Hotel Windermere – A Visitors Checklist

One of the best places in the world to visit in the summer is the English Lake District. Stay in a Windermere Hotel in Cumbria. You will find this beautiful town right on the edge of Lake Windermere. The lake is nearly eleven miles long and it is enveloped by fields with sheep, hills and fells of majestic beauty and woodland as well.

As a lucky visitor you may well want a Windermere Hotel and you will be pleased with the surfeit of activities available in this peaceful holiday village. A lot of local people from the UK choose to stay in Windermere and make it the place for their annual vacation.

One of the major attractions of course is the lake. It gives unparalleled access to the sights of the fells of the southern lake district. You can take any of a number of lake cruises or boat rides and you can rent your own boat as well for an individual experience. Some of these tours around the lake can take from just over 30 minutes to as long as 3 or 4 hours.

There are a few hardy souls who chose to get married in Windermere and stay at a Windermere Hotel for their honeymoon as well. There are a few stunning hotels on Lake Windermere where you can not only perform your marriage vows but include the amazing scenery as a backdrop to your wedding images.

If you want lake frontage as a part of your holiday then there are a few great hotels and many many Bed and Breakfasts. Just be careful though to make sure you find out which ones genuinely have a lake view.

Throughout the year there are many different attractions including: an air show, summer festivals, garden festivals and many other outdoor attractions.

Exterior Shutters

An exterior shutter is used either as a safeguard against the weather or as an aesthetic accessory for your house or business. They can be bought made of vinyl, wood, aluminum or fiberglass and designed to fit either a historical facade or one that is more modern.

There are various designs for the exterior shutter such as: Bahama or Bermuda shutters which are made in one piece to fit the window and can be propped open at the bottom and custom made shutters made to fit a particular window as opposed to customized shutters that are remade to fit a particular window. These are only a few of the shutters available for the exterior of the house or business.

The louvers on the exterior shutter do not move therefore, they are made to be tilted to keep the sunlight out and provide ventilation. The finish on the shutters is usually either paint or stain. These shutters are usually made of a hardwood to withstand the weather.

Choosing an exterior shutter for your home can sometimes be a difficult decision because of the selection available. Do you want your home to emphasize its history (if it’s an older home) or do you want the windows to look like beautifully framed works of art? Do you want the shutter to open and close or do you want it to be in a stationary position? Most of the more modern homes will now come equipped with stationary shutters. Before you shop for your shutters make a check list stating what type of shutter you want, what the shutter should be made of, what kind of hardware do you want on it and what color do you want them in. Above all, measure the area in which the shutters will be installed very carefully and accurately.

An exterior shutter, whether it’s on an older house or a brand new house is an attractive addition. It can truly enhance a home’s personality and atmosphere saying something about the house and the people that live in it.

Italian Photo Charm

Italian charms are pieces of semi-precious jewelry consisting of a couple of pieces of metal (usually iron or copper) base plates, plated with 18K gold and enamel. These base metals offer sturdiness and longevity. The charm is then decorated with semiprecious stones such as lapis and garnets, or in the cheaper variety, zirconium / CZ, is the choice of charm makers. The finishing touches to the charm are done by painting the charm with enamel. This enamel is never fired onto the charm, but painted. After careful sorting of the charms, the best are selected and soldered onto a link. However, buyers be warned of checking the spring of a base link of a charm to see if it is tight and secure.

Amongst the vast array of Italian Charms is the photo Italian charm. This is usually in the form of a bracelet. However, there are various models of this popular form of Italian Charm. Unlike the conventional picture charms, the new photo charms are made by embedding a photo into the charm and laminating it with clear enamel paint. This charm is set onto a stainless steel link or gold charm, the shiny steel providing a beautiful, sparkling background that shines through the image.

Italian photo charms are one of the most popular ways to enhance the look of any link bracelet. Apart from the option of personalizing the charm with an initial, many buyers choose to put a sweetheart's name and or a birthstone on the charm along with a snapshot of them. The enamel coating over the picture preserves it for years, from the elements.

The most common photo charms are those of people and pets, but they can be used for other images including artwork, logos, and prints as well. The beauty of these Italian photo charms is that they can be interchanged and so a priceless collection of personalized Italian charms can be built up over the years.

3 Things You Must Know When Buying A Modern Ironing Board

There are some fantastic ideas and designs to enable you to iron in comfort and that will fit in with the style of your home. They not only come in many different sizes and colors but you can also have them so it folds away into the walls or tucks away neatly in a drawer.

You have to decide how much you use your ironing board and work out if it is cost effective to have an expensive board. You also need to think about the space you have in your home and where you want to do your ironing. Although it is popular to have a portable ironing board so you can move from room to room these days’ static ones are preferred. Portable ones are bigger and will need to be stored which can cause a problem if you have little space. If space is an issue then you can have modern ironing boards which you can use on the counter or table.

If you iron a lot then it is worth spending more on your board as with everything you get what you pay for. The more you spend the better quality you will receive the ironing board will be reinforced and sturdier to iron on. The legs are made from a better material which will stop them wobbling causing you to be unable to iron correctly. The actual surface size of the board is bigger which means you can iron those larger items with ease and comfort. They will also often have an iron rest and laundry racks. The racks allow you to hang your clothes once you have finished which is ideal for all of your clothes.

If you have the space then an iron storage system would be ideal as they are designed to keep everything in one place. These systems not only offer you amazing storage options but your iron is stored away out of sight until you need it. These units can be places in your laundry room which is the ideal place for it all to be. You can keep all of your laundry and ironing products together in one place they are a fantastic way to remain organized. The built in units are not that expensive and they can help you to remain tidy and more efficient.

You should look at your budget when buying an ironing board although they are not often seen as an essential part of your home they will be used a lot. You will find that you will enjoy doing the ironing if you are using the right equipment. Having the right ironing board can make you enjoy ironing and you will find it is no longer a chore to do.

Does The Fuel Shark Really Save Gas? Product Review

If you’re like me, then we doubt claims made by manufacturers of revolutionary new products that will help us lose weight by taking a pill or in this case save gas by plugging this little device into a lighter adaptor. I put the Fuel Shark through its’ paces and was amazed at the results!

The Fuel Shark is a device that is designed to instantly stabilize your car’s electrical system, resulting in better fuel efficiency and overall performance. By stabilizing your car’s electrical system, one big benefit is that your engine’s spark plugs deliver a strong even spark, resulting in better combustion. This can increase power and MPG, in addition to having cleaner emissions, according to the manufacturer Direct Brands LLC. It sounds great so let’s check it out.

Our second family car is a gas guzzling Ford Explorer 2004, which is rated for 12 mpg city and 18 mpg highway (new) and now has 115,000 miles on it. We established that the Explorer gets an average of 8.9 mpg in mixed driving around New York City. This was based on driving 369 miles and using 41.5 gallons over two fill-ups.

Now all we do is plug the Fuel Shark in the lighter socket before starting the car in the morning and unplug it when we park for the evening. This is because the Explorer supplies continuous power with the engine off. If you car cuts power to the lighter/adaptor plugs then you can leave it plugged in all the time. The expected life of the device is about three years.

Here are the results we got from the very first tank full:

First: 233 miles – 19.2 gallons – 12.1 mpg

Second: 211 miles – 19.5 gallons – 10.8 mpg

Third: 104 miles – 8.44 gallons – 12.3 mpg

Straight Highway Test Run: 100 miles at 68-70 mph – 4.63 gallons – 21.6 mpg

This run was amazing since the Explorer is only rated for 18 mpg highway.

Fifth/Sixth: 331 miles – 28.9 gallons – 11.5 mpg

The savings are fantastic! For these runs we used 81 gallons of gas. Without the Fuel Shark, we would have used about 102 gallons which means we saved 21 gallons driving 979 miles. The average increase in mileage went from 9.5 mpg to 12 mpg, which is an incredible 26% increase in efficiency!

At $3.75/gallon our total savings was $78.75. The Fuel Shark paid for itself by the fourth fill up and of course gets my full recommendation. One point you should know, if you decide to try out this little marvel. The shipping cost was $15 (very high) for a $30 product. However, you can buy two for the same $15 shipping cost (which I would have done if I knew).

Needless to say, we were simply astounded at the incredible increase in mileage from this device and it is so easy and convenient to use.

Rough Openings For Doors

One of the most important parts of framing walls is getting

the rough openings right. Items that determine what the

height of One of the most important parts of framing walls is getting

the rough openings right. Items that determine what the

height of your opening will be are floor finishes and the

use of underlayment. Door widths will stay constant with the

size of a standard door.

In new construction most doors are hung after the floors are

installed. This allows flooring contractors (tile, hardwood,

vinyl, laminate) to lay their flooring products without

making tricky cuts around door jambs. It also makes for a

neat and clean door installation. Exceptions to this are

carpeted floors. Doors are hung before the carpeting is

laid. When doors are hung in carpeted areas, its a good idea

to shim them up 1/2″, putting a shim under each jamb leg.

This eliminates the need to cut the doors down after the

carpet is installed.

For a 6′ 8″ high door (80 inches) I like to frame my rough

opening height at 82 3/4″. This allows room for all the

situations mentioned above. If your header material is a

double 2×12, holding it to the top plate will give you that


Rough openings for door widths are pretty much standard. The

rough opening width is 2 inches wider than the door itself.

this allows room for the door jambs which are usually 3/4″

thick. This gives you approximately 1/2″ of play and shim

room when installing a prehung door. For a 36″ door (3′ 0″)

the rough opening width would be 38″. Here are the most

common door sizes and their rough openings.

Door Size Rough Opening Size

2′ 0″ x 6’8″ -26″ x 82 3/4″

2′ 2″ x 6’8″ -28″ x 82 3/4″

2′ 4″ x 6’8″ -30″ x 82 3/4″

2′ 6″ x 6’8″ -32″ x 82 3/4″

2′ 8″ x 6’8″ -34″ x 82 3/4″

2′ 10″x 6’8″ -36″ x 82 3/4″

3′ 0″ x 6’8″ -38″ x 82 3/4″

To figure the rough opening for double doors or french

doors, take the door size times 2 and add 2″. The most

common sizes for exterior doors are the 2’8″ and the 3’0″

doors. The 2’8″ is usually used for the back door and the

access door from the garage. That size door for exterior use

is being used less these days because of the size of

appliances and furniture. Exterior doors with sidelights and

sliding patio doors rough openings vary from manufacturer to

manufacturer. These should be verified and gotten from the


Getting the rough openings right the first time keeps the

sawzall in its carrying case and having to change the

opening after the walls are drywalled and painted.

Mike Merisko (c) 2006

Door Knocker Replacement

Are you about to replace an older doorknocker with a new one? Perhaps you are looking for a different style or finish. In any case shopping for a door knocker can be a frustrating task. There is not only the choice of style and finish, you must match or cover the impressions and holes left from the previous one.

In many instances the hardest part of replacing a door knocker is finding a suitable replacement. Matching the finish or style is not so difficult as is matching the mounting methods.

There are two common methods of installing a door knocker. Surface mounting and through the door mounting. Both methods use common household tools. Other than that they are distinctly different.

First is the surface mount method. This option uses wood screws that pass through the door knocker and into the door. This is the easiest method for replacement. The screws do not have to line up perfectly with the existing holes in the door. The door knocker itself will cover the existing holes. New ones can be made without distracting from the appearance of the door. The old holes should be filled with putty in to prevent moisture from getting into the door.

Second is the through the door method. This method uses mounting hardware that passes through holes in the door to secure it from the inside. This one presents more challenges when it comes to replacement. The most obvious is the matching of the holes drilled through your door to the new door knocker. The holes need to match and be large enough to handle the hardware for the new knocker. The holes being small due to smaller diameter mounting hardware is easily fixed with a drill. If the holes are to far apart or to close this is another matter.

The distance between the holes is called the Bolt Center or BC dimension. There is a reason for this seemingly odd name. You want the bolt to go through the center of the hole so this is the point that you would mark the door to be drilled.

The problem you run into when replacing an existing door knocker is the holes are already drilled through your door. On the outside the holes can be covered by the knocker itself but on the inside they are exposed.

It can be difficult to find a new door knocker with the same BC dimension. Especially if the original one has been there for many years. There is no standard for the BC dimension. The BC for the most part is determined by the design of the knocker. The mounting lugs used to attach the hardware are usually placed at a thicker portion of the casting. This is to give them more strength.

Sometimes you have to settle for a replacement that is close. If the two BC’s are within 1/4 or 3/8 inch of each other you can usually enlarge the holes in the door a bit to make the fit. If you are lucky the existing mounting hardware will cover the enlarged holes. If not a larger washer will usually do the trick.

If the replacement door knocker BC dimension is not even close one of the existing holes can be used but the second matching hole must be drilled through the door for the mounting. This leaves the other previous hole to cover up. If puttying and repainting is not an option I have used a third mounting hardware bolt and epoxy it into the unused hole. This gives the appearance on the inside that three bolts are used on this door knocker. This looks natural and is easy to do. The outside portion of the hole is covered by the door knocker but should still be filled with putty to prevent future problems with moisture.

With a little luck you will find a matching door knocker. Be aware that this very often is not the case. Remember that if your door knocker is solid brass is may be easier to simply refinish the existing one.

The Difference Between AquaIllumination Hydra LEDs and Ecotech Marine Radions

With all the great choices for LED marine aquarium lighting available, you might have a hard time deciding which lighting system is best for you. The following is a side-by-side comparison of two leading aquarium LED systems.

The Basics on AquaIllumination Hydra LEDs

The AquaIllumination (AI) Hydra LED aquarium lighting system takes advantage of 80 degree lenses to provide a uniform presentation of blended color and light. You can opt for a 50 degree lense if your tank requires more penetration. Included with the Hydra are two Edison Opto 400nm UV LEDs, two OSRAM OSLON Deep Red bulbs, four Cree XT-E Cool White, two Cree XP-E Green bulbs, four Cree XP-E Royal Blue bulbs, two SemiLED 415 nm Violet bulbs and four OSRAM OSLON Very Deep Blue LED bulbs. The total combination pushes the spectrum toward the blue side, which works very well for cool light spectrum corals, such as Lobophyllia and Chalice corals.

Also, the AI Hydra lighting system has a proven optical efficiency of 90 percent. When lit up to full power, the AI Hydra requires 95 watts to operate. The AI Hydra is air cooled by one fan. This lighting system is set up for wireless control, using any of the AI family of wireless controllers, which are sold separately. In fact, you need an AI wireless controller on hand to operate the Hydra LED system.

What Makes Ecotech Marine Radions Tick?

You can purchase an Ecotech Marine Radion LED setup in either a standard model (the XR30w) or the professional model, known as the XR30w Pro. Both use 80 degree lenses for light distribution. The XR30w includes four SemiLEDs for UV coverage, eight Cree XT-E for cool white color, four SemiLEDs for indigo spectrum, six OSRAM OSLON Square bulbs for deep blue, four OSRAM OSLON SSL for hyper red spectrum, eight Cree XP-E for blue color and four Cree XP-E Green to provide the green color. The Pro model differs from the XR30w by having four more LED bulbs, including two OSRAM OSLON SSL yellow bulbs and two extra OSRAM OSLON Square bulbs, for even more deep blue color.

The XR30w uses 150 watts of power with variable usage, while the XR30w Pro’s larger size takes the wattage to 170 watts with variable use. Both models come with a waterproof fan to help dissipate heat generated by the LEDs. To control the lights, both types of Radions tap into Ecotech’s cloud-based app, known as ReefLink, which is available from EcoSmart Live. This app gives you full control of your lighting, and any other Ecotech equipment you might own, through the use of your laptop, smart phone or tablet.

What to Consider If Choosing Between the Two Systems

As in all purchases, you have to consider your own aquarium and situation before buying the LED setup that works best for you. If price is your main concern, the AI Hydra LED system is at least $100 cheaper than any Ecotech Marine Radion. Also, as stated above, the Ecotech Radion LED series uses more electricity, so total overall cost to run these LEDs is going to be greater than using an AI Hydra LED system.

Sometimes, your biggest concern is how much you can control your lights. With the AI Hydra, you get seven control channels, which allow you to create a wide variety of color combinations. You can also program the AI Hydra to simulate rainy days and thunderstorms, a full moon or cloud movement over your reef, which is controlled with a sweeping effect over a number of lamps. The Ecotech Radion has six control channels, allowing you to present your aquarium with sunrise, sunset, clouds, rainy skies, thunderstorm effects and moon phases.

The size and depth of your aquarium can also help you determine which type of LED system you want. The AI Hydra works very well for shallower aquariums, but the bulbs aren’t quite bright enough if you have to light up your aquarium to a great depth. The Ecotech Radions are more intense, so they work great for the deep aquariums.

The Importance of Lighting For a Successful Event

Event lighting is one of the most important factors that need special attention to bring the magical and sophisticated atmosphere to life. Unique concepts of using the different kinds of lighting equipment can transform any empty space to an elegant and visually appealing ballroom.

Event lighting companies use advanced high- technology to make sure that each corner is easily visible and that the electricity used is equally distributed so that there is no fluctuation during the event. They even make sure that all extra wiring is hidden so it looks presentable and also no one would trip over a wire as well.

Event lighting is used for birthdays, weddings, and corporate events: basically any occasion, you can think of that needs to be celebrated with fun, music, beverages and exquisite cuisine. All of these factors enhance the ambiance which is created so that your guests and clients have a spectacular time and the event is remembered and talked about for months or years to come. Find an experience Event lighting bay area company that can help you make your event a success, since they would know exactly what to do and incorporate your vision into something so beautiful that will leave you spell bound.

They can arrange chandeliers and conventional lighting that will make the d├ęcor a lot more elaborate. Everything will be customized to tailor to your needs and to welcome your guests to an elegant venue. They can even uses drapes to cover a few sections of the venue and add spot lights around them. They can provide wall light and even pay extra attention to the cake by add colorful lights around the table. Some companies even realize the responsibilities that they have towards global warming so they use lighting that are less power consuming.

Experienced Event lighting bay area companies even have portfolios that the create using snap shots of previous events so that you are aware of what they can create and how professional they are. They even work according to your budget so that there are no problems later on while settling the amount. They are very customer oriented so they will go that extra mile to make sure everything runs smoothly. Some Event lighting bay area companies are even very flexible with locations so that it is convenient for your guests or clients can attend the occasion without any hesitation.

If you so want to have a gala event and make sure you leave no stone unturned it is very important that the lighting is bright and matches according to the theme. It’s a known fact that if the lighting is poor then your guests might not have a very good time since the X factor would be missing. Event lighting adds that glamour quotient to the event so that is remains a memorable experience.

Installing Radiant Barrier Foil Over Attic Flooring

Radiant barrier foil is a newer product that is growing in popularity when it comes to increasing your home's energy efficiency. The three main types include two-sided with micro perforations, two-sided without micro perforations, and two-sided with bubble wrap in the center. In this article, we will look at applying two-sided, micro perforated radiant barrier foil to an attic floor.

The first thing to consider in all home improvement projects is safety. Potential hazards in this project include low clearance areas where you can hit your head on a rafter or nail, areas that lack flooring where you might accidentally put a foot through the underlying ceiling material, extreme heat that could induce heat exhaustion or heat stroke, and loose wiring that could deliver a nasty shock when contacting the foil product.

You may want to wear a hard hat for protection, and you will need to take note or mark where the attic flooring is and is not. Use four-foot lengths of board to safely walk on joists that lack floor material. If you must work in heat, realize that extended time in higher temperatures can make you very ill, and take preventive measures. Put a yard sprinkler on the roof to run water and cool the attic temperature. Run fans in the attic to move the air, or remove an air conditioning duct to make it blow cool air in the workspace. Inspect all wiring, cables, and junction boxes for loose wire or loose connections, and repair or have an electrician repair the faults. Also take note of any exhaust fans and canister lights or any other heat source. These areas must have a clearance of four to six inches on all sides for proper venting. If you have any waste vent that vents to the attic space, temporarily plug these vents with rags. The methane and other exiting gases should not be breathed.

You will need a space to mark out and cut lengths of foil. If you have adequate vertical clearance, you can suspend the foil roll from a rafter with a jig and note how high above the floor the roll is. That will be your standard length in feet that you can work with. Alternately, have a large space downstairs or in a garage to lay out, measure, and cut the foil. The cut foil lengths can then be rolled like carpet or folded accordion-style to make it easier to take to the attic space. Try to work from the points farthest from your attic entrance, to help avoid tearing or moving your previously laid pieces.

Some attics will allow the installation of the foil to run perpendicular to the joists, and this is the best direction. If your roof pitch is too shallow to allow running the foil perpendicular to the joists, it will need to be cut to run parallel to them. Most radiant barrier foil rolls are four feet wide. If your joists are 24 inches on center, simply cut the foil lengthwise to allow it to be placed on the insulation easily. While a four foot wide roll cut in half will not lie flat in the 46.5 inches of space between three joists or trusses, this is acceptable. Joists which are 16 inches on center will simply need to be cut in thirds width wise. In all other areas, allow for two inches of overlap on all sides. Also keep the foil 12 inches away from end walls and soviets or rafter vents to allow for proper ventilation.

The foil does not need to lie flat against the insulation. It works best with an airspace, so the natural peaks and valleys in the insulation are helpful. It also does not necessarily need to be taped or stapled on the seams. If it will be later walked on over a flooring surface, staple or tape it in enough places to prevent displacing the foil. For long runs and tight spaces, the challenge is how to put the foil where it belongs. Place a nail at the end of a length of thin wood trim or plastic pipe. Use the nail to move the foil into place. If you are running the foil from the center of an attic area in both directions, put a nail in each end of the wood or plastic pipe to prevent having to turn the tool around for the opposite side.

Make Your Hotel Stay Fireproof

Staying in a hotel means you are at the mercy of the management when it comes to fire safety. There are precautions, however, that can make your stay safer. Keeping these safety measures in mind can make your vacation a relaxing and enjoyable one.

First, you should check with the hotel about fire safety plans. Check about smoke detectors and sprinklers. Develop an escape plan. Set a place near the hotel to meet any others in your party. Some may be in saunas, etc. Also, gather a kit of supplies, such as a flashlight, duct tape, and a portable smoke detector in case one is not provided. If you are traveling in a country other than your native language, learn the word “fire” in that language.

At first check in, ask about the location of fire alarms and what evacuation plan is in force. Check windows for proper function and the possibility of it being an escape route. Take time to master unlocking the door without the use of visual input. Keep a flashlight and your room key on the stand beside your bed. If you are uncomfortable with the hotel’s fire plan, then consider moving to another one.

In the unhappy event of a fire, grab the room key and flashlight, leave immediately, making sure your family or roommate is with you, close the door, sound the fire alarm if there is one in the hall (there should be). Go down the stairs (do not use an elevator) and immediately move to the safe place where you previously planned for.

If there is a fire somewhere else in the hotel, again grab the room key and flashlight. Check the door with the back of your hand to make sure it is not hot. If not, carefully check for smoke in the hallway. If smoke is present, carefully bend low to the floor and exit out a stairwell, checking doors for heat along the way. Do not use an elevator.

If the door in your room feels hot, don’t open it. Exit by the alternate route you have chosen. If you don’t have a second exit route, call for help, then wet towels stuff them at the bottom of the door. Fill the bathtub with water and surround the doors with the duct tape from your kit. Hang a bed sheet from the window to signal firemen. Don’t jump from the window. Wait until the fireman get there and give you directions.

These actions may seem extreme, but in the event of a fire, you won’t think so. Fire codes are stronger than in the past, but accidents still happen. The peace of mind in knowing you have a game plan is worth all the effort.

Wall Paper Glue

There are many avenues that can be used to decorate a room. Painting is just one way. You can use wall paper glue to attach beautiful designs to your room. The old designs can be removed quite easily. First, remove the designs. Apply DIF for about 15 to 20 minutes. This allows the complete removal of adhesive. A scraper is used to remove the adhesive residue. A wet sponge can be used to wipe out the remaining.

Wall paper glue can be removed using a steamer. A steamer can be rented from a hard ware store. It is however messy and time consuming. It gives effective results. If this is too expensive, a home remedy can help. You may use hot water and vinegar. This mixture is applied and the adhesive is scraped off. It is then wiped with a towel. The mixture is very effective.

An enzyme based remover and a wet sponge can also be used. The remover is available in hardware stores. It may be in form of a gel or liquid. About two or three coats of the remover is applied using a roller or a brush. us. A knife or blade can be used to scrap the dissolved glue. It is advisable to use gloves. It works very fast.

The gel is applied using a paint brush. It removes the adhesive without causing a mess. Within an hour, this surface will be clean. Wall paper glue can be removed using a stripper. The stripper is available in many stores. It comes in concentrate that is to be mixed with warm water. It is applied on the surface using a sprayer, paint brush or a sponge. It should dry for about 20 to 30 minutes. The surface is rinsed with water.

Facts About Polymer Clay

Polymer clay is a unifying and pliable polymer compound intended for crafters and artists. It is not considered real clay since clay is composed particles of silicate suspended in water. Polymer clay comes from particles of PVC or polyvinyl chloride suspended in a plasticizer. Although real clay and polymer clay are completely different things, polymer clay can be used like clay.

Originally, when these clays were first produced, they were soft prior to curing in low temperatures. Nowadays however, air dry polymer clays are now available. This makes it easier to mold these to one’s personal liking. Afterwards, it can be hardened at high temperatures to fixate the design.

There are basic curing and conditioning steps to follow, so that the finished product will not break even in the changing conditions of weather, and in accidental falls. Curing can be done as often as one wants. And afterwards, it can be sanded lightly to smoothen out rough finishes.

The versatility of polymer clays makes it special. It is available in different colors. You can blend paints with this clay in order to make your own unique colors. You can also work out two or three different color-schemes without blending them. This is effective if you greatly prefer effects like marbling and cane working rather than the plain one-colored clay.

The ductility and pliability of polymer clay lets you use certain techniques for textile, architecture, sculpture and glasswork. The best thing about polymer clays is the fact that it does not dry out so people who use it won’t have to worry for a time limit whenever they are doing some art forms such as sculptures.

Firing is the process which fuses the fine particles on polymer clay into a solid material. This process requires low heat. The heat must be low enough for you to use your home oven as a kiln. The sizing and colors are not changed during the process of firing. The clay gets hard and solid enough to make your art forms durable objects. There are several techniques to obtain the desired textures. Textures may range from stone-like to glasslike figures.

Polymer clays can be used in many ways. You can actually cover anything with it as long as it doesn’t burn or melt during the firing process. You can cover wooden boxes, mirrors, table wares as well as picture frames with this type of clay. A popular application of polymer clay is in jewelries. This clay is used to make pendants, beads, neck pieces as well as bracelets. Buttons and miniature sculptures are also good options.

A number of clay artists developed techniques to give this clay other appearances such as amber, coral, granite, jade, ivory and turquoise. It is very flexible that it can be shaped any way you want.

Keep in mind that this is not suitable for things that use direct contact with the food or with other edible things.

Polymer clay is widely available nowadays due to its surging popularity. Obviously, there is lots of polymer clay in the market. Look in art supply stores, local craft stores and bead shops.

Marley Dance Floors VS Wooden Dance Floors

The type of wood dance flooring used for lessons and performance is an important feature of which all teachers and students should be aware. All types of dancers can benefit from wooden floors that are sprung, because they have a degree of spring to them when a dancer jumps on them. There are two types of floors commonly used in dance studios and theatres today, and they include wood dance flooring and Marley dance floors. They have distinct differences and each can be more appropriate for certain types of dance.

Marley dance are crafted with durable and slip-resistant vinyl top layers. It can vary in thickness from approximately one-quarter to two-thirds of an inch. The Marley floors can be rolled up, and are therefore portable. The vinyl layer should be used over the top of a sprung wood dance. A Marley vinyl floor top can be a good choice for dancers of ballet, jazz or modern styles.

A wooden dance of the highest quality should meet several criteria. The floor should consist of a top layer made of preferably hard wood under which is flooring that is sprung, or offers a slight bouncy quality when danced upon. Tap dance floors must also be resonant, in order to get the best sounds from the floor and the taps on the dancers’ shoes. Any dance should be maintained and kept in good shape, so that no cracks, nails, tape or adhesives are showing through the dance floor surface. Dance floors can be polyurethaned in order to protect the floor’s surface, and regular street shoes should not be worn on a surface intended for dance, due to the amount of dirt that is on the bottoms of street shoes, which can damage the floor’s surface.

Using the proper flooring for the types of dance activities you conduct is very important for the dancer’s physical health. Repetitive stress injuries can occur when dancers repeatedly perform leaps and pounding of the feet on a dance floor if that floor is not constructed to give a bit under pressure, as a sprung floor is designed to do. The spine and joints over time can be affected, and these types of injuries can go unnoticed until they become major ones. It is wiser to use appropriate dance flooring for the type of dance you wish to do, and Marley dance floors used with sprung wood dance flooring can provide you with the perfect flexible combination.

Do Penis Pumps Give More Pleasure?

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However, you should be careful in using the penis pump. If you make use of the mechanism wrongly then effects can indeed be hazardous. There are steps to follow in this regard or else you may have to face several sexual problems. When you buy the pump you should make sure to follow the instructions as advised by the manufacturer. He will tell you the best way of making use of the device and if you are not able to follow his instructions well then nothing can save you from getting into trouble.

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