Truck Lift Kits – The Sky is the Limit

A good friend of mine owned a 1968 C10 Long Bed pickup truck back in the late 70's and I could always call on him to borrow it to move furniture, haul firewood, or anything else I had a mind to. Of course I would have to rake all of the beer cans out of the truck bed first. But the best thing I loved about that old truck is it did not matter what you did to it; scratch the bed, ding the fender, scrape the tailgate, it all had been done a long time ago by other good buddies like me. In those days, as I recall, trucks where for working men driven by guys with names like Buck, Dwayne, or Cooter, who liked to play in the mud and dings, scratches and dents where part of the fun. Well those days have long pasted and the custom truck craze has spawned over 70,000 accessories for trucks and SUVs enabling you to create the truck of your dreams.

We have long seen the "low look" custom trucks, but today many truck owners have decided to lift their rides for a high profile intimidating stance and ground clearing performance. Suspension Lift Kits can be found all over the internet to lift your truck from a mild 2 inches to a sky scraping 8.5 inches. Truck lift kit manufactures like Pro Comp, SkyJacker®, Trail Master®, FabTech and Suspension Lift Kits make custom components to lift most Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge, Ford, Jeep and Toyota vehicles without cutting, grinding or welding. These kits can usually be installed in a day or two by the average Joe with a bit of mechanical ability and the proper set of tools. Suspension lift kits vary greatly in components and performance depending on the manufacture. Cost for truck lift kits encompass a wide range in price from a mere $ 300.00 to well over $ 5,000.00.

The following points should be considered when purchasing a suspension lift kit:

  • Height of the Lift: Will you be playing in the mud, driving over boulders or just want an bolder lifted stance when driving around town? If you live in a flood or hurricane prone area a little lift makes a lot sense.
  • Lift the Front, Back or Both: You can purchase inexpensive lift kits to simply lift the rear of your truck or more expensive kits to lift the front and back different heights.
  • Can You Use Stock Wheels and Tires: Some of the more expensive lift kits depending on height of lift will require you to change out your stock tires and wheels adding to the cost of the project.
  • Are Shocks Included: Does the Lift Kit provide performance shocks to support the desired lift and performance? Some kits require you to upgrade to a performance shock adding to your cost of the lift.
  • Basic Vehicle Modifications: Some Lift Kits require you to extend your steering column, lift your bumpers, lower your fan shroud and connected parts to prevent overheating. Some may require exhaust modifications and some welding and / or cutting may be necessary.
  • Vehicles Factory Warranty: Installation of certain lift kit components may void your vehicle's factory warranty as it pertains to certain covered parts; check with your local dealer for warranty coverage before installation of a lift.
  • Professional Installation or Do It Yourself: Some of the lift kits can be somewhat tricky to install and may require more than your two hands. If your good with tools, mechanical stuff and have a buddy who will help, you probably want have any problems. All the kits I reviewed come with complete instructions and tech support from the manufacturer.

With all the available suspension lift kits and systems on the market you should be able to find the right lift within your budget for your style. I recommend you do thorough research on the internet and even contact the manufacturer directly before purchasing a lift kit for your truck.

The Advantages of a Residential Elevator System

With increasing age, stairs become seemingly insurmountable hurdles. That is when the advantages from a residential elevator system come to light. Residential elevator systems make life easy and comfortable by providing a newly added freedom through better mobility between the floors. Residential elevators not only help people travel between floors easily but also carry stuff. Leading manufacturers provide affordable as well as high end models of residential elevators.

An elevator for every budget

Home elevators incorporate several advanced features to secure safe and reliable transportation. Many of the basic security features are offered at no additional cost. The more advanced luxury features, such customized and stone and glass interiors come with more expensive models that are generally installed in large mansions. The major security features of home elevators include door interlocks, emergency stop with alarm, backup batteries, telephone, one touch screen controls, etc. Besides having technically advanced safety features high end home elevators are also designed to enhance the beauty of residences, while the more affordable elevators generally suit any interiors. In short, there’s an elevator for any budget.

Practical mobility solution

Leading manufacturers provide a number of advanced home elevators varying in design, system, and other parameters. Lev, Rise, Signet, Volant Gearless and Minivator are some of the reliable residential elevators from ThyssenKrupp Access. Savaria Concord provides popular residential elevators such as the Prolift SCL, Prolift Voyager, Infinity Luxury, Eclipse and the Telecab. Federal Elevator provides residential elevators such as the Renaissance and the Panorama to suit various requirements of modern residences. Each model includes various features and options, making residential elevators a practical solution for secure and comfortable floor-to-floor mobility.

The residential elevator enables the elderly and physically challenged members of your home to lead a normal life. Established suppliers offer many elevator models along with excellent installation and maintenance services to help you better experience the advantages from a residential elevator system.

Paper Plates Can Make Great Children’s Art Supplies

Extra paper plates, plastic plates and plastic cups can be used for crafts.

Children love to eat off paper plates or plastic plates and they don’t mind drinking out of plastic cups, probably because doing so provides a picnic or party feel. There is another reason more and more kids are enjoying such items, though.

Arts and crafts that use these as the main materials are becoming increasingly popular among families and school teachers – especially in this economy where everyone is trying to save money.

In fact, there are now several books and internet sites devoted solely to the creation of crafts from common household materials. Below are some favorites.

Create a simple bird feeder from two plastic plates and the cardboard tube found in the middle of a roll of paper towels. Simply glue a large plastic plate over one opening of the paper towel roll and glue a smaller plastic plate to the other end. Now punch two holes on opposite sides of the larger plastic plate. Run a string through the holes and tie a knot on each end. Fill the smaller plate with birdseed and loop the string over a tree branch or plant hanger and wait for the chirpers.

Make a polar bear serving dish out of white paper plates, white Styrofoam bowls, and five white plastic cups. Turn the paper plates upside down and glue the bottom of the styrofoam bowl to the bottom of the inverted plate. Now cut slits in the bottoms of four small plastic cups and slide the edge of the paper plate into the slits in the four cups, arranging the cups at 90 degree angles. Cut a similar slit in the mouth of a larger plastic cup that will be used as a head and slide it onto the rim of the plate. Now take a magic marker and draw a bear face on the base of the larger cup and claws in the smaller plastic cups. The last thing left to do is fill the bowl with your favorite snack.

Make your own holiday decorations like a winter snow man out of papers plates and save money. Glue the rim of a medium-sized plate to the rim of a larger one. Then take an inverted paper or plastic bowl and glue it to the opposite side of the smaller paper plate. Glue some cotton balls to each plate to give the snow man a snowy texture. Take a magic marker and draw a snowman face on the bottom of the bowl. Finally, use glue to attach pipe cleaners to the smaller plate to form the snowman’s arms.

Art not only fosters the creative minds in children, it’s also a wonderful way to spend extra special time with youngsters. So go ahead and purchase those paper plates, plastic plates and plastic cups in bulk. You might also want to pick up an extra refrigerator, too, so there will be a place to hang all the new creations.

Caframo Wood Stove Fan Review

Homeowners who have a wood burning stove love the advantages it gives them to warm their home during the chilly fall and winter months. Although these stoves save a lot of money in electricity and heating bills, families find themselves huddled around the stove for warmth instead of the warm air circulating the room. If circulation is an issue with your wood burning stove, give this fan a try. This small device requires no electricity and can help to heat the entire room.

Product Includes:

– 8-inch blades

– No electrical needed for operation

– Able to operate between 230 and 650 degrees Fahrenheit


– Effectively moves heat throughout the room

– No electrical cords, extension cords or batteries needed to operate

– Consumers can expect up to 10 percent savings on heating bills

– Quite operation


– High temperature needed for peak performance

– May not be suitable for heating larger spaces

Our Take

Last winter was rough – bitter cold temperatures kept the entire family inside seeking warmth from our wood burning stove. While we got a lot of use out of the stove last season, we were disappointed that the stove only kept a certain amount of space around it warm and was not able to move the warm air around the entire room. Before the cold weather sets in for this year, we decided to start looking for ways to solve this problem and came across the Caframo Wood Stove Fan.

This fan claims it can move the warm air from the wood burning stove around the room without using any electricity. This was very appealing to us since using the wood burning stove was a means for us to save on electric bills in the winter. We decided to take it home for a test run and, sure enough, when the wood stove reached the appropriate temperature, the fan kicked on and helped to begin circulating the air from the stove all around our family room.

The Caframo Wood Stove Fan was great for heating our family room. We found that only the furthest areas of the room remained a little chilly, which was not really a problem. However, if the room is larger, the small fan would more than likely need some help to get the warmer air to go through the entire room. Overall, we were very impressed with the fan and think it is an ideal solution for homeowners with smaller spaces trying to save money on winter utility bills.

What to Look For in a Pressure Cooker

You have probably heard a lot about pressure cookers, and perhaps even wondered what they are and how they differ from other small kitchen appliances. A pressure cooker is a pot with a lockable lid that has the ability to quickly cook foods. Food ingredients are placed into the pressure cooker pot along with water, and as the water boils – steam builds up and it creates an intense pressure that cooks food faster than traditional methods. You can cook just about anything in a pressure cooker, from meats, to vegetables and stews as well.

There's so much to consider when purchasing a pressure cooker, we've compiled a list of some of the more important things to look for in a new pressure cooker:

1. Electric vs Stove top: The first thing you will need to decide is whether you want an electric pressure cooker or a stove top cooker. Surprisingly, stove top cookers are considered the better choice between the two. Electric models are typically fitted with pot inserts made with aluminum. This makes it harder to brown certain ingredients. Also, the aluminum material may also react to certain acidic ingredients causing them to be a little off in their flavor.

2. Safety Features: Safety features are going to be especially important for this type of appliance. Pressure cookers build up an intense amount of pressure and steam which can cause an explosion in the kitchen. If you have children in the home, you will want a pot that comes with secure lid locks, pressure indicators and release valves.

3. Size and Capacity: You can find pressure cookers that can hold more than 40 quarts, but do you really need all of that? Probably not. Do not underestimate your size and do not overestimate it either. You can find cookers that are sauce pan style, which is perfect for your side dishes and vegetables, there are also large stock pot styles for family meals.

4. Stainless Steel or Aluminum ?: As mentioned earlier, the aluminum materials used in fitted inserts can clash with acidic ingredients, causing them to have a flavor different than you may have intended. If you are going to make the investment into a quality cooker, opt for the stainless steel models.

Pressure cookers can really be a lifesaver for the busy family, they will also help save you a ton of money.

A Simple Way to Create Solar Panels

A solar energy panel converts the energy from sun’s rays into electricity. With help from everyday equipment found close to your home, you can also make a solar energy panel and make electricity. The most clean form of renewable energy available, solar power will greatly help reduce your energy bill.

Here is a catalog of things you will require you make a solar panel:

1 electric stove ( at least 1000 watts)

one half-foot square sheets of copper flashing

1 2-liter plastic bottle

1 micro-ammeter

3 tablespoons of table salt

Sheet metal shears

Electric drill with sand paper

Two alligator clip leads

Safety goggles

A cup of tap water

Steps to prepare a solar panel:

1. First, clean off the copper flashing completely. If there is any corrosion on the flashing, clean it with with sandpaper. With the sheet metal shears, cut the sheet metal shears, cut the copper flashing into size big enough to cover the electric stove burner.

2. Now place the copper flashing on the electric stove burner and turn the stove on. The flashing should remain on the burner till a layer of black cupric oxide forms on it. This sometimes takes about thirty minutes.

3. Once the layer of cupric oxide has formed on the flashing, allow it to cool. Wipe the flashing so all the black cupric oxide is removed from its surface. However, make efforts to leave the red cupric oxide formed in the act, as it is.

4. Use the metal shears to chop another piece of copper flashing in the same size as the prior one. Take the 2-litre plastic bottle and cut its top off. Attach the 2 sheets of copper flashing to the insides of the plastic bottle using the alligator clips. The sheets need to be attached on the both sides of the insides of the bottle, and should not touch.

5. Connect the lead of the alligator clip of the clean copper flashing to the positive terminal of the ammeter. Now put the lead of the alligator clip of the red cupric oxide plate to the negative terminal of the ammeter.

6. Take some hot tap water and melt the table salt in it. Now pour this salt solution into the plastic bottle. But make sure that the salt water solution only covers the bottom of the two copper flashings. It shouldn’t reach up to the level of the alligator clip leads.

7. Now place this set-up in sunlight. Watch the ammeter to tell the amount of electricity generated by this solar panel. While you set up your solar panel, be sure to have your safety goggles on.

How to Get a Rock Hard Erection and Say Good Bye to Erectile Dysfunction

If you are experiencing problems getting a hard erection, you are not alone. There are over 30 million men of all ages suffering from Erection Dysfunction (ED) today in USA alone. ED often happens when a man reaches the dreaded age of 40 but can happen sooner in some cases.

Given that so many men are facing the problem today, it is no wonder that ED drugs like Viagra are in hot demand. While prescription drugs like the blue pill can indeed give you some reprieve, so to speak, they also come with severe and often fatal side effects that you must be aware of. These negative side effects include :-

1. heart attack

2. stroke

3. priapism (painful erections due to prolong and uncontrollable erections)

If prescription drugs are so dangerous, where else can you turn to for help? This article will give you the lowdown how to get that hard erection you had before (or always wanted to have) without risking your life on risky ED drugs.

Thanks to the research of many health enthusiasts, there are certain sex boosting exercises which help you get an incredibly hard erection without any drug. These sex boosting exercises can surely be called a modern wonder as their effects on the male genital organs are highly salubrious. But it should always be remembered, although these exercises surely help men regain rock hard erection, it is not possible for you to get a hard erection in a day or two. Take the example of body building. You can’t build your body in a few days. You will have to work out for a few weeks to get a nicely shaped body. Same is the case here.

You will have to stick to these sex boosting exercise plan in order to get good results.That said, now below is a highly effective, sex boosting exercise to help you get a strong erection naturally.


The plank is an exercise that strengthens your abs, your core.As your core muscles improve, they become more muscular and toned.As a result, these muscles start to demand more blood supply.Improved blood supply to your core also improves blood supply to your groin because the arteries that supply your ab core also lead to your groin.

The plank is a superior exercise for developing core strength. It is better than crunches for developing a strong core. You are naturally doing a plank if you are having sex from the missionary position without resting on your woman.

Do you want to get rock hard erection without taking any medicine? Erectile Dysfunction No More is perfectly for you.

A Trading Plan For Fear And Greed

It will get you every time. If you fail to plan, plan on failing, especially when it comes to stock trading.

The stock market is an expensive place to learn how you react under pressure. When there is money on the line, people's ability to make sound, rational decisions oftentimes becomes clouded in the heat of the moment.

Ask yourself what you would do if you had recently bought a stock in a company and soon after the Securities and Exchange Commission announced an investigation into the companies 10k form?

Or what if a terrorist group successfully denoted a bomb on an aircraft; would you sell your airline stocks or buy more?

What would you do if a company that produces organic beverages announced that they recently discovered that their major product line was tainted with E-coli?

These are the type of questions that all successful traders have an answer to – even before scenarios like these happen.

What type of trader are you? Do you buy or sell short a stop and not use a protective stop order to exit the position should it go against you? Or do you have a well defined plan that includes a "worse case" scenario, takes partial profits at well defined exit points, and trails a exit stop to maximize profits?

I am going to suggest that if you are not in the latter group that you consider changing your trading habits – or give up trading all together. Let's face it, you are a potential trading casualty in the trading arena without a solid trading plan. I am not saying that the well prepared trader is not also a candidate to completely lose everything. I am saying that the prepared trader has a better chance of profiting and keeping profits then the "trading cowboy".

Let's define a trading plan, one designed to keep in you in the game ready to pick up the winners while minimizing the losers.

1) Know at what price you will exit, even before you enter a position, in case the position goes against you. Know how much money you are willing to lose, whether that amount is a percentage of your portfolio or a fixed dollar amount helps keep your precious trading capital in tact and ready to win.

2) Use stop orders for protection against catastrophic losses. Have a good-till-cancel order running at all times to protect yourself from trades going beyond your loss threshold. Realize that just because you have a stop order at a certain price does not mean that you will get that price if your stock is moving against you. Bad – or good – news has a way of moving a stock price rather quickly. My preference is to use a straight stop order and not a stop order with a limit. Understand what types of orders your broker provides and how to use them.

3) Exit a position after a certain time if your position has not moved favorably even if your stop price has not been hit. Think about it, if you entered a stock based on the idea that it would move in your favor and it does not – what does that tell you? You might be wrong about the direction of the stock's price. Consider it a chance to get out before something unprofitable happens. Grow up and get over the idea that you have to be right to make money trading stocks.

4) Take profits on at least part of your position if the stock moves in your favor. Do not be greedy.

5) Once you have taken profits, work on keeping the position open as long as possible. This assumes the stock does not give back a good portion of the profits. Look for significant highs and lows to place an exit stop.

6) Remove trading profits from your account. Have a plan to invest your profits elsewhere – in a long term investment mutual fund, or real estate, or pay off your debts.

Traders with the discipline to plan out their traders are likely to keep and grow their trading accounts. Be one of those traders.

Newel Posts: More Than Just Focal Points

Newel posts have traditionally been the focus of staircases. These are the bigger posts located at the bottom of the stairs and the landing. Their primary function is to support the hand railing. In older homes, newel posts were the focal point of the stairway and were often elaborately decorated.

Staircases are an important part of architectural design because they serve both a functional and decorative purpose. The kind of staircase you choose to have in your home can speak loads about your character and serve to highlight the architectural theme of your home. Staircases are usually found in entrance ways, so these are often the first things guests see.

Before you happily start drawing up your new design, you have to understand the parts of the staircase first. We have the basic tread, which is the step of the staircase. Between each tread is the riser, which is responsible for the height. The normal height for risers is around 6 to 8 inches.

The next part is the balusters, which are the vertical posts that are attached to the banister and handrail. The posts sits at the beginning of the handrail. Spiral staircases have a central pole to stabilize them.

Remember that designing a staircase is not just about designing or selecting the focal point or the newel post. It is also about considering the needs of the people living in the house. Having children, pets, and elderly people can affect your decision. For example, if you have a lot of elderly people living at home, you may want to lower the rise to make it easier for them to go up and down.

If you are putting in a new staircase, then space is also a consideration. You may want to get slimmer balusters and a wide post or forgo the newel post at the top of the stairs and place the rail directly into the wall. There are a lot of design possibilities!

If replacing a broken banister or adding a handrail as a safety feature is your primary goal, then adding a newel post will give your handrail a longer life.

Keep quality and durability in mind when selecting a newel post. Think on whether you want a round (turned) one or a square post. Newel tops can also be rounded or carved. But their most important function is to provide sturdiness for the handrail and something to hold when going up or down the stairs.

There are a lot of different newel styles that can fit with your home, ranging from good quality Amish designs to expensive designer newels. You can choose to match the newel to balusters or put it in as a contrast to achieve a certain effect. Less expensive newels may need to be maintained using furniture polish and wood oil. Choosing the best kind of newel post for you will definitely pull your staircase design together and give your home a great look.

3 Best Wooden Design Elements For Old Homes

Wooden design elements are at home in any type of house. However, older buildings make for some of the most fantastic places to include them. For many people, wooden designs, especially those that are elaborately and carefully crafted, represent all that is best about design from past generations. They are also far more at home in older buildings than bright chrome or other modern design materials.

Fireplace Surrounds

Fireplaces were a key feature of every home in the past. Today, many old buildings have kept their fireplaces in one form or another as a design choice and connection to the home's past. In some homes, the original fireplace is still intact. In others it has been replaced with an electric fire to combine modern heating with classic design. Others still have blocked up the fireplace, but opted to keep a fire surround rather than obliterate it entirely.

A new, wooden fireplace surround is a great way to enhance the décor of an old house while maintaining its connection to the past. The classic look of elaborate crafted wooden design is a perfect complement to the old-fashioned charm of the fireplace itself. On top of that, when a fireplace has become largely a design choice, it often becomes something of a centrepiece to the room. A beautiful fireplace surround will help it fill that central role more effectively.

Balusters and Rails

Stairs are often an underrated part of a home when it comes to décor. They take up a large portion of a room or hallway, and should not be neglected from a design point of view. The fact that they lead up to new and unseen portions of the house also makes them in many ways poetic and romantic.

Beautifully carved wooden balusters and rails are some of the best wooden design elements for solving this problem. They make stairs look far more interesting and beautiful. They also complement the age of an old house by calling to mind some of the most impressive and luxurious historical buildings from the past. On top of that, beautifully carved balusters and rails can sometimes give stairs an almost magical look, making them seem as if they will lead off to a wonderous and unknown chamber.


Corbels are supports that project out from walls. They can be very elaborate, and give a small but very elegant touch to a home.

Corbels are ideal for balancing beauty with practicality. They are perfect for putting up shelves in old houses. Shelves are often useful or even necessary for storage and for displaying ornaments. But people often do not stop to consider how out of place modern shelf brackets can look in an old building that has maintained a classic décor style. Corbels allow a beautiful wooden design element, that fits in perfectly with a classic look, to replace plainer types of brackets.

Glass Splashbacks and Other Options

Are you looking to make some changes to your home, but cannot decide exactly what you would like to do? Why not install some glass splashbacks? This is nothing more than an architectural feature for decorative or functional purposes. Splashbacks can be installed anywhere water may be present and is designed to protect surfaces from water damage. Many choose to go this route also as they are very easy to clean. Choose from a variety of sizes for different applications in your home.

Many choose to use glass splashbacks as shop fronts or partitioning within the interior of the shop. Shop fronts benefit from this as there are no solid walls or bulky frames. Light flows freely into the store and it gives the entire space an uncluttered look. Partitions offer many of the same features and can be used in commercial, office or residential applications. This allows for an open feeling while still offering some privacy for the occupants. Coloured glass may be used for either type.

Are you looking to install sliding glass robe doors or mirrors in your home? When you do so, you give the appearance of a larger living space while also making it look cleaner. Many think of Mirrors as appropriate for the bathroom or bedroom, but actually they can be used in many areas as an architectural feature. Imagine replacing a traditional wall in your living room with a mirrored version. Many options are available and the mirrors are often mounted over glass splashbacks for a modern look

Pool fencing also benefits from glass splashback. Now you can have the protection you need for your pool while still having a clear view of the landscape around you. Chose from either frameless or semi frameless pool fencing and don’t stop there. Be sure to choose handrails that meet your needs without blocking your visibility either. You’ll be able to create the poolside atmosphere you desire.

Others choose to go with glass frameless balustrades on either their balconies or terraces. The balustrades may also be used on staircases. All will be constructed to meet Australian Standards and use quality glass to ensure your safety. This allows for unobstructed views, but you won’t have to sacrifice durability or strength in the process. Be sure to check out all options when you go to make changes in your home. You’ll be impressed with what you can do in a short period of time.

4th Dimensional Success in Life

What is 1-dimensional?

Most would say its a line, but if you think about it, once a line takes "form" in the physical realm, it is immediately governed by the 2-dimensional plane. This is because when the line is drawn, it now has length and width.

This means that the term "1-dimensional" is purely imaginary. For it to actually exist, it must be governed by the rules of the 2-dimensional plane.

What is 2-dimensional?

A 2-dimensional object, similarly, is governed by the rules of the 3-dimensional realm once it takes physical form. A simple square, conceived as having length and width, will become a 3-dimensional object when it takes physical form. When you can physically see and touch this square, it now has length, width and height.

This follows that any 3-dimensional object is governed by the 4-dimensional realm.

Here's where it gets interesting. We humans, are 3-dimensional beings. However, since we have a physical form, we are automatically governed by the 4-dimensional realm. Hence, if you want to change results in the 3-dimensional world, you have to engage the rules in the 4th dimension to achieve the result.

What then, are the rules of the 4th dimension?

There are two: THOUGHTS and WORDS.

If you are doubtful that thoughts and words have the ability to change results in the 3-dimensional world, allow me to offer some examples.


It was previously THOUGHT that running a mile under 4 minutes was impossible. That was until a man called Roger Bannister came along.

After the devastation of his failure at the 1952 Olympics, Bannister spent two months deciding whether to give up running. He decided on a new goal: To be the first man to run a mile in under four minutes. Accordingly, he intensified his training and did hard intervals.

On 2 May, 1953, he made an attempt on the British record at Oxford. Paced by Chris Chataway, Bannister ran 4: 03.6, shattering Wooderson's 1945 standard. "This race made me realise that the four-minute mile was not out of reach," said Bannister.

Roger changed his THOUGHTS & BELIEFS about running the mile in sub-4 minutes. Everything he did from then on followed his thoughts.

The historic event took place on 6th May 1954.

The race was broadcast live by BBC Radio and commented on by Harold Abrahams, of Chariots of Fire fame.

His comments went:

"Ladies and gentlemen, here is the result of event 9, the one mile: 1st, No. 41, RG Bannister, Amateur Athletic Association and formerly of Exeter and Merton Colleges, Oxford, with a time which is a new meeting and track record , and which – subject to ratification – will be a new English Native, British National, All-Comers, European, British Empire and World Record. The time was 3 … "

The roar of the crowd drowned out the rest of the announcement. Bannister's time was 3 min 59.4 sec.

Interestingly, just 12 months after Roger set this new record, 37 people ran the mile in under 4 minutes. To date, close to ONE THOUSAND people have done the mile in under 4 minutes.

All it took was ONE MAN to change his THOUGHTS before he saw the RESULTS come alive.


Dr. Emoto is best known for his work entitled "Messages from Water." He famously showed how WORDS affected the formation of untreated, distilled, water crystals. Using words typed onto paper and taped on glass bottles overnight, the waters were then frozen and photographed. The evidence was startling.

The water crystals which had words like "THANK YOU", "LOVE" and "APPRECIATION" showed beautifully formed geometric designs in their crystalline patterns. Conversely, water crystals which had words like "YOU MAKE ME SICK" and "I WILL KILL YOU" showed definitively distorted and randomly formed crystalline structures.

The make-up of the human body is over 75% water. This simple yet profound experiment shows that we can positively heal and transform ourselves by the words we speak.

Here's 2 more quick examples on the power of words:

1) Read the book "Speeches That Changed The World" by Simon Sebag Montefiore. What are speeches made of? WORDS.

2) How did Barack Obama, initially reckoned as a complete outsider, become the 44th President of the United States? Did he have a track record of results to usher him into the Oval Office? Not exactly! It was his WORDS that inspired hope and change.

My friends, listen.

If you want to RADICALLY CHANGE your current results in life, the solution is to CHANGE THE THOUGHTS YOU THINK AND CHANGE THE WORDS YOU SPEAK.

"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world." -Buddha

"Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind." -Rudyard Kipling

Hot ‘Slim in 6’ Alternative – 6 Moves For a Great Alternative to ‘Slim in 6’

Slim In 6 is a simple home fitness program for women marketed and sold through TV infomercials. It is mainly geared toward women who would prefer avoid the sweaty, inconvenient gym scene. While the program is a sound approach to enhancing your wellness, strength and energy – there are some basic, alternative exercises that can also give you body-improving changes – also without requiring you to join a health club, fitness center, or ‘the gym’.

Most ladies are very self-conscious about the butt, thighs, belly, love-handle, and arm areas of their bodies. Here are six synergistic exercises to lift, tone and firm those trouble spot areas – right in the comfort and privacy of your own house, office – or even when you are on the road for business or vacation.

1 – Total Body Up & Downs: 20 repetitions. Take a slow deliberate pace on these and keep breathing through the whole motion.

2 – Slow Step Downs: 12 repetitions per leg. Move slowly – and feel free to hold onto a wall or banister for balance.

3 – Side Planks: Hold for 20 seconds per side. Remember to keep breathing gently on these.

4 – Single Leg Planks: Hold for 20 seconds per side. Same here – remember to keep breathing gently on these.

5 – Half-Body Slow Push-ups: 10 repetitions. Breath out on the way up – In on the way down, moving slowly.

6 – Single-Side Hip Extensions: Hold for 20 seconds per side. Move slowly and breath out on the way up – In on the way down.

These six body-weight exercises can be an effective Slim In 6 workout alternative. Together, they can be done as a circuit exercise session, with minimal rest time between each body-toning exercise. If one time through the circuit feels easy – then you can go through the circuit again. You can also increase the amount of time – or repetitions, in each exercise.

Always get your doctors clearance for exercise before you begin any type of fitness program. No matter what.

If you are cleared by your doctor to exercise freely – then feel free to add the above home exercise routine to what you already do – or use it as a foundation to build the rest of your home fitness program on.

The Right Way To Discharge Capacitor In Switch Mode Power Supplies

Switch mode power supply contain some large filter capacitors that can hold dangerous charges even if the unit has not been used for several days. Typical values ​​of this type of filter capacitor are 220uf 250volt and 330uf 400volt! If you are going to work on the power supply circuits, it's a good idea to discharge that capacitor first.

There are three ways to discharge the big filter capacitor in a power supply.

1) Discharge it with a screw driver (not recommended).

The reason for not using the screw driver to discharge a capacitor is because

-the printed circuit board or circuitry can be damage due to the spark generated while discharging the high voltage capacitor.
I once blowed the power section using this method. However, if you know that the capacitor stored voltage is not too large, you can easily discharge it with a small screw driver.

-if the capacitor holds a heavier charge of electricity. Discharging the capacitor may melt the tip of the screw driver and the copper on the printed circuit board.

-Sometimes A heavier spark may cause small disintegrated solder lead or copper to fly out from the circuit board and may injured your eyes.

2) Place the leads of a socketed 100 watt electric bulb on the leads of the capacitor.

This method had been used by many technicians around the world for the light bulb will act as an indicator to see if the capacitor still holds the charge. If there is a charge the light bulb will light and after discharged the light bulb will goes off.

3) Place the leads of a high wattage resistor on the leads of the capacitor.
I use a 2.2k ohm 10 watt resistor to discharge the high voltage capacitor in a switch mode power supplies. It is simple to use and very effective .It takes only couple of
seconds to fully discharge the capacitor.


I strongly suggest for those who use screw driver to discharge a capacitor to swift to the second and third method as these is the safest method to protect the circuit and most importantly is yourself.

Do Strength Training Shoes Really Make You Jump Higher?

If you’re looking for a pair of strength training shoes to make you jump higher then you’re really going to want to read what I’m about to say very carefully.

No matter what your sport is, I’m sure you’ve seen the advertisements of how these frontal platform shoes will help you get up higher, run faster or just flat out be more explosive.

While I do agree with these claims there is something that is worth mentioning. I don’t necessarily believe it is so much the shoes as it is just flat out hard work. I have seen just as good results with platform shoe training as I have training without with them on.

The key benefit in my opinion of training with these shoes is that they stretch your calf muscle range of motion. Also, they put more emphasis on your quadriceps as your weight shifts to the front of your body as you stand on the balls of your feet in the shoes.

So should you use them at all?

I certainly recommend you use them. But I would say don’t get so caught up in the shoes. The main thing to remember is that the work you are putting in is what really gets you the results.

I have heard some athletes say that they got great results with the shoes, but after they stopped using them they lost some of their gains.

This may be because they lost some of that flexibility that the shoe gave them in their calves. Either way, I say try them out for yourself. I have used the shoes and gotten great results. But I also got great results with other things I’ve done to improve my jumping.

If I can at all stress one thing it’s this – So often players get caught up in the hype. They rely on gadgets and gizmos to give them these great results. And then when things don’t happen quickly they are discouraged and lose enthusiasm.

So again, back to what I said before, focus on working hard and the results will come.

What are the best strength training shoes to help you jump higher?

Now if you’re asking for my preference of all the frontal platform shoes out there that claim to help you jump higher here’s my two cents.

I have found that the shoes that worked best for me were the ones that strapped on. I would strap these platform shoes on to my track shoes and go out on the track. Or I would strap these on to my basketball shoes and go out and workout on the court.

This allowed me to have more support when doing plyometrics which can cause injury if you aren’t careful. Not to mention, if you have a platform shoe on that doesn’t offer support it will increase your chance of injury. And another thing I found is that shoes that come with the platform molded into the shoe aren’t as comfortable as your own running or basketball shoes.

So those are a few pointers on my preference as far as shoes go.

In the end, I do feel that these shoes will make you jump higher with hard work. But it’s important to remember that there isn’t a magic pill or something out there that will get it done for you without hard work.