Do I Need a Lift Chair?

If you or someone you know suffers from limited mobility, for reason such as arthritis, back pain, or any number of reason, then a lift chair can help to ease the burden of getting up and down from a sitting position. Lift chairs operate on a mechanism that causes the cushion of the chair to tilt and lift the person into a standing position.

These chairs have been used for years, and have become more advanced as new technology has become available. For instance, typical lift chairs of the 80’s were simply wooden armed chairs resembling a side chair. Lift chairs today are more comfortable, with more padding to make the sitting just as comfortable as the lifting. There are many styles available. You can choose a chair that fully reclines, or has special features, such as storage in the arms or completely removable arms to make transferring to a wheelchair much easier. You have the choice of fabrics, colors, and many designs to match your home décor. There are also many sizes available. If you have limited space, there is a chair available that only requires 6 inches between chair and wall. These are perfect for someone in an apartment or smaller house.

Lift chairs are especially good for those with rheumatoid arthritis, when their knees begin to weaken, or someone with any crippling disease. Many people who have undergone back surgery are also finding them useful during their recuperation period. They take the strain off of the back and legs when standing up, and give people the independence of not having to seek help to sit and stand. Sitting and standing is done by pressing a button on the chair. It’s an easy process, and only takes seconds for the person to be tilted into a standing position. They have time to make sure that they have their feet properly situated, and it can alleviate the fear of falling while trying to stand.

Until the 1990’s, Medicare paid for the use of lift chairs for people qualified to receive them. Now, however, Medicare will only pay for the mechanism that is used for the lift. You must provide the appropriate chair, and Medicare will reimburse the cost of the lift and motor. Of course, this will still save you $300 for the purchase of the lifting mechanism. Still, many people are finding it difficult to afford the lift chairs.

Got Your Elevator Speech Ready?

So what do you do? If I asked you what makes you and your massage business different and unique what would you say? You've got 30 seconds go! Tripped over your tongue yet? When you meet someone, you have about 30 seconds max, about the time it takes to ride up in the elevator together to sell yourself.

Do you invariably give the same old answer? I am a chair massage practitioner. Boring! Eyes glazed over look. You've lost them and the potential client they could have been. You need is an elevator speech. Which is not really a speech. It's just one or two sentences you've developed to promote yourself and your service in a very short space of time without sounding like an ad.

Your elevator speech a key business building tool and an effective method of self promotion. "So what's an elevator speech and why do I need one?" You need to be able to tell people what you do in the most unique way possible in the shortest amount of time. Your listeners understand immediately how you can help them. An intriguing elevator speech is one the most effective tools in your marketing arsenal.That helps you stand out from the crowd. I combined my elevator speech and USP – unique selling point / unique sales pitch into a tag line. I use one line on my business cards, my correspondence, my invoicing etc.

Four steps to crafting a winning elevator speech.

Step 1: You need to develop a hook. A hook is a catch phrase designed to catch people's attention. Some memorable hooks include:

Landscaper: Greening the world one garden at a time.

Accountant: I am a government fund-raiser.

Nutritionist: I teach food behaviour.

Lifestyle coach: I teach people how to grow themselves.

Chair massage professional: I. . . create your own hook here

Focus on the "relaxation" factor, something that enforces "relief" and "instant comfort" – this would gel with your USP, and ensure high recall. Mine is: We relax knotty backs! I've caught the person's attention and they want to know more. I'll break it down for you. We relax: what I do / what my company does. Knotty backs: your benefit. And because knotty sounds like I said something else, people will often do a double take.

Step 2: In the next step explain what your service provides and your target market. Example:
I facilitate off-site strategy development sessions for non-profits.

I develop brochures, annual reports and flyers for mid-sized companies I specialize in writing ads for the banking industry.

Mine is: I'm a corporate wellness specialist for business and service professionals.

Step 3: A one line statement the covers the unique benefits of your service.

I help companies stop overpaying their taxes – accountant

I help companies plan for growth – marketing consultant

I have the antidote for corporate stress – chair massage professional

Final step:
When you put it all together you've got your elevator speech.
Create a couple and try them out the next time you meet someone. It'll take a little tweaking until you create that magic pitch that's uniquely you. Keep this in mind while creating your speech. If you do not hook them at hello you do not have them at all. Make sure your message respects your customers. If everyone loves your idea, you're doing something wrong.
Do not forget you can use your elevator speech to develop a memorable tagline and use it on all your marketing materials.

Plate Racks for Maintaining Tableware

When it comes to serving food, you will need eating utensils and dishes to serve in and eat from. Generally, most kitchens prefer to serve food in plates. Even if they do not, plates are usually found in most homes as they are very handy. Not only do they act as aids at the dinner table, some of your more beautiful and dainty dinner plates can be put up in a show case to accentuate your home.

Even so, some homes may have too many plates lying around if you do not have some kind of storage system in place. Plus, after you are done washing the dishes, you may have no place to put your plates while they are drying. This can create a lot of clutter around the kitchen sink or on the kitchen counter. This is when you should think of purchasing a kitchen plate rack. A plate rack is a very handy little item which will take up minimum space but will help you keep your plates in order.

Buying a Plate Rack for Your Kitchen

A kitchen rack is traditionally used to dry plates after they have been washed. They are normally fixed on the wall near the sink or they are simply placed near the sink so they can be moved around if needed. The point is to have it somewhere close by so that the people doing the dishes can conveniently reach it.

Like everything else in the market today, there is a huge variety of racks available. Some are simple while others have elaborate designs that border on works of art. While you will find that most of them fall within the average budget, there will obviously be higher rates depending on quality, design and branding.

You’ll find many colors and designs to suit your tastes. Some of the materials used for making these racks are aluminum, iron, stainless steel, plastic and wood. There are many sub-categories as well. For example, if you decide to go for a wooden rack, you will find that there are many different types of wood for you to choose from. Eventually, you should make a choice based not only on your tastes but on the current design of your kitchen as well. It would be wise to do some research first so you know you are getting a good product at best value for your money.

Care and Maintenance of Your Woodburning Stove

It is important to take care of your wood burning stove so that it functions at its best. Not only will this make it more efficient but it will also mean that it is safer to use. You can employ a professional installer to carry out regular maintenance checks on your stove. However, if you prefer to maintain it yourself, the following maintenance tips should give you an idea of what to look out for.


Firstly, the chimney should be swept at least once a year, preferably twice, to prevent the build up of tar deposits, which can be a fire hazard. Secondly, the chimney itself needs to be fit for use. There could be gaps in the mortar of brick chimneys, and if it leaks smoke or gas through the cracks, then it is unsuitable. You can check for leaks by using smoke pellets.

The chimney should also be adequately lined. If there isn’t a flue then you should have a liner installed, which is made from either corrugated stainless steel or pumice. To enhance the performance of the chimney the gap between the chimney and the flue should be insulated using materials such as leca. A properly insulated chimney will help the escaping gases to stay hot until they are discharged from the chimney, therefore preventing tar from forming.

When inspecting your chimney you need to look out for tar deposits. These are flammable and must therefore be removed to prevent chimney fires. To avoid a build up of tar in the future you should use only woods that have been seasoned (dried out) for at least a year. Also, avoid allowing the fire to smoulder.

Lastly, you need to check to make sure that the rain cowl or rain cap is not broken as this protects the chimney from rain, debris and birds.


The flue also needs to be checked for tar deposits and checked to make sure that there are no gaps between the various pieces of flue pipe. This includes the joint from the stove outlet pipe to the single skin flue and the joint from the single skin flue to the double skin flue. N.B. The single skin flue is generally the part of the flue pipe that is indoors whereas the double skin flue extends through the walls or ceiling and up the chimney.


The door to a wood burning stove should be airtight for optimum performance. If the door is leaking smoke or seems loose then it is possible to replace the door seals or gaskets. Gaskets vary in thickness depending on the model of wood burning stove so it is best to check with a stove supplier or the stove manufacturer to find out what size is used for your particular model. The new gasket will need to be cemented in place using cement suitable for wood burners. There will be a groove around the door into which the gasket will sit.

The glass in the door can also be replaced if it becomes damaged. As stove glass is specially made to suit wood burning stoves it shouldn’t get damaged through fire as it will be able to withstand heat, but it may get broken in some other way. Specialist stove suppliers sometimes have the glass in stock, but if not, it can be cut and shaped to fit the door of the stove. It must be sealed in to ensure that it is airtight, usually using a gasket.

If the whole of the door is badly damaged then you could have it completely replaced.

Paint and Enamel

High temperature paint is widely available and can be used to touch up any marks on a stove. First of all, be sure to cover any areas that you do not wish to paint, such as the stove glass. If you have a factory enamelled stove, which has become damaged, you can touch it up with an enamel filler kit. You can buy these from specialist stove supply companies.


Firebricks sometimes become cracked or damaged, but these can be replaced. However, it is important to make sure that they are replaced with the same type of brick otherwise the stove will not operate as efficiently.

Fire Grates

A fire grate lies at the bottom of the firebox and the fire is built on top of it using kindle, wood logs and rolls of paper to ignite. Because of the high temperatures that a grate has to withstand, it can become worn out over time. When replacing the grate make sure that the new grate fits properly in your wood burning stove.

Baffle Plates

Like grates, baffles also have to withstand high temperatures. This is because they are situated inside the firebox area of the stove and are subjected to flames from the fire. They are usually made from steel, cast iron or ceramic fibre board and replacements can be obtained from stove supply companies if they cease to operate efficiently over time. They should be replaced in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

When replacing or repairing any parts on your wood burning stove it is essential to wait until the stove has fully cooled down. By carrying out regular checks on your wood burning stove you can ensure that you get the best out of it for many years to come. Not only is it an environmentally friendly source of heating but it will keep you warm and cosy throughout the winter months.

How to Choose the Best Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers are one of the most important kitchen cookware and if you don’t have one in your kitchen you are missing out on what they offer. We live in a world where almost everyone is in a hurry trying to keep up with their schedules and living with the hassles of every day life. Anything that can speed up something is welcomed in our homes. And a pressure cooker can do just that. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend more time eating dinner with your family? With a pressure cooker, you can! You won’t be spending too much time preparing the meal, and the time you save can be spent with your family or even just on yourself.

Pressure cookers not only speed up the cooking process, they are also healthier to cook with. They help lock in the food’s nutrients, flavor and juices. They also require less water and energy as compared to other methods of cooking. With these benefits, who wouldn’t want to own a cooker? With that in mind, here are a few matters you should look into when you are looking for the best cooker.

Looking for the best pressure cooker can be confusing and intimidating because you have a lot to choose from, so always start with thinking about your needs. Not all cookers are created the same way and they have varying features. For example, think of how much food you usually cook and how many mouths you frequently feed. Pressure cookers have varying sizes and you will be able to choose one that is just right for your needs. If you frequently cook for two to three then a four-quart one is enough. And if you want to cook for more people, then you will need a bigger one. You can even several different sized cookers if you want because there are several brands that offer affordable high quality ones.

The next thing to look into is how often you plan on using a pressure cooker. This will help you decide whether you need an aluminum or stainless steel one. Cookers that are made of stainless steel are more durable and easier to clean, however they can cost a little more. They do look much better and are even warp, scratch and corrosion resistant. Aluminum ones can conduct heat better but they can react to acidic food like tomatoes. They are also easily dented and scratched so you need to be more careful with them. If your budget allows you to opt for the stainless steel ones, I suggest you get them and choose one with a base that has a layer of aluminum in the center. This helps improve heat conduction so you can get the benefits of the two types of pressure cookers in a single one.

Another option is to get an electric pressure cooker. Now these ones cost a lot more but they really make a great investment. They are also made of stainless steel and the best part is that they are multipurpose. You can use them as a rice cooker, slow cooker or to steam and brown food. If you already have these in your home though, then a stainless steel cooker would be the wiser choice.

Once you have decided the type and size of pressure cooker you want, you should check out reviews from customers about specific brands and models. They can tell you which ones are worth buying. Remember though, the best cooker is one that will fit your needs. Reviews can narrow down the search for you but the choice is still up to you.

What Plastic Materials Are UV Stable?

Some of our most popular questions are “Is this material UV stable?”, or “How long will this last in direct sunlight?”, or some similar themed question. These are great questions. Just look at the ‘cheap’ backyard furniture you bought last season, yep, it is faded and cracking or broken. Why is that?

The quick answer is the material had either no UV (Ultra Violet Light) stabilizer or very little – or it was simply the wrong plastic for the part. Most plastic materials are not UV stable to start with, other than Acrylic which is invisible to UV. All other materials need a little something (an additive) to give it the protection it may need from the sun. Many plastic materials, if given the proper UV resistant additives, can be used in direct sunlight for 10 – 15 years, or more, providing excellent performance in harsh environments.

The first factor in picking such a material is the intended use. Not all materials are good choices for all applications. While some materials will perform exceptionally well, others plastic materials under the same conditions will fail. Many plastic materials are not well suited to: high temperatures, chemical exposure, UV light, high impact, or electrical applications. Please contact us for details on a material that may meet your needs.

HDPE sheet is one of the best materials for long term outdoor use, if given the proper additives (without UV inhibitors it will fade and crack quickly). Next time you drive by a children’s playground in your local city, look at the brightly colored panels used to make the play equipment. This is a HDPE sheet with heavy UV additives, and this makes an excellent application. Available in a rainbow of colors and able to be fabricated easily, this material is excellent for many outdoor applications.

If your application is more mechanical, other materials that might be used would be: Polycarbonate, UHMW, ABS (especially with Korad – Acrylic cover), Acetal, Noryl and many more.

Our standard Makrolon Polycarbonate is a UV stable material in sheet, and is frequently used in replacement glazing applications. The remaining materials on the list are available in Black (a carbon black pigment) which extends outdoor usage. While still not recommended for direct sunlight, they can be used with a good possibility of success – depending on design. Plastics can become brittle or lose properties over time if material does not have UV stabilization, with the proper material and the proper additives, you can get years of trouble free service.

Additionally, many materials will work well if they are painted to cover the plastic surface. Many spray paints, especially Acrylic paints, last many years in the sun. Please check with us, as some material do not accept paints or coatings.

Take some time to review your requirements, and the properties of the plastic you intend to use. The right material will provide the best performance. Contact any of our Plasticologists for assistance, call 866-832-9315 or email us. You can always do research on plastic materials at Industrial Plastic Supply.

Walking the Plank: Strange Fictions and Stranger Truths in Pirates of the Caribbean

“Last time you left me with a pistol and one shot,” says Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), about to be stranded on a small island in the Caribbean by the villainous Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush). This scene demonstrates exactly the sort of punishment that was dealt to wayward members of a pirate crew. Unfortunately, Sparrow is then made to walk a comically long plank and dive into the crystal waters below. In the long history of piracy, not a single pirate or pirate victim has taken the plunge from a wooden plank into a watery grave. This entertaining ritual, featured in countless pirate movies and generally accepted as a pirate tradition, is nothing more than an invention of Hollywood. It never happened. Many a pirate was tossed overboard unceremoniously, but never with aid of a plank. Perhaps the idea never occurred to them. Or perhaps it would simply take “Too long!” as Barbossa’s quartermaster suggests when Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley) is forced across the very same plank. Pirates were an impatient lot. They had no tolerance for long winded rituals. They lived fast, short lives, and were too concerned with their destination to linger on the dispatching of a victim.

Surprisingly, this is one of the few major details that Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl gets wrong. And judging by how much it gets right, writers Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio were probably well aware of this discrepancy, but wanted to pay homage to the pirate movies of old.

Apart from the supernatural elements, the Pirates of the Caribbean movies are drenched in a surprising amount of authenticity. The general disarray of the pirates’ hygiene is particularly accurate, with yellow eyes starved of fruit and grungy teeth that appear to be rotting right out of their skulls. Their clothes are not quite as colorful as Captain Hook and Smee, as they’ve probably been wearing the same garments for months on end.

Of course, our hero Jack, despite his bizarre personality, must remain an object of the audience’s affections… so he sports a few strategically placed gold teeth instead of several rotten ones. His skin is in fairer condition, and the whites of his eyes suggest he keeps a hidden stash of fruit on his person at all times. When he attempts to romance Elizabeth in Dead Man’s Chest, it’s not too hard to believe that she would be attracted to him, in spite of herself.

The amount of rum consumed by the Jack is no exaggeration. When the water went bad, pirates turned to rum, and they generally stocked as much as possible. While rum isn’t an ideal quencher of thirst, it likely aided their bravado when assaulting merchant ships.

In “The Curse of the Black Pearl,” we are introduced to Anamaria, played by Zoe Saldana. While some audience members may scoff at the credulity of a woman pirate, Anamaria’s name is in fact paying homage to two female pirates who actually existed; Anne Bonny and Mary Read. These two served alongside the likes of “Calico Jack” Rackham, and they proved as formidable if not more so than their male counterparts. In Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, we’re finally introduced to the infamous Blackbeard (Ian McShane), “the pirate all pirate’s fear.” That phrase isn’t far off from the truth. Blackbeard was likely spoken of in hushed tones, the subject of many wild, exaggerated tales. In Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Blackbeard is referred to by his true name, Edward Teach. When Teach first appears in the film, his beard is kindled and smoking, creating a downright alarming, ghostly effect. As theatrical as it seems, Teach did in fact set his beard ablaze before boarding enemy ships. He also wore several pistols, as McShane does in the film (using them later to test Jack’s resolve). Physically, McShane is a bit short for Blackbeard, who was described by Henry Bostock, one of his many victims, as “a tall spare man.”

By this point in pirate lore, Teach would already have been decapitated by Robert Maynard or one of his crew, and this is alluded to in the film. It is also suggested in the film that, after being deposited over the side of the ship, Blackbeard’s body climbed back aboard and reclaimed its head. In a franchise with ghost pirates, mermaids, and squid-men, that’s not too hard to swallow.

The writers pepper the many pirates with an appropriately piratey dialect that isn’t quite as exaggerated as pirate movies of old, but is more in line with actual pirate speech. Most of these men started as honest sailors, and this shows in the dialogue of Barbossa, Gibbs, Anamaria, and many others. “Run out the sweeps,” Barbossa says, meaning the oars that sprout from the side of the ship to build momentum.

While strict adherence to authenticity certainly wasn’t a requirement for films dealing in the supernatural, the attention to detail helps subconsciously validate the world of Pirates of the Caribbean. When something out of the ordinary does occur, it seems all the more extraordinary.

1500 Calorie Diet Menu and Meal Plan

1500 diet menu and meal plan is one of the effective ways to lose weight. This plan gives a nominal amount of calories that are required to support the metabolism and the daily functioning of the body. Weight loss in this case is induced by consuming fewer calories than what we consume normally. This 1500 diet plan provides the right amount of calories which will stimulate weight loss and at the same time will keep your body energetic and filling that you will never feel that you are on a diet.

The best way to start with a 1500 calorie diet menu is to strip your refrigerator of all the junk food. Go grocery shopping and fill your fridge with a lot of fruits, vegetables, nominal amount of dairy products and skinless chicken. Throw away all carbonated drinks like sodas and diet sodas. Your primary source of fluids during this period should come from water, green tea and zero calorie beverages.

The next step that you need to do before starting on the diet plan is to talk with your doctor or a dietitian or seek the help of a professional health expert. Be sure that you are taking in the right nutrients during the entire dieting period. Only if you get a green signal for your diet plan here from the doctors, should you proceed with your plan. Do not follow diet plans on your own as it is very risky and you may irrevocably destroy the body that you now have.

Once you have done all this, you are ready to start with a plan.

Sample 1500 calorie diet plan: With a 1500 calorie meal plan dieting will not be a grueling or boring process. You have a lot of options to make up the 1500 calories every day. You should aim at attaining 30 percentage of necessary fat content, 40 percent of proteins and 30 percent of carbs for a day.

Sample Diet 1:


The breakfast in a 1500 calorie diet plan typically consists of one and a half cup of shredded wheat meal, one and a half cup of skimmed milk and half a cup of juicy strawberries.

Mid Morning Snack:

You can have scrambled eggs that include one whole egg and the white of four other eggs and half a grape fruit.


Lunch should primarily consist of half a cup of brown rice, hundred and ten grams of skinless chicken and hundred and eighty grams of beans.

Evening Snack:

Hundred and fifty grams of salmon, a cup of cooked broccoli and 150gms of yams can be taken as an evening snack.


110gms of chicken breast, three table spoons of light Italian dressing and two cups of mixed green salad will make up the dinner. Make sure that you have your dinner at least two to three hours before you go to bed.

Sample Diet 2:


You can have a spoonful of peanut butter splattered on whole wheat low fat bread for breakfast.

Morning snack:

Your morning snack can be made as small low fat yoghurt that is topped with teaspoon full of ground flaxseeds.


For lunch you can have two cups of steamed vegetables along with a mixed salad topped with olives and vinegar and three ounces of mahi mahi that is grilled.

Afternoon Snack:

You can treat yourself with a small apple and a spoonful of natural peanut butter.

Dinner: Dinner can be chiefly made ​​of a salad that is comprised of two cups of lettuce or spinach seasoned with a pinch of salt and a squirt of lemon, two hard boiled eggs, a thin slice of turkey, a thin slice of chicken, half a tomato and quarter a cup of sunflower seeds.

The above mentioned diet plans are not a prescription. They can be taken as the starting point to begin fat and weight loss. Taking these as a base you can devise your own diet plans. Make sure that they are rich in proteins, carbs and also has adequate amount of essential fats. Fats can come from plant based foods such as olives, olive oil and avocado. Skinless, boneless chicken, turkey and fish are good sources of protein. Fresh fruits and vegetables and whole wheat products are rich in carbs. But always remember, before embarking on a diet plan it is absolutely critical to get the approval of an expert, a doctor or a dietician.

Also find out the consecutive number of days this weight plan should be sticked on to. Following such low calorie diets for a prolonged period of time can seriously affect the metabolism and the balance of your body. It should be followed only for the prescribed period of time for which the body can withstand the effects of the low calorie intake. So be sure to do a lot of ground research before you start with your diet plan.

Stainless Steel Railings

Stainless steel is used for many applications across a variety of industries. Shipbuilding, metal fabrication, custom car manufacturing, it’s even used in the production of bicycles. One application that has a growing use for stainless is custom railings, handrails, and fittings for interior and exterior. Stainless steel railings are appealing for a variety of reasons. Simply put, they are gorgeous and intricate without being overstated.

Stainless has a natural beauty that requires minimal work, if any at all. Whether brushed or polished it looks fantastic and is easy to maintain. Low maintenance is one of the many qualities that makes it so appealing, especially in modern construction. It wont fracture, bend, warp, or crumble over time. Cleaning is a breeze as well. Simply wipe any dust, dirt, or grime with a damp rag or light solvent.

These railing systems can be set up in variety of ways. It can be used simply as a handrail mounted to the wall with a handrail bracket, or a standalone feature supported with floor mounted posts. These handrail systems can be also be used as guardrails for knee walls, balconies, decks, and other projects.

Many modern construction homes employ design concepts that are quadratic and equilateral. Both square and round styles of railings compliment these modern design theories quite well. Conversely, a square or round handrail can be perfect accent for an existing structure or new addition. Whether an existing home or office is being completely renovated or is just simply getting a facelift a touch bright, shining railing or handrail can give it the perfect balance.

Not only will the look of these railings and handrails correlate with the exterior and interior, they will match the design philosophies as well. Green and renewable sources are often large concerns for new construction projects. Stainless steel railings are very sustainable and will last forever. The railings will not corrode, mold, rot, or disintegrate over time like other building materials. They are incredibly weather resistant and will withstand the harshest winters and sweltering summers.

Stainless steel is also frequently used by artists all over the world to create stunning works of art. The Gateway Arch in St. Louis is made entirely of stainless steel. The Sibelius Monument in Finland is made entirely of stainless steel tubes of varying sizes. Why not add a beautiful artistic touch to you home?

With their stunning finishes and unreal shine of these railings are becoming a preferred choice by professionals and consumers in an industry replete with options. The benefits of using a stainless steel railing system are indisputable. Stainless steel railing and handrails will be a defining detail of your home or office and will give it identity amongst the rows of lackluster facades.

Deck Renovation With a Unique Twist

Whether you’re building a new deck or just enhancing an existing structure, you don’t have to look far to find ways to improve the appearance and safety of your deck. The value of a home can be increased substantially with a well-designed deck that is an extension of the house. Decks that are architecturally similar to the house design are less intrusive and appear as natural extensions of the inside of the home.

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up an existing structure, or if you’re considering a new or additional structure, think about the railings you plan to use. Railings can make a significant difference in how your deck looks and how safe it is for those who enjoy the outdoor “room”. Rather than a typical plan with balusters and rails, think about something that represents your personality and that mirrors the architecture of your home.

Railings no longer have to be square. Wooden rails and balusters can have a unique design and shape to add to your deck’s pleasing appearance. Consider railings that have decorative balusters with carvings or turned posts. Lattice is always available in various shapes and sizes in wood and it can offer a vintage touch to your design. Include it between posts as a decorative addition and added safety.

What home improvement project hasn’t considered vinyl for its durability and low maintenance features? Vinyl comes in a variety of shapes and colors and it can be used on decks to add color and character. Although vinyl may be a consideration, it is not an environmentally friendly solution so keep that in mind as you make choices.

For a deck that is raised high off the ground or if you have young children or pets, you may even consider tempered glass or acrylic for installation on your deck between the railings and posts. There are many types of safety glass and it is ideal if you have a deck that is built high off the ground with a view. It allows you to enjoy the beauty of the environment while including a safety feature where needed.

Metal is another option to consider for decorative purposes. Simply using metal for a sculptural effect can add more character. Soldering metal designs together and attaching them to deck railings or posts can add a charming effect. Metals can include materials such as copper and wrought iron. Many types of railings and ornamental designs are available in wrought iron for easy installation. Carry the theme throughout the deck by including metal fixtures, statues, or other amenities.

For a nautical effect, consider using roping between posts and railings. You can even find heavy roping in various colors. You can also consider multi-colored canvas or other outdoor fabrics to dress up a drab railing by attaching it to the railing. Since fabric can become faded and worn with time, it can be easily replaced with new, bright colors when you’re ready.

Don’t always think square and traditional when it comes to railings and balusters for your deck. Look around at the many options available and create your own personal style by using various shapes, sizes, and materials. Decorate your railings in a way that complements the décor of your home and bring some of your decorating style outside too.

You’ll find that your deck is functional and fun when you make it uniquely you!

Reliable Wooden Handrails

The presence of wood in a home makes living more cozy and comfortable. That’s the reason why wooden handrails never go out of style because it is economical and flexible. See, it is not difficult to work with wood, in contrast to metal and steel. There are lots of wood varieties to choose from: oak, mahogany, pine, maple, walnut, etc. Wood is a lasting material, provided that it is maintained well. It is also easy to hold on to wood since they’re not as slippery as metal and steel. Remember that the primary purpose of these handrails to give you and the people in your home something to hold on to while going down the stairs. Wooden handrails work for both straight staircases and spiral staircases.

Straight staircases are the best choice for homes that are small. Its simple, elegant, and can be built on a tight budget. The use of wooden handrails does not mean complete wood dominance. Wood can be combined with metal and steel stylishly. A flat and thin European beech handrail can be used along with stainless steel balustrades. The pale ash hue of these handrails and the metallic sheen of stainless steel balustrades will give your home an unfinished look that’s unique yet cozy at the same time. The more conservative ones can go for white hemlock for both handrails and balustrades. Its no non-sense look will never go out of style. Straight wooden handrails can also stand alone without the need for balustrades as long as the stairs is sandwiched by a wall. Combining a solid, red oak handrail with black iron-wrought metal balustrade help the stairs stand out, especially during winter season when they are decorated with Christmas ornaments.

Spiral staircases are much more of an investment. They have to be constructed properly because traversing through this staircase can be perilous. For spiral staircases in small spaces, the handrailing ends where the most dangerous and narrowest part of the stairs is. Instead, it is replaced by a post. However, they are great for maximizing a small space and they always look glamorous. In fact, big spiral staircases evoke a sense of grandeur and royalty. There are different options with this type of staircases. The key is to have fun because the spiral staircase itself is a sign that the owner is not afraid to experiment with different styles. Get a medium oak wooden handrail with minor carvings to go with medium oak wooden balustrades that has symmetrically carved curves. Go all out with a big staircase by choosing handrails with multiple carved indention and pair it with iron-wrought balustrades in very intricate designs, similar to Art Nouveau patterns. Straight staircases and spiral staircases can be pretty much the same, except that the wood has to be customized more. For a completely daring look, get a pale, non-pattern wooden handrail and choose a thick glass as your balustrades. If youre willing to invest, it can work for spiral staircases. It will definitely be eye-catching.

No style is better than the other. Spiral staircases, for instance, may not suit a home filled with energetic children. Straight staircases, on the other hand may consume a lot of space in a place that does not allow a big slope. Your stairs can be of any style and the wooden handrails will simply find a way to fit it. Thats how flexible and useful these handrails are. So consider adding one to your home today.

Impossible Until Someone Does It

One of the things I have noticed in life is the number of times that people declared that things were impossible. It was not necessarily impossible via the laws of physics, but that it was something that just couldn’t be done. Perhaps the most famous example of something that was “impossible” was the four-minute mile.

Records Made to Be Broken… Except One?

As someone who ran track and cross-country for four years, one of the things that I know well in the world of sports is the pursuit of records. Whether it is a personal record, a team record, a county record, a state record, a national record, a junior record, a collegiate record, or a world record, the pursuit of records is vital to the world of distance running. One of the most prestigious is the mile. Four laps, one minute per lap was something that people thought was impossible for decades.

Professional runners in the 19th century could muster no better than the 4:12 3/4 posted by Walter George of Great Britain in 1886, a record that would not be surpassed until 1915, which was broken in turn by the great Paavo Nurmi of Finland in 1923, when he ran 4:10.4. The 4:10 barrier was finally crossed Jules Ladoumegue of France in 1931. Then, the record steadily fell for the next 14 years, to 4:01.6 by Gunder Hagg of Sweden in 1945. Then, the record held. There was a fear that runners would literally die before their bodies would allow them to run a four-minute mile.

A Medical Experiment

One of the people determined to test that notion was a British medical student, Roger Bannister. Devoting his lunch breaks to training, while taking weekends off, Roger Bannister tested his body and did his best to determine what made a great distance runner. He developed his confidence when running a 2:59.2 1200m in 1952, which convinced him that he could run the fourth lap fast enough to do the impossible. He finished a disappointing fourth in the 1952 Olympics, despite running under the previous world record for 1500m. The next year, he ran a 4:03.6 mile, convincing him that he could trim another four seconds off his time and become the first to do the impossible. While he was making his run, John Landy of Australia was also making his push for history, running a mile in 4:02 in January 1954. A sense of excitement was in the air in the world of track and field.

Not Ideal

On May 6, 1954, 25-year-old Roger Bannister was entered in a race in Oxford. Before the race, winds were over 25 mph, and the cinder track was soggy from the rain. Roger Bannister considered withdrawing to conserve his energy for another day. However, he changed his mind, and decided to run. However, he ran, and when the track announcer said the number three, there was a deafening roar. Roger Bannister had done the impossible! He had run four laps in under four minutes! His final time was 3:59.4, and his immortality was guaranteed.

Who We Remember

Landy would not be denied, however. Only six weeks later, Bannister’s world record would fall to Landy, who ran the mile in 3:57.9. The two would race in August at the Empire Games in Vancouver, the first time that two sub-four milers ever raced, and the only time that all of the sub-four milers in the world were gathered in one place. In an iconic moment, Bannister won the race when he passed Landy on his right, and Landy looked over his left shoulder to see where Bannister was.

However, Roger Bannister never owned the world record again, and he retired from racing at the end of the month after winning the 1500m in the European Championships. The four-minute mile has become so commonplace that four high-schoolers in the United States alone have accomplished this feat. Today, the world record stands at 3:43 by Hicham El-Gharrouj of Morocco. Then again, Roger Bannister will always be remembered because he was the first, and no one can ever take that away.

What new grounds will you blaze? After all, everything seems impossible… until the first time someone does it.

Texas Biography and Top 10 Songs

I have liked Texas ever since they released their first single (I Do not Want A Lover) while I was still at school. At the time I was still listening to "pop" music and the charts on the radio regularly (which I do not do much anymore) and I thought Sharleen had one of the best female singing voices I have ever heard. Usually when out at a party or at the pub and a DJ is on you are restricted by the music they carry but you can bet on the fact they will have at least one Texas song on a cd somewhere, so I generally ask them to play it because mostly they do not have some of my other favourite music (The doors, Jimi Hendrix, Wu-Tang, etc …) which I would probably request otherwise.

Texas formed in Glasgow, Scotland in 1986 and originally consisted of Johnny McElhone, Alistair McErlaine and Sharleen Spiteri. There have been several group shifts over the years and some other members of Texas have been Tony McGovern, Eddie Campbell, Neil Payne, Michael Bannister, Richard Hynd, Steve Washington and Mikey Wilson. Most of the changes in the band have been drummers.

When Texas released their first album (Southside) it topped the album charts and had several top 20 singles. Their next 2 albums did not do quite as well as the debut but still had some very good singles. The single "So Called Friend" actually went on to be the theme song for Ellen DeGeneres's TV Sitcom Ellen which Sharleen and Ally flew out to the US to re-record for the show.

The release of the single "Say What You Want" in 1997 saw Texas make a huge comeback and the album "White On Blonde" entered the album chart straight at # 1. There were a few singles off the album which themselves hit the charts big. Method Man (Wu-Tang) and Texas have also done a remix of "Say What You Want" which features Mef rapping to the tune in the background and Sharleen singing the chorus and was produced by RZA (Wu-Tang).

Some movies have featured Texas singles in them such as Notting Hill (In Our Lifetime), Bend It Like Beckham (Inner Smile) and Titan AE (Like Lovers). Also in the TV comedy "The Office" Ricky Gervais character David Brent claims that Texas used to open for his own band before he retired to office life.

Some of Texas's more popular songs are: I Do not Want A Lover, Say What You Want, Black Eyed Boy, Halo, Put Your Arms Around Me, and Inner Smile.

My Top 10 Texas Songs are:

01. Guitar Song
02. When We Are Together
03. Prayer for You
04. Put Your Arms Around Me
05. Everyday Now
06. Say What You Want
07. The Hush
08. Summer Son
09. So In Love With You
10. Big Sleep

How to Switch Over to Better Deals On Business Energy Contracts?

Let us go through some valuable means on how to reduce undue expenses incurred over company's growth.

What is the best way to reduce bill inflation?

Energy consumption is quite important for relative expansion. But its unnecessary misuse for company's growth is not at all entertained by the owners. To facilitate relative amount of electric supply to industrial working, you may take the help of companies or suppliers, who may help out in cutting down the excessive tariff rates for power bills. These brokers are highly efficient in their work and may offer different plans for the voltage consumption over various business organizations. They work with the motto to provide cheap rates with 100% customer satisfaction. The respective contract for this may help you save nearly 30% over the energy rates.

Is it possible to make a switch over to cheap business?

Any one may go for cheap renewable plans until they have not fixed a deal with some other company dealing with regulating the energy consumption options for different companies. However, if you are under agreement, then you may need to check its expiry date to merge it into cheap deals. In order to hire the best electricity supplier in the industry, you may look upon to have contract varying from 30 days to 4 months.

Will I need to pay any fee charges for switching over my energy bond?

It is a complex question to answer. Well there exists some dealer in the market that offers free switch over to electricity contracts. Working impartially to business terms, they get small commission from consumers at the time of signing a bond.

How to get the quotes for electrical energy contract?

To save ample money over inflated bills and excessive expenses, you must consult your business expert. Look out for the relevant details to contract such as:

  1. Agreement beginning as well as ending dates
  2. A recent consumption note over electricity bill
  3. Renewal prices or tariffs to energy utilization
  4. All this info would help us to quote best price contract for your voltage tariff polices.

Is the company reliable to offer trustworthy deals ?

Every business either flourishing on large or small-scale have different requirement to energy expenditure. The best deals Striking to long-term contract for electricity , gas and water supply usages Entirely depends on user's preference and affordability. The company's reliability to offer top-notch services to electric switching over pact may be ascertain through its previous track record to provide best suppliers towards different businesses and their ability to offer significant savings on overhead expenses.

How Smoke Damage the Brain

People who smoke think nothing about it, but smoking is not good for a number of reasons. If you are a smoker, then you need to know how smoking damages the brain.

Besides damaging the brain, smoking is very harmful to all parts of the body. One of the major problems with smoking has been known for many years, the fact that it can cause lung cancer. No one believes that it will happen to them but the truth is, it could, and who wants to chance it? Lung cancer is a terrible, and painful, disease.

There is some speculation now, that smoking causes damage to the brain, and if smoking and drinking are both a part of your lifestyle, smoking will enhance the brain damage done by alcohol. Cigarette smoking alone has shown to cause damage to the frontal portion of the brain, and to the neuron activity. The frontal portion is the part of the brain that helps you to make accurate judgments, and to judge the consequences of your actions.

Smoking does damage to brain cells which help you to, not only make judgments but to do some of the activities that you do every day. The part of the brain that is affected by smoking, is the part that controls your emotions, sleep patterns, and even sexual arousal. Nicotine has also been shown to be a cause of depression. Depression can cause a person to become lethargic, sleep a lot, and lose interest in the things that make for a pleasant life. Smoking will even take away the taste of food, causing a person not to eat well, and may, in turn, cause weight loss.

There are thousands of chemicals in cigarette smoke, and none of these are good for your body. These chemicals will upset the body's functioning. Brain cells are very important to a normal, healthy life. When they are destroyed, they do not grow back as some body cells can. Therefore, when damaged, the brain can never return to its pre-damaged state. The longer a person smokes, the more damage is done to the body and the brain.

It is very important that a person think long and hard before starting to smoke, as the body's addiction to nicotine can take only a short time. And, regardless of what some people will tell you, you may not be able to quit once you have started. The dangers of cigarette smoking far outweigh the few pleasures you may think you are getting from the habit.

Many times when teens start to smoke cigarettes, they will sooner or later take a step further, and start on more dangerous drugs. These drugs will cause even greater brain damage and health problems. Smoking can take a person from a healthy, active individual to one who is wracked with pain and health problems. No one wants to experience such a condition.