Diagnosing Repair Parts on the NSS Stallion 8SC Carpet Extractor

The NSS Stallion 8SC carpet extractor by National Super Service is one of the best carpet extractors sold in the United States. This extractor is easy to use and is extremely portable and lightweight. Over time small issues might arise with this unit and it may need to be repaired. The extractor itself has four likely areas where things could go wrong and parts need to be fixed. It is important to use OEM NSS parts when repairing this extractor to ensure trouble-free use down the road. The four major areas that could go wrong are the vacuum motor, brush motor, pump and brush assembly. NSS parts are readily available through online National Super Service parts dealers and local NSS dealers.

A common problem with this carpet extractor is that the brush bearings tend to go back prematurely. One of the main reasons for this is that some extractors sit for extended periods of time and the bearings start to rust because water was left in the brush assembly and it was not given time to dry out. There are two ways that bearings can be replaced. The first way is to disassemble the main brush remove the bearings, remove the axle, and replace with new NSS bearings. The second and easiest solution to this problem is to purchase a whole new brush assembly which includes the brush, bearings, axle and bearing clips. There are two screws on the outer housing of the brush assembly, remove the screws in the brush should drop from the machine. Remove the belt from the brush and pull the brush away from the machine. To install the new brush wrap the belt around the pulley, but the brush into the machine and screw in the two outside screws. This is an easy fix to the most common problem with Stallion 8SC has. A great way to ensure that bearings within the brush not go bad is to let air circulate around the brush when the machine is not in use. This will prevent the bearings from rusting and seizing up over time.

The next component that is most likely to fail is the brush motor. Before placing the brush motor check to see that the belt is in good condition and has not snapped. Many people assume that the brush motor is bad and do not check the belt first. This NSS belt is extremely inexpensive and easy to replace. On the lower housing of the machine there are screws which need to be removed to access the brush motor and belt. When replacing the belt make sure to check that the brush motor sprints freely and that the pulley on the brush spins freely. A common reason that brush motors go bad is that the bearings on the brush seize up and this will either snap the belt or put an excessive load on the motor causing it to burnout.

When you notice your machine is losing suction it could be that your vacuum motor is starting to wear out. A good thing to do before replacing the vacuum motor is to check all seals especially on the dome and check the dome gasket. Leaks here will cause loss of suction and prevent carpets from being cleaned properly. To access the vacuum motor there are two screws on the back of the unit undo the screws and the top of the unit will flip forward exposing all the internal components. When doing this make sure that the machine is empty in both the solution and recovery tanks. If the machine is not empty water will spill from these tanks onto the floor. To replace the vacuum motor undo the hold down screws and remove the air outlet from the vacuum motor. Repeat the steps to replace the unit.

The last area that can be problematic on the NSS Stallion 8SC is the pump. On the user control panel there is a red button, when pressed this will cause the pump to start and water will be released from the jets on the lower unit. Before replacing the pump check the jets to see if they are clogged. It is common for water not to come out of the unit when these jets are clogged. The easiest way to clean jets is to soak them in a delimer product. Over time calcium from hard water can build up and plug the tiny holes causing them not to release water. After the jets have been soaked do not try to clean the jet holes with anything sharp. The optimal way to clean these jets is to blow compressed air through the top of the jet, this will release debris and free up the whole. If you’re jets are clean and there still is no solution coming out of your machine then you might have a bad pump. To replace the pump under the two screws from the back of the machine until the top of the machine forward exposing the internal parts. Remove the pump and replace with a genuine NSS Stallion 8SC pump. It is important to use only National Super Service parts to ensure extra longevity of your machine.

When working on the NSS Stallion 8SC is important that the power cord be unplugged from the wall and that no power is running to the unit. The Stallion 8SC has now been replaced with the Stallion 818 SC. The major difference between these two carpet extractors is that the Stallion 818 SC has a 18 inch cleaning path instead of a 16 inch cleaning path in the older unit. Some parts for the Stallion 818 SC are interchangeable with the older Stallion 8SC but not all. The main part that is not interchangeable is the brush assembly, so when ordering parts it is important that you order the correct part for the correct machine.

Buying a Garmin Nuvi Mounting Bracket

If you're looking for a Garmin Nuvi mounting bracket, you can find many models in online and local stores. Nuvi is a very popular brand and you will not find it hard to make a purchase. With a portable mount, you can just place the GPS system on the dashboard. This will allow you to enjoy mobility and stability regardless of your location. The mount can moved from one vehicle to another. With the mounting bracket, you can protect your navigator from scratches and damage.

The mounting bracket can be used on the different models of Garmin Nuvi. For instance, if you own a 255W, the bracket will fit it nicely. This model has a slim and sleek design that is well loved by travelers. The battery is lithium ion and rechargeable. You can use this when you're walking or jogging, or when you're inside the car. You will know where you are through the emergency locator feature. The screen can be tapped to get the coordinates for longitude and latitude. You can also find out the closest intersections, police stations, hospitals, and gas stations.

The 760 has a thinner and sleeker design. It has an internal antenna that is highly sensitive. You can place it inside your purse or you can mount it using the bracket. The Nuvi 200 is an excellent travel tool with a travel clock complete with time zones, JPEG viewer, measurement and currency converter, calculator, and other features. It has an anti-theft feature that is ideal for the Garmin Garage that is also sold by the company. You can even plug in SD cards if you want to get data on the attractions of a certain place. If you own the 205W, you can also take it anywhere. In fact, this is the most common feature of Nuvi. The sleek designs allow you to carry the gadget anywhere.

What are you waiting for? If you own any of the models above and even the Nuvi 255, this is the perfect time to shop for Garmin Nuvi mounting bracket. It is not that costly and if you shop around, you can find stores that offer a much lower price. You can get the bracket in an accessory pack but in some stores, you can also purchase it individually. Try to double check if the mounting bracket is suitable for the Nuvi GPS you own. Make an investment today and protect your navigator.

Cutler Hammer Circuit Breakers

Looking for information about how to buy Eaton Cutler Hammer circuit breakers? This guideline will provide you with some great options.

The Eaton Corporation provides a number of valuable products to the world. Amongst these products are their line of Cutler Hammer Circuit Breakers and Cutler Hammer Fuses. If you are on the market for new or used circuit breakers manufactured by Eaton, there are several ways to go about purchasing them. Reference these purchasing tips and find the best deals offered on new and used power transformers.

Buying Directly from Eaton Locations

Eaton has a number of engineering services and operation centers located throughout the US. With a variety of products available you can purchase new electrical accessories and applications directly from the source. With quality customer care, Eaton is dedicated to matching customers with the right products and will assist you with technical support, warranty inquiries, and project orders. Even if you choose to purchase your Eaton products from a distributor selling used Cutler Hammer residential circuit breakers, you can utilize the services of a professional general technical support agent with questions about installation, product selection, power and logic control, and power quality.

Purchasing from Local Distributors

Eaton has a number of channel partners who are certified to sell control products, commercial products, power assemblies, pad mount products, power management, and residential products including Cutler Hammer GFCI breakers. If there is not an official Eaton sales office in your area, consider searching the certified partners and distributors that sell Eaton power management products. With search features on their official website that enable consumers to search by a specific product and location, it is very easy to locate partner channels.

Online Distributors

If you are looking to purchase Cutler Hammer circuit breakers for pennies on the dollar, consider searching for reputable distributors online. Distributors online will offer quality used circuit breakers for sale that have been tested to ensure performance and efficiency. When you are choosing to buy used circuit breakers online, you must research the seller to ensure they offer quality products and good customer service. Check reviews from reliable third party sources that are honest and unbiased. Consider how long the items take to ship, the shipping costs, the price of the used breaker, the money-back guarantee, and customer service options before you commit to any purchase. While there are resources online to purchase new products, for consumers on a budget, used products that are fully operational are the best route to go.

In today’s technologically advanced world, it has never been easier to purchase quality products. With the convenience and cost saving characteristics of the Internet, more and more people are using online channels to purchase everything from car transformers to Cutler Hammer circuit breakers.

Mosaic Stepping Stones

Mosaic stepping stones are fun to make. They are also a great way to use up glass scraps that you have.

A stained glass mosaic step is basically cutting stained glass and embedding it in cement.

Stepping stones can be made any size and shape you desire. Your local hobby or craft store has a variety of molds you can choose from or you can use old baking pans.

Once you have chosen your mold, you will need to trace the bottom of the mold to make your template pattern.

To make your pattern you can use pre-designed patterns and adapt them to your mold's size and shape or you may choose to design your own pattern. Once you have selected your pattern, trace it onto the template you made of the mold.

The next step is to cut out your glass. The easiest way to do this would be to make a duplicate of your pattern with each piece labeled with the color, grain, and number of its location. Using scissors, cut out each piece of the pattern. Then trace each pattern piece using a permanent marker onto the glass your specified for each piece. Using your glass cutter, cut out each piece for your design.

Once all your glass is cut, use a glass grinder to smooth any rough or ragged spots on the glass.

If your wish to use glass paint to embellish your design, this is the time to do this. Most glass paints will require you to wait 24 hours to let them dry then bake to seal paint. You can purchase glass paint at your local hobby or craft store.

Next, cut a piece of clear contact paper the size of the bottom of the mold you have chosen.

Now coat the mold, bottom and sides with vaseline. Peal the backing off the contact paper you previously cut to fit the bottom of the mold and place it in the mold sticky side up.

To place your glass in the mold, use a reverse pattern of your design and place it under the mold. Now place each piece of glass you cut on top of the contact paper. You are placing your glass in backwards, this way when you turn your mold over after it has dried, it will be right side right. Once you are sure of each glass placement then apply pressure on the glass pieces to ensure full adhesion to the contact paper.

Now it's time to mix your cement an pour it into the mold.

Following manufacturers directions, mix your cement in a container to the consistency of a thick brownie mix. Once the cement is thoroughly mixed, gentle pour the cement into your mold. Lightly tap or jiggle the mold to remove trapped air.

Let the mold sit, undisturbed for 24-48 hours. Once the cement has set, gently remove your mosaic from the mold. With a damp cloth you can remove any cement that has seeped onto the glass.

To ensure proper curing, place a damp cloth over your stepping stone and let it cure for 2 weeks.

All that is left to do is place your stepping stone in your garden any enjoy

This same process can be used to make garden benches, tables, or anything else you find a mold for.

Landscaping Tips – How to Install a Classic Stone Border

Step 1: Planning

The first step to installing a stone border is to PLAN. Choose a stone that matches the architecture (shape and color) of the home and identify the color of mortar that will look best (grey or beige).

Next, decide where the stone border will go. Think about future landscape expansions too, it is easier to add the space now then trying to redo the border later. Sprinkler systems are also an issue, design the border to stay clear of any sprinkler heads.

Tip: Most home improvement stores only carry a traditional grey mortar, but I will explain how to custom mix mortar to make a beige color in Step 4.

Calculations: Figure 1 ton of stone per 100 feet of border, and calculate one bag of mortar per 3 to 5 feet.

Step 2: Layout

Now that all the planning is out of the way and all the materials are on hand, it’s time from some fun! It’s time to lay the outline of the stone border. I recommend using a garden hose, or some other object that will allow for easy adjustments until the final layout is determined.

Once the final layout is in place, use marking paint to spray the outline. This will act as a guide when digging.

Tip: If there are long curves, use 1/2 inch diameter PVC pipe and grade stakes to help get a smooth curve. Determine the beginning and end points of the curve and drive in one stake at each end. With the PVC pipe wedged against the two end stakes, push the middle of the pipe until the desired curve is achieved. Drive in the middle stake to hold the pipe in place.

Step 3: Preparation

Dig along the outline created in Step 2 to approximately 4 inches deep by 4 inches wide. This may need to be deeper and wider depending on the type of stone used. Once the trench is dug, layout the stone along the border for easy access. Only lay out what can be installed for that day. Also, have the mortar, wheelbarrow, water hose, shovel, rubber mallet, bucket, sponge, level and trowel ready to go.

Step 4: Installation

Now it is time to start laying the stone. First, mix the mortar in the wheelbarrow, adding only enough water until the mortar has the consistency of peanut butter. Start on one side of the trench and lay two to three inches of mortar into the trench. Next, lay the first stone into the mortar and tap slightly with a rubber mallet, only using enough force to set the stone slightly in the mortar. Repeat this process until the border complete, using a level along the way to make sure the border has an uniform height (not necessarily level). Fill in the gaps between the stones with mortar, making sure to leave drain holes about every 5 feet to allow water to drain from the landscaped areas. Use a damp sponge to wipe off excess mortar from the stone every ten feet, this will keep the mortar from drying and staining the stone. After allowing the mortar to dry for a day, backfill with dirt along the border to cover up the base.

Tip: Only mix enough mortar that can be used in a 30 minute time period, don’t mix so much that it hardens during use. Some stone looks better with a beige mortar. To accomplish this mix four parts masonry sand to one part white Portland cement. Mix these two together before adding water. The stone yard should have both of these in stock. Figure one-half yard masonry sand and two bags of white Portland per one hundred feet of border.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Drawing and Painting – What is the Difference Between the Two?

Drawing is an art form wherein we create two dimensional figures on any surface using painting tool. There are many painting tools available in the market such as pencil, pen, ink, brush or metals like silver points.

Drawing is a result of mind blowing imagination power of an artist.

You will find a big difference between drawing and painting. Many people consider both things similar, but they are not the same. It is a fact that the same painting tools could be used to draw or paint but still there remain a few dissimilarities.

In painting colours are smeared on canvas or any other surface with the help of painting brush. While in drawing, a dark outline is first drawn on a paper. Hence it can be said that both the form of arts have a separate process that they follow.

While creating a drawing, much of the emphasis is given to composition. Paintings may be used for showing a traditional system of a certain cast or community by use of some basis colour describing different emotions. There are many types of paints available for painting purpose, some of them are oil paints, water colour paints and acrylic paints.

Painting takes more time to create compared to drawings. Drawings are made very quickly and instantly. It saves lots of time hence they are used for commercial purpose. In painting you can apply different colours to make an art work look attractive. While in drawing different colours are used to create different lines.

Drawings are made mainly for commercial purpose. Engineering drawing makes best usage of drawing wherein it is used for construction of a buildings blueprint. Here accurate drawing is very important.

In the era of IT technology, there are tons of software available that helps to create exact drawing in a very less time. Digital drawing has exact accuracy compared to work done manually by an artist.

How To Assess The Value Of Your Crystal Chandelier

Many individuals today are interested in buying crystal chandeliers, so they could add a luxurious, elegant and wonderful glow to their homes. When buying these crystal lighting fixtures, or anything for that matter, it is vital to take note that you can ensure that the chandelier that you are purchasing is of good , or upscale quality.

As no one wants to purchase something for a certain amount, and later find out that they did not get the quality they paid for. Ensuring that your crystal chandelier is of top-notch quality is important if you want to get your money’s worth, and get one that will remain attractive for years, and see its values rise with age.

How To Asses Your Chandeliers Values

A good way of assessing your chandelier’s quality, is by verifying the company that produces it. If a certain manufacturer is well-known for making high-quality chandelier products, then you could be sure that their lighting fixtures have undergone rigorous quality-control testing certification, to ensure a superior-quality lighting fixture.

Generally, manufacturers that are of high-repute showcase their product, from the materials that was used to make it to the actual process of how it was made, and could be seen by the elegant craftsmanship reflective of its good quality.

By verifying this, you could be assured that the manufacturer has inspected the product thoroughly. If, however, you are not quite sure of the product’s quality, then you can assess and review their chandeliers quality yourself. One good thing to do is to personally the chandelier’s finish. Check if your chandelier’s finish is durable and smooth. Poor-quality chandeliers generally have cracks, bubbles or scratches on the surface of its finish.

Your chandelier should not have any of these negative prerequisites, so ensure that you check for those features before deciding on purchasing a specific chandelier. It is equally vital to know that chandelier finishes are also designed to resist tarnishing, corrosion and flaking, which help in increasing the chandelier’s durability, and long-term values. If you see that your chandelier is easily corroded, flaked or tarnished, then it needs to be rechecked again for its quality.

Research On Other Chandelier Designs

It is also recommended that you do research about various antique chandelier designs, and also observe photos as well as take a closer look at some actual authentic pieces, and compare them with the ones you have.

Most antique chandeliers are made of bronze, brass or crystal. The carvings and designs are usually quite intricate, and each one has a unique design.Old chandeliers may use candles, gas, kerosene or whale oil. Some may also use electricity or have been modified to be electric.

Antique chandeliers made of iron, brass or antlers should never be shiny. They can be polished to provide some luster but most owners prefer the old archaic feel that aged metal has. Slim-trim chandeliers may be antique but are not well-liked and valued by collectors, since they do not generate the same classic aura. You can identify a fake antique lighting fixture by rubbing the metal firmly with a clean cloth. Antiquing glaze are usually used on shiny metal to make them look older.

In addition, also check for signs of age like crusting, rust and darkened edges. It is also possible for some to be in perfect condition if they have been maintained well throughout the years. Sometimes, there might be a date engraved carefully in very small text which exactly indicates the date the chandelier was made.

http://goldenageusa.com – Golden Age USA

Tote Bags – An Introduction

A tote bag is described as a large or roomy hand held bag (usually slung over the shoulders) to carry everyday items such as books, make up essentials and others. Usually, The word ‘tote’, which means ‘to carry’ can be mapped out all the way to the 17th century and was used liberally from the 20th century onwards.

Totes are handbags which are multi-tasked – and are a true American classic, and also popular the world over. A typical tote has within it, all sorts of items to cater to woman’s daily needs.

The elementary design of a tote is really quite basic; and typical outlines consist of one primary pocket, (sometimes with insets and dividers) and have closures of zippers, magnets or ties at the top apertures. The long strap handles are normally uncomplicated for easy hand-carrying or slung casually over one’s shoulders.

Fabrics and materials used to produce tote bags differ greatly. The more casual ones are usually rendered in canvas, basket weave, leather or denim. Because of a tote’s spacious planes, manufacturers more often than not display elaborate designs and prints on them, making them not just functional, but attention-grabbing.

Totes are especially useful for those who have a lot of things and do not have time to disseminate each item. From casual totes to business ones, each provides a multitude of roles, both independently or combined.

Although totes can look bulky and lumbering because of its superior size, it is this fact that makes it so appealing in the first place. A large tote can accommodate everything you would need to get through a day; from keys to wallets and extra pair of clothing, the tote bag is the universal symbol for the busy woman of today.

The inclination of the early tote bag can be traced back to 1944 with LL Bean’s introduction of the Boat Bag, meant for the boater crowd. The simple yet functional design quickly caught on, and designers began constructing different versions to make them more fashionable. Totes then were fused into the luggage market, and the leather travel tote became a world-wide sensation.

In the 1950s, totes became more popular and garnered momentum due to their practicality. As women began needing more things, the tote bag was perfect to accommodate these needs.

In the 1960s, Coach, a famous brand name designed by Bonnie Cashin. This created fashion fervor, and thousands upon thousands were sold almost immediately after hitting the fashion racks. In the 90s, designer Kate Spade used ultra feminine designs and made the tote an essential yet trendy bag for ladies of all ages. Like any successful fashion item, the Kate Spade tote bag was imitated in hundreds of variations, and is now a staple with women everywhere.

A good tote bag can accommodate all your essentials without appearing too heavy. The compartments inside can be used to store smaller items such as keys and wallets, whilst the main body can necessitate all your other items. The classic tote bag will always be similar in shape; what changes would most probably be the materials and designs. It will remain an essential article for a long time to come.

Breaking Silence by Linda Castillo – Amish Mystery Book Review – Hate Crimes and Love

We tend to think of crimes among the Amish community as nonexistent, given their often-idyllic portrayals. Atrocities do happen however, like the recent beard- cutting attacks by renegade Amish men in Ohio.

Breaking Silence is the latest novel from bestselling author,

Linda Castillo; and the third in a series featuring Kate Burkholder, chief of police in the fictional town of Painters Mill, Ohio.

For the past six months, hate crimes against the Amish have been ravishing Coshocton and Holmes counties. Buggies are being set ablaze with Molotov cocktails, farm animals are being nocturnally slaughtered; and men are being battered, left half-dressed and freezing and tied to their buggies.

Solving the crimes is especially challenging, since culturally, the Amish are loathe to pressing charges. “God will take care of us,” is their inherent belief.

Solomon (Solly) Slabaugh, his wife Rachel, and Abel, his brother visiting from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, are found dead on their farm’s manure pit (Manure pits capture livestock wastes and produce lethal methane gas).

Are these the latest hate crimes against the local Amish, magnified, or simply a terrible accident?

Kate Burkholder is quick to arrive at the scene. Formerly Amish herself, she’s at an advantage leading the investigation.

Coroner Dr. Ludwig Coblentz discovers substantial head contusions on Solly while doing his autopsy, initiating a murder investigation. Human hair is also found on a shovel left near the bodies.

The Slabaugh’s leave behind four children: Moses (Mose), 17, Salome, 15, Samuel, 12, and Ike, 10.

State Agent John Tomaselli comes to help Kate with the investigation. They worked together before on the Slaughterhouse Killer case and found themselves covertly romantically involved.

Dark secrets from Kate’s teenage years haunt her today as a young woman, challenging her ability to love. Yet, she’s drawn to Agent Tomaselli: “He gets me. I’m thirty-one years old, and this is the first time anyone has ever given me the gift of true understanding.”

The Slabaugh family has their own concealments, central to the plot.

Who would have motive to kill the Slabaugh’s?

Adam Slabaugh for one. Excommunicated for marrying outside his Amish faith, Solly banned his brother from seeing his niece and nephews. Adam is now next-of-kin to receive custody of the Slabaugh children.

Accounting for missing money from Solly’s well-hidden Mason jar, and a once-removed rifle from the Slabaugh house are key to solving the crimes.

Breaking Silence is especially enjoyable if you have ties to central and/or northeast Ohio, with all of its regional references.

If you’re interested in reading a well-written mystery/thriller with a small-town feel, you’ll enjoy Breaking Silence. It’s entertaining, fictional drama without the harsh realities of crimes actually happening in Amish communities today.

For all things Amish, visit the popular blog Amish America: http://amishamerica.com/.

Is a Breast Lift Cheaper Than Full Breast Enlargement?

A breast lift can be cheaper than getting a full breast enlargement surgery. There are reasons for this, one of them is that there is no need to put an implant in place, which can make up a large percentage of the cost. Women often find the breast lift a better way to improve their bust rather than just making them bigger. The reason the breast sags is because of lack of elasticity, which happens over time, after breast feeding, pregnancy, or a dramatic weight loss. Some women don’t want to make their bust bigger, they would just like them to be more like they were before they had kids, or when they were younger.

A breast lift can be up to two thousand dollars cheaper than having breast enlargement surgery. Although the cost is cheaper, there are other fees that have to be considered as well. You also have to think about the costs of anesthesia, hospital stay, surgery garments, and the postoperative visits. There are also consultation fees to consider, where you are going to have the surgery done, and which doctor you are going to be using.

Not all doctors can perform breast lifts. They have to be board certified, and have experience in this area of plastic surgery. Your insurance company may not cover these procedures, and they may not cover any complications that may arise after. A few exceptions to this is if you need this to relieve back problems, or as a reconstruction after cancer treatments. It is a good idea to consult with your insurance provider first to find out what your policy covers.

If you are considering a breast lift instead of enlargement, there are some things you need to look for in a plastic surgeon. The need to have five years of surgical training with two or more years of plastic surgery in the area of breast lifts on top of this. They should be operating in a real medical facility such as a hospital.

They also need to be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, or similar board in other countries. They should also have a strict code of ethics, and be constantly upgrading their knowledge in the latest procedures, and safety standards. There is another thing that is also just as important as all of these, as well. You need to be completely comfortable with the doctor you are using. If you feel at all uneasy while speaking to him, you are better off finding someone else.

You primary care physician can help you find the right doctor, as well as outline exactly what to expect, not only from your consultation but also from the surgery itself. Any plastic surgeon you speak to should be able to provide you with a list of past patients that you can contact to find out if they were satisfied with their work. This is really the only way you are going to be sure because after the surgery, it is too late. You should also look to see if they are a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or trusted with any other accreditation, and this logo or statement should be in plain sight.

The Perfect Elevator Pitch – No One Will Listen to You Longer Than 10 Seconds

As an Etiquette Expert in American Business for 35 years, trends have changed. The world moves quickly and our culture has become poor listeners. For example, just because people ask who you are in a business or in a social setting, does not mean they want you to tell them more than the basic information about yourself. Learn to summarize and memorize your personal information by creating a quick elevator pitch to introduce yourself in less than 10 seconds. The 30-second elevator pitch that was so common in the 20th Century has become far more information than people want to know about you. If someone wants more information based on what you do give them, they’ll ask you a question or two, which will give you the opportunity to elaborate.

Here is an short case study on the importance for becoming a good listener.

Dean of the University of Massachusetts Worcester Medical School, Dr. Aaron Lazre, a prominent psychiatrist, teaches his new physicians listening skills. He makes the case that it is critical for doctors to practice effective listening skills to ensure they not only know what their patients are saying, but also so they can respond appropriate.

While the typical doctor interrupts his or her patient after 18 seconds, it takes the average patient 65 seconds to fully explain their problem. Research shows that an average patient has three symptoms that prompt them to schedule a doctor’s appointment. If the patient never has a chance to tell the doctor their second or third symptom because the doctor has interrupted, the doctor may misdiagnose and the results could prove fatal.

Dr. Lazre goes on to tell physicians that even listening for the full 65 seconds is not enough. When the patient has stopped talking, the doctor should then make eye contact with the patient and ask if there is anything more. Only by practicing these good listening skills can the doctor begin to know how to treat the patient.

While good listening skills in business may not be a life or death situation, it is as important to the well being of the business as a doctor’s listening skills are important to their patient.

As you will see in the examples below, the basic bones of an elevator pitch stay the same. The differences lie in the amount of information you provide for each length pitch. The ideal elevator pitch is fast, energetic and informative. Time these pitches for yourself by using the second hand on your own watch; then write your own original elevator pitches and memorize them.

10 Second Elevator Pitch:

  1. State your name: “Hello, I”m Sue Lee…
  2. Who you work for:… and I work for Dodd & Harp Printing Company in Detroit.
  3. Describe your ideal networking candidate: Our clients are small businesses who need fast turnaround services.
  4. How you do it:… so we have designers and state of the art printers at our location.”

15 second Elevator Pitch

  1. State your name: “Hello, I am Sue Lee…
  2. Who you work for:… and I work for Dodd & Harp Printing Company on Main Street in Detroit.
  3. Describe your ideal networking candidate: Our clients are small businesses who often need help with graphics and layout as well as fast turnaround services…
  4. How you do it:… so we have designers and state-of-the-art printers at our location.”

This is an example of a 20-second elevator pitch which you’ll see is simply sharing too much information. To think that only a decade ago we used 30-second introductions as a standard form of introduction is mind-boggling.20 second Elevator Pitch

  1. State your name: “Hello, I’m Sue Lee…
  2. Who you work for:… and I am VP of Sales for Dodd & Harp Printing Company on Main Street in Detroit.
  3. Describe your ideal networking candidate: We’ve been in business for seven years and our clients are generally small businesses who often need help with their graphics and layout as well as fast turnaround services.
  4. How you do it: And, we have four designers and state of the art printers at our location.”

Keep it short and sweet and then offer the person to whom you’re speaking the respect of being a good listener to what they’re saying to you.

Special Plates

Notice how each particle moves.

Notice how everyone has just arrived here

From a journey.

Notice how each wants a different food.

Notice how the stars vanish as the sun comes up,

And how all streams stream toward the ocean.

Look at the chefs preparing special plates

For everyone, according to what they need.

Look at this cup that can hold the ocean.

Look at those who see the face.

Look through friends’ eyes

Into the water that is

Entirely jewels.

Rumi is expressing awareness. Rumi understands that life is diverse; it’s a plethora of realities and experiences. There are metaphors everywhere that point out my multiplicity. I mentally make note of them, but ignore them. It’s fascinating to see myself focus on just one standard of life, the linear standard, which has a beginning and an end; every other life is out of focus.

To me the distance is short, the road is bumpy and joy is limited. In fact everything seems to be limited; there’s just not enough stuff to go around, or that’s what I believe. I have been taught that I have one go at this method of existence and must get it right in order to make my mark and be what I was born to be, but I forget what I was born to be and allow someone else to remember for me. I get lost in the woods of judgment and my sole purpose is to survive and I make it as hard as I can on myself.

Rumi talks about diversity in his work Special Plates. Every particle or consciousness has its own plate, its own food, and moves to a different vibration. Physical consciousness shares a plate of diversity in order to expand. Water, stars and all the planets vibrate and move with me, but they express that movement in incredibly different ways.

Everything is dependent on my perception, on my belief and then they become real to me. My five senses judge what is true or false in the standard back yard, I call physical life. Everything else I reject and throw in the basement of mental illusions, but in that basement particles continue to move and flow. Consciousness is always in action regardless of my awareness of it.

That basement door is opening. I’m opening it. Now is time. Conscious particles that have been swirling around waiting for me to open that door are entering my awareness and I’m expanding. The chef of consciousness that prepares food for all life is living through me and adding desert to my table. I am sensing my expanded presence in the ant, in a rose bush and a palm tree filled with nectar. I swim in a melting pot of consciousness and hear the tones of beauty that bubble through it.

The face of a star reflects my face as I dream of bouncing on the moon just as the sun comes up. The stream of consciousness within me becomes an ocean. It’s another world filled with food for thought. It’s a special plate as well as a cup that holds water filled with friends and the jewels of eternity. The special plate is a plate for everyone.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Propane Camp Stove

If you are planning to buy a stove that you will use in your trip, it is advisable that you purchase a camp stove that uses propane gas for fuel. It is easy to use and most of the stoves that fuels on one are quite handy since the propane fuel that you will use are stored in a cylindrical canister that is spill proof that you can use until empty. The stove is easy to assemble and practical to carry around especially if you and your companions do not plan to stay in one place during the whole trip.

The stove that is fueled with propane is easier to use, the flame can be adjusted according to your needs and it uses energy in the most efficient way. The propane stove is cheaper and easy to maintain as compared to some other stoves available in the market. The disadvantage of using this type of stove is the fact that it can only be used for cooking and it has to be done outdoors to avoid the possibility of experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning. It is also not advisable to use propane if you plan on going on a trip in an area of high altitude or in extreme weather conditions.

The other problem that you will encounter is the fact that the handy stove that you will purchase does not contain protective covering that will protect the fire as you cook. You may not be able to cook your food as long as the wind will keep on blowing off the fire. The propane camp stove does not function well in extreme weather conditions and its efficiency will lessen the moment that your fuel empties out. That is the reason why you have to bring a number of canisters with you on your camping trip to avoid the possibility of running out of fuel especially if the nearest civilization is far from your location.

There are different types of stoves available in the market today. You can choose to purchase a one burner, double burner, triple burner or a four burner stove. You have to purchase the stove based on where you will use it and how many persons that will utilize it during the camping trip. There are stoves available that are made of sturdy material that makes it difficult for you to carry and bring with and there are also propane one-burner stoves that you can easily lug especially the ones that are made of skeletal frames with no protective covering.

Crock Pot – Pigs in a Blanket Cabbage Rolls Recipe

When it comes to crock pot cooking (using a slow cooker), I enjoy using mine all year long. One of the recipes I enjoy making in it are Cabbage Rolls, which are also known as Pigs In A Blanket.

This recipe does take some preparation time, but is well worth your efforts.

To Prepare Cabbage: Fill a large stock pot with water and bring to a rapid boil. Take the core out of each head of cabbage. Place head into boiling water, cover and cook for 5 minutes, remove from water immediately. With one head, start taking the leaves off, being careful not to tear them. They should be pliable, if not, place back into the water for an additional minute or two.

Cabbage Rolls

2 large heads cabbage

2 to 3 lbs. lean ground beef

1 large onion, chopped

6 cups cooked rice

1 hot pepper, finely diced

1 teaspoon paprika

1 teaspoon salt

1 can tomato soup

1/2 can warm water

Fry the lean ground beef and chopped onion in a large skillet over medium heat until it’s not longer pink; drain grease. In a large mixing bowl, combine the cooked ground beef mixture with cooked rice, diced hot pepper, paprika and salt, set aside.

On a clean surface, such as a cutting board, place 2 to 3 tablespoons of meat mixture onto the center of the cabbage leaf. Overlap the sides of the leaf and roll. Repeat until your meat mixture is completely used up.

Place rolls into your slow cooker (crock pot) and pour the can of tomato soup over top along with a 1/2 can of warm water. Turn the dial to high heat, cover and slow cook them for 4 hours or until done.

If desired, you can freeze the left-overs for up to 6 months in your freezer as this recipe will make approximately 25 to 35 cabbage rolls. 

Aviator Sunglasses: How Do You Choose?

When considering the purchase of a pair of aviator sunglasses, most people don’t give a thought about the lenses and just consider how “cool” they look when they put them on. While looks may seem to be important, the ability of the lenses to provide adequate protection for your eyes is far more important.

A quality pair of aviator sunglasses starts with the selection of the lenses. The lens material must have a uniform composition and be perfectly transparent. In addition, the lenses must be ground and treated in such a way as to provide maximum protection from harmful uv radiation.

What Are The Choices In Lens Material?

Generally speaking there are three choices in lens material:

  1. Plastic
  2. Polycarbonate
  3. Glass

At first the only choice for lenses was glass, but as technology improved plastic and then polycarbonate became available for making sunglass lenses. With several choices on the market available it may be confusing as to which would be best for you.

Plastic Lenses

Plastic lenses have become popular mainly because they are light in weight and therefore more comfortable to wear. They eliminate the problem of glass lenses which sometimes slip down your nose and having to constantly push them back up.

One of the problems with plastic lenses, however, is that they can easily be scratched. To solve this problem plastic lenses have a scratch resistant coating applied to the lens and, if kept clean, will remain scratch free for a long time.

Polycarbonate Lenses

The advantage of polycarbonate lenses is that they are thinner, lighter and shatterproof. Because these lenses are impact resistant you could drop a steel ball on the lens from quite a distance and the lens would not break or shatter.

Glasses with polycarbonate lenses are known as safety glasses because they do a great job in protecting your eyes from injury. They are impact resistant because the lenses are made of a very soft, pliable material; however, they will scratch very easily without proper care.

Glass Lenses

Glass lenses are heavier than either plastic or polycarbonate lenses and are scratch resistant eliminating the need for a scratch resistant coating. However, drop a pair of glasses with glass lenses and they very likely will shatter.

On the other hand, glass lenses provide the very best visual acuity. Visual acuity is the acuteness or clearness of vision, which means everything you see through glass lenses will be sharper than with any other lens material.

Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs)

Today we are surrounded with devices like smart phones, car dashboard displays and computer screens which use liquid crystal displays to present information to us.

Because LCDs use a polarizing filter with a vertical axis the information displayed on these screens can be difficult or impossible to see with polarized lenses. Polarized lens are specially designed to eliminate vertically polarized light waves, which means trying to view an LCD screen with polarized glasses or sunglasses is a problem.

The solution, of course, is to wear aviator sunglasses that are not polarized. In fact, the only real advantage for wearing polarized sunglasses is when you are on the water which then allows you to see some depth into the water.

The Best Choice For Pilots

A pilot’s eyes are their most important asset, and pilots need to be able to see everything as clearly as possible, including the LCD displays which provide flight and navigation information to them from the aircraft’s panel.

This means that aviator sunglasses with non-polarized glass lenses are the very best choice for pilots. In fact, these would also be the best choice for anyone who drives an automobile with an LCD instrument panel as well.

Recommended Manufacturers

Today the 3 leading manufacturers of non-polarized glass lens aviator sunglasses are:

  1. American Optical Original Pilot Sunglasses
  2. Randolph Engineering Aviator Sunglasses
  3. Serengeti Aviator Sunglasses

Both American Optical and Randolph Engineering supply aviator sunglasses to the U.S. military, but in my experience Randolph Engineering Aviator Sunglasses are preferred by more pilots than any other brand.