Campgrounds in Plymouth

The historic town of Plymouth is located in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, United States. It is a country seat of Plymouth County and is surrounded by Bourne from the southeast, Wareham from the southwest, Carver from the west, and Kingston from the north. This town is situated 40 miles away from Boston in a region of Massachusetts known as the South Shore. This place enjoys humid continental climate.

Camping is an amazing experience in Plymouth. There are many campgrounds located all over the town. Some of the fine campgrounds are listed as under:

1. Pinewood Lodge Campground
Pinewood Lodge Campground is a fun filled family campground which is beautifully nested in 200 acres of white pine forest. This campground boasts over 3000 feet of lake frontage and 6 acre island. There are 300 spacious and well shaded sites. The guests can indulge in various recreational activities such as fishing, swimming and boating. I can assure you that you will definitely enjoy over here.

2. Sandy Pond Campground
Sandy Pond Campground is yet another lovely campground over here which provides excellent amenities to the guests. It is situated on Bourne Road near to Squirrel Run Golf Club, Southers Marsh Golf Club, Sandwich Glass Museum, Water Wizz Park, Plymouth Plantation, Pilgrim Hall Museum, and Whaling Museum. This campground offers 200 wooded sites and canoe rentals. The guests can indulge in various recreational activities such as swimming, fishing, horseshoeing and hiking. The campers are provided various amenities such as dumping station, children's playground, recreational hall, store, full hook-ups and 50 – amp electrical service. This campground is ideal for vacations and short breaks.

3. Ellis-Haven Campgrounds
Ellis-Haven Campgrounds is located on Federal Furnace Road in Plymouth. This campground offers 2 room cabins and 400 campsites for all types of campers. All the sites have the facility of water, electricity, sewer and cable TV. Each cabin consists of sink, stove, refrigerator, coffee maker, cookware, shower, 1 full bed, 1 bunk bed, 1 sleep sofa, TV, deck, and outdoor picnic table.

4. Pinewoods Dance Camp
Pinewoods Dance Camp is a traditional dance and music campground. It is ideally situated on 25 acres in a wonderful pine forest between Long Pond and Round Pond. This campground offers custom-built dance pavilions, rustic cabins, and open dinning hall to all the guests. The travelers can spend their time by dancing and swimming. It is a non profit organization that is dedicated to support country dance, folk dance, and folk music.

These are some of the fine campgrounds over here. Do not forget to visit them on your next trip to Plymouth.

Famous Living Walls

Living walls are often used to enhance the appearance of a building and provide a dramatic facade. Here are a few examples of some famous green walls from around the world.

1. Van Gough Wall – The National Gallery – London

The National Gallery in London’s Trafalgar Square delighted tourists in 2011 with a Van Gogh inspired green wall. ‘A Wheatfield with Cypresses’ was re-created with vertical planting. Excitingly, once the plants grew and became more established, the picture became more visible. The wall incorporated over 8000 plants and was situated immediately outside the gallery itself. It took only three days to install, and remained in place throughout the summer months.

2. Musee du Quai Branly – Paris

Installed in 2005, this vertical garden wall covers 4 stories and 8600 square ft of wall, in fact, the entire north west wall. It’s prominent location (on the banks of the Seine close to the Eiffel Tower), makes this example one of the most famous (and most photographed) living walls in the world.

3. Semiahmoo Library Green Wall – Vancouver

The Semiahmoo library in Vancouver, Canada, is the largest of its type in North America. It covers 3000 square feet and contains over 10,000 plants, including perennials, shrubs and even small trees. The design company aimed to encourage ‘bees, butterflies and hummingbirds’ to the area. The wall was installed in 2010 and continues to flourish and delight.

4. Caxia Forum – Madrid

Installed on the side of an old power station, the vertical garden wall of the Caxia Forum is four stories high and contains 15,000 plants. Now a modern art gallery and museum, the building contrasts the green of the wall with the rusted iron on the surrounding roof, to provide a dramatic landscape in this cultural Spanish hotspot.

5. Crystal Cruises Living Wall

Amazingly, living walls have now made their way onto the high seas, in the form of a green wall on board a cruise ship. The wall measures 37.7 ft by 7.9 ft with its design incorporating, quite fittingly, a map of the world.

6. Hampton Court Flower Show & Chelsea Flower Show

In recent years, green walls and vertical gardens have become a regular feature of the main horticultural shows, including Chelsea and Hampton Court. Many show gardens feature living walls heavily. As a rule, once they have appeared at Chelsea, it’s only a matter of time before they start appearing in back gardens across the land.

Mystical, Magical, Silver Jewelry

Pure silver is harder than gold, has the whitest colour and can be shined to the highest sheen of any metal, it has the highest optical reflectivity and is used in paper thin sheets to create mirrors and in even thinner, transparent sheets to create reflective window treatments in high rise buildings.Silvers association with the moon and mystical or religious traditions is 1,000's of year old, it is perhaps (disputed) the oldest metal to have been refined in history: used as money, for trade, in ceremonies for Pagan, Christian and Asian traditions, as trade, as dowry, and to decorate the bodies of VIP's throughout history. The word 'Silver' comes from the Indo-European root arg meaning 'white' or 'shining' and also appears in the Ango-Saxon in various forms such as seolfor and siolfor and in the Teutonic as silabar and silbir. Silver's story is long and rich and filled with fascination information.

Silver: Argentum (latin) Chemical symbols : (Ag) and the shape of the cresent moon. Scientifically and historically silver has many unique properties and has been used in many ways. It is classified as a soft, lustrous, white transition metal and has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal. It has been used in coins, ingots, jewelry, tableware and photography and for the religious objects of many traditions. For 1,000's of years it was considered more precious than gold. Alloys of silver have many commercial uses from plating silverware and jewelry, in photography, in dental compounds, as solder, for brazing, in electrical contacts, batteries, mirrors, and printed circuits. silver iodide is used in cloud seeding to produce rain, and silver fulminate is a powerful explosive.

Silver Jewelry

Everyone loves wearing silver jewelry, from rappers and rock artists to wiccans, pagans, surfers, and men and women from all walks of live. Thsi prescious metal glows softly or vibrantly with what seems like an unworldly, shimmer and seems like a slice of captured moonlight worn by the wearer and imbuing them with magical and mystical powers.

Silver jewelry has been worn for literally 1,000's of years, a beautiful piece of 'wearable art' can enhance and dramaticise any outfit and bring admiration and envy to the wearer. Finding a piece of silver jewelry that feels just right for you and brings delight to you can be such a joyous moment. Traditional and modern designs that make bold statements about who you are and selected sentimental pieces can decorate your jewel box and your body any time of day or night as any time is the 'right time' to wear silver.

Whether your jewelry falls languidly from your ears or your neck or dazzles brightly, catching the eye of everyone in the room you will be the centre of attention when you wear your 'wearable art.'

For eons silver has been the metal of choice for jewelry and 'objet de art' for most if not all mystical traditions. Used to 'draw down the moon' during pagan lunar ceremonies and to represent the goddesses Lunae, Isis, Diana and Selena silver objects are said to empower the wearer or the user with psychic abilities and intutitive perception. Silver is also said to be calming and protective, and as money been made of silver for 1,000's of years it is also said to draw money to the wearer.

Silver's Mystical Properties

Silver is associated with the Moon and so the two are inseparable, when a person is wearing silver they automatically bring the moon with them wherever they go and can draw on and use the moon's power whenever they need. It is one aspect of the Great Goddess of All, and helps to keep her close at all times. silver can reflect both the light of the moon and the sun and so can also work as a protective shield against negativity.

Tiny silver globes or beads can be worn to provide security and protection and protect against evil intent.

Wearing silver jewelry can be used to enhance psychic abilities and at the same time protect the wearer against being overwhelmed. Wearing silver while you sleep can help to give you psychic dreams, time travel or serve as an anchor during travel between one reality and another. It brings balance asnd energy to those who feel stressed by their increasingly busy, aggressive yang world.

Silver is a feminine element and can help the wearer whether male or female to balance their emotions and remain calm and relaxed. While gold's power radiates outward, silver's raditate inward changin the wearer from within. Alchemists associated silver with the moon and the feminine and considered right next to gold in the hierarchy of metals. It was thought to be the passive, feminine and the polar opposite to the active, male and sunlit (solar) metal, gold. It was used in the ultimate merging of the opposites as gold and silver were symbols of the great male / female dichotomy, that of yin and yang, heaven and earth, black and white.

A long history with regard to silver power over werewolves and associations with vampires only enhances Silvers powerful magical mojo.

Silver's Healing Properties

Historically silver has been used for 100's perhaps 1000's of years to keep food and wine from spoiling, even today many grandmothers still drop a silver coin into the milk to prevent it from going off while on the table. Hypocrates, the father of medicine himself, wrote that silver had beneficial health and anti-disease properties and Hahnemann the father of Homoeopathy studied silver's properties himself and it is used as a homoeopathic remedy by modern homoeopaths.

Medically proven to be antibacterial and germicidal in its colloid form, 'Colloidal Silver' is available over the counter in most health shops. Colloidal is a term meaning, suspended in fluid and 'colloidal silver' is made by electrostatically 'melting' the silver into pure water where the tiny molecules of silver are held suspended ready to be ingested. Silver has been used and is still used today by the medical profession as a topical ointment to accelerate healing in burns victims.

Silver ions and silver compounds prove a toxic effect on bacteria, viruses and fungi because of the oligodynamic effect (ability to absorb oxygen which causes the bactera to oxidis on contact.)

Silver is surely a beautiful and useful metal, with magical and healing properties that brings the wearer joy and compliments. A startling piece of 'wearable art' can help to create an outstanding statement, do justice to the most expensive outfit or allow the wearer to feel like the centre of attention.

Heat Gun Safety Checklist – How Not To Burn Yourself

The multi-utilitarian heat gun is an extremely popular tool used in crafts, construction, the automotive industry and much more. To work the heat gun efficiently and safely, the instructions must be read thoroughly. Heat guns eject hot air which may even reach 1300° F; hence it is crucial to understand how to operate the heat gun so that precaution may be taken against the risk of serious burns.

Heat guns are generally held in one hand while the other hand can be used to complete the task that is being undertaken. A mandatory safety measure is to wear gloves that provide protection from accidental burns. The gloves used should be able to resist burns and guard the hands from the hot air that blasts from the nozzle as it can easily be misdirected.

Heat guns are often used to soften matter so that it can be molded into any shape desired or stuck to another object. During the heating process usually a lot of dangerous fumes are emitted so a well ventilated work area is essential. When painting or using adhesives most people forget the hazards of toxic fumes produced by these materials when they get hot. Hence a well ventilated room is desirable.

If the heat gun is used recklessly it may cause the handler severe burns. The heat gun may look like a hair dryer but is definitely not one, so it should never be directed at hair, skin or clothing for any cause. The heat gun must be handled with intense care and constant attention must be given to where the hot air is being directed otherwise it could lead to fatal accidents.

If one uses the heat gun responsibly then this tool can provide an immense number of benefits from its various uses. While using the heat gun you must be alert and agile because you do not want to end up with burns neither would you like your object to be burnt.

TIG Welding Socket Welds on Copper Nickel Pipe 101

Chances are if you have been looking for work as a pipe welder in the ship building industry, you have been asked if you can weld copper nickel or CUNI pipe. Well, the reality of this metal is that it welds almost like stainless steel with one exception. That is copper nickel is easier to weld than stainless steel because it takes the heat from the arc much better.

This metal uses almost the same amperage settings with one main issue. Cold lap can be a problem when welding because it is difficult to see penetration. The weld puddle looks like it is penetrating and the weld looks like it has flowed into the joint but there may be spots that have not. Copper nickel absorbs heat very well so it is fine to weld it on a higher amperage setting. Another common issue when welding CUNI is travel speed. The weld should have a copper color to it just like stainless steel. The actual weld puddle has the look and feel of stainless steel and aluminum at the same time. Many welders describe the puddle as “muddy” because if you travel too slowly the pipe will have a dirty appearance that is almost like a soot coating.

In the end, CUNI pipe is easy to weld and all of the big fuss recruiters make about welding experience is blown out of proportion. Most welders who have never welded this metal will be able to certify with just a few hours of practice.

How To Begin Writing – The Opening Sentence

You are prepared to write. You have an outline, which is a basic plan of what you wish to write, as well as how you wish to construct it. As I said in a prior article, it is not critical if the outline is not fully completed – it need not be. The outline may be nothing more than a few ideas in your mind about your intent. But it does represent preliminary thinking to get you going.

You also have created a comfortable environment without much distraction, so that you can concentrate. To write well always requires concentration. Now you’re ready. Let’s begin!

The opening sentence often is very important to the whole composition. The opening sentence (if not paragraph) often sets the subject, the tone, and possibly the style, of the whole composition. There may be hundreds – if not thousands – of words in your finished manuscript, but the first 8 – 14 words may be some of the most important. It is not uncommon, even for professional writers, to have a fairly clear idea of the content of their essay, article, book, or even email… but be stumped on the first sentence. Consider these examples,

  1. Once upon a time…
  2. It was a dark and stormy night…
  3. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…
  4. When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people…
  5. Why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world like a colossus…

See what I mean? See how the whole tone can be set by the first few words? Well actually, Charles Dickens’ first sentence (line 3) of the book “A Tale of Two Cities” was 376 words long! We would never recommend that you try to get a sentence like that past any English teacher today, but still, isn’t it clear how Dickens sets the whole tone of the period (and of his complete story) in his first sentence? The same is true with the almost immortal words of Thomas Jefferson (line 4) in his opening sentence to the Declaration of Independence. And see how the author’s personal style also can be set – a great example is line 5. Who writes like that? Only William Shakespeare, of course.

The opening sentence need not lead to the Pulitzer Prize, but it is important. Thus it requires some diligent attention. Depending on how your first few words read, the rest of your writing may be all uphill, or the opposite. Thus, make your first words be some of your best.

And it helps to write your best if you use a writing software program as your grammar checker, spell checker, punctuation checker and style enhancer. Such a program can improve any writing, although Charles Dickens may have ignored the software’s recommendation to “shorten your first sentence Chuck.”

Blackhead Extractor

Pimples or acne start off when small red bumps appear on the face, but they are seen elsewhere on the body as well. These small red bumps after a few days turn to either whiteheads or blackheads (it has been seen that in most cases it is blackheads). Sometimes whiteheads get hidden by the skin color, particularly for the fairer skin people, and so they can be camouflaged. But that is sadly not the case with blackheads – they stick out like a sore, and may ruin an otherwise extremely pretty face. This is why blackheads are so frustrating. The lesions often tempt people to pick them and the results of this can become devastating as they may lead to scarring. Blackhead extractors are thus a godsend for all such people, who desperately want to get rid of their pimples and avoid the scarring as well.

What Is A Blackhead Extractor

As the name suggests, a blackhead extractor helps the person extract or pull out the blackhead from the skin surface. But take care – while extracting, utmost care should be taken because the lesion may erupt leading to bleeding and pus coming out of it. The act may also push the infection deeper down into the skin and when that happens the tissues may also get affected. Before extracting the blackhead, it is a good idea to boil some water and moisten the affected portion of the skin. This will also sanitize the area.

Here are the various types of blackhead extractors…

Tissue Extractor: This is the simplest process where just a tissue is used and nothing else. Wrap the blackhead with a tissue using the fingertips and slowly pull the blackhead out. However if the blackhead does not come out, then do not apply more pressure. Leave it at that, otherwise it can crack leading to scarring.

Comedone Extractor: Here a tool made with stainless steel is used to remove the blackheads and the blockages on the skin surface that created the acne. Beauty clinics use this methodology often. The tool has a hole in the center and the ending looks like a scoop. Slight pressure is applied and the blackhead plug comes out by the hole. And that too the skin in the surrounding area is not damaged. The scoop at the head of the extractor is used to remove any element that had clogged up the pores.

Lancet Comedone Extractor: They come with two ends. At one end there is the lancet (the size of which differs greatly) that creates a hole in the blackhead. And from the other end of the tool, all the dirty elements from within the blackhead are pressed out. Most people and professionals as well use this blackhead extractor.

Double Spoon Comedone Extractor: These extractors are used when the blackheads are really big. The spoon at the tip has up to 19 holes and while there are big ones present, but there are smaller holes as well that let the small sized acne be extracted also. It is not applicable for whiteheads. These extractors are great for all those who want to extract the pimples themselves because they do not damage the skin or cause any scar on the surface.

Color Changing White LED Lights Can Really Be a Great Fit

Lighting is by far one of the most important, yet often overlooked, qualities in any home or business. The quality of your lighting determines your comfort in the space, your ability to see without eye strain, and your overall level of satisfaction. When a space is filled with shadows and uneven lighting, it can be frustrating and even headache inducing. Many lighting choices also create an unnatural tint to the light that they give off, making everything look slightly blue or yellow. You may not be aware of it now, but after spending some time looking at LED lights, you will never look at traditional options the same way again. Today we will take a look at color changing white LED lights and how they can benefit your home or business.

Color changing white LED lights are a great example of how far LED lighting technology has come. Depending on the existing lighting within your space, you may find that warm white or cool white lighting offers the most natural look and feel. With these light strips, you can easily alternate between the two without the need to change even a single bulb. With dimmer switches and a variety of different options, creating the perfect look and feel within any space becomes easier than you ever thought possible.

With color changing white LED lights, you will also find that you can easily create light patterns. The lights are capable of flashing slowly or rapidly between cool and warm white, giving off a really unique visual effect that would be ideal for nightclubs, bars, and even holiday decorations. You will find that there are ample home and business purposes alike for these strips.

LED light strips also offer benefits in terms of flexibility and usage. Because the light strips can be easily attached together, you will find that they are ideal for lining hallways, countertops, and other sizable areas. Conversely, they can also be cut at set intervals, which makes it easy to create a strip of color changing white LED lights that is as short as you need, too. Flexible strips offer added customization, ensuring that there is almost nowhere that these lights won’t provide the perfect fit and the ideal level of illumination for your needs.

Of course, LED lights are most popular for the fact that they are low cost, low maintenance, and low energy. While they provide the highest natural light output, they actually require minimal electricity and give off almost no heat. To learn more about why color changing white LED lights are a perfect option for a variety of situations, take the time to watch an informative LED-Mate video that really showcases their capabilities. The chances are good that you will be quite surprised. Most people today are aware that LED lighting offers better quality and cost effectiveness, but few are aware of just how far the technology has come within the last few years.

The Benefits of LED Lighting

LED (light-emitting diode) lighting is different from traditional lighting, as the bulbs produce light by using semi-conductors. In a nutshell, it’s digital light.

They’re not a new phenomenon; LEDs have been used in Christmas fairy lights, remote controls and digital devices for a long time. More recently they have begun to be more widely available for lighting in the home, and have quickly become a hugely popular, energy efficient lighting solution. Here are some of the main benefits of using LED lighting:

  • LED lights are much longer lasting than other types of light bulb, and the expected life of each bulb is around 100,000 hours. If your light was on for eight hours each day, the bulb would last somewhere in the region of 20 years. As a result, the maintenance required to replace the bulbs is far less too, which can be particularly beneficial in a commercial or office environment.
  • LEDs convert approximately 80-90% of the energy they use into light making them among the most energy efficient bulbs you can buy. Traditional bulbs, on the other hand, can convert as little as 10-20% of the energy they use into light, which means the remaining 80-90% is lost as heat. This means when you choose LED bulbs you’re actually paying to light your home, rather than for the lost energy when using other, less energy efficient types of light bulb.
  • Unlike many energy saving light bulbs, with LED there’s no need to wait for the bulbs to light up fully. They emit their full light straight away. Over time, the light they give off becomes slightly less bright, but they don’t usually burn out in the same way that traditional bulbs can.
  • LED lighting only requires a low-voltage power supply, so it can easily be used in conjunction with solar energy.
  • They’re more durable and hard-wearing too, and are weather and shock resistant. They can also withstand extreme high and low temperatures far more efficiently than other bulbs, which makes them a fantastic choice for outdoor lighting.
  • LED bulbs are also more ecologically friendly than other types of bulb, as they don’t contain toxic chemicals such as mercury (which many other bulbs can) and are completely recyclable.
  • LED lights produce next to no UV emissions and very little infrared light. This makes them the ideal option for those with heightened sensitivity to UV rays or in areas containing materials where UV exposure must be minimised, such as art exhibitions and museums, for example.
  • Thanks to rapidly developing technology, LEDs are becoming much cheaper than they used to be. They’re still more expensive than other types of light bulb, but in many ways their other benefits outweigh the cost factor.

Great Barrier Reef Trips

The Great Barrier Reef

UNESCO listed in 1981 and considered to be one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the most unique phenomenon in the world. It is the largest single structure made up of living organisms in the world and is so big that it's actually visible from space! The reef itself is 340,000 square kilometres in size, stretching over 2,500 km along the Queensland coastline from Bundaberg right up past the tip of Cape York and is made up of more than 2900 individual coral reefs and over 900 islands.

The Great Barrier Reef is home to billions of marine creatures. Some of the smallest include the coral polyps, which congregate together to form the spectacularly colourful and bright reef systems. These reefs in turn become home to a huge variety of fish and other sea creatures, which form their own ecosystem. In addition to the 400 different kinds of corals and sponges, you can find more than 1500 tropical fish species, dolphins, turtles, mollusc, Dugong (Sea Cow), Manta-rays, Sting-rays, Seahorses and many other animals. It's also a bird watches paradise with over 200 types of birds found in the area.

Great Barrier Reef Trips

Over 2,000,000 visitors With a year to the reef, it's hardly surprising there are On That literally Hundreds of Great Barrier Reef trips available to Accommodate any traveler. These operators are all regulated by the Marine Park Authority which ensures that the activities undertaken on the reef are both safe to the participants and sustainable to the reef itself, so that it's beauty can be preserved for others to enjoy. It's no wonder the Great Barrier Reef is one of the most highly regarded and internationally acclaimed destinations in the entire world. This all means that the reef is actually very accessible, with one of the closet and best catered jumping off points being Cairns.

Most Popular Great Barrier Reef Trips

Undoubtedly the most popular Great Barrier Reef Trips are based around snorkeling and scuba diving activities. Snorkeling is such an easy activity to undertake and is suitable for people or almost any experience level. In most cases you do not even need your own equipment unless you want it, as everything is supplied for you. There are a number of trips available, ranging from half day tours right up to multi-day 'live-aboard' trips.

Some of the other popular ways to experience the reef are to get on a fully catered sailing vessel and just unwind for a couple of days. For the more adventurous, there are helicopter flights and charter plane flights that will give you a view of the reef that is simply unparalleled. Some helicopter flights will even stop on a deserted coral cay for lunch! For those craving something a little more peaceful, try staying at one of the beautiful island resorts for a couple of days, where you can sip your cocktail while watching the sunset. Of course we have to mention that the fishing trips are legendary!

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most relaxing, idyllic and entertaining destinations you could ever experience. There is simply no place like it in the world, so you'll just have to come on your own Great Barrier Reef trip soon!

3 Reasons To Choose Fire King Fireproof File Cabinets

Business organizations or even individuals have some very important files and documents that needs a storage for safekeeping. Fire King Fireproof file Cabinets can serve this purpose very well.

Fire King brand is known for its durable and quality checked fireproof storage. Of course, there are many other t brands as well that is available in the market these days. However, the Fire King brand has become notable in this industry for the following reasons.

1. It is independently tested. Every Fire King fireproof unit has gone through the UL standard testing and thus has the UL rating. Here's a good tip when buying a fireproof cabinet: Always check if it has the the UL, ETL or NT ratings, otherwise, it has not undergone quality testing.

2. It has many varieties and wide range of options for file cabinets. They have the fire rating of 30 minutes up to 2 hours. They also have varying sizes of the cabinets as well. They have the 25 "cabinets for your bigger files and they also have the Turtle cabinet if you want a smaller cabinets. Or maybe you want an extra safe built in? No problem, their Protection Plus cabinets have this feature with a safe vault built in the cabinet itself.

3. You can customize the colors. If you are particular about having the cabinet blend in the color of the room, you can easily choose from the 9 shades in their catalog. This way, you will have a cabinet suited exactly to your preference.

New Trend in Cell Phone Wallpapers?

Mobile wallpapers whose original samples are based on a series of exquisite photos about nature stood on the weekly downloads tops during the past few weeks. After all, it’s quite infrequent for wallpapers with natural theme to occupy a position of the gradation continuously. Although we take it for granted that the order means something, the point that natural theme wallpapers would arouse download enthusiasm of users and therefore lead to a new trend in mobile wallpaper downloads is still an open question.

Picky users always frown on those mobile wallpapers which have many degrees of resemblance with others since they harbor the attitude that butter to butter is no relish. Being aware of that more creative imaginations indicate more benefits, providers of mobile wallpapers, especially the regular professional websites, show their great potential in designing original paintings and photographs which become wallpapers resources later. High resolution and definition of the wallpapers makes it possible for multiple elements to perform well in the pictures. To catch up with the fashion trends, suppliers always release new batches of wallpapers in a short span of time, including characters, animals, cartoons, sports, art, patterns & colors, religions etc. In fact, we can learn from the number of downloads that users are so familiar with wallpapers about personalities like “Hot Girls” that they easily get aesthetic fatigues. Appearing at the right time may be the reason why nature wallpapers managed to gain the achievement. Moreover, mobile wallpapers themselves are attractive enough.

To find an answer whether photographs of nature would stand in the forefront of the trend, it is being acknowledged with characteristics of other excellent mobile wallpapers which are vital for judgment. For instance, the beauty and strength of a character themes amuses visitors, while the cute image of a cartoon theme character captures a teenager’s attention; the sport wallpapers are designed for sports fans, while those with movie stars meet the tastes of film lovers. Their professional and convenient download service leaves a positive mark on the users and definitely they are models of perfection and excellence flaunting the superior tastes of their users.

As a representative of new mobile wallpapers points out photos of nature cater their clients via their fresh appearances. It’s indeed a success for them to have such a large number of downloads. At the same time, the challenges they face still can’t be ignored. Only more attempts, better ideas and higher quality designs can make it possible for photographs of nature to lead a lasting trend of cell phone wallpapers downloads, just like what they are doing today.

Preventing Seasickness – The Story of the Bessemer Saloon

The misery of seasickness has tortured travellers for centuries.

Seasickness is a form of motion sickness. Motion sickness occurs when the signals that your brain receives from your vision and inner ear about movement do not match. The sheer misery of the resulting nausea and dizziness are enough to have you vowing never to set foot on a boat again.

Henry Bessemer’s seasickness solution

English inventor Henry Bessemer suffered from chronic seasickness. Rather than find a cure he aimed to build a passenger friendly cabin to place inside a ship. Bessemer hoped that his invention would revolutionise crossing the English channel between Dover and Calais.

The Bessemer Saloon was invented in 1868. The Saloon ‘floated’ inside the hull of the ship. Gimbals and weights stopped the Saloon from tilting when the ship rolled. The lack of motion prevented passengers developing seasickness.

My first thought was “What an amazing invention! Why isn’t every passenger ship fitted with these cabins? The international press agreed. The invention of the Bessemer Saloon was reported in newspapers around the globe.

Development of the Bessemer Saloon

Bessemer tested his Saloon on dryland before installing it in a steam ship. The suspended Saloon appeared to prevent motion sickness by remaining stable as the gimbals moved. It seemed like the perfect solution to seasickness.

Bessemer was so pleased with his invention that he engaged Earle’s shipbuilding company to build a cross-channel paddle steamer to house his Saloon. The Saloon measured 70 x 30 feet with a ceiling height of 20 feet. Lavish Victorian style fittings and furnishing adorned the Saloon interior. The SS Bessemer prepared to sail. Excited investors and guests were invited to sail on the maiden voyage from Dover to France.

A smooth crossing of the channel was enjoyed by all. The gimbal system that kept the Bessemer Saloon stable was a success. The paddle steamer slowed down to approach the port of Calais. The continuous motion of the gimbals that kept the saloon stable made the paddle steamer impossible to maneuver. Disaster struck. The SS Bessemer collided with the wooden pier at the entrance to Calais harbour.

Undeterred by the incident with the Calais pier Bessemer repaired the paddle steamer. A second voyage from Dover to Calais attempted. The Saloon locked in place to prevent excessive movement. Crowds waited to welcome the ship to Calais. The SS Bessemer made a spectacular entrance. The Calais pier was almost destroyed by the unstable ship.

Investors vanished. The project halted. The SS Bessemer was scrapped. The sumptuous Saloon salvaged by Edward James Reed.

Reed installed the Saloon in his home to use as a billiard hall. A direct-hit on Huxtable House during a World War II air-raid dispatched the Bessemer Saloon into the mists of maritime memory.

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Laminate Flooring

When you decide that laminate flooring is what you need in your home, you

still are just on the cusp of decision making. Laminate flooring encompasses

everything from light wood appearances to stone and tile styled products. Sure

laminate is tough and attractive, but do you know what you should really be

considering when you choose your laminate floor?


You’ll soon discover that some laminate floor is textured and some is smooth.

If you have a busy household with a lot of foot traffic and pets, strongly

consider textured laminate. The smooth planks might be more visually appealing

in the store, but they will show every piece of dust, dirt and dog hair which

lands on top. Sure, you can sweep it up in a matter of heartbeats, so it’s not a

make-or-break decision, but going an extra day before dusting might be appealing

enough to go with a bit of texture.


Again, color can have a lot to do with the feel of your laminate flooring and

what shows up. The darker the flooring, the more dirt and dust will show. It

seems wrong, but since dust and dirt aren’t getting ground into the flooring

like with carpet, the particles sit on top of the floor and are easily spotted.

Dust especially is light in color, so it shows up like a homing beacon on dark

laminate flooring. Picture a dark vehicle that is obviously in need of a wash.

Dark flooring though can make a home appear statelier and warmer while light

colors are more contemporary and lighten a room considerably.


Naturally you’ll want to select a pattern of flooring that suits your needs

and your design plans. Stone

laminate flooring might be perfect one place while wide plank designs more

suitable someplace else. Don’t be afraid to try something new – just be very

sure it is what works for you since you’ll be enjoying it for the next fifteen

or twenty years at least.


There is a wide range of prices in laminate flooring. Not surprisingly there

is also a wide range of quality. While there is not really a poor quality

laminate since all laminate is graded on durability, some flooring choices

appear more “real” than others and the texture and feel of the

flooring under your feet is different as well. Less expensive laminate flooring

options are thinner with fewer layers or less padding beneath your feet, but can

still be very attractive and last for more than a decade. More expensive

laminate will appear almost identical to real wood floors, and will have a bit

more give under your feet.


Finally, you’ll want to consider durability. There are multiple AC

grades / ratings of laminate floors The heaviest grades, namely AC4 and

AC5, are rough under bare feet and suitable only for commercial purposes. The

first two grades are best for homes and residential foot traffic. When selecting

a laminate, don’t be fooled into thinking that higher grades are better for your

home – the opposite is true. For once, you want one of the lowest grades

available, although the absolute lowest might not last as long in your home due

to the limited amount of traffic the flooring can withstand.

Pump Maintenance and Repair for Pressure Washers

If you have a pressure washer business you will eventually need to change out or repair the pump. There are a few things you should know to make such change outs easy. You may also need to study up on preventative maintenance so that you do not have to worry about pump failure. Your pressure washer probably has one of two different pumps if it is industrial grade. Either a Cat Pump or a General pump; both are industry standards. General is the leader in the industry for sales and many prefer Cat as it sucks better from plastic water tanks.

Your pump is powered by two parallel belts connected to your engine. You should make sure not to starve your pump from water. When the water tank is empty turn off the engine. Starving a pump will burn it out in about thirty-five minutes. The manufacturer says five to ten minutes, but that’s not life threatening. Your pump has a safety feature whereby when you are not spraying the water, it will automatically by pass into the tank provided there is enough water for the complete loop. Thank you. We also thought it was one of our great ideas. You should change the oil in the pump every month. Make sure your pressure washer rig is on level ground and fill the pump to the red dot on the center of the eyeglass. Over filling is a really bad idea.

On your pump you will notice six large bolts. Inside of the holes are check valves with springs. After 300-500 hours you should change them. You can do this yourself. The valve kits are $60.000. It’s very easy:

Unscrew bolts

Remove old valve

Replace valve

Make sure to seat the valve evenly

Screw the bolt back in by hand

Make sure the O-ring on the bolt is snug

Tighten with wrench pretty tight

Inspecting The Pump

If you drain the oil and it’s got bubbles in it or has turned white, then you have a blown seal and water is getting into the oil because: It overheated due to water starvation; The casing cracked because of vibration; You forgot to change the oil, dummy ($600 mistake and one lost day’s work if you can get the parts that fast).

Check to see if the belts are tight. If not tighten them. Look for water drips. A slow drip on the exit side of the pump could cost you as much as 150 PSI at the nozzle. A fast drip (two to three drops per second) could be a 250-300 PSI loss at the nozzle. A steady drip stream might be a 500 plus PSI loss. When you see water leaking, fix the leak ASAP. Be sure to use ample Teflon tape when re-tightening fittings. This will stop future leaks, prevent rust and make fittings easy to separate in the future.

A hole in a hose or leak on the inlet side of the pump causes air to get in. The pump will act as if it’s starving for water. It might even pulsate. When the water level in your tank reaches a point below the leak in the hose, air will replace the water and you’ll get zero pressure. That makes it very hard to wash anything.

Low pressure in the pump can be caused by a number of things; these are by far the most common, but this is not a complete list, generally if you go through this list the problem will be solved, check the easiest things first such as water supply:

Faulty pressure gauge (Replace)

Out of water (Fill up tank)

Old or worn out tip at gun nozzle (Replace)

Incorrect tip (Remove and replace)

Belt slippage (Tighten belt)

Hose leaks (Fix leaks)

Faulty unloader (Replace)

Mis-adjusted unloader (Re-adjust)

Worn packing in pump (Take it to dealer)

Inline filter clogged with dirt (Clean it)

Obstruction in spray nozzle tip (Remove it)

Chemical metering valve sucking air (Turn it off)

Slow engine rpm (Check engine)

If you have a pulsating issue at the gun or the machine is Fluctuating pressure, this is a completely different problem than low pressure. You should check for: Worn piston packing (Call dealer). Pump sucking air (Fix hole), Blockage in valve (Remove, check valves and take out blockage). If it is fluctuating and very noisy or if your pump is only noisy check for:

Air in suction line (Check water supply and connections)

Broken or weak inlet or discharge valve springs (Call dealer)

Excessive matter in valves (Check and clean if necessary)

Worn bearings (Check and replace. If necessary, call dealer)

Vibrations from mounting (Tighten it. If unable, call dealer)

If you find the presence of water in the pump oil, it could be caused by: Blown pump head seals, High humidity in air (Change oil more often) or Piston packing worn then call your dealer. If water or oil drips from the bottom of the pump this could be a number of things such as Piston packing worn, the O-ring plunger retainer is worn, Oil seal worn, Pump head seal shot or Crack in pump head. If any of these call the dealer and see if they have the parts in stock, you may be able to fix it yourself if you feel confident, if not you will need to leave your machines with the dealer for repairs.

Pump lubrication should be done every three months or 500 hours, which ever comes first. Use SAE 40 weight oil or equivalent for Cat pumps. Use 20/30 weight non-detergent oil for General pumps. It should be hydraulic oil with anti-wear and rust inhibitor additives. The oil level should be checked by looking in the window on the side of the pump. Only fill oil half way to the red dot.

As a pressure washing contractor you must understand how to maintain and repair your equipment, think about it.