Top 3 Ways to Fix PS3 YLOD Without Opening It

So you are one of the many victims of PS3 YLOD. Don’t worry though since fixing PS3 YLOD is an easy task, in fact it is so easy that you can fix it within an hour or two. Without wasting any more time here we jump to the top 3 ways to fix PS3 YLOD without opening it:

  1. Check the connections – First and foremost you must check that all the cables of your PS3 are fixed properly – ensure that there are not any loose connections. This holds true for all electronic devices. People usually tend to overlook this problem but in reality a weak connection can be the cause of many problems.

  2. Give it some rest – You can also let your PS3 take rest overnight. PS3 is a very powerful machine and hence generates immense amount of heat. YLOD is caused mainly by overheating so letting your PS3 rest will help in cooling those melting joints.

  3. Dust it off – Grab that vacuum cleaner and blow the dust off your PS3. I would suggest that you open up the PS3 and then blow out the dirt since it’ll help in dusting off more dust.

I hope your PS3 is running back again. However, if your PS3 is still not running then this is a case of physical damage to your PS3 and cannot be fixed without opening the PS3.

Maybe you can send it back to Sony and let them charge you $150 and almost 6 weeks to return your PS3. But it isn’t the most effective solution since YLOD can come back on a fixed PS3 and Sony wipes off all the data from your HDD.

Sounds unfair right? That is the reason many people choose to fix their PS3 YLOD themselves.

Gardening Tips – When Is the Best Time to Plant Tomatoes?

In case you’re wondering the best time to plant tomatoes is two weeks after the last average frost date in your area. You don’t want to plant your plants to early or they may get killed by a late spring frost.

Make your holes about a foot deep and put a shovel full of well rotted compost in the bottom of each hole where your going to plant your tomatoes. Put two tablespoons of powdered flavored gelatin in the bottom of each hole. The powdered flavored gelatin will feed helpful bacteria and it will supply needed nitrogen to your plants. Also put a tablespoon of cinnamon in the bottom of each hole. The cinnamon will take care of the dampening off fungus that often kills young seedlings like tomatoes and peppers.

Your tomato plants are very important to. You don’t want long leggy seedlings. You ideally want your seedlings to have an inch or less between the branches. Short compact plants with well developed roots will do the best for you and they are less susceptible to diseases that attack tomato plants. One key thing to remember here is to not rush out and buy your plants as soon as they appear in the stores. Wait until the temperatures outside at night are staying in the 50’s before you purchase and set out your plants.

When you do set out your tomato plants you should set them out in the very early morning before sun rise or in the late evening before sunset. You can make and get your holes ready ahead of time. You should purchase and have a wire cage for each tomato plant you set out. You’ll need a bucket of water when you go to set out your plants.

If you already have a shovel full of well rotted compost in the bottom of each hole start off by adding your powdered gelatin and cinnamon in the bottom of each hole and then set your tomato plant down into the hole. Pour two cups of water in each hole before you add the dirt. I dig my holes deep enough that when I fill each hole with dirt only the top part of the tomato plant is left sticking up out of the ground. By planting your tomato plants deep like this you’ll be helping them to have a good foundation and it will encourage good root development.

Now once you have the plants in the ground pack down the soil around each tomato plant and set your cage down into the ground around each tomato plant. I use small metal tent stakes to make sure the tomato cages stay in place.

Your tomato plants are now ready to get busy growing and will in time provide you with delicious homegrown tomatoes. For organic pest control plant at least two marigold plants in the same row with your tomatoes. This will prevent garden pests from bothering your tomatoes. And in case you’re wondering six to eight tomato plants will provide a family of 4 – 6 with all the tomatoes they will want or need.

And now you know the best way to grow tomatoes there is. I hope there are tomatoes in your future real soon.

Marino Restrepo – A Catholic Conversion Story


Marino Restrepo is an international lay missionary who has been preaching the Gospel message around the world for over ten years. He works in full obedience to his Bishop and spiritual confessor and is in full communion with Christ’s vicar on earth in his prophetic teachings which is an important and essential sign of the Holy Spirit’s presence at work in his ministry.

Marino was commissioned by Jesus himself during a Palm Sunday Eucharist to go out and to tell the whole world about his mystical conversion experience and the infused revelations that were given to him at that time. Marino is a sincere prophet of God, who is not trying to reinvent the wheel but who preaches the Gospel and in particular the Gospel of Jesus crucified as the only genuine path to salvation. This is even more remarkable as for over thirty years Marino was involved in the New Age movement and believed in many pagan philosophies.

Speaking from an abundant treasure trove of infused knowledge, Marino is calling all people, all Christians and fellow Catholics to ‘wake up’ and to realize the seriousness of the last of the end times that we are living in for the salvation of souls. Marino lets the cat out of the bag as far as sin and new versions of weakened Christianity are concerned and he challenges those who hear him to change their lives and come closer to the God of purity, peace and truth. He appeals tirelessly for repentance and conversion to the Lord within the Church and his cries have been blessed with many fruitful conversions and also vocations.

The essence of Marino’s call is that all believers must now stand up and be counted as the Heavenly Jerusalem is making her descent as the beautiful Bride of Christ, ‘I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband’. (Rev 21:2-3)

Marino’s Conversion Story

Marino experienced a profound Pauline conversion experience during which all the New Age and pagan philosophies which he had believed in for nearly thirty years fell like scales from his eyes. During this mystical experience which lasted all night long, Marino was led by Jesus and Mary to a profound understanding of the great love and forgiveness the Creator of the Universe has for his creatures.

Marino also realized to his utter amazement that God was not a life energy or cosmic force but a living being and that Jesus was both God and man. Through this experience, Marino’s reincarnation beliefs were literally turned on their head and he was given a comprehensive understanding that man dies only once and then there is the particular judgment of his earthly life straight after death.

Marino Restrepo, a resident of California was born in the Andes mountains of Colombia in the 1950’s as part of a large Catholic coffee growing family. During a family visit to his home town in Colombia, in 1997, at the age of 47, Marino was kidnapped by Colombian guerrillas who demanded a ransom for his life. Marino was held captive for six months during which he endured great suffering but was then miraculously set free by the guerrillas, after his ransom was paid.

During his time of imprisonment, Marino almost died and instead of death, he underwent a profound, life changing mystical experience through means of lengthy revelations concerning the afterlife.

Marino was given a complete illumination, an enlightening of his conscience which involved seeing his whole life replayed before him, all his sins and any good he had ever done. He also saw how his actions had affected others, how he had never loved anyone unselfishly and the consequences of his sins and omissions to do good in the world.

Marino had abandoned the Catholic faith at the age of 14 and to fill the void he had embraced many pagan, energy healing and New Age philosophies during the 1960’s free love decade. He himself says this was a trap to ensnare him in superstition and fear for the rest of his life as satan feeds on fear.

Enlightened by God concerning his abandonment of the Catholic faith, his giving up of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, his disobedience to the laws of God and his committing of serious sin, Marino saw clearly in a spiritual way the invisible realities we live with every day of our lives but are simply unaware of. We are told of these things in the Gospels and Scriptures but we often ignore or forget them. Marino is a prophet sent back by God to remind us powerfully of these important and essential eternal realities.

Visions of Hell

During his mystical conversion experience Marino was given a complete illumination of conscience which revealed to him the sinful state of his soul. Therefore when God’s voice and presence let itself be felt Marino felt unable to bear the purity of Gods. Gods presence burned him and Marino says he felt his soul instinctively fly into the darkness. It was at that point Marino explains that he found his soul hurtling downwards towards hell.

This is reminiscent of the dream St John Bosco was given on the night of April 18th 1868 when he was given a great warning dream for others and allowed to follow a path that sloped inextricably downwards until he found himself falling headlong into the caverns of hell.

When Marino reached hell he was in utter astonishment as he had refused to believe in the existence of hell whilst he had been living on earth and had even argued with Christians that it simply didn’t exist!

During his time in hell, Marino was shown many damned souls with their various sins and understood many things there. Marino was given to understand the different hierarchies of demons who were fallen angels that had power over certain damned souls which corresponded to their levels and types of sin.

The words of St John Vianney spring to mind here, ‘We should perform our penance (here on earth) overwhelmed with joy at being able to satisfy God, whom we have offended and at finding such an easy means of effacing our sins which should have earned eternal sufferings for us.’

Sin is an eternal offence against God and has an eternal punishment unless it is dealt with on earth through repentance, which is turning back to God, saying sorry and doing acts of penance.

When the mother of Jesus, Mary, appeared to three children in 1917 at Fatima she showed them hell. Sr Lucia, one of the children, described the vision, ‘we now were able to behold a sea of fire. Plunged in this flame were devils and souls that looked like transparent embers.’

Mary then said, ‘You see hell, where the souls of poor sinners go. In order to save them God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart. If you do what I tell you many souls will be saved.’

Christ’s Mystical Body On Earth-The Church

Marino was also shown many visions of Heaven and purgatory and was given a remarkable gift of infused knowledge about the Christian faith, the Church which is Christ’s Bride and about the power of the holy sacraments of the Church such as the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Marino was given to understand the powerful and practical role Mary plays in our spiritual lives. She is the mediatrix of grace to us and our very own spiritual mother. Mary prays and intercedes for us before God constantly and desires that all her children be saved. Mary is our umbilical cord to God, the source of all graces which God grants us whether we are aware of Mary or not. We do not worship Mary in contravention of the first and greatest commandment but we ask Mary for her motherly help and intercession with her Son, who is God.

Being baptized as a Christian, Marino was told, was a tremendous privilege as we are made part of Christ’s mystical body on earth, part of the Lord’s army. However this tremendous privilege carries with it awesome responsibilities to help souls and not to ignore our spiritual calling in this life which is to become Saints!

Marino’s Mission and Ministry

The prophetic preaching of Marino Restrepo has been welcomed globally in universities, schools, seminaries, convents and monasteries from Austria to Venezuela. Mother Teresa used to say that people are spiritually starving and Marino is seeking to call attention to this fact.

Marino has been very fruitful in his missions and the lay association of the ‘Pilgrims of Love’ has been born as a consequence to spread and study the prophetic message. The Pilgrims of Love has a growing youth ministry to help the young, the future of the Church, to grow strong and to use their gifts in holiness of mind and body.

Marino has produced many books, CDs and DVDs which are extremely enlightening, nourishing and also challenging. His preaching is based solely on the Gospels, Scripture and Sacred Tradition deposited in all its fullness in the Catholic Church.

The Importance of Good Kitchen Lighting

With the kitchen being one of the most traveled rooms in many homes, good kitchen lighting is important to its overall design and feeling.

The practice of implementing good lighting design is a popular and cost effective project that many homeowners choose to undertake in order to give their kitchens an extra personal touch and have it stand out from others.

There are several places, many of which some don’t ever consider, to add lighting. Did you ever think about kitchen cabinet lighting or kitchen lighting over the sink? These are just two places where extra lighting to go in order to accent your appliances and other kitchen fixtures.

Through the right design decisions, you can improve your kitchen’s look and create a positive ambiance that you, your family and guests will greatly appreciate.

In order to do that, however, it’s important to know what the different types of kitchen lighting are and how they are typically implemented into the design of a kitchen.

The four types of lighting to consider before beginning a kitchen remodeling project are task lighting, ambient lighting, decorative lighting and accent lighting. Each of these types of lighting serves a different purpose than the others, so getting acquainted with each one would be to your advantage while you’re in the planning stages of your project.

Ambient lighting is often the most prevalent type of lighting. Its low intensity creates a soft glow that makes it safe to work in most areas of the kitchen. Many people associate ambient lighting with setting the mood in a room not just in kitchens, but in places like restaurants and bars as well. The right amount of ambient light can make a room welcoming and homely.

Task lighting is a type of kitchen lighting that provides a more high intensity glow. It’s because of this that task lighting is often limited to places like the sink and cabinets, where being able to see is important. To get the most use out of this type of lighting, look into putting it not only over your sink, but over type other heavy-use kitchen items like cutting boards and stoves as well.

Accent lighting is designed to show things off. If you have an expensive new refrigerator or another item in your kitchen such as rare dishware that you want people to notice, then this is the type of lighting to use for that. It doesn’t make the working areas of your kitchen more functional places, but its aesthetic value has made it popular with homeowners performing kitchen renovations nonetheless.

Lastly, there is decorative lighting. This type of kitchen lighting allows you to make the space truly your own. Whatever the design of the lights, it’s important to remember the old adage of “less is more” with decorative lighting. Overdoing it with decorative lighting can make for a gaudy and flashy appearance whereas a minimalist approach can bring an understated refinement to the room.

Overcoming Communication Barriers Between People

When you send a message, you intend to communicate meaning, but the message itself doesn’t contain meaning. The meaning exists in your mind and in the mind of your receiver. To understand one another, you and your receiver must share similar meanings for words, gestures, tone of voice, and other symbols.

1. Differences in perception

The world constantly bombards us with information: sights, sounds, scents, and so on. Our minds organize this stream of sensation into a mental map that represents our perception or reality. In no case is the perception of a certain person the same as the world itself, and no two maps are identical. As you view the world, your mind absorbs your experiences in a unique and personal way. Because your perceptions are unique, the ideas you want to express differ from other people’s Even when two people have experienced the same event, their mental images of that event will not be identical. As senders, we choose the details that seem important and focus our attention on the most relevant and general, a process known as selective perception. As receivers, we try to fit new details into our existing pattern. If a detail doesn’t quite fit, we are inclined to distort the information rather than rearrange the pattern.

2. Incorrect filtering

Filtering is screening out before a message is passed on to someone else. In business, the filters between you and your receiver are many; secretaries, assistants, receptionists, answering machines, etc. Those same gatekeepers may also ‘translate’ your receiver’s ideas and responses before passing them on to you. To overcome filtering barriers, try to establish more than one communication channel, eliminate as many intermediaries as possible, and decrease distortion by condensing message information to the bare essentials.

3. Language problems

When you choose the words for your message, you signal that you are a member of a particular culture or subculture and that you know the code. The nature of your code imposes its own barriers on your message. Barriers also exist because words can be interpreted in more than one way. Language is an arbitrary code that depends on shared definitions, but there’s a limit to how completely any of us share the same meaning for a given word. To overcome language barriers, use the most specific and accurate words possible. Always try to use words your audience will understand. Increase the accuracy of your messages by using language that describes rather than evaluates and by presenting observable facts, events, and circumstances.

4. Poor listening

Perhaps the most common barrier to reception is simply a lack of attention on the receiver’s part. We all let our minds wander now and then, regardless of how hard we try to concentrate. People are essentially likely to drift off when they are forced to listen to information that is difficult to understand or that has little direct bearing on their own lives. Too few of us simply do not listen well! To overcome barriers, paraphrase what you have understood, try to view the situation through the eyes of other speakers and resist jumping to conclusions. Clarify meaning by asking non-threatening questions, and listen without interrupting.

5. Differing emotional states

Every message contains both a content meaning, which deals with the subject of the message, and a relationship meaning, which suggests the nature of the interaction between sender and receiver. Communication can break down when the receiver reacts negatively to either of these meanings. You may have to deal with people when they are upset or when you are. An upset person tends to ignore or distort what the other person is saying and is often unable to present feelings and ideas effectively. This is not to say that you should avoid all communication when you are emotionally involved, but you should be alert to the greater potential for misunderstanding that accompanies aroused emotions. To overcome emotional barriers, be aware of the feelings that arise in your self and in others as you communicate, and attempt to control them. Most important, be alert to the greater potential for misunderstanding that accompanies emotional messages.

6. Differing backgrounds

Differences in background can be one of the hardest communication barriers to overcome. Age, education, gender, social status, economic position, cultural background, temperament, health, beauty, popularity, religion, political belief, even a passing mood can all separate one person from another and make understanding difficult. To overcome the barriers associated with differing backgrounds, avoid projecting your own background or culture onto others. Clarify your own and understand the background of others, spheres of knowledge, personalities and perceptions and don’t assume that certain behaviors mean the same thing to everyone.

Pros and Cons of the Dual USB Car Charger: Form Your Own Conclusion

Pros and Cons of the Dual USB Car Charger


The Dual USB car charger is a popular choice for customers who are looking for a charger that will run off the cigarette lighter in a car. They like it because it has a lot of awesome features but the purpose of this article is to look at the pros and cons of this cell phone charger to see if it stacks up as a great product.

Pros of the Dual USB Car Charge

  • Can charge two devices at once
  • Charges quickly, regardless of the number of devices being charged at the same time
  • Will work with cell phones and tablets that have different operating systems because of Universal Port technology
  • Is vibration proof and fireproof
  • Will work in hot and cold temperature extremes
  • Is small and compact so that it is easy to carry around and use as necessary
  • Will fit snuggly into the cigarette lighter outlet and stay firm
  • Has an attractive appearance
  • Made from durable quality materials
  • Is guaranteed for a period of two years

This is an impressive list of positive qualities and they are qualities that customers have endorsed as well as commented on when they have provided feedback for the cell phone charger for car.

Cons of the Dual USB Car Charger

  • It is more costly than others on the market
  • Some people don’t have a car in which to use it.

Customer feedback supports that fact that the charger is more costly than others that are currently available however they are happy to pay a little extra for it. This would appear to be because cheaper car chargers tend to break quickly, leaving the customer out of pocket when they need to purchase another, particularly when the breakage has occurred within days of purchase. The general consensus of customers is that paying a little extra for a solid product is a good thing.


The Dual USB car charger clearly comes out as having much more going for it than not. Customers who use it have also reached the same conclusion and it has received far more positive feedback than other similar cell phone car chargers. The product clearly meets the needs of customers and provides a solution to their mobile device charging requirements. While it costs more than other chargers, it is cheaper over time and clearly of better quality. For this reason, customers hare happy to pay for a solid product that does what it is meant to do.

Ideas for Hallways

Your hall is perhaps the most important room in your home. As it is the first room that visitors step into, it is the room from which they will form their first impression of you and your home. It needs to be welcoming too, so how can you achieve a hallway that is welcoming as well as tidy rather than looking like it is just used as a thoroughfare from A to B.


Good storage is essential in your hall. A hall seems to be the place where people deposit shoes and coats, leave 'stuff' on the stairs to bring upstairs later, keys are left on tables, letters that remain unanswered and other motley items seem to be at a high risk of being left in the hall.

  • If you have space under the stairs, then use it as a mini cloakroom for coats and shoes. Have a little door opening onto the lower part of the storage under the stairs – this is perfect for the hoover or children's toys or shoes.
  • Alternatively, have a low unit that has space for shoes and also a seat for young children to sit while removing / putting on their shoes.
  • Ensure your side table has some small drawers – these are really handy for items such as the car keys, gloves, unanswered post and other small items that tend to accumulate in halls.
  • In a few Invest by pretty or interesting coat hook s – they 're will look nice on the wall EVEN when bare and will Provide storage for your coats, hats and umbrellas not to mention for your visitors' coats when they 're call.
  • If you have young children, place some coat hooks at their level so they can hang up their own coats easily.


Why wallpaper your hallway? Will not it be vulnerable to damage?

Not necessarily. You do not have to wallpaper the whole hall, in any case, wallpapering a high stairwell wall could be very difficult as well as expensive but a little wallpaper can go a long way in making your hallway look much more stylish, interesting and cosy.

  • You could wallpaper the stair risers – this could look particularly dramatic on a painted stairs and the wallpaper is protected by a clear varnish.
  • Wallpapering a feature wall that is opposite the front door can really make an impact. Not only does it look visually appealing, but it can really draw the person is and can look so welcoming.
  • Create a panelled space with some wooden batons to the size that you want – be it a small space on the wall above a radiator or a side table or most of the wall and wallpaper within it for interest and drama. Often a single roll of wallpaper will suffice so an economical choice too.
  • To create interest along a long, narrow hallway, place a wallpaper panel either at the end of the hallway or at intervals along the length.

And last of all, do not forget to place a mirror in your hall – so handy for that last second check on your appearance as you dash out the door but mirrors will also bounce light around, making the space appear brighter.

Custom Engineered Wood Flooring by Duchateau Flooring

Duchateau Engineered Flooring features several rare species of hardwood such as European White Oak & Ash, as well as, Walnut. The finish is a matte hard wax oil based finish and brings the natural characteristics to life as the floor ages. With the Engineered line by Duchateau there are smooth finishes as well as Artisan Hand-Hewn & Fine Sawn Hand Made that feature ridges that feel amazing underfoot and add a level of depth to the floor that no other manufacturer captures.

The Vernal Collection by Duchateau Features smooth finishes of European White Oak & Walnut. The Vernal Collection is a 5/8″ Thick product with a 4mm wear layer that offers a lifetime of use. This collection starts around $8.49 and goes up through $12 per square foot. The Vernal Collection is a high end custom looking floor.

Checking into the Chateau Collection which features vintage distressed handmade wear layers and is the primary collection by DuChateau Flooring. This collection features the beautiful hardwood from Europe of the white oak tree. This hardwood floor will last a lifetime and adds the most custom look to any home flooring.

The series features the nicest look for the old time worn flooring from decades long past. The floor is available in 3 thicknesses and is available anywhere in the country. Engineered wood flooring is the solution for any home, any where in the world. The Engineered wood flooring substrate allows for moisture transfer without cupping and crowning that solid woods of the similar width. Engineered hardwood flooring features the best solution for slab built homes and allows the homeowner to directly glue the floor to the subfloor, rather than nail & glue on a wood subfloor home.

All of Duchateau hardwood floors are finished with hard wax oil that is highly water repellent and doesn’t water mark, crack, flake, peel or blister. The Hard Wax Oil finish is stain resistant against coffee, wine, tea and even fruit juices. The finish that DuChateau Hardwood flooring features will allow the ultimate color of the floor to flourish. These Matte Finishes are the way a floor was naturally done and allow the floor to really stand out as a masterpiece in your home. DuChateau is the premier engineered flooring choice for anyone remodeling or building a home that wants something different than the rest of the market. A Duchateau is a step in the right direction for any home owner trying to get the custom look and the flooring for a home that they will own for years to come.

3 Types of Concrete Pumps

A concrete pump is a must-have piece of equipment used in large-scale building projects. It is the most effective option for transferring the liquid-based concrete to a construction site. In certain build projects, the versatility of laying the concrete via a pump is the only acceptable method of placing the solid foundation. Plus, the speed and ease of using the pump mean it is the most cost-effective option. This piece of machinery is split into three main categories, which includes the specialized, stationary, or truck mounted pump.

Here is an overview of the three main types of concrete pumps:

Truck Mounted

The truck mounted system has the pump attached to the rear section of a truck and operates the placement of the concrete via a remote-controlled robotic arm. The ability to pump a large volume of concrete in a short time means this is the preferred system for large-scale building projects. Plus, the articulating robotic arm makes it easier to give precise control in the pouring of the liquid concrete. Trucks have the ability to store up to 100 meters of pipeline and a variety of accessories to make it possible to work in all types of environments.


The stationary pump is a separate unit and has a trailer like setup and needs a vehicle to tow the pump to the construction site. It uses rubber or steel hoses to apply the liquid concrete to the preferred location. The hose system is manually mounted to the pump and can accept hose extensions to ensure the length of hose is enough to reach the precise area of deployment. The flow rate is a lot slower compared to the truck mounted setup and therefore a preferred system for the small site applications. For instance, it is great to use for concrete slabs, sidewalks, or swimming pools.

Specialized usage

The intention of the specialized usage pump is when the work takes place in the most difficult environments, such as those related to the tunnels or mines. Other specialized machinery includes the rail mounted and skid mounted pumps, but these are less common because of the high usage costs.

Overall, the concrete pump is put to use on large-scale projects and provides the fastest application of concrete and cuts back on over-head costs, energy, and manpower. The fast and efficient nature of placing the concrete means it is not impacted by weather conditions and easy to place at the difficult or inaccessible sites.

Building Lean Muscle for the Mesomorph Body Type

The naturally athletic and strong person with good muscularity describes the mesomorph body type. The mesomorph body type is the most genetically gifted and desirable body type physically for body building. They are able to add lean muscle quickly and gain or lose weight easily. They are envied by friends because of this and desired by the opposite sex. Building lean muscle for the mesomorph body type appears to be easy but they too also have their challenges.

When they are first starting to train they will be encouraged by their fairly quick results achieved. These guys and ladies can also train more often then say an ectomorph body type and for longer. But mesomorphs have to be careful that they don’t over train, thinking more will mean bigger muscles. We know however that this is not the case. In fact over training can result in injuries due to fatigue, or lack of any visible progress due to burnout which can prove disheartening for you.

#1 You can train 4-5 times a week, focusing initially on basic compound movements, and then later isolation exercises.

TIP Train with someone more experienced then you if your a beginner, and even if your a more advanced trainer.

#2 Always warm up and stretch for 10-15mins before starting your workout ensuring you have a light sweat up.

#3 Workout with both high intensity and heavy weights in the 8-12rep range.

#4 Vary your rest periods between sets from 30secs to 2mins.

TIP You may want to start with your weakest body part in your workout, or one you want to develop and/or strengthen more.

#5 Do cardio 3-5 times a week depending if you want to keep lean or burn off extra fat but minimise it to 30mins each time.

TIP The 2 best times to do cardio training is;

i) Ideally first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, or

ii) Right after your gym workout.

#6 Remember to get a good 6-8 hours sleep every night.

TIP Every 4-6 weeks it pays to change up your program.

TIP Also at this time take a week off to rest and recover.

Depending on your goals whether building lean muscle or to burn fat fast and be shredded you want a good nutrition program to support your training goals.

#1 Ensure you are eating 5-6 small meals a day every 2-3 hours

#2 Focus on eating whole foods, organic even better. The less processed food you eat the better.

#3 Now you will have to find the right protein, carbs and fat balance for you, but generally up to 35% protein, 45% carbs and 20% fats.

TIP Focus having your carbs in the morning, pre-workout and post-workout.

TIP Post-workout it is recommended to not eat any fats

#4 Drinking lots of water cannot be stressed enough to aid building lean muscle and flushing your body of impurities. Especially in summer and on your workout days recommend to drink at least 4-5L a day.

TIP Drink 2-3 glasses of water a few minutes prior to every meal

The importance of tracking and recording your workouts and nutrition can not be underestimated. This will clearly highlight your progress and see where gains have been made in weight lost, arm size, chest and so forth. What exercises give you the best results together with your nutrition. What other factors such as general health and well being affect or enhance your development.

Once you mesomorphs have reached a level of lean muscle and body fat% that you are happy with, you can then train for maintenance. If however you are focused and determined to always improve and push yourself you will want to continually switch it up! The challenge for you mesomorphs is trying to control your enthusiasm for wanting to train to much, and hence inadvertently slow your progress.

Marriage and Relationships in Palmistry


Marriage and relationships are better known in palmistry through the lines of union. These lines of union need not denote marriage always, but can also indicate an important relationship in life. They can also indicate a non-sexual relationship, but mainly denote a partnership. These union lines originate from the side of the palm and move over the mount of mercury, above the heart line.

Ideally marriage or union lines should be straight,long and free of any breaks or markings. If the line of union tilts towards the end, then it indicates that the quality of the relationship has dropped. If this line forks, then it may foretell a divorce or a split.


A breakup in a relationship is basically represented by a break in the marriage line.

Every break shows the splitting up of the relationship at that period of time. But if the breaks overlap, then it shows that the couple that had earlier split will come together again.


Disappointment in love can be derived by carefully examining the heart line. Most of the short lines fragmenting from the line of heart towards the base of the palm indicate a loss of relationship. This just means that the person has to work harder at relationships in the future. A traumatic or bad relationship is represented by a horizontal line that connects both the heart and the head line. Here it can also mean that the person will emerge as a stronger individual and make sure that he/she does not repeat the same mistakes again.

Love at first sight

Love at first sight means that a person totally falls in love with another person after spotting for the first time. Here he/she becomes completely smitten with the other person.”Love at first sight” is said to be indicated by a star marking on the heart line.

Timing for true love

All the smaller lines fragmenting from the heart line pointing upwards represent a happy and compatible relationship. The timing is denoted by the point on the heart line from where these smaller lines originate.

Indication of a seducer/seductress

A seducer or seductress have many fine lines of union running from the side of the palm. Each of these fine lines are a representation of a short relationship. The main reason that a strong relationship does not develop is that there is no commitment or depth in it. It is wrong to assume that such people are cheating in relationships, they are just not committed enough.


Child lines are tiny lines perpendicular to the lines of union moving upwards. The child lines are present on both men and women. It is not necessary that the person will give birth to all the children depicted by the child lines. If the child lines split into two, then this could indicate the birth of twins.

Problem With Your LCD TV?

If your LCD TV is still relatively new and you are still experiencing problems with it, chances are that it is HDMI related. Although HDMI is the ultimate means to getting high definition videos, it has a catch: to prevent its content from leaking onto the Internet for free distribution, its manufacturers have created something called a High Density Copy Protection- or HDCP. This protection scheme ensures that the display and source devices recognize one another and affirm that it is valid to send a video. Without this affirmation, therefore, your video disappears.

The first thing you should do when you experience any of the following problems with your LCD TV is to treat it just as you would a problem with your computer: reboot your LCD TV. Turn it off with the power button, wait a few seconds, and then unplug its socket from the outlet. After waiting again for a minute or so, you can plug the television back in and then switch the TV on again. There is a strong likelihood that your problem will get resolved by this.

If you still experience problems after this, then the issue most likely lies with HDMI configuration. The following symptoms signify some possible HDMI-related problems and are followed by suggestions to overcome them. Do not be daunted by the technical terminology: using your manual you can with ease pinpoint any hardware mentioned here:

– No picture: Ensure that all of your connections are in place, and then restart your television system. If your screen then shows resolution, that means that the DDC line has linked with the right source and the problem has been solved.

– No Audio, a Pink Screen, or Flashes:

The lack of audio plus a pink screen usually means that there is a DDC communication problem. To resolve this, switch on the power while all HDMI cables are connected. Using shorter cables also helps. If for whatever reason the system will still not come on, you might need to use different inputs. This may be accompanied by your cable box working and your DVD player not working, or vice versa. Such a thing usually happens because there is stray capacitance throughout the DDC line that is inside the HDMI cable. Thus it may be the hardware itself causing the problem. Such an issue can usually be resolved by getting a DDC line conditioner.

– Sparkles in the Image:

Such a thing usually indicates transmission problem with the video data. Such problems with HDMI tend to be cable-related: perhaps the cable is too long, and/or not of a good quality, and consequently is not performing well. The HDMI specification does highlight that your cable length should not be longer than 10 meters. Shortening the cable thus should improve signal integrity.

– Picture flickers on, then off: This can be caused either when one video TMDS channel or more has an increased bit error rate, or has ceased working altogether. Or, it could be due to the DDC line, which means that the HDCP is not receiving a new refresh key. It is advised that you invest in a high-quality cable with a longer wire.

It is important that you at least be able to identify the source of your LCD problem: even if you find that you are not able to repair it yourself, you will know what the repair company is charging you for.

Use the Trigano Odyssee Trailer Tent For a Camping Trip With Your Family

Going to camping with your family? Spending some night out with your loved ones through camping? Well, you should have an excellent camping tent for your activity. However, wait, what is camping about?

Camping is an exciting event for each kid. It is one of the ways families gather and celebrate. Camping is a recreational activity done at outdoors. Usually campers live in urban areas and seek a site somewhere in the rural areas to camp on. When one is camping, he or she may bring with him a camping bag in which the necessary things are put. In addition, extra camping gear should be brought in order to protect the campers from inevitable events that might happen. Camping became popular around 20th century. Camping sites are frequently at national parks, tourist spots or any natural areas. Camping is used an alternative to expensive accommodations because it offers cheap space for people attending large open air events.

Like all other campers, they need a place to stay and a trailer tent is a great option. One of the best known is Trigano Odyssee trailer tent. This type is an innate performer that provides high-quality standards added with a combination of practical function, great looks, and versatility. The Trigano Odyssee is similar to the Trigano Olympe, wherein both executes exceptionally when used as a touring trailer tent. However, there are major differences, compared to the Olympe, the cabin of the Odyssee does not have a seated area, but rather there is a small space for the wardrobe area adjacent to each bed. There are two bedrooms available and both are made comfortable by the use of air foam mattresses.

Trigano visualizes builds trailer tents for more than 40 years and their products are sold around the world with feedback that it is very conventional and has excellent performance. The Trigano Odyssee trailer tents are easy to open and are quicker to assemble and you can even follow its simple instructions on how to assemble it. You could open it within 5 minutes. It has a dimension of almost 19 m² and this version of tent is an evolution of the classical tent with various colours matching your style. The latest version offers the consumer a superb level of comfort including 2 large warm beds, vivid windows, a large storage under a bed where you could put your valuables and a complete zip in groundsheet to provide complete satisfactory privacy. The Trigano Odyssee trailer tent has an essential awning device, thus there it is unnecessary to carry a separate awning frame. So, what are you waiting for? Grab one! Because this surely will satisfy your camping needs.

Safer Roads Can Save Your Life

The roads we drive on can put a driver at risk, or increase drivers’ odds of a safe trip. Highway safety experts have identified simple, inexpensive and highly effective safety measures that can mean the difference between a safe trip and another auto fatality. Here are several examples from Put the Brakes on Fatalities, an organization committed to reducing motor vehicle fatalities and injuries through raising awareness of safety issues

Safety improvements to narrow roadways and bridges save lives

A 23-mile stretch of California’s Highway 46 in San Luis Obispo County claimed 29 lives in 19 crashes over a five-year period. More than two-thirds involved head-on collisions. CallTrans, the California Department of Transportation, added rumble strips, pavement reflectors, and raised thermoplastic striping along the shoulders and centerline. They compared fatalities over the 16 months before the improvements, and the 16 months after the improvements were completed. Fatalities dropped from eight to zero after the improvements. Injury accidents were reduced by 14%, and total collisions declined by 27%.

Rumble strips can dramatically reduce drift-off-the roadway crashes.

Rumble strips are one of the most effective ways to keep drivers on the road. Special rumble strips, equipped with a Sonic Nap Alert Pattern (SNAP), produce a distinct warning sound and vibration that alert drivers whose vehicles are drifting off the roadway. When SNAP strips were installed on all 506 miles of the Pennsylvania Turnpike in1990, drift-off-the-road crashes decreased by 65% per month. SNAP strips and recessed reflective payment markers are now routinely installed in all new roadway segments on the Turnpike. Turnpike officials credit the rumble strips with reducing the crash rate by 2.3 crashes per 100 million vehicle miles, or 100 crashes per year. Since the Turnpike’s experience was published, rumble strips have become a common fixture on highways and rural roads throughout the country.

Make roads user-friendly for older drivers

Many roads were not built to serve today’s high-volume, high-speed traffic. Certain road conditions present an even greater threat because of the growth in the nation’s elderly population. Florida leads the way in the implementation of roadway improvement measures that particularly affect the state’s ever-increasing elderly population which is expected to climb to 25% by the year 2020.

In 1992 Florida rolled out its Elder Roadway User Program, designed to meet the needs of its elderly population. Improvements were made to roadways, including six-inch-wide pavement markings for better visibility; reflective pavement markings with 40-foot spacing; large overhead street signs at busy intersections; advance street name signs; improvements to pedestrian features at intersections; and increased emphasis on effective traffic control through work zones. The result has been a marked decrease in specific types of crashes. These improvements have become part of the state’s regular road maintenance program.

Improvements at intersections reduce crashes and injuries.

Working with state and local government, the AAA in Michigan identified high-crash intersections and developed recommendations to improve them. Typical countermeasures were low-cost, including adjusting the placement and timing of signal lights, upgrading signal lenses to make them more visible, and adding left-turn signals and turning lanes. At one intersection the improvements reduced the number of crashes by 48% and the injuries by 70%. Improvements at other high-crash intersections followed.

Bridge Accidents

Bridges are an essential piece of infrastructure to almost any major US city. Most cities have a local waterway, such as a river or channel, that can only be navigated by vehicles by installing a bridge. Elevated roadways are one specific type of bridge that any city with highways may have. These unique roadways allow multiple highways and roads to cross in the same location without considerable congestion. Bridges are used everyday by thousands of people in each city, so it is essential for bridges to be structurally sound and secure.

Common Problems

While bridge architects and engineers work diligently to ensure that a bridge is properly constructed, sometimes bridges develop structural problems, deteriorate, and require maintenance. The following is a list of common problems leading to bridge accidents:

  • Insecure sidewall that fails to keep a car from falling off of the bridge
  • Lack of lighting for night driving conditions
  • Structural damage to a beam or slab of concrete
  • Rusty or damaged cables that break and cause uneven weight distribution

Sometimes a bridge malfunction may go unnoticed for a long time, until traffic is particularly heavy or some other force causes a small problem to develop into a larger one. In other cases, a cable or structural beam may suddenly snap or break, putting the lives of hundreds of people at risk in an instant.


When a bridge accident occurs, a number of different parties may be liable. There are several factors involved in bridge construction from start to finish, and an error at any point during construction could affect the integrity of the entire bridge when it is completed. Parties who may be legally responsible for a bridge-related accident include:

  • Bridge architect: poor design that led to structural problems and / or collapse
  • Engineering firm: Failure to properly build the bridge according to designs
  • Construction company: Improper construction or poor materials used
  • Maintenance crews: Failure to properly fix a known problem or address a considerable danger on the bridge

If you have been injured in a bridge accident, consider contacting a personal injury attorney immediately. Someone may be liable for the accident and you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages.

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