Tips on How Best to Remove Wallpaper

Before you begin, remember that wallpaper removal can be labor intensive and can cause severe damage to your walls if it is not done correctly. Most removal damage is due to the lack of a wallpaper primer before the walls were papered, resulting from the glue being absorbed into the wallboard. The top layers of wallboard (paper) will try to come back off with the wallpaper backing. If this occurs in large areas, call a professional.

You can get many differing kinds of wallpaper on the market today. Some are dry stripable, solid vinyl and fabric backed papers can usually be removed by basically pulling them from the wall with no wetting.

Most residential wallpapers are of a ” vinyl coated ” type. Vinyl coated papers are by far the commonest used in residential homes. The vinyl face of those papers is usually “dry stripable” meaning the face will separate and leave only the paper backing on the wall. Start by removing as much of the vinyl face as possible. Look for a loose corner, you may require a putty knife or scraper for getting you started.

Once all of the vinyl face is removed, the paper backing also needs to be removed. The paper backing will require a wet removal. Fill a five gallon bucket to about half full with warm water, add about a cap full of fabric softener. Turn off the electrical power to the room. Apply this solution to the wall with a paint roller or garden sprayer, a sponge can be used in corners. Wet a four or five foot part of the wall and ensure the wall section remains saturated with the solution for about ten minutes. Remove the wet backing with a four or six inch putty knife or scraper.

Once all of the backing is removed, finish cleaning the walls using a hand sponge and fresh solution of fabric softener and warm water. Permit the walls to dry out and apply a wallpaper primer if you ever plan to re- wallpaper the walls. If you plan to paint, apply an acrylic primer/sealer to the walls before painting.

Please Note:

One of the major things not to forget when using a solution to strip your wallpaper off is, Don’t spray or saturate electrical outlets or switches with the solution, turn off the electrical supply to the area before wetting the walls. You do not want to cause any damage to your electrics. This can be an extremely costly mistake to make. Damaged electrical wiring is dear to put right. This is messy work so ensure that you do place rolled towels or bed sheets along at the base of the walls prior wetting them in order to catch the solution excess.

Timber Suspended Floors – Specifications and Benefits

You can find timber suspended floors mainly in older houses in Britain. But after the Second World War, the timbers were restricted to use. Thus, other forms of building were adopted. Timber suspended floors can be used in different parts of your house.

Timber suspended ground floors: A Timber suspended ground floors contain a number of boards including tongued, well-grooved and man-made boards like plywood or timber beams. These timber beams are 15.7 inches apart and are held by timber wall plates that are adequately supported by the main walls of the house. The wall plates are bedded on the top of a proper damp-proof course.

Timber suspended upper floors: Similar to the timber suspended ground floors, the timber suspended upper floors also contain timber sheets of man-made board laid over that are supported through timber beams. Usually, timber suspended floors are at the upper level than at the ground level. They are known as single floors as the beams bridge a single cross to run from wall to wall.

The timber beams of the upper floors are bigger than the hollow ground floors as additional support is simply not possible in the upper floors. They form a bridge of narrow span across the minute part of the room. If the timber beams are more than 1.3 ft in thickness then a binder is used to support the beams. The ends of these beams are built into the walls and are supported by the hangers or fixed on the walls. The end of the timber beams which is built into the walls will be covered with some preservative to protect the timber from moist and such. Usually the roof of the room beneath the floor is plastered or fixed with the plasterboard.

Solid ground floors: This is another form of timber floor having different layers of various materials. The very first layer is made up of hardcore compositions of crushed stone and of broken brick of 3.94 inches to 5.90 inches in thickness. This is to provide a solid and level foot for the floor slab. Above this 1.97 inches thick layer of fine ash, sand and weak mix concrete is covered to bind the surface. This layer is used to give a smooth surface for bedding damp-proof covering. The damp proof covering should not be placed directly on the hardcore.

Floating wood floors: These types of floors are very fashionable and beneficial. They are not really permanent floors because they just float on top of floors that are already in place, making them very easy to lay and manage. They are not fixed, to the sub floors an anyway. There is no need of any sticking material, or nails, to fix this flooring. You can set such timber floating floors on any normal flooring.

Timber suspended floors have always been a popular method of construction and will probably be used by builders for many years to come.

Karndean Vinyl Flooring – Quite Possibly a Perfect Floor

Karndean vinyl flooring is one of the most exciting new floorcovering options available in the market. Karndean creates vinyl planks and tiles that realistically simulate natural materials such as Wood, Stone, Slate, Ceramic and Marble. With recent breakthroughs in technology, these luxury vinyl planks and tiles look so amazingly real it will surprise you.

These floors are very different from sheet type vinyl. As the floor is installed piece by piece, it gives a handcrafted look just as hardwood or real tile floors would appear. Karndean also manufactures these tiles and planks with semi random patterns so there are no repeating patterns to cause the floor to look cheap or like standard vinyl resilient flooring. A unique feature of Karndean is the coloring of the floors. Slight changes are made to the vinyl coloring to give a slight random color difference. By doing this, the floors look like the real thing and there are no dye lot issues if you ever need to replace a plank or tile. There are six distinct reasons why Karndean luxury vinyl tiles and planks are considered by many to be the perfect floor.

1. Karndean vinyl floors are stain proof against pretty much everything except petroleum based spills. This includes everything from red wine to pet urine.

2. These vinyl tiles and planks are waterproof as well. If you have a leak in the kitchen or bathroom, the water will not damage the vinyl. This is a very distinct advantage over true hardwood flooring and laminate. If you have a leak under the dishwasher, and you have hardwood or laminate, you will have to replace part or all of the floor at a huge expense. With Karndean, the worst case is you may have to have the floor reinstalled.

3. This flooring is hypoallergenic as well as mold and mildew resistant.

4. Luxury vinyl planks and tiles are very hard to scratch compared to laminate and hardwood. If you have pets, you absolutely cannot install a better floor than luxury vinyl.

5. Karndean tiles are almost impossible to chip or break when compared to ceramic, slate, stone and marble tiles. If you drop something heavy on them it may cause a slight indentation. Of course if you have real tile, it will probably crack or chip and will have to be replaced.

6. Cleaning is a snap. Dust mopping regularly and an occasional damp mopping is all that is needed. There is never a need to reapply any finishes or buffing needed.

Now that you know why Karndean is so close to perfect, what are some of the styles that are offered? There are 6 different series offered from Karndean.

1. The Van Gogh lines has 22 variations of Wood planks. Almost every color and species imaginable are available.

2. Art Select vinyl from Karndean has 11 options to choose from between simulated Wood planks and Limestone modular tiles.

3. Da Vinci is one the more popular styles for luxury vinyl tile. With over 33 selections of tiles ranging from 16 inch to 12 inch in Ceramic, Slate and Sandstone you can find about anything you desire. Wood planks are also part of the Da Vinci series.

4. Knight tile has 33 choices of tiles and planks. Terra Cotta, Marble, Slate, Stone and Wood round out Knight tile.

5. Karndean’s Michelango line is a unique product line of tiles for a distinct décor. There are 12 products including Italian Mosaic, Spanish Pebble and even a Metallic tile.

6. Renoir is the last series of vinyl plank and tile flooring from Karndean. Renoir has 13 different types of Wood, Slate and Concrete tiles.

Some Reasons For Premature Well Pump Failure And How You Can Fix It

It’s true that the modern home today requires a steady supply of fresh water for many normal functions. There are many uses for water, some of which we barely give thought to, such as cooking, cleaning, bathing, laundry, drinking water, and a host of others.

Most homes get fresh water from one of two principal sources: a water well, or a municipal water district. Homes that get water from a well typically pay less for it than getting it from a municipal water supply. For homes that utilize well water however, it is critically important that the well pump be reliable.

A well pump is a mechanical unit, and as with any mechanical device, it is possible for a well pump to malfunction as well. Should a pump fail, it can be both inconvenient and costly for a homeowner. When these pumps do malfunction, it is important that they be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible to ensure the well continues to operate. By understanding the steps you need to take to fix the pump when it malfunctions, you can save money over having it serviced by a technician.

Several things can cause pump failure, such as being an undersized pump, operating on too low a voltage, it is set too deep in the well, or it runs too often. Let’s take a closer look at one of these potential problems: The pump motor runs too much.

The Pressure Switch

When the pump motor starts and stops continually, first take a look at the pressure switch. The pressure switch setting could be wrong. Reset the switch. Now check to see if the problem is solved. If this doesn’t work, the switch may be defective, and need to be replaced.

Check the Check Valve

The check valve is another thing to look at. If left open, the check valve can cause the pump to continually run and not shut off. The check valve – as with the pressure switch, will need to be replaced if it is found to be defective.

The Storage Tank – Is It Too Small?

When the storage tank is too small, it may also cause premature well pump failure. The primary purpose of the storage tank is to help extend the life of the pump. When a storage tank is too small for the job, it forces the pump motor to work harder – stopping and starting more frequently – causing excessive wear and tear on the unit. It’s the constant on and off that causes the pump to fail before its time.

The solution is to purchase a larger tank to prevent overworking the pump. A small tank that is undersized will cause frequent short operations of the pump. A tank with a larger capacity however, will thus require the pump to come on less frequently, and thus extend its life.

When you are calculating the size tank you need, follow this general rule of thumb: size the tank for one gallon of drawdown for each gallon of pump capacity. By sizing the storage tank this way, you can minimize the start and stops, and run the pump for the right amount of time.

Get Ripped Like A Movie Star: How To Build Sexy Lean Muscles Without Getting Too Bulky

You know the guys in the movies that have the really hot ripped look? You want to look like that.

But if you go work out in the gym and follow “standard” directions, you’ll end up looking more like some of the guys in the gym instead – big and bulky. Not the look you’re after. So how can you get sexy lean muscles look ripped?

What exactly is Hollywood movie star ripped, and why do the guys in the gym don’t look anything like it?

The movie star look is a lean but finely muscled body, with great definition and perfect proportion all over, but without the kind of bulk that body builders are going for.

You’ve been admiring those pecs and abs on the screen for a while now, and you may have been wondering why none of the guys in the gym look anything like it. They’re working out all the time. And if you go there, they’ll happily fill you in on the routine.

But you’re wondering… If I follow their directions, could I end up looking like the guys in the gym? You can bet on it.

What’s wrong with the look of the guys in the gym?

So what’s wrong with their look? They’re bulky and unbalanced. Many of them have a big behind and balloon legs. That’s definitely not the effect you’re after.

What’s worse – that chiseled chest you want? They don’t have it. Most of them have droopy chests. In fact, a lot of them have a surprising amount of flab, considering all the work they do to get what they consider ripped.

How come? They are so focused on gaining muscle that they don’t care where the extra muscle mass ends up. So they add their muscle in all the wrong places, and the effect is that they end up looking unattractive – both in the gym and also once they wear clothes.

Yes, there’s such a thing as too much muscle, especially if those muscles are in the wrong place. A much better look is slim yet chiseled.

What about women? They much prefer that chiseled look too. In fact, they’re mostly quite repulsed by the overdone bulky gym look.

How can you get the look you really want?

To get the look you want, you will need to work out with weights, and you’ll need a gym, but be sure to stay away from the personal trainers, or you’ll get the typical “gym look.”

Instead, find a resource that will guide you through a special sequence of muscle building exercises that result in muscles that are strong and dense, with the right size. You need to balance building strength with building bulk, and do it in the right sequence and to the right degree.

You also want your skin to look like it is practically shrink-wrapped around your lean well-defined muscles. It takes some careful coordination of your efforts to get that look right.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Performing CPR

Learning and understanding the fundamentals of CPR could one day help you save someone’s life. Performing CPR requires training, but it also depends on the person to confidently step up and recognize when a situation needs CPR. In the event of an emergency, the stress and severity of the situation can cause people to make some fairly basic mistakes. Being aware of the most common mistakes will help you avoid them and hopefully prevent loss of life.

Forgetting to Tilt The Head Back

Tilting the head back to the correct angle as shown in training is an essential part of CPR. Rescuers jumping into action and starting compression and respiration before placing victim into the correct position is a big mistake. Mouth to mouth will not be effective when the head is not correctly tilted back as the airways become constricted; hence, restricting the flow of oxygen to the lungs.

Not Counting Out Loud

Counting out loud is always demonstrated and emphasized during CPR training classes and it is one of the most common mistakes made when it comes to real life situations. Delivering effective compressions is physically draining and therefore the average person can typically only perform consistently and effectively for 2-3 minutes. If the victim still requires CPR after this time, it is going to be necessary for someone else to step in and take over. By counting out loud, you increase the chances of a successful switch, as the next person already knows which stage of CPR you are at and is able to continue from exactly where you stop.

Failing to Apply Adequate Pressure

Another common mistake is failing to apply adequate pressure while performing potentially life saving compressions. Generally this is out of fear of hurting the victim by causing bruising or a broken rib. Proper CPR training will ensure that you know how to apply the necessary pressure and will teach you the specific methods and positions that must be adopted in order to perform effective compressions.

Failing to Call for Help

Seeking help should be amongst the first action that you take because you need someone standing by, ready to step in and assist as soon as you become too tired to continue. This doesn’t mean leaving the victim while you run around searching for someone but instead you should physically call out for help while you start performing CPR. Also make sure to phone the emergency services immediately so that you have medical assistance as soon as possible and the victim can receive any follow-up attention that they require.

Prioritizing Respiration

Rescuers tend to prioritize mouth-to-mouth over compressions but in reality it is the compressions that tend to do the most good. Follow the exact CPR procedure that you have been taught and never skip stages or prioritize certain aspects.

Forgetting to Assess Response

Another common mistake is forgetting or not properly assessing the victim’s response. Both before and during CPR, is it essential to take the time to properly check the carotid neck vessel for signs of a pulse. Remember that unlike in the movies the victim is not going to gasp into consciousness and jump up feeling normal.

Tarps For Less

More and more people are discovering that tarps can serve many uses around the home. They can be used to cover almost anything and to help with do it yourself projects. Clear tarps can be used to build inexpensive greenhouses and they are great to provide temporary shelters and to take camping, as well as many other uses.

Having so many various uses for tarps means that you may want several in order to have one handy for whatever you need. Luckily there are tarps designed in a variety of sizes shapes and colors and are specifically made for a variety of uses. You can choose from lightweight, medium weight, heavy and super heavy weight tarps. You can also purchase tarps designed specifically for your car interior and lumber. You can purchase sunshade mesh, canvas, and flame resistant tarps.

Of course in this day and age when budgeting is a necessity, you are going to want to find the best quality tarps for the best available price. Buying quality tarps for less than expected will help you save money and give you a product that you can use over and over. One of the best places to find quality tarps for less is by shopping online.

Shopping Online

Shopping online for tarps is a great way to find incredible deals. There are many benefits to shopping online. One of the most important benefits is that you have an opportunity to thoroughly investigate the company you are doing business with. Within a matter of minutes you can find out how long the company has been in business, the quality of their tarps, and even read reviews on both the product and the company ensuring you that you have chosen a company that will provide you both excellent service and excellent quality.

Shopping online for quality tarps will also allow you to find the best price available. You can comparison shop from the comfort of your home saving time, money, and gas, and then have the product delivered to your door. Nothing could be simpler or easier.

Shopping online for tarps can also mean that you can find every kind of tarp necessary for your use at one convenient location. There are many online shops that specialize in only tarps and other types of coverings so that you can find a larger selection and quantity than will be available locally making your shopping experience more enjoyable and less time consuming.

How to Find Tarps For Less Online

When shopping for tarps online, look for a store specializing in quality tarps for less. Many of these stores offer sales that reduce the price of these products even more. Look for words like "sales bin," "white sale," or "discount tarps." Check out what they have on sale for the exact type of tarp you are looking for.

Purchasing tarps for less can give you a wonderful product that can be used for a variety of purposes at a price you can afford.

RV Spring Preparation Checklist

Your RV has been sitting idle over the winter. Now the early signs of spring are here and it’s time to take it out of storage and prepare the coach and chassis for this years camping season. If you’re like me, you want to have some type of logical sequence to follow rather then haphazardly checking the unit out. I made a simple checklist to use so that nothing is overlooked. I prefer to do the majority of spring preparation myself. If you’re more comfortable having someone else do it you can schedule an appointment with a reputable RV service center to have it done.

* Depending on how your unit was winterized it will need to be de-winterized. If you used non-toxic RV antifreeze you need to run fresh water through the entire system until all traces of antifreeze are gone. To remove it from the 12-volt water pump add water to the fresh water-holding tank, turn the pump on and open all water faucets. When the antifreeze is out of the system turn the pump off and take the water heater out of the by-pass mode (if applicable). Re-install any water filter cartridges you removed for storage.

* At this point I like to sanitize the water system. Make sure all of the drains are closed and drain plugs are installed. Take a quarter cup of household bleach for every fifteen gallons of water your fresh water tank holds. Mix the bleach with water into a one-gallon container and pour it into the fresh water holding tank. Fill the fresh water holding tank completely full of water. Turn the water pump on and open all faucets, run water until you smell the bleach. Close the faucets and let it sit for at least twelve hours. Drain all of the water and re-fill the tank with fresh water. Turn the pump on and open all faucets until you no longer smell bleach. It may be necessary to repeat this process to eliminate all signs of the bleach.

* With the water system under pressure inspect for water leaks. Check the operation of the toilet.

* Wash the unit thoroughly. This is a good time to inspect the roof and body seams, and window sealants for cracking that would allow water to get in. Consult a dealer for sealants compatible with these materials.

* Inspect the operation of the awning and clean the awning fabric as required.

* Inspect the tires for signs of dry rot. Inflate all tires to the recommended COLD tire pressure.

* Lubricate all hinges and locks with spray lubricant.

* Remove any tape or protective covering you may have put over LP gas vents to keep insects and rodents out. Check any mousetraps you may have put out. Open all doors and compartments and check for rodent intrusion and water damage.

* Inspect and clean the interior.

* Plug in any appliances that you unplugged for storage and replace any dry cell batteries you may have removed. This is a good time to put new batteries in items like smoke alarms.

* Test the operation of the carbon monoxide alarm, LP gas leak detector and smoke alarm.

* Check the fire extinguisher. Be sure it is fully charged.

* Reset any breakers you may have turned off. If you removed any fuses for storage re-install them.

* Clean or replace air conditioner filters if it wasn’t done prior to storage and remove any covers that were put over air conditioners.

* Open vents and windows and air the unit out.

* If you removed the coach and chassis batteries for storage install them. Whether they were removed or not check the electrolyte levels, clean the terminals and clamps, and check the charge level in all batteries. Recharge batteries as necessary.

* Check the operation of the electric steps if applicable. Lubricate step mechanism.

* Test the operation of the hydraulic jacks if applicable. Check hydraulic fluid level.

* Test the operation of the back up camera and monitor if applicable.

* If you didn’t change the oil and filters in the generator prior to storage this is a good time to do it. Inspect the generator exhaust system for damage prior to starting. Start and run the generator for two hours with at least a half rated load on it. Consult the generators owner manual for load ratings.

* Turn the generator off and plug the unit into shore power. Turn the refrigerator on in the electric mode. Allow sufficient time to cool and check for proper operation.

* Check all 12-volt interior lights and accessories.

* Test the monitor panel for proper operation.

* Check the operation of slide outs if applicable.

* Check the remaining 120-volt appliances for proper operation.

* Test the Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) for proper operation.

* Turn the refrigerator off, leave the doors open and allow sufficient time for it to get to room temperature so it can be checked in the gas mode.

* Before I use the LP gas system I have a leak test and gas operating pressure test preformed. A qualified technician with the proper equipment should do these tests.

* After this is accomplished turn the LP gas valve on and check the operation of all LP gas appliances. Be sure the water heater is full of water before testing the water heater. If a gas appliance is not operating properly have it inspected by a qualified technician. Insects are attracted to the odorant added to LP gas and build nests that can affect the appliance from operating properly.

* If your unit was in long-term storage and you didn’t change the engine oil and filter prior to storage this would be a good time to do it.

* Check all fluid levels in transmission, power steering, engine coolant, engine oil, windshield washer and brakes. Consult vehicle owners manual.

* Start the engine and check for proper readings on all gauges. Check for proper operation of dash air conditioner.

* Perform a complete chassis lubrication if it wasn’t done prior to storage.

* Check the condition of windshield wiper blades and replace them if necessary.

* Check the operation of all chassis lights.

* Make sure the vehicle emissions/inspection sticker is up to date.

* In addition to this if you have a pop-up or travel trailer the wheel bearings and brakes (if equipped) should be inspected at least once annually. Inspect any canvas for dry rot and tears; inspect all hitch work and the coupler for damage. Inspect the breakaway switch and pigtail for proper operation.

Happy Camping ,


Copyright 2006 by Mark J. Polk owner of RV Education 101

The Dos and Don’ts of Moccasin Care

Knowing how to care for your moccasins will ensure that you enjoy them for years to come. There are just a few simple tips to keep in mind when caring for your moccasins.

Do treat your leather moccasin before wearing them. This will prevent stains and go a long way to making your future cleaning easier. Select the right product for your moccasin’s type of leather and be sure to apply to the sole of the moccasin. There are specific products for smooth leather, suede and nubuck (which is softer than suede.) If you know you will be wearing your moccasin out in snow or rain consider applying a coat of mink oil/beeswax mix – simply heat to melt the mix, then apply with a paint brush to the sole of the moccasin and let dry.

Don’t wear your soft sole moccasins when you know you will be walking on a lot of concrete pavement. It would be a bad idea to wear a soft soled moccasin on a marathon, in a parade, or to an amusement park all day. Although soft soled moccasins can be worn outside and leather is a tough material, it was never meant for hours and hours of exposure to concrete. The rugged surface will significantly shorten the life of your moccasin. Even the Plains Indians who walked on some rocky surfaces wore hard soled moccasins, so take a lesson from them about walking on hard surfaces with soft soled moccasins. Consider wearing only hard-soled moccasins on such occasions.

Do use lukewarm water to clean sheepskin moccasins. Very hot water will damage the delicate fibers and stiffen up the feeling of sheepskin by matting the natural fibers.

Don’t wear unprotected leather moccasins out in the rain. One of the first things you want to do is spray a water protectant on your suede moccasins. Water will damage any moccasin, but suede is especially vulnerable to its effects. (Be sure to spray in a well-ventilated space. I find the water protectant sprays give me terrible headaches.)

Do make sure your leather is warm before you clean or protect it. Warm leather fibers are more relaxed and able to soak up the cleaning creams or protectant sprays than cold leather.

Don’t use straight lines or rub hard when you apply your cleaning creams. Be sure to use gentle, circular motions when applying products. This will ensure even application and protect your leather from damage that is possible when applying products too vigorously.

Do use a good quality saddle soap for smooth leather moccasins to clean surface dirt. Once you are certain your smooth leather moccasin is clean, apply a leather conditioner to lubricate and soften the leather. A polish paste can be used on the top of the moccasin in some sheen is desired. Remember with leather, your goal is to keep it hydrated, supple and durable.

Do use a rubber tipped brush on suede to keep the nap fresh and upright. Poorly cared for suede will end up with flattened fibers and won’t feel as soft to the touch.

Don’t soak leather in water when cleaning. It is much better to use a damp rag and the right cleaner than to immerse your moccasin in water. Blot your moccasins to dry them and let the air finish the drying process. Never stick them in a dryer.

By keeping these dos and don’ts in mind your moccasins will last for years and develop their own natural and unique character as they age.

Dolphin Legend – The Rainbow Bridge

There are as many tales, legends and stories surrounding dolphins as there are concerning any other animal. Why is that? I feel it’s because dolphins seem to be just as curious about us as we are about them. I think if we finally ever crack their code and actually do learn to communicate with dolphins, we’ll hear many stories and legends that they have about us strange creatures who live on land and put on funny looking fins and gills so we can swim along side them. But until that time, we’ll have to be satisfied with our stories we have about dolphins.

One of my favorite stories comes from the Chumash people of Santa Cruz Island off the cost of California. Legend says that they were created when the Earth Goddess planted seeds to raise them. Her husband, the Sky Snake, could spit lightning and he decided to give the Chumash people the gift of fire by spitting lightning down on the island.

They were very happy because now they could stay warm and cook their food. In fact, living became so easy that their population grew and kept growing. But, soon the island became very crowded and the Earth Goddess started to notice the noise. It became so unharmonious that she couldn’t sleep and she decided they had to move to the mainland over 20 miles away.

The people all asked her how they were to get to the mainland. After giving it a lot of thought she decided to make a bridge out of a rainbow. It would stretch from the highest point on the island all the way to the mountains of the great expanse.

The people were worried and scared, but the Earth Goddess assured them they would be alright. She told them to go to the other side and populate the world. So they climbed to the top of the rainbow on their island and started across. Many of them made it safely but others became dizzy from being so high. They looked down at the ocean so far beneath them and got scared. Then a fog came in and confused them more. While most walked across the bridge with no problems, these others fell off and they fell long and far down into the ocean. The Earth Goddess saw this and felt very bad because the bridge had been her idea and she had assured them all would be alright.

She wanted to show them that they hadn’t made a mistake by trusting her so she turned all that fell into dolphins. So even today the Chumash people say dolphins are their brothers that fell off the rainbow bridge. Some even say they were the lucky ones.

Furniture Assembly

How to assemble flat pack furniture

Having screwdriver and knowledge of turning screws it’s not enough to do flat pack furniture assembly. Even if you good with flowing instructions still not enough. We think: I just open a box, read a manual and within one hour come up with a nice peace of furniture – people like to dream.

Before start is necessary to have basic ideas of what could go wrong, when working on flat pack furniture, so you can avoid doing same task over again. Seven times measure one time cut. We don’t want assemble whole peace and then realize that we forgot to screw panels at the step number 3 and than putting the…. thing back together all over again.

Always open a box at the corner, work your way along the seam, never do this at the central part of the box – you’ll damage or scratch a surface of the furniture.

Don’t rush things up it would be a first mistake that people usually do. Get an idea of what you about to do, spend 5 minutes study instruction, figure sequence and the order of the steps, check the hardware.

People never check the parts list; it gives another idea of what goes where and also you not going to end up with a couple important parts missing at the end. That’s another common mistake people do.

Prepare a working aria, make sure you have enough space to work on and if you can work on the table it would be even better, job would be more productive and you save your back and knees. If you assemble closet or bad you’ll need big room to dance. It can be so frustrating to put the thing together then realize that it is facing the wrong way round or it needs lifting into position but you haven’t allowed yourself enough room to do it.

Wright tools will save tons of your time, you must have a battery drill and basic hand tools, if you want to screw thing together by hands it is going to take whole year. In some cases you might need a drill bits, level, skill saw, hammer, measure tape.

Don’t mess up components, put everything in order and follow instruction Separate hardware the way it goes, get all the pieces ready before putting together. Put the right screw etc with the correct part so that you don’t get confused. Put the right screw etc with the correct part so that you don’t get confused.

Be patient and never hurry your project spend all necessary time check tings twice, go trough same operation for several times, if you made a mistake it might give you a big problem at the end

Never brake your back, if it is two people job like it says on the paper then it is. Some projects like wardrobe, closet, office etc. tables require assistant, if you apply to much stress on the panels or other parts you can brake or twist it.

Have fun.

Mounting an Outdoor LCD

Outdoor LCD screens are used for all sorts of tasks: providing information in a transport hub, such as railway station; outdoor digital signage, displaying advertisements and promotions; or an outdoor TV used in a bar, pub or hotel garden – or in a back yard. For all these applications LCD cabinets are commonly used as protection. An LCD enclosure is a waterproof steel housing that contains climatic systems and protects from weather, temperature and impact – ideal for using standard commercial grade screen in an outdoor location. Protecting outdoor digital signage and LCDs outside, is only half the battle. Another important factor to consider is mounting the device in the right location because no matter how large your screen is, how great your content looks, and no matter how high the footfall of your chosen location – it will all be for nothing if the screen and LCD enclosure is not mounted correctly.

Outdoor digital signage

Mounting and the angle is a key aspect of a successful outdoor digital signage campaign. The fundamentally most important thing to remember with an outdoor screen for digital signage is that it should be as near as possible to eye-level. If a screen or LCD enclosure is mounted too high, then you run the risk of people not seeing it and walking under. The same can be said for a screen too low, or bolted flat against a wall. Obviously space and ensuring walkways are clear mean that there has to be a compromise between height and position but even if a screen is located at a less than perfect height, the LCD enclosure can be angled forward, ensuring the content is facing the oncoming audience’s eyes.

If using an LCD enclosure, there are several methods it can be mounted: on a wall mounted bracket, on a ceiling bracket, or on pole mounts (floor, ceiling and wall). Information screens Angle and mounting are less crucial for information screens as typically, people search for information displays, rather than have the content forced on them. For this reason many screens in railway stations are suspended from the ceiling for space saving reasons. Touch screens are now commonly used for information provision, especially things like way-finding, so this has a big impact on how it is mounted – obviously a touch screen needs to be low enough to operate.

Outdoor TV

Viewing angle is also important when using a TV for outdoor entertainment. The screen does not only have to be viewable from as wide an angle as possible, but also it is advisable to tilt the screen away from the sun to prevent glare and the screen from being washed out.


There is a wide range of mounting options for LCD cabinets (see above) but many mounts can be customized and adapted. Some of the best protective LCD enclosures are compatible with VESA mounts (Video Electronic Standard Association). These provide a standard mounting option so no matter who the manufacture of the mount is, if it is VESA compatible it will fit the LCD enclosure. LCD enclosures are a cost effective and practical solution for protecting LCD screens in outdoor locations and in other harsh areas. LCD enclosures can be used outdoors or in industrial type locations such as factory floors.

Hammer Curls and Bicep Curls

If you want to stay healthy you’re going to have to exercise. The old adage what you don’t use, you lose is true. Your muscles need to remain active or they atrophy. Exercise improves circulation and keep your heart in good condition with aerobics.

Exercise comes in many forms to include running, walking, swimming, all kinds of sports, and weightlifting. Some involve aerobics, which exercises the heart and improves circulation. Other exercises work on various muscle groups to help tone them and keep them working effectively.

Weightlifting, when done properly forces your body to build new muscle mass to compensate for the stress that you put on it. Depending on your desired effect, you lift heavy or light weights and you adjust the repetitions. You can also put emphasis on certain muscle groups that you might want to develop due to weaknesses in that area.

If your biceps need work there couple of exercises that are excellent for developing muscle mass and tone in that area. Depending on who you talk to, there are two types of basic bicep exercises you should pay attention to. What one is the hammer curl and the other is a regular curl. Which one is best?

Regular curls are performed with the palms up holding the weights. Depending on the repetitions in the amount of weight used, this is an excellent way to build bicep muscles. It specifically targets the bicep muscles only and focuses all your attention there.

The hammer curls are also an excellent way to build up your bicep muscles, however they are done in a slightly different way. Unlike the regular curls, holding the weights, you rotate your hands inward. In this way you can exercise those biceps effectively. In addition, you can also work forearms. Now you’re working two muscle groups at the same time.

Which one is better? With the hammer curls, you could say you’re getting the benefits of working two muscle groups rather than just one. You are working your biceps effectively, but at the same time you’re also working those forearms. With the regular curls to only working the biceps.

The best answer is probably what effect do you want? If you only concerned about working those biceps because that is the area that you need to improve on, regular curls would probably do the job if you’re looking to work both your biceps and your forearms. He wants consider the hammer curls.

Mosaic Tiles for Beautifying Your Home

If you want to decorate your home and make it as unique as possible, then you should consider mosaic tile craft. Beauty is one of the reasons for renovating and building a new house. You want to build a more beautiful home than you have before. It is obvious that you want your home to turn out as paradise for you and your family. Mosaic tiles are one effective way for you to build an attractive structure or home. Mosaic tile are available in different varieties of colors, textures and layouts. This makes it very different from a regular tile. These tiles are advantageous for wide variety of reasons. First, you can find lots of colors to decorate different styles of room. Mosaic will give you all that you want and need for decorating your home. You can go for light colors to striking colors.

You can find tiles according to three categories such as mosaics limestone, mosaic glass tiles, and marble mosaics. If you want a nice look for your living, it is better to choose Mosaic glass tile because of its shimmering texture. Because of its glittery looks, it will add a different ambience of your living room and enhance the overall appearance of your wall. The Limestone Mosaic tile looks good inside the kitchen.

Another category of mosaic craft for home use is the marble mosaics. This is preferred by many home builders because of its different strata of colors and its solid surface area. It’s easy to cut and shaped that is why builders love them. They are popular, because they can be used in numbers of amazing ways. They look nice when making mosaic pools, art pieces, and tables. Mosaic craft can be used for decorating different types of room for people in all ages and sexes. Girls bedroom are decorated with tiles in different girly colors. If you want to be unique, you can also choose to combined two to three different colors of mosaic tile to your room.

One good thing about using mosaic is that you do not have to do so much cleaning. Mosaic tiles naturally looks very clean because it has the capability to restrict the absorption of stains and dirt. So, you do not have to experience hardship in cleaning your tiles. You can clean your tiles by just sweeping or mopping the tiles. If you are going to build your dream home, it has to be a one-time expenditure.

Investing in mosaic is good investment to increase the value of your new dream home. You will find tons of mosaic tile craft that can help you embellish your home to turn it into a sparkling house. You will make your dream come true and create a dream house by using mosaic tile crafts. It is true that mosaic tile are more expensive than usual tiles, but it performs best in making your home exceptionally beautiful and elegant. You will never regret choosing mosaic tile.

Flat Pebble Tile – Quick Tips For Home Makers!

Flat pebble tile panels are fixed size natural stone tiles constructed of small pebble stones which are being manually placed together and glued onto a 12″ x 12″ mesh backing in order to create a totally seamless tile effect. These natural tiles are available in many colors, sizes and shapes.

These natural stone tiles open up countless ideas for numerous interior as well as external remodeling: bathrooms, shower base, kitchen countertops, counter tops, patios, flooring, and wall covering. No doubt that these natural stone tiles are definitely becoming more and more popular these days due to the fact that they open up various designing applications while no special materials, tools or technical skills are required for installation.

Tips for installers

Installing these flat pebble tile panels whether in the inside or the outside requires no special skills or expensive tools. Prior to installation, prepare the following items: scissors, grout, sponge, thinset mortar, trowel, grout float, sealer and paint brush. First you need to take the sealer and brush it over the stone tiles before you begin on tiling, in the second step you need to cover the surface with thinset by using the trowel and apply the stone tiles aside to each other, in the last phase take the grout and fill it in the space between the stones, wait till it completely dries (min. 24hrs), then use a wet sponge to clean the excess grout that covers the surface.


These decorative tiles offer various ideas and important benefits. Let’s examine some of the major advantages: 1) Saves extra expenses on hiring a professional installer 2) Can be used inside as well as in the outside 3) Comes in various colors and shapes that can easily fit almost any surface and room setting.

General tips

If you plan on remodeling by using flat pebble tile panels, here are some valuable tips that can help you: 1) When you prepare the grout avoid adding too much water in the initial mix. That additional water can result in weak grout that can flake. 2) If you want to enhance the color of the stones transforming them glossy or matte finish, use natural stone color enhancer right before applying the sealer. 3) Don’t rush! Make a plan; make sure you know how to install the tiles, even make a small trial first just to see that you can handle it with no problem.

Flat pebble tile panels provide endless applications for both the inside as well as the outside due to the fact that they come in various shades, colors and sizes; they are easy to be used and relatively inexpensive as compared with other alternatives.