How To Trade Promoted (Aka Pump and Dump) Stocks Successfully

If you want to know how to trade promoted penny stocks without going broke, you need to come to terms with some realities that a lot of people are ignorant of. Once you understand these realities you can then move on to what it is that you need to do and what exactly it is that you need not to do. Let’s get to the meat and potatoes of what I am trying to communicate so you can get on the fast track to becoming a successful penny trader.

Realities of promoted/pump and dump penny stocks:

-Promoters of these penny stocks often have criminal records (or they will in the near future)

-Many promotions involve money laundering

-Fake press releases are used to generate excitement about promoted companies

-People involved in these schemes do not care if investors or traders lose large amounts of money

-Penny stock newsletters that pick these stocks are compensated to do so (in most cases)

-These stocks can be halted without warning by the Securities and Exchange Commission due to fraud claims

-You can be charged hundreds of dollars to trade them depending on your broker (I will address this further below)

Now, if you are still brave enough to want to try your hand at this type of trading, I can give you a few valuable tidbits of information that will help.

What you should do to be successful as a trader of promotional penny stocks:

-Open a trading account with a broker that does not charge extra fees to trade them (Etrade works well)

-Sign up to a handful of free sites that send out these types of picks with a separate email account (I like Gmail)

-Watch these picks as they come and go for about a month (then you will realize who the good promoters are)

-Buy the promoted stocks early in the promotion and sell before the promotion reaches a peak (they usually last 1-4 weeks)

-Use limit orders to buy and sell and only buy on pullbacks (do not chase stocks as they go higher)

-Learn to benefit from real time charts and level 2 quotes

What you should not do to be successful:

-Buy the first stock you see being touted in a promotion

-Believe the hype surrounding any company that is being “pumped” (treat it as a trading vehicle not an investment)

-Put more than a quarter of your trading capital into one pick

-Advise friends or family to buy (you want Thanksgiving dinner to be pleasant, don’t you?)

-Adopt a “buy and hold” mentality (you need to get in and get out!)

Now I am not so naive as to think that you will be an expert just because your read and comprehended what I just outlined. It does take time and a bit of dedication. Ironically enough, however, trading these types of stocks can be incredibly lucrative. Once you get comfortable with them, you will find that it can be easier to succeed as a pump and dump penny stock trader than as someone who invests in companies that trade on the “big boards” such as the New York stock exchange. There may be several types of these plays that you can trade at any given time, or there can be droughts where there is no real penny stock promotions going on. The key is to stay on top of current promotions and to always be nimble with regards to your entries and exits in these types of equities.

Medifast Lean & Green Meals – Some Quick & Easy Lean & Green Menu Ideas

When you diet using Medifast, you get to enjoy a healthy lean & green meal that you make for yourself each day when you follow the 5 and 1 plan. Most Medifast dieters usually opt to have their Lean & Green meal at dinnertime and I always did the same. In fact, I found that I had the best results by sticking to just a few basic menus while I was dieting. It kept me from worrying about what I was going to eat every day and so it kept me from thinking about cheating. So here are some quick and easy lean & green menu ideas to help keep your Medifast diet on track.

Chicken Caesar Salad

I lost over 60 lbs on Medifast, and I did it eating chicken Caesar salad about three or four nights per week. It was a quick and easy dinner option that I could put together in about five minutes. Since it was so quick, I didn’t mind cooking separate meals for my family because I knew I wasn’t going to spend all night in the kitchen.

To prepare my dinner, I usually used pre-washed bags of romaine lettuce or I would pick up some Dole Caesar Salad Kits when they were on sale. You can cook your own chicken breast and dice it up, or you can do what I did — buy packaged grilled chicken strips.

For variety, I usually added some sun-dried tomato and occasionally mushrooms. Or if I had some bagged spinach, I’d mix my romaine lettuce with the spinach. You’ll be having a full two cups of salad greens so mix them how you like. Just remember to leave off the croutons!

Asian Stir Fry

You can enjoy lots of stir fries for your Lean & Green meal and it can help keep things interesting because you can easily swap out the type of protein you use and the various types of vegetables. For oil, you can use a small amount of olive oil or try some sesame oil. If you use a non-stick pan, a little oil goes a long way.

My favorite veggies are broccoli, green beans and some pepper and onion strips. Mushrooms always go into the mix too. Oh, and don’t forget the garlic! Once you heat the oil up, you are going to add your vegetables and stir them constantly. They are done when the colors turn bright. Then add either diced and cooked chicken or shrimp and stir fry for another minute or two and pass it all onto your plate. You won’t even miss the rice!

Grilled Steak and Roasted Asparagus

I love steak and asparagus together, so this is another lean and green meal staple for me. For my steak, I use my George Foreman grill. I don’t like to use a lot of the regular marinades sold at the supermarket because so many of them have sugar in them. Instead, I use a beer marinade. One can or bottle of beer, combined with some crushed garlic and some ground pepper and maybe a tablespoon of olive oil will make your meat moist and tasty while adding negligible calories. The alcohol burns itself off during cooking so you don’t need to worry about that either.

For the roasted asparagus, I spread out my asparagus in a baking dish then drizzle it with either one tablespoon or olive oil or a tablespoon of low fat dressing (either Italian or Caesar). Then I toss the asparagus until they are all evenly covered and lie them out flat again. Grind some black pepper over them in stick in a 350 F degree oven for 10-15 minutes, depending on how crispy you like them.

So there you have, my three main staple menus for my lean and green meals on Medifast. All of them are quick and easy to throw together and hopefully you family will also enjoy eating them with you occasionally.

How to Move a Hot Tub Or Spa

So, you want to move your hot tub or spa? Wondering how to go about undertaking such a large project. Luckily for you I helped some of my friends move their hot tub. So, you can learn from what we did and make the process go a lot smoother.

Lets take this one step at a time.

The tools and material you need to get started would be 8 pieces of PVC pipe (slightly more or less depending on the size of the spa) and a battery operated or handheld electric saw.

Step 1) We start by cutting pieces of PVC pipe. We should keep around five 3-inch pieces and three 4 to 5 foot pieces assuming that you have a truck or trailer.

Step 2) Put the pipe right next to the hot tub such that if you tip the spa to the right onto the its side, your tub would be on top of the PVC pipe. You should turn the pipe such that it rolls in the same direction as you want to go (the spot where you want to move the spa to).

Step 3) Lets assume you have at least four people moving the hot tub (including yourself). On one end, you should two of them and two on the other side right opposite the pipes. Now we can lift the spa till its sitting on the PVC pipes. Don’t forget the pipes can roll in this step. Be careful.

Step 4) In this step, you are ready to roll the spa. you are going to be rolling the tub slowly till you remove the pipe at the back and place it in the front. This requires some basic coordination between the four people but nothing crazy. You should keep on rolling this till you have moved it to where you want it to be.

Step 5) This time you lower the spa into the final location

Step 6) This step is for those who are moving the spa outside their house using a trailer or truck. You want to backup your truck to the point closest to which you can move the hot tub safely. Keep the PVC pipe pieces into the trailer. Tilt the spa onto the back of the truck and slide it into the spot that works. Tie it down and take it where it needs to go.

The above steps aren’t set in stone. You should be able to use a variation of the above using materials or ideas that work for you. Make sure no one gets hurt. Move slowly and if you must, hire professionals to move it.

Bike Baskets for Smaller Dogs an Alternative to Pet Trailers

For bicycle fanatics with smaller dogs under 14 lbs such as Chihuahuas, Dachsies, Yorkies or Toy Poodles, you might want to consider a front pet basket as an alternative to a pet trailer. Adding a Bike Basket is a super way to hit the road with your canine companion. For the small dog, there are several advantages to using a bike basket. Most install easily to your bike handlebars and can be left on the bike when not in use. As opposed to a pet trailer, you can maintain eye contact with your pooch as she sniffs the fresh air as the two of you travel along.

And don’t forget the feline in your life! For those of us with cats that like traveling, all of these baskets will work with your kitty as long as she has a good harness to keep her from jumping out.


Some features to look for are a harness attachment so your dog will stay put on bumpy roads and compartments for treats and toys. In addition, it’s nice to have a rain cover in case the weather changes. A few of the dog bike baskets we recommend are easily removable and double as a carrier. This is a great feature when shopping via bike, lock your bike up, remove the basket and you and your pal can go anywhere on foot!

Three Great Bike Baskets for Pets:

Snoozer Buddy Bicycle Basket:

This is a cute pet carrier for taking your furry friend along while you go biking. The basket installs quickly onto the handle bars of your bicycle and features a durable easy to clean microfiber fabric which can be cleaned super easily. The Buddy comes in several colors, has a padded chin rest and removable inner cushion and plenty of mesh pockets for everything your little pooch needs. If you’re on the road and it starts to rain the basket comes with a convenient cover which secures onto the basket. The cover has a secure opening so your little pal can pop his head out and keep his eyes on the road. The Buddy is very sturdy and installs with no tools.

Solvit Tagalong Wicker Pet Bicycle Basket:

For those desiring a classy ride to the local farmer’s market with their pet, the Tagalong Wicker is the choice. This rattan basket has a traditional look and with the cute sunshade, your pup can ride in cool luxury. Inside the basket is a washable full sheepskin liner and adjustable safety leash. A inventive bracket design allows the basket to be removed with one hand and used as a carry basket. All being said, if I was a dog, I would love to take a ride in this one!

WeeRide Bicycle Pet Carrier

The WeeRide is the smallest of the three carriers featured in this article coming in at 14 x 14 x 10″. It has many of the features we’ve mentioned including safety strap and clip, extra pockets and easy attachment. The Wee Ride is easy to clean and very universal for most bikes. This would be a great choice for dogs under 10 lbs.

Advantages of Having a Napier Sportz or Backroadz Pickup Truck Tent

The Napier Sportz and Backroadz series of vehicle tents are a very versatile and useful way to use your pickup truck, mini-van, wagon or SUV for shelter if you don’t have a camper trailer or RV. It allows you to camp off the ground, allowing you to stay dry and pest-free. More importantly, these tents also allow you to camp anywhere you can park your wheels. No more scouting around for the ideal camping location and having to prepare a tent site.

With a normal tent, campers have to find a dry, smooth, level surface large enough to set up camp. This can take up a lot of time and often require extra tarps to keep moisture and insects out of the tent. These tents are lightweight and easy to put up, so you don’t have to worry about carrying a heavy load when you’re heading out for a camping trip. With Napier Sportz and Backroadz, campers can easily avoid these things, making your outings much easier. The pickup truck tents assembles right in the back of your open-bed pickup truck, creating a comfortable, restful sleeping area for two people with over 5.6 feet of headroom!

If you have an SUV, mini-van or station wagon instead of a pickup truck, you can still go camping in style. The manufacturer of the Sportz truck tent, Napier, has introduced the Sportz and Backroadz SUV tent which has a sleeve attachment that wraps around the back of your open SUV. This unique system converts the cargo area of your vehicle into an additional sleeping space or a large storage area. These tents provide the convenience of being able to drive away and still leave your tent standing and your campsite in tact.

The Napier Sportz and Backroadz tents has all the features you’d expect in a quality tent. Ripstop waterproof nylon fabric, shock-corded fiberglass poles and a patented waterproof sewn-in floor. This durable tent comes with a full rain fly to keep you dry even in the wettest weather. The Napier Sportz series has an additional awning that extends out past the tailgate, things like your stove, folding chairs and coolers can stay dry without having to crowd the sleeping area of your tent. All the Napier tents pack into an expandable lightweight carrying bag so you can take it anywhere you go. It’s all top quality. With models to fit almost every vehicle on the market, it’s no wonder that the Napier Sportz and Backroadz series is the number one selling vehicle tent in the world.

When many people think about truck tents, one thing that comes to mind is that it must be more complicated to assemble than a standard tent. The designers at Napier have done a great job to make sure that all their tent series offers a logical and simple assembly process. The first time you set up your tent you should take at about an hour in order to become familiar with the set-up and avoid breaking something (a second set of hands might not hurt either). After putting together your Napier tent for the first time, you should be familiar enough to put this up in about 15 minutes the next time around.

The Napier Sportz Truck Tent and Backroadz series are perfect for fishing, hunting, emergency shelter, off-road adventures and family camping. Join the thousands of people who have already discovered how Napier Truck Tents add convenience and flexibility to their outdoor adventures!

Slip Sliding Away: 7 Tips For Safe Winter Driving

It was a cold windy winter day.

The frozen lake was smooth as glass and the new fallen snow dramatically affected the slickness of the ice. It’s difficult just standing on the ice let alone racing a 600 something horsepower Audi through the track.

Mattias Ekstrom is a two-time DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters) winner who knows what it means to go fast. Mattias can go faster in snow and ice than most drivers can on pavement.

The good news is that the majority of us are not driving 600 plus horsepower vehicles and need to race off somewhere in bad weather.

Don’t let winter driving freak you out

Driving on snow and ice in winter conditions is tricky to master and can stress out even a seasoned driver, let alone a non-experienced winter driver. If you need to drive in extreme winter conditions, here are 7 tips you can use when old man winter hits your area with snow and icy conditions.

1) Drive only if it’s absolutely necessary. I know you have probably heard that over and over again, but it’s true. If you don’t go out in the bad weather, you can’t get in trouble on the road.

Is your journey really that important and necessary? What harm would come if you were delayed for an hour or so? Chances are for most of us… nothing would happen. Stay home and have an extra cup of coffee or a nice breakfast with your family. That will give the road crews more time to clear the roads.

2) Clean off all the snow and ice from your vehicle. If you don’t have a garage then by all means clear off all the snow and ice before getting on the road. Don’t just clear off a small area on the windshield so you can peek out.

3) Make sure you have a full tank of gas. This way if you get stuck in traffic, or in a snow bank, you can keep your heater going to stay warm. The extra weight can also help by giving you more traction.

4) Slow down and keep your distance. Remember back in your driver’s training class… stopping distances can increase dramatically in icy conditions. It’s a fact that it can take up to ten times as long to stop on an icy road compared to a dry one.

5) Pay attention to your surroundings. Notice how far the next stop light is or the next corner you need to take. Drive carefully and gently using a constant speed. This will give you more time to act if you need to stop suddenly.

Watch out for road crews with the big snowplows and smaller trucks with plows. They’re lots of slow moving snowplows in snowy conditions.

6) Hang up your phone and just focus on your driving. As Forrest Gump would say, “That’s all I have to say about that!”

7) How to deal with skidding. It’s always a good idea to test out your brakes and steering to test the road and see how slippery it is. If you find it slippery then slow down and take your time.

If you feel your car starting to skid, then take your foot of the gas and allow the speed to drop by itself (don’t hit the brakes) that will only make it worse.

If the car starts to spin out on you, steer into the direction of the spin and allow the car to straighten out.

Finding Your Balance…

Yes it is possible to be sure footed and confidant when driving on snow and ice. However, finding traction and grip on snow and ice is an art that takes patience and practice.

Clearly in Mattias Ekstrom’s hands driving and racing on ice and snow all comes together for him because of his planning and years of racing. He has developed his skills along with preparing his vehicle for these conditions.

It’s not easy to drive in winter conditions when the ice and snow comes at you hard. However, by following these tips your winter commute can be made a lot easier and safer.

Happy driving and I hope these little pointers will have you feeling more confident and safe on the winter roads and freeways this winter.

Bridge Is A Wonderful Card Game

Bridge? Post why?

You will find that there are many different reasons why anyone would take up this game of bridge.

Some come from a family where their parents played bridge. Consequently the game was always around and frequently the subject of the conversation and / or argument.

If you were lucky enough to grow up in a household where the parents played bridge but not with each other as partners you can very likely start your bridge career with the feeling that it is a nice and friendly game. It must be something that everyone wants to do because your parents do it so often and never stop talking about it. They constantly compare notes on how each and every card was played. They most often were totally convinced that any less than fantastic result was the fault of the partner who just did not know anything about the game.

However, on the other side, if your parents played with each other as partners the chance of your ever wanting to sit at a bridge table or even worse play a hand of bridge probably is quite remote. There is something about the game that prohibits the mixture of marriage and partnerships. To me this whole concept seems very strange because I thought, obviously naively, that marriage was about partnerships. Well this may be true, but certainly bridge partnerships seem to exhibit everything that you would never want in a marriage.

The Game Of Bridge

Assuming your were lucky enough to grow up liking the idea of ​​bridge and being anxious to get to become a part of it, let's look at the game itself.

If you follow a sensible and practical approach to the game you will entice a good friend to join you and the two of you will go take lessons from an expert.

You will begin your bridge life playing together, making the same mistakes and getting to know and love the game at more or less the same pace and with the same commitment.

One of the truly beautiful things about the game of bridge is that it is indeed a partnership game. No matter how good you are or are not, you have to have a partner to cooperate with and to grow in stature with.

One of the nice things about the game is that it is possible to play it and enjoy it at any and all levels.

Playing bridge at the first lesson is a real buzz. There are always places to play where you can play with and against players with more or less the same as your ability. So you and your partner can grow together.

If you are fortunate enough to find the right partner then you can enjoy each step of the way.

Bridge is available at any and every standard and with almost any and every reason or attitude for the game.


The game of bridge can be either a blessing or a curse. It is my fervent hope that for you it is a blessing and, if so, I look forward to meeting you and your partner soon.

Adhesives For Electronic Assembly

How do adhesives for electronic assembly differ from general engineering adhesives? Are they stronger? Faster View? Do they resist higher temperatures? Have less volatiles or odor?

Certain specifications and requirements are unique to the electronics industry. For example electrically conductive epoxies are silver filled for the required conductivity. These epoxies are understandable very expensive which would make them inappropriate for other applications. Other requirements for some electronic applications make adhesives designed for the application undesirable to other industries. For example, the very fast cure of single component adhesives required in electronic assemble results in products with very short shelf life that require frozen storage.

However, most adhesives marketed specifically for electronic assembly are really no different from general engineering adhesives. The marketing of the products is geared toward a specific industry to include only that information that is relevant to that industry.

The same single part epoxy that is marketed to electronic engineers to encapsulate relays, microchips and bond heat sinks may also be marketed to engineers in the filter industry to bond and pot an end cap onto a filter and engineers looking to bond a motor magnet in a brushless motor or a biomedical engineer to bond an insulin needle into the hub. The difference is that the motor manufacturer is not concerned with the products biocompatibility and the needle manufacturer is not concerned with the impact strength on neodynium.

An epoxy is an epoxy; be it meant for a toy train, a medical device or the latest computer technology, it is an epoxy. Providing the manufacturer has proper quality in place to provide a consistent product and that that specific epoxy suits your requirements, there is no magic in it being tagged an Electronic Epoxy. It is however likely that it will have a higher price tag. (All that marketing costs money that has to come from somewhere!).

Similarly cyanoacrylates with specific properties cross from one industry to another. Adhesive manufacturers produce cyanoacrylates that resist high temperatures for a variety of applications; only one of which is to resist solder reflow processes.

Low odor cyanoacrylates are preferred by many manufacturers in countless industries to improve the workers comfort, however, the same adhesives are marketed as low blooming to electronic manufacturers as the blooming or chlorosis (the white powdery effect on the area surrounding the bond) can be problematic on sensitive electronic components. Whether the adhesive is used to bond plastic dice on clocks sold in Las Vegas or to keep the electronics clean the product of choice is a low bloom / low odor cyanoacrylate.

So when sourcing an adhesive, chose a material based on the specifications, the quality and the desired process – not the hype.

Mounting Tips for Outdoor LCD Enclosures

Outdoor LCD enclosures are increasingly becoming popular hardware for people placing screens in an outdoor location. They are used to protect displays for outdoor digital signage, outdoor information screens, or even outdoor TVs in beer gardens and back yards.

The LCD enclosure is a solid steel, fully weatherproof barrier but also through climatic controls ensures the interior of the enclosure is the optimum environment for running a screen – no matter what the ambient conditions or temperatures are like.

With the protection taken care of, the only decision that needs to be made is where and how the outdoor screen is going to be mounted.

There are really three choices for mounting a TV in an LCD enclosure:

Floor Mounted

For the best effect a floor mounted screen is perhaps best. Because it is obtrusive and 'in-the-way' for outdoor digital signage mounting the TV in a walkway will get the most attention. Usually, LCD enclosures are mounted on poles that are secured to the floor. These poles can be of varying lengths to ensure the required height.

Ceiling Mounted

Floor mounting an outdoor digital signage screen or exterior TV is not always possible or practical. For space saving and practicality a lot of screens are often mounted on a ceiling bracket. This works fine for information screens as people actively seek out the content but for advertising and signage it is not desired as it will all too often get ignored as people walk underneath.

Wall Mounted

A better compromise for outdoor digital signage is mounting the screen on the wall. This can be done flat, ideal for installing an outdoor TV but to ensure maximum viewability for signage and advertising, a tilted bracket should be used; by tilting the screen it enables the display to be angled towards the eyes of the approaching audience which will help ensure the display is not missed.

Practicing Good Hammer Storage

Most of us have favorite places to keep our hammers. At times, placement is based on convenience, other times as a matter of organizations, and sometimes we just stick them somewhere in the hope we will remember later where we put the hammer. Here are some examples of hammer storage that seems to fit most of us.

A fact of life for many of us is that the hammer often ends up in a drawer in the kitchen. There are actually some pretty good reasons for this. The hammer, like the screwdriver, often is needed for a quick job, such has hanging a picture, removing a nail from the wall, or similar one-minute duties. Instead of having to dig around through all the tools in order to find the hammer, we choose to keep it in a handy spot where we always know it will be.

Another popular hammer storage spot is in a portable toolbox. We may choose to keep the toolbox in a closet or in the garage. Either way, we can grab the box, take it to the site of the job we need to do, extract the hammer, and get to work. When we are done, the hammer goes back into the toolbox. As with the kitchen drawer, we have the convenience of always knowing where the hammer is when we need it for a job.

The real at home do it yourself type will have a garage outfitted with a workbench and tool racks. This type of person probably has several hammers, each of them occupying a special place on a tool rack. When a hammer is needed, one simply looks over the choices, selects the right one, completes the job, and hangs the hammer back on the tool rack.

Of course, there are those of us that have to hunt for a hammer whenever we need one. We may find it in a drawer, under the bed, in the garage and some places that make no sense whatsoever. In some cases, we have forgotten what we needed with the hammer by the time we find its location. This is an example of one who needs a hammer storage plan very badly. If you know someone like this, buy him or her a tool box or introduce them to the wonders of the kitchen drawer. You will be saving them hours of frustration.

Mosaic Tile Craft for Housewives

These days, a lot of homemakers would like to save a lot of money to beautify their homes. One of the places inside a home that should be kept organized and clean is the bathroom. One of the best things you can do is to make a mosaic tile craft on your own. There are lots of patterns, designs, and styles you can use to make your own mosaic tile craft using your own idea. Although you can make a research to find new concept and incorporate it with your own it still, you can use it to add drama to your bathroom. Mosaic tile craft is a colorful, affordable, and easy way to decorate and make your bathroom in style again.

You can also use it for your kitchen if you would like to make it fascinating too. There are patterns you can follow so that you will be able to cover the tiles that are already worn out. This is one of the most affordable ways to redesign your home without spending much. A mosaic tile craft is not just used for redesigning rooms of your home; it can also be used to put some colorful designs on your walls. Mosaic tile craft is not just for moms but also for kids who loves to do art work. You can share fun activities together using old and rotten tiles but make sure you guide your kids to avoid accidents.

In doing a mosaic tile craft, you need to learn first how to do backsplash using the layering method and you can do that by using variety of colors. Layering tiles in sheets is very hard but you need to practice so that you will perfect the process before you start with your project. You need to be patient because it will be hard for you especially if this is your first time to do mosaic crafts. There are helpful ways you can use so that you will learn how to do the mounting. Mosaic tiling can be done in different ways. Usually, loose tiles are the ones that can be used to crafting. First thing you can do is to use a craft paper first.

You can use the heavy duty glue for a mosaic tile craft it is just that you need to learn how to emphasize your design using small pieces of tiles to make a design. The mosaics should be in full square foot to boost the patterns and to do that you need to layer the tiles all together they should come in sheets form. You will need a tile cutter so that cutting of tiles will be easier for you. It is hard to make loose tiles when you use ordinary cutter although there are some shops that are selling loose and broken tiles already so there will be no problems with tile cutting. When you will use it on your walls, you need to mark the surfaces first with a pen so that you will not have a hard time putting the pieces you want for a particular spot.

Procedure For Correctly Making Concrete Cube Samples For Strength Testing

In order to check concrete strength on site to ensure the batch meets the specified strength it is essential that the cubes are made to the correct standard. The cubes must be made in accordance with British Standard (BS) 1881:1983 Testing Concrete.

Equipment necessary:

Mould for making test cube



Steel float or trowel

Compacting bar

Shuttering Oil

Curing tank

Bucket to collect sample

As soon as the truck arrives on site a sample should be taken prior to any water being added to the mix. Take the sample to your designated area set aside for making the cubes. You should already have assembled the moulds so that you can immediately start to fill them while the concrete is still workable. It is also a good idea to have coated the inside of the moulds with shuttering oil to enable easy disassembly later.

Generally for each concrete sample 3 moulds should be made in order that the concrete can be tested after 7 and 28 days and the 3rd mould can be held as a spare.

Using the scoop, fill each mould up to about a third full and compact the concrete with the compacting bar with uniform strokes over the area of the mould. Generally up to 35 strokes are necessary to fully compact and ensure there are no air voids but be careful not to over compact as this may segregate the aggregate from the cement.

Next Fill the moulds up to about two thirds full and repeat the necessary compaction before filling to the top and compacting again. Once the filled cube moulds are sufficiently compacted finish the surface of the concrete with the trowel and clean the excess concrete from the mould.

Ensure the individual cubes are identifiable with appropriate labels which should at the very minimum show the date, time and cube ID number.

Once the cubes are cured they should be covered with a damp mat and stored for 16 to 24 hours in an area where the temperature is between 20 and 30 degrees celsius.

Once the necessary time has passed and the cubes have achieved the necessary strength to be de-moulded without damaging the sample, they should be de-moulded, labelled with a marker or crayon and placed in the curing tank at a temperature of 27-30 degrees celsius until they are ready to be tested

Once de-moulding is complete the moulds should be cleaned, reassembled and made ready for the next set of samples.

Laws of a Contracted Painter

Several factors contribute to making up a good contractor. Homeowners rely on their skill and expertise in their crafts to perform home improvement projects for their homes. While some contractors have given a bad name to the entire industry, there are still those with a truly genuine commitment to providing customer satisfaction and excellent service.

When painting one's house, many turn to a contracted painter to ensure the job is done right and in a timely manner. Some contractors have given a bad name to the lot due to their poor attendance, tardiness and often a general disregard and disrespect for the homeowner and his or her property. Finding a contracted painter who will care about the project is one way to make certain that you will get a contractor who will provide acceptable and often exceptional work. If your painting contractor is really involved in the project and has a passion for providing clients with the work they expect and desire, then your project will probably turn out how you have dreamed it would. On the other hand, if the contractor does not seem to take much interest or give credit to your ingenuity and creativity in your design of the project, they will probably take little interest in making sure the job is done right.

Find a contracted painter who will listen to your ideas and will not scoff at what you intend to do with your home. Also, make sure that they keep a clean job site so that clean up after is not too hard that they do a half-hearted job. Nobody wants a messy lawn or house after the work is completed and a responsible contractor will realize this and ensure the site is clean.

The Candle Chandelier

Chandeliers have adorned the halls, churches and abbeys as far back as the medieval times. In these early days, they were candle chandeliers made as a wooden cross and each section had candles secured to them. They were hoisted by a rope and pulley system to a height to provide enough light and tied off in order to prevent it from falling. These candle chandeliers were one of the earliest means of providing light to a dark room.

Later a more complex form of the candle chandelier began to evolve in the form of a ring or even a crown. These designs began to become popular as a decorative piece and often were found in prestigious places such as palaces and the homes of the extravagant and wealthy. As the early forms of these candle chandeliers became popular they took on a "status symbol" of the rich. They continued to grow in popularity and by the early 18th century they were being made from ornate brass cast with various forms and curved arms in order to hold lots of candles. These candle chandeliers then found their way into the homes of many merchants.

As glassmaking evolved the candle chandeliers were adorned with the lead crystals that scattered the light the thus the crystal chandelier began taking on the more popular choice.

One of the most popular chandeliers is the chandelier from the Phantom of the Opera where of course, it was brought crashing down by the Phantom.

Today, candle chandeliers are still used though not so much for the lighting but more for the atmosphere they create. Many of the ones you find in retail outlets have the votive that holds the candles and are found in a wide range of styles, shapes, sizes and materials. One of the more popular types of today's candle chandelier is made from iron or ornate metal and can be adorned with crystals or other decorative ornaments.

Have You Looked at Portable Hot Tubs

Today, whirlpools are popular with many homeowners. However, some people refuse to purchase them because it is an item they can not take with them if they move to another home. This may no longer present a problem. You can always purchase a portable hot tub.

The name needs no explanation. It is transportable so you can take it with you anywhere. Movable units are usually inflatable and are smaller than regular units. You can use these tubs either inside or outside thus making it very convenient. You may want to have one in your home but since it is not large enough for a full size unit, why not use a movable one? This kind of unit can be placed wherever you wish so that you can enjoy privacy and relaxation. The portable unit can be moved throughout the year if you choose to have it outside. The tub can be moved away from falling leaves and tree limbs during the fall and away from the insects or pollen during the spring and summer.

If you are planning to put the spa indoors, the floors may not have to be reinforced. You will need to think about having access to proper drainage. If you are placing your unit outside, you will not have to worry about building a deck around it. All you need to do is to make sure you are close enough to a water supply and electricity.

A regular spa tub may be quite pricey, and the average homeowner may not want to put the money into it. Movable spas are much more affordable. This is because they are smaller and less sturdy than a regular one. It is able to last several years if it is taken care of. You will still have the same kind of exciting experience that you would get with a traditional tub. Most of the portable units will accommodate four adults and may still come with a jet massage blower. You will also find that it has a filtration system. Most inflatable hot tubs can usually be set up within about twenty minutes.

If you are a frequent mover, then you should consider an inflatable unit. The same benefits are received with this type of spa. The one good thing is that you pay less.