Car Airbags – Interesting Facts

It seems that just a few years ago air bags in cars were exotic. Today their numbers in some models are up to 10. At first glance, it’s a simple bag made of a smooth, elastic synthetic material. But the fabric of an airbag needs to be very thin and strong, during the accident even the smallest stitches should not not be in the contact area with driver’s face and body. The cushion should’nt also become a trampoline, it must be able to ease the gas pressure on time. In fact, many manufacturers have ceased to sew pillows using the fabric that breaks letting the air out. When packing the airbag they put talc powder to prolong the cushion’s life.

The number of embedded airbags is growing rapidly. Just recently, the car with two airbags was considered as luxury and now having a dozen would not surprise an average driver. All bags are working on one principle but there are many differences. For example, the driver cushions size ranges between 60 and 80 liters, while the passenger needs a much bigger 130-160 liter volume. Side impacts are often no less dangerous than frontal. Naturally, the car manufacturers could not leave it unnoticed over the past 10 years and many cars got their side-bags. They are much smaller than the frontal airbags, the volume ranges from 15 to 25 liters. There are also different forms. Along with the conventional «mushroom type», there are extended “long rollers” in the shoulder area and “inflatable shutters”, reliably protecting the head of the driver and rear passengers. You can more and more often find a pillow under the front panel or on the floor as the driver’s and passenger’s legs should also be protected. And the last invention of “Toyoda Gosei” are the cushions to protect pedestrians. Two rollers fired from the radiator grills and a slit between the hood and windshield, designed to minimize the damage of adult pedestrians, and children.Airbags for motorcycles and scooters are already installed by the customer’s request, in Italy for example, perhaps soon, and they will be widely used on all motorcycles.

Interesting facts about airbags:

* Passenger airbag is usually twice as big as the driver’s due to the greater distance from the dashboard.

* To make an airbag fill up the full volume it needs 25-50 m/sec (for a comparison an eye blink takes about 100 m/sec)

* Airbag opening speed reaches 320 km/h

* “Renault” car maker installs a small airbag in frontal part of the driver’s seat to prevent diving under the seat belt.

Rejuvenating Orchard Road

Orchard Road, Singapore has been quiet and stable in terms of development since the completion of Ngee Ann City in early 1990s. No development of big scale was launched in Orchard Road since. Now Orchard Road has been active and buoyant again after Orchard Turn Development announced its ION Orchard development followed by announcement by Far East Organization on Orchard Central.

Orchard Turn Development is a joint venture between CapitaLand and Sun Hung Kai Properties from Hong Kong.

ION Orchard is the flagship development of Orchard Turn Development on a last piece of land along Orchard Road above Orchard MRT. The land is on 99 years lease. The construction cost of this development is S $ 700 million.

ION Orchard also means "I on Orchard" giving the visitors a sense of belonging and vibrancy of shopping at Orchard Road especially in ION Orchard itself. It is set by the Orchard Turn Development to be "centre of gravity" which attracts visitors to its place.

There are 2 components ie ION Orchard and Orchard Residence. ION Orchard will be shopping mall whereas Orchard Residence a high rise condominium. Both are being built together at the same time.

Orchard Residence is 218 m high making it the tallest building along the Orchard Road. It has 175 units including 4 penthouses. The condominium starts at 9th floor and ends at 54th floor.

After completion, it will have 441,700 square feet gross floor area and 663,000 square feet retail space. Based on these figures, it is larger than Ngee Ann City.

It is designed basing on a futuristic concept. It has some unique features and new ideas which will definitely attract visitors from all over the world.

It will have media facade on its 117m frontage. It has a multi-sensory canvas media wall. It will employ media architecture to cover its entrance facade. This screen will showcase the related brands. It will be a platform where live global events and multimedia events can be telecast.

ION2 wil be world largest sheltered public square. It spans 33,000 square feet. Some 200,000 pedestrians are within its immediate vicinity.

ION Art will be exhibition gallery located at 4th floor of shopping mall. It will be exhibition of exclusive arts and cultural events.

ION Sky, an observation deck will be located at 55th and 56th floors (218m), having a panoramic view of Orchard Road and surrounding areas.

It will have 660,000 lettable areas which can accommodate 400 retail outlets. Now it already has 6 flagship stores ie Cartier, Christian Dior, Dolce & Galbana, Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton and Prada.

Different from ION Orchard, Orchard Central being another gigantic development along Orchard Road, is a pure retail building. It is based on futuristic concept of "out of box" shop space. After completion, it will be Singapore first "vertical mall" of 11 storey above ground plus 2 basement.

Located next to Somerset MRT station, it has some state-of-the-art features.

It has a food haven at the highest point. Visitors may find specialty restaurants which serve international cuisines. Customers will have a choice of indoor or outdoor dining.

It has a 160m long Orchard Road frontage. Conventional foyer is eliminated. Visitors and shoppers may walk into the shops from the pedestrian walkway.

There will be no anchor tenants like department stores, supermarkets or cinemas. It however, offers creative store formats like underground shops, ramp shops, duplex units and suspended shops.

It has 3 open air balconies overlooking Orchard Road. They will be slated for outdoor seating and for F & B outlets.

Exceptional 7m high headroom at level 1, level 4 and level 7 are designed as common areas for gathering and social activities.

The most striking feature at Orchard Central will be its 11 storey high "faceted membrane" wall functioning as massive media wall. It is designed to be symbolized feature at the junction of Orchard Road and Killiney Road. It will create aural and visual vibrancy to Orchard Road. Eventually, it will become a distinctive landmark where people will talk about and meet each other.

Similar to ION Orchard, Orchard Central will have 400 shops and food outlets. It will attract luxury brand tenants to establish their flagship concept stores.

Orchard Central is targeted to be operational by 4th quarter of 2008 whereas ION Orchard by early 2009.

When both ION Orchard and Orchard Central are operational, one may see Orchard Road is injected with new life, rejunevated, full of energy and definitely ranks the topmost shopping paradise yet to be caught up by other cities in the world.

Creepy Haunted Houses in Maine Make Your Blood Run Cold

Has someone ever seen the “White Lady” at Brownsville Road? A drive on the ‘Green Bridge’, Maine rakes up an icky feeling. You cannot help standing a quiver with bated breath while you’re driving to one of the creepiest haunted houses in Maine.

You need to have a fairy’s heart to go for a “haunt tour in Maine”.

She’s (Maine) serene, wild, and she deserves to be gawked at for her mystical beauty. Apart from getting gobsmacked by Screw Auger Falls, in the name of Merlin you’ll be shaken like a leaf to find her locks crowned with spooky haunted houses all over.

Geeze, you can’t stand even the façade of John J. Brown house!!

Stepping out of the car, eek, you cannot help having jitters facing its façade.

Towering high to the east of Western Cemetery, John J. Brown house in Portland doesn’t even call for a tour to make someone tongue-tied.

Neo-Gothic style keeps its brooding charm alive for ages.

Zounds! The Gothic House, as it’s popularly known in the neighborhood, its façade is just a tip of the dungheap.

There’s something fishy about the Gothic mansion dating back to 1845. Not sure if the house is haunted or not, the ambience is awkwardly remote that you’ll be staring at it with baited breath.

Love to be petrified at the sight of a woman carrying a baby at Fort Knox?

You’ll be scared stiff when you feel someone touching you. After all, you won’t be able to find anyone around. You will, duh, wish that you can yell out frantically and flee the place.

By the time, your IQ picks up a brawl with the adrenaline rush, you turn to your right only to find an apparition of a woman walking around Fort Knox with a baby in her arms.

You’ll realize that such a vast place in Maine (Prospect) doesn’t even make room to swing a Kneazle.

You know you’re under the march of spirits, but you’ll feel like you cannot find a way out in such an enormous space!

Hist, is that Sylvester Beckett strolling around Beckett Castle garden?

The lad from the 19th century is seen by many in Cape Elizabeth haunting the castle till this day.

Probably, the poet is still having kittens. Sometimes he’s seen as a blue orb tearing off the sheets of locales when they’re fast asleep.

The locales aren’t yanking their wand. There seem to be reports of ripped blankets and sheets flopping everywhere in the town.

Some don’t believe in hauntings, but it’s so funny that they fall for the spooky beauty of Maine.

Thinking about the fascinating footages, those are going to be caught at the haunted houses in Maine fear will crawl into their skin.

Even sitting on the shores of serene Roxbury Pond is considered a spooky ride in Maine.

You will be on pins and needles, whilst touring the scariest houses in Maine.

How to Revive a Dead Laptop Battery

Bring a seemingly-dead laptop battery back to life, to a usable condition, although not quite like-new. It could be almost as good as a replacement laptop battery and a lot cheaper than a universal external laptop battery. Using a Freezer, the same place you put your frozen peas and TV dinners, you could restore a dead laptop battery.

Simply follow the instructions below and save yourself some money. It will only cost you the time it takes to complete the list below. So do yourself a favour and do it yourself.

1. Place a dead laptop battery in a completely sealed plastic bag.   

2. Place the bag and battery in your freezer for between 11-14 hours.   

3. Remove the bag from your freezer and allow the battery return to room temperature after taking it out of the bag, this is very important.   

4. If your laptop batteries are still damp dry it using a cloth or towel.   

5. Place your once dead laptop batteries back into your laptop.   

6. Now completely charge your battery then leave it on to discharge it completely. Repeat this step at least 3-4 times.   

7. Your dead battery should be much more usable, if not totally restored.

Well, consider replacing the internal batteries at a fraction of the cost of the alternatives methods. So, do not condemn your laptop battery to the recycle bin just for the moment. Using this method could see you saving yourself between 30-90% of the cost of your replacement laptop battery. This cheap alternative method is to substitute the batteries inside the battery pack with a brand new set. You first need to remove the battery pack from your laptop. You will then need to open the battery pack carefully, a screwdriver should do the job. Inside you will be confronted with several batteries and a host of wires. A word of warning, if any battery is leaking proceed carefully. If you are not sure then do not continue.

Now you will need to make a note of the type of laptop battery you have and exactly, I repeat exactly how it is connected (wired) to each other. Just to be sure you could test your old batteries with a millimeter or similar device to see just what state they are in. If you touch these leaking batteries then dispose of them appropriately and then make sure you wash your hands thoroughly and you’re back in business. After confirming that they are in fact dead laptop batteries you will need to order some replacement batteries. To do this ensure the replacement have a higher milliamp value than the old ones, just slightly. When you receive your replacement laptop batteries put the new batteries in the correct positions and replace the wiring so you can do the necessary soldering. Make sure to use the appropriate safety equipment and double check all connections are correct. Once your laptop batteries are in place and everything confirmed you should test them with your millimetre to ensure they are working as expected.

Reassemble the laptop battery pack and seal it properly. Re-install the laptop battery into your laptop and start enjoying your laptop’s new lease of life.

You might consider the limited list below that could also benefit from any of the methods above.

  • Netbook
  • Notebook
  • Palmtop
  • Camcorder Digital Camera
  • Mobile Phone
  • PDA
  • Power Tools
  • Media Player Apple iPod
  • Two-Way Radio
  • MiniDisc
  • Player Game Player

These methods are great for batteries that are completely or almost dead and you save them from the recycling bin.

Collecting Vaseline Glass – A Collector’s Guide

Vaseline green glass is a light yellow to light green colored glass prepared by adding trace amounts of Uranium oxide compounds to the molten glass. It is appreciated for its attractive color and is also used as an color filter among other uses. It also has the unique property to cause the glassware to glow when near or exposed to any ultraviolet or black light.

While the silica glass is still molten hot, a trace amount of Uranium Oxide is added to the molten glass – the color is quite consistent – and the color is nearly independent upon the amount of Uranium Oxide added. The color, however, is highly dependent upon temperature and can vary from a light lemon yellow at lower temperatures to a darker green at higher temperatures. Naturally, molten hot glass is an orange yellow when hot and the true color cannot be seen until the glass has gone through a quasi-static cooling process.

Many people collect objects made from Vaseline green glass, amassing large collections. One popular example of Vaseline green style glass is depression green glass. Modern day Vaseline glass is nearly identical to antique or historical Vaseline glassware, so it can be quite difficult to discern true antique Vaseline green from newer glass. Look for markings on the bottom of the glassware that may indicate age – often times former manufacturers and former makers of this glass marked it with a symbol such as an ‘H’ inside a diamond (for the Heisey style glass) or a ‘C’ inside a triangle (for the Cambridge glass from Cambridge, Ohio). Newer depression green glass may be marked with a ‘B’ inside a diamond or a ‘B’ inside a triangle.

Vaseline green style glass and glassware can be quite easy and entertaining to collect – try to select collector pieces of glass with no flaws or minimal flaws. Look for unique items – or larger items that can command real value. Rarity is also important. Keep away from glassware that has small cracks or other flaws as these problems can significantly depreciate the value of the glass and prevent the pieces from increasing in value over time. Also look for markings on the glass to help identify the maker or age of the glass. Most of all, have fun collecting the glass and try to display the glass in windows or with a good back lighting with a black light source. Check LookInTheAttic & Co for more information about collecting Vaseline glass – they carry a wide variety of fine tableware.

Different Types Of Night Lighting For Children

It must be stated that night lights are often associated with young children who are perhaps scared of the dark. Or who do not enjoy sleeping in their own room, especially if they are of the age that they have recently been moved from their parents bed. But night lighting is not just a light that is placed in a plug socket by a child’s bed. Many adults are sure to be taking advantage of their many useful applications also.

Children will have many different and unique reasons for not wanting to go to bed, or have an inability to get straight to sleep. Fortunately, there are a range of products that can help encourage going to bed, and help throughout the night. Keep reading to discover the correct ways of using night lights in your child’s bedroom. Because there are many different forms of glow lighting available for the home. Here is a quick run down on the available options.

Socket Night Light

This can be plugged into any socket within the home. Or, perhaps when travelling and staying in a hotel. These can light up bedrooms, hallways and even bathrooms. They will create a gentle glow that is not overpowering or startling. Most will contain light emitting diodes, therefore are incredibly energy efficient.

These will most likely last for many years, and produce a gentle glow that will not disturb any child’s sleep, if kept a few metres from their bed. Plus, providing the safety of knowing the house is appropriately lit, when and if anyone needs to get up at night. Therefore beneficial for not just children, but perhaps adults who require glasses or contact lenses. Having a glow in the dark can provide suitable lighting to get to the toilet and back without the need for glasses or contact lenses.

Projection Lights

These are different. For example, most projection night lights will, as they suggest, project light onto a wall or ceiling. This can be in the form of shapes or even the time. This will be in the form of low light that reflects of solid surfaces. A great way to keep restless sleepers occupied and able to get to sleep. It can also be a great novelty way of encouraging little ones to get into bed early.

Night Light Alarm Clocks

A multifunctional application used by many. Demonstrating the use of time and getting used to setting their own alarm, whilst keeping a steady glow throughout the night. Most products will clearly display whether its night time or day time, in the image or colour displayed.

Night lights as discussed are a very useful and often underrated product, with many different applications. But it is advised that sleeping in a pitch dark room each night is advised. In order to benefit from getting a good night sleep. Therefore, if your child requires a light in order to get to sleep. Consider switching of the night light or night lights, once they drift off to sleep.

Important Things That You Should Do Prior to Opening a Boutique

Opening a boutique is a bit challenging especially if you know nothing about it. If you plan to start a boutique, then you are required to do a little research about it so you will have a chance to succeed. Prior to opening a boutique, you should also keep in mind a lot of considerations. These considerations include the kind of clothes that you want to sell. You should know the kinds of clothes that are sure to be a big hit at present. When it comes to deciding the clothes, you have to determine your target customers. The kind of clothes that you have to sell should be dependent on your target customers. You can have women’s wear as the main product line of your boutique if you decide to use women as your target market because they are the ones who are greatly interested in fashion.

Prior to opening a boutique, you should also consider the sources of your product. If you have a talent in designing clothes, then you can design your own products. However, if you know nothing about designing, then you have to choose a reliable merchandiser who offers quality and affordable clothes. Hiring a designer can also work perfectly well for you. However, this step is proven to be very expensive. It is because you are required to pay a designer’s fee.

Efficient and effective staff should also be considered before opening a boutique. Your boutique should have highly capable employees who have the expertise to assist you in operating your business. Hire people that know how to deal with customers. Through this, you will have a great chance of succeeding. Remember that the success of your business somehow lies on the competence of your employees. If you have incapable employees, then there is a great chance that you would fail. Employees who also know how to perfectly deal with customers can attract more people to your business.

Remember that the more friendly and approachable your employees are, the more customers will come running at your business’ doorstep and patronize your product. These things should be greatly considered before you ever open up your boutique. You have to put in mind that the fashion industry continues to grow and with millions of aspiring boutique owners at present, tight competition can be expected. Because of this, you have to consider a lot of things prior to starting your own boutique to ensure that you will obtain an edge despite the fierce competition.

The Kreg Jig Pocket Hole System – A Brief History

The pocket hole jig is a familiar and popular tool to all woodworking enthusiasts.  It is a tool used for making pocket hole joints to join wood together.  The Kreg Tool Company of Huxley, Iowa revolutionized this indispensable tool with its introduction of the Kreg Pocket Hole Jig.  Here is the history behind The Kreg Jig Pocket Hole System, the company and its founder.

Out of pure necessity, Craig Sommerfeld a tool and die maker, created his first tool the “Craig’s Jig” in 1986.  This was a single-hole pocket hole jig made from steel and aluminum.  Seeing the potential of his tool, Craig founded The Kreg Tool Company and revolutionized pocket hole joinery.  Today Kreg Tool is the leader in Pocket Hole Technology with its simple solutions and variations of the pocket hole jig.

In the 90’s numerous new tool innovations and upgrades were made.  The Single-drill guide M1 Kreg Jig had been made available and the Two-drill guide M2 Kreg Jig was introduced.  Because of the demand the K2 Kreg Jig was also introduced.  The DK100 machine was developed for the custom cabinet and furniture shops and the portable Rocket Jig was patented. The Single drill guide Mini Kreg Jig, an entry level tool great for repairs and space constrained applications was brought out in 1998.

The 21st. Century brought automation and diversification to the Kreg product line.  The Kreg Jig K2000 ProPack, the second generation Kreg Jig, the Mini Kreg Jig and Rocket Jigs were launched. The DK1100 single-spindle machines and the DK3100 three spindle machine enter the market place. The 4 and 5 spindle DK4100 and DK5100 machines, designed to drill pocket holes in cabinet sides, stairs, and drawer box components, came out a year later. Product diversification was made with the addition of the Precision Miter Gauge, Precision Band Saw Fence, and Precision Trak and Stop Kit all designed to make cutting wood more accurate.

In 2005 the third generation jig or the Kreg K3 Jig and the Kreg Jig K3 master System was introduced. The tool contains the latest in Pocket Hole Technology including interchangeable drill guide design, front side clamping, Face Clamp, Portable Base, Drill Guide Spacer, Spacerdust collection, infinite upright adjustment, material support stop, and Instruction Manual

While pocket hole jigs have been used by the woodworking industry for many years, The Kreg Jig Pocket Hole System has simplified pocket joinery by its history of innovations and consistent improvements. 

Want to learn more about the features of the Kreg K3 Jig and the Kreg Pocket Hole System?

Things to Consider at the Time of Choosing the Right LED Lights

Selecting the perfect lights for your home, business centre or office is essential for giving it a glowing look and better ambiance. A right selection is always important – as it makes your employees, workers or family members feel good and energetic.

LED lights can be the perfect choice for an office or a commercial centre. Your employees and workers never feel dreamy, sleepy and stressful when they work in these lights. However, at the time of installation, you should set them well at proper places for better illumination.

These are available in a variety of shapes and sizes with different wattage, luminosity, and guarantee periods. Therefore, you can exactly meet your needs. However, in every case, you must consider your room size, the colour of walls, and the purpose of installing LED lights at your home or office.

There are many manufacturers manufacturing customized LEDs to meet your purposes righteously. In that case, you have to order in bulk. Therefore, when you are in need of a significant number of lights, you can go for a custom order.

If you are looking for a perfect decorative illumination system for your new office or commercial centre, you can indulge in LED bulbs. These are scientifically made to reduce stress on your eyes. It can illumine your targeted area without spreading light everywhere in a room or module. The manufacturers of this light allow you to meet your bespoke needs.

Keeping pace with the increasing demand of the day, the number of manufacturers is gradually growing. Therefore, the right selection is mandatory. You may not meet your purposes exactly unless you follow some important tips.

Given below are the important tips


Wattage is the foremost thing to consider. Choosing one that requires less lumen is always good. It will save you from more power consumption. Depending on your needs and purposes, you should select the wattage.


You should take an effective decision on the required luminosity or brightness of your bulbs. You should choose one that gives better light, consuming less power.

Guarantee in hours

There are two types of LEDs. One comes with a guarantee. Here sellers write the purchase date with his signature. Therefore, if you face any problem, you get a replacement. Another type comes without guarantee. You should not choose the later type.

Heat capacity

Heat capacity is another factor. You must be sure that your light would not produce much heat. LED bulbs have been made to meet this purpose exactly. These produce lower heat and last for a longer period of time.

Just consider these four important areas to choose the best for your home, office or business centre.

Basic Garage Lighting Ideas – Things to Know About Lighting Up Your Garage

In today’s world you cannot ignore the importance of lights. Imagine a world without lighting. You would be probably more terrified of facing the night. However, the best reality is that we have so many options in lighting that it does make the world a better place to live.

Right now, we would rather focus on garage lighting ideas. The garage, has become such an important place that people do consider many options of enhancing it while doing up the home. The most important aspect of renovating the garage is focusing on the light structure. You can discuss this with the engineer or you can choose to plan it yourself. Either ways you should choose such a lighting infrastructure that lights up the area and provides a good visual view as well.

If you are doing all the work yourself you need to be careful while handling those wires and cables. Many garages have the main meter boxes installed inside. On the other hand, there are so many lighting options available in the market today that you almost do not have to worry about the wiring part.

For instance, there are these handy self-adhesive closet lights available, that can be installed simply by peeling the adhesive sticker at the back and fixing it at the appointed place. The advantage of these handy lights is that they can be moved easily whenever and wherever you like.

Talking about, outdoor lighting fixtures, you can install handy canopy lights over the garage door, which can provide ample light for anyone driving through. There are many other handy options available in outdoor lighting. For instance, many outdoor lights have motion sensors and photo cells that turn on and off automatically. Moreover, the photocell prevents it from lighting up during the day-time. These lights can also act as security lights.

If you are someone, who believes firmly in saving energy, you can also opt for Led Garage Lights. It is really a very wise option to choose LED’s over traditional incandescent bulbs because there are so many advantages to the former. LED’s emit a very bright light and yet do not heat up easily. They are co-friendly because they do not contain mercury and other hazardous chemicals. Also, they are the best choices for anyone looking for energy efficient lighting.

There are some things to note while buying Led lights. Be aware of cheap imitations and always make sure that you purchase it from a reputed seller. This is more relevant if you are an online shopper. Also, always make sure to check out the packaging details and what is included inside it. For example screws, wires, mounting plate, in case of outdoor lights.

What Is a Barrier Free Bathroom?

A barrier free bathroom is essentially a bathroom that is built or remodeled without the typical barriers to accessibility that is common in a standard home bathroom. Those who are handicapped or contend with mobility or dexterity issues often need barrier free bathrooms in order to retain as much independence and dignity as possible while performing personal hygiene functions. This type of design makes a bathroom totally accessible to those in wheelchairs or who must use some type of mobility aid for walking.

There are several areas in a bathroom that the barrier free design significantly affects. Generally, the shower, bathtub area, toilet, sink or vanity area, flooring, doorways and safety features are elements that are impacted by this particular design.


The shower is one of the most impacted areas in the whole design, since making it accessible requires several variations from a traditional shower area. Features such as the drain, type of shower head, faucet controls, entrance area, and seating, require careful thought when configuring a shower for the handicapped. For instance, providing a shower without an entrance curb and with a low threshold, is key in a barrier free bathroom. This makes it accessible for wheelchair use as well as easily usable by those who have less mobility.

Another interesting aspect of creating an open shower is to choose the correct drainage feature that wll allow quick water run-off after shower use, which enhances safety and keeps water from flowing into other parts of the barrier free floor.


Many bathrooms that are barrier free simply do not have bathtubs, because of the obvious design that creates a blocked off space in the room. Bathtubs are harder in which to maneuver and can cause a variety of problems for many disabled people. Even those that are specially designed, such as walk in units, can be problematic. So, many barrier free designs do not include a bathtub.

Sinks and Vanities

In order to create a sink and vanity area without barriers, often wall-hung ADA fixtures are used to provide easier access. Cabinetry is built with recessive features to allow for wheelchair use.


Again, a wall-hung toilet is often placed in a barrier free space because of easier access. There are also ADA approved toilets that are perfect for this type of bathroom design. Other areas that are affected are the flooring and safety features. The correct type of flooring is generally smooth, water proof and nonslip.

For extra safety and support, railing is generally placed at strategic spots around the bathroom. A barrier free bathroom is becoming more and more popular among homeowners, as well as the bathroom of choice for those who need to remodel an existing room.

Can You Build A Homemade Smoker Out Of Wood?

Contrary to popular belief, you can build a smokehouse out of wood and in fact many are still built like that today. To be fair, a lot depends on the size of the smokehouse that you are building, if for example you were trying to build a shoebox smoker out of wood where everything is so compact then the chances are that the thing is going to go up in flames.

Let’s start right at the beginning, my first design was much bigger than a shoebox, probably best described as a wardrobe and even that went up in smoke, so whilst it’s true that you can build a smoker out of wood there are still some things that you need to consider.

Two things really determine whether wood is a suitable building material for a homemade smoker:

  1. How big are you building?
  2. What temperature are you smoking at?

The size issue is pretty easy to resolve and that is that your home-made smoke house would have to be sufficiently big enough to ensure that the heat and smoke source is fully enclosed in fire-retardant materials and insulated at floor level. Provided you take these steps then you really can build a smoke house out of something that resembles nothing more that a garden shed.

In Africa for example, you will still see smoking as part of the daily life in the coastal villages where the daily food staple is fish. In the African sun, fresh fish will keep but for a matter of hours and without refrigeration the only way to preserve fish for market or for days when the villages don’t catch anything is to smoke it.

The smoke house will effectively be a shelter with a wooden thatched roof and inside a naked log fire – how fireproof is that? It just goes to show that provided the hut is big enough and the fire is insulated (it sits on sand) then wood is perfectly acceptable.

The African fishermen brings me onto the next point which is that the temperature of smoking is important top. Generally when smoking fish it is either cold smoked or warm smoked, the latter being up to a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius. This is some way from the higher 110 or 120 that one would encounter when hot smoking American style.

Certainly at these temperatures, wood, if in a confined environment (and it would have to be so in order to get to that temperature) could easily char.

My own solution to making a small smoker out of wood was to line the entire internals with fire retardant boards and also leave an insulation gap of 25mm between the board and the wood. By doing it this way I’ve managed to provide all the aesthetics of a traditional wooden smoker with the practicality and durability of an American hot smoker.

In addition I’ve done it for a fraction of the price that I would have had to pay for a smoker had I bought it in the shops.

Stylish Cellphone Wallpapers

Stylish and beautiful wallpapers never fail to fascinate young people especially girls. Their delicate patterns, fantastic compositions and distinctive flash images attract young people who are always seeking for fashion and prevalence and never miss them. Of course, people who like to decorate their telephones are also quite found of them. I am a good example, for I update my wallpapers every week. Some people even replace them on a day to day basis, which is too crazy of them. If they really replace wallpapers so often, where can a great many of them be obtained?

Do not be so surprised about that. They could download these artistic wallpapers from specialized websites for free. Apart from these free websites, some websites will charge users, for they can provide them with a wide catalog of wallpapers which are unique and personalized. Because of this, users are still willing to pay for that in order to get their expectant wallpapers. There is another way to get wallpapers. That is they can ask their friends to send wallpapers to you by telephone if they are willing to waste their money and give their friends a hand. Actually it's not a good way because what they get is limited, but really a convenient method especially for those phones that do not have EMS memory.

Some people may ask what can these beautiful wallpapers be used for? In fact, they do not have any substantial use. But they can decorate cell phone screens and they are a feast for eyes indeed. I have such experiences when a good friend of mine once opened my mobile phone, they were amazed to see my fantastic wallpaper and then spoke highly of it. At that time I felt so proud and satisfied. And I believe many users have had the same experience.

Nowadays, wallpapers have already received a warm welcome and are enjoying a high reputation. In the future, they will be widespread and will be accepted not only by the young teenagers but also by the older generation.

Magnetic Paint – A Great Way to Add a Special Touch to Your Home

Titled because of the magnetically attractive qualities it possesses, magnetic paint is created using ferromagnetic additives. Before applying the final paint job, magnetic paint is typically applied first in the form of a wall primer. This is a great way to apply it as it doesn’t comprise the final paint colour scheme thus allowing a seamless magnetic surface anywhere it is desired. Magnetic paints are manufactured by a number of paint manufacturers; Rustoleum and Magnamagic are two of the better known.

Contrary to popular belief the ferromagnetic particles are actually suspended in the paint, not dissolved in the paint. When painted on a surface the painter must be careful to ensure there is a suitable amount of coats applied in order to create the adequate surface for the attraction of magnets. Two coats of magnetic paint are needed at the extreme minimum, and it is commonly suggested to apply at least four coats. The ideal magnets to use on a magnetic wall are definitely rare-earth magnets, a very strong magnet that can perform very well even when they are extremely small. This makes them perfect for sticking up photos, notes, or other similar items.

Anticipate the wall to be slightly textured after the magnetic paint has been applied. This is caused by the concentration of the ferromagnetic particles and is a difficult thing to avoid. It’s not advised to sand this surface smooth as you will be literally sanding off your desired magnetic properties! The best approach is to apply the paint with a foam roller. If done properly and care is taken the paint will go on smooth enough. It’s important to look out for roller marks or surface blemishes (perform top-quality pre-paint wall preparation) as these small bumps will interfere with a solid magnetic adhesion by reducing the total surface area in contact with the magnets.

Magnetic paint can be used in a variety of ways to enhance a room or area. One clear advantage of using magnets is the ability to put up photos or notes on the wall without damaging either the wall or the item in question. A great idea is to paint a magnetic wall in a kids room and put up both letter and number magnets. This can be done anywhere in the house in fact and substituted with poetry or word magnets. Next to the bathroom mirror could be a fun spot! Businesses might also take advantage of magnetic paint by employing a magnetic sign allowing them to easily change their signage but take advantage of professional looking letter magnets.

Magnetic paint is definitely one of the more interesting paint products when you are looking for a unique way to spice up a room or space. There are many great magnetic wall ideas out there to get your creative juices flowing, a quick internet search for ‘magnetic paint ideas’ will surely be all it takes.

Flagstone Floors – Benefits of Natural Stone Floors

Natural stone flagstones have been used for centuries both internally and externally in properties, providing testimony to their durability and long term appeal for each and every discerning customer. It is easy to appreciate its natural beauty and appeal.

Flagstone floor tiles are available in a variety of colours, surface finishes and sizes and can therefore provide the appropriate look for any flooring project. This floor tile choice can make a room look individual and unique.

The initial outlay for stone flooring can seem costly; however, when identifying the benefits of natural stone flooring in both domestic and commercial properties, it becomes clear that this luxurious and exclusive option is cost effective because of its durability and longevity. Flagstone flooring will add dimension and can be used in an array of ways to create an impressive and decorative look.

Stone flooring has an everlasting appeal that continues to rise in popularity across the world. There are numerous advantages to classic stone options, including:

Stain resistance; stain resistant sealers will aid natural stone’s ability of stain resistance

Durability; evident within some of the oldest buildings known and frequently used for high traffic areas of any property

Versatility; a natural product, diverse in nature with its own individual characteristics, used in various applications

Sophisticated appearance; it can make a room or space within your property appear larger in size with an array of alternatives for residences as well as businesses

Less maintenance; once sealed appropriately, flagstone flooring benefits from a low maintenance care routine.

Natural floor stones generally require less maintenance compared to other variations of flooring. Treating the stone tiles on a regular basis, both after installation and at regular intervals thereafter is required. Treatments, sealing and maintenance vary depending on the type of stone, so the best course of action is to ask for advice.

Professional stone cleaners and restoration specialists will benefit from a wealth of knowledge. They will be able to assist with your individual requirements for your flooring. They are able to restore tired looking stone to its former glory, ensuring you get the best from your stone tiles with use of powerful machinery.

There is no substitute for the attractiveness and complexity of natural stone tiles. The aesthetics and overall appearance of natural stone tiles are elegant with no two stone floors looking exactly the same. Their uniqueness will add class and value within any property, alongside a capability of fitting with any decor and design, whether used internally or externally.

A good quality natural stone tile, installed and maintained with professional assistance should last a lifetime. It is one of the few materials that improves with age; the perfect choice for any domestic or commercial situation.