.

Begin with a dry, clean, dust-free surface. Spray lightly building up the paint as thick as you would like. Once painted, your basket can be sealed with a sealant for an even shinier look. Spray your project lightly for a whitewashed look. Once painted your thrift store find will look just like new. You could keep going by adding dried flowers and ribbons to the basket. By adding a waterproof liner your basket can be used for a basket garden full of green house plants or herbs. Use newly refreshed baskets for gift baskets. A trunk overflowing with newly painted baskets of many colors can be an eye-catching display. For a festive look try the glitter spray, along with the metallic colors.

Frequently, we find clay pots in a second hand store or a yard sale. I used to shy away from used clay pots, but not anymore. I thought the water stains were not cool. The ideas to refurbish clay pots are numerous and cost-effective. Before restoring clay pots to their new look, once again, wash and scrub pots thoroughly with hot soapy water to clean and disinfect. Dry them well.

I have three refurbished looks for a creative end product that can be sold in your shop… The first is applying a crackle finish. This is where you apply a base coat of one color, then apply a crackle medium, and finish with an alternate color. The crackle medium cracks the paint allowing the base coat to show through. This technique could also be topped off with by decoupaging a rose or other picture of your choice onto the pot. Check online for a book on painting techniques for detailed instructions.

The second technique I use involves tissue/wrapping paper. Select a pretty floral pattern, checks, or stripes. Whatever sparks your creativity! Dip the paper in a mixture of white glue and water. Apply to the pot in a semi-orderly fashion. Apply to the inside of the pot to at least halfway. Let dry. Apply a sealant. Wrap with a French wired ribbon. The recycled clay pot is ready for a fragrant herb or maybe even a topiary design. Make plenty of them just to have for sale all by themselves. They are very attractive and French Country.

The last method is more of a natural method. Once again, be sure to scrub the pots thoroughly. Many used pots have natural water stains from the minerals in water. Do not worry. Go with it. The used, discolored look is very stylish. Put a sealant on the clay container. Add some moss here and there, maybe a sprig of preserved evergreen and a dried rose. Play up with whatever you have to work, be imaginative! Your pot is now ready. Fill with natural bath toiletries. Make a garden pot by adding flower seeds, garden gloves and a small shovel and trowel. There are endless possibilities. Relish in the fact that you have recycled. You have made something old, new again. You have extended the life something that is so quickly tossed. Have fun!! You are adding uniqueness to your shop.

Texas Artists and Art Movements

Edgar Byran Davis – Philantropist

From “Texans Always Move Them: A True History of Texas”

When Texas wildcatter, Edgar Byram Davis struck oil near Luling, Texas, everyone benefited. After making profits on his discovery, he used his funds to improve Texas. Davis celebrated by hosting a huge free barbecue. He invited friends, employees and associates in Luling, Texas. He shared his profits by contributing to charitable organizations, purchased golf courses for Luling, improved hospitals and supported the arts. Among his patronage was supporting the Broadway play, “The Ladder” for two years and the controversial figure Edgar Cayce. Davis personally paid for tickets to the play due to his belief in reincarnation which the play emphasized and that it was written by a friend of his.

Texas Impressionism

Edgar B. Davis also underwrote the Texas Wildflower Competitive Exhibitions of art. The $5,000 prize money awarded in the competition was the richest art award offered in the United States. Prizes were given for national and state-wide competition. Davis liked the Texas wildflowers, and had possibly been inspired by Texas artist Julian Onderdonk (1882-1922), who was known as the “Bluebonnet Painter” and “Father of Texas Painting”. His paintings of the Texas landscapes often portrayals of areas near his home in San Antonio gained him a national reputation. His father, Robert Jenkins Onderdonk (1852-1917) was also an established artist.

These art competitions brought painters to Texas along with encouraging native born artist to pursue painting. These competitions almost single handedly brought about a painting style known as “Texas Impressionism”. Texas Impressionism sought to portray the effects of sun and light on outdoor subjects. The Impressionist movement, which began in France, was brought to Texas through this movement. Texas born artists Jose Arpa (1858-1952), Robert Wood (1889-1979), Rolla Taylor (1871-1970), and Porifirio Salinas (1919-1973). and Dawson-Dawson Watson (1864-1939) was born in England, yet his close association and similar style with the Texas painters lumps him in with the Texas impressionists.combined the popular painting style of impressionism with Texas landscapes. The artist Porifirio Salinas met fellow artists Robert Woos and Jose Arpa by selling them art supplies. From them he learned their unique style, even cooperating with them on some paintings. From those lessons, he mastered his own style. One of his later students, Palmer Chrisman (1913-1984), became an acclaimed artist.Chrisman provided medical services in trade for art lessons. Chrisman’s paintings were given out as gifts by President Lyndon Johnson during his presidency. This new style encouraged painters to come to Texas, with the Dallas area becoming a center of the new Texas school of artistic painting.

Modern Texas artists whose paintings reflect this style are Dalhart Windberg and Larry Dyke.Dyke’s work has hung in the White House and other prominent locations. Larry Dyke’s paintings have his signature Bible passage reference on each work, which is one of his unique markers.

Lone Star Regionalism

Davis’ financial patronage was one of the bright spots during the economic hardships of the depression in Texas of the 1930’s. Between his patronage and WPA projects encouraging the development of artists and writers, a new style developed known as “Lone Star Regionalism”. This new style gradually gained dominance over the previous movement of Texas Impressionism. The new style used darker colors to portray subjects unique to Texas. Some critics may claim that the dark colors reflected the dark mood of the times. The artists attempted making their subjects easy for the common man to understand. The ‘regionalists’ chose everyday life as subjects for their art and writing. This increased emphasis on regionalism occurred in art and literature. Writers like J. Frank Dobie were part of this regionalism movement. J. Frank Dobie and Texas native, Tom Lea pooled their talents in joint ventures during this time. Artists in the movement included Clinton King (1901-1979),Thomas Hart Benson, Jerry Bywaters (1906-1989), Alexandre Hogue, Henry Nash Smith and David R. Williams. These artists were inspired by writers such as John Dewey, George Santayana and Constance Rourke. A group of the more prominent artists living in Dallas became known as the “Dallas Nine”. The regionalist artists were influential on art throughout the United States. At the 1939 World’s Fair held in New York City, after seeing the work of the Texas artists, the President of the exhibition commented, “The exhibition indicates that New York is still the art center of the nation, but it shows clearly that during the recent years there has been a marked decentralization, and that a number of cities and towns throughout the country have risen to challenge the leadership of the eastern metropolis.”

Artists during these harsh times resorted to many creative techniques and mediums. They painted on railroad cars, burlap, and almost any surface that paint would adhere to. In their resourcefulness, they made their own frames and canvas stretchers. The government program of WPA employed artists to paint murals for public buildings such as post offices. The post office and court house works often used murals to convey Texas and historic themes. Among the leading mural painters were Texas born artists Tom Lea (1907-2001) and Ruth Monro Augur.

Tom Lea’s work was featured on federal buildings and post offices throughout the nation. He also served as a military artist during World War II. At the 100th anniversary of his birth, President George W. Bush requested the Tom Lea painting of Rio Grande from the EL Paso Museum of Art would hang in the oval office. The work was eventually purchased and is currently on display in the oval office of the White House.

Texas Still Lifes

There were some Texas regionalism artists who were grouped into a subgroup of Texas Still Lifes. These are still a part of Texas regionalism, yet with works focused on still life subjects. Among this group were Lloyd L. Sergeant (1881-1934),Robert J. Onderdonk, Alexandre Hogue, Florence McClung, H. D. Bugbee, Olive Vandruff, Emilio Caballero and Isabel Robinson. Many of these artists were located in North Texas or the Panhandle sections of the state. They shared a common theme of still life painting within the Texas Regionalist style and painted their works in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Modern Artists of Note

Another modern Texas artist of note is Bruce Marshall. Marshall is known for his portrayal of Texas historic events and persons. His depictions of military uniforms and the accuracy of his detailing has earned high praises. He has written and published books on early Texas history and uniforms. His art was renowned enough to be knighted for his accomplishments, so that he is now known as “Sir Bruce Marshall”. He and his wife reside in the Austin, Texas area on land that has been in his family since colonial Texas.

JOHNNIE LILIEDAHL is another Texas artist with an international reputation. Her instruction and art are in demand around the world. People from Europe, Australia and Asia attend her classes to learn how she captures her subjects in a classic realistic stye reminiscent of the European masters. Johnnie continues teaching art classes at her studio in La Porte, Texas.

Test Your Fancy Nancy Trivia

Do you know Fancy Nancy? Well, if you are a 4 to 6 year old girl, you surely know who she is. Nancy, the creative brilliance of author Jane O’Connor, is a young girl who loves everything fancy. The original story book in the series, suitably titled “Fancy Nancy” spins the tale of Nancy, a pint-sized curly-auburn haired girl who loves to speak using fancy French words, dresses in fancy clothing, and loves just about any else that is fancy. Even Nancy’s favorite doll is tres fancy – her doll’s name, Marabelle, is short for Marabelle Lavinia Chandelier. Unfortunately the rest of Nancy’s family is very plain. Nancy even goes so far as to give her family lessons on the differences between plain and fancy. Glasses…plain, sunglasses…fancy! Nancy’s signature clothing is a cow print leotard paired with a poodle skirt, fairy wings, cat-eye sunglasses, leg warmers, ballet slippers and a tiara. The unique and whimsical illustrations, by Robin Preiss Glasser, add to the delightful nature of these books.

In subsequent picture books in the Fancy Nancy series, including “Bonjour Butterfly”, the “Posh Puppy” and “Explorer Extraordinaire”, you meet Nancy’s dog Frenchy and her best friend Bree.

Jane O’Connor’s inspiration for all of her books,, including the Fancy Nancy series, comes from her own life experiences, or those of her family. Every Sunday afternoon, when Jane was about 4 or 5 years old, her grandmother and great aunts would come to visit Jane and her family. “As soon as I heard the doorbell ring,” Jane says, “I would race to my room, jump in my pink tutu, wrap a satin red cape around me, and come galoomphing out to greet my guests in a pair of my mom’s high heels. I wasn’t a girlie-girl, but I felt it was important to look fancy for company.” O’Connor was Fancy Jane long before she wrote Fancy Nancy.

What does being fancy mean to Nancy? It means frilly toothpicks in sandwiches, eating with your pinkies up, lace trimmed socks while playing soccer, and do-it-yourself canopies over her bed.

Jane O’Connor’s Fancy Nancy hysteria has blossomed into a growing series of picture books, I can read books, as well as Fancy Nancy gifts and merchandise such as dolls, doll clothes, puzzles, games, birthday party supplies, bedroom accessories and of course Fancy Nancy dress up clothes for little girls. You can find a Fancy Nancy gift for all occasions.

Check out our Fancy Nancy Trivia to see how much you know about this remarkable little girl:

A. What word is written on the pillow that rests on Nancy’s bed?

B. What is Nancy’s favorite color?

C. What is the name of the restaurant where Nancy and her family go out to eat?

D. What’s the name of Nancy’s best friend?

E. What is the full name of Nancy’s doll? (hint: We mentioned it above)

F. Who are Nancy’s next door neighbors (on each side of her house)?

G. What does Nancy think she will be when she grows up?

H. What is the name of Mrs. DeVine’s dog?

I. What breed is Nancy’s dog?

J. What is Nancy’s teacher’s name?

K. What is Nancy’s middle name?

L. What is Nancy’s last name?

M. What is Nancy’s dog’s name?

N. What does she use to hold up her bed canopy?

O. What is the name of Fancy Nancy’s sister?

P. What was Mrs DeVine’s profession?

Q. What breed is Mrs. DeVine’s dog?

R. In what city did Mrs. DeVine live as a child?

S. What is Nancy’s baby sitter’s name?

Answers: A: Sublime; B: Fuchsia; C: The King’s Crown; D: Bree; E: Marabelle Lavinia Chandelier; F: Bree (her best friend) and Mrs. DeVine; G: A lepidopterist (that’s a fancy word for a scientist who studies butterflies); H: Jewel; I: La Salle spaniel; J: Ms. Glass; K: She doesn’t have a middle name; L: Clancy (yes…that makes her Fancy Nancy Clancy!); M: Frenchy; N: A broom and a mop; O. JoJo; P. Beauty care professional (she worked at a hair salon); Q: Papillion; R: Hollywood; S. Alex

O’Connor quotes excerpted from her interview with National Public Radio

Eight Telltale Signs That He Is Definitely NOT Mr Right

What follows is a list of scenarios. If you should find yourself in any such scenario, GET OUT OF THE RELATIONSHIP or DON’T GET IN IT TO BEGIN WITH! This list is not all-inclusive; however, I think I’ve covered the major no-nos. Read and reread this list. Study it. Memorize it. Any time a situation on the list occurs – end it. You don’t have to think about it, give it time, talk to friends, pray about it, nothing. It’s a no-brainer, leave it alone. Pay close attention.

• If He is Married

Although most might consider this to be common sense, there are a vast number of women who knowingly date married men. Now, there are several theories as to why this happens. For instance, some women who suffer from low self-esteem don’t deem themselves worthy to be in a relationship. Often times, this might be the result of sexual or physical abuse during childhood. Regardless as to the cause, women who fit this category are willing to settle for being second best or second choice.

Another theory suggests that some women are bought into adulterous relationships. Yes, I said “bought” not “brought”. It’s no secret that Married men who are unfaithful typically lavish their mistresses with gifts and money – well those who can afford to do so. Consequently, many women will willingly take on that role strictly for monetary gain.

So, if you enjoy being second best or if you’ve not yet realized that life is about more than just money, keep dating married men. Otherwise, DON’T START A RELATIONSHIP WITH SOMEONE ELSE’S HUSBAND OR YOU MAY NEVER HAVE YOUR OWN!!

• If He Says He Doesn’t Want To Be In a Relationship

When a man says he does not want to be in a relationship, believe him! Take him at his word. Don’t try to read between the lines or read into what he’s saying. You are not going to make him change his mind; you are not going to “beat him at his own game”. Just, move on. The two of you are obviously not looking for the same thing. If you insist upon pursuing someone like this, you will, most likely, just get hurt.

Yet, how many women willingly begin dating these types of men thinking one of two things. One, they believe they can keep the thing casual and not get their feelings involved. Why bother? If you are seeking a lifetime partner, not nighttime partner, what is the point of entering a situation where you have to keep your emotions at bay? You want to love and be loved freely.

The second thought process is, “I’ll win him over and he’ll change his mind.” This rarely, if ever, happens. You are wasting your time and effort. In either instance, clearly, this is not Mr. Right.

• If He Just Wants to Be Friends “For Now”

Very similar to the previous one, with one exception – there is hope. A man such as this will lead you to believe that he just wants to take it slow; that marriage and family may be in the future. In actuality, he just wants to have his cake and it eat it too whenever he feels the need with absolutely no commitment at all.

Do not be fooled into thinking that he will “come around”; he won’t. He has no desire to do anything other than put his hands in your cookie jar, so to speak.

If you do insist upon being friends with this type of man, make sure there is no exchange of benefits! Once that happens, he wins and you lose!

• If He Has Another Girlfriend

Somehow or another, this has become an inexplicable phenomenon in modern society. Women are willingly dating men whom they know are dating other women! There used to be a time when this was grounds for immediate dismissal, but now men tell women up front that they are not the only one. As crazy as it may sound, the multiple girlfriends then vie for the man’s love and devotion.

Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this picture? Listen closely – NO MAN RESPECTS A WOMAN WHO KNOWINGLY SHARES HIS AFFECTIONS! No matter what he may say or do, he doesn’t respect you because he doesn’t think you respect yourself – so why should he? The bottom line is this: If you can’t be the only one, don’t be anyone.

• If He Lies

This is probably one of the most difficult areas to decipher. Some women believe a man until he gives her reason not to. Others refuse to extend trust to any man until he has proven himself. Personally, I’d err on the side of caution and withhold trust until it is earned.

A healthy relationship requires trust. It is impossible to establish that trust if one of the parties is a liar. In my opinion, a man who lies is also more likely to be unfaithful.

So you must remember not to be blinded by love; however, at the same time, you don’t want to make every prospect pay for your exes’ mistakes. Pay attention! Don’t overlook inconsistencies. Be smart! God gave you a brain, so use it! And, please, don’t ignore the obvious red flags.

Remember a relationship without trust is like a car without tires – It’s going nowhere!

• If He is Making a Living Illegally

I really shouldn’t have to say anymore. But, surprisingly, many women find themselves caught up with men like this. Why is that? They may believe that these men can provide them a sense of financial security; and then there are those women who just love bad boys! (Mainly the good ones, right?);

Now bear in mind that the term, “making a living illegally” encompasses many activities. At first thought, one might think of a drug dealer, booster or robber. But, let’s not forget about those who are involved in white-collar crimes, such as embezzlement, insider trading fraud. So, let’s call a spade a spade.

A liaison of this type is destined to lead to a great deal of headache and heartache in the future.

There is no amount of money that can buy your freedom, happiness, or peace of mind. So, no matter how good it may look at the onset, it’s doomed your Mr. Right changes occupations.

• If He is Abusive

Women, whom fall prey to this type of man, are typically similar to the women who date unavailable men. They suffer from low self-esteem and often a poor self-image. As strange as it may sound, many women believe that when a man abuses her that means he loves her. How sad, but true.

You will never find contentment in the arms of a man who puts his hands on you. Worse, an abusive relationship has the capacity to turn deadly, literally. There are too many people in life who love you and need you; don’t put yourself in harm’s way, especially in the name of love. No man has the right to abuse you verbally or physically. It’s wrong and could never be right!

• If He Suffers From an Active Addiction of Any Kind

There are thousands of good people who are recovering from some sort of addiction. However, those that are in active addition suffer from an illness. They are not well and, therefore, incapable of being in a relationship.

Too often, women believe we can help these men or heal them. In the process of trying to do so, you can actually become co-dependent. Now, that doesn’t mean you will necessarily begin to abuse drugs, but the man that you are with becomes your drug along with all the drama that he has in his life. As a result, you both begin to live in addiction and it is impossible to be productive in a relationship while you are in the throes of addiction.

Please don’t be fooled! If he is not willing to get help for himself, then there is NOTHING you can do. And no matter how noble your intentions may be, he will, ultimately, bring you down and destroy you as long as you let him.

If you are in a relationship such as this, the first thing you need to do is work on YOUR addiction – him. Once you are “clean”, you will be able to clearly see the dysfunction in which you had been living.

As the title states, these are just eight of the telltale signs that your mate may not be Mr. Right. Once you have confirmed that hunch, leave. Move on because he obviously is not the one. It may be hard now, but, believe me, it will be much harder the longer it continues. Do it now, before it’s too late!

Waterproof a Basement: Do It Yourself Tips, and What NOT to Do

Two things to do BEFORE you spend money – Thing One: Check your downspouts and gutters. A clogged gutter or broken downspout can be the downfall of any basement. Imagine pointing a fire hose at your basement wall… yes, it’s that bad. Make sure your downspout is leading about 5-10 feet away from the home and past the point that your grade slopes down. If you can’t stand the look of it, grab your strongest child, grab a shovel, and have them bury it; because taking it off isn’t an option. Thing Two: Check your grade. If your landscaping is sloping toward your house (even in one area) all the storm water is going to head right to it and form a puddle against your foundation… even if the wind is blowing the other way. Don’t believe me? Ask Murphy. If you have a problem with the sidewalk or driveway sloping in, there is a process called “Slab jacking” that will raise these areas by pumping material beneath them.

Still getting water? Alright, well then it’s time to call in the pros. There are two ways that water can get into a basement (and I’m not including a leaky water pipe). The first thing you have to do is determine, “Where is that damn water coming from!?!” Your two options: Through the wall or through the floor. If you have no Irish blood, it could be entering from both. Sometimes it is easy to distinguish, but SOMETIMES it’s coming in right from where the floor and the wall meet and gets a little tricky. Go downstairs during a rainstorm and watch it enter. Look for water signs or significant moisture on the wall, or on the floor. Keep in mind, if a puddle forms on the floor, it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s where it’s coming from (You’d be surprised… )

If it’s coming in through the wall, count your blessings, well kind of. Don’t get me wrong, it still stinks, but your fix is a lot less expensive and doesn’t require tearing up your concrete floor. If it’s coming in through your floor, well, keep religion out of it.

Wall Water/Moisture- about 90% of people with problems (this percentage is not based on any actual statistics, just my experience)

Sometimes, it’s been there since you moved in 10 years ago and you’re just sick of the puddle on the floor. Sometimes, it just randomly and incomprehensibly sprang up, like Katy Perry’s fame. Either way, it’s time to put an end to it (we’re back to talking about wall water… I think)

Wall Moisture: If you have nothing but a tiny bit of moisture resulting in a musty smell, FIX IT YOURSELF. There is no point in spending thousands of dollars to have a waterproofing sales rep come out and sell you something you don’t need. Grab a bucket of oil based drylock paint from your closest Lowe’s, Menards, or Home Depot store and apply a thick coat to the wall.

Wall Crack / Wall Water: There are a couple ways to solve this, depending on how severe the problem. One way is to use the aforementioned oil based drylock paint. But keep in mind, this is still “Paint.” It will hold back water through a couple heavy storms, if you’re lucky. Some companies recommend an “Epoxy Injection,” and they work really well… for about 7 years. The problem with epoxy is that it crystalizes, and as changing weather temperatures cause it to expand and contract, it will crack again and you’ll be left with the same headache. Even worse if you finished your basement and have to tear down the drywall and expose moldy insulation. Another “solution” is excavating the entire outside wall and apply a tar coating along the foundation. This thin coating crystalizes in about 5 years and you have to do the whole thing again. “But wait a second, this is the 21st century and that sounds inefficient and ignorant.” Yes, it is. But some people still do it, new construction companies especially- It’s cheap and outlasts their warranty on the house. My favorite way is with Bentonite clay (Dr. Seuss look out.) Bentonite clay is one of the oldest products on the market and has been used on structures like the hoover dam and when oil rig drillers run into an underground lake. The way Bentonite works is that it absorbs as much water as it can handle, then rejects the rest. For example: a thin layer is spread on the bottom of man-made lakes to keep the water from seeping into the ground. Now take this principal, flip it, then stick it on the outside of your wall. It creates a waterproof membrane barrier that blocks the water. The best part is that it can be injected into the wall outside your foundation through rods the size of a silver dollar, going every couple feet along the outside… That’s right, it doesn’t require digging. Other perks: it stops water from entering the wall on the OUTSIDE, helping to increase the longevity of the wall; it never completely crystalizes so you won’t have a problem 5 years down the road; it helps block radon; it will re-flexible-ize (yeah, yeah, I know) every time water hits it, so it will actually embed itself into any future cracks that would potentially create a problem. The process is called a “Bentonite clay injection.” Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of companies around that do it because the equipment is so expensive and it can require a second application if there are large voids under the soil; which involves the company paying for labor, gas, and material costs twice (The homeowner usually only pays for the initial treatment and the rest are under warranty.)

Hydrostatic Pressure (Water coming up from the ground) – The unlucky 10%

When it comes to hydrostatic pressure, there is only one way to solve it. A drain tile system. Whether this an interior or exterior system, there is one thing to keep in mind: They are all the same. Every company will try to sell you on how their system is better, but at the end of the day, it’s just a pipe put underground that leads into a sump pump or drainage field. This system is not ideal because it involves cutting into your floor. Ultimately, you are jeopardizing the strength of your foundation. It’s not like your house is going to collapse or anything, but it should be avoided if possible.

So how do you choose a company? The only thing to base this on is online reviews and length of time in business. Keep in mind, every company will have a poor review from some homeowner who called them out at twelve at night when a pipe in their ceiling was leaking and got mad for having to pay a service charge, but for the most part these are pretty reliable. Length of time in business is crucial because the average waterproofing company only lasts for about 15 years. What happens if you try to sell your house and they have closed (voiding the warranty), or they go out of business and you develop a minor problem that would be an easy fix but ends up costing you $2500. Exactly… spend a little more now and hang on to the reputable company.

The Non Surgical Face Lift – Benefits of the EMS Technique

The desire to look and feel younger is prevalent across much of society, hence the growth in popularity of cosmetic surgery during recent decades. However, as the price of cosmetic surgery is still relatively high there is an increasing portion of the market that caters for those that want to look younger without going under the knife. One of these market sectors is the non surgical face lift. Methods vary from the use of Botox to thermage skin tightening.

One of the increasingly popular non surgical face lift methods is the EMS variety. Essentially this works by applying small, and gentle electronic stimulation to the skin which in turn stimulates the muscles underneath. According to research the facial muscles are some of the few in the body directly linked to the skin. This is why when facial muscles start to deteriorate with age they lose the ability to support the skin, subsequently causing wrinkles and sagging.

Whilst it may sound an extreme form of non surgical face lift, running an electric current through the face, most users report that the sensation is a small tingling that in many cases has been found to be relaxing rather than painful. This form of treatment has regularly been used to stimulate facial muscles, however it is only in recent years that it has become an element in cosmetics; in the first instances it was used by medical professionals to treat patients suffering from facial palsy. It was from these early uses that technicians started to note the improvements the treatment had to skin tone and texture, eventually realising the benefits this could have within the cosmetic industry.

Today the non surgical face lift treatments have come on leaps and bounds from the early experiments with palsy patients. EMS technology is now one of the standard forms of treatment, having been used within the medical and cosmetic spheres for over forty years.

Today the non surgical face lift industry is considerable; EMS technology forms a small part of the business but is rapidly growing a large market share. The reasons behind this growth in popularity are the major benefits; the gentle way in which it stimulates facial muscles, the way in which it enhances circulation in the face and finally the way in which it rejuvenates complexion and skin tone.

Effective Communication – Multiple Channels of Communication

As if face-to-face miscommunication were not enough of a challenge, dealing with multiple channels of communication can compound the issue of clear message transmission. One of the most frustrating aspects of communicating to multiple audiences (e.g. customers, business partners, and senior managers) is the redundancy and repetition intrinsic to the process of repeating the same message, over and over, to different stakeholders.

One of the best ways to handle the need to repeat a message across multiple channels is to identify an “elevator pitch” version of your message. The idea is that you have the good fortune to be on the elevator with the senior decision maker for a project or proposal you have. What do you say in the 30 seconds available to you to hook his or her interest? How do you quickly and concisely convey the benefits of your message to someone whose time and attention is scarce?

When you consider your elevator pitch, think of the most concise way of expressing the key feature or benefit of your message. The more you understand and internalize the key aspects of your own message, the more easily your audience will pick up on your intended meaning. The American president Teddy Roosevelt was famous for giving “whistle stop” speeches that lasted from five minutes to two hours, from the back of a train that rolled through town (this was before television broadcast such messages throughout the country). When asked how long it took him to prepare a five minute speech he was said to have responded, “About a day.” And a twenty minute speech? “A few hours.” How about a two-hour speech? “I’m ready to go right now!” The insight here is that to convey your message clearly and concisely takes more work than piling on more words, hoping your listener can sort out your meaning from the vast stream of thoughts spewing forth.

Once you’ve identified the elevator pitch version of your message, you can tailor it for face-to-face communication at sales and networking events, for print advertising, for online newsletters, and so forth. The elevator pitch clarifies your message’s value in a succinct yet versatile manner, suitable for a variety of communication channels.

Washing Machines Reviews – Top Load Agitator Vs Top Load High Efficiency

There is no question about it-top load high efficiency washers are better choices. But for the record, let us run through the differences of top load agitator washers and top load high efficiency washers.

The usual top loading washing machines use agitators to clean the clothes. This agitator is responsible in churning the clothes to get rid of the dirt and grime in your laundry. However, this is also the cause of the many disadvantages of top loaders.

For one thing, the agitator takes up more space. This limits a top loader’s laundry capacity. You can wash more clothes if the agitator is not present. This is where top load high efficiency washing machines come in.

The following are the striking difference in using a top loading high efficiency washer:

Missing Agitator

Instead of the usual agitator, it is replaced with a wash plate that is located at the bottom of the washer. This wash plate enables the washing machine to spin the clothes in a centrifugal motion. Since there is no more agitator, it can clean more clothes.

Better Cleaning Action

It has been purported to clean better. The centrifugal action infuses more detergent and water in the fabric of your clothes so it seeps in and gets rid of even the most stubborn dirt and grime.

Gentle on Your Laundry’s Fabric

It is better for clothes because there is no agitator that can destroy the fabric. The centrifugal action in this type of washers helps detergent penetrate in the fabric in a gentle manner. It is like a cross between a front loader and top loader.

Energy And Water Efficient

You can find most top loading high efficiency washers that are Energy Star Compliants. The latest models today have passed the Energy savings requirements and have garnered quite good reviews. Not only that, you do not need to fill the washer tub with a lot of water. The centrifugal washing action infuses more water into your laundry so you won’t be needing more of it.

Front load washing machines have often placed top load washing machines under the shade. It is a good thing that science has found a way to improve this otherwise traditional washing machine.

Top load high efficiency washing machine is a good investment. It is even cheaper than buying front loaders. If you do not like the disadvantages of using front loaders, try this high efficiency washer instead.

Stove Burner Covers – Reasons to Get a Set of These Decorative and Useful Stovetop Space Savers

Stove burner covers come in all shapes and sizes like rectangular, square and round. Types include stainless steel and ceramic for electric and gas stovetop set units. Many like to choose decorative sets for their range cooktop ovens. There are several excellent reasons for investing in a set of stove burner covers for your kitchen.

Mostly, many choose range top covers for their burners as a decorative touch. Homemakers don’t always want to stare at dirty and charred gas stove burner covers. This is especially true if they are old and have been in use for many years or even decades. It’s true that you can get new ones, but to save money, simply getting a set of covers for a stovetop may be more cost-effective. This goes for electric cooktop styles as well because these get dirty as spills and burns will accumulate overtime.

As a decorative piece, shape and print are the major concerns. This depends on personal preference. Some like round while others prefer square stove covers. Others would rather get a rectangular shape and cover two burners at once with a double or dual type cover set. As for prints, there are an endless amount of designs from plants and flowers to animals. Fruit designs are popular as well like apple, banana, and bunches of fruit. People sometimes even choose different ones for certain holidays and times of the year. For modern households, getting a simple color like black could be the best choice.

Companies that make these covers often use a couple of different materials. These include stainless steel for metal ones. These are probably more durable and will last longer. For more stylish ones for decoration, ceramic stove burner covers are the top sellers. These have that classic look and feel that may match the dinnerware of the particular household.

Besides the decorative aspect, these stovetop covers are very useful as well. When the stove and burners are not in use, these products can add to the surface area and storage area available in the kitchen area. For those that have a smaller living space, this can be a huge benefit. More space is now available for placing food that has been prepared.

Whether you own a gas or electric stove, cover sets for them can add a new look and storage space to your cooking area. There’s nothing better than a tool that also looks good. If you want to spice up the look and feel of your home while adding a usefulness, buying a set of range cooktop stove burner covers to your kitchen will definitely help.